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Mexican Newspaper Shuts Down, Saying It Is Too Dangerous to Continue nytimes.com
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telesilla 6 hours ago 6 replies      
I truly love the country of Mxico - I have spent a large periods of time there for the climate, as a place to work and have a wonderful life, away from the chills of winter. I often thought about making a permanent relocation, but this terror is too real and I found myself living in constant anxiety of my friends and colleagues being in danger, and the fear of speaking your mind weighs on you after a while. I am saddened because the people, the food, the weather, the architecture (particularly D.F.) makes for a crazy, exciting mix where the wealth and treasure of history and (deserved) national pride contrasts with poverty and the political and social conservatism that goes alongside. Mxico: may things improve for you, though I really have no idea how that will happen.
arkitaip 6 hours ago 1 reply      
I have nothing but respect for the journalists of Mexico and the incredibly valuable and dangerous job that they do every single day so I hope it doesn't come off as to condescending or uninformed to suggest that journalists wanting to investigate drug cartels and the government should set up underground printing presses. During World War 2 many resistance members did so in countries occupied by the Axis Powers and they were able to print and distribute their newspapers out under the most dangerous conditions imaginable [1][2].

Of course, in 2017 it's easier to set up a clandestine press organization using the internet, but I'm certain that there are many valuable lessons to learn from WW2.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underground_press

[2] https://warpress.cegesoma.be/en/node/13

matt_wulfeck 5 hours ago 3 replies      
It's us, the USA, that is causing this paper to shutdown. The cartels are financed by the insatiable drug appetite of its close neighbor. Our inability and/or unwillingness to legalize recreational drugs is the feeding tube for these vicious groups.
digitalmaster 6 hours ago 7 replies      
This is why real journalist need to be protected regardless where you stand on the issues. It's a pillar of democracy for a very important reason.
itsmemattchung 6 hours ago 2 replies      
> The committee reported that since 1992, 38 journalists have been killed with the motives for the slayings confirmed as reprisals for their work. Based on that figure, the group ranked Mexico as No. 11 of the 20 deadliest countries for journalists.

I cannot imagine living in a country where posting something online, like a silly blog post, risks my life.

wonderous 5 hours ago 1 reply      
Less than 1% of crimes are punished in Mexico:


brooklynmarket 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Can someone explain to me, what would happen if Mexico tomorrow, all drugs were legal like Portugal? Could it get any worse. Portugal seems to doing just fine.
tracker1 5 hours ago 1 reply      
I'm curious if any of the reporters will continue their work for foreign news agencies under pseudonyms to protect their local identity.
douche 58 minutes ago 0 replies      
The entire Spanish new world has been a failed state for the past 300 years.

Peruvian and Mexican metals kept them viable for a while, but that ran out long ago. Coke has barely filled the void, thanks to US prohibition.

driverdan 5 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm guessing there's more to it than the risk. Maybe it was in financial trouble, maybe the owner(s) wanted out anyway, maybe they were threatened directly or paid off, or maybe something else.
benley 6 hours ago 6 replies      
Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water bbc.com
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JoeAltmaier 4 hours ago 2 replies      
The layering approach has much potential. In this case, graphene oxide layered with epoxy resin stabilizes the membrane and lets them control pore size.

The next step, problems with contaminants (seawater) fouling the membrane, might be mitigated with more layers? Say a Teflon layer to aid in cleaning. Or an ionized layer to repel many particulates.

I wish they'd said more about how they control pore size. How does the epoxy layer avoid covering the pores? Is it laid down before pores are etched or something? Fascinating subject.

mmaunder 4 hours ago 2 replies      
Reverse osmosis has been around for a long time and is used on boats everywhere for desalination. This sounds like a new membrane that requires less pressure and thus energy? I guess sieve sounded better?
desireco42 18 minutes ago 0 replies      
This is all fine, but if it isn't inert and if it 'leaks' graphene, it can be super toxic as well. I don't want to pu-pu it, but it is legitimate concern.
M_Grey 5 hours ago 4 replies      
I swear I've heard about this before... is this one of those stories that emerges about a technology that never seems to enter the market? That "super slick" coating for condiment container interiors is another that springs to mind.
dijit 5 hours ago 2 replies      
I hope this isn't Science being taken to a irrational extreme, as tends to happen with news and science.

This has incredible potential not only for the developing world but also for sea travel and even the fact that we are running out of drinkable water in the west.

Only 2.5% of the water on the planet is even potentially drinkable. If we were able to convert even 1%. Crazy.

mrcactu5 5 hours ago 1 reply      
we have experienced droughts in Puerto Rico. this could likely lower our water prices as well.


mgberlin 5 hours ago 3 replies      
tl;dr: A material was produced on a very small scale, which, with no regard to the energy required, might be able to remove 97% of the salinity. I.e. science-ey click-bait with a bullshit title.
Why F.E.A.R.s AI is still the best in first-person shooters rockpapershotgun.com
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joshbaptiste 1 minute ago 0 replies      
The best FPS AI I've played was the PC game "No One Lives Forever" back in 2000, created by this same studio Monolith Productions.
vhold 39 minutes ago 2 replies      
I think the runaway smash success of Call of Duty changed the direction of FPS games considerably. The focus on advancing AI was replaced with spectacle.
dugditches 55 minutes ago 1 reply      
It was also the enemy of 'fear' itself, in that the game is a horror game with an omnipotent enemy. So while dealing with these clever enemies you're also facing the supernatural, adding to the experience. And the lighting/environmental effects.

The original Halo:CE had great enemy A.I. too. Though I think was more 'scenarios' being programmed in. What made the campaign fun asides from the big levels was that the enemy encounters were different every time.

kough 1 hour ago 0 replies      
PDF describing the AI system written by the Author was discussed previously: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12235532

If you read this article and want to learn more, click that link.

rubayeet 56 minutes ago 3 replies      
F.E.A.R is definitely one of the top 10 best PC games I've ever played. There are not many games that blend Action and Horror so delightfully (other than Half-Life). That being said, I haven't been around in the gaming scene for a while and playing catch up after recently building a gaming rig.

I do agree with the author about the lack of progress in FPS enemy AI. The recent releases from the Call of Duty franchise are nice games, but the AI enemy combatants look dumb next to their FEAR counterparts. Why has not FEAR's AI strategy been adopted by other games/studios? The article does not mention anything about this.

danso 42 minutes ago 2 replies      
Don't know how many gamedevs are here but I've always wondered if within gamedev, there's differences in how much info/best practices are propagated within the field. Graphics seems to be something that devs keep tabs on with each other. But maybe AI is more siloed off? I'm not sure what 10 years in improvement in AI looks like (as I do with graphics), but the algorithms and details [0] seem straightforward, or at least not impossible for a talented team with resources to build upon. I haven't played F.E.A.R. so maybe there's something about the game that vastly simplifies the factors?

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14029136

kbenson 1 hour ago 2 replies      
In his presentation, he observed that the AI reminded players of the first Half Life game, which came out seven years earlier. It seems that we havent made much progress in seven years. There has to be more we can do with game AI.

That's what came to mind reading this. I remember the AI and Half-Life, and while it sounds like they did better in this game (which I haven't played), it also sounds like an iterative step, and after seven years, that's not a lot. I happen to own this game on Steam from some humble Bundle pack or something, so I think I might have to break it out and have a play...

Edit: Sheesh. 17GB install for a 2006 game. That's steep.

roflchoppa 36 minutes ago 0 replies      
I think i have the game in my library, ill have to give it a go and see how it is.

PANICS anyone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thkcDqPsmEU

tekni5 42 minutes ago 0 replies      
Time to re-install F.E.A.R.
How release canaries can save your bacon googleblog.com
125 points by mooreds  5 hours ago   23 comments top 8
siliconc0w 36 minutes ago 1 reply      
I'm less enthused about 'rollbacks' being considered 'normal'. They signify something didn't go quite right with your unit/integration/qa process. IMO there should be at least a 'mini-postmortem' to understand why it was missed even if it's in an intentional blind spot. (i.e you made an explicit decision it wasn't worth the engineering resources to get the testing fidelity needed to catch the issue earlier). It's almost always better to catch issues earlier, even if you have super neat tooling that makes it easy to rollback.
wahnfrieden 8 minutes ago 0 replies      
Anyone find a good way to do this with AWS Lambda / API Gateway?
alpb 4 hours ago 0 replies      
If you are interested in canary deployments, check out Spinnaker by Netflix: http://www.spinnaker.io/ There's a good talk about it here with stories from Waze and Google: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05EZx3MBHSY
pgrote 2 hours ago 0 replies      
I wonder how the botched Google Drive release issue from a weeks ago worked under this scenario?
Pfhreak 2 hours ago 2 replies      
Interesting. I've heard of this practice as 'one box' or 'one pod'. And canary used to mean, 'tests that run continously against your production stack.'

I wonder which is more prevalent.

jwatte 2 hours ago 1 reply      
Yes, a Canary lets you limit the damage if some bug sneaks past testing. We've done it for over 10 years, with staged rollouts and automated crash statistics and such.

The draw back is that prod needs to be tolerant of multiple versions. Which is usually a fine practice in itself, anyway!

retreatguru 2 hours ago 2 replies      
What are the best practices redarding rollbacks when the database is affected. I would think a large amount of overhead would be required.
mrj 4 hours ago 4 replies      
As a high traffic customer of Google, I've been this person far too many times.

 [...] if it breaks, real users get affected, so canarying should be the first step in your deployment process, as opposed to the last step in testing. 
It's a fine pattern and all, but not an excuse to throw stuff at prod and see what happens.

Alan Kay's reading list shelfjoy.com
120 points by wowsig  6 hours ago   30 comments top 3
kevinSuttle 1 hour ago 1 reply      
OP: what is the source of this list?
Kenji 4 hours ago 13 replies      
When I look at this list, I see many books that look very interesting. This seems like exactly the way to look at life which I like. However, I can't read books anymore. I just find it impossible to sit down and keep my nose in front of a book for an hour or two. I am so accustomed to reading texts with vast amounts of information density about precisely the things I need or I am interested in (usually, I find such articles on the internet) that I cannot sustain the motivation to read an entire book anymore (not to mention, reading takes intellectual resources which are valuable and assigned to other tasks). Does anyone know that feeling and what do you do about it?
chmaynard 4 hours ago 6 replies      
Articles, videos, etc. about Alan Kay show up frequently on HN. This puzzles me. Kay seems like a peripheral figure in the history of CS. I know him mainly for his work on Smalltalk and his iconoclastic views on trends in CS and the tech industry.

Is there a consensus in the CS community that Kay is an important figure who deserves this kind of adulation? Do any of us really understand or care about his achievements? Just asking.

Tesla Passes Ford by Market Value bloomberg.com
696 points by ayanai  12 hours ago   498 comments top 34
peterbonney 2 hours ago 1 reply      
Former finance professional here: Ford is actually worth 3 times as much as Tesla, once you factor in debt. The total value of the Ford capital structure ("enterprise value") is about 150 billion.

When two companies have wildly different capital structures, you have to compare them on enterprise value, not the market cap of their equity. So while I give kudos to Tesla for building a valuable business, it still has a long way to go to catch up to Ford.

dan1234 12 hours ago 17 replies      
Interesting, but market cap isnt everything - FTA:

"While Teslas market capitalization has swelled in size, Ford still overshadows the Palo Alto, California-based company in most other financial metrics. Over the last five years, Ford has posted net income totaling $26 billion, while Tesla has lost $2.3 billion. Last year, Ford had annual revenue of $151.8 billion compared with Teslas $7 billion.

And when it comes to car sales, Tesla sold 40,697 vehicles in the U.S. last year, according to researcher IHS Markit. Ford sells that many F-Series trucks in the U.S. about every three weeks."

sxates 10 hours ago 4 replies      
I think these comparison's to other car companies really miss the mark. Those who are long on TSLA (myself included) aren't looking at them as a car company. Tesla is cracking open new markets in the following areas:

- Electric Cars (most visible. Also don't undervalue their unique direct sales channel, which is a huge competitive advantage)

- Batteries/Energy Storage (not just cars - utility scale energy storage, with capacity coming online that will double global output of lithium batteries)

- Solar panels and solar roofs (both residential and commercial, a market with a hockey stick growth curve coming)

- Self-driving AI (head to head with Google on one of the most fundamental changes to transportation our society has seen in a century, and they have the hardware driving around us all the time already, rapidly learning and improving)

Ford, GM, et al are irrelevant and poor comparisons. This is SpaceX for Terran energy and transportation.

chefandy 12 hours ago 2 replies      
Wasn't overvaluing the potential of newer companies over established institutions with significant holdings one of the hallmarks of .com bubble ridiculousness? I'm not particularly knowledgeable about finance and economics if someone that is knowledgeable has some insight, I'd love to hear it.
dabeeeenster 10 hours ago 3 replies      
Bill Ford gave a talk at SXSW, and I asked him the question "Why hasn't Ford built the gigafactory". He gave IMHO a really weak answer about how they weren't sure the economics of it worked out.

Big car OEMs have so much invested in terms of R&D, brand and emotionally in the combustion engine that I think most are just not going to be able to make the jump to EVs. Nissan and BMW are trying, but they are still making really baby steps.

nickpeterson 12 hours ago 1 reply      
This headline reads like a race between Nicola Tesla and Henry Ford, with some Musk character unable to get a third revision done.
hodder 9 hours ago 5 replies      
Can anyone long the stock who is bullish about the future growth of production, cars, batteries etc write down some quick napkin math on future expectations that would justify your investment at this valuation? I have yet to hear a bull case with any actual math behind it, but am willing to hear you out.

Something like:

cars sold by yr, Margins.

battery wall, solar sold by year. Margins.

multiples assumed on revenue and earnings by yr, and at mature phase.

dilution of equity assumed to scale production.

Can someone address those things without hand waiving them away for me? Again, I'm not long or short the stock, but havent heard a coherent argument with math for going long.

andy_ppp 11 hours ago 4 replies      
I would agree with the market that Tesla has the potential to be far far larger than Ford should things go well. If they manage to get to 500000 cars and full automation within the next year, they'll be worth even more than their current market cap.

Remember that Tesla have by far the best dataset for building self driving cars and this is going to give them a huge time to market and/or safety advantage over their competition. If they launch an Uber clone as well (which they have implied they might) I think they could be able to replace a lot of car journeys with their service instead of paying drivers, something Uber's lofty valuation is entirely based upon.

tahoeskibum 9 hours ago 0 replies      
I've been expecting this ever since I test drove a Tesla last year and got the same feeling I got back in 2008 when I saw an iPhone 3G. The market isn't betting on just another car company but on. car + energy (electricity instead of gas) + TaaS (Transportation as a Service). Tesla has a tremendous headstart on this and in 5-10 years I expect a bloodbath like the smart phone wars, with a only 2-3 main players left e.g. Tesla:Apple::Waymo:Android.
brohoolio 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Ford's F-150 truck line is a fortune 50 company by itself. Two factories. It's kind of insane.
simonsarris 11 hours ago 4 replies      
Ford is sitting on almost $16 billion cash. Tesla, like Amazon, burns through cash as fast as they can turn it into scalable future stuff. Whether you consider this good or bad depends on your future outlook:

Being long Ford is making a bet that the future will look pretty much the same.

Being long Tesla is making a bet that the future will look different. (Plus the risks of believing that they can do what they say they can, and that their vision is more correct than not)

If you are a Ford investor and want Ford to be investing in the future, you should be ashamed of them for being either too scared or too stupid to know what to do with their piles of money. Then again, the largest carmakers in the US (incl. Ford) were making a loss just a few years ago, and unlike Tesla, they were making that loss while doing ZERO to invest for the future.

So maybe Ford should be scared.

Or maybe they should be pivoting faster so they don't return to not-making-a-profit, because unlike Tesla, they still aren't spending very much on the future, are they?

We can argue about whether or not Tesla has a good plan or a bad plan, but Ford has shown before that they more or less have "No plan." Their reliance of SUV profits almost killed them in the mid 2000's (and did mortally wound GM, only to be resurrected). Will Ford's reliance on the F-150 (or on ICE expertise while outsourcing most other things) do the same thing in the future?


I've been holding Tesla for a long time. Currently I'm more optimistic about the company than when I bought it, which seemed fairly risky.

I think the room for growth and market expansion (Important Electric Things and energy future) is very large. I think trying to compute how the math will get there is a mistake, short of making sure that they are not going to run out of money.

Being long technology stocks is a strange game. If you're long IBM or AAPL right now, you're more or less betting that the future is going to look pretty much the same, just like with Ford. It's almost a misnomer to call them technology stocks.

There are only a handful of public companies you can bet on (Tesla and Amazon are probably the most obvious) that are really betting big on the future. The dividends of these will be unknown.

(This was part of a previous small discussion about the price of TSLA last night: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14018954)

rottyguy 6 hours ago 0 replies      
I think people are betting more on Elon then they are on TSLA.

As an aside, he strikes me as someone who's been told he has some short measure of time left to live and is trying to make the most of it. By all measures, he's swinging for the fences.

aphextron 11 hours ago 3 replies      
Ford has dozens of production facilities across every continent on earth producing millions of vehicles a year. How can Tesla possibly be more valuable?
karpodiem 10 hours ago 3 replies      
This is a perfect slice of Americana here.

I can't find a number through Google but the number of Ford Hourly/Salaried employees has to be over 125,000. As a guess.

Tesla has 30,000 hourly/salary employees.

Despite being valued 'less' Ford has a huge economic impact for many peoples lives. This may decline, over time, but don't be surprised if Ford/GM/Chrysler combine forces for a huge battery factory of their own. Their ability to tap capital markets with lower interest rates than Tesla is a competitive advantage. They also move many more vehicles than Tesla and get better prices from suppliers, which is a competitive advantage.

Tesla's gambit with batteries is either going to work or will offer a fantastic opportunity to pickup a battery factory at a good price.

At the of the day, when all major automotive companies have EV vehicles, what's going to differentiate them? The accuracy of the self driving software? Entertainment options within the vehicle? Serious question.

abakker 11 hours ago 2 replies      
Of the major automakers, Toyota probably has the furthest behind ICE platforms. The 5.7L V8 and the 4.6L v6 are 10 years old, and very fuel inefficient compared to the the engines from ford or GM. I think that Toyota really has the most to fear in this case, since they haven't had any success bringing out more efficient ICE/Drivetrains to match the competition, and haven't really managed to scale the hybrid efficiency past the sedan market.
mvpu 10 hours ago 3 replies      
Comparing Tesla with Ford is like comparing Ford with (GM + Shell + Hertz). Tesla is an energy company not an automobile company. It plans to sell you new ways to capture (solar panels), store (power wall), and consume (cars) energy. It also plans to make cars fully autonomous and ownership free. Ford will obviously compete with Tesla in some segments is not a primary competition for Tesla.
vonkale 10 hours ago 0 replies      
I think this is mostly undervaluation of Ford. 45B$ marketcap is quite low for that kind of revenue, profits and assets. I mean 12B$ in free cash flow! How do analyst even evaluate car companies?
jernfrost 12 hours ago 3 replies      
Why doesn't this have a huge benefit to Tesla. They always seem to be short on cash, but if you are worth that much shouldn't cash be super simple to raise for Tesla?

Why push for high stock prices if it gives little benefits.

Seems like a nutty evaluation even if Tesla knocks over the established players in the future. I do in fact think that there will be an iPhone moment where established players who have not taken electric self driving cars seriousness will be eradicated like Black Berry and Nokia.

tvladeck 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Not a very meaningful metric. Ford is still 3x Tesla in terms of Enterprise Value, which accounts for how much of the cap table is debt.
hueving 12 hours ago 0 replies      
This seems like irrational exuberance levels. It's already worth more than Ford and still hasn't even produced the model 3. :/
truebosko 9 hours ago 0 replies      
This is exciting, but Ford continues to be a major player. They just invested $1 billion in R&D in Ontario, Canada. Seems like they are on the right path, but perhaps don't have the flexibility and velocity of a (relatively) smaller company like Tesla.
paulpauper 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Part of this huge surge in tesla stock has to do with enthusiasm over their battery technology. tesla is a battery company that also makes cars, too. I think the share price goes as high as $500 soon.
resiros 11 hours ago 2 replies      
Can someone more knowledgeable explain how is that even possible?Doesn't this mean that the market predicts that Tesla's future earning after discount and after taking risks into account is higher than Ford's? Under which data? Or am I missing something?
Taek 11 hours ago 2 replies      
What this says to me is that the stock asset class is broken. The value of a stock is supposed to be the amount of earnings you are expected to receive from it over its lifetime (adjusted according to the risk free rate or whatever).

But today a stock's value can be influenced by a cool factor. Stocks that never pay any earnings can have high values (Amazon) and investor mania can out-live any attempted short.

There has to be a better way to set up the market.

What if stock had an expiration, after which you had to buy it again? And what if, when you short a stock, you get the full face value of the stock and then only have to pay the owner the earnings? Since the stock expires, you don't have to worry about covering both the earnings and the stock price, only the actual earnings.

I think the result would be pricings that more accurately represented a company's earnings potential.

neom 6 hours ago 0 replies      
I would say Tesla is chasing it's valuation, Ford earned it's valuation.
LyalinDotCom 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Totally relevant news to 99% of us readers who wont be driving a Tesla anytime soon :)
onmobiletemp 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Where are all the guys saying that this is just an illusion amd that elon actually doesnt know any physics or engineering, but just is a master salesman in disguise?
BurningFrog 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Maybe it's time to buy some boring old Ford stock?
rebootthesystem 12 hours ago 4 replies      
My prediction has always been that all traditional car manufacturers will jump into the market with gusto at the next inflection point in battery technology.

The current state of the art battery technology for vehicles is heavy and has less than desirable energy density.

The minute a new technology can deliver twice the energy density at the same or lower weight and lower cost most established car manufacturers will jump in.

Electric cars are very easy to build when compared to IC cars. The simplest fact being that you are eliminating thousands of mechanical components and replacing them with an electric motor and hundreds (or thousands?) of electronic components (for motor control). Electronics design and manufacturing is easier, cheaper and faster than mechanical manufacturing.

I believe Tesla is positioned to take a big hit when that inflection point happens. They are inexorably married to a battery technology. The Gigafactory, as awesome as it might be, is now a large ship with huge mass that is very difficult to turn around.

The next battery technology might very well turn the Gigafactory into a huge anchor for a few years, during which all other car manufacturers, lacking that commitment, are likely to leave Tesla in the dust.

frozenport 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Note that Ford stock pays good dividends. You can make money just by holding onto it https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/02/13/how-safe-is-ford-m...
hackuser 9 hours ago 2 replies      
Often discussed outside HN, but almost never heard here: Many are investing in his relationship with President Trump. At least two major investment banks [0][1][2] advised their clients of it and many other observers and investors think so too. [3][4] Again, outside HN it's not an uncommon idea; just search a news aggregator for "musk trump".

EDIT: It's a very serious problem if we lose free market competition, and instead success depends - or even appears to depend - on politics and corruption. Even the appearance will encourage others to take that course, and normalize it. Corruption always exists to a degree, the market is never perfect, but that doesn't mean it's not serious. What happens to startups if success depends on access to politicians?

The surge in Tesla's market capitalization corresponds with Musk's public support for Trump, though the stock market in general has recently. Here's the data on Tesla; I recommend just looking at the graphic, which will tell you more:


* It's now at it's all-time high (give or take a buck or two), $294

* Generally, around Election Day it was stable around $190, on Dec 2 it hit bottom at ~181, then it vectored mostly steadily upward to Feb 21 (277), then there was a dip and it stabilized for awhile; now it vectored up again starting ~ March 23. today.


[0] https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/26/business/elon-musk-donald...

[1] http://money.cnn.com/2017/01/20/technology/elon-musk-trump/

[2] https://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/16/ubs-analyst-says-he-cant-und...

[3] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-26/musk-s-su...

[4] https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2017/02/elon-...

readhn 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Is TESLA now too big too fail?
coding123 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Somewhat related, when can I hitch my Fifth Wheel to a Tesla 1 ton truck?
unlmtd 11 hours ago 0 replies      
If I actually trusted the derivative counterparties to remain solvent, I'd reopen a trading to put a long short strategy on this. Everybody seems so have missed the glaring fact that the electric transport isn't going to go anywhere; the lucky ones will have good bi/tricycles, or horse/mules and cart. Motorized transport wasn't a product of humanity's sheer desire for it! It was only caused by the incomparably immense oversupply of energy from fossil fuels, which was a one-off. We can just pray that the transition won't destroy us. Electric lights and computer networks would be nice to salvage out of it. Did you think you'd never use a 100mhz CPU again? The suckless guys have the right idea; we need more efficiency and standardization, not bigger frameworks running on faster chips. I want a 500mW workstation with relatively fast e-ink like display. I'd sell billions of em. Sell your (e)cars, buy yourselves nice bicycles. You won't regret it.
Android overtakes Windows as the internets most used operating system techcrunch.com
512 points by rbanffy  13 hours ago   342 comments top 20
_wmd 11 hours ago 16 replies      
I guess this means we can officially stop hating on Microsoft for having such a lax attitude towards security, considering their last OS to suffer from that attitude was released 16 years ago, and it accounts for less than 3% of present day traffic according to statcounter.com

Meanwhile according to the same stats, Android sits around 37.9%, and I have to wonder just how many of those devices are still impacted by for example the 2015 libstagefright vulnerability. Given Google's guiltless ongoing "throw code over the wall" approach to security and passing the buck on to vendors who almost never ship firmware updates for old handsets, perhaps now is the time for us to begin holding Google to the same standard we applied to Microsoft a decade ago.

Google Security Team, here's your call to stop pontificating on the Project Zero blog and throwing cheap muck at Microsoft. You've got an even bigger and more complicated mess to clean up, you dug the hole yourself, it's going to take you longer, and you should have started on it years ago

edit: If it weren't clear, the tragedy here is that instead of most devices being governed by a well-tested security process owned by a single responsible vendor, they're at the mercy of a plethora of downstream vendors who do nothing, with the ultimate upstream washing its hands and paying little more than immature lip service to the issue, never mind having anything that even remotely resembles a solid process.

JBReefer 12 hours ago 6 replies      
On one hand, this is a truly incredible accomplishment for Google, and in so little time! On the other, it's sort of amazing this hadn't happened already - so, so many people in the developing world are entirely reliant on mobile, and mostly use low-end Android phones.

I use a Moto G4 and the experience is shockingly good for a device that costs less than a bar tab. It's no wonder that low-end Android's are winning, based on my experience with it. It's not the same caliber of phone as a new iPhone or a Pixel, but the difference is not worth $800.

And all of this is mostly open source, runs on Linux using Java, and can be developed on for free. This seems like a good timeline! (even if the API isn't that great)

mysterydip 11 hours ago 3 replies      
I had recently been looking for a laptop to replace my wife's aging machine. She wanted something to hit all her social media stuff, save pictures and videos, basic office, and watch her tv and movie streams.

I had a barely-used lenovo that I had put xubuntu on that I wanted her to try first to gauge her size and performance requirements, but she wasn't ready for linux. I searched around a bit (knowing putting windows 10 back on there was not an ideal experience) and came across RemixOS, a version of android for PC.

That's when it clicked for me. She didn't need a traditional PC. What she really wanted was her phone in a bigger form factor (with usable keyboard). I was able to get all her apps on in a few minutes and she had a workable system with nearly no learning curve. I suspect this will be the case for more people as time goes on. I'm in favor of a competitor to windows, and I now think that is android, not linux.

ezoe 7 hours ago 5 replies      
When I was a kid, I was frustrated for most of the adults can't use the computer so our society is very inefficient at daily life.

I was thinking, since our generation has affordable personal computers, when our generation become adults, the world will finally embrace the efficiency of computer where everything is computer-friendly and everyone can write code.

I was wrong.

The birth of so called "smartphone" made everyone dumb. The smartphone does not encourage its user to write code or text. They mostly consume the information provided by a handful of people who can use efficient input device, the keyboard.

My generation and the next generation were infected by the smartphone. Those hand-sized, touch-screen pathetic computer is the only computer most people ever use nowadays.

I refuse to own a smartphone. Since our society become so smartphone-friendly, not owning a smartphone makes me really inefficient at daily life. But I don't want to own a computer which tried so hard to prevent me to replace OS, modify the software, writing code and text.

What a dystopian world I live.

georgeecollins 12 hours ago 7 replies      
When I was younger there IBM, Apple, Be, and Microsoft were all working on these amazing new operating systems. Now the #1, #3, #4 most popular operating systems are all some variation on Unix. What happened? Why did no one except Microsoft come up with a new operating system worthy of mass adoption?
meri_dian 12 hours ago 4 replies      
As the mobile computing ecosystem matures it's becoming clear that it will mirror the PC dominated computing ecosystem. You have the major player (Microsoft/Windows in PC, Google/Android in mobile) occupying about 85% to 90% of total market share [0] while Apple/Mac/iOS will do well in the high end market and control about 10% to 15% share. iOS today controls about 20% to 25% of global market share but Android growth rates far outpace iPhone growth as Apple's first mover advantage continues to be diluted with time and smartphone commodification.

There must be some fundamental dynamic at play which favors the 85%/15% market share duopoly.

[0] https://www.netmarketshare.com/operating-system-market-share...

rb808 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Does that mean google can't bundle a web browser with the operating system now?
lettergram 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Imo these stats are likely heavily sckewed by adblock. Most people on mobile don't realize they can install adblock or don't care.

And given the stats likely come from analytics which are blocked, it seems reasonable to assume these numbers are sckewed

ns8sl 8 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm not sure about methodology differences, but this service tells a different story:


Clear the 'Desktop/Laptop' filter and it gives share on all platform types. I think the difference in numbers may be due to this service is measuring only browsing activity.

It also removes 21% of traffic detected as bots, so that may also have an effect.

eatbitseveryday 12 hours ago 2 replies      
> Report: Linux overtakes Windows NT as the internet's most used operating system kernel.

Might be more of an interesting headline written this way.

GNU/Linux dominating Windows as a "most used" consumer OS has been a long-term push for the entire community. I would see this as achieving it, albeit in a form different than some would expect.

erikpukinskis 7 hours ago 1 reply      
Wow, after all these years let the record state that 2017 was finally the year of the Linux desktop.
nottorp 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Hmm what's more important is that mobile has overtaken the desktop. If you add Android and iOS you get 51.09%.

If your site doesn't work well on mobiles, it's high time you fixed it.

nthcolumn 8 hours ago 2 replies      
I'd just like to point out that Microsoft win either way:Says Forbes: Financially Microsoft is one of the biggest winners from the growth of Android as a platform, thanks to its wide range of patents. Samsung's royalty payment to Microsoft in 2013 was for over one billion dollars ($1,041,642,161 and fifty cents), roughly $3.41 per device.
erickhill 11 hours ago 1 reply      
I've got to think this is the rise of internet/consumer purchasing power in Asia. When I look at the analytics at the company I work for, Android accounts for 9% of total users visiting the site. We are a US-based web company with a predominantly English-speaking user base. Windows still rules, followed by Mac and iOS (interestingly iOS is catching up with Mac and is nearly even).

At a high level, Android seems to have more than doubled on our site in the past two years, which seems to be a reflection more of our overall site growth. Windows is still enormous.

All snap-shotty anecdotal stuff. If you're a global enterprise beyond US/UK/Australia, I'd think your numbers would be fascinating to look at.

dragnot 2 hours ago 0 replies      
thats not really a fair comparison because if you take china and india, the make very inexpensive mobile devices.
petre 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Good. Which esentially means Linux has eventually won.
franciscop 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Meanwhile Internet Explorer 11 refuses to die having a share above 3%...
cmurf 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Also, Microsoft, with Windows Phone, tried to be much more domineering with the hardware vendors than Google. And those vendors told Microsoft to go pound salt. Google is letting the hardware vendors be true to their model which is to sell something snazzy, and then drop support after 12 months, with life support for another 6-12. That's what the device manufacturers want.
Zigurd 7 hours ago 0 replies      
To all those pointing out that you can't get an up to date release of Android for your device: It's not all Google's fault, but it is increasingly becoming Google's fault because major SoC makers are keeping their Android Linux and drivers up to date.

Up to now, though, enough bits in OEM-specific drivers will go out of date to prevent Google controlling updates of all Android devices.

There is renewed urgency to solve this problem in general for Android Things. Having billions of unpatched things in the field for a decade or longer will be an even bigger disaster than phones that churn out of the installed base in 3 years. Google is building a field upgrade framework for IoT that should be applicable to handsets, too.

That MIGHT take enough OEM responsibility out of the picture to enable updatable Android phones.

youdontknowtho 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Monopoly no more...
Ask HN: Who is hiring? (April 2017)
391 points by whoishiring  13 hours ago   592 comments top 497
nsamuell 1 minute ago 0 replies      
Pathgather - http://pathgather.com - ONSITE - New York, NY (NYC)

Pathgather is a fully-funded enterprise learning startup (Techstars '14) focused on helping employees at Fortune 500 companies advance their careers by learning new skills. Our platform is used by some of the largest companies in the world (HP, Visa, Qualcomm, etc.) to aggregate learning content from both public providers (e.g. Udacity, Pluralsight) and private catalogs (internal learning systems), empower their employees to share what they're learning (e.g. articles from HN), and track employee progress towards career goals. We've got real revenue, real customers, and a real opportunity to make learning better for employees everywhere.

We're looking for a Backend Engineer to join the engineering team. We've built out a GraphQL API that our frontend team consumes, which means our backend engineers get to focus on much more interesting problems than fetching data for views. We leverage our PostgreSQL schema heavily to enforce our business logic via DB constraints, trigger functions, and all kinds of fun things... When you aren't designing database models, you'll be writing integrations with a variety of external services, working on our machine learning models, and - of course - LEARNING.

If you share our particular love for Postgres, Ruby, GraphQL, data, and learning, contact me (neville@pathgather.com, CTO) or apply to our careers link below!

BACKEND ENGINEER (Ruby/Postgres/GraphQL), $100-130k, https://jobs.lever.co/pathgather/e700098b-b552-4b10-a5a5-e0e...

manekineko 1 minute ago 0 replies      
Concur | Bellevue, WA | Software Developer | Go/Java/AWS/NoSQL

Best work-life balance in the Seattle area with excellent pay and awesome perks. Working on the innovative TripLink product that is disrupting the business travel industry. Best company to work for Glassdoor / Forbes.

Feel free to reach out to rick.xu [at] concur.com.

gibybo 12 hours ago 2 replies      
Atlas | Full Stack Developer | PHX, MSP, DC, NYC, SF | $90-130k + benefits | Full-time, REMOTE or ONSITE | http://atlas-x.com/careers

Small businesses have come to expect intuitive, fast, and beautiful software in their personal lives yet deal with old, slow, and clunky software in their business lives. We are changing that.

We need talented full stack developers who have empathy for users and love making thoughtful and simple solutions to complex problems; developers who want to see their software used daily and witness a visible improvement in the daily lives of employees, families, and businesses. We need developers to help us transition and build our experiences and codebase into scalable products.

Our favorite tools include Node, C#, Angular, Kendo, and React. If you have at least 2 years of professional experience building all parts of modern webapps, value autonomy over routine, and are interested in helping us develop the next generation of software for small and medium businesses, wed love to hear from you.

108% TTM Growth. Profitable. Cash Positive. Currently Five Developers. Last Hire From HN!

5% Matching 401(k) after 90 days through Vanguard. Immediate vesting. Health, dental, and vision benefits. Unlimited vacation. Remote and flexible work.

Process: culture screen - tech screen - tech interview - offer.

To get in touch: careers@atlas-x.com

galori 8 minutes ago 1 reply      
San Francisco, CA / REMOTE OK in the US | Lead Full Stack Rails Developer | Stitchfix | Full-time

Hello, we're continuing to do a ton of hiring at Stitchfix, but specifically I'm hiring a developer to join my small team - "Better Data Engineering". We are a small team that is responsible for Stitchfix's famous "Style Profile", and other similar data intensive customer facing features. We work closely with the Data Science team, and our goal is always to serve our customers better using the information they provided while not being creepy :-)

 ,---. Stitchfix is a clothing / style personalization service. .((___)) Search Instagram for #stitchfix, which will tell you a whole lot ,' `---' `. about us, how much our customers love us and you'll get / |========| \ an idea of our business. / |/\/\/\/\| \ / /|/\/\/\/\|\ \ Come back when you're done. /__/ |========| \__\ //// |________| \\\\ ""' [||||||||] `"" `""""""""' 
You can reach out directly to me (gal at stitchfix.com) - I'm a Principal Engineer at Stitchfix and the hiring manager for this position.Here is a job posting roughly covering this role: https://www.stitchfix.com/careers?gh_jid=455296&gh_src=r8m5v.... and Stitch Fix's "Multithreaded" Tech Jobs blog & site (http://technology.stitchfix.com) has a lot more about the team and other positions (were also hiring iOS, DevOps, and UX)

contingencies 22 minutes ago 0 replies      
Infinite Food | Hackers / Mechanical Engineers / Applied Materials Scientists / Food Scientists and Technologists | Shenzhen | $neg + equity available | Full-time or REMOTE | http://8-food.com/

Work on what you want, within reason. Help define the company.

Registered in Hong Kong, we are a small, mainland China based, international team in the mid prototyping phase, approaching prep-for-manufacturing on a novel series of distributed food service locations supporting automated food preparation and retail. You can look at them as scaled down factories, robotic chefs or one large distributed just-in-time custom food manufacturing system including the associated logistics network. Fresh ingredients and personalized customer orders in, tasty cooked food out.

We are in perfect unison with the largest trends in the sector (convenience, personalization, mobile ordering, commodification of last mile delivery), are already oversubscribed for our next investment round and are currently doubling down by moving to Shenzhen. We have great experience with China, less in manufacturing, lots in complex systems and emerging technology, and multiple successful exits globally.

Mandarin speakers well regarded, but Chinese knowledge is not required. Clear written technical communication in English is mandatory. Skills and experience first, qualifications a distant second. We respect execution.

Email in profile, please include 'Candidate: <Desired Job Title>' in subject. No recruiters.

jaz46 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Pachyderm (YC W15) -- San Francisco -- Onsite only -- jobs@pachyderm.io



What would data analytics infrastructure (namely Hadoop) look like if we rebuilt it from scratch today? We think it would be containerized, modular, and easy enough for a single person to use while still being scalable enough for a whole company. Tools like Docker and Kubernetes provide the perfect building blocks for us revolutionize data infrastructure!

Pachyderm is just 7 people right now, so you'd be getting in right at the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company as well as building the rest of the engineering team.

Salaries start at $120k and go up from there based on experience. We also offer significant equity, full benefits, and all the usual startup perks. This position is based in SF.


* Core distributed systems/infrastructure engineer (Go)

dkd25 20 minutes ago 0 replies      
Digital Impact Alliance, United Nations Foundation | Washington, DC | http://digitalimpactalliance.org/

DIAL is a new global alliance to enable the digital ecosystem to deliver greater scale, efficiency and social impact by creating more inclusive digital economies. Working with partners, DIAL will generate evidence of what works through field-based projects, distil insights and tools to promote scale-up and replication, and provide mechanisms for co-investment throughout the ecosystem. DIAL is hosted by the United Nations Foundation, and the team is based in Washington, D.C.

DIAL is seeking a Principal Architect to join the Data for Development (D4D) team. The Principal Architect will set the vision and the strategic technical roadmap for the Data for Development (D4D) portfolio of investments.

The Principal Architect will support the buildout of the Data & Analytics functions for the D4D team with the strategic intent of pushing the field of D4D forward. The Principal Architect will be responsible for steering our technical and implementation partners and driving our research partners agenda and investigations. Working with our technology partners, she will develop the required infrastructural components (technical, commercial) that will match data supply (e.g., MNOs) with data demand (e.g., programmatic partners in public health, agriculture, etc.). She will lead the in-country delivery of these solutions, and enable compliance with regulatory and data protection regimes. She will also drive the development of common data architecture and standards for utilizing telco and digital data for social good. Finally, she will work with partners to develop insights and indicators that can provide accelerated support for decision-making in the public sector.


paladin314159 26 minutes ago 0 replies      
Amplitude Analytics | San Francisco, CA (SOMA) | https://www.amplitude.com | ONSITE

We help companies build the best products by providing analytics for understanding user behavior. We believe that the future of product development is in smart, fast, and easy-to-use analytics, not the complex data science stacks or surface-level vanity metrics of today. We're a 70-person company (15 engineers), and we raised our Series B last year. We've gotten incredible traction helping customers like Venmo, Udacity, Square, Intuit, Microsoft, Postmates, and Square Enix change the way they build products.

We have many open positions that can be found here (we're growing fast!): https://www.amplitude.com/careers. In particular, we're looking to grow out the engineering team with the following positions:

* Senior Backend Engineer

* Senior DevOps Engineer

* Senior Frontend Engineer

Our tech stack consists of Java, Python, Redis, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Docker, SaltStack on the backend and JavaScript, React, Flux, Highcharts, d3 on the frontend. We've got a number of extremely challenging technical problems to solve thanks to being in the analytics space, and we're looking for talented people who are passionate about the intersection of technology and product to help us take the next step.

We only hire the best engineers and pay very competitive salaries. Also, we don't do whiteboard interviews! Bring your laptop, and be prepared to write code the way you expect to on the job -- in a familiar working environment with access to the internet.

If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out to us at careers@amplitude.com or apply directly through https://www.amplitude.com/careers.

tylermauthe 22 minutes ago 0 replies      
Hootsuite | Senior Operations Developer | Vancouver, Canada | ONSITE SALARY | https://hootsuite.com/careers/

Social Media Management software used by 80% of fortune 1000 companies.

We need Senior Developers who are passionate about DevOps to come solve cool operational problems with Terraform, Ansible, Python, Go and whatever else gets the job done. From gritty networking to MongoDB load testing to automating all the things, all from Hootsuite's fun offices in beautiful Vancouver.

Profitable. Cash Positive. Growing Like Crazy.

Process: culture screen - tech screen - tech interviews - offer.

xando 12 hours ago 2 replies      
Hey, a friendly reminder. Im parsing the thread, all job offers added here are also available on the map on

https://whoishiring.ioor just HN itemshttps://whoishiring.io/search/36.0440/-90.8984/4?source=hn

If you post here, please use the below format to help me with parsing. If you wont, no worries, I will do my best to get all the things right.

 1) {company} | {job title} | {locations} | {attrs: ONSITE, REMOTE, INTERNS, VISA, SALARY, company-url} Google | Software Developer | SF | VISA https://google.com DuckDuckGo | Software Developer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA, SALARY:100k-120k Facebook | Web-developer | Zurich | SALARY:120k CHF Google | Site Reliability Engineer | London | SALARY:120k GBP, VISA, REMOTE

 2) {company} | {job title} | {location} Google | Site Reliability Engineer | Sydney Facebook | Web-developer | Zurich
Im using this regex to test the firstline, you can test it here https://regex101.com/r/relwQD/3

NEW THING. There were requests for salary, so since this edition attrs section will handle salary as well. Check bellow for the regex.

and you can test it as well https://regex101.com/r/SRWkMz/2/

heyadayo 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Blackstorm | Engineer | SALARY: $140k - $220k | San Francisco Bay area (SF) | Tokyo, Japan | VISA REMOTE

Blackstorm is building the world's most advanced javascript game engine, among other cool products like an IDE (js.io)

We are hiring senior engineers who can tackle architecture and APIs for our game engine on a small team of 3-4 folks. Blackstorm has raised more then $30M, and we have more than a million users per engineer at the company.

For flavor: our last project was to use redux as a server state timeline for 7M+ active players; before that we used code mods to port it from our propriety module and class system to es6. Th0ere are numerous projects coming up, such as first class typescript support to facilitate better tooling and API documentation, a facial tracking/AR engine, and a react-powered webgl-based UI system.

We have projects for hosted real-time multiplayer gaming, social gaming, cross-compilation to native platforms, and many other core infrastructure tools that we would welcome your support on defining and creating.

Our technologies engine have already been in front of tens of millions of users, and we're adding millions of new users monthly.

This is a high leverage position, and very senior. We welcome remote for certain folks, because we're looking to build the best small engineering team in the world.

Please email keela@blackstormlabs.com

Subject: Blackstorm Core Engineer: YOUR NAME HERE

Please include a personal note about your background and interests so we can prioritize your application!

Triesault 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Apple | Software / Hardware Engineer | San Jose, California | Full-time | Onsite

We are looking for a software engineer with some hardware / electrical engineering background for a position at an Apple research and development lab.


- Develop data visualization software to analyze data from various test and metrology systems

- Create and implement multiple metrology systems for product testing and characterization

- Maintain a database and create schema to store reliability and characterization data

- Investigate reliability/performance gaps and participate in failure analysis with other engineers to identify the root cause


- Bachelors or masters in engineering with at least 2 years of work experience

- Experience with multiple languages such as Python, Java, MATLAB, C#, Objective-C, and Swift

- A strong computer science background with knowledge of various design patterns and a drive to write clean and modular code

- Experience building the software framework and architecture for multiple projects

- Basic knowledge of LabVIEW

- Background in electrical engineering or experience working directly with hardware and a strong drive to learn


- Experience with statistical analysis techniques

- Analog circuit analysis and design knowledge

- Experience with measurement systems for electrical or optical characterization or other metrology systems

Please send resume and cover letter to ntriesault@apple.com

costent 55 minutes ago 0 replies      
Bloomon | Senior Back-end Developer | Amsterdam, Netherland | Full-Time, ON-SITE or REMOTE | https://www.bloomon.nl/ - https://www.bloomon.co.uk/

Qualification: - Node.js - PHP - Experience with frameworks such as Laravel, HAPI, Express, Loopback, etc. - SQL - Unit, integration, and behavioral testing

Bonus: - Devops incl. CI/CD (Kubernetes, Jenkins, TravisCI, Docker)

About bloomon:

Bloomon is a successful start-up, disrupting the international flower industry. The flower sectorgenerates over 50 billion in annual turnover, whereby 50-60% is traded via the Netherlands. 99% ofthe sector still operates offline. Bloomon will drive the shift online.

Bloomon was launched in The Netherlands in November 2014 and has ambitious plans to deliver world-famous,high-quality Dutch flowers to customers all over Europe. Quality remains of the essence; Bloomon dealsone-on-one with the grower, cutting out the middleman and ensuring their flowers arrive in pristine condition.Our innovative supply chain is 80% shorter than that of the traditional florist.

Do you want to conquer the world of flowers online? Come and join our team!Work with experienced e commerce experts and gain experience in the world of a rapidly growing startup.We are currently based in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Denmark.

Contact Teddy to apply: teddy.dimitrova@bloomon.nl

frisco 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Neuralink | MEMS, materials science, chip design, mechatronics, and software | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, Onsite

Neuralink is a new neural engineering company founded by Elon Musk. Our goal is to develop brain-machine interfaces so useful and so safe that ordinary people will choose to get them like they get a smartphone. Neuralink's aim is to bring humans and machines closer so software forms a true extension of ourselves, rather than something separate we interact with slowly and awkwardly.

We are primarily looking for really strong MEMS, microfab, and mechatronics engineers, and materials scientists but are hiring for a fairly diverse set of technical backgrounds. There is a ton of software to write ranging from firmware to robotics controllers to web app experiment control and database management.


dvarga 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Amazon | Software Developer | Seattle | Onsite, Part-time https://www.amazon.jobs/en/landing_pages/part-time-tech

Do you want a 4 day work week? Are you looking for a reduced schedule but still want to make a huge impact? Amazon is creating a part-time workforce technology team that will work a 30-hour per week schedule. All team members, including the manager, will be on the same schedule. The Workforce Technology team will be chartered to build high-visibility, enterprise-wide solutions that leverage Alexa Skills voice-interaction to improve Amazon employee productivity. These solutions will be at the forefront of Voice Assistant technology applications for the workplace, in one of the largest and fastest-growing companies on earth. All employees working a reduced 30 hour per week schedule will receive the same benefits as full-time employees.

Full job description: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/409370

If you have questions about the position or the team, feel free to email me (hiring manager) at dvarga@amazon.com

shaggyfrog 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Copperleaf Technologies | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Full-Time | ONSITE

We build products to help companies managing millions of dollars of assets make better decisions. Our core product, C55, helps companies decide which projects to invest in, how to reduce their risk, increase safety, and reduce their environmental impact. We are one of the top 20 Fastest-Growing Software Companies in Canada and winner of the BC Tech 2016 Emerging Company of the Year Award. We are also working on two new cloud-based products, to be released this year.

We want to expand our development team significantly in 2017. We are especially looking to fill 2 senior roles on one of the new "cloud" technology teams. The project's stack includes NodeJS, Angular 2, Kendo, and Postgres. We'd like to find both an experienced back-end developer, as well as an experienced front-end developer. This team is also looking for a junior-to-intermediate level manual QA tester.

I joined Copperleaf (as a senior developer) back in April 2016. The people here are really nice, they care about what they do, and they have a lot of domain knowledge. If any of that sounds interesting to you, please fire off an e-mail to me (Tom) at thauk@copperleaf.com and we can chat a bit more!

boxcarton 2 hours ago 0 replies      
IBM Watson | Developer Advocate | SF, NYC | Full-time, REMOTE or ONSITE

I'm hiring developers and developer advocates to join the IBM Watson Developer Advocacy team. We look after Watson's cognitive API platform: https://www.ibm.com/watson/developercloud/services-catalog.h...

You'll be the interface between IBM Watson and our developer communities. This means:

1. Working with developers from startups, partners, and enterprise clients at conferences, workshops, and meetups, etc

2. Creating technical assets (demos, tutorials, etc) to help our users succeed

3. Improve the platform by bringing developer feedback to product teams, or directly contribute to the SDK/documentation/API tooling

4. Be the voice of our developers and advocate for their interests within IBM

The overall goal is to be an advocate for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Preference is for candidates in SF/NYC/major cities with connections to the local startup/tech community, but remote is also OK.

If you can code, have a passion for AI, like spending time building/hacking, and want to travel the world talking to developers - email me directly: joshzheng@us.ibm.com

niklasrde 9 hours ago 1 reply      
BBC iPlayer | Development Lead | LONDON, UK | Full Time | 40-70k

We're looking for a development lead for the iPlayer Business Layer - the team behind the iPlayer API serving the website, mobile clients and devices.Our tech stack is mostly Node.js with Postgres and Redis databases on AWS in microservices.

We're now averaging over 100 million API requests every day, with an average 2,000 req/s and a <7ms response time (that's for the past 7 days from now).Some exciting projects we're working on include a machine learning one and a big priority for the year ahead is personalisation. Our open source projects currently see 40k downloads/month and we're keen to expand that.

It's a small team (2 senior engineers, 2 engineers (<- one of them is me!) and usually a graduate), and we're based in White City.

Spec & Application: https://careershub.bbc.co.uk/members/modules/job/detail.php?...

spongeit 5 hours ago 1 reply      
Tesla | Data Engineers, Full Stack Engineers, Data Scientists, SREs | Palo Alto, CA | Full-time, ONSITE

Did you know we crunch data here? Data is deeply embedded in the product and engineering culture at Tesla. We rely on data lots of it to improve autopilot, to optimize hardware designs, to proactively detect faults, and to optimize load on the electrical grid. We collect data from each of our cars, superchargers, and stationary batteries and use it to make these products better and our customers safer.

In the Fleet Analytics team, we process TBs of data a day from these devices. We are looking for excellent people to fill out our team. Our platform and services support the entire company from Manufacturing to Engineering to Service.

Our tech stack includes Python, Java, Hadoop (Hive, HBase, Impala), Spark, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes

Please send resume and (bonus) references to code to Eric at ejoe@tesla.com. Please include "HN - Tesla" in the subject line.

ppcsf 1 hour ago 0 replies      
GetSwift | Melbourne, Australia | ONSITE | FULLTIME

GetSwift is a logistics software company that's just listed on the ASX. We're looking to grow our small team to keep up with our huge growth and international expansion.

As an early-stage employee, you'll have a big impact on the architecture of our product, which includes real-time vehicle routing & dispatching, data analytics/ modelling, and complex SPAs. Our stack is primarily .NET, Angular, React/Redux, AWS, Kafka, Kubernetes, and Haskell.

We're hiring at all levels of the stack, but we'd be particularly interested in full-stack engineers. Bonus points for:

The ability to code in a variety of languages, particularly of the functional flavour

Data science skills (R/ Pandas etc, solid stats background)

Devops, containers, Kubernetes, aws

Familiarity with any part of our stack

Our interview process consists of a short code test (if you don't have any publicly accessible code for us to look at), and a technical interview in our Collins St office, 1-2 hours. After that, we'll be in touch within about a week.

Email me (joash at getswift dot co), prefixing the subject with "HN:". Include anything you think will show off your skills!

costent 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Bloomon | Senior Front-end Developer | Amsterdam, Netherland | Full-Time, ON-SITE or REMOTE | https://www.bloomon.nl/ - https://www.bloomon.co.uk/

Qualifications: - React.js + redux or very experienced with a high-level Javascript framework such as React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js - ES6 / Babel with webpack - Unit testing

Bonus (not necessary): - Nightwatch.js or Selenium - React sagas - Grid layouts based on e.g. react-flexbox-grid or Bootstrap - Unit or end-to-end testing - Material UI

Job description:

Building user facing features, interface, APIs and core functions.Build reusable code and libraries for future use.Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.Capable of testing across multiple browsers, platforms.Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability.

Contact Teddy to apply: teddy.dimitrova@bloomon.nl

sshumaker 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Credit Karma | San Francisco, Venice, Charlotte | Full Time, Onsite | https://creditkarma.com

Credit Karma's mission is to make financial progress possible for everyone. We have over 70 million US members and are a true mission-oriented business, a rare case where our incentives are aligned with our users - we succeed by helping our members attain financial progress.

We've been growing rapidly over the past few years (hypergrowth) and are hiring across a wide range of positions. On the backend side, we are moving to Scala-based microservices using finagle and Thrift, and as well as GraphQL on node.js. Our native iOS and Android apps are #1 in finance (with a 5 star rating on the App Store) and we're rebuilding our website in React + Redux. Our data teams use Kafka, Spark and BigQuery among other technologies.

If you're motivated by growth and impact Credit Karma is probably the best place to work in tech today. We have solved product / market fit and distribution, but compared to our peer unicorns there is still so much work to do. If you look at the gap between our product today and what we are well-positioned to become - the main touchpoint for consumer finance - there is tons of opportunity for people joining now to take on responsibility and ownership and have a meaningful impact.

Feel free to reach out to me personally (scott.shumaker at creditkarma dot com) or visit: https://www.creditkarma.com/careers

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Facebook | Solutions Engineer | Menlo Park, NYC, Seattle, Paris, Dublin, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Austin, Hong Kong | Onsite

Solutions Engineers at Facebook spend roughly half their time working with product engineering teams and writing production code. The other half of their time is spent working directly with partners to develop and execute their Facebook technology strategy.

We find that this setup is great for engineers that want to spend more time on the business side of things or have more people interaction while still being hands on with code.

This allows large advertisers to work directly with people at Facebook that have a knowledge of the ads codebase, and Solutions Engineers can implement great suggestions made by partners.

More about the role is available at https://www.facebook.com/careers/life/solutions-engineering-... .

Facebook | Solutions Engineering Manager | Menlo Park, NYC, Berlin | Onsite

We also have some great opportunities for engineering managers that would like to support a team in Menlo Park, NYC, or Berlin. You would support a distributed team, so some travel would be required.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at rcheng@fb.com .

You can find the job listings at https://www.facebook.com/careers/teams/engineering/ , under Solutions Engineering.

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Aretec, Inc| Cyber Security Positions | Washington DC Area | $80-135k Salary + benefits | Full-time |ONSITE

Aretec, Inc is a proven enterprise technology leader. Our team of software developers and cyber security engineers apply emerging technologies, to enhance mission readiness and the security and integrity of federal agencies.

We are hiring for a variety of Cyber Security Positions. 1)Account Manager2)Application Security Tester (Penetration Tester)3)Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analysis4)Cyber Architecture5)Cyber Operations Specialist6)Cyber Security Engineer7)Cyber Security Solutions Engineer/Architect 8)Cyber Threat Analysis9)Cyber-Security Risk Expert10)Digital Forensic Analyst11)Incident Response Coordinator12)Information Assurance Compliance Analyst13)Information System Security Operations Analyst14)Project Manager15)Security Manager16)Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst17)System Analyst18)Technical Analyst19)Training Developer/Instructor20)Vulnerability Assessment Manager

Were interested in all levels of experience. Salary is commensurate with experience. Security certifications required (CISSP, CEH, Security+, CAP, GIAC, etc.). If you have a passion for cyber security and want to learn more about these positions, please visit our career website http://www.aretecinc.com/careers/ Resumes can be e-mailed to careers@aretecinc.com Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or green card holders.

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Insurance Australia Group (IAG) | DevOps/SRE | Sydney | FULL-TIME, ONSITE http://www.iag.com.au

A permanent role has opened up in our little skunkworks DevOps team inside the IAG enterprise (think NRMA, CGU, SGIO, SGIC, Coles insurance etc.).

