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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (July 2017)
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kccqzy 2 minutes ago 0 replies      
Capital Match | Software Engineer or Head of Engineering | Singapore | Full-time | On-site or Remote

We are looking for a full stack Software Engineer primarily using Haskell to develop features and integrations with the financial system in Singapore and other countries in the region.

The candidate should be interested in all aspects of the creation, growth and operations of a secure web-based platform: Front-to-back feature development, distributed deployment and automation in the cloud, build and test automation.

We are inviting developers with 5+ years of coding experience. She/he should have been involved in development of multiple web-application products. Experience using Haskell or a functional language is strongly preferred, but we also welcome those who don't have Haskell experience but can learn very quickly.

Senior applicants could be considered for a Head of Engineering position.

Contact us: hr+hn@capital-match.com

zone411 12 minutes ago 0 replies      
New startup (offshoot of Advameg) | Non-tech CEO | New York City | Full-time | On-site

Base salary $150,000 - $180,000/year and bonus schedule/vested shares.

I'm seeking a non-tech CEO for a startup. The product is pre-launch, initially B2C in a proven market, one year in development, in the NLP field using machine learning. Seed funding is provided and the product is novel, exciting, and targeting a validated market.

I want to focus on the tech side as a founder/CTO and the non-tech CEO would handle all of the business side pre-launch and post-launch. Here is a good description of what's needed pre-launch http://quora.com/As-CEO-and-non-tech-co-founder-what-should-...


3riverdev 9 minutes ago 0 replies      
Donation Spring (donationspring.com) | Remote | Sales/Account Executive (Nonprofit Tech)

Donation Spring is a fundraising platform that enables a wide variety of online giving directly from a nonprofit or church's existing website.

We're in need of sales and account executives! Details:

- Both part-time and full-time are acceptable. This is a super flexible, at-your-own-pace position.

- A sales or account executive background is helpful, but not necessarily a requirement -- we'll consider anyone with relevant history and personality/passion alignment.

- Experience/familiarity with the nonprofit and/or church industry is a big plus. Even more bonus points for bringing an existing network of prospects.

- Located anywhere in the US. The more geographically diverse our team can be, the better.

- Pay is a generous 30% commission on the lifetime account revenue.

- Must have a fun, easy going, and service-centered heart. Our primary focus is serving both nonprofit/church missions as well as helping their staff in tech-centric ways.

If that describes you, I'd love to chat! brett@donationspring.com

azernik 21 minutes ago 0 replies      
Parsley, full-time, onsite in Oakland or Santa Monica (see below for details) with a strong preference for Oakland.

Parsley is an intuitive, simple web app to handle the unintuitive, complex realities of restaurant back-of-house operations. We are currently being used at culinary schools in LA and the Bay, and have strong interest (including some angel funding) from several big players in the LA restaurant scene - both owners and chefs.

The product itself is a web app. The browser side uses all the tools that I believe the Cool Kids are into These Days (React, Redux, a slow transition to Flow type-checking, etc.), and the server side is built with Scala and Play.

The technical team is one co-founder and engineer (that's me) and one half-time (by her preference) freelance engineer working, both in Oakland. We are based in a co-working space on top of 19th Street BART station. Spatially on top of, and 50 feet from an exit - SF-based programmers, that may be closer for you than some workplaces in the city.

My business-oriented co-founder (her technical experience is mostly in hardware) lives and works in Santa Monica. Every week either she's in Oakland or I'm in Santa Monica for two days, so an engineer in either location would have facetime with both of us; it's more important to work closely with me, so Oakland is preferable, but a programmer in Santa Monica would still feel partly on-site.

Check us out at parsleycooks.com! Don't look at me like that, we just bought parsleysoftware.com.

Ping me at asa@parsleycooks.com

curo 22 minutes ago 0 replies      
Hakeema | Sales Animal "First Sales Hire" (besides me) | Boston, MA | Full-time | On-site

Hakeema is brand spanking new. Our mission is to bring massive amounts of joy and efficiency to impact work. We're funded by a large client contract with a top intl agency.

You'd be the 4th hire into a team of 3 (family-sized). You'll have the time of your life growing this thing. We've started multi-million dollar companies before. Our team rocks, and we're low-ego, and mission-focused. Plus, people really want our product. Very really.

We need a Sales Animal. We haven't solidified titles, but you could morph into the future VP of Sales, a Senior Account Exec, Sales Ops Mgr, Partnership Mgr. At first, you and I are doing it all: cold calling, proposal handing, scheduling, deal closing, etc. This is my focus as well; you won't be alone.

Experience with $10k+ deals a big plus, but first and foremost, we need (a) smart, (b) animal-ness, (c) and a "James/Jill Bond"-like emotional resilience. Be ready for startup life. We're early enough to make you rich; but late enough to have validated the biggest risks w/ a big client and pipeline.

Equity, commission, base, and impact.

Email me at kyle at (our company) com

zjellstrom 12 hours ago 2 replies      
Doist | Windows Developer | C#, XAML | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#windows-developer

Doist | Back-end Engineer | Python | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#back-end-engineer-python

Doist | Front-end Engineer | JavaScript | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#front-end-engineer

Doist | Front-end Developer | CSS, HTML | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#front-end-developer

At Doist, were always striving to build not only amazing products but also amazing teams: Teams that innovate and change how productivity tools are made. Our flagship product is Todoist, a to do app with over 10 million users worldwide. Recently we launched our second app Twist which is a mindful team communication and collaboration app.

These are all remote positions, you'll be free to work from wherever you please. You can also choose to work from our office in Porto, Portugal, or we'll get you a co-working space in the city where you live. :)

tombenner 29 minutes ago 0 replies      
Entelo | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

Entelo uses huge amounts of data and predictive analytics to help companies build great teams. Our ~20-person engineering team uses technologies like Ruby, Golang, JavaScript, React, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Spark, and Redshift, and we already have customers like Facebook, Tesla, and Paypal. We ingest and parse up to 2 TB of social profile data per day, predict when people will change jobs, match people to jobs, and more.

We care deeply about promoting diversity in tech and being pleasant, collaborative folks; we were recently ranked as the #3 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor among small and medium companies. Join us as we continue to grow very quickly and discover new ways to merge machine learning, big data, and full-stack engineering to provide value to our customers!

We're hiring for many roles including:

* Senior Data Scientist

* Senior Javascript Engineer

* Senior Software Engineer

* Senior Product Manager

If you're interested, check out our open positions at https://www.entelo.com/careers, or feel free to email me directly at tom at entelo dot com.

constexpr 7 hours ago 2 replies      
San Francisco; Full Time; Onsite

I'm the cofounder of Figma (https://www.figma.com), a startup in San Francisco building a browser-based collaborative design tool to improve the way designers and developers work together. We're a small team (~30) and we're looking for talented engineers (https://www.figma.com/careers) who are interested in tackling hard technical problems with smart people and building a product that startups will rely on.

If you want to see what we value, you might find these interesting:

- First principles thinking: https://medium.com/figma-design/introducing-vector-networks-...

- Pushing the web to the limit: https://medium.com/figma-design/building-a-professional-desi...

Upcoming/ongoing projects:

- Develop a plugin ecosystem from the ground up

- Build a community of design content and tools from scratch

- Cross-document shared symbols

- Multiplayer editing infrastructure (realtime simultaneous editing)

Our tech stack: C++, Emscripten, WebAssembly, Node, TypeScript, React, WebGL, Ruby, Sinatra

If you're interested in learning more about what we're working on or want to meet up to talk about any of my other projects (http://madebyevan.com/), you can email me at wallace@figma.com.

niklasrde 7 hours ago 1 reply      
BBC iPlayer | Development Lead | London, UK | Onsite | Full Time


The job description is pretty much on point - we're a small team of 4 engineers (one of whom is me). We build the API for iPlayer (the video one, not the radio one), which is used by the Mobile Apps, TV Apps, Website and syndication partners such as Sky & Virgin - last week we counted 1 billion requests.We're also looking after the Apple TV app (TVML), some open source programs and a number of internal tools for our editorial staff.

At the moment we're extending our personalisation capabilities with some audience research and exciting ML projects and would love someone to help us build the best VoD & live content platform to come out of the UK.

PS: Because I'm not a fan of how we advertise salaries, I'm going to point out this FOI request which shows last year's salary bands for "G9". It's gone up a bit since: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/360583/response/87566...

guptaneil 38 minutes ago 0 replies      
Instructure | Senior Software Engineer | Salt Lake City, Seattle, Chicago | VISA https://instructure.com

Build open-source software to help people learn! We make tools for schools and businesses that delight our users and make their lives easier, while helping them learn faster.

You can check out http://code.instructure.com to see our primary product, Canvas, and some of our open source tooling and libraries.

We're hiring Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test (SET), Security Architects, and Lead Engineers.

Our primary stack is Rails & React, but we also work with Java/Go/Node/mobile platforms, and we're not afraid to try new things. We have an engineering-driven culture with quarterly hack weeks, internal tech conferences, millions of users who love us (search twitter or instagram for #instructurecon) and use our products daily, and challenging engineering problems that come with being the 51st most used site on the Internet. Oh, and the benefits are amazing too!

I'm an engineer at Instructure, and genuinely love the culture and people here. I would highly recommend it!

Join us by applying at https://jobs.lever.co/instructure?lever-via=NiHimSaI8r

Feel free to reach out to me at neil(at)instructure(dot)com with any questions. Keep in mind I am not a recruiter. I can answer questions about culture or work, but you should submit your application through the URL above.

invisible 37 minutes ago 0 replies      
SharpSpring | Software Engineer or SRE | Gainesville, FL https://careers.sharpspring.com

SharpSpring is a company that helps our customers engage with their contacts. The term "marketing automation" encompasses lots of functionality but it really boils down to a bunch of different pieces of software all working together to help our customers (email editor, CRM, sales monitoring, site tracking/analytics, landing page editor, forms, email delivery). We are working on building an amazing team in a fresh, hip city in Gainesville, FL. We take care of our employees and are highly competitive for the right people.

Some things you'd get to work with here: javascript/react, PHP, Golang, Kubernetes, google cloud, redis, mongodb and mysql.

Apply at https://careers.sharpspring.com/careers/back-end-software-en... or careers at sharpspring.com

carolinebruner 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Binti | San Francisco, CA | Full-Stack Generalists and Data, DevOps, and Security Leads | Full-time, onsite, will transfer H-1B | $100K $140K, 0.05% 0.4%

Binti makes software for foster care and adoption agency staff to improve their daily workflow so they can make better-informed decisions and spend more of their time actually helping people. Our mission is to find a safe, loving, and stable family for every child.

Binti's software is used by private adoption agencies in 30 states. We're in the midst of expanding into serving government foster care agencies and are close to reaching two-thirds of the foster care families in the state of California.

We have sustainable revenue, fanatical customers, and ample seed funding from top investors like First Round, Kapor, and Lowercase. We work together in SF and are growing rapidly.

Binti's main SaaS web product is a conventional monolithic Rails/Postgres app that delivers value in heaps and heaps, and remains super fun to hack on. We're building the monolith up higher and higher, and looking forward to soon chipping off a service or two (perhaps in Elixir?). We're using Kubernetes/Google Cloud.


quadrature 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Shopify | Developer | Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Waterloo, San Francisco | FULL-TIME ONSITE REMOTE VISA | http://shopify.com

Shopify is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily setup an online store. We build solutions that empower merchants no matter what their size is. Our product help merchants who are just starting as well as established brands that need a solution that can scale with their traffic. We're always working on products that make it easier for entrepreneurs to reach their audience and help them make data driven decisions. Shopify is built in Ruby on Rails running on a stack composed of Docker, Golang, Mysql and Redis. Our data infrastructure uses Kafka, HDFS, Zookeeper and we use PySpark and Sklearn for our data modeling and machine learning tasks.If you're interested in building tools that empower Entrepreneurs come take a look at who we are and what we're doing

- blog: https://engineering.shopify.com/

- github: https://github.com/Shopify

- job postings: https://jobs.lever.co/shopify?lever-via=XBuWsYM_Q2

keenbart 32 minutes ago 0 replies      
OnCell | Web Developer | Rochester, New York | ONSITE | https://oncell.com/careers

OnCell has been working with museums, art galleries, parks, and historic sites for the past ten years to enhance physical locations with digital experiences. Our web based platform allows users to build their own mobile tour apps and deploy to web and native apps.

We're a small, laid-back team that gets to work with interesting clients on varied projects that make a real difference to visitors at cultural destinations.

I'm our lead developerfeel free to reach out to me at kbartlett@oncell.com

Technologies: JavaScript, Python, Django, Cordova

DannyDouglass 50 minutes ago 0 replies      
Lanetix | Senior Engineers | FULL-TIME ONSITE | San Francisco & Washington DC

Interested in solving large-scale Enterprise challenges? Lanetix is tackling these issues across industry verticals. We are building a platform that facilitates dynamic process and modeling without the need for Developers or IT resources. One of our clients even ran their Super Bowl campaigns through our Platform in 2016!

We treat candidates like people. We do not put candidates through whiteboarding exercises. We are a company driving towards an IPO with a proven Board. And most importantly, we are interested in talking to you!

Job Overview (SF): https://jobs.lever.co/lanetix.com/f690cf94-4acb-4c5a-bc35-6f...

Job Overview (DC): https://jobs.lever.co/lanetix.com/5780dc26-8a47-4197-999f-c0...

More on working @ Lanetix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ku6jmmny8i8vn2/Lanetix-Recruitmen...

sireetorn 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Jetabroad (Thailand) | International Senior Software Engineer | Bangkok, Thailand | Onsite | Full-Time | Visa / Work-Permit / Relocation | Salary USD 80K |

Airfares are hard, we tackle the hardest part, multi-city up to 10 legs long. Think exponential search space, fuzzy constraints, and constantly changing variables.We're looking for both front-end and back-end developers to work on our user-experience and search platform respectively.

Bangkok offers a great place to live with a great standard of living at low cost. Our offices are in the heart of the city overlooking the green of the Netherlands embassy on Wireless Road.

Check out details at https://lnkd.in/f499hJY We are predominantly built with .NET, but language proficiency is not how we hire - fundamentals always win the day.

Here is our Thailand website https://bkkthailand.jetabroad.com/ And, this is our main website https://www.jetabroad.com.au/

Interview - First we Skype, then maybe Skype again and possibly a demo-style programming task, then we get you on a plane to say hello and to check out Bangkok, spend time with the team, if it all gels we make an offer.

robbomacrae 55 minutes ago 0 replies      
SoundHound | All roles available in Santa Clara/San Francisco. Engineering roles only in Toronto. NLP only in Sacramento/Baltimore | ONSITE - http://soundhound.com/careers

I'm an NLU / Data Engineer at SH. We've just raised $75 Million from NVIDIA, Samsung, KP and others to take on Amazon and Google in AI with our "Collective AI" Houndify platform. Our open Houndify platform has the worlds fastest speech recognition and most sophisticated natural language understanding. We've had a lot of interest from partners and there are a LOT of really interesting projects being worked on requiring complex problem solvers who can work well independently.

Things have come a long way since our leaked demo video took top spot on Reddit a year ago!


If you have any questions you'd like to ask an engineer here just email me: rob at (company name) dot com. I respond to all emails but please like the thread says no recruiters! And we have hired from this thread in the past.

PaymarkJobs 49 minutes ago 0 replies      
Paymark | Platform Engineer | Auckland, New Zealand | ONSITE https://jobs.lever.co/paymark/436a634c-7f89-4c43-937c-d11f9a...

As a Platform Engineer at Paymark - youll be designing, building, prototyping, deploying, releasing, and supporting our AWS platform that runs the microservices that power the APIs we provide to enable payments in New Zealand. We process over 75% of NZs payments and do some pretty cool things with them in AWS.

Technologies: AWS (Any and all services that work for us), terraform, puppet, python, packer. To name a few. If you have better ideas then come and tell us!

We are also hiring Software Engineers to build these services. Primarily Java - however if you can code and can prove it wed love to have you!https://jobs.lever.co/paymark/4dd838f4-116b-4751-b774-f42cb4...

These jobs are onsite in Auckland (in New Zealand).

katyi 7 hours ago 1 reply      
Top Hat | www.tophat.com/careers | Toronto, ON, Canada | ONSITE Full-time

Top Hat is hiring!! We are looking for smart software engineers to join our team. Some of the roles we have available are: Android Lead, DevOps Engineer, Platform Lead, and Full-stack Web developer (Python, Django, Javascript, React.js/Flux, AWS, Ansible). Salary ranges based on experience from $80K to $130K.

Were a pretty awesome growth-stage startup in the education space - we make the classroom more interactive, fun and engaging for both students and professors. We raised our Series C round in order to take on the textbook industry, which you can read about here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-02-15/top-hat-r.... - Union Square Ventures joined us this round, who along with our previous investors make up some of the top VCs in the world (having funded companies like Kickstarter, Twitter, Shopify, Salesforce, Box.net, etc.).

Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming mobile devices into powerful engagement tools, inside and outside the classroom. Recently, Top Hat has been building out interactive textbooks and creating a way for professors to collaborate on authoring new content and sharing it through our marketplace. In summary, we have a great dev culture and some really cool problems to work on!

If you are interested in our open positions apply here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?bj=oqatYfwL&s=hn

beliu 10 hours ago 2 replies      
Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | REMOTE, Salary: $100-180K + equity

Sourcegraph is the best way to read and understand code. As a programmer, you spend hours every day trying to answer simple questions like "How do I use this library?", "What functions already exist?", and "What's going on in this changeset?" Sourcegraph makes exploring the world's code as painless as searching and browsing the web.

We're a small team founded by Stanford and Palantir alumni. Our users and customers span programmers across the world, influential open-source authors, and major companies. Our technical challenges include scaling code analysis and search to every codebase in the world.

Stack: Go, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker + Kubernetes

Open roles:

* Senior Software Engineer, Core: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sourcegraph/jobs/204608

* Senior Software Engineer, Frontend: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sourcegraph/jobs/655534

davidshariff 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Amazon Prime Now | Seattle, WA | Full-time | Onsite

Prime Now provides Amazon Prime members unparalleled convenience and ease of mind by offering one-hour, ultra fast delivery as well as two-hour scheduled delivery of tens and thousands of essential products. Check out the Prime Now video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjIH5dUQh7E

We're hiring experienced / senior people for many roles including:

* Front End Engineers

* Software Engineers

* Technical Program Managers

If you're interested, send me an email and resume to primenow-hiring@amazon.com

sv13 44 minutes ago 0 replies      
Elementum | Mountain View | Onsite

I am the Head of Platform Engineering at Elementum, a supply chain graph company. We are helping Fortune 500 companies like Johnson and Johnson, Flextronics and Dyson get contextual information around their supply chain processes. We are building the supply chain product graph. If you want to work on building data platforms at scale and graph technologies, please reach out to me directly - saranyan@elementum.com.

Elementum is a fun company to work for. Exciting work, smart people and an excellent culture and benefits.


ashwin95r 30 minutes ago 0 replies      
Dgraph.io (https://dgraph.io) | Backend Engineer (Golang) | Sydney, Australia | ONSITE, REMOTE

You will be responsible for the design, architecture, and implementation of distributed open source graph database, Dgraph (https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph).

Apply by emailing to join at dgraph.io

chmille4 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Frameshift Genomics | Backend Engineers, Frontend Web Developers | Boston, MA

Frameshift Genomics (http://frameshift.io) is hiring backend engineers and web developers to work on the iobio project (http://iobio.io), building a real-time genomics analysis platform.

Web developers will be creating web applications with functionality ranging from visualizing terabytes of biological data to fine grained interrogation of disease causing mutations that open the world of complex genomic analysis to medical professionals and scientists with limited or no experience in computational analysis. These applications are built on our technology stack, consisting of a node web service backend, which streams analysis results via websockets to the web applications, where results are visualized using D3. The successful applicant will be involved in further developing the iobio framework (client libraries and server), designing and building new web apps, and creating new visualizations.

For backend engineers we are looking to create systems that will analyze huge amounts of genomic data, support the visualization and collaboration needs of our web apps, and provide a robust API for data visualization. We are built on AWS and are looking to leverage the cloud wherever possible, but will most likely require traditional server setups for clients with sensitive patient data. The successful applicant will be involved in both designing and building these systems. Remuneration will include both a competitive salary and stock in Frameshift Genomics. Contact us at cmiller@frameshift.io

ayw 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Scale API (YC S16) | ML & Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | $100,000-$120,000 + Equity 0.25%-1.5%

Scale API is looking for software engineers and machine learning engineers to join our team of 10. Scale API is an API for human intelligence. Our mission is to bring human intelligence to software applications. By combining machine learning and a human workforce, we're actively bridging the gap between what software can do and what humans can do. Our current clients include Alphabet (Google), Uber, Procter & Gamble, Houzz, and many more.

Why you should join:

- We're working on a core problem for our decade - bringing human intelligence to software

- We are growing exceptionally quickly and have amazing investors. We are an extremely promising startup for our size.

- We're a talented team with experience from Dropbox, Quora, Snapchat, Facebook, Palantir, MIT, Harvard, and CMU.

Email careers@scaleapi.com with your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles

pamelafox 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Woebot | Software Engineers | San Francisco | ONSITE

Woebot is a chatbot that helps people learn how to regulate their moods and reduce negative self-talk, using techniques from CBT/DBT.

Technologies: JavaScript, NodeJS, AWS Lambda/Beanstalk/DynamoDB

We're looking for a Full Stack Engineer and Mobile Engineer:http://woebot.io/jobs

I'm the CTO, you can ping me directly with your info and resume (pamela@ our domain)

ylere 12 hours ago 1 reply      
1aim | Berlin, Germany | Onsite, Full Time, Visa https://1aim.com

At 1aim, we develop and produce access control systems, which allow to open doors with mobile phones. We create all hardware, software and IT-Infrastructure to run our systems on our own. Beside access systems we are already putting a lot of R&D effort in creating further new smart home/building automation products. We see ourselves as an engineering-driven technology company, that influences how a future with connected devices will look.

We enable engineers to focus on what they can to best, letting them work on new products in small, highly interdisciplinary teams. We try to get rid of as much management overhead as possible (no daily standup meetings!).

Right now, we are hiring new engineers for the following areas:

- (Frontend) Web Developer

- RUST Backend Developer (our backend is 100% rust!)

- Electrical Engineer

We do not care about your academic degrees or where you are from, but about the stuff you did and what you could create in the future given the right opportunities. If you are interested in working at 1aim, write us an email at work.hn<?>1aim.com and tell us about the projects you worked on that you are the most proud of and which technological feats of the past inspire you. We provide visa assistance, relocation support and free housing until you find your own place to live.

Interview process: 1st phone interview (screening) -> 2nd phone interview (technical) -> home assignment/technical challenge (depending on application) -> 3rd interview (mixed, via phone or onsite)

rhc2104 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Facebook | Solutions Engineer | Menlo Park, NYC, Paris, Dublin, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong | Onsite

Solutions Engineers at Facebook spend roughly half their time working with product engineering teams and writing production code. The other half of their time is spent working directly with partners to develop and execute their Facebook technology strategy.

We find that this setup is great for engineers that want to spend more time on the business side of things or have more people interaction while still being hands on with code.

This allows large advertisers to work directly with people at Facebook that have a knowledge of the ads codebase, and Solutions Engineers can implement great suggestions made by partners.

More about the role is available at https://www.facebook.com/careers/life/solutions-engineering-... .

Facebook | Solutions Engineering Manager | Berlin | Onsite

We also have a great opportunity for an engineering manager that would like to support a team in Berlin. You would support a distributed team, so some travel would be required. Roughly half the time would be spent on people management, with the other half on Solutions Engineering work.

We are looking for someone fluent in German.

We will consider a very experienced tech lead that would like to make the transition into people management.

If you would like to apply or have any questions, feel free to send me an email at rcheng@fb.com .

You can find the job listings at https://www.facebook.com/careers/teams/engineering/ , under Solutions Engineering.

nickdavidhaynes 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Automated Insights | Software engineer, applied research | Durham, NC | Onsite | Full-time


I'm the tech lead for the R&D team at Automated Insights, a company that turns raw data into human-sounding narratives. Our SaaS platform, Wordsmith, generated billions of articles last year for companies like the AP, Yahoo, and Activision.

My team's responsibility is mainly algorithm development (machine learning and natural language processing, as well as more traditional methods), with the goal of making Wordsmith more powerful and easier to use. We primarily develop in Python (spaCy, gensim, scikit-learn, Tensorflow) and NodeJS.

We're looking for an engineer with a couple years experience and familiarity with machine learning. A research background and/or advanced degree is a plus.

Interview: Quick chat with HR, technical phone screen, at-home programming evaluation, on-site interview. No adversarial whiteboard sessions or trivia quizzes.

jeffnappi 11 hours ago 0 replies      
ClearVoice | Phoenix, AZ or REMOTE | full-time | https://www.clearvoice.com/

ClearVoice is a Content Marketing Platform and Marketplace. We make creating great content easy for everyone. We have indexed over 100M online articles and have identified and ranked 200k+ content producers. We use this index to power our transparent freelancer marketplace. We supply all engineers with Macbook Pros, standing desks and quality tools. Competitive pay, fantastic weather and low cost of living in Phoenix (or wherever you live)!


* Front-End Software Engineer ($70-$110k)

* Junior Software Engineer (onsite) ($40-$60k)



Herrin 9 hours ago 0 replies      
23andMe | Software Engineer, Data Applications and Services | Mountain View, CA | Full Time | Onsite

I'm looking for mid-to-senior level engineers to join my team at 23andMe. We're a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, with over 2 million customers, and with over 85% of those consenting to use their data for research. The team's goal is to make the data we collect accessible and easy-to-use for our scientific, therapeutics, and R&D teams. We currently do this through a combination of web applications, APIs, and some data processing pipelines. This involves machine learning, data visualization, and web development. We end up working on the full stack, with more emphasis on the back-end.

A full description is here: https://www.23andme.com/careers/ooqx5fwa/ , but the requirements are flexible; being able and willing to learn is what I value most.

We're also looking for a tech lead for one of the teams that works closely with mine. Their mission is similar, but with a bit more focus on infrastructure and data pipelines: https://www.23andme.com/careers/ozMN3fwV/

You can apply at the careers page, or email me at steve.herrin+hn@23andme.com if you have questions.

andrest 12 hours ago 0 replies      
The Farmer's Dog | Software Engineer | New York | ONSITE, SALARY:90-140k, https://www.thefarmersdog.com/

The Farmers Dog is a VC backed direct-to-consumer pet health brand on a mission to disrupt the $60 Billion pet food industry. Our products are human-quality, personalized and manufactured on demand. Also, we just raised Series A ($8.1m) from Shasta Ventures.

Even though we don't sound like a typical tech company we take pride in software development. Were building a subscription based e-commerce business from the ground up and have plenty of interesting problems to solve. Our aim is to offer a seamless subscription experience through on-time production, customized products and best in class customer support. We have CI and CD processes in place, and make use of docker-based microservices via Iron.io. We have plenty of challenges to tackle from predictive analysis to optimizing fulfillment operations.

We're looking for a mid/senior Software Engineer who's comfortable writing backend code and dealing with docker and aws. Our stack is react (and redux), node, postgres, docker and aws.

If this sounds like you reach out at info+hn@thefarmersdog.com

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Segment | Engineering | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite

Segment is building the analytics routing layer for the world. We transform data into over 150 different services, adding new ones every day. Were processing billions of events each month, and maintaining the analytics infrastructure for companies like DigitalOcean, Atlassian, New Relic, and Docker.

Our goal is to help companies learn from how their users interact with the products to build even better products.

We also like to share our work and what we learn, here are some recent examples:

 - https://segment.com/blog/exactly-once-delivery/ - https://segment.com/blog/a-brief-history-of-the-uuid/ - https://open.segment.com
If any of this sounds interesting, wed love to hear from you! Check out some of our open positions at https://segment.com/jobs or email tido.carriero@segment.com with some info about your background and well kick it off from there.

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Insikt | Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco, Los Angeles | ONSITE, VISA

Insikt is a lending platform serving the underbanked. We are headquartered in downtown San Francisco (2 blocks from Montgomery BART station) and have another engineering office near Burbank.

Check out this podcast from our founder: http://www.lendacademy.com/podcast-50-james-gutierrez-of-ins...

Technologies: Java, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Kafka, AWS

We are looking for Full Stack Engineers (Junior to Senior).

Please send me your resume: bmenezes [at] [company name] [.com]

Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/insikt/jobs/666520#.WQd37VPyvIE

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Platform9 Systems (http://platform9.com) | Software Engineers, Developer Advocates, Program Managers, et al | Sunnyvale CA | ONSITE, VISA

Platform9 makes cloud-hosted management systems for open source software (such as Kubernetes and Openstack) on customer infrastructure.

We're also making Fission, a serverless framework for Kubernetes: http://fission.io.

We're hiring across several positions: Software Engineering in various teams including Kubernetes, Openstack, and Fission; Software Engineers in Devops; Developer Advocates; and Technical Program Managers.

Find more at: https://platform9.com/careers

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Plex Research | Boston, MA | Onsite | Full-Time | Visa | Salary USD 875-150k

Plex Research is the Boston area start-up that's transforming the humble search bar into a drug discovery powerhouse. Our team has decades of experience in drug discovery, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, and big data analytics. We're committed to finding better medicines faster.

We're looking for a talented, versatile engineer who's excited about the challenges of building large-scale data systems that provide answers across huge data sets in milliseconds. We value pragmatic, experienced engineers who are strong problem solvers and can learn new technologies quickly.

More here: https://angel.co/plex-research/jobs/234943-software-develope...

Or ping me directly: drew@procyonventures.com(I'm an investor / board member)

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ZehnerGroup http://www.zehnergroup.com/ | Los Angeles, CA or Lima, Peru or Remote | Python/Flask + DevOps Engineer, Django / Python Engineer, Magento 2 Engineer, Full-stack & Shopify Web Developer | ONSITE/REMOTE

ZehnerGroup is a design / build agency in Los Angeles, California. We have an awesome team filled with smart, fun, creative people. Our client projects range from high-profile, complex systems running on tech such Django/Python, Flask, Node, React, Laravel, Docker, AWS, iOS/Swift, Android and more to start-up consumer fashion & lifestyle e-commerce in Shopify, Wordpress and Magento.

We have multiple opportunities for Django/Python developers in our new office in Lima, Peru or remote (within a 4 hr time difference of Los Angeles) and are actively looking for talented engineers with DevOps experience (AWS, Docker, Chef, Circle CI, Ansible), Magento 2 experience to work with us remotely.

Well-rounded developers in Los Angeles with pixel-perfect frontend and Shopify, or full-stack PHP skills are encouraged to reach out for full-time roles in our Culver City office.

For more info you can reach out to me direct at rwhitman+hn@zehnergroup.com . Or fill out an application here: http://zehnergroup.jazz.co/apply

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One Codex (YC S14) | San Francisco (SoMa) | Full-time (ONSITE) | https://www.onecodex.com

One Codex is a platform for microbial genomics. We are a technical, experienced (and profitable!) team working on meaningful problems that range from infectious disease diagnostics to outbreak epidemiology to improving our understanding of the microbiome. We work with top researchers, medical institutions, and biotechs, and have processed samples from all seven continents (and space!).

We're currently looking for generalist engineers across multiple positions, including both those who are backend- and frontend-leaning. Our stack includes Python, Rust, and ES6 Javascript, and we write everything from D3 visualizations to low-level bioinformatics algorithms.

Challenges include: (1) developing novel algorithms for analyzing complex microbial communities; (2) working with terabytes of genomic data; (3) building scientifically reproducible analyses suitable for both research and the clinic; and (4) supporting scientists and developers building on our platform with extensible APIs.

We are based in San Francisco and offer a competitive salary, meaningful above-market equity, and the chance to be an early employee in a well-positioned startup. Benefits include full medical, dental, and vision coverage, a flexible vacation policy and relocation assistance if moving to the Bay Area. We're also willing to sponsor a visa for the right candidate. Please apply here: https://onecodex.recruitee.com/o/software-engineer-full-stac...

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Daily Burn | Senior Backend Engineer, Front End/Marketing Engineer, QA/Test Engineer | New York | ONSITE | www.dailyburn.com

DailyBurn is a leading fitness brand and builds products to help people get fit and live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Our focus is on high quality streaming workout content, we produce and distribute all our content on demand and also offer a live daily workout.

Our tech stack is a Rails web app powering most of our API, golang for backend services, React.js web front end and native apps on iOS, tvOS, Android, Kindle, FireTV and Roku.

Get in touch with paul@dailyburn.com for any of the below roles:

Senior Backend:

* 4+ years backend development experience

* Experience designing and building backend systems

* Experience with Ruby/Rails or an equivalent web development framework

* Experience with Go a plus

Frontend/Marketing Engineer:

* 2 years experience in a front end/web development role

* Extensive experience with CSS/HTML, Responsive web design, JS

* Experience with Rails a plus

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Kozmos (https://getkozmos.com) | Full-stack Engineer, Marketing | Remote

Bookmarking simplified into one button. It automatically organizes users bookmarks, providing an advanced search engine. (Read more at https://medium.com/@azerbike/introducing-kozmos-a-new-bookma...)

Kozmos' tech stack is Go, Preact, Elastic Search, LevelDB and MySQL. We need engineers with ML background to help us build a better search engine.

Check out the product at https://getkozmos.com

Ping me directly with your Github and resume at azer@getkozmos.com

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Eutech Cybernetic | Full Stack Developer | Full Time | Chennai, India ONSITE

What we're building:

* A SAAS platform and product suite for managing Smart Cities and Smart Workplaces

* A cloud-based real-time integration platform for the Internet Of Things.

Our software typically integrates with real-time subsystems in buildings (think lighting systems, security systems, CCTVs, access card systems, energy meters, sensors, fire alarms, AHUs, HVACs etc...) and lets your monitor and control your smart environment.

We've been doing the Internet Of Things before it was a buzzword.

We need a full-stack developer. We write code in C#, F#, Python, Javascript, Typescript and some smatterings of Go and AWS Lambda.

We are currently shipping:

A distributed processing engine built on the actor model

A web service on top of Cassandra to process large volumes of access card and sensor data.

We have interesting problems to solve. Mail me at <haran at ecyber.com>

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Gambit Research Ltd (http://gambitresearch.com) | London, UK | ONSITE | Full time

At Gambit we research and manage automated sports betting algorithms on behalf of our clients. Their algorithms run on our proprietary execution platform which interfaces with a large variety of bookmakers and exchanges, enabling access to the best prices and massive liquidity.

Our distributed, concurrent system has a core written in Erlang, which interacts with a wide variety of Python processes across the rest of the business. Some of the other technologies we use are: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, C, C++, Java, Haskell, Julia, Go, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Celery, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Graphite, Sentry, Git, GitLab.

We have a very flat hierarchy and an emphasis on employee freedom. We encourage our team to work on projects that interest them, as we believe people are happiest and most productive when intellectually stimulated. You don't need to be interested in sports or betting.

We're actively hiring for the following positions:

 - Software developer - Linux infrastructure engineer / Sysadmin / SRE / DevOps engineer 
More information can be found at http://gambitresearch.com/jobs.html

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Smartcar API | Frontend, Sales | Mountain View, CA | ONSITE | https://smartcar.com

We're a small team (9 people) making a big change in transportation. Technological additions to vehicles are kicking off a new era of better transportation which is affordable, greener, and safer. The automotive industry is undergoing the most disruptive changes since its inception. We believe the future of transportation is Autonomous, Electric, Shared and Connected. Smartcar is building an API platform to solve the "connected" part of it.

We recently launched https://teslabot.ai to show a sneak peak of what our platform can do.

The positions we are hiring for:

+ Sales Manager with 2+ years of experience selling to enterprise.

+ Frontend Software Engineer with 2+ years of experience with any modern frontend framework (React, Angular, Ember, ...). Our backend stack is Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Docker, AWS.

If you are interested in helping us modernize transportation and enjoy working in a collaborative environment, we'd like to meet you. Compensation is $95K to $130K + equity.

If you want to learn more, email me at sanketh@smartcar.com or call me at 530 475 2882. No recruiters.

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Data Scientist/Quant | MarketInvoice | London, UK (we've hired two people from HN in the past)


We're looking to hire an experienced data scientist who can take the lead in build out our credit scoring algorithms.

Ideally we'd love someone with some experience in credit scoring but we're open to candidates with machine learning backgrounds who have a strong interest in finance (either from past work experience or otherwise).

This is a role that requires both commercial nous as well as technical skills.

MarketInvoice is the VC-backed peer-to-peer fintech platform thats building the modern backbone of the economy. Imagine youre a young company whos just won a major contract but your client wants to pay you on 90 day terms when you need to pay your staff and suppliers upfront. Thats where we step in. Our platform uses the peer-to-peer approach to provide the day-to-day operational financing for companies as varied as mobile development agencies, food brands and construction firms.

Were the largest startup in our space worldwide; last month we finance over 50m in deals. It's a 100bn/year market which is dominated by legacy lenders and banks with complex processes and shady practices. Were bringing transparency and simplicity to the market.

All roles have equity options with low strike price and employee friendly terms.

Reach me at i.ghory@marketinvoice.com

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Scribd | Senior Recommendations/Search Engineer | San Francisco | VISA | ONSITE

Scribd is a reading subscription that gives you access to the best books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Our mission is to re-imagine the way the world reads.

Our team is looking for smart engineers to work on our recommendation and search systems. You should have a strong machine learning background with experience in search or recommendations with a production system or a MS/PHD in a related field. Scala/Spark and SQL experience is a plus. We are also looking for senior Rails engineers.

We are a small team which means you can have a ton of impact and bring in your own ideas. We work on an ambitious project to organize all the books in the world and use it to take book discovery to the next level.Scribd has a very friendly, engineering-driven company culture, is profitable, and well funded. We are ambitious but at the same time we value a good work life balance. Stack: Ruby on Rails (we are one of the largest Rails sites), Go, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Spark (Scala). But we care way more about your personality and hacking skills than what languages you've used so far.

If you have questions you can reach me at toby at scribd.com. I am happy to answer any question related to this role. Please apply directly via https://boards.greenhouse.io/scribd/jobs/76773. NB, we are also hiring for a lot of other positions: https://www.scribd.com/about/jobs.

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Voyage | Bay Area, CA | Onsite | Full-Time | Visa

At Voyage we're working to bring about the end-goal of self-driving cars: a world where anyone, anywhere can summon a car directly to their doorstep, travel safely to their destination, all for an extremely low price.

Crucial to our mission is motion planning. To travel from A to B requires a series of decision making and motion planning in the chaotic world of urban driving, and we need world-class engineers to work on this key problem.

I'm the Voyage CEO, so feel free to email me at oliver@voyage.auto or apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/voyage/9a3b9ad9-be45-4ce5-819f-281acb6...

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Take a stab at our little challenge and ensure your CV gets reviewed by our team: curl https://challenge.curbside.comCurbside is enabling a new way to shop, built for the era of instant mobile commerce. The Curbside app makes it easy to find, buy and pickup products at nearby stores. Curbside searches realtime local inventory across retailers and uses location-based technologies to alert stores when a customer is arriving for a pickup. Curbside helps consumers quickly get what they need and helps retailers better serve their increasingly mobile centric customers. The Curbside Merchant Console enables alerts to staff as customers arrive to pick up orders and also manages online order workflow.

Curbsides investors include Sutter Hill Ventures, Index Ventures, Jerry Yangs AME Cloud Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Eric Schmidts Innovation Endeavors, OReilly AlphaTech Ventures, Gil Elbaz & David Waxmans TenOneTen and Chicago Ventures.

Tech Stack: Clojure, Python, Javascript, iOS, Android, Elasticsearch

Problem space: mobile commerce, big data, search, machine learning, reverse engineering, distributed systems, location services, user experience.

https://curbside.com/jobs Palo Alto, Ca. Relocation Available Sorry at this time we cannot sponsor NEW H-1Bs, but we can transfer existing visas and sponsor new E3s, TNs, and O-1s.

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Apollo Agriculture (https://apolloagriculture.com/) | Android Developer, Software Engineer | Amsterdam, Berlin, Nairobi | ONSITE

Apollo Agriculture is using satellite data to help bring modern farming to the worlds poorest farmers. Millions of farmers globally don't have access to the basic farm tools the rest of the world depends on for food production, good seed and fertilizer. We sell these proven agricultural tools on credit, and use satellite data and ML to figure out who we can lend to profitably.

We use Scala, Python/NumPy/SciPy (for science/ML), android and are heavy postgres users. We're building great software for places with low reliability networks and harsh environmental conditions.

We delivered fertilizer to ~1000 farmers earlier this March and are now in the process of getting paid back and supporting our farmers this season. As an example of the kind of work you'd be doing, this week our team is responding to a break out of army worms amongst our farmers by rolling out a pesticide loan on credit so our farmers can save their crops

To apply, send me an email at earl@apolloagriculture.com

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Knack | Product Designer| Remote | REMOTE https://knack.com

We're a 100% remote company that has been 100% remote from the beginning and spends a lot of time thinking about how a small 100% remote team can build a world class product. We're 100% remote.

We're looking for super talented product designer with a passion for data and web applications to help design and build the next generation of tools for doing useful things with data.

Knack is a no-code application platform that enables anyone to easily build business and workflow apps. It's a big fun product that creates tons of value.

We've spent a lot of time playing feature catch-up and optimizing for product-market fit. We're now at the point where we want to focus on product design to truly make Knack special.

Other things about us: we're 100% bootstrapped, so we know how to build a product customers will pay for. We believe in growth without compromise, not growth at all costs. We don't have a VP layer or management, and want to keep it that way as long as we can.

Other things about you: you want to join a team that actually enjoys working with each other. You want to be engaged with the product and company beyond just design. You are not afraid of taking ownership and responsibility. You want to maximize your impact.

Find out more at https://knack.com/work-at-knack

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Kolonial.no | Software Engineer; Dev Ops; Data Scientist; iOS developer | Oslo, Norway | ONSITE http://jobb.kolonial.no/

Kolonial.no are one of the fastest growing startups in Norway recently valued at ~$180 million after just 3 years of operations. We're enabling users to buy their groceries online and already have thousands of daily customers.

We're unique in that we've built a complete warehouse, logistics, and procurement platform with millions of daily transactions and lots of interesting challenges as automation becomes a more important. This has allowed us to scale and adapt quickly to market and business demands.

Our technology stack is primarily Python, Django, PostgreSQL, HAProxy, Salt, SCSS and Javascript + React.js where suitable. You can read more about our technology stack here: https://kolonial.no/om/teknologi/ (Norwegian only)

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Canva | Sydney, Australia, VISA, Onsite

Building a design platform in the browser/native. Check - canva.com for our primary product.

Stack is Java & JavaScript.We're hiring for the following:

Java EngineerJavaScript - Front End EngineerFullStack EngineeriOS EngineerAndroid Engineer

Further info here: about.canva.com/careers/

Or ping me directly scott[.]c[@]Canva[.]com

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Peg | Full Stack Developer | London | ONSITE | fulltime | https://peg.co/hiring | 35k-55k + equity

We're on a mission to shift $1BN in advertising budgets towards independent content creators, so we're after someone with frontend and backend development skills to help make that happen.

We're looking for one dev with 1+ years of experience building software professionally, and another with 3+ years; but above all we're after people who are excited about building world-class software, getting their hands dirty with tough problems, and constantly learning.

Our stack is Rails 4.2, Angular, a PostgreSQL DB (now quite big, hundreds of millions of rows), Redis/Sidekiq, Gulp for builds - the whole shebang is at https://stackshare.io/peg/peg

We recently moved into lovely new offices near Aldgate East, if you'd like to drop in and chat more about the roles, drop me a line: alex@peg.co

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ClearBrain | San Mateo, CA | Software Engineer / ML / Data / Backend | Full-time, ONSITE | $90K $140K, 0.75% 1.5%

ClearBrain's mission is to build a self-service AI to predict any human behavior.

Our first product is a predictive marketing layer that can automatically determine user propensity to buy or churn in minutes, and has helped mid-market to public customers increase conversions by over 40%.

We're a small, tight-nit, experienced team from Google and Optimizely (cofounders were the first SRE on Google Ads, and led data science at Optimizely), and well-funded by investors in Dropbox, Optimizely, and AppDynamics. We're pushing the limits of distributed systems and machine learning, and already working with terabytes of data, while innovating in Scala / Spark / EMR.

We think a lot about optimal matrix design, statistical feature extraction, and making machine learning as self-service and scalable as possible. We'd love for you to join us.

You can email me directly at bilal@clearbrain.com, or find more info on AngelList https://angel.co/clearbrain/jobs/224877-software-engineer

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CRITEO (http://labs.criteo.com/) | Paris, France | Full-time ONSITE | Machine Learning Engineer (VISA sponsorship)

Click prediction: How do you accurately predict if the user will click on an ad in less than a millisecond? Thankfully, you have billions of data points to help you.

Recommender systems: A standard SVD works well. But what happens when you have to choose the top products amongst hundreds of thousands for every user, 2 billion times per day, in less than 50ms?

Auction theory: In a second-price auction, the theoretical optimal is to bid the expected value. But what happens when you run 15 billion auctions per day against the same competitors?

Explore/exploit: It's easy, UCB and Thomson sampling have low regret. But what happens when new products come and go and when each ad displayed changes the reward of each arm?

Offline testing: You can always compute the classification error on model predicting the probability of a click. But is this really related to the online performance of a new model?

Optimization: Stochastic gradient descent is great when you have lots of data. But what do you do when all data are not equal and you must distribute the learning over several hundred nodes?

Missions of the team in more details: http://labs.criteo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Software-E...

Feel free to drop us a line at rndrecruitment[@]criteo.com =)

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Alan | Paris, France | ONSITE, VISA | Full-stack software engineers | jobs.alan.eu

Were Alan, the first new health insurance in France in the past 30 years.

Some info about us (we raised 12m in seed last October):

- https://blog.alan.eu/alan-the-first-digital-health-insurance...

- https://techcrunch.com/2016/10/24/alan-wants-to-turn-health-...

We're seeing strong growth, with 10s of companies signed every week and a perennial business model.

We are looking to grow our engineering team (which includes French and Americans), with people from diverse horizons.

Our process includes a a couple chats with the CTO and an engineer, then a full day of work with the team at the office in the liveliest neighborhood in Paris.

Together we can change the way people experience healthcare.

Contact us on jobs.alan.eu or at jobs@alan.eu

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Nectar financials | Backend-Engineer, Devops | Remote | Salary: 90k-120k CHF |

Based on NodeJS and Angular we are building a CRM system for wealth management companies. The product is rather young and the codebase small. We have employees in Switzerland, the US and Slovenia. Although, remote work is okay, you should be located close to one of these three offices due to time-zone issues.

Our hiring process:

1) Resume / code screen

2) Phone call (getting to know each other, technical interview, check of familiarity and knowledge of Node)

3) Onsite (half a day)

Send a mail with a short intro about yourself (video or written) OR a Github-link OR a resume to:


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Replicated | Backend Engineer | $120k - $150k + equity | Los Angeles + SF | https://www.replicated.com

Replicated is developing tools for deploying modern enterprise software. We're interested in connecting with backend developers with Golang experience and people interested in pushing the capabilities of Docker, Kubernetes and Swarm.

The Backend Engineer role will be working on the core of our product.

In this role you'd be working closely with an experienced team. We have openings for a wide range of experience levels. So if you are passionate about what we're working on you could be a great fit.

We're also hiring people to help support our customers. If you are passionate about customer success or supporting customers with complicated devops and sysadmin questions please reach out as well.

Email: austin (at) replicated (dot) com

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PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS | https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ | Developers, DevOps, Marketing, Tech Support | Denver, CO | Onsite [Remote to qualified applicants] | Full-Time

PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS is fighting the good fight against censorship, surveillance, and overall evil. Please e-mail jobs@privateinternetaccess.com to APPLY. Please make sure to send a resume, cover letter, links to anything worth seeing, etc.

Please read this if you haven't already: http://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html

If you want to help fight the good fight with the company who has donated the most to organizations such as the EFF, FFTF, Creative Commons, Linux Mint, Freenode, etc., then send us an e-mail.

Thank you in advance, and have a wonderful day. We look forward to standing in line with you against draconian injustice.

rkrzr 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Channable - https://www.channable.com | Utrecht, The Netherlands | ONSITE

Channable is a data feed management company that connects ecommerce companies to all big online marketing channels (marketplaces, price comparison sites etc.) We also optimize and synchronize product data, offers and orders on the various platforms.

We currently have two open positions:

1. for a Backend Engineer2. for a DevOps Engineer

Our Stack includes: Python (Flask), Scala (Apache Spark), Haskell, PostgreSQL, Redis, HDFS, Ansible and Ember.js

We process millions of products per day and offer technically interesting and challenging work. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled engineers to join our team in the city center of Utrecht.

See https://www.channable.com/jobs/ for a detailed job description.

ngtvspc 10 hours ago 0 replies      
SimpleLegal (YCS13) | Product Manager, API Engineer, Python Engineers, Customer Success Managers | Mountain View, CA | FULLTIME, ONSITE, https://www.simplelegal.com/careers

SimpleLegal is YC-backed, enterprise SaaS startup run by second-time founders in Mountain View, CA. We are the software platform for the in-house legal department. Sales has Salesforce. Marketing has HubSpot. Legal has SimpleLegal.

Our stack: Python, Django, Django REST Framework, Postgres, React, JQuery.

API Engineer: Mid to senior engineer with experience working/designing APIs (experience with Python and Django REST Framework a plus).

Python Engineer: Mid to senior Python engineer. Experience with larger codebases, spanning multiple related products. Experience with Django is great. Really looking for someone to shape best practices and engineering standards as we grow the team.

Customer Success Managers (CSMs): Our CSMs are the first level of communication to customers in need of support. The CSMs analyze issues logged by customers, leverage product expertise and share best practices to help establish our place at the top of the legal technology space.

Also hiring in many other customer facing roles: Sales Development, Implementation, and Customer Support.More Info, jobs and application: https://www.simplelegal.com/careers

gugachiu 7 hours ago 0 replies      
OpenGov | San Francisco/Redwood City | Onsite

OpenGov's mission is to power more effective and accountable governments. We build financial software for planning, performance monitoring, and citizen engagement that serves as the technology backbone for the modernization of government. We are a series C company backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Emerson Collective. We've had a strong speaking presence in conferences like ReactConf. Contact me if you're interested in making a positive civic impact in a breakout company with great technology. (cchiu at opengov)

Ideal candidate are people interested in:* Social/Civic Impact* Data modeling and systems (Postgres, Kafka, Spark)* Ruby on Rails / React / Redux* Data Analytics and Visualization

Check us out at: https://opengov.com/careers

purans 4 hours ago 0 replies      
https://phil.us - Phil is a San Francisco-based health-tech startup with the mission of reinventing the $400B prescription medication space. In the last 18 months we went from prototype to figuring out product-market fit, to establishing our high-margin unit economics and raising over $12M in two rounds of venture financing. Our asset-light business model has helped us expand from the state of CA to cover 92% of US population in the last six months. Now looking to grow our small and close-knit team in sunny downtown SF.

ONSITE: Hiring 1 Front-End Engineer and 1 QA Engineer. Please email your resume to careers@phil.us Job Links - https://angel.co/philprescriptions/jobs/198556-front-end-eng...https://angel.co/philprescriptions/jobs/253165-qa-engineer

Simpliplant 8 hours ago 0 replies      
FetLife (https://fetlife.com) | REMOTE | Product Designer

More about FetLife:- Largest kinky social network this side of the Milky Way- Nearly 6 million members and growing every day- We grew 100% by word-of-mouth- A top 600 website in most English speaking countries- Serve over a couple of billion requests a month

More info about the role: https://weworkremotely.com/jobs/4904-product-designer

skadamat 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Dataquest | Data Science Instructor | San Francisco | Remote okay | $90k-$120k + equity

At Dataquest (www.dataquest.io), we teach data science and data engineering to thousands of students around the world every day. We teach the concepts behind the code, then help students build projects until everything clicks. We think about online learning in a vertically integrated way, from the actual learning content and the product all the way to job preparation. Students with no programming and just high school math backgrounds have gone from 0 to job ready and have gotten jobs at companies like SpaceX, and our NPS is around 60.

We don't believe in skimming the surface of concepts so that students just know what to type. We build intuition around complicated ideas like random forests from the ground up. We walk students through building their own algorithms, so we can help them understand the tradeoffs and limitations of techniques. We help students build projects, so they can solidify their knowledge and get real-world experience.

While so far we've mostly focused on teaching data science through Python, we're looking for someone to help us extend and enhance our R content. This involves writing instructional content, creating projects, thinking about how to improve how we teach, mentoring students directly, and getting feedback from students to improve our teaching methods. If you have:

- experience writing R code (whether on the job or your own packages)

- experience writing technical data science content

- a strong a data science foundation

- a deep interest in teaching

We're looking for someone who shares our mission of giving people access to high quality education at a low cost. You'll have a lot of latitude to shape how we teach, and to help build a personalized educational platform. We're bootstrapped and profitable, so this is also a chance to learn more about the business side.

If this is interesting, please email srini at dataquest.io.

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System1 | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

System1(formerly OpenMail), an adtech startup based in Venice Beach, is hiring!

DevOps Engineer: AWS, Python http://system1.com/job-listing/98f3de21-d010-4cdf-b4e2-a3409...

Data Analyst (A/B Testing): SQL, Strong Statistics background (Stats Masters or PhD preferred)http://system1.com/job-listing/8dd08a47-5e78-4250-bf08-8acf5...

Software Engineer: Python http://system1.com/job-listing/a2612066-fef4-458c-b216-19b27...

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experiencehttp://system1.com/job-listing/46b7b99f-18d1-47c5-bd3f-6c400...


System1 | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

System1 is also hiring in our Bellevue office!

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experiencehttp://system1.com/job-listing/d94c450b-da6f-465e-a6a7-796a0...

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Hadean | RESEARCH ENGINEER (Big Data) | London, UK | Full-time | ONSITE | VISA

Hadean is working to eliminate the barriers to large-scale distributed compute. We're rethinking every level of the stack, from isolation technology to zero-allocation networking to distributed datastructures. The applications of our technology range from financial market prediction and climate modelling to deep learning and synthetic biology.

What we need from you

 Autonomous - Able to construct a case study without supervision Adaptable - Able to learn new domains quickly, like genomics or the intricacies of linear algebra Algorithmic expertise - We are parallelising complex applications, and you will be deciding what data to send, and when.
What we can offer you

 Interesting problems where you can apply the full range of your CS knowledge and skills high-level software architecture low-level debugging theoretical understanding of computing Cool environment - We're still very small Impact - Big clients, and every line of code matters Novel work - Solving problems that no one else has been able to
If this excites you and you match 4 of the following, wed love to hear from you:

 Loves C, C++, and/or Rust Has a wide array of ambitious, self-directed projects Able to work at various levels of stack, high to low-level Able to reason about the space, time, communication complexity, and requirements of different algorithms Enjoy implementing sophisticated algorithms Solved problems using distributed and/or shared-memory parallelism Enjoy performance optimisation and low-level debugging
Drop us an email and tell us how you match up at jobs@hadean.com

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Hadean | Systems Programmer | London | ONSITE, VISA

We're looking for a brilliant systems-level implementor to join us in London who matches 6 of the following:

 loves C loves Rust has a wide array of ambitious self-directed projects has got their hands dirty writing technically complex systems, such as: a high-performance database/KV store an OS a programming language implementation enjoys writing roughlyperformance-optimal code enjoys writing roughlyreliability-optimal code (static/bounded memory allocation) has used EPOLLET has used io_submit + O_DIRECT has bypassed the Linux kernel (for fun and/or profit) has written on top of paravirtualisation APIs enjoys reverse engineering [insert your own comparable points here]
Our team runs the gamut systems, distributed systems, compilers, scientific computing, professors, famous computer scientists and is well-funded to change the landscape of compute. If intrigued, drop us an email with how you match up to the above list to jobs@hadean.com

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ConvertKit | Senior Full-stack Rails Engineer | REMOTE, www.convertkit.com

The engineers at ConvertKit are smart, highly motivated and highly productive developers who care greatly about the craft of coding. We champion learning, bettering ourselves, and teaching to the rest of the team.

About ConvertKit

 * We are a fully remote company, scattered across 8 states and 4 countries. * Bootstrapped, profitable, and growing very (very!) quickly. [1] * We put a high emphasis on work / life balance, and we value and strive for 40 hour work weeks. There aren't set hours, but there's a lot to get done! * We have a positive, vibrant, and genuine culture. [2] * Working with Nathan Barry is super awesome!! 
About the role

 * You'll be part of our awesome engineering team, helping to build our product. We primarily use Rails, Mysql, Redis and Sidekiq to get the job done. * We're facing real (fun) scaling challenges because of our incredible growth. Ideally
you've been there, done that before. * We're also looking for someone who cares deeply about writing clean, maintainable, well-tested code, and generally tends to leave code in a better state than when you encounter it.


 * Significant (5+ years) full-stack Rails experience and scaling a Rails app for rapid growth. * We don't have a separate infrastructure team. You must be comfortable with helping to run, scale, troubleshoot and maintain a large production app that sends 250+ Million emails a month.
More info + how to apply here: https://convertkit.workable.com/jobs/466250

[1]: https://convertkit.baremetrics.com/

[2]: https://charlimarie.com/2017/02/06/finding-my-place

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Doctrine | Sales | Paris | Doctrine.fr | ONSITE

Doctrine is the "Google" for the case-law in France! We are a young startup with a huge growth. We are disrupting the legal market at a very high pace.

We use DL / NLP to automate lawyers' interns jobs! and we have a deep focus on User Experience.We are looking for a French-speaking Sales (wo)man to join the team and lead our growing sales, and Data-Scientists !

We are also always hiring A-player Developers or any bright and ambitious hackers.

Apply here: https://www.doctrine.fr/recrutement or see our open positions on Angel List: https://angel.co/doctrine-/jobs

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Volumental | Head of Customer Success | Stockholm | https://volumental.com

Volumental is a startup with approximately 30 people currently in a strong growth phase. Having begun rolling out in 2016, our products are now with businesses in 32 countries. Volumentals products are at present technologically unparalleled in the global retail industry, with our technology team having invested years solving a series of difficult problems. This has placed Volumental in a unique position as the global technology leader for 3D Retail Scanning.

Our vision is to make retail more efficient, sustainable and personalized. By helping people find and create products that fit them perfectly, people feel more connection to the things they buy. We reduce waste by reducing returns and helping brands create products that really fit their customers. Read more about life at Volumental here.We represent 7 nationalities and are 48% women, some in the engineering team.

Apply here! https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/11469-volumental-head-of-custom...

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Coatue Management | New York, NY / Menlo Park, CA | Infrastructure Engineer / Front-End Engineer | Fulltime

Coatue Management is a hedge fund based in New York City.