We build and run a lightweight PaaS used by a large number of IAGs Agile digital teams. The key technologies we use are Docker, Rancher, and RightScale. We are multi-cloud between public AWS and private VMWare vCenters, and operate many environments from the ground up using infrastructure as code and automation. We help teams build and run their own apps, primarily in Java or NodeJS, but as a team we favour writing our internal tooling using Golang. Weve migrated existing huge, awkward COTS deployments onto this PaaS as well as helped build greenfield 12-factor apps from the ground up. Ancillary technologies in play are: RedHats JBoss and Enterprise Linux; the Netflix OSS stack; Spring Boot; the Elastic Stack; HAProxy; Nginx; Prometheus/Grafana; Zipkin; Bamboo; goCD; Ansible.

Sorry - no visa or remote opportunities. Please reach out if interested. Martin.Baillie@iag (domain in title)

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AddStructure - https://addstructure.com - Chicago / NYC / Remote

AddStructure is an NLP company, building the future of voice-driven commerce for some of the world's largest retailers. We pride ourselves in providing a great work/life balance, and if you're interested in the future of natural language technology, you'll love the problems we're solving. You can be onsite or remote but must be located in the domestic United States (no visa sponsorship available).

If interested, please email jobs@addstructure.com.

We are hiring for several positions:

* UI/UX designer (chat/voice-centric)

* Full-stack developer (Node, Java, C#, AWS, Postgresql)

* Machine Learning / NLP engineer (search and question answering)

* Sales (enterprise, retail)

* Spanish language taxonomist (contract or full-time)


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https://bonjoro.com | iOS/Android Developer | Full-time | REMOTE and ONSITE | Sydney, Australia

Let your customers know just how much you care about them. Stop spamming with impersonal, generic messages and craft something meaningful instead. Send a Bonjoro, a highly personal video message, to build trust, love and convert customers for life.

We're looking for a iOS/Android developer to maintain our existing native mobile applications. Experience with both platforms is a huge plus.

simon at bonjoro dot com

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Conduit | Software engineer (Full stack, front-end, back-end) | Boston/Cambridge | FULL-TIME



Conduit is a small venture-backed startup based out of Cambridge. Were building personal relationship management software to help track, maintain, and grow relationships. People have a hard time staying in touch with others-- let's change that.

We're hiring early-stage engineers, those who can hold their own and be comfortable taking charge of large projects at an early-stage company. You'll build out our infrastructure from the ground up, make and defend impactful technical decisions, and have the opportunity to grow into future leadership positions. We value smarts over skill-- experience, versatility, and intuition are crucial. Sound like a good fit? Let's get in touch.


(FOCUS) Back-end engineer (Python, Node, GraphQL, APIs, DBs): https://angel.co/goconduit/jobs/210118

Front-end engineer (JS/React, GraphQL, Python, Node): https://angel.co/goconduit/jobs/210117


- Be an early-stage employee and work with a fun, world-class team. - Receive significant equity at a fast-growing and valuable company. - Ownership and autonomy over large projects; the independence to succeed. - Little to no legacy: don't deal with old codebases; we're clean and modern. - Open vacation policy (no set number of days per year): take the time you need. - We'll provide the technology you need to be productive. - Lunches catered or reimbursed every day, plus unlimited snacks and drinks.


No remote, please. TO APPLY: Email us resume/work experience/some projects of yours to careers@cond.co




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Sift Science | San Francisco, CA | Join the fraud fighting team! https://siftscience.com/ | Onsite

We are a hyper-growth Series C company based in San Francisco. Were in the business of squashing fraud and other malicious activity for the worlds largest web and mobile businesses. Our next-generation platform is built on proprietary machine learning technology that learns in real time from live activity taking place on the sites and apps of our global network of customers. By integrating our modern REST APIs and automation workflows, our customers not only eliminate risk but also increase revenue and conversion rates through user experience optimization.

Open Roles:

- Data Scientist

- Senior Backend Engineer

- Senior Full Stack Engineer

- Senior Machine Learning Engineer

- Senior Site Reliability Engineer

- Software Mobile SDK Engineer

Were hiring in our San Francisco and Seattle office and we would love for you to join the team! If interested please visit our careers page and apply https://siftscience.com/careers.

More Info: https://engineering.siftscience.com/ Questions? E-mail Recruiting@siftscience.com

outericky 9 hours ago 1 reply      
SimpleLegal (YCS13) | Product Manager, API Engineer, Python Engineer, Customer Success Managers | Mountain View, CA | FULLTIME |

SimpleLegal is YC-backed, enterprise SaaS startup run by second-time founders in Mountain View, CA. We are the software platform for the in-house legal department. Sales has Salesforce. Marketing has HubSpot. Legal has SimpleLegal.

Our stack: Python, Django, Postgres, Django REST Framework, Javascript (jQuery).

Product Manager:Mid to senior enterprise product manager. Someone to start and grow this team. Help decide what goes on the road map, work with engineer, sales, customer success and customers to define timelines and priorities. Experiencing working with mid market to enterprise level customers.

API Engineer:Mid to senior API engineer (experience with Python and Django REST Framework a plus).

Python Engineer:Mid to senior Python engineer. Experience with larger codebases, spanning multiple related products. Experience with Django is great. Really looking for someone to shape best practices and engineering standards as we grow the team.

Customer Success:Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are the first level of communication to customers in need of support. The CSMs analyze issues logged by customers, leverage product expertise and share best practices to help establish our place at the top of the legal technology space.

More Info, jobs and application: https://www.simplelegal.com/careers

EDIT - we are updating our job listings so not everything is listed at the careers page. Please reach out to careers at simplelegal

ylere 12 hours ago 1 reply      
1aim | Berlin, Germany | Onsite, Full Time, Visa https://1aim.com

At 1aim, we develop and produce access control systems, which allow to open doors with mobile phones. We create all hardware, software and IT-Infrastructure to run our systems on our own. Beside access systems we are already putting a lot of R&D effort in creating further new smart home/building automation products. We see ourselves as an engineering-driven technology company, that influences how a future with connected devices will look.

We enable engineers to focus on what they can to best, letting them work on new products in small, highly interdisciplinary teams. We try to get rid of as much management overhead as possible (no daily standup meetings!).

Right now, we are hiring new engineers for the following areas:- RUST Backend Developer- (Frontend) Web Developer- Electrical Engineer

We do not care about your academic degrees or where you are from, but about the stuff you did and what you could create in the future given the right opportunities. If you are interested in working at 1aim, write us an email at work.hn<?>1aim.com and tell us about the projects you worked on that you are the most proud of and which technological feats of the past inspire you. We provide visa assistance, relocation support and free housing until you find your own place to live last month.

Interview process: 1st phone interview (screening) -> 2nd phone interview (technical) -> home assignment/technical challenge (depending on application) -> 3rd interview (mixed, via phone or onsite)

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Snappymob | Full Stack Developer | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Full-time, Onsite | https://www.snappymob.com

Hi, I'm Allen. Snappymob is looking for junior or experienced full-stack developers with a subset of the following skills: NodeJS, React, Go, Postgres, MySQL, API best practices. You'll work in a tight knit team that learns and grows together, all the time. You should be eager to learn and not be afraid of working on any part of an application stack.

This position is on-site in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Benefits: above market compensation, flexible hours and holidays, free food and snacks, health benefits, travel allowance, and the latest gadgets. Unabashedly, we have a design & engineering focused culture that is less common in this part of the world - it makes for a great place to be if you want to work with a competent team that is passionate through and through.

Snappymob is a mobile and web software consulting agency in KL that works on high-end client projects as well as some products of our own. We build products with great design and solid engineering practices.

Contact me directly and mention HN: allen@snappymob.com

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Las Cumbres Observatory | Software Engineer | Santa Barbara, CA | ONSITE | https://lco.global/jobs/software-engineer/

Are you a software engineer interested in astronomy? Want to work on technology directly related to the expanding wavefront of astronomical observation? Las Cumbres Observatorys (LCO) global network of robotic telescopes is enabling astronomers to observe things that go bump in the night 24/7. Our stack spans from low level hardware control to web based interfaces for requesting observations. Our users study exoplanets, supernovae, near-earth asteroids and more.

LCO, based in sunny Santa Barbara, California, is deploying the world's largest network of geographically distributed optical telescopes for general scientific and educational use. Were motivated by the desire to expand human knowledge, and to instill a passion for science in young people. Our organization has a fun-loving, dedicated staff, working in a casual but focused environment. Here you will find people passionate about what they do, and our overall mission.

More details: https://lco.global/jobs/software-engineer/

estsauver 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Apollo Agriculture | Software Engineer | Nairobi, Kenya / NYC / SF or Remote | Full-Time | Remote

Apollo Agriculture is using satellite data to help bring modern farming to the worlds poorest farmers. Millions of farmers globally don't have access to the basic farm tools the rest of the world depends on for food production, good seed and fertilizer. We sell these proven agricultural tools on credit, and use satellite data and ML to figure out who we can lend to profitably.

We use Scala, Python/NumPy/SciPy (for science/ML), android and are heavy postgres users. We're building great software for places with low reliability networks and harsh environmental conditions.

We just finished delivering fertilizer and seed to 1000 farmers in our first year, and want you to help us get to our first million farmers.

We're hiring for Software Engineers and Data Scientists, email me (the CTO) at earl@apolloagriculture.com. I answer every email personally and would love to be introduced to any smart people you think would be interested.

blakeweb 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Recursion Pharmaceuticals | SLC, Utah | Onsite, full-time

Recursion is a startup with about 50 people, generating rich biological data at a pace comparable to the biggest institutions anywhere doing biology and disease research. We have literally millions of images from experiments we conducted in our lab, and we generate terabytes more each week. Weve gotten more than $2M in multiple grants from the NIH, and last fall closed a $15M series A led by Lux Capital. Were using imaging experiments to turn human cell experiments into massive amounts of rich biological data so we can find treatments using ML and data science for many diseases as fast as possible.


* Software engineering: Full-stack Software Engineer - Front-end Software Engineer - Machine Learning Engineer

* Data science: Data Analyst - Data Scientist - Applied Mathematician - ML Researcher - Computational Biologist

* Technical HR Specialist/Manager - Technical Team Development Operation (New--if these posts aren't up yet, feel free to apply via Data Scientist and call out your interest in these positions)

http://www.recursionpharma.com/careers for more details and to apply.

Logistics: Salt Lake City, Utah. Hiking/running/biking is literally out our back door, and it's half an hour to 5 ski resorts. Competitive pay, health insurance, relocation assistance (onsite is required), equity, a top-caliber team, and help make a massively positive impact. Happy to sponsor/extend visas, but you need to already be authorized to work in the US--we cant handle the lottery at this stage.

Tech: Data science: python scientific stack (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, bokeh, etc). Software engineering: go, python, angular.js, react, javascript on aws and gce. Deep learning (e.g. convolutional networks) we're mainly using the python frameworks (keras, theano, tensorflow, etc).

Our team so far: http://www.recursionpharma.com/team

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Amazon Web Services - Simple Storage Service (S3) | Software Engineers | Seattle, WA (ONSITE)

Come and join S3's backend storage data plane team. Hiring both Software Development Engineers, and Senior Software Development Engineers.


You can also email me your resume - wantony [AT] amazon.com. Please add 'HN' to the subject.

(*) Note, I currently dont have openings for interns or recent college grads. For internships or recent college grads positions please apply here: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/team/university-tech

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TribalScale | Toronto, Canada | Orange County, California | Full time | Onsite | http://www.tribalscale.com/

TribalScale is a mobile first company that specializes in connected devices and the Internet of Things. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, TribalScale is a rapidly growing Product Development firm that aims to collide the physical and digital worlds. Our team members have a history of partnering with some of the worlds most premium brands, helping to shepherd businesses into the connected age. We are growing extremely fast and looking for talented software engineers to support that growth. Some of the platforms and environments that we have worked on and will be working on are: Mobile apps & Web Services (iOS, Android, Smartwatches, Google Glass & Other Wearables, Connected Home,Smart TVs, Beacon solutions

We're hiring for many roles including:

- Full Stack Web Engineer

- iOS Engineer

- Android Engineer

- UI/UX Designer

- Enterprise Solutions Architect

- Mobile QA

Please apply here https://tribalscale.workable.com or email tlui [at] tribalscale.com if youre interested in learning more.

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Aconex | San Francisco, CA USA, Melbourne, Australia| Full-time | Senior Software Engineer, Senior UI Engineer | ONSITE | $135k+

Aconex is a highly profitable project collaboration company with most of the worlds largest construction companies as customers. We are to construction projects what Atlassian is to software projects.

We're looking to build a team of experienced software developers to help us bring a new product to market with a strong financial aspect. Our stack is based on a service oriented architecture, so we have a number of different technologies at play - Java, Go, Ruby, Python etc. To begin with, you'll be working with Java 8 (using Dropwizard), Angular, Typescript as well as many other tools.

Love to chat stack, so if you're interested - reach out!Technology choice is open for discussion on new services that we start.

More about us: https://www.aconex.comIf you're interested, email me at tolshansky(at )aconex( dot)com

alexk 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Gravitational (YS S15) | Systems Engineers & Devops | San Francisco & Berlin | ONSITE REMOTE https://gravitational.com

Gravitational, an early stage systems & cloud startup in San Francisco, is looking for ambitious and talented people. We are well-funded by fantastic Silicon Valley investors.

We are an experienced team: we founded Mailgun[1] which was acquired by Rackspace, we created Vulcand[2] and some other cool stuff at Rackspace and are authors of Teleport[3] and Telekube[4]

 * Systems engineers (Linux, Go, Containers, Kubernetes) * DevOps/Implementation services (Terraform, Linux, Kubernetes, Go, Ansible)
Locations: San Francisco, Berlin, (Remote is OK for senior engineers)

Details: https://github.com/gravitational/careers/

Contact: jobs@gravitational.com

[1] https://www.mailgun.com

[2] https://github.com/vulcand/vulcand

[3] https://github.com/gravitational/teleport

[4] https://gravitational.com/telekube

iamnafets 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Amazon New Product Demand Forecasting | Seattle | Full-Time | On-Site ($130-$250+ depending on experience)

Amazon's New Product Demand Forecasting team is responsible for one of the most challenging problems in supply chain optimization: predicting sales for products that have no sales history. This is a uniquely creative space in Forecasting requiring our machine learning models to capture both the nuances of the global consumer marketplace as well as customer behavior on Amazon.

Our team works closely with research scientists to invent new ways to make use of novel data, solve hard engineering problems around scaling and performance in predicting for tens of millions of products, and iterate quickly in order to stay on the cutting edge.

I'm looking for an experienced software developer that is comfortable with big data and machine learning and can:

* Design systems that provide a stable base for innovation in a rapidly changing business

* Improve Forecasting algorithms through data-driven analysis and experimentation in our Scala/Spark environment

* Optimize for scalability and performance of both distributed computations and near-metal C++ code

* Learn quickly and keep up with a rapidly changing machine learning and big data landscape

* Communicate their ideas clearly with all members of a diverse team

If this sounds interesting, as the hiring manager I'd love to chat or buy you coffee. Email me (Stefan) at smai@ (amazon.com) with your resume and a brief introduction. (Interview process is 1 phone screen and onsite interview with whiteboard coding and behavioral questions about your experience.)

taariqlewis 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Aquila | Senior Software Engineer | SF, NYC | REMOTE, CONTRACT https://aquilacashflow.com

About Aquila:

Bleeding Edge FinTech Innovation. We automate receivables finance underwriting & collections for small, high-risk businesses that no one else will touch. We use datascience (K-Means clustering & OLS) and platform engineering to make business financing as automated and as fast as possible. We also leverage our prior expertise (SericaTrading) in bitcoin blockchain and HD wallet cryptography to do amazing new things for our customers.

Our team:

Engineers, data scientists and product experts. Our platform is built on Ruby, Go, Python Postgres & JavaScript. We hire onsite and remote. We're a fast-moving, fast talking team.

Our Requirements:

* Demonstrated passion for Fintech innovation, Opensource contributions, blockchains, and datascience

* Passion for Test driven development and continuous learning

* Enjoyment of the wild startup rodeo. Yee haw!

* No Fear of the edge of startup engineering

Our Interview Process:

* Github & code review -> Founder interview -> Team interview + test -> Decision for either 2-week trial or immediate hire.


* Senior Software Engineer

Email us at jobs@aquilacashflow.com and tell us whether you'd like to chat more.

endymi0n 9 hours ago 0 replies      
JustWatch | Backend, Frontend & System Engineers | Berlin, Germany | INTERNS, VISA, ONSITE, https://www.justwatch.com/us/talent

We're always looking for hungry & curious engineers (from INTERN to senior level) in:

- Backend Engineering (Golang, GRPC, Postgres, Aerospike)

- Frontend & Hybrid Engineering (Typescript, Angular, Ionic, Cordova)

- Site Reliability Engineering (Golang, GCP/AWS, Kubernetes, Prometheus)

About us:

- B2C and B2B products with massive traction in 24 countries

- Hard problems, no politics, clear focus, great context - driven by values & excellence

- We're self-funded, profitable and rather share the company with our employees than with VCs


- an intense learning culture with high degrees of autonomy and room for personal growth

- a development philosophy that balances fast hacking with a solid architectural foundation

- great mentoring and regular feedback

- every two weeks is Dev Day, reserved for automation, simplification and tech talks

elvisds 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Sensara | Bangalore, India | ONSITE | Full Time | http://www.sensyremote.com/

At Sensara, we make India's best TV Guide and Remote app - Sensy. We use mobile [1], machine learning [2] and hardware [3] to improve TV viewing experience in India [4]

We are computer science geeks - looking for engineers open to working on any part of the stack - Machine Learning, Audio Processing, Search & Discovery, Android/iOS, Product/UX. Join the tribe!

Write to us at hello@sensara.tv

[1] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.sensara.app...

[2] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ad-break-patterns-bharath-kum...

[3] http://www.sensyremote.com/

[4] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/we-just-designed-smarter-remo...

aprilzero 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Gyroscope [https://gyrosco.pe] | Remote / Onsite | Backend engineer with health & data science interest

We are building a new operating system for the human body. The Gyroscope app is currently featured in the Health & Fitness section of the app store and has a few thousand paying members, with many gigs of new health data coming in every day. We are working on using that data to help people live healthier lives, lose weight and be more productive.

Looking for a very experienced engineer who is familiar with Go, Python, Postgres, AWS, and working with huge amounts of data. You would get to build new data integrations, manage our infrastructure, collaborate on new products, and use machine learning to help our users become more healthy.

We are a small (2 full time & some contractors) distributed team, currently in SF & Canada. You would be very autonomous and have a lot of responsibility to get things done and move fast, but without as much mentorship or guidance as a bigger company would be able to provide.

More about what we're hiring for: https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/05/fresh-with-cash-anand-shar...

As originally seen on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8043203

Contact: anand@gyrosco.pe

nosh 10 hours ago 0 replies      
HealthRhythms | New York, NY | Onsite, Remote possible | Full-time

At HealthRhythms [http://healthrhythms.com] we are working to make it easy to measure and care for everyones mental health. Our products leverage real-time mobile measurements with data analyses and modelling to create truly personalized just-in-time interventions. We are helping people and their clinicians detect and characterize their mental health from passively available data.

We're looking for independent thinkers who care deeply about the problems we're solving. Our mission is to redefine not only how we measure and treat mental illness, but how we optimize wellbeing as a whole. If being one of the first 10 employees at a promising startup in an exploding field sounds exciting to you, please get in touch.

Positions: - Android Engineer - Backend Engineer (Python, AWS) - Data Scientist- iOS Engineer

Email us your resume and tell us a bit about yourself at jobs@healthrhythms.com

rokche123 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Her | Backend Developer | San Francisco | Onsite (remote possible for experienced engineers), Full-time, Base + Equity, https://weareher.com

Her (YC S15) is looking to hire a backend developers who could contribute to our Go codebase and make us more nimble, efficient and reliable. Youll be joining a small team where every role carries a lot of impact and contributes to the bottom line.

As the biggest social network in its space, Her is at break-even right now and we're trying to broaden our spectrum to involve global market, so there is plenty of things to do. We have a stable codebase written mostly in Golang, but we would like to improve architecture and design while keeping the delivery speed.

Things you'll be doing- Evolving our Golang APIs to communicate with our apps and other backend systems.- Work on developing several smaller projects- Carry strategic impact on our future

We don't do whiteboard interviewing, based on preferences we either do a (compensated) takeaway or a few days working with someone on the team, solving one of our real problems.

Check us out on https://angel.co/her-1/jobs to apply

liangzan 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Courex - www.storeviva.com | Senior Engineer | Singapore | Full Time(40% remote)

# What the company does

Courex is an 8 year old ecommerce logistics company driven by technology. We help our customers manage their supply chain so they can focus on selling. We do the following

 - last mile delivery - warehousing - omnichannel integration
Our operations is driven by technology. Some interesting stuff

 - We run a hybrid crowd-sourced(uber style) + fixed fleet model. - We built an automated parcel dimension measurement machine using Kinect - We have autonomous robots coming in 2017 to pick and sort parcels
Experience a different sort of scale. Not bits and bytes, but parcels, machines and people. Your work affects the real world in a huge traditional industry

# What the job entails

We are looking to add 1 Haskeller(or someone who wants to pick up real world Haskell). We allow our engineers to work from home 2 days a week. The stack is in Haskell and Scala.

# Contact

No formal qualifications needed. Please email zan+hn@courex.com.sg if you are interested.

yonasb 3 hours ago 0 replies      
StackShare | Full-time | REMOTE OK (U.S. only)

Were on a mission to create the best place for engineers to figure out how to piece together their tech stack. Our vision is to transform the way that SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

We're looking for an experienced front-end focused engineer that's passionate about dev tools: https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/186787-front-end-react-soft.... Must be familiar with React and Rails.

We're a small distributed team of 4, spread out across the US. Our Stack: Ruby/Rails/React/PostgreSQL https://stackshare.io/stackshare.

How we work:

Every engineer owns and is responsible for the products they build. Before writing any code, the engineer tagged to the product writes a blog post announcing it to the StackShare community. From there, they spec out the product in detail and get feedback from at least one other engineer. Once the initial version of the product is built they ship it to a small group of beta testers and gather feedback and iterate. Once the production version is done the engineer is then responsible for creating the analytics reports and tracking success of that product and iterating to improve it.

Interview process:

Phone screen -> technical interview -> code project -> product interview -> offer letter!

Apply via AngelList or email us at careers+HN@stackshare.io - if you're emailing please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile URL!

ErinSlack 7 hours ago 1 reply      
Oscar Insurance is a startup using technology, data & design to change the way people find and access care. We are disrupting the healthcare industry by putting people first, not business and cost. www.hioscar.com

We're currently hiring for a variety of Full-time/Onsite roles here in our New York City location.

Software Engineer: Web & Mobile (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=247940

Software Engineer: Data/Systems (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=248056

Software Engineer: New Grad (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=261348

Software Engineer: Product Infrastructure (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=240077

Infrastructure Security Engineer (NYC) :https://www.hioscar.com/jobs/?gh_jid=483542

Vulnerability Management Security Engineer (NYC): https://www.hioscar.com/jobs/?gh_jid=508948

Oscar was valued at $2.7 billion following a $400 million investment by Fidelity. Take a look at how we're simplifying healthcare: http://incredibleinsurancemachine.com

sl4yt1m3 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Teachers Pay Teachers | Engineers, Product Managers, Product Designers | NYC (New York City) | Full-Time

Teachers Pay Teachers is a community of millions of educators who come together to share their work, their insights, and their inspiration with one another. We are the first and largest open marketplace where teachers share, sell, and buy original educational resources. Since we've started, authors on Teachers Pay Teachers have earned over $200M. Here's a bit more of the backstory (https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/06/technology/a-sharing-econ...). Our engineering culture focuses on Fearless Development (http://engineering.teacherspayteachers.com/2015/10/11/the-fe...), curiosity, learning, and autonomy.

We're currently running our infrastructure on AWS with a combination of terraform and chef to manage our servers. The tiers of our application are built with AWS Aurora, Elixir, and React.

If you want to learn more about us, check us out on The Muse: https://www.themuse.com/companies/teacherspayteachers/.

I'd be happy to chat about positions over email at recruiting@teacherspayteachers.com or check out our careers page (https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Careers).

adrianmacneil 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Cruise Automation | San Francisco | ONSITE

We're building self driving cars. We operate as an independent startup, but we also have the funding and manufacturing capabilities of a large company (GM). We're hiring many roles, including C++ engineers, and backend/full stack engineers (go/node.js).


If you're an experienced backend or infrastructure (docker/k8s) engineer, and feel comfortable building systems from scratch (e.g. startup CTO or early employee) please send me your resume/github/linkedin via HN profile and I'll personally review it.

alimoeeny 9 hours ago 0 replies      
VR Game Developer | Autism Therapy | Washington DC based startup.

Floreo (http://floreotech.com) is an early-stage startup in Washington DC developing a first of its kind virtual reality platform to deliver childrens therapy. Our first product is focused on VR-based autism therapy.We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, doctors, designers, therapists, parents, and artists and we are working in the uncharted territory of VR for delivery of therapist mediated therapeutic experiences. This is a unique opportunity to build a highly challenging technically grounded product that has the potential of helping families in immeasurable ways.We are looking for a second developer to join our team with the following qualities:Game development experience using a commercial game engine such as Unity or Unreal is requiredExperience in all aspects of developing a game, from design to fine tuning multiplayer network latencies are highly desirableExperience specifically with VR is a plusStartup experience is highly desired as we are a small team used to wearing lots of hatsOur stack currently includes, Unity (using CSharp), to implement the VR / in game experience. We are using Google VR for Unity AKA daydream/cardboard to build for iOS and Android. We are using in house developed 3D and audio assets. We run our own backend and API, written in Go on AWS.

Please send an email to jobs@floreotech.com and mention HN.

Also visit: http://floreotech.com/careers/

mickeyben 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Drivy | Paris, France on site | Full-time | Android Engineer | https://en.drivy.com/jobs | https://drivy.engineering

We believe shared cars are a better way to move around, offering more flexibility and more convenience.

We are already the #1 car rental marketplace in Europe, and we believe the adoption will be 100 times larger in just a few years. We are present in several countries, have great mobile apps, and kick-ass hardware. And we're just getting started.

We're looking for someone who is not only well versed in Android development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX.

Link to the job offer - https://en.drivy.com/jobs/57caa312-85cc-4ab2-b0ba-0402affc5f...

Engineering Blog - https://drivy.engineering

Please apply via the above link and mention Hacker News!

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Takt | Data Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, ONSITE preferred, but REMOTE is an option for senior candidates.Takt also has open positions for Systems and Infrastructure Engineer, Haskell Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Managers/Designers, and more. Check them out at http://takt.com/careers. Here is the Data Engineer job description:

Takt is seeking data engineers to help develop our flagship product. Our platform learns and adapts to people's preferences, habits, and feedbackorchestrating highly relevant experiences that are truly unique to each person. Our vision will change the way people engage across multiple industries, be it retail, finance, or healthcare.

We share your passion for using data to solve complex problems. You understand that legacy code is the work you did yesterday. You'll work in small, self-sufficient teams with a common goal: deliver excellent software anchored in an agile culture of quality, delivery, and innovation. Contact mightybyte at the google mail service for more information.

bogolea 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Simbe Robotics | San Francisco, CA | On-site

Simbe Robotics is currently hiring for a number of robotics-focused engineering roles in the San Francisco Bay Area.

At Simbe, we are automating brick & mortar retail through the use of mobile robots, computer vision, and cloud-based software.

Our first product, Tally, provides retailers unprecedented visibility and insights into the state of their stores. Tally in action: https://vimeo.com/145242961

Current open positions include:

* Computer Vision Software Engineer

* Dev Ops Engineer

* Full Stack Web Software Engineer

* Robotics Software Engineer

* Robotics Research Intern

* Mechanical Engineering Intern

Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/simberobotics.com

Shatnerz 8 hours ago 0 replies      
StreetShares | DevOps Eng. and Frontend/Fullstack Eng. (Python, AngularJS) | Washington, DC (Reston, VA) | Full-time, onsite, http://streetshares.com | $80k-$100k+ and equity

StreetShares is hiring passionate software engineers to build our online lending platform. Engineers will work in a fast paced environment to shape the future of our company. These position will focus on all aspects of our system including application, database, and front end code. The ideal candidate is comfortable being an intricate part of a small agile team, can engage across all functional areas. These positions report to the VP of Product Technology and are based in our Reston, VA headquarters.

You can apply online at https://streetshares.workable.com/

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Andrew at aahlers@streetshares.com

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Hey everyone, sorry if this is a bit off-topic.

Every month I scan the previous months Who Is Hiring thread and build stats around the most popular languages.

Hope someone finds this useful. Constructive feedback welcome.


hazz 12 hours ago 0 replies      
GoCardless (YC S11) | London | DevOps, Data, Backend and Frontend Engineers | Onsite | Full-time | Visa

GoCardless is building a payments network for the internet. Since 2011 we've been focused on simplifying Direct Debit for small and medium companies (who previously had no access to it) and we're now expanding to serve the largest companies (think newspapers, utilities) and connect with existing payment systems in countries all over the world. We already support the UK and Europe and are aiming to expand to more countries over the next year.

As an engineering team at GoCardless we care most about stable, reliable, understandable code. We rely on testing and code review and a culture of frequent constructive feedback. We define and manage our own roadmap and run projects in whatever way works best for us.

Our stack: Rails, Angular, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Docker, Chef.We also have a bit of Go and Python knocking around.

We love learning new things and contributing back to the community. We open source everything we can[1] and regularly host meetups and hackathons at our wheelchair-accessable office in Angel. We have a weekly bookclub within the team and give internal (and external) talks about things that interest us.

Interview process: an intro call, one coding challenge, then a couple of onsite interviews (pair programming and some chats - no whiteboards!)

For more info and to apply: https://gocardless.com/jobs.If you've got any questions, drop me an email (it's in my profile).

[1] Notable examples are Statesman (https://github.com/gocardless/statesman) and Coach (https://github.com/gocardless/coach)

braintree 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Braintree | Developers, DevOps Engineers, Product Managers | San Francisco, Chicago, Remote | Full-time (https://www.braintreepayments.com)

We provide the global commerce tools people need to build businesses, accept payments, and enable commerce for their users. Its the simplest way for entrepreneurs and business owners, to get paid for their great ideas - across any device, and through almost any payment method. Merchants in more than 40 countries worldwide can accept, split, and enable payments in more than 130 currencies using Braintree APIs. We work with Uber, Airbnb, GitHub, Pinterest, Dropbox, Twilio, and many other great startups.

We value aptitude over alma mater, if you're smart, empathetic and know some stuff, we want to work with you. We have daily catered lunches and snacks, two open dev days a month, tracking-free vacations, excellent benefits and competitive pay.

To see open jobs and apply, see: https://www.braintreepayments.com/careers

You can also email me at braintreeco@gmail.com, if you have questions. I won't reply to copypasta.

k70841 2 hours ago 0 replies      
1) Element Science | iOS Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite, Full time: http://www.elementscience.com/assets/senior-ios-engineer--po...

2) Element Science | Backend Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite, Full time: http://www.elementscience.com/assets/senior-backend-engineer...

3) Element Science | UI Design Intern| San Francisco | Onsite, Intern:http://www.elementscience.com/assets/intern-digitalsolutions...

We're a wearables startup building a lifesaving device for people with high risk of cardiac arrest.

We're on series B and backed by Google Ventures and Third Rock Ventures. Our office is about 20 minute walk from Caltrain at 200 Kansas Street. All roles are onsite but many people work remotely a day or two a week.

jkarraker 5 hours ago 0 replies      
ScriptDash | San Francisco, CA | Software Engineer | Full Time - Onsite | https://www.scriptdash.com

At ScriptDash we are using technology to re-design and re-build the pharmacy from the ground up to offer better patient care and improve people's lives. Justin Kan recently named us one of his 3 favorite recent startups (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12618741).

We believe that the status quo in the pharmacy industry is broken and were doing something about it. Were a VC funded ($6 million series A) technology startup based in San Francisco made up of ex-Facebook engineers. We offer free medication delivery in the Bay Area and were building an advanced technology platform to help patients manage and understand their medication therapy. We allow patients to text, call or email their pharmacists with any question and strive to provide an amazing patient experience. The pharmacy experience is completely broken, and we have a huge opportunity to use technology to improve the lives of millions of patients.

Our stack is Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, and Go. Were offering a competitive salary and a generous equity package.

Apply by API! More details at https://scriptdash.com/careers/software_engineer?gh_jid=5536...

atishd 1 hour ago 0 replies      
EquityZen | Engineering Lead | New York City | Full-Time | https://equityzen.com/careers/?englead

Tim Draper & Dave McClure backed, EquityZen is an early-mid stage FinTech firm, bringing private markets to the public. Our platform enables large, private companies to helps their shareholders get cash, while providing investors access to invest in these pre-IPO companies. EquityZen has served 60+ premier tech and digital health companies, and is proud to be considered a liquidity provider by 1 out of 3 of the largest unicorns.https://equityzen.com/press/

We're looking for an Engineering Lead eager to help us as we redefine private markets. Join us if you're looking to work alongside extremely brilliant engineers while rolling up your sleeves, diving into code, and driving our product vision.

Some of the things you'll do: Architect and implement the most secure private placement platform that can scale to trading $1B+ Work closely with experienced developers who love discussing software & security Collaborate with non-engineering teammates to solve difficult practical problems Partner with Founders and Product Lead to set and manage expectations in delivering high quality technology at a fast pace Demonstrable experience building robust infrastructure with our developers and data-driven business tools for other teams Prototype and implement new product ideas with engineers, with initiatives such relying on NLP and ML based prediction Gain exposure to all parts of the venture capital, private equity, and startup ecosystems

Also hiring for:https://equityzen.com/careers/?frontendhttps://equityzen.com/careers/?frontend-internhttps://equityzen.com/careers/?fullstack-intern

slvrspoon 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Abine, Inc. The Online Privacy Co| Full Stack Developers | Boston or remote| Part time or Full-time, Onsite | https://www.abine.com

Especially given this weeks news about the US online privacy laws being curtailed- we are looking for passionate experienced developers who want to fight and make a difference here. Please tell us about yourself and include your cv and project links. Jobs at getabine.com.

sriharis 36 minutes ago 0 replies      
nilenso | senior developer | bangalore | http://nilenso.com, remote

nilenso is an employee-owned software cooperative based out of Bangalore, India. We're looking for people we'd really like to work with, who have enough skill and experience to lead projects and mentor junior folks.

Write to us (moshimoshi@nilenso.com) if you're interested.

tlrobinson 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Metabase | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE, FULL-TIME | http://www.metabase.com/

We're a small team building open source business intelligence tools with a strong focus on user experience.

Clojure backend, React + Redux + ES6 frontend. Nearly all of the work we do is open source. We're looking to hire strong frontend, backend, or generalist engineers.

If you love open source, building beautiful products, and working with data, apply at http://www.metabase.com/jobs

superscalar 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Gambit Research Ltd (http://gambitresearch.com) | London, UK | ONSITE | Full time

At Gambit we research and manage automated sports betting algorithms on behalf of our clients. Their algorithms run on our proprietary execution platform which interfaces with a large variety of bookmakers and exchanges, enabling access to the best prices and massive liquidity.

Our distributed, concurrent system has a core written in Erlang, which interacts with a wide variety of Python processes across the rest of the business. Some of the other technologies we use are: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, C, C++, Julia, R, Go, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Celery, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Graphite, Sentry, Git, GitLab.

We have a very flat hierarchy and an emphasis on employee freedom. We encourage our team to work on projects that interest them, as we believe people are happiest and most productive when intellectually stimulated. You don't need to be interested in sports or betting.

We're actively hiring for the following positions:

 - Software developer 
More information can be found at http://gambitresearch.com/jobs.html

snowmaker 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Y Combinator (yes, the people who run this site) is hiring hackers | San Francisco | Onsite | Fulltime

Y Combinator has a very big vision. This recent article talks about our plans to build a 21st century university: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/10/10/sam-altmans-man...

Here's a secret most people don't know: software is at the core of our plans for how to do this.

We're looking for a couple of great hackers to join a small team in San Francisco. It's not a job for everyone, but it would be a good fit for someone who loves startups. Working at YC, you won't just write code, you'll be involved in everything YC does, from our dinner talks to demo day.

Here's an example of something interesting we built recently: http://themacro.com/articles/2016/08/investor-day-software/

If you're a hacker, send us a note here: http://bit.ly/1Od0T2l. You can also email me with questions: jared@ycombinator.com

dangirsh 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Rigetti Computing | Full-stack Web Engineer | Berkeley, CA | Onsite | Fulltime

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/rigetti/fd6715c9-99fd-4295-b843-c42d82...

Rigetti Computing is developing cloud-deployed quantum computers to solve humanity's most pressing and valuable problems. As a full-stack engineer on the Rigetti software team, youll develop performance tools and web applications that help us configure, test and analyze our quantum computers.

Rigetti engineers are a passionate, dedicated team working across multiple scientific and engineering disciplines including RF electronics, cryogenics, superconducting circuits, mechanical engineering and computer science. We build our software using reliable technologies such as Docker, Flask, Linux, Postgres and Python. Expertise in these areas is a plus but having familiarity with other common web languages and relational databases are fine substitutes. We are looking for engineers who understand that simplicity and reliability are aspects of a system to be carefully evaluated with every technical decision. The full-stack web engineer is a foundational role in our software organization and will form the kernel of a growing web team.

Kinds of projects you would work on over the course of a typical week:

- Prototype a web application for browsing test and measurement data.

- Whiteboard a fix to our production software and then make it happen.

- Work with internal customers on designing and coding a REST API.

- Collaborate with peers to provide feedback on a technical design proposal.

andreyivannikov 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Blackwood Seven | Python Backend/Full-Stack/App Support | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE, VISA | Full-time

I'm a Python backend developer at Blackwood Seven's Los Angeles office. We are a media analytics company utilizing AI. The LA office mainly works with data ingestion and is looking to expand the team. The openings we have are:

Python Backend: https://boards.greenhouse.io/blackwoodseven/jobs/585436

Full-Stack: https://boards.greenhouse.io/blackwoodseven/jobs/585430

Application Support: https://boards.greenhouse.io/blackwoodseven/jobs/612844

We use: Python 3.4, PySpark, AWS (S3, DynamoDB, SQS, Lambda, ...)

Our interview process is a phone screen followed by one to two hour onsite white boarding session or Google Hangouts with CodePair if interviewing remotely.

Please apply through links above. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions (Andrey: andrey.ivannikov at blackwoodseven dot com).

RichardPrice 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Academia.edu | Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite

Academia.edu is addressing two problems:

- Open access. The goal here is to put every academic pdf ever written on the internet, available for free.

- The reproducibility crisis. It has emerged over the last few years that 65-90% of the scientific literature is not reproducible. What this means is that if you try to reproduce the experiments described in a paper, 65-90% of the time you will not get the same findings. This is known as "the reproducibility crisis"

With regard to open access, Academia allows academics to upload papers to Academia, and make them freely available. Academics have uploaded about 16 million pdfs to Academia.edu, and upload about 1 million a month. About 30 million people come to Academia each month to access and share papers.

With regard to reproducibility, we think the way to solve the reproducibility crisis is to build a new peer review system that (a) crowd-sources peer review from the academic community and (b) provides credit to material that journals don't publish (data-sets, code, replications, failed replications).

Academia has built a recommendation system which is the basis of our approach to (a) and (b). We realize that addressing reproducibility is a huge challenge. We need mission-driven engineers to come and help us. We have raised $28 million from Tencent, Khosla Ventures, Spark Capital, and True Ventures. Bijan Sabet from Spark Capital writes "We believe open science is really important. We believe Academia.edu is going to have a profound impact on the world."

We are looking to hire full stack software engineers. Technologies we use include Ruby, Rails, Postgres, DynamoDB, React. Our office is in downtown San Francisco. For more information, visit http://academia.edu/hiring. If you are interested to learn more, please email Richard Price at richard [at] academia.edu

zackm 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Magoosh | Senior Engineer and Full Stack Engineer | Berkeley, CA | Full-time, ONSITE https://magoosh.com/careers

Magoosh is fixing a broken test prep industry.

Why should students have to put up with exorbitant prices for boring test prep classes and books that might not even work? Our mission is simple: create products that give students everywhere access to enjoyable, affordable, and quality test prep. We help millions study at their own pace, on their own time regardless of location, social status, or background.

Were looking for a software engineers (senior or mid-level) to join our small team (just 2!), and help millions of students study online and on the go. Both of our engineers are full-stack, but we don't require extensive front-end experience to apply. So far we use Rails and React Native, and we're hosted on AWS.

If you're passionate about education, please check us out! Get a feel for our company and apply here: http://magoosh.com/careers

Feel free to email me (zack@magoosh.com) or our recruitment manager Meghan (meghan@magoosh.com) if you have any questions!

josephpmay 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Mira Labs | Unity, iOS, Frontend, Backend, UX/UI Designers, Data Scientists | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

Mira Labs is looking to hire talented and experienced iOS engineers, Unity engineers, back-end web developers, UX/UI designers, and data scientists to help build out our augmented reality platform.

About Mira:

Mira Labs is building the future of consumer-facing computing by designing an accessible augmented reality platform for anyone.

We're a stealth Los Angeles-based startup with backing from some of the top VC firms and angels in the tech and entertainment industries. We like to approach problems from a design-thinking approach: although our team all has technical backgrounds, we believe the best solutions come from understanding our users.

Join us in our efforts to turn the visions of tomorrow into a reality today.

Who we're looking for:

Our priority right now is hiring Unity engineers who have experience working on AR and VR projects. You should be fluent in C#, know how to work with APIs and SDKs, and have experience creating and shipping maintainable SDKs. Ideal candidates with have a strong understanding of mobile optimization, experience working with external input devices, and experience with spatial animation. Skills that are not required but are a plus include iOS/Unity integration experience, experience with networking cross-platform devices, mobile sensor integration, experience writing shaders, computer vision integration and development, and experience with IoT connectivity.

We're also looking to hire web developers with frontend and backend experience, 3D UX designers, data scientists, and iOS engineers (with both Swift and Objective C experience).

If you're interested in applying or have any questions, shoot me an email at joseph [at] miralabs [dot] io

andrest 12 hours ago 0 replies      
The Farmer's Dog | Software Engineer | New York | https://www.thefarmersdog.com/ | Onsite | 90-140k + equity

The Farmers Dog is a VC backed direct-to-consumer pet health brand on a mission to disrupt the $60 Billion pet food industry. Our products are human-quality, personalized and manufactured on demand.

Even though we don't sound like a typical tech company we take pride in development. Were building a subscription based e-commerce business from the ground up and have plenty of interesting problems to solve. Our aim is to offer a seamless subscription experience through on-time production, customized products and best in class customer support. We have CI and CD processes in place, and make use of docker-based microservices via Iron.io. We have plenty of challenges to tackle from predictive analysis to optimizing fulfillment operations.

We're looking for a senior Software Engineer who's comfortable writing backend code and dealing with docker and aws. Our stack is react (and redux), node, postgres, docker and aws. We also have openings for Junior/Senior CX and Senior Ops positions.

If this sounds like you reach out at info+hn@thefarmersdog.com

haack 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Improbable | Software Engineer | San Francisco, London | https://improbable.io

I'm a software engineer at Improbable. We're building SpatialOS, a distributed operating system that facilitates simulation on an unprecedented scale. My team is responsible for taking SpatialOS and helping corporations and governments ask huge, "what if" questions of the real world.We're backed by A16Z and partnered with Google (https://techcrunch.com/2016/12/13/improbable-teams-with-goog...).

In addition to a wide range of engineering roles in our rapidly growing London office, we've just opened a new office in San Francisco in which we're looking to hire software engineers, community managers and product managers.A full list of roles is available at https://improbable.io/careers/opportunities

If you're at all interested, drop me an email at alexhaak@improbable.io

elwatto 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Elevate (Apple App of the Year) | iOS Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | elevateapp.com

Elevate is a cognitive training tool that was the recipient of Apple's App of the Year award and Google's Editors' Choice distinction. It has been downloaded more than 13 million times, helping users around the world build critical communication and analytical skills.

We're looking for an experienced mobile developer who has a passion for building great user interfaces, knows the value of small details and believes in software that helps its users. We are an agile team looking to make our customers' lives better by building the future of cognitive training and proactive mental health.


* Working closely with product, games, and content teams to build great mobile experiences

* Keeping up with platform changes and adapting Elevate as they happen


* Deliciously healthy chef-cooked meals

* Equity

* Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance

* 401k plan

To learn more or apply, please visit http://elevateapp.theresumator.com/

macey 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Osper | Senior Backend Engineer | London, UK | VISA ONSITE

Osper (https://osper.com) is mobile banking for young people aged 8-18. We give children the power to manage their money, and parents the confidence to let them. We've already helped tens of thousands of young people learn what it means to spend and save in the digital world. We are growing fast, and need to expand our team.We are looking for an experienced backend developer with DevOps skills. Our infrastructure is built on python (2 and 3) and Flask; postgresql and dynamo db; docker/ECS for deployment. We integrate with quite a few third-parties for transaction processing/card payments/subscriptions/kyc checks etc.Compensation: 60,000 - 80,000 + stock optionsYou can apply at https://osper.workable.com/jobs/415580 or contact me directly with questions.

JonnyB_Amazon 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Amazon | Full Stack Engineers & Development Managers - On-site Only | Edinburgh, UK | Relocation Assistance Available | Full Time | Visa Sponsorship available

Amazon development Centre (Scotland) is looking for experienced software developers with strong technical ability, a focus on the customer experience, great teamwork and communication skills, and a motivation to achieve results in a fast-paced environment. We are also looking for some experienced Development Managers to lead these teams.

Our development centre in Edinburgh is responsible for devising and growing innovations for Amazon around the world. Small teams of developers, designers and leaders run major parts of Amazons business, technology and operations. From interactive UI design to large-scale distributed systems and machine learning, we do whatever it takes to deliver great products and experiences for our customers.

Our work is characterised by high scale, complexity and the need for invention. We offer great opportunities to work on big data, machine learning and high-scale, low-latency distributed systems. We use a wide variety of languages including Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript; Open Source technologies including Linux, Ruby on Rails, and AngularJS; and we build on top of Amazons world-leading AWS platform.

For more information take a look at our microsite - http://www.amazondc.com

Feel free to get in touch with me contact details in my profile - if you are interested in having an informal chat about roles here.

(Please note, I only recruit for the Edinburgh Dev Centre, so cannot help you with other roles/locations)

vikp 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Dataquest | Data Science/Data Engineering Instructor | San Francisco | Remote okay | $90k-$120k + equity

At Dataquest (www.dataquest.io), we teach data science and data engineering to thousands of students around the world every day. We teach the concepts behind the code, then help students build projects until everything clicks. We get results -- we've had students get jobs at companies like SpaceX, and our NPS is around 60.

We don't believe in skimming the surface of concepts so that students just know what to type. We build intuition around complicated ideas like random forests from the ground up. We walk students through building their own algorithms, so we can help them understand the tradeoffs and limitations of techniques. We help students build projects, so they can solidify their knowledge and get real-world experience.

We're looking for someone to help us extend and enhance our curriculum. This involves writing instructional content, creating projects, thinking about how to improve how we teach, mentoring students directly, and getting feedback from students to improve our teaching methods.

We're looking for someone who's passionate about teaching, and shares our mission to give people access to high quality education at a low cost. You'll have a lot of latitude to shape how we teach, and to help build a personalized educational platform. We're bootstrapped and profitable, so this is also a chance to learn more about the business side.

This is a great role if you want a make huge impact on the world, grow a business, and rapidly expand your skillset.

If this is interesting, please email vik at dataquest.io.

bramgeenen25 11 hours ago 2 replies      
Wevolver | Senior skilled Full Stack Developer | REMOTE & ONSITE | Amsterdam | Full Time

Javascript (Angular/React)






Im Bram Geenen, co-founder of Wevolver, and if you are skilled, highly motivated, and keen to make a big positive impact, then our team might be a great place for you.

Wevolver = Github for Hardware

We work with the best technical and creative people, who have a lot of autonomy. Collaborating with a team of people who excite, grow, and surprise you every day, whilst crafting a great product is how we think work should be.Wevolver is mission-driven: prioritizing making a positive impact on people's lives and our society and we strongly believe in our goal of enabling anyone, anywhere to develop hardware technology.We're a transparent organization, heavily involved in open source.

We provide a collaboration platform for hardware development. Our platform is used globally by engineers to collaborate on both open-source and private projects.

Wevolver has a strong support network of advisors and recently raised an angel round from investors in Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands.Winner of: The Accenture Innovation Award. SXSW 2016 Innovation Award. Fast Company listed Wevolver in the Top Most Innovative Web-platforms among Slack, Facebook and IBM Watson.

Our stack is listed above. We are currently on Angular 1 and will either upgrade or move to React (a decision which you can influence)Salary range: $40K $120K 2.0% 7.0% (depending on location & experience)Job details: https://goo.gl/Zwkh4X

Looking forward to hearing from you!

AdsEnv 3 hours ago 0 replies      
ADS Environmental | Full-Stack Developers | Huntsville, AL | Remote or Relo, US, Full-Time, www.adsenv.com

ADS is helping create a cleaner and safer environment by bringing exceptional insight and intelligence to municipalities around the world through our hardware and software products. We're very passionate about the products we create because of the positive effects it will have on millions of people around the globe.

Tech Stack:

 Front End: Angular2, TypeScript, Google Material Design Backend: ASP.NET Core (C#) Public Cloud: Azure
Interview Process: We've hired from HackerNews successfully before. Phone call first, remote coding session, then if all goes well, we'll bring you on-site for interviews and to meet the team.

Positions We Need:

 -Someone who is strong in Angular2/TypeScript and can lead a front-end team -Someone who is strong at backend microservices with ASP.NET Core and C#. Ideally also well versed in DevOps and/or unit testing. -Business Analyst / Product Owner that's great at decomposing high-level product features into actionable software requirements for the dev team, experienced at managing product backlogs with VSTS or TFS, and can help coordinate sprints (position required to be onsite, relo assistance available).

Email tposey .a.t. idexcorp.com or check us out at idexcorp.com/careers

fheisler 10 hours ago 0 replies      
White Hat Academy | web development, networking & security | Washington, DC | REMOTE

I am currently a startup of one, looking for my first few hires (part-time contract, possibly a large/founding full-time role depending on the match).

The platform teaches IT + cybersecurity skills through a Codecademy-like interface using containers; it also allows employers to automate technical interviews using custom assessments (similar to HackerRank, but with more full-system functionality instead of coding puzzles and limited simulations).

Looking for significant experience with more than one of the following:

 - Web development (Node) - Containers (Docker) - Networking (building secure virtual networks)
Email me (Fletcher) at our site (whitehat.academy) if this sounds interesting. Contact me for a demo link; it's live and functional, but not scalable or secure enough yet to share openly on HN!

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Heap | Software Engineer | San Francisco | REMOTE https://heapanalytics.com/jobs

Heap is building analytics infrastructure for web and mobile. Unlike other tools, which require you to manually instrument code, Heap captures all user actions automatically, and then lets you answer questions retroactively. Instead of writing a bunch of new tracking code every time you want to answer a question, the data is already in Heap waiting to be analyzed.As an engineer at Heap, you will work on our in-house distributed system that ingests billions of events a week and processes queries over 100s of terabytes of data in seconds. To learn more about our distributed system, see our talks at PGConf [1] or our recent blog post on how we index our data [2].

We have a small eng team made up of 13 engineers, nine in San Francisco, and four scattered around the globe.Our interview process consists of a one hour technical phone interview, a three hour takehome problem, and a full day onsite in which you'll build a fake-but-plausible Heap feature.

We enjoy talking to everyone who interviews, so please apply: https://heapanalytics.com/jobs

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJLq3GV1Dyk

[2] https://blog.heapanalytics.com/running-10-million-postgresql...

JMCQ87 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Minodes (http://www.minodes.com/) | Berlin, Germany (ONSITE) | full-time & interns | Visa | Software/Data Engineers, Data Scientists

Minodes is a startup in the retail analytics space. Based in the heart of Berlin, we provide (offline) retailers innovative solutions to understand their business better, enhance their customers' in-store shopping experience, and bridge the gap between online and offline using machine learning approaches.

We are an international team of ~35 highly motivated people from various backgrounds. From a technology perspective, we have thousands of our devices installed in our customers' retail stores around the world and a server infrastructure to manage these devices and to process the terabytes of data that they are producing via machine learning algorithms.

Our tech stack consists of Python (and Golang) for data processing and analysis, and Cassandra and Postgres for data storage. We offer a great opportunity for personal and professional growth in a multicultural environment. We work, learn and develop while having lots of fun on the way. The usual perks (drinks, breakfast, nice office, ) are included. We're also happy to help with visa and relocation where necessary.

We are looking for a wide range of people to join our team, including:

Software Engineers (Backend/Python/Go, Frontend/JS/React/Redux and others): https://minodes-jobs.personio.de/?language=en#category-1735

Data Scientists: https://minodes-jobs.personio.de/?language=en#category-1733

Business Intelligence specialists: https://minodes-jobs.personio.de/?language=en#category-1731

You can find even more jobs, including internships, here: https:/www.minodes.com/jobs

No recruiters please.

rwalker 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Apple, Inc. | Cupertino

Apples Siri is looking for exceptional engineers, designers, and project managers well versed in machine learning, natural language, speech recognition, server automation, and/or mobile software development. Siri is used on countless iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices and handles over a billion requests per week.

If youre passionate about music, developing internal tools, building platforms or one of a variety of our open positions, youll be right at home!

Apply online or send a resume and a feature request to brittanyd@apple.com.

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SupplyPike | Frontend, Backend, Devops Engineers | Fayetteville Arkansas | ONSITE (https://angel.co/supplypike/jobs/)

SupplyPike is the fastest growing emerging technology company in Northwest Arkansas focusing on creating new and innovative ways to solve problems in Logistics and Supply Chain. The team grew from 1 engineer to over 20 engineers in just over a year. We plan to continue to grow at that rate.

Some of our stack: https://stackshare.io/supplypike/default

Frontend: JavaScript, React, Angular, Aurelia, TypeScript, websockets, etc.

Backend: Node.Js, GraphQL, Python, Mongo, Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, etc.

Infrastructure: Microservices, docker, Kubernetes, AWS, terraform, prometheus, etc.

Interview process: 2-3 hour technical interview.

Questions/resumes: kanat [at] casestack.io

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Coffee Meets Bagel | iOS Engineer, Senior Data Scientist | San Francisco | Full-Time | ONSITE https://coffeemeetsbagel.com/jobs/

Hey Im Karim, CTO at Coffee Meets Bagel. Im looking to hire an iOS engineer and a Senior Data Scientist to work on our best in class dating app.

We currently have 2 engineers on the iOS team and 2 members on the data team and were growing both!

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that focuses on quality over quantity. We're growing fast and looking for great engineers to help build new features and scale out our platform globally.

We have a super fun office near Union Square right off the BART line and you'd get to work with a bunch of very smart, driven, passionate, and fun people all dedicated to helping our users find love!

Data Science: https://jobs.lever.co/coffeemeetsbagel/e90ee127-646e-43b8-a6... iOS: https://jobs.lever.co/coffeemeetsbagel/4f404064-3c3e-4acf-a8...

Check out our engineering blog to learn more!:http://tech.coffeemeetsbagel.com

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Twine | Full-Stack Developer, Data Scientist | New York, NY | Part-time, onsite https://www.twinelabs.com

Twine helps companies hire from within. Our algorithms recommend high-potential employees for open roles, enabling HR/Talent execs to reduce attrition and save massively on hiring.

We just signed up our first Fortune 1000 customers and are looking for experienced developers to work part-time but onsite (20-40 hrs/week, midtown Manhattan). Weve had success in the past with senior engineers in-between gigs or looking for freelance work.

Current openings:- Full stack [Django/Postgres]- Data science [Python(scikit)/R]

You know how to build secure, scalable, enterprise-strength software. You also know the (high) quality and value of your work, and you work for market rates.

Please send a portfolio/resume to careers@twinelabs.com if interested.

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Factual | Engineers and data lovers | Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai | www.factual.com/jobs#openings

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factuals location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factuals real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Bing, Apple, Facebook and Groupon.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

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San Francisco; Full Time; Onsite

I'm the cofounder of Figma (https://www.figma.com), a startup in San Francisco building a browser-based collaborative design tool to improve the way designers and developers work together. We're a small team (~25) and we're looking for talented engineers (https://www.figma.com/careers) who are interested in tackling hard technical problems with smart people and building a product that startups will rely on.

If you want to see what we value, you might find these interesting:

- First principles thinking: https://medium.com/figma-design/introducing-vector-networks-...

- Pushing the web to the limit: https://medium.com/figma-design/building-a-professional-desi...

Upcoming/ongoing projects:

- Develop a plugin ecosystem from the ground up

- Build a community of design content and tools from scratch

- Cross-document shared symbols

- Multiplayer editing infrastructure (realtime simultaneous editing)

Our tech stack: C++, Emscripten, Node, TypeScript, React, WebGL, Ruby, Sinatra

If you're interested in learning more about what we're working on or want to meet up to talk about any of my other projects (http://madebyevan.com/), you can email me at wallace@figma.com.

janpaul123 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Remix (YC W15) | Backend, full-stack, algorithm engineers, and more | San Francisco | ONSITE, VISA

Join us in building a real-life SimCity.

Today, cities use pen and paper to make planning decisions that affect millions of people's lives. We think there's a better way. We've built a web-based platform that helps city planners make much smarter decisions.

Originally started at Code for America, we're now working with 200+ cities including Atlanta, Sydney, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Reykjavik, and Seattle. All in just two years. Learn more about our product at http://remix.com.

Were looking for engineers across our stack to write robust code that drives the worlds first transit planning platform. We use:

- Mapping: OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Mapzen, Leaflet, TWKB, GTFS, PostGIS, ogr2ogr

- Back-end: Ruby, Rails, Python, Flask, PuLP, COIN-OR Branch and Cut solver (CBC), Cython, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, Redis

- Front-end: React, Webpack (with Hot Module Replacement), ES6/Babel, LESS, CSS Modules, Yarn

- Testing: CircleCI, RSpec, Approvals, WebMock, puffing-billy, Capybara, Jasmine, Happo, Browserstack, Overcommit, Codecov (>75% coverage front+back-end)

Youll work on (for example):

- The scheduling algorithm that turns a Remix map into work sheets for bus drivers

- Visualisations for use in public meetings, such as the Jane (Jacobs) isochrones tool (https://blog.remix.com/remixs-isochrone-visualizes-travel-ti...)

- Our geo-database of open data (transit and census)

- Live-updating costing models and simulations

- Our demographics tool that helps transit agencies serve their communities equitably (per the Civil Rights Act of 1964)

Go to http://remix.com/jobs to apply and to see all our openings (design, data, sales, customer success, etc). We are committed to a workplace that reflects the community we serve. We especially encourage women, people of color, and others who are underrepresented in the tech industry to apply.

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Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE, FULLTIME

Sourcegraph is the best way to read and understand code. As a programmer, you spend hours every day trying to answer simple questions like "How do I use this library?", "What functions already exist?", and "What's going on in this changeset?" Sourcegraph makes exploring the world's code as painless as searching and browsing the web. We're a small team founded by Stanford and Palantir alums. Our users and customers span programmers across the world, influential open-source authors, and major companies. Our technical challenges include scaling code analysis and search to every codebase in the world.

Stack: Go, TypeScript, React (with GraphQL), Docker + Kubernetes

Open roles: * Senior Software Engineer, Core: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sourcegraph/jobs/204608 * Senior Software Engineer, Growth: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sourcegraph/jobs/497073

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 AdGear - ONSITE - Backend Engineer (Erlang, C, Rust) - Montreal - FullTime AdGear - ONSITE - Data Engineer (Scala, Java)- Montreal - FullTime AdGear - ONSITE - Javascript Application Engineer (TypeScript, Knockout.js) - Montreal - FullTime AdGear - ONSITE - Ruby Application Engineer (Ruby) - Montreal - FullTime 
AdGear is a digital advertising technology company providing platforms and services for digital media innovators such as publishers, advertisers, and media agencies. We operate a full-stack advertising platform enabling our customers to innovate with formats, audience data, reporting, pricing and distribution strategies.

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

bostik 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE (London, UK; now also Santa Monica, California)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, in our beautiful office in St. Katharine Docks. If our US location tickles your fancy, you get to help setting up a brand new office too.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly on Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

Our entire production is in AWS. In fact, Smarkets was the first gambling operator under the Maltese regulator to get permission to run everything in the cloud. We push the envelope where needed and educate auditors when necessary.

We are looking for engineering talent in the following roles:

* Senior Infrastructure Engineer

* Frontend Software Engineers (London, Los Angeles); React knowledge is a plus

* Software Engineers (London, Los Angeles)

* Web Developer, to join our marketing team

* QA Engineer

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/careers/ . (Some time ago I wrote an overview about our engineering challenges, which you can find at https://smarketshq.com/the-challenges-of-running-a-betting-e...)

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HelloFresh | Berlin, Germany | Fulltime | Onsite

Backend developer | PHP/Go/Python/JavaScript | http://grnh.se/3tk6a71

Front-end Engineer | HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Node.js/React/Angular/Vue.js | http://grnh.se/u6ta8m1

Full Stack Engineer | PHP/Go/Python/JavaScript | http://grnh.se/63cpie1

... http://grnh.se/78kgun1

At HelloFresh, we want to change the way people eat. Over the past 5 years we've seen this mission spread beyond our wildest dreams. So, how did we do it? Our weekly recipe boxes full of exciting recipes and lovingly sourced, fresh ingredients have blossomed into a community of inspired, energised home cooks that expands across the globe. Were now active and growing in 9 different countries in 3 continents.

Our story started in Berlin. As Europes tech hub, and the home of our global headquarters, its a dynamic, progressive environment where innovation is nurtured and promoted. Since we started, weve worked exceptionally hard and weve received almost US$ 300 million in investment which together have allowed us to create an award winning product and become one of the top 3 largest companies to come out of Europe over the past 4 years.

As a member of HelloTech youll be exposed to a modern technology stack and a slick cross functional agile team setup. We have developed a refined product and provide scalability on a global level. Join our HelloTech team and help us to build a fresh food global champion!

jscalisi 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Grail | Software Engineer | Menlo Park, CA | Onsite

GRAILs mission is to detect cancer early, when it can be cured. We are looking for people who are inspired to make a global impact, to push the boundaries of science, to shape the future of medicine, to commit to something bigger than themselves

Software Engineer (Front-end, Back-end:) https://goo.gl/Ca4t0a

Machine Learning: https://goo.gl/laoyvF

Product Management: https://goo.gl/t7vNfo

Security: https://goo.gl/QGhVxe

* Please include a short note mentioning you saw the posting on HN.

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LendUp | Senior Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA

LendUps mission is to provide anyone with a path to better financial health. We build technology, credit products and educational experiences for the 56% of the US population who are currently shut out of mainstream banking because of poor credit or income volatility. In other words, we work with the credit challenged.

Apply here: http://grnh.se/nw3bjv1

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Ubimet | C++/Python Developer | Vienna, Austria | ONSITE

Ubimet is a leading weather service providers in Europe. We're experts in meteorology and issue customized weather forecasts for several million private and industrial customers. Together with our shareholder (Red Bull), we pursue the goal to be the weather service with the world's best quality forecasts.

We're looking for a C++/Python developer to work on interesting problems at the intersection of big data, realtime services, and scientific computing. We offer a great work environment in the city with the highest quality of living worldwide (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercer_Quality_of_Living_Surve...). If you have to move, we offer a relocation package and take care of any visa formalities.

We especially encourage women, people of color, and others who are underrepresented in the tech industry to apply.

If you're interested, check out http://www.ubimet.com and apply at https://career2.successfactors.eu/career?career%5fns=job%5fl...

dorsma 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Startgrid | Full Stack Software Engineer | Burlingame CA; Denver CO | REMOTE

Startgrid's platform is being used by some of the world's largest enterprises to dramatically accelerate the sourcing and delivery of external innovation.

The Full Stack Software Engineer (React, NodeJS, Django, GoLang) will be working collaboratively with our Product Management and Engineering teams to develop and add meaningful features to our platform. The right candidate will be results focused with a proven ability to deliver intuitive applications that foster collaboration and provide detailed analytics & reporting. If you're looking for an exciting position at an early stage startup developing Enterprise Grade software, this may be a good position for you!

We have a small but talented team with a collaborative, friendly working dynamic located in a nice office in Burlingame, with a distributed team in the US and beyond. If you're passionate about startups, entrepreneurship, and building really awesome technology, we'd love to hear from you!

If you think you may be a good fit, please shoot us an email at engrjobs@startgrid.com and let us know a bit about yourself and what you're looking for.

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Bell Curve [http://BellCurve.com] | Remote | Part- or full-time | Assistant Growth Marketer

We're a startup growth agency. We act as the in-house CMO for fast-growing tech startups, including a few YC ones!

We need a remote assistant growth marketer. $30 USD/hr. We'll teach you growth to an advanced degree, including all the modern user acquisition tactics. Prior knowledge not required.

Job entails:

- Helping us create Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ad variations and assessing their performance (we'll teach you how)

- Helping us A/B test our clients' sites (we'll teach you how)

- Edit/compile ad imagery in Sketch (we'll teach you how you don't have to be a designer)

Shoot me (Julian Shapiro) an email at asst@bellcurve.com. Well chat on Skype then progress to a quick sample project (fully paid). No formal job app required.

More about me: I'm the creator of Velocity.js and I write guides at Julian.com. Hope to hear from you!

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EasyPost | San Francisco | Full-time | Onsite | Senior Software Engineer

EasyPost is a fast growing startup that provides a RESTful API to revolutionize the entire shipping process for e-commerce companies.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer with Ruby on Rails, Python, or Go experience to join the EasyPost team. If you love to code, want to build APIs, and work on a small team of collaborative developers to build meaningful products, then wed love to meet you!

Check out our API: https://www.easypost.com/docs/api.html

We can offer you a competitive base salary, equity, comprehensive benefits,and flexible work hours/PTO.Our interview process includes one phone call and then one onsite technical meeting with the rest of the team.

Please apply on our jobs page and we will contact you: https://jobs.lever.co/easypost

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Raise.me | Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Lead iOS Engineer, Product Manager | San Francisco, CA | Onsite, Full-time

Raise.me is expanding access to higher education by reinventing how students earn scholarship dollars from colleges (https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/29/raise-me-grabs-12-million-...). We just closed a Series A from top investors like Redpoint and First Round Capital, and and are growing our team rapidly. If you're an engineer looking to work with other smart and passionate individuals on the mission of helping all high school students achieve their college ambitions, get in touch! We offer a meaningful equity stake along with great benefits and competitive pay.

Tech stack: Ruby/Rails, Node microservices, Go microservices, React.js/Redux frontend

Here are the listings: https://www.raise.me/jobs and here is a bit about life at Raise.me: https://medium.com/@raiseme/life-raise-me-69d546d65c6b

Apply to jobs[AT]raise.me or you can email me directly at yefim[AT]raise.me.

thomasfromcdnjs 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Listium | Front-end or Full-stack Developer | Melbourne, Australia | ONSITE Full-Time

Were looking for a senior developer with 3+ years working with Javascript, and experience with singe-page apps. A good understanding of React is also suggested, although if youre a proven fast learner that might work. We use a very modern stack (Node, React, Postgres) and have a small team of outstanding developers. If you like technical challenges, working with smart people, having significant input at all stages of the process, and no committees to get in the way, you should take a quick look at our jobs page at: https://angel.co/listium/jobs. We are funded, and offer generous equity packages.


dmangot 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Papertrail (Solarwinds) | Lead Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) | San Francisco | ONSITE

http://bit.ly/2krNaNmFor more information, email dmangot[at]librato[dot]com with the subject line [Hacker News Papertrail Ops]

If your idea of fun is ingesting terabytes and terabytes of data 24 hours a day, then we've got the job for you. Papertrail is looking for a lead SRE to help build, improve, and manage our high performance stream processing pipeline. This is truly one of those jobs where you and your developers/ops friends can use the tool you operate every single day.

The Papertrail stack is largely Ruby, Java, Scala, and MySQL. Lots and lots of MySQL. This is your opportunity to come in and lead a small SRE team at a company that is growing every month. Plus, with the backing of Solarwinds behind it, there are no worries about running out of VC funding, or where the next round is coming from. We're a small distributed team where everyone writes code, operating an existing successful business and we're looking for the next piece of the puzzle to collaborate in taking our SRE practices to the next level.

If this sounds interesting to you, we'd love to open up a conversation about whether we're a good match, setup some interviews and a coding test. You can find the contact info above.

About the company:Papertrail manages billions of log messages for operations-savvy companies. Papertrail provides time-saving log tools, flexible system groups, team-wide access, long-term archives, charts and analytics exports, monitoring webhooks, and 45-second setup. It's all your logs in one place, and it "just works". Papertrail is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solarwinds, Inc.

njay 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Hipmunk | San Francisco | ONSITE

Looking for Full-Stack, Backend, Site Reliability, and Machine Learning engineers.


Travel is a huge industry and we're shaking it up. We consistently lead the pack in every measure of customer love (net promoter scores, app store ratings, etc) because delightful customer experiences in travel are why we exist. We value the same high standards in our code and people. We value learning and growth (and not having bored people) and invest regular time in doing so. For example, every quarter we have one week of open time for you to spend becoming a better engineer. Our stack is built on PostgreSQL, Redis, Python, nginx, HBase, Coffeescript, React/Redux, ES6, Swift, and a few more things.

We hire diverse, well-rounded, communicative people we can envision being friends with and trusting. Our projects tend to be 1-2 engineers max so trust and accountability is required for us to work. Also helps us keep processes & overhead low. We appreciate that we've built a reasonably-sized, high-powered team so far (55 employees incl. 30 engineers) and are always striving to be the best place to work for them. We're looking for folks that love all of the above and will help us keep our standards high.

You can go to www.hipmunk.com/jobs if you're interested!

wglb 12 hours ago 0 replies      
kCura | Sr. Software Engineer | Chicago, IL; Reston, VA; Krakow, Poland | Full-time, Flexible REMOTE | https://www.kcura.com/join-the-team/available-positions/

Product: Relativity, handles large volumes of data and helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies solve their own unique data problems.

Why: To fulfill the vision we set for our product, Relativity: to simplify and accelerate how the world conducts e-discovery by bringing the entire process and community together in one open, flexible, connected platform.

Vision: Our mission is to help our customers organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. Building great e-discovery software for managing massive volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations.

Stack (Reston, VA): Java, Scala, JVM, Linux, REST, GIT, Akka, Jenkins, Bamboo

Stack (Chicago & Krakow, PL): C#, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL Server, Azure, REST, Chef, Powershell

Core Values: Be humble and stay hungry, Be an excellent communicator, Exceed the expectations of your customers and your colleagues, Hold yourself and your colleagues accountable, Enjoy and be great at your job, Embrace the talents of your colleagues and our customers, Do more with less

==Team== Founder and owner: Andrew Sieja, CEO Advisor: ICONIQ Capital


Phone call [30 min] >> Code Challenge (2 hour, at home, fun coding exercise) >> Interview in office to meet the team (3 hours) >> Decision communicated to you within 24 hours

==Contact== mmcfarland@kcura.com

iamtheneal 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Square, Inc. | Software Engineer, Mobile Security | New York (preferred), San Francisco (for senior or exceptional candidates) | https://squareup.com/careers Square's Mobile Security team is hiring in our SoHo, NYC office. We're a full-stack engineering team building Square's software tamper detection and remote attestation system.


What we do:

 research iOS and Android attacks and countermeasures build backend services to filter and analyze system-level telemetry from the millions of devices running our software develop heuristics and models to detect malicious activity collaborate with Square's mobile, hardware, and anti-fraud teams

Why it's cool:

 We work across many disciplines: security, mobile, backend, data infrastructure, data science. Our system is critical: without it, some Square products couldn't exist. Several companies have built systems like this; ours is the most advanced. We catch real hackers and criminals.

Who we're looking for: reverse engineers familiar with C

 mobile engineers familiar with C and with Android or iOS internals an engineering manager (NYC only)

Tech we use: C, Java, Objective-C, Python, Ruby MySQL, Vertica, Spark


If this matches your background and interests, we'd love to talk to you -- email me at neal@squareup.com

danielamc 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Uken Games| Toronto | Full-time on-site| http://www.uken.com

Uken is looking for talented developers to help us build amazing mobile games. In particular, we have positions available for:

Backend Developers

Help us scale our backend to enable a million concurrent players by creating the infrastructure and services (SOA) that underly all of our games.

Software Developers

Join one of our game teams to build something that millions of people will play and love. Primary tech is Unity.

About Uken

We are one of the largest independent game studios in Canada, with hundreds of thousands of players a day across mobile and Facebook.

More info including full job postings at http://uken.com

nolamesa 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Scribd | Senior Backend Engineer | San Francisco | VISA | ONSITE

Scribd is a reading subscription that gives you access to the best books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Our mission is to re-imagine the way the world reads.

Our team is looking for smart engineers to work on recommendations, search, and payments (no experience in these areas required). We are a small team which means you can have a ton of impact and bring in your own ideas. We work on an ambitious project to organize all the books in the world and use it to take book discovery to the next level.

Scribd has a very friendly, engineering-driven company culture, is profitable, and well funded. We are ambitious but at the same time we value a good work life balance.

Stack: Ruby on Rails (we are one of the largest Rails sites), Go, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Spark (Scala). But we care way more about your personality and hacking skills than what languages you've used so far.

Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YC companies, probably more than from any other startup our size. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire.

If you have questions you can reach me at nikos at scribd.com. I am happy to answer any question related to this role. Please apply directly via https://boards.greenhouse.io/scribd/jobs/76768. NB, we are also hiring for a lot of other positions: https://www.scribd.com/about/jobs.

brianr 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco or REMOTE | Dir. Product Marketing, Entry-level Software Engineer

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability.

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time.

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Kayak, Twilio, Heroku, Zendesk, Instacart and Twitch.

* We're a 19-person team (SF, LA, Las Vegas, Fort Worth, Barcelona, Nomad) building tools that make developers' lives better.

* Benefits and perks: competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k, annual conference budget, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team-oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're looking for:

* Director of Product Marketing

* Entry-level Software Engineer

To get in touch, please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

KurtisL 4 hours ago 0 replies      
SigOpt | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Full time/Onsite

Small team working on everything from machine learning to javascript.

SigOpt is building a cloud-based ensemble of optimization tools that is proven and integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure. We're used by globally recognized leaders within the insurance, credit card, algorithmic trading and consumer packaged goods industries.

We're looking for generalists who feel comfortable working on everything from machine learning pipelines to javascript to join our small but growing team. Our stack is built on tested and popular tools like postgres, python, AWS, node, react. We prefer versatile developers over experts in a single field.

Responsibilities:-Work with customer success and the research engineers to design, build and ship new features in the API-Design, build and continue to improve the SigOpt web experience, from account administration to cutting edge visualizations-Champion usability and clean design across the website and API, maintaining the high bar that our customers continue to give us positive feedback on-Maintain our public API clients in Python, R and JavaShowcase SigOpt in code examples from our public GitHub repo, documentation and how-to articles on the website, and occasionally blog posts

Requirements:-Minimum 1 year industry experience in a software engineering role-Experience in a wide variety of languages and tools

Pluses:-React/ES6 experience-API design experience-Experience writing and maintaining test suites including unit, integration and browser tests-Machine learning experience-Strong oral and written communication skills

Please visit our careers page at https://sigopt.com/careers

kubatyszko 3 hours ago 0 replies      
ZestFinance - https://www.zestfinance.com/careers.html | Sr. Devops Engineer | Los Angeles | Onsite | Full-Time


 * Serve as a primary point responsible the overall health, performance, and capacity of our business systems * Assist in the roll-out and deployment of new releases to facilitate our rapid iteration and constant growth * Develop tools to improve our ability to rapidly deploy and effectively monitor our application stack. * Work closely with software engineers to ensure our applications are designed with "operability" in mind * Participate in a 24x7 on call rotation * Ensure high reliability of our services

 * Prior experience in an enterprise facing technical operations role * 5+ years in a UNIX-based operations role * Deep UNIX/Linux systems knowledge and/or systems administration background managing large business critical deployments * Strong troubleshooting skills that span systems, network, and code * Demonstrated programming skills in one or more of: Python, Ruby, Java, C, Shell * Experience with cloud technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud * Previous experience in financial institutions highly welcome
About Zest

ZestFinance, Inc. applies its unique credit-decisioning technology platform based on data science and machine learning to help lenders effectively predict credit risk so they can increase revenues, reduce risk and ensure compliance. ZestFinance was founded in 2009 by Douglas Merrill and a team of former Google employees with the mission of making fair and transparent credit available to everyone.

Apply here: https://app.jobvite.com/j?aj=oLmP4fwK&s=Hacker_News

For other openings visit: https://www.zestfinance.com/careers.html

gourneau 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Guardant Health | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE | http://guardanthealth.com

Guardant Health develops diagnostic technologies to improve cancer management. We are the market leaders in liquid-biopsies. We take blood samples and are able to detect the trace amounts of cancer DNA. In the best cases we can identify treatment options for patients. We have dozens of peer reviewed publications https://guardanthealth.com/publications/

We are looking for looking for folks who are awesome at any of the following:

- Python

- Django

- Software engineers, at all levels

- DevOps

- Bioinformatics

email me at jgourneau@guardanthealth.com for more info.

lessandro 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Philips Hue | C++/Mobile Developer | Eindhoven, The Netherlands | ONSITE, VISA, RELOCATION

Philips Hue is the worlds leading connected home lighting system. We're looking for C++ programmers to help develop the cross-platform library that powers the Hue apps for Android and iOS. Experience with writing native code for the mobile platforms is highly desirable, as well as the ability to write safe multithreaded/asynchronous code in C++11.

We use: C++11 (primarily), Java, Objective-C, Gtest/Gmock, JUnit, CMake, Jenkins pipeline, Docker.

Apply at https://developers.meethue.com/sdk-mobile-software-developer

Android and iOS positions are also available: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14025674

liamgriffiths 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Grailed | Engineering and Design positions | New York, NY | https://www.grailed.com

Grailed is a small team that has a vision to build a company that creates second hard marketplaces for enthusiasts of luxury products. We've had a lot of traction building out grailed.com - a menswear focused site and are currently building a similar site for womenswear. We have quite a few more ideas for marketplaces after that.

We like to work on things we ourselves have a deep interest in and care a lot about building things we're proud of. Currently we're looking to expand our current engineering team of 8 people with either generalists or specialists. Our product and design team of 2 - is also looking out for experienced designers.

Hit us up at jobs@grailed.com if you have any questions or have an interest in applying.

lucidlive 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Huddol | Front-end Developer | Montreal | ONSITE | Software Developer | MTL | www.huddol.com

We're looking for React/React Native developers for an emerging healthcare startup. Very competitive salary.

Huddol will maximize the power and intelligence of the crowd, connecting the right people at the right moment, to improve health care outcomes for the caregiver and the person in their care. Huddol will set a new standard for transforming people experience into better personal health for patients and the people who care for them.


webwright 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Glowforge (http://www.glowforge.com)

Seattle, WA (onsite) / Full-time / hiring full-stack web software engineers, product managers, program managers, senior electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, UI/UX designers and a lot more...

We're building a desktop laser cutter/engraver that can create beautiful products in wood, leather, paper, acrylic and more. We are a fifth the cost of comparable products because we've offloaded much of the functionality to cloud software. Push a button, out come flat-pack wallets, lamps, board games, and anything else you can dream up. We're building a catalog of designs that can be customized and a materials store. We've got beta units in the field and users are loving them (and making amazing things).

Other Highlights:

* Largest 30-day crowdfunding campaign in history ($27.9M). Weve since pre-sold a total of $50M or so.* Recently closed a $22M Series B from Brad Feld/Foundry and True Ventures, and have ~56 employees. * The three founders have manufactured hardware, sold companies, gone through YC, and built profitable businesses.

shiftb 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Instacart | Sr Full-stack Engineer, Sr Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Sr iOS/Android Engineer | onsite in San Francisco | https://instacart.com

Instacart (YC S12) is building the best way for people everywhere in the world to shop for groceries. Using your phone or the web, you can order groceries and have them delivered to your door in minutes. You can choose from a variety of local stores, as well as being able to mix items from multiple stores into one order.

Every day, we solve incredibly hard problems to create an experience for our customers that is magical. We aim to give our customers back their invaluable time so they can spend it doing the things they love with the people they love.

Hiring Process depends on the position, but will generally follow this flow: Phone screen + simple challenge / Take-home challenge / On-site. We're pretty flexible and can work with you on this.

We care that you can ship product and enjoy taking ownership over what you're working on. We don't really care where you went to school or what companies you've worked for.


 Ruby (and Rails) ES6+ & CoffeeScript (which we are actively moving to ES6) React.js PostgreSQL Elasticsearch for search Memcache / Redis
Data Analysis & Data Science: SQL, R, Python

Learn more about us and apply directly at:

 https://careers.instacart.com/ http://tech.instacart.com http://stackshare.io/posts/the-tech-behind-instacarts-grocery-delivery-service

lexiross 8 hours ago 0 replies      
ClassDojo | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite | Full-time | https://www.classdojo.com/jobs/

We're looking to hire one or more full-stack engineers at ClassDojo, a Y-Combinator education technology company beloved by elementary school teachers (our app is actively used in over 90% of US K-8 schools). https://www.fastcompany.com/3065654/innovation-agents/classd...

Our stack is node/mysql/mongo/react(+native). You should have at least 1-2 years of experience and a desire to work across the whole stack.

You can apply through the link above or by emailing me at lexi@classdojo.com

dminor 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Say Media | Full Stack Web Engineers/DB Engineer/IT Analyst | Portland, OR | FULLTIME ONSITE

Say Media is building a platform for digital magazines. This year we're scaling from 100 million page views to 500 million. Come help us do this.

Say is a fun place to work at, with great work/life balance. We're looking for good engineers who enjoy learning new technologies. Our publishing platform is Python/Node.js based with an Angular front end, but it's okay if you don't have experience with these yet. We are also increasingly using Redshift and Kinesis and need a DB engineer to take the lead on these technologies.

I'm not a recruiter, just a programmer who enjoys working at Say. You can see our jobs at http://www.saymedia.com/jobs, or email your resume to me and I'll pass it to the right person (email in profile).

zeugmatographer 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Radboud University Medical Center | Scientific Programmer | Nijmegen, The Netherlands | Onsite | Salary:50k-65k EUR

The Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG) is a research group of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of the Radboud University Medical Center and we're looking for a Scientific Programmer. We develop, validate and deploy novel medical image analysis methods, usually based on deep learning and focusing on computer-aided diagnosis (CAD). Application areas include diagnostics and prognostics of breast, prostate and colon cancer. Our group is among the international front runners in our field, witnessed for instance by the highly successful CAMELYON16 and CAMELYON17 grand challenges which we organized. We closely collaborate with clinicians and industry.

We're looking for someone to work on our Automated Slide Analysis Platform for Pathology Slides (ASAP - https://github.com/GeertLitjens/ASAP). Technologies include: C++, Qt, Python. Experience with medical imaging is a plus. For more information please see our group page: http://diagnijmegen.nl/index.php/Scientific_Programmer_CompP...

deepnotderp 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Vathys | Deep submicron analog engineer | Portland, Oregon | vathys.ai | remote or on-site

We're a deep learning chip startup with runaway efficiency numbers for our architecture, without sacrificing raw performance. We have our architecture and tool chain in place, and now we're looking for someone who has experience with analog design on cutting edge geometries. You'll be working alongside a PhD with over two decades of semiconductor industry experience. If you're interested, give us a ping at tapabrata_ghosh[at]vathys.ai

juanplusjuan 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Modsy | ONSITE | San Francisco, Portland, Salt Lake City | 3D Web + Full Stack Engineer



Modsy is a fast growing, SF-based startup that allows you to see inspirational designs and decor within the context of your own home. Using a combination of 3D art and computer vision, we allow you to "try on" furniture in your own home before you buy it. Our product is brought to life by a diverse and talented team of engineers, artists, designers and creators.

We're first movers in a fast-growing space that will become the future of home design. Check out modsy.com/portfolio and see if you can tell which of our images on our site are real vs. renderings (hint: they are all renderings). Our stack is React/Redux/WebGL + Django/Python.

We do a phone/in-person interview with the Head of Engineering (me), phone call with one of our engineers, and then one day in office to meet the team.

Drop us a line at jobs@modsy.com if you're interested to learn more! We'd also love to talk to anyone who leans more toward pure front or back end engineer.

thomasfromcdnjs 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Listium | UX/UI Designer | Melbourne, Australia | ONSITEFull-Time

Were looking for a senior UX/UI designer with 3+ years experience, and a strong understanding of singe-page apps. We are a small team that is making good progress without an experienced designer, so the right person has a chance to make a big difference to our product and demonstrate all of their skills. Learn more and apply via our jobs page at: https://angel.co/listium/jobs. We are funded, and offer generous equity packages.


atsaloli 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Vertical Sysadmin, Inc. | Sales | Los Angeles, USA | REMOTE, PART-TIMESeeking commission-only sales agent for high-quality Ops and DevOps training.We deliver on-site training world-wide. Our model is: small class sizes (12 max), expert instructors, excellent materials, tons of lab exercises. Customers tell us it's the best training they've ever had. We are partnered with CFEngine, GitLab, Docker, and O'Reilly Media.Looking for an independent sales agent.Offering 25% commission.We charge $3000 per day plus a $2000 admin fee.Our last training sale was $5000 for one day of training on GitLab CI to a car manufacturer.


arashdelijani 6 hours ago 0 replies      
2020 | React Native Engineer, Flask Backend Engineer | San Francisco | REMOTE/ONSITE | $100-140K

We're building a mobile app with lots of neat realtime + proximity features for the huge hospitality and retail industries. You'd be the first employee, teaming up with the founder, an MIT CS grad and building from scratch! Looking for someone passionate with experience working on large React Native/Flask projects in previous positions. (not side projects)

Feel free to reach out to me with a resume/portfolio at arashdelijani at gmail

emily_mikailli 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Signifyd - Back End and Machine Learning Engineers - San Jose - Full Time


Our engineers build systems that catch bad guys. Using all available payment, user, and machine data, we have to separate legitimate credit card transactions from fraudulent in under 400ms. That means doing just-in-time mash-ups of internal data with external APIs and reducing it all into a single score with a few critical insights for end-users.

To solve this problem, we're looking for world-class engineers who are eager to learn, adopt, and contribute to a reactive style of programming.

Our stack:Java, Python, Cassandra, MySQL, Solr, Apache Spark, Play! framework, Linux, Docker, AWS

Signifyd was recently named In Forbes 50 Most Innovative Fintech Companies

vividcortexjobs 6 hours ago 0 replies      
VividCortex is hiring! REMOTE SRE |Front End (AngularJS) | Back End (Go) | Application Security EngineerWe're based in Charlottesville, VA. Remote work is available in the US or in Uruguay/ Argentina.Contact us directly at jobs@vividcortex.com, or learn more and apply at https://www.vividcortex.com/about-us/careers/VividCortex's mission is to promote the mastery of data-driven performance optimization. Our SaaS product is the best way to improve your database performance, efficiency, and uptime, providing deep insights into production database workload and query performance.Our team has a list of big-name clients and is growing quickly! We're NEA funded and growing front end, back end, and site reliability/operations (that's our most pressing need at the moment!). The engineering team is made up of passionate, clever problem solvers that have a lot of autonomy to explore solutions and fail fast. We're not wedded to particular methodologies or deadlines - we're top-notch collaborators and get things done!Our process is high-touch and conversational. You'll have calls with a couple of team members, and a personality assessment. We are truly serious about finding the best fit for you to maximize your opportunities to learn and grow here.https://github.com/VividCortex
jesseyjean 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Atlanta, GA | Peachtree City, GA | Farmington Hills, MI

Industry-leading global supplier to Automotive OEMs for infotainment systems and advanced connected car solutions.

Competitive pay. Relocation assistance. 25 PTO days UP FRONT. Bonus plans. 401k + match. +more!

Engineering Manager (Software) | Software Architects | Systems Engineers | Software Engineers | Electrical Engineers | Mechanical Engineers | Security | UI / UX | HMI | Program Managers

Some tech we use: C/C++, Java, Python, QNX, Unity, Android, QT, HTML

jesseyjean [at] gmail [dot] com

lvanderwoude 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Faithlife | Software Developer | Phoenix | Onsite, full-time, https://faithlife.com/jobs/softwaredeveloper

Faithlife uses technology to help the church grow in the light of the Bible. We produce Logos Bible Software, Faithlife Groups, Proclaim Church Presentation Software, Faithlife TV video streaming, and more. We develop using C#, JavaScript, C++, Objective-C and Java, using .NET, Node.js, MySQL, Elasticsearch and React for web, Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Faithlife is hiring software engineers for a variety of roles across our products. You will be responsible for planning and completing the implementation of new software features and for the health and functioning of production applications. Depending on the team we place you on, this could require being on call for website or services.This is a full-time position at our office in Tempe, AZ. Please email your rsum, GitHub profile, StackOverflow profile and other contact information to devjobs@faithlife.com.

Please note that Faithlife will not sponsor applicants for work visas.

seven 2 hours ago 0 replies      
nebenan.de | Backend Developer | Berlin | Full Time, Onsite-Remote-Mix | https://nebenan.de

Nebenan.de is a free local online service to strengthen neighbourhoods: neighbours can connect to exchange recommendations, things, help and news. We are looking to fill a senior developer position to help us with the backend part of nebenan.de.

Our stack: ruby + rails json API, postgresql + postgis, redis, elasticsearch

Your Profile:

* You write software.

* ruby + rails experience is required, you should have worked on some bigger projects.

* Broad experience and exposure to many different languages and programming concepts is a big plus.

* You care about security and know the OWASP top ten by heart.


* modest enough to listen to crazy ideas

* strong enough to push back against crazy ideas

* Bonus: youve worked as a freelancer or ran your own company at some point in your career

* Bonus: you also speak German

What we offer:

* To join a small and excellent team with QA support

* Responsibility for a product with meaning that a lot of people will use

* Open company culture, leadership based on competence

* Flexible working hours

Sounds interesting? Send us your CV and links you consider relevant for us (your GitHub profile, websites you worked on, Blogs) to: jobs@nebenan.de

brown4 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Endgames security platform enables organizations to hunt for adversaries within their networks and secure their most valuable assets. We are characterized by a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, intellectual engagement, and a competitive compensation structure that rewards performance. We work within a fast-paced, driven, and flexible work environment that allows for both professional growth, as well as unwinding through team events like weekend family brunches, happy hours, and outdoor activities. Endgame values engagement within the tech community. We provide opportunities for open source contributions, speaking at meetups or conferences, and participating in our technical blog.

Senior Fullstack Engineer | SF | http://app.jobvite.com/m?34y8viw2

Senior Software Engineer | SF | Arlington, VA | DC | http://app.jobvite.com/m?32z8viw1

Senior Product Manager | Arlington, VA | http://app.jobvite.com/m?3Uz8viwT

There are a bunch of other positions check them out: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3IA8viwI

greattypo 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Clever (YC S12) - San Francisco - onsite

Right now the market for educational software is a mess. Its incredibly difficult for developers to get their products into schools, and its even harder for them to scale. School districts spend tons of money on learning applications, but they have no way of knowing if students are even using the apps theyre purchasing. Teachers know theres great software out there, but relatively simple challenges like getting 30 students logged in at once make using it impossible.

At Clever, were working to change all that. We provide schools with a free API and single sign-on solution that makes using educational apps a breeze. Weve grown fast: after four years, over half of all K-12 schools in the US (70,000+ schools) are using our platform. Our goals are much bigger than that, though. We want to be two things:

-a single place where schools can easily integrate, manage and analyze all the software theyre using, and

-a single identity that students can use to see everything theyve learned across multiple apps.

Were a team of just over 100 (40 engineers) based in downtown SF, and were looking for engineers who enjoy working in (or would enjoy learning) Golang, Node and React. More generally, we want people who are sharp, adaptable, and passionate about improving the way education works for everyone.

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs, or check out one of our product releases here: https://clever.com/products/badges

adamd_shieldai 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Shield AI | San Diego, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | US Citizen

We protect service members and innocent civilians with artificially intelligent systems. With regard to ground combat missions, Shield AI's goal is to reduce American and civilian casualties to 0 by 2030. Along the way, we hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to help this community - which is under-served by tech companies. Help us advance the field of autonomous navigation, perception, and multi-agent operations. Expect challenging work, broad responsibility, brilliant colleagues, lots of fun, and the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of people.

We're looking to hire:

- Software Engineers

- Embedded/Firmware Engineers

- Machine Learning Engineers

Focused on solving challenging problems in robotics on small aerial vehicle platforms.

Feel free to apply at https://angel.co/shield-ai/jobs or send me an email adam.dorwart [at] shield [dot] ai


47 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Article | Software Engineer | Vancouver, BC | ONSITE, https://www.article.com

Article is a vertically integrated online furniture brand. I am looking for several Software Engineer to join my development team.

Here are some of the exciting problems you can work on while at Article:

1) Traditional furniture companies sends out millions of physical catalogues. We think are inefficient and costly. Can you build the ultimate digital alternate to the physical catalogue?

2) We manage our own Transportation and Deliveries. Can you optimize and automate the warehouse and final mile carrier selection for a shipment?

3) Furniture takes lot of space and they are costly to store and ship. Can you answer the question What product should keep in stock, how much should we keep in stock and where should we stock them?

4) We currently operate 3 warehouses. Can you predict where and when should we open our next warehouse?

5) Current generation of warehouse management systems are geared towards small items. Furniture is huge and bulky. Can you design and build an efficient software for managing and shipping furniture at scale?

6) https://www.article.com is the only way to buy our furniture. Can you create a better customer experience?

Lets talk you can reach me at tahseen [at] article.com

Erem 5 hours ago 0 replies      
INSTRUMENTAL | SRE | Bay Area, CA (Palo Alto) | Full-time, Onsite | instrumental.ai

Instrumental makes intelligent data-driven tools that help product companies find and fix issues on their assembly lines. We are working to improve the manufacturing of millions of things each day. We value diversity and our team is collaborative, supportive, transparent, and pun-tastic. Join us to modernize manufacturing!

As our first SRE, you will work with senior developers to build a distributed data pipeline between our AWS infrastructure and the factories of the world. The automation we write will power software running on assembly lines for the most desirable and confidential consumer electronics products. It will deliver software to factories in China, the USA, Mexico, and anywhere else on Earth that things are made.Does building a world-wide distributed service like that sound like a fun problem to you? Hooray! Lets do it.

Apply here: https://www.instrumental.ai/join-us?position=Site%20Reliabil...

dgaur 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Elemental Technologies | Senior Platform Engineer | Portland, Oregon | Full-time, onsite

Elemental empowers top-tier media companies (think: Comcast, DirecTV, ESPN, FOX, Turner, etc) to deliver premium video experiences to consumers. Real-time video transcoders. Video Origin Servers. Both AWS cloud solutions and on-prem big-iron Linux servers.

We have various engineering reqs open: http://www.elemental.com/company/careers/open-positions. But Im personally looking for a low-level software engineer to expand the capabilities of our Platform team: http://www.elemental.com/node/4248. We handle the foundation software underneath Elemental products: Linux distro engineering (CentOS, RHEL, Amazon Linux); security; networking; virtualization; hardware tinkering; etc.

Interested? Questions? dangaur at elemental dot com.

svec 10 hours ago 2 replies      
iRobot | Software Engineers | Bedford, MA (near Boston, MA) and Pasadena, CA | ONSITE

iRobot is hiring software engineers like they're going out of style. Which they're not. Quite the opposite, really.

If you want to work with a bunch of friendly humans and robots, you should consider iRobot.We've got a great culture, benefits, and products.

Most positions are for our Bedford, MA headquarters, which is just outside of Boston, MA.

We're looking for people to do embedded (aka firmware for buzzword compliance), cloud, mobile/iOS, test, and hardcore robotics as well. Those aren't the same person, mind you. We're also looking for electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.

We use mostly C and C++, with some Python along the way as well.

You do NOT need any robotics experience - I had none when I joined!

Check out our careers site and email me if anything looks interesting:http://www.irobot.com/About-iRobot/Careers.aspx

Please email me at csvec, the at sign, then the company domain.

alie 11 hours ago 0 replies      
OpenMail | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

OpenMail, an adtech startup based in Venice Beach, is hiring!

DevOps Engineer: AWS, Python http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/98f3de21-d010-4cdf-b4e2-...

Data Analyst (A/B Testing): SQL, Strong Statistics background (Stats PhD preferred)http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/8dd08a47-5e78-4250-bf08-...

Software Engineer: Python http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/a2612066-fef4-458c-b216-...

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experiencehttp://www.openmail.com/job-listing/46b7b99f-18d1-47c5-bd3f-...


OpenMail | Seattle, WA | ONSITE

OpenMail is also hiring in our Bellevue office!

DevOps Engineer: AWS, Python http://www.openmail.com/job-listing/b985d63d-6e61-4b73-b08f-...

Senior Software Engineer: 4+ years of Python experiencehttp://www.openmail.com/job-listing/46b7b99f-18d1-47c5-bd3f-...

late2part 11 hours ago 1 reply      
CrowdStrike | DEVOPS and Many Others | Irvine, Seattle, Kirkland, Sunnyvale, Minneapolis, DC, London, Bucharest, or REMOTE | https://www.crowdstrike.com/careers/

CROWDSTRIKE is the leader in cloud-delivered next-generation endpoint protection. CrowdStrike is headquartered in Irvine, CA with customers around the globe.

We collect more logs in a day than most companies collect all year. Our core data is orders of magnitude larger than that. This is big scale.

Our stack includes Go, Python, Kaka, Cassandra, Ubuntu, Splunk, Chef, AWS, GCP, Bare Metal, MAAS, and many more.

We use cloud services as well as run our own on-premise data centers.

We have many engineering positions open at the website above.

I'm specifically hiring 2 DevOp Linux Systems Engineers. DevOps Linux Systems Engineers should have a working knowledge of linux, ubuntu, AWS, networking, optimization, and troubleshooting. We build automation code - that's where our focus is. I'm also hiring for someone to help automate our cloud billing, specifically, automate, categorize, and track our billing from our various cloud providers.

We hire smart people that can get things - engineers that can figure things out and deliver solutions, working code, and products. We like folks to have experience and understanding of a certain set of tools - but we are more interested in smart people who like to do incredible things with a team of great people.

Please contact us via the web site above, or mail me at the address in my profile.

lilbenjivert 6 hours ago 0 replies      
SoundCloud | Mobile Engineers, iOS, Android | NYC | Onsite, Full-time

SoundCloud is an open platform enabling everyone to share and discover audio content all over the world.

Here at SoundCloud NYC were expanding our monetization & growth engineering team (currently a team of 15) who help build the platform that helps creators make money from their content, listeners gain access to the world's music, and brands engage with SoundCloud's unique audience. Were looking to add several product-focused iOS and Android Engineers to our growing team!

If youre interested in learning more about the challenges our engineers have tackled and our lessons learned check out our developer blog: https://developers.soundcloud.com/blog

For more information on the specific roles:

iOS: https://soundcloud.com/jobs/2017-03-30-software-engineer-ios...

Android: https://soundcloud.com/jobs/2016-12-22-software-engineer-and...

(Also, not yet posted but we do have some Front-end roles coming through the pipeline.)

Feel free to reach out directly to benjamin.cheung@soundcloud.com if you have any questions!

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Symphony Commerce - Principal Software Engineer - Remote USA or Onsite San Francisco


Symphony Commerce is an emerging leader that provides fully managed Commerce and Fulfillment as a Service to brands throughout the world. Our platform allows teams to focus on what they do best - create and market amazing products - without requiring them to master the nuances of running a great online store, managing dozens of online sales channels, or fulfilling their products.

As a Principal Engineer in Fulfillment at Symphony, youll be helping lead the next wave of transformation of our core platform, and helping us prepare for additional complexity as we expand our capabilities at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Were working on everything from how to optimize shipping and purchasing decisions to how to engineer highly reliable integrations, with real time visibility into supply and demand across multiple sales channels and fulfillment centers. We need smart, driven engineers to take ownership of some of the bigger opportunities, and lead our team to deliver them.

more roles in SF: https://jobs.lever.co/symphonycommerce

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Deliveroo | Software Engineer (Backend) Mid or Senior Level | London | Visa Sponsorship | http://deliveroo.engineering

Deliveroo, one of Europe's fastest growing startups, are looking for Software Engineers to join us full time in our London office. Our tech stack is Ruby-on-Rails and React, although we're happy to look at candidates from all over.

We're revolutionising the food industry and making poor quality takeaways a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy restaurant quality meals at home, in the office, or wherever you'd like to enjoy good food!

We're a startup, we work collaboratively and in feature driven product teams. We do our best to make sure our environment suits the people in it, so flexible working, occasional remote work, childcare vouchers, subsidised gym membership are just a few of the things we have in place to make sure working here is convenient for all.

Link to vacancy - https://deliveroo.workable.com/jobs/29743

Engineering Blog - http://deliveroo.engineering

Interview Process: 15 minute phone screen (not in the least bit technical), a task is then sent out for you to kick off in your own time whilst we schedule an onsite. You'll talk us through your method and do some pairing (2 hours) and then on the same day have a chat with a senior member of the team (30 minutes) to find out if we work in a way that's suitable for you.

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Windfall Data | Data/ML Engineer, Lead Data Scientist | SF | ONSITE | $110k-$160k

At Windfall Data, our goal is to determine the net worth of every person in the world. Its a super hard problem with broad applications.

We're looking for:- experienced data engineers to help build our infrastructure and help us scale- lead/senior data scientists to build a team and take our ML and predictive algorithms to the next level

If you're interested, send a message to cory@windfalldata.com

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MacroTower | Full-stack Engineer (#1) | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite | http://www.macrotower.comhttps://angel.co/macrotower

MacroTower helps companies figure out their Marketing ROI. We pull data from our customers' Accounting, Marketing, and Sales software to automatically build all the important "macro" reports (CAC, LTV, and more).

We're hiring our first full-time engineer. You must know (or be comfortable learning) Python, Go, and Javascript (React/Redux).

You can apply via AngelList https://angel.co/macrotower/jobs/223178-full-stack-engineer-... or by emailing jack@macrotower.com

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Abilitie | Full-Stack Software Engineer | Austin, TX | Full-Time | http://www.abilitie.com

Abilitie is an energetic 10-person company located at the Capital Factory in the heart of downtown Austin. We've built a profitable business creating multi-player business strategy games for corporate training. Our award-winning simulations are used in 20 countries and by many Fortune 2000 companies.Were looking for a Full-Stack Software Engineer to join the team building both the new recruiting platform as well as aid in supporting our simulation-based learning apps. In this role, you will be responsible for growing and supporting architecture, implementation, testing, and deployment of our web and mobile application.We offer a competitive salary, health insurance, parking, a stipend to purchase your development machine, and opportunities for domestic and international travel (not required), along with many other perks that come with working at the Capital Factory in Austin!Apply here: http://www.abilitie.com/full-stack-software-engineer

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Online Rewards | Software Developer | Cincinnati, OH | Full-time, ONSITE

Open Positions:

* Front-end Web Developer (HTML5, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery)

* Back-end Developer (Perl, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Online Rewards is a technology agency that builds private label incentive and loyalty programs for corporate and government clients in the United States and globally. We are currently transitioning from Perl 5 and MySQL to Ruby and PostgreSQL, but we care more about your ability to learn than your proficiency with a specific stack.

We offer dual screen OS X workstations, beautiful offices in historic Carew Tower overlooking Fountain Square, a casual cubicle-free environment, and sustainable work based on real 40-hour weeks.

If you are interested email me directly at matt.zorn@online-rewards.com

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TravelPerk | Senior Back-End Developer | Barcelona | ONSITE travelperk.com Are you a Back-End Developer with extensive Python experience? Do you particularly enjoy working with amazing people, having fun at work and building something awesome? If so, this role may just be a fit. As a senior developer you will work as a part of the team that builds a next-generation application for business travel. On a day-to-day basis you will work with our product team to design, architect and implement the back-end of our product. Your code will run fast, efficiently and will never break. This position involves: System architecture design, implementation and testing. Product development in Python and Django of a travel related web-based product. Integrations between our product to 3rd party APIs. Work in Agile environment with strong attention to a well-documented code, unit testing and continuous integration. Being able to mentor/coach/train other colleagues as a subject matter expert. What do we offer? Competitive compensation including base salary, bonus and equity in the company. 24 vacation days per year and flexible working hours. This position requires full-time, in-house work in Barcelona, Spain. We can help with relocation from anywhere in the world. English is the official language at the office. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. The link to apply is http://bit.ly/backend-eng-tk
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Sourceress | Technical Email Writer | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | REMOTE Full-time Contract

We're a (human-assisted) AI sourcing platform that delivers great results (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing"). Our goal is to help people move to employers that value their talent, and make hiring easy for companies who do work that matters. We dont cure cancer, but we help companies that do ;) One founder previously sold a company and published NLP papers; the other was Chief of Staff at Dropbox. We have a real business, customers, and revenue, with machine learning problems that are core to our product.

Position: Technical Email WriterWe're searching for a writer with strong technical fluency and a sincere, enthusiastic tone to write emails to technical folks (software engineers, product managers, product designers, etc.). Our customers are tech companies with a diverse set of products and technologies, so you'll learn about a ton of different technologies.

This job might be for you if...- You default to talking about technical topics with people.- You love learning about people, and can make effortless conversation with an interesting stranger.- You have a knack for coming up with ways to solve problems and improve systems/processes.- Your friends and colleagues describe you as extremely detail-oriented and productive.- You jive with our values: https://goo.gl/YatLLp

If this sounds up your alley, please email kanjun+hn@sourceress.co with:- A description of prior experience (if any) with programming languages/libraries/etc.- Why you're the perfect writer for this job- Your three favorite books, along with what you default to reading about

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Delft The Netherlands Riscure | Security Analyst |ONSITE | VISA | https://www.riscure.com/careers/security-analyst

Riscure is a young, ambitious organization specializing in embedded security testing for leading international clients from the semiconductor, payment, Pay TV, mobile and smart metering industry. In addition, Riscure is the leading vendor of specialist security testing products. We have 90 employees with mixed technical and academic backgrounds working from offices in Delft, The Netherlands and San Francisco, USA. Riscure is organized in two units: Security Lab and Tools.We are looking for experienced Security Analysts who like to use a variety of techniques (for instance penetration testing and software reverse engineering) to discover a product's fraud risk profile in order to improve its security. Do you think you have got what it takes to work at Riscure as a security analyst? Please send your motivation letter and CV to HRM@riscure.com. For more information please check our homepage.

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Fleaflicker | Senior Front-end Engineer | Brooklyn, NY | REMOTE, Full-timeWe're looking for a seasoned, professional developer to help build the next-generation of our web and mobile applications.


- At least 6 years of experience delivering production-quality code for a large application

- Strong knowledge of, and experience with, modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:

- At least one major JavaScript framework (e.g., Angular, Backbone, React)

- CSS Preprocessing (e.g., SCSS, Less)

- Templating engines (e.g., Closure Templates, Handlebars)

- CSS Frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap, Bourbon)

- A solid grasp of modern front-end build and deployment tools

- Excellent telecommuting and time-management skills Excellent command of written and spoken English

- Positive attitude

More information here: http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/138250/senior-front-end-engine...

To apply, email us at jobs+hn@fleaflicker.com attaching a current resume in HTML, Plain Text, or PDF format. In the body of the email describe how you fit our requirements. Your application will be read by an actual engineer, so please feel free to get as technical as you like.

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Etleap | Backend Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Come build the infrastructure that modern data teams depend on to create and operate their data warehouse! It shouldn't take a CS degree to use big data effectively, and abstracting away the difficult parts is our mission.

You will:

- Be part of the team that is building the next generation of ETL software.

- Work on challenging technical problems, and also have frequent and direct interaction with customers - we put our customers first.

- Come up with novel ideas on how to make complex technology user-friendly, and then turn those ideas into robust software.

About you:

- You love data engineering.

- You build robust and scalable data systems three times as fast as other developers.

- Coding in Java is second nature to you.

Even better if you also:

- Have experience with Cascading, Docker, and AWS.

- Know the ins and outs of current big data frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, or Flink, but this is not an absolute requirement - you're a quick learner!

- Have startup experience.

About us: Etleap is a SaaS ETL company started by people who love data but think current ETL tools suck.

Apply by sending an email to jobs@etleap.com with your resume, LinkedIn, and Github.

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Drop | Engineers/Developers | Toronto | FULLTIME ONSITE https://www.earnwithdrop.com

Drop is a venture backed start-up building a mobile first and automated coalition loyalty program. Through our mobile app, users can supercharge their debit and credit cards to automatically earn points from places they already shop at, like Starbucks, Under Armour, Forever 21, and Uber. Users redeem points for rewards at their favourite restaurants, brands, retailers, and more. Drop provides our community with a unique experience by intelligently surfacing offers.

Our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, React, React Native. We're looking for all types of software developers (backend, frontend, fullstack).

Apply by emailing me at darren[AT]earnwithdrop.com

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Sway | Redmond, WA (Seattle) | FULLTIME | ONSITE

Come join Sway, one of the newest members of the Office suite (sway.com)! Sway team is focused on re-inventing how users author and consume documents in a cloud and mobile first world. Sway is a collection of Azure services and endpoints (Web, Windows, iOS, Android) that enable users to create dynamic web first documents that adapt their layout so they look beautiful on all screens and devices. Sway is looking for a passionate engineer with demonstrated experience in web development who is excited to work in an agile V1 environment where we move at the speed of the web, shipping to production daily, and accrue value to Office 365, one of the largest and most important Microsoft assets!

This position requires an engineer with demonstrated experience in web development to help lead the next evolutions of the Sway web stack. Qualified candidates should be experienced in industry application of web technologies such including JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, and CSS3 and common industry standard libraries such as jQuery, React, etc. Day to day you can expect to be working in a small team of 3-5 engineers focusing on cross platform excellence of Sway web components. You will be expected to deliver maintainable, well tested code and analyze user telemetry and operational metrics to measure the impact of your work.

Skills Required:

5+ years of web development experience

Demonstrated experience writing readable code with low defect count and thorough unit test coverage.

Demonstrated experience with web technologies: JavaScript or TypeScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

Industry experience building products using common web libraries such as React, MobX, jQuery, etc is desirable.

BS in Computer Science or related field.


I have been an engineer on the web team for nearly two years. This job posting isn't live yet, so e-mail me (AdamRe at Microsoft) for now. I'll try to check for replies to this thread a few times today and over the coming days.

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Engage (http://enga.ge) | Washington DC (Alexandria, VA) | Web Development Intern (Paid) | On-site | Student Visas Welcome


Engage is looking for a web development intern. The ideal candidate is a highly motivated student or recently graduated student interested in pursuing a career in web development and is excited to work with our in-house development team. You'd be working with our back-end and front-end web developers building custom websites and applications, using PHP; primarily, we work in WordPress and Laravel.

This internship is located in Alexandria, VA (in the Washington DC metro area) and you must be able to work on-site. This internship can be part or full time based on your availability (we're flexible). This is a paid internship.

Ideal candidate profile would have one or both of these skill sets:Back-end focused internshipPHP, SQL (MySQL or similar), Wordpress theme or plugin development, or equivalent Drupal experience, preferred, experience with a PHP frameworkLaravel, Symphony, CakePHPa plus. We don't expect you to be an expert, but some prior work with PHP is required, basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery

And/or, front-end focused internshipSemantic HTML5 markup, CSS, web accessibility standards, and cross browser compatibility, Javascript and jQuery, Experience creating responsive layouts

In order to be considered, you must submit work samples. Please link to your GitHub profile or portfolio/website.

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FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE (UK-only)


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and micro-businesses be more successful by putting them in control of their company finances.

We have built an award-winning online accounting product that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 52,000 paying customers and strong YoY growth. Our NPS is off the charts (72!) - customers love what we do!

We're a growing team of over 130 people, and recently became a public company listed on AIM ($FREE.L). The majority of our team are based in Edinburgh but we have staff distributed across the UK. If you want to help us make small businesses awesome at doing their finances, we're have dozens of new opportunities in our product and engineering team. Our stack is currently Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, React.js, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch.

Here's a condensed list of current vacancies in our engineering organisation:

* Team Leads

* Full-stack engineers

* Senior Front-end engineer

You can apply directly via the website https://www.freeagent.com/company/careers or feel free to get in touch with our VP Engineering directly: maria [at] freeagent [dot] com.

(We are looking for UK-based full-time staff only right now)

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DialMyCalls.com (www.dialmycalls.com) - Houston, TXWe are an alert/emergency communications provider for schools, religious organizations, and government entities, etc. in the US & Canada. Our clients rely on us to get messages out quick via phone and other means. This includes voice calls, SMS, e-mail, and social media.We are looking for a full time Sr. PHP developer with front end experience as well. Our stack includes PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap, RabbitMQ, MySQL, MemcacheD.We offer a highly competitive salary, vacation time, PTO, weekly lunches, matching 401k, and some other nice things.Please send your resume to: mfreedman@ontimetelecom.com

Thank you!

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Automattic (WordPress.com, Jetpack, WooCommerce, .blog, Polldaddy, Gravatar) | Search Wrangler | Full Time | REMOTE

We're a distributed company with employees in >50 countries. Help us influence search and recommendations for the 27% of the Web that runs on WordPress.

We're looking to take our search infrastructure up a few notches. A bit on what we're working on:

- We have some good distributed systems deployed that we are constantly improving: https://data.blog/2016/05/03/state-of-wordpress-com-elastics...

- Various versions of search, related posts, and recommendations have been launched over the years, but we've only recently had good enough tracking to easily test algorithm changes at our scale. Lot's of new data available for improving search relevancy.

- Billion plus unique users of our search systems each month, searching in every language that humans use.

- Search is not just about the algorithm. We're working to build great user interfaces and product integrations that engage users.

No walls around the garden. Make the Open Web a smarter place.


Our hiring process can take a bit of time. Read about it here: https://www.google.com/search?q=automattic+hiring+process#q=...

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Arachnys | senior and junior engineers | London (UK) or NYC (USA) | Onsite

We use 120TB+ of data coupled with extraordinary user experience to help prevent financial crime worldwide. At the moment we're looking for engineers of any experience level.

Whats different about us?

- No rockstar coders or brilliant jerks just great people solving hard problems for real customers.

- Anyone can get involved with any part of our system front-end developers can write Hadoop jobs if they fancy

- We have a committed focus on delivering quality, while not being scared of pushing back on customer demands. (A top bank recently told us that we were the first supplier that had asked them, "Why?", about their requirements.)