We're in the middle of building a market intelligence platform based on non-traditional data (ie. non-financial data). We look for creative sources of data (everything from e-commerce pricing to satellite data - typically realtime and granular), use it to model key firm and economic metrics. If you're interested in large scale data pipelines or Bayesian statistics, we have interesting challenges.

Data Engineer:

 - Experience in using and tuning Spark on large datasets (>10TB) for batch processing - Preferably has experience with AWS EMR and/or has used Scala for data engineering - Keywords: Scala, Spark, Redshift, Docker

 - Experience in Scala (or any other functional language e.g. Haskell, F#, OCaml) - Strong algorithms and data structure background e.g. competitive programming
Front End Engineer:

 - We're currently looking for a front-end engineer to build out interactive dashboards. You would work with both the data scientists who generate output, and the investment staff that consumes it, to build the most effective visualizations possible. - Example dashboards include tracking the historical accuracy of various datasets compared to the firm metrics they measure, drilling down into the constituents of a macroecnomic measurement, and visualizing economic data with spatial and temporal dimensions - This role offers the opportunity to take ownership of the architecture and tech stack, and it offers freedom and creativity - Keyword skills: Bootstrap, D3.js, Chart.js, Plotly.js
Data Scientist:

 - Experienced at SQL or Spark, strong at a scripting language e.g. R, Python - Keen to not only do ad hoc data diving but also build automated tools for repeating that analysis. - Employs best practices of software engineering in data science work (ie. Git, DRY etc.)
Email us if you're interested or want to learn more: hr [at] coatue.com

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Tachyus | San Mateo, CA or Houston, TX | ONSITE | Full-Time | Scientific Software Engineer | http://www.tachyus.com/

Tachyus creates technology to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry. With Tachyus software, petroleum engineers integrate all relevant data sources in real-time to explore millions of scenarios and identify the optimal operational and development plans resulting in 10%+ increases in net present value of their assets. Our Scientific Software Engineers use the F# programming language to bring our latest scientific research to production.


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Aha! (http://www.aha.io) | Front End / UX / Rails | REMOTE

Aha! is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails, Javascript and front-end engineers to develop rich interactive experiences in React with a Rails backend.

Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding), we deploy continuously and we are developing in Rails/CoffeeScript/React/d3. Our entire team is remote - in US, Canada and Mexico so we can collaborate during the work day.

http://www.aha.io | email: engineering-jobs@aha.io

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Senic (YC S13) | (Open Source) Python or React Native Software Engineer | Berlin, DE | ONSITE | www.senic.com | https://github.com/getsenic

At Senic, a Berlin-based hardware and software startup, we are building the next generation of user interfaces beyond the smartphone. Our goal is to make the interaction with technology in the home seamless and natural with hardware and software products that engage all human senses. Our products include devices that employ haptic, visual and speech interfaces. Were tackling a rapidly growing problem creating solutions that require knowledge of hardware, software, psychology and design.

Were backed by Y Combinator, American and German VCs. We have a team of talented and nice people (15 in total) with backgrounds in electrical & mechanical engineering, computer science, industrial & graphic design and psychology.

Now were looking to grow our team to build the future of interaction and are looking for people excited to go on this journey with us. Specifically, we are looking for someone to join the software team to write new and maintain existing open source code for our Linux/Python/Pyramid backend and/or Mobile/React Native frontend. You contribute to making everyday software and hardware technology more seamless and fun to use.

Please find our detailed job post here:


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Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE (London, UK; now also Santa Monica, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help setting up a brand new office too.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly in Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Our entire production is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent in the following roles:

* Front-end Software Engineer (London & LA)

* Database Expert

* Quantitative Analyst

* Software Engineer (London & LA)

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers/ . (Quite some time ago I wrote an overview about our engineering challenges, which you can find at https://smarketshq.com/the-challenges-of-running-a-betting-e... .)


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Tetra (YC W17) | Founding iOS Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | $80k-$140k + 0.5 - 3.0%

Tetra is looking for product engineers to join our team of 3. Tetra is an AI notetaker for phone calls. Our mission is to use speech recognition and NLP to help teams be more creative and get more done. We're solving a tier one problem for millions of information workers, while helping bring conversational speech recognition to human parity.

Why you should join:- We're a product-oriented company with research-grade deep learning at the core.- We just graduated from Y Combinator and have raised a seed round from great angels and VCs- This is a great opportunity to help shape direction of the product and get early stage equity.

Email founders@asktetra.com with your resume and GitHub.

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Fraugster | Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany | onsite, full-time, VISA, https://fraugster.com

We're building a distributed system for detecting credit card fraud in realtime. All our internal services have been built from scratch in Golang and we're using kubernetes for orchestration. Ideally you've got 4+ years experience in startups running production infrastructure and you've built something from scratch.


 - Experience with Go/Golang, and perhaps C/C++, rust, or similar languages - Knowledge of algorithms & data structures - Interest in distributed systems & databases - Docker, kubernetes & linux development exp. - TCP/IP, HTTP2, GRPC & BGP protocols knowledge a big plus - Experience with monitoring, testing & performance tuning
Some technologies we use are: postgres, kafka, prometheus & ELK, we don't expect candidates to meet 100% of our requirements, a proven ability to learn and adapt is sufficient.

You will be one of the first 10 engineers and can expect lots of responsibility to match a competitive salary.Send your CV and cover letter to: stefan < at > fraugster - dot - com

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CircuitHub | https://circuithub.com/ | London UK or Boston US

CircuitHub is on a mission to fix rapid electronics prototyping. We are the first automated electronics factory built around a modern tech stack. We help hardware companies producing self driving cars, satellites, 3D printers, robotics, & more to rapidly prototype electronics and get to market faster.

Join our growing team to work on a variety of problems across CircuitHub's entire stack. No direct experience with factory automation or electronics is necessary but we like curious people willing to learn.

Our stack:

- Haskell API server using GHC 8, Yesod, Opaleye, and many other libraries from Hackage.

- Elm front end.

- PostgreSQL for data storage, with querying via Opaleye & Rel8.

- AWS / Heroku for hosting.

- NixOS for development environments, continuous integration and deployments.

- Functional reactive programming for standalone GUI applications.

- Prometheus and Grafana for metrics and instrumentation.


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SugarCRM | REMOTE; ONSITE Cupertino, Raleigh, Munich; Sydney | Fulltime

SugarCRM is hiring for a variety of positions, both technical and otherwise, in a number of locations. You can see all our open positions here: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3MyIMiwB

I've been at Sugar for over 5 years now and it's honestly the best job I've ever had. If you have any questions about working here, feel free to ask here in the thread, and I'll do my best to check back regularly. Please note, I am not part of the hiring process, just a member of the team trying to get the word out.

Please, no recruiters or placement agencies.

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Mercadona | Valencia, Spain | Full-time | ONSITE | http://mercadonatech.es

Mercadona is Spain's largest food retailer with EUR 19.8bn in revenues and over 1,600 stores accross Spain. Mercadona has finally decided to make a firm commitment to e-commerce. We are setting up a technical team to create a simple and intuitive experience for our customers and a supply chain that aims at efficient logistics through technology. We are looking for people with a desire to undertake a project that everyone will soon feel that belongs to them.

For this endeavour Mercadona is looking for engineers, product managers, and designers.

Benefits include:

 - Equipment provided (MB Pro + enterprise phone) - Valencias sunny weather ;) - Offices in the city center with outstanding views over the Turia river park - Continuous learning - International environment - Competitive salary - Juicy internal referral policy
Send us an email with your CV to mercadonatech@mercadona.es

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Farewill | Full-stack Software Engineer (React/Node.js) | London, UK | Full time, ONSITE

We are hiring a Full-stack Software Engineer (React/Node.js) with experience working on e-commerce platform(s) at scale, driven to build products that make a difference.

Since launching in November of 2016 we've grown rapidly and are soon to be the largest will writer in England and Wales - we're not content with that though, looking to expand into further territories and other areas of the death industry in the coming months.

Last month we topped Product Hunt (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/farewill) and Designer News (https://www.designernews.co/stories/84813-rebranding-death--...).

Oh, and we've already had over 10 million left for charities on our platform too which is a nice bonus!

Either message me or apply here: https://farewill.com/careers

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SupplyPike | Frontend, Backend, Devops Engineers | Fayetteville Arkansas | ONSITE (https://supplypike.com/)

SupplyPike is the fastest growing emerging technology company in Arkansas focusing on creating new and innovative ways to solve problems in Logistics and Supply Chain.

More about the role: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByeS3h3e7vQTWGtZZ0RkYmVBaVE...

Some of our stack: https://stackshare.io/supplypike/default

Frontend: JavaScript, React, Angular, Aurelia, TypeScript, websockets, etc.Backend: Node.Js, GraphQL, Python, Mongo, Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Big Data, etc.Infrastructure: Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, terraform, prometheus, etc.

Interview process: 2-3 hour technical interview.

Questions/resumes: kanat [at] casestack.io

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Lob | YC S13, YC Continuity | Senior Software Engineer | Full Time, ONSITE | San Francisco, CA

Our first API was to programmatically send physical mail. Our second, announced last month (https://venturebeat.com/2017/05/31/ycs-continuity-fund-leads...), is CASS-certified address verification. Our long-term goal is to provide the building blocks for developers to automate the offline world through APIs.

I'm the head of engineering at Lob. In between my last job and this one, I spoke to 42 organizations before I found what I was looking for in Lob: an exceptional team at the beginning of its growth phase, and also a company with a track record of being deliberate about its culture and which is intentionally building a good place to work.

We are a small and mighty engineering team with a ton of product and infrastructure problems to solve as we keep pace with rapid growth. So, we're currently looking for experienced software engineers who can take ownership of entire projects. We hate contrived interviews, so our process rewards practical problem solving (based on real problems we've faced) and excellent communication.

Apply at https://lob.com/careers or drop me a line at raph@lob.com if this intrigues you!

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Conduit | Back-end software engineer (Python) | Cambridge, MA / Boston, MA | Full time, ONSITE


In a nutshell, we're building personal relationship management software for professional networkers, small business leaders, and anyone who wants to organize the people, relationships, and interactions in their lives.

Driving all of Conduit is the Conduit Personal Graph, a powerful graph model of a person's relationships and activity-- automatically synced, organized, and managed. It's the first-- and most comprehensive-- graph of its kind. Through the Personal Graph, we ingest, process, and surface tens of millions of data points. That information provides new insight for people looking to understand their own lives. And we think that's a special thing :)

No legacy: we work with modern technologies. Our core: - Front-end: JavaScript (ES6/Babel) React/Redux, Node.js/Express, GraphQL, Apollo, Babel, Webpack. - Back-end/data: Python 3, PostgreSQL, Flask, Redis, Pandas/Numpy, Jupyter. - Across our stack: Docker, Kubernetes.

For the position: - This is hire #5 on a tight-knit, VC-backed team. - You'll work directly with Python 3 and PostgreSQL. - Strong compensation package (actual equity, not options!), flexible vacation policy, technology budget, occasional team lunches, and more.

More details: https://angel.co/goconduit/jobs/210118-back-end-developer-py...

Email me (CEO) to apply, mention HN: brandon@conduithq.com. Please, no remote, no recent bootcamp graduates, no recruiters.

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Peakon | Backend, Product, Marketing | Copenhagen, Denmark | ONSITE | https://peakon.com/jobs/

Were a team driven by the belief that we can radically change the world of work. We believe and hear from our customers every day that when an organisation understands itself better it can create more fulfilling jobs, and grow in ways never before imagined.

Enterprises big and small trust our products to provide visibility and clarity in areas once characterised by hearsay and uncertainty. With the insights delivered by Peakon, these organisations become more agile, responsive, and able to make the changes and investments that their employees care about most.

Were in the business of creating great places to work, so it should be no surprise that this is our highest priority at Peakon. With ambitions as big as ours, we see individual growth and development as the key strategy for growing our business.

We're looking for:

 - Lead Backend Engineer - Product Manager - Product Marketing Manager - Technical Sales Engineer (Could be based in London) - Plus more Sales and Marketing roles (based in London) at the link above

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ION360 | Mobile Lead/Developers and Media Developers | Bellevue, WA | FulltimeWe build 360 cameras and software. Our flagship product is a cell phone battery case and camera snap-on that captures 360 photos and videos. We're also working on 360 home security and professional videography cameras/software. We want to democratize 360 media for anyone so that it is high-quality, easy to use, and affordable. You can see our 360 U camera at https://www.ion360.com/.

We're a small but quickly growing and well-funded team that is building iOS and Android applications that work with the cameras we are designing either through USB, wireless, or Internet connections. We deal with RTMP, RTP, h.264, embedded development, USB, and VR/OpenGL regularly. Our server stack is Node.js on AWS Lambda but we are tinkering with some Go services. We work closely with teams in China for hardware and manufacturing so have a relatively distributed team.

More details on the positions at https://ion360.com/careers/. Contact us at careers@ion360.com

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Ideamotive | Node.js Developer | Warsaw | Onsite

Ideamotive - a dev shop specializing business process automation for startups and growing companies is looking for a Node Developer. We are located in Warsaw, Zoliborz at a start-up accelerator mansion called ReactorWarsaw.

Our stack consists of Ruby on Rails and/or Node on backend and React on a frontend, usually Postgres as a main database and Redis + Sidekiq for queues.

You, as a candidate, should be a computer science graduate (or has equivalent knowledge) with a solid background in front-end and previous experience in React or similar framework. We also expect you to have understanding of a current trends and state-of-the-art solutions. Compensation: 30 - 70 z/h dependent on the experience, background and attitude to coding.

Our original job offer (in polish): https://ideamotive.co/careers/node-express-developer/

Send your CV, code samples or inquiries to newhero@ideamotive.co

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Airfinity | London or Brighton UK | Full Time | Front End Developer & Data Scientist | ONSITE | http://airfinity.com

Working to organise and understand the world's event, attendee and sponsor data. Currently hiring for multiple roles in our data science and engineering team based across London and Brighton.

We are looking for versatile engineers looking for their next big challenge.

We are a year old and have secured several rounds with a rapidly expanding team working on our event data products.

Salary Range 30-70k + Equity + Benefits, Flexible Working, Based in London or Brighton Offices

If you would like to talk please either reach out to me directly and mention HN [james at airfinity .com] or through our Careers page. https://www.airfinity.com/careers

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Manifold | Backend API Engineers and CLI Engineers | Halifax, NS | Remote, Fulltime, https://www.manifold.co

At Manifold, we help developers discover and use innovative tools and technologies; so you can focus on building, not managing, your applications. Each new cloud service we use today introduces complexity in the form of another bill, account to manage, credential to secure, and code to deploy.

Today were solving this problem through Torus and the Manifold platform. Torus simplifies your development workflow by enabling you to store, share, and organize secrets across services and environments. While, Manifold allows you to build and offer cloud services to developers without having to worry about billing, identity, and credential distribution (An example of one such service: JawsDB).

Were a small, remote-friendly venture-backed company based in Halifax, Canada with teams in Toronto and San Francisco. With a shared passion for making developers lives easier and our backgrounds reflect that, having worked at the likes of Red Hat, Heroku, and Salesforce.

Apply for the Backend / API Engineer at https://jobs.alongside.com/details/backend--api-engineer/160...

Apply for CLI and Integrations Engineer at https://jobs.alongside.com/details/cli-and-integrations-engi...

syedkarim 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Chicago, USA | Full Time | Onsite | Embedded Linux Developer

I'm the founder of Outernet, a satellite broadcasting startup that provides a global data delivery service. We are building a universal information service to ensure that everyone in the world can have access to information, education, and entertainmentin even the most remote and disconnected environments. Its the modern version of shortwave radio.

More About Us: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/537411/startup-beams-the-...https://www.wired.com/2015/07/plan-beam-web-3-billion-unconn...

We are looking for an embedded Linux developer to join our small team of four.

Responsibilities Include

-Creating board support packages/system images for ARM-boards with integrated radios

-Packaging and developing applications for targeted embedded Linux platforms

-Dealing with GPIOs, SPI, I2C, embedded displays, sound, etc

Bonus points

-Ham radio license or SDR enthusiast

-A loose understanding of digital signal processing, as it relates to wireless communications

-Handy with a soldering iron

Contact us: jobs@outernet.is

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Hi, I'm manually curating the VISA OK i.e. Work Visa / Work Permit Sponsorship Jobs in this thread and posting them at


The vast majority of employers aren't strictly adhering to @xando's regex and I've come to terms with manually curating and posting the VISA OK Jobs 1 by 1 for now. Please bear with me -- all VISA OK Jobs listed here will be listed on http://visaok.in/ in about 2 to 3 days.

If you are a job seeker looking for a WORK VISA, feel free to let me know what changes and updates you'd like to see on the site. Bug reports also welcome.

email: theblogdoctor @ gmail

leahcim 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Upcall | Frontend Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Upcall provides phone callers on demand via its web interface and API. +150 customers rely on Upcall every day to delegate their outbound calls in sales and marketing, saving them time and money, while strengthening the relationship with their clients.

Desired qualifications* Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related discipline or equivalent work experience* 3+ years of extensive front-end web development* Deep knowledge of AngularJS practices and commonly used modules based on extensive work experience* Experience with source code management tools such as SVN, GIT etc.* Experience with writing tested, idiomatic, and documented JavaScript, HTML and CSS* Experience with AJAX/JSON and web API integration (RESTful API)* Ability to write high-performance, reusable code for UI components and a strong sense for good UI/UX* Excellent communication skills

Our perksCompetitive salary and stock packagesA friendly, casual environmentPet-friendly officeStanding DesksComplete medical/dental/vision benefits

fenguin 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Poynt | https://poynt.com | Palo Alto, CA (ONSITE)

Software Engineer: Web, Mobile, and Data

Poynt is building the payment terminal and commerce platform of the future. Some of the largest merchants, developers, banks, and resellers in the world are key partners on this platform, and we aim to provide an incredible level of insight and control to each of these parties over their highly unique use cases and concerns.

Our real-time data pipeline ingests, normalizes, and aggregates billions of events from our apps and Smart Terminal, and deliver instant insights and trigger alerts on web/mobile apps for each of our customer types. We constantly tread the line between performance and scalability, using many different backend tools and optimizations to produce the most useful yet fastest interfaces and alerts.

Your role in Web, Mobile & Data will be to create these tools to empower each of our customer types: building best-in-class management and data products in the backend, and elegant yet powerful interfaces in the frontend, to help them optimally run their respective businesses.


* Mastery of JavaScript and least one common Web framework: Node.js/Express, Sinatra, Flask

* Significant experience developing, optimizing, and deploying scalable, highly performant web applications

* Familiarity with asset pipelines, build tools, testing, continuous integration

* Experience building single-page web apps using modern frameworks, e.g. Ember.js, AngularJS, React, etc.

* Experience working with data pipeline, warehousing, and analytics tools (Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Redshift) a plus

* Experience developing mobile apps (iOS, Android, mobile web) a plus

Please apply at https://hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/poynt/view/P_AAAAAAC...

neftaly 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Auckland, New Zealand | REMOTE | VISA


# Conqa

* Senior backend Javascript or Clojure developer (Lambda, Datomic, Node)

* Full time - salary (90-100k NZD) & equity negotiable

* Remote or on-site (Auckland, New Zealand)

* International / visa applicants considered

* Functional programming experience preferred (Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, etc)


We're a web & mobile start-up, based in the construction industry. Our product is essentially Git for the physical world, built on a blockchain, and backed by AWS.

Please send your CV and/or GitHub to jobs@conqa.nz. No recruiters, please.

mertens 11 hours ago 0 replies      
CrazyGames | Tech Lead | Leuven, Belgium (20 minutes from Brussels by train) | Hiring Full-time and Part-timeCrazyGames.com is a browser games company reaching 5 million people per month, based in Leuven, Belgium. We're looking for a tech lead who'll be the first full-time employee. The qualifications we're looking for are general web software engineering and some game development experience (ideally in Unity). Note that since you're the first full-time employee you'll have a lot of freedom and responsibility. Our stack is Javascript (React) and Python running on AWS.A full job description can be found here: https://www.crazygames.com/jobs

If you are interested or know someone who might be, you can reach out to raf@crazygames.com.

RoboTeddy 10 hours ago 1 reply      
Amplify | Product Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, REMOTE, ONSITE

Help stop Trump. The past six months have seen an explosion of local grassroots groups across the country. Amplify is an app that lets groups share calls to action with their members, grow their membership, and collaborate with other groups.

Non-profit work with real pay.


jln 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Monzo | Backend, Data, iOS, Android & Web Engineers | London, UK | VISA, REMOTE, INTERNS https://monzo.com/

At Monzo we aim to build the best current account in the world. We are always keen to hear from capable, creative engineers who want to help us accomplish that goal.

Our backend engineering team have a variety of different backgrounds: we have several non-graduates; only a couple of us studied Computer Science; one of the team has a degree in Marketing; some of us have worked in huge companies; some have only ever worked in startups; others are former consultants. As long as you enjoy learning new things, wed love to talk to you.

We work in project-based sprints, working directly with everyone across the company, from customer support to regulation, product to financial crime, and we run regular knowledge-sharing sessions so youll learn heaps about everything from how banks work to effective communication.

We encourage an open and transparent working environment. You can get involved in any aspect of the business you are interested in and, following Stripes example, all emails in the company are visible in an email archive. We regularly run hackathons in which people build things on our third party API and we contribute to open source software as much as possible. Weve also made our product roadmap public and give sneak peeks of features in our community forum.

If youre unsure about applying or have any questions about the role or team, please dont hesitate to email our CTO Jonas (jonas@monzo.com) directly :) We're very open about what we do in general, so our blog is a good place to learn more about what we do.

* Backend stack: Go, Cassandra, Kubernetes, Kafka, Linkerd/Finagle

* iOS stack: Swift 3, Realm

* Android stack: Kotlin, Java, Realm

Learn more on our careers page: https://monzo.com/careers/

kmax12 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Feature Labs, Inc. | Software Engineer | Boston, MA | Full-time | On-site | http://www.featurelabs.com

Feature Labs is a predictive analytics platform to make data science automation a part of any organization. Using Feature Labs, teams can accelerate data science endeavors to deploy new products or services, find insights, and understand what their data says about the future of their business.

Were growing our technical team with engineers interested in pushing the boundaries of data science automation. Our team is motivated by pursuing true innovation in AI / machine learning and we regularly publish peer reviewed data science research (www.featurelabs.com/resources/research.html).

This role is perfect for someone who wants the opportunity to shape the direction of our technology and product.

Paid internships available, as well.

To apply: careers@featurelabs.com

analyticalspace 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Analytical Space Inc | Embedded Systems Engineer or Flight Software Engineer | Cambridge/Boston, MA | ONSITE, REMOTE analyticalspace.com

Analytical Space (ASI), a venture-backed startup, is developing the 1st network of small satellites that use laser communication to provide global data relay services. Initially, our network will connect remote assets in the air and on the Earth's surface and more than triple data downlink from remote sensing satellites. At scale, our network will deliver global connectivity at lower latency than terrestrial fiber optic cables over continental distances. Currently, the company is on track for the launch of our demo satellite at the end of this year with multiple beta customers already signed up.

Founded by Harvard students with deep experience in technology and space policy. The team's background includes stints at NASA, the White House, Planetary Resources, MIT, CalTech, Florida Tech and Harvard.

Job Description:Analytical Space is seeking an Embedded Systems Engineer or Flight Software Engineer who will be part of a small team to write software used to operate and manage computing resources on a 6U cubesat. You will be in charge of designing and implementing mission planning software on a FreeRTOS microcontroller interact with hardware and other subsystems of the spacecraft.

Responsibilities: Develop reliable mission planning software to command and manage all other hardware and subsystems of the spacecraft Design house-keeping software for fault mitigation, detection, and resolution Write well-structured and performant RTOS and Linux based software for embedded systems (AVR32, ARM, x86) Work with other engineers to test your code, and set up automatic testing

Basic Qualifications: Experience in C and C++ for embedded systems Ability to prototype systems in Python to test out designs Strong debugging and unit testing skills

Preferred Skills/We'd like to see: Good Dev-ops skills, continuous integration and testing experience Experience with RS-422, RS-485, CAN, I2C, network programming Experience developing RTOS applications or bare-metal programming Experience writing linux device drivers for hardware is a plus

Bonus/Not required but nice to have: Experience writing in Rust Written code that has flown in space (and worked properly!)

vimarshk 7 hours ago 2 replies      
Okta | SF, Toronto, Seattle, London | Full-time, On Site

We are builders and owners. We believe we are solving some extremely big problems. Join a group of amazing humans who thrive on making customersand each othersuccessful.

Why work at Okta? We believe that work is a never-ending process of learning and iteration. We work on extremely complex problems. We work on products that make millions of people's work lives better. We're funded by the industry's most respected investors.

Benefits: Happy hours, Ping pong, Lounges, Food, Global offices, HQ in San Francisco's bustling SOMA district, HQ South in San Jose, Competitive salary, Stock options, Flexible time off, Weekly All-Hands, Hackathons and Volunteer events.

These are some of the ideas we live by: Confront the hard problems and solve them. Don't bullshit people. Protect the customer. Think bigger. Make it work. Never stop.

Please visit: https://www.okta.com/company/careers/ for all open positions and email: vimarsh.karbhari@okta.com

fleaflicker 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Fleaflicker | Senior Java Engineer | Brooklyn, NY | REMOTE, Full-time

We're looking for a Senior Java Engineer to help build and scale our backend java applications.


* Expert-level knowledge of Java and the JVM

* At least 7 years software engineering experience

* In-depth experience with:

 - Dependency injection libraries (e.g., Guice) - Database access libraries for simple CRUD operations and complex, high-performance queries (e.g., JDBC, JDBI) - REST API libraries (e.g., JAX-RS and Jersey) - HTTP servers (e.g., Tomcat/Jetty) - Server-side templating libraries (e.g., Closure Templates)
* Write clean, efficient, testable code

More here https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/147100/senior-java-engineer-f...

To apply, email us at jobs+hn@fleaflicker.com, attaching a current resume in HTML, Plain Text, or PDF format. In the body of the email describe how you fit our requirements.

nwinter 5 hours ago 0 replies      
CodeCombat (YC W14) | FULL-TIME | ONSITE | San Francisco | Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Customer Success Manager, and Sales Development Representative

CodeCombat (http://codecombat.com/about) is a programming game for learning to code. We are currently 13 people, funded by a16z and YC, in SF, aiming to level up computer science education both in and out of the classroom. Long term, we are evolving education through game-based learning. We're 100% open source and hiring for roles on both sales and engineering. See https://jobs.lever.co/codecombat for more details.

kaplun 8 hours ago 1 reply      
CERN https://home.cern/ | Full-Stack Software Engineer | Geneva, Switzerland | ONSITE

Are you a skilled software engineer, mastering Python and Javascript, who likes to work in agile teams on open source products? Then you can make science go faster by bringing the INSPIRE high-energy physics digital library http://inspirehep.net to its next level. We help 50'000 scientists worldwide every day to: find information across million of scientific articles; seamlessly populate their scientific profile; explore connections between ideas through our graph of tens of million citations.

You will join the Research and Computing Sector, where the Scientific Information Services supports scientists at CERN and beyond to find the information they need. Our Open Access section builds and operates infrastructures to make articles and data freely available.

Together with other senior members of the team, you will be re-launching an entire new service built on modern technology (ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Flask, Celery, Redis, OpenStack, Docker); you will architect innovative crowd-sourcing services to allow our users to create connections across the information in our database; you will first-hand develop front-end and back-end solutions; and most important you support and mentor the junior developers at the core of the team.


mlent 8 hours ago 0 replies      
SumUp | Senior Frontend Engineer | Berlin | ONSITE, VISA https://sumup.com

The people of SumUp have brought the best way to accept card payments to 15 countries so far, but we wont stop there. Headquartered in London, SumUp's major offices are in Berlin, Sofia and So Paulo. The Berlin office alone comprises more than 130 people from more than 30 countries.

SumUp could be interesting for you as an engineer in part because we cover so many platforms: we have physical hardware (made right here in Berlin), our own proprietary payment processing platform, mobile apps on iOS and Android, SDKs and APIs supporting third-party integration, and of course (the main star, in this team's humble opinion) a merchant-facing web app.

The frontend team consists of 5 devs, looking to grow by several members. We are hiring:

>>> Senior Frontend Engineer: https://sumup.com/careers/senior-frontend-developer

Our tech stack includes React, Angular 1.6, Webpack, Node (Koa and Express), Lodash, d3, and a little RxJS.

You'll be a great fit if you have a passion for technical excellence, enjoy implementing beautiful designs, are relatively comfortable working on the command line, and strive to learn something new every day!

antoniadiener 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Mark43 | Various engineering roles | New York, NY / Toronto | ONSITE FULLTIME https://www.mark43.com/careers/

Fight crime with code

We build software that literally helps save lives. Our clients are police departments, firefighters and EMTs.

Be a part of an awesome team in a fast-growing startup (featured on multiple next startups to break out lists). Learn more here: https://www.mark43.com/careers/

Back-end: Java ElasticSearch Kafka

Front-end: React Redux JavaScript


[Sr|Mid-level] Back End Engineer

[Sr|Mid-level] Front End Engineer

[Sr|Mid-level] Mobile Engineer

[Sr] Information Security Officer

schlanda 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Business Insider | DevOps Engineer, QA Engineer, Javascript Engineer, Backend Engineer | NYC | Onsite | Fulltime


Business Insider is growing at a great pace with publishing platforms in many continents and the most popular business news site in America. In addition to Business Insider, we run INSIDER, http://thisisinsider.com, and BI Intelligence, a premium subscription service for industry professionals. With a global family of sites across Europe and Asia, we are quickly closing in on a billion page views per month.

Javascript Engineer: https://careers.jobscore.com/careers/businessinsider/jobs/fr...

DevOps Engineer: https://careers.jobscore.com/careers/businessinsider/jobs/de...

QA Engineer: https://careers.jobscore.com/careers/businessinsider/jobs/qa...

Backend Engineer:https://careers.jobscore.com/careers/businessinsider/jobs/ba...

lexi-mono 12 hours ago 2 replies      
Hey everyone, sorry if this is a bit off-topic.

Every month I scan the previous months Who Is Hiring thread and build stats around the most popular languages.

Hope someone finds this useful. Constructive feedback welcome.


sahil_k 3 hours ago 0 replies      
LeanTaaS | Santa Clara, CA | Full Time | ONSITE ONLY | Salary + Equity + Full Benefits


- Series B Funded by top healthcare investors- Ex-Google/McKinsey/MIT/Stanford Team

LeanTaaS is the leading predictive analytics company that aims to lower medical costs with predictive analytics and data science. Our iQueue product line helps hospitals lower wait times and increase patient volumes by optimizing patient pathways with data driven optimizations.

We are looking for Product Managers, Engineers (backend, QA, full stack), and Product Marketers who posses an entrepreneurial personality and the talent to think outside the box to get things done. Job descriptions can be found at http://leantaas.com/careers If you're interested please send resumes and a blurb about yourself to hireme@leantaas.com and mention you saw this on HN.


BayLabs 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Bay Labs | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE

Bay Labs is actively hiring!


Our mission is to apply the latest advances in technology to help detect and manage heart disease worldwide.We have assembled an exceptional team of clinicians, engineers, and scientists who are developing breakthrough technologies in cardiovascular imaging and care to combat heart disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Were looking for people who will bring a unique perspective in defining the future of healthcare with us.

Learn more and apply here:

Full-stack Software Engineer: https://baylabs.io/careers/#!/660b02d8-6701-4499-9768-fbe1fc...

Research Engineer - Deep Learning: https://baylabs.io/careers/#!/5e4f36e3-68fd-4f70-85a0-a02316...

Systems Engineer - Data Infrastructure: https://baylabs.io/careers/#!/b5ae67de-5208-4072-8408-5170c9...

Technical Program Manager: https://baylabs.io/careers/#!/ca6e9289-292a-4f97-a30b-0b18fe...

shutty 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Findify | Sales and business development intern | EU/US | Full-time, Remote

Findify is a Machine Learning powered search & Discovery solution for e-commerce sites. We have 1000+ e-commerce businesses in more than 50 countries around the world deliver a better experience to their customers, and increase their sales.

Are you a dynamic and energetic individual who is interested in gaining first-hand experience in sales and marketing at a fast growing SaaS startup? Do you consider yourself a great communicator and someone who can get stuff done?

If so, join us in revolutionizing e-commerce!

The ideal candidate will:

* Have excellent communication skills.

* Have the ability to understand the product and articulate the benefits to customers.

* Be well organized and able to meet goals and achieve targets.

* Be a self-driven and motivated individual who's looking to get stuff done!

Beyond the basics what would really impress us:

* A side project, or something you built yourself that youd proud of

* Dont take no for an answer

Apply here: https://findify.io/careers/sales-intern/

cpeth 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Millennium Health | Senior Software Engineer, Front End | San Diego, CA | ONSITE | http://www.millenniumhealth.com/ | Salary: 115K-135K

At Millennium Health we are launching our next wave of genetic testing products and we need your help to provide the customer with an exceptional experience.

We are looking for an experienced Angular developer to lead our UI development effort.

Current front-end stack is Angular 4 with TypeScript, Bootstrap, Angular Material, NgRX Store / Effects

On the server side we are using C# .NET Core 1.1 in Docker containers deployed on AWS Elastic Container Service

We have a fun and flexible work environment, passionate and experienced team, comprehensive benefit package, 3 weeks vacation + 6 sick days, and great hardware.

You can apply online here: https://mh-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseact...

Alternatively send me your CV directly and mention HN: christian.peth [at] millenniumhealth.com

simonswords82 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Atlas - Clever Software | .Net developer | Essex, UK | Onsite, Full-Time | 32-40k | https://www.atlascode.com

We create clever software applications for clients in complex domains. Our experienced UK-based team work in hand with customers to provide simple yet incredibly effective software solutions. We also have a range of SaaS products we own, develop and market including www.staffsquared.com and www.fundipedia.com.We use the latest Microsoft technologies and we're always looking for talented .Net developers to join our team.

What we're looking for:

Experience in web development, specifically C# and associated tech a bonus such as jQuery, SQL, HTML etc. Candidates with experience in other languages will be considered.

Strong communication skills

Excellent problem solving skills

Ability to work well as part of a team

Eye for detail and identifying problems and solutions

At least 3+ years relevant commercial experience

Self-motivated, able and open to learning and professional development

We use only the best equipment and we're powered by some of the best people in the business. If you're interested email hello@atlascode.com with your information and a CV.

No agencies please!

burnout1540 4 hours ago 0 replies      
HelloSign (https://www.hellosign.com) | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

We're hiring developers of all experience levels to work on our two flagship products, HelloSign and HelloWorks. Our mission is to reduce the friction associated with contracts and complex document workflows.

HelloSign is built with Symfony PHP and HelloWorks is built in Elixir. Both primarily leverage React on the front-end.

Our typical hiring process is quick, involving a phone screen and one on-site interview.

More info about the just launched HelloWorks (Elixir & React/Redux) here: * https://www.hellosign.com/products/helloworks* http://blog.hellosign.com/the-new-web-elixir-phoenix-channel....

Job listings: https://jobs.lever.co/hellosign

nikentic 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Zerebra | Web Software Engineer | Stockholm - Sweden

Zerebra is a consulting firm in Stockholm providing full-stack professional services. Our area of expertise includes data-center operations, automation, web application development, data science and information security. Our goal is to build a team of very competent Software and Data Science engineers to take on the most interesting problems. We have very exciting projects on going, such as"large" scale analytics of Healthcare surveys and enterprise SRE.

Technologies we use:* Python* Django (Our primary web framework)* Pandas* Scikit-learn* Docker* PostgreSQL

Contact me directly through jonathan@zerebra.com and we can have a chat!

dfguo 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Strikingly (YC W13) | Shanghai, China | F2E, DevOps, Ruby, Golang | FulltimeStrikingly is powering the next generation of websites. Our mission is to give everyone the ability to turn their creative ideas into reality and build brands around them. We're a small team working internationally and based in Shanghai. Backed by Y Combinator (W13), SV Angel, Index Ventures, FundersClub, Innovation Works, and more.

More Information: http://www.strikingly.com/s/careers

Email us if you are intersted in the opportunity: jobs@strikingly.com

rwalker 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Apple, Inc. | Cupertino

Apples Siri is looking for exceptional engineers, designers, and project managers well versed in machine learning, natural language, speech recognition, server automation, and/or mobile software development. Siri is used on countless iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices and handles over a billion requests per week.

If youre passionate about music, Natural Language Processing, building internal tools or one of a variety of our open positions, youll be right at home!

Apply online or send a resume and a feature request to brittanyd@apple.com.

alydenardo 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Atrium LTSWe are dedicated to providing exceptional tools and processes to transform the delivery of corporate legal services.

Cofounders: Justin Kan, Bebe Chueh, Chris Smoak, Augie Rakow

Join our team!

Senior Software Engineer- Full Stack: https://www.atriumlts.com/senior-software-eng-fullstack.html

Senior Software Engineer- Backend: https://www.atriumlts.com/senior-software-eng-backend.html

Sofware Engineer- Frontend: https://www.atriumlts.com/software-eng-frontend.html

Product Manager:https://www.atriumlts.com/product-manager.html

UI/UX Designer: https://www.atriumlts.com/ui-ux-designer.html

Business Operations: https://www.atriumlts.com/business-operations.html

More Info: https://www.atriumlts.com/

capkutay 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Striim (https://striim.com) | Palo Alto Headquarters | Full-Time | Remote or Onsite

Striim is hiring Sales Engineers who are technically savvy with strong communication skills.

As a Striim Software Engineer in Technical Sales, youll be tasked with directly solving some of the toughest challenges at Fortune 100 companies.

We work with cutting edge big data technologies and we're recognized as one of the best places to work in the San Francisco Bay Area by multiple publications[0,1].


0: http://www.striim.com/blog/newsroom/press/striim-ranked-1-to...

white_oak8 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Synapse Technology Corporation | Computer Vision Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer | Palo Alto | Onsite | Full time


Synapse is an early-stage AI startup founded by three MIT grads. We're venture backed, and looking to grow our team of computer vision and machine learning engineers. As our first product in the defense & security space, we automate baggage screening at TSA security checkpoints with deep learning systems.

Some upcoming/ongoing projects:

- Develop generative models for threat image projection

- Implement and deploy state-of-the-art object detection models

- Design and build data pipelines for 2D and 3D image data

- Experiment with online learning methods for our computer vision systems

Email me directly at sims[at]syntechcorporation.com! My background is in AI/RL, so happy to chat :)

jpcody 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Software Engineer | Blackbaud | Austin, TX | Onsite (Relocation Available)


Solve hard problems that truly matter with a team that's smart, experienced, and kind. What problems? Help kids afford college by making it easier for them to find and receive scholarships.


The Job: You'll be writing vanilla JS, React, HTML, CSS, and wiring things to Rails on the back-end. More technical details forthcomingread on.

The Department: We're a 4-member product engineering team within a 13-member engineering department

Technical Details: Rails, React, AWS, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Redis, Memcached, and some internal tooling in Go

The Interview Process: You'll talk to me (Product Engineering Manager), then our CTO, do some remote coding to chat code, come on-site and pair, meet the team, and meet a founder.


You're pragmatic, smart, work well with others, and take ownership of features from planning to production. Preferably, you're proficient with some of our technical stack, and you'll make the entire team better as an individual contributor, a teacher, and an occasional foil.

We take a lot of pride in accomplishing disproportionately big tasks, and to do that we treat engineers like professionals with clear expectations and regular feedback. And we're kind, respectful, and obsessed with the customer experience along the way.



riobennin 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Crossroads Ops | US | DevOps Engineer | Remote | Full-time | https://www.crossroadsops.com

We're a boutique consultancy specializing in high-security deployments. We implement fully managed AWS environments for our clients to help them meet various compliance requirements, such as PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP, etc.

We aim to implement all the best automation practices available to allow us to efficiently manage many dynamic environments. We focus on truly secure methodologies and abhor security theater!

You'll be joining a tight-knit team and have a flexible schedule with a remote work environment.

For more information check our our application: https://crossroads-ops.breezy.hr/p/a8cac3ffa5b8

We look forward to hearing from you!

jzhen 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Thinknum | New York | Multiple Positions | On-site - Full-time | $90k-$140k + equity

=== Who We Are ===

Thinknum is a Fintech company that organizes the Internets commercial activity into data models. Thinknum provides real time granular data (e.g., How quickly is UberEATS growing on a restaurant-by-restaurant basis vs Grubhub?) Were a profitable company that is growing quickly and have hundreds of clients across major financial institutions and corporations. Our office is in Midtown and we offer full benefits.

=== Who We Are Looking For ===

Site Reliability Engineer

Were looking for a SRE that will support enterprise level applications hosted in the cloud. You need to have extensive experience in web application development and exposure to Amazon Web Services, Redshift and Postgres. Experience with container management and micro-services architectures such as Docker is a requirement. Enthusiasm for security best practices is a major plus.

Back-End Data Engineer

We're looking for a back-end engineer that can streamline our data collection process. You will design and implement systems that collect data from websites and make it available to our customers on our platform. You will have experience in Python and familiarity with the DOM and tools for parsing the DOM like Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

Director of Marketing

Were looking for a Director of Marketing that can help position our product and generate new qualified leads. You will help deliver our story, vision and product innovation resulting in increased coverage and awareness globally. The ideal candidate will have at least three years of experience marketing a SaaS product. Expertise in public relations, branding and using marketing analytics to make data-driven decisions is essential.

=== Interested? ===

Interested in any of these positions? Drop me a note at jzhen@thinknum.com with Hacker News and the position title in the subject line.

Learn more about us: https://www.thinknum.com/

roddylindsay 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Hustle | Software Engineer | San Francisco and New York | ONSITE

Hustle is a peer-to-peer text messaging platform that provides organizations across the country with an affordable, efficient, and effective tool to reach their supporters. By facilitating two-way conversations, Hustles clients maintain genuine, personal dialogues with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people.

Our clients include Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, political campaigns (including the Bernie Sanders campaign last year) and dozens of universities. It's 48 times more effective than making phone calls.

See a recent article about us in The Hill: "Left Finds New Online Tools To Fight Trump": http://thehill.com/policy/technology/320195-left-finds-new-o...

We use JavaScript, React, React Native and Node.js through out our stack. It's a stack that heavily rewards generalists that just want to ship things.

Hustle was started by engineers from Facebook and MongoDB and is backed by top VC firms including Social Capital and Index Ventures.

Please apply on our site to learn more about us and our growing team of 34!


camerond 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Carnegie Mellon University | Cloud Education Research Programmer | Pittsburgh, PA | Full-time, Onsite

The Computer Science Department is seeking a Cloud Education Research Programmer to work on an exciting new opportunity. You will be working with Prof. Majd Sakr, who with his team developed a project-based online Cloud Computing course. You are responsible for developing new projects using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and will be responsible for maintaining, enhancing, testing, and debugging the web-based applications that are used to administer projects of the online Cloud Computing course and other CMU CS courses.

* Design and implement educational projects to run on cloud infrastructure. Migrate existing projects from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure to the Google Cloud Platform.

* Developing the front-end application through which projects are developed and students complete projects.

* Experience with Cloud platforms preferable GCP, Azure, or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

* Experience with Django, Bootstrap, ReactJS, and JavaScript charting libraries is highly desired.

Learn more and apply at https://cmu.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?job=2005...

savrajsingh 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Daily Harvest | Princeton, NJ, USA | Full-time onsite, some-remote-ok | https://www.daily-harvest.com

Seeking FRONT-END (js/angular/html/css) and FULL-STACK (python, flask, google cloud, mysql) Engineers!

ABOUT DAILY HARVEST:Daily Harvest delivers pre-portioned superfood eats to your freezer. Our two-dozen smoothies, soups, overnight oats and chia parfaits are co-created by our team of chefs and nutritionists and come packed with organic fruits and vegetables, and no added sugar or preservatives. Each cup is perfectly portioned, so all you have to do is take it out of the freezer, add your liquid of choice and blend, heat or soak. All produce is picked at peak nutrition and frozen on the farm, so its just as fresh and nutritious as the farmers market. We're venture-backed, count Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow among our investors, and ship thousands of cups every week, nationwide.

OUR TEAM:As a member of our software engineering team, youll craft and ship the code that powers our entire business -- from user-facing UI, to code that interfaces with our shipping providers, to inventory and operations management at scale. Youll be working with a small team of friendly, easy-going engineers and report directly to our CTO, @savraj.

BENEFITS:Health Insurance, an office freezer full of smoothies, soups, overnight oats, and chia puddings, among other things!

INTERESTED?Email a cover letter and resume to savraj at daily-harvest.com with "From Hacker News!" in the subject, or apply via the standard channels: https://www.daily-harvest.com/careers

papercruncher 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Tubi TV | Android | San Francisco | ONSITE VISA SALARY:130k-175kUSD https://tubitv.com

We are making premium TV shows and movies available for streaming everywhere and to everyone, 100% free. Join Tubi TV and reinvent the way consumers discover and consume premium studio content. Some of our studio partners include MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount.

We offer very competitive base salary & a performance-based bonus plan, stock options, full medical, dental & vision, catered lunch, gym subsidies and your choice of hardware. Learning is a huge part of our culture and we frequently help non-engineers learn basic programming skills. In addition to generating healthy revenue, we recently closed a $20M Series C round.

As a Senior Android Engineer you will work on a highly rated app, with millions of active users and help redefine how long form content gets consumed on mobile. The ideal candidate loves working on consumer products, has at least six years of industry experience, three of which on Android directly and obsesses over UI/UX. A technical leadership roles is also available for the right candidates. Apply directly at http://grnh.se/c4p8uk1 or email me and mentioned HN if you'd like to chat first.

We have a lot more positions open beyond Android, see https://tubitv.com/static/careers. Unfortunately we cannot offer positions outside San Francisco and Beijing.

jstepka 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Docker. We have tons of positions open;

- https://www.docker.com/careers#/job_openings

Some of the engineering jobs open;

- director of qa- engineering leads- security engineers- systems engineers- docker open-source engineers- ux designers

you name it. we need it. if you've got friends who want to work at the company behind Docker and containers in general, we also have these kind of positions open;

- developer advocates (java)- financial analyst- regional sales and account managers- product marketing for open-source

We're set to start tuning the machine and drive revenue. We have offices in San Francisco, Paris, Raleigh and soon Seattle.

dirceut 7 hours ago 1 reply      
Auth0 | REMOTE | Full Time | https://auth0.com

Auth0 is looking for Infrastructure Engineers to help ensure that our services stay up and running while continuing to rapidly ship software that our customers love. An Infrastructure Engineer is a specialist in creating, deploying and running infrastructure and have a great knowledge of networking, the linux kernel and systems scaling.

We are looking for people that have a passion for building robust infrastructure components that others can reuse and have a track record of working with infrastructure at world scale.


- Manage our infrastructure and provide alerting for teams to detect common problems

- Collaborate with development teams to introduce and test updated infrastructure components to be delivered as a service on AWS, using tools and technologies like TerraForm, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and more

- Design and develop the backup and restore procedures for storage services

- Respond to on-call pages caused by failures related to the infrastructure services they own


- In-depth knowledge of Linux internals

- Understanding of config management and immutable infrastructure (SaltStack experience preferred)

- Significant scripting expertise (e.g., with Python, Node.js, Shell Script, etc.)

- Excellent communication and collaboration skills

- Preferred, not a hard requirement: working at (or with significant overlap with) Pacific Time

About our hiring process: https://auth0.com/blog/how-we-hire-engineers

See more and apply: https://auth0.com/jobs/engineer/infrastructure-engineer

rudasi 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Trexo Robotics | Toronto | Full-time | Onsite | VISA | www.trexorobotics.comTrexo Robotics is an exoskeleton robotics start up working towards making mobility a reality for the disabled and elderly. Founded by Waterloo mechatronics graduates we strive to provide a strong engineering culture and believe in getting things done. Currently Trexo Robotics is working on a rehabilitation exoskeleton for children with lower body movement disorders such as Cerebral Palsy and is looking for it first robotics engineer to help implement software for control, modelling and testing of our robot.Skills: C/C++/Python, ROS, control systems theory. Benefits: Competitive salary and equity, first employee, opportunity to help children with mobility issues.If interested please email at ru@trexorobotics.com
cottonseed 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Hail @ Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard | Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer | Boston, MA | ONSITE, https://hail.is, SALARY:80k-150k

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard was launched in 2004 to improve human health by using genomics to advance our understanding of the biology and treatment of human disease, and to help lay the groundwork for a new generation of therapies.

The Hail team's mission is to build tools to enable rapid analysis and exploration of massive genetic datasets (10s of TB and tripling yearly). We are committed to open science and everything we do is open source. We currently develop in Scala, Spark, Python an C/C++ but will use any tools we need to get the job done.

We're looking for skilled engineers who have a solid CS/engineering background, can quickly write clear, correct code and, for the senior position, have experience working on large, complex projects. You don't need experience in biology or our particular technologies. We work in a highly multi-disciplinary environment (with biologists, bioinformaticians, doctors, operations and mathematicians). Self-improvement is a fundamental part of our culture; we want to grow great engineers. You must be excited to be challenged and learn new things.

Questions? Want to apply? Visit https://hail.is/jobs.html or write us at hail@broadinstitute.org

thomasmarshall 12 hours ago 1 reply      
OpenCorporates | Backend Engineer | London, UK | Full-time, Onsite

We at OpenCorporates are looking for backend engineers - see https://blog.opencorporates.com/jobs-at-opencorporates for the details. In brief, if you work at OpenCorporates you get to work with interesting technology on a successful open data project which helps people fight corruption, money laundering and organised crime. Which is a pretty cool combo.

If it sounds like your kind of thing then please get in touch!

fheisler 8 hours ago 0 replies      
White Hat Academy | security, networking, web development | Washington, DC | REMOTE

I am currently looking for my first few hires (part-time contract, possibly a larger full-time role depending on the match).

White Hat Academy teaches IT + cybersecurity skills through a Codecademy-like interface using virtual servers; it also allows employers to automate technical interviews using custom assessments (similar to HackerRank, but with more full-system functionality instead of coding puzzles and limited simulations).

Looking for significant experience in at least one of the following areas:

 - Broad infosec background - Networking/sysadmin - Containers (Docker)
Some web development experience (Node) is a plus, but this would not be primarily a web dev role.

Email me (Fletcher) at our site (whitehat.academy) if this sounds interesting. Contact me for a demo link; it's live and functional, but not yet scalable enough to share openly on HN.

tasuki 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Swarms Tech | REMOTE within Europe | Full-time remote frontend developer

We're building a machine-learning-augmented crowdsourcing platform to help researchers and companies label large datasets.

After one year of bootstrapping, we've raised substantial funding and are looking for a passionate frontend web developer in a remote position. You should love to build beautiful UIs and participate in the design of our restful APIs. The technology is your choice - ReactJS, Vue, AngularJS, ... you name it!

You'll get a lot of freedom (work in your pyjamas!). Our HQ is in Bielefeld, Germany, but we get together monthly for 5-day hackatrips in various European cities (we're just visiting Gdask!).

Contact Jannes, our CTO, at jannes.stubbemann@swarms.tech!

Gamblor 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Localeur | Front-end Developer | Austin, TX | Contract to hire | https://www.localeur.com

Localeur is a curated community of local insiders who want to help you experience local in their city. While review sites lack authenticity and local credibility, and travel guide books go out of date the moment theyre published, Localeur gives you a real look into what its like to be a local. If its not local, its not on Localeur.

Since launching Localeur in 2013, our mission has been to help people experience local wherever they go. We are passionate about helping people feel like they belong and experiencing the true culture of a city, rather than the tourist traps and chains. Quality, authenticity and integrity are paramount to us achieving this mission.

We are looking for a great JavaScript developer who is proficient with React.js. Your primary focus will be on developing user interface components and implementing them following well-known React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux). You will ensure that these components and the overall application are robust and easy to maintain. You will coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design and quality product is important.

Please send any resumes and sample apps to moody@localeur.com

julbaxter 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Montreal, Canada | Software Developer for Robotic CAD/CAM | ONSITE

Company Description: Hypertherm Robotic Software Inc. specializes in developing programming software for robotics. We develop applications and value added solutions in the CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing) domain specifically catering to industrial robotics. Our main software product, Robotmaster, is an industry trend setting approach to software technology for graphically programming industrial robots. For more information please visit our web site: http://www.robotmaster.com.

Job Description: You will be joining a dynamic team of robotics researchers, developers and applications engineers to develop robot programming software that facilitates graphical programming of industrial robots. You will also be contributing to architecture and interface design. Some initial tasks will include:- Developing CAD/CAM applications for robotics using C++, C# as well as APIs from component providers;- Developing graphical components using OpenGL for visualization and simulation of 3D objects (robots, 3D CAD models, etc);- Integrating our software with various CAD/CAM packages using relevant SDK (Software Development Kit);- Designing and developing contemporary user interfaces using C# comprised of WPF controls;- Contributing in the development, extension and maintenance of the infrastructure to support continuous delivery.

Performance-oriented pay and a corresponding opportunity for individual and professional development are guaranteed in our dynamically growing, privately owned company.

Required Qualifications:Bachelor of Software Engineering and/or pertinent software development and architecture experience;Very good knowledge of C#, .NET, and object oriented programming;A Self starter and a very motivated person is required that can work independently as well as within the framework of a team;Knowledge or interest in robotics, CAD/CAM software, OpenGL and applied math would be a strong asset;Knowledge and experience with developing applications using WPF and XAML would be an asset;Knowledge of AI techniques is a plus.

email me at julien@robotmaster.com

lylo 11 hours ago 0 replies      
FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE (UK-only)


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and micro-businesses be more successful by putting them in control of their company finances.

We have built an award-winning online accounting product that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 58,000 paying customers and strong YoY growth. Our NPS is off the charts (72!) - customers love what we do!

We're a growing team of over 130 people, and recently became a public company listed on AIM ($FREE.L). The majority of our team are based in Edinburgh but we have staff distributed across the UK. If you want to help us make small businesses awesome at doing their finances, we're have great opportunities in our product and engineering team. Our stack is currently Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, React.js, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch.

Here's a condensed list of current vacancies in our engineering organisation:

* Senior Data scientist

* Full-stack software engineers

You can apply directly via the website https://www.freeagent.com/company/careers or feel free to get in touch with me directly: olly [at] freeagent [dot] com.

(We are looking for UK-based, full-time staff only right now but can relocate )

farhanpatel 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Mozilla | Firefox Mobile Engineer | Mountain View, Portland, Remote, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver | https://mozilla.org

We are looking for an iOS engineer to work on https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/focushttps://github.com/mozilla-mobile/firefox-ios and other open source products that Mozilla is working on.

You'll get to work on one of the few projects on the iOS platform that are built completely in the open.

Apply here https://careers.mozilla.org/position/gh/688096

bootstraponline 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Instructure | Mobile Software Engineer in Test | Salt Lake City, UT | REMOTE, instructure.com/careers/

I'm looking for a remote mobile automation architect to work on tools and infrastructure. The mobile apps, server, and automation are open source. On Android we're using Kotlin and Espresso with builds on Bitrise and tests running on Firebase test lab. For iOS we're using Swift and EarlGrey with builds and tests on Buddybuild. This is a great opportunity to learn cutting edge mobile technology. If you have any questions, email me at medwards@instructure.com

* Languages: Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, Ruby

* Tech stack: Espresso, EarlGrey, React Native, Buddybuild, Bitrise

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/instructure/12b727a6-e8c5-4fe9-99d0-12...

GitHub Repos:




timhaines 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Percy (https://percy.io) | San Francisco ONSITE | Full stack engineer

Percy's hiring the 2nd engineer to join the team -- work directly with the founders, have a large impact, and help set the culture from the start.

Percy's on a mission to eliminate manual QA review of web applications. We do this by integrating with test suites and component viewers, capturing snapshots, sending them to our browser rendering farm, and then automating the visual review process when the UI has changed.

Our customers include Google, Mozilla, Ubuntu, the New York Times, Basecamp, and Stitch Fix. We're growing strongly each month, as more engineering teams learn about Percy and adopt it to manage their own visual UI reviews.

If you have at least a couple of years working in a web stack, feel welcome to apply. You can find our job on Angellist, or email me directly tim@percy.io

mikebabineau 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Second Measure (YC S15) | SF Bay Area - San Mateo, CA (downtown) | ONSITE | https://secondmeasure.com

Second Measure analyzes credit card data. We process billions of purchases to help investors (VCs and hedge funds) answer questions like:

 - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in NYC? [1] - How does Blue Apron's retention compare to others'? - Where do ex-Chipotle customers go? - (Check out our research blog [2])
through an analytics platform we build in-house.

Were a 14-person team comprising mostly senior engineers and data scientists. 11 of us are technical, and 4 have PhDs.

Were looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

 - Data Scientist - Data Journalist - Heads of Marketing/CS/Editorial/Design - Product Designer - Research Analyst - Software Engineer (frontend/backend/data; mid-to-senior+)
I'm a founder (mike@). Submit directly [3] or email jobs@ and CC me.

[1] http://www.sfchronicle.com/business/article/Lyft-gets-boost-...

[2] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/

[3] https://boards.greenhouse.io/secondmeasure

AdamWynne 11 hours ago 0 replies      
London, UK | Investec (https://www.investec.co.uk) | Binary bad-asses for new fintech business | Onsite | Contract or perm

Full-stack developers

Rip up the old rule book of banking, and join our magic circle of dreaming, building and testing with customers in how we can solve key problems for UK businesses . We are select team of warriors and valkyries from varied backgrounds and conquests. Our team is looking for devs with super sharp skills and healthy levels of coding-OCD. No financial services experience necessary at all, just the desire to drive instant impact, and ship amazing product.

You should have personal projects, be curious like a spy and prize the art of software. The team assembled have aeons of experience designing, running and scaling software systems. Our journey will be filled with learning, fun and hard work (skill at table tennis is a nice-to-have). You should have strong opinions born out of hard-won experience and war wounds.

Our stack is currently Typescript, React + Redux, C# 6 on .Net Core, best practice devops, Github flow

We sometimes have a competition to throw a plastic pig in a bin from some distance #jussayin

You will need to be able to work in the UK

email adam.wynne aht invtestec.co.uk

kbaker 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Venture Research Inc. | Software/Embedded Systems Engineer | Plano, TX (Dallas, TX, DFW) | Onsite Only | http://www.ventureresearch.com

Interested in RFID? In improving inventory and replenishment processes in hospitals, labs, and clinics? In automatically tracking pallets, containers, and other assets around a facility? Come join us!

Venture Research is a leader in the RFID industry and is consistently pushing the leading edge of what is possible using RFID. We have a variety of opportunities available for both fast-paced new product design and development as well as for development on some of our long-term stable products. 17 year old small but growing company, privately held, with excellent benefits, 401K matching, paid health insurance and highly competitive salary and bonus structure.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Embedded platforms engineer: C, Linux, Android NDK. Experience with hardware co-design, Python, QT, Django, React a plus.

* Embedded firmware engineer: microcontroller development using primarily NXP Kinetis parts.