Whats great about our culture?

- We work hard but its never Crunch-Time for us. No sleeping under desks or 14-hour days.

- Amazing communication between roles in the company. Developers chat to sales/marketing/AMs all the time, asking for feedback and input both ways.

- We use the best technology to solve problems, whether its something new or something established

- Weve got great infrastructure for working from home (easy to drop-in hangouts, a lot of communication over chat and GitHub)

- Great collaborative environment. Everyone wants to improve and get better at coding.

We work with Python, JS, Docker, some Go, TDD, Hadoop, ElasticSearch, Terraform, Ansible, Neo4j and Dgraph. Experience in any of these is a plus but not required.

Drop me a line (email in profile) if any questions.

Email jobs@arachnys.com to apply, linking to your GitHub or some other code that you think tells a good story about you or apply via AngelList below.


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CRITEO (http://labs.criteo.com/) | Paris, France | Full-time ONSITE | Escalation Engineer (VISA sponsorship)

Be the guardian of systems that make the best decision in 50ms, half a million times per second. Across three continents and seven datacenters, 24/7.

Assess the importance of technical issues, coordinate action within a team of 5+ people, resolve or escalate issues to the right level

Investigate complex problems and find innovative answers to blocking issues

Coordinate 400+ people and the operational teams to ensure that the most critical issues are taken care of fast and efficiently

Help influence the R&D in improving the platforms weak spots, develop tools to get an accurate map of the biggest issues, diagnose the platform automatically

Be part of the level 2 on-duty team and help maintain a good level of service with some on call responsibilities

You will implement measures to ensure an incident only happens once, and never again


Feel free to drop us a line at rndrecruitment[@]criteo.com =)

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Hustle | Software Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE

Hustle is a peer-to-peer text messaging platform that provides organizations across the country with an affordable, efficient, and effective tool to reach their supporters. By facilitating two-way conversations, Hustles clients maintain genuine, personal dialogues with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. Our clients include Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, and Our Revolution (Bernie Sanders' organization). It's 48 times more effective than making phone calls.

See a recent article about us in The Hill: "Left Finds New Online Tools To Fight Trump": http://thehill.com/policy/technology/320195-left-finds-new-o...

As a product engineer, you will be working on Hustle's core web and mobile products: our web and mobile text messaging apps, our campaign administrative interface, and our message delivery backend.

Product engineering at Hustle is unique in that we do not have mobile, front-end and backend specialists. Instead engineers are empowered to develop and ship features in their entirety covering the whole stack. This feature of product development is enabled by Hustle's particular technology choices: the use of JavaScript, React, React Native and Node.js through out the stack. It's a stack that heavily rewards generalists that just want to ship things. It also makes for a very dynamic working environment: form a temporary team for a larger project where you decide to focus on shipping a polished mobile frontend and for the next project form another temporary team where you would focus on delivering a humming backend.

Hustle was started by engineers from Facebook and MongoDB and is backed by top VC firms including Social Capital and Index Ventures. Please apply on our site to learn more about us and our growing team of 25!


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TravelPerk | Senior Product Designer (UX) | Barcelona | ONSITE travelperk.com As a Senior Product Designer, you will have a number of years of solid interaction design under your belt and will be able to bring something new and unique to the team. You know that designs are never completed but are constantly evolving based on user feedback. To you an interface is not a pretty-picture fabricated from an ideal state, but is a compilation of complex components which can have many states and need to work fluidly with the data that is thrown at them. You have a passion to learn new things and you see failure as a way of learning. Key Responsibilities Design and test new components and interfaces using lean methods. Communicate ideas clearly and quickly with key stakeholders. Decide on the best approach for your designs based on a strong understanding of commonly understood patterns and usability. Understand technical constraint and how this will impact your designs. Consider how your designs will adapt across multiple devices and in various contexts. Aim to delight users through thoroughly considered designs and microinteractions. What do we offer? Competitive compensation including base salary, bonus and equity in the company. 24 vacation days per year and flexible working hours. This position requires full-time, in-house work in Barcelona, Spain. We can help with relocation from anywhere in the world. English is the official language at the office. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. The link to apply is http://bit.ly/srUX-tk
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AWS | Seattle, WA | Full-time | Onsite | https://aws.amazon.com/javascript/

Come work on open-source developer tools at AWS! We're hiring for the teams responsible for the AWS SDKs! We're hiring Go, Ruby, and JavaScript engineers to take on prominent roles in their respective open source communities.

You can send me your resume directly at eskewj@amazon.com or apply online at:


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Meshcloud| Frankfurt am Main, Germany | Full-time | Onsite, Remote Possible

Meshcloud provides public IaaS, CaaS and PaaS cloud services based on open-source technology. This enables our customers to avoid vendor lock-in, execute an effective hybrid cloud strategy and save cost. In cooperation with data-centers, we offer multiple cloud locations in Europe and Germany. Our federation technology enables customers to seamlessly switch between different providers and integrates different cloud platforms (currently OpenStack and Cloud Foundry).

At Meshcloud you will be working in an exciting start-up atmosphere with a passionate and talented team. We use a wide array of technologies and offer lots of room for creativity and professional growth.

If you're excited about freeing developers from proprietary cloud technologies, shoot me a mail because we are hiring for multiple roles:* Junior and Senior Front-End Engineers (TypeScript, Angular 2, Bootstrap)* Junior and Senior Backend-End Engineers (Java, Spring Boot, Mongo + MariaDB, HATEOAS APIs)* Integration Expert (Go, Python, Java, ... we're looking for a true Polyglot Engineer)

You can view our open positions at https://www.meshcloud.io/en/careers/, or feel free to email me directly at jrudolph at meshcloud dot io. Please include Stackoverflow and Github Profile if available.

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Capsule Pharmacy | New York City, NY NYC | fulltime


Capsule is a healthcare technology company on a mission to elevate and simplify the consumer pharmacy experience. We believe in improving health outcomes through innovative design, mobile technology, logistics, and predictive analytics. We are seeking a Software Engineer with a generalist/fullstack orientation to join our development team in New York City.

At Capsule you will:

- Work at all levels of our stack. Key technologies: React, Swift, Django/Python, Postgres, Go, Node

- Influence architecture, tooling, process, and culture at a small but growing engineering shop

- Contribute daily to the product dialogue

- Build things that meaningfully improve peoples wellbeingYou should have:

- Breadth in many different skill areas (Maybe youve written APIs and some front-ends and done some light devops and know a bit of Photoshop and have coded in a functional language the more the merrier)

- Depth in one area that you can really school us on (Perhaps youve written a pubsub framework as a sideproject?)

- Experience writing code as part of a (preferably large) team


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Duolingo | Senior Android Engineer | Full Time | Onsite | Pittsburgh, PA

====================================================================Email jack [at] duolingo dot com to apply====================================================================

An Android expert who will help millions of people learn on a mobile device.Duolingo software engineers develop next-generation education technology that changes how over 120 million people around the world learn. Were looking for engineers who bring fresh ideas from all areas in computer science, including natural language processing, machine learning, large-scale system design, and iOS & Android mobile app development.

As an Android software engineer, you will work on a specific project critical to Duolingos needs, with opportunities to switch teams and projects as our fast-paced startup grows and evolves. You will develop applications primarily in Java and using the Android SDK.We need our engineers to be versatile, display leadership qualities and be enthusiastic to tackle new problems across the full-stack as we continue to innovate.

Apane 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Toronto, Ontario | Looking for full-stack ruby-on-rails developer.

Our company is FV, Inc. We're in the process of re-branding, we have a new design underway and have a new domain. We're looking for a full-stack developer that can lead the new launch and help us merge the new front-end with the existing back-end.

We're also looking for someone who can grow into the CTO role.

Please email anthony@fastvenues.com with some recent projects, github etc...


ThePhysicist 6 hours ago 0 replies      
7scientists | Co-Founder, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Data Scientist | Berlin | full-time or part time | on-site or remote https://7scientists.com

We develop solutions for secure and scalable data analysis in hybrid environments (cloud + on-premise / own infrastructure). We build transparent, accountable and fair algorithms for machine learning and AI, and make sure companies can process sensitive data in a secure and reliable way.

Our office is located in a newly refurbished startup center in West Berlin (Charlottenburg), but we're also open to remote work if that's what you're into. We have only a very limited amount of money but are looking for at least one more founder to join the team (we're two currently), so if you are passionate about data analysis, privacy and IT security and want to work with an experienced and well-networked team, let's talk. We are currently fully self-funded, if you want to help us on our journey and become part of the team please get in touch with me: andreas@7scientists.com


jonrkarr 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Karr Lab (http://www.karrlab.org) @ Mount Sinai Medical School | New York, NY 10029 | Research Associate, Postdoctoral Fellow, or Software engineer | Full-Time | ONSITE | $60-70k

The Karr Lab at the Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is seeking a talented, ambitious scientists and engineers to develop technology for building, simulating, and applying cutting-edge whole-cell computational models of individual cells.

We are developing whole-cell computational models which comprehensively predict how behavior emerges from the molecular level by representing all of the biochemical activity inside cells. Our goal is to use whole-cell models to transform bioengineering and medicine into rigorous, quantitative disciplines. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, involving systems biology, genomics, bioinformatics, data integration, parallel simulation, optimization, software engineering, and data visualization, and highly team-oriented.

We are looking for scientists and engineers to help develop several technologies, including a domain-specific language for describing whole-cell models, a parallel multi-algorithmic simulator, scalable tools for visualizing and analyzing high-dimensional simulation results, and tools for handling personal `omics data.

More information: http://www.karrlab.org/join or Jonathan Karr (karr@mssm.edu) How to apply: Send a cover letter and a CV to Jonathan Karr (karr@mssm.edu)

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Popular Pays (W15) | Senior Web Software Engineer | Chicago,IL | ONSITE

Hello! I'm Matt Moore and I'm the CTO at Popular Pays. We're a marketplace that connects content creators with brands looking to generate content that is worth sharing. Were looking for a senior web software engineer to join our team. We're growing quickly and are looking for someone who can help us build an amazing product that will scale with us at a robust and sustainable pace. Job description is posted here: https://angel.co/popular-pays/jobs/226947-senior-web-softwar...

You can apply through Angel List or email me matt@popularpays.com.

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Cockroach Labs | New York, NY | Full-time | Onsite | $120-150k

Cockroach Labs is the company behind CockroachDB, an open-source, distributed relational database written in Go. CockroachDB is scalable, survivable, and strongly consistent - hence the name. The company was founded in 2015 with a mission to Make Data Easy.

Check out the product on Github at https://github.com/cockroachdb.


-- Full Stack Engineer

-- Software Engineer, Production

-- Principal Engineer, Backend

-- Product Designer

Please note that significant industry experience is required for all roles. All positions offer $120-150k base, equity, and comprehensive benefits. Learn more at https://www.cockroachlabs.com/careers.

Interested in chatting? Email jobs@cockroachlabs.com.

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Snowplow Analytics | Sysadmin | ONSITE London, UK

Snowplow is building out a dedicated Technical Operations team in 2017, and is looking for experienced systems administrators to join it. Initially this role is open only to candidates based in London or the South-East of England.

The sysadmins within our Technical Operations team will have four key responsibilities:

1. Handling deployments, upgrades and other maintenance of Snowplow-related infrastructure (load balancers, Redshift clusters, ASGs etc) for our Managed Service customers, across over 100 AWS accounts

2. Responding to customer issues and questions concerning Snowplow-related infrastructure, as escalated to you by our L1 Support team

3. Working with Snowplow SREs to design, deploy and operate Snowplows internal infrastructure, responsible for running the Snowplow Managed Service, the Snowplow website and other services

4. Being on call rotation to triage and resolve operational incidents relating to internal or client infrastructure

For more information: http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/systems-administrato...

Snowplow Analytics | Front-End Engineer | REMOTE UTC-3 to UTC+3

This role isn't on our website yet - but we are looking for our first React/Redux/TypeScript front-end engineer.

For all other jobs, please see: http://snowplowanalytics.com/about/jobs/

nicolashahn 6 hours ago 0 replies      
DISTRIBUTE | Lead Frontend Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE http://distribute.com/

DISTRIBUTE is a product distribution platform that lets brands and distributors to interact with retailers in real time, with zero overhead. Were committed to bringing the $22 trillion dollar retail industry into the 21st century. Were a small (~20 employees, 13 at our SF headquarters) well funded seed stage startup already facilitating millions of dollars in sales and generating hundreds of thousands in monthly revenue. Were looking for a exceptionally talented frontend engineer with several years of experience and excellent leadership skills.

We currently use Angular 1.x+Typescript and have begun migrating to React+Redux+Typescript. Any devops experience or familiarity with the rest of our stack is a plus: Flask, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Swagger, Git+Github, hosted on AWS EC2 and Cloudfront.

We offer full benefits, unlimited vacation, a competitive salary, and a chance to lead a talented and motivated engineering team.

Contact Nick at nicolas@distribute.com if interested. Include "HN Frontend Engineer" in the title.

oncojacob 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Oncora Medical | Lead Engineer | Philadelphia, PA | FULL TIME, ONSITE, SALARY: 110k-160k, oncoramedical.com

- Lead Engineer

- Security Engineer

- Backend Engineer

Oncora Medical is a venture-backed startup building datadriven clinical decision support tools for radiation oncologists. Our stack utilizes state-of-the-art data aggregation pipelines to integrate clinical data, radiation treatment data, and patient outcomes data. Our research team works directly with clinicians to develop accurate, interpretable predictive models of clinical events. We present this information to physicians through intuitive and interactive visualizations that help them make smarter, more confident clinical decisions. If you want to work on software that solves a real clinical need and directly helps cancer patients, Oncora is the place for you.

Apply online at http://oncoramedical.com/careers

austinlchang 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Lawgix Inc. | Software Developer | Austin, TX | FULLTIME | ONSITE

Lawgix Inc. is a hybrid entity (tech + law firm) looking to change the way the world thinks about legal services. We're building technology to deliver better legal services to clients while enabling attorneys to work smarter.

We're looking to bring on a software developer to join our small engineering team. You'll be engineer #4. Some of the technologies we're using: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Git, Heroku.

Some more information on the job is here: http://www.lawgixlaw.com/career/software-developer

How to apply: please send your resume / information to austin@lawgixlaw.com

mkdk 11 hours ago 0 replies      
DivvyCloud | Full Stack Developer | Washington DC ONSITE | http://divvycloud.com

Looking for local developers familiar with Javascript (Angular.js) and Python 2.7. Qualified candidates should have an understanding and knowledge of working with APIs, REST, Python 2.7, Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, etc), Javascript, CSS3 and other modern web technologies. If you fit the bill, then we should talk.

DivvyCloud is a fully-funded startup based in Arlington, Virginia, currently looking to expand its talented team of developers. Here at DivvyCloud we are developing the next generation in cloud automation. By leveraging DivvyClouds event driven automation, our customers are pushing the boundaries of infrastructure-as-code. Our goal is to build an intelligent autonomous system that will allow 2 DevOps engineers to manage massively large global infrastructures.

email: matt@divvycloud.com

blakesmith 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Sprout Social | Chicago, IL| Full-time | Engineering Manager, iOS| http://sproutsocial.applytojob.com/apply/jkJxjm/Engineering-...

You will help deliver a quality application to thousands of users, working on a small iOS team allowing you to take ownership of the code base and provide weigh in on user experience and design discussions. You will also manage fellow iOS Engineers with specific responsibility to support the growth of their careers. This is very much a working manager opportunity.

At Sprout we encourage cross-functional collaboration. The Mobile 'squad' consists of a dedicated Mobile Product Designer, dedicated QA Analysts, other Mobile Engineers and a Mobile Product Manager.

Sprout Social is used by more than 17,000 brands around the world. Companies like Marvel, Adobe and Pivotal Labs rely on Sprout to create stronger relationships with their customers through social media

We are looking for someone that has contributed to several apps in the Apple Store, preferably at a SaaS company. Please apply via the above link and mention Hacker News!

crueoj 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Zoomi Inc. | Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Product Manager | Malvern, PA & Nashua, NH | ONSITE and REMOTE | zoomiinc.com

Zoomi is Artificial Intelligence for learning.

Zoomi, a performance optimization data analytics company, brings together the disciplines of predictive and prescriptive analytics, machine learning and data mining to glean insights and intelligence about a learner's behavior, cognitive and engagement preferences to synchronize learning with business outcomes. Zoomi's first-to-market technology delivers measurable ROI for corporate training and education programs. The company was founded in January 2015 by a global team of industry-leading engineers, developers and designers. Zoomi's headquarters are in Malvern, PA.

We are looking to build out our product and research teams and have many positions to fill. Please use the job postings at http://zoomiinc.com/careers/ to apply!

steindavidb 13 hours ago 1 reply      
Appboy-New York-Full Time-ONSITE

Appboy is currently looking for full time software engineers to join their team! Appboy is a NYC based start-up specializing in smart marketing automation. Our powerful SDK and dashboard have enabled companies like Urban Outfitters, Samsung, EPIX and iHeartMedia to create targeted marketing campaigns to their users. Check out our open positions and feel free to apply!

(full stack) Software Engineer: http://grnh.se/nyija71

Mobile Engineer: http://grnh.se/rb1c2v

Senior iOS Engineer: http://grnh.se/kai1ny

DevOps Engineer: http://grnh.se/4n2o1s1

Engineering Lead-Internal Tools: http://grnh.se/wlc8vr1

Sr. Product Engineer: http://grnh.se/sniw421

Sr. Software Engineer: http://grnh.se/6plc1d1

Sr. Software Engineer- Data Infra: http://grnh.se/j4ac5t1

Software Engineer- Support: http://grnh.se/x17dik1

Security Engineer: http://grnh.se/xfl8wo1

ckridler 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Root | Columbus, OH | Full-time | Onsite |https://joinroot.com

Root is an auto insurance company, like GEICO and Progressive. We use data science to identify and insure good drivers, reducing insurance premiums for good drivers significantly as a result.

We're a startup we're 25 people who have been working on this for 2 years. We've built iOS and Android apps that gather data on how well people drive. We use that to set insurance prices. To build the best possible product and user experience, we went through the arduous process of starting an insurance carrier from scratch.

We've raised $7M, and we're looking to bring on a couple more talented engineers. Tech stack involves Ruby / Rails and Javascript / React Native. Email us at jobs@joinroot.com

jevanish 6 hours ago 0 replies      
### http://GetLighthouse.com | Designer / Front End Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Employees quit managers, not companies. If you've ever worked at a dysfunctional, hyper-growth startup, or a big company wrecked by politics, you've experienced how bad management can make work miserable. Its crazy managers arent given more help. We're changing that by helping with the fundamentals of good management through software.

We're a 500 Startups alum, with a growing product with hundreds of paying customers, and want to bring more great design and experience to our product.

### You:

If you're excited to build an amazing product leading the process from design through implementation, this is the perfect role for you (with the big equity to match). Youll have the chance to bring all your skills together as part of a team thats customer driven and excited to make more people love their jobs. It's a mission you can feel great about working on every day.

Youre an awesome fit for this role if you...

-> Take great pride in your work and obsess over getting the details right.

-> Always look for places to simplify, whether thats removing a button, or making 30 lines of code work with 5.

-> You love using funnels & analytics, as well as talking to customers, to ensure what you design & build is best for customers.

### Tech stack currently includes (open to changes you advocate for): Rails, Capistrano, haml/scss, bootstrap, jQuery, Postgres, Stripe, GCal API

* Interested in the role? Email Jobs at GetLighthouse dot com mentioning Hacker News in the subject line. Please, no recent code school grads.

Dabergcobo 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Mangowin | Los Gatos, CA | Full-time | Tech Leader | www.mangowin.com

Mangowin is an app for high school students to get their first job.

We are making a responsive web app that i) allows students to apply for their 1st job close to where they live or study, ii) allows companies to access a pool of interested student applicants every year, and iii) provides data and information to schools related to the creation of new jobs and the skills required to fulfill them successfully.

Our mission is to eliminate youth unemployment worldwide, by leveraging the use of technology and by bringing the future of work close to the next generation of employees.

Please contact Dama Aberg daberg@mangowin.com if youre interested in leading the development of this amazing product.

Townley 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Atlantic Media / National Journal -- Washington, DC -- onsite but with optional WFH days

My company is looking for another Django developer (~2 years experience preferred) to join our team of 4. We're a fun bunch, do cool things at the intersection of tech/journalism/politics, and have a small-but-respectable collection of snacks in the office. Our main product is www.NationalJournal.com (NOT to be confused with the National Review)

Interview Process: We don't do whiteboard interviews. We put you in a room with all of our devs, and talk about the things you've worked on/things you'd like to work on. That's... pretty much it?


larkinrichards 12 hours ago 0 replies      
SGT Inc | Open MCT Web Developer @ NASA | Mountain View | https://nasa.github.io/openmct


As a developer working on NASA's open source mission control technologies, youwill get to work with a wide range of missions, from robotic surface exploration to deep space probes to earth orbiting satellites. If you're a passionate webdeveloper, a self-proclaimed full-stack engineer, and you happen to love space,then you should get in touch.

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to contact me atpeter dot l dot richards at nasa dot gov, or check out the project at https://nasa.github.io/openmct

jameincke 6 hours ago 0 replies      
New York, NY | CloserIQ (https://closeriq.com)

CloserIQ is the network connecting top sales talent to venture backed tech startups. We are a NYC based self-funded and highly profitable recruiting tech startup combining powerful software with world class service.

We're currently hiring for these roles:

Talent Advisor: http://clsr.us/jYihA/8bd29 (ONSITE, NYC)

Our Talent Advisors attract, engage and onboard top sales talent to the rapidly growing CloserIQ network. Youll be joining a small team of sales leaders, technologists, recruiters, and growth hackers as a sports agent for the top revenue generators in the tech community. Looking for candidates with interest in sales and recruiting.

Talent Development Analyst: http://clsr.us/j2VXg/8bd29 (ONSITE, NYC)

This role is a hybrid sales & marketing where you will be responsible for generating demand for CloserIQ by leveraging digital sales & marketing strategies. You'll have a chance to work directly with our founders, wear multiple hats and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company from day one.

Freelance Writer: http://clsr.us/jl7MKQ/8bd29 (REMOTE)

CloserIQ is looking for a freelance writer to help us create and curate relevant content as we build out our content strategy. The focus of this work will be within the scope of sales and careers, along with some viral content

karatkier 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Hiring top talent is a critical activity for all companies, yet the way organizations interview candidates is broken. Interviewing is a time consuming process that is rarely data-driven. Here at Karat, we see a massive opportunity to transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

Karat is on a mission to assess the world's talent. We are the first dedicated marketplace for technical interviewers. Karat's network of seasoned engineers conduct the first rounds of technical interviews for elite engineering companies. Our robust platform saves teams thousands of valuable hours while allowing them to focus on the top performing candidates. Karat's unique approach recognizes that people are central to the hiring process and that they can be supercharged by leveraging machine learning and our rich database of the world's interviews.

We face incredible demand for our service and are delivering significant value to elite engineering companies like Interana, BuildZoom and Minted. We are funded by top VCs including Formation8 and Founder Collective, plus the founders of companies like Glassdoor, Mulesoft, Lookout, OPOWER, MediaLink and CAA. Karat is headquartered in the University District of Seattle, WA.

Join our elite community of Expert Interviewers.

Karats Expert Interviewers are recognized and rewarded for doing a first-class job as top assessors of technical talent. Every interviewer in the network is an accomplished engineer. Our interviewers include development managers from big-tech companies, start-up engineers and freelancers covering the full technology stack.

Learn more/apply here:


lpil 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Honeycomb | London, UK | Software Engineer | Remote first, London office, https://honeycomb.tv/

Hi, I'm Louis! I'm one of the engineers here at Honeycomb. There are 12 of us on the engineering team right now, and we're looking to grow!

Honeycomb are building a next generation Ad Delivery network for Broadcast and Online publishers. Our platform is enabling faster, cheaper delivery of ads from creative agencies and post houses.

Our tech stack is largely Ruby on Rails, though we are breaking out into services and believe in using the right tool for the job (currently we have one service in Node, and another in Go). We use Ansible, Docker, CircleCI and Jenkins to deploy to Linux (and some Windows) on AWS and Azure. We believe in TDD, CI/CD, pair programming, and agile practices.

We work remote first, though those of us that live in England tend to meet at the London office once a week.

Honeycomb is a place of equal opportunity, we believe that the best teams are ones with a diverse background. We are on a journey to make our team diverse by construction and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, gender and ethnicity.

Would you like to join us? Reach out to me on louis.pilfold@honeycomb.tv :)

beghbali 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Grand Rounds | Staff Java/Spark Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite | Fulltime

Building our next gen data platform to enable real time healthcare delivery. Looking for very senior distributed computing expert to join the team. Strong experience with likes of Kafka, Spark, Cassandra a requirements. Experience with healthcare a plus. We have a fun, fast paste, super collaborative team and are looking for a very senior team member to join and help us build this next generation platform to enable services and processes in healthcare never done before.Send resumes to bashir@grandrounds.comopportunity link: https://jobs.lever.co/grandrounds/2b58459d-a009-4d79-8eb7-4b...

mleva 9 hours ago 0 replies      
MongoDB -- New York, NY (ONSITE) | Full Stack Engineer | Full-Time | Base + Pre-IPO Stock Options

We're looking for a Full Stack Engineer with an emphasis on the front-end to join our R&D team in NYC. We're building a new product enabling server-less architecture with MongoDB using React, Redux, Golang, MongoDB, AWS, and more. This is a small team where you will have a huge and immediate impact within an already established company!

Any interest? Please reach out to me at Matt.Leva@MongoDB.com, or apply directly at http://grnh.se/unlpr81.

dispatchai 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Dispatch | http://dispatch.ai/ | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Full-time, onsite

We are Dispatch (dispatch.ai), a well-funded startup that is creating a platform for local delivery powered by a fleet of autonomous vehicles designed for sidewalks and pedestrian spaces.

We're bringing together a team with deep domain expertise in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence. If you're interested in joining us for work on this exciting technology and help create the future of autonomous vehicles, we'd love to hear from you.

Roles we are hiring for include:

Software Engineer - Motion Planning and Controls

Software Engineer - Perception

Software Engineer - Mapping and Localization

Software - Generalist

Hardware - Electrical

Hardware - Embedded/Firmware

Contact us at jobs-hackernews@dispatch.ai!

Or apply through our listing on AngelList (https://angel.co/dispatch-6/).

ampexian 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Cover (YC F3)| Full Stack Engineer | Los Angeles, CAhttp://cover.build

Come build the future with us. Literally.

We are developing a turnkey solution for building homes that leverages the power of computational design and precision manufacturing to deliver homes of unprecedented quality. For more on our mission and approach read go to: http://cover.build/what-why-how

Recent press:http://architizer.com/blog/architectural-details-the-perfect...

Job posting (contact on page):http://cover.build/join

koddi 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Fort Worth, Texas (ONSITE, Full Time) Koddi (http://koddi.com or https://twitter.com/koddiyak) PHP Developer / Engineer (Hiring 2-3)

Koddi is a bidding platform for vertical-specific ads on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Facebook, Kayak, and other metasearch sites. We manipulate huge data sets to make buying search ads easier and more revenue productive for our clients. We work with great partners and clients (like some of the top travel brands in the world.) Must have strong experience with:

 - Object-oriented basics and principles - Modern PHP (5.4+) development and best practices - MySQL and relational database design - JavaScript - git
That said, capability, outputs, and results matter much more than specific experience. We'll give passionate developers that want to learn the opportunity to do so if they are a great match for the team and have a positive attitude.


 - AJAX, jQuery, HTML/CSS - Symfony / Silex - JSON, XML - Google APIs, OAuth 2.0 - MySQL performance optimization, big datasets, BigQuery - Basic Linux administration - Bootstrap - Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Redshift)
careers@koddi.com if interested

pondruska 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Blue Vision Labs | London, United Kingdom | Onsite | Full-time, Internships | http://www.bluevisionlabs.com/

Blue Vision Labs is a stealth startup working on a new transformative technology for self-driving cars, augmented reality and robotics. Founded in a Y-Combinator Fellowship and backed by Accel (Facebook, Dropbox, etc.) with Horizons Ventures (DeepMind, Siri, etc.), our mission is to revolutionise the future of intelligent machines. Our team consists of a mix of PhDs from top universities, hackers, finalists of programming competitions and accomplished entrepreneurs. We have a full range of benefits, a friendly and dynamic atmosphere where everyone can learn, grow and contribute to impactful solutions. We are looking for talented people to join our team in the following positions:

- Software engineers (cloud infrastructure)

- Software engineers (iOS & Android)

- Research scientists (machine learning & computer vision)

- Research scientists (SLAM systems)

- Robotics engineers (sensors, cameras, signal processing, calibration)

Please apply at careers [@] bluevisionlabs.com

Gxorgxo 7 hours ago 0 replies      
TravelPerk | Senior Frontend Developer | Barcelona | ONSITE travelperk.com We are looking for a talented Senior Front-end Developer with a passion to develop a performant single-page web application with great user experience. You will work as a part of the team that builds a next-generation application for business travel. This position involves: Building and maintaining reusable, testable UI components. Writing a readable, well-documented code. Working closely with our product team to build new features. Working in an Agile environment. Being able to mentor/coach/train other colleagues as a subject matter expert. What do we offer? Competitive compensation including base salary, bonus and equity in the company. 24 vacation days per year and flexible working hours. This position requires full-time, in-house work in Barcelona, Spain. We can help with relocation from anywhere in the world. English is the official language at the office. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. The link to apply is http://bit.ly/front-eng-tk
shabonkerz 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Metromile | Senior Frontend Engineer | SF | ONSITE https://www.metromile.com

About Metromile:

Metromile is a start-up that is disrupting the $185 billion car insurance market by offering an entirely new model where the monthly bill is based on miles driven, paired with a smart driving app. Our product marries engineering and data science to deliver mobile technology, automotive telematics, and data-driven applications to make a car's data accessible and useful to modern drivers, including street sweeping alerts, trip stats, decoded check-engine lights, and car location. We aim to make car ownership as simple and affordable as it can be.

What we're looking for:

- 4-6+ years of hands-on development experience working on consumer-facing products

- 4+ years working with JavaScript, HTML, & CSS

- Experience with Angular, or any MV* or component-based frameworks


- CoffeeScript, Gulp, Sass, and Angular(1.5, and currently migrating to 2.0+ w/ TypeScript).

Joel Test Score: 11/12

Funding: $205.5M since 2011

Apply here: http://grnh.se/2dntly1

Questions? Drop me a line at arudick at metromile.com

nabucodonosor 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Boxed (https://boxed.com) | Software Engineer (Logistics) | NYC or Union, NJ or Dallas, TX | https://www.boxed.com/careers/?gh_jid=651201

Boxed is the easiest and modern way to shop for bulk goods. As a mobile-first company, customers can shop directly from Boxeds app on their iOS or Android mobile device, or online at www.Boxed.com. With Boxed, customers can have their household, personal care, and pantry favorites delivered conveniently to their home or office.

Our office is a dynamic, collaborative family of individuals. A technology company at core, we are a vibrant, fun and close group of engineers, designers, marketers, and operations specialists with a passion for driving superior value and experience to our customers.

The Software Engineer will be working with the Operations team to continue building out our proprietary warehouse management platform. The platform aims to accurately and efficiently allows our fulfillment centers to fulfill our customers orders.

Stack: Node, Objective-C, Go, Mongo, Postgres, AWS

Looking for middle to senior level engineers: https://www.boxed.com/careers/?gh_jid=651201

chollier 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Quri [http://quri.com] | San Francisco, CA, USA | Full time | Onsite

We have open position for Senior Front-End Engineer, Data Engineer, Senior Back-End Engineer, Senior Full-Stack Engineer, QA Engineer ! see all jobs at https://jobs.lever.co/quri?lever-via=eUrFrvwL9K

We're looking for experienced engineers to join our small (about a dozen) but growing team of focused, dedicated, and passionate technologists who thrive using a variety of tools to solve real world business problems.We're building product with cutting-edge technologies such as React / React Native / Babel / ES2017 - stage 0 / FlowType / Jest / GraphQL / RelayJS / Apollo Client / Rails (ok not that cutting edge) / Elixir / Docker / more buzzwords techs (but really we use all these technologies)

Quri is transforming retail execution by providing real-time, store-level visibility into the performance of products and promotions in 150,000 retail locations across 6,000 cities. Partners like Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Nest, Unilever, Kraft, Nestle, Coke, Kimberly Clark and 200 other global companies rely on us to unlock growth and increase the ROI of their $1 Trillion in trade spend and new product introductions annually. Quri is powered by an innovative combination of big data analytics fed through mobile technology used by our on-demand retail workforce. Today, Quri is the market leader in Retail Intelligence Technology providing the industrys most innovative, easy-to-use solution for transforming retail execution to drive ROI.

mariano54 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Token | Software Engineer | SF | ONSITE https://token.io

Tokens mission is to allow financial institutions, businesses, and people to instantly and securely move money wherever they may be.To accomplish this, were developing a powerful open banking platform with focus on openness, security and the best possible customer experience. The result is an ecosystem where money and information moves together, instantly, and in an open, global, standard.

Our team comes from top companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Docker, Twitter, and Square, and our CEO, Steve Kirsch, has invented several groundbreaking technologies and has had multiple billion dollar exits.

Token is working with a range of industry players to build the payments ecosystem of the future. Partners include HSBC, Fidor, CGI, Capgemini and VirtusaPolaris. Token has been recognized by leaders in the industry, such as in SWIFT's Innotribe Startup Challenge 2015, GTS Global Innovator Competition 2016 and Plug & Plays Fintech EXPO.We're looking for mobile, web, backend, security, and full stack engineers. Our technologies include Swift, Node, React, Java, Kubernetes, and AWS.

Job listings: https://jobs.lever.co/token

bbhughes12 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Chicago, IL | Trunk Club | ONSITE | Fulltime

We're building the future of retail, enabled through technology. Talk to us if you're interested in creating lightweight single-responsibility apps, building advanced Javascript MV*-powered front-ends, leveraging graph databases and machine learning, and creating amazing user experiences for users both internal and external. Our platform powers everything from the member experience (online and in-store) to our sales and relationship tools to our warehouse operations to our financial and merchandising capabilities - there is a lot going on!

We're currently hiring for the below roles (US only):

Senior Engineering Manager: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/155114

Senior Software Engineer: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/44918

Senior DevOps Engineer: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/497712

Software Development Engineer in Test: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/88244

Front-End Engineer: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/44922

Senior Data Scientist: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/582519

Director of Data Science: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/111879

Network Security Engineer: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/482266

Systems Engineer II: boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/598427

Please check out our website to learn more: https://www.trunkclub.com/careers.

illeto 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Charlie Finance | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | https://www.hicharlie.co

Charlie is a free, text-based AI that is here to automate everything in personal finance that can be automated and to radically simplify the rest. We are using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP to help everyday people manage all of their everyday finances. We are very well funded, our engagement is extraordinarily strong, and our user base is growing rapidly.

Were looking for a curious, relentless Software Engineer who cares about everyday people to join our VC-backed team in San Francisco as employee #6. We have the freedom and the runway to build together A.I. that will improve the financial health of millions.

Interview Process: Couple of phone calls and an onsite interview. Well ask you normal interview questions, but as we are still a very small team, we will also spend just as much time learning about what kind of person you are and how youll help us define this company and culture.

Learn more and drop us a line at http://bit.ly/2ltHFKh

karig 4 hours ago 0 replies      
ZUMPER | San Francisco (SF) | ONSITE

Hiring for:

Engineering- Backend Python Engineer, Frontend Lead, Jr Android Developer, Business Systems Engineer

Marketing - Chief Marketing Officer

To apply: https://jobs.lever.co/zumperor email me directly kari@zumper.com

Interview process: Prescreen, Technical phone interview, 1-2 onsites (depending on the role), offer.

About Zumper: We are building the next generation of house and apartment rental platforms. We recently acquired the amazing PadMapper, which is now part of our platform. With a twinned consumer and B2B approach, Zumper built the first ever search-through-close rental platform where a renter can pull out their phone and make an instant & guaranteed rental application from an open house or a tour with one tap.

We have over 5+ million visitors a month and have raised $39.2 million in venture capital to date from investors including Kleiner Perkins and Goodwater Capital. Our iOS and Android consumer apps were both featured at launch on the front pages of the App Store and Play Store respectively. We've also built the first ever iOS and Android apps - Zumper Pro - for landlords and rental professionals to create, photograph and market their listings on the go.

Happy to connect and go into more detail about Zumper!

tdowns 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Kalibrate | Software Engineer, Platform Team | Cleveland, OH

For over 20 years, the people of Kalibrate have been staying ahead of the curve in the fast-moving world of fuel and convenience retail. Over 300 clients, in 68 countries on six continents, in mature and emerging markets, for clients large and small, Kalibrate is there with flexible, dynamic solutions that fit all.

What you'll do

Build end-to-end features as part of a service oriented product

Design, code, test, debug and document software along with enhancing existing components to ensure that software meets business needs.

Build data-centric services to maximize market analysis efficiency and deliver market insights

Write modular, high-quality code while actively engaging in peer code reviews

Learn new technologies & best practices, apply them to solve business problems and teach others about your experience

What you've done

Have 3+ years of experience working on the server side in any language (Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.)

Have experience constructing interactive web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks (Angular.js, React.js, Knockout.js, etc.)

Have experience building REST based web services

A strong passion for engineering and a sense of ownership of your code and outcomes

Have experience with test automation, continuous integration and deployment

Have experience with Cloud services such as AWS or Azure

Have experience with environment isolation (Docker, Vagrant, etc.)

Our Tech StackKalibrate runs a modern, service-oriented stack, continuously integrated and deployed (CodeBuild, CodePipeline, Elastic Beanstalk) on AWS. We deliver our client experience using Angular 2, Bootstrap 4 with Sass and D3.js graphing. We build data services using Dropwizard, PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch.

What's next?Interested yet? To hear more, please send your resume over. Please feel free to provide any coding samples (Github, Stackoverflow, etc) or blog posts, wed love to take a look! email us at clevelandtech (AT) kalibrate -dot- com

pain_perdu 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Intelligent Voice | San Francisco | Front-end Engineer | ONSITE | Full time | http://www.intelligentvoice.com/

Intelligent Voice is looking for an experienced and enthusiastic senior front end developer to join our San Francisco team. This role is ideal for someone who is passionate about building highly scalable and reliable systems and bringing new technology out of the lab and into the real world.

We're a global leader in AI-powered audio processing technology. We work with many of the world's largest banks, major consultancies and government agencies. Our technology includes ultra-fast GPU based multi-lingual speech transcription, speaker segmentation and biometric identification and advanced review tools for audio. We are based in London, UK.

Contact samantha.jacobs AT intelligentvoice dot com

rgbrgb 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Open Listings | Full-stack engineer | Silver Lake, CA (East LA) | ONSITE https://www.openlistings.com

We're building the simplest and most affordable way to buy a home: e-commerce for real estate. We help tech savvy buyers shop for homes with expert online support, then save them a ton of money by refunding half of the buyer agents commission. We're assisting tens of thousands of active buyers in California and transacting more than one home each day. We're profitable in California and beginning to expand to other states now.

Team is 4 engineers, 1.5 designers. Interview process would be a phone screen then some pair programming at our office in Silver Lake, CA in Los Angeles.


bigdata555 10 hours ago 1 reply      
Drive.ai | Mountain View | https://www.drive.aiWe are creating AI software (Deep Learning) for Autonomous Vehicles.

Open positions:Senior Software Engineer Software EngineerDeep Learning Engineer Data Visualization EngineerFull Stack Engineer

Apply or see a full description here: http://grnh.se/a6up0t1

Check out our vehicle driving at night in the rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMvgtPN2IBU

joshcarr 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Aclima - https://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


Help us turn billions of data points into healthier cities.

Join our team of tinkerers, scientists, designers, and engineers to empower people with environmental intelligence. In collaboration with partners like Google and the EPA, Aclimas mission is to use this new body of knowledge to create a more resilient, healthy and thriving world.

Some of the tools we use: Python, Git, MariaDB, Cassandra, Nginx, NSQ, Redis, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, React, ES6, Webpack, D3.js


* Senior Backend Software Engineer

* UX Designer

* Interface Developer

* Senior Data Scientists

* Data Engineers

* And more... http://jobs.aclima.io

zaius 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Beyond Pricing | Product Specialist | SF | ONSITE https://beyondpricing.com

Beyond Pricing helps people make more revenue from their Airbnbs and vacation rentals. We are a small--yet growing--team, passionate about travel and building better technology for the sharing economy. We power the pricing for thousands of people across the globe. If you search for a place on Airbnb in any major market, a Beyond Pricing customer is likely in the first page of results.

As Product Specialist you will be in charge of creating and growing a community of happy users, helping them get the most value out of our product. Customer success will be at the core of your role. Well be really excited if you have experience with PR, content marketing, user acquisition, et. al., but were also good at teaching that. You cant teach good customer service and going above and beyond to make customers happy.

For more info, or to apply, check out the post on angel list: https://angel.co/beyond-pricing/jobs/53752-product-specialis...

curbside 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Take a stab at our little challenge and ensure your CV gets reviewed by our team: curl https://challenge.curbside.comCurbside is enabling a new way to shop, built for the era of instant mobile commerce. The Curbside app makes it easy to find, buy and pickup products at nearby stores. Curbside searches realtime local inventory across retailers and uses location-based technologies to alert stores when a customer is arriving for a pickup. Curbside helps consumers quickly get what they need and helps retailers better serve their increasingly mobile centric customers. The Curbside Merchant Console enables alerts to staff as customers arrive to pick up orders and also manages online order workflow.

Curbsides investors include Sutter Hill Ventures, Index Ventures, Jerry Yangs AME Cloud Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Eric Schmidts Innovation Endeavors, OReilly AlphaTech Ventures, Gil Elbaz & David Waxmans TenOneTen and Chicago Ventures.

Tech Stack: Clojure, Python, Javascript, iOS, Android, Elasticsearch

Problem space: mobile commerce, big data, search, machine learning, reverse engineering, distributed systems, location services, user experience.

https://curbside.com/jobs Palo Alto, Ca. Relocation Available Sorry at this time we cannot sponsor NEW H-1Bs, but we can transfer existing visas and sponsor new E3s, TNs, and O-1s.

leeny 3 hours ago 0 replies      
interviewing.io | Software Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite | Full-Time

interviewing.io is looking for a back-end engineer.We give great engineers like you free, anonymous technical interview practice, and if things go well, you can book on-demand anonymous technical interviews with companies like Uber, Twitch, Lyft, and more. Our numbers are kicking the ass of traditional, resume-based hiring metrics, and we're growing like crazy. With where we are and where we want to be, we need a resourceful, creative, and highly productive engineer to jump in and {design, prototype, build} a bunch of features that great engineers and top companies spend a ton of time in every day. If you're on HN, you've probably read our blog at some point: https://blog.interviewing.io

Please email aline@interviewing.io if you're interested.

bpp198 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Thread.com (YC S12) | Software Engineer | London, UK | Full-time | Onsite

Our mission is to help people to feel happier and more self-confident by making it easy to dress well. We do this using a combination of human stylists and powerful machine learning algorithms to recommend each guy the perfect things just for themin their size, budget, and stylewhich they can then buy in one place.

We're backed by a collection of the top investors from London and Silicon Valley as well as Y Combinator. After launching 4 years ago we're already doing $1M+ in monthly sales with over 500,000 men using the service in the UK.

We're looking for another talented, entrepreneurial software engineer to join us. Today we're a team of 6 full stack engineers with lots of startup experience (the founders have started and sold 2 companies before), and we're proud of the effort we've put into building and maintaining a strong engineering culture since the very first days of Thread. You'll be one of the first technical hires, getting to build and own huge parts of the product, and help us continue to shape our culture. (More on our engineering team here: https://www.thread.com/engineering)

To learn more about this role and the company in general, check out https://www.thread.com/jobs.

derrekl 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Care Revolutions (YC S16) | Front End Engineer | Los Angeles, CA (Venice/Marina/Playa area) | Full-Time | Onsite

Us: We are a shift based marketplace for Healthcare Professionals. We match talented nurses with shifts posted by medical businesses requiring highly specialized skillsets. We are growing rapidly and need your help!

Role: Front end web engineer with strong javascipt, css, html, and in browser debugging skills. Our front end app is served up with express, uses single page app architecture, and makes heavy use of react and redux. The app interfaces with segregated api endpoints. Prior use of react/redux is not required, rather deep knowledge of javascript is. We are looking for someone who's long term vision is being an incredible front end engineer, who enjoys thinking deeply about UI/UX, and who can collaborate well with product, api, and mobile developers. We're going to pay 90-130k depending on your experience, skills, and how you value equity compared to salary.

We are funded, pre series A, with a solid runway. Now is a perfect time to get a decent salary and good equity without all the tax hangups of coming on board with a later stage start up. Join us and help us revolutionize nursing and the rest of the health care professional space!

Email derrek at carerevolutions.com

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Viamo (formerly VOTO Mobile) | Full-time | Saskatoon, Canada; Washington D.C. area; or Remote | https://votomobile.org/careers/

- Director of Product Design - VOTO Platform

- Senior Engineer - Full-stack Web Application Developer

- User Experience Engineer - Front-end Web Application Developer

- Senior Engineer - Custom Technology Applications

- Senior Engineer - Android/Mobile Application Developer

lucidlive 5 hours ago 0 replies      
We're looking for React developers in Montreal and we're paying well so hit us up today.

Huddol is the first social health network dedicated to the family caregiver experience.Huddol is the brainchild of The Caregiver Network (www.thecaregivernetwork.ca), an organization that has built significant brand equity in the caregiver space for more then 10 years. Huddol will redefine how caregivers make choices about the care of their loved one and their own self care. We are well funded and ready to accelerate to market.

More at:


maxbutler 4 hours ago 0 replies      
LendUp | Software Engineer - Full Stack | San Francisco, CA

LendUps mission is to provide anyone with a path to better financial health. We build technology, credit products and educational experiences for the 56% of the US population who are currently shut out of mainstream banking because of poor credit or income volatility. In other words, we work with the credit challenged.

Apply here: http://grnh.se/3iqxlp1

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Binti | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, SALARY:100k-140kUSD, https://binti.com/binti-careers/software-engineer/

Binti makes software for foster care and adoption agency staff to improve their daily workflow so they can make better-informed decisions and spend more of their time actually helping people. Our mission is to find a safe, loving, and stable family for every child.

Our software is used by private adoption agencies in 30 states. We're in the midst of expanding into serving government foster care agencies and are close to reaching two-thirds of the foster care families in the state of California.

We have sustainable revenue, dedicated customers, and ample seed funding from top investors like First Round, Kapor, and Lowercase. We work together in SF and are growing rapidly.

Binti's main SaaS web product is a conventional monolithic Rails/Postgres app that works well for our use case, but remains fun to hack on. We're building the monolith up higher, and looking forward to soon chipping off a service or two. Some of the areas in which we are especially seeking to round out our engineering team include devops, security, and compliance (we're seeking a full-stack engineer interested in contributing in these areas early on - whether or not you are already an expert). We're using Kubernetes/Google Cloud.

If you're looking to join a small startup that has a large impact, apply online or email us at jobs@binti.com

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FarmLogs (YC W12) | Ann Arbor, MI and Des Moines, IA | Onsite/Remote | https://farmlogs.com

FarmLogs is inventing the future of farming. We build software to help farmers grow more with less.

Our stack is predominantly Clojure and Python. Our domain involves data from all over: soil samples, satellite imagery, radar, telematics from tractors, temperature data, the list goes on.

We run 100% on Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS.

We have a strong preference for onsite candidates, but would accept a remote candidate if they have experience working remotely before and are in the US.

We've got a handful of open positions, notably:

- Android Developer

- Senior Backend Engineer

- Senior Frontend Engineer

- Executive Assistant

- VP of Operations & Finance

- Product Manager

- On-Farm Research Agronomist

Come take a look! https://farmlogs.com/jobs

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Air Force Research Laboratory | Fall Co-op/Intern | WPAFB, Ohio | ONSITE

The Intelligent Power Group at WPAFB is looking for mechanical/electrical engineering co-ops for Fall 2017 (open to combined Summer & Fall 2017).

An electrical engineering student would build up DAQ capabilities for a new generator testing facility. The student would be responsible for 95% of sensor selection, layout, noise reduction, etc.

A mechanical engineering student would design & run experiments to parameterize a lumped capacitance thermal model of a synchronous generator. For example, determining the conduction coefficient of an enamel coating.

On a scale of independent researcher (10) and being given a task of lists to accomplish everyday (0) these positions are a 7.

If interested, reach out to the e-mail in my profile.

juhohei 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Reaktor | Senior Software Engineers | NYC | Full-time

Reaktor is a strategy, design, and engineering company based in NYC, Helsinki, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Our New York office is growing fast and were always on the look-out for the most talented software engineers to make sure our teams are filled with best in class individuals. We might all have climbed far up the career ladder in our past lives, but here we leave our titles at the door and work together to get shit done with clients like HBO, Michael Kors, Nasdaq, Samsung, Supercell, and Finnair.

You can find more information on the role here: https://www.reaktor.com/careers/senior-software-engineer/

Thomvis 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Highstreet | Ruby Developer | Utrecht, The Netherlands | ONSITE | https://www.highstreetapp.com

At Highstreet, we build a platform for native mobile shopping apps that end-users love and delivers business to our customers, which are mostly fashion brands from all around the globe.

We are looking for a full-time back-end developer, who is excited to innovate mobile shopping. Would you like to build a robust, scalable platform that serves data to our apps around the globe. You will be joining our small but smart team with a start-up attitude. There is plenty of room for your ideas and initiatives on how to improve our platform.

I lead the iOS and Android teams at Highstreet and would love to talk to you if you're interested! Our interview process consists of a phone screening, in person/Skype interview, take-home assignment and a discussion in person/over Skype of the assignment.

More information and instructions on how to apply can be found on https://highstreet-mobile-retail.homerun.co/ruby-developer/e....

tombenner 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Entelo | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

Entelo uses huge amounts of data and predictive analytics to help companies build great teams. Our ~20-person engineering team uses technologies like Ruby, Golang, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Spark, and Redshift, and we already have customers like Facebook, Tesla, and Paypal. We ingest and parse up to 2 TB of social profile data per day, predict when people will change jobs, match people to jobs, and more.

We care deeply about promoting diversity in tech and being pleasant, collaborative folks; we were recently ranked as the #3 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor among small and medium companies. Join us as we continue to grow very quickly and discover new ways to merge machine learning, big data, and full-stack engineering to provide value to our customers!

We're hiring for many roles including:

* Data Scientist

* Director of Data

* Senior Data Engineer

* Senior Software Engineer

If you're interested, check out our open positions at https://www.entelo.com/careers, or feel free to email me directly at tom at entelo dot com.

aturek 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Convoy | Software Engineer | Seattle | Full-time, onsite, https://convoy.com

We're optimizing the trucking and logistics industry; automating what is, today, a $800B industry that still runs on fax machines and phone calls. Currently backed by top tier investors. Read about us:https://news.greylock.com/our-investment-in-convoy-changing-...

I'm employee #2, and I've been here since we were borrowing desks at a local startup incubator. We've grown a lot since then, but we still have a tight-knit, incredibly high-leverage group of engineers. Even after two years, I still love going to the office each morning. I get to work with the smartest folks I've ever met, on software that is going to modernize an industry that's fundamental to the modern world. No team I've ever been on, including at Amazon, has felt like I could have this kind of impact.

We would love more engineers, up and down the stack, and anywhere on the generalist <-> specialist spectrum. We use pretty cutting-edge tech (React, React-Native for mobile, TypeScript + Node for backend), but we're a lot more interested in engineering chops than any particular tech skills.

If you're in Seattle, in tech, and interested in the business, reach out and grab coffee with me or one of our other developers. Help us grow an amazing tech team from a very early point in our company's history!

Some, but not necessarily all, of our open jobs: http://jobs.convoy.com

benthehenten 5 hours ago 0 replies      
LogRocket | Cambridge, MA | Boston, MA | Full Time, Onsite | https://logrocket.com

LogRocket is a logging service that helps developers fix problems in their apps by letting them replay bugs. Our product is used by hundreds of companies like UserTesting, Carfax, and NBC to eliminate the guesswork for developers as they fix bugs.We are a few engineers today and looking to double our team in the next few months. If you are interested in joining at the ground-floor of a venture-funded, fast-growing company, feel free to reach out to matt at logrocket dot com.

ejcx 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Cloudflare https://www.cloudflare.com/ | San Francisco, CA; London, UK; Singapore, SG; Urbana-Champaign, IL; Austin, TX; | VISA, ONSITE

Cloudflare is building a better Internet. Our long term goal is to give every site the same performance, security, and reliability that major sites like Google and Facebook accomplish, without any specialized network hardware or complicated administration. We enhance millions of sites, including this one.

We believe in working collaboratively with an emphasis on personal growth and responsibility. Working at Cloudflare lets you wear many hats, spearhead new projects, and shape your career. Product market fit is established, but there's a lot of great engineering, product, sales, and support work to be done. We're starting 2017 at 330 people, with plans to double that in the next year.

We're always hiring for operations/SRE, sales, general systems engineering (mostly in Go, nginx, and network, as well as DNS at scale), and web development. Here's some specific roles we're keen to hire:

0) Engineering Manager -- We're looking for an Engineering Manager to lead our PlatOps team, and also generally looking for more managers. Our engineering management team is very strong and we are looking for experienced individuals to join.

1) Data Engineering(s) -- We have a ton of different technologies that our data engineers work with, and they are a really strong core team here. Kafka, PostgreSQL, Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, nginx, and so many more technologies.

2) Product Security Engineer -- We have a lot of applications and need more talented software engineers who love to break and fix. We need hands on engineers who are not afraid to dive in and drive fixes to completion, and evangelize security.

3) Systems Engineer (Austin/SF/London) -- We are hiring systems engineers at all of our offices. Our Austin office is growing particularly fast. Web and distributed systems built with Go, Node, Docker, and much more. Check out our blog to see what's planned for 2017 (https://blog.cloudflare.com/)

If you're interested, please apply through the https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team link, our recruiting team looks at every single application from every applicant.

karatkier 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Karat | Software Engineer | Seattle, WA

Hiring top talent is a critical activity for all companies, yet the way organizations interview candidates is broken. Interviewing is a time consuming process that is rarely data-driven. Here at Karat, we see a massive opportunity to transform the interviewing experience for every candidate and company.

As a member of Karat's engineering team, you will get to work on an exciting mission with a superstar team that feels like family. You will be able to easily relate to the product given that we've all been through technical interviews.

Learn More/Apply Here: https://jobs.lever.co/karat/586c77ea-5c3a-40e6-a940-f74ffeba...

topstriker515 8 hours ago 0 replies      
MightySignal | Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | https://mightysignal.com

MightySignal | Frontend Engineer | San Francisco, CA | https://mightysignal.com

MightySignal unearths and analyzes hard to find data in the world of mobile, and we're looking for engineers to join our growing team. Backend engineers here are free to explore daily and work on a variety of problems including reverse engineering, data discovery and analysis, and more. Frontend engineers own the whole process of designing and building the interfaces for our customers to absorb and make sense of our data. We're a small team and each person has a major role in guiding the future of our infrastructure and company. We're hoping to find people who share in our adventurous spirit.For a small taste of what we do, check out our free iOS and Android SDK reports: https://mightysignal.com/top-ios-sdksIf you're interested, please reach out to osman at mightysignal dot com

Ben-G 12 hours ago 1 reply      
PlanGrid (YCW12) | San Francisco | Full-time, On-Site | Visa

Were building software that is changing the construction process (think GitHub for construction). Our users love our app because it helps them build real things more efficiently. By joining our team you can influence product decisions and work on interesting technical challenges (our client apps work with GBs of blueprints and metadata). Our engineering teams are small; whatever team you work on, you'll have a chance to have a big impact.

Were hiring across all of our engineering teams: Android, Web, iOS, Windows, Backend (Python).

You can see our job postings and apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/plangrid?lever-via=SzsN-_Jgq1

latch 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Second Spectrum | Software Engineer | Los Angeles | ONSITE https://www.secondspectrum.com/

We're a sports oriented company that blends computer vision, machine learning and design to change how sports are coached, played and watched. Starting next season, we're going to be the Official Optical Tracking Provider for the NBA.

Various engineering and creative openings in our three offices (Lausanne Switzerland, Los Angeles and Shanghai). Full list at https://jobs.lever.co/secondspectrum

I'm happy to answer questions: karl@secondspectrum.com

cynusx 9 hours ago 0 replies      
NoviCap | Senior backend engineer | Barcelona, Spain | Onsite | Full-time | https://gist.github.com/noverloop/ec033c20c02cf9e219d2fc9739...

Want to work on software that matters, how about software that finances millions.

We are an early-stage fintech company that provides early payments for outstanding invoices in UK & Spain. Our engineering team is still lean and mean and is looking for a third senior backend engineer to join our core team.

Challenges include lots of API's and data lifting, trading algorithms, lots of scraping, security and writing reliable and extendable software.

We use React, rails, scikit learn (for ML microservices), AWS and lots of tests!More info in this handy gist: https://gist.github.com/noverloop/ec033c20c02cf9e219d2fc9739...