* Senior .NET / Backend developer: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Oracle, JavaScript and JQuery. .NET MVC a plus.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Please email resumes to hr@ventureresearch.com, or use the email in my profile. Thanks!

jeffkeeling 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Full-stack Developer & Designer | HigherMe (YC W2015 & 43North 2016) | https://higherme.com | Boston, MA, Buffalo, NY, San Francisco, CA | REMOTE/ONSITE | Full-time

HigherMe is removing the grind of finding and staffing hourly jobs. Job-seekers only have to fill out one application for thousands of jobs positions. They dont even have to apply for jobs themselves as employers can reach out instead. Our platform helps both sides in this process with features like text-to-apply and job interview scheduling while employers can easily keep track of applicants all the way to the on-boarding process.

Our engineering department is looking for a mid/senior-level full-stack developer to begin work on a set of custom features requested by a client. Our codebase consists of React.js and PHP Laravel.

We are also seeking a designer who is able to handle both the UI and UX side of things. This position would involve crafting marketing materials, landing pages, and app flow. The designer will end up dictating a huge portion of our site's look, feel, and branding.

Well start the interview process with a phone interview followed by video interviews with other relevant members of the team.

Apply on Angelist: Full-stack developer: https://angel.co/higherme/jobs/235702-full-stack-developer Designer: https://angel.co/higherme/jobs/235708-ui-ux-designer

chrissnell 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Wealthfront | Senior Infrastructure Engineer | Redwood City, CA // US-based Remote | REMOTE | https://www.wealthfront.com/

Hi HN, hiring manager here.

We're looking for Senior Infrastructure Engineers to help us design and build our next generation of infrastructure. We aim to build a well-rounded team and we're looking for engineers with a deep Linux systems background, strong TCP/IP networking abilities, and experience building CI/CD pipelines. This is not an entry-level DevOps position; this role requires senior-level skills and at least six years of experience working in a production environment.

We're a modern infrastructure engineering team and we build many tools in-house, so you will need to demonstrate proficiency in a one of the languages commonly used for infrastructure : Go (strongly preferred), Ruby, Python, or Java. Experience with app containerization (Docker or rkt) and orchestration systems (Kubernetes) is a big plus!

Sound interesting? Please reach out to me by applying here: https://jobs.lever.co/wealthfront/d2e9b730-ebad-4331-ae41-be...

jkaufmann 6 hours ago 0 replies      
BAMTech | New York, NY | (Sr.) Full Stack Software Engineer || ONSITE, Full time

The Product Operations team at BamTech is seeking a Senior Full Stack Engineer, for an immediate opening. BamTech, an MLB Advanced Media spinoff, isnt just about streaming Baseball we also manage HBO Now, NHL, MLS, EuroSport, PGA Tour Live, Twitter NFL, Fox Sports Go, WWE, and several other content providers. The company is aggressively expanding to meet increased demand, and we are looking for passionate individuals to add to our talented staff. Join our team and help us drive the cord-cutting revolution!As a Senior Full Stack Engineer, you will be responsible for the both architecting and engineering new software that will support product owners, companywide, across every partner. You will be the go-to engineering resource representing the Product Operations team responsible for technologies used, system architecture, development operations, and code reviews. This individual will help craft the next generation of software that enables the business to bundle and output sellable entities.If you have sound CS skills, are in/or are looking to move into a tech lead role, and enjoy greenfield projects, you will be an asset for our team.

Please Apply Here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/majorleaguebaseballadvancedmedi...

Feel free to PM me for more information.

arjenschat 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Cliperado | Senior Engineers | Amsterdam | FULL TIME , ONSITE, SALARY: 48k-60k, cliperado.com - Senior backed engineer - Senior frontend engineerCliperado is looking for great engineers, who like to think about why and what they are building and iterate over the solution a couple of times. To make something that actually makes sense, both from a user and from a technical point.

Cliperado wants to make it as easy as possible for user to understand a service and creators to educate their users.

If youve ever created an online service, you know how much work it is to put screenshots in your documentation. You know it makes your service way easier to understand, reduces your churn and even increases signups. But it is just too much manual labor to keep the shots up to date.We are creating a solution to fix this and it is coming along pretty nicely.Our stack includes PHP, Python, VueJS, MySQL, Docker, Selenium, Browser Extensions, Bugs, Performance Issues and a sense of humor.

If you have any questions or you are interested - Please reach out to me arjen@cliperado.com

AndroidOatmeal 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Sparta Science | http://spartascience.com | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Sparta Science is where extreme programming (XP) meets extreme physical training. Spartas cloud-based intelligence platform trains top professional athletes (NBA, NFL, MLB, pro soccer, rugby, etc.), university sports teams, and military special forces leveraging our proprietary force plate technology and customized workout plans.

On the programming side, were extreme to the max 100% pair programming, 100% test driven development (TDD), together with ALL of the XP agile practices; no compromises, no shortcuts. Were extreme on technology, too, using a next-generation Elixir/Phoenix technology stack.

Were looking for extremely empathetic people who love to collaborate and learn, and who value programming as a team sport over a solo activity. If you can make our team, as a perk youll have the opportunity to train alongside our top professional athletes using our customized workout programs. We embrace the agile principles of transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to change, which are values we share with our with our top athletes and coaches. Do you have what it takes to be a Spartan?

Sparta Science is based in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park and San Francisco offices) and backed by a leading group of venture capital investors including Fyrfly Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Spider Capital and XSeed Capital. Sparta applies data and technology to provide predictive, actionable insights for our customers. Sparta Science provides a new way to objectively evaluate and compare athletes through technology, and ensure every team member reaches their full athletic potential within an organization.

Interested? Send your resume to: andrewaunelle [at] gmail [dot] com

(No recruiters please!)

alfo_ 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Ahrefs | Oncall/Devops | Singapore + San Francisco, CA | REMOTE ok (preferably SG TZ), VISA ok (SG only), https://ahrefs.com/jobs/oncall-devops

Ahrefs is looking for a oncall/devops to help take care of its distributed backend systemspowered by 2000+ servers and ensure all systems are up and running 24/7. We require deep understanding of operating systems and networks fundamentals, practical knowledge of Linux and a healthy desire to automate everything while being able to quickly resolve urgent issues manually.

Ahrefs runs an internet-scale bot that crawls the whole Web, storing huge volumes of information to be indexed and structured in a timely fashion. Backend system is powered by a custom petabyte-scale distributed key-value storage to accommodate all that data coming in at high speed. On top of that Ahrefs is building various analytical services for end-users.

We are a small team and strongly believe in better technology leading to better solutions for real-world problems. We worship functional languages and static typing, extensively employ code generation and meta-programming, value code clarity and predictability, and are constantly seeking to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate boilerplate, guided by DRY and following KISS. If there is any new technology that will make our life easier - no doubt, we'll give it a try. We rely heavily on opensource code (as the only viable way to build maintainable system) and contribute back [1]. Occasionally we track down CPU bugs [2].

Our motto is "first do it, then do it right, then do it better".Drop an email to connect@ahrefs.com

[1] https://github.com/ahrefs[2] https://tech.ahrefs.com/skylake-bug-a-detective-story-ab1ad2...

sabalaba 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Lambda Labs | Deep Learning Researcher | Palo Alto, CA (University Ave.) | Onsite | Full Time

We're hiring for the full time position of Deep Learning Researcher. You'll work alongside fellow PhDs to publish papers, implement research papers, and write software for the Lambda Deep Learning DevBox. https://lambdal.com/deep-learning-devbox

- Track record of creating new deep learning methods: record of publications or major software projects

- Ability to rapidly understand and implement new deep learning research

Email work@lambdal.com or visit https://lambdal.com for more information about our company.


Lambda Labs | Enterprise Sales Representative | Palo Alto, CA (University Ave.) | Onsite | Full Time

We're looking for an Enterprise Sales Representative who can handle complex technical sales.

You will:

* Handle and close dozens of high value inbound sales for our Machine Learning servers and workstations

* Work directly with world experts in Machine Learning

Required Experience:

* Prior successful sales experience a must

We're located in beautiful downtown Palo Alto.

Send work experience and resume to work@lambdal.com. https://lambdal.com for more info about our company.

matt_oriordan 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Ably realtime; London; Full Time; Onsite and remote

I am the co-founder of Ably and we're accelerating the growth of our engineering team.

Ably helps power next generation digital experiences. Ones which are live rather than static, where data is in motion rather than at rest. Things like live chat, realtime location tracking, live document collaboration, gaming and elearning. One of our customers even uses Ably for their air traffic control system for drones.

We're recruiting for four new roles:

- Head of Infrastructure & DevOps: http://jobs.ably.io/o/head-of-infrastructure-and-devops

- Realtime dev using Node.js & Go/Elixir: http://jobs.ably.io/o/realtime-developer--nodejs-and-goelixi...

- Mobile & web client SDK dev: http://jobs.ably.io/o/mobile-and-web-client-library-sdk-deve...

- Full stack rails dev: http://jobs.ably.io/o/full-stack-rails-developer

briankircho 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Dokkio | QA Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | Onsite Only, Full time

About Dokkio: Teams everywhere use a wide variety of cloud file services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and others to share billions of files a day. Then its nearly impossible to find and manage all those files. Dokkio provides a better way to search your content, give it business context, organize it, work on it with others -- to make content-focused teamwork more effective. Come help us invent the future of collaboration and content management.

Responsibilities:Write and maintain automated functional test scripts.Develop testing plans and execute them against new features and bug fixes.Work with engineering/marketing/support/management to identify requirements, come up with a release schedule, and keep everyone informed of progress towards it.Prioritize and manage open bugs.Help improve our development/testing process to prevent problems before they start.Fix the occasional bug.

Qualifications:Love of high quality software, testing, writing code, and learning new things.1-3 years of professional experience with software testing or software engineering.Strong familiarity with functional testing tools such as Selenium/WebDriver.Strong familiarity with at least one mainstream language. JavaScript preferred, but Python/Ruby/etc. acceptable.Strong familiarity with functional testing, unit testing, and other types of testing.Bonus Points: Familiarity with UX, HCI, continuous deployment, version control systems (we use git), and the command line (we use Ubuntu).

Email us your resume at jobs-qa@dokkio.com.

joshpadnick 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Gruntwork | DevOps Engineer | Anywhere | REMOTE http://www.gruntwork.io/

At Gruntwork, we offer DevOps as a Service. That means we help companies figure out how to do all the steps that come after writing code. How do you test that code? How do you deploy it? How do you monitor it? How do you keep it secure?

It turns out that many, many companies are are struggling with these questions, and we need to grow our company to keep up with demand. We are distributed (work from anywhere), bootstrapped (no investor pressure), family-friendly (no crazy hours), trying to build a diverse team (people of all backgrounds, genders, races, cultures, and ethnicities are welcome), and profitable (we work with some of the biggest brands in the world).

We're looking for a senior or veteran full-stack engineer interested in engineering a fundamentally better DevOps experience to join as the 4th member of the team/employee #2. If that's you, email us at careers@gruntwork.io.

For more info, see the blog post we wrote when we were looking for employee #1: https://blog.gruntwork.io/gruntwork-is-hiring-devops-enginee...

tkmcc 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Curalate | Full Stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer, Product Designer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Client Support Engineer | Seattle, NYC, Philadelphia | https://www.curalate.com/

Curalate is the leading visual commerce platform, connecting pictures, people and products. Our visual commerce software helps more than 850 brands tell their stories through imagery in order to drive engagement, build awareness, and form stronger, more meaningful relationships with consumers.

We're hiring developers, designers and product people with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. We're not language zealots: we believe in using the right tool for the job, and are comfortable with a polyglot codebase. That said, today we lean on:

 - Languages: Scala, Javascript - Infrastructure: AWS, Asgard, Jenkins - Datastores: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, S3 - Data Processing: Storm, Lambda, Kinesis, Kafka, SQS, Spark - Microservices: Finatra/Finagle, Scalatra - Front-end: AngularJS, Less, Gulp, Bower - Image Processing: OpenCV, Caffe - Search: Elasticsearch, Cloudsearch
Although experience with our existing technology stack is great, we're much more interested in hiring developers with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. While we're not looking for any specific industry experience you should have a CS degree and/or at least two years of experience and come prepared to join a fast-moving, high-performing team.

Check out our Engineering Blog to learn more: http://engineering.curalate.com

You can find and apply to all roles on our jobs page (https://www.themuse.com/companies/curalate), or reach out to me directly and mention HN (<my username>@curalate.com).

akurilin 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Front Row Education -- San Francisco, CA -- https://www.frontrowed.com

* Senior Backend Engineer (REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/463B843754

* Senior Frontend Engineer (REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/0BE3FFDE8C

Come change how 6.5+ million US students learn Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and much more. Use data, advanced type systems, great product design and deep pedagogy to change lives.

World class, tight-knit colocated + distributed engineering team in continental US. One of the world's highest traffic Haskell products out there, 100% of backend and tools are in Haskell.

Big presence and stewardship of the Open Source community.

Use the best and simplest tools for the job, maintain the no-firefighting culture, sleep soundly at night.

Front Row is a venture funded, revenue generating Series-A YCombinator/ImagineK12 2013 startup.

Keywords: Haskell, React.JS, FlowType, Ansible, AWS, PostgreSQL

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AWS EC2 Container Services | Software Engineer | Seattle, WA | Full-time, Onsite | https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/544896

The Amazon ECS team is looking for Software Engineers to build services that allow our customers to run, manage, and deploy Docker containers at scale. This team addresses very unique scaling challenges that directly impact how developers and organizations consume computing capacity in the cloud.

This is an opportunity to be part of a world-class team in AWS. You will design and operate distributed, highly available, fault-tolerant systems on a massive scale. This is a high growth team as we are working in the competitive and rapidly evolving space of containers and orchestration. You will be building the future!

To learn more about Amazon EC2 Container Services, visit https://aws.amazon.com/ecs

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Karat | Software Engineer | Seattle, WA

Hiring top talent is a critical activity for all companies, yet the way organizations interview candidates is broken. Interviewing is a time consuming process that is rarely data-driven. Here at Karat, we see a massive opportunity to transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

As a member of Karat's engineering team, you will get to work on an exciting mission with a superstar team that feels like family. You will be able to easily relate to the product given that we've all been through technical interviews.

Learn More/Apply Here: https://jobs.lever.co/karat/586c77ea-5c3a-40e6-a940-f74ffeba...

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TINT | Front End Engineer | https://www.tintup.com | San Francisco | REMOTE (US/Canada) | $90K - $164K

APPLY HERE: https://www.tintup.com/jobs?lever-source=hackernews

Were looking for a Front End Engineer to join our small 30-person team. We offer a competitive compensation package, and have a flexible remote work policy.

Over 5,000 brands use TINT to power their content marketing. We are proudly profitable, not dependent on investor funding. Every Friday we work on hack projects that we think will push the business forward. Our current stack is Backbone, Rails, MySQL, and AWS.



* on the positions: https://www.tintup.com/jobs?lever-source=hackernews

* on TINT company culture: https://www.tintup.com/about

* on a few of our customers: https://www.tintup.com/clients

* on what it's like to work here: https://instagram.com/tint/


BENEFITS (besides the competitive salary and equity...)

* TEAM TRANSPARENCY - We calculate compensation based on a formula that we all agree on. Cap table is made available to all employees. Business financials are known by all teammates. Even cofounder meeting minutes are sent to the team.

* FLEXIBLE REMOTE WORK - We have a flexible remote work policy that allows employees based in San Francisco to work remotely for extended periods, and for engineers to join us remotely full-time.

* PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - A monthly stipend and program designed for self-improvement. Every month, we individually choose goals to accomplish and are given a stipend to accomplish them.

APPLY HERE: https://www.tintup.com/jobs?lever-source=hackernews

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LoadDocs | Frontend Engineering (Mobile and Web - React/React Native) | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, http://loaddocs.co

LoadDocs is building a modern operating system for logistics; our initial focus is on over-the-road truck freight.

The majority of our team were part of the founding engineering team at Addepar. We're well funded by 8VC, Goldcrest Capital, and a bunch of great people who youve heard/read about.

Our frontend engineering team needs you. Youll collaborate closely with our product team to deliver a world class user experience on the web and mobile. We use React/React Native for our mobile and web apps. We share a bunch of code between the two platforms. Its awesome.

We care more about technical fundamentals than we do with knowledge of a particular technical stack. Its very helpful if you have experience with web frontend frameworks.

If youre interested, say hello to us at careers@loaddocs.co. Were based near Moscone Center in SF. We're always interested in grabbing lunch/coffee/dinner with cool people and great engineers.

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Gatecoin (http://gatecoin.com) | Hong Kong ONSITE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime | (INTERNS also welcome, VISA sponsor)

We're a regulated exchange for bitcoin, ether and other blockchain assets based in Hong Kong, with many projects in our backlog!

We're looking for technical folks to join our growing international team of blockchain technology specialists:

a) Devs (Junior/Senior Fullstack and Senior Backend)

b) QA Devs (in charge of Selenium & Integration tests, plus some product management)

c) DevOps/SystemEngineers (we use Ansible, Linux)

We use .NET/Mono (C# with some F#) with Linux systems and storage tools (MySQL, Redis). Get in contact to know more at andres at gatecoin dot com, using the subject "Interested in Gatecoin roles".

We help with sponsorship/relocation to Hong Kong.

Some nice perks we have:

- 10% of "free to tinker" time

- 10% of remote work time allowed

- International, friendly work environment (more than 8 different nationalities in the office!)

Want to make a difference in the blockchain space? Join like-minded people and work together to bring about the decentralized financial revolution!

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LambdaSchool | REMOTE | full-time | machine learning & artificial intelligence instructor. https://LambdaSchool.com/careers

We give our students a live computer science education that's 100% free until they get a job.

We're going to be launching a machine learning and artificial intelligence academy in the near future, and we're looking for someone who can help lead that effort, teach students, and develop and iterate on curriculum.

We can tell you more about how we're funded and how it works at that point. Investment isn't public yet, but we're also profitable.

https://LambdaSchool.com - https://lambdaschool.com/careers

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Public Library of Science | DevOps Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full time | https://www.plos.org/careers

PLOS (for Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit open access science, technology and medicine publisher, innovator and advocacy organization with a library of open access journals and other scientific literature under an open content license.The PLOS journals are published under the Creative Commons "attribution" license. We are the leading open access publishing organization in the world with over 200,000 papers published since our inception. We are looking for an engineer that is forward-thinking, intellectually curious, and passionate about our non-profit mission at PLOS.

Please apply directly at our careers page [0] or email evarghese@plos.org with your resume.

We do have other job openings within our Dev team:

* Software Engineering Manager [1]

* Full-stack Ruby Engineer [2]

[0] https://recruiting.ultipro.com/PUB1003/JobBoard/f3fb362c-761...

[1] https://recruiting.ultipro.com/PUB1003/JobBoard/f3fb362c-761...

[2] https://recruiting.ultipro.com/PUB1003/JobBoard/f3fb362c-761...

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Credit Karma | San Francisco, Charlotte, LA | Full Time, ONSITE | https://creditkarma.com

Credit Karma's mission is to make financial progress possible for everyone. We have over 70 million US members and are a true mission-oriented business, a rare case where our incentives are aligned with our users - we succeed by helping our members attain financial progress.

We're growing very rapidly right now, and have tons of opportunities for people to solve hard problems while helping people grow their financial progress. Let's unpack that:

Opportunities: On the backend, we're transitioning to a microservice based environment based on Scala/JVM, using Twitter-born libraries such as Finagle. We're also unifying our data model into GraphQL to help bring separate but related services and verticals together. On the frontend, we're rebuilding our various components in React using modern web technologies while still keeping an emphasis on stability. We also have data teams using BigQuery and Kafka to injest and understand. We're also hiring security engineering, test engineering, machine learning engineering and basically any other position you might expect to find at an optimistically growing company. All of that combined means that whatever your technical passion, we probably have a spot for you to contribute!

Financial Progress: Honestly, this is the best part. I know working at every company has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, being able to say "My work helps people. When they thrive, so do we." is fantastic. When our users grow financially, they start migrating to better financial products to suit their new needs, and we want to be there the whole way to guide them.

We have a lot to do, and a lot to solve, and we'd like help! https://www.creditkarma.com/careers

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Fullstack Developer Javascript developer | London | Contract (6 months) and Permanent role.

YLD is a fast-growing, London-based software engineering consultancy passionate about enabling digital transformations for Enterprise companies.We are a strong proponent of continuous delivery and rigorous testing practices, and we help our customers move towards modern best-practices with minimal risk. We educate, co-develop, and automate, passing on our expertise to our customers development teams in the process.

You will have experience in many of the following technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, various front-end frameworks (e.g. Angular, React, etc.) and an understanding of back-end architecture, scalability and deployments (even if in languages other than Node.js); .NET and Java are advantageous.

Pair programming, continuous delivery, test driven development, and incremental design should be second nature to you; writing code without tests should be unthinkable.

You have a real passion for software development, having contributed to open-source projects and written or spoken in public about your work. You are an active learner, and a good teacher.

Please email: nesrine@yld.io

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We have hired three people through HN and look forward to more.

Interview process: Video calls if you're presently distant or an in-person visit if you're local.

We are developing high-performance algorithms for truly big data, video analysis, NLP, and more. We solve deep technical challenges and are building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields (including for NASA).

We are currently open to engineers with solid experience in C++ and Rust, CUDA, Clojure, and/or ScalaJS, as well as to enthusiastic developers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We also welcome interest from postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students.

We do not presently have openings for undergraduates (B.Sc. students).

At present, non-local hires would start on a project or short-term basis (paid). Send your resume to info@onai.com and we'll let you know if there is a possible fit.

Contact info@onai.com.

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Indio | San Francisco | ONSITE | Full-time | Lead Frontend Engineer

Indio (http://www.useindio.com) is getting way too many customers and we need some team members to help us handle the bountiful harvest!

We're really looking for a talented lead front-end engineer!

What we're looking for:

- Youre ready to help lead front-end development for our broker product

- Youve played with all the major JS frameworks and can debate React vs Angular for hours

- You enjoy learning about how customers use what you build just as much as figuring out how to architect it

- Youre interested in joining a seed stage company thats experiencing rapid growth and needs help keeping it all under control

- You live in the Bay area or want to move here soon

Were an insure tech startup but were trying a different twist than the standard repackage an insurance product for millennials with sweet marketing.

You see.. we really like the veterans. The insurance brokers who have been in this industry for years and are now seeing insure tech flip their world upside down. These brokers know more about insurance than any of us could ever hopebut they need our help!

Theyre behind the times and desperately looking for solutions that allow them to compete again!.Were building the software that can turn any existing insurance broker into a tech savvy company. Weve helped insurance agencies of all sizes earn their stripes in the insure tech world by giving them powerful platforms they can use to give their clients a better experience.

And just like our customers, were veterans too! Our team has prior acquisitions under our belt and were hungry for more. Were YC and 500 Startups alumnus, and have a tech first culture.

We love delighting our customers and know you will too. Come on board and lets superpower the insurance world!

Email: adam@useindio.com

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Alation (http://alation.com), Redwood City, CA (sales and customer success REMOTE)

Looking for Full Stack and Backend Software Engineers, DevOps, Technical Support Engineers, Customer Success, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Executives and Sales Development Representatives. VISAs welcome, though we can't relocate international candidates right now.

Alation is democratizing access to data by tackling one of the most universal challenges in analysis the challenge of context. We analyze petabyte-scale data warehouses at companies ranging from retail to banking to pharmaceuticals to improve the way data is accessed. Alation has brought together an incredible team of engineers, designers, and executives from Google, Apple, Oracle, IBM, one-man startups and top schools. We raised a $9m Series A, and our customers include eBay, Square, Citrix, General Electric, and Tesla.

We've got a great product in a huge market with the right people for the job, and we have a hell of a lot of fun. Come join us!


30-minute talk about the problem we're solving by our head of product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeY5VxdUa6Y

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HeyJobs | Front End Developer | Berlin | ONSITE, VISA, https://www.heyjobs.de/en

Looking for a React developer to work on our web app (see it here - https://www.heyjobs.de/en) - its a 100% front end position.

- You have 3+ years experience in web development, and have used React in production before.

- Youre interested in all aspects of front end engineering, from design and getting hands-on with css, through to SPA architecture, through to CI pipeline and devops. Our team is responsible for it all.

- You are fluent in English. We work 100% in English, no German is required.

At HeyJobs we do recruitment as a service. Companies give us their job specs and we advertise their jobs on the most appropriate channels across the web, collect applications, and forward qualified candidates to them. Were an early stage startup, just over a year old and with a good growth trajectory. ~30 people total, and a tech team of 7. Its still a small team, where you can make a large and immediate impact.

Im a React developer here. Email me directly if youre interested: dave.williams+hn@heyjobs.de

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Canvas Medical | Front End, Full Stack | San Francisco | ONSITE

Access to high quality primary care is one of the strongest determinants of health and health care costs. Primary care providers in America are struggling under excess administrative burdens and excess demand. There are over 1 billion primary care visits in the United States every year, and we aim to improve the quality and efficiency of every single one of them.

Canvas was founded in 2015 to rebuild the technology infrastructure for primary care providers. This includes core medical record technology as well as patient-facing and insurer-facing products. Canvas is venture-backed, headquartered in San Francisco, and currently has less than ten people on the team.

We're looking for front-end and full-stack developers. Our typical toolset is React+Redux, Webpack, Django, Python, Docker, and Linux on AWS. We value passion, pragmatism, discipline, domain-driven design, and testing until youre confident. We also believe that communication and empathy are core competencies for people who build technology.

Email me at engineering@canvasmedical.com

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KSF Media | Fullstack Software Engineer | Helsinki, Finland | ONSITE

KSF Media is not a startup, but a 150 years old end-up. Our five newspapers are national, regional and local. Four of them are published in Swedish, the minority language of Finland. Hufvudstadsbladet is our best known brand https://www.hbl.fi. All of our newspaper titles have their corresponding digital brands. Our portfolio includes also brands like Ratata (blogging platform), Faktapp (learning app), plus a few more.

Our digital operations are constantly growing and we are therefore looking for another Fullstack Developer to join our team of 6.Someone that can add technical debt to every layer of our stack ;-)Someone that will help us tame the legacy monoliths (before you ask, its Python, PHP, Java, JS, and some more langs) and write some good, reliable, tested, small new services in the clouds.For writing the new stuff we're open to everything as long as you document it and we're able to pair program (currently JS, Python, Clojure, and Id love to pair program some Haskell too).The position is full-time.

Watch our short pitch about saving the Media Industry and possibly winning Nobel Prizes: https://youtu.be/6Cl92_FYQ8k

More info about the opening here: https://custom.hbl.fi/custom/static/embed/hbl/job-ad.html


Humans involved: mail me at fabrizio dot ferrai at ksfmedia dot fi, or DM me at @fabferrai

No humans involved: http://bit.ly/F-kingExcellent

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DocSpot | Entry-level Developer | Santa Clara, CA | ONSITE | http://www.docspot.com

We're looking for a full-time entry-level developer to improve our service that helps users find doctors and other healthcare professionals. We do not require a college degree and we also do not require previous professional experience.

For back-end (algorithms) development, please see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11vfv3tR5WMeQ84K5gdQu-C_2...

For full-stack web development, please see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iP0KYdDYr59ZqGo08gPbcAxZ...

Once candidates have submitted a complete application, we typically let them know within one week whether we would like to meet in person. There should be at most two rounds of interviews, and the process typically includes some basic coding questions and logic problems.

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Very | Full Stack | REMOTE | 75-125khttps://verypossible.com

stacks we embrace: * Javascript / React* Ruby (RoR)* Elixir & Phoenix* Heroku & AWS

Very cares about outcomes as much as we care about solutions. A unique blend of agile and lean principles, our process is grounded in strategy and focused on results. In other words: we're not just building things right; we're building the right things.

apply here: https://app.trinethire.com/companies/1537-spartan-systems-ll...

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Berlin, Germany | KIWI.KI GmbH | Full-time, ONSITE, https://kiwi.ki/en/kiwi-karriere/

- Fullstack Developer https://kiwi-jobs.personio.de/job/25522

- Site Reliability Engineer https://kiwi-jobs.personio.de/job/13157

- Backend Engineer https://kiwi-jobs.personio.de/job/13215

- Frontend Engineer https://kiwi-jobs.personio.de/job/4089

- Embedded Engineer https://kiwi-jobs.personio.de/job/13307

It is our goal to replace keys and revolutionize access management. KIWI makes it very easy for our customers to determine who may enter their buildings in real time and with just one click. Our product portfolio contains various hardware products, apps for opening the doors that are equipped with the system, and a portal for key management. Our team, with whom we work on further developing our products on a daily basis, is just as diverse.

Tech stack overview: bare-metal C, CoreOS, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Redis, Python, Django, Flask. Apply at: https://kiwi.ki/en/kiwi-karriere/

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Janelia Research Campus | Wash DC (Ashburn, VA) | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://goo.gl/ETkrHZ

Janelia (http://www.janelia.org) is looking for two software developers one concentrating on graphics, the other working mostly on front-end science viz / analysis apps (JS, python). Its a truly unique environment 15 min north of Dulles. Id describe it as a Googleplex focused on discovering how the brain works. It's funded by the non-profit Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which has a $18 billion endowment.

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Hamburg, Germany

Yieldlove GmbH

Web Software Developer (PHP / Symfony) ONSITE



This is what you can expect from us:

- friendly work atmosphere without dress code

- international team from eleven different nations (check out your future colleagues here on Xing)

- nice and centrally located office next to the Sternschanze (U3 Sternschanze / U3 Feldstrae) and surrounded by lots of shops, restaurants and bars

- free drinks like tea, water, juices and excellent coffee

- certification for PHP, Symfony and MySQL

- unlimited work contract

- 40-hour work week and no over hours

- 30 days vacation

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Bustle Digital Group (https://bustle.company) | New York, NY | Full-time | Onsite

We're hiring very talented developers of all types to work on building the best tech in digital media.

Over 50 million monthly active users to our products. Entirely serverless architecture. GraphQL. Redis. ElasticSearch.

Modern Javascript. Swift. Open-source first.

I helped start Bustle 4.5 years ago and I couldn't be more proud of the tech and diverse culture we've cultivated. If that sounds at all interesting just hit me up @ tyler@bustle.com.

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(Pre IPO) Medallia is Hiring Engineers and Managers - McLean, VA

Who do we need: Sr. Manager - Front End Engineering, Sr. Manager - Backend Engineering, All levels of Backend Engineers (Java), All levels of Front End Engineers

Apply Here: http://www.medallia.com/open-positions/ or email me at hcassano@medallia.com

Tech Stack: Frontend- Angular, ReactJS and also develops compositional or backend-for-frontend services using NodeJS and GraphQL. The aforementioned services are deployed in our microservices environment, which is based on Docker, Mesos, Aurora, and Linkerd.

Backend engineering is a pure Java shop that currently develops on Java 8 and depends on the same infrastructure as our Frontend engineering teams.

What do we do? Medallia enables companies to make customer experience improvement easy by systematically capturing customer feedback everywhere and in real-time delivering insights and actions to every employee, from the c-suite, to the front lineso companies can create experiences customers love.

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Contentful | https://www.contentful.com | Berlin, Germany | full time | (VISA)

Contentful is a content management platform for web applications, mobile apps and connected devices.It allows you to create, edit & manage content in the cloud and publish it anywhere via API.

We raised our Series B lead with Benchmark https://www.contentful.com/blog/2016/05/26/contentful-series...

We have several positions open in Berlin, Germany or in SF USA https://www.contentful.com/careers/

Join a rapidly growing developer-centric company with lots of amazing international customers. We count people like Adam Wiggins (Heroku) and Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions) as our advisors.

We are hiring for the following full-time positions:

- Data Engineer (Berlin): http://grnh.se/nt8ivm1

- Reliability Engineer (Berlin): http://grnh.se/f2bnhl1

- JavaScript Engineer (Berlin): http://grnh.se/a0lr5y1

- Director of software Engineering (Berlin): http://grnh.se/voqfjd1

- Engineering Manager - Ecosystem Open Source (Berlin): http://grnh.se/cu6jeq1

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SpotHero | Chicago, IL | http://spothero.com

SpotHero is changing parking, and our tools will redefine the transportation industry. With over a million cars parked, fast growth, and solid funding (https://angel.co/spothero), SpotHero offers countless ways to make an impact on the company and your career.

SENIOR ENGINEER - IOT, MICROSERVICES, AND WEB (C#) https://spothero.com/careers/749369SpotHero is seeking a Senior Engineer with a focus on building out highly scalable platforms using C#. If you have a background in other languages like C++, Java, or Go thats great - you will learn and use C# with us. Ideally, the candidate is a platform generalist with a track record of delivery on distributed polyglot platforms. Our teams are small and work across multiple areas of the technology stack from Infrastructure to APIs to Websites. At times, you will work in areas outside of your traditional area and you should be comfortable with that.

To apply, please use the link above or email your resume to jobs@spothero.com. Include any github account, linkedin profile, and any project that youre particularly proud of. We love seeing work that others loved working on.

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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Plovdiv | ONSITE | 4/12 months INTERNSWe are looking for new colleagues to help improve our FOSS software solutions and contribute to research and industrial projects. If you are passionate about open source software and like one of our topics on http://www.nexedi.com/jobs get in touch with us! Candidates will do a programming challenge followed by an interview. We're currently looking for:

 - Nexedi | Big Data Machine Learning Python Developer | Munich | ONSITE - Nexedi | Web Mesh Network JavaScript Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Artificial Language Processing Python Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Connected Cars JavaScript Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Site Reliability Python Developer | Paris | INTERN - Nexedi | Out-Of-Core Numpy Python Developer | Munich | INTERN - Nexedi | Big Data Machine Learning Python Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Linux JavaScript Port Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | AI Business Bot Python Developer | Munich | INTERN 
About Nexedi: We are a small international team of about 30 programmers (headquarters in Lille, France) creating free software since 2001. We run our own stack with ERP5 (Business Suite), SlapOS (Cloud Deployment) and Wendelin (Big Data/Machine Learning) being the main solutions for which we provide customization services (our code is free, our time isn't). We have time to tinker, need to think out-of-the-box/ram/space and work mostly autonomous. We all use Chromebooks, our hierarchy is as flat as the area around Lille, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings. We mostly hack in Python and (vanilla) JavaScript. If you're looking for fame or gain, we're not the right place. For purpose and leverage, we might be worth considering. Join us!

carlesfe 6 hours ago 1 reply      
Optimus Price | Lead Backend Engineer | Barcelona | Onsite


Optimus Price is a new generation of dynamic pricing SaaS that helps e-commerce maximize their profits. Optimus Price uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the behavior of their clients and align the retailers prices with their customers brand perception and their digital behavior.

We are a startup founded by techies in 2016 with the mission to solve real problems using AI. Optimus Price has been selected as one of the Barcelona top 3 startups by Seedrocket and Wayra-Telefnica.

We are looking for a lead backend engineer to own product development and deployment lifecycle in order to ramp up from our PoC to a highly available SaaS.

If you love building a SaaS as much as we do, and want to work with the kind of people who decided to name their product Optimus Price in honor of one of the greatest robots of all time, this is your company.



As a Lead Backend Engineer, you will own product development and deployment lifecycle in order to ramp up from our PoC to a highly available SaaS.

Design and implement a scalable API and its backend to host our Machine Learning solution for dynamic pricing.

Maintain high standards of software quality by establishing excellent practices and take responsibility for sprint delivery, product quality and operations in a DevOps fashion

Contribute as a peer to business decisions as part of our technology strategy and to the development of the product vision

jags-v 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Cevo | https://cevo.com.au/careers.html | Devops Engineers , Test Automation Engineers | Melbourne , VIC , Australia | Full Time | ONSITE | careers@cevo.com.au or ebony.worth@cevo.com.au | We are looking for some of the most talented technologists in the market who are truly passionate about what they do, all while working on some of the most interesting work with awesome clients.
juulikene 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Relayr | Berlin/Munich, Germany | ONSITE | Full time | https://relayr.io/

We are a 3-year-old, rapidly growing international company of 150 IoT experts in 8 cities across 4 countries on 2 continents. And we have been described as one of the most successful startups in the industry!

We are currently looking for developers to join our teams either in Berlin or in Munich. Your outstanding passion for all things tech, combined with your desire to solve our customers biggest challenges with innovative solutions could make this the perfect job for you!

We are looking for NodeJS Developers, Scala Developers, Full Stack Developers, Frontend Engineers, DevOps, Integration Engineers, Data Scientists...and many more :)

Check out our career page for more details. You can also apply there directly, if any position sparks your interest! https://relayr.io/jobs/

Any questions? Dont hesitate to get in touch! julia.rovnik@relayr.io

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Divvit | Senior Full Stack Developer | Sweden | REMOTE


We are a small startup aiming to make a difference in Ecommerce Analytics. Our goal is to provide e-commerce owners all information they need for their businesses to succeed. We are a fully remote company.

Our stack includes:

* Docker

* Node.js

* MongoDB

* ElasticSearch

* React/Redux

We are looking for experienced Full Stack JavaScript (Node.js / Front End JavaScript) developer that have excellent modern JavaScript skills. Also, you need to be familiar or be interested in at least some of these:

* Building and working with RESTful API's

* Working with huge amount of data

* MongoDB

Your Key Responsibilities would be:

* Developing Isomorphic Web Application

* Architecting and implementing new backend features

* Rewriting legacy code (Specifically we want to get rid of Loopback framework)

If you're interested drop me a line at andrei@divvit.com.

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OptioPay | Engineering | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE, VISA, FULL-TIME

We're on a mission to create the most beneficial payout ecosystem in the world and fundamentally change the way people receive money!

Now hiring: Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Head of IT Operations, Security Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Senior Data Analyst, Senior System Administrator, Senior UX Designer, Web Developer.

Take a look at our open positions in more detail below and don't hesitate to reach out to me directly: ts [at] optiopay.com


jorke 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Arup Digital | Sydney, AU / Melbourne, AU / Brisbane, AU | Onsite | Full Stack Developers - multiple experience levels | Fulltime

We shape a better world. You will work alongside the best Engineers (real Engineers) in the world, user experience designers, GIS specialists and consultants to deliver tools that continue that push the boundaries of the very discipline of Engineering.


The skills and technologies that are most important to us; more in the ad ^^^^

- Modern front-end development with React/Redux/Node

- Data processing, analytics and streaming (think Python, SQL, AWS/Azure/Google services...)

- Spatial applications, data and visualisation (think PostGIS, d3.js, buffers, spatial joins, GeoJSON, Mapbox...)

- Microservice and API development (think Lambda, API Gateway, GraphQL...)

- Minimum 2-4 years of experience as a software engineer.

- Best-practice development techniques: Git-flow, Agile, ace documentation, source control: git/svn/TFS understanding and appreciation Computer Science fundamentals

- Backend development experience: Java/golang/node.js

- Emerging spatial Javascript frameworks: three.js, vizicities, turf.js

- Cloud based infrastructure understanding Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google

- Data analysis, statistics some knowledge of Machine Learning techniques

- Internet of Things: Arduino, Raspberry Pi

- A general love of hacking out prototypes to test ideas

robertelevate 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Elevate Security | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, www.elevatesecurity.com

Data breaches increase every year as attackers continue to target employees for access and information. Elevate Security is creating a world where employees are a companys strongest asset in defending against hackers. We are taking on this longstanding gap in the security space with a focus on behavioral and data science to improve security behaviors across employees in a measurable way. Were looking for extraordinary and passionate people to help us build this future and redefine the security landscape.

Looking for a strong Front End Architect and seasoned Full Stack Engineers!

For more information, check out our job descriptions and ping us on https://www.elevatesecurity.com/jobs/.

wozmirek 12 hours ago 0 replies      
KISURA | Software Developers | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE | https://www.kisura.com/

We are looking for experienced software developers to help us build Europe's first curated digital shopping service for female fashion.

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with handpicked outfits tailored to their budget and style and make them feel beautiful and confident.

Whats in it for you? An opportunity to build a scalable, customer-centered solution in a quiet office. We're based in Berlins famous Kreuzberg district which means easy commute, lots of lunch, meetup and party options close by.

We are looking for:

- Software developers (PHP/OOP, JAVA, GO, PYTHON)

- Front-end developers (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3)

- QA engineers

Speaking German is not required.

How to apply: email me directly at mirek (at) kisura.de :) (I'm the product manager here).

More info at https://www.kisura.com/jobs.

bargl 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Trueform | Software Engineers | Woodinville, WA | ONSITE | trueform.io

Hi there!

I'm a tech lead at Trueform.io, our business model is to create retail as a service so you can rent a space if you have a one off product and don't want to have an online only presence. We're based in the Seattle WA metropolitan area.

Our application is built on C# with .NET (migrating to core), Javascript, and Jquery. However, we're going to migrate to a frontend framework like angular in the short term. We are going to work on distributing our application API so there will be room for growth in that direction as well after launch.

We have 2 positions open for entry level engineers, but if you are a talented software engineer and want to reach out feel free to email too. There is room for us to pivot with these positions based on talent.

email me at elarge@apolloroboticstechnology.com

afarrell 12 hours ago 0 replies      
GoCardless (YC S11) | London | SRE, Data, Backend and Frontend Engineers | Onsite | Full-time | Visa

GoCardless is building a payments network for the internet. Since 2011 we've been focused on simplifying Direct Debit for small and medium companies (who previously had no access to it) and we're now expanding to serve the largest companies (think newspapers, utilities) and connect with existing payment systems in countries all over the world. We already support the UK and Europe and are aiming to expand to more countries over the next year.

As an engineering team at GoCardless we care most about stable, reliable, understandable code. We rely on testing and code review and a culture of frequent constructive feedback. We define and manage our own roadmap and run projects in whatever way works best for us.

Our stack: Rails, Angular, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Docker, Chef.We also have a bit of Go and Python knocking around.

We love learning new things and contributing back to the community. We open source everything we can[1] and regularly host meetups and hackathons at our office in Angel. We have a weekly bookclub within the team and give internal (and external) talks about things that interest us.

Interview process: an intro call, one coding challenge, then a couple of onsite interviews (pair programming and some chats - no whiteboards!)

For more info and to apply: https://gocardless.com/jobs.If you've got any questions, drop me an email (it's in my profile).

[1] Notable examples are Statesman (https://github.com/gocardless/statesman) and Coach (https://github.com/gocardless/coach)

timruffles 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Cubik.io | Developers | London | Onsite | Pay by level, up to 65k for good full-stack devs

We're building a data-visualisation platform using some great tech (TypeScript, D3, Node, React+Redux, Postgres) and using it to deliver data stories for clients like Barclays, IBM and startups including fintech + smart energy companies.

We're looking for devs who love to build visually compelling products. We really care about surprising our users with the quality of our UI and visualisations.

Please have a look at the gist below for more details - we're right next to Old St tube on the Northern Line so it's easy to drop by and meet us over lunch! Reach out to paul@cubik.io


bensummers 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Haplo | Junior Software Developer | London, UK | Full time, ONSITE

Are you early on in your career, or graduating this summer? We're a great place to learn to be the best developer you can be.

We're looking for three new developers to join our growing team, and here's four reasons to start your career with us:


We have deliberately set up our company to support people who're just starting out, and we're good at accelerating your learning and giving you a wide range of experience.




We build research information management systems for universities, on top of our open source Haplo platform.


Like a startup: Small dedicated team. No barriers to doing your best work. Opportunity to get involved with everything, should you want to. Lovely office, great coffee. Ambition to change the world in a small but significant way.

Not like a startup: Sensible working hours. Quiet environment away from the hustle. No random pressure from investors. Quality product without hacks.


MartinAlbertsen 11 hours ago 1 reply      
GAN Integrity | Copenhagen, Denmark | Back-end, front-end, full-stack Engineers (Node, Mongo, Expres, Angular) | ONSITE, VISA |

SaaS Startup in Copenhagen looking for Engineers to join our team on-site.

Our products are built on the MEAN stack. Currently looking for NodeJS developers, Angular (1.6) & full-stack, DevOps and frontend.

Super international and diverse team. Dedicated to building scalable and high performing products to help our customers with their compliance efforts. We are removing tedious processes and building an intuitive and smart cloud based solution.

More details here: https://gan-integrity-solutions.workable.com/jobs/429547 Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. martin@ganintegrity.com (CTO)

Sikul 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Discord | Senior/Lead Engineers | San Francisco | ONSITE

Discord is increasingly how gamers communicate. We grew from 11 million to 45 million users in less than a year. We have over 9 million daily active users and that number is growing every day. Discord is just 2 years old.

We're hiring pretty much across the board in engineering. Come solve interesting scaling problems. https://discordapp.com/company

Tech: Elixir/Erlang, Python, Go, C++, Javascript, React, Cassandra, GCP

Feel free to message me directly at the email in my profile.

vivcomma 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Comma.ai | San Francisco | Software Engineer | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

We ship open source self driving car software. Here's the plan: https://medium.com/@comma_ai/our-road-to-self-driving-victor...

Looking for great people to fill these roles: http://comma.ai/positions.html

There are no requirements beyond writing good code. Just convince us that you can do the task and make it ship. Our stack is largely Python, with some C/C++. Here's what we look for: http://comma.ai/hiring.html

Send an email over with your resume and Github link (if you have one) to givemeajob@comma.ai.

andrebaaij 6 hours ago 1 reply      
MIcompany | Data Engineer| Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | www.micompany.nl

We are a Data and Analytics company focused on creating long term value at our Dutch and Israelian clients. We have clients such as KPN, booking.com, KLM, DekaMarkt. We do this through analysing their data and identifying massive growth potential in the following years, building their own capabilities through our in house academy and, last but not least, enabling their analysis capabilities, decision making processes through our analytical suite. The analytical suite is a technical product, its basically a BI environment on steroids. The suite contains various modules wich can be coupled to their own apps or custom built applications. This is where you com in!

We are looking for a junior and more senior data engineer. Our main stack is Python, typescript and SQL. Are you intetested? Email me at abaaij at micompany.nl

I am on holidays the next few weeks but I will get back to you asap!

alex_minimax 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Minimax Labs Ltd. | Software Engineers and Research Engineers | London, UK | ONSITE

We optimise complex, global operations for billion dollar businesses, creating massive value out of thin air and a little cloud.

We are looking for strong engineers and scientists to join our specialist team at our central London office:

* full-stack engineers with experience in UI/UX design.

* developers with R&D experience in non-linear/combinatorial optimisation.

* junior engineers to complete our summer internship programme.You should:

* love working on challenging, complex problems

* be comfortable developing production software in both Java and Python

* have experience with high performance, concurrent applications

* be passionate about new algorithms and computing technologies

Check out http://minimaxlabs.com and get in touch for more details.

No recruiters please. Really.

crbaker 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Afterpay (http://www.afterpay.com) | Backend Java | Decisioning Rules/ML | Melbourne, Australia | ONSITE

We are a deferred payment service undergoing significant growth. I'm looking for Australian based engineers to assist with global expansion plans.

SOFWARE ENGINEER - BACKEND JAVA - https://www.touchcorp.com/our-people/careers/sofware-enginee...

LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER - RISK DECISSIONING - https://www.touchcorp.com/our-people/careers/lead-software-e...

https://www.touchcorp.com/careersTECHNICAL BUSINESS ANALYST - DATA - https://www.touchcorp.com/our-people/careers/technical-busin...

SOFTWARE ENGINEER - PERFORMANCE & OBSERVABILITY - I need to write up this job spec today!

Interview process: phone screen, code exercise, onsite technical then behavioural interview (we try to make it fun!)

robertougo 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Weissmaler | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE | Full time | Relocation support

We're looking for a senior backend developer that is experienced in either Scala or Java (we'll be using Scala.) Additional experience in Postgres and/or GraphQL is greatly appreciated.

Additionally we're very open to applications for frontend (React) and mobile (React Native)!

WEISSMALER is Germanys first tech-driven painting company. Our ambition is to build the largest and best painting company in Germany, using technological innovation to manage our painters better and more efficiently than traditional painting companies.

WHAT DO WE OFFER? - Challenging tasks with visible impact - Great office in Neuklln - Laptop: Dell XPS 15" or your choice in the same price range - A startup with an actual business model & revenue - As much responsibility as you're ready to take on

Send an introductory email to emil.ahlbaeck@weissmaler.de

nikwork 8 hours ago 0 replies      
SolarWinds / Librato | Senior Customer Success Engineer | Cambridge, MA | ONSITE

We are looking for a Customer Success Engineer for our Cambridge, MA office. In this role you are a customer advocate. You are equally passionate about making a user successful as you are about the product. Your goal is to help a prospect understand the benefits of the service, to educate a trial user on how to use the app correctly, to support a customer when things go wrong, and to ensure they are happy at all times.You should have a background as a developer or in ops. Not only because that allows you to interact with our users as a peer but also because when we are not busy with support, we develop tools that help us with support processes and data analysis.

Pingdom/Papertrail/Librato/TraceView are wholly owned by SolarWinds, Inc. so you get the benefits of a small startup, with the backing of a big company so there is no worry about the next round of funding. SolarWinds offers competitive bonus and matching 401k programs that create an attractive total compensation package.Learn more at: http://solarwinds.jobs/cambridge-ma/senior-support-engineer/... or contact me directly at nik@librato.com (no recruiters).

voidray 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Tempo Automation | Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE https://tempoautomation.com

Tempo is accelerating the pace of electronics development. We make printed circuit boards quickly and reliably, to ensure electrical engineers have a much tighter feedback loop when they're iterating on their designs. By combining quick-turn manufacturing with automatic CAD analysis + instant design feedback, we're trying to give electrical engineers access to extremely high-quality dev tools, similar to what SWE's are already used to.

We run a factory in SF, so working as a full-stack SWE (we currently have 4) means you get full ownership over projects as diverse as automating factory equipment, optimizing logistics, analyzing CAD files, and delivering beautiful customer-facing features on our website.

Our customers make this job awesome: we're helping rocket companies launch satellites into space, AI companies produce custom hardware, healthtech companies advance robotic surgery, and much more.

Stack: ES6+React, Python+Django, Postgres, and AWS.

Interview process: Non-technical phone screen, code challenge, technical phone screen, onsite.



mike_heffner 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Librato/Papertrail/TraceView | Sr Data Engineer | SF / REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.librato.com/jobs

We're looking for a full-time software engineer to take a key role in building the large-scale distributed systems that power Solarwinds Cloud products: Papertrail (hosted logs), Librato (time-series metrics) and TraceView (APM and distributed tracing).

Were a small team so everyone has the opportunity to have a big impact. Weve built our platform out largely on Java8 Dropwizard services, a handful of Golang services and some C++ where performance is critical. We leverage Kafka as our main service bus, Cassandra for long term storage, our in-house stream processing framework for online analytics, and we rely on Zookeeper as a core part of intra/inter-service coordination. Our data pipeline pushes millions of messages a second and tens of terabtyes of logs per day.

All team members, whether local in San Francisco or remote, commit code to Github, communicate over Slack and Hangouts, push code to production via our ChatOps bot, and run all production applications on AWS. We also use an array of best-breed SaaS applications to get code to production quickly and reliably. We are a team that is committed to a healthy work/life balance.

Papertrail/Librato/TraceView are wholly owned by SolarWinds Inc. so you get the benefits of a small startup, with the backing of a big company so there is no worry about the next round of funding. SolarWinds offers competitive bonus and matching 401k programs that create an attractive total compensation package.

This is an example of some of the technology we build and work with on a regular basis: http://www.heavybit.com/library/blog/streamlining-distribute....

Learn more at: https://www.librato.com/jobs or contact me directly at mike@librato.com (no recruiters).

chrisrhoden 8 hours ago 0 replies      
RadioPublic | Boston, MA | REMOTE | Full-Time | Full-Stack Engineer | http://www.radiopublic.com

Join us in creating a delightful consumer podcast listening experience that is scalable, beautiful and of the highest quality. We want to create something that people love and recommend to their friends. We're looking for someone to join our team working on our Website and APIs. You'll have the opportunity to influence the technical and product decisions at a seed stage company that's rethinking radio. You'll work directly with members of the founding team, and add your own expertise to the conversation. You'll shape the future of podcasts by helping to build an exceptional listening experience for our apps and on the web. We currently have a mix of Rails, AWS Lambda (using Node), Postgres, and ElasticSearch on the backend, and React, CSS, HTML, XML, and some XSLT for good measure on the frontend. Everything our stack does is important, but none of it is precious. We're looking to pick up some serious speed in the coming months.

We're only set up to handle employees in the US right now, but will try to work something out for an exceptional candidate.

More Info & Apply Here: https://radiopublic.workable.com/jobs/328055

krawczstef 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Stitch Fix | Machine Learning Platform | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE, VISA

Stitchfix is a clothing / style personalization service.Search Instagram for #stitchfix, which will tell you a whole lot about us, how much our customers love us and you'll get an idea of our business. Come back when you're done. P.S. we're profitable and did $730M in revenue last year.

Still interested? Well then come build Machine Learning/Algorithm Development tooling in collaboration with the Valleys best Data Scientists at Stitch Fix!

My team's ambition is to build similar tools to Finagle, FB Learner Flow, DeLorean and integrate tools like Airflow, TensorFlow, etc. into a cohesive self-service algorithm development/machine learning platform.

Want to know more about the data-tech behind Stitch Fix? Take another 10mins to browse http://algorithms-tour.stitchfix.com. I also recommend browsing our "Multithreaded" Tech blog http://multithreaded.stitchfix.com/algorithms/blog/ and other job postings at http://multithreaded.stitchfix.com/careers/

Job post & online application: https://www.stitchfix.com/careers?gh_jid=514673&gh_jid=51467.... Apply using the careers page, but include that you saw the posting on Hacker News.Interview process would be a technical phone screen(s) & a full day or two half day on-sites.

Me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/skrawczyk - I am the tech lead & hiring manager.

Questions? Comments?

kinsol 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Kinsol Research | Victoria, BC, Canada | Full-time | Onsite

Kinsol Research provides research and development services to startups and mature technology companies. We operate at the forefront of emerging technology, with expertise in Big Data, Machine Learning, and Sensor Networks making us invaluable to our clients.

We are hiring a Full Stack Developer to contribute to our growing roster of projects. The ideal candidate will be a driven team player who takes ownership, collaborates effectively, and champions ideas from whiteboard to production.

We offer a dynamic work environment with the opportunity to work on challenging and interesting problems, centrally located offices with harbour views in Vic West minutes from downtown, foosball tournaments, great coffee, and a comprehensive health and dental plan.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can reach out to me here, or send a resume and cover letter in PDF form to:

info@kinsolresearch.com with the subject line ATTENTION: Full-stack Developer

Here is the full job posting: http://www.kinsolresearch.com/full-stack-developer/

dheera 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Robby Technologies (YC S16) | Palo Alto | http://robby.io

We build self-driving sidewalk delivery robots. Founded by 2 MIT PhDs in robotics fields. YC S16. Currently doing pilot deliveries in Palo Alto and Stanford.

Send resumes to jobs@robby.io. Thanks!

Operations Manager

* Experience in managing deliveries or transportation logistics including organizing and managing shifts

* Experience in implementing safety policies and training programs in an industrial setting

* Must be able to legally drive in California

* Customer-focused and approachable

Computer Vision Engineer

* Fluency in C++ and Python

* Experience in vision-based localization, tracking, mapping algorithms

* Experience with OpenCV

* Experience working with LIDAR and depth cameras

* Experience working with TensorFlow or equivalent neural network platform is a plus

eosrei 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Udacity | Multiple Positions | Mountain View, San Francisco, Berlin, Shanghai, So Paulo, New Delhi | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | https://www.udacity.com/

Udacity's mission is to democratize education. We're an online learning platform offering groundbreaking education in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, virtual reality, and more. Focused on self-empowerment through learning, Udacity is making innovative technologies such as self-driving cars available to a global community of aspiring technologists, while also enabling learners at all levels to skill up with essentials like programming, web and app development.

Tech: Docker/PostgreSQL with Golang, Python, Node.js, React, Java, Ruby, Haskell depending on team.

All open positions: https://jobs.lever.co/udacity?lever-via=24S9Caa8CS

pteehan 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Travel Audience | Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineers (several openings), DevOps Engineer, Go developers | Berlin | ONSITE | http://travelaudience.com

We're an ad-tech company specializing in the travel industry. We work with TB-scale data to serve targeted ads to online users and we have a number of openings.

See individual job postings and apply here:


You can email me personally at p.teehan@travelaudience.com. I can answer questions directly about data scientist, data analyst, and data engineer roles, and connect you with the appropriate team members for other positions.

eabraham 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Handy | Senior Software Engineer | New York | Full time | https://www.handy.com

Handy is on a mission to change the way the world purchases home services. We operate in all major US cities and several locations in Canada and Europe, but we are just getting started. At the heart of our mission is a resilient platform built on a sound technical foundation. We are always looking for skillful software engineers to join us in our mission.

At Handy, we form small, high-impact teams and empower them to iterate rapidly. Youll be joining one the teams as a senior software engineer. Senior software engineers are the most skillful individual contributors in our teams. You will be collaborating with your team members (engineering, product, and operations) to build and release features/products to production everyday. Our engineers release Handys native apps every week and release web features throughout a day.

For more info and to apply: https://www.handy.com/careers/703807?gh_jid=703807

liangzan 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Courex - www.storeviva.com | Multiple positions in Engineering | Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia/Vietnam | Full Time

# What the company does

Courex is an 8 year old ecommerce logistics company driven by technology. We help our customers manage their supply chain so they can focus on selling. We do the following

 - last mile delivery - warehousing - omnichannel integration
Our operations is driven by technology. Some interesting stuff

 - We run a hybrid crowd-sourced(uber style) + fixed fleet model. - We built an automated parcel dimension measurement machine using Kinect - We have autonomous robots coming in late 2017 to pick and sort parcels
Experience a different sort of scale. Not bits and bytes, but parcels, machines and people. Your work affects the real world in a huge traditional industry.

# What the job entails

We are expanding to South-east Asia. We have a few positions

 - Front-end lead - Head of Data Science 
# Contact

Please email zan+hn@courex.com.sg if you are interested.

vldr 12 hours ago 0 replies      
GUTS Tickets | Junior .. Senior Full stack developer | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | (mostly) Onsite 35k-60k p.a. depending on experience, part-time/full-time, equity plan available.

Are you a developer who loves live music? And do you want to join the ticket revolution? At GUTS were not only building a product, but as a team we chasing a common goal: Stop disgraceful secondary ticket prices and ticket fraud. GUTS is a ticketing system which uses blockchain technology to register ownership of SMART-tickets. GUTS makes ticket fraud impossible. The ticket can only be (re)sold at a fixed price, so no more disgraceful prices for secondary tickets.

GUTS Tickets is hiring frontend and backend junior / senior developers! We are always looking for extra people to expand our team.

Our current stack consists of- Python 3.5 / Django / Django Request Framework - Ethereum / solidity / blockchain technology- EmberJS (2.13)- react native To expand our team we're hiring for different roles:- junior..senior backend developer. Experience with Python, Django, DRF is preferred, experience with ethereum would be nice- junior..senior frontend developer. Experience with EmberJS (>2.3) is preferred- react-native developer

Of course full stack frontend/backend/mobile developers that have experience with a mix of the above technologies are also very welcome to apply.