We are also looking for a security-oriented devops to help us achieve ISO27001 certification.

All roles:

- Senior backend engineer

- Senior devops (security-oriented)

- Head of finance

- UK inside sales reps

Apply by sending an email to nicolas@novicap.com or https://novicap.com/en/careers.html

JED3 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Pathlight is the first platform dedicated to helping sales managers. These managers are critical to any organizations success (and revenue), but are stuck with using whiteboards, email, and spreadsheets to do this vital job.

Sales managers use Pathlight every day because it helps them control their team's pipeline, productivity, and development like they've been doing it for 20+ years.

Were looking for hungry and talented full-stack engineers to help us.


 - Green field development. An opportunity to build things from scratch and own large parts of the stack. - Real world problems. The kind that companies pay $100K+ to solve. - Experienced founders. This is our 2nd startup - our first was acquired in 2013. - Well-funded and well-run. Series A, low burn. Capital efficiency is important to us. - Product market fit. Companies already using it every day.

 - Very early. Very uncertain. - Were not going to match your offer from Facebook - No free lunches, gym memberships, massages, etc. - We play Yacht Rock on Fridays.
Our application pulls from a customers existing CRM and uses a whole mess of buzz-words to perform our magic (cue shameless buzzword dump):

 - Python/Django (Python3, Celery) - Machine learning (scikit-learn, numpy) - GraphQL (a la Graphene, graphql-js) - Thick frontend client (ES6/Babel/React/Flux)
If you'd like to apply, please email your resume and contact information to trey[at]pathlight.co for more information.

micha1 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Roku | Los Gatos, CA | Fulltime | www.roku.com | UX Engineer

Roku - www.roku.com - the Switzerland of streaming is looking for a talented front-end engineer to join our design team to help designers tell better, more impactful stories with technology and prototyping.

Interested? https://www.roku.com/about/jobs/position/ux-engineer

indomitable 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Ultimate Software | Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto CA | Onsite/Remote | http://www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers

Ultimate Software has been building HR and Payroll software since 1990. We moved from selling licenses for on-premise installations to a cloud-based/subscription model in 2002. We are very passionate about building awesome tools to make people's work lives easier/better. Our motto is People First, which describes how we build our product, treat our customers and our amazing company culture.

Ultimate Software is hiring for a large number of full time development positions, including:

 - Data Scientists (San Francisco office) - Software Engineers (Java, C#) - Software Test Engineers, and more.
About 20% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortunes #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2016 today.

Here is a link to our job postings! http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

You can also email resumes to techcareers AT ultimatesoftware.com

Rezo 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Cloudcraft | Senior Software Engineer | New York (NYC) | REMOTE, FULL-TIME or CONTRACT https://cloudcraft.co

We're looking for Senior Software Engineers with significant JavaScript and React experience, preferably full-stack.

At Cloudcraft we provide tools for software development teams, currently focusing on products that help teams working with AWS. Join our small, 100% remote, product engineering team and you'll have the chance to make a big impact and take significant ownership of our software and your own work.

Today our stack consists of JavaScript (100% ES6+), with React on the frontend and Node.js on the backend, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, and literally every single AWS service due to our product's unique nature. You'll be doing a lot of learning and experimenting on the job!

Our ideal candidate is self-motived, has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is interested in UX and has a sense of aesthetics, and is always looking to improve and learn. Experience with AWS services, graphics programming or SVG rendering, existing contributions to open source or personal github projects are a huge plus.

We're bootstrapped, profitable and growing. Competitive salary and serious about work-life balance.

To apply, please email jobs@cloudcraft.co, include "HN - Cloudcraft" in the subject line. No recruiters, please.

nexus-uw 6 hours ago 0 replies      
sixt4.io | JS and/or C# API Developer | Toronto, Canada | Onsite, Full-time

We are a well capitalized tech startup based in downtown Toronto working on solutions to complex problems in the Travel Industry. We are passionate about software development and we are continuously seeking the sharpest minds to help grow our team. If you are looking to do the best work of your career in a collaborative team environment, send us your CV with a cover letter indicating why you feel you are an excellent candidate for this opportunity.


ps: please include the word 'banana' in either your resume or cover letter

victorquinn 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Spring | multiple positions | NYC | onsite | full-time | https://www.shopspring.com

Join our growing engineering team at Spring, a well backed startup headquartered in New York City. We are building the future of shopping, helping brands make the transition from brick and mortar to mobile and web. We have built and are scaling a single source marketplace for a growing list of great brands to sell their products direct to consumer.

A few cool challenges we are tackling: building the best in breed shopping experience on web and mobile, building out a good REST API so our external partners can integrate with our massive multi-brand product catalog, building our own custom order management system, tons of scalability work, using machine learning to bring greater personalization and product recommendations to our product

We've got a beautiful office by the Flatiron building and we offer all the startup benefits you'd expect.

We are looking for iOS, web, and backend engineers in lead and senior roles.

Learn more about our tech stack and working here at Spring: https://www.shopspring.com/engineering

Apply here: http://grnh.se/icdh7l1

Feel free to email me directly victor at shopspring.com with any questions about our company, our roles, etc.

jdiez17 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Owlstone Medical | London/Cambridge UK | Onsite, full-time | Python Software Developer

The work you'll do at Owlstone will be at the intersection of electronics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and data visualization. Owlstones mission is to save 100,000 lives and save health care providers $1.5B by 2020. We need to add more top-class Software Developers to our team to help us achieve it. You can choose to join our office in London or at the Science Park in Cambridge.

As a Software Developer at Owlstone, you will be a vital part of the team tackling very challenging problems such as detecting early-stage cancer from patients breath, or warning people of the presence of minute amounts of life-threatening chemicals in their surroundings. To enable development of new detection & diagnosis algorithms for multiple applications, we are expanding the team responsible for building & administering our data pipelines and data interfaces.

Full job spec here: https://www.owlstonemedical.com/about/careers/python-develop...

Send an email to am9zZS5kaWV6QG93bHN0b25lLmNvLnVr to get past the HR filter ;) (no recruiters, please)

iconvalleysil 11 hours ago 0 replies      
CyMetica | San Francisco | Remote OK | Interns Ok

We build datasets for machine learning and AI efforts around the world. We are currently looking for anyone interested in creating triangulated data for datasets and feature engineering in the areas of Finance, Life Sciences and a few other areas e.g. Algorithmic creation and testing is also needed from time to time.

Languages include: Python, js, and Tcl.

If interested in applying please contact cymetica@gmail.com

joeriel 8 hours ago 0 replies      
PennyMac (http://pennymacusa.com)Westlake Village, CA (Ventura County)

PennyMac is a leading national mortgage lender and servicer. Our Capital Markets/Enterprise Services Technology group is looking for local, on-site developers to help develop and support our pricing, best-ex and inventory management systems.We are a small team of dedicated developers who are always looking for better ways to do things.

If you are passionate about learning new technology, have an aptitude for it, and are willing to invest the time to learn, we are willing to invest the time to train you.

Our technology stack includes:

 - Ruby/Rails - Front end awesomeness with Netzke* and ExtJS - PostgreSQL - Python (for some backend services) - Open to new technologies like Clojure/Elixir
E-mail me at eric.litwin@pnmac.com if you are interested.

*We are the sponsor of Netzke development (http://netzke.org/)

aembleton 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Rideways | Java Developer | Manchester, UK | https://www.rideways.com/

Rideways is hiring Java Developers, Senior Java Developers and a Technical Lead to work at our office in central Manchester. We're using Java 8, Spring MVC, React, Camel and AWS to make it easier to book a taxi, bus, train or shuttle from the airport to your hotel or conference centre.

We are a small team within the larger Rentalcars.com company and we are looking for enthusiastic developers, keen on working in an agile team.

If you are interested, please email me on arthurembleton@rideways.com or apply through our jobs board at http://grnh.se/fvg20p where you can see all of the jobs currently available across Rentalcars.com

JoryFormlabs 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Formlabs | Boston, MA | Onsite | Full-time | Mechanical Engineer

Sound interesting? Learn more here: http://grnh.se/0xodvm1

THE COMPANY: We are a passionate team of engineers, designers, and problem-solvers who make 3D printing tools for professionals. Started out of MIT in 2011, Formlabs is committed to bringing innovative and sophisticated fabrication tools into the creative hands of designers, engineers, and artists around the world. We just raised $35 Million in our series B.

JOB DESCRIPTION: As mechanical engineers at a 3D printing company we create tools we use ourselves. Were excited to build devices that not only create beautiful parts but also reflect careful user experience design. Our team prototypes, builds and manufactures the mechanisms and systems that make our printers function with precision and reliability.


* Can share a strong portfolio of previous work

* Enjoy the gritty details of part design, material selection and manufacturing techniques

* Use Solidworks to design components, produce drawings, and build assemblies

* Can communicate seamlessly with vendors and suppliers across the globe

* Have experience with the full product development cycle

* Communicate seamlessly with vendors and suppliers across the globe

* 4+ years industry experience

Sound interesting? Learn more here: http://grnh.se/0xodvm1

nomadicactivist 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Avaaz Foundation | full-time | REMOTE | https://avaaz.org

Avaaz is changing the world, and well give you the means to change it, too. We are a nimble team working on creating opportunities to bring about the world most people everywhere want -- one of justice, peace, and freedom. Check us out here for more information about who we are: https://avaaz.org/page/en/about/ and the impact our work has: https://avaaz.org/page/en/highlights/

Our tech build comprises the latest technologies (cloud computing, distributed systems, big data) using great languages (Python, PHP, JS) with proven and cutting-edge datastores (MySQL, Redis, Memcache, Redshift). At Avaaz, your work will have an impact on a huge scale: we have more than 40 million members, who have taken over 200 million actions, told over 500 million friends about Avaaz campaigns and donated more than $100 million online.

We value professionalism, autonomy, and healthy work-life balance. Salary is competitive in the non-profit space with generous benefits.

We are looking for:

- Junior/Senior Security Officer https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-161016-juniorsenior-security...

- DevOps Engineer https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-80262-devops-engineer

- Senior Software Developers https://avaaz.org/en/hiring/#op-45362-senior-software-develo...

turkeywelder 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Mediaburst Ltd | .NET Developer & Devops | Manchester, UK ONSITE

Mediaburst make web apps that send text messages and work in Telehealth.

It's not boring and it's not old tech - they're doing great stuff with banking, healthcare and engaging users in products.

They're after a .NET Developer with 2+ years of production .NET experience to help improve the products.You'll be working on the SMS API (www.clockworksms.com), backend queueing and routing, the SMS Survey app (www.surveymill.co.uk), the online text product Textburst (www.textburst.com) as well as the telehealth product FlorenceLight (https://www.florencelight.uk/ )

Also after a Devops/Infrastructure engineer to help run the platform and make the devs lives easier.

Full details: https://www.mediaburst.co.uk/jobs/

Questions? Just send an email to hello@mediaburst.co.uk

Full disclosure: I no longer work for Mediaburst, but trying to help them find a replacement dev. Loads of perks and a lovely office with nice people. If you're in the North of the UK, just pop in for a coffee and a chat if you're looking for a new role.

evan121 11 hours ago 2 replies      
Brightcove (http://brightcove.com) | London, Boston, Seattle, & Scottsdale | Full-Time | Onsite

We're an online video platform (OVP) headquartered near Boston's South Station (with offices around the world), and power video for many of the world's largest media companies. We work on fun, difficult problems using the latest tech within a casual work environment. We offer a fully stocked kitchen, ping pong/arcade machines, frequent catering, unlimited vacation policy that employees actually use, generous work/life balance, 401k matching, etc. etc.

Boston, MA:

* Senior Node.js Developer (http://grnh.se/3lmrk01)

* Senior Web Developer (http://grnh.se/u7yklt1)

* Principal Systems Engineer (http://grnh.se/ks0upf1)

* Senior Sales Engineer (http://grnh.se/7nwjug1)

* Senior Software Engineer, CMS (http://grnh.se/ceplf81)

* Senior Software Engineer, Zencoder (http://grnh.se/u1nd2g1)

* Principal Systems Engineer (http://grnh.se/ks0upf1)

* QA Engineer Co-op (http://grnh.se/fvk0hj1)

* Software Development Co-op (http://grnh.se/6ogtdv1)

Scottsdale, AZ:

* Principal Software Engineer (http://grnh.se/hts20n1)

* Principal Golang Engineer (http://grnh.se/nr4oac1)

jtmarmon 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Common Living | Senior Software Engineer | NYC | www.common.com

The company:

Common partners with real estate owners and developers throughout the US to create community-minded homes. By doing this, were addressing the fundamental supply and demand issues that underlie housing in major cities today. We currently have 6 operating homes in NYC, 2 in SF, and 1 in D.C, and many more on the way. We're only a year and a half old, so when we say we move fast, we actually mean it. Common is currently about 40 employees.

The role:

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join the team. Real estate is a complex and highly regulated domain, and our community-based model adds more complexity to the mix. Automating this complexity through software is the Digital Product Team's core focus right now, and it's a real challenge. We use Domain Driven Design, and are looking for someone with experience building software around complex domains (specific DDD experience would be great too!). We use Rails.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/common/27ad79a7-f2e2-4174-8dbb-96b6527... . My personal email is jason@common.com

kjbekkelund 13 hours ago 0 replies      
Elastic | Senior JavaScript Engineer | Anywhere | REMOTE (or ONSITE, if you want to)

Elastic is the company behind the open source projects Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats. We're a truly distributed company with many teams that span the globe (the engineering organization is spread across 30+ countries). We're actively looking for people _anywhere_ (so this is not a position limited to just US time zones).

(If you prefer working in an office, you can work out of any of our offices around the world. If you prefer nomading, you can do that too. I've travelled the world for >7 months in this position.)

We're looking for experienced JavaScript developers to work on several of our UIs, for example on Kibana and on our Cloud product.

Many know Kibana as a visualization platform on top of Elasticsearch, but it has now grown into our application platform that hosts all our open source apps in addition to our X-Pack commercial apps (and plugins that users write). Some of the things our apps cover are visualizations, time series analysis, machine learning, graph exploration, alerting, developer tools, security UI, data ingestion UIs, PDF reporting and so on. Kibana is today "the Window into the Elastic Stack".

Because of our distributed nature we're currently only looking for senior engineers with a strong self-drive. We're looking for someone with extensive knowledge of JavaScript and one or more reasonably popular frameworks. You should also have at least 5 to 7 years of web application development experience.

We're especially interested in people that also have a deep passion for a JS related topic, e.g. visualizations, security, performance, architecture or something entirely different, but this is definitely not a requirement.

Some SEO for the ctrl+f people: Angular, React, Redux, Jest, Webpack, Node.js, D3.js, RxJS

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at kim@elastic.co

All our job descriptions: https://www.elastic.co/about/careers/

ewa 11 hours ago 0 replies      

WHAT: Software-as-a-Service, customer communication platform.We are one of the top 5 fastest growing software companies of our generation: late last year we passed 100,000 monthly active users of our products. And we grew from $1-50M in ARR in three years. The majority of our leadership team are former (Ex-Google/Facebook & Amazon) from all over the world.

ROLES: We are looking for experienced engineers to join our team in Dublin and work directly with a product, design, and engineering teams, building a world-class SaaS product. Continuous deployment keeps us focused on incremental releases.

BENEFITS: Competitive salary, meaningful equity, free food, health insurance, life assurance, open vacation policy, paid parental leave, public transport and gym covered. Hiring process consists of tech test, phone interview and an onsite interview with technical and culture sessions.

TECH: The core Intercom product is a Ruby on Rails application with an Ember.js frontend.

How we work and where to apply: https://www.intercom.io/careers/

Also hiring for Support Engineer (very technical and hands-on role where you'll be troubleshooting Ruby and JavaScript): http://grnh.se/p724mb1

brettz 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site | pornhub.com (NSFW)

Come work at the 22nd highest trafficked website in the world.

We are looking for:

-Senior Product Manager

-Senior PHP developers

-Senior front-end/javascript developers

Must be willing to relocate to Montreal.

Email me your CV: jobs@pornhub.com

bradavogel 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Mixmax | Full-Stack Engineer or intern | On-site San Francisco (though remote an option for experienced engineers) | https://mixmax.com/careers

We're a growing, fast-moving team looking for all types of engineers: full-stack, backend, site reliability, data, integration.

Mixmax's mission is to reinvent the way professionals communicate for work. We're building the impossible: a rich communications platform that brings the power of the web to everyday communication. This includes easily scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, signing documents, and even interacting with apps. Were fully integrated with Gmail and Google Inbox, and even have a Electron-based native desktop application. Already, were seeing phenomenal growth, with customers from Uber, Airbnb, and tens of thousands of more businesses depending on us for their daily communications.

Were well-funded with an A++ list of investors who previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft, and Square. We have big plans ahead. Come do the impossible with us.Check out our engineering blog to see what we've been working on: https://mixmax.com/engineering

Our stack: Node, Mongo, Elasticsearch, AWS, Redshift, Redis, Electron (full stack: http://stackshare.io/mixmax/mixmax-for-web)

Email careers@mixmax.com and lets chat!

atrachelh 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Crew | Engineering and Design | San Francisco | ONSITE, Full Time

Crew (crewapp.com) is a messaging and productivity app that's geared towards workers who don't sit in front of a computer for work, providing a single way for employees and managers to communicate using the phones they already have. We are helping thousands of businesses, schools, fire departments, and even sports leagues communicate with their teams all in one place.

You can see what customers have to say about us in the Apple App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/crew-group-messaging-shift/i...) and Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crewapp.an...)

We're growing our team, hiring engineers (frontend, backend, iOS, Android) and product designers. Check out all our open roles here: https://crewapp.com/jobs

skrebbel 9 hours ago 0 replies      
TalkJS | Business Developer / Online Marketer | Eindhoven, the Netherlands | ONSITE

TalkJS (https://talkjs.com) provides an off-the-shelf messaging/chat component for online marketplaces, social sites and collaboration tools. We're a tiny startup, growing fast, and well positioned to grab a majority share of the quickly growing market of communication infrastructure.

We're looking for someone to help us grow, help build a sales organization, design & execute online marketing strategies. We expect that you have prior sales experience, something to show about online marketing and SEO, and an interest in tech, notably SaaS like us. In return, we can offer tremendous freedom, mediocre pay, a chance to not just work in a fantastic sales organization but to design a fantastic sales organization, stock options, and a great and cooperative working culture.

If you're interested, visit our site at https://talkjs.com and start a chat with us in the chat widget.

sashagitlab 10 hours ago 0 replies      
REMOTE ONLY GitLab - We're hiring a recruiter, a security specialist, sales development reps, and director level positions, see https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/ We're a remote only company so everyone can participate and contribute equally. GitLab Community Edition is an open-source Ruby on Rails project with over 1000 contributors.
0xfaded 11 hours ago 0 replies      
ALICE Technologies | Software Engineer | Menlo Park, CA | Full-time | Onsite

[ArtificiaL Intelligence in Construction Engineering]

ALICE is bringing AI and Optimization to construction engineering, management and scheduling. We are a well funded ($2.5M) company founded out of Stanford looking to scale as we make our first enterprise sales. This is an excellent time to get in.

The problems we solve are real and technically challenging. In addition to competitive salary and equity, we offer the opportunity to break into the ripe-for-disruption construction industry. You will also learn the art and science behind our algorithms.

 Frontend or Fullstack Engineer - a good fit if you: - enjoy implementing technically complex, yet user friendly interfaces. - are self driven and can own responsibility for large parts of a project. - have a solid understanding of algorithms and data structures (especially graphs). Bonus points if you have experience with: - WebGL, Angular, React, Scala or another JVM language, PlayFramework, AWS UX+UI Designer - a good fit if you: - understand the challenge of presenting a complex system to users. - want freedom to explore novel data visualization concepts. - are able to work with the team to produce a polished, professional product.
Contact hossein@alicetechnologies.com

aleksandrazd 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Contentful | https://www.contentful.com | Berlin, Germany | full time | (VISA)

We raised our Series B lead with Benchmark https://www.contentful.com/blog/2016/05/26/contentful-series... | We have several positions open in Berlin, Germany or in SF USA.

Contentful is a content management platform for web applications, mobile apps and connected devices. It allows you to create, edit & manage content in the cloud and publish it anywhere via API.

Join a rapidly growing developer-centric company with lots of amazing international customers. We count people like Adam Wiggins (Heroku) and Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Solutions) as our advisors. We are hiring for the following full-time positions:

- Engineering Manager - Ecosystem Open Source (Berlin): http://grnh.se/cu6jeq1

- Frontend JavaScript Engineer (Berlin): http://grnh.se/a0lr5y1

Many other positions on our careers page, in Berlin Germany and in SF USA https://www.contentful.com/careers/

stvnbn 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Versus systems | Software engineer | backend, frontend | Full time | Los Angeles, CA | http://grnh.se/ncoqg31

Come be part of a team of smart, passionate, and talented individuals working together to create a suite of next-generation products that will revolutionize the games industry.

We offer videogames, competitive salaries, equity packages, medical, dental, vision, 401K matching, flexible hours, and paid vacation time that we encourage you to actually take.

Main tech stack: ruby, ruby on rails, unity, react.

alexthornton 10 hours ago 1 reply      
Locus Energy: http://careers.locusenergy.com/


About us: Were dedicated to the proliferation of sustainable energy solutions. To that end, we build tools and services to monitor, analyze and manage the performance of tens of thousands of solar power systems. Were a mature startup with a close-knit team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our organization provides some structure while still leaving plenty of opportunities to make your mark. Were not perfect but constantly improving. We value folks who offer a new perspective and play nicely with others.

About you: Youre passionate about sustainable energy and want to play a part of pushing our society in that direction. You are thoughtful, curious and ask questions when you dont understand. You take ownership of your responsibilities and see them through to the end.

We're looking for a software engineering intern for the summer. Details here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/locusenergy/jobs/497636#.WOKHjB...

isalmon 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Datanyze | San Mateo | Full-time | Onsite (WFH 2 days a week)

We did not raise our Series X round recently and we're not planning to. We want to grow through making our customers successful, not by raising another round of funding. We value our employees efforts and unlike any other company in Silicon Valley, share our profits with our employees.

Stack: NodeJS, PHP, Amazon Aurora, Mongo

Apply here: https://www.datanyze.com/careers

gbenton 9 hours ago 0 replies      
23andMe | Scientist | Mountain View, CA | ONSITE, https://www.23andme.com/

23andMe is the leading personal genetics company with a mission to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. 23andMe has accumulated a wealth of genotypic and phenotypic information from participants committed to improving human health through advances in genomics.

Open positions include Scientist and Senior Scientist roles in Statistical Genetics, Ancestry Research, Health R&D, Bioinformatics, and Survey Methodology.

Specific requirements for the roles can be found under Research & Science at https://www.23andme.com/careers/

What you need:

-- Ph.D. in Statistical Genetics, Computational Biology, or a related field (e.g. Genetics, Computer Science, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Mathematics).

-- Substantial expertise in one or more of Python, R, C/C++, etc.


-- Experience with genetic association studies or epidemiology

-- Experience with machine and deep learning techniques

-- Experience with cloud services

blocher 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Engage | Web Developer (Full-time) | Alexandria, VA (metro Washington DC) | On-site | http://engagedc.theresumator.com/apply/2kipDB/Web-Developer

Engage is seeking a Web Developer to join our award winning creative team. The Web Developer will collaborate with Engages client strategists, designers, and developers to plan and build digital tools, campaigns, web and mobile applications, and websites for our clients. If youre interested in teaming up with government agencies and House of Representatives committees, Fortune 500 companies, leading advocacy organizations, and the nations top trade associations to deliver winning solutions in a fun, fast-paced environmentwe want to talk.

This is a full-time position and you must be able to work on-site in Alexandria, VA (metro Washington, DC). You'll probably need at least two years of experience in a web development role to meet the qualifications below, but we're not opposed to hiring a prodigy.

Ideal Candidates would meet many of the following qualifications: - Strong PHP/MySQL background - Familiarity with Wordpress theming and plugin development strongly prefered - Familiarity with PHP frameworks like Laravel or Symphony preferred - Understanding of relational databases such as MySQL - Be comfortable with server administration (though by no means at expert level) - Well versed in CSS, HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript - Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, Angular or React, a plus - A love of creative problem solving - Comfortable working on tight deadlines and in a team environment - In general, a nice person to be around who enjoys tackling challenges and learning new skills - Comfortable with version controlGit preferred - Ability to pass House of Representatives background check

About Engage: Engage is a full-service digital agency based in Alexandria, VA. Our mission is to impact the world around us through bold strategy and innovative technology. We offer very competitive compensation packages because we want to work with the best. Our team is focused and hard-working, but we also want you to have fun and get home for dinner. Work/life balance is important to us, and we believe happy employees make happy clients

cloudmike 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Moatboat | Lead Developer / CTO | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full Time

Moatboat (http://moatboat.com) is a way to think creatively inside virtual reality and augmented reality. It lets you create and command the world around you by simply saying your ideas out loud.

We're looking for an experienced, hands-on technical leader to join us on-site and spearhead our development efforts. The ideal person is excited to help build unique VR/AR experiences at the intersection of apps and games. Although job titles don't matter too much on a small team, this could potentially be (or become) a CTO role.

Were a small, ambitious team in downtown San Francisco with experience building products, apps, and games at companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Irrational Games. We dont have ping pong tables or crazy free meals. But we do have a bright, airy office near Union Square, lots of VR gear, and a healthy perspective on work-life balance. We celebrate uniqueness, and encourage people to follow their passions.

More details here: http://www.moatboat.com/jobs/

Contact jobs@moatboat.com

nahyunk 10 hours ago 0 replies      
John Hancock Digital | San Francisco, CA | FULL TIME | ONSITE https://angel.co/john-hancock-digital | https://www.johnhancockdigital.com/

Head of Engineering (Ruby on Rails) | Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails) |

John Hancock Digital uses machine learning, mobile chat innovation and automated money management to help millions of families better manage their finances. Our team has the impact and excitement of a startup with the resources and stability of a Fortune 500 company.

This is an exciting time for us, as we have completed a fully functional MVP, and have now released a private beta while working with a world-class digital design firm to refine key features before a public launch in 2017. Our work involves complex integrations with leading aggregation and clearing providers to enable real-time money movement, portfolio management and intelligent financial guidance.

We are currently looking to grow our team and are looking for: - Head of Engineering (Ruby on Rails) - Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails)

Join us as we redefine whats possible on mobile.

Find more information here https://angel.co/john-hancock-digital or https://www.johnhancockdigital.com/ Or feel free to directly get in touch with me, Nahyun (Team Operations) here: nahyun@johnhancockdigital.com. Let's chat!

cardine 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Cortx | Software Engineer (Artificial Intelligence Focus) and Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer | Baltimore, Maryland | Full Time, Onsite http://cortx.com

Cortx is a small, profitable, natural language processing startup looking to hire a couple full time software engineers. You would be developing natural language processing software that is able to intelligently read, understand, write, and proofread text. Some applications of this technology include:

- A newspaper comprised entirely of robot authors

- A marketing consultant that uses AI to provide actionable advice to clients

- A machine proofreader that automatically corrects bad grammar

Some tech we use for the Software Engineer position: Scala, Python, TensorflowSome tech we use for the Full Stack position: Ruby on Rails, React, Redis, PostgreSQL

For both positions we care far more about your software engineering and problem solving abilities everything else. It is relatively easy to learn new languages, frameworks, or libraries, but it is much harder to learn how to work through very difficult problems!

Our interview process involves a coding screen, a more intensive Skype interview, and a final onsite interview.

You can see more info here http://cortx.com/careers/ or you can contact us at jobsatcortxdotcom - make sure to mention that you found us on HN!

NataliaPuntel 6 hours ago 0 replies      
WRKSHP | Senior Android & iOS Engineers | San Francisco, CA | VISA http://wearewrkshp.com/

At WRKSHP, our mission is to bring people together through the power of play. Our first game, Battle Camp, has over 40 millions of downloads since we launched in 2012. Our games are long-term experiences, not hits. Battle Camp is on the front page of Play Store and App Store's US Games categories, today.


Senior iOS Engineer

Senior Android Engineer

Apply to any of these roles here: http://wearewrkshp.com/#careers

lintaho 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Trialspark | Full-stack engineers, devops engineers, and more | New York City / NYC | Full time https://www.trialspark.comWe're a software and technology company that helps accelerate the discovery of new drugs and medical treatments by reimagining the clinical trial process.

We've worked with a range of studies that have helped develop new treatments for diseases such as Ebola, Alzheimer's, and HIV. We are an early-stage company based in NYC looking to hire our first few employees to help us achieve our mission of bringing life saving treatments to patients faster. We offer competitive compensation packages (salary + equity) and benefits.

As an early stage employee, you'll be working directly with the founders and have a strong voice in product and technology decisions.

You'll have ownership over large portions of the product and how it evolves. Ideally you have at least 2+ years of experience. For engineers specifically, you'll be working at all levels of the stack (flask/python + react/javascript).

We'd love to hear from you - apply at https://jobs.lever.co/trialspark or shoot me a message at linhao@trialspark.com!

mksaunders 9 hours ago 0 replies      
The Document Foundation | Development Mentor | Anywhere | REMOTE | http://www.documentfoundation.org

The Document Foundation (TDF), the charitable entity behind the worlds leading free office suite LibreOffice, seeks an individual or individuals part (or full) time to be a Development Mentor to start work as soon as possible. The role requires the following:

* Self-starting, remote working experience* Experience contributing to FLOSS communities* C++ or LibreOffice coding experience* Excellent communication skills

The role is a for a minimum of 10 hours per week, and work time during the day is flexible, apart from some fixed times when availability is required (e.g. during meetings, which usually take place at 14:00 or 15:00 UTC once per week).

For more information and to apply:


haeric 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Matterport | Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer (3D) | Sunnyvale / San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE, VISA

Matterport (YC W12) lets you experience a space, such as a house for sale or a museum, in 3D in your browser and VR. Example model: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=uRGXgoiYk9f More examples in our gallery: https://matterport.com/gallery/

We have over 400,000 3D spaces, which together have been viewed more than 100 million times, and were growing fast. Were hiring in all engineering disciplines, but these two in particular:


Senior/Lead Backend Engineer (Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Postgres, AWS)

You like designing elegant APIs and Django services, and optimizing them to withstand large amounts of traffic. Automated tests make you happy, and automated deployments make you even happier. You will be working on a small team of backend and infrastructure engineers to keep our platform fast and stable. https://jobs.lever.co/matterport/f633efc3-c694-4025-89e5-ff6...


Senior/Lead Frontend Engineer in 3D (Typescript, Redux, Preact, THREE.js, WebGL)

Youre an experienced front-end engineer who is comfortable with React/Redux or frameworks with similar concepts, and want a new challenge. WebGL/3D experience is not required, you can learn that as you go. You will be working with a small team on modular 3D applications where performance, automated testing and usability are top priorities. https://jobs.lever.co/matterport/f93e9e3c-a615-4262-b97c-760...

More positions at https://matterport.com/careers/positions/. If you have any questions about these roles, our teams or our stack, send me a note at hakon @ our domain.

Flammy 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Appuri | Seattle, WA | http://www.appuri.com/

What we do: Appuri helps online businesses understand, diagnose and reduce customer churn. We provide a beautiful, end-to-end solution that makes it easy for our customers to tackle churn. By removing the need to hire data scientists or data engineers, we offer a very compelling price point. Very few products can bring Big Data and Machine Learning at the scale and price point with the results we offer. We serve both B2B and B2C customers, with strong success in both spaces.

Our go-to-market solution is backed by a world-class ETL pipeline and data platform that makes onboarding, insight-generation and integration with corporate business processes many times faster than competitors or do-it-yourself alternatives. This platform is also a solid foundation for us to build future solutions.

Open positions can be found here: https://jobs.lever.co/appuri

Engineering Lead Developer Product Designer Senior Backend Developer Senior UX Developer

Sales Account Executive Business Development Representative

donjay 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Sigfig | Software Engineers | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.sigfig.com/

SigFig is dedicated to making high-quality investment advice more accessible and affordable to investors of all wealth levels. Using a combination of design, data science, and technology, SigFig helps empower investors with the information and guidance they need to achieve their personal financial goals. Through partnerships with some of the worlds largest and most innovative financial institutions, SigFig seeks to help investors and advisors better manage their investments.

Our interview process is pretty straightforward: a take-home test, a phone screen, then an onsite at our SF office.

Front End (Angular/Typescript) https://boards.greenhouse.io/sigfig/jobs/483750#.WOJxmRIrLBI

Backend (Scala) https://boards.greenhouse.io/sigfig/jobs/483621#.WOJx5hIrLBJ

QA Automation https://boards.greenhouse.io/sigfig/jobs/608428#.WOJxoRIrLBI

kepano 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Lumi (YC W15) | https://www.lumi.com | Los Angeles, CA | Full-Stack Engineer | REMOTE OK | Full-time

Lumi is making packaging simpler for e-commerce brands. We're solving complex supply chain problems involving everything from turning vector-based designs into production-ready artwork, to bringing elegance to the complex systems of pricing, manufacturing, shipping and freight in the packaging industry.

Our stack: React, Haskell, Servant, RethinkDB. As an engineer at Lumi, you'll become an important part of our diverse and dynamic team. You will be leading projects building the architecture of our customer-facing site and backend tools.Because of our small team and rapid development cycle you'll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and interact closely with the design and strategy of Lumi. Experience with Javascript and Haskell is required. You can apply by going here: https://www.lumi.com/jobs/full-stack-engineer

rtrunck 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Human Code | iOS, Python, Django, Frontend | Denver, CO | ONSITE and Full Time

We are a Denver startup who is building a team that will change the way people use and interact with their DNA. Translating science into a daily experience, our goal is to unlock the world of genomics through easy-to-use apps. We're looking for individuals with real-world experience with Python w/Django, Swift, or Objective-C.

If you want to join a company where you can make an impact, provide value on day one, and work with a great team email me at ryan@humancode.xyz

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Instructure | Senior Software Engineer | Salt Lake City, Seattle, Chicago | ONSITE | https://instructure.com/

Help us build open-source software for education: http://code.instructure.com/

We're hiring Senior Software Engineers, Software Engineers in Test (web and mobile), a Technical Program Manager and a Sofware Security Architect. See here for the list of open positions: https://jobs.lever.co/instructure?lever-via=IQ-V_FRhae

Our main stack is Ruby on Rails + React, but we also work with Go, Clojure, Node and other technologies. We have plenty of hard engineering problems for you to sink your teeth into, and endless opportunities to learn!

Our culture is engineering-driven and very work-from-home-friendly (although we are not hiring 100% remote at present).

Great benefits (including unlimited vacation) and competitive salary.

Feel free to email me at okhan(at)instructure(dot)com if you have any questions (I am an engineer not a recruiter).

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Zoku Technologies | Chicago, IL | Onsite | Full-time

ZokuVault is a secure online vault that both helps individuals and families store, share and organize their most important information, and helps these clients more effectively engage with their trusted advisors. With ZokuVault, end users can organize and store important information related to their wills and trusts, insurance policies, financial assets, tax records, and even their end-of-life plans, and share that information opportunistically with their family and most trusted relationships.

We are looking for Ruby Software Engineers in the Chicago area to grow our team.

VP of Engineering: https://angel.co/zoku-technologies/jobs/225227-vp-of-enginee...Software Engineer: https://angel.co/zoku-technologies/jobs/227190-software-engi...

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Rocketmiles | Chicago, IL | On-Site

Rocketmiles helps frequent travelers take more vacations. Our team is headquartered in Chicago's West Loop with a satellite office in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

We're currently looking for:

* Grails / Kotlin / Java / Backend developers (Chicago, NYC)

* Senior Systems Engineer (Chicago)

* QA Engineer (Chicago)

* Product Manager (Chicago)

* Business analyst

I lead our product team, so please reach out to me directly (jordan@rocketmiles.com) if you are interested, or head to rocketmiles.com/jobs for more information.

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University of Chicago | Lead Software Architect | Chicago, IL | Full-time | Onsite | VISA | https://cdis.uchicago.edu

We're looking for an experienced Software Architect to lead our software engineering team building out and scaling an open-source data commons platform used by cancer researchers.

Our infrastructure includes of 17PB object storage, 18,000 compute cores, 100G networking, along with interoperability over public clouds. Developing a deep technical understanding of the system, software, and security architecture will be critical to success in this role.

Technologies used: python, linux, openstack, AWS, postgres, consul, salt, elasticsearch, spark, and more

Learn more about the Genomic Data Commons at https://gdc.cancer.gov

Join a team of engineers and scientists in our academic research center leading translational data science and advancing data driven cancer research.

Apply at https://cdis.uchicago.edu

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Voyant Inc. | Calc Engine Developer (Java) | Austin, TX | ONSITE | http://www.planwithvoyant.com

The Voyant dev team is looking for Java developers to improve and extend our calculation engine into new international markets.

Primary Responsibilities* Learn the tax code and financial product regulations of our international markets. * Build reusable, extendable, efficient financial calculation models. * Continuously improve code maintainability and calculation engine performance. * Support service API development for calc engine integration.

Requirements:* Experience with object oriented languages and design patterns. * 3+ years of development experience a must. Java experience preferred. * Basic understanding of financial products and their taxation principles. * Quant or software development experience within the financial service industry desired.* Desire to learn detailed nuances of worldwide financial products and taxation regimes. * Ability to interface directly with outside non-programmer subject matter experts. * Must like dogs.

Interview process is usually 1 phone screen and onsite interview with code review and or whiteboard coding.

Full Description: https://www.planwithvoyant.com/content/en_US/aboutus/javadev...

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AIR.TV | Los Angeles | Full Time, Onsite | http://air.tv

AIR.TV is an online video platform and advertising solution.

We are a tiny team working out of a private office in Mid-City, with a line of customers deploying our product and eager for what we're building next. There is a lot of software being created by just a few people, and it's possible for you to make a huge impact. The pace is quick, but with lots of individual flexibility.

It's a very interesting time for us - our latest product is attracting customers faster than we can bring them online. Most ad tech is not defensible, but our product depends on our in-house video platform and our relationships with content producers. Those producers can finally monetize off-YouTube embeds, and at the same time we're bringing significant revenue to web publishers who have built large followings by curating and embedding viral videos.

Our tech stack currently includes: JavaScript (Angular, node.js), Python, BigQuery, and Ansible.

We are patiently searching for great engineers, particularly full-stack developers. If this sounds interesting, please contact us - careers (at) air (dot) tv

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Shopify | Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Waterloo, San Francisco, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) | Full-time, Internships | Onsite | Remote | VISAShopify is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to easily setup an online store. We build solutions that empower merchants no matter what their size is. Our product help merchants who are just starting as well as established brands that need a solution that can scale with their traffic.

We're always working on products that make it easier for entrepreneurs to reach their audience and help them make data driven decisions.

Shopify is built in Ruby on Rails running on a stack composed of Docker, Golang, Mysql and Redis. Our data infrastructure uses Kafka, HDFS, Zookeeper and we use PySpark and Sklearn for our data modeling and machine learning tasks.

If you're interested in building tools that empower Entrepreneurs come take a look at who we are and what we're doing https://jobs.lever.co/shopify?lever-via=XBuWsYM_Q2https://github.com/Shopify.

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FundApps | Software Engineer (Senior) | London | Full-time, Onsite | https://www.fundapps.co

=== Who we are

FundApps is an award-winning Fintech startup helping investment managers comply with worldwide regulation. We're a small team of smart, friendly people (https://www.fundapps.co/about-us/meet-the-team) who collaborate closely and take pride in delivering amazing software and providing outstanding customer support.

We know that diverse teams are strong teams and we welcome applications from everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, faith or disability to join our team.

=== Roles

Software Engineer | We are looking for motivated, intelligent coders to join our close-knit engineering team (see stack below) to work on anything from new features to greenfield products. We deploy every day with one click and pride ourselves in getting our engineers up and running fast expect to deploy to clients in your first week! Hiring process: coffee or call, followed by on-site interview with pair programming exercise | Apply here: https://fundapps.workable.com/jobs/64778

=== Stack + Tooling + Methods

C#, F#, ASP.NET MVC, Golang, React, Redux, Webpack, AWS, Lambda, Terraform, Packer, Atlas, Consul, HAProxy, Sumologic, Sentry, TeamCity, GitHub, CI/CD, TDD, Kanban.

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Mapcreator | www.maps4news.com | Eindhoven - the Netherlands| ONSITE

We are looking for an experienced front-end developer (Javascript, D3) and a growth hacker. Mapcreator creates cloud based cartographic software for newsrooms and has a atrong international client base. We are a young fast growing company, just past the start-up phase. Using our unique technology and a world covering database (OSM, Here) we create low entry tools for journalist and graphic artists. We are situated in the centre of Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands. The application process consists of two rounds of interviews. For the developer there also will be a small programming trial, done at your own time/pace, i.e. not live.Feel free to contact us.



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SharpSpring | Software Engineer | Gainesville, FL https://careers.sharpspring.com

SharpSpring is a company that helps our customers engage with their contacts. The term "marketing automation" encompasses lots of functionality but it really boils down to a bunch of different pieces of software all working together to help our customers (email editor, CRM, sales monitoring, site tracking/analytics, landing page editor, forms, email delivery). We are working on building an amazing team in a fresh, hip city in Gainesville, FL. We take care of our employees and are highly competitive for the right people.

Some things you'd get to work with here: javascript/react, PHP, Golang, Kubernetes, google cloud, redis, mongodb and mysql.

Apply at https://careers.sharpspring.com/careers/back-end-software-en... or careers at sharpspring.com

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Kahoot! | Senior Frontend Developer | London, Oslo | ONSITE | https://getkahoot.com/

Crafted using a design-led approach and game-based pedagogy, Kahoot! is on a mission to make learning something that everyone wants to connect with.

With over 40 million monthly active users and a public library of over 15 million games on our platform, kahoots are being played in over 180 countries, both in the classroom and beyond.


As our frontend developer, you'll be making and maintaining web apps with some of the latest JavaScript tooling such as React and MobX, but also staples such as Angular and Backbone.js. Working on Kahoot!'s frontend platform, building on our pattern library, youll be drawing out UI components to build robust modular systems making up rich interactive experiences.

We're also looking for the following roles:

- Backend Developer https://getkahoot.com/jobs/backend-developer-search-oslo-or-...

- Android Developer https://getkahoot.com/jobs/android-developer-oslo-norway

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One Codex (YC S14) | San Francisco (SoMa) | Full-time (ONSITE) | https://www.onecodex.com

One Codex is a platform for microbial genomics. We are a technical, experienced (and profitable!) team working on meaningful problems that range from infectious disease diagnostics to outbreak epidemiology to improving our understanding of the microbiome. We work with top researchers, medical institutions, and biotechs, and have processed samples from all seven continents (and space!).

We're currently looking for generalist engineers across multiple positions, including both those who are backend- and frontend-leaning. Our stack includes Python, Rust, and ES6 Javascript, and we write everything from D3 visualizations to low-level bioinformatics algorithms.

Challenges include: (1) developing novel algorithms for analyzing complex microbial communities; (2) working with terabytes of genomic data; (3) building scientifically reproducible analyses suitable for both research and the clinic; and (4) supporting scientists and developers building on our platform with extensible APIs.

We are based in San Francisco and offer a competitive salary, meaningful above-market equity, and the chance to be an early employee in a well-positioned startup. Benefits include full medical, dental, and vision coverage, a flexible vacation policy and relocation assistance if moving to the Bay Area. We're also willing to sponsor a visa for the right candidate.

Please apply here: https://onecodex.recruitee.com/o/software-engineer-full-stac...

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Kit | Frontend Software Developer | New York, NY | ONSITE, Full time, https://kit.com

Come build an amazing experience that users will love. This is a rare opportunity to work with entrepreneurs with a solid track record on a very early stage product. If the following describes you, get in touch!

 * You are passionate about building and shipping a product that users love * You thrive on the challenge of how to build a new product experience from scratch * You care about finding and focusing on the right ideas collaboratively * You love working in teams and work great under pressure
Kit is a platform for product discovery. We are building a service that uses social connections to recommend products across various categories. We were recently named as one of Business Insider's Top 15 NYC startups to watch. As a part of Expa we sit in an amazing office in Soho, are surrounded and supported by smart & experienced teams, and get early access to cool new products.

Our small team is diverse, inclusive, and fun. It is not required that you identify with a particular gender, race, orientation, national origin, age range, hobby set or belief in order to be a member of team Kit.

We hail from some of the best companies out there including YouTube, Apple, Google, Gilt, and Foursquare. We even count a professional producer/DJ in our midst.

We are also hiring a designer. You can check out our job listings at https://kit.com/jobs to apply.

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Temboo | Engineering, Product, Growth | New York City | Onsite | Full-Time

Temboo is an NYC startup. Our software platform enables people to innovate at the intersection of hardware, software, and human aspiration by providing the building blocks for connecting the physical world to the digital. Temboo ships on devices from Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Arduino, with more to come.

Were continually amazed at how people are applying our technology - our tools are used by people who are fundamentally changing how the world works. From life sciences and farming, to energy, aviation and smart infrastructure amongst others, Temboo is empowering people to build an amazingly diverse range of physical computing systems. Our customers use Temboo to make everything from small, incremental improvements to transformative shifts in how we live our lives - reducing waste, increasing efficiency and enhancing quality of life. If you want to be involved in the next major wave in technology and help build tools that can change how the world works, then Temboo might be the place for you.

We have open positions in Engineering and Product.

Full details: https://temboo.com/jobs

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Grove Co. (https://www.grove.co) | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

I'm co-founder and CTO of Grove and we're looking for an experiencedfull-stack web developer to join our engineering team and helphundreds of thousands of families across the country accesshigh-quality, non-toxic household products.

Consumer packaged good are the last great multi-trillion-dollarconsumer category to come online and Grove is the brand leading theway.

Our company of about 30 people is backed by some of the best investorsin the country. We're driven by our collective sense of mission(we are a B Corp!), and a high-performance culture filled with kindand caring colleagues.

Our flagship product is our website: www.grove.co. We've created aunique, subscription-based commerce experience that leads the sectorin engagement and repurchase. But the majority of our complexityderives from internal needs; we build in-house forecasting,purchasing, and logistics tools that power the company.

We speak Python (with Django) and ES6 JavaScript. Wewrite tests, contribute to open source (see github.com/groveco/),and typical day sees 5+ production deploys.

We've grown 4x in the past year, and plan on doing it again this year. It's a heck of a lot of fun, and I'd love to tell you more about it.

Contact chris@grove.co.

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Ideamotive | Mid React Developer | Warsaw | Onsite

Ideamotive (https://ideamotive.co/) - a dev shop specializing business process automation for startups and growing companies is looking for a React Developer. We are located in Warsaw, Zoliborz at a start-up accelerator mansion called ReactorWarsaw.

Our stack consists of Ruby on Rails and Node on backend and React on a frontend, usually Postgres as a main database and Sidekiq for queues.

You, as a candidate, should be a computer science graduate (or has equivalent knowledge) with a solid background in front-end and previous experience in React or similar framework. We also expect you to have understanding of a current trends and state-of-the-art solutions. Compensation: 30 - 70 z/h dependent on the experience, background and attitude to coding.

Our original job offer (in polish): https://ideamotive.co/careers/frontend-react-dev/

Send your CV, code samples or inquiries to newhero@ideamotive.co

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OSARO INC | San Francisco, CA | FULL TIME | ONSITE http://www.osaro.com/careers/ | Deep Learning/Machine Learning Engineers | Software Engineers/DevOps |At Osaro, were creating machine intelligence software that combine state-of-the-art perception with powerful adaptive decision-making abilities to help computer and robotic systems act efficiently and intelligently.

Find more information here https://angel.co/osaro/jobs / Or feel free to directly get in touch with me, Tracy (Team Operations) here: jobs@osaro.com Let's chat!

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Portchain | Full stack software engineer | Copenhagen, DK | REMOTE, Full time, https://www.port-chain.com

Stack:React/mobX, Electron, Node.js, PostgreSQL

90% of all goods are transported in containers. The largest container vessels can take on 20,000 containers at a time. The industry is struggling like never before, and is fundamentally inefficient: 50% of all container vessels globally are delayed coming into port, most communication is conducted through phone and even fax, paper is still used in abundance, there can be over 15 process handovers moving a container, and there are large regional differences in performance among players.

We want to change that, and bring the industry into the digital age. Portchain (www.port-chain.com) is a Danish startup founded by 3 McKinsey alums in February 2017 that aims to significantly reduce operational cost and complexity for all players while providing industry leading customer experience. From our office in Bredgade next to Amalienborg, we are ramping up our team from five people to ten over the next four months. As such we are hiring only the highest caliber developers to join our team, and help reshape shipping.

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15gifts | Junior Data Scientist | Brighton, UK | ONSITE http://www.15gifts.com

15gifts' decision-engine technology powers some of the largest corporations in the UK including Virgin Media, EE, Sky and The Times, and we're growing rapidly. We are now looking for a talented data scientist to join our team and help shape the recommendation algorithms that underpin our product.

You'll be working on the algorithms that underpin our product, and will be responsible for interpreting large amounts of behavioural data to discover the underlying stories and opportunities. Then you'll identify, help implement and test algorithms and optimisations that drive real improvements to our product's performance. You'll work closely with other parts of the business to ensure that the whole product is focused on maximising the benefit of the algorithms that we develop.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with SQL and Python and/or R, have a firm grounding in Data Science principles as well as experience in analysing and visualising data sets. The process will start with a phone chat, and then an interview based around a dataset that we'll ask you to analyse in advance.

Get in touch via work@15gifts.com and mention hacker news.

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Transfix | Front-end Engineers, Back-end Engineers, Product Manager, Implementation Engineer | NYC | On-site

Transfix is creating a marketplace to connect shippers with truck drivers. We're in a $800B industry that's ripe for automation. We're dedicated to reducing the amount of miles being wasted by optimizing the way shipments are handled from creation to delivery.

We're looking for mid-sr (3+ yrs) front-end and back-end engineers to join our team and a mid-sr product manager. We're also looking for our first implementation engineer.

Tech stack: Aurelia.js, react.js, es6, ruby on rails, postgres, AWS

You can read about our culture here: https://goo.gl/YwAoRH

Process: Recruiter Screen (20min) > Tech Screen (1-1.5hrs) > Optional Take-Home Exercise > On-site Interview (3hrs)

If interested, please apply on our jobs site:(https://jobs.lever.co/transfix)

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Moat | Engineers, PMs, Designers | NYC, SF, Sydney, London | FULLTIME, ONSITE

Moat is an analytics startup with products in two areas:

1) Analytics

Moat Analytics measures content and advertisements for many of the most trafficked websites on the Internet. Most new ad deals require third party measurement and for many of the top brands and websites, Moat's metrics are the go-to. We were one of the first companies to begin measuring ad viewability and we helped make these metrics a standard in the online ad industry. We handle over 19 billion impressions a day and tackle large scalability problems every day.

2) Search

Moat Search tells you who's advertising where online. We give advertisers, publishers and other adtech companies an overview of the entire online ad ecosystem (kind of like the Bloomberg of the ad world). Our customers can see their competitors' ad campaigns, find prospects by seeing the clients of similar companies or see trends in the industry before anyone else. We have a free product, moat.com and a premium product, Moat Pro.It's great to work here! I've been here for about four years and everyone's really talented and the problems are interesting.

We recently raised $50M and we're still growing very quickly:


We're hiring pretty much across the board - engineers, PMs, designers, recruiters, etc. Both technical and non-technical openings can be found at http://moat.com/jobs.

The interview process involves a short coding assignment, 1-2 phone interviews and onsite.

Questions? Email me at rodrigo.menezes <at> moat.com

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Bugsnag | San Francisco AND Bath, UK | https://www.bugsnag.com/ | Full-time | Onsite

About us: Bugsnag helps teams focus on building better software by providing automated crash monitoring for web, mobile, desktop, and server apps. Currently, half of a typical developers time is spent finding and fixing bugs; we aim to bring that number as close to zero as possible by automating the entire monitoring process and allowing developers to focus their time on feature development. To do this, we give our users instant visibility into where their code is not executing as expected, we then measure these errors, collect all related data, and give our users the information they need to understand which application errors really matter and need fixing.

Open Roles:

- Director of Infrastructure (in both Bath and UK)

- Senior Platforms Engineer

- Front End Software Engineer

If interested, please visit our careers page and apply - https://jobs.lever.co/bugsnag

*Please include a short note mentioning you saw this posting on HN.

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Angaza | Android Developer | SF | ONSITE https://www.angaza.com/jobs/android-developer/

Angaza creates software for selling life-changing products with financing in emerging markets, with a focus on off-grid solar energy systems. Your work means more families turning on electricity for the first time each night:

- http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/23/angaza-raises-4m-to-make-cl....

We're a for-profit company, post-series A, with our eight-person technical team based in San Francisco. Our software sells and services off-grid solar installations in more than twenty countries. We're searching for multiple engineering roles, including Android and backend/full-stack:

- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/android-developer/ [San Francisco]- https://www.angaza.com/jobs/backend-developer/ [San Francisco]

Our standard hiring process involves a phone conversation, a well-scoped home project, and an on-site interview. We don't believe in gotcha logic puzzles or adversarial whiteboard exercises, and we strive to give you specific constructive feedback regardless of the outcome.

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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Plovdiv | ONSITE | 4/12 months INTERNS

We are looking for new colleagues to help on our FOSS software solutions and contribute to research and industrial projects. If you are passionate about open source software and like one of our topics on http://www.nexedi.com/jobs get in touch with us! Candidates will do a programming test followed by an interview. We're looking for:

 - Nexedi | Web Mesh Network JavaScript Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Artificial Language Processing Python Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Connected Cars JavaScript Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Site Reliability Python Developer | Paris | INTERN - Nexedi | Out-Of-Core Numpy Python Developer | Munich | INTERN - Nexedi | Big Data Machine Learning Python Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | Linux JavaScript Port Developer | Lille | INTERN - Nexedi | AI Business Bot Python Developer | Munich | INTERN 
About Nexedi: We are a small international team (headquarters in Lille, France) creating free software since 2001. We run our own stack including solutions like SlapOS (Cloud Deployment), ERP5 (Business) or Wendelin (Big Data/Machine Learning) for which we provide customization services as well as other software products which we develop and use internally (NEO - distributed database, jIO - cross storage JavaScript connector with offline/sync). We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings. We mostly hack in Python and (vanilla) JavaScript. Join us!

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Wonderflow | Senior NodeJS Backend Developer | Amsterdam | Onsite, Full-time | http://www.wonderflow.co


Wonderflow is building the fastest and accurate software platform, to translate any kind of unstructured text into actionable insights. Exciting working environment, with main office in Amsterdam and global clients. Our customer base includes world's best brands such as Philips, J&J, Nestl, TomTom, KLM, Beiersdorf, Samsung, De'Longhi etc.


- Analyze, design, implement, and test software for Big Data analytics for the enterprise market- Use and manage Linux servers and MongoDB DatabaseTechnologies:- NodeJS (ES6), MongoDB, Ansible, Docker, Angular 1/4


- 3 years of experience in NodeJS; 3 years of experience in MongoDB- Proficiency in spoken and written English


- 45k-60k


- lunch provided- stock options for key hire

Contacts:- giovanni@wonderflow.co- http://www.wonderflow.co

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OpenSignal | https://opensignal.com/ | Angel, London | ONSITE

Our mission is to become the global authority on wireless networks; our Wifi and mobile signal crowdsourcing apps have been downloaded over 20 million times, our public reports reach a wide audience and our OpenSignal Insights are purchased by key players in the telco industry. We gather, process and visualize terabytes of data, providing insight into mobile networks to the public and our clients.

We are currently hiring across the engineering team. We are looking for a data engineer, data analyst, backend developer, devops engineer, Android developer, and a product manager. For more details on the roles please see and apply using the links below. Email us at join@opensignal.com if you have any questions!

Data Science Director: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/j/F4370FE15A

Back-end Developer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/313810

Data Analyst: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/296676

Data Engineer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/412944

Senior DevOps Engineer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/383368

Android Developer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/j/8A2BB93A41

Product Manager: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/318623

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IP Fabric | Senior Backend/FullStack NodeJS Developer | Prague, CZ | ONSITE

We're developing a tool that would safely and reliable control underlying infrastructure of all IP networks in the world.The product we're working on is not simple, and there are many interesting technical and technological challenges.We're looking for top software engineers with significant experience and understanding of best practices to help the founding team with the development of our F500-scale product.We have a very scalable business model, and we're offering ownership in the company through stock option plan.

Experience with APIs and nosql databases is a must.

Our stack

 * Node.JS, ArangoDB, RabbitMQ * Openstack/KVM, Debian (own infrastructure)
What we offer

 * Initial Equity, and additional equity as bounties. * 25 days paid vacation, 5 paid sick days, 30 days paid sick leave * Flexible working hours and home office * Equipment of your choice, various budgets to make your workplace feel like home * Non open-space offices in the center of Prague with a lot of light
Email me at pavel@ipfabric.io

speek 10 hours ago 1 reply      
Armada - http://armada.ai - Cambridge/Boston ONSITE

 ************** = What we do = **************
We're helping shippers make the right logistics decisions at the right times by tracking pallets and running analysis on the global supply chain to figure out what the hell is going on. (Think Skynet for Logistics if we gave skynet a finger to touch every shipment in the world and we didn't try to kill everybody).

This is one of the few massive industries ($4T) left that are left to be digitized and completely optimized with technolgy.