We prefer people who can be onsite so full remote working is not an option right now. We also cannot provide visa's or relocation services at this time. We can support expats with applying for the 30% ruling.

We can however offer you: A competitive salary based on your experience. Part-time/full-time options. Friday drinks and kroketten. Table tennis or Playstation matches: your choice! A desk in & committed team-members.

If you're interested in working with us, please send your CV to jobs@guts.tickets https://guts.tickets/we-are-hiring

Koala_ice 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) | Austin, TX | ONSITE | Full-Time | Engineers/Developers/QA | https://www.tacc.utexas.edu/about/overview

One of the top supercomputing centers in the world, TACC empowers researchers, students, and educators working in nearly every field of human endeavour with powerful computing technologies and innovative software. If you'd like to help us design faster, more intuitive ways to support research computing, consider applying for one of our open positions:

- Data Science Specialist http://bit.ly/tacc-data-sci-02

- Collaborative Science Specialist http://bit.ly/tacc-collab-sci-01

- Django Developer - http://bit.ly/tacc-django-03

- Python Developer - http://bit.ly/tacc-python-02

- Research Software Engineer (Java) - http://bit.ly/tacc-swe-java-02

- Research Software Engineer (QA) http://bit.ly/tacc-eng-qa-01- Senior Software Engineer http://bit.ly/tacc-sswe-02

Hiring process: 1. Submit application; 2. Hiring manager call; 3. Phone Interview; 4. Onsite interview.

siavash 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Tictail | Frontend, iOS, ML | Stockholm | Onsite | Full time

I'm a cofounder of Tictail, a startup building a marketplace and e-commerce platform with the vision of enabling anyone anywhere to work with their passion. Today we do so by removing barriers of entry (frontend/backend/Android/iOS) and connecting emerging brands with the right customers (ML). We are today the proud home of tens of thousands of shops and millions of customers globally.

We are looking for engineers with a passion for product to join our small Stockholm team (~35). If this sounds interesting there are some more details at https://tictail.com/careers

Every now and then we also post some thoughts at https://medium.com/tictail

alexbecker 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Coalition | Front-End Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite, Full-Time

Coalition is working to solve cyber risk. We are a small, well-funded team of security experts, insurance professionals, and intelligence community veterans building a better cyber insurance product. Coalition is automating risk assessment to make purchasing this insurance easy, and using our knowledge to educate clients and mitigate risk where possible.

We are looking to hire our first front-end engineer, who will set the technical direction for our front-end and take ownership of it. We are open to various front-end technologies if you can make an argument for it. Experience with Python is a plus, as you will likely need to touch the back-end at some point (which is in Python 3.6).

Email jobs@thecoalition.com for more information.

rizz0 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Poki http://jobs.poki.com | Amsterdam | Onsite | Full-Time

Poki is an online playground with 30 million users around the world. With a team of 25 we build a web game platform that helps game developers achieve success, and brings fun games to kids of all ages around the world.

Were a bootstrapped company where development, data and design come together.

We are looking for:

Senior Front-End Developer - http://jobs.poki.com/senior-front-end-developer

Senior Back-end Developer / DevOps Engineer - http://jobs.poki.com/back-end-devops-developer

Lead Data Scientist - http://jobs.poki.com/lead-data-scientist/en

Product Manager - http://jobs.poki.com/product-manager-web-platform/en

Product Designer - http://jobs.poki.com/senior-product-designer/en

#Stack: Go, Node, React, Redux, Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, Prometheus, Google Cloud Platform.

We believe in giving smart and creative people the freedom and autonomy to do great work.

Apply: http://jobs.poki.com

Engineering & Culture: http://blog.poki.com

Website: http://poki.com/

victorquinn 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Spring | multiple positions | NYC | onsite | full-time | https://www.shopspring.com

Join our growing engineering team at Spring, a well-backed startup headquartered in New York City. We just raised a $65MM Series C to continue growing our team. We are building the future of fashion shopping, helping brands make the transition from brick and mortar to mobile and web. We have built and are scaling a single source marketplace for a growing list of great brands to sell their products direct to consumer.

A few cool challenges we are tackling: building the best in breed shopping experience on web and mobile, building out a good API integrations with our partners so they can integrate with our massive multi-brand product catalog, building our own custom order management system, tons of scalability work, building out a machine learning backed fashion recommendation engine.

We're moving into a beautiful new office this week by the Flatiron building and we offer all the startup benefits you'd expect.

We are looking for iOS, web, and backend engineers in lead and senior roles. We are also looking for data scientists to join our team working on our fashion recommendation system.

Learn more about our tech stack and working here at Spring: https://www.shopspring.com/engineering

Apply here: http://grnh.se/icdh7l1

Feel free to email me directly victor at shopspring.com with any questions about our company, our roles, etc. (but please don't send resumes, use our application tracking system at the link above)

jevanish 8 hours ago 0 replies      
### http://GetLighthouse.com | Front End Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Employees quit managers, not companies. If you've ever worked at a dysfunctional, hyper-growth startup, or a big company wrecked by politics, you've experienced how bad management can make work miserable. Its crazy managers arent given more help. We're changing that by helping with the fundamentals of good management through software.

We have hundreds of paying customers, and want to bring great design and experience to our validated and growing product. You will help in designing & building Lighthouse to be a world-class product.

### You:

Youll have the chance to bring all your skills together as part of a team thats customer driven and excited to make more people love their jobs and the managers they work for. It's a mission you can feel great about working on every day.

Youre an awesome fit for this role if you...

-> Take great pride in your work and obsess over getting the details right.

-> Always look for places to simplify, whether thats removing a button, or making 30 lines of code work with 5.

-> You love using funnels & analytics, as well as talking to customers, to ensure what you design & build is best for customers.

### Tech stack currently includes (open to changes you advocate for): Rails, Capistrano, haml/scss, bootstrap, jQuery, Postgres, Stripe, GCal API

* Interested in the role? Email Jason at GetLighthouse dot com mentioning Hacker News in the subject line. Please, no recent code school grads.

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Broadway Technology | Development, Consulting, Other Tech Roles | Austin, London, New York and Waterloo | ONSITE, FULL TIME, VISA

Broadway Technology develops high-performance distributed trading systems for leading financial institutions. Primary development languages are C++ (especially for latency-sensitive components), Python, and C#.

Compensation and benefits are competitive, including the non-financial side: https://www.broadwaytechnology.com/careers#life-at-broadway

Visit http://careers.broadwaytechnology.com for formal job descriptions and to apply.

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Lendable | Senior Software Engineers | London | FULL TIME | ONSITE

The internet has made it faster and cheaper to do business - yet banking remains largely immune to this. Lendable is an online lending platform built for speed and convenience: we are bringing financial services into the 21st century.Challenging project, no boring CMS work, real application development. Looking for the best of the best and willing to pay for it. Experience with Symfony and modern PHP is required.More info here: https://www.workshape.io/p/lendable/920f393a-8ad2-405c-97b9-... Apply: email livia@lendable.co.uk

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Lemans | Madison, WI | Javascript Application Engineer (latest Angular) | Full-time, ONSITE

If you would wear it while riding (or bolt it on to) a motorcycle / ATV / Jetski / Snowmobile -- we sell it. Lemans is a global leader in the world of motorcycling. Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties is the worlds largest distributor of aftermarket accessories in the powersports industry.

We've got an amazing team of seasoned backend developers (one of whom found us from a earlier posting on HN!) who are cranking out a new platform for our business.

Now, we're looking for folks who can join our front end team and help build the first of many user-facing pieces. If you're an experienced front-end engineer definitely get in touch, even if the framework you're most familiar with isn't the latest necessarily Angular.

Full posting: https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=ad885e1f3fd65661&tk=1bk4u9...

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Convoy | Software Engineer | Seattle | Full-time, onsite, https://convoy.com

We're optimizing trucking and logistics, an $800B industry that still runs on fax machines and phone calls. We're changing the way over 3.5 million truck drivers work and the way everything you use gets to you.

We are backed by very top tier investors. Read about us:



I've been here for over a year and we've grown a ton since I joined, but we still have a tight-knit, incredibly smart group of engineers. We have many interesting problems as well in machine learning, service architecture, mobile, desktop and web user experiences and in many other areas.

We would love more engineers, up and down the stack, and anywhere on the generalist <-> specialist spectrum. We use pretty cutting-edge tech (React, React-Native for mobile, TypeScript + Node for backend), but we're a lot more interested in engineering chops than any particular tech skills.

If you're interested in hearing more, reach out and grab coffee with me or one of our other developers. Help us grow an amazing tech team from a very early point in our company's history!

Some, but not necessarily all, of our open jobs: http://jobs.convoy.com

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Criteria | iOS Developer (Swift) | Los Angeles,CA | Full Time, ONSITEWe're looking for a talented iOS Developer who will be responsible for developing the next generation of our iOS app, JobFlare. JobFlare is a brain games app for job seekers. You'll become a key part of a small team and work closely with the Product Manager, Lead Designer, and senior executives shaping the vision for the app. Because JobFlare is a very young app, you should be comfortable iterating quickly to incorporate user feedback and improve upon the feature set.

Click here to read the full job description or apply: https://www.criteriacorp.com/company/ios_developer.php

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MapD | San Francisco (city) | MapD Community Manager, Backend Developer, Director of Application Design, Frontend Engineer, Senior Graphics Engineer, other roles (ONSITE/REMOTE)

MapD (https://www.mapd.com) is an open source NEA/Google Ventures/Nvidia/Verizon Ventures/Vanedge/In-Q-Tel backed Series B startup that builds a lightning-fast GPU-accelerated database and visual analytics platform that takes advantage of the massive parallelism and high memory bandwidth of GPUs. We can literally run queries orders of magnitude faster than other systems (http://tech.marksblogg.com/billion-nyc-taxi-rides-nvidia-tes...) and since the results are on the GPUs, we can easily visualize the result sets with the native GPU rendering pipeline. Check out our Tweetmap demo (http://www.mapd.com/demos/tweetmap) or our billion-row taxi demo (http://www.mapd.com/demos/taxis) for an idea of what the system can do.

Were looking for a number of roles to grow our team. Please see https://www.mapd.com/company/careers for more.

Were a growing Series B company (~35 people) with deep knowledge of databases and GPU Programming. Benefits and equity are competitive.

Please email jobs@mapd.com if you're interested!

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Green Hills Software | Santa Barbara, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | Embedded Software Consultant | https://www.ghs.com/jobs.html

We're hiring for multiple teams, both in Santa Barbara and worldwide: http://www.ghs.com/jobs.html , but I'll put in a plug for my own team of Embedded Software Consultants. We're called the "support" department, but we don't field calls about "my cup holder is broken." We're much more likely to have someone turn compile 20K lines of C++ code with optimizations for the first time and have them tell us there's a bug in the compiler; but in reality their program has some undefined behavior that happens to behave differently with optimizations on -- and it's our job to find it! (Once we discovered that the code needed three volatile keywords added, on two lines of code!)

If you thrive on troubleshooting software problems and designing creative solutions, enjoy learning about new technology, and want to jump in and save customers in desperate need of a hero, this is the job for you!

Job Requirements:* Learn and understand the inner workings of complex software systems* Quickly diagnose technical problems with limited information* Succinctly explain complex technical concepts to experts from other technical domains* At least 2 years experience programming in high-level languages, C, and C++

To apply please email your resume to jobs@ghs.com.

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Upbeat (formerly PRX) | Full-Stack Engineer, Full-Time Media Strategist, Part-Time Media Strategist or Intern | San Francisco | Onsite | Full-time

What is Upbeat?

Upbeat (http://upbeatpr.com) is reinventing public relations (PR) for companies by making it on-demand, transparent, and affordable. Unlike working with traditional PR agencies that cost tens of thousands of dollars a month and endless hours of meetings, companies can launch a campaign with Upbeat by signing up on our site and manage everything through our dashboard.

How are we able to do this? Weve built an incredible platform that automates some of the most painful, manual parts of the process and leverages machine learning to build the worlds most powerful engine for connecting companies with stories to journalists and media publications. Weve helped over 300 companies get featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Good Morning America, NPR, Fast Company, and much, much more.

Journalists are excited about what we're doing as well. Check out this Nieman Journalism Lab coverage of our innovative model: http://www.niemanlab.org/2017/06/pr-pitches-are-the-worst-th...

- Full-Stack Engineer (full-time): https://upbeat.workable.com/jobs/413395

- Media Strategist (full-time): https://upbeat.workable.com/jobs/499715

- Media Strategist (part-time) or Intern: https://upbeat.workable.com/jobs/499965

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Notion | Software Developer | SF | https://www.notion.so | Full Time | Onsite

 Hey founder of Notion here. You can think of it as the next generation Microsoft Office meets Minecraft (and actually a visual programming language behind the scene). We made a graphic novel about why we exist. (It involves Steve Jobs believe or not): https://notion.so/about Read more market related comments on Product Hunt. (Notion was one of the fastest voted of all time): https://www.producthunt.com/posts/notion-1-0-web-mac-app We are tiny at the moment. The business is growing fast. We have a beautiful artist loft in the SF Mission district, with the best investors out there (notion.so/investors). You need to be able to build things and think conceptually. Email me directly at "ivan@makenotion.com" Have a good one.

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Trippin | React Native / full-stack JS developer (first tech hire) | London, UK | ONSITE/REMOTE

At Trippin, we are building a travel brand that the new wave of creative explorers can relate to and align with. We provide a better way to discover, save and share great spots around the world. We aim to become the go-to platform for millennial travellers. We are achieving this through great content, an inspired community and interesting collaborations.

We are looking for someone with React Native experience to turn our app prototypes into reality. You will have total freedom over the stack, and we are serious about releasing early and releasing often. Our closed beta community is highly active, and we have influential tastemakers and celebrities ready to be our brand ambassadors.

We are able to offer a competitive salary and/or a sizeable equity share, as you prefer. We currently work out of a small office at the back of a coffee shop near Brick Lane in London, but we're definitely happy for you to work remotely too.

Say hello on hello@trippin.world :)

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SciTec | Dayton, OH | Numerical computing and distributed systems developers | ONSITE http://www.scitec.com

SciTec is a R&D-focused small business that develops new algorithms to analyze remote sensor data. We're looking for developers to help create, develop, and deliver new high-throughput data processing algorithms, from R&D prototypes all the way into production environments. Key areas of expertise we're looking for include:

* Numerical computing using C/C++, MATLAB, and Python* High-throughput distributed computing systems* Orchestration using Docker on DC/OS

More than specific technologies, were looking for developers who are willing to dive into complex problems, work across multiple technology stacks, and help us keep moving algorithms out of the lab and into real-world use. Strong communication skills and systems engineering expertise are key.

If this sounds interesting to you, we have two open positions available:

* Remote Sensing Software Developer (2+ years experience, position focused on development). APPLY: https://scitec.workable.com/j/DAD68207C0

* Scientific Application Architect (7+ years experience, position focused on team leadership and systems engineering). APPLY: https://scitec.workable.com/j/57AEE55BCB

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BidMotion | BackEnd Engineer | Paris | Onsite, Full-time | VISAhttp://www.bidmotion.com/careers#op-102102-backend-engineer-...

We are looking for a backend engineer experienced in real-time distributed systems. You would be working on our current platform (which has already gathered several TB of data and scaling), and on our new product: a real-time ad bidder backed by machine learning.

This might be the job for you if:

You have experience with programming high performance systems in either Core Java, C#, Python, Go, Scala or Rust

You have worked with ZooKeeper, Kafka, Consul or any of the other usual suspects

You grin a bit with pride every time your system scales to new levels

Minimum 3 years of experience

Youre fluent in English

Were a 2 years old growing AdTech company based in Paris with a team of 21 international talented people, out of which 8 are engineers. We have achieved $40M in revenues this past year as well as being in the Top 25 worldwide within the mobile advertising industry.

On the other hand, what do we offer you?

Rebuilding components from scratch (you know, the way you always wanted to ;))

Wish list choose your own equipment

Latest technology

Personal space: 1 engineer - 1 desk

Be part of a team with very ambitious goals

Balance between your professional and personal life

Playstation and other perks (Snacks, team events, etc...)

And of course, very competitive packages

tl;dr: Were small, but shooting for the stars. If you are looking for a place where you can make a huge impact and grow, come join us.

Dont hesitate to get in touch with us hr@bidmotion.com or check other openings http://www.bidmotion.com/careers

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Cybus.io | Hamburg, Germany | Frontend Developer (m/f) | Full time | ONSITEWe are on a mission to bring the power of the Internet to industrial settings. Industry 4.0 is about value-adding applications and services, not dealing with connectivity issues. Cybus is a young tech company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), based in Hamburg, Germany, making it secure and easy to acquire, provide and use industrial data.Cybus is looking for an motivated Frontend Developer (m/f). If youre as excited as we are about the latest technologies in the fast paced JavaScript world, our microservice architecture based on Node.js and Docker will be a pleasure for you.You ideally if you have strong expertise with Java Script, HTML and CSS. Some experience with JS technologies like Node.js, Angular.js, React.js oder Ember.js and enjoy building awesome applications from scratch.What We offer - a young & motivated tech company.- startup opportunities, atmosphere and latest industry gadgets- Family first policy flexible working hours and spare time- fresh fruits, juice and fantastic coffee.- regular team events and relaxed after-work activities.- attractive additional serviceswww.cybus.io/de/tech-jobs-de/frontend-entwickler-mw/Contact: career[at]cybus.io Please send email with 'Hacker News' in subject line.
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Findify | Front End Developer | EU | Full-time, Remote

Findify is a Machine Learning powered search & Discovery solution for e-commerce sites. We have 1000+ e-commerce businesses in more than 50 countries around the world deliver a better experience to their customers, and increase their sales.

Were looking for a Mid / Senior Frontend Developer. If youre always on top of the latest technologies, have a keen eye for design and you love creating scalable frontend architectures then read along!

The most important thing we are looking for in a candidate is proven passion for programming and problem solving: a Github/Stackoverflow account, an interesting project you can share, or a blog you write will go a long way.

Skills we need from the ideal candidate:

* Have solid experience with HTML5, CSS3, React/Redux and related libraries

* Have strong Typescript/Flow and ES6 skills, and able to deliver Interface based design

* Think with responsive design

* Be proficient with modern frontend build tools and the ability to create build processes

* Understand the core principles of functional programming and immutable state handling

* Be good at explaining complex technological topics for sharing knowledge within the team and being able to provide advanced support to our top merchants

Beyond the basics (what would really impress us):

* Experience with functional programming (FP/FRP)

* Experience with full-stack development (Express, child process management, fs)

* Experience with AWS management

Apply here: https://findify.io/careers/mid-senior-frontend-developer/

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HomeAway (https://www.homeaway.com) | Software Tools Engineer | Austin, TX

HomeAway (An Expedia company) is looking for two full-time Software Tools Engineers to join our team. Were on the lookout for great minds that can help us continue to transform the travel industry.

As a part of the Development Tools team in HomeAway, we provide, develop, and maintain the tools that HomeAway Engineers use to turn ideas into real code in real products in the real world. We continually work to streamline and automate the software development process at HomeAway so that engineers can focus on turning good ideas into good software. Please note that this is a software engineering role, not (dev)ops.All positions offer a competitive base salary, annual bonus and comprehensive benefits. Our process is: 1 hour culture & technical phone screen -> 4~ hours of on-site interview -> offer.

To apply, please email me at uaydin(at)homeaway(dot)com or visit: http://app.jobvite.com/m?34ZIJiwh

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Pix4D | C++ Engineers, Marketing, Regional Managing Director | Berlin | FULLTIME, ONSITE

Pix4D develops drone mapping and photogrammetry software that already enables tens of thousands of professionals around the world to create, visualize, assess and edit their own maps and 3D models.

We are looking for multiple people: engineers, marketing specialists and a regional managing director to join our new development team in Berlin, working closely with Pix4Ds already existing development team in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Open positions:

- C++ algorithms & computer vision: https://www.workable.com/j/3382FE7734

- C++, Qt and QML: https://www.workable.com/j/6B79936409

- Agriculture Marketing and Content: https://www.workable.com/j/AC658AEA25

- Regional managing director: https://www.workable.com/j/06395DFEC8


- C++ positions: Excellence in modern C++ programming: focused on code quality, simplicity, and ease of maintenance

- Marketing position: Experience with remote sensing and agriculture are a plus

- Regional MD: Experience as MD and strong interest in the technology and applications of Pix4D's core software.

- English language, written and spoken

To see all positions available in both Berlin and Lausanne: https://pix4d.com/jobs/

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LegalNature | Los Angeles, CA | Rails & Vue.js Engineers | Full-Time

At LegalNature, we are in the business of automating legal documents and processes. Our mission is to make the legal system far easier to understand, far less time consuming, and far cheaper for individuals and businesses.

We are in the process of building an 'autopilot' for government forms and beureacratic processes. We want our users to fill out a simple and easy form once, and from that, we will be able to generate any documents needed, file them (snail mail, fax, or online), and handle the response. If you have experience automating manual workflows and creating API's around them, we'd love to speak with you.

We are a non-standard company by most tech standards. Were bootstrapped and profitable. Instead of worrying about the next round or pitch deck, we are only worried about our customers and making the best product possible.

Our engineering team is currently small, and will be growing throughout the year.

You can apply at https://www.legalnature.com/careers or email me at michael@legalnature.com with any questions.

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Sense360 | Lead Mobile Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

Sense360 is a big data start-up that is transforming how companies make strategic decisions. We work with some of the top restaurants, retailers, agencies and tech companies in the world providing them access to our revolutionary dataset and dashboard. We are funded by the same VCs as Uber, Pinterest, and Riot Games and were founded by successful repeat entrepreneurs.

As the mobile lead you will be the owner of both our Android and iOS SDKs. You will be given big hairy audacious goals (BHAG) and expected to figure out solutions on how to achieve them. Your goal is to continue to make our contextual SDKs the best in the industry.

Apply here: http://sense360.applytojob.com/apply/wII6mipEGf/Mobile-Engin...

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Minted | Senior Data Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, ONSITE | https://www.minted.com/jobs?p=job%2Foenw4fwV

Minteds mission is to enable the design independence of both consumers and artists around the world, and the company is a platform for the strongest emerging artists in the world to be seen and discovered. We aim to build a lasting brand representing the most commercially successful design community in the world.

I've been at Minted for four years and this year I've taken responsibility for data engineering at the company. I'm looking to expand my team to help us build real-time pipelines, recommendations, machine vision projects, and more. Reach out to me if you're looking to join a small team at one of the most diverse and surprisingly technical ecommerce companies in the Bay Area.

Responsibilities for the role -

* Design and implement scalable streaming data pipelines processing hundreds of millions of transactions a day

* Architect and build data warehouse providing near real-time data to a variety of client systems

* Implement robust ETL scheduling framework using open-source schedulers and tools

* Lead projects developed in collaboration with other engineers within and outside of Analytics group

* Guide other team members on best practices in Data Warehousing and coding

* Work in a dynamic, agile, startup environment managing multiple high-impact and high-visibility priorities simultaneously

Feel free to email me with questions at tj@minted.com

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Elation Health | San Francisco, CA | Full time | REMOTE | Engineering | http://elationhealth.com

At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible.

We've got a number of roles available in engineering, product, design, sales, and customer experience. See them all here: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers/

Specifically I'm closely involved with trying to fill our engineering positions. We're looking for a front-end focused developer to join our SF team, and also have a pretty interesting opening for a more senior backend / systems-design focused engineer to help us with a number of interoperability and data challenges. That position is available to folks in SF or REMOTE in the US.

Stack is Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS/Elasticsearch/Redis/AWS. Team culture is awesome. High empathy, low ego. Lots of interactions with passionate users, and generally in the company of people who care a lot about the quality of the product experience.

Apply online or reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are curious! Also, I'm usually remote from my home in the San Diego area but I'm in SF for the next couple of weeks so if anyone's interested in Elation specifically or healthcare startups in general (I've been doing those since '99 or so), I'm particularly available to grab coffee and meet folks. Contact info's in profile.

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280 CapMarkets | QA Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.280capmarkets.com/

A transformative fixed-income business building a platform focused on increasing transparency for financial advisors and their clients.

We're looking for our first QA Engineer to take lead on developing in the QA infrastructure in an automated way.

Stack: C# on Azure, Azure SQL, Nodejs & React for the UI.Tools: Jira, Octopus, AppVeyor, Myget, npm, github

Please send your resume to pnasser <at> 280cap <dot> com

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Square (Caviar) | Software Engineers | San Francisco, CA |ONSITE | https://www.trycaviar.comhttps://www.squareup.com

Caviar is growing and we need excellent engineers to help bring great food everywhere. We are building a food ordering platform that enables the best restaurants to serve food through delivery and pickup, and that's just the beginning.

We have a number of roles that we think you'd be great for. We have need for engineers that are looking to make an impact on a fast growing product, to take ownership of existing and new products, to redefine Caviar architecture and execute on it, and to work with us to unlock that next step-function product or feature.

Caviar is hugely impactful to Square. Take a look at the 2017Q1 Shareholder Letter (https://s21.q4cdn.com/114365585/files/doc_financials/2017/Sq...) and see how much we are featured. We're growing fast and need you to help continue that growth.

Apply at https://squareup.com/careers/jobs?team=Caviar

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Dollar Shave Club | Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles, CA) | Sr. Director of Engineering, Frontend + Sr. Director of Engineering, Platform Services + Several Individual Contributor roles | ONSITE Full-time | https://www.dollarshaveclub.com

At Dollar Shave Club, were on a mission to use technology to build a better grooming experience. We started with our razor subscription service way back in 2011, and now millions of Members later, weve expanded into shave products, shower products, skin care, hair styling, with more to come.

I'm looking to hire two Sr. Directors of Engineering, one person to head our Frontend team (Web and Native Mobile) and another person to head our newly formed Platform Services team (QA, Infra & Agile Office). Here are the detailed job descriptions and links to apply:

- Sr. Director of Engineering, Frontend: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/olxq5fw7

- Sr. Director of Engineering, Platform Services: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/oXsq5fwE

Please feel free to DM me if you'd like more details. My email is in my profile.


We're also hiring for several Individual Contributor roles: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/search?c=Engineerin...

- Software Engineer, Backend - Web Tier

- Sr. Software Engineer, Android

- Sr. Software Engineer, Frontend

- DevOps engineer

HoyaSaxa 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Narmi (Techstars NYC '17)| Full Stack Engineer (Front End Focused) | New York, NY (NYC) | ONSITE | https://www.narmitech.com

Narmi is helping reinvent banking in the United States. We help create a more accessible and useful financial ecosystem by powering the online banking and mobile banking experience for the 10,000 credit unions and community banks in the United States.

Narmi was founded by two Georgetown University alums who previously worked as CEO and CTO of a $18 million credit union and also at some of the largest banks in the world.

Even if you don't think you are an exact fit for one of our current openings, we'd still love to talk. We are always looking for well-rounded engineers that have expertise in python (django and django-rest-framework), vue.js, react native, ansbile, terraform, visual design/UI/UX, and/or security.

The interview process entails a call or two to get to know each other, followed by an in-person interview that includes a code pairing session.

Some keywords:* Full Stack Engineer, Full-stack Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Full-stack Developer* Front End Engineer, Front-end Engineer, Front End Developer, Full-end Developer* Banking, online banking, mobile banking, open banking APIs,* New York City, New York, NY, NYC, Manhattan

You can learn more on our website and apply via email:jobs @ our domain

nowarninglabel 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Kiva | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite | DevOps / SRE | http://kiva.org/careers

We're hiring someone who wants to make the world a better place with us through working on the systems that serve https://www.kiva.org We're a non-profit helping to alleviate poverty through connecting lenders to borrowers across the world and here in the US. It's a hand up not a hand out. We offer awesome benefits including a partner trip to anywhere we work in the world to meet our borrowers and partners after 1 year. We're looking for systems oriented folks to help us with our operations and security. We have a mix of self-hosted and AWS systems and are pretty well setup but have had some folks leave for greater things and need to shore up the team. If those aren't your thing then we're also going to be hiring for other positions later in the year, just shoot me an email (my username at gmail) and let me know! https://kiva.org/careers

jschwartz11 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Voodoo Manufacturing (YC W17) | Brooklyn, NY | Full-Time | Onsite | https://voodoomfg.com/jobs

We are building a digital factory to make manufacturing as fast, affordable, and scalable as software.


Roles were hiring for include:

* Robotic Automation Engineer (https://voodoomfg.com/jobs/robotic-automation-engineer)

* Product Manager (https://voodoomfg.com/jobs/product-manager)

* Software Developer (https://voodoomfg.com/jobs/software-developer)

* ML Engineer (https://voodoomfg.com/jobs/machine-learning-engineer)

* Office Manager (https://voodoomfg.com/jobs/office-manager)

* Content Marketing Manager (https://voodoomfg.com/jobs/content-marketing-manager)

* Customer Support (https://voodoomfg.com/jobs/customer-support-manager)

Please email jobs@voodoomfg.com if youre interested in applying.

Hotjar_Rec 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Hotjar is a young startup that embraces remote working and personal development.

Hotjar's culture is driven by transparency, respect, open discussion, collaboration and blunt and direct feedback. We have several positions open.

Hotjar | Big Data Engineer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Platform Engineer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Front-end Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | JavaScript Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Full Stack Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Python Developer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | Product Designer (Europe) | Remote

Hotjar | User Interface Designer (Europe) | Remote

Information about all roles can be found on our careers page: http://careers.hotjar.com/

truqcapp 10 hours ago 0 replies      
TruQC | Senior DevOps / Javascript Engineer | REMOTE Full-time | https://www.truqcapp.com/senior-devops-javascript-engineer/

TruQC is an iPad and web application looking for a senior-level engineer with an enthusiasm for DevOps and evolving frameworks. You will be working primarily within the AWS environment to lead adoption of best practices for our internal infrastructure, ensure uptime for Production and CI builds, and support on-premise customers with their deployments. You will join our Reliability Team rotation for on-call production support and will need to be a US citizen and pass a background check.

Youll play a hands-on mission-critical role, so real experience with the AWS toolbox, Linux, MySQL, and Docker is required. AWS certifications are a bonus. You'll have deployed Node.js code to production. Importantly, were looking for a committed, long-term, full-time teammate.

Our development group is a top-notch remote team, we offer monthly Hack Days, real opportunities to affect the strategic course of development, and we all share in that feeling of being on the winning team. Join us.


wag 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Wag Labs, Inc. | https://wagwalking.com | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

"[Wag] is the best-designed and most efficient app for summoning a dog walker with some or no advance notice." - NY Times [1]

Wanted: Mobile Engineers

We're looking for experienced iOS/Android engineers to work on our mobile apps (native Obj-C/Java) which are relied upon by many dog owners and dog walkers every day.

This is still a relatively small engineering team in a fast-growing company, so it's a great opportunity to have a lot of impact and ownership while we continue to grow. Our HQ is conveniently located on the Sunset Strip (West Hollywood) and we're backed by several top VCs. We offer our services in all major cities in the US.

Please submit your resume and a short intro about yourself to melvin@wagwalking.com (VP of Eng)

[1] https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/29/technology/personaltech/a...

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Textio | Seattle, WA USA | Full-Time | On-Site

My name is Max and I'm working at Textio to change how people write. We predict how your writing will perform based on previous real-world results from similar documents. We have some of the largest companies in the world as customers, and we're hiring engineers across the board to help us solve hard problems.

I love working here, and I'm pretty sure you will too. We have a tight-knit, friendly, and experienced team, an incredible product, and a bright future.

Buzzwords for Keyword Searchers: AI, NLP, Machine Learning, ReactJS, SaaS

All Textio careers - https://textio.com/careers/

Check out our team - https://textio.com/team/

Open Roles: VP of Engineering, Backend Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Frontend Software Engineer, Full Stack Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Senior Backend Software Engineer, Senior Data Scientist, Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Senior NLP Software Engineer, Product Manager, Account Executive, Sales Development Representative, Sales Operations Engineer, VP of Marketing, Customer Success Engineer

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ChowNow | Principal Front End Engineer | Los Angeles, CA (Playa Vista) | Full Time | Onsite | https://www.chownow.com/

At ChowNow, we build online ordering systems for thousands of restaurants. We're launching new projects in the coming months that I'm really excited about. Most recently, we launched https://eat.chownow.com and the iOS app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chownow-food-delivery-and-re...). I love working here as a software engineer. It's a great balance of challenge, responsibility, and freedom.

We're looking to bring on a Principal Front End Engineer to help us build out the new products and update some of the existing ones. We use React for our newest projects and have some Ember.js projects too. The position is here: http://bit.ly/chownow-frontend

In addition, we'd like to hire another senior-level backend / full-stack engineer to work on our Python-based services (http://bit.ly/chownow-fullstack). This is the team I'm on! We have interesting opportunities coming up related to scaling, architecture, and new products.

You can find all our open positions at https://jobs.lever.co/chownow?lever-via=MO5-ac-qvc or read more about ChowNow on Glassdoor (http://bit.ly/chownow-glassdoor). If you have questions what it's like to work here, please contact me at kevinlondon@chownow.com or Candice, our recruiter, at candice@chownow.com. Thanks!

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Sailthru | Site Reliability Engineer, Data Scientist | New York, NY | ONSITE

Sailthru helps marketers personalize their communications with their customers and subscribers across web, email and mobile. We use large data sets to help put content in front of people that they want to see. We power real-time messaging, automation and analytics for the worlds largest ecommerce and media brands.

We're looking for people to join our team in these roles:

 * site reliability engineer * data scientist
Any questions, please email me mdudys at sailthru.comSee our full list of open roles and descriptions: http://www.sailthru.com/careers/list/

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Astranis (YC W16) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | US Citizen or Green Card

Were building small, low-cost telecommunications satellites. Our mission is to help bring the 4 billion people online who are without internet. And to pull it off we have to reinvent 30 GHz radios in space using SDRs.

Work with veteran engineers from SpaceX, Google, Qualcomm, and Planet Labs who have flown things in space before. Well-funded, but still a small team that moves fast. No prior space experience needed, you just need to enjoy getting your hands dirty with real hardware and be ok with struggling to do things that seem impossibly hard.

Roles were hiring for include:

* Embedded software -- write mission critical software that runs the spacecraft. Should have experience with microcontroller driver-level code and basic PCB design.

* Electrical -- PCB design, layout, bringup, test. Bonus: experience with fault-tolerant electronics, power systems, or high speed digital design

* Power electronics -- Design ~2 kW satellite power systems, including solar arrays and electronics for power regulation and distribution

* Fault tolerant systems -- Design fault tolerant electronics for operating in a radiation environment

* Aerospace/controls -- implement solutions to 6 DOF, non-linear control problems. Experience with spacecraft controls is a plus but not required.

* RF/Microwave -- work across a broad range designing and implementing RF systems at microwave frequencies, including LNAs and power amplifiers

* DSP/FPGA -- program FPGA hardware, develop custom DSP IP cores and integrate off-the-shelf IP cores

Please email john@astranis.com if youre interested in learning more.

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Curve - www.imaginecurve.com | Shoreditch, London, UK | Onsite | FT | FinTech - Salary + Equity + great coffee!

Come join our adventure! - Were currently eager to hear from naturally inquisitive, experienced & deft SREs, Full Stack Software Engineers and Android Developers who want to make a difference and have influence!

Our Mission: Curve is on a mission to simplify the way people spend, send, see and save money. We are focused on an ambitious opportunity fuelled by a couple of trends starting to play out in the market, from fragmentation of financial services to new convergence layers for the customer experience. We believe the end-game will be a connected world of money, tailored individually for each customer. As such, we're building a new category - a digital banking platform.

About Us: We are an award winning high-performance team of circa 40 (recently won WIREDMoney Startup) rallied around a higher purpose; we work closely together to turn dreams and ideas into actions and product innovation. Developing a ground-breaking product with our customers at the core. We are, bold, like to challenge assumptions, adaptable and resourceful in the ways we can serve people. We constantly strive to find the why, and move quickly into action. We believe in deep collaboration, treat each other respectfully and improve together. Our collective conviction and passion drives our mission.

Technical Complexities: scalability, security & real-time transactions are all part of the day-to-day challenges; the near future will include a public API, fraud engine, machine learning & big data.If you like to be intellectually stretched, your potential exercised and want an opportunity to have a real voice, input, impactful contribution and agency, then were offering that in abundance.

Tech Stack includes: PHP, GO, Symfony2, Kubernetes, AWS, Snowplow, Java, RxJava

Contact: Anney our Talent Lead on anney.wyner@imaginecurve.com or for more info about our jobs, check out: https://curve-1.workable.com

Our Process: Includes a developer challenge and 3/4 conversations.but we dont dither when deciding and can turn offers around very quickly!

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20spokes | Full Stack Engineer | Chicago IL | REMOTE, ONSITE https://www.20spokes.com/careers

20spokes is looking for its next team member. Were a small team that works in web development building web apps and mobile apps. We are growing fast and quickly becoming one of the premier agencies in Chicago for startups. Projects are exciting and new as we work with our clients to build their ideas and businesses start on the web. Our unique and broad experience helps us work effectively with projects ranging from 2-6 months.

* 46 Years of experience with Ruby on Rails in a production environment.* Solid experience with React or other Javascript frameworks like Angular or Ember.* Experience working on fast-paced projects in an agile environment.* Pragmatic approach while still delivering quality and maintainable code.* Team player looking to collaborate and contribute to shipping great projects.* Strong desire to learn and improve your skills.* Strong object oriented programming foundation.* Experience creating data structure and modeling the architecture of a project* Work using TDD principles.

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GitLab | Engineering and Non-Engineering Roles | Remote Only | Full-time | https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/

We're currently hiring recruiters, a security specialist, sales development reps, and director level positions, see https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/ We're a remote only company so everyone can participate and contribute equally. GitLab Community Edition is an open-source Ruby on Rails project with over 1000 contributors.

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brightwheel | San Francisco | http://mybrightwheel.com

Brightwheel is the first mobile platform for early education. It's a super talented team + a meaningful product that impacts daily life for teachers and parents. We are far outpacing our growth plan, now in every state and growing globally - with incredibly passionate users.

Here's more in a quick video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iKitGJeAZ4

Stack: Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, native Android & iOS

For the following positions, we are looking for Senior level:

Full Stack and/or Backend engineer:* https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/46968-lead-engineer

Dir/VP of Eng:* https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/139087-director-of-enginee...

Head of Product and/or Product Manager:* https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/91357-head-of-product

Head of Design (UI/UX):* https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/51213-head-of-design

Please contact julia@mybrightwheel.com and prefix your email subject line with [HN].

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Findify | Sales Development Representative | US | Full-time, Remote

Findify is a Machine Learning powered search & Discovery solution for e-commerce sites. We have 1000+ e-commerce businesses in more than 50 countries around the world deliver a better experience to their customers, and increase their sales.

This role in Findify is more than the classic SDR definition. The Sales Development Representative (SDR) holds a critical position at the top of the sales funnel for the entire company. The SDR is often our customers first experience with Findify. Lead generation, relationship building and effective communication is key in this role.


Prospect, educate, qualify leads, identify key players and develop target accounts.

Articulate the Findify business value proposition to decision makers to assess buying interest.

Work closely with the Findify sales team to accelerate sales cycle and to extend reach into target accounts

Accurately track customer interaction in with the client base to ensure efficient lead management

Required Experience:

2+ years in a phone-based sales position, SaaS sales is a plus

Good working knowledge of e-commerce, social media and its influence on business today

Energetic and social team player with excellent verbal and written communication skills

Ability to build client relationships over the phone / video conference

Advanced level of prospecting and qualification experience within sales

Must be organized and detail process oriented

Must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently or in a team environment

Apply here: https://findify.io/careers/sales-development-rep/

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Ubiqu | Multiple Positions | Delft, The Netherlands | Full-time | Onsite | https://ubiqu.com/career/

Ubiqu, lets you log in with one app; no username or password, but with the security of a smartcard.Ubiqu has the same level of security as your bank card, id card, SIM, but now delivered as an app and pin on a mobile phone.

Ubiqu is approx. 10 persons, funded and profitable and growing, selling to banks and telco's and launching free developer product soon.

We are looking for deep developers with a crypto itch or embedded affinity and marketeers that can make their aunt want the impossibly complex for being utterly simple.

Check out https://ubiqu.com/ for info and https://ubiqu.com/career/ for job details.

Interested, reach out to me at boris@ubiqu.com.

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Rackspace | Remote | Senior Software Developers

Rackspace is hiring remote software developers for the Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC) Operational Fabric team. We're currently 4 senior devs and a technical manager and all work from home. You'll help develop and deploy automation to observe and control many clouds.

For more info about this job, see our job description and application instructions on Github: https://github.com/CrashenX/rackspace_jobs/blob/d5735092f8f4...

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BOOKING.COM ONSITE Full-time, relocation to Amsterdam, (H1B or its dutch equivalent anyway) is taken care of by the company.

General Interview Process -> Hackerrank test, call with the recruiter, phone interview, onsite interviews

I work at Booking.com, which is a world leader in travel accommodations, as a backend developer. I have only positive things to say about working here. The people are intelligent and helpful, interesting problems to solve and the work hours are unbelievably sane. The company is strongly data driven and very dynamic, which was one of its biggest charms for me. Amsterdam is not a bad place to be either :) The Dutch government also gives a tax break through the 30% ruling to non-dutch people.

The work environment is very international and everybody speaks fluent English. The relocation process is also very finely tuned through years of experience of doing this.If you have any other questions about the company or the hiring process or you would like me to refer you, please feel free to send me an email at siddharthsarda01 at gmail.com (Email also in my profile at Hacker news).

To have an idea of the kind of problems being solved here, you can also look at our dev blog:http://blog.booking.com/

We are hiring for our headquarters office in Amsterdam:

- Backend developers - http://grnh.se/g5n6oe

- Frontend developers - http://grnh.se/cxmso8

- Product Owners in various departments - http://grnh.se/edvq2n

- Data analysts - http://grnh.se/al15kt

- Data Scientist(Machine Learning) - http://grnh.se/5uxtdv

- UX Designer - http://grnh.se/e23axu

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IOpipe (https://iopipe.com) | Fully Distributed | Remote (US only)

We're a seed stage development and operations platform for AWS Lambda, is hiring a backend/systems software engineer who will be engaged in developing, operating, and scaling our APIs and data ingestion pipeline. A strong candidate will have interest, if not experience, in the serverless space, observability, and AWS.

We're under 10, venture backed, and building out a diverse and fully remote team devoted to enabling serverless development and operations. You can mail us at hiring@iopipe.com if you're interested or have questions.

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Outcomes.com | San Francisco Bay Area, CA| Co-founder CTO | Full-time | https://outcomes.com

We're building a platform to transform patient feedback and bring objective patient-reported outcome measurement to routine practice. Our web/mobile-web/sms-based software automates the process of checking in with patients before and after major treatments. We're starting out by using validated surveys to measure changes in symptoms, function and quality of life over time and bring that data back to the point-of-care to close the loop, enable proactive decision making and help practices navigate the shift from volume to value.

We have a HIPAA compliant MVP that is already used by practices and a grant funded project with UCSF. We've bootstrapped to where we are today and have an incredibly clean cap table. As a committed full-time physician founder I'm now looking for an ambitious technical partner who can really help drive the business forward, put us in the sweet spot to raise some initial funding and grow the team. I'm looking for someone who:

- Is startup ready: willing and able to get their hands dirty, take on the risk that an early stage startup involves in return for real founder-level equity and little or no pay until we raise funding. Not someone wanting to sit on the fence until it takes off.

- Has the right skills: Fluent in JavaScript, experience working across the stack but more than anything else a history of building, curiosity and learning with a need to create something great.

- Is the right fit: Experience nice but not necessary, however an active interest in improving healthcare is a must. Someone who enjoys building teams and helping people grow.

If you're interested in learning more please contact me at francis@outcomes.com

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Cybus.io | Hamburg, Germany | Node.JS Developer (m/f) | Full time | ONSITECybus is looking for a motivated Senior Node.js Developer (m/f). You will build a robust, modular system to deliver flexible solutions to our customers. Drive our middleware forward in terms of scalability and reliability and ensure that our system stays cutting-edge while keeping high quality standards.You ideally if you enjoy building awesome applications from scratch. You're excellent knowledge of best practices in JavaScript and a deep understanding of Test Driven Development & Clean Code.What We offer - a young & motivated tech company.- startup opportunities, atmosphere and latest industry gadgets- Family first policy flexible working hours and spare time- fresh fruits, juice and fantastic coffee.- regular team events and relaxed after-work activities.- attractive additional serviceshttps://www.cybus.io/de/tech-jobs-de/senior-node-js-entwickl...Contact: career[at]cybus.io Please send email with 'Hacker News' in subject line.
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Full-time, remote within US

Ksplice is the leading technology that allows administrators to patch the kernel on the fly with zero downtime and zero disruption. We're a distributed team of engineers forming part of the Linux and Virtualization group at Oracle with a passion for working on exciting technology, software craftmanship and all things Linux.

We're looking for a systems engineer to join us, helping Ksplice patch even more of the system, support new releases and improving our workflow. If you take pride in crafting software, don't rest until you full understand complex problems and are curious about what happens on the layer below then Ksplice will be of interest to you. You'll like working at all levels of a Linux system, developing tooling in Python+bash, analyzing security vulnerabilities in Linux kernel patches, enhancing the Ksplice tools and improving the workflow.

Required skills include:

 * Skilled with software development best practices including TDD * Expert level C/C++ programming * Understanding of security issues and defences in compiled languages * Strong experience with Python * Experience developing the Linux kernel * Excellent problem solving and debugging skills
More information about Ksplice is available at http://ksplice.oracle.com/ and you can contact me by email at jamie.iles@oracle.com if you have any questions. Oracle is an equal opportunity employer.

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simplesurance GmbH | Berlin, Germany | Onsite, Full Time http://www.simplesurance-group.com/

We are building one of the worlds leading platforms to make insurance accessible. Since 2012, we are proudly Made in Berlin: we are very international with 150+ people from over 30+ countries working daily in our central Berlin office. Our internationalism is reflected also in our business since we are active in over 28 countries.

InsurTech is just taking off https://blog.ycombinator.com/thoughts-on-insurance/ and weve been there from the beginning.

What we are looking for:

 - Golang Software Engineer (f/m): For hardcore gophers. - Language-agnostic Software Engineer (f/m): For pragmatic developers always looking to learn new things. - Manual and Automation Test Engineer (f/m): For people with proven experience in Quality Assurance testing methodologies. - DevOps Engineer (f/m): For lovers of infrastructure as code and service orchestration.
Email: jobs@simplesurance.de | http://www.simplesurance-group.com/careers/

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Group Nine Media | NYC/San Francisco | ONSITE | Full-Time | Senior Backend Software Engineer

Group Nine Media is a media company that was formed after the merger of four top media brands combined with a $100 MM investment from Discovery Communications. We're the company behind NowThis, Seeker, Thrillist, and The Dodo.

We are hiring a Senior Software Engineer for the systems engineering team. Our stack includes PHP, Python, Ruby, and Clojure. Ideal candidate is empathetic, takes initiative, is well-organized, and gets things done.

Apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/groupninemedia/jobs/715694#app

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GiveCampus (YC S15) | Software Engineer | Washington DC, SF | ONSITE

GiveCampus is a Y Combinator-backed company that builds fundraising software for educational institutions. We're tired of schools being stuck with crappy software that never changes, and we're working to bring actual innovation to the space, and solve the hair-on-fire problems fundraisers face.

Michael Seibel, CEO of YC, expects us to be a household name in the next few years: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13896296. We were also covered by the Washington Post last year (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/wp/2016/04/1...), and have more than quadrupled the number of schools using us since it was published.

We're still a small team, so if you're looking to join a fast-growing startup and have an immediate impact, we're looking for both full-stack (Ruby on Rails, Postgres) and front-end engineers with at least 2 years of professional experience.

Reach out to careers@givecampus.com with a bit about why you're passionate about education, and a project you've working on that you're particularly proud of.

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Goodfoot | Full-Stack Developer | New York | https://goodfoot.io/ | Onsite

Goodfoot builds video applications for the worlds largest companies. Millions of people communicate using our technology every day.

We are profitable, 100% employee owned, and developer driven. Our team of five leans heavily on React, and projects often include cutting edge server technologies - think time series databases, IPFS, and Deepstream - to offer features for a market with unique, large-scale challenges.

We focus on a stable of core products and often extend them to customer specifications. We have recently developed applications that use drones to assess disaster sites for insurance companies, distributed systems that move huge amounts of video data across high-security networks and web interfaces that give financial organizations real-time insight on whats happening behind markets. We value elegance in implementation and invest heavily in the user experience.

The Goodfoot offices are the East Village, one of NYC's most historic and exciting neighborhoods and near many public transportation options.

We believe people do their best work when challenged, excited, and well-rested. Excellence in execution forms the bedrock of our organization, and we understand that developers, like professional athletes, need collaboration and support to perform at the highest level.

Email me with any questions at - johnwehr (at) goodfoot (dot) io - I'd love to hear from you.

Apply here: https://goodfoot.recruiterbox.com/

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NGP VAN - Washington, DC and Boston, MA

We're hiring for a number of positions right now:

* Software Engineer (DC)

* Front End Developer (Boston or DC)

* SQL Server Developer (Boston or DC)

* Data Services Specialist (DC)

NGP VAN is the worlds leading political technology firm, providing campaign and organizing technology to Democrats, progressives, and non-partisan organizations. We built the voter contact and volunteer management tools used by Obama for America. Nearly every State Democratic Party in the United States distributes our VoteBuilder tools to Democrats up and down the ticket, and we provide industry-leading organizing tools that enable labor unions, environmental groups, pro-choice advocates, civil rights activists, and progressive political parties to win their campaigns around the world. Our fundraising and compliance software is used by the majority of Democrats from the Presidential level on down, and our engagement platform has become the most-used toolset for Democratic campaigns as well.

NGP VAN has been recognized by Inc. magazine as a top 50 fastest-growing and best place to work. We have a passion for our employees career advancement. We are an open-minded, flexible workplace that values learning and contributions of many different kinds.

Apply here: https://www.ngpvan.com/careers

We interview across a pretty wide range of experience levels. Hit me up at dmiller at ngpvan dot com for more info or to apply. I'm the VP of Engineering here.

Keywords: ONSITE

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Hockeystick | Toronto, Canada | Full-Time | Onsite | Canada Citizen or Permanent Resident

We're a fintech startup (https://www.hockeystick.co) with a big vision for using data to improve how private capital markets and innovation clusters work. With Hockeystick, you can automate your data collection and reporting process while making use of that insight for better analysis. Funds can capture private company data and measure portfolio performance in less time, and even evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impact of startup programs and services with ease.

Our small team is set to accomplish some lofty goals this year and we want you involved!

Roles we are hiring for include:* Data Engineer - Python, ETL, SQL, DevOps* Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails 4, Javascript, React, HTML 5, CSS 3

For more information, please visit https://www.hockeystick.co/careers or forward your CV to jobs@hockeystick.co

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Instacart | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full Time | https://www.instacart.com

Every few years, a company appears that transforms an industry. Instacart has the chance to be one of those companies, and you could be one of the early people that shape Instacart. We're changing how people shop for groceries.

Join our team to build the next CI/CD pipeline powered by Kubernetes at Instacart and let our talented developers deploys their apps really fast.

We run our infrastructure on top of AWS and are embracing Terraform to normalize and standardize our environment.

Apply now: https://boards.greenhouse.io/instacart/jobs/602958

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SQream Technologies | GPU (CUDA) Developer, C++ Developer, Haskell Developer DevOps Engineer, Big Data DBA, Big Data Solutions Architect | NYC and Tel Aviv | Onsite | Fulltime

More details about these jobs - http://sqream.com/about/careers/or directly by e-mailing jobs@sqream.com

At SQream Technologies, we create the most flexible Big Data GPU powered database. We routinely deal with hundreds and thousands of terabytes with our Nvidia-powered GPU database product.The entire product is built internally in SQream, and we're looking to expand in both our R&D department and our Project team.

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TripsByTips | Berlin, Germany | Full stack or front end developer ONSITE | https://en.tripsbytips.com/

Our team needs support to rebuild our core application from scratch. We are looking for enthusiastic front end and/or PHP/JS full stack developers eager to design and work with a young, dynamic team.

TripsByTips is a multilingual crowdsourcing platform to produce useful travel content (text, photos, geodata) with 15,000 freelancers in 106 countries and we build software as a geo-service.

The tools we currently use: PHP (Micro-)Frameworks: Symfony, Silex, Slim, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, React, ECMAScript 2015/2016, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab.

Lene Giese looks forward to your questions and application (030-616528400, tripsbytips.jobs@gmail.com)


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SymphonyRM | Palo Alto CA, Irvin CA | http://www.symphonyrm.com/

SymphonyRM (SRM) is a new healthcare CRM company focused on transforming healthcare provider networks into high performing, member focused organizations. We help hospital systems navigate the transition to value-based care by imparting the membership model to how providers interact their patients and physicians, enabling hospital staff to coordinate and engage members with proactive, intelligent actions.

We focus on moving key operating metrics for our health system clients. We bring a unique combination of expertise in CRM software, data science and change management to client engagements and have generated substantial value for hospital systems both mid-tier and large scale. Clients love the results they are achieving using our product.


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Coffee Meets Bagel | Senior Data Scientist | San Francisco | Full-Time | ONSITE https://coffeemeetsbagel.com/jobs/

Hey Im Karim, CTO at Coffee Meets Bagel. Im looking to hire Senior Data Scientist to work on our best in class dating app and algorithm.

We currently have 2 engineers/scientists on our data science team and will be growing it considerably over the next year as we tackle new frontiers and problems in dating.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that focuses on quality over quantity. We're growing fast and looking for great engineers to help build new features and scale out our platform globally.

We have a super fun office near Union Square right off the BART line and you'd get to work with a bunch of very smart, driven, passionate, and fun people all dedicated to helping our users find love!

Data Science: https://jobs.lever.co/coffeemeetsbagel/e90ee127-646e-43b8-a6...

Check out our engineering blog to learn more!:http://tech.coffeemeetsbagel.com

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Speak | iOS Engineer | San Francisco | usespeakeasy.com | Full Time | ONSITE https://angel.co/speak-4/jobs

Speak (YC W17) is an AI English tutor on your phone. Our app features a cast of fun virtual characters that weve carefully created to improve your English fluency as quickly as possible. Were building speech recognition that can understand heavy accents and that lets users actually have conversations in Englishwithout needing a human partner.

We launched only a few months ago and users all around the world are already having over 50,000 conversations per week with our virtual characters. Were backed by Y Combinator and some of the best investors in the world.

Were looking for our first iOS/Swift engineer to lead mobile development and eventually help grow and lead the team. We want to talk to you if you are a curious person, care about the details of a great user experience, and can build fast.

Were currently a tiny team of 4 working out of a beautiful brick office in the SoMa district of San Francisco. Email us at jobs@usespeakeasy.com, and come help us build the way the next billion people will learn English.

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Volumental | Frontend Engineering | Stockholm | https://volumental.com

Volumental is a startup with approximately 30 people currently in a strong growth phase. Having begun rolling out in 2016, our products are now with businesses in 32 countries. Volumentals products are at present technologically unparalleled in the global retail industry, with our technology team having invested years solving a series of difficult problems. This has placed Volumental in a unique position as the global technology leader for 3D Retail Scanning.

Our vision is to make retail more efficient, sustainable and personalized. By helping people find and create products that fit them perfectly, people feel more connection to the things they buy. We reduce waste by reducing returns and helping brands create products that really fit their customers. Read more about life at Volumental here.

We represent 7 nationalities and are 48% women, some in the engineering team.

Apply here!https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/1925-volumental-front-end-devel...

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EDEKA Bringmeister | Software Engineer - Frontend / Backend / DevOps / QA | Berlin | FULL-TIME INTERNS ONSITE https://www.bringmeister.de

Bringmeister is Germany's first grocery delivery service - we are delivering groceries to your door step in Berlin and Munich.

For our development team in Berlin we are looking for:* Software Engineer - Backend* Software Engineer - Frontend (React)* DevOps Engineer (We are running on AWS and make extensive use of Ansible and Docker)* QA Engineer

All levels, internships or working students positions are available as well. Basic german skills (and/or willingness to learn) are a must.

Interview process works like this: first step, very short phone interview to talk about the position and your interests, second step pair onsite with our developers, third step is a final interview with me and HR.Contact me: nicholas.wittstruck@edeka.de

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Phantom | Front End Developer | London, UK | ONSITE, Full-Time, http://phantom.land

Phantom is a forward thinking digital creative agency based in Old Street, London, United Kingdom. We are currently on the hunt for mid/senior front end developers, especially those with a more creative side.We don't put our developers in a box, but expect them to be involved from strategy to delivery, working collaboratively with the entire team to find unique solutions to some amazing briefs. To help facilitate this we have our own bar in the office (with no locks on the fridge!) and the cupboards are always stocked with snacks and treats. Most importantly we have an awesome development and creative team in place and are looking for more like-minded people who will keep pushing the agency forward.

A small sample of the technologies, languages and frameworks we use include AngularJS, Three.js, Django, Flask and Google App Engine. Some recent projects we've worked on include a Cardboard VR Experience for Google (http://phantom.land/work/petra/) and an interactive piece for the TATE Modern featuring music by Sigur Rs (http://phantom.land/work/states-of-matter/).

Please check out our site (http://phantom.land) for more info. Alternatively send matt@phntms.com an email directly with your CV and any relevant information. Would love to see any recent or personal projects in your email.

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Pushfor | Senior Backend Developer | London, UK | Full-time, Onsite

Pushfor is an instant messaging and content sharing platform designed specifically for secure business use. We are looking for professionalism, initiative, and commitment to the team. On a technical level, we are looking for someone who understands SOLID design, who has experience developing maintainable/decoupled code, and who is a close (not necessarily perfect) match to the essential skills listed below.

Our interview process consists of an initial phone call, a technical interview, and an interview with management.

Important Skills:

- Strong PHP and Symfony- SQL & MongoDB- Devops experience: Linux, Docker, AWS, Orchestration- Best practices: TDD, BDD, DDD

Would be nice to have:

- CQRS/Event Sourcing- Functional Programming- Python- Java

Interested? Email luis@pushfor.com

P.S. We are also looking for a Junior / Mid Developer.

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Software Engineer (Back End) | CareMessage (YC W14) | REMOTE | FullTime CareMessage is looking for a Software Engineer with Ruby on Rails experience to help build and maintain our web platform that streamlines care management and delivers interactive mobile programs to improve health outcomes. Youll be working on exciting projects like optimizing our Sidekiq queuing system, improving and building new integrations with Twilio, building our customer analytics code, and helping improve and maintain our own API. Our engineering team follows agile principles in a test driven development process. We are a remote first team that values open collaboration and shared ownership. More Info: http://grnh.se/fhi2ql1
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SimplePractice | Santa Monica (Los Angeles area) | Onsite/Full time | https://www.simplepractice.com

SimplePractice is the future of practice management. Were at the forefront of making it simple for clinicians to run and grow their practices. Weve built the highest-rated practice management software and were on track to become the most-used product in our industry.