We have some funding, customers, interesting strategic partners, and are growing fairly quickly.

Come solve hard problems with us.

 *************** = Looking for = ***************
- Senior full stack web developer

If you'd like to learn more, please shoot us an email at techjobs@armada.ai (it'll either go to Marc or Konstantin)

aadb 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Philips Hue | iOS and Android development engineers | Eindhoven, The Netherlands | ONSITE, VISA, https://goo.gl/dztRfH

Since the launch in 2012, Philips Hue is changing the way people interact and experience lighting. We currently are the worlds leading connected home lighting system and work with all major smarthome platforms (Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google, Nest, Smarthings). Philips Hue encourages other companies to develop devices, apps and systems that interoperate with our system. Through a vibrant developer program there are more than 600 third-party apps for Philips Hue.

For our mobile app development team we have multiple open positions. Please see https://goo.gl/dztRfH for our vacancies.

jessmartin 12 hours ago 0 replies      
First - predictive analytics for real estate | Front-end Engineer | Durham, NC or Remote | Full-time | http://first.io

First is a venture-funded startup at the intersection of predictive analytics and real estate tech. We identify when and why people will move, and build products to change the game for real estate professionals and consumers.

Our team is focused on shipping great products and driving innovation in a massive industry (2014 realtor commissions were >$69B). We believe in continuous improvement and that great teams win.

As an early and senior member of a growing team, youll have significant ownership, input, and influence over the work that we do, and how we do it. You will work alongside our CTO and Director of Design to help guide key design, architecture and technology decisions. You will own the web front-end and mobile apps (currently WebViews in iOS and Android), developing a product that meets the needs of our rapidly growing userbase. This includes driving the product roadmap, bringing "design thinking" on product features, coordinating development efforts across the team, and working alongside designers to iterate on product UI/UX.

Stack info: Rails + React + Python (predictive model)

Check out the full job description here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/first/jobs/652505 or shoot us an email at jruss@first.io

Come work with us. Change the real estate industry. Learn and grow every day.

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Digirati | Software Engineer (PHP) | Glasgow (UK) | Full-Time | Onsite

We're a small (45 people) software engineering and UX consultancy with offices in Glasgow and London. We work in a variety of sectors but we've begun to focus on the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) sector in particular.

In addition to consulting we're building our own product call the digital libraries cloud services (DLCS), which makes use of a number of new standards such as IIF and open web annotations.

The interview process involves an initial phone screen, a broad quantitive technical test and a final qualitative "culture fit" interview. Time and availability permitting the 2nd and 3rd step can be done in a single visit.

Full details:



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ARUP Laboratories | Big Data/Cloud Computing Engineer | Salt Lake City, UT | Full-time, Onsite

ARUP Laboratories is a national clinical and anatomic pathology reference laboratory and a worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and development. A nonprofit enterprise of the University of Utah, ARUP offers an extensive test menu of highly complex and unique medical tests.

The cloud computing engineer will work with a diverse team of bioinformaticians, web developers, and software engineers on a next generation sequencing data analysis pipeline. Excellent opportunity for a motivated software developer to move into the cloud computing arena. Primary focus will be on the management and development of backend software used to process terabytes of data weekly. We are looking for a dynamic individual who can learn quickly. As part of a small team you will get to touch all aspects of our hybrid infrastructure; from profiling MongoDB queries to optimizing EC2 Auto scaling policies.

For more information and to apply, see our posting here:http://bit.ly/2nwNRlN

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Remote/Atlanta. Interview Process: phone screen, written task, background, role and fit interview.

Thinkful, the top rated Bootcamp on Course Report (https://www.coursereport.com/best-coding-bootcamps) is hiring another remote Program Manager for our Flexible Web Development Bootcamp. Motivate the next generation of web developers, while innovating on the cutting edge of education. All info here: https://www.thinkful.com/about/careers/. Best! Ben A. @Thinkful

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Northrop Grumman Corporation | San Diego, CA| Full-time | Onsite

Northrop recently won two huge government contracts and is desperate to fill positions. My manager informed me that San Diego alone is looking to bring on 40 Software Engineers in the next month.

Work life balance is incredibly good here. We work a 9/80, meaning we work 9 hours a day and get every other Friday off. I usually use that off Friday to go surfing or hiking. There are a multitude of projects here that you would never get the opportunity to work on in the private world. Technologies include: C++, Java, C#, SQL, Machine Learning. Salary is competitive!

Here's a list of positions that are open now at San Diego:https://ngc.taleo.net/careersection/ngc_pro/jobsearch.ftl?la...

If you find a position that you're interested in, shoot me your resume at my personal e-mail jipotastic @ gmail.com [remove the spaces]. I will have it forwarded to the correct manager, so they can take a look at it directly.

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Trussle | Everyone! (Product Managers, Designers, Software Engineers, QA Testers) | London

Hi, I'm Jonny and I'm a software engineer at Trussle. Our product makes getting a mortgage super-easy, online and for free. We're here, so even if you don't want a job, go get a mortgage: https://trussle.com

We've just closed a 4.5m funding round and now we want to grow the Product Development team to fix the things we're bad at. Since we don't have a recruiter, I'm doing the hiring!

We're looking for:

* Software Engineers who want to make a difference in a small business that's growing up fast.

* Our second designer (ideally UX-leaning) to come and make our product and internal tools super-easy to use.

* Our next Product Manager (we've only got one!) to make sure we're doing the right thing.

* QA - automated or manual - who want to be our first dedicated QA.

There's more detail about all of the roles we're looking for on our Product Development blog (http://trussle.github.io/jobs/).

These roles are all full-time, permanent and based in our London office. We're unable to sponsor visas at this time - sorry!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us via work@trussle.com or tweet us @TrussleTech!

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Idealist | Front-end Engineer | NYC | Full time | OnsiteIdealist | Design Lead / UX | NYC | Full time | Onsite

We are Idealist (https://www.idealist.org), the largest site for connecting people with opportunities for action. We've been around since 1995 and currently serve 1M monthly users in English and Spanish. We just relaunched the site (6 days ago) to make it faster, lighter and more secure. We have a few openings on the front end side.

Front-end Engineer

 You'll get to: - Implement and improve the front-end views and flows for users, organizations and staff - Work on new features for the main site and a variety of side projects You should: - Have substantial experience in ES6 and React - Care about the user experience We would love if you: - Were comfortable in Python and/or with Selenium - Had experience with React Native
Design Lead / UX

 You'll get to: - Improve front-end flows for users, organizations and staff - Mock new flows using (in order of ascending preference) Sketch, wireframes, html/css/js, React. - Own the site's design direction You should: - Care about pixels, usability, desktop and mobile user experiences - Prefer modern tools over static Photoshop designs We would love if you: - Knew Sass and/or JSX
These positions are onsite in NYC. We offer a relaxed environment, good working conditions and a fast iterative process. Contact me at gs@idealist.org if you're interested!

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RepSpark | Senior .NET Helpdesk Developer | Irvine, CA | Full-time, ONSITE

Were a casual, twelve-person software development team based in Orange County, CA (south of Los Angeles). We provide many large apparel brands with intuitive and efficient sales workflows, enabling sales representatives to place bulk orders for brick and mortar stores (e.g. how ONeill ends up in Tillys or how Armada ends up on Backcountry).

Our stack includes C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, TypeScript, IIS, and Git (http://stackshare.io/repspark/repspark).

Were looking for Senior .NET Developers (C#, MVC, SQL Server) with 5+ years of professional experience to lead our customer helpdesk initiative.

Side note: we finally set up our ping pong table after moving to our new office space. Spontaneous 1v1s and 2v2s are in full swing again!

Please email hn@repspark.com with applications or questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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Second Measure (YC S15) | SF Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | ONSITE (relo ok) | https://secondmeasure.com

Second Measure analyzes credit card data. We process billions of purchases to help investors (VCs and hedge funds) answer questions like:

 - How quickly is Shake Shack growing? - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in Boston? - How does Hilton spending change after a customer's first Airbnb stay? - (Check out our research blog [1])
through an analytics platform we build in-house.

Were a 13-person team comprising mostly engineers and data scientists. 10 of us are technical, and 4 have PhDs. We love solving hard problems with compelling data.

Were looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

 - Data Scientist (quantitative PhD preferred) - Data Journalist - Research Analyst - Software Engineer (frontend/backend/full-stack/data; mid-to-senior+) - Product Designer (UX-centric) - (See our job board [2])
Competitive salary and substantial equity. We want our early team to have a large stake in our success.

Were in downtown San Mateo, just minutes from Caltrain and 101.

I'm a founder (mike@). Submit via job board and mention HN, or email jobs@ and CC me.

[1] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/

[2] https://boards.greenhouse.io/secondmeasure

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AltspaceVR | Software Engineers | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Full-time | Permanent eligibility to work in US required | Virtual reality, Unity, Rails, HTML5, React, ES6, WebGL, three.js

About us: http://altvr.com

Open positions and life at AltspaceVR: http://jobs.altvr.com

Our team: http://altvr.com/team


- AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company building a platform for communication in VR.

- Backed by some of the best investors on the planet (https://altvr.com/about/)

- With a team that is passionate about the future of VR.


- VR will be for everyone.

- The social connection enabled by VR will change your life (and we can show it to you.)

- We should embrace everything that is great about the 2D web.

- That we can and will invent the 3D web.For more info: http://altvr.com For open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

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Latchel | Senior Web Developer | Seattle, WA (South Lake Union) | Full-time, Onsite, Relocation, http://latchel.com/

Latchel tracks and coordinates maintenance for property management companies. We use their existing vendors if they have them and find vendors if they do not. We see this marketplace differently than other companies in this field -- most companies focus on software-only solutions or purely manual coordination, which does not scale. At Latchel we use technology to make our internal operations much more efficient, but develop to the level our customers' users are comfortable with. After only a two months of operation, we're more than 3x more efficient than the industry standard for maintenance coordination. Join our small and growing team and bring technology to the technologically challenged property management space.

Our interview process has a small code review exercise followed by behavioral and culture fit interview and lunch or dinner. You can view the code review exercise here: https://github.com/latchel/code-challenge/pull/6

Languages: Angular.js (1.x), PHP (Laravel 5), PostgreSQL

Notes: We offer equity and medical, dental, vision and relocation to Seattle.

If you'd like to learn more about the opportunity, problem space, and the team, email me: will@latchel.com

Alternatively, you can complete the code review exercise to apply.

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Inductive Automation | https://www.inductiveautomation.com | Software Engineer | Folsom, CA

Come help develop the future of software used in industrial automation. In this position, you would join our core product development team. Together, we work to build our primary product, Ignition.

This position is focused on implementing and maintaining network protocols for communicating with industrial controllers (PLCs, RTUs, etc) as well as the system responsible for bridging data from those implementations into the Ignition platform. Responsibilities include new feature and protocol development as well as the maintenance and enhancement of existing functionality.

We are a tight-knit team of developers working every day to delight customers worldwide with a product they actually need. If this sounds like something youd like to be part of we look forward to talking to you.


- B.S. in Computer Science, or equivalent experience- Minimum 5 years of programming experience- Strong Java 8 skills- Experience writing server and networking code- Experience writing highly concurrent multithreaded code- Modern toolchain and source control familiarity, e.g. Maven/Gradle and Git/HgSkills Not Required, But a Plus- Experience with OPC Classic or OPC UA- Experience with industrial automation fieldbuses or protocols such as Modbus, EtherNet/IP, Omron FINS, Siemens S7, Emerson/Fisher ROC, ABB Totalflow (DB/DB2), etc- Experience with PLCs and/or PLC programming- Any other relevant experience in industrial automation


You can also contact me at my email address in my profile.

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Pusher | Product Engineer (Full Stack) | Shoreditch, London Full Time

Apply here: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/232300

Pusher is a communication layer for application developers that routes data at scale and in realtime.

The current core Pusher product is a multi-tenant distributed system that allows our customers to deliver tens of billions of messages to their connected users. We operate at mind-boggling scale, and this informs and affects everything we do.

We want to improve the lives of other developers by solving hard problems for them, and by freeing them from operating and maintaining their own infrastructure. Were passionate about developer experience and making our APIs as easy to use as we can.

Product Engineers turn our resilient platform into products that make our customers feel like they have superpowers.

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ElpisDesign | Member of Technical Staff | New Delhi, India | http://elpisdesign.com


We are a passionate group of engineers, design researchers and artists deeply focused on Why of Everything. We help our clients achieve more with our design and execution expertise.For us, design is way beyond aesthetics. Design is how stuff works. Starting from how it looks to how it feels, we care for the details.We have developed from successful landing pages to full fledged enterprise grade applications. Have you looked at some of our work already?

Your job will be to work with our engineering team and get shit done. We love JavaScript and Python, although we occasionally work on PHP as well. You will get the exposure right from managing servers to writing your own application servers to creating progressive web apps and mobile apps. If youre also interested in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we have some really challenging work for you.

kbaker 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Venture Research Inc. | Software Engineer | Plano, TX (Dallas, TX, DFW) | ONSITE | http://www.ventureresearch.com

Interested in RFID? In improving inventory and replenishment processes in hospitals, labs, and clinics? In automatically tracking pallets, containers, and other assets around a facility? Come join us!

Venture Research is a leader in the RFID industry and is consistently pushing the leading edge of what is possible using RFID. We have a variety of opportunities available for both fast-paced new product design and development as well as for development on some of our long-term stable products. 17 year old small but growing company, privately held, with excellent benefits, 401K matching, paid health insurance and highly competitive salary and bonus structure.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Embedded platforms engineer: C, Linux, Android NDK. Experience with hardware co-design, Python, QT, Django, React a plus.

* Embedded firmware engineer: microcontroller development using primarily NXP Kinetis parts.

* Senior .NET / Backend developer: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Oracle, JavaScript and JQuery. .NET MVC a plus.

Please email resumes to hr@ventureresearch.com, or use the email in my profile. Thanks!

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Sniply | Intermediate Software Developer | Vancouver, Canada | http://snip.ly

Sniply is a small startup (5 people so far), that makes a SaaS video marketing tool. We're currently looking for an Intermediate Software Developer to join our team.

We're looking for a full-stack web developer, the core skill is javascript (we use react), but we also use python a lot (Django, DRF)

If you're interested, check out our postings: https://angel.co/sniply-1/jobs

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BrightWork | Summer Interns | Remote/Portland, OR. | http://brightwork.io

BrightWork, a leading provider of backend services, is looking for interns interested in learning more about the startup world.

The ideal candidate will be a Computer Science or Business major. Someone who is a self-starter and willing to take direction with little oversight or follow-on guidance.

You will be working on projects that will have a direct impact on BrightWork's customer success as well as have a say in driving product roadmap decisions.

We are a very fun group of highly motivated individuals who are always looking for ways we can help the next generation of startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Please send your resume and any other pertinent information to josh@brightwork.io for consideration.


bedatadriven 11 hours ago 1 reply      
BeDataDriven | Junior Software Engineer | The Hague, The Netherlands | Full Time, Onsite | http://bedatadriven.com


We are looking for a full-time Junior Software Engineer to join our growing team in the Hague. You will work closely with customers and our QA team to resolve issues and build new features for users in Iraq, Syria, the Congo, and beyond.


BeDataDriven is a small, self-funded company with big ambitions. BeDataDriven's ActivityInfo (https://www.activityinfo.org) is a web application that powers global humanitarian responses to crises and ongoing development assistance in fifty countries. It's also open-source (https://github.com/bedatadriven/activityinfo)


Potential. Expect you to have some professional experience with web applications, a substantial academic project, or open-source contributions, but more interested in what you can learn quickly than what you already know.

You do need to be authorized to work in the Netherlands already; for this position we don't have the time to go through the (onerous) process of applying for a work visa on your behalf.


The deadline for application is April 15, 2017. For more info and application instructions, seehttp://www.bedatadriven.com/company/jobs/2017-03-junior-soft...

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Silicon Valley Bank | API Banking Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite / Remote (US) http://docs.svbplatform.com

Enable the world of FinTech by building public APIs for commercial banking. We're using clojure & postgres to expose brand new, easy to use, well documented RESTful interfaces for clients. Among other projects we work on, our small team created the technical integration with Stripe that powers Atlas (https://stripe.com/atlas). Our team consists of former Facebook, Disqus, and Standard Treasury (YC S13) engineers; startups are in our DNA.

With an aggressive roadmap of new products we'd like to launch in 2017, we're looking to expand our team to help deliver new APIs. While we don't currently have any full time remote employees on our team, we are open to remote US-based engineers helping us become a fully-distributed team.

Our interview process is designed to be respectful of your time; we have a short (~1h quiz) to get a baseline assessment of your technical skills, followed by a broader parsing problem (~4h project) to understand how you solve technical problems in a more realistic scenario. Both steps can be submitted on your schedule. These code samples avoid complications with whiteboard interviews and establish a consistent sample for all applicants.

Unfortunately, we're not able to provide detailed feedback on individual submissions, and we can't sponsor visas at this time.

Contact Mike at api-jobs@svb.com for more information and to apply.


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BAMTech (formerly MLB Advanced Media) | Software Engineer | NYC | ONSITE

BAMTech is the technology and digital media company spun out of Major League Baseball, providing end-to-end content delivery solutions over web, mobile, and connected devices. In addition to baseball, our platform powers video and content for partners including HBO, PGA, WWE, NHL, and more. We operate at the cutting edge of digital media at a time when more people than ever are choosing to consume their media over the internet.

The Content Delivery Engineering (CDE) team builds the systems at BAMTech that enable client applications for all of our partner companies to consume the content and content metadata that power them. From team lineups and editorial articles on MLB.com to video metadata on the HBO Now mobile app to NHL team webpages, CDEs services and applications enable us to make content available to consumers.

As a CDE Software Engineer, you'll be part of a collaborative group of developers who are serious about delivering quality software. You'll also be encouraged to spend some of your time each sprint on professional development: take an online course, experiment with a new technology, or work on an internal side project.

The interview process consists of a 45-minute online/phone interview followed by a 4-hour onsite interview consisting of 4-5 technical sessions with team members.

If interested, please reach out to me (details in profile), or apply directly to the position: https://boards.greenhouse.io/majorleaguebaseballadvancedmedi...

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Dokkio | Front-End JavaScript; Back-End JavaScript; DevOps | San Francisco Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | Onsite Only, Full time

About Dokkio: Teams everywhere use a wide variety of cloud file services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and others to share billions of files a day. Then its nearly impossible to find and manage all those files. Dokkio provides a better way to search your content, give it business context, organize it, work on it with others -- to make content-focused teamwork more effective. Join us and become part of the founding technology team of a funded company.

Our Stack: React/Webpack/ES6, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Docker

Positions: - JavaScript Front-End Engineer - JavaScript Back-End Engineer - DevOps Engineer

Email us your resume at jobs-engineer@dokkio.com or jobs-devops@dokkio.com. For full job descriptions, see http://dokkio.com/#jobs

coltonv 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Mimir (YC S15) | Indianapolis, IN | Onsite | Full-time | Full stack Engineer and Frontend Engineer

Mimir (YC S15) is a venture backed startup working on bringing CS education into the 21st century with automated grading and plagiarism detection. We've deployed our classroom product in more than 70 universities with amazing results.

As one of our first engineering hires you will get to work directly with the founders of Mimir to help improve the user experience of the Classroom product. Were constantly getting new feature requests from our instructors and implementing them in a matter of days. Our frontend is written in React.js and our backend is written in Ruby on Rails. Expertise in these libraries are valuable, but not required.

Apply here: https://mimir.breezy.hr/

samoube 10 hours ago 1 reply      
thelab | New York, NY (NYC) | Backend Developer | http://thelabnyc.com | Full-Time | Onsite

We're looking for a backend software developer to assist in development on a mid-sized e-commerce site, with a focus on developing and maintaining several open-source projects we own and contribute to. Most development would be on server-side code, but some experience with front-end technologies is a plus, as would be experience with DevOps.

To apply, please email your resume, links, and cover letter to jobs.dev@thelabnyc.com

Languages / Frameworks

- Python / Django

- Typescript / React


- Openshift 3 Dedicated (Kubernetes)

- PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch

Things you'll be doing

- Using SOAP APIs from a Python application to communicate with other backend systems.

- Working on core e-commerce functionality like tax calculation, coupon / offer redemption, and payment processing.

- Continually thinking about application security and possible attack / exploit vectors.

- Unit testing your code to ensure correctness.

mattzito 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Squarespace | Developers, Product Managers, SRE, Backend | NYC | Full-time, Onsite

Squarespace helps people and businesses create beautiful online presences and build their brands. Our website builder and hosting platform allows anyone to create a website that looks professional for their startup, personal projects, or any small business.

We've been growing like crazy the last few years, and are expanding in basically every area, particularly in engineering. We have great benefits, cool people, a beautiful working space, and have been ranked as one of the top places to work in New York by multiple sources. If you're interested in learning more about our engineering culture, you can check out our engineering blog:


And our careers page for a more specific list of the roles we're hiring for:


Feel free to email me directly at mzito@ if you have questions.

natekupp 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Thumbtack | Software Engineer, SRE, Data Scientist, many others | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Thumbtack is a local services marketplace that connects millions of customers with the right professionals for anything they need done.

We are a friendly, ambitious team of 100+ engineers in a bright SoMa office with daily home-cooked food, backed by Sequoia and Google Capital. Together, we are disrupting a $700B market in the US alone where word of mouth is still the status quo.

We're looking for engineers and SREs interested in working with Go, Scala/Spark, PHP, Angular, iOS, Android, and AWS/GCP. We're also looking for data scientists interested in predictive modeling, machine learning, and experimental design and analysis. Join us!

http://www.thumbtack.com/jobshttp://www.thumbtack.com/engineeringPlease reach out to jessica [at] thumbtack.com with any questions.

vpunjabi 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Zuora | Sr. Java Developers | San Mateo, CA and San Diego, CA | https://www.zuora.com

Looking for Senior Java developers in San Mateo, CA and Beijing, China for onsite positions or work from home in San Diego, CA on one of our growing development teams.

Zuora employs the latest in microservice technologies (AWS, Docker, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, NGINX/Kong), persistence platforms (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra), and distributed systems.

We are the product leader in the subscription economy. 800+ customers, $40B+ invoice transaction volume, Forbes 100 Best Cloud Companies in 2016, 600+ employees worldwide.

Please email vivek@zuora.com for more info!

mglidden11 13 hours ago 0 replies      
Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA | Full time | Onsite

Do you want to help realize the next industrial revolution?

Tulip is transforming manufacturing processes by bringing the latest technological advances from the lab to the shop floor. We have multiple Fortune 500 customers and are already enabling production lines building the things you interact with everyday.

Whereas most factories are still using state of the art technology from the mid 19th century, we come from the future to bring them a rich, realtime web app, modern tablets, IoT systems, in-depth analytics, and more. Our products are already (measurably!) helping our customers, so we're rapidly expanding our number of customers and size of deployments.

Were looking for people to join our core team who are excited about working across our software stack: web development with Meteor+React+Redux, IoT/embedded software, computer vision, data engineering, technical operations / DevOps, web-based UI design, and anything else we need to make the best product possible. Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co.

ig1 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Data Scientists & Growth Analysts | MarketInvoice | London, UK

(we've hired two people from HN) https://www.marketinvoice.com/

We're looking for people who combine a passion for data with a passion for business/growth.

You can either be from a business background with a technical bent (you don't need to be able to code but we'd want you to understand SQL & Excel) or someone from a technical background who's interested in a more business focused role.

MarketInvoice is the VC-backed peer-to-peer fintech platform thats building the modern backbone of the economy. Imagine youre a young company whos just won a major contract but your client wants to pay you on 90 day terms when you need to pay your staff and suppliers upfront. Thats where we step in. Our platform uses the peer-to-peer approach to provide the day-to-day operational financing for companies as varied as mobile development agencies, food brands and construction firms.

Were the largest startup in our space worldwide and already providing 30 million/month to small businesses. It's a 100bn/year market which is dominated by legacy lenders and banks with complex processes and shady practices. Were bringing transparency and simplicity to the market.

All roles have equity options with low strike price and employee friendly terms.

We use a standardized candidate review/interview process to ensure we treat every candidate fairly and minimize implicit biases.

Reach me at i.ghory@marketinvoice.com

samskeller 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Fenix International | Lead Software Engineer | Kampala, Uganda or San Francisco, CA | http://www.fenixintl.com/

Want to make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands across Africa? Interested in solar power and/or financial services for the developing world? Come work at Fenix! We have a team of 6 Software Engineers and are looking to hire a new Lead Software Engineer who can lead the team (spread across San Francisco and Uganda) in building out our financial platform (a Django web application) as well as a few other software products. We like Django (and Python generally), Node.js, and AWS.

We're hiring for either San Francisco or Kampala, Uganda -- if you were based in SF, travel to Kampala a few times a year would be necessary (and weekend trips to go rafting on the Nile and rock climbing in rural Uganda are encouraged!)

It really is an amazing company doing really good and important work delivering solar power and financial services to people living off-grid in rural East and West Africa.

Contact: skeller@fenixintl.com

ejo0 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Phosphorus| Senior Software Engineers | New York, NYC | ONSITE | Fulltime | http://phosphorus.com

Phosphorus is a computational genomics company with the vision to create a world where every healthcare decision is optimized with genomics. Founded in 2016 and based in New York City, Phosphorus develops powerful data-driven software that enables labs around the world to deliver the most advanced clinical genetic tests beginning in cardiovascular genetics and for infertility. With a team of experts in computational biology and computer science and a leading scientific advisory board, Phosphorus is building a data network that will help providers, researchers and patients around the world better understand and harness the power of the human genome.We are a spinoff from Recombine's acquisition for $85M by CooperSurgical last year, we are growing quickly, and are well-funded with a Series A by FirstMark Capital.

We are looking to hire experienced software engineers. We use Spark, Scala, Rails, Parquet, Javascript, SQL, AWS, etc. Our interview process is straightforward and quick. Phone screen, followed by in-person interviews.

More information on positions can be found here:

* Senior Software Engineer - https://phosphorus.workable.com/jobs/312856

* Software Engineer - https://phosphorus.workable.com/jobs/312859

Message Eugene at eugene@phosphorus.com if interested. Also if you want to learn more about the genomics space happy to talk, just send me a message.

YOUgroupTech 12 hours ago 0 replies      
YOUgroup | Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer | London, UK | ONSITE, Full Time

Due to expansion, we're looking for someone with a couple of years worth of web development under their belt. We have hired non-Ruby devs in the past and given them the support and time to train up, so if you're looking at getting into Rails development then we might be of interest to you.

We're an estate agency that is trying to improve things for both buyers and vendors. We're doing this by putting more data into the public domain to help all parties make better informed decisions.

As part of this, we've recently launched a new product, allowing vendors to see exactly how their listing is performing, what their direct competition is and giving them control over viewings and offers.

Most of our work is either internal-only or behind a login, but the public website is here: https://www.youhome.co.uk

Rails, Ruby, Mysql, Redis, jQuery, SASS, React, AWS

40-45K in Central London (Green Park)

No recruiters please. The full job spec can be seen here: https://www.youhome.co.uk/artifacts/software_developer.pdf

codnee 8 hours ago 1 reply      
BOOKING.COM - Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | VISA support| Relocation to Amsterdam

Booking.com, the no. 1 accommodations site on this planet is looking to hire smart people from anywhere in the world, and to relocate them to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Would you like your work to help empower people to experience the world? How you like to have your code live for millions of users all around the world? Then this is the place for you.

Some of the positions available are:

* iOS developer: http://grnh.se/7fa2b11

* Sr. iOS developer: http://grnh.se/e75g011

* Sr. Android developer: http://grnh.se/n8qyds1

* Software developer: http://grnh.se/bew7an1

* Sr. Software developer: http://grnh.se/w5dypj1

* Front end developer: http://grnh.se/h783fq1

* Sr. Front end developer: http://grnh.se/6ihagv1

* SAP developer :http://grnh.se/gforw11

* UX designer (HTML/CSS): http://grnh.se/lt5srp1

* Sr. UX designer (HTML/CSS): http://grnh.se/i1oex81

Other job vacancies at http://grnh.se/30g5b71

I, for one, recently relocated to Amsterdam to work at Booking. Feel free to ask me any questions.

ynnak 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Cognii | Boston, MA or remote

 2016 Innovation of the Year EdTech Winner 2017-2021 Leading vendor for AI market in education - Technavio 2016 An example of a futuristic AI technology transforming Education today - Consortium of School Networking
Cognii is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence technology to Education industry. Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant improves students learning, teachers' productivity, and scalability of high quality education. Join us to participate in our growth, advance your career and get rewarded with generous stock options. We are looking for entrepreneurial candidates in the following areas:

1. AI and NLP Research Engineers (Senior: PhD, Junior: Masters)

 - natural language processing - statistical machine learning - syntactic and semantic analysis - information extraction
2. App Developer

 - iOS/Android development - Front End web/app design - Experience with Ruby on Rails a plus
Please send your application and resume to jobs@cognii.com

EllaGorev 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Nulogy | Toronto, Canada | Full-Time ONSITE VISA | Full Stack Web Developer | https://nulogy.com/careers | Rails SaaS for Supply Chain | Our motto is: "Its Not Just Business, Its Personal."

Our mission: - Enable companies to perform the activities necessary to deliver personalized products more effectively.

- Allow companies in the supply chain network to collaborate and do business together more efficiently.

- Reveal transformative insights about the operations and network dynamics of the industry.

- Drive data-driven decision making and continuous improvement.

About Nulogy:

We are a Canadian success story. Our story started 15 years ago when four engineering grads from the University of Waterloo worked on a design project that grew to become the company. We are now a world-leading provider of specialized solutions for complex supply-chain challenges. As a company founded by friends wanting to make a difference, the close relationship between the founders influence the family-like culture that exists here.

Benefits: - Unlimited paid vacation (take as much time off as you need, with at least 2 weeks off a year).

- 100% top-up for 13 weeks for any parent of biological or adopted children.

- Dev culture is infused with learning; emphasis on clean code, strong technical practices, and collaboration.

- Free format hack days roughly once a month.

Learn about the Culture: http://bit.ly/Nulogy-Glassdoor

APPLY AT: nulogy.applytojob.com/apply/UTgzg0/Full-Stack-Web-Developer

stepny 13 hours ago 0 replies      
Step.com | New York, NY | ONSITE | http://www.step.com

Step.com is a salary discovery platform that lets software engineers and product managers find out what companies and experts would pay them. Feedback and compensation estimates are predicted based on anonymized profile data and company criteria.

We're looking for an experienced software engineer to help us with the architecture of our systems, coding the frontend and backend, working on our algorithms, and more. Ideal candidates have a computer science degree from a top school and/or have worked as an engineer at a startup at scale. We use Java, Javascript, Bootstrap, Zrender, MySQL and Elastic Search, but we're open to all languages and skills.

Read about our analysis on tech salaries across engineering levels at some the major tech companies: https://blog.step.com/2016/06/16/more-salaries-twitter-linke...

To get in touch, email jennifer@step.com.

Keywords: Ruby, Rails, Python, Node.js, React, Spring, PostgreSQL, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, NYC, Developer

admn2 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Tiz | Full stack (Rails) Developer | Chicago | ONSITE | http://www.tiz.com

Tiz is a technology platform connecting restaurants, distributors, and suppliers in the beverage alcohol industry. We are a well funded, hungry team changing a huge industry that is ripe for innovation. We are looking for a well-rounded developer to help us bring modern technology to an archaic market.

Our core app is built on Ruby on Rails and Angular, so strong skills and experience with Rails is a must. We also need someone with versatile chops who can help us integrate with various backends that often times take some creative thinking to connect and maintain. Our goal is to deliver a delightful user experience, so having some design / ux sensibilities is important.

We are looking for someone to work full-time in our office in Chicago.

Background: - 4+ years experience with Rails - Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript (and frameworks like Angular and React) - Pragmatic critical thinking in order to deliver practical solutions - Ability to communicate effectively in our remote environment - Top performer while being a humble team player

Send resumes to info (at) tiz.com

sharethisTA 11 hours ago 0 replies      
ShareThis | Data Science Engineer | Palo Alto | ONSITE ONSITE Full-Time | H1B Transfers OK

Open positions:

Principal Software Engineer - Data Science Platform

Senior Software Engineer - Data

ShareThis is a sharing intelligence network that spans across platform walled gardens (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). We transform real-time data insights from shared engagements into actionable moments that deliver results for marketers and publishers.

We're looking for principal level engineers with a background in Java/Spark and knowledge of machine learning/data science. You'll be coming in to build out our machine learning engine that'll drastically improve our understanding of sharing data. You'll be the conduit between our data engineering and our data science team here.

If you're interested in joining our machine learning efforts and exploring all the use cases of activating social sharing data, email me directly at rana@sharethis.com with Hacker News in the subject name. Feel free to read more about the role here: go.sharethis.com/datarole

chrismartin 12 hours ago 0 replies      
CyVerse | DevOps Engineer | Tucson, AZ | https://cyverse.org


CyVerse is an NSF-funded project building cloud platforms for biosciences research. As a DevOps Engineer on the Core Services team, you'll work with me to build and manage the systems that run Atmosphere (http://www.cyverse.org/atmosphere) -- think "virtual Linux workstations for research scientists". Some technologies you'll work with are GNU+Linux, OpenStack, Ansible, and Python. Our web application is written in Django and React.

We also support one of the world's largest iRODS deployments (http://irods.org), and are in the early stages of implementing Ceph for block storage. We have an exciting feature roadmap for the next year, and need a strong generalist sysadmin/developer to help us deliver valuable tools to our community.

Everything that we build is released to the world under a BSD license -- look up our GitHub orgs (cyverse, iplantcollaborativeopensource, and cyverse-ansible). We sit next to a team of science analysts and have plenty of opportunities to help our users get the most from our services. We work in a beautiful, modern building at the University of Arizona (http://bio5.org/). As university employees we have great benefits and work-life balance. Tucson is a wonderfully livable Southwestern city with a growing tech/software/research community and plenty of things to do outside.

bensummers 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Haplo -- London, UK -- Full time, ONSITE

We build research information management systems for universities, on top of our open source Haplo platform: http://haplo.org


We're looking for:

1) Junior Software Developers (3 positions) - http://www.haplo-services.com/jobs/junior-developer

Are you early on in your career, or graduating this summer? We're a great place to learn to be the best developer you can be:


& https://medium.com/@steviebuckley/so-you-want-to-be-a-develo...


2) Data Engineer - https://www.haplo-services.com/jobs/data-engineer

Build tools to integrate & clean data from multiple sources, work with clients to set up feeds of information.


Like a startup: Small dedicated team. No barriers to doing your best work. Opportunity to get involved with everything, should you want to. Lovely office, great coffee. Ambition to change the world in a small but significant way.

Not like a startup: Sensible working hours. Quiet environment away from the hustle. No random pressure from investors. Quality product without hacks.


renanbcampos 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Software Engineer (Back End) | CareMessage (YC W14) | REMOTE | FullTime CareMessage is looking for a Software Engineer with Ruby on Rails experience to help build and maintain our web platform that streamlines care management and delivers interactive mobile programs to improve health outcomes. Youll be working on exciting projects like optimizing our Sidekiq queuing system, improving and building new integrations with Twilio, building our customer analytics code, and helping improve and maintain our own API. Our engineering team follows agile principles in a test driven development process. We are a remote first team that values open collaboration and shared ownership.More Info: http://grnh.se/fhi2ql1
jphillips415 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Mashape | San Francisco | Full-time | Onsite | Remote

Mashape is looking for qualified Front-end, Back-end, Lua, RoR Developers, Dev Ops, and Enterprise Sales/SE's to work in our San Francisco office.

Were the company behind Kong, the most widely adopted open-source API gateway. Our core focus is making it easy to distribute, monetize, and consume cloud APIs. We are driven by a passionate community of developers from around the world.

We work with leading open source technologies including Docker, HTTP, AWS, Cassandra, Nginx, Lua, Python, PostgreSQL, Cassandra and many others.

Our culture is open and collaborative and our small team is smart, passionate and fun.

We just got our Series B Funding, are growing and looking for great people. If youre interested in any of our jobs, wed love to talk to you.

Check out our openings and apply online at https://www.mashape.com/jobs/ or contact Nicole directly at nicole@mashape.com

spowers 12 hours ago 0 replies      
MORSE Corp | Software Engineer | Boston,Cambridge, MA | ONSITE | www.morse-corp.com/jobs

MORSE develops algorithms and software for operational systems, implementing leading edge technologies for robotics, autonomous air and undersea vehicles, and coordination of human teams.

We are hiring for a number of positions including:

DevOps IT specialist -- Take the lead on designing and implementing our in-house infrastructure as well as supporting the continuous integration and deployment for the projects we deliver to customers.

Senior Full Stack Web Developer -- Focus on designing and developing web-based software to support various autonomous systems and human teams. You will both lead a team and directly develop software.

Software Project Manager Lead teams of engineers to develop embedded software for autonomous vehicle systems and their supporting tools. Teams are generally 5-10 people in size and last from 6 months to multiple years.

If any of these sound interesting, email us at info@morse-corp.com. Please include your resume. Note that we can only hire US citizens.

Visit us at http://morse-corp.com/jobs to learn more and to see our other available positions.

cdubie 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Ladder | https://www.ladderlife.com | Palo Alto, CA | Relocation | ONSITE

React, Docker, Kubernetes, Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, Kafka, AWS, Buck Build

Life insurance is a $130B market where 98% of policies are sold through financial advisors and life insurance agents. Ladder is building a new type of insurance company that is all digital from the ground up and sells directly to consumers.We are looking for talented full stack generalists that love building things and are excited to get in on the ground floor of disrupting a huge slow moving industry.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is excited to:

- build and architect systems

- work with a small team of talented engineers

- work with the latest tech

- contribute to open source https://github.com/ladderlife

If this sounds like you email me at casey@ladderlife.com

tomatohs 10 hours ago 0 replies      
PubNub | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full Time

Come work for one of the few entirely developer focused companies.PubNub Data provides global cloud infrastructure and key building blocks for realtime apps. PubNub powers thousands of realtime apps around the world, from innovative start-ups to globally recognized brands.

We manage 3 million realtime messages per second and 100 million devices per month. We support over 70 SDKs for mobile, browser, desktop and server. And we are globally scaled, with 16 points of presence and 99.999% SLAs. Interview Process: Phone / hangout, a couple interviews, build a realtime app.

We're looking for:

Current Job Openings at PubNub

* Senior Software Engineer

* San Francisco, CA

* Site Reliability/DevOps Architect

* Site Reliability / DevOps Engineer

* IT Helpdesk Technician

* Senior Product Marketing Manager

* Support Escalation Engineer


You don't see your role listed? Get in touch with us. Check out all our open positions and apply at: http://grnh.se/if35o81

HawkWilson 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Social Nature | Vancouver, BC | FT On-site | https://www.socialnature.com

Social Nature is making waves with our people-powered marketing vision (people trust friends not ads) and commitment to only promoting brands with natural products. We are a small and mighty team where everything you do will have an immediate impact on those around you. Help us scale beyond 1M members!

We're looking for a full stack developer who is comfortable working on a product that is consumer-facing in the front while integration and data-heavy on the back (think Social Networks, big and streaming data). A basic grasp of UX and UI design principles will come in handy along with a solid foundation in algorithms, data structures and design patterns. More than anything we want people who love what they do, have opinions and get excited about software.

Bonus points for experience with any or all of the tools in our stack: ASP.NET Core, MVC6, AngularJS, jQuery, PostgreSQL or AWS+ElasticBeanstalk.

Check us out and apply:

Lead Developer - https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=lead-developer-full...

Full Stack Developer - https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=full-stack-develope...

Server/Backend Developer - https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=serverbackend-devel...

ezhome 6 hours ago 0 replies      
ezhome | Sr. Fullstack Engineer, Sr. Mobile Engineer (iOS), Junior Web Dev., Growth Engineer | Fulltime | REMOTE

We're looking for:

- Senior Fullstack Engineer - http://grnh.se/wev5f61

- Mobile Software Engineer (iOS emphasis) - http://grnh.se/32sehk1

- Senior Fullstack Engineer, Frontend Emphasis - http://grnh.se/d4wcfl1

- Junior Web Developer - http://grnh.se/e1fr471

About Us: ezhome is a Silicon Valley based company disrupting the home services industry. We provide an amazingly better home owning experience using software and data to enable our service personnel to be more effective and efficient.

We're founded by two previously successful entrepreneurs - one who co-founded oDesk, and we're a remote-first company. Our goal is to hire the absolute best vs. the best within a certain market. Join our team and WORK REMOTELY from anywhere in the world!

Checkout more about our benefits and team here:

 https://www.ezhome.com/engineers https://youtu.be/_xJRCYHi3ek
If you're interested, apply online or email Liz at recruiting@ezhome.com

View all open positions: http://www.ezhome.com/careers/positions

shirazi 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Phlint | Redwood City, California | Full Time, Onsite | www.phlint.com

Phlint is a UX Design and Software Consulting firm. Our work consists of retail focused projects for consumer electronic products.

We are looking for a mid level Android developer to assist with current project workload and new projects.

Please send resume to careers@phlint.com

rzimmerman 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Planet | SF | System Testbed Engineer | ONSITE | https://www.planet.com

Planet designs, builds, and operates the world's largest fleet of earth observation satellites. In this role, you will lead test and validation efforts to improve quality and drive development speed through testing and validation. You will work closely with cross-functional team members to develop and maintain a test infrastructure and to test new hardware designs and software products.

You will work in a lab environment with exposure to hardware, ground support equipment, and test equipment. Our system testbed is a new and growing project, so you would be responsible for gathering customer requirements from other hardware and software engineers and building infrastructure from the ground up.

The Must Haves:

* Experience working in a lab environment and building/maintaining test hardware fixtures for spacecraft and/or embedded devices

* 3+ years of experience with Python and embedded C programming

* Experience with verification and validation of systems that include embedded software

* Comfortable in a Linux environment

* Experience with continuous integration, automated testing, and build systems

The Nice-to-Haves:

* Experience with AWS, Docker, Jenkins

* Aerospace experience, especially with power systems, ADCS, or flight softwarehttps://techcrunch.com/2017/02/15/earth-imaging-company-plan....Apply at: https://www.planet.com/company/careers/jobs/?gh_jid=587830

outcomes 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Outcomes.com | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | Full-time Onsite/Remote | Founding Engineer | www.outcomes.com

Our platform helps doctors and their care team track how their patients do after major surgery or medical treatment using patient-reported outcomes. Dashboards and visual displays help teams deliver more proactive and personalized care, while giving them the data to succeed under new value-based models of payment.

We'll soon be launching the first self-service product on the market and we need your help as we aim to reach thousands of small practices! We're a small bootstrapped team with big ambitions and an exciting product roadmap.

If you've got an entrepreneurial mindset, technical chops (our current stack is MEAN + React, D3.js, Docker, Twilio, AWS), and the ambition to help build a great company solving some of the most important problems in modern healthcare get in touch!

Contact Francis Wong (MD), francis@outcomes.com

edited-dev 12 hours ago 0 replies      
EDITED | Engineering Positions | London, UK | Onsite | Full-Time

Were currently hiring for front-end, back-end, and DevOps Engineers. Our stack is primarily Python & JavaScript, with frameworks like Django/Flask and react.js/d3. We arent afraid to integrate new tech and like to keep exploring whats out there.

We're an established startup, focused on doing important things for retail, the fourth biggest industry in the world, helping them reduce waste and be more efficient. We have a beautiful web app, used everyday by hundreds of people at Topshop, Saks Fifth Avenue, GAP and more.

Our engineering team is a group of smart people from really varied backgrounds. Were solving diverse and interesting problems on a daily basis, like image analysis, big data visualisation and a load of other fun things that come with having a rapidly growing data set. We love good practices like extensive testing and continuous integration, and enjoy giving back to the community, so open source contributions are highly encouraged.

Our office is large and sociable; people eat lunch together every day and we have drinks and snacks in the office every Friday, as well as team days out and all expenses paid trips abroad. Theres a video on our jobs page of our most recent one: http://edited.com/jobs/

Half of the team has actually found and joined us through Whos hiring, so don't hesitate to get in touch, we're always happy to meet new people!

See here for more details about current vacancies and to apply directly online: https://edited.com/jobs/engineering/

sankethkatta 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Smartcar API | Frontend, Backend, Business Development | Mountain View, CA | ONSITE | https://smartcar.com

We're a small team (9 people) making a big change in transportation. Technological additions to vehicles are kicking off a new era of better transportation which is affordable, greener, and safer. The automotive industry is undergoing the most disruptive changes since its inception. We believe the future of transportation is Autonomous, Electric, Shared and Connected. Smartcar is building an API platform to solve the "connected" part of it.

The positions we are hiring for:

+ Business Development / Account Manager with 2+ years of experience.+ Frontend Software Engineer with 2+ years of experience. Our stack is Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Docker, AWS.

If you are interested in helping us modernize transportation and enjoy working in a collaborative environment, we'd like to meet you. $95K to $130K + up to 1.0% equity

If you want to learn more, email me at sanketh@smartcar.com or call me at 530 475 2882. No recruiters.

someear 13 hours ago 0 replies      
Polly | Software Developers, DevOps, Growth PM | Seattle, SF | FULL-TIME, INTERNS https://www.polly.ai

At Polly were building interactive polls and surveys delivered through the medium of enterprise messaging (Slack, Microsoft Teams). Weve got great traction and are growing fast (double-digit MoM growth for the past 2 years). Were a team that values empathy and respect over technical chops (but youll need to have that too!). Here are the roles were hiring for:

 - Growth Product Manager: ideal candidate can execute on her/his own ideas (some coding required). Our most exciting role. - Slack Front-end Web Developer: building out interactive experiences in Slack - Full Stack Web Developer: Node, Javascript - DevOps Engineer: good knowledge of distributed systems & AWS needed for this role. - Marketing Intern: SEO, content and community engagement
Our stack: Node, Javascript, AWS, Postgres, Mongo

We also offer medical/dental/vision. Apply at jobs@polly.ai and reference HN.

bowel 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Kiliaro | Mobile Developer | Stockholm | SALARY:600k-900k SEK

Kiliaro is looking for someone with a passion developing in Swift on iOS.

Kiliaro is an application which store and organise photos and videos from all devices. We're a totally independent player. We dont use our users photos or videos for marketing purposes, nor do we sell their details.

The company consists of a small but experienced team hailing from Spotify, Klarna and TradeDoubler. We love free software and hope to make as much of our apps and platform open.If this sounds fun, reach out to orion@kiliaro.com.

dazbradbury 5 hours ago 0 replies      
OpenRent | London, UK | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://www.openrent.co.uk

OpenRent is the way people rent property online - a force for good in an industry tarnished by rip-off agencies. Enabled by an unrelenting focus on technology, we now let more properties than any high-street agency in the UK. In the last 12m we let over 11.5bn worth of property, without charging any admin fees to tenants.

Following our recent 4.4m fund raise [1], we're now hiring multiple positions into a team of currently 10 people, looking for generalists, thought-leaders, and those with a passion for solving real-world problems.

You'll be working in a close-knit team, directly with the founders, and have full autonomy to work on, and how best, to solve the biggest problems in the industry. We find problems and improve customer experiences via code every day.

- Lead Software Engineer | 40k - 85k (negotiable based on experience) | up to 0.25% equity | https://angel.co/openrent/jobs/143003-lead-software-engineer...

- Front-End Developer | 30k - 75k (negotiable based on experience) | up to 0.25% equity | https://angel.co/openrent/jobs/143011-front-end-developer

- Core Team (product dev) | 21k - 29k | non-technical | https://angel.co/openrent/jobs/75876-core-team

See all current openings: https://angel.co/openrent/jobs

Recent press coverage: - https://angel.co/openrent/activity

Contact via AngelList or email in profile. Look forward to meeting you!

[1] - https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/03/openrent-the-uk-online-let...

druml 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Yoyo Wallet | Software Engineer | London, UK | http://yoyowallet.com

We're a group of ~15 software developers working in an engineering centric culture. We use contemporary tools and methodologies and are driven by the end user product. We're looking to take on intermediate - senior Python developers and fullstack web developers. If you're looking for an engaging new opportunity or would just like to know more, please follow the link and apply and we look forward to discussing this in more details with you! Send your application or more info at


If you have any questions about the roles, feel free to contact Clare: clare@yoyowallet.com

Come join us and make a great impact!

TicketCity 11 hours ago 0 replies      
TicketCity | Full Stack Developer and VP of Tech | Austin, TX | Onsite https://www.ticketcity.com/

We are an eCommerce marketplace for live events (sports, concerts, theater). If you get sh*t done, value empowerment and love working on a close-knit dev team, we want you!

What we offer: 100% Medical/Dental/Vision/Life + 401k with 3% company contribution + Profit Share Added to 401k + Ticket Credit + Quarterly Bonus Incentives + More!

Our stack: Javascript, jQuery, React, MS-SQL, ElasticSearch, Node.js, .NET

Local Candidates Highly Preferred: https://www.ticketcity.com/careers-at-ticketcity.html

Feel free to email me (Caitlin) at csullivan@ticketcity.com to learn more about the roles, the Dev team or life at as a TicketCitizen!

zinxq 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Lending Tree, Inc. | Software Engineer | Charlotte, NC | ONSITE

https://www.lendingtree.comEmail us at: jobs@lendingtree.com

Tech we use: C#, .NET core, Docker, Linux, Javascript, React, Mongo, SQL Server, Kafka, Spark

Who we are: LendingTree, Inc. empowers consumers with information, tools, advice, products and services for critical transactions and financial decisions in their lives.

Specifically - We're looking for:

Back-end Engineers:You're a crack-shot in your back-end language of choice. Our system matches users with hundreds of possible opportunities in real-time. Needless to say, we're looking for people who care about performance. A lot. Our back-end systems are written in C#, Redis, Mongo, and SQLServer. You might know C# or Java or you might not, but either way you're willing to learn. Regardless, you can impress us in your language of choice. If you're a Senior Engineer - you've worked in server-side code for a few years. You've scaled to thousands or maybe millions of users. If you're a Junior engineer, you love to code and you're good at it. You're smart, you're passionate, and most of all you can't wait to get started. (New grads please apply!)

Front-end Engineers:You know Javascript. You know the ins, the outs and how to make it blazing fast. You care about performance because you know your users are waiting for every line of your code. You've used some popular frameworks, maybe angular or react - but you know one or more cold.

Dev-ops Engineers:When you were a kid, you probably took apart every clock in your house. You might have even put some of them back together. You spot system issues by watching graphs with only peripheral vision.We use Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Mongo, and a lot of other cutting edge technologies. You have experience in all or some of those but either way you love getting clusters of systems humming. If you're a systems tinkerer, please apply.

Where we are:

Charlotte, NC: If you're into great weather and a central location (our airport is an American hub) you should check us out. You can pick great urban living (Uptown's 4th ward is the place to be) or get yourself a huge house (at reasonable prices) in the burbs. The standard of living for an engineer doesn't get any better than this.

jasonchen913 10 hours ago 0 replies      
MongoDB | Sr.Software Engineer / Cloud Platform Engineer | New York, NY (relocation is available)| Competitive Base + Pre-IPO stock Options

Our Cloud team develops the software that runs MongoDB in the cloud at a global scale. We are looking for our first platform engineer on this team who will be tasked to challenge the status quo - taking on what others thought was impossible.

Do you have any interest or questions? Please reach out to me at JC@mongodb.com or apply here http://grnh.se/c6pf3h1

--- If you have any interest, this is a short post from InfoWorld (http://spr.ly/60078rGKH), which named MongoDB Atlas (our newest cloud offering) one of its 2017 Technology of the Year! ---

bondolo 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Liquid Robotics Inc | Sunnyvale, CA | Maritime Robotics https://www.liquid-robotics.com

Staff Software Engineer | http://jobs.jobvite.com/liquid-robotics-inc/job/oPep3fwf | ONSITE, REMOTE

Java back-end in linux/docker/cloud environment. Zookeeper, NoSQL, JavaEE. Domain will be vehicle fleet control and management.

Sr. Director, Quality Assurance | http://jobs.jobvite.com/liquid-robotics-inc/job/onMT4fwQ | ONSITE

Lead Hardware and Software QA organization

cj 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Localize | Senior Javascript Engineer | San Francisco (SF) | Full-Time | Onsite / Remote

Localize (https://localizejs.com/) is building tools to help companies launch their products in other countries and languages. Our mission: unify the internet by breaking down language barriers, allowing companies, services, and information to be freely accessible to anyone + everyone, anywhere. Founded by YC + Techstars alum, 3x revenue growth in 2016, near cashflow neutral in 2016.

We're a team of 8 including 3 engineers. On-site in SF (4th & Brannan) preferred for this role, but will consider remote.

We're looking for senior engineers with 4-10+ years of real-world experience + expert level Javascript experience.Small company offering large-company benefits, without the bureaucracy. Competitive salary + equity, 401k + 4% matching, 100% company-paid health, dental, vision and life insurance, generous PTO, paternity & maternity leave, charity donation matching, plus the standard startup stuff like bean bags + free food + new computer ;)

You should be able to:

 Navigate our stack: Javascript, Node, MongoDB, Redis, AWS. Use native browser APIs, deep understanding of Javascript (w/o jQuery or frameworks). Solid understanding of MVC patterns. Excited by (and experience with) learning and managing a large + complex code base. Understanding of unit / integration testing, TDD, and security best practices. Learn quickly, act autonomously, think analytically. Bonus points for UI / UX / design experience or management experience.
Apply here: https://localizejs.com/jobs

Timeline: ASAP, but flexible up to a couple months.

Relocation: Financial assistance, TN visa, H1B, O1 visa if applicable.

jmhain 8 hours ago 0 replies      
IdentityMind | Platform Engineer | Palo Alto, CA | FULLTIME | ONSITE

At IdentityMind Global, we are building a unique platform providing Risk Management services to the financial industry: both traditional payments and emerging cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. We are experiencing explosive growth and have just deployed our 2nd generation platform which currently scales to hundreds of transactions per second. We are expanding internationally and are also building Big Data analytics and reporting tools to cope with the financial crime prevention requirements of our clients.

This role will extend the existing anti-fraud and anti-money laundering system, and work closely with our data science team to integrate our machine learning models into our real time transaction analysis.

If you are interested in finding out more and explore a possible relationship, we would love to hear back from you to find out more about you and to tell you more about our platform.


* 5+ years industry experience

* Strong full stack Java

* Experience building real time transactional platforms

* Ability to take abstract user requirements and build a product that addresses the underlying use case

* Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

* Ability to work within a small high achieving team, as well as independently

* Self-driven, highly motivated, innovative


* Domain expertise in anti-fraud and/or anti-money laundering

* Productizing machine learning models

* Experience integrating with 3rd party services using REST, JSON, XML and/or SOAP

* Cassandra

* Graph Databases such as Titan or Neo4j

* Light Linux administration

* Python or Perl

Apply here: https://www.identitymindglobal.com/company/careers

Feel free to email us at jobs(at)identitymind(dot)com if you have any questions.

cubistml 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Cubist Systematic Strategies | Machine Learning Researcher | New York, London | Onsite | Full Time and Interns

Cubist Systematic Strategies is the systematic investing business of Point72 Asset Management. We deploy systematic, computer-driven trading strategies across multiple liquid asset classes.

Were looking for researchers who have a curiosity about financial markets, a passion for seeing research through from initial conception to eventual application, and a healthy streak of creativity. Some successful researchers have joined us from similar backgrounds at other firms. Others have joined from related fields or directly from academia and have thrived with hands on guidance from our large team of experienced portfolio managers and researchers.

To learn more or apply, send an email with your CV to ml@cubistsystematic.com.

DLarsen 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Connexity | Santa Monica, CA or Camarillo, CA | Full-Time | Onsite

Join a small, tightly-knit Data Science team as we transform our data assets into valuable business products. Although this group of 4 has a great deal of industry experience, we've only worked together in this capacity for about a year. This means that there's still a lot of opportunity and green-field work ahead of us.The position could be described as a Sr. Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer. We work with billions of records per day and small hundreds of thousands of (messy!) features. We primarily use Scala/Spark and Python, but we employ R, Ruby, plain old SQL and other tools on a regular basis.

We'd like to find someone familiar with Bayesian systems, Random Forest and other classification. Experience in ad-tech, e-commerce or online retail is a plus, but we strongly favor hiring someone with the right qualities that transcend mere familiarity.

More than anything we value sound judgement. It's great if you have loads of tools in in your tool belt, but you really have to know when it makes sense to use them.

As you get involved with research or optimization work, we want to have confidence that you'll have the right intuition about what questions to pursue and what questions to defer. With our high transaction volume, hundreds of unique models in production and hundreds of thousands of potential features, discernment is an essential virtue. We'll always have 5x more questions and curiosities than we'll have time to chase down. We're looking for that person whose judgement is guided by experience possesses a knack for uncovering valuable, actionable insights.

Within our team I lean strongly toward the engineering side of the spectrum, but I'd be happy to have a conversation about our work. dlarsen@connexity.com If you're more comfortable going the typical HR route, I can probably streamline the first phases of communication.

daxhuiberts 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Salonized | Front-end Developer | Amsterdam | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

Salonized eliminates the time-consuming and tedious task of scheduling appointments, managing inventory, calling to confirm appointments and sending out reminders. Salonized is designed for all kinds of salons: single person businesses, large businesses with numerous employees and multiple locations, and everything in-between.

Were a small 10 person team located in the center of Amsterdam. Were bootstrapped and quickly growing our revenue every month and starting to scale up to meet our demands. Our clients value our support, ease of use and quality very highly, which are also our own biggest priorities. You can see the passion to create a high quality product within each of the team members.

Want to know more? Visit the following pages or send me an email at dax@salonized.com.

Front-end developer - https://www.salonized.com/en/jobs/front-end-developer

cubistml 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Cubist Systematic Strategies | Python Developer | New York | Onsite | Full Time

Cubist Systematic Strategies is the systematic investing business of Point72 Asset Management. We deploy systematic, computer-driven trading strategies across multiple liquid asset classes.

Were looking for a lead developer to:

* Build a robust, scalable research infrastructure, including alpha estimation and risk modeling components

* Develop a seamless platform to handle all aspects of quant trading model building, optimization, and trade execution

* Build high-performance/low-latency modular systems for live trading and simulation

Desirable candidates:

* Strong programming experience in Python (3+ years) and SQL are required

* High skilled technologist with reasonable quantitative skills

* Experience in developing backtesting, simulation, and trading systems is a plus

To learn more or apply, send an email with your CV to talent@cubistsystematic.com.

burnout1540 12 hours ago 0 replies      
HelloSign (https://www.hellosign.com) | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Onsite

We're hiring experienced developers to work on our two flagship products, HelloSign and HelloWorks. We have open front-end and full-stack positions (PHP or Elixir).

Our typical hiring process is quick, involving a phone screen and two on-site interviews.

More info about the just launched HelloWorks (Elixir & React/Redux) here: * https://www.hellosign.com/products/helloworks* http://blog.hellosign.com/the-new-web-elixir-phoenix-channel...

Job listings: https://jobs.lever.co/hellosign

andytw 11 hours ago 0 replies      
ThoughtWorks | Lead Mobile Engineers | New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta | Full Time | On Site & Travel | VISA transfer OK | www.thoughtworks.com/


As technology consultants, we work with a variety of clients that hire us to solve complex and interesting problems. Each client we work with gives us a new perspective and a broad exposure to different technologies, which leads to a pretty unlimited learning environment. If you have a passion for exploring new technologies, chances are youll fit right in.


Our Mobile Engineers partner with our clients to define their mobile strategy and are hands-on in building applications that can scale an enterprise system. We create enterprise mobile applications that are clean, well-tested, scalable and deployed in a CI/CD pipeline.


Ideal candidates have been working in the mobile space for a few years, have led a few mobile teams, can lead mobile strategy, and care about best practices like testing and continuous delivery.

We are particularly interested in engineers with iOS experience, particularly those who are well-versed with Swift 3.0 or Swift 2.0.

We have a strong preference for candidates with previous experience full stack development experience, as the nature of consulting means working on projects with a huge variety in scale, scope and technology. However, we are open to considering candidates without previous full stack experience if there is a strong desire to learn from our full stack developers, DevOps engineers, etc.

We work almost exclusively on client site providing a mix of delivery and consulting services, so youll travel extensively as part of your role.

APPLY at https://www.thoughtworks.com/careers/browse-jobs

taber 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Intact Design (https://intact.design/) | Berkeley, CA; Madison, WI | Full-time; INTERN | Onsite

We're building a finite element analysis API on the web. Think of it like continuous integration, but for mechanical engineers. We're looking for software engineers with interest in computational geometry/geometric processing, computational physics/engineering, and building beautifully elegant user experiences for complicated technical software.

Our stack: * C++ for performance-critical finite element code * Ruby on Rails for server code * React + Three.js + regl on the frontend

Our competitive advantage comes from a combination of software architecture innovation and a super accessible user experience, so we need people who value these two pillars of their craft.

We'd love to hear from you! Email: ataber[AT]intact-solutions[DOT]com

St-Clock 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Resulto (resulto.ca) | Frontend Developer | Montreal | Onsite | Full-time

Do you usually take initiative to suggest high-value improvements and keep up to date with best practices? Are you passionate with frontend technologies, but not afraid to dive into all the layers of a complex system? Do you want to participate in all phases of development and influence the business direction of a young and successful company? You are the perfect candidate and we would love to speak with you!

We are a bootstrapped company producing the leading loyalty and customer satisfaction platform in the powersport industry in Quebec. Your work would directly impact more than 200 000 customers and users.

We at Resulto strongly believes that bringing new interns and employees to our team is a learning and growing opportunity for both sides. If this sounds interesting to you, email us at jobs@resulto.ca

nchuhoai 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Wellframe | Healthcare | Boston, Ma | Onsite/Fulltime https://www.wellframe.comAt Wellframe, we are building an intelligent care-management platform that allows health plans and care-delivery organizations to better manage large populations of complex patients. Because the most clinically complicated cases in a patient population tend to drive a majority of the costs, even seemingly small improvements in these patients well-being have dramatic benefits for the care provider. Wellframe focuses on improving patient health by providing personalized and adaptive care programs for people trying to recover from or manage serious health problems. We use the health data we collect in order to intelligently allot care resources to the specific needs of patients, paying special attention to the most-critical patients. Through clinical studies and working with large healthcare payers, we have seen that our platform improves patient outcomes, increases the capacity of care management teams and reduces costs of the care provider. We have a relatively small engineering team at about 10 engineers. What makes us unique is that we have a full time clinical team of doctors that work with us to break down clinical science so that we can build it back up into personalized and adaptive care programs.

We're currently looking for several mid/senior engineering positions (android, iOS, frontend, backend, infra/platform, sre) across our engineering team. More descriptions can be found on our jobs page (below). If you're in the area I'd love to just grab coffee regardless of whether or not you're actively looking to move -- I love talking to other passionate, driven people about what they do.

Our stack is native Android (Java) and iOS (Objective-C), our API is served in a Ruby on Rails monolith and Scala services, on top of MySQL, Cassandra, ElasticSearch and Spark. Our frontend is mostly Backbone + React, although some more complex state we are moving to Redux.

Jobs: https://www.wellframe.com/jobs Also feel free to reach out to me at nam@wellframe.com!

vijay1201 10 hours ago 0 replies      
MindMeld Inc | AI, ML, NLP, Data infrastructure, Backend, Data engineering | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, VISA

At MindMeld, we are looking for engineers who are excited about building next generation chat experiences using NLP, deep learning and other AI techniques. We work with fortune 100 companies to build AI products with deep integrations to their catalogs. If you want to work with an enterprise AI product that is running in production, with a team of <10 engineers, a python stack and a research-oriented culture with great employee benefits, consider Mindmeld.

We are hiring engineers across a variety of roles, these include:

1. Machine Learning Engineer 2. Senior Software Engineer 3. Search Quality Analyst 4. Lead Quality Engineer

Email me at vijay@mindmeld.com if all this sounds interesting.

thomas-d 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Genomics plc | https://www.genomicsplc.com/ | Oxford, UK | Fulltime | ONSITE

Genomics plc is an ambitious genome analytics business formed in 2014 by four leading scientists at the University of Oxford. There will be an explosion in human genomic data linked to health and other phenotypic outcomes and the companys vision is to bring together these data and develop sophisticated analytical methods for its interpretation in various scientific contexts.

We are seeking a Data Visualization Developer to work on our platform for the statistical interpretation of genetic data.

This role is based in our central Oxford office, and further information can be found at https://www.genomicsplc.com/work-with-us/. Applications consisting of a cover letter and CV should be sent to recruitment@genomicsplc.com.

jives 12 hours ago 0 replies      
EMEX | Houston TX, Portland OR | Senior Software Engineer (Ruby) | Fulltime, onsite or remote | www.emexllc.com

EMEX is a rapidly growing online energy broker. We have an innovative reverse auction platform that lets customers buy cheaper electricity and natural gas without the hassle. Our proprietary broker management system powers our internal operations and that of many of our partners.

We're looking for a full-time senior software engineer to join our small team. You'll primarily work on our extensive backend platform and our frontend auction experience. You'd be great fit if you've got strong Ruby skills, love working with large object-oriented systems, and approach your profession with excellence.

Our primary stack: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, React.

Ideal candidate will be near Houston, TX or Portland, OR, but I'm open to remote (in US only) for the right person.

If you'd like to learn more or apply, email me at: ives.j [at] emexllc.com.

antoviaque 11 hours ago 0 replies      
REMOTE (Worldwide) - Open Source Developer on Open edX - Python/Django, Javascript (OpenCraft - Remote/worldwide company based in Berlin)

Development specialized on the free software project Open edX, used by many universities and companies to run online courses. See edx.org, stanford.edu or fun-mooc.fr for examples of Open edX instances. We are a team of ten senior developers, working remotely from Europe, North America, Asia, Russia & Australia. The company is not affiliated with edX, but contributing and working with them on various projects. This is a full time position, were you would be able to work remotely from where you want, as long as you have a good internet connexion. : )

It's a large Python/Django codebase, with good code standards and architecture (a lot of the edX engineers come from MIT). You would work on different clients contracts using the platform. The clients list/references include Harvard, edX themselves, the French government, and various startups & universities currently running their own instances, or looking to create one. Tasks are varied, from developing developing core platform features, custom exercises and tools for specific courses (XBlocks), customizing and deploying instances, working on both client/server sides, etc.

Most of your work is published as free software (Open edX is released under the AGPL license, which requires clients to release modifications under the same license), and you would also contribute to the free software project, pushing some of your developments upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation or help on mailing-lists.

Stack: Python/Django, Ansible, AWS/OpenStack, Debian/Ubuntu, JS, HTML/CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

Interview process: a 15 minutes (simple) coding exercise & a 30 minutes Hangout.

To apply, fill this form: http://opencraft.com/jobs/open-source-developer/

alex_minimax 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Minimax Labs | London, UK | ONSITE | Java (essential), Python, Machine Learning, Optimisation, Operations Research, AWS, HPC

We optimise complex global operations for billion dollar businesses, creating massive value out of thin air and a little cloud. Our systems harness serious computing power and are used by our enterprise clients daily.

We are looking for strong scientists and engineers who love to work on extremely challenging problems and develop cutting edge technology to grow our small, dedicated team of PhDs and engineers at our central London office. Work on our next generation system features: front-end, back-end, algorithms, R&D, client/user interaction, etc.

We're also looking for applicants for summer internships.

Check out http://minimaxlabs.com and get in touch for more details.

No recruiters please. Really.

caitlinspothero 12 hours ago 1 reply      
SpotHero | Chicago, IL | http://spothero.com

SpotHero is changing parking, and our tools will redefine the transportation industry. With over a million cars parked, fast growth, and solid funding (https://angel.co/spothero), SpotHero offers countless ways to make an impact on the company and your career.

Senior Engineer - Platform (DevOps) - https://spothero.com/careers/570628

Senior Engineer - Platform (Data)- https://spothero.com/careers/242762

To apply, please email your resume to jobs@spothero.com. Include any github account, linkedin profile, and any project that youre particularly proud of. We love seeing work that others loved working on.

BCharlie 10 hours ago 0 replies      
GE Power | Sr. Secrurity Engineer (Programmer) | Atlanta, GA USA | http://www.ge.com/careers/opportunities?keyword=2749772

About us:We're a new team of software engineers focused on helping the business build secure software on GE's Predix platform (predix.io).

About the role:

We build security tools for development teams (CI/CD security plugins, platform scanners, log aggregators), security focused libraries (2 factor authentication, OAuth wrappers, encryption wrappers), and anything else that might help our teams be more secure.

We also embed directly with product teams as security focused developers - ensuring user stories around security are being implemented, teaching developers about secure coding, and building the most sensitive parts of our critical applications.

Technology focus areas:GE is a big company, and we support teams that use all sorts of languages, frameworks, and technologies. The most frequent technologies we work with are:

* Java with SpringBoot * Angular * Polymer * Node

Other languages I am seeing more of: Python, Ruby, Elixer, GoWhen we build internal tooling, we pick the best tools for the job.

What we look for:Great programmers who love security and understand secure coding. Experience with the technologies listed above, CI/CD, TDD, and general development best practices is key.

If you love to code, understand how to find, exploit, and fix vulnerabilities in web apps, and want to help us build security tooling and improve app, I'd love to chat!

ApplyYou can find the full job posting at http://www.ge.com/careers/opportunities?keyword=2749772, or go to ge.com/careers and search for job number 2749772

You can also just reach out to me with questions!

grromrell 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Savvysherpa | Data Science and Research Engineers | SLC, UT and Minneapolis, MN | ONSITE

Hi I am Greg and I am a research engineer at Savvysherpa, a venture research firm working mostly in healthcare, based in Utah and Minnesota. We are looking for people to fill two different roles, a data science role (deep research) and a research engineer role (prototyping and new products). I have loved working at Savvysherpa and if you are interested in learning more see our website here: https://www.savvysherpa.com/careers.html or email me at gromrell [@] savvysherpa [dot] com and we will get in touch!

wozmirek 12 hours ago 0 replies      
KISURA | Software Developers | Berlin, Germany | ONSITE | https://www.kisura.com/

We are looking for experienced software developers to help us build Europe's first Digital and Personalized Shopping Service for womens fashion.

Our mission is simple: to send women handpicked outfits tailored to their budget and style and make them feel beautiful and confident.

Whats in it for you? An opportunity to build a scalable, customer-centered solution in a quiet office in the middle of Berlins famous Kreuzberg district. Which means easy commute, lots of lunch, meetup and party options close by.

We are looking for:

- Software developers (PHP/OOP)

- Front-end developers (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3)

- QA engineers

Speaking German is not required.

How to apply: email me directly at mirek (at) kisura.de :) (I'm the product manager here).

More info at https://www.kisura.com/jobs.

DesaiAshu 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Make School | Multiple Locations | Onsite | Temporary

Make School was founded in 2012 to empower students to build and ship products that impact their communities.

Were looking for iOS developers to teach at our Summer Academy, an eight week program where students of all ages build and ship their own iOS app, game, or VR experience. You'll teach Swift fundamentals plus product design, prototyping, user testing, analytics, and more. This is a contract position in 2017 from mid-June to mid-August. Locations include San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York City, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Apply here and mention Hacker News: https://www.makeschool.com/jobs

We've met some great people through HN and would love to meet more!

chasemp 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Wikimedia Foundation | Operations Engineer (Cloud Services) | SF | Remote

I am an engineer with the team. We run a niche hosting operation directed at the Wikimedia community tooling and ecosystem. We are migrating some of our workload to Kubernetes slowly (from an aging Grid Engine setup), and maintain our own OpenStack cloud. We use a lot of Python, Puppet, and debug wherever problems take us.

We do a round of interviews starting with HR, hiring manager, and team members. All interviewing and hiring can be done remote. Some regular overlap with east coast US (UTC-7) hours is expected to coordinate.


drop me a note if you have questions :)

alchemism 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Sidecar |Philadelpha, PA | ONSITE

Sidecar Interactive is eagerly scouting for an array of technical positions. Were an e-commerce technology company that helps retailers connect their products to the right consumers in online shopping channels like Google, Facebook, and Bing. We are well-funded, alone in our niche, and are looking to scale our Engineering teams rapidly.

We're looking for:

* Jr. + Sr. DevOps Engineers;

* Jr. + Mid + Sr. Software Engineers, including a Lead;

* a seasoned DBA; and

* a Technical PM.

Find the details for all positions on our Careers page: https://hello.getsidecar.com/jobs-at-sidecar/

To apply, send an email to jeff@getsidecar.com with the subject "HN - Sidecar jobs". No recruiters, please.

kinduff 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Wizeline | Guadalajara, Mxico | Onsite | Full-Time | Software Engineer

Wizeline is looking for an awesome Software Engineer to work with 50 fortune companies and build software with great impact. Wizeline is a company that is thriving, transparent, has a progressive culture and likes to mix cultures and other disciplines. Using the right tools for the right job, but always looking forward to test new technology. Send your resum to alejandro @ wizeline.com.

About Wizeline:- Wizeline is a start up founded in 2013, by an Ex-Googler, and founder of Ooyala Bismarck Lepe, since he has mexican family he decided to bet right on the city of Guadalajara to start building this innovative company.

keywords:- React, JS, Javascript, Redux, Go, Machine Learning, ES6

quobyte 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Quobyte | Berlin, Germany | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.quobyte.com/

Quobyte is working on a data center file system, a software storage system built around a parallel file system core that is scalable, fault-tolerant and with high performance for all workloads. Our customers use Quobyte for scientific and commercial HPC clusters, container and OpenStack infrastructures, video and CGI clusters, and as a scalable backend for SaaS products.

If youre into systems, we got it all: kernel, concurrency, network, distributed algorithms, ...

Languages are C++, Java and Python. We do white-board interviews and value passion for coding.

Roles: Senior/Junior Software Engineer, Engineer in Test / QA, Support Engineer, Sales Engineer

Send your CV to: work@quobyte.com

We currently do not sponsor visas, so please only apply if youre based in the EU.

jzhen 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Thinknum | New York | Backend Engineer | On-site - Full-time | $90k-$140k + equity

=== Who We Are ===

Thinknum is a Fintech company that organizes the Internets commercial activity into data models. Thinknum provides real time granular data (e.g., the average discount for Michael Kors handbags vs Coach handbags across retailers). We have hundreds of clients across major financial institutions and corporations. We're a profitable company that is growing quickly.

=== Who We Are Looking For ===

We're looking for back-end engineers that can streamline our data collection process. You will design and implement systems that collect data from websites and make it available to our customers on our platform. Looking for engineers with experience in Python and familiarity with the DOM and tools for parsing the DOM like Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

=== Interested? ===

Interested? Drop me a note at jzhen@thinknum.com

Learn more about us: https://www.thinknum.com/

Thanks, Justin

adrianhon 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Six to Start | REMOTE or London | Full-time

We are looking for a full stack web developer.

Our flagship apps - Zombies, Run!, Racelink, and The Walk combine innovative real-world interaction and gameplay with captivating stories and design. In short, we make exercising fun. We want to find someone who can help us maintain and improve our existing apps and develop new experiences that are just as revolutionary and innovative.

As web developer at Six to Start, you will be primarily responsible for sustaining and improving the infrastructure that powers Racelink and Zombies, Run!, apps with 4 million downloads. Youll work with a fully remote development team and be able to make an impact straight away.

Apply here: http://www.sixtostart.com/onetoread/2017/web-developer/

jttam 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Cloudhealth | (Sr.) Software Engineer | Boston, MA | Full-Time | Onsite https://cloudhealthtech.com

Cloudhealth enables company's to take control over their cloud usage! We're the leader in programmatic cost management and a provider of resource monitoring to help identify areas where our customers can improve their infrastructure.

We're looking to hire developers of any experience level that are dedicated to taking on complex challenges in a fun, upbeat environment.

Please look at our job postings here: https://www.cloudhealthtech.com/company/careers

Feel free to send additional questions to me here!

tkmcc 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Curalate | Full Stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer, Product Designer, DevOps Engineer, Client Support Engineer | Seattle, NYC, Philadelphia | https://www.curalate.com/

Curalate is the leading visual commerce platform, connecting pictures, people and products. Our visual commerce software helps more than 850 brands tell their stories through imagery in order to drive engagement, build awareness, and form stronger, more meaningful relationships with consumers.

We're hiring developers, designers and product people with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. We're not language zealots: we believe in using the right tool for the job, and are comfortable with a polyglot codebase. That said, today we lean on:

 - Languages: Scala, Javascript - Infrastructure: AWS, Asgard, Jenkins - Datastores: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, S3 - Data Processing: Storm, Lambda, Kinesis, Kafka, SQS, Spark - Microservices: Finatra/Finagle, Scalatra - Front-end: AngularJS, Less, Gulp, Bower - Image Processing: OpenCV, Caffe - Search: Elasticsearch, Cloudsearch
Although experience with our existing technology stack is great, we're much more interested in hiring developers with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies. While we're not looking for any specific industry experience you should have a CS degree and/or at least two years of experience and come prepared to join a fast-moving, high-performing team.

Check out our Engineering Blog to learn more: http://engineering.curalate.com

You can find and apply to all roles on our jobs page (https://www.themuse.com/companies/curalate), or reach out to me directly and mention HN (<my username>@curalate.com).

acadavid 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Wakoopa | Backend Engineer | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | Full Time | https://www.wakoopa.com

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer who can help us tackle the challenges of scaling our API's and databases, improving performance and moving to a microservices oriented architecture.

If you don't have as much experience but you've strong interest, and willing to do hard work to step up your skills, please get in touch with us.

We're a small team, from multiple countries (our 17 people office has 8 nationalities!), with a wide range of interest, but most importantly we're trying to create a small team that is fun, and enjoyable to work with.

Our stack is mostly Ruby / Ruby on Rails, and we also use JavaScript, MySQL, Hadoop and EMR for data processing.

We offer:

- Epic lunches paid for by the company

- Macbook

- Flexible working hours

- Abundance of fruit, coffee, cookies and the famous Friesday.

- Competitive salary

- Yearly educational/conference budget

- Beautiful city center office

- Awesome experienced colleagues

- Travel expenses covered

More at https://wakoopa.com/jobs/backend-engineer/

We can apply for a visa (and 30% ruling) if you need one, but we currently don't offer a relocation package.

Please note we are NOT looking for REMOTE developers or freelancers, we are looking for someone full time onsite. No recruiters.

If you're interested, please send me your CV / Github to alejandro@wakoopa.com with a short motivation note on why we should hire you!

gjreda 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Sprout Social | Senior Data Scientist | Chicago, IL | ONSITE | https://sproutsocial.com

Our team uses Python and its data stack (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn) along with a little Java to drive decisions and power software that is used by more than 17,000 brands around the world. Companies like Microsoft, Zipcar, Hyatt, Google, and Zendesk rely on Sprout to create stronger relationships with their customers through social media.

Were looking for curious, analytical, and creative people to help utilize the vast amount of data we have. If you love finding ways of using data to build better products and solve problems, wed love to talk with you.


 - Build predictive models in support of product and business goals - Conduct research to surface new opportunities and understanding - Build tooling for all of the above - Mentoring, teaching, and helping to level up the team

 - You have professional experience working on data-driven problems. Examples might be classification, recommendations, churn prediction, topic modeling, fraud detection, etc. - Youve built production machine learning pipelines in Python or Java. - You have a strong understanding of statistics (probability, experimental design, bayesian methods). - You enjoy thinking about business and product, and how data can be used to inform or improve both. - You understand, appreciate, and can explain the tradeoffs between simple methods and complex models. - You probably studied a technical, quantitative, or analytical field throughout school, but also might have taken a different route. Were looking for at least a Bachelors degree or equivalent.
Nice to haves:

 - Experience working with text data and using natural language processing methods - Experience with Apache Airflow, Spark, or AWS Data Products (EMR, Redshift, Kinesis) - Experience with deep learning toolkits, such as Keras, Theano, or TensorFlow

adhil 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Cover (YC W16) | Full Stack Engineer | Toronto | FULL-TIME | REMOTE OK | SALARY:90k-130kCAD

Were looking for a senior developer to help our team architect, build, scale and automate across our product pipeline from user experience to insurance data reconciliation and reporting. As an early engineering hire, you'll be expected to be a proficient generalist, capable of taking on and managing through a wide array of technical challenges. Founders and scrappy early employees fit this profile especially well.

Apply at: https://cover.workable.com/jobs/422563

ckinsey 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Lofty Labs | Senior Software Engineer, Consultant | Northwest Arkansas | Full Time | Onsite preferred

If youre interested in a full-time and permanent position with Lofty Labs covering all or any of the area listed below, please get in touch with Addam Hardy, Director of Engineering at addam@hirelofty.com.

Lofty has work in all of these areas of web based engineering: web app development (Python, Ruby, JS), REST API development (Python, Ruby), Devops/SRE (ansible, AWS, Lofty Labs is a certified AWS partner and pays for AWS certifications for engineers), Docker (Lofty Labs is a Docker core contributor), command line tools built in Go, ETL pipelines managing large amounts of retail data or social data, applying machine learning/augmented intelligence/data science/graph theory to existing business processes, in addition to a few other areas that we explore and change regularly.

Come have fun with us.

anamexis 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Verba Software | Software Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE, SALARY:100-150k | https://www.verbasoftware.com/

Verba Software tackles textbook affordability through radical transparency. We work with more than 350 colleges and universities of all sizes to reach over 3.1 million students each term, with software for students, professors and bookstores. Our success means we need to grow and were looking for talented engineers.

We work in a beautiful exposed-brick office two blocks west of Union Square in Downtown San Francisco. We are a small, open and friendly company. We currently use Ruby, Javascript, ES6 and Coffeescript, and layer on Rails, React, Backbone, Node, MySQL, AWS, and Chef, but were always open to using the best tech.

Please email resumes to jobs@verbasoftware.com . Thanks!

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OkCupid | New York, NY | FULL TIME | ONSITE | https://okcupid.com/careers

We're currently hiring for a bunch of Backend positions! We have a 6-person Backend Software Engineering Team, which manages all aspects of the Backend. We have a massive amount of impact per engineer. We also have a lot of autonomy here as well as input into product.

The core site infrastructure is written in C++, so experience with that is a huge plus.

Some buzzwords for you that we use: C++, Python, Javascript, React, Kubernetes, Rust, MySql

email me at ben@okcupid.com if you have any questions or apply online at our careers page.

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Periscope Data | Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco | ONSITE, VISA www.periscopedata.com

Hiring engineers at all levels (Ruby, Go, CoffeeScript). Periscope is the fastest, most powerful data analysis suite on the market. It's the platform of choice for professional analysts who spend 5+ hours a day using the product. We're growing revenue about 10X per year while growing the team about 4X per year. If you have a proven track record of delivering results and shipping great products, we would love to meet you! Join our team of 85: Email amanda@periscopedata.com

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Site Reliability Engineer | Tubular Labs, Inc.| Mountain View, CA and Kiev, UA

Tubular Labs is the worldwide leader in online video intelligence.

Tech we use: Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Spark, Docker, Kafka, Mesos and a variety of hosted solutions on AWS.

Responsibilities: Manage all aspects of the infrastructure as a key hands-on leader.

Note: SRE positions are available in both locations; manager would be in Mountain View

Apply (manager): https://jobs.lever.co/tubularlabs/37bb5fca-48d4-4347-aaba-2d...Apply (SRE): https://jobs.lever.co/tubularlabs/3a49fc11-4576-4ff2-9d81-74...

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Relayr | Berlin/Munich, Germany | ONSITE | Full time | https://relayr.io/

Who we are? relayr is a well-funded and rapidly expanding start-up based in Berlin and Munich. We have an extremely international and very friendly team, who build and maintain a full IoT technology stack. We are shaping the IoT world and building the future! Lets do it together!

We are actively hiring for the following positions:NodeJS Developer, Scala Developer, Full Stack Developer, JavaScript Engineer, Security Specialist, DevOps...and many more :)

Check out our career page for more details. You can also apply there directly, if any position sparks your interest! https://relayr.io/jobs/ Any questions? Dont hesitate to get in touch! julia.rovnik@relayr.io

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Aha! (http://www.aha.io) | Rails / Front End / Security / UX | Remote

Aha! is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails, Javascript and front-end engineers to develop rich interactive experiences in React with a Rails backend. Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps.

In additional to core engineering roles, we are also looking for a security engineer and UX designer to join our team.

Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America and we offer excellent benefits.

We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding), we deploy continuously and we are developing in Rails/CoffeeScript/React/d3. Our entire team is remote - primarily in US and Canada.

http://www.aha.io | email: engineering-jobs@aha.io

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Discuss.io| https://www.discuss.io | Seattle, WA| Full-time

At Discuss.io we are hiring a Senior UX Designer and Engineers. See job descriptions here https://www.discuss.io/careers/

Please feel free to apply on this page or email shalendra@discuss.io

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Nexmo | Java Server Side Engineers (any level) | London | Full-time| Onsite| www.nexmo.com

Great culture (46 diff nationalities, 60% male and 40% female)Working on the latest technology. Here's two video's of what its like to work in the engineering team as well as a vid on our culture: Engineering - https://app.frame.io/v/gQTIAk35Culture - https://app.frame.io/v/VYLKuC2I

Apply here: https://nexmo.bamboohr.co.uk/jobs/view.php?id=186

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Scorebook Live | San Diego, CA | Full-time (onsite or REMOTE ok for right candidate) - http://scorebooklive.com

Are you passionate about sports and technology?

With Scorebook Live, real time scores, detailed stats and game recaps are no longer limited to the pros. Our iPad app takes the place of the traditional paper scorebook and broadcasts game data in real time to fans across the web. Fans can follow all their favorite teams whether it's the local high school or their own personal rec league team.

We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to help build out the next generation of scorebooklive.com.

You will be working directly with the CTO as our first full time engineering hire. This is a great opportunity to drive the future of our technical architecture, product development, and makeup of the engineering team.

We are well funded and located in sunny San Diego, and can offer a lot of freedom to the right candidates. Our current stack is Ruby on Rails + Backbone + React on AWS, and are looking for someone familiar with these technologies or willing to learn.

If this sounds exciting, shoot us a note with your resume (or a link to your linkedin, github, etc) to careers@scorebooklive.com

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Reportin | Senior Front End Dev | Toronto | onsite | full-time | http://www.reportin.com

Reportin is preparing to launch the first modern SaaS platform for finance teams. We are looking for an experienced Front End Dev who is comfortable building modern web apps. This is an opportunity to join a funded startup at the very beginning - help define our company culture and make a huge impact as we grow. Email me directly to learn more jordy at reportin.com and with any questions about our company, etc.

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Ullink | Software Engineer | Finance | Cluj-Napoca, Romania | Fulltime | Onsite

Looking for a passionate developer, looking to be part of a senior team passionate about FP and craftsmanship

We work with Scala 2.12 toghether with Cats, Shapeless, Akka

Doing property based testing, TDD, code-reviews

Apply & more details here :



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Cubist Systematic Strategies | Java Developer | New York | Onsite | Full Time

Cubist Systematic Strategies is the systematic investing business of Point72 Asset Management. We deploy systematic, computer-driven trading strategies across multiple liquid asset classes.

Were looking for a developer to join a front office quantitative portfolio management team to assist with trading operations, trading systems development and large-scale data management.

Desirable candidates:

* Very solid core Java and SQL experiences in the Linux environment

* Practical knowledge of a scripting language (Perl, Python)

* Interest in software engineering, trading system development, and maintenance

To learn more or apply, send an email with your CV to talent@cubistsystematic.com.

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Yepstr | Full Stack Developer | Stockholm Sweden | full-time | ONSITE https://www.yepstr.com

More info here: https://thehub.se/client/jobs/full-stack-developer-2

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Two Orioles | Video Codec Engineer | New York, NY | Full-time, on-site

At Two Orioles, we're building a team of video compression pioneers to shape the future of online video streaming, working with some of the biggest video streaming companies in the business.

We're looking for video codec engineers to enhance and further develop our VP9 video encoder for our clients. This requires experience in C/C++. Knowledge of (x86) assembly is a plus. Candidates should be familiar with or have experience with the VP9, H264 or HEVC bitstream formats or model software and/or have experience working on (not with) open-source video codec software (x264/5, libvpx, ffmpeg/libavcodec, etc.).

Interested in building tomorrow's video? Email me at rbultje@twoorioles.com.

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Headset | Senior .net Engineer | Seattle, WA | ONSITE http://headset.io

Headset is looking for a senior software engineer who enjoys solving complex data, usability, and scalability problems. Our software tracks and analyzes millions of dollars in cannabis sales every day. Come make a big impact on a small team.

Stack: c#, asp.net mvc, .net core, azure, elasticsearch, sql

More information + apply here: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/137840/senior-software-engine...

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Longshot Systems | Machine Learning & Engineering roles | Marylebone London UK | ONSITE | Full time | 50k-70k

At Longshot Systems Ltd we're a small startup building advanced platforms for sports betting analytics and trading. Having developed a lot of our core platform infrastructure we are looking to begin expanding our trading strategy research activity and core infrastructure management. We have an office dog, Minos. He's a beagle and rather cheeky. We can send you a pic if you need it to help in your decision making process.We've got two openings right now:

Senior Machine Learning Researcher, 50-70k

You'd be working closely with the CEO to design, test and implement new high frequency sports betting strategies based on machine learning models for our clients. Due to us being a small startup the role suits someone who wants to be involved in all aspects of the R&D process, from high-level design through to production implementation. The ideal candidate will be highly creative and enjoy generating new, innovate ways to tackle problems and suggesting improvements to existing methodologies; you'll have a high level of autonomy to research whichever methods you felt would be best suited to the problem at hand.


Linux Platform Engineer, 50-70k

You'd be working closely with the CTO and the development team to support our production & development trading infrastructure, develop new infrastructure and detect, diagnose and help solve performance issues in applications, networks and operating systems. You should be happy wading through tonnes of metrics, packet dumps and logs to find and solve issues. This role combines SRE, sysadmin and devops. We're a small team (6 currently) and you'd be responsible for the entire production and devlopment infrastructure.

Unfortunately we can't support visa applications at this time. To learn more about the roles and to apply please visit https://longshot-systems-ltd.workable.com/ or email jobs at longshotsystems dot co dot uk

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Apple, Inc | Linux Systems Administrator | Sunnyvale | Onsite

Apple's Law & Global Security (LGS) operations team is looking for a highly responsive and experienced Linux Systems Admin with 5+ years experience.

The LGS Operations - Applications & Services team develops, hosts, and supports internal LGS applications & services.

Email resums directly: OpsSysAdmin@group.apple.com

Apply Online (Reference HN in your submission!):https://jobs.apple.com/us/search?job=54104876&openJobId=5410...

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Sumo Logic | Site Reliability Engineer | Warsaw, Poland | Onsite

We do grep on steroids in the cloud. Huge scale, exciting tech (AWS, Scala, distributed systems)...


Site Reliability Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumologic/jobs/574147#.WOJ6WHSG...

Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumologic/jobs/267415#.WOJ6VXSG...

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StriveWire | Hamburg, Germany | Full-time | Onsite | https://strivewire.com

We're redefining eSports for a global community of gamers for more than 190 countries. Looking for experienced full-stack engineers with a passion for Javascript to work with us on our Node.js / React stack hosted on AWS.

Please have a look at https://strivewire.com/jobs or drop me a mail at beni at strivewire com.

We pay competitively.

Requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in engineering.

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SeatGeek New York, NY Full Time We're a mobile marketplace for tickets and live events.

Web Engineer We're looking for someone who loves building for the web. Everything else (professional experience, where in the stack you fit, the languages you've used) is up for grabs. Details here: https://seatgeek.com/jobs/software_engineer

iOS Engineer, marketing roles, and lots more here: https://seatgeek.com/jobs

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Swiftype | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Relocation Assistance

Swiftype builds a search platform that powers hundreds of millions of queries a month. We are a small team of generalist software developers and we are looking to grow our team in order to build new products and maintain our existing search platform. Come join us in our newly expanded office!

Email us at jobs+hn@swiftype.com or check out https://swiftype.com/jobs for more information.

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Artivest | New York | Onsite | artivest.co

We are a tech-driven alternative investment platform that broadens access to and connects leading private equity and hedge funds to financial advisors and high net worth individuals.

Senior Software Engineer | Python, Django, Postgres, Tech leadership

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Shiroyagi Corporation (https://shiroyagi.co.jp) | Software Engineer | Tokyo, Japan | Full time | Onsite | Visa

We are developing Web API services utilizing machine learning algorithms. We start to develop our next product which will be built on top of a distributed system combining online and offline algorithms through lambda architecture.

We are currently a small team (less than 10 people) so that we need talented engineers to tackle challenging problems.

We are looking for engineers who are good at some of followings:

- Distributed System

- Machine Learning

- Recommender System

- Dev Ops

- Full Stack

Japanese proficiency is a plus, but not mandatory.

If interested, please send an email at kazuaki.tanida@shiroyagi.co.jp

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We're hiring like crazy at Serverless!

Serverless, Inc. | Infrastructure Engineer, Serverless Platform | Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/EbyRmK

Serverless, Inc. | Infrastructure Engineer, Serverless Platform | San Francisco | Full-time | https://goo.gl/WazBv9

Serverless, Inc. | Product Manager (Technical), Serverless Framework | San Francisco | Full-time | https://goo.gl/4UUcgR

Serverless, Inc. | Data Engineer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/R2a6cN

Serverless, Inc. | Developer Advocate (Community) | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/L0uYRS

Serverless, Inc. | Developer Advocate (Enterprise) | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/6PEhMT

Serverless, Inc. | Growth Engineer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/SnducQ

Serverless, Inc. | Visual Designer | San Francisco, Remote | Full-time | https://goo.gl/eiVzEQ

Join our fast growing team at Serverless. Were a close-knit team with half of us in San Francisco and half of us distributed. Were well funded and work with some of the best VCs in Silicon Valley to bring our vision to life of simplifying software down to functions and events.

Perks include unlimited paid time off, paid family leave, working with an awesome team of passionate individuals, and having a ton of autonomy and ownership of whatever you are working on.

To see all the jobs we have listed check out: https://jobs.lever.co/serverless.

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CommandScape | Software Engineers | Palm Beach, FL | ONSITE, Fulltime, http://commandscape.com

CommandScape is a startup in South Florida with working to provide fully secure integrated Building Management Systems (Automated Buildings and Homes). The company is building advanced hardware and software systems that use Internet-standard cyber security throughout to manage, monitor, and automate the essential needs of a commercial building or private residence. The products employ a single suite of intuitive and easy-to-use applications that work transparently and securely from anywhere in the world.

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NationBuilder | Senior Software Engineer | Los Angeles, Nashville | Onsite or Remote | Full Time

Our engineering team dedicates itself to continuous learning and improvement. We built a process that is optimized for rapid, agile development; deploying to production many times a day. To discover the correct solution; we start with a minimum viable product and iterate using team and stakeholder feedback; so that the people, product, and process improve together.

You can find more information here: http://nationbuilder.com/jobs

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World First Ltd | Millbank Tower, London | Full time | ONSITE

World First is an established currency company. We have a medium sized IT team looking for PHP developers to continue development on the existing World First systems. The stack is PHP, Apache/Nginx and MySQL.

Job links below:Senior software dev: https://app.jobvite.com/j/?cj=okPz0fws&s=AddThis#.VguQkA8d_D...

More information available by commenting here, or emailing victoria.bradford@worldfirst.com referencing HackerNews

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ClassForward | Software Engineer | Boston, MA | Full-Time | Onsite | classforward.com

ClassForward makes video-based solutions to help K12 teachers improve their instruction. Our stack is mostly python (Flask), javascript (Angular), and AWS.

We're looking to hire multiple developers across different levels.

Contact jobs@classforward.com for more information.

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RINSE | San Francisco, CA, Culver City, CA, and Washington, DC | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for about four years now, our business fundamentals are solid, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions:

1) We're looking for qualified Software Engineers of all degrees of experience. We're primarily a Django / Python shop, but an individual with solid systems engineering fundamentals will succeed, regardless of technical specifics. We're building tools and for our customers, our drivers, our internal staff, and our vendors. It's a "target rich" environment with plenty of opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact on the business! We're solving problems as varied as demand forecasting, route optimization, QR tagging for inventory control, and a suite of mobile apps for our customers and staff. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/software-engineer/

2) We're actively searching for Operations Associates, both full-time and part-time, particularly for evening hours, in all three of our locations. No specialized skills are required. This job comes with significant career growth opportunities; we've promoted a number of our Operations Associates into management. If you have a strong attention to detail, good organizational and communication skills, and a desire to join a growing startup, join us! See https://www.rinse.com/careers/

3) We're also looking for experienced Customer Experience Associates at our San Francisco headquarters. We take customer experience very seriously at Rinse, and the attitude, skill, and wit of our CX team is a big part of what makes us succeed. We're particularly interested in those with experience managing customer claims and escalated complaints. See https://www.rinse.com/careers/customer-claims-associate/

Interested in the maturing delivery startup scene, but want to join one with a sustainable business model? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email sam <at> rinse.com with questions, or contact jobs <at> rinse.com directly to apply.

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ibotta| DevOps Engineer | DENVER | FULL-TIME

Ibotta is looking for a DevOps Engineer to come build something great with us. As part of the engineering team, you will work on the platform that powers our app that is used by millions of consumers. We're looking for a self-motivated engineer who has a passion for building and scaling infrastructure leveraging technologies using AWS, Ruby on Rails, Redis, machine learning and OCR. Every engineer has input into our product process and will have a real impact as part of a small, nimble team.

PLEASE DIRECT APPLICATIONS TO http://grnh.se/sikq261

ibotta| Platform Engineer | DENVER | FULL-TIME

Ibotta is looking for a Platform Engineer to come build something great with us. As part of the engineering team, you will work on the platform that powers our app that is used by millions of consumers. We're looking for a self-motivated engineer who has a real passion for building and scaling infrastructure using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Spark with Scala, AWS Lambda with JavaScript, Redis, DynamoDB, and machine learning. Every engineer has input into our product process and will have a real impact as part of a small, nimble team.

PLEASE DIRECT APPLICATIONS TO http://grnh.se/es4dp21.

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Reviewsnap http://www.reviewsnap.com/ | Frontend Developer (Angular) | San Francisco; Seattle; Portland | ONSITE or REMOTE

Use your extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to contribute to the site-wide redesign of Reviewsnap, a flexible employee performance review management system. This is a unique opportunity to work on a greenfields ground-up redesign of a profitable product.

If you're interested, please apply here: https://reviewsnap.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hbew

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PromptWorks | Senior UI/UX Designer, Communications Specialist | Philadelphia PA | ONSITE | https://promptworks.com/jobs

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services.

Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD are core practices of our day-to-day work.

We love polyglots. We use lots of Ruby, Python and JavaScript (mostly React and React-Native), some Elixir and Go.


11thEarlOfMar 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Digital Dynamics | Embedded Software Engineer | Scotts Valley, California | ONSITE

We build high-performance I/O control systems for capital equipment. We are looking to expand our embedded software engineering team. Candidates should have BS/MS CS, CE or EE, 7+ years experience with lots of C, some Python, Linux, control systems. Bonus points for QNX and EtherCAT.

E-mail Bill at: info@digitaldynamics.com

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Human API | Software Engineer, DevOps, Data Engineer | Redwood City, CA | Full time (ONSITE) https://humanapi.co/ jobs@humanapi.co

Make a difference with technology: specifically, by helping to fix healthcare. We're building a real-time data network that allows getting health data from anywhere to anywhere in close to realtime. We roll up this data in a clean RESTful API that developers use to build apps that make peoples' lives better.

We have a whole pile of fun, interesting problems, and a team of smart, passionate people that love working on them. We like to work iteratively in small teams, and to give people autonomy and ownership to solve those problems.

Some of the things you'd be working on:

 - Mapping, modelling and indexing the world's healthcare data - Scaling and optimizing our APIs - Modelling human health - Scaling our ingestion pipeline - Data engineering and building tools for data science - NLP and Classification - Extracting healthcare data from a wide variety of unstructured, unclean formats - Building intuitive UIs to allow users to find and share their health data
Open positions:

 - Full Stack Engineer (node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/7c411192-551e-4c6c-8133-99d34f17f207 - Frontend Engineer (node.js, React, Redis, ElasticSearch) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/f31262f1-6613-455f-96a5-2135a4d6f0d6 - Machine Learning Engineer (node.js, Python, Kafka, Cassandra) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/b698a09d-a5f4-4667-a52a-9e8939659b92 - DevOps Engineer (Ansible, Packer, Terraform, Docker, Mesos) https://jobs.lever.co/humanapi/c74886f1-1e50-4323-a846-7ccac5855164
More information here: https://humanapi.co/company/join

The process: a quick phone screen, a screen-share technical interview, then an onsite to meet with the team and pair with someone on a problem.

We'd love to hear from you even if you don't "fit" one of the job specs -- we hire for people, not roles. Contact us at jobs@humanapi.co -- we're nice!

robdimarco 9 hours ago 0 replies      
eLocal USA | Full Stack Engineer | Conshohocken, PA (suburban Philadelphia) | Full-time | Onsite

eLocal is a profitable, 10 year old company whose mission is to connect consumers with local businesses, with a particular specialization in the home services and legal verticals. eLocal has been at the forefront of a changing advertising industry, being one of the only media companies in the country offering local businesses a performance-based pricing model. We use our software to route people to the appropriate service providers based on their needs.

* Tech stack includes Rails / AWS / React / Twilio* Casual, professional environment with respect for work/life balance and significant autonomy

You will be responsible for collaborating with our product, sales, and operations team on feature definition and project planning, and then turning ideas into reality during development and deployment.

We are looking for people who have a proven ability to ship great software, regardless of the technology. We want someone who will take ownership of their project and transform ideas into reality.

Mostly, we work with Ruby and Rails, but there are many other tools in our toolbox, including PostgreSQL, ReactJS, Chef, Redis, AWS, and Twilio.

We give a great deal of autonomy to our developers in deciding on the appropriate technologies and development approach and expect them to take pride in getting great software released for our users.

To learn more check out our full job description at


crazyguyonabike 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Software Developer - Dependable Systems Lab (EPFL) | Lausanne, Switzerland | ONSITE

If youre a hardcore programmer, are passionate about security and want to embark on a journey to fundamentally change the computer security landscape, this job is for you. Youd be joining a close collaboration between a small research team at EPFL and Cyberhaven, an advanced software security startup located at the EPFL Innovation Park, on the shore of Lake Geneva. The project is sponsored by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). Cyberhaven is a stealth-mode cyber security company on a mission to bring radical simplicity to enterprise security, and make it a lot stronger. Our technology is based on 7 years of lab research in deep application analysis, and is protected by 4 patents. The technology has been validated both in the field as well as through open-source projects like S2E, CPI, and SafeStack.


 - Exceptionally strong in computer systems, and love hacking both inside and outside an OS kernel - Comfortable coding at any layer in the software stack - Can learn new technologies quickly and are eager to do so - Have a strong collaborative spirit and a contagious enthusiasm - Experience with low-level systems languages like Rust/C/C++ etc.
If you have some of the following qualities, thats even better:

 - Python has no secrets to you - Track record of releasing production-grade security products - Experience working on security software, sandboxes, virtualization, malware scanners, endpoint protection platforms

Please send mail to George.Candea@epfl.ch with the following materials:

 - Resume or Curriculum Vitae. Please include descriptions of previous projects you have worked on - Contact information (email + phone) for two references who have agreed to speak about you, your work, and your potential. Please do not send us open letters of recommendation; we will directly contact your reference providers and solicit confidential feedback on you
We evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis, so please submit the materials as soon as they are available.

rheidiant 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Rheidiant | Houston | Senior Firmware Engineer | ONSITE

Rheidiant is a funded IIoT startup making devices and systems for monitoring pipelines and other industrial assets. Our sensors locate otherwise undetectable leaks of hazardous liquids to avoid environmental disasters.

Join our dynamic design team to make highly reliable embedded systems. We are currently hiring for a Senior Firmware Engineer position with extensive experience in ARM Cortex-M, FreeRTOS, low power methods. Further experience in digital hardware design, prototyping, embedded Linux, networking protocols, AI/ML algorithms, and back end JavaScript frameworks is a plus. Contact us at careers<>rheidiant<>com

virtuallynathan 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Amazon Web Services | SDE / SysDE / Research/Data Scientist | Seattle, Palo Alto (ONSITE) | VISA, aws.amazon.com, AS16509

The Internet is the worlds most complex network, with over 57,402 unique networks connected together, it contains hundreds of millions of edges and nodes. It is THE most pervasive, important, and complicated communications network in the world -- somewhere out there things are about to go south.One of the core backbone routers of a major Tier-1 Internet provider is having a bad day. It started with a transient, yet persistent, problem which was only detectable by a slight increase in dropped packets that went mostly unnoticed. An hour later the router suffered a catastrophic failure dumping 500Gbps of traffic onto an already congested alternate path causing ripples across the Internet, disrupting websites and other Internet based services on the U.S Eastern seaboard.Social media is ablaze as frustrated people rant about their favorite website, video, or gaming service being down, or so slow that its unusable. While the Internet burns, our customers are humming away oblivious to the disaster.If you have an insatiable curiosity, love the process of discovery, and youre reading this with a grin... we should talk.Come join us and...

* Do what nobody else in the world is doing... literally.

* Gain knowledge and expertise on the inner workings of the Internet, working with top-tier Network Engineers

* Define and Develop Amazons Internet Monitoring architecture

* Play in the piles of data to discover patterns that push our understanding and knowledge of Internet performance and availability anomalies

* Build massive real-time systems which inform and drive complex changes across the Internet

* Gain practical experience building software using Amazon Web Services

We are hiring for SDE/SysDE I (Entry Level), SDE/SysDE II (Mid-Level), Senior SDE, and Research/Data Scientist I/II (Entry/Mid Level). We may have an opening for a Data Engineer I/II in the future.

Sound like fun? Email me: nahtnow at amazon dot com.

(*) Note, I currently dont have openings for interns or just-graduated college students. For internships or recent college grad positions please apply here: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/team/university-tech

latently 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Latently | Boulder, CO | REMOTE

Have some time on your hands and interested in implementing scientific papers for a stealth-mode deep learning startup? Contact brian@latent.ly

kainolophobia 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Long Game | Software Engineer | SF | Full-time

Were building a savings app for people that struggle to save money. How you ask? Were using a new form of investment called prize-linked savings (new to the US as of 2014). The simple explanation is that you trade part of your interest for the chance to win from a prize pool of everyone's interest.

As a software engineer at Long Game youll be joining a small team of engineers and will have full exposure to all aspects of our product development processes.

Were looking for developers that enjoy building fun mobile UX and/or engineers with considerable finance experience.

Our stack: React Native, Node, Postgres, AWS


adam at longgame.co

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Throtle Onboarding | Data Engineer | Red Bank, NJ | ONSITE, VISA, www.throtle.io

Throtle is an onboarding company that is obsessed with accuracy and transparency, enabling brands to reach their individual customers online. This allows for targeting across all media devices and formats including display, email, social, addressable TV and mobile. We are looking for Engineers/Data Gurus to join our growing team! http://throtle.io/positions/ Email - tthurber@throtle.io for immediate response.

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GuardSquare | Software Engineer C++ / LLVM | Leuven, Belgium | Full-Time | On-Site

GuardSquare is looking for a software engineer with an interest in softwaresecurity. You have knowledge of compiler technologies (LLVM) or the Mach and/orLinux kernel and you are definitely not afraid of disassemblers or debuggers.

For more information have a look at our website, where you can apply online: https://www.guardsquare.com/en/jobs

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SumUp | Fullstack Javascript Engineer | Berlin | ON-SITE, Visa | http://sumup.co.uk (or http://sumup.de if you speak German already!)

I am looking for someone who loves JavaScript to join my team. Our fullstack position is frontend-heavy, so it's also perfect for someone who is UI/UX-oriented but also wants to become better rounded. It can also work for someone who is traditionally a backend-er and wants to see what all the hype in the frontend is about. Our base expectation is a solid foundation in programming, and we're off to a great start. We are lovers of linux and tmux and vim, and it would be cool if you were too! You'll fit in perfectly to our team if:

- You not only love coding, but also take the time to reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of your tools, be they frameworks, languages, or processes.

- You strive for clean code, but also know how to make your "shortcuts" easy to delete in a crunch.

- You know what to test, why to test it, and how to write flexible tests that won't break with minor changes.

- You're comfortable with Linux and know how to get things done on the command line, including on remote servers.

- You have experience with or interest in Functional Programming techniques. No more for-loops.

- You're not afraid to use Google or ask for help when something is beyond your grasp.

- You care about user interaction, usability, and of course making the interface beautiful.

- In general, technology excites you and you strive to learn something on a daily basis!

Some keywords: We're switching from Angular to React. So a particularly good candidate would have experience with both technologies. However, knowing one, we can help you get up to speed on the other in no time.

I put a lot of effort into writing a comprehensive job ad that should give you a good idea of what we offer, and what we want to see in you, and what you would ACTUALLY be doing while working here. Please have a look and get in touch!

>>>>> https://sumup.workable.com/jobs/373611

Note: If you are not an EU citizen, we can sponsor your visa, but please consider that our hiring process involves on-site interviewing and on-site trial work!

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Balihoo | Senior Software Developer | Boise, ID | ONSITE


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Citymapper | Software Engineers | London | ONSITE, VISA https://citymapper.com/jobs

Cities are complicated. We use the power of mobile and open transport data to help humans survive and master them. We are building the best public transit app, one that caters for the needs of commuters. We are building a routing engine which is truly multimodal. To power all of this, we're leveraging open data as well as building the tools necessary for agencies to add and fix data.

Read our blog at https://medium.com/@Citymapper

See all our open positions at https://citymapper.com/jobs

We're hiring for Backend (Python, Go, C/C++, AWS), Frontend (Web, React, ES6) and iOS/Android engineers as well as Data Science.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at suhail -at- citymapper -dot- com

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Juji | Full stack software engineer | Silicon Valley | https://juji.io/fullstack

We are a Silicon Valley startup working on an advanced AI platform with a focus on understanding people. We are well funded, and our product is already generating revenue. We are looking for both experienced developers and fresh graduates who are passionate about building the next generation of operating system for AI. Our stack includes Clojure/Clojurescript, Postgres, Datomic, Kafka, docker and AWS.

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BOOKING.COM - Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | VISA support| Relocation to AmsterdamBooking.com is hiring smart people just like you, if you want to live in beautiful city like Amsterdam and work at Booking.com, I recommend you to apply for these jobs:

Software Developer - http://grnh.se/ci7oka1

Sr. Software Developer - http://grnh.se/gahd3r1

Android Developer - http://grnh.se/iaf6et1

Sr. IOS Developer - http://grnh.se/qs4fru1

UX Designer - http://grnh.se/v4fgwh1

Frontend Developer - http://grnh.se/mf4e3d1

Full Stack Software Developer (Beijing, China) - http://grnh.se/hrt4cv1

More about job vacancies at http://grnh.se/6tnb3v

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Tubi TV | Data, Android, DevOps | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time ONSITE VISA (transfer H1/O1 & start GC) https://tubitv.com

We are making premium TV shows and movies available for streaming everywhere and to everyone, 100% free. Join Tubi TV and reinvent the way consumers discover and consume premium, studio content. With over 40,000 movies & TV shows, Tubi TV has the world's largest catalog of premium content, all made available to consumers for free.Some of our studio partners include MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount. We offer very competitive pay, full medical, dental & vision benefits, catered lunch, gym subsidies and your choice of hardware. Learning is a huge part of our culture and we frequently help non-engineers learn basic programming skills. All positions come with stock options and full benefits.

We are hiring for:

- Lead Data Engineer/Scientist ($150k-190k): Full autonomy and end to end ownership. In charge of building and running the entire data team. The ideal candidate can do their own analysis, build ML models, write quality code and ship them to production. https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0m7i9/

- Jr & Sr Android Engineers ($100k-$160k): Work on an app with millions of users and help redefine how long form content gets consumed on mobile. The ideal candidate loves working on consumer products and obsesses over UX. https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0m7ie/ and https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0m7ik/ for Senior roles.

- DevOps/SRE ($130k-$160k): Be our first DevOps hire and own how we automate provisioning, deployment and monitoring. We use Ansible and DataDog, mostly on AWS with some parts on-premise. https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0m7ig/

If you'd like to chat more first, shoot me an email and mention HN (marios at tubitv dot com). Unfortunately we do not currently offer remote positions.

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Stevens Capital Management| Developers| Radnor, PA| ONSITE| http://scm-lp.com

Stevens Capital Management LP (SCM) is a registered investment adviser that manages a multi-billion dollar hedge fund that has been in business for 25+ years.SCM specializes in the rigorous development and disciplined implementation of empirically based quantitative trading strategies. Our highly productive team works in a fast-paced collegial environment, utilizing extensive data sets, technology and the scientific method to devise and employ trading strategies throughout the worlds most liquid financial markets.We are seeking highly driven, production-oriented developers who possess strong technical skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced collaborative environment.

C++ Market Data Feeds Developer

This is an opportunity to work in a real-time environment where you can make immediate contributions. You will be part of a small team building real-time data feed handlers for the largest financial exchanges such as the NYSE, LSE, TSE, CME, BATS, ICE and NASDAQ.

Primary ResponsibilitiesDevelop and implement infrastructure to support market data and trading.Develop and maintain market data feeds.Build and design large scale applications, with a focus on reducing latency and improving the performance of the system.

C++ Software Developers

Primary ResponsibilitiesUtilising your in-depth knowledge of C++ you will design, develop and implement proprietary trading programs, encompassing trade analysis, price validation, order routing, monitoring and risk analysis.Develop and support multi-threaded applications with a strong emphasis on high performance.Optimize our trading strategy implementation and performance analysis platform using network and systems programming.Create tools to process, store and analyze quote, order and financial data.Work closely with our quantitative research analysts, engineers and other groups to provide software solutions.

Requirements For Developers:

Professional-level C++ programming experience in a Linux environment. A Computer Science or Mathematics degree.Outstanding problem solving skills.

Please submit your resume to: recruiting@scm-lp.com

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Fame | Full Stack | San Francisco, CA | Onsite or Remote | www.fame.co

Fame is the first ecommerce platform for famous people. We work with top-tier celebrities, influencers, magazines, bloggers, and publishers to make the products they feature and recommend shoppable directly from them - thereby turning them into actual retailers.