We are looking for a passionate, motivated and skilled (senior) Full Stack engineer (Ruby on Rails/Ember.JS) and a mid-level to senior front-end engineer with production experience in Ember.JS and Excellent HTML5/CSS3 skills to make an impact in the health care industry. We value delivering a great customer experience, clean/maintainable code, automated testing and code reviews.

You can find out more here https://www.simplepractice.com/careers/

Our stack includes Ruby Rails, EmberJS, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Sidekiq, Elasticsearch, ChefIf you have any questions or you are interested - Please reach out to me (CTO) ralph@simplepractice.com

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Underdog.io | New York, NY | https://underdog.io | Full-Time | ONSITE

Were looking to hire at least one senior software engineer. Ideally, this person would have experience with Javascript/Node.js and Python.

Today, Underdog.io is a curated marketplace for talent. We connect amazing people with founders, hiring managers, and internal recruiters at top technology companies.

Were building technology to reduce the noise of the job search and match. We started Underdog.io because we experienced the pains associated with (1) hiring while working at top startups and (2) looking for new opportunities.

Our platform is currently live in SF and NYC. We work with over 300 awesome companies. Quality is key to our model -- we turn away one of every two companies that have tried to join the network. We've proudly bootstrapped and profitable.

As we scale, well focus on building tools for candidates to organize, search, and discover new job opportunities. In our view of the future, job candidates dont receive as much unsolicited outreach from recruiters. Job search is organized, and talented candidates have more high-quality options.

We use Python/Flask, Javascript/Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, and AWS. We're also working on a project in Ruby/Sinatra. And we're big supporters of open source.

Link to Github: https://github.com/underdogio

Link to recent Medium post: https://medium.com/@cmuir/lessons-from-sixteen-months-of-boo...

Email chris@underdog.io to apply.

Because we're still a small team, we're not able to accommodate recent bootcamp graduates. No recruiters or dev shops, please. =/

Keywords: New York City, Brooklyn, Developer, Dev, Engineer, Python, Flask, Node.js, Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Open Source, https://underdog.io/, San Francisco

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Versame | Senior Data Scientist(s) / Mobile Developer / UX Contractor | Menlo Park | Full-time / On-site

Starling by VersaMe is a Series A funded startup founded by three Stanford graduates and experienced entrepreneurs aiming to radically improve childhood education. In 2016, we launched the Starling, a child worn wearable device that measures the quantity and quality of parent-child interaction. In 2017, we are expanding our offerings while gathering completely unique data sets.

We're looking for the following roles:

Senior Data Scientist (Audio) - https://www.workable.com/j/7E24143839

Senior Data Scientist (Wearable Sensor) - https://www.workable.com/j/B5C86030DA

Lead Mobile Developer - https://www.workable.com/j/520175304C

Senior UX/UI Contractor - https://www.workable.com/j/1DA625AA02

Keywords: iOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Java, R, Python, NLP, Machine Learning, JavaScript

Career page: https://www.versame.com/careers/

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Expedia (EDW) | Senior Full-Stack / Back-End Engineers | Bellevue, WA | Full-Time | ONSITE

Expedia's Enterprise Data Warehouse Engineering team is expanding and looking to hire several senior full-stack or back-end engineers. We're working on improving our big data platform and making it easier for analysts to do their jobs. Hadoop-related experience is a big plus, but not required.

Tech: Java, Node.js, Angular 4, Hadoop, Teradata, AWS, & more

More info and application: https://expedia.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/search, search for R-16566. Feel free to contact me directly at dbauman@expedia.com for more information.


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Clustree | Data Software Engineer | Paris, France | REMOTE https://www.clustree.com/

Clustree offers artificial intelligence to make internal and external HR data blind to stereotypes and human bias. Our mission is to build a technology solution that delivers fact-based and proactive decision making for career development and recruitment. We just raised $7.9 million.

We work on cool problems with microservices using Python 3, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Spark, Keras (lots of machine learning!), Docker and Kubernetes. We offer true remote: I work from Reunion Island and only travel to Paris (10 000 km away!) twice a year. You should speak French and should live between UTC and UTC+4.

We're hiring multiple Data Software Engineers and would love to hear from you: https://www.workable.com/j/C50A777C59.

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Flexport | San Francisco | Full-Time | On-Site

Flexport is a platform for global trade in an industry that comprises 12% of the global GDP. We are building products that are enabling anyone to participate in trade regardless of geographic, regulatory or logistical boundariesBy dramatically simplifying the process of importing goods from overseas, we aim to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs benefitting from the wonders of international trade.

To keep up with our 20% MoM growth in this multi-trillion-dollar industry and international expansion, were growing our team by ~3 engineers per month in our downtown SF HQ.Check us out if you:

-Care about the real world functionality of your programming

-Want to be part of a close-knit engineering team that releases new code multiple times per day

-Take a product-first approach to building software

-Have a desire to build scalable programs that standardize information flow and increase operational capacity

Our stack: React + Rails + Postgres with some Python sneaking in.

Want to learn more? Email moira@flexport.com or check out our site https://www.flexport.com/careers/department/engineering

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Aquila | Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer | SF, NYC | REMOTE, CONTRACT https://aquilacashflow.com

About Aquila:

We are back to who's hiring after taking on great talent from this post. Thank you HackerNews Community. We are a bleeding Edge FinTech Innovation. We automate receivables finance underwriting & collections for small, high-risk businesses that no one else will touch. We love using statistics (K-Means clustering & OLS) and platform engineering to make business financing as automated and as fast as possible. We also leverage our prior expertise (SericaTrading) in bitcoin blockchain and HD wallet cryptography to do amazing new things for our customers.

Our team:Engineers, data scientists and product experts. Our platform is built on Ruby, Go, Python Postgres & JavaScript. We hire onsite and remote. We're a fast-moving, fast talking team.

Our Requirements:* Demonstrated passion for Fintech innovation, Opensource contributions, blockchains, and datascience* Passion for Test driven development and continuous learning* Enjoyment of the wild startup rodeo. Yee haw!* No Fear of the edge of FinTech datascience and engineering

Our Stack:* Ruby on Rails* Python* Clojure/Go* JavaScript* PostgreSQL* AWS

Our Interview Process: * Github & code review -> Founder interview -> Team interview + test -> Decision for either 2-week trial or immediate hire.

Positions:* Senior Data Scientist: Apply here: https://aquila-1.workable.com/j/1ED38AD80A

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Skyscanner | full-time senior / lead hires | London, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Budapest, Sofia | ONSITE, VISA http://grnh.se/3ti0do1

We're one of the biggest travel search products in the world. Recently acquired by CTrip, China's biggest travel services provider, we have a unique position in the market and are continuing our incredible growth as a tech company. We'll soon be a top-100 website in the world by traffic.

Hiring at an experienced level in lots of disciplines: backend with micro-services & distributed systems, big data & data science & machine learning, full stack (modern frontend + api skills), designers, product, iOS & Android. Languages we like and have great tooling for: Java, Python, JavaScript & NodeJS.

We have a number of offices in Europe, and are focusing on London and Barcelona in particular.

We want to hire great people to solve large-scale challenges and build industry-leading new products. In short, if you've got good software industry and tech company experience, know what best practices look like, and have the drive to improve product and people around you, we're interested.

I see a lot of freedom, responsibility, accountability here. We have room to make decisions, move fast, and the encouragement to make things better. It's exciting.

Please ping me an email at alex.treppass@skyscanner.net if you want me to refer you, and/or have questions.

Permanent & onsite roles only. Relocation / visa assistance for senior roles.

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Ascendify | Senior Engineer / Team Lead - Scala | San Francisco, CA | FULLTIME, ONSITE | https://talent.ascendify.com/careers/jobs/team-lead-engineer...

Ascendify is a rapidly growing, silicon valley, venture-backed company based in downtown San Francisco that delivers talent solutions to large, global companies. Ascendifys end-to-end talent platform leverages artificial intelligence to help enterprise companies attract, select, develop and grow talent.

The Shared Services Team Lead Engineer is a senior leader on the engineering team. Working as an individual contributor and leader of our shared services team. You will will help to shape junior engineers through the examples of your own code. You must be capable of working in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, be self-motivated, results-driven and detail-oriented to achieve success. You are a technology champion and change agent.

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Vernacular.AI (https://vernacular.ai) | ML/NLP Engineer | Bangalore, India | Onsite, Full-time

Vernacular.AI is a VC backed startup, solving the language problem for Indian businesses by enabling them to interact with their multi-lingual customers using a state of the art NLP-powered AI engine.

We are looking for the following roles in our Engineering team.

 - Senior ML/NLP Engineer (1-3 year) - Junior ML/NLP Engineer (0-2 year)
Your task would be to protect the realm of the company by conjuring spells powered by Random forests, ANNs and SVMs. You shall be bestowed upon with the responsibility of protecting the holy septum (read: the ML engine) of the firm against unprecedented overfitting and treacherous trade-offs.

 - You will be a critical member of an engineering team working on architecting, developing and augmenting cutting edge AI Platform - Ensure that the AI layer is super scalable, fault tolerant and well documented - Taking ownership of NLP Problems, exploring existing research/solutions and running experiments by tweaking solutions to get the best results - Help improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation and performing code reviews - Customise and train existing AI algorithms and models in a given context
React out to us at hello@vernacular.ai if you're interested.You can drop me a line at pravj@vernacular.ai with HN in the subject.

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Captain401 (YC S15) | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Captain401 is a Y Combinator-backed company that offers an easy and affordable 401(k) retirement plan for the modern workforce. We've built an automated, paperless 401(k) that makes it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to offer a 401(k) benefit to their employees -- something that only 14% of them are able to do today. In doing so, we're empowering businesses of any size to safeguard the financial futures of their employees.

Were also backed by top Silicon Valley investors: http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2016/02/24/captain401-ra.... If youve been wanting to dive into an early stage startup, this is the perfect time to start talking to us.

We have a lot of open roles, so we'd love to hear from anyone interested to working with us. Specifically, we're hiring for:

* Full-stack Engineer (We use Node.js, React.js, Golang, and PostgreSQL)

* Technical recruiter

* Product Manager (5+ years experience required)

* Customer support

Reach out to careers@captain401.com, or apply at https://captain401.com/careers

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Homelight | Software Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE | fulltime | https://www.homelight.com/careers

Current Interview Process: quick chat, engineering phone screen, onsite, team lunch, reference check, offer.

HomeLight is creating the best way for home buyers and sellers to find the best real estate agent using objective data about real estate agent performance. We're continually working on our matching algorithm (machine learning & data science) and currently working on some big initiatives to improve how home buyers and sellers and agents interact with homelight and with each other (mobile apps, new product features, etc.)

We're a small team of 7 engineers. Our stack is Ruby on Rails(4.2), and Postgresql(9.6) hosted on Heroku. The front end is using Ember. We've got reasonable test coverage with rspec. People know python and R.

Tasks are reasonably defined, and its normal to push back on tasks to determine the business value in our work. We're not just a feature factory, we care about the value delivered in what we build. As engineers, we have an enormous amount of latitude in the implementation details of our work. Because we're small, you're going to need to know the full stack. You're going to have to write javascript here, sorry.

We're looking to hire Software Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, and Data Engineers. If you're interested in real estate, you should apply.

I applied via the link on the careers page, but if you have any questions, you can email me at evan@homelight.com. When you apply, make sure to mention you saw this hackernews post.

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inviCRO (https://www.invicro.com/) | Full Stack, Perl Engineer | Boston, MA | ONSITE | Full-time

Make an impact at a dynamic and growing life sciences company that provides medical imaging services and software to the drug development community. inviCRO is currently seeking an experienced Web Engineers to join our growing software team.

For more details, see our postings:

* Full Stack: https://invicro.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0heov

* Perl: https://invicro.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0mrb8

Please apply on our site (above) or email white [at] invicro [dot] com directly with your resume/CV. Our interview process includes 1-2 phone interviews followed by a potential on-site interview/visit to our offices.

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InsiteVR | NYC, NY | Full Time

-- What We Do --

InsiteVR (YC W15) is building a virtual reality platform that helps architects and designers easily present 3D spaces in virtual reality. Challenges we're working on: networked VR experiences, mesh optimization for smooth VR performance, novel VR user interfaces, data analytics of user interactions in VR, and making the development of VR experiences as accessible as possible to anyone who can generate 3D content.

--What We're Looking For--

3D Graphics engineer - lead development of mesh exporters and optimization pipeline. You should be comfortable manipulating and visualizing mesh data.

Full Stack Dev - someone who can help improve our API and implement simple, but elegant front end interfaces for our users to upload and preview content on.Our stack: node, mongo, react, threejs, AWS (S3, EC2, SQS), Heroku

If you're interested you can apply below or contact me directly: angel@insitevr.com

Graphics role: https://angel.co/insitevr-1/jobs/70779-3d-graphics-engineer

Full Stack: https://angel.co/insitevr-1/jobs/70786-full-stack-dev

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Dispatch | http://dispatch.ai/ | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Full-time, onsite

We are Dispatch (dispatch.ai), a well-funded startup that is creating a platform for local delivery powered by a fleet of autonomous vehicles designed for sidewalks and pedestrian spaces.

We're bringing together a team with deep domain expertise in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence. If you're interested in joining us for work on this exciting technology and help create the future of autonomous vehicles, we'd love to hear from you.

Roles we are hiring for include:

Software Engineer - Motion Planning and Controls

Software Engineer - Perception

Software Engineer - Mapping and Localization

Software - Generalist

Hardware - Electrical

Hardware - Embedded/Firmware

Contact us at jobs-hackernews@dispatch.ai!

Or apply through our listing on AngelList (https://angel.co/dispatch-6/).

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Framebridge | Software Engineer | Washington, DC | ONSITE https://www.framebridge.com/

We make it simple and affordable to custom frame the things you love!

The problems we solve on our small software development team span eCommerce, manufacturing, logistics, and data analysis. Our current core technologies are Ruby/Rails, CoffeeScript/AngularJS, Swift, Sass, AWS products, Chef (Opsworks), and related tools. We are looking to expand our team, come join us!

Full description at http://bit.ly/framebridge-SE-201707 -- apply at https://www.framebridge.com/about/careers or contact careers@framebridge.com with any questions :)


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Localytics | Boston | Sr. Full Stack, Sr. Front End, Mobile, Sr. Back End Big Data, Solutions Consultants, Solutions Architects | ONSITE

Localytics provides a mobile engagement platform for many of the worlds top app publishers including ESPN, Grindr, GoPro, and HBO. Our customers rely on us to keep their mobile users happy and engaged. We provide tools to drive great app experiences including push messaging, mobile analytics, predictive analytics, and individualized in-app experiences.

Localytics is hiring engineers to help us with:

 - Front End development and data visualizations with React/Redux/Webpack - iOS, Android, JavaScript SDKs - Data platform technologies - Microservices on Play with Scala - Delivery and Internal Tools - Technical Operations - Ruby on Rails
To apply or learn more about our opportunities send an email to jobs@localytics.comCheck out our engineering blog: http://eng.localytics.com

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Highrise - Durham, North Carolina | Lead Backend Developer | ONSITE | Full-time | Relocation to Durham | https://highrise-inc.workable.com/jobs/513323 | Highrise connects the world through games

Highrise (http://appstore.com/highriseyouravatarcommunity) is the leading avatar-based social network on iOS. Every day, over 100,000 people use our application to make friends, keep in touch, decorate avatars and rooms, and chat. We are committed to providing a warm and comforting environment for people from all walks of life in Highrise.

As Lead Backend Developer, you'll be the first non-founder engineer on the backend team. The role is highly independent and will be working closely with our cofounders on all things backend. We have a strong engineering culture with an extremely capable and experienced team. The entire Highrise mobile app was built single handedly by our CTO, with the entire server backend written by our VP Eng. We are looking for an engineer and developer of the same caliber to join our team to take Highrise to the next level.

The role is fast-paced and independent, with a focus on results rather than on direct oversight or management. The role will require learning new tools, languages, algorithms, techniques and much more. Our backend is modern and highly performant. The stack uses Kubernetes, JRuby, Scala, Akka, and MongoDB, so experience with any of these technologies is a plus. To support the next round of growth we plan to migrate the JRuby and Scala codebases to Java, and you will be the lead architect of this new Java backend. In short, this is the perfect role for a self-starting engineer who loves to solve challenging problems in a fast-paced environment.

More here: https://highrise-inc.workable.com/jobs/513323

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98point6 | Mobile Developer (iOS and Android) | Fulltime | Seattle, WA | ONSITE www.98point6.com

98point6 is building the next generation of primary care by changing the relationship between healthcare and technology. By uniting leading-edge data science with Board Certified Physicians we are working to make primary care more convenient, accessible, and affordable. As we grow, you will have room to grow alongside us and impact the future of healthcare.

Your role and impact

As a Mobile Software Engineer, you will collaborate with a small tight-knit mobile team to help architect and develop out a mobile client to connect patients with doctors in a streamlined, meaningful way. You will work with our team of data-scientists, doctors and designers to create the best product we can make; and you will be surrounded by people who are smart and passionate about both our social and technical missions.We'd prefer developers who have worked with Swift/Kotlin, but are open to anyone with experience and a desire to learn.https://jobs.lever.co/98point6/73ee1a0a-1552-4033-ad2a-a059e....

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BloomReach | Backend Engineer | Bangalore | Full Time | Onsite | http://bloomreach.com

BloomReach brings businesses the first open and intelligent Digital Experience Platform (DXP), designed to accelerate the path to conversion, increase revenue, and grow customer loyalty.

Backend Engineers at BloomReach own and lead the design and development of our core technology components that serve over 20% of e-commerce users in U.S.

A few of our latest Bangalore-based projects:

 Product Search for billions of interactions and millions of products A Distributed, highly scalable content indexing system Real time auto-complete system
What you would have done :

 Got yourself a B.Tech/M.Tech or equivalent degree in Computer Science Built software solutions for 2-6 years dabbling in backend first languages, such as C/C++, Java, Scala, Python. Loved designing and analyzing applications end to end, which communicate with each other via services and APIs Used map-reduce or large-scale data processing (e.g Hadoop), Linux serving systems, databases Maintained distributed systems at significant scale in a production environment. Have fun stories of how you broke systems (and how you then fixed them) :) Brownie points for being an Open Source contributor.
If this is you and you can prove it, were interested in talking to you about joining our top-flight engineering team. To get the conversation started, send along a cool piece of code, a link to something youve built or a hack that youre proud of to ZGFtYXlhbnRpLmdob3NoQGJsb29tcmVhY2guY29t . We cant wait to have a look.

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Ascendify | Multiple Positions | San Francisco | Onsite | https://talent.ascendify.com/


Were a small, world-class agile team and we expect you to be at top of your game. We offer a competitive benefits package, a great office, and all the latest tools you need to produce your best work. Ascendify is committed to learning and development of our Engineering team. We'll support you with off-site courses and hands-on training in the application. Your role will grow as the company grows in whatever way best suits your skills and interests. Ascendify is located at 530 Bush Street, just a short walk away from BART and Muni stations, near everything the Financial District has to offer.

Need: Scala, QA, Front End (react)

s3nnyy 8 hours ago 0 replies      
http://www.ginetta.net | Frontend: Modular CSS (BEM etc.) & Javascript | Zurich | Salary: 95k-105k CHF| EU passport only

In these two roles (1. modular CSS, 2. Javascript), we look for engineers who are responsible for building large web applications. You will work with a team of remarkably talented and dedicated designers, UX-researchers and developers to help our clients define and meet their project goals.

Ginetta is a hip web agency with around 20 people. The founder worked at Google New York in UX and the projects are rather big for Swiss standards. They work on dashboards for insurances, banks etc.

Hiring process:

- Resume / code-check

- Phone call (getting to know each other)

- Onsite day (half a day)

Send a mail with your Github or / and resume to:


katrinadurant 4 hours ago 0 replies      
LOCATION: Mountain View, CA |Full-time |ONSITE|Hiring: Senior Software Engineers/ Frontend Engineers/ UI/UX Designers/ Product Managers/and more!

YourMechanic is revolutionizing car repair services by dispatching mechanics directly to your home or office for less money than a traditional mechanic. It's a huge market and you wouldn't believe how much software in the automotive services space still has to grow. With investors like Andreessen Horowitz and SoftBank Capital and our recent B round of funding, we have plenty of runway for putting our ideas into action!

Check out our open roles https://www.yourmechanic.com/careers

hganesan 10 hours ago 0 replies      
TowerView Health | Philadelphia, PA | Full-Time and Contract | Remote and In Office | Front-End Engineering | http://towerviewhealth.com

TowerView Health is a rapidly growing startup in Philadelphia looking for a passionate, user-focused front-end engineer/contractor to help us scale up our software platform for medication management.

We help chronically ill patients manage complex medication regimens in their home. We partner with pharmacies that send patients customized pre-sorted medication trays that insert into our custom-designed smart pillbox. Our pillbox can sense when medication is removed and send patients and/or their caregivers automated reminders. Explainer Link: https://youtu.be/vWaBJVrSOiE

Our patients love us because we take away the complexity of managing medications and our customers love us because we keep patients healthy and out of the hospital. We sell to health insurance companies and hospital systems and are poised to scale to over 25K patients in the next 2 years. We've been recognized by Forbes and the Medical Design Excellence Awards, and are committed to providing patients peace of mind when it comes to their medication.

Experience in/with: Angular 1.x, Node, React, HTML, CSS

Projects we want to build: * data visualization dashboards for nurses to target their care to patients * easy-to-use web apps to streamline medication filling and reconciliation * internal operations tooling to create seamless experiences for our patients

We're a small, flexible team looking for someone able to own projects from start to finish.

Shoot me an e-mail at hareesh@towerviewhealth.com if you have any questions or just want to learn more about the company.

ploxiln 10 hours ago 0 replies      
SmartThings | Software Engineer | NYC | ONSITE | INTERNS, Full-Time | https://www.smartthings.com/

SmartThings is a consumer IoT platform company, owned by Samsung.

I work with a small team in Manhattan (out of a Samsung accelerator/incubator office) on home video camera integration, and we're looking for some sharp engineers to join the team. We work with Python, C, Go, gstreamer, web services, mobile apps, networking protocols, and video formats ... but you really don't have to know all those things, just one or two to start. What you really need is curiosity and a strong ability for self-directed learning.

Contact me to get the process started, or with any questions: pierce.lopez@smartthings.com

SmartThings' main engineering offices are in Minneapolis and Mountain View, and they're hiring there as well: https://www.smartthings.com/careers

wc- 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Exigent Capital | Chicago | Data Scientists, Engineers | Full-time | Onsite

Market Making / HFT group focused on cryptocurrency markets. Looking for quant / data scientists to find new edges in the market and talented Go/Python engineers to expand the trading platform. We need candidates experienced in traditional equity markets and can offer partner-level equity as well as fair-market compensation.

Contact wes+hn ||at|| exigentcapital.com

jbaviat 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Sqreen - https://www.sqreen.io | Full-time Onsite developers | Engineering team in Paris (France)

Sqreen is like New Relic, but for security.

We develop solutions that combine instrumentation, defensive algorithms and machine learning.

We are recruiting new engineers to join our team to help porting Sqreen to all environments and ship our incoming products.

Our most wanted position today is a C software engineer, that would also love Go. The responsibility includes

- developing a C version of the Sqreen agent (that's right, it means binary instrumentation in C, have you ever written something that cool for production?)

- releasing it

- porting parts of it to Go

More details about the position here: https://www.sqreen.io/jobs/sqreen-software-engineer-c.html

Sqreen is already live for Ruby on Rails, Python, Node.js, and PHP in beta.

You can find our job offers here: https://www.sqreen.io/jobs/

Email: jobs@sqreen.io

codelitt 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Codelitt Incubator | UX/UI Designer | Remote OK https://www.codelitt.com

Were looking for a UX/UI designer to join our design team. 3D chops a plus, but not required.

We are a product incubator and corporate skunkworks/R&D lab. We develop scalable technology solutions on platforms such as Web + Mobile, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and AI/Robotics. You'll have the opportunity to stretch your design disciplines, learn from peers, and educate peers. You'll work with the latest and greatest of bleeding edge tech, have a diverse team, and we allow a lot of autonomy. We also offer 20% time to work on whatever you're passionate about (open source, pet project, etc).

We allow remote, but the Americas (north & south) or Europe working hours are required.(Please no agencies/recruiters)

Shoot us your CV and portfolio to vincent [at] codelitt.com and cody [at] codelitt.com

kepano 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Lumi (YC W15) | https://www.lumi.com | Los Angeles, CA | Frontend Engineer | REMOTE OK | Fulltime

Lumi helps e-commerce brands design and order packaging online. We're solving complex supply chain problems involving everything from turning vector-based designs into production-ready artwork, to bringing elegance to the complex systems of pricing, manufacturing, shipping and freight in the packaging industry.

Our stack: React, Node, Typescript, Haskell. As an engineer at Lumi, you'll become an important part of our dynamic and productive team. You will be leading projects building the architecture of our customer-facing site.

Because of our small team and rapid development cycle you'll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and interact closely with the design and strategy of Lumi. Expertise with Javascript is required.

You can apply by going here: https://www.lumi.com/jobs/apply

ChrisLeoLabs 10 hours ago 0 replies      
LeoLabs | Menlo Park, CA | Full Time | OnSite


Space Debris Mapping Services to Enable the LEO Economy Services

We're monitoring satellites and space debris using our worldwide network of ground-based, phased-array radars to provide data needed for safely navigating space.

We're looking for software generalists, preferably with Python experience, to help extend our capabilities.

Since we're a startup, this generalist may be called on to help with a large variety of different software: data apis, customer facing websites, radar signal processing, machine learning, embedded software, etc.

The majority of our backend stack is in Python, with some C.

Requirements:Minimum of 3+ years experience beyond intern level

Good to Have:Knowledge of Python strongly preferredKnowledge of C, Verilog, radars, or orbital mechanics

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please send an email at softwarejobs@leolabs.space

jonnywhite 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Ticket Tailor | Full Stack PHP Dev | London, UK | Full-time https://www.tickettailor.com/careers/php-developer/

Are you a talented PHP developer looking for an opportunity where your voice really matters, you can make a big impact, and really be a part of the company? Ticket Tailor is a small, established, profitable, bootstrapped business and we want you to join us as our 5th team member. http://www.tickettailor.com

You would need to be a full stack LAMP developer who uses an MVC framework with 3 years experience, and enjoys working in a fun office. Being a small team we would also like you to get involved in all aspects of the product process from ideas, to build, to deployment, to customer feedback. You will take part in the architecture and development of building new and maintaining existing functionality on our current platform, as well as manage the development of entirely new projects and business initiatives. You would also need to be fast.

gtfiorentino 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Sidecar | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | Philadelphia, PA, US | ONSITE https://hello.getsidecar.com/

Sidecar builds tools to help retailers tackle the challenges they face in e-commerce advertising channels - primarily Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and Facebook dynamic ads. These channels are changing every day and have become too complex and competitive to manage manually or with outdated technologies. Retailers require automated, sophisticated, and ever-evolving technology to stay ahead.

Our Site Reliability team is critical to the successful delivery of Sidecars technology services to our customers. Site Reliability serves two primary functions: support of our production systems, and ongoing improvement of delivery practices. As a senior member of the team, youll be actively engaging with stakeholders across the business to ensure satisfaction with our technology services.

For more information and to apply, please visit https://sidecar-orspartners.icims.com/jobs/4117/senior-site-... or contact greg@getsidecar.com. Thanks!

fasteddie 11 hours ago 0 replies      
HoneyBook | San Francisco, CA and Tel-Aviv, Israel | ONSITE

We're building a market network [1] for creative professionals. We have a workflow product that members love, and now we're working on building the network and marketplace on top. The team is great and the work is challenging, and although we're growing fast, it remains feeling small because we take care to keep it that way.

Stack: Rails, Angular, React

Info: https://www.honeybook.com/careers

Check the descriptions in the links, and let me know if you have any questions. I'm Eddie, on one of our development teams: eddie at honeybook , com

Some key roles we're looking to fill (but there are plenty more!):

-Senior Front-end Engineer(SF or Tel Aviv): https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/195308

-UI Designer (SF or Tel Aviv): https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/549104

-UX Designer (SF): https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/143687

Also plenty on the sales, marketing, and operations side too.

-- [1] https://techcrunch.com/2015/06/27/from-social-to-market-netw...

s3nnyy 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Wealthport.com | Senior Computer Science Researcher, Data Preparation Expert | Zurich | SALARY: 110k-130k CHF | ONSITE

Using machine learning an nlp we merge trashy, badly-labeled excel sheets into useable, categorised and normalized data. We are obsessed with functional programming. We use mainly Scala and Javascript and we are researching a lot on NLP and ML. We look for:

- Senior Computer Science Researcher - you will read & write papers on nlp and ml and implement algorithms in our core product.

- Data Preparation Export (Data Science) - you will help our customers adjust their data to our platform.

The interview process:

1) 15 min call with our tech recruiter (who is a former engineer)

2) Technical call with CTO

3) Onsite day solving a programming task with us.

Send us a short intro about yourself to:


Mattso 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Osper | Senior Backend Lead | London, UK | FULLTIME, ONSITE

Osper (https://osper.com) is mobile banking for young people aged 8-18. We give children the power to manage their money, and parents the confidence to let them. We've already helped tens of thousands of young people learn what it means to spend and save in the digital world.

We are looking for an experienced backend developer to help take Osper to the next level by improving our services and capabilities, and mentoring more junior engineers. Our infrastructure is built on python (2 and 3) and Flask; postgresql and dynamo db; docker/ECS for deployment. We integrate with quite a few third-parties for transaction processing/card payments/subscriptions/kyc checks etc.

Compensation: 65,000 - 80,000

Apply at https://osper.workable.com/jobs/415580 or feel free to contact me directly with questions.

patrickdobson 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Sofar Sounds | Business Intelligence and Data Science Expert | London, UK | NYC, US | REMOTE | https://www.sofarsounds.com/

Sofar Sounds is bringing the magic back to live music, hosting intimate secret living room gigs in 300 cities, across dozens of countries and cultures. We are a global community of music lovers, dedicated to transforming the way live music is experienced and discovered, offline and on. We are backed by Octopus Ventures in London and Richard Branson.

We are looking for a Business Intelligence and Data Science Expert with exceptional communication skills who is equally at home building conversion funnel charts to analysing the effect of a hip hop artist vs a grunge one on audience retention. You must have an outstanding track record of success. Full of ideas, energy and willingness to get stuck in.

Were just starting to build our Business Intelligence and Data Science team and you will be integral in building the team and setting the strategy. Youll work closely with the whole business who are based around the world; marketing, product, finance, growth. Typical questions youll answer include why are we 10:1 overscribed in Istanbul but not Milan and how do we monetise the excess demand?, what time of day should we send marketing content in NYC vs London?,where are our marketing $ best spent.

Main offices are in London and NYC but remote is possible.

Apply here:


drp 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Zillow Group/HotPads | SW Dev Manager - Listings | San Francisco | on-site | full time

Come lead the small team of excellent engineers who bring rental listings to Zillow sites and build related infrastructure to power the busiest rental housing marketplace on the web. Dev managers in our group continue to spend a large portion of their time coding.

Please read the job responsibilities and submit your resume on https://www.zillow.com/jobs/openings?j=oNWo5fwW and then contact me directly at dpeters@hotpads.com

makrueger 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Arthrex Inc. | iOS Developer | Onsite | Naples, FL | Full time, https://www.arthrex.com

We are looking for an iOS Developer to join our growing team in southwest Florida. Someone who is looking to have an immediate impact in all phases of app development and who has a solid understanding of good app architecture. Arthrex is a global medical device company and a leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics. As the software development team, we create innovative products to help support the company in education and research opportunities for our customers.

Some of the technologies/patterns we work with: - Swift, Objective-C, Java, Golang, Ruby, Amazon Web Services - Postgres - Microservices

Please email makrueger at arthrex.com if you have any questions or interest

acconrad 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Catalant (https://gocatalant.com) - Software Engineer (Python/Flask) - Boston, MA - Full-time salaried, onsite

We are looking for pragmatic engineers. Our team is responsible for creating and supporting a marketplace that connects over 35,000 independent experts with global businesses. We try not to overbuild: we value shipped code over perfect code: Easy things should be easy. Time to market is important, as is time to fix bugs. We value honesty, teamwork and cooperation.

Catalant serves thousands of enterprise clients, including GE, Pfizer, and Staples. We recently raised $41MM from our investors who include Highland Capital, Greylock Partners, and General Catalyst, three of the top Venture Capital firms out there, as well as famed investor Mark Cuban. We're on a mission to find talented, scrappy, and fun folks to get on board.

Were a Python3 shop on the Flask framework. We use Docker and Kubernetes. We work in 4-6 person teams, writing new features and customized business logic for our clients. We limit meetings, so youre focused on the stuff that matters. If you get stuck on a problem youre working on, your team is right there to help you out and get you moving again. Our brand-new office has plenty of space to explore. Feel like you need a change of perspective, go work in the garden, or the cafe or the library.

If you are a motivated developer with 1-4 years of programming background and an interest to work in a fun, fast paced environment then we're the rocket ship to be on.

Either message me or apply here: https://gocatalant.com/careers

makrueger 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Arthrex Inc. | Android Developer | Onsite | Naples, FL | Full time, https://www.arthrex.com

We are looking for an Android developer to join our growing team in southwest Florida. Someone who is looking to have an immediate impact in all phases of app development and who has a solid understanding of good app architecture. Arthrex is a global medical device company and a leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics. As the software development team, we create innovative products to help support the company in education and research opportunities for our customers.

Some of the technologies/patterns we work with: - Java, Objective-C, Swift Golang, Ruby, Amazon Web Services - Postgres - Microservices

Please email makrueger at arthrex.com if you have any questions or interest!

evtothedev 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Snapdocs | Rails Engineers & Data Scientists & Product Managers | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | https://www.snapdocs.com

Snapdocs (YC W14, SV Angel) is an early stage, rapidly growing company looking to fill a variety of roles. (Growth, amiright?) We're a small team tackling the absolutely massive mortgage market. We're bringing modern, elegant software to a field that still relies on fax machines and manilla envelopes. We bring security, efficiency and joy to a paper-based pillar of the US economy.

The type of problems we're tackling involve workflow, product design, data, and computer vision for mortgage documents. For data, it decides everything we do. We won't start work on a new feature until we can point to the numbers we hope to move. Snapdocs' culture is one that trusts its team members to make smart decisions. This means we value both independent work as well as seeking collaboration. We're becoming ubiquitous in one segment of the market and we're looking to expand further.

Skills & Requirements Regardless of Role:

* Being the 12th member of on a fast-growing technical team (and 30th employee overall). This means helping to form a healthy and happy culture. We strive to be respectful of each other's time and point of view. We're learning how to do this together. We want to create a place where it's OK to fail, and that you know the team has your back the whole way through.

* Self-motivated. To us that means when you get an interesting problem, you will rip into it until you understand its nuances and perhaps have a glimpse of the solution.

* Empathy. We work closely with our customers, meaning phone calls, emails, and sometimes lunch. It is important in this job to listen to them so that we can build what they need and want.

Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/snapdocs

jfraiman 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Wheelhouse | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | OnsiteWheelhouse is building technology foundational to the next generation of the hospitality space. We have not lost a paying customer in 6 months, we have a shared love with our customers, and weve grown 400% since the start of the year. Were supported by a number of the best VCs in Silicon Valley, as well as many of the largest Real Estate and hospitality companies in the world. Oh! And, were a darn fun team on a path to building a meaningful and lasting company. I can promise youll be happy you learned more!

Check out some of our work here: useWheelhouse.com.

Roles: Head of Engineering -- Head of Data Science -- Senior Software Engineer (x2+) -- Lead Recruiter -- Senior Designer -- Data EngineerAll positions offer competitive salary, equity and comprehensive benefits.Please learn more at https://jobs.lever.co/usewheelhouse

akhudek 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Kira Systems | Multiple Positions | Toronto, Canada | Full-time, Onsite, Remote, https://kirasystems.com

We're hiring Clojure developers and UX Designers to work in all places within our stack. We welcome candidates at all experience levels. Don't know Clojure but would like to? We want to hear from you too. Remote is ok, we have flexible working hours, and we offer a relocation bonus for those wanting to move to our headquarters in Toronto.

Kira Systems is a fast-growing Toronto-based software company. Our mission is to empower enterprises through intuitive, easy-to-use software tools for uncovering relevant information in contracts. The Kira application is built upon our own proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning technology. Our customers include some of the worlds best law firms, professional service firms, and corporations. They use Kira to quickly and accurately review and analyze contracts for due diligence, real estate and financial transactions, as well as contract management.

Clojure Developer: https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-162601-clojure-developer

Clojure Web Developer (not remote): https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-184887-web-developer

Lead Reliability and Performance Developer: https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-162195-lead-reliability-a...

Junior Linux Sysadmin (not remote): https://kirasystems.com/careers#op-181321-junior-linux-sysad...

More: https://kirasystems.com/careers

3dhubsamsterdam 12 hours ago 0 replies      
3D Hubs | Full-stack Engineer, Senior Front-End Engineer (js), Data Engineer, Product Manager | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Full-time

Do you want to help build THE 3D printing solution that engineers and designers around the world will love to use?

With a network of 3D printers in over 40,000 locations and 160 countries, 3D Hubs provides over 1 billion people with access to a 3D printer within 10 miles of their location.

Why join now? In the coming weeks we'll cross the magical number of 1 million parts printed since the inception of our platform, with close to 100,000 parts being printed every month you could help us scale up our teams to achieve the next growth stage.

We have a straight forward, standard recruiting process, with remote and on-site interviews at our offices in Amsterdam.

If you are an engineer at heart, a maker/builder that likes to pioneer and prototype in the web environment or offline, then we would love to hear from you.

Have a look at our open roles (https://www.3dhubs.com/jobs) and let us know if you want to join the 3D printing revolution.

ckridler 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Root | Columbus, OH | Full-time | Onsite |https://joinroot.com

Root is an auto insurance company, like GEICO and Progressive. We use data science to identify and insure good drivers, reducing insurance premiums for good drivers significantly as a result.

We're a startup we're 30 people who have been working on this since March 2015. We've built an iOS and Android app that gathers data on how well people drive. We use that to set insurance prices. To build the best possible product and user experience, we went through the arduous process of starting an insurance carrier from scratch.

We raised a $7M Series A from Drive Capital in 2015 and we're looking to bring on a couple more talented engineers. Tech stack involves Ruby / Rails and Javascript / React Native. Email us at jobs@joinroot.com

s3nnyy 7 hours ago 0 replies      
ti8m | Frontend-Engineer, .NET Backend, Java Backend, Other roles | Zurich, Switzerland | Salary: 90k-120k CHF | ONSITE | EU-passport or work permit in Switzerland only

We build things for insurances, banks and other bigger clients and pay our engineers accordingly (around 20% over market). For us it is important that someone wants to stay for several years and not just for a short period. English is fine but at least willingness to learn German is crucial. If you already live here this is ideal.

Our hiring process:

1) Resume / code-check

2) Phone call (getting to know each other, technical interview)

3) Onsite (half a day)

Send a mail with a short intro about yourself to:


gourneau 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Guardant Health | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE | http://guardanthealth.com

Guardant Health develops diagnostic technologies to improve cancer management. We are the market leaders in liquid-biopsies. We take blood samples and are able to detect the trace amounts of cancer DNA. In the best cases we can identify treatment options for patients. We have dozens of peer reviewed publications https://guardanthealth.com/publications/

My team is looking for folks who are awesome at any of the following. Specifically, if you are an SRE who wants to wrangle Petabytes of data, let's talk.

- Python

- DevOps

- Bioinformatics

email me at jgourneau@guardanthealth.com for more info.

ascendify_eng 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Ascendify | Front End Engineer | San Francisco, CA | FULLTIME, ONSITE | https://talent.ascendify.com/careers/jobs/r-front-end-engine...

Ascendify is a rapidly growing, silicon valley, venture-backed company based in downtown San Francisco that delivers talent solutions to large, global companies. Ascendifys end-to-end talent platform leverages artificial intelligence to help enterprise companies attract, select, develop and grow talent.

As a Front End Engineer, you are the critical link between business requirements and an amazing experience for every user. Your vision for the next generation of business software that makes people feel good about themselves and their career will be critical to our success.

ErinSlack 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Oscar Insurance is a startup using technology, data & design to change the way people find and access care. We are disrupting the healthcare industry by putting people first, not business and cost. www.hioscar.com

We're currently hiring for a variety of Full-time/Onsite roles here in our New York City location, and now our new Engineering outpost in Los Angeles. (https://medium.com/@OscarHealth/announcing-oscars-first-engi...)

Software Engineer: Web & Mobile (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=247940

Software Engineer: Data/Systems (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=248056

Software Engineer: Data/Systems (LA): https://www.hioscar.com/jobs/?gh_jid=692396

Software Engineer: Web & Mobile (LA): https://www.hioscar.com/jobs/?gh_jid=692806

Site Reliability Engineer (NYC): https://www.hioscar.com/jobs/?gh_jid=13255

Oscar was valued at $2.7 billion following a $400 million investment by Fidelity. Take a look at how we're simplifying healthcare: http://incredibleinsurancemachine.com


bitwarrior 9 hours ago 0 replies      
AtScale (http://www.atscale.com) | Javascript Engineer | San Mateo, CA

As a platform that helps companies all over the world extract knowledge from their data, AtScale's browser-based application must enable customers to manage their engines, define data structures, monitor query activity, understand their underlying data, configure users, roles and permissions, and deploy definition updates to be leveraged by hundreds or even thousands of data consumers.

Details: https://jobs.lever.co/atscale/6d532ae9-9d6f-4398-8a85-3b9f15...

patv 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Vitally | Senior Javascript Engineer (First Hire) | New York | Onsite

Vitally.io is looking for a first engineering hire to join us as we go though Techstars this summer.

What we're looking for: An ideal teammate for us is a front-end focused senior developer who is quick learning and adaptable. We'd like you to initially own a good amount of our front-end and dive in where ever else is needed (back-end, devops, etc).Our tech stack is evolving quickly, but we're building the front-end in React/Redux + Typescript, the backend in Node + Typescript w/ Postgres + Redis, and will be hosting on AWS. Experience with any of those technologies is a plus, but we're open to speaking with strong engineers who we know will pick things up quickly. Any experience building data-intensive applications is also a plus.

As we grow, you'll be able to take a significant leadership role within our engineering team. You'll also have the opportunity to be a member of the team as we go through the Techstars NYC summer session, working alongside some of the most promising startups and talented entrepreneurs in New York.

A little bit about us: Vitally is an early stage startup building an analytics platform to help Customer Success teams quantify and target their engagement. We're still in stealth mode, but we're backed by Techstars and are moving quickly.Jamie (CEO) is a repeat entrepreneur with proven success as the former CTO/co-founder of Pathgather (another Techstars startup). Patrick (CTO) is an MIT engineer with experience managing high-value customer relationships with some of the largest banks and hedge funds in the world. We value transparency, diversity, giving back, and questioning convention and we're building a company that does the same. If that sounds interesting, we'd love to speak with you.

You can reach me at patrick@vitally.io

jttam 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Cloudhealth Technologies | Software Engineer | Boston, MA | Onsite

Cloudhealth Technologies just closed our Series D round of $46M. We're the leader in cost and usage reporting and optimization for AWS, Azure, GCP. We've recently GAed a product for Datacenter, too.

Our stack involves ruby, java, scala, spark, and angular. We've got thousands of customers worth of data and interesting problems to solve.

Here's a link to our job postings: https://jobs.lever.co/cloudhealthtech/8618c0b5-a3c4-40ff-880...https://jobs.lever.co/cloudhealthtech/d00de32f-1d08-438d-b6d...

Please feel free to email me if you're interested: johnm @ cloudhealthtech dot com


qixxiq 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Smyte (YC W15) | San Francisco, CA | Full time | Onsite | https://www.smyte.com/

We're primarily looking for a quality devops/infra/sre engineer, but we're also interested in anyone fullstack on frontend. Check out our "jobs repo" here: https://github.com/smyte/careers

Why Smyte?

* We've built a platform to stop the victimization of innocent people online. We successfully stop scams, harassment, fraud, account takeover, money laundering, and policy violations.

* We are the highest-quality product in this space. We work with a selection of the top websites and mobile apps.

* We've built custom databases [https://github.com/smyte/counters] and give talks on them [https://www.percona.com/live/17/sessions/smytedb-poor-mans-d...]

* We've built our own (successful) SQL-like rules and data counting/fetching DSL [http://docs.smyte.com/docs/introduction-to-sqrl].

* We have the strongest team tackling this problem (founded by ex FB and Google engineers working on spam and fraud, and Pete was part of the original React.js team)

* We recently a series A and our growth is out of control.

* We offer competitive salary, benefits, and equity.

Interested? Feel free to send me an email at josh@<...>

DLinDeepSoma 5 hours ago 0 replies      
OSARO INC | San Francisco | Full time | Onsite | Deep Learning Research Scientists & Engineers | Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineers | Software Engineers/DevOps

At Osaro, we're creating machine intelligence software that combines state-of-the-art perception with powerful adaptive decision-making abilities to help computer and robotic systems act efficiently and intelligently. You would collaborate with existing team members with expertise spanning reinforcement learning, computer vision, hardware architecture, robotics and more. Osaro is developing large-scale machine learning products that need to interface with customers complex software environments as well as interface with a variety of robotic hardware and sensors.

- Deep Learning Research Scientists & Engineers: Seeking world-class deep learning experts with broad background in machine learning. As a research engineer, you will be uniquely positioned in our team to work on large-scale machine intelligence problems and push forward the frontiers of AI technologies. http://www.osaro.com/careers/?gh_jid=490805

- Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineers: You will develop products based on advanced deep learning algorithms. As a deep learning engineer, you are involved in all stages of algorithm development from inception and initial implementation to evaluation and all the way to a deployable production quality algorithm. http://www.osaro.com/careers/?gh_jid=490809

- Software Engineers/DevOps: As a software engineer, your job will be to maintain and develop the software infrastructure to interface with robotic hardware and a variety of sensors, acquire data, run experiments in both simulation and on real physical systems, programmatically store, access, and analyze results, developing dashboards and monitoring tools, and train and reliably deploy machine learning models across cloud based and local resources. http://www.osaro.com/careers/?gh_jid=490453

We are willing to sponsor the right candidates as well. Please apply directly on our website. Thanks! http://www.osaro.com/careers/

ascendify_eng 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Ascendify | Scala Engineer | San Francisco, CA | FULLTIME, ONSITE | https://talent.ascendify.com/careers/jobs/backend-scala-engi...

Ascendify is a rapidly growing, silicon valley, venture-backed company based in downtown San Francisco that delivers talent solutions to large, global companies. Ascendifys end-to-end talent platform leverages artificial intelligence to help enterprise companies attract, select, develop and grow talent.

As a Scala Engineer you will work with a Team Lead to build new and maintain existing projects. You must be capable of working in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, be self-motivated, results-driven and detail-oriented to achieve success.

mase010 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Awkward | Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Full-Time | Onsite

Awkward (https://awkward.co/) is a digital product agency that creates products for companies like Sketch, Sonos & Revue. Building our own (side)projects is also something we love to do. Apps like Beam and Finer Fields are some great examples. We've recently started the search for an amazing Back-end Engineer to extend our team.

More information on the vacancy: https://awkward.co/jobs/backend-engineer/

bochen87 9 hours ago 0 replies      
CleanSquare Robotics | Senior Robotics Software Engineer | Berlin, Germany | Full Time | ONSITE

CleanSquare develops the technology platform that allows autonomous operation of service and specialty vehicles. From automatic street sweeping, winter service to greenery maintenance and many more use cases. We believe that automatic operations of service vehicles are just a leap away with countless benefits to be unlocked in the near future.

Are you an experienced robotics software engineer? Are ROS, Valgrind and GDB your bread and butter? Then apply now!

Learn more here: https://angel.co/cleansquare/jobs/247328-senior-robotics-sof...

lpgauth 10 hours ago 0 replies      

 AdGear - ONSITE - Backend Engineer (Erlang, C, Rust) - Montreal - FullTime AdGear - ONSITE - Data Engineer (Scala, Java)- Montreal - FullTime AdGear - ONSITE - Javascript Application Engineer (TypeScript, Knockout.js) - Montreal - FullTime AdGear - ONSITE - Ruby Application Engineer (Ruby) - Montreal - FullTime
#erlang #c11 #rust #scala #ruby #typescript

AdGear is a digital advertising technology company providing platforms and services for digital media innovators such as publishers, advertisers, and media agencies. We operate a full-stack advertising platform enabling our customers to innovate with formats, audience data, reporting, pricing and distribution strategies.

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

blowski 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Commercial People | London, UK | ONSITE | Full-time | PHP Laravel/JavaScript Developers | https://www.commercialpeople.com/

Proptech company improving commercial real estate sales in emerging markets. For now, we are literally working in the founder's garage. But we recently closed a round of investment and now looking to expand tech team in all areas. And get a real office.

- Digital Designer

- Front End Developer

- JavaScript Developer

- Laravel back-end devs

Hiring process:

1. Submit application

2. Skype call with CTO

3. Small relevant challenge

4. Onsite interview

Contact dan@commercialpeople.com

jjmiller 11 hours ago 1 reply      
WePay | YCS09 | Redwood City, CA | Senior Software Engineers, Distributed Systems & Data Infrastructure | VISA | ONSITE

Were looking for Software Engineers to help us build state-of-the-art, highly available and scalable systems with high levels of accuracy. We are currently focusing on building out our next-generation platform based on the following technologies:

- distributed graph- robust WAL (write-ahead log)- event sourcing via asynchronous streams

WePay helps online platforms increase revenue through integrated payments processing under their own name. Weve uniquely enabled more than 1,000 platforms including Constant Contact, GoFundMe, and Meetup to incorporate payments without compromising on their user experience or taking on risk and regulatory exposure.

Any questions, email miller [at] wepay [dot] com - OR - Apply at https://go.wepay.com/careers

Will relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley

spade 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Eaze | Senior Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time Onsite

Eaze (eaze.com) is the easiest, fastest, and most professional way to get medical marijuana delivered. Eaze has quickly become the #1 technology company in the fast-growing $6 billion cannabis industry by developing the first logistics technology and on-demand service that can help dispensaries deliver to qualified patients in less than 20 minutes.


-- Senior Front End Engineer

-- Senior Back End Engineer

-- Senior Mobile Engineer (Android, iOS)

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Small Improvements | Berlin, Germany | Software Developers, UI/UX Designers | ONSITE (Full time)

Small Improvements helps people get better by providing a platform for ongoing feedback and continuous improvement. We provide 700 companies worldwide with our product so their employees can learn from each other and grow professionally. GoEuro, OpenTable, Marley Spoon, GetYourGuide and many more use Small Improvements company-wide from the intern to the CEO.

We are currently looking for:

- Software Developers (both FE and BE, both Senior and Junior)

- Tech Lead, Full Stack

- UI/UX Designers

Our current tech stack includes React/Redux, Google App Engine, Spring, Webpack, Docker and more. (However, we are not chained to any particular technologies.)

See all openings and apply at https://www.small-improvements.com/careers/

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Dropbox | Machine Learning Engineer | San Francisco, Seattle, New York | Onsite, full-time

Dropboxs Machine Learning team develops high-impact solutions that touch millions of people and a lot of data. From images and videos to documents and audio (in every language!), the Dropbox ML team tackles it all! We leverage the full range of classic & modern ML techniques (whatever a problem calls for!), including {semi,un,}supervised learning, deep learning of all flavors (from CNNs to LSTMs and beyond!), and online/interactive learning.

See this blog post for a deep-dive into a recent feature we developed (OCR on scanned documents): https://blogs.dropbox.com/tech/2017/04/creating-a-modern-ocr

We're looking for people with either academic or practical backgrounds in machine learning, ideally with experience in natural language understanding, information retrieval, knowledge extraction, and/or deep learning.


- Work within the Machine Learning Team to prototype, design, code, train, test, deploy, and iterate on large scale machine learning systems.

- Build delightful products and experiences for millions, while working alongside an excellent, cross-functional team across Engineering, Product and Design.

- Help shape the direction of machine learning and artificial intelligence at Dropbox.

Benefits and Perks:

- Getting to make a tremendous impact on our infrastructure & products, which are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world

- Working with a highly skilled and experienced team with backgrounds in industry & academia, across many different fields

- Market competitive total compensation package

- 100% company-paid individual medical, dental, & vision insurance coverage

- 401k + company match

- Generous vacation & volunteer policy

- Free Dropbox space for your friends and family :-)

Apply here: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs/listing/533100

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me, even if just to ask a question or clarify something! (Contact info in my profile)

rdgthree 10 hours ago 1 reply      
Flip (https://flip.lease) | Backend Engineer | New York | REMOTE, SALARY:100k-140k

Flip is the easiest way to sublet or get out of your lease. We're growing quickly, just raised new funding from Union Square Ventures and are hiring a small team (5-7) of talented product engineers.

We care a lot about how our product looks and feels. We're looking for people that love to work on consumer facing products and care a lot about the details. We're a team of 90% engineers, so you'll have a lot of freedom to execute and flexibility in hours. We pride ourselves on few meetings.

We're focused on creating an amazing experience for renting any space, and we're building out every tool core to that experience.

We're hiring for:

* Backend data engineer (we use microservices, so we're open to many languages but Node experience is necessary for working with our API)

Apply here:

https://angel.co/flipyourlease or reach out directly to roger@flip.lease with a portfolio (we don't care about resumes as much as pure output).

Cultures we look to emulate are Stripe and Airbnb, so if you like and respect those companies give us a shout :)

Some of our current team:



https://dribbble.com/owensbla (Our head of API eng!)

and me!


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ProsperWorks | ( Web / Server / Mobile ) Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA, US | Full-time | ONSITE https://www.prosperworks.com/careers

At ProsperWorks, we've built the CRM that sales teams love to use. We integratetightly with Gmail, G Suite and RingCentral to give our users up-to-the-minutedata without a lot of manual data entry. We have thousands of paying customers,top-tier investors, real revenue and we're growing fast.

We're looking for experienced software engineers to join us. You will workclosely with our small cross-functional teams of developers, QA analysts,product managers and designers. We work steadily, collaboratively anditeratively to ship software to customers every two weeks.

Our server is Ruby on Rails, our web client is Ember and we have native Androidand iOS apps. Like most mid-stage startups, we're in the process of paying downtechnical debt as we build a solid foundation to serve us through our "hockeystick" growth. We're committed to automated testing, refactoring and improvingcode quality; we want every commit to leave the code a little better than wefound it while shipping compelling new features to our users every sprint.

Our interview process consists of a phone screen followed by a half day on-siteinterview of three 45 minute sessions covering algorithmic thinking, systemdesign/architecture and hands-on coding, then a talk with an engineering managerabout culture, fit and career goals. Were respectful of candidates time, so wetry to extend offers within a couple of working days.

Apply on our careers page: https://www.prosperworks.com/careersMention HN: Who is hiring? in your cover letter.Questions? Email me! Im don at prosperworks.

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JustWatch | Backend, Frontend & System Engineers | Berlin, Germany | INTERNS, VISA, ONSITE, https://www.justwatch.com/us/talent

We're always looking for hungry & curious engineers (from INTERN to senior level) in:

- Backend Engineering (Golang, GRPC, Postgres, Aerospike)

- Frontend & Hybrid Engineering (Typescript, Angular, Ionic, Cordova)

- Site Reliability Engineering (Golang, GCP/AWS, Kubernetes, Prometheus)

About us:

- B2C and B2B products with massive traction in 31 countries

- Hard problems, no politics, clear focus, great context - driven by values & excellence

- We're self-funded, profitable and rather share the company with our employees than with VCs


- an intense learning culture with high degrees of autonomy and room for personal growth

- a development philosophy that balances fast hacking with a solid architectural foundation

- great mentoring and regular feedback

- every two weeks is Dev Day, reserved for automation, simplification and tech talks

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Reddit (https://www.reddit.com) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite

Reddit is hiring senior-level engineers across many teams.

The ads team is looking for an SRE with experience in Terraform and AWS. Ads experience a plus.

Take a look at our job postings and shoot me an email with your resume at cbatredd@gmail.com if you're interested in applying for one of the listed positions.

We've got some pretty awesome engineering problems and this is an opportunity to work with LOTS of data.

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Latently | Deep Learning | Boulder, CO | REMOTE

Have some time on your hands and interested in implementing scientific papers for a stealth-mode deep learning startup? Contact brian@latent.ly More info: https://goo.gl/HhvxLO

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Snowplow is hiring in London, Berlin and remote. Front-end engineering, data engineering, systems, marketing and product management.


Join our team and help us give companies control of their own data.

Neener54 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Nav.com | Sr. Software Engineer | Salt Lake City, UT | Onsite

Nav helps all business owners everywhere build, protect, and leverage their credit data so they can confidently create the business of their dreams.

Nav will materially decrease the death rate of small businesses everywhere by bringing transparency, certainty, and efficiency to B2B commerce and financing.

We're looking for experienced engineers that would be willing to take on leadership as we grow. We currently have 22 engineers, 16 of which are backend.

We use Ruby, Elixir, and Go.

If you're interested reach out to hiring-eng@nav.com

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King & Union | Front-end developer | Washington, DC | ONSITE FULL-TIME

K&U is a pre-A-round security startup. We are trying to make the threat intelligence process run more smoothly and help organizations share threat data better. We're looking for a front-end developer to take over development of our applications UI (we're in-housing development of the app after contracting it out for about a year). The front-end is built with React/Microcosm/Material/Vis.js, and it talks to our backend using a mix of REST and WebSockets. Ideally, the person we're looking for would be comfortable doing both the React programming side of things as well as the HTML/CSS/layout work.

The job is based in the DC/Alexandria area, but we do a lot of working from home. Also, since we have an existing contracting relationship for development, we're very flexible about start dates. If you are at all interested, we encourage you to send us a note.

Please email a resume and some examples (or urls) of your work to aaron@kingandunion.com

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Cogent Labs | Software Engineer (research department), Research Scientist | Tokyo, Japan | ONSITE, FULLTIME, VISA

We are a well funded (about 11.5 million dollars series A funding received in March this year) artificial intelligence startup located in the heart of Tokyo. About 30 members total, from more than 10 different countries. The focus is on bringing the latest in deep learning / AI research to industries in Japan. We are looking for research scientists and software engineers. Japanese language ability is not required, as the main language within the company is English.

Please apply here: https://cogentlabs.breezy.hr/

The main website is https://www.cogent.co.jp/ , but the English version is not ready yet (only Japanese).

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Cue (cuedevice.com) | Machine Learning, NLP Software Engineer | Seattle | ONSITE | Full-Time

Cue is venture-backed startup developing a speech enabled device for the enterprise (hardware + AI built for particular business domains). We are starting with hotels.

We are hiring employee #1. We're looking for a passionate and talented software engineer with a strong machine learning background to expand our state-of-the-art conversational intelligence platform.

Our mission is to be able to answer in under 1 second any question that can be asked in a hotel.

Feel free to reach out to us directly: founders@cuedevice.com.

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Karat | Expert Interviewer | Seattle, WA

Hiring top talent is a critical activity for all companies, yet the way organizations interview candidates is broken. Interviewing is a time consuming process that is rarely data-driven. Here at Karat, we see a massive opportunity to transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

Karats Expert Interviewers are recognized and rewarded for doing a first-class job as top assessors of technical talent. Every interviewer in the network is an accomplished engineer. Our interviewers include development managers from big-tech companies, start-up engineers and freelancers covering the full technology stack.

As an Expert Interviewer, you will be compensated at highly competitive rates for your interviewing expertise. The time commitment is flexible---many of our interviews happen on nights and weekends. Some experts do 5 interviews/week while others do over 20 interviews/week. You can work from anywhere, anytime. You will sharpen your interviewing skills and transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

We are looking for experienced software engineers who believe that interviewing is a first-class job. You should possess:

Experience as a top performing engineer at a big-tech or start-up.

Significant interviewing experience focused on evaluating fundamental computer science skills (i.e. data structures, algorithms etc.), software craftsmanship (i.e. understanding of unit testing, source control, APIs etc.), and/or specific technologies (i.e. iOS, distributed systems etc.).

Strong oral and written communication skills.

Able to empathize with candidates and provide actionable feedback.

An ability to structure your schedule (i.e. you can pick certain blocks of time during the day, evenings, weekends).

A genuine desire to continuously improve the Karat service and technical interviewing.

Interested? Click here to learn more and connect with the Karat Team. https://jobs.lever.co/karat/d44ab283-c7c0-4bbd-b8c3-4dc0ced6...

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Verizon | New York, NY and Basking Ridge, NJ | ONSITE | Full Time | Data Scientist and Data Engineering Roles

Our team is hiring a strategic thinker to join a high visibility team that powers Network analytics and strategic direction for Verizon. You will be part of a team that builds tools, analysis, and insights that informs, quantifies, and enables the visualization of data and drives business decisions and capital investment for Verizon networks.

Apply Here: http://www.verizon.com/about/work/jobs/6880965-big-data-engi...

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Circular Board | Full-Stack Developer | SF | Onsite

We are an early stage team looking for a strong web developer. Youll be the second engineering hire, so this is a ground floor opportunity. We value collaboration and a highly energized team vibe.

Circular Board is building a global platform that transforms how the world's entrepreneurs access growth resources. We're looking for someone who believes in our mission to democratize access to the startup ecosystem, who believes innovation is the key to solving our world's greatest problems, and who will work to stand behind a best in class product.

We're fast paced, fired up about the potential of undiscovered startups, and have strong partners like Dell, Pivotal, Johnson & Johnson, the United Nations Foundation and more to help us lead our charge.

You judge your success by the success of your team; you are interested in learning and developing your own skill set with opportunities like challenging frontiers in artificial intelligence.

This position is located in San Francisco, in the Pivotal Labs SOMA office near 4th and Howard St.

Take advantage of the many resources available through our temporary digs at Pivotal, beginning your day with a catered breakfast every weekday morning, and unlimited snacks/drinks available all day. The collaborative, open-plan office space is filled with talented, like-minded engineers who enjoy taking advantage of weekly Tech Talks, playing ping pong, and hanging out with other developers.

Our tech stack: Ruby on Rails, MySql, React. Detailed job description can be found here: https://angel.co/the-circular-board/jobs/193679-full-stack-s...

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Burner | Los Angeles, CA | Dev-ops Engineer | Full-time

Burner (Ad Hoc Labs, Inc.) Burner is empowering people to take control over their primary channel of communication the phone number.

As DevOps Engineer, you will be a key member of a team building the next generation of mobile privacy tools, working closely with the platform team to upgrade and maintain existing infrastructure while helping to design and deploy the next generation of services to power the Burner mobile apps.

Details & apply: https://www.burnerapp.com/careers/devops-engineer

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Industry Dive | Washington, DC | Full-Time Onsite

- Data Engineer / Data Analyst - Manage development of our Airflow-based ETL & data warehouse

- Python Developer - Our core app is in Django, but we also have Flask apps and a Python data ETL project

- DBA - Data modeling and database design. Maintain data dictionary.

- IT Intern

- Also editorial, sales, and ops roles -- check the website. And please contact me if you're interested in working here but don't fit an open position.

 ++ WHO WE ARE ++
Industry Dive is a 5+ year old B2B digital media startup. We have our own journalists and editors who report news for executives in different industries. Some of our sites: http://www.retaildive.com/http://www.utilitydive.com/ and http://www.smartcitiesdive.com/

This recent profile is a nice overview of the company: http://dive.pub/DiveWapo

We offer good benefits, competitive salary, and we're proud of our culture & commitment to work/life balance.

Washington Post "2017 Top Workplace" and a Washington Business Journal "Best Place To Work" three years running.

Additional details at http://industrydive.com/ but please don't hesitate to reach out me directly: eli at industrydive dot com.

I'll do a quick information interview with anyone, even if you don't think you're a fit for any current openings.

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Tapdaq (https://tapdaq.com) | London / Prague | FULLTIME, VISA

Tapdaq enables mobile developers to grow, retain and monetise their apps user base. Over 4,000 developers use our in-app advertising to set up efficient cross promotion campaigns between their own apps, and our ad mediation to maximise their revenue. Our vision is to become the default inventory management platform for mobile applications.

We have two openings:

- Java Engineer (London): https://tapdaq.com/jobs#java-engineer

- Web Developer (Prague): https://tapdaq.com/jobs#web-developer

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on nick@tapdaq.com

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Cruise Automation | San Francisco | ONSITE

We're building the world's most reliable self driving car technology, and we have the right backing + partnerships in place for manufacturing at scale. We're hiring for a large number of software engineering roles. In particular, C++ engineers, experienced devops/SRE, and experienced backend or full stack engineers.


JMCQ87 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Minodes (https://www.minodes.com/) | Berlin, Germany (ONSITE) | full-time & interns | Visa | Software/Data/Systems Engineers

Minodes is a startup in the retail analytics space. Based in the heart of Berlin, we provide (offline) retailers innovative solutions to understand their business better, enhance their customers' in-store shopping experience, and bridge the gap between online and offline using machine learning approaches.

From a technology perspective, we have thousands of our sensors installed in our customers' retail stores around the world and a server infrastructure to manage these sensors and to process the terabytes of data that they are producing. Our tech stack consists of Python (and Golang) for data processing and analysis, and Cassandra and Postgres for data storage. We work, learn and develop while having lots of fun on the way. The usual perks (drinks, breakfast, nice office, ...) are included. We're also happy to help with visa and relocation where necessary.

We are looking for a wide range of people to join our team, including:

DWH/Database Engineer:https://minodes-jobs.personio.de/job/26155

Site Reliability Engineer:https://minodes-jobs.personio.de/job/26152

Software Engineers (Frontend/JS/React/Redux, Backend/Python/Go): https://minodes-jobs.personio.de/?language=en#category-1735

You can find even more jobs here: https://www.minodes.com/jobs

No recruiters please.

JackMorgan 7 hours ago 0 replies      
SmartStream Tech | Software Developer | Center City, Philadelphia, PA | Full-Time, ONSITE

The ideal candidate is:Looking for fantastic work/life balance - no stress, few meetings, no overtime, no assigned work, permanent 10% weekly research time

Polyglot-comfortable - doesn't mind learning C#, F#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and sometimes working in all five in one day

Loves pair-programming/TDD - is excited to work with a talented team - mentoring and being mentored 100% of the time

Tolerates occasionally grungy work needed to maintain an enormous C#/F# banking application used by the majority of the world's biggest banks

Comfortable working without a tech lead - we have no leads, every pair is trusted to design the best solutions without being told or supervised in a self-organizing team

Intrinsic desire to learn and improve - We are always learning and pushing into new areas: currently some are researching and writing proposals for an AWS-hosted version of our system. Several others are studying linear programming to better develop an in-progress optimization system using CPLEX. Others are studying dependent-typed programming with proof assistants in an experiment to formally prove parts of our system. A couple team-mates are doing broad improvements across our 4.6 million line codebase designed to make it more type-safe with fewer bugs.

Feel free to email me for more info at steven.shogren@smartstream-stp.com. The interview process is whiteboard-free, no memorization, no algorithms. We pair program together working on several small projects for a day.

We are a small team that opens up positions rarely: this is the first position we've opened up in years without a waiting list of pre-screened candidates. The pay for the current position is average for Philly for a developer with 3-5 years of experience. If you've got a lot more and are a really great fit let's talk anyway and we'll see what we can do. Worst case you get on the waiting list for the next position ;)

For more information about our self-organizing practices, see here: http://deliberate-software.com/categories/self-organization/

cadr 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Final (YC W15) | Oakland, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | https://getfinal.com

Help us build a credit card for the 21st century. We just launched and continue to grow out our talented team. It's a unique opportunity to deal with a complex, scalable product that people interact with every day.

Final is a YC and venture-backed company based in downtown Oakland, CA a few steps from the BART. Were a small team of intellectually curious people trying to make waves in a big industry.

We are looking for exceptional front and backend (or full stack) developers and a variety of product and operations roles. Our stack is Rails and Tornado backends with React/iOS/Android front ends.


ericcf 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University | Developer Associate, Systems Analyst/Programmer, Developer Intern, Graphic Design Intern | Chicago, IL | ONSITE, INTERNS, http://cbits.northwestern.edu

CBITs is looking to expand its team by hiring entry-level and early career developers and designers in Chicago. We are all full stack developers, responsible for the entire lifecycle of web and mobile applications used in clinical research trials. We work primarily with Ruby on Rails, Android and Ionic. We would love to see any applicants who care about making products that will help researchers and study participants improve the science of health care.

If interested, please email tanicia.burns [at] northwestern (dot) edu

jonahss 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Eaze | San Francisco | Node.js and Devops Engineers | On-Site

Eaze delivers marijuana products on-demand, with an average delivery time of 25 minutes. At any given time we are routing over 100 drivers delivering cannabis throughout major Californian cities.

We're growing, and hiring.

Basically it's an E-commerce site with a bunch of regulatory twists and driver routing apps thrown in.

Currently looking for Senior Node.js developers, to help us mentor and demonstrate best practices to less senior though eager Node devs.

Also looking to build out our Devops team. Director, senior, mid-level. Everything is on AWS with CI, configured with Chef.

See: https://www.eaze.com/careersEmail me: jonah@eaze.com

Matt_Cutts 9 hours ago 1 reply      
US Digital Service | Software Engineers, Designers, Product Managers | Washington, DC | ONSITE https://usds.gov

We're the group of geeks that worked on healthcare.gov. We have projects to help veterans, doctors, immigrants, and soldiers--all kinds of federal computer systems need help. The work on a day-to-day basis is less about coding and more about bringing proven industry practices into government. Apply at https://www.usds.gov/join

arasx 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Yandy | Software Engineer (Contract) | Phoenix, AZ | REMOTE http://www.yandy.com

Yandy is a retailer of specialty fashion apparel for women. Our motto is every body, everybody, every day. We are born and raised in Phoenix/AZ and serviced over 2M customers in 10 years, have 90 employees and operate our own 35K sqft fulfillment center.

We are looking for software engineers on a contract basis (onsite or remote) to help expand our e-commerce feature set and work on various refactoring projects. You will be expected to jump ride in and be comfortable working with legacy code base, fast execution and continous integration.

Our stack includes: PHP, Javascript, Python, Elastic Search, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Spark

email: aras - yandy.com

brryant 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Webflow | Senior Engineer | SF

Webflow enables thousands of designers and developers to produce professional web content. Over 30,000 customers later, we're powering thousands of production web sites and web apps with our visual development and hosting platform. We're on a path to empowering the next wave of designers and developers to create entire digital products, visually. Check out https://webflow.com for a glimpse of how we're changing the way startups, agencies, and large enterprises approach web design.

We're looking for generalist engineers to join our team. Build the web application platform of the future with:

- node.js

- React.js

- Mongodb

- Redis

- AWS Lambda

- Lua

Send us an email at jobs@webflow.com or check out our jobs page for more information: https://webflow.com/about#jobs (built in WF of course)

lwright17 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Under Armour Connected Fitness | Austin TX | ONSITE

Engineering - Web, Backend, Infrastructure, Android, iOS

Come join Under Armours digital division, creating software to power the future of connected fitness. Were serious about individual growth and athlete achievement, and wed like you to join us to build real products that will help millions of people improve their lives through better health and fitness. You will learn, grow and play in an environment that focuses on results and delivery, all backed by one of the strongest consumer brands in history.

If you're interested, apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness#.WTBH5xMrLR2

ellisv 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Powerley | Multiple positions | Royal Oak, MI | Onsite, Full-Time | www.powerley.com

Powerley is seeking passionate individuals who are driven to build great products. Our mission is to connect the smart grid to the smart home with the only utility led Home Energy Management Solution developed for utilities worldwide. We believe the best product decisions are made by the people who are actually doing the work, and our culture is built around team collaboration and shared success.

We're growing fast. Some of the open positions we have now are:

- Product Manager

- QA Director

- Marketing Manager

Demand & Digital

- Data Scientist

Of course, there's more info and applications on our website: http://www.powerley.com/about/careers/Feel free to reach out (PM or e-mail evalentiner@powerley.com) if you have questions or want to chat! Please, no recruiters.

cynusx 8 hours ago 0 replies      
NoviCap | Senior engineer | Barcelona | ONSITE

NoviCap helps small businesses make payroll by giving them a cash advance for work they already did and invoiced for.

We are a small international team based in BCN and love clean code, functional programming, fantasy lore, rock climbing and beer.

More info in this handy gist here: https://gist.github.com/noverloop/ec033c20c02cf9e219d2fc9739...

We allow part-time remote work and are willing to arrange visa's for amazing candidates.

hgrimmett 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Blue Vision Labs | London, United Kingdom | Onsite, Interns, Visa, http://www.bluevisionlabs.com/

Stealth startup working on self-driving cars, augmented reality and robotics.

Founded in a Y-Combinator Fellowship and backed by Accel (Facebook, Dropbox) and Horizons Ventures (DeepMind, Siri).

Our team comprises PhDs from top universities, hackers, competitive programmers, and accomplished entrepreneurs. We offer a full range of benefits, a friendly and dynamic atmosphere where everyone learns, grows and contributes to real, deliverable products.

We are seeking talented people to join our team:


- SOFTWARE ENGINEERS (backend, full stack, cloud infrastructure)

- RESEARCH SCIENTISTS (SLAM / computer vision / machine learning)

- ROBOTICS ENGINEERS (calibration, cameras, signal processing)

- DATA SCIENTIST (visualisation, databases, insights)

- DATA OPERATIONS (scaling our data collection)

- VISUAL DESIGNER (Augmented reality, video directing & editing, branding)

Please apply at careers@bluevisionlabs.com

coinspectapp 8 hours ago 0 replies      
MeWe | Senior JavaScript Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | MeWe.org

Company Background:MeWe.org builds mobile software to manage quality, compliance, and brand standards. We're working with dozens of leading organizations including TGI Fridays, PF Chang's, Whole Foods Markets, and the New York State Department of Health. We were founded by a team from Harvard, Columbia, and UCLA, and are based in San Francisco.

Product Overview:Our product, CoInspect, enables large, distributed organizations to standardize and streamline operations while avoiding fines and costly mistakes. The application features a content library including hundreds of compliance checklists made by leading health and safety experts, which can be administered and customized via our CMS. Our native mobile apps work can online or offline to empower our customers to manage their workflows anywhere.

What were looking for:Were looking for a Senior JavaScript Engineer to help us scale our product for enterprise usage, develop IoT hardware integrations, and mentor our 12-person team. The ideal candidate is a back-end focused Senior Developer looking for a 50/50 split of management and hands-on work. Youll work alongside our 3-person San Francisco engineering team and manage 12 remote developers.

Technologies:Frontend: JavaScript, AngularBackend: Node.js, Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch, FirebaseInfrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Prometheus, KibanaMobile Apps: Swift, Java/Kotlin

Interested?Apply at careers <at> mewe.orgCheck us out online: mewe.org

lwright17 10 hours ago 0 replies      
MyFitnessPal | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Sr. Product Manager | Engineering - Web, Android, iOS, Backend, Data Science | Product Designer

Under Armour has teamed up with MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness to create UACF - the largest online health and fitness community with 200 million current users!

MyFitnessPal is looking for extraordinary teammates who want to focus on challenges impacting the daily lives of the worlds largest fitness community. Were serious about individual growth and youd be working with awesome people in a truly inspiring culture.

If you're interested, please apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/connectedfitness#.WTBH5xMrLR2

ifc 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Qventus | Software Engineer | Mountain View, CA | Onsite

Qventus mission is to simplify how healthcare operates, so that hospitals and caregivers can focus on delivering the best possible care to patients. We think that data and analytics should make it easier for hospital teams to do great things.

We use machine learning to create solutions that help healthcare organizations and their people adapt to the variability of the healthcare system and make the right decisions from the most complex data. We believe that small, day-to-day decisions can, over time create massive improvements in healthcare.

We have several positions open:

-- Full Stack Engineers

-- Front End Engineers

-- Mobile Engineer (Android, iOS)

-- Backend Engineers

-- DevOps Engineer

-- QA/Build/Release Engineers

For more information, visit http://www.qventus.com If you are interested please submit your resume to jobs@qventus.com

cormacdriver 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Temboo | New York, NY | Full-Time | On Site

At Temboo, we're building a software platform that connects embedded hardware to the internet, enabling people to develop any type of physical computing system. Temboo ships on hardware from Samsung, Texas Instruments, Arduino and more, and our customers are using it to build everything from offshore shrimp farming monitors to metal detection systems in industrial bakeries.

You can find our open positions here:


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Twitch Berlin is hiring a Data Scientist for fraud detection:


jonathanbull 12 hours ago 0 replies      
EmailOctopus | LONDON | ONSITE

We're a bootstrapped startup offering mail marketing for up to 10x cheaper than MailChimp. Looking for an onsite PHP developer to join us - experience of AWS essential. https://emailoctopus.com

Email jonathan [@companyname] .com

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Make.TV | Engineering | Cologne, Germany / Seattle, WA | Onsite / Remote | Full-Time

We're building the only live video router in the cloud. Make.TV is hiring in Cologne, Germany as well as Seattle, WA.

Check out https://make.tv/ for more info and https://make.tv/career/ for current vacancies.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly: jebert (t) make.tv

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Moosejaw | System Administrator | Madison Heights, MI | Onsite

Looking to work on a small (10~ person), tight-knit web team where your voice will be heard and respected from day one? This position will be in charge of the ecosystem of the Linux servers (including builds and decomms), handling the migration from AWS to Microsoft Azure, as well as maintaining all network security functions.

Learn more here:https://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/content_jobs____?gnk=...

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Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA | Full time | Onsite

Do you want to help build the factory of the future and realize the next industrial revolution?

Tulip is transforming manufacturing processes by bringing the latest technological advances from the lab to the back office to the shop floor. Whereas most factories are still using state of the art technology from the mid 19th century, we come from the future to bring them a rich, realtime web app, modern tablets, IoT systems, in-depth analytics, and more.

We're a small team, but we have multiple Fortune 500 customers and are enabling production lines building things you interact with everyday. We're in a strong growth mode! We closed a $13M Series A last month (http://tcrn.ch/2qYvsoN), we are bringing on new customers, scaling up our existing customers' deployments, and, most relevantly, hiring across the team!

We'd love to talk to anyone interested, but in particular we are looking to bring folks on in:

- Web Development: Meteor+React+Redux, delivering useful, real-time experiences in the browser and on Electron

- IoT/Embedded Software: delivering a reliable, extensible HW platform across arm and x86, all manner of bus/IO tech

- SRE/DevOps: Kubernetes-admin, scalable monitoring across the firewall, hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment

- Data & Pipeline Engineering: planning, implementing, and finding insights with our next generation of process & sensor analytics

- Design & Product: Usable, beautiful UX that makes the above worth doing

Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co

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Leap Motion | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | http://leapmotion.com

The greatest limit of technology is no longer size, cost, or speed. It's how we interact with it. At Leap Motion, our mission is to break down this barrier and bridge the gap between reality and imagination.

Our tracking software lets you reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. From our newly upgraded office in San Francisco, we're currently partnering with major VR manufacturers to embed Leap Motion technology into mobile VR/AR headsets.

Openings: https://www.leapmotion.com/careers

Events & Marketing Manager

Applications (Unreal/Unity) Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer

Embedded Linux Software Engineer

Field Applications Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

PCB Designer

SDK/API Software Engineer

Software Engineer, Cloud Computing

Software Engineering Generalist

Tools and Build Services Engineer

VP of Engineering

Executive Assistant

Head of Recruiting

Product Manager

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GetYourGuide | Multiple Positions | Berlin & Zurich | ONSITE, VISA

We're on a mission to turn trips into amazing experiences. Using our product and technology to change the way travelers find and book things to do and explore their destination. We are a customer focused data driven company and are ramping up our engineering capacity.

Looking for: Data Scientists | Data Analysts | DevOps | Front-End Engineers | Back-End Engineers | Marketing Engineers

Find more about us and the job openings on our career page http://grnh.se/qmkt7n

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beaconhome (http://beaconhome.io/) | Sr. Android Applications, Sr. Embedded FW, Sr Backend Application Engineers | Austin, TX or San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

We're a stealth consumer electronics company that's building a product poised to change the way people experience their homes and bring them material improvements to their health and well being. The opportunity is enormous, making our work exciting, challenging and rewarding when we look at how our company stands to make people's lives better. We're a small team so you'll have the opportunity to be a part of the early team and build critical parts of our company. We're at the forefront of applying the latest technologies to a challenging problem. Hardware, firmware, Android (RxJava), iOS (RxSwift), AWS, Serverless, Deep Learning and more are all on the table and being implemented everyday.

Check out detailed roles on our website or AngelList and mention HN -- http://www.beaconhome.io/roles | https://angel.co/stealth-consumer-iot-company

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MailControl | Chicago, IL | Software Engineer | Full time | Onsite http://mailcontrol.net

MailControl is a cyber security company that protects enterprises from the threats presented by emails with embedded tracking code ("spymail").We're looking for a mid-senior level engineer with C# and frontend web experience who is interested in wearing several hats and learning a lot. More details here:


To apply: please send an email with rsum and portfolio, GitHub link, etc. to careers@mailcontrol.net

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Aha! (http://www.aha.io) | Rails / Front End / UX | REMOTE

Aha! is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails, Javascript and front-end engineers to develop rich interactive experiences in React with a Rails backend.

Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding), we deploy continuously and we are developing in Rails/CoffeeScript/React/d3. Our entire team is remote - in US, Canada and Mexico so we can collaborate during the work day.

http://www.aha.io | email: engineering-jobs@aha.io

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Sift | Detroit, MI | Fulltime | ONSITE

At Sift, we build applications to help organizations better understand their people. We want organizations to feel more like closely knit teams, where everyone supports each other to achieve their shared mission.

Were just 18-months old, but weve already secured 15,000+ users and over 20 clients. Were proud to have Quicken Loans, an organization built on the foundation of a strong culture, using our apps to better understand who makes up their amazing team.

- Backend (Node.js, Express) - DevOps

We are mostly looking to grow our backend engineering team. Our current stack is NodeJS and AWS Services (EC2, S3, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, Lambda). No experience with JavaScript but have an interest? Reach out!

Sound interesting? Shoot me an email! Mat P, CTO, matp@justsift.com

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Stellenticket GmbH | Ruby on Rails Full Stack Developer | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE, INTERNS, VISA, SALARY:50k EUR, https://www.stellenticket.de/?lang=en

We are looking for a full stack Ruby on Rails developer to work with us here in our Berlin office. Stellenticket is a completely self funded TU Berlin startup from 2009, being profitable since the beginning. We develop and provide web software as a service for mostly German universities (B2B). Our two main products, Stellenticket Jobportals and Congeno (a CRM) are already in use in production since 2010 (Jobportals) and 2016 (Congeno), but are still constantly improved. Besides those two projects we use several smaller Rails apps ourselves to organize our work (like a simple time tracker and a task manager). We also have some other products in our pipeline where we need your help to develop and finally release them into production until the end of the year.

Our software is currently based on Ruby on Rails 5.1.x and we usually use the following stack:

 - Slim or Haml as the HTML template engine for simple views - Vuejs 2.x for complex views (keyword: webpacker) - SCSS - Simple SCSS framework like Bourbon with Bitters (*no* Bootstrap or so) - Database: PostgreSQL - Rspec for unit tests - Capybara with Selenium for browser and feature tests
You will join a small developer team which currently consists of one full time developer and two part time (student) developers, so you can be sure you will have a big impact in the team. With it comes some responsibility, though, because it will be your job to bring the development of your project forward at every stack level, be it the backend, database, frontend or CSS. You will constantly learn new things during your work, because nobody can be an expert in all those fields - but you can improve always.

We try to release usable prototypes with minimum functionality fast, so our products are in use and we get feedback fast, and then gradually develop them further.

Project code is completely hosted on our self run Gitlab instance, including automatic CI run after every push, linting with Rubocop (and some other linters depending on the stack used), automatic deploys to staging and production environments, and review of every merge request by at least one other developer.

If you are interested, please e-mail your resume to Markus Doits, apply@stellenticket.de, with the keyword "HN RoR 2017-07". If you have any questions, feel free to contact us too.

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LogRocket | Cambridge, MA | Boston, MA | Full Time, Onsite | https://logrocket.com

LogRocket is a logging service that helps developers fix problems in their apps by letting them replay bugs. Our product is used by hundreds of companies like UserTesting, Carfax, and NBC to eliminate the guesswork for developers as they fix bugs. We are a few engineers today and looking to double our team in the next few months. If you are interested in joining at the ground-floor of a venture-funded, fast-growing company, feel free to reach out to matt at logrocket dot com.

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Elevate Labs | Full Stack Developer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE

Elevate Labs is building a product called Onsen (http://OnsenApp.com) a team collaboration board for sharing docs, HTML snippets, images and files.

We're looking for an experienced full-stack developer who's ready to jump into a company that's pre-launch. You'll be apart of the founding team wearing many hats whether its frontend, backend or interviewing the next engineering hire.

Want to learn more about the product? Lets chat! Please email ryan@elevatelabs.io

olalonde 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Binded | Software Engineer (CV) | San Francisco (Japantown) | FULL TIME, ONSITE, https://binded.com

We're hiring our first Computer Vision Engineer to build a greenfield, large-scale, content-based image retrieval (CBIR) system. Our ideal candidate has knowledge of computer vision algorithms (e.g. SIFT, bag-of-words, etc.) and is proficient with at least one of Python, Java and C/C++. Experience developing database/distributed/big data systems would be a big plus. You must have a solid background in CS/SE and be comfortable reading academic papers.

If you're up for the challenge, send me an email with your resume (oli@binded.com) and mention HN.

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eBay | www.ebay.com | New York | NYC | Full Time | ONSITE | jobs@ebaynyc.com | VISA okWe are looking for deep learning experts who can make sense of eBay's 1+ billion items. We'll use that technology to target ads, recommend items and help our sellers succeed. Our interview consists of two phone screens. Then you come onsite to meet the team and do a code test. 5+ years of Machine Learning experience preferred. jobs@ebaynyc.com | Ask for Adam
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Open Listings (YC W15) | Mid + Senior Full Stack Engineers | LA (Eastside) | On-site | https://www.openlistings.com

Open Listings is building the simplest and most affordable way to buy a home: e-commerce for real estate. We help tech savvy buyers shop for homes with expert online support, then save them a ton of money with a 50% commission refund. We're assisting hundreds of thousands of active buyers and transacting more than one home each day.

Today our software plugs into the existing real estate market via broker-quality data feeds and a network of local real estate agents. We have a web/app feed that helps users house hunt, back-of-house software that helps agents manage transactions, and custom support tools that allow our small team to assist thousands of active buyers through the process. We take a pragmatic, piecemeal approach to crafting software with heavy emphasis on testing, measurement, and iteration.

Our stack is rails, react, webpack, and mongodb with a heavy peppering of AWS goodies. The only tool were dogmatic about is simplicity. You should be comfortable developing the full critical path of a new web feature, but were most excited about front end web and/or native app expertise.

Projects we're excited about:

- Review + capacity management system for on-demand showing agents so that we can get tour lead-time down to 1 hour in major markets

- Deeper automation of the offer and closing process with online offer tracking throughout the entire buying process

- Full rebuild of our iOS app (react-native)

- Refreshed look and feel with consistent atomic style guide

- Personalized recommendations

What we're looking for from you:

- A BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience (not fresh out of bootcamp, sorry)

- Experience building a well-designed app

- A bias for building your way out of a problem

- Optimism about future technology and automation

- Good references from past colleagues

xando 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Hey, a friendly reminder. Im parsing the thread, all job offers added here are also available on the map on

- https://whoishiring.io,

- or just HN items https://whoishiring.io/search/36.0440/-90.8984/4?source=hn

If you post here, please use the below format to help me with parsing. If you wont, no worries, I will do my best to get all the things right.

 1) {company} | {job title} | {locations} | {attrs: ONSITE, REMOTE, INTERNS, VISA, SALARY, company-url} Google | Software Developer | SF | VISA https://google.com DuckDuckGo | Software Developer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA, SALARY:100k-120k Facebook | Web-developer | Zurich | SALARY:120k CHF Google | Site Reliability Engineer | London | SALARY:120k GBP, VISA, REMOTE

 2) {company} | {job title} | {location} Google | Site Reliability Engineer | Sydney Facebook | Web-developer | Zurich
Im using this regex to test the first line, you can test it here https://regex101.com/r/relwQD/3

Check bellow for the SALARY regex.

and you can test it as well https://regex101.com/r/SRWkMz/2/


There is a "REPORT" button in footer of job offers, please complain if I did something wrong.

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CoreOS (YC S13) is hiring in New York (NYC), San Francisco (SFO), and Berlin. Product management, engineering, test automation, project management, technical writing, design, and sales.


Help push forward the state of the art for infrastructure software. CoreOS is an enterprise software company that is enables organizations to leverage software containers and Kubernetes in production.

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Ibis Networks | C/C++ Engineer | Honolulu, HI | REMOTE and ONSITE

Ibis Networks, Inc. is looking for a C/C++ programmer with a strong track record in developing firmware and micro controller code, for projects involving an IoT portfolio of products. You will be a key contributor to expanding our portfolio of IoT devices for plug-load energy management.

You will join a distributed team of hardware and software engineers working to build enterprise-level technology for monitoring and optimizing energy use at the plug-level for buildings and campuses.

Ibis Networks is a distributed team, with some of our software team working from our Honolulu headquarters and locations in and around Seattle, WA and in the Bay Area. We are open to remote workers given our distributed team, and would also welcome sometime to our offices in Honolulu or the Bay Area.

If you are experienced at working as part of a distributed team, are capable of writing clearly and using tools like Slack to effectively communicate, youll work well with our team. You may rarely be asked to travel to Honolulu for company meetings and work sessions, but otherwise, were interested in talking to self-motivated people who are happy to work on interesting technology problems from a variety of locations.



Firmware and micro controller development

Network programming

Strong knowledge of TCP/UDP, application level protocols

Transport layer encryption (SSL/TLS)

Understanding of REST API development

A working knowledge of Netburner appliance development is strongly desirable, with experienced Netburner developers receiving priority for hiring.

Other desirable skills:

I2C and/or SPI


Ruby on Rails

Some familiarity with cloud-based architectures and services (e.g, AWS, Heroku)

More info at: http://ibisnetworks.com/

If interested, please email your resume at careers+hn@ibisnetworks.com

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Weld | Stockholm, Sweden | full time, Onsite | Senior Front-end developer | https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/11258-weld-javascript-developer...

Weld makes it possible for anyone to develop websites and app without coding!

eoghan 11 hours ago 0 replies      

SF, Dublin, Chicago, London

We're about to start two major new initiatives that we will be expanding the company for dramatically. Now is a very fun time to join.


hornets 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Charlotte Hornets | Charlotte, NC | www.hornets.com

The Charlotte Hornets are looking to hire a talented software developer to work in the front office with our data analysts, scouts, and General Manager. This person will be responsible for building and maintaining software tools to organize and analyze basketball data relevant to the draft, free agency, trades, and player and team efficiency. Candidate should have a strong computer science background with heavy emphasis on web and database design. He or she should also possess great communication skills. Any experience with advanced statistical methods and techniques would also be a strong plus. Experience in the sports industry is not required, but applicants must be extremely passionate about basketball and the numbers behind it.


mildlyclassic 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Wifi Dabba (YC W17) | Bangalore, India | Onsite | Software/Network Engineers

Come and help us build the cheapest and fastest wifi network in India.We've just started hiring our team and you'll be one of the first engineers.

See detailed job descriptions at www.wifidabba.com

jessepollak 12 hours ago 3 replies      
Coinbase | Senior Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Security Engineer | San Francisco, London | REMOTE, VISA | coinbase.com

We are hiring engineers to help us create an open financial system for the world. Specifically, I'm hiring both frontend and backend engineers to build Coinbase.com and the APIs that power the Coinbase mobile apps. Come work on digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum every day!

About us:

* We use React, Mobx, Flow, webpack, and styled-components on the frontend.

* Our APIs are currently powered by Rails with a MongoDB backend, but we're investing heavily in decomposing the monolith into services written in statically typed languages.

* We're exploring GraphQL for future APIs and are hiring two people to lead our APIs team.

If you're interested, email me at jpollak@coinbase.com.

colinsidoti 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Harbor | Front End, Back End | Chicago | https://harborpension.com

Harbor is bringing back the pension (or something like it). We make it easy to build a retirement portfolio that incorporates guaranteed lifetime income, because we think that's the best way for every American to build a secure retirement.

We're hiring developers to join us for Techstars in Chicago this summer. Remote and/or Interns are ok.

Front End - We need a Javscript developer to take ownership over our front end codebase. It's currently built with jQuery, though we're strongly considering a move to React.

Back End - Ruby on Rails - Help develop the architecture for our own tools, as well as build out integrations to our financial partners.

Please contact colin@harborpension.com for more details.

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Second Spectrum | Software Engineer | Los Angeles, USA | onsite https://www.secondspectrum.com/

We're a sports oriented company that blends computer vision, machine learning and design to change how sports are coached, played and watched. Starting next season, we're going to be the Official Optical Tracking Provider for the NBA.

openings: https://www.secondspectrum.com/careers.html

Briefly: Computer Vision (CV) in Lausanne CH and LA, mid-senior software engineer in LA, mid-to-senior front-end engineer in LA. QA and senior QA engineers in LA and infrastructure engineer in LA.

I'm happy to answer questions: karl@secondspectrum.com

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eero | San Francisco, CA USA | Full-Time | On-Site | https://eero.com/jobs

I'm Josh and I work on the Data team here at eero. We rely on data to inform and drive product decisions, improve network and mesh performance, set marketing strategies, enhance factory testing, provide better customer support and much more.

Our real-time data platform is critical to providing high performance, adaptive networks for our customers and actionable operational insights for the company, requiring a strong and scalable data infrastructure. We are a small company but with a large data challenge! For our data infrastructure we strive to choose technologies that build for our current and future data growth, creating a platform that makes use of technologies such as Kafka, Spark, HBase, and Parquet on AWS S3 as well as our own custom in-house low latency scalable data infrastructure.

We have a ton of open positions right now, but on the data team we're really excited about finding Sr. Data Engineers, Software Engineers with a focus on distributed data systems and infrastructure, and Data Scientists to work with our product and engineering teams.

Full Job list:https://eero.com/jobs

Keyword soup: Machine Learning, Scala, Spark, Kafka, HBase, Python, Mesh Networks, Go, Kubernetes, Sensor Data, ETL, anomaly detection, Redshift

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VerOps | Full Stack Engineer | Austin, TX | Onsite | https://verops.com

VerOps is building the future of hardware simulation monitoring and triage (think Ops for Verification). Our software tools track millions of simulations daily, and are used by hundreds of verification engineers to be more productive and make higher quality silicon designs.

The stack is Golang, Python, Javascript, and an optimized database design.

Looking for backend or frontend engineers. You can learn more on our website and apply via email: jobs @ verops.com

Ben-G 12 hours ago 0 replies      
PlanGrid (YCW12) | San Francisco | Full-time, On-Site | Visa

 Were building software that is changing the construction industry (think GitHub for construction, but our ambitions are bigger). Our users love our app because it helps them build real things more efficiently. By joining our team you can influence product decisions and work on interesting technical challenges (our client apps work with GBs of data). Our engineering teams are small; whatever team you work on, your impact will be huge! Were looking for new team members on our client teams: Android, Web, iOS, Windows. Were also looking for QA Automation engineers, data scientists and engineering managers. You can see our job postings and apply here: http://grnh.se/8fcutd

anyconnect 12 hours ago 0 replies      
AnyConnect | Software Developer | Montreal, QC and Louisville, KY | http://anyconnect.com/careers/

AnyConnect software and hosted services power millions of connected video devices. Now were building connected video services to revolutionize the connected camera customer experience and industry, and AnyConnect needs talented technology professionals to join our growing team:

System Software Developers - Web ServicesSystem Software Developers - Embedded Linux*System Software Developers - Professional Services

AnyConnect offers competitive compensation and benefits. Interested applicants, please email your CV to careers@anyconnect.com.

lnnguyen 11 hours ago 0 replies      
LinkedIn | Sunnyvale, CA & San Francisco, CA| Full-Time | On-Site | Senior Software Engineers

LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 500 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet.

Send resumes to lnnguyen@linkedin.com if you are interested in the following roles: Applications Development | Front-End/UI Engineering | Mobile Applications | Systems and Infrastructure | Data Mining and Machine Learning | Tools Engineering | Performance Engineering

p0ppe 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Yle - The Finnish Broadcasting Company | Multiple developer roles | Helsinki, Finland | ONSITE

Yle, the public broadcaster in Finland, is looking for developers. We're looking for coders, mobile developers, Unity3D experts, a streaming expert and a growth hacker.

More info (unfortunately only in Finnish): https://kiinnostaiskosua.yleisrad.io

doh 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Pex | DTLA, Los Angeles, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | https://pex.com

We're building video and music search engine used by the majors in both movie and music industry. We're running a massive stack of servers processing over 70PB of data each month, with existing index with over 5B videos and songs.

We're hiring developers across the board. We're based in the Perching square right on the metro stop, easy access from most of LA https://angel.co/pexeso/jobs

JimWestergren 5 hours ago 0 replies      
DomainStats.com | Web Developer | Tby, Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE

DomainStats collect stats and data for millions of domains and billions of links. New startup that recently secured VC money. Office in Tby.

Tech: Cassandra, Redis, PHP, MySQL

Apply at: hr (at) todaysweb.com

dataking 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Immunant, Inc. | Information Security Researchers, Systems Programmers | Irvine, CA | ONSITE INTERNS VISA

Immunant is developing better exploit mitigations. We are looking for an additional team member who is as excited about systems programming, compiler construction, information security research as we are.

More info at http://immunant.com/page/jobs/

bowenli 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Weaveworks | Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Developer Experience/DX | San Francisco, London, Berlin | ONSITE, Full-time, https://www.weave.works

- Senior backend engineer: Work on Weave Cloud and our open source cloud native projects Weave Net, Scope, Flux and Cortex, as well as sister technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Prometheus. All backend work is primarily in Go. Appy here: http://grnh.se/qjr62o1

- Senior frontend engineer: Write reactive and clean web UIs that display complex data and are easy to navigate. Apply here: http://grnh.se/m6jkow1

- Developer Experience/DX: Help lead the growing community of users of Weave and its sister technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Prometheus. Apply here: http://grnh.se/05flus1

Come help us build OSS tools that other developers use to tame their containerized applications. Projects like Weave Scope observe containers/pods/services and their interactions to provide visibility and insights. Developers can quickly see the state of the resulting systems and validate their assumptions.

We offer family-friendly hours (some of us have kids, too) and encourage a good work-life balance. Feel free to work from home on certain weekdays, or combine work and travel for a month. It's no big deal if you're not a Go expert, we trust that you can learn on the job. Also, all our tools are open source: https://github.com/weaveworks Browse our PRs to see how we work as a team!

The hiring process: Checking your CV/GH/SO (if not enough signal: small coding challenge), 45 mins hangout, afternoon take-home coding/design challenge, in person interview with future colleagues.

Note: Weaveworks is not set up to sponsor visas at this point.

di 12 hours ago 1 reply      
PromptWorks | Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer | Philadelphia PA | ONSITE | https://promptworks.com/jobs

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services.

Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD are core practices of our day-to-day work.

We love polyglots. We use lots of Ruby, Python and JavaScript (mostly React and React-Native), some Elixir and Go.


aj_icracked 8 hours ago 0 replies      
iCracked (W12) | Performance Marketing Analyst / Sr. iOS / Full-stack | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE https://www.icracked.com/careers

We're a venture backed nationwide smartphone repair company that is launching smart home / IoT installation this quarter. We're changing the way on-site service works. At iCracked we hire great people and trust them to do right by our customers and our peers - so youll have significant autonomy over your work. We value diversity, humility, and open collaboration, and we foster an environment of constant learning. We believe that small, empowered, self-motivated teams can make big contributions to the business. We think that supporting your career development and having meaningful, rewarding work to do is a requirement. We want this to be the best job you will ever have.

Reach out to me at ajf[at]icracked.com if you're interested. :)

dkuebric 10 hours ago 0 replies      
node.js Distributed Tracing Engineer | SolarWinds | Onsite: Vancouver, SF, Boston

TraceView is a monitoring platform providing our customers (other software engineers) with deep understanding of how their applications are performing. In order to provide that insight, we have to collect the data, which is where our instrumentation agent team comes into play.

The agents that feed TraceViews analytics run inside customer application processes, automatically instrumenting them to gather distributed tracing data and other performance analytics, while having minimal or no performance impact so theyre safe to run in high-traffic production environments.

Were looking for someone whos immersed in the Node.js ecosystem--with bonus points for fluency in Ruby, Python, or Go, and really wow us if you have a systems generalist bent. Youll be combining an eye for performance with digging into the intricacies of V8 and native extensions. If you have a passion for constantly learning new libraries and deciphering how they work, and enjoy working deep under the covers of the runtime, then wed like you to join our talented and growing development team.

More information: http://solarwinds.jobs/vancouver-bc/nodejs-senior-developer/... (says Vancouver, but it's flexible location-wise)

Apply above if interested or feel free to reach out with any questions: dan.kuebrich@solarwinds.com

themetaschemer 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Paper Culture | Millbrae, CA | Software Engineering

Our engineering and product organization has its roots in advanced R&D experience at Xerox PARC, Yahoo!, CBS Interactive (CNET), HP, Snapfish, Google, and Microsoft. The team is very startup-savvy and has successfully contributed to the rapid (and profitable!) growth of the company by building highly-scalable and reliable systems that can serve millions of visitors every year.

We are seeking creative individuals with strong software engineering foundations who want to build reliable and performant software that delights millions of people.

As a software engineer at Paper Culture, you will be part of a small but dynamic engineering team that prides itself on using technology to maximize the efficiency and performance of our systems.

We value learning about the latest and greatest technologies and applying them to our systems wherever applicable. You will be exposed to technologies that span high-reliability web systems, functional programming, image processing, data analysis, design automation, CRM tools, artificial intelligence, cloud deployment, and more.

An integral part of Paper Culture is its mission of fighting climate change, and this will be your chance to make an impact on the well-being of the planet!

NOTE: Paper Culture will not be able to sponsor a work visa for this position. Please apply only if you will not require such sponsorship in the future.

Apply: https://www.paperculture.com/jobs

quantson 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Shipup | Paris, France | ONSITE | Full-stack software engineer

Shipup ( https://www.shipup.co) creates the best delivery experience for online retailers. We follow every package shipped and send proactive email and SMS notifications during delivery. Well be launching our second product, (tracking pages directly embedded on the online retailers website) this month.

Were seeing strong traction with clients such as La Poste or Vente Prive and daily signups from Shopify retailers in China, France, US...

We are looking to hire our first engineer who will work directly with our CTO. If you feel like joining a relatively young startup and get many responsibilities, drop me a line at quentin@shipup.co

Together we can change the post purchase experience in e-commerce.

jarsj 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Revcontent LLC | Full Stack Developer | Mumbai | Onsite | Fulltime

Revcontent is world's fastest growing content recommendation network. We have a small team working out of Mumbai. You will work on cutting edge of Machine Learning and build things that instantly gets billions of pageviews in traffic.

brettz 11 hours ago 2 replies      
Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site | pornhub.com (NSFW)

Come work at the 22nd highest trafficked website in the world.We are looking for:

-Senior PHP developer

-Junior front-end developer

-Marketing/PR coordinator

Must be willing to relocate to Montreal.

Email me your CV: jobs@pornhub.com

huahaiy 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Juji, Inc.| Full Stack Engineer - Clojure| San Jose, CA | Fulltime, ONSITE | https://juji.io/fullstack

Juji builds advanced AI platform to help people. We are funded both by VC and US government, and have paying customers. Join our growing small team to change the world with world class computer scientists, experienced clojure hackers, and brilliant colleagues graduated from top universities.

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Streamable (https://streamable.com) | Full-Time | Remote

Streamable is the world's easiest way to upload and embed video. We reach over 50M monthly unique visitors and are ranked as a Top 500 website in the world by Alexa.

We are currently looking for web engineers with experience in React / Python. Bonus points if you are comfortable working with AWS but not required. We offer competitive salary and full benefits, plus you can work from wherever you want!

Please contact me directly at armen@streamable.com.

mite-mitreski 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Klarna | Stockholm, Sweden | full time, Onsite | https://app.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oYoj3fws&s=AddThis#.WVqBHJfRFr...

Klarna offers retail finance solutions that are tailored for eCommerce. We use smart data to extend consumer credit in real-time quickly and easily. Add is for Frontend dev but there are open positions in all areas.

contingencies 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Infinite Food | Mechanical / Mechatronic / Robotics Engineers | Shenzhen | http://8-food.com/ | Full Time | ONSITE, VISA

Help us redefine food preparation and retail through cutting edge robotics. Join the company early enough to help define its culture.

Email in profile.

msy 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Crowdstrike UI Team | London or US (various or remote) | Full Time

Help detect and prevent the most sophisticated hackers at massive scale. We're a rapidly growing company that just raised another $100M from Google Capital and Warburg Pincus amongst others.

We're looking for JS devs (we use Ember but don't require it for new starters) as well as python/node/devops. Clean code, up to date libraries, simple deployment processes and professional development practices. Drop me a line at alex dot graul at crowdstrike dot com

vegancap 11 hours ago 0 replies      
LADbible Group - Manchester, UKiOS Engineers (Swift), front-end engineers (react, redux), back-end engineers (Typescript, nodejs, Golang, PHP).

LADbible Group has become a way of life for fans around the world. We provide news, entertainment and community to a global audience of young people. Our mission is pretty straightforward: to deliver content that our audience love.


Cieplak 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Finix | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA

Finix is a small but nimble team of engineers developing a payments processing platform (http://developers.finixpayments.com). We work with several major financial institutions and are growing faster than we can handle with our current team.

We'd love to take you out for coffee and talk about any of the following:

* Payments

* Highly-Available Architecture on AWS

* Java 8, Quasar

* Postgres

* Cryptography

* Firmware Rootkits

* Problem Solving

* Erlang/OTP

* c++ -std=c++1z

Reach us at this base64-encoded email address: cGF0cmljaytobkBmaW5peHBheW1lbnRzLmNvbQ==

milly1993 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Cognitive Logic | DevOps Engineer | Basingstoke, UK | FULL TIME, ONSITE

We're developing innovative technology which will enable multiple databases to be queried without any raw data being moved or put at risk.

- Currently looking to hire an experienced DevOps engineer to work alongside and support our team of developers.

More info & apply here: https://cognitive-logic.breezy.hr/p/00c73d2fa2e4-devops-engi...

No recruiters please.

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Swiftype | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Relocation Assistance

Swiftype builds a search platform that powers hundreds of millions of queries a month. We are a small team of generalist software developers and we are looking to grow our team in order to build new products and maintain our existing search platform. Come join us in our newly expanded office!

Email us at jobs+hn@swiftype.com or check out https://swiftype.com/jobs for more information.

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SalesLoft | Atlanta, GA | https://salesloft.com/company/career-opportunities/

SalesLoft is a modern sales engagement platform built on Ruby, Angular, React. We also have been dabbling into Elixir, ReactJS and Redux. We're pretty heavy into ActiveModel Serializers, Sidekiq, Factory Girls, RSpec, Capybara, UI Router, and Restangular too for what it is worth.

We strive to incorporate customer first, results focused, bias towards action, glass half full, and team above self values in everything we do, to better serve you. We're also the fastest growing tech company in Atlanta.

We're hiring Full Stack Software Engineers, UI Engineers, QA Engineers, and a Product Manager.

Email me (Emily Maher) if you're interested: emily.maher@salesloft.com

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Rocketmiles | Chicago, IL | On-Site

Rocketmiles helps frequent travelers take more vacations. Our team is headquartered in Chicago's West Loop with a satellite office in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

We're currently looking for:

* Grails / Kotlin / Java / Backend developers (Chicago)

* Frontend Engineer - Angular (Chicago)

* QA Engineer (Chicago)

* Senior Systems Engineer (Chicago)

I lead our product team, so please reach out to me directly (jordan@rocketmiles.com) if you are interested, or head to rocketmiles.com/jobs for more information.

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LinkedIn | Sunnyvale, CA & San Francisco, CA| Full-Time | On-Site | Senior Mobile Applications Engineers- iOS & Android

LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 500 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet.

Send resumes to lnnguyen@linkedin.com for applications.

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Nanome Inc. - REMOTE and/or VISA - Full-stack Ethereum Engineer (Solidity) - NYC/San Diego - Contract/Project Based

Virtual Reality Interfaces for STEM design and simulation, focused on nanoengineering. Launching Token Issuance Program (ICO) in a couple of months. Need engineer to assist in platform design and creation of smart contracts.

company: www.nanome.aitoken: www.matryx.ai

Contact a@nanome.aiWhitepaper available upon request.

deltajuliet 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Clevertech| Remote | Full-time |https://hire.clevertech.biz?ref=583f1591bb49351600056033

- DevOps Leader

- iOS Developer

- Front End Javascript Engineer

- Senior Blockchain Developer

- Full Stack JavaScript Architect

- Tech Lead

- Back End Data Engineer

- Senior React Developer

- Senior Content Management Systems Engineer

sz4kerto 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Patients Know Best | Generalist Java developer | REMOTE | Full Time

We are looking for experienced Java generalists to work on our Electronic Patient Portal and Integrated Digital Care Record system.

PKB integrates data flows across multiple organizations across the healthcare system, while putting the patient in control of her data. We're building something that actively, directly, improves the lives of people in general -- not selling more stuff, helping others sell more stuff, or making comfortable people a bit more comfortable. We are a fully remote team with a dozen developers, spread across half a dozen countries within a few hours of GMT (for shared working hours -- we are mostly looking for people in the EU/ECC to make the monthly meetings more feasible).

Keywords that describe our stack: Postgres, Wildfly, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Pagerduty, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Teamcity, Ansible, Vagrant, Java 8, Selenium, Arquillian.

Environment: we are all remote, there is no central office. We communicate primarily through chat (Slack) and issue tracking (JIRA), as needed over phone (Slack, join.me and similar, Skype, etc.) and we meet up once in a month in person for a day or two usually in London.You can use any OS/IDE/editor you like whatever makes you productive. The only hard requirement is that you can run Docker containers and git somehow. We have devs running Windows, OS X and Linux.

You should ..

- be a good communicator, able to understand others and explain yourself clearly and concisely; knowing how to chase the best ideas in a discussion, not just push your own.

- be proactive and motivated, comfortable asking for help when you're stuck and making constructive suggestions when you see something that could be working better.

- be able to prioritize well and strike the right balance between hacking things together hastily and completely disappearing for two months while refactoring the persistence layer.

- understand both the technical priorities and the business priorities underpinning them.

- be conscious of risk, have seen successful and failed projects, and have a good sense of what is going to work and what is going to fail.

Apply here: https://www.workable.com/j/6D05E74BAC

djmally 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Synack | Senior Software Engineer | Redwood City, CA / San Francisco, CA | Full-Time, Onsite | https://www.synack.com/

Synack is redefining how organizations do security. We crowdsource ethical hackers from around the world and empower them with "smart" technology to create a solution for today's growing and ever-evolving cybersecurity demands. We are passionate about making the world more secure and our mission is to proactively help organizations defend against cyber attacks before they get breached.

Heres what youll do:

- Deliver modularized architecture designs, based on microservices architecture to support concurrent development within the team

- Adopt and follow best practices in building high-performance, efficient, resilient, scalable software which handles millions packets per second

- Deliver new features to the product suite on a continuous basis using Go, MongoDB, AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, PhantomJS

- Develop novel techniques for safely and efficiently carrying out automated penetration tests against web applications at a massive scale

Heres what youll need:

- 5+ years of software development experience, backend cloud or on-prem services

- Production experience creating software with Golang is required (or 5+ years of C/C++ experience in system / networking / client-server programming)

- Experience with queueing/messaging systems such as RabbitMQ, NSQ, SQS etc.

- Knowledge of both relational and nonrelational database systems such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc.

- Security experience is a major plus

Full req and application: https://www.synack.com/company/careers/687156/

i3rdna 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Thunderhead | (iOS/Android) Mobile Engineer | Manchester, NH, US | Full-time | ONSITE | https://www.thunderhead.com/

We are looking for both an iOS and an Android Mobile Engineer to join our team and help us build native SDKs that mobile engineers would be excited to use in their apps.

Interested? Email me: apop [at] thunderhead [dot] com

virtuallynathan 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Amazon Web Services | SDE / SysDE / Research/Data Scientist | Seattle, Palo Alto (ONSITE) | VISA, aws.amazon.com, AS16509

The Internet is the worlds most complex network, with over 57,402 unique networks connected together, it contains hundreds of millions of edges and nodes. It is THE most pervasive, important, and complicated communications network in the world -- somewhere out there things are about to go south. One of the core backbone routers of a major Tier-1 Internet provider is having a bad day. It started with a transient, yet persistent, problem which was only detectable by a slight increase in dropped packets that went mostly unnoticed. An hour later the router suffered a catastrophic failure dumping 500Gbps of traffic onto an already congested alternate path causing ripples across the Internet, disrupting websites and other Internet based services on the U.S Eastern seaboard. Social media is ablaze as frustrated people rant about their favorite website, video, or gaming service being down, or so slow that its unusable. While the Internet burns, our customers are humming away oblivious to the disaster. If you have an insatiable curiosity, love the process of discovery, and youre reading this with a grin... we should talk. Come join us and...

* Do what nobody else in the world is doing... literally.

* Gain knowledge and expertise on the inner workings of the Internet, working with top-tier Network Engineers

* Define and Develop Amazons Internet Monitoring architecture

* Play in the piles of data to discover patterns that push our understanding and knowledge of Internet performance and availability anomalies

* Build massive real-time systems which inform and drive complex changes across the Internet

* Gain practical experience building software using Amazon Web Services

We are hiring for SDE/SysDE I (Entry Level), SDE/SysDE II (Mid-Level), Senior SDE, and Research/Data Scientist I/II (Entry/Mid Level), and Data Engineer I/II.

Sound like fun? Email me: nahtnow at amazon dot com.

(*) Note, I currently dont have openings for interns or just-graduated college students. For internships or recent college grad positions please apply here: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/team/university-tech

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Healthie | Senior Software Engineer | New York, NY | Full-time, onsite

Healthie (Techstars NY '16) is an all-in-one practice management platform for nutrition professionals. We've closed our seed round and are looking to bring on a senior software engineer to work on scaling, performance, new features, and mentoring our junior developers.

Our stack: Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Swift, Java

please apply by sending an email to cavan@gethealthie.com

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Moat | New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, London, Sydney | ONSITE | https://moat.com

Moat is hiring for a wide set of roles (frontend/backend/mobile software engineering, dev ops, QA, data science, UI/UX design).

We help top brands, large sites and popular apps make good product decisions -- often it's a decision to run fewer ads -- based on thoughtful analysis of reliable data. We process a trillion real-time events per month, and we're attacking hard problems like ad latency, botnets and malware.

We have strong benefits and fun extracurriculars, and we have relationships with just about every news, sports, entertainment, medical, and music site I know along with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and scores of advertisers.

Recently, we made the decision to join Oracle Data Cloud, a collection of startups within Oracle.

Drop me an email me at:chuck.bassett+hn@moat.com

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Planet Labs | Desktop Support Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE | https://go.planet.com/job-dse

We're a small spacecraft company in San Francisco operating the largest fleet of satellites in history with a mission of imaging the whole world every day and make global change visible, accessible and actionable. We're looking for a Desktop Support Engineer to join our operations team. This person should be comfortable facing a variety of technical issues and providing day-to-day support to our SF based team. In particular, we're looking for experience in the following areas:

 - Google Apps - Active Directory - Windows, Mac, and Linux experience - AWS IAM Policies - JIRA/Confluence - Basic network troubleshooting knowledge
Apply at https://go.planet.com/job-dse


wc- 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Under the radar for now | Chicago | Blockchain Engineers | Full-time, Contract | Onsite

We are building a global charity and microdonation platform without the overhead found in traditional charity organizations using smart contracts.

If you are a talented engineer located in the Chicago area looking to make a move into blockchain tech and smart contracts, reach out to wescleveland || at || me.com

cigrainger 5 hours ago 0 replies      
amplified ai | FULL-TIME | REMOTE | Tokyo | Data Engineer

I'm a cofounder of amplified ai, a distributed global startup where we want to change how the world innovates. We're starting with prior art search, and we're looking to expand our small team with a data engineer. We're looking for someone creative and talented, who can readily move across different data sources and choose the best tool for the job. We love functional programming, and use Clojure for a lot of data work. We also use Golang extensively for back end services. We're looking for someone who can finish setting up and continue to improve our distributed data stack. We have a lot of data and a lot more to come.

We value diversity, humility and intense curiosity. We're fast moving and willing to try promising new approaches.

Check us out on AngelList (https://angel.co/amplified-ai/jobs/251929-data-engineer) for more details.

dave_ambike 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Omm IT Solutions | Fullstack Developer | Baltimore, MD | www.ommincorp.com | Onsite with one day per week tele-work option |

Omm is a Columbia, MD based Information Technology Solutions and Professional Services provider. We provide custom solutions and services while keeping focus on the goals and objectives of our clients in mind. Our team consists of leaders who provide a unique balance of expertise, vision and humility. At Omm, we strongly believe in what we do and how we do it, consistently delivering results with integrity, focus, teamwork, and respect.

We are looking for a Fullstack Javascript Developer (React.js and Node.js) with good experience working with Redux, Flux or MobX for a long term project.

If you are a good fit for this role, please send your resume and sample codes/ github link to careers@ommincorp.com

joshuakelly 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Universe | Senior Full Stack Developer | Toronto, Canada | ONSITE, VISA | https://www.universe.com/

As a Senior Full Stack Developer at Universe, you will apply your passion for technology and live events in your quest to build a world-class Event Ticketing platform. In this deeply technical and business-minded position, youll architect, implement, and evolve our frontend and backend systems with a talented team of like-minded peers.\

Application process:

* Submit application at http://universe.applytojob.com/apply/6hV3Xj

* Phone screen

* Meet the leadership team + Pair programming challenge (in person if youre local)

What your day would look like:

* Writing new application code for our core product API and client (especially transactional pieces)

* Advocating best practices for development and testing

* Performance profiling new and existing features in both our server processes and in the browser

* Mentoring junior developers on the team and promoting skill growth

We're looking for any of:

* Experience with web servers (especially patterns-based frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django, Express, etc)

* Experience with a modern frontend web stack (any of webpack, react, ember, angular, es6, babel, yarn, or etc)

* Experience with standards: ESPECIALLY i18n and a11y

* Excitement about shipping code, automation, and testing!

Here's why you'll love working at Universe:

* You'll work with veteran engineers, who will challenge you to ship frequently

* You'll work with amazing designers, who will challenge you to implement beautiful interactions and user interfaces

* You'll be at the helm of your own career, shaping it with your own innovative contributions to a nascent team and product

* You'll enjoy the culture and perks of a startup, with the stability of a fortune 500 company (NYSE:LYV). Perks include local sake and cold brew coffee on tap, 2 tickets to see a concert of your choice every year, unlimited access to Amphitheatre shows in North America for you and a friend, and 4 weeks vacation (2 weeks during the Christmas holidays & 2 weeks of your choice)

More information @ http://careers.universe.com

codeinthehole 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Octopus Energy | Software Engineer | Soho, London, UK | ONSITE, FULL TIME

We are a tech-focused energy supplier for the UK market and we're looking for diligent software engineers (especially with Python experience) to join us.

We're building a modern, event-driven infrastructure for interacting with both consumers (via the web, mobile and smart-meters) and the industry (eg data flows, consumption forecasting, trading on the wholesale market).

On the server-side, we mainly use Python. Our public site is powered by Django and the Django-REST-framework - we also use Pandas, Numpy and Jupyter for analysis and forecasting, and Celery for background tasks.

We use AWS heavily, employing most of the "Hashistack" (eg Packer, Consul, Terraform, Atlas) as part of a continuous deployment pipeline. See, for example, http://tech.octopus.energy/2016/05/05/django-elb-health-chec...

Client-side, we use React and SASS; our mobile apps are built using React Native.

Engineering standards are high. All code is well tested and thoroughly reviewed.

This is a great opportunity for several reasons:

* We have lots of difficult design challenges to solve. The UK energy market is complicated, dated and process-heavy - there's an awful lot of domain modelling that we need to get right.

* We have difficult technical problems to solve. With the advent of smart meters, we'll soon be processing millions of meter readings a day. We need the right technology in place to handle this smoothly as well as feeding data into a machine learning pipeline that models and predicts consumption.

* There's a great opportunity for disruption in the UK energy market. The big suppliers still dominate, but are not exactly popular. The energy landscape is changing as we move to more dis-aggregated forms of generation, with less predictability, more dynamism and smarter technology.

* You'll be working for a company thats fighting climate change. Were the largest investor in solar generation in the UK, and are funding wind and anaerobic digestion. We're helping people to use greener technology and renewable energy, all helping move the UK towards a lower carbon future

Were looking for someone who thrives on providing alternative opinions, challenging those around them and being challenged, and owning a problem and working on their own initiative.

Drop us a message at talent@octopus.energy

trylemonade 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Lemonade | Django Engineer | Taipei, Taiwan | Onsite

Lemonade is a platform for online advertising and influencer marketing. We are a small team in Taipei, Beijing, and San Francisco. Our toolsets are Python, Django, AWS, and Git. If you have questions or interest, please email us at join@trylemonade.com!

stealthbcc 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Stealth Blockhain Company | Chicago, IL | On-Site or Remote

we are a very early stage blockchain company, self funded for now. If you are a talented developer interested in blockhain / crypto / smart contracts, drop me a line at stealthblockchaincompany@gmail.com

flowtech 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Flow Commerce | Software Engineer (all levels/disciplines) | Hoboken, NJ | ONSITE

Flow is an enterprise SaaS platform that makes it simple for ecommerce brands to sell globally. Its a large market (~$400B last year) and growing quickly (~30% year over year). We closed a massive series A funding round earlier this year ($16M) and are scaling the team.We love building software. We love open source. We spend tons of time carefully designing our APIs - both for the REST APIs and the event schemas we use on our data platform.

Were looking for developers who are passionate about:

- APIs - both REST and real time event processing

- Machine Learning / NLP to solve real problems in the ecommerce world

- Bringing great UI and UX to the enterprise

About you:

- You take pride in owning technical features from concept to keyboard to end-user.

- Youre comfortable in a fast-paced environment with a bias toward delivery.

- You believe in automation and tools over process and bureaucracy.

About us:

- Balanced and Productive. We have a great core team that genuinely built the culture on a foundation of trust - more at https://www.flow.io/our-company/

- Founded in 2015 by second time successful entrepreneurs (Gilt Groupe, Fizzback).

Open source: node.js, react, redux, scala (the kind of scala without a var), play framework, golang (CLIs) - more at: https://github.com/flowcommerce .

Our commitment to diversity goes well beyond demographics. We have many friends here on HN, and are really looking for interesting people from all backgrounds, industries, and levels of experience. It's early enough that you will have a huge impact on what we do and how we do it. If you have questions or want to apply, pls drop me a note: em at flow.io

bwagy 10 hours ago 0 replies      
----Nudge is hiring Account Execs in New York----

Native content is the future. All brands are adjusting their marketing communications to content and in turn native. This is a ground floor opportunity to come in and drive the sales of Nudge.

Nudge is a native content platform that helps brands understand the impact of their content. The full toolkit ranges from analytics to distribution optimization to attribution.

We even have a CommonSenseBot, a bot that checks content for anything impacting performance.

More info here:http://giveitanudge.com/account-executive-nudge/

KenoFischer 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Julia Computing | Compiler or Systems Engineer | Boston, MA | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

Julia is an exciting new language in the increasingly important field of mathematical computing. As machine learning becomes part of every programmers stack of tools, increasing demands are being put on programming languages and compilers to meet the need of simple and efficient mathematical computing. Julia Computing, one of the top contributors to the open sourceJulia programming language, is seeking compiler and systems engineersto take the julia programming language and its tooling to the next level.

We work at all levels of the software stack, from the hardware up, in order to support julia and its applications. Any experience working at the kernel (Linux primarily), toolchain, compiler, language, or developer tooling level, would be highly beneficial. Since tasks often span a significant range of this stack, interest in and the willingness to learn about the rest of the stack are required.

Knowledge of or previous experience with Julia is not required, but would be beneficial.However, experience working with systems-level tools (C/C++/Rust/GDB/perf etc) wouldbe highly desirable.

Substantial portions of this work will involve contributions back to existing open source projects (Julia/LLVM/Linux, libraries, etc.) or the development of new open source projects.

Example tasks may include:

 - Working with the core language team on future versions of the julia programming language (Don't like something about the language? Here's your chance to fix it!) - Supporting and enhancing the performance of julia HPC applications at petascale and beyond (Obsessed about performance? Us too! Come play with supercomputers) - Enabling julia on next-generation hardware architectures and accelerators (Like fancy new hardware? Want to play with it before everyone else? Can do!) - Developing modern developer tooling (debuggers, profilers, static analysis/verification tools) (Think you can do better than the state of the art here? Come try it out!) - Enhancing the compile-time performance of julia and the underlying LLVM compiler (Cut down the iteration time for scientist using julia - help them come up with new ways to cure cancer, solve climate change or survey the sky faster) - Developing novel programming models for diverse kinds of hardware (What's the best way to program all these crazy architectures? We don't know yet, but we're planning to find out - maybe you have the crucial idea)
Both senior and junior full-time positions are available. This advertisementis for our Boston, MA, USA location. There are no formal education requirements.We are happy to sponsor US visas.

If this position interests you, or you have any questions, please contact us atjobs@juliacomputing.com

hi_im_matt 11 hours ago 3 replies      
Northrop Grumman | Software Engineer | San Diego CA, Oklahoma City OK, Melbourne FL | Full Time | Secret and Top Secret Clearance |

- C and Java development

- MASSIVE growth in the company right now

- Work on projects that are not possible in any other SW company

- Every other friday OFF (lookup 9/80 schedule)

- Work is slower paced than commercial

NG is a defense contractor and are currently growing by the thousands in the next few years. They are looking for experienced developers who have touched C and Java. You should already have a secret or TS clearance to apply for software.

PM me for more info to apply.

newusertoday 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Off-Topic : is there a way to view only recent comments in a thread? compared to the version that exists in browser?
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Pathgather - http://pathgather.com - ONSITE - New York, NY (NYC)

Pathgather is a fully-funded enterprise learning SaaS startup (Techstars) focused on helping employees advance their careers by learning new skills. Our talent development platform is used by some of the largest companies in the world (HP, Visa, Qualcomm, etc.) to (1) aggregate learning content from both public (e.g. Udacity) and private (e.g. internal learning systems) catalogs, (2) empower employees to share what they're learning and mentor each other, and (3) track employee progress towards career goals.

We've got real revenue, real customers, and a real opportunity to make learning better for employeeseverywhere. We're still small (~20 employees) but we're growing our product & engineering teamsquickly and are adding positions across the spectrum.

If you've got at least a few years (2+) experience building web products, are passionate about learning, and want to join a growing team where you can have a real impact on the careers of our users around the world, let's get in touch. Contact me (neville@pathgather.com, CTO) to get started!

* BACKEND ENGINEER (Ruby/PostgreSQL/GraphQL/Elasticsearch/APIs)

* FRONTEND ENGINEER (Typescript/React/React Native/CSS/Node)



* DATA ENGINEER (Go/SQL/Machine Learning)

* DATA SCIENTIST (Data Analysis/Machine Learning)

* TOOLS ENGINEER (Fullstack/Ruby/Node)

* SECURITY ENGINEER (Infrastructure/Devops/Compliance)

...and others. We're still in the process of updating our careers page(https://jobs.lever.co/pathgather), so if you don't see your role but you have a unique skillset that can help us, get in touch and explain why! We're a startup, after all...

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busuu | onsite | London busuu is a language learning platform with over 70m users and growing at 25k new users each day. We are looking for android developers, backend PHP developers and automation test engineers. Great culture and fun working environment with room to develop and grow your skills. More info here www.busuu.com/jobs
ollipp 9 hours ago 1 reply      
London, ONSITE at Full Fact, the UKs independent factchecking charity fullfact.org

Hiring 3 engineers to work on bringing automated factchecking to 3 continents in 18 months.

Platform engineerFactchecking engineerProduct engineer

Details: https://fullfact.org/about/jobs/automated/

graiz 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Raizlabs, a leading mobile and web development agency in Boston and Oakland hiring contract and full-time.

- Oakland, CA - iOS Developer

- Oakland, CA and Boston, MA - Web Developer

- Oakland, CA and Boston, MA - Android Developer

- Oakland, CA - Senior Product Manager


joshdance 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Grow.com | Front-end, BackendBased in Utah. Remote ok. Looking for senior developers.

We use React, Node and AWS.

aurelianito 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Please up-voting posts with salary information. Let's make this market more transparent!
victorNicollet 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Lokad | Front-end developer | Paris, France | ONSITE https://www.lokad.com

Quantitative Supply Chains are the future: where every possible future gets a probability, and where every possible decision gets an economic score. Lokad's goal is to make this future a reality. We have a very specific point of view on how Supply Chains should be managed (see our Quantitative Supply Chain Manifesto on our website: https://www.lokad.com/quantitative-supply-chain-manifesto). By combining Big Data and state-of-the-art machine learning, we help companies do more with their Supply Chains, their inventories and their production capacities than classical methods would ever allow.

While weve spent a lot of effort on technology in terms of forecasting, data crunching and cloud computing, there is ample room for improvement regarding how the whole product is packaged and used by our customers. We are currently engaging in a vast revamping of our graphical identity, User Interface, dashboards, etc. As a Front-End Engineer, your role is to help us with this challenge.

You would contribute features and improvements to the components of our online IDE, such as the code editor, the file management interface and the dashboard system.

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and qualities:

- Experience (ideally, at least 2 years) building single-page applications in JavaScript, using any framework, though knowledge of React/Redux is appreciated

- Knowledge of TypeScript is a plus.

- Knowledge of C#, .NET or ASP.NET Core would be a bonus but is not strictly required - training will be available.

- Candidates must be self-motivated and driven to achieve results with a hands on attitude.

- Decent communication skills and the willingness to engage in conversations with our Business Data Analyst team to understand the needs of the end users. We are trying our best to build an IT team that is not cut off from the rest of the company and that is knowledgeable about the product, the company and the business in general. We believe that, at the end of the day, it makes a real difference in the quality of the results produced.

Your day-to-day work will involve Visual Studio and Git.

The role is office based. We are located in the very heart of Paris, France (50m from Place d'Italie). Our offices are quiet (no open spaces), well-stocked with drinks and snacks, as well as double or triple monitors to make sure that you feel comfortable within your work environment.

You can reach me (Victor Nicollet, CTO) at victor.nicollet@lokad.com

pixelmonkey 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Parse.ly | Success Engineers + Software Engineers | Remote | Full-Time

What's Parse.ly? We've built a real-time content measurement layer for the entire web. Our analytics platform helps digital storytellers at some of the web's best sites, such as Arstechnica, The New Yorker, TechCrunch, The Intercept, Mashable, and many more. In total, our analytics system handles over 65 billion monthly events from over 1 billion monthly unique visitors.

Parse.ly is a fully distributed team, as described here: https://blog.parse.ly/post/3203/the-how-and-why-of-parse-lys...

Our entire stack is in Python and JavaScript, and our team has innovated in areas related to real-time analytics, building some of the best open source tools for working with modern stream processing technologies. Our UX/design team has also built one of the best-looking dashboards on the planet, using AngularJS and d3.js. You can see some screenshots: http://parse.ly/tour?utm_campaign=hn201707

Our distributed team is best-in-class and we happily skip commutes by working out of our ergonomic home offices. Here's a photograph of mine running two full-screen Parse.ly dashboards on my monitors: https://flic.kr/p/v1NZ73

To see an example of how we work, check out the blog post, "Whatever It Takes": https://blog.parse.ly/post/46/?utm_campaign=hn201707

As for the roles available:

Success Engineer - At Parse.ly, we think code + communication = success. The goal of a Success Engineer: ensure our customers are delighted with our products, through the wise application of technical know-how, engineering magic, and strong communication skills. The full job posting for that role is available here: https://weworkremotely.com/jobs/4874-success-engineer

Software Engineer - Are you a more advanced programmer with interest in data engineering who wants to work with Python, Storm, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch, and petabyte-scale datasets? Or, are you a user experience programmer who wants to build beautiful dashboards and data visualizations, using JavaScript, d3.js, Swift (iOS), and similar tools? If either of these teams sound appealing, then please send a cover letter, CV/resume, and optionally links to projects or code, to the email address here: work@parsely.com.

For either role, when you email us, make sure to indicate which role you're interested in and that you're coming from this HN thread. Note that though Parse.ly is fully distributed team, we prioritize candidates in ET/CT/MT timezones (or close) and who have past experience working remotely.

CaliforniaKarl 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Stanford Research Computing Center | HPC System Administrator | Stanford, CA | ONSITE


The Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC, http://srcc.stanford.edu) is a join effort of the Dean of Research and University IT. We are looking for someone to join our team as an HPC System Administrator.

The SRCC provides lots of services to the Stanford community (which includes non-Stanford researchers collaborating on Stanford research): We maintain several large compute environments (like Sherlockyes, the Sherlock mentioned recently on Silicon Valley) for various uses. We offer consultation services, helping users get the most from our environments. We offer workshops and training, on topics relevant to the HPC community. We also offer architecture, sysadmin, and development services to labs. We also offer hosting in the SRCF, our purpose-built research data center.

As HPC System Administrator, you're going to be responsible for one of our larger compute environments. You'll also be one of the points of contact for several labs on campus (I'm the other point of contact). All of the systems that you'll be interacting with will be running Linux, typically either CentOS 6/7 or Ubuntu LTS.

Even though I summarized the duties in one paragraph, you should expect to have various weird requests come up. For example, in the 2 years I've been here, I've

Automated the DNA post-sequencing workflow for a lab.

Helped secure a number of systems which hold HIPAA data.

Acted as the SRCC representative at a number of office hours, where community members come for in-person support.

Created the foundational Puppet code for the next iteration of our FarmShare cluster.

Created a one-sheet flyer (with Inkscape and Scribus) that is now used by our manager, and by our faculty liasons.

Was primarily responsible for our table at a recent open-house.

The first three items are things you should expect to do, and the remaining items are the kinds of things that you can step up and do when the need arises.

We use tons of different technologies. We use Puppet in some places, and Rocks in others. We use technologies (like Infiniband, Lustre, and GPFS) and software (like SLURM and MPI) that you may not have used before, and we also use stuff (like Linux, Git, Apache, Kerberos, and LDAP) that you likely have used before.

This position is on-site, on Stanford's campus. We want people to commute as much as possible, so we'll pay for your Caltrain; if you live in Santa Clara county, we'll also pay for VTA. Our primary data center is on the SLAC campus, but we have our own van (it's pretty cool), so getting around is no problem.

You can read the job posting at [1]. You should also feel free to reach out if you have questions! My email address is in my profile.

[1]: https://stanford.taleo.net/careersection/jobdetail.ftl?job=7...

bfe 9 hours ago 0 replies      
https://x-r.ai | AI engineer | Portland, Oregon | Full-time | REMOTE | https://x-r.ai/careers

https://x-r.ai is applying AI to accelerate technology development - initially by applying AI to accelerate patent attorney work to reduce the time and resources required to resolve patent disputes and to shut down patent trolls.

We are developing an AI-powered work platform for patent attorneys to do all their work on which will replace the inefficient decades-old software they currently use, and make their work dramatically faster, more efficient, and more thorough. We have a handful of enterprise customers, who spend billion-dollar-scale per year on patents, in our private pro beta free trial, and they are getting rapidly more excited and asking us how quickly we can take more of their work and how soon we can expand coverage for their work in Europe and Asia.

We are targeting for x-r.ai to become the indispensable platform that all patent attorneys need to work competitively. Under our anti-troll license, any non-practicing entity and their outside law firms, and anyone who sues a startup for patent infringement and their outside law firms, will be banned from using x-r.ai, while startups sued for patent infringement and their outside law firms can use x-r.ai pro for free. Once we reach our target capabilities, it will be impossible for any patent attorney to work for a troll or for someone who sues a startup and ever be able to do their job cost-effectively again.

Help us revolutionize a giant market and lift a burden from the entire tech world by fixing patents with software.

I just started x-r.ai in April and we are still a very small team; all positions currently come with significant equity. We're based in beautiful, affordable Portland, Oregon and will also be doing in-person interviews in the Bay Area and Seattle/Redmond regularly, including in SF, SV, and Berkeley before and after the Deep RL bootcamp at Berkeley in late August. Work in-person in Portland at least occasionally is preferred, but we will evaluate case-by-case for the right people. Successful applicants should show evidence of high levels of drive, intelligence, and team fit, and interesting machine learning applications they've developed. So far our back-end is all python ML ecosystem but we're starting to get into lua as well. We're working to incorporate bleeding-edge deep learning architectures just released in the past few weeks, and to build a great AI engineering team ready to go after more verticals to accelerate development of new technology and to work toward artificial general intelligence. Apply via email on https://x-r.ai/careers and/or via scoutsavvy.co. Thanks much.

yonasb 9 hours ago 0 replies      
StackShare | Full-time | REMOTE OK (U.S. only)

Were on a mission to create the best place for engineers to figure out how to piece together their tech stack. Our vision is to transform the way that all SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

We recently announced our seed round (https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/19/why-stackshare-is-quietly-...), and also launched a new product called Stack News: https://stackshare.io/news.

Open roles:

- Front-End Engineer (Must be familiar with both React and Rails) - https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/186787-front-end-react-soft...

- Developer Evangelist - https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/86973-developer-evangelist

- Product Manager - Growth - https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/185071-product-manager-grow...

- Technical Content Writer/Manager (Full-time & Part-time) - email us at careers+HN@stackshare.io with a sample blog post that you've written

- Community Manager (Part-time) - https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/227001-community-manager-pa...

We're a small distributed team of 5, spread out across the US. Our Stack: Ruby/Rails/React/PostgreSQL https://stackshare.io/stackshare.

How we work:

Every engineer owns and is responsible for the products they build (e.g. Stack News). Before writing any code, the engineer tagged to the product writes a blog post announcing it to the StackShare community. From there, they spec out the product in detail and get feedback from at least one other engineer. Once the initial version of the product is built they ship it to a small group of beta testers, gather feedback, and iterate. Once the product has shipped to production, this engineer is then responsible for monitoring the metrics that matter for this product and iterating to improve it. Since we're building a product for engineers, we believe in letting our engineers work on things that interest them and giving them ownership over these products.

Interview process:

Phone screen -> technical interview -> code project -> product interview -> offer letter!

Apply via AngelList or email us at careers+HN@stackshare.io - if you're emailing us please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile URL!

samcheng 11 hours ago 0 replies      
RINSE | San Francisco, CA, Culver City, CA, Washington, DC, Boston, MA | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for about four years now, our business fundamentals are solid, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions:

1) We're actively seeking Software Engineers of all skill levels, including those looking for leadership opportunity. We're primarily a Django / Python shop, but an individual with solid systems engineering fundamentals will succeed, regardless of technical specifics. It's a "target rich" environment with plenty of opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact on the business! We're solving problems as varied as demand forecasting, route optimization, QR tagging for inventory control, SMS automation, and a suite of mobile apps for our customers and staff. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/software-engineer/

2) In particular, we're missing a Senior Front-End Developer to join the team and provide some leadership in the development of our suite of hybrid mobile apps and web tools. We've seen success building a React Native app for our customers, and we have sophisticated internal apps on Backbone.js. Our users are an interesting mix of newly-acquired customers, highly-engaged staff who need these tools to do their job, and vendors who may be the dry cleaners down the street from your house. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/senior-front-end-developer/

3) We're hiring our first Data Scientist to augment our data-driven management culture. The ideal candidate will span Data Engineering, Data Science, and Business Intelligence roles, and be familiar with enterprise data warehousing technologies. Important technical skills include SQL and Python, with Excel familiarity a big plus. We have an interesting and growing data set; this position will enjoy considerable executive visibility and a significant influence in the direction of the company. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/data-scientist/

4) Finally, we're aggressively recruiting for a Boston City Manager to found and lead our Boston operation. This is a great 'mini-startup' opportunity, with operational, management, financial, marketing, and business-development roles all rolled into one. This position enjoys significant support from our corporate team, and we have a good idea how to do that, since this will be our fifth city. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/city-manager-boston/

See https://www.rinse.com/careers/ for even more open positions, including numerous open marketing roles!

Want to join a rapidly-growing startup that actually has a sustainable business model? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email sam <at> rinse.com with questions, or contact jobs <at> rinse.com directly to apply.

worldadventurer 5 hours ago 0 replies      
engageSPARK | Cebu, Philippines | ONSITE, REMOTE, FULLTIME, VISA, Code4Good https://www.engageSPARK.com

engageSPARK, a social enterprise, is the world's EASIEST Platform that empowers professionals (marketing, sales, hr, operations, project managers, etc) at NGOs & Businesses to easily & quickly build interactive Automated Phone Calls (IVR) and 2-Way SMS campaigns in any country. We're especially focused on emerging markets, where 66% have no Internet and another 15% who have smartphones can't afford data plans regularly. Interactive automated phone calls are the most cost effective and scalable way to engage anyone anywhere with any mobile phone. People opt in by sending an SMS, doing a Missed Call, sending a FB message or others, which trigger an automated call back to them.

Customers such as Google, Facebook, Intel, UNICEF, Noora Health (YC W14) Asian Development Bank, International Rescue Committee, Innovations for Poverty Action, MedAir, Mercy Corps, and US Institute for Peace use the engageSPARK platform to interact with people for a variety of use cases, including social change in the areas of Agriculture, Health, Finance, Elections, and Disaster Planning & Response, as well as for sales, marketing, customer feedback, and operations.

We've recently raised funding by 500 Startups and other investors. Forbes says we're "A Leading Startup" and a "Notable Social Enterprise". Since launch two years ago, engageSPARK has become the global leader in our space - we've already been used in 125+ countries.

Adventure Fellowship (1 year): https://goo.gl/YA8ENR | Senior JS-UI Dev: https://goo.gl/pXPUfx | Full-Time Full Stack: http://goo.gl/Pljcgr

Our stack: Go (GoLang) Microservices, Python/Django, Java, Docker, Redis, Thrift, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, AWS, Android

Located in tropical Cebu Island, Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines. Its a safe place to live with a variety of malls, restaurants, shops, beaches, and activities such as scuba diving, running, hiking, rock climbing, and snorkeling. It has a busy international airport with cheap flights to domestic and regional destinations. Check out Google Images: https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&site=imghp&tbm=isch&s...

Email us at Jobs at engageSPARK.com

Anna_at_Baydin 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Mountain View, CA | Senior Engineer | ONSITE, FULL TIME

At Boomerang (Baydin inc), email and personal productivity software are a never ending stream of exciting, customer-life-changing challenges. We're looking for veteran engineers who want to use knowledge gleaned from years of working in software development teams to help us overcome them!

We have apps that millions of customers use every day (and pay for), and the infrastructure to support them efficiently and reliably at a reasonable cost. Our technology choices prioritize solving real user problems - when possible, we try to minimize complicated architecture and dependencies, but when it was necessary, we built our own hybrid machine learning architecture that shares computational load between the client and the server.

We need your judgment and experience to help us shave months of development time off critical projects, help us keep the servers alive a few extra nights a year, and mentor our newer engineers so they can learn some of that judgment and experience from you.

You'll be able to work at an expert level in one of the languages or frameworks we use at Boomerang (JS, Angular, Python, Django, Swift, or the Android dialect of Java). You'll be able to share stories of mistakes you've made and learned from in past work, and you'll be able to identify the same mistakes as they are being made here. You already know how to interface with a product team, support team, marketing team, and leadership team to make everything run more smoothly.

You can differentiate between when new platforms, frameworks, and design patterns solve real problems and when they're just shiny objects, and even more importantly, know how to communicate that knowledge to everyone who needs to know it. You're comfortable expressing your thoughts clearly in writing. You're collaborative and enjoy teaching people what you know, but also are receptive and open when something you know just ain't so.In return, you'll work in an environment that welcomes responsibility, where your work will help millions of people focus on the most rewarding parts of their jobs, and as part of a friendly, fun, elite team.

Requirements (position is full-time, on-site at our Mountain View office):

* A computer science or engineering degree from an accredited university with 6+ years of experience professionally developing software as part of strong engineering teams* OR 8+ years of experience professionally developing software as part of strong engineering teams, with very strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals* Deep knowledge of one of the technologies we use at Boomerang (see above)* An interest in productivity softwareTo apply, please send the following to i.want.to.work@baydin.com:* Your resume* A link to your Github (if available)* A cover letter that includes a paragraph about why you're excited about what we do.

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rogik 11 hours ago 0 replies      
People.ai, Inc. | Engineering/Sales/Customer Support | SF | ONSITE | https://people.ai

People dont quit their jobs, they quit their managers. Everyone has had a manager that makes them want to call in sick. Everyone has had a manager who regularly forces their team to chase their own tail doing meaningless work.

Why? Because most managers manage their teams blindly. They don't hire, coach and promote based on data. Instead, they make decisions based on their gut. These decisions are made because managers dont have the data to make smarter, more informed decisions when it comes to managing.

Not anymore. At People.ai were helping managers make decisions about their team based on data, not intuition. Were starting with sales teams because theyre a particularly notorious black box. No manager today can definitively say what makes a top performer better than a low performer. People.ai is solving this dilemma by making sales management transparent and building the worlds first predictive sales management platform, powered by AI.

People.ai was part of the YC S16 batch, launched the product in July of this year and was the first company in the batch to raise a Series A. Less than three months after our launch were already being used by sales teams at 50+ blue chip companies including Rubrik, Gainsight, Mulesoft and Optimizely.

We have a 10+ person team and are actively looking for Senior Front-end and Back end Engineers to join us. Our team needs someone with full-stack/backend development experience as well as a deep background in Python, Linux, AWS, REST APIs and machine learning. Salesforce API experience is a plus!

Our Sales team is looking for Enterprise Account Executives and Sales Development Representatives. A background in on-demand/SaaS, CRM, SFA or marketing software sales is strongly preferred. You must have a proven record of consistently meeting and exceeding quota in a fast-paced, competitive sales environment.

Our Customer Success team is looking for a Customer Support Manager. This person will be responsible for managing customer support requests via email, chat and phone and helping to build a world-class customer support organization. Prior experience with Zendesk, Intercom, Jira, Salesforce Service Cloud, etc. is a plus!

This isnt just another job. Your input will be incredibly important as were currently shifting from to a microservices architecture. Youll have an opportunity to make a major impact on a number of our microservices and ML/big data infrastructure as we are turning our MVP into a massively scalable product. Find out what makes us special in this blog, We the People: Why You Should Join People.ai.

Work out of our SOMA/San Francisco offices. We offer a competitive salary with equity, health benefits, a cool company culture, lunches, free snacks and drinks. No remote applicants.

Join us as we work towards quantifying people management!

Apply here: https://peopleai.workable.com/

jnasridinov 9 hours ago 1 reply      
BOOKING.COM - Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | Full-time | VISA | Relocation to Amsterdam | Booking.com is world leader in travel accommodations

Booking.com is hiring smart people just like you, if you want to live in beautiful city like Amsterdam and work at Booking.com in our headquarters office, I recommend you to apply for these jobs:

- Senior Backend Developer: http://grnh.se/340si51

- Senior Frontend Developer: http://grnh.se/uy62n01

- Senior UX Designer (HTML/CSS): http://grnh.se/8a2yvc1

- Senior Android Developer: http://grnh.se/m8dlwy1

- Senior iOS Developer: http://grnh.se/4pi2711

- Other job vacancies: http://grnh.se/cp7xjl1

General hiring process steps: 1. HackerRank test;2. Recruiter Call;3. Phone Interview;4. Onsite interview.

ngoel36 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Uber | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | On Site

First iOS and Android lead hires for Uber Beacon (uber.com/beacon), our in-car Bluetooth-connected device to offer a branded emblem on Uber cars and offer guided assistance during the pickup experience. Help scale our team for Uber's first hardware device.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you have experience working on iOS/Android software that interacts with Bluetooth devices, then please reach out to ngoel@uber.com


What Is Space? nautil.us
84 points by prostoalex  6 hours ago   49 comments top 11
Razengan 2 hours ago 6 replies      
Some related questions that I don't know where, or how, to ask:

- Is there a quantum of space? Where/how is location stored?

- If electromagnetic repulsion is what makes matter take space, and if virtually all macroscopic phenomena are governed by electromagnetism and gravity, then could this reality be said to be gravelectromagnetic, and might there be other dimensions governed by other forces, like cones extending in differing directions from the subatomic scale? [0]

- Could gravity be the result of space trying to deflate/return to the pre-Big Bang singularity, kind of like pulling magnets apart? i.e. is gravity the opposite of, or a reaction to, space?

[0]: http://i.imgur.com/6meZmc2.png

ravenstine 5 hours ago 1 reply      
I'm simultaneously glad that someone's writing articles about these things and dismayed that too many people will read this and believe they understand astrophysics without having philosophized about it on their own. Analogies like "space goo" are useful but can be a double-edged sword(seems the author recognizes this) that can mislead the public in much the same way that the holographic universe theory leads the public to think we might be in a simulation run by space bastards, which doesn't really explain anything about the very nature of existence.
mjfl 47 minutes ago 0 replies      
To all I recommend Tim Maudlin's Philosophy of Space and Time:


It might not answer the question, but really helped me understand the nature of space time.

Noxchi 3 hours ago 6 replies      
How fast are you really going?

One of the things I've thought about is relatively.

Consider a toddler strapped to his car seat in a luxurious BMW cocoon while his father speeds down the autobahn at 200km/h. He calmy drinks from his sippy cup.

You're in a passenger jet above him going 700km/hr. You're going 500km/hr faster than him.

But how fast are you really going?

Consider that the Earth is spinning around the sun at a rate of 1 billion kilometers per year or about 100,000 km/hr.

You're on Earth, so is your jet's true speed 100,700 km/hr?

Relative to the sun, yes, but everything that orbits our sun is considered our solar system which itself is orbiting our galaxy at a rate of 800,000 km/hr.

So if we add the 800k, 100k, and 700 km/hr your plane is moving, is it not fair to say you are traveling at almost a billion kilometers per hour?

I'm sure you can infer the galaxy itself is hurling through space at an ungodly speed.

I ask two questions:

1. When does this stop? What is the most supreme center in the universe?

2. Just as the child could roll down his window, and have instant access to the outside, is there a way we can do the same?

ChuckMcM 1 hour ago 1 reply      
This continues to be one of my favorite questions.

In high school we were creating a vacuum in a bell jar to do the 'drop a feather and drop a weight' experiment and my physics teacher asked it. "So if we didn't have our apparatus in there, and we sucked it dry, what would be in there?"

It makes a great interview question because it helps identify people who have a hard time holding an unknown concept in their head and working with it.

I asked that of one of the folks I interviewed for Google when I was there and we spiraled off into a discussion of branes and multi-dimensional manifolds and quantum wave equations[1].

[1] Fun interview and they got the job :-)

narrator 3 hours ago 1 reply      
One thing about space that I didn't see mentioned in the article is that even in a complete vacuum billions of miles away from anywhere there is still inertia. If something spins around it will still experience centrifugal force, so this is an absolute property of space and the universe that isn't caused by interaction with another body.
signa11 3 hours ago 0 replies      
fwiw, a tangential comment, jorge-cham, is also the progenitor of phd comics.
Piccollo 40 minutes ago 0 replies      
Space is what?
graycat 2 hours ago 1 reply      
Do we know enough yet to have some good guesses about

(1) the purpose of the universe,


(2) the end of the universe, (A) big expansion and cool down to nothing, (B) no more expansion and cool down to nothing, (C) contraction back to another big bang, (D) something else very different?

prodmerc 4 hours ago 2 replies      
basicplus2 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Maybe space is the ether afterall
Block-breaking game in vim 8.0 github.com
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mahmoudhossam 15 minutes ago 0 replies      
Does this work with Neovim or vim only?
California consumer groups allow CenturyLink to end dark fiber leasing tellusventure.com
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pasbesoin 4 hours ago 1 reply      
Here's the first paragraph. Makes the context and outfall more apparent:

If CenturyLink is allowed to buy Level 3, then California will lose a major source of dark fiber. Thats my reading of a settlement agreement between CenturyLink, Level 3 and three of the organisations that challenged the deal at the California Public Utilities Commission. The fourth challenger, the California Emerging Technology Fund, isnt part of the agreement.

fapjacks 4 hours ago 2 replies      
CPUC is absolutely awful. Every time I see the acronym, my spidey sense tingles like crazy that there's some collusion going on behind the scenes. Those people fold in places that are strategically very convenient for the industries. It very much seems like CPUC is in the business of monopoly-building, and I have never seen any evidence to the contrary. Specifically CPUC makes me wish I ran a watchdog and could dump resources into an investigation.
Myers Diff Algorithm Code and Interactive Visualization robertelder.org
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gefh 10 hours ago 5 replies      
I don't want a diff algorithm that finds the mathematically smallest edit distance, I want one that preserves meaningful chunks of code. I never delete the closing } from one function and then the entire function following it except its last }.
fny 6 hours ago 1 reply      
My God that code is terrifying. It looks like output from a code obfuscator.
rajathagasthya 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Another explanation of Myers diff algorithm that I found interesting: https://blog.jcoglan.com/2017/02/12/the-myers-diff-algorithm...
pbnjay 7 hours ago 0 replies      
This algorithm is actually really useful in genomic sequencing - daily usage for me right now. Cool to see it pop up here, although I think it's less generally useful than other edit distance methods.
jgalt212 4 hours ago 0 replies      
I always thought finding the optimal diff (from the user perspective) was an NP Complete problem.
s_bywater 6 hours ago 0 replies      
taeric 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Haven't read it yet. Curious about the implication of the title. Expecting article to be that it could be asymptotically faster, but practically slower. :) (That probably says more about how I choose to read headlines than anything else.)

Edit: Read the article now. Incredibly happy to see that the implication was on purpose. :)

New studies of ancient concrete could teach us to do as the Romans did phys.org
66 points by dnetesn  7 hours ago   27 comments top 3
rflrob 5 hours ago 4 replies      
One thing I recall reading is that rebar-reinforcing concrete is a major factor in concrete deterioration. So while concrete structures today don't last nearly as long as the Roman Pantheon (poured in the second century AD), they're also really cheap to build, can go really high, and last for 40 or more years (which given how cheap it is, the architects probably thought was long enough).
dre85 4 hours ago 2 replies      
This article seems to imply that only Roman marine concrete is more lasting because of the ongoing reaction with the sea water, but I was under the impression that all Roman concrete was more lasting... Is it just the presence of rebar that makes today's concrete so short lived or is there something else as well?
bsder 19 minutes ago 1 reply      
I suspect "curing time" is probably part of the issue.

As a mental exercise, how many projects would get funding if their concrete took 10 years to cure? So, how far down do you have to dial that before people are willing to pay the money and how much impact does that have on "durability"?

Finance sites erroneously show Amazon, Apple, other stocks crashing marketwatch.com
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nopzor 2 hours ago 3 replies      
This story isn't emphasizing an important point: the stock price of many tech companies - amazon, google, Microsoft - were pegged to exactly $123.46 for multiple hours.

This is likely 123.456 rounded to 2 decimals.

To me this smells like a software testing bug or hack, rather than "stocks crashing"

trothamel 1 hour ago 2 replies      
One nice thing about SEC-regulated markets - unlike the various cryptocurrency markets - is that it's possible for trades to be rolled back if they are "clearly erroneous". That isn't perfect - if the data is only a little off, it might not be possible to get a trade rolled back - but it tends to limit how much havoc is called.


(My understanding is that trades can also be rolled back in the case of security breaches, at least at the exchange and broker levels.)

hbcondo714 2 hours ago 0 replies      
> The problem may have originated with data services providing Google and Yahoo their financial information

I'm sure Google and Yahoo pay a small fortune for this data so I'm wondering if they are aware of the situation and holding these data services companies accountable or not.I'm also sure these data companies sell their data beyond information sites to investment firms & others that make buy/sell decisions based on this data. Yahoo does disclose[1] that they get some data 'direct from exchange' though.

[1] https://help.yahoo.com/kb/finance-for-desktop/SLN2310.html?i...

grondilu 2 hours ago 7 replies      
Sometimes I wonder if it would make sense to place long-term buy orders at a ridiculously low bids. Just in case.
cbanek 2 hours ago 2 replies      
I've actually seen a number of times where Google Finance has a daily low that was never reached or a high that wasn't shown on the graph (sometimes many percentage points away). It's also notoriously bad when there's a gap up or down, and will sometimes cut out various parts of the graph.

But still, seems to be one of the better ones out there, as I still use it. Just don't treat it as authority.

Another interesting example of questionable data is the premarket CNN feed at (http://money.cnn.com/data/premarket/). I have sometimes seen a stock trading premarket down 99%, which almost always looks like an off by some factor of ten of the price.

vpribish 1 hour ago 0 replies      
This was a market half-day: exercising some code-paths that haven't been used since the day after thanksgiving '16. I do find it surprising that google and yahoo are both affected, as they used to have very different patterns of stock data errors (yahoo was much higher quality).
doener 2 hours ago 0 replies      
"Will Briganti, a spokesman for Nasdaq, was unable to immediately comment on the situation." https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2017-07-04/nasda...
rnprince 2 hours ago 0 replies      
This could be the beginning of a thriller movie. A nefarious hacker group demonstrates a powerful zero-day for a dangerous client by creating national panic over stock prices.
ams6110 2 hours ago 4 replies      
And we trust that software can drive our cars for us?
kwelstr 3 hours ago 2 replies      
Wow, that's crazy! What algorithm did this, or maybe it's some scheme manipulation for profit? You can never be sure when something like this happens, flash stock crashes have a history that's muddy at best. :/
Show HN: Under the hood ReactJS bogdan-lyashenko.github.io
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beefsack 1 hour ago 0 replies      
I've read the first few pages, and am really appreciating the level of detail this goes into.

Fantastic work and a great resource for people wanting to dive into React's internals.

Shedding Light on the Black Box of Inappropriateness cherylyeoh.com
309 points by Geekette  5 hours ago   189 comments top 34
akanet 4 hours ago 4 replies      
Thanks for sharing this. Reading Dave's post the first time, all I could think was "this seems like the most bland, cop-out, vague apology I've ever seen." He didn't list the specifics of what he felt bad about, and the whole thing read like a PR release to get ahead of any potential fallout.

Reading the "kudos" from men who thought he was a great guy for coming forward only after years of harassment came to a head was unpleasant.

QuadrupleA 28 minutes ago 0 replies      
Good article - at first I was wary because of vagueness in the first few paragraphs, terms like "inappropriateness", "sexual harassment", "non-consensual sexual advances" etc. that are flung around so freely nowadays yet so open to interpretation, and which often go viral and get people fired.

But in fact that was the point - that the devil's in the details and specifics really help. And the specifics in her case were clearly not cool. Kudos for putting them out there.

jmcgough 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Elizabeth Yin (500 startups partner) just quit:


gexla 1 hour ago 0 replies      
One of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had in the workplace was in a sexual harassment class which was required for a big corp. The instructor laid out the rules, but people in the class had a hard time grasping the logical structure. Two different scenarios which clearly had the same structure would trip people up by swapping out variables. I was never good with math, but I picked up on these structures right way. Maybe the class should have been taught as a philosophy class from the start. It was amazing to me how difficult such an important subject was for people to pick up.

As difficult as sexual harassment is to learn and teach, I imagine most smaller businesses / start-ups don't make much of an attempt, if at all. Obviously HR is lacking. This might be a good place for improvement for a start-up to tackle.

dawhizkid 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Question for me is when did Christine Tsai know and why was nothing done sooner?

She tweeted (now deleted) about Caldbeck a week before asking Wheres the Outrage? when it now sounds like she kept the real reason why McClure was put in a limited role in April for reasons unknown to even the 500 staff (and obviously the public until this past weekend) https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/03/employee-email-claims-500-...

Hard for me to defend the public moral outrage she showed for the Binary cap situation when she clearly kept silent about similar issues with her own firm.

orthoganol 1 hour ago 3 replies      
I like it - the all or nothing approach is terrifying as a guy, and defining levels of inappropriateness with exact descriptions of actions is very helpful for those who are freaked out they are going to unwittingly harass someone they are attracted to even just acting naturally. I'm hopefully not belittling the recipients of undesired advances of VC assholes like McClure, but I hope it's also not wrong to say these scandals induce anxiety in a ton of well meaning lower level guys who get circled over as part of the problem, and thinking of a solution that considers this large segment of guys is nice to hear.
ChuckMcM 3 hours ago 4 replies      
As the father of three daughters I always cringe a bit when I read things like this. Thanks Cheryl for sharing your story, and men please remember it isn't how you feel about whether or not an action was appropriate or inappropriate, it is how they feel about it.
jacquesm 3 hours ago 1 reply      
It's going to be pretty impossible to sow doubt about the 'setting' on this one like he did with the previous instance. Makes you wonder how often this sort of thing played out, 10's of times? 100's?
drefanzor 4 hours ago 1 reply      
Beyond creepy. It seems he has a pattern of this behavior, and I'm wondering how often he succeeds in his hunt. Thanks for getting your story out!
losvedir 3 hours ago 2 replies      
What a terrible story. I'm sorry she had to go through that and appreciate her sharing it.

I'm curious about the legal aspect of it. "Sexual assault" is a crime, right? The worst repercussions I hear from these stories are maybe a resignation at best. But if this is truly a crime shouldn't it be prosecuted?

ori_b 3 hours ago 0 replies      
I am glad to see more people speaking up. I also really like the policies proposed at the end of this, and I would love to see them get implemented.
apsec112 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Thanks for stepping forward. It takes a lot of courage to come out publicly with such a personal story, especially when the offender is as well-known as Dave McClure.
Geekette 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Clarification in response to comments that assume I'm the OP: It's not my story, I just reposted from author's site.
cm2012 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Wow. Reading that, I would be too grossed out to touch the hand of someone like Dave. Creep is not putting it strongly enough - serial sexual assaulter is correct.
QuadrupleA 13 minutes ago 0 replies      
The mass flagging / censoring of comments people disagree with below seems a little petty, I'm curious what the original posts are. I'd rather hear a dumb opinion and make my own choice.
l33tbro 2 hours ago 1 reply      
First question: which PR agency hand-crafted that disingenuous apology on Dave McClure's blog?

Second question: did 500 Startups foot the bill (the allegations are kryptonite to their brand)?

sgentle 43 minutes ago 0 replies      
I've seen a few comments on this and articles like this to the effect of "so any time you proposition a woman it could be assault?" and I think it's worth responding to that idea in general.

Yes, there is generally an expectation that men initiate romance, and that is an unfair burden both on men (who have to do the propositioning) and women (who have to decline unwanted propositions). For game-theoretic reasons, this is difficult to change, but it is changing slowly.

In the mean time, restrictions on how to initiate disproportionately affect men, and a lack of restrictions disproportionately affects women. Even more so in situations of gender imbalance (look up "Petrie Multiplier" for more on this). I believe it's for this reason that some men are resistant to "err on the safe side" type policies; as long as they are expected to initiate, they can't succeed without taking risks.

But it's impossible to address this without also including the effect of power imbalance. Even in a world where women initiate 100% of the time, men would in almost all cases still be more physically powerful, and sometimes hold other kinds of social or institutional power. This power can be used to coerce, assault or rape but, even if it isn't, the consequences of a power disparity can be an implicit part of the equation (cf "I hope you can see your way clear to letting Flynn go").

So, what was wrong about Dave McClure's behaviour with Sarah Kunst? Not propositioning her at all, but propositioning her in the context of a power imbalance as a potential employer that made it more difficult for her to say no. Worse still, "I was getting confused figuring out whether to hire you or hit on you" makes that relationship explicit.

And what was wrong about Dave McClure's behaviour with Cheryl Yeoh? Not propositioning her at all, but propositioning her in the context of a power imbalance as a physically stronger man alone with her in her bedroom, and then forcing himself on her when she said no. I repeat: he could only have done this because he was physically stronger, and even if he didn't, the possibility was there.

So to anyone who's wondering if this means men hitting on women is now outlawed, I hope this can provide a healthy framework for thinking about it. It's okay to hit on people, but avoid doing so in situations with a power imbalance that could mean there are consequences for saying no. And also if they do say no don't assault them.

Unfortunately, as a man, you probably have the ability to physically overpower most women if you want. Hopefully you don't want, but it's worth considering that you have that ability, and she may not know whether you're going to use it.

For a shorter and funnier version of this line of thinking, I suggest this clip from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yUafzOXHPE

Insanity 4 hours ago 3 replies      
It is unfortunate that these kind of things happen. They shed a bad light on our industry as a whole due to (hopefully a few) rotten apples.

Thanks for writing this, takes courage!

whiddershins 1 hour ago 1 reply      
I am seeing an enormous percentage of comments here flagged, including one of mine which is a first for me on this site, or any site.

Upon trying to figure out what's going on I think we need a meta-instruction for comments here?

Like, perhaps the intention is to keep comments focused more on the general problem of sexual harassment in the industry and to not start making a bunch of assertions regarding the specifics of the author's story?

Although I personally think khazhoux's comment pointing to alcohol being a common factor is a pretty good one.

I'm actually having trouble understanding where the line is here so personally going to run away from the thread, but I think a better indication of the ground rules might be helpful to everyone.

khazhoux 1 hour ago 3 replies      
nnfy 4 hours ago 2 replies      
crispytx 3 hours ago 1 reply      
crispytx 3 hours ago 8 replies      
crispytx 3 hours ago 7 replies      
pikachuaintcool 3 hours ago 1 reply      
TheSpiceIsLife 3 hours ago 1 reply      
crispytx 3 hours ago 3 replies      
ithinkinstereo 3 hours ago 2 replies      
al_chemist 2 hours ago 1 reply      
TheSpiceIsLife 3 hours ago 2 replies      
whiddershins 1 hour ago 2 replies      
Zikes 3 hours ago 0 replies      
> Generalized sexist statements and behavior that convey insulting or degrading attitudes about women (e.g. Insulting remarks, obscene jokes or humor about sex or women in general)

This should be generalized to include both sexes. I often see insulting or degrading comments about men by people in the tech world, especially with terms like "mansplaining".

beedogs 37 minutes ago 0 replies      
People sometimes ask me why I think Silicon Valley should be razed and the earth salted once the rubble is cleared. This thread and the people in it are a great example of why.
EdSharkey 1 hour ago 1 reply      
Don't date women from work. Don't dip your pen in the company ink, guys. Just from a power perspective, there's no way to get it right, even if you think she's your peer.
More than a decade later, how do original YouTube stars feel about the site? arstechnica.com
72 points by rbanffy  8 hours ago   85 comments top 10
justboxing 4 hours ago 12 replies      
I always wondered how much on average a Youtuber makes, per 100K or 1 Million video views. Any original Youtuber care to throw some light on this?

Articles like this paint a very rosy picture....

> Nowadays many young YouTubers can become flush with cash much more quickly and set up their own companies just to deal with the income from ad sales, marketing tie-ins, and personal appearances at live events.

But I'm having a hard time getting convinced. I launched a tech videos channel like what TechCrunch is doing now with CrunchReport, back in 2011. For video views of 10,000 or so, I was barely getting 10 / 15$ in ad revenue. A year later I shut it down as the cost of production was far outpacing the video ad revenues. I had a hard time getting sponsors also.

The article mention 1 of the MOST POPULAR Artist - PewDiePie -'s earnings of 8 Million, but this NYTimes story [ 2014 ] also features the same Olga Kay mentioned in OP, and also paints a much sober picture of how much money "Youtube Stars" really make from it, and all the efforts that go into it.

"Chasing Their Star, on YouTube" => https://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/02/business/chasing-their-st...

> We are underpaid, Ms. Kay says. We are not only coming up with the commercial concept and tapping into a loyal audience, we are also doing marketing. We are doing all of these jobs for a relatively small fee.

jameskegel 6 hours ago 3 replies      
YouTuber here, it feels like the party is over. The viewership is there but it seems like the list of things we can't do or speak about is getting bigger and bigger. You literally cannot mention war; your video will be demonetized.
peterburkimsher 2 hours ago 3 replies      
"you do the job of at least five people. You have to be creative; you have to be a writer, be a performer, an editor, a director, a marketer."

This is my problem. I keep building things, both hardware and software, and post them to Hackaday and Show HN, respectively. Cool things, like a magnetic audio connector or a big data project of 20,000 restaurant menus translated from Chinese.

But I can't do the marketing. I have no idea how to make money out of this. Finishing a project and posting it is exciting, but then I'm always let down by the fact that nobody cares.

billdybas 4 hours ago 1 reply      
Veritasium recently made a video [1] talking about how the site today seems to favor quantity over quality. Many of the people in the comments there think YouTube's recommendations are to blame saying they're often not relevant. What have been your experiences?

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03dTJ4nXkXw

xxpor 4 hours ago 14 replies      
I've always wondered, who (demographically) actively goes to YouTube and watches videos/subs to channels?

Among my friend group (mid-20s tech people in Seattle for the most part), YouTube is a non-entity. It never comes up in conversation. I personally never go to the front page of youtube to actually look at anything, I'm always searching for something specific. OTOH, we talk plenty about Netflix and podcasts.

nstart 3 hours ago 0 replies      
I really wish they had got a hold of Ray William Johnson to ask him about the rise and fall off the equals three show. He was YouTube's number 1 for a long time. His timeline defined the drama around all aspects of YouTube. From being a trail Blazer to personal tolls on life to partnering with networks to make things "better" to the complete meltdown of a partnership. Would have made for an interesting perspective.
avenoir 4 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm not a YouTuber but I do subscribe to a dozen of channels. It seems to me that the sustainable channels are making their money from donations either via PayPal or Patreon not so much from ads which was my long-standing belief.
sotojuan 7 hours ago 1 reply      
I don't how how it affects "original" stars but the "adpocalypse"[1] + the move to "punish" infrequent uploaders[2] are sure to have interesting long-term effects.

[1] https://redd.it/6cyuva

[2] YouTube algorithms like channels that upload frequently and can generate a "community" around them

FussyZeus 6 hours ago 3 replies      
Very little of YouTube feels genuine at all anymore. For as much as I can't stand the middle schoolers vlogs, at least I know that's an actual person with something to actually say. If you go to YouTube's home page with no account, literally all you see is promoted content, usually by a mix of record labels, TV stations, some "company" that makes comedy sketches or whatever, and one of those channels that does the "worlds blankiest blank" video lists.

There's very little regular people on there anymore, and IMHO, that is their biggest problem. It's just become a slightly different version of television, with all the big money, shallow personalities, derivative content and problems that comparison implies.

Edit: self correcting, there are plenty of regular people on there, they just never get seen organically.

jarboot 4 hours ago 1 reply      
What's next? Vimeo? Vidme?
Pruning spaces from strings quickly on ARM processors lemire.me
57 points by ingve  8 hours ago   21 comments top 6
glangdale 44 minutes ago 0 replies      
[ full disclosure: Intel employee, working in software that does exactly this sort of thing ]

I would suggest that the best way to generally hunt down a character class - i.e. white space is itself an 'algorithmic' problem and a mildly interesting one. If you have a fast permute handy this can be done on both x86 and ARM.

We have some code here that does this, but it's not the easiest to understand (this is the run-time only):


The idea is that you represent a character class by intersecting two PSHUFB (or whatever floats your boat) results. So if you want to do a real regex-style \s, you will probably have to use one "bucket" to represent the low-order stuff (like \r and \n) and one for \x20. You then use 1 PSHUFB to look up your bucket for the high 4 bits (aka nibble) and the other PSHUFB to look up the low 4 bits.

This can't represent all character classes - it's possible to run out of buckets. There's an obvious way of doing all character classes with 3 shuffles (see truffle.c in the same directory).

As another commenter says, it's a lot harder to do this for UTF-8 as you are looking for bigger data items, variable-sized data items, and potentially a more generous definition of whitespace.

ChuckMcM 5 hours ago 1 reply      
I really like that more folks are looking at the vectorized instructions in various ARM chips but I worry about gross generalizations like "However, for many problems, the total lack of a movemask instruction, and the weakness of the equivalent to the pshufb, might limit the scope of what is possible with ARM NEON."

I would much prefer taking each of the various 'cpu eater' type applications and look at them as a unit. So DSP or convolution or bin packing or list searching and look at what you can do vs what needs help. A lot of the improvements in the x86 architecture came about because a design engineer at Intel or AMD read a clear statement of the problem and the challenges with the solution.

That said, and to justinjlynn's comment, I would really love a top to bottom 'unicode string processing current processors' so many people are doing nothing but scripting these days that string hacking is a big part of interpreters (rather than say raw floating point performance back in the day).

0xfaded 6 hours ago 1 reply      
The NEON coprocessor runs at the same CPU clock, but 20 cycles behind the main CPU. It has its own instruction queue, and as long as the queue isn't full the main CPU will simply forward instructions to it. If you want to read from the wide registers though, you need to wait the 20 cycles for the coprocessor to catch up.
NathanOsullivan 3 hours ago 2 replies      
> Most of the benefit from this approach would come if you can often expect streams of 16 bytes to contain no white space character. This seems like a good guess in many applications.

The average word length in English is substantially less than 16, so it is hard to see how this would help.

hedora 4 hours ago 1 reply      
(x<32)?1:0 asks for a branch. Presumably the compiler will remove it.

However, you can just write (x<32), which is defined to be zero or one by the language spec. This shouldn't save anything on ARM, but who knows what the compiler will do.

Similarly, the scalar version might be faster if you do manual loop unrolling. It probably still won't beat Neon, but it makes for a better "scalar vs vectorized" bake-off.

justinjlynn 6 hours ago 4 replies      
These tricks won't have a great time with Unicode encodings.
Galois Theory for Beginners (2010) [pdf] jhu.edu
119 points by fanf2  13 hours ago   25 comments top 8
gerbilly 29 minutes ago 0 replies      
Galois had an insight that I always seemed particularly deep to me: that problems should be classified not by topic area (analysis, theory of equations, geometry) but by their underlying form.

Galois was ahead of his time.[1]

[1] You could say he was ahead by a century, to quote a famous song.

ktta 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Galois fields are used in crypto a bit, and I recommend this lecture to understand it in the context of crypto


PS: He has an entire series of lectures on his channel. Highly recommend.

netvarun 5 hours ago 0 replies      
This document was also mentioned yesterday on the 'Why is the quintic unsolvable?'[1] post. The post also has some additional interesting references in the comments. Worth checking out!

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14685466

kdamica 10 hours ago 2 replies      
Fun fact: Evariste Galois made major contributions to math in his teens, before dying in a duel at age 20.


monfrere 7 hours ago 4 replies      
Can anyone help me understand what is happening at the bottom of page 23 (page 3 of the PDF)?

It says any permutation sigma of x_1, ..., x_n can be extended to a bijection of Q(x_1, ..., x_n) defined by

 sigma f(x_1, ..., x_n) = f(sigma x_1, ..., sigma x_n).
But I don't see how this definition can be consistent. For example, let

 f(a, b) = a - b g(a, b) = a/a + b/b = 2 x_1 = 5 x_2 = 3 sigma x_1 = x_2 sigma x_2 = x_1
Then according to the formula:

 sigma f(5, 3) = sigma (5 - 3) = sigma 2 = f(3, 5) = -2

 sigma g(5, 3) = sigma 2 = g(3, 5) = 2

empath75 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Ceezy 4 hours ago 1 reply      
Galois theory without functor... Without fundamental theorem of algebra. Are you kidding?
mdevere 8 hours ago 0 replies      
this guy was AMAZING at maths
Skip grep Use AWK jpalardy.com
29 points by dedalus  4 hours ago   22 comments top 7
beefsack 34 minutes ago 1 reply      
ripgrep[1] is functionally incredibly similar to grep and ag, but is significantly faster[2] and supports a wider range of character encodings. In its short lifetime it has already become the default search tool for VSCode.

I've switched to using it as my daily driver for text search and am incredibly happy with it.

[1]: https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep

[2]: http://blog.burntsushi.net/ripgrep/

manasvi_gupta 8 minutes ago 0 replies      
I have used awk to color application logs (info=green, error=red, warn=yellow) on linux console.

Blog - http://manasvigupta.github.io/2015/06/27/color-your-logs-and...

kiwidrew 1 hour ago 1 reply      
While awk is indeed under-appreciated, there are many instances where using grep to pre-filter your input is helpful because the grep family (GNU grep, agrep, etc.) can match strings much much faster than awk's regex engine.

For example: GNU grep uses a heavily optimized implementation of the Boyer-Moore string search algorithm [1] which (it is claimed) requires just 3 (x86) cycles per byte of input. Boyer-Moore only searches for literal strings, but grep will extract the longest literal from the search regex (e.g. the string "foo" from the regex /foo(bar|baz)+/) and use Boyer-Moore to find candidate matches that are then verified using the regex engine.

So if you have a large corpus of text to search, grep is your friend. It can easily saturate your I/O bandwidth and perform an order of magnitude faster than typical "big data" platforms. [2]

[1] https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-current/2010-Aug...

[2] https://aadrake.com/command-line-tools-can-be-235x-faster-th...

netheril96 2 hours ago 3 replies      
Isn't rg the hot one for grep replacement these days?
emmelaich 1 hour ago 2 replies      
My favourite bad example of using grep was from a big enterprise software vendor to kill one of their processes.

It looked something like

 ps -ef| grep SomeDaemon | grep -v grep | grep -v perl | perl -e '<do something with the pid>'

emmelaich 1 hour ago 0 replies      
If you don't mind a bit of Perl, then Perl can be used for grep, awk and sed. And find. Even comes with little conversion utilities to do it (mostly) for you: a2p, s2p, find2perl.

I used Python most of the time but still use Perl where it is appropriate.

rhizome 1 hour ago 1 reply      
To address one of the benefits, `egrep ^[^#]` is shorter than `awk '/^[^#]/'`.
Underhanded Solidity Coding Contest solidity.cc
100 points by ingve  10 hours ago   44 comments top 9
serhei 10 hours ago 4 replies      
It sure makes me wonder if Ethereum would do better with a less forgiving programming language. The fact that the syntax resembles Javascript is not reassuring, neither is the fact that the very first code snippet in "Solidity By Example" [1] is littered with comments like this:

 // Forward the delegation as long as // `to` also delegated. // In general, such loops are very dangerous, // because if they run too long, they might // need more gas than is available in a block. // In this case, the delegation will not be executed, // but in other situations, such loops might // cause a contract to get "stuck" completely.
[1]: https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/develop/solidity-by-examp...

In general, the easier the code is to read and the harder it is to write, the better. (Force the programmer to think carefully, not the reader!) Anything that gets a comment like that in the Solidity examples should at the very least refuse to compile without the programmer adding some attention-grabbing _UNSAFE annotation. Better, there should be mechanisms to make sure the code is written in a way that everyone understands the consequences of e.g. running out of gas in the middle of a function.

airza 8 hours ago 0 replies      
There's an underhanded solidity coding contest running 24/7, it's called 'Ethereum'
Animats 9 hours ago 2 replies      
This is why Turing-complete procedural smart contracts are a bad idea. As the DAO debacle demonstrated in practice.

Decision tables would be better. Not as general, but understandable.

bshimmin 10 hours ago 0 replies      
I presume this is the Solidity they're talking about, for anyone baffled by this: https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/develop/
gruez 8 hours ago 1 reply      
serious question: why would any rational actor participate in this? if you actually had an underhanded exploit, you would sneak it into an actual ICO. sure, it would require a bit more work (thinking up a plausible purpose for the token), but i'm sure you can partner up with someone good for that. it would have better payoff than 10 tokens or a pass to a convention. all this can be done anonymously and would leave the victims with little recourse, assuming the etherum developers don't pull off another DAO "fix".

this is as opposed to the underhanded c contest, where it's much harder to monetize an exploit, since getting access to the code and/or cashing out requires some sort of interaction in meatspace (getting hired, then turning the exploit into $$$ respectively).

kensai 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Jokes apart, the contest is actually fairly useful cause it will put some light on the state-of-the-art evil practices that may lead to smart contracts outsmarting (no pun intended!) their investors... ;)
nemild 3 hours ago 0 replies      
For anyone needing context, last year I wrote a Learn X in Y about Solidity:


Please note that it is fairly old at this point (contributors welcome) - so this is just to give you a sense of the syntax and key concepts.

kang 2 hours ago 0 replies      
While it is still not clear that turing complete scripts in blockchains are even required, this is a clever ploy by ethereum to ride some hacker to a spot in devcon, by giving it out as a prize. Ethereum really understands marketing the tech sector.
clamprecht 8 hours ago 0 replies      
"Second place prize is 10 MLN tokens from Melonport." I love it.
The capital sharp S in now part of the official German orthography typography.guru
116 points by fanf2  7 hours ago   159 comments top 18
faho 6 hours ago 12 replies      
As a german, I see this as a step in the wrong direction.

The sharp S is a PITA to begin with, so I'd rather abolish it completely.

Now there's a whole bunch of complications coming from this - how do I type this? To type lowercase "", I press the key above "p" (in the same position as with qwerty) and "" (to the right of it), which will do "?" when pressed together with shift. So do we move "?" somewhere else?

QWERTZ is already bad for e.g. programming with all its punctuation (typing "]" means holding altgr and pressing 9), so that would make it even worse.

Personally I'd rather use composing since that would mean I could continue ignoring "" like I already do (I use "ss" instead), only now I'll ignore both forms.

Note also that a capital "" is barely useful to begin with - no word begins with it, so the only reason to use it is to write a word in ALL CAPS.

Tomte 40 minutes ago 1 reply      
Again, an unelected body decides on my mother tongue (the orthography reform of 1996 was the same, but more catastrophic).

The Rechtschreibrat is tasked with codifying existing changes to the language, not inventing something new.

Capital does not exist and never did. Before a few years ago when Unicode accepted it and a handful of designers played with it, there was exactly one documented occurence in hundreds of years of the language: the title page of one singular run of an orthography book in the GDR. The runs before and after that had SS.

I think there should have been an uprising (violent, if necessary) in 1996, but the ship has sailed. Very few people care about their language. Heck, most people get the simplest parts of orthography wrong and imitate English patterns (even the famous contatenative property is dying, people are just writing constituent words serially, with space in between).

Never forgive, never forget.

joubert 6 hours ago 0 replies      
From Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/):

In German orthography, the grapheme , called Eszett (IPA: [stst]) or scharfes S (IPA: [a.fs s], [a.fs s]), in English "sharp S", represents the [s] phoneme in Standard German, specifically when following long vowels and diphthongs, while ss is used after short vowels. The name Eszett represents the German pronunciation of the two letters S and Z.

It originates as the sz digraph as used in Old High German and Middle High German orthography, represented as a ligature of long s and tailed z in blackletter typography (), which became conflated with the ligature for long s and round s (s) used in Roman type.

The grapheme has an intermediate position between letter and ligature. It behaves as a ligature in that it has no separate position in the alphabet. In alphabetical order it is treated as the equivalent of ss (not sz). It also has no traditional capital form (although some type designers have introduced forms of "capital " de facto). It behaves like a letter in that its use is prescribed by orthographical rules and conveys phonological information (use of indicates that the preceding vowel is long).

weinzierl 5 hours ago 1 reply      
Most commenters seem to be under the impression that German orthography gained a new letter, or that uppercase sharp S willbe the norm. This is not the case. From the original article:

> The change doesnt mean that everyone now has to use a Capital Sharp S. The previous spelling of replacing with SS in uppercase texts remains the default for the time being.

The Council for German Orthography sanctioned the use of the uppercase . They just accepted the fact that it exits and is used. No more, no less.

That being said, I find it a bit ironic that at first Unicode had to bend over backwards to allow the strange surjective mapping that only German requires, only to later resolve to problem the easy way with the introduction of a new character. I mean it's probably the right thing to do, because both things are used in German, but on the other hand it introduces a lot of complications just for one very specific special case.

zzleeper 6 hours ago 4 replies      
Interestingly, this is the opposite as what happened in Spanish [1]

We had two extra letters, CH and LL that were just ligatures, so we dropped them and everyone is better off.

[1] http://www.rae.es/consultas/exclusion-de-ch-y-ll-del-abeceda...

lvh 6 hours ago 0 replies      
While the glyph is still missing from many fonts, Unicode 5.1 designated a code point for it:


virtualritz 5 hours ago 0 replies      
What a typographic disaster.

Making an uppercase version of a lowercase ligature was bad idea from the get go.

I suggest to type designers who want to add this symbol to do an SZ or SS ligature.

Caveat: I studied typography in another life.

Pxtl 5 hours ago 0 replies      
So when will we see it in string.toUpper()?
JepZ 6 hours ago 3 replies      
And how do I type thi capital sharp S?

The Unicode input seems a little complicated :-/

CTRL + SHIFT + u1E9E =

the8472 6 hours ago 0 replies      
And it has been in unicode since 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_%E1%BA%9E
aristidb 5 hours ago 0 replies      
I for one find this GROARTIG. Maybe not using umlauts or writing nouns in lower case is more efficient, but sometimes it feels good to have something like this.
beders 4 hours ago 0 replies      
"strae".toUpperCase() is still "STRASSE", though.

Wondering how any current i18n system will get out of this mess ;)

rini17 6 hours ago 0 replies      
ParselsprachebenutzerInnen feiern! sssss sss!
BurningFrog 5 hours ago 0 replies      
So is finally out of -test!
cmurf 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Were words using ever spelled with sz? The is pronounced as sz (in German) and I think it's a ligature of old German shrift s which is a line when found in the middle of a word, and z. So again, were words like strasse, spelled as strasze and hence the ? And then later it became ss as the sharp s?

Edit: OK nevermind. Other comments and wikipedia discuss this.

quink 6 hours ago 3 replies      
Arguments against:

is a ligature, one of ss. is a ligature, but that doesn't mean FFL should have one too.

Just get rid of it. Switzerland did and they're managing just fine.

Capitalisation in Unicode for German locales is just a headache, and this really doesn't help.

How would one enter it on a keyboard?

Argument for:

ss is pretty much the same shape as SS, and Dutch has and .

It's just an optional ruling, anyone can do whatever they want and as with the new orthography, they did. Prescriptive linguistics is useless anyway, especially over the past two decades in German-speaking regions.

microcolonel 6 hours ago 1 reply      
Languages with priesthoods make me chuckle.
champagnepapi 5 hours ago 1 reply      
ASK HN: Why is this at the top of HN?
From Shader Code to a Teraflop: How Shader Cores Work (2008) [pdf] ucdavis.edu
35 points by Tomte  7 hours ago   1 comment top
DuckConference 2 hours ago 0 replies      
This is excellent, this clarified things in a way past block diagrams hadn't for me.
Outsmarting the compiler: Short story about optimization dpzmick.com
35 points by dpzmick  5 hours ago   1 comment top
BenjiWiebe 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Quick upvote for a well designed mobile friendly site. The last few HN posts I read were awful on mobile.
Batteries that drink seawater could power long-range underwater vehicles mit.edu
25 points by yurisagalov  6 hours ago   3 comments top 2
wpietri 3 hours ago 1 reply      
My chemistry's weak, but isn't this basically a way to extract the energy put in when aluminum is refined? A quick internet search suggests that's 75 KWh/kilo. Lithium Ion batteries are apparently 0.2 KWh/kilo, so even assuming a lot of loss in refining and then "burning" the aluminum, it seems plausible.
algirau 2 hours ago 0 replies      
I don't see any performance metrics.
Can AI Write Pop Songs? theparisreview.org
48 points by prostoalex  9 hours ago   38 comments top 11
cthor 7 hours ago 3 replies      
Having listened to the song linked in the OP I was blown away, but then:

> I ought to note that a human being is involved in all this: the French composer Benoit Carr, who took the raw data generated by the CSL and matched it to audio from existing recordings [..] Benoit then arranged, produced, and mixed the tracks that resulted from this collaboration. Carr has also written the words.

I feel like there's a big difference between "AI creating music" and "AI as an assisstive tool for creating music".

tnecniv 18 minutes ago 0 replies      
Has anyone fed the Real Book into a Markov Model (or I guess RNN these days) and seen what gets spit out?

All the music examples I've seen have been people feeding tracks because...people tend to have lots of MP3s lying around. I'm curious as to what you get when you work directly with the notation which conveys a lot more structure than a waveform.

Animats 5 hours ago 2 replies      
From the article: Franchise a rock band.

Some years ago I was backstage at a major rock event the day before the performance. One of the management types was explaining to me that they had two sets of everything, and three crews. One crew was at the current venue, one was at the previous venue, tearing things down, and one was at the next venue, setting up. I asked "so why not have two sets of performers and double your revenue? 'Cats' has two road companies. Barnum and Bailey circuses have two road companies. There are bands that replaced all their members over time and kept the name. It's all about the branding." A more senior manager, overhearing this, looked very thoughtful.

It's been done in Japan. AKB48 has three teams. They're organized like a sports league, with farm teams and regular turnover.

luckyt 1 hour ago 0 replies      
I recently worked on a project that attempted to find harmonizing chord progressions for pop songs, given a melody. Since pop music has such predictable structure, I think AI generation is well within possibility.


uyoakaoma 2 hours ago 1 reply      
Just wondering. Why does the link have utm_source=boomtrain when its coming from HN
amelius 6 hours ago 0 replies      
This reminds me of Microsoft Research's Songsmith, [1] (also known as MySong).

[1] http://songsmith.ms/

lucidguppy 7 hours ago 2 replies      
Can evolution produce pop songs?

Just take a few pop songs written by professionals then do some descent with modification - and dump them all onto youtube. Cull the losers - rinse and repeat.

dangayle 4 hours ago 0 replies      
The second this happens, will people tune out and revolt against it, making it no longer "pop"? What will be the post-AI pop music?
skdotdan 7 hours ago 1 reply      
Pop evolutes. With machine learning we can create, say, every single combination of reggaeton, but every decade new styles appear. AI leveraging real creation requires AGI.
adventured 7 hours ago 6 replies      
Given the relatively short, finite length of the average pop song; given the well known, restricted inputs; given that there is a general formula for successful pop songs; not only can AI write pop songs, it can (and will) write every possible pop song. At this point it's merely a question of a short amount of time, sub ten years perhaps, twenty tops.

The creation part will ultimately end up being the trivial aspect. Figuring out which of the billion songs AI create are any good will be the more difficult, time consuming filtering / discovery aspect (that will process partially at human-speed).

AI will create vast amounts of content/goods in the relatively near future (of all types, from VR worlds to pop songs to physical things automatically made by printing). A large industry will spring up around filtering that, deciding what's good, to then serve it up to people for popular mass consumption.

user5994461 4 hours ago 2 replies      
>>> Can AI Write Pop Songs?

Doesn't matter. There is no value in the songs, they are easy to write and many are written in a day with the premise of becoming the next pop song.

Pop is about distribution and marketing. Control it and your songs will be the next thing played everywhere.

Linux 4.12 Released lkml.org
152 points by slyzmud  9 hours ago   52 comments top 7
avar 7 hours ago 1 reply      
Linus says it's a large release, here's a numeric breakdown of recent kernel releases, showing number of commits, diff | wc, and a diffstat with/without the drivers/ directory:

 v4.7..v4.8: 14552 1331854 5068427 42175318 11363 files changed, 627754 insertions(+), 279373 deletions(-) 6657 files changed, 329595 insertions(+), 167605 deletions(-) v4.8..v4.9: 17392 1419476 5372905 44206994 11179 files changed, 632159 insertions(+), 354871 deletions(-) 5993 files changed, 214842 insertions(+), 120945 deletions(-) v4.9..v4.10: 14249 1463146 5668517 49833479 11726 files changed, 744012 insertions(+), 249810 deletions(-) 5884 files changed, 329130 insertions(+), 115189 deletions(-) v4.10..v4.11: 13891 1227388 4763853 39671475 12506 files changed, 530154 insertions(+), 232410 deletions(-) 6230 files changed, 209555 insertions(+), 95502 deletions(-) v4.11..v4.12: 15736 2025692 7383431 88754335 12396 files changed, 1300537 insertions(+), 267064 deletions(-) 5829 files changed, 215764 insertions(+), 124745 deletions(-)

 parallel -k 'r=v4.$(({}-1))..v4.{} ; echo $r: ; (git rev-list $r | wc -l; git -c diff.renameLimit=10240 diff $r | wc; git -c diff.renameLimit=10240 diff --shortstat $r ; git -c diff.renameLimit=10240 diff --shortstat $r -- ":!drivers/") | sed -r "s/^ *//; s/^/ /"' ::: {8..12}

ganeshkrishnan 9 hours ago 4 replies      
If you use ubuntu, install the kernel from here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.12/
KenoFischer 5 hours ago 1 reply      
Breaks rr I believe :(. In fact there were two regressions of that sort introduced this release cycles. One was caught early enough to get fixed, I guess the other wasn't.
mariocesar 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Could someone say something about the new "BFQ I/O scheduler"? I was not aware of the work being done, and the goal to have a more reponsive desktop
joecool1029 7 hours ago 0 replies      
I think atomic mode-setting for the intel DRM driver being default now is the most interesting feature for my configurations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_Rendering_Manager#Atomi...
shmerl 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Unfortunately, proper AMD Vega support didn't make it in.
sp332 9 hours ago 1 reply      
This is a bit... opaque. Here is a lot of more-readable information about what's in the release, and some links to more editorial content. https://kernelnewbies.org/Linux_4.12
Show HN: Artpip 4k fine art for your desktop artpip.com
70 points by mcjiggerlog  9 hours ago   26 comments top 11
kovrik 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Artpip is great, use it for months now, really love it!

There is one thing though: I also have LittleSnitch installed and it shows that Artpip often tries to connect to direct IPs.

Personally, I don't like giving apps permissions to connect to some random IPs.

Would be nice if it used something more meaningful, like images.artpip.com.

mcjiggerlog 9 hours ago 3 replies      
Creator here!

Artpip started off as a side project to help me learn a bit more about art in general and has grown from there. It's been great fun making it and I have learnt A LOT about art history in the process. I can now recognise a lot of painters and have got pretty good at dating/categorising paintings (compared to before, at least!).

Happy to answer any questions.

dheera 6 hours ago 1 reply      
I had a lot of hope I could install it with pip ... and then found it was only for Windows and Mac -__-

It would be really awesome if it worked like this:

 sudo pip install artpip artpip install starry-night

tomkinstinch 4 hours ago 1 reply      
Nice! Similar to a side project of mine that I have sadly had little time to improve: http://artfulmac.com

The bandwidth costs have become noticeable for me, so that's something to watch out for.

roadbeats 2 hours ago 0 replies      
I love it! Could you add "og:type" to your pages? This way my art bookmarks will appear in the visual section in Kozmos (https://getkozmos.com)
ggop 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Another source of good images for this program is the Methttp://www.metmuseum.org/press/news/2017/open-access
graysonk 8 hours ago 2 replies      
I was really excited for this, but it is just a wrapper for the Google Art project. I am not really sure how you got the rights to be able to sell prints of these, or why you want to charge $9.99 a month for a pro version, but good luck!
ruairidhwm 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Love it! Great idea having the different periods available, it'll help for recognition next time I'm in a museum :)
xpaulbettsx 3 hours ago 0 replies      
The Windows version doesn't set a setup GIF, so it gets a default GIF. You should make a nice one :)
archie_peach 4 hours ago 1 reply      
This is really great. Would love to see a version available for Smart TVs.
newzzy 7 hours ago 0 replies      
I've been using Muzei on Android for years. A pleasant surprise every single day.
Django vs. Flask git-pull.com
203 points by git-pull  8 hours ago   126 comments top 24
ris 8 hours ago 11 replies      
So having used both, this is what I tend to say about them: some of Flask's commonly-used components are better than django's (SQLAlchemy notably), but altogether, django is a better framework.

I strongly disagree with the notion expressed by some that beginners should start with flask "to learn how things work". Making a sane and maintainable project layout is not a particularly easy thing to do, >90% of people (not just beginners) will generally fuck it up somehow and end up living with a really weird app initialization routine as a result. Django's project/app layout and initialization is really quite well considered and I would say appropriate for 99% of projects. That 1% would probably be better off with flask.

More broadly, this is the whole opinionated vs. non-opinionated debate, and I've come to the belief that the vast majority of programmers need the guidance that an opinionated framework gives. It is said that flask doesn't try to suggest any particular structure for your project, but I would say that the effect of that the majority of the time is to produce a project with no structure. Don't get me started on the pattern of `helpers.py` files everywhere: I mean - what isn't a helper? What doesn't fall into that category? So yeah, just heap everything and god knows what in that file.

It shouldn't be a shock to you by this point if I say that I don't think flask is particularly well designed either, but I won't go into my interface-by-interface rant now...

Steeeve 8 hours ago 2 replies      
I always saw it as Django is the lady with the 30 pound purse that has everything you could possibly need on a trip to disneyland and Flask was the guy who showed up to the camping trip wondering why everybody else brought a tent when it's so nice out.
yen223 5 hours ago 5 replies      
I'm working with a large, 5 year old Django codebase. My humble opinion: Django itself is actively hindering our ability to deliver new features.

Some pain points:

- Django's fat models approach is bad. By coupling model behaviour to database schema, it all but guarantees that you're gonna have a tough time modifying either.

- Django's class-based views and its admin framework strongly encourages a sort of "one-view, one-model" approach. Just about nobody has requirements that neatly fit that worldview. If you need to interact with two models in a single view, working around it is painful.

- Not Django specific, but Python is a bad choice to use at scale. The lack of a good default immutable data structure means we're stuck using mutable data structures everywhere. In a large codebase, the lack of guarantees around something as basic as the shape of a data structure is a huge problem. A notorious example is Django's HttpRequest, whose attributes may or may not be set by the middlewares.

There are more, but one thing's for sure, I probably won't be using Django for my next project.

mixmastamyk 43 minutes ago 0 replies      
Used both and off the bat found Flask breezy and Django bureaucratic. But then the next day with Flask you look up how to do something elementary like login (for fsck sakes) and find there's alternatives of various qualities and scopes, and the flask-security guy has disappeared. Found myself spending a full week up front wrangling tokens and other crap instead of the project at hand, sigh. Django starts to shine at that point.

Lately I've been yearning for a "Flango" distribution with flask and the top twenty extensions supported by a single dev team.

jedberg 8 hours ago 14 replies      
I feel like Django has too much magic. I agree that it is easier to get quick wins with Django, and if you're building a small hobby site or something, then it's great.

But if you're building something that you hope you'll have to rapidly scale, Django is going to hurt you. It's way harder to scale due to both its heavy reliance on hidden magic its tight integration with its data store.

When you want to rapidly scale, the easiest way to do that is if your data store and application aren't so tightly intertwined that you have to scale both to solve a bottleneck in either.

drawkbox 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Flask is still one of my favorites in web frameworks, mainly because it was from the Sinatra/microframework moment and still is a pleasure to work with. Just plugin other micro frameworks for the data, middleware, routing, templating as desired.

Express is similar in Node still because of the simplicity and micro size of it.

Micro frameworks don't dictate and grow with a product as needed rather than growing into a monolith and it dictating too much.

As far as Django, it is still one of the most desirable monoliths out there but you don't have to use it that way. However, it is meant to take over like Angular, Rails, MVC etc.

passive 3 hours ago 0 replies      
I've done trivial and non-trivial projects in both, and the general summary presented here feels correct. If you've got something with content, that matches most common situations (users, content related to users, content related to other content), Django will get you there quickly and efficiently.

But I still use Flask a lot more, because most of what I create are limited use web services that do interesting things behind the scenes. Caching proxies to improve performance of legacy services, script runners, report generation tools.

Most of the time, Flask feels like the de facto web server, like Requests is the de facto web client.

Buetol 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Django re-usable apps and admin is the killer feature, making it a breeze to do 99% of the work on most agencies websites and then the 1% is just tying it together.

But I'm missing a good abstraction over Django, with most websites features included (user registration, job runner, webpack integration). Also I've come to hate django templates DSL so much I'm now only using a non-DSL method[0] (but it's kinda painful when you want to use apps, making you appreciate standardization)

[0]: https://github.com/mdamien/lys

gshulegaard 5 hours ago 0 replies      
I think both Django and Flask are good frameworks that solve different problems. Django has a batteries included philosophy that gets you up and running quickly without ever leaving Python (as the developer). Flask is drastically less opinionated and focuses on providing you web hooks to bring your project/logic to the web letting you do whatever you need behind the scenes.

Personally, I feel like Django is great for a "traditional" and straightforward web applications and Flask is better for projects that may require a bit more flexibility both in modeling and backing services.

I think this line from the article follows this perspective:

> Before long, projects will be dealing with forms, REST endpoints and other things that are all best represented via a declarative model with types. The exact stance Djangos applications take from the beginning.

jordic 8 hours ago 3 replies      
On my next side project will use pyramid next aiohttp or tornado. Python has a good ecosystem of libs. Pick one when you need it. Django is perhaps the less pythonic option. After some time doing go and js.. I prefer the lib approach.. on the end you don't need so many things to quickly respond to http requests ;)
mychael 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Rule of thumb for Python web development:

Do you already know Django really well? Then use Django for small and big web projects.

Do you not know either? Then learn Flask for small, trivial applications and learn Django when you find yourself creating your own web framework on top of Flask.

welder 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Once upon a time I made this short worksheet you can use when deciding to use Flask or Django:


With a comparison between the two:


Your guide is way more comprehensive, so mind if I link to it?

nthcolumn 7 hours ago 1 reply      
One of these things is not like the other. You don't have to choose and there will be cases for both where one is the vastly superior choice. For example: I'd go with Flask for microservices but django for a CMS. I'm sure some people will argue the more apposite. The nodejs thing is so fragmented and difficult by comparison. Flask's routes are better. django's admin absolutely rocks (still). I guess these face-offs are fun but I don't find them very informative, relevant or meaningful. A weird hybrid though - now that would be cool. Or a SAP killer in django.
sparkling 8 hours ago 0 replies      
I love and use both frameworks on a daily basis.

For tiny applications: go with Flask.

For medium and big applications: it depends.

Flask is great since you can mix and match different parts from the toolbox and build/use exactly what you want. But it is easy to end up at a point where you are just rewriting your own mini-Django on top of Flask.

Django on the other hand brings a full meal to the table. Using other toys from the toolbox is certainly possible, but it feels "wrong". And yes, Django certainly has some rough/not-so-shiny edges here and there, partly due to legacy code that cant be easily refactored due to compatibility. But overall it gets the job done and it gets polished more with every release.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

guftagu 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Offtopic but does anyone know of a Django alternative in JavaScript with similar level of maturity?
timwaagh 5 hours ago 1 reply      
I worked with flask once. It was code made by an obviously gifted russian coder i worked with. Cleanest webcode i have seen. I never played with django, all i can say is flask can produce really clean code.
flavio81 3 hours ago 0 replies      
The difference is easy to explain;

You adapt yourself, and your requirements, to Django. Django is "convention over configuration" which means thar first you need to learn all conventions. This takes time.

You adapt Flask to your requirements and your preferences. You build Flask to your liking and needs. Flask is extremely easy to learn.

smoe 8 hours ago 1 reply      
I like both of them a lot for different reasons:

If I build a more generic web application that will include most of their typical features I'd go with Django. If it is more of an one purpose API type of project or solving a very domain specific problem it would be Flask.

Django gets your out of the door quickly and there are extensions for anything I've ever needed, but it can get in your way later on. If you have to go against its opinions or if you need to actually understand what it does under the hood. E.g. file upload goes trough several hundreds of lines of code if I remember correctly. Most of it probably doesn't apply to your project, but you need to understand it anyway.

Flask projects are also super quick for simple projects, but if it is something more elaborate you really have to spent the extra time setup the architecture accordingly from the get go, otherwise it very easily becomes a big unmaintainable mess.

My experience is mostly b2b products and projects, so scalability is less of an issue for me.

acconrad 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Seems to me that an accurate analogy is Rails:Django::Sinatra:Flask
smaili 5 hours ago 3 replies      
For the python web folks, what web server do you tend to put in front of your Django/Flask apps and how do you typically deploy new updates with zero downtime?
stanislavb 5 hours ago 0 replies      
And here they are some specific numbers on the topic of "Django" VS "Flask" https://python.libhunt.com/project/django/vs/flask . Flask is supposed to have a better code base?
osullivj 7 hours ago 0 replies      
No mention of web sockets or asynchrony? Fifteen years ago I was coding against Zope. I've used Django a fair bit too. Both were heavyweight, blot-out-the-sun one-way-to-do-it. Now I use Tornado because it's lightweight, has good web socket support and embraces the async style. It's a joy to code Tornado coroutines with RethinkDB. If you thought Twisted was cool, but couldn't hack the learning curve, Tornado is the answer.
Dowwie 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Use Pyramid.
brango 7 hours ago 1 reply      
If you need user authentication use django. If it's for APIs use flask or gRPC.
Lets Encrypt in the spotlight dancvrcek.com
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finnn 15 minutes ago 0 replies      
This seems like a basic explanation of some of the stuff on the Let's Encrypt rate limit page (with some funny stuff mixed in to make it sounds like the rate limits for IPv6 are somehow higher), followed by a link to a product.
hoopyfrood 30 minutes ago 1 reply      
Every time LetsEncrypt is brought up I am reminded of "if it's for free, You are the product". In this case it is one's servers. A single company has a hand on the pulse and runs software on your server in exchange for continuous "convenience". I am still NOT buying in, diversifying SSL certs from reputable companies with 12 (or sometimes 13) months validity are still ok for me in 2017.
ams6110 4 hours ago 8 replies      
Like with a lot of tech trends, I seem to be one of those people who doesn't "get" the excitement about letsencrypt.

I don't find the process of generating a CSR and submitting it to a CA for signing to be more complicated than setting up letsencrypt. In fact I think it's quite a bit easier.

The Disruption Machine: What the gospel of innovation gets wrong (2014) newyorker.com
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wyc 8 hours ago 1 reply      
A great piece called "Disruption is not a strategy" by Jerry Neumann (http://reactionwheel.net/2016/05/disruption-is-not-a-strateg...) illustrates the difficulties of taking the lofty ideas from The Innovator's Dilemma and applying them to new companies. He also makes the observation that Christensen was writing for Fortune 500 CEOs who care about risk management, not upstart companies trying to find product-market fit.

I think it's most prudent to acknowledge disruption theory as one of many interconnected factors that influence the outcome of business ventures instead of an unshakable dogma with a dominating impact on all things.

hyperpallium 57 minutes ago 0 replies      
I really liked The Innovator's Dilemma, but it struck me that the application of it to situations could be post facto rationalization, because applying to new situations required classifying the aspects of the situation. Christensen seemed to find it diffuclt too, because he classified the most disruptive innovation of current times as non-disruptive (i.e. sustaining):

But Apple's just about to launch the iPhone.The iPhone is a sustaining technology relative to Nokia. In other words, Apple is leaping ahead on the sustaining curve [by building a better phone]. But the prediction of the theory would be that Apple won't succeed with the iPhone. They've launched an innovation that the existing players in the industry are heavily motivated to beat: It's not [truly] disruptive.https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2007-06-15/clayton-c...

hodgesrm 6 hours ago 1 reply      
I liked Innovator's Dilemma quite a bit. Most economic historians consider Christiansen's original study of disk drives in the 1980s a weak foundation for theorizing. Even so, there are useful insights like the tendency for companies to move up in established markets and hence miss emerging, initially lower-value markets. Anybody who has seen how sales works in a large enterprise will recognize this pattern.

That said it seems to me that Innovators Dilemma neglects an even simpler reason for company failure: many corporate bureaucracies simply aren't very responsive to external economic signals because career success is only distantly related to market success. This is one of the reasons that companies run by decisive, technically oriented founders often seem to do better than their more corporate peers. It's easier to turn the ship to deal with something like the Internet if the company is driven by somebody who feels the change in their gut.

p.s., Anybody else like the New Yorker writing style? The dismantling of university innovation was pretty funny.

dredmorbius 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Not only is this an excellent essay -- it's one on my list of "I need to write a response / answer filling in some additional bits" pile -- but Jill Lepore is pretty much on fire with most of her writing and speaking.

I strongly recommend taking a look at her New Yorker contributor page, as well as seeking out what she's written elsewhere.

Her recent (April, 2017) talk at the University of Kansas on privacy also includes several interesting, and fairly novel, concepts, well worth considering:


Show HN: Vecta.io - Team diagramming with an advanced SVG editor vecta.io
114 points by pzht  14 hours ago   64 comments top 22
WhitneyLand 11 hours ago 1 reply      
- First impression is impressive. Clearly a large amount of work and engineering effort invested that ended up in a powerful product. Well done.

- You need a damn video on your home page! Many click and try products don't need this. But here the collaboration aspect simply has no chance to fully shine and show it's true potential in 60 seconds without a short demo video.

- An API / Plugin option would be great to see, as would an embeddable version. Understand this may not fit your priorities / business model.

- Why no iOS or Surface support? Seems like iPad Pro, with or without pen, would be a great fit and not require a huge amount of development to make it happen. The work needed for this would also enable Surface Pro to work as a touch/pen experience. iPad Pro and Surface Pro combined have a significant amount of corporate users > revenue potential.

floSchr 13 hours ago 2 replies      
I would disable the open demo, i was greeted by this on your homepage ;)


gexla 14 hours ago 2 replies      
Product demo should probably be specific to your session. It's great to be able to try it. But unmoderated user content front and center on your main page doesn't work so well.

ETA: More specifically, there was a lot of flashing of offensive text.

lars_francke 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Looks very nice. Looking forward to what's coming.

I tried to share a document via mail, clicked on "Get Share Link" and allowed public access and then closed the window with "Ok". I'm still asked to log in. When I click on Share again my share link is gone. So this doesn't seem to work currently.

stickac 7 hours ago 1 reply      
I am surprised no one mentioned SVG-edit, which is open-source: https://github.com/SVG-Edit/svgedit
RubenSandwich 13 hours ago 1 reply      
Great job on this. One thing I'd do is replace the demo on the homepage with a video and a link to a demo. Why?

The demo slows down the web page, especially on mobile. So put it behind a deliberate action. That way you can also make the demo full screen instead of rendering it 75% of its normal size.

Edit: That way it's also clearer that when someone is using the demo to post swear words, like what is happening now, it isn't on your main page.

franciscop 13 hours ago 1 reply      
Really quick question since it looks quite similar (but might just be coincidence), did you happen to use this for the right click context menu?


Just asking because it's my answer and I'd be really happy to see someone using it!

skibz 13 hours ago 1 reply      
Great app, thanks for building this - I plan on using this with my team at work immediately.

The only problem I had with the app was during registration. I decided to use my Google account to register, and upon successful redirect back to the app via OAuth callback, I was prompted to click a button to create a new user account instead of being logged into the app.

I found this confusing because I expected the step of generating my user account to be automated in the OAuth callback. There was also a heading on the page that was something like 'No Account Found', which added to my confusion as the OAuth process was supposed to (I expected, at least) create the account record.

foobarbecue 9 hours ago 1 reply      
I signed up and tried creating a new diagram, but it's been stuck on the "loading" screen for several minutes now.
interstedSurfer 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Recently, I evaluated different JS drawing tools and libraries.

Its very cool that your web app does not clog the whole CPU like similar tools. Can you tell a little bit about the technology stack. Feel freeto skip questions if they are too invasive.

1. Do you use a drawing library or is this in house?

2. Do you store the SVG-objects as JS-objects?

3. If (3), how do represent the SVG-objects? (I looked into hyperscript).

4. If (3), how do you render the JS-object version to SVG in the DOM and update them? Do you use something like React, i.e. 'render' the whole thing to a VDOM and then update changes in dom for each update, or do you bind each SVG object to its JS object via an Observer?

4. A drawing app has obvouisly many states like UserCanSelectObjectByClick, UserClickedFirstPoint, UserMovesRectangle. Do you use state machines, generators, or sagas to implement these flows?

6. Do you use Websockets? Which library would you suggest? (A classical choice would be socket.io, but it is relatively heavyweigh).

7. Do you somehow abstract the mouse-events with jquery or d3? Any plans to support touch?

8. What happens if two users modify the same object?

thangngoc89 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Great products. But your header bar in frontpage has a transparent background. It's great for the hero section but completely unusable in the content section. Add some background to it
weego 13 hours ago 1 reply      
It's interesting. Is this a product that solves a particular problem you've found in the past? Or a product trying to find a market.

I don't wish to sound negative, it's a genuine query because I really can't think of a single instance in the past when this would have solved a problem for me, but I wonder if there's niches I've not been exposed to.

mrlinx 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Great app, really.

What I would really like woube be 1) an API 2) ability to sync with dropbox.

My team has about a dozen diagrams in out Git repository, so I'd really like a faster way of exporting vecta->folder.

bleair 11 hours ago 1 reply      
This looks most promising. I've always longed for an online collaborative version of OMNI graffle (they have such nice gradients and document themes and their UX almost always does what you want).
have_faith 14 hours ago 1 reply      
Demo wouldn't load (Chrome 59 MacOS).

 objects.685ed2904d.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null

roozbeh18 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Please allow login and email verification after I have logged in. it took me extra few steps. thanx
bsmith89 7 hours ago 1 reply      
Feature request: side-scrolling without pressing shift.
stephenr 14 hours ago 3 replies      
No pricing, doesn't appear to be open source, so why would I rely on this?

Too many SaaS apps go the way of the dodo these days - if I can't run it myself it's going to be a hard sell, and if you can't make a case that you're profitable, I'm not gonna take a risk on your flash in the pan project.

pjmlp 11 hours ago 1 reply      
It looks quite impressive, but a bit on the slow side.
fiatjaf 14 hours ago 1 reply      
It's awesome that you can try the product on the landing page.
bengale 13 hours ago 2 replies      
Why does the homepage repeatedly show 'c*nt'?
RAWRfftfftfft 14 hours ago 1 reply      
Pop-up for Single sign-on logins will loose you visitors. Consider putting that in a workflow in-page instead.
Windows 10 will use protected folders to thwart crypto ransomware helpnetsecurity.com
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ChuckMcM 11 hours ago 7 replies      
One of the "features" (back in the day) of running a diskless system was that you could set change policy on the server hosting the file which was completely out of reach of the "client" machine that was running the program. For nearly all of the system files there was no reason for them to change. NetApp turned this into a huge win when they could use snapshots to support multiple VM images with just the small configuration changes.

Given the well known benefit there, and that the processor on your hard drive is about as powerful as your phone, why not have the drive set up files that are 'read only' unless allowed to change out of band. Here is how it would work.

Your disk works like a regular SATA drive, except that there is a new SATA write option which can write a block as 'frozen'. Once written that way the block can be read but not written. You add an out of band logic signal and wire it up to a switch/button that you can put on the front (and/or) back panel. When the button is pressed the disk lets you 'unfreeze' or write frozen blocks, when it it isn't pressed they can't be changed.

Now your hard drive, in conjunction with a locally operated physical switch, protects sensitive files from being damaged or modified.

zeta0134 10 hours ago 7 replies      
Okay, so I know Windows probably doesn't actually work this way, but from a user interface perspective... what's the rationale on giving an App permanent access to the user's home folder directories? Don't most well behaved apps have a file open / folder open dialog, which should be able to grant access to files at runtime? If the file opening dialog is provided and controlled by the operating system (I realize many, many legacy apps work differently in Windows) then the OS can silently grant permissions at the time of open, rather than letting apps either have free reign or no access at all.

I feel like this is the expected behavior anyway; Power Users may run utilities that need to touch the whole system, but most regular users are doing pretty good to juggle more than a handful of open files in their mental model of the machine while they're using it. The idea of file permissions is already pretty foreign to the average end user. Applications already have a designated area (%APPDATA%) where they can store their temporary files and things, so perhaps the documents folders should be more locked down by default.

Meph504 10 hours ago 2 replies      
My concern is first off, this seems like it is going to break a massive number of applications. It also seems that they are pushing this layer of access management that doesn't have proper support on any platform but UWP.

I see this as Microsoft taking yet another step to force people to move to their new Appstore model. by choking the access to the operating system away from any other platform, which I find really amusing because their own top tier applications aren't built on these platforms (office, visual studio, etc..).

cube00 12 hours ago 5 replies      
I've always wondered why Windows and other OSes don't offer a 'cold storage' area where you need thaw out files before editing. Files not modified within a selected time freeze from further modification. I've got plenty of files that are archived that I'd never want to change, but it's a hassle to unmount/remount just to add a new file to an existing directory.
hippich 11 hours ago 3 replies      
So last ransomware we seen in the news actually tried to reboot system and encrypt files before OS is loaded. So unless that new tech gonna protect MBR (which should be protected anyway) - not sure how it going to stop encryption.
jakobdabo 10 hours ago 5 replies      
Completely unrelated, but am I the only with an impression that MS has switched Windows into a rolling release OS (like Gentoo or Arch) with infinite updates of Windows 10? This would be a genius move to solve the issue of the users remaining on the old unmaintained release like it was with XP, and like it is now with 7.
ComodoHacker 9 hours ago 3 replies      
I always thought protecting users from malicious code they willingly download and run themselves is futile and a waste of developers' resources.

Do I miss something and this is actually a viable security approach?

floatboth 7 hours ago 0 replies      
> If an app attempts to make a change to these files, and the app is blacklisted by the feature, youll get a notification about the attempt

So it's allow default? That sounds useless.

We need a deny default thing. Like Little Snitch but for disk. Every time an app accesses a directory it hasn't accessed before, ask. (Skip asking when files are opened using the system "Open file" dialog for a bit less annoyance.)

vxNsr 8 hours ago 0 replies      
I think that the most recent attack in Ukraine already overcame this obstacle. They were able to use an in-place update system by a trusted software vendor to install their malicious code on the victim's computer. That software would almost certainly have had permissions even under this list, so it's not that effective.
sitkack 11 hours ago 2 replies      
How about using ML to detect profiles of access and disallowing un-common access patterns? If I only use VS Code to access my source, prevent win-malwr.sys from accessing that folder.
d--b 11 hours ago 1 reply      
This sounds like a feature that will be painful to work with for regular apps, but that malware will easily work around.

I mean I am no security expert at all, but you kind of need administrative privilege to install a malware, so why not keep it to access all the folders you need?

topkeker 5 hours ago 1 reply      
This seems like another strange workaround. We need to change the way the operating system behaves for the future. The problem is default allow for untrusted code to execute. Everyone recognises this as the problem, no one wants to step forward and implement the change.

We do it for mobile, mostly, the desktop needs the same shift.

bpodgursky 7 hours ago 2 replies      
I'm surprised Google hasn't run a Chromebook advertising campaign which just says "use a Chromebook and never care about ransomware again"
ksk 9 hours ago 2 replies      
I wonder MS has given any thought to 'sealing' executable regions so no new instructions can leak into memory. IOW Once executed, a process can only reference instructions present in the binary itself. Basically make running JIT-ed code, self-modifying code, etc, a special process privilege, that can then have a limited process context for I/O.
lucb1e 10 hours ago 1 reply      
What are "end-to-end security features"? They mention it once but then never again.

As far as I know, the term end to end is about communications: an exchange between two or more parties, or endpoints, which can be encrypted "end to end". I'm afraid they just dropped it as another term nobody knows the meaning of, so we'll have to find a new term to describe why Signal and Wire are better than (non-PGP) email.

faragon 9 hours ago 0 replies      
The filesystem itself is a risk: per-user default permissions so any application launched by one user can trash all his files is scary. Even applications being able to access other installed applications is dangerous. I hope the industry find a way between all closed (a la Apple) and all open.
dboreham 11 hours ago 2 replies      
Perhaps the place to implement countermeasures is in the disk drive (SSD these days)?

e.g. arrange for the drive to never delete anything unless some key exchange has recently been done, that depends on user input (bio parameters, or password).

From a user perspective you'd see this as :

All deletes (and file version changes) go to a recycle bin. Emptying the bin can only be done upon presentation of the secret.

Someone 11 hours ago 1 reply      
"If an app attempts to make a change to these files, and the app is blacklisted by the feature, youll get a notification about the attempt, Microsoft explains."

I don't understand. If they have a blacklist, why ask the user? Or is "blacklisted" used loosely here to include code flagged by heuristics?

bArray 11 hours ago 1 reply      
This seems like a rushed reaction to recent events - I think there will be problems as a result of the rushed implementation. I could only begin to imagine the embarrassment if this was the cause of the next zero day attack.
TekMol 10 hours ago 0 replies      
How often are browsers affected by 0-day exploits these days?

I they are not, wouldn't using web-applications and keeping your system up to date solve the whole issue?

rix0r 11 hours ago 0 replies      
The UI is not really explained. I hope this is not going to train more generations of Windows user to click "yes yes yes" in response to annoying dialogs.
Mo3 11 hours ago 2 replies      
.. what about the existing file versioning and backup tools?
jamesfmilne 8 hours ago 1 reply      
macOS already does this.

System Integrity Protection.


[edit] apologies, indeed, SIP only protects system files, which is not what this article is about.

MichaelBurge 10 hours ago 1 reply      
Linux has had the same issue for the longest time: You need root or a capability to set the time, but any program you run can wipe your entire home directory.
Kenji 10 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm skeptical. The cost of managing these permissions might outweigh the benefit. But hey, why not try it. As long as I can disable it when it ends up getting in my way...
ocdtrekkie 11 hours ago 1 reply      
This seems like a good idea, and I'm pretty excited to see this step. Though I suspect if certain apps are whitelisted to edit in those folders, ransomware will simply turn to finding exploits in those apps. And most of your document and photo editing apps out there may not have been designed with security in mind, as they never expected to be gatekeepers of file access.

This will also probably be a UAC-level nightmare for getting old software to work on newer PCs, as today's software generally just assumes it can have file access to document folders.

unclebucknasty 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Or "Windows Will Protect Vulnerable Client Software With More Client Software".

Wouldn't it be much easier and more effective to offer a one-click low cost encrypted cloud backup-service? They could bundle this with Update or Defender to offer point in time recovery.

revmoo 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Countdown to malware using this feature to prevent removal
callesgg 11 hours ago 1 reply      
To me it seams like a part of the definition of a zero day exploit makes it impossible to stop.
Show HN: Miso A Haskell implementation of Elm github.com
89 points by dmjio  12 hours ago   16 comments top 7
bratsche 8 hours ago 2 replies      
I misunderstood the title at first. I thought this was a rewrite of the Elm compiler in Haskell. This confused me because I was pretty sure that Elm was already written in Haskell.

For anyone else who was confused like I was: this is more like a new frontend framework to implement the Elm architecture but in Haskell. Kind of the way Fable.io has a framework called Elmish, but you're writing in F#.

Perceptes 4 hours ago 0 replies      
This honestly makes more sense to me than Elm itself. I don't see the reason to make Elm a separate language. It's the architecture that's important (given the type system of the language you choose doesn't suck, which is certainly true for Haskell.)
zem 4 hours ago 1 reply      
along similar lines, here's an ocaml+bucklescript version of the elm architecture: https://github.com/OvermindDL1/bucklescript-tea
ivanbakel 8 hours ago 3 replies      
It will be interesting to see if the push to state-based design on the web really sticks. The JS library I forget the name of seems to have made it pretty popular, but projects like Elm and this will be the proof of its success.
b123400 5 hours ago 0 replies      
I wonder how does it compare with Purescript + Pux. My experience with Pux has been pretty good. As a beginner, I find it more comfortable when the FFI is thin, the compiled JS is kind of readable, so in case if I am stuck, I can still go back to my familiar Javascript.
wuschel 8 hours ago 1 reply      
I would love to see a small tutorial for package, perhaps even explaining some concept basics, and differences to Elm when working with it. Just dabbling in Haskell a bit (for fun, working through Haskell from first principles). Better a headache from reading a book than a headache installing npm packages on Linux.
fiatjaf 10 hours ago 2 replies      
You've submitted this yesterday. I upvoted you and asked a question. I was ignored.
New Skype Update Is Horrible microsoft.com
363 points by Kaibeezy  7 hours ago   227 comments top 46
pveierland 6 hours ago 10 replies      
My worst Skype annoyance was when they seized your purchased credits if your account was left unused for 180 days. As a sporadic user of Skype when I needed to place an international call etc, having purchased credits reset automatically was such a provocation [0]. Every time I have to re-install Skype for some reason, there's always a new regression or dark UX pattern in use.

[0] https://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2010/01/14/skype-lawsuit-to-yie...

muppetman 6 hours ago 4 replies      
Microsoft have driven Skype into the ground.How they can release something this childish and terrible, yet also have the "Skype for Business" brand I don't understand.

If this had been released as "Skype for Fun" or "Skype for Kids" I'd almost understand. But trying to force users into this hideous mess is very frustrating, Skype was a dependable, if bloated app. Now I fear getting messages via it, it's so horrible.

Nothing will happen though. We're all upset, but Microsoft isn't going to roll back an upgrade/decision of this magnitude.

CSDude 7 hours ago 6 replies      
I have witnessed Skype to go from almost perfect video & chat communicator to absolute crap over almost 10 years, and I feel very sad that it has come to rip off Snapchat. There is no alternative like the old Skype now in the desktop.
ravenstine 6 hours ago 2 replies      
It's absolute crap like this which is why I have turned off automatic updates in Google Play. What a terrible feeling it is to merely open an app and, out of seemingly nowhere, a seemingly different app opens up and you can't go back. There's security and all that, but literally screw security if big corps are going to remotely fiddle with my device and turn me into a beta tester.

How do you take the original king of VoIP and easily make it the worst experience? Sweet Jeebus.

makecheck 6 hours ago 2 replies      
The sad thing is that this exact Skype headline could have appeared at any point within the last several years. It seems every change that they make is just more and more ill-conceived.

The best thing they could have done years ago would have been to open-source it and let it evolve naturally.

JoshMnem 5 hours ago 0 replies      
After Microsoft bought Skype, it went downhill. The Linux version became even more buggy. The Android version didn't work well.

So I started telling people that "I don't use Skype" and to call me on Google Hangouts or my cell phone instead. Slack's free plan also offers voice calls. If you need a phone number that forwards to you, Twilio offers that service at a much better price than Skype.

Abandoning Skype over the past few years hasn't been a problem at all.

partiallypro 41 minutes ago 0 replies      
I've never liked the feel of Skype since its inception (before Microsoft even bought it.) There are already too many chat apps, Messenger and SnapChat (in the US) are the two dominant players. I assume that Skype for Business will eventually be phased out and become a sort of extension for Microsoft Teams. Skype will go back to being more consumer based, and as much as it hurts to hear from former Skype users...this is the type of crap most tweens want now, and it's easier to monetize to consumers. There's a reason why every other chat app is copying SnapChat. So it's not a surprise Microsoft would go this direction, I'm sure it will get better with time in this format.
m1el 4 hours ago 1 reply      
I might have a complete misunderstanding of the situation, but I see three main explanations:

1) Microsoft has absolutely no interest in Skype being a viable option, and wants Skype users to adopt some other Microsoft product. Why doesn't Microsoft tell Skype users "Well, Skype is done, just use MSN."

2) People responsible for Skype are optimizing for some metrics, which is opposite to user satisfaction. What is that metric?

3) People responsible for Skype have no idea what they're doing, get no input from community, don't see how people are mad about these particular UI changes, and misunderstand how people use Skype... In which case, why are they still in charge?

rubatuga 6 hours ago 1 reply      
Seriously, skype is not a social media platform, so stop trying to make it one Microsoft! Skype is a standard video/voice chat/conferencing that has found its place in everywhere from gaming to professional meetings, so what youre doing here is diluting your target market.
rynop 7 hours ago 1 reply      
You could totally remove "New" and "Update" from that sentence and it would still be a very true statement.

* Full disclosure: my co. was acquired and forced to use office suite.

derefr 7 hours ago 4 replies      
Question: does Skype for Business (nee Lync) mirror these same UX changes as Skype makes them, or does it do its own thing?

Because I'm guessing this is just Microsoft further differentiating their product categories: today's Skype is for consumers (ala Facebook Messenger), so it gets "cute" features at the expense of the ability to use it for productivity; while Skype for Business continues to be about efficient collaboration and productivity (ala Slack) at the expense of "fun."

The real thing that's upsetting people, I think, is that before Skype for Business existed, Skype was for both use-cases, so a lot of people used "Skype" to get things done and were satisfied with it, and it has since evolved into a product that's not for them. The product that serves those people's needs now is Skype for Business, not Skype.

Meekro 7 hours ago 12 replies      
What could I switch to (on both Mac and PC) that would give me better video chat functionality?

Edit: Just to clarify, here's what I'm looking for:

1. Free plan; available everywhere in the world (I have family outside the US).

2. Both Mac and PC clients that are actually good.

3. Video chat quality (including noise filtering and such) that matches or exceeds what Skype can do.

4. IM-like client that supports text, voice, and video chat. This disqualifies business-type solutions that are geared around groups pre-scheduling meetings. I just want to see who's online and send them an IM or video chat request.

nyolfen 7 hours ago 0 replies      
it's almost impressive how skype manages to become unidirectionally worse and worse over time
clamprecht 48 minutes ago 0 replies      
I would pay a lot of money to be able to watch the meetings between the PM and the developers that preceded this release. How can it be so bad - did no one ever try to use their own product during testing?
jeltz 6 hours ago 1 reply      
So it is not just us Linux users which will be hit by a horrible Skype upgrade? I run the by now ancient (they never bothered to port Skype 5.0 an later to Linux) which they will kill off by the end of the month in a favor for their half-assed beta client which is still missing many of the features which Skype 4.3 had.
thecupisblue 6 hours ago 1 reply      
Disclaimer: I'm 24. I'm into tech. I am on instagram 24/7. Snapchat less and less.

This update actually made me open skype and talk to people. Skype became terrible, but this update interested me and now I'm actually using it for first time in months. The design is pretty straightforward and satisfying. Could be better, but this is a huge improvement over what they had. Don't know why they put in stories tho.

mmanfrin 6 hours ago 0 replies      
This title could come from any year between 2005 and now. Skype has only ever gotten worse.
Kaibeezy 7 hours ago 0 replies      
I just got forced to update on iOS. OMFGJMOAP, it is a horror. I use it to make calls from Europe to the US and elsewhere, and it has worked great for that, but now it's all about chit-chat and colorfulness, bleh. What's a good option?
knolan 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Funnily enough I can track my relationship with my partner with Skype's history. When we were doing the long distance thing and she was still on dial up we managed to use Skype just barely. It was able to route around the University firewall because of its port randomisation. It was a resource hog that likes to set its CPU affinity to high but it worked.

Then it slowly got worse and worse. We both used Skype to talk to our parents and spent most of that time fixing issues related to Skype not working or explaining the latest daft UI redesign.

Nowadays everyone but her parents are on Apple devices and a FaceTime just works and every visit to their place involves fixing Skype and explaining to them about the clusterfuck that is Skype on Windows 8/10.

jokoon 6 hours ago 1 reply      
The worst part is that google hangout doest seem to work well anymore, the plugin crashes, etc.
sagivo 7 hours ago 1 reply      
You had only one job...
zoom6628 4 hours ago 1 reply      
MS is confusing me now. They do a brilliant job of fixing up Visual Studio for 2017 so that it installs quickly and efficiently. But their consumer products which they acquire and mutilate (Skype, Wunderlist) just mystify me. They take great products and make them awful when these products should be major contributors to their war chest to solidify their hold on business.
manigandham 3 hours ago 1 reply      
It's surprising that Skype has so much usage at all considering the immensely saturated messaging space. Outside of network effect, is there some reason that's keeping people onboard?
martinald 6 hours ago 0 replies      
I genuinely thought my phone had been hacked or something when I saw this update. Appalling.

I can't believe they are working on this garbage instead of making it as reliable as slack. Ridiculous.

futurix 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Another Microsoft property they don't know what to do with.

Ten years ago I used Skype a lot - to keep with my parents in another country, but recently I removed it completely. We switched to FaceTime and Facebook Messenger long time ago, and I don't know anyone who uses Skype anymore.

amelius 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Reminds me of this Silicon Valley tv-series sketch


blago 3 hours ago 0 replies      
I literary spent 10-15 minutes trying to find a way to call a phone using my contacts. And I'm a software developer, I do these things for a living. Still not sure what I did it.
bdibs 6 hours ago 0 replies      
It seems like every Skype update leads to more frustration and (somehow) more bugs. Yet another product Microsoft has managed to mess up :(
projectramo 6 hours ago 3 replies      
Maybe mine is a lonely voice but I like Skype because:

1. It works. Every other video chat platform I have tried is simply unreliable and crashes.(Skype does so but with far less frequency).

2. Facetime is more reliable, true, but it is the only one and does not allow for group chat.

(I have thrown down the gauntlet, and I realize I risk major downvoting for making such a controversial statement, but I cannot sit in silence anymore).

mosselman 6 hours ago 0 replies      
They also keep breaking APIs left and right: my dedicated skype phone (DECT + Skype) keeps losing features and now I can't even call people from the mobile app that have a slightly older Skype version running.

The UI is nonsense: you can't quickly hang up and you have to click several buttons to reach a core feature, the number pad.

What good alternatives are there that also allow me to call landlines?

alkonaut 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Why is there a little smiley in every message bubble? Nothing happens if I click it.

Is there any way to downgrade an app on iOS short of restoring a backup? I don't have iTunes (it would be pretty ironic to use iTunes to try to avoid a bad app wouldn't it)

api 6 hours ago 1 reply      
Video chat and IP telephony apps seem like some kind of software lemon market. There's some kind of perverse incentive operating here. Even ones that start out nice inevitably degrade over time.

FaceTime used to be nice if you were all Apple, but when they removed P2P it went to crap. The performance got terrible.

Lately I've been using appear.in, which works if you have a webrtc browser or you use the app. It works decently well.

drcross 5 hours ago 0 replies      
My biggest gripe is that the REMOVED the auto answer feature on skype. I used to call my parents who are not all that computer literate in their kitchen on a whim and say hello. Now I cannot do that. The extra messing about means I talk to them less. I think Amazon's new product does something like this but I wont shell out hundred of dollars for something that used to work fine for free.
komali2 7 hours ago 3 replies      
Has skype ever been good? For as long as I can remember it was a necessary evil until we finally managed to replace it with Hangouts and the like.
omgtehlion 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Desktop app updated itself recently too.

At first I didn't realize is this a viber or telegram client. All the messengers now look the same...

Havoc 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Skype "works" & covers a lot. That is their value proposition. The end.
curiousgal 6 hours ago 1 reply      
>If the Skype desktop is made anywhere near as bad, I'm officially going to switch to Discord.

Aha, not a Linux user I see.

pmlnr 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Just get a SIP account and use, for example, linphone.

Skype is dead, and I'm going to miss it.

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