We're looking for an experienced full stack developer who has a passion for building great user interfaces, can expand on our backend built primarily in Ruby on Rails, has a great deal of experience with Javascript, and can help us to scale in scraping and integrating with hundreds of ecommerce source sites and order processing systems. We are an incredibly hard-working, passionate team expanding from our seed stage into growth that is shaping the future of the way people shop, since shopping is becoming almost entirely driven by social media and influence (from famous people) rather than traditional forms of retail and/or advertising.


* Helping to build beautiful frontend shopping experiences primarily on desktop and mobile web for celebrities and publishers relying on intricate Javascript

* Helping to scrape from and integrate with hundreds of major ecommerce merchant websites and order processing platforms

* Supporting and scaling our backend platform built primarily in Ruby on Rails


* Order whatever food youd like (UberEATS, Postmates, etc.) for all meals

* Equity

* Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance

* Unlimited vacation days

* Flexible work from home policy

We just finished raising a seed round with some very well connected investors so let us know if this interests you!

To learn more or apply, please email adam@fame.co

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Nexosis | DevOps Engineer | Columbus, OH | ONSITE | http://www.nexosis.com

(Edited formatting)

Mid-west based startup that is lowering the barriers for developers to leverage AI and Machine Learning.


 * Design, develop, test, support, and deploy a SaaS applications in the cloud * Implement processes which migrate and scale the application automatically * Work with software development to improve performance and reliability * Secure and manage the environments in which the application runs
Technical Qualifications

 * Experience in 24x7 production operations, preferably supporting a highly available environment for a SaaS or cloud service provider. * Knowledge of cloud infrastructure environments (e.g. AWS, Azure) * Container based architecture and deployments (Docker, Ansible, etc.) * Release automation (e.g. Jenkins), system administration, system configuration, and system debugging experience. * Experience using scripting languages, configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet, etc) and command execution frameworks. * Microsoft Azure, AWS, or other cloud services * Git, SVN, or any version control software * Strong debugging skills
Details / Application: http://nexosis.com/Home/Careers/596895?gh_jid=596895

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Scrapinghub | https://scrapinghub.com | 100% Remote (worldwide, all timezones!)

Scrapinghub Ltd. is looking for Python Engineers, Data Scientists, Erlang Engineers and more: https://scrapinghub.com/jobs

Quick summary of the open positions:

- Python Engineer (scraping): youll be in charge of designing, developing and testing Scrapy web crawlers.

- Data Scientist: you will work on NLP, record matching, clustering and classification of semi-structured data, leveraging massive datasets.

- Erlang Engineer: you will work developing and maintaining a high load distributed system.

We're a fully distributed company with more than 100 engineers and staff. Based around open source, we maintain Scrapy, Portia, Webstruct, Frontera, and other tools made for crawling and scraping massive web datasets everyone at SH helps makes these projects grow, and we offer to pay you to work on open source if you have the right skills (though everyone inside the company is encouraged to contribute).

You'll have the chance to work on projects that harvest and transfer datasets of thousands of millions of records, as well as build some of the systems that will deliver data to current Fortune 500 companies and the startups that are building great products on top of our stack.

We have a very engineering-driven culture (two engineer-founders) and a great place to work if you're self-directed, curious, and interested in working in open source environments. More on Open Source at Scrapinghub: http://scrapinghub.com/opensource/.

We've been growing a lot during the past two years and we're looking for great additions to our team, wherever you're located! Positions outside Ireland are on a contracting basis, equivalent to full-time (160 hours per month).

Application process consists of two rounds of interviews and a small programming trial (done at your own time/pace, not live).

You can apply here: https://scrapinghub.com/jobs

Got questions? Feel free to contact me at breno@scrapinghub.com.

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SailPoint | Senior UI Engineer | Austin, TX | https://www.sailpoint.com/

SailPoint is the fastest-growing, independent identity and access management (IAM) provider, SailPoint helps hundreds of global organizations securely and effectively deliver and manage user access from any device to data and applications residing in the data center, on mobile devices, and in the cloud.

We are currently building out a brand new SaaS Analytics / Big Data product, and we need more UI engineers to help us build it out. This is a unique opportunity to build something from scratch but have the backing of an organization that has the muscle to take it to market quickly, with a very satisfied customer base.

Our Product Stack: AWS, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, Java, Groovy, Scala, Flink, TypeScript, Angular (4), RxJS, NgRx, D3

More info on working @ SailPoint: https://www.sailpoint.com/company/careers/

UI Engineer Job Post: https://sailpoint.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/SailPoint/job/...

You can apply from the Job Post linked above. You can email me nicholas.mitchell@sailpoint.com for any further inquiries. Thanks!

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Bookwhen | Rails & JavaScript | Oxford or REMOTE in UK | Fulltime | https://bookwhen.com

We're looking for someone with a strong interest in building high quality well tested code, whilst maintaining a pragmatic approach to organically growing a system that meets our customers' needs. Bonus points for UX/UI skills, API design, and good communication skills. Contact: hello@bookwhen.com

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YouView | Software Engineer (Cloud) Junior, Mid and Senior Levels | London | Onsite| About us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9E1CjO6A9g

Part of YouView's technical strategy is to move functionality to the cloud, and we are running several exciting projects doing exactly this. We use the latest cloud infrastructure, services, development tools & practices and are always looking for new ways to improve. Use of AWS services & other technologies to construct applications that are scalable, robust & perform well.Because of the micro-service style architecture, we are able to use a variety of languages to find the most effective solutions (Node, Clojure, Go, Python, Ruby & Java)You dont have to know all of the languages listed (although a proficiency in more than is a huge plus), what we are looking for is a mastery in one and a strong passion for learning the latest technologies and curiosity to move around different stacks. If this sounds like you reach out at victoria.daug@youview.com

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Deeter Investments | Head of Quant Trading | Austin | SALARY:100k-150k USD + 5-10% equity, VISA, ONSITE, REMOTE

Join our team to head up our algorithmic trading division. You will work alongside our traders to develop strategies using quantitative and algorithmic techniques. You will be building this position from the ground up, including designing and building the research framework, backtesting environment, and researching alpha signals. You should have:

-A hands-on approach to problem solving, with a preference for quick and dirty models to perfect models.

-In-depth knowledge of a variety of machine learning methods, especially: linear regression, spline methods, tree methods, ensemble methods, generalized linear models. Nice to have: NLP, stacked generalization/blending, echo state networks/LSTM/other deep learning.

-Data wrangling skills, such as proficiency in: grep, sed/awk, regex, vim, perl. Nice to have: scraping/parsing experience such as BeautifulSoup, mechanize, knowledge of XML.

-Knowledge of at least one scripting language such as python or lua.

-Strong knowledge of practical probability & statistics. While knowing about stochastic processes and Black-Scholes is great, knowing linear regression really well is more suitable for this role.

-Demonstrated ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear, concise fashion.

-Bonus points if you have distinguished performance on problem-solving competitions such as Kaggle, Innocentive, math Olympiads, the Putnam exam, poker tournaments or other quantitative contests.

Perks include: Great DT Austin location snacks and games Personal chef All the vacation time you need

to apply: send a resume to jrdeeterrecruiting@yahoo.com

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iguazio | Tel Aviv| Full-time | Multiple Positions | ONSITE

iguazio was founded in 2014 with a fresh approach to the data challenges faced by todays enterprises. Years of step by step technology evolution in data centers have resulted in inefficient software stacks. Data consumption is very different than it was twenty years ago, yet many enterprises still try to meet new requirements by using old concepts and paradigms. While innovation in the space of analytics and machine learning applications has been phenomenal, the underlying data platforms have stayed behind, prohibiting enterprises from truly adopting these advances in efficient ways. We, the iguazio team have decided to change this. Weve built our data platform from the ground up, unleashing the full potential of applications and analytics for big data, IoT and cloud-native applications. We have developed a new service-driven approach to enterprise data management, redesigning the entire data stack to accelerate performance and bridge the enterprise skill gap.

Open Positions - See http://iguaz.io/careers for the full descriptions.

Solution Architect (West Coast, Singapore)

Big Data Engineer

Senior Automation Engineer

Python Developer

Research Software Engineer Student Position

Send your resume to careers@iguaz.io and mention Hacker News!

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YouView | Software Engineer (Cloud) Junior, Mid and Senior Levels | London | Onsite| About us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9E1CjO6A9g

Part of YouView's technical strategy is to move functionality to the cloud, and we are running several exciting projects doing exactly this. We use the latest cloud infrastructure, services, development tools & practices and are always looking for new ways to improve. Use of AWS services & other technologies to construct applications that are scalable, robust & perform well.

Because of the micro-service style architecture, we are able to use a variety of languages to find the most effective solutions (Node, Clojure, Go, Python, Ruby & Java)You dont have to know all of the languages listed (although a proficiency in more than is a huge plus), what we are looking for is a mastery in one and a strong passion for learning the latest technologies and curiosity to move around different stacks.

If this sounds like you reach out at victoria.daug@youview.com

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Alugha GmbH | Mannheim, Germany | Full-time, Onsite | Software Engineer

Email: nk@alugha.com

Alugha is a software startup, a multimedia agency and a multilingual video platform:https://alugha.com

Looking for developers that have experience with:

React, ES2015, GraphQL, Webpack 2 and Code Splitting

Drop me a mail for more information.

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eBay | www.ebay.com | New York | NYC | Full Time | ONSITE | jobs@ebaynyc.com | VISA ok

We are hiring senior data scientists to change the way eBay does advertising. eBay's old advertising strategy was 3rd party focused (Ads that sent people off eBay). Our CEO said during our last earning call that strategy has changed. eBay needs ads that keep people on eBay and offer better choices for our buyers. We are the team blowing up the old strategy and doing something better. You can move the needle when it comes to eBay's profit. We operate like a small startup but can impact eBay's 100+ million buyers. This is a unique opportunity to learn search engine and recommendation technology which rank eBay's 1+ billion active items. We apply cutting edge machine learning techniques on petabytes of data and thousands of Spark/YARN nodes. This includes deep learning, XGBoost and multi-arm bandits. Our interview consists of two phone screens. Then you come onsite to meet the team and do a code test.

5+ years of Machine Learning experience preferred

jobs@ebaynyc.com | Ask for Mr. Lawn

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LitCharts | Full Stack Engineer | Remote Only | Full-time

LitCharts provides high quality literature guides, analysis, and related literary tools and resources. Over two million students, teachers, and general interest readers use the LitCharts website and mobile apps every month.

We are looking for a full-time Full Stack Engineer to work on all aspects of the site, both front- and back-end. Must be comfortable with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Javascript and jQuery, AWS and S3, Haml, SCSS, Erb, HTML and CSS, and working remotely.

Additional nice-to-haves: devops/sysadmin experience, UI/UX design, React Native / Android / iOS, Nodejs, Elasticsearch, a background or interest in literature, literary analysis, data analysis, and/or EdTech.

Were a small team, and the code you write will have a direct impact on our success as well as reach millions of users. You can work from home or anywhere. We work flexible hours but typically stick to 9am-5pm EST and are looking for someone able to do the same. All applicants must also be legally authorized to work in the United States.

Please email your resume, Github profile, samples of your code/work, or anything else you'd like to us to know about to hiring@litcharts.com to apply. Thanks for reading!

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Starrett-Bytewise | Software Engineer | Columbus, GA | Onsite, Full Time

Starrett-Bytewise is seeking a qualified candidate with expertise in Software Engineering for the creation and maintenance of software for industrial measurement systems. The candidate will be working as part of small team of developers responsible for creation and maintenance of state of the art C++/C# applications for our industry leading inspection systems. The ideal candidate will have fundamental knowledge of signal processing, a strong grasp of multithreading, proficiency in linear algebra, a general passion for programming, and a willingness to relocate to Columbus, GA.

Candidates should have one to five years experience in C++/C#, the desire to learn and apply new technologies, and enthusiasm for solving technical challenges. Qualified candidates will have strong problem solving, multi-tasking, inter-personal, organization, time management, and communication skills. Candidates for this position must be legally authorized to work in the United States and will be required to provide proof of employment eligibility at the time of hire. Visa sponsorship for this position is not available at this time.

For full job description, please email resumes.bytewise@starrett.com.

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Payment Rails | Frontend and Backend Engineers | Montreal QC Canada | ONSITE

-- Front End Engineer : Looking for somebody who has 2+ years experience with React and front end engineering.-- Back End Engineer : NodeJS engineer who understands micro services and scalable application design.

Please contact me for more information: david@paymentrails.com

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Wisdom | Cryptocurrency Applied to APIs | Moraga, CA | REMOTE/ONSITE | Founder

Wisdom is a project-in-progress I have been working on for a few years which applies cryptopayments to API method calls to implement the 402 Payment Required response code for HTTP based requests using Bitcoin or other cyptocurrencies, which will eventually add support for the Lightning Protocol. A PoC of an early version of the idea was featured here on HN 3 years ago: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8069386. Time has passed since then and the idea, and technologies required for building it, have evolved. It is my belief the time for this idea, from a market-perspective, has arrived.

The service will be designed to improve the process of integrating a company's API product with channel partners, either on-prem or in a hosted manner, with the intent to increase pass-through revenue on the API calls a company provides, while providing a simple federated layer based on blochchain backed data structures. This idea is in pre-funding, so I'm explicitly stating anyone interested in my idea should consider their founder-level involvement as purely self-choice driven. Influencing, making or removing choice for you in this regard is illogical and irrational, given the state of the company (non-existent) and funding (also non-existent). However, if you hold the view that the existing methods for securing the Internet's infrastructure are woefully inadequate and you feel applying cryptocurrency to APIs could make companies more money by securing them against use by limiting calls with payments, then you should contact me and we should have a conversation about it.

Expertise in building scalable API calls with microservices-based architecture is desired, but a more general gift in development is also welcome. I code in Python, Javascript and C++, and am decently good at running infrastructure, given my history. My primary function is strategy, operations and architecture. I do not visualize, so I tend to communicate differently.

My email address is in my profile here on HN. Happy to just discuss the idea, if you are interested, as opposed to any expectation of finding someone this early on to join me.

If you've read this far, I appreciate you. I will note that this idea can be applied to AI in a less than obvious way. This reason is the primary purpose of the project, but making revenue in other ways first remains important.

lchn 12 hours ago 0 replies      
LitCharts | Full Stack Engineer | Full-time | Remote Only

LitCharts provides high quality literature guides, analysis, and related literary tools and resources. Over two million students, teachers, and general interest readers use the LitCharts website and mobile apps every month.

We are looking for a full-time Full Stack Engineer to work on all aspects of the site, both front- and back-end. Must be comfortable with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Javascript and jQuery, AWS and S3, Haml, SCSS, Erb, HTML and CSS, and working remotely.

Additional nice-to-haves: devops/sysadmin experience, UI/UX design, React Native / Android / iOS, Nodejs, Elasticsearch, a background or interest in literature, literary analysis, data analysis, and/or EdTech.

Were a small team, and the code you write will have a direct impact on our success as well as reach millions of users. You can work from home or anywhere. We work flexible hours but typically stick to 9am-5pm EST and are looking for someone able to do the same. All applicants must also be legally authorized to work in the United States.

Please email your resume, Github profile, samples of your code/work, or anything else you'd like to us to know about to hiring@litcharts.com to apply. Thanks for reading!

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Gliffy | Sr. DevOps Eng | San Francisco, CA | Onsite, no visa | https://www.gliffy.com/jobs/

Gliffy is hiring for a Senior DevOps Engineer in SOMA, San Francisco!

We're a profitable startup that is expanding, in a building that has awesome views, and a patio for eating outside. Gliffy employees are encouraged to work Mondays and Fridays from home, and come into the office Tues-Thurs for team building. We're building using a modern stack with Node.JS and Java backends running inside Docker containers on Chef managed AWS instances. We're looking for an engineer with an operations leaning, who has great breath/depth in running production applications in the cloud.

If your tired of feeling like a cog in a large company, come join a small team where you know everyones name and your work will making a lasting impact on end users who use our products!

reza_n 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Varnish Software | Software Engineer | New York City (NYC), NY

C, Linux

Varnish Software is the company behind Varnish Cache, the popular open source caching proxy. Looking for a full time engineer who is comfortable working with Varnish, C, Linux, HTTP and with client facing interactions. Full benefits, all skill levels considered.

If you are interested, please email reza@varnish-software.com

moondistance 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Haskell Lovers Stealth Co. | Software Engineer | Menlo Park, CA | Full-time | Onsite

Very well-funded startup seeking experienced Haskellers who would also enjoy coding exclusively in Haskell.Experienced team working on an exciting product. Competitive compensation.Interested in chatting? Email eulerconstantine@gmail.com

rodrilin 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Amazon Alexa - Machine Learning| Software Development Engineer | Seattle, WA | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.amazon.jobs/alexa-machine-learning)

Were building the machine learning platform behind Amazon Echo and other Amazon products and services. As a member of the team you will be responsible for leading the development and launch of core product features related to the Alexa experience. You will have significant influence on our overall strategy by helping define these product features, drive the system architecture, and spearhead the best practices that enable a quality product.

We're hiring SDEs and Sr. SDEs with 5+ years experience. Also hiring SDMs.

You can send me your resume directly at rodrilin at amazon dot com.

hnchiresnewgrad 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Honest question, is there any room for new grads in these posts? Seems everyone wants senior engineers. I've been looking for a position for months now and as a new grad this seems damned near impossible. I'm trying to evaluate whether reaching out to anyone in these threads is worth it. I understand this may be the wrong thread to ask this.
acaiola 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Hello Alfred | Sr Full Stack Engineer (Full-time) | NYC | On-site | https://hello-alfred-1.workable.com/jobs/214124

We are seeking a Full Stack Engineer with the ability and passion for building solutions for human-centered problems that are created at the intersection of human behavior and technology.As part of a growing Hello Alfred engineering team you will have a direct and immediate influence on the technology choices, data architecture, and scalability of the platform. You will help develop our engineering philosophy and practices to lead the construction of a new type of service. Hello Alfred offers the opportunity to work closely with all aspects of a multi-sided business from our operations team, customers and - the stars of the business - the Alfred Client Managers

Experience with Elixir, Phoenix, and/or functional languages is a big plus as much of the core platform is being migrated over. You are capable working across the full stack including front-end JS frameworks like React, Ember, Angular or similar.Nice to have: some experience with iOS and/or Swift.Our Stack: Migrating away from NodeJS/Mongo to Elixir, Postgres, and React. Were deployed on Heroku.

Ideal Candidates would meet many of the following qualifications:At least 3 years experience across the full web stack: you can write SCSS, keep logic out of controllers, and properly index your database tables. You also have empathy, taste, and hobbies outside of engineering.Ideally you have shipped production code using Node JS and have a familiarity working on a web stack powered by Express or similar. Having a good working knowledge of modern Javascript is essential.Nice to Haves: Experience with Elixir - well train you up. iOS experience (Swift and Objective-C). An interest in UX and hospitality.About Alfred: At Hello Alfred we believe in creating an experience that empowers our customers to maximize their time by automating all of lifes little interruptions. We are dedicated to building solutions that learn from our customers behaviors and desires to delight them - not just by incorporating technology, but by making a truly human experience.

miles_matthias 11 hours ago 0 replies      
inKind | Front End Developer | Boulder, CO | Full-Time | ONSITE https://inkindcapital.com

We help small business owners attract and retain high-spending customers. Our #1 job requirement? You must be passionate about food.

Contact miles@inkindcapital.com for more info.

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Expo | Software Developer | Palo Alto, CA | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | https://expo.io

Expo (formerly Exponent) lets developers build truly native apps that work across both iOS and Android by writing them once in just JavaScript. It's open source and free and uses React Native. Several of our engineers are core contributors to React Native, and we regularly collaborate with Facebook and other companies on the direction of the framework.

Our technology is built around an Android/iOS application which allows developers to load their JavaScript projects on the fly with no native build dependencies. Out of the box, developers using Expo get access to native mobile APIs like push notifications, camera, maps, and more (https://docs.getexponent.com/versions/v15.0.0/sdk/index.html).

We have a lot of irons in the fire, and we're looking for engineers who can comfortably own and work on multiple projects. Some examples of recent projects at Expo:

* Creating cross-platform APIs (like our new WebGL implementation) that provide developers native mobile functionality within JavaScript

* Building Snack (https://snack.expo.io), a JSFiddle-esque tool for React Native

* Designing and implementing a community front-end to explore applications built on Expo

* Building the foundation of a scalable infrastructure to host our take on a new mobile web

Some projects that are underway or on the horizon for us:

* Greatly expanding the functionality available in our SDK's API

* Improved monitoring and alerting for our infrastructure

* Increasing our test coverage and improving overall reliability

Some buzzwords: React Native, JavaScript (ES6/ES7, Flow), Android, iOS, Node.js, Electron, Go, Kubernetes, Google Cloud.We don't expect candidates to already be proficient in these, but it's what we're currently using day-to-day.

Please send an email to jobs@expo.io and mention this post if you'd like to start a conversation with us. Definitely include links to any applicable resources: resume/CV, your blog, GitHub profile, recent projects or open source contributions, etc. Typical interviews with us include remote pairing, small take-home projects (1-2 hours), and we usually finish with some more traditional in-person interviews.

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Rubicon Project | NYC / New York / East Coast | Full-time | Remote / Onsite

I run a small team at Rubicon Project we act as startup within the larger org. and have been building out a premium advertising marketplace (think Amazon for Premium Ads on NYTimes, ESPN, etc) for the past few years. We've gone from <1MM to $XXMM in revenue flowing through our marketplace. Our stack is java/spring/thrift/rabbitmq/elasticsearch/mongodb/mysql node/backbone with plans to move to react as soon as we get headcount. Looking for either/both a java architect with some devops experience and/or a full-stack engineer not afraid of java or any javascript framework. If you're interested at all would love to talk to you dkim@rubiconproject.com.

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Vitally | Senior Javascript Engineer (First Hire) | New York | Onsite

Vitally.io is looking for a first engineering hire to join us before we go though Techstars this summer.

What we're looking for:An ideal teammate for us is a front-end focused senior developer who is quick learning and adaptable. We'd like you to initially own a good amount of our front-end and dive in where ever else is needed (back-end, devops, etc).

Our tech stack is evolving quickly, but we're building the front-end in React/Redux + Typescript, the backend in Node + Typescript + Postgres + Kafka, and will be hosting on AWS. Experience with any of those technologies is a plus, but we're open to speaking with strong engineers who we know will pick things up quickly. Any experience building data-intensive applications is also a plus.

As we grow, you'll be able to take a significant leadership role within our engineering team. You'll also have the opportunity to be a member of the team as we go through the Techstars NYC summer session, working alongside some of the most promising startups and talented entrepreneurs in New York.

A little bit about us:Vitally is an early stage startup building an analytics platform to help Customer Success teams quantify and target their engagement. We're still in stealth mode, but we're backed by Techstars and are moving quickly.

Jamie (CEO) is a repeat entrepreneur with proven success as the former CTO/co-founder of Pathgather (another Techstars startup). Patrick (CTO) is an MIT engineer with experience managing high-value customer relationships with some of the largest banks and hedge funds in the world. We value transparency, diversity, giving back, and questioning convention and we're building a company that does the same. If that sounds interesting, we'd love to speak with you.

You can reach me at patrick@vitally.io

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Mark43 | Various engineering roles | https://www.mark43.com/jobs | New York, NY / Toronto | Onsite

Fight crime with code

We build software that literally helps save lives. Our clients are police departments, firefighters and EMTs.

Be a part of an awesome team in a fast-growing startup (featured on multiple "next startups to break out" lists). Learn more here: https://www.mark43.com/jobs/

Back-end: Java ElasticSearch Kafka

Front-end: React Redux JavaScript


[Sr|Mid-level] Back End Engineer

[Sr|Mid-level] Front End Engineer

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The Trade Desk | Full Time, Onsite | San Jose CA, San Francisco CA, Aliso Viejo CA, Ventura CA, Boulder CO, New York NY, London UK, Sydney AUS, Bellevue WA

Hiring: All levels of software engineers, as well as front-end focused developers who are comfortable with data-access design, development and optimization.You might be a great fit for The Trade Desk dev team if:

* You are a full-stack engineer who wants to work everywhere, not just a small subset of components. Experience / interest in working in a variety of layers and technologies within a SOA is a must for our team. This includes: client-side AngularJS / JQuery, MVC-based web architecture, external RESTful APIs, distributed (and in our case, highly scaled) request handling services, no-SQL and relational SQL databases, many-layered data pipeline (e.g. data bus architecture, Hadoop / MPP data warehouse, etc.) that moves hundreds of thousands of items per second, and data visualization (e.g. Tableau). Experience in all these layers is not strictly required, but we do like to see experience working in more than one, as well as eagerness to work on projects that might slice through them all.

* You have product-driven software development experience using a modern, object-oriented language. Memory-managed languages are best -- .e.g. C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. We do most of our work in C#/.Net, but specific experience here is not required.

Cool stuff about TTD:

* Our platform processes 5million+ queries per second

* Work with the best engineering team in AdTech

* The combination of huge data sets, high throughput, low latency and amazing scale means that we're constantly solving some of the biggest challenges in computer science.

* We've grown faster than any other adtech company in the industry, and have been recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte.

* Amazing Company Culture (We're very proud of our top rating on Glassdoor)

* Top-tier benefits

If you want to learn more, email Casey casey.rabiea@thetradedesk.com or apply directly on our website: https://www.thetradedesk.com/join-us/open-positions

*Note: We are also hiring a SQL Server DBA, Sr. UI/UX Designer, an East & West Coast Solutions Architect, and a BI Data Warehouse Developer!

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Nitro Inc. | Sr. Platform Engineer | Dublin, Ireland | FULLTIME |

Nitro is changing the way the world works with documents. As the global leader in document productivity solutions, Nitro enables people to work smarter every day with their documents, on the desktop and in the cloud.

We are looking to hire a Sr. Platform Engineer (Java/Scala) at our Dublin office. Apply: https://www.gonitro.com/about/jobs/640815More info: joty.chahal@gonitro.com

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Booking.com - Amsterdam(Netherlands) ONSITE Full-time, relocation to Amsterdam, (H1B or its dutch equivalent anyway) is taken care of by the company.

General Interview Process -> Hackerrank test, call with the recruiter, phone interview, onsite interviews

I work at Booking.com, which is a world leader in travel accommodations, as a backend developer. I have only positive things to say about working here. The people are intelligent and helpful, interesting problems to solve and the work hours are unbelievably sane. The company is strongly data driven and very dynamic, which was one of its biggest charms for me. Amsterdam is not a bad place to be either :) The Dutch government also gives a tax break through the 30% ruling to non-dutch people.The work environment is very international and everybody speaks fluent English. The relocation process is also very finely tuned through years of experience of doing this.

If you have any other questions about the company or the hiring process or you would like me to refer you, please feel free to send me an email at siddharthsarda01 at gmail.com (Email also in my profile at Hacker news). To have an idea of the kind of problems being solved here, you can also look at our dev blog:http://blog.booking.com/

We are hiring for our headquarters office in Amsterdam:

- Backend developers - http://grnh.se/g5n6oe

- Frontend developers - http://grnh.se/cxmso8

- Product Owners in various departments - http://grnh.se/edvq2n

- Data analysts - http://grnh.se/al15kt

- Data Scientist(Machine Learning) - http://grnh.se/5uxtdv

- Android Developers - http://grnh.se/1bnljt

- iOS Developers - http://grnh.se/w1mi0y

- UX Designer - http://grnh.se/e23axu

- Mobile App Designer: http://grnh.se/kxvh8m

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mbr targeting | Berlin, Germany | https://mbr-targeting.com | Full-Time, ONSITE

mbr targeting uses machine learning algorithms for highly efficient real-time advertising. We are 100% science- and technology-focused and process and analyze massive amounts of data. We are working at the cutting edge of big data, machine learning and real-time technologies and we are operating large-scale deployments of real-time web services.

We are looking for smart people who are always eager to learn something new. Our stack is built with Java, Node, Python and C++. Using frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Vert.x, Kafka, Druid, Luigi and ZeroMQ.

We're looking for Backend Engineers to work on our low-latency bidding engine, Data Engineers that want to develop solutions for real big data problems and Data Scientists with a deep understanding of statistics and machine learning techniques.

You will work with a small, young and highly passionate team of extraordinary co-workers in a nice and spacious Berlin-style office in the heart of Neuklln.

Interested? Detailed job offers: https://mbr-targeting.com/jobs.html

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360pi, Ottawa Ontario, CanadaCompany Overview: 360pi helps top retailers compete and win in an era when shoppers expect and demand complete price transparency. Our customer base of "brick & mortar", e-commerce, and multichannel retailers accounts for over $US100 billion in annual retail sales and includes Ace Hardware, Best Buy Canada, build.com, TrueValue, and Guitar Center, among others.

We are looking senior and junior developers to help us write crawlers and products that will reshape the retail industry. If you are interested, see the links below. You can email any questions at dominic@360pi.com

Apply here: http://360pi.applytojob.com/apply/rJ6rlG5osz/Software-Develo...

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Resin.io | multiple positions | mostly remote or Seattle | full time | https://resin.workable.com/

Resin.io provides a software platform that helps developers build, deploy and manage the code that runs on connected devices. Our technology is open, standards-based, and proven in production across a wide range of scenarios from drones, 3D printers, point-of-sale devices, tidal turbines, skyscrapers and more.

Current open positions:

* Rust Software Engineer | Remote | https://resin.workable.com/j/ACF748D4A2

* DevOps Engineer | Remote | https://resin.workable.com/j/5F000FAEC5

* Technical Content Lead | Remote | https://resin.workable.com/j/A6833569B5

* Solution Architect (US West Coast) | Seattle | https://resin.workable.com/j/D3A0DFBBF9

* and also open call, if you enjoy working on the various facets of IoT | Remote | https://resin.workable.com/j/2A9DEA16E5

See full job listing, and apply at https://resin.workable.com/ and mention Hacker News. The interview process includes a programming test, and remote interviews with relevant members of the team.

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Nitro Inc. | C++ Developer | Dublin, Ireland | FULLTIME |

Nitro is changing the way the world works with documents. As the global leader in document productivity solutions, Nitro enables people to work smarter every day with their documents, on the desktop and in the cloud.

We are looking to hire 3 Junior-Mid Level C++ engineers to our Dublin team. Apply: https://www.gonitro.com/about/jobs/516158More info: joty.chahal@gonitro.com

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tech.palatinategroup.com: (spabreaks|yourgolftravel).com | London, UK | Full-time

Team of ~20 people (developers, designers, infrastructure) in a well-established travel company (~200 people, ~100m GBP turnover), working on customer-facing and internal (mostly-)web-based applications.

Things we do/use (in no particular order): pair programming, TDD, small cross-functional teams, Ruby, Rails, Python, Go, Javascript (sometimes with ReactJS), Puppet, Vagrant, Webpack, Varnish, HAProxy, Node.js, Git, RSpec, Jasmine.

Interview process: two rounds, first always remote, second on-site where possible - first is a (sometimes technical) chat (~30-45 minutes), second is pair programming with a few of our team (up to 2 hours).

To apply / ask questions: stephenl+hn201704@yourgolftravel.com.

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PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS | https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ | Developers, DevOps, Marketing, Tech Support | Denver, CO | Onsite [Remote to qualified applicants] | Full-Time

PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS is fighting the good fight against censorship, surveillance, and overall evil.Please e-mail jobs@privateinternetaccess.com to APPLY. Please make sure to send a resume, cover letter, links to anything worth seeing, etc.

Please read this if you haven't already: http://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html

If you want to help fight the good fight with the company who has donated the most to organizations such as the EFF, FFTF, Creative Commons, Linux Mint, Freenode, etc., then send us an e-mail.

Thank you in advance, and have a wonderful day. We look forward to standing in line with you against draconian injustice.

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UPCALL (YC W17) | Software engineers | San Francisco | Full-time

Upcall provides on-demand phone callers through a web interface and API. We make outbound calls for the Fortune 5,000,000 companies.

Full-stack Ruby/Angular Engineer

Front-end Engineer (JS)

Sales Development Representative

Customer Success Manager

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Airtame (https://airtame.com) | Copenhagen, Denmark | Full-time, Onsite or Remote

Airtame is a fast-growing startup in the heart of Copenhagen. Our wireless streaming solution helps people work better.

We're currently hiring:

* Web Developer (https://airtame.com/jobs/web-developer)

* Embedded Linux Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/embedded-linux-engineer)

* Senior Software Engineer in Test (https://airtame.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer-in-test)

* Senior Application Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/senior-application-engineer)

* Full-Stack Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/full-stack-engineer)

* Infrastructure Engineer (https://airtame.com/jobs/infrastructure-engineer)

* UI/UX Designer (https://airtame.com/jobs/ui-ux-designer)

* Technical Support and Network Specialist (https://airtame.com/jobs/tech-support-network-specialist-dk)

Our talented engineers are given significant ownership and responsibility over projects. We value rapid iteration, continuous integration and testing, and we are serious about producing high-quality, maintainable software. Frequent code reviews, linting, and pairing are all integral components of our engineering culture. We encourage experimenting with new technologies and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our code, processes, and systems.

You can read a bit about our values on our Company Culture Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/ZXs2YYy6/culture-airtame

Send an email to tech-jobs@airtame.com if you're interested. We can sponsor work visas for non-EU applicants.

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MakeSpace | Product Manager, Senior Platform Engineer (Python), Frontend Engineer (React/BackBone) | New York, NY | FULLTIME

Looking to bring on three talented individuals.

Product Manager: * Drive the entire product lifecycle of a few MakeSpace products across all platforms (desktop, mobile) - from ideation, requirements gathering, design, development, and testing all the way through launch* Make informed product decisions with quantitative and qualitative data on user behavior, research and experimentation* You have previous experience handling several technology products end-to-end with design and software teams

Senior Frontend Engineer * You have 3+ years professional software engineering experience, at least some of that in a mentoring position for more junior engineers.* Our stack includes: a BackboneJS application with a Python/Django/MySQL backend maintained with Docker/Ansible.* Write code that will perform efficiently and accurately in an asynchronous architecture.* You aspire to use technology and positively transform the physical world.

Senior Platform Engineer * Write, test, document and deploy code that ensures the integrity of our operations and unique user experience.* You have proven experience building platform applications with Python/Ruby/Java.* Youre driven by a desire for deep involvement in product definition.* Design and update RESTful APIs and their documentations.* Our stack includes: a Python/Django/MySQL/RabbitMQ/Redis application running on Amazon AWS maintained with Docker/Ansible


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Broadridge | Senior / Lead Full Stack Software Engineer | Boston | ONSITEWe're looking for a few senior engineers with a frontend or backend focus to help us write the next generation of cloud based solutions for financial advisors. We've recently launched a new innovation lab located next to South Station to bring new technical light into our organization and are looking for motivated engineers to help us create high-quality software offerings. This is an exciting chance to get in on the ground floor of some greenfield projects.

We're creating an innovative environment where we can use and experiment with the greatest new technologies (Scala, Kotlin, Go, React, Terraform and Ansible are under consideration or in use currently) and apply best practices in the areas of test driven development, continuous integration and continuous improvement.

If that sounds like the type of environment you'd like to work in we'd love to hear from you. You can email me directly with a resume and any other information at matthew dot fowler at broadridge dot com. I am the director of software development for the innovation lab.

Interview process consists of a phone screen, a take-home coding test and an onsite interview.

Required skills:

 - 5+ years experience as a software engineer - A strong desire for clean, simple and maintainable code - A strong desire for continuous learning and improvement - Experience with unit testing or test driven development - Experience with Java or a modern JVM language - Experience building REST APIs with one or more web frameworks such as Spring or DropWizard - Working knowledge of database design - Working knowledge of multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software architecture - Working knowledge of Agile development processes (Scrum, Kanban) - Working knowledge of one cloud provider such as AWS, Google App Engine, Azure or Linode - Working knowledge of Git and Git flow
We'll like you even more if you have at least one of the following:

 - Experience with an alternate JVM language such as Scala or Kotlin - Experience leading a team of developers - Experience with functional programming - Experience with graph based data engines (Neo4J or Spark GraphX) - Experience with data science or machine learning algorithms - Experience with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Language Understanding techniques - Experience with building batch and real-time analytics, decision support and business intelligence analysis and reporting enterprise software - Experience with "front end" frameworks such as React or Angular

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PassFort | Front-End Engineer & Mobile Engineer | London, UK | ONSITE | https://passfort.com

PassFort is a young and ambitious start-up youll join a team of 6! Were a seed stage company (we raised 650k at the end of 2015), based in the centre of London, near Southwark tube station.

We're working to solve the problem of digital identity in regulated markets through new technology, great UX and simple solutions.

We use react, es6, redux, mocha and enzyme.

Salary: 40k - 55k with 0.3% - 0.6% equity

https://passfort.com/about#jobs or jobs@passfort.com

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inVia Robotics | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time | Onsite

inVia Robotics is a startup dedicated to redefining the modern warehouse through the power of robotics.

We're looking Python programmers to work on everything from back-end web stacks to low-level robotics code and everything in between. Robotics experience isn't required, but curiosity and a willingness to learn are.


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AutomateTheWeb | AWS/Laravel/Javascript Developer | Vancouver, BC | REMOTE | Fulltime | hi@automatetheweb.com
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NoRedInk | Front-end, Backend, Infrastructure Engineer | San Francisco, CA | REMOTE Pacific Time (PST) to Central European Time (CET)

Were an ed-tech company on a mission to help all students become strong writers! Our team may be small, but NoRedInk is used by 1 in 3 school districts in the US, and students have answered over 2 billion questions on our platform.

Were a group of friendly people who listen to and learn from each other. We discuss past mistakes openly so we can adapt our processes to the challenges that come with progress. Puns flow freely across our San Francisco office as well as on Slack, and we have remote engineers spanning six different time zones.Our engineering team [1] prides itself on code quality and innovation. We use the cutting-edge Elm programming language for all our new front-end code, and have been migrating legacy React code to Elm as well. We started with Ruby on Rails on our backend, and have lately been working to introduce Elixir to our stack. You can read about our experiences with these technologies on our team blog! [2]

In addition to spending work hours open-sourcing useful libraries we develop [3], we also invest financially in open source. We hired the creator of Elm, Evan Czaplicki, to develop Elm full time. [4] Evan discusses his plans for the language with the team every week, periodically pairs with other engineers on Elm, and cracks up members of the sales team with his lunchtime jokes.

We use Amazon AWS for our infrastructure and automate all of our deployments using OpsWorks and Chef. We write a lot of tests, and use Jenkins for continuous integration. Our process for new features begins with our product team and in-house visual designer, continues with a GitHub pull request from a feature branch into master, and ends with our in-house QA specialist trying to break it before it reaches production.

Were hiring both engineers who have been around the block many times, as well as those who started their careers just a couple years ago. Were looking for engineers who want to work on a mission that makes a difference and who are the type of collaborators that value kindness and open-mindedness, over convincing the group theyre right.

You can learn more about what to expect through blog posts about our interview process [5] and on-boarding experience [6].

If youre interested, please apply through our jobs page! https://www.noredink.com/jobs

[1] https://www.noredink.com/about/team

[2] http://tech.noredink.com/

[3] https://github.com/NoRedInk/

[4] http://tech.noredink.com/post/136615783598/welcome-evan

[5] http://tech.noredink.com/post/145260396603/our-engineering-h...

[6] http://tech.noredink.com/post/143787279069/on-boarding-as-a-...

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Nitro Inc. | Principal Platform Engineer | San Francisco, CA | FULLTIME |

Nitro is changing the way the world works with documents. As the global leader in document productivity solutions, Nitro enables people to work smarter every day with their documents, on the desktop and in the cloud.

We are looking to hire a Principal Platform Engineer (Java/Scala) at our San Francisco office. Apply: https://www.gonitro.com/about/jobs/267352More info: joty.chahal@gonitro.com

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Golanger in Pune for my fintech startup


danbenjs 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Jane Street | Software Developer | New York, London, Hong Kong | ONSITE, FULL-TIME, INTERNS, VISA, http://www.janestreet.com

Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm with a focus on technology, a scientific approach, and a deep understanding of the markets. We are a global liquidity provider and market maker, operating around the clock and around the globe, employing over 500 people in our offices in New York, London and Hong Kong.

Its no secret that were big believers in functional programming; OCaml, a statically typed functional language, is our primary development platform. Jane Streets technology group is small by design, which means we need to maximize the productivity of each person we hire. We believe functional programming (and specifically, OCaml) helps us do that. But its not about productivity alone: programming in a rich and expressive language like OCaml is just more fun. Were also happy to spend time and money on making it easier for the people here to get things done. This ranges from big projects, like the work we do on development tools (e.g. Iron, our in-house code review and release management system, and Merlin, a tool for providing IDE-like features for OCaml), to little touches, like getting people whatever crazy keyboard will help them get their work done most comfortably.

Want to see some of our code? Visit Open Source @ Jane Street (https://janestreet.github.io/), where you'll find several OCaml libraries that we've released into the wild. These form the basis for all of our software, and we hope they make life better for some non-Jane-Street OCaml developers as well.

If you're not yet convinced, feel free to poke around our benefits page (https://www.janestreet.com/culture/benefits/). If you ARE convinced and want some insight into our interview process, check out https://blogs.janestreet.com/interviewing-at-jane-street/. Or just drop us a resume at https://www.janestreet.com/join-jane-street/apply/.

Were looking for people with:

 - Top-notch programming skills (no OCaml or FP experience necessary!) - Strong interpersonal skills. Most work at Jane Street is highly collaborative, and we are looking for people who can work effectively in small, close-knit teams. - Deep experience with and love for technology. Theres no specific checklist; we use software to approach a variety of problems, so were interested in everything from low latency networking to systems administration to programming language design.
(Note: no longer accepting internship applications for 2017.)

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Scalyr | Backend, Frontend, Devops, Customer Success Engineers | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE

I've built half a dozen startups, including Writely (aka Google Docs), and I can honestly say that Scalyr is my favorite so far. We're building an amazing team, users rave about our product, and things are taking off we're closing seven-figure contracts and revenue grew 5x last year. And we're doing it on a sane, 40-hour, daily-team-hike, Fridays-at-home schedule. We're pre-series-A, but in many ways playing like a series B company, so this is a chance to get the best of both worlds -- early-stage equity and impact, with later-stage compensation and stability; plus a very strong team for peering or mentorship.

Backend Engineer: We've built a NoSQL data engine from scratch that searches text at 750 GB/second. How'd you like to help us scale and optimize to multiple TB/second?

Frontend Engineer: "The fastest blog in the world" (https://jacquesmattheij.com/the-fastest-blog-in-the-world) loads in under 100 ms. Help us push our data visualization tools toward that goal.

Devops Engineer: We run hundreds of servers, process 750 GB/second, maintain 99.99% uptime, and almost never get paged (http://blog.scalyr.com/2014/08/99-99-uptime-9-5-schedule/). But we're still not satisfied. How'd you like to take our operations to the next level as we go through our next 10x of growth?

Customer Success Engineer: our customers are engineers. We're looking for someone with lightweight ops experience and good communication skills to help them get the most out of Scalyr. A great opportunity to join the team and work your way up the engineering ladder.





esilverman 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Inflect Inc www.inflect.com. Looking for full stack rails development San Francisco CA
killin_dan 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Why didn't we do thisyesterday ?
parisandmilo 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Applied | UX / Front-End Engineer, and Sales, Marketing & Customer Success Lead | London, UK | NO CV NEEDED, Onsite or Remote, Visa, https://www.beapplied.com/

Applied was created to help people to hire the best person every time, regardless of their background. Actually doing that starts with us.

What makes us different from any other hiring platform out there?

Being spun out of the Behavioural Insights Team, our development & product creation process is driven heavily by results from research in the behavioural sciences.



With our first round of investment and major sales coming in, were now taking our ideas forward to build a sustainable, inspiring and rewarding business. We guarantee that wont be easy. But we can make it easier by being sensible with how we grow and bringing in the right people. We're making our 2nd and 3rd hires:

1) UX / Front-End Engineer:

We're looking for an individual who is creative, curious and user-focused to work with the team on rapid prototyping and development of the front end of our platform.

More than engineering, now is an exciting time to join the team if you are passionate about rethinking the hiring process, and wish to have a serious impact on its re-creation.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JS (incl D3.js), a strong interest / prior experience in UX is desirable

Apply & More details: https://www.beapplied.com/apply/ZZAwO5OCtp

2) Sales, Marketing & Customer Success Lead:

We're looking for someone to join us to craft your role and build a team we are calling 'Sales, Marketing and Customer Success'. At Applied this person (and then team) will be in charge of all growth that is not product. You will:

- Own the marketing budget for all digital activities

- Shape and analyse the product's go to market strategy

- Support current customers with onboarding and upselling

- Drive the expansion of the sales team (or ideally show us we can flourish without one!)

More details & Apply: https://www.beapplied.com/apply/gBnn8TM1LD


Alongside all other Applied team members you will benefit from:

- Equity in the business

- Open and fair pay (yep we put all payslips in the shared drive)

- Role in all aspects of the business, including being involved in making Applied a special place to work


Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions about Applied :) - diana (at) beapplied (dot) com

derwiki 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Snapdocs | Rails & Data & Product Engineers | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, http://snapdocs.com

Snapdocs (YC W14, SV Angel) is an early stage, rapidly growing company looking to fill a variety of engineering roles. (Growth, amiright?)

We're a small team tackling the absolutely massive mortgage market. We're bringing modern, elegant software to a field that still relies on fax machines and manilla envelopes. We bring security, efficiency and joy to a paper-based pillar of the US economy.

The type of problems we're tackling involve workflow, product design, data, and computer vision for mortgage documents. For data, it decides everything we do. We won't start work on a new feature until we can point to the numbers we hope to move.

Snapdocs' culture is one that trusts its team members to make smart decisions. This means we value both independent work as well as seeking collaboration. We're becoming ubiquitous in one segment of the market and we're looking to expand further.

Skills & Requirements

* Rails Engineer. 3+ years experience, but more is welcome. Ideally, you're a full stack coder. But in reality, you probably lean either towards the front or the back end. That's fine, so long as you know (and enjoy) your strengths.

* Front-end Engineer. 3+ years experience, but more is welcome. You have a deep understanding of CSS but prefer to use Bootstrap. Experience building reusable components a plus.

* Data wrangler. We're looking to double our Data team. AI! Advanced machine learning! An ability to read past hype-y buzzwords because we don't (yet) do those! We're taking a paper-based, non-standardized dataset and extracting insights to help guide product design and market forecasting. Stack agnostic, were more interested in your creative ideas/ability to self-execute than a resume.

* Being the 10th member of on a fast-growing technical team. This means helping to form a healthy and happy culture. We strive to be respectful of each other's time and point of view. We're learning how to do this together. We want to create a place where it's OK to fail, and that you know the team has your back the whole way through.

* Self-motivated. To us that means when you get an interesting problem, you will rip into it until you understand its nuances and perhaps have a glimpse of the solution.

* Empathy. We work closely with our customers, meaning phone calls, emails, and sometimes lunch. It is important in this job to listen to them so that we can build what they need and want.

Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/snapdocs

ToastyMallows 12 hours ago 0 replies      
OnBase by Hyland | | Westlake OH, Phoenix AZ | ONSITE https://www.onbase.com

Its time to find the career thats right for you. At Hyland, youll do challenging work at a growing, innovative technology company. If all youve heard about us is that we have two slides and free pop, then youre missing what really makes Hyland different. That stuff is cool, but what really matters in a job isnt whether you wear a t-shirt or tie to work. What matters is that we give our employees fulfilling, rewarding careers. Come see if one of them is right for you.


* Developer III (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2567/developer-iii/job

* Developer III - Workday Developer (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2669/developer-iii--wo...

* Developer II (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2568/developer-ii/job

* Developer II - Mobile Developer (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2762/developer-ii--mob...

* Developer I (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2566/developer-i/job

* Developer I - Front-End Web Developer (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2649/developer-i---fro...

* Software Engineer (Phoenix, AZ) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2444/software-engineer...

* QA Automation Engineer (Phoenix, AZ) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2690/qa-automation-eng...

* Network and Security Engineer (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2556/network-and-secur...

* Application Developer II (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2721/application-devel...

* Applicaiton Developer I (Westlake, OH) - https://careers-hyland.icims.com/jobs/2546/application-devel...

All job listings: https://careers.hyland.com/en/Apply/?search=all

For more information, please contact Courtney.Byham (at) onbase (dot) com

jacques_chester 13 hours ago 0 replies      
Pivotal | Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Pre/Post-Sales Engineers, Ops, Sales, Admin | Locations worldwide | ONSITE

Pivotal's goal is to transform the way the world builds software. We mean it.

We value aptitude over alma mater, empathy over a list of APIs. It doesn't matter whether your resum says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, empathetic and know some stuff, we want to work with you.

We have many offices worldwide including SF, NYC, Toronto, London, Palo Alto (pivotal.io/locations) and more coming. We're broken into three main divisions: Pivotal Labs (that Pivotal Labs), Cloud R&D and Big Data.

-- Pivotal Labs helps clients to become better at product development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile. We pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels.

-- Cloud R&D is where we build the best cloud platform available: We're the majority contributors to the Cloud Foundry project. Our distribution has the fastest-growing sales of any opensource product ever and it's still zooming up and to the right.

Except for upstream code, every line is pair programmed and TDD'd. We dogfood the cutting edge of the technology on our own commercial cloud (Pivotal Web Services).

Cloud R&D is also responsible for Pivotal Tracker and Spring.

-- Big Data is our suite of battled-hardened products, now open sourced. Greenplum tackles massive datasets with the comfort of PostgreSQL. Apache HAWQ (incubating) brings Greenplum's distributed query planner to Hadoop. Gemfire, donated as Apache Geode, is an in-memory distributed grid with years of high performance in high-stakes systems.

-- Generally

At our offices we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, excellent benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong isn't mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The NYC beer fridge has more IPAs than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

-- Applying

To see open jobs and apply, see: http://grnh.se/xiy346

You can also email me at jchester+hn-apr17@pivotal.io if you have questions. I won't reply to copypasta. I may not be able to reply immediately, as I am just an engineer here. These help me earn a referral bonuses, which I appreciate. I can give the non-referral link upon request.

landstrom 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Cota | Senior Platform Engineer | New York, NY | Full-Time | Onsite

COMPANY - Cota (https://www.cotahealthcare.com) is a technology platform that enables providers, payers, and life science companies involved in diagnosing and treating complex diseases to optimize the care of individual patients and lower the overall cost of the patient population served. It is powered by the patented Cota Nodal Address (CNA) system, a unique digital classification methodology built by leading physicians and data scientists. The CNA is the first and only system that precisely categorizes patient factors, their diseases and intended therapies, enabling precision medicine at scale.

Cota's technology enriches raw medical records to create research-grade data, and joins it with a suite of analysis, visualization, and management tools. This enables providers, payers, and life sciences companies to analyze, report on, and research outcomes, costs, treatments, and quality at any granularity and stage of the patient journey. The result is a constantly improving system that merges technology and science to help improve the lives of patients everywhere.

JOB DESCRIPTION - COTA is seeking passionate, entrepreneurial engineers comfortable with a multidisciplinary approach to shipping new products and platforms. A Platform engineer builds and takes ownership of entire platforms that support all our products. Engineers are involved in the entire product lifecycle, from conceptualization to production release. An ideal candidate is highly self-directed, with strong platform design sense and the motivation to continually iterate to deliver the best possible solution. The candidate should have extensive knowledge of, and working experience in, Data Life-Cycle Management including data-modeling, stream data processing, and messaging queues.

RESPONSIBILITIES - Understand data lifecycle requirements, and map them to technical implementation - Take ownership of the platform that supports and enables our data-driven architecture - Conceptualize and design/architect components of the platform with emphasis on scalability, agility, maintainability and security - Design and build core micro services that will power our products and data partner integrations - Build Restful and Asynchronous Endpoints - Design and build caching solutions - Use AWS cloud infrastructure - Using modern CI techniques, you will ship features regularly - Work with QE for quality assurance - Collaborate with other other teams and stakeholders of the platform in order to understand and satisfy product requirements

REQUIREMENTS - Solid foundation and working knowledge of Object Oriented design and Functional Programming - Working knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithms, Data Modeling, Real-Time Data Processing and Concurrent & Distributed Systems - 2+ years of experience programming in Scala with exposure to the most well known frameworks such as Akka, Play, SBT - Experience building services that fit Micro Systems Architecture - Good understanding of security standards like OAuth2 is a plus - Experience with web services API technologies (Rest, JSON) - Understanding of cloud technologies such as AWS - Experience in either Erlang or Haskell is a plus - Experience working in an Agile development environment

Please apply by emailing: cindykim@cotahealthcare.com

enoren 11 hours ago 0 replies      
FanThreeSixty | Software Developer, Software Architect | Austin, TX | ONSITE | http://www.fanthreesixty.com/

At FanThreeSixty we strive to build software which allows sports teams and venues to better engage with fans to keep them connected to their teams by providing more personalized and fluid experiences whether at game time or in the off-season. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, we are hiring in both KC as well in Austin, TX for multiple development positions to help expand our data science and data intelligence capabilities for real-time intelligence, recommendations, and predictions. Interest in machine learning, analytics, data, and system design is a must as you will be heavily involved in each area of the system. You will also work directly with data scientists on the team to scale models for production and provide an efficient available platform for analysis and insight.

The basics:

* 3-5 years of Java or Python experience required. We leverage both Python and Java, but Python is the primary language of the data intelligence team, however as long as you have a good Java background and are not afraid to learn than Python experience is not required.

* Prior experience in one or more of Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Hadoop, machine learning application preferred, but not required

* Ability to learn quickly and work independently desired as there is a remote component to this position as we are a distributed team. No fully remote positions available though. All applicants must be able to work in either the KC or Austin office.

* Our interview process is fairly direct and painless with an hour phone interview and then a half day on-site before making a final decision.

* In addition to medical, dental and vision insurance, we also offer a competitive PTO package, matching 401k and reimbursement of attending 2 sporting events each year, for market research.

You can also find more details about the specific position on our posting https://fanthreesixty.workable.com/jobs/429228 or find more details about working at FanThreeSixty on our site http://www.fanthreesixty.com/careers/.

Please contact me directly with any questions or to send your resume(my email address is in my HN profile).

I apologize on last month's Who's Hiring I wasn't aware there were comments posted to my comment so I didn't reply before it was locked. I will be sure to keep an eye on this post, but please email me directly to be sure.


Fleming_1 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Everwise | New York City | Senior Front End Developer | Onsite | Full-time |

Everwise is a startup that works with companies to help their employees grow and reach development goals over our platform. We do this from a new angle - harnessing the power of social relationships, including matching users with mentors and peer groups, and using curated content to supplement the experience. Our platform allows us to scale out customized learning experiences for both our enterprise clients and individual users.

Senior Front End Developer https://boards.greenhouse.io/everwise/jobs/513628#.WN_-2RIrI....


-Build and enhance the front-end of Everwise's web applications.

-Work closely with Product/UX to create simple and intuitive interfaces.

-Turn mockups into working products.

-Rapidly prototype new features and quickly iterate on what works and what doesn't.

-Analyze site/page speed and help provide performance solutions.

-Research, test, and benchmark new technologies.

-Design and communicate coding standards and architectural plans.

-Lead design of front-end framework using React.


-5+ years experience with large scale, high traffic/performance, web applications.

-5+ years experience with Core Javascript.

-Experience with client-side JavaScript and MVC frameworks (Backbone/React/Ember is a plus).

-Experience with mobile optimization, HTML5 and CSS3.

-Experience with object oriented server-side programming, Ruby on Rails a strong plus.

-Understanding of unit and functional testing best practices (Rspec, Jasmine, Protractor, and Selenium are bonuses).

-Strong command of cross-browser compatibility issues, browser degradation strategies, optimization and accessibility techniques.

Day-to-day we leverage React, Ruby, Redis, AWS, Node, and Postgres; we're looking for someone who can solve an array of problems with a broad set of technologies.

Interview Process: We have 3 structured interviews - A phone interview, followed by a panel engineering interview over Video/Coderpad, followed by a structured on-site interview.

If you are interested in this role, or any of our roles (https://boards.greenhouse.io/everwise#.WJNT2LYrI6g), please reach out to me over email at stephen@geteverwise.com.

Thanks, Stephen Fleming

pensieri 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Expensify - Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA Designer, Infrastructure, Customer Success

Hey there! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Expensify and we do "expense reports that don't suck!" (Google "expensify" to read more.) We're getting crushed under an ever-growing pile of super awesome work, and I need one bright soul to help us dig our way out. I can guarantee you fun, an amazing opportunity to learn, and the siren's call of distant riches. But only if you are all of the following:

- An incredibly hard worker, even when it's not so fun. There is a ton of work to do, and a lot of it downright sucks. After all we do the sucky work so our customers won't need to. I need you to buck up and grind through server logs, user emails, source code, and bug reports, without complaint or supervision, and come back asking for more.

- A cool person to be with. Not a crazy party animal, just someone we can trust, rely upon, hang out with, bounce ideas off of, and generally interact with in a positive way, both personally and professionally. In fact, this is one of the most stringent requirements we have: would you be fun to hang out with day and night on some remote, exotic beach? This isn't a rhetorical question, either: every year we take the company overseas for a month and work incredibly hard while having a ton of fun. We've done Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, India, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal and the Philippines. Our most recent trip was Uruguay in January, where do you want to go next?

- Super talented, in a general way. We're going to throw a ton of work at you of every possible sort, and you need that magic skill of being able to figure it out even if you have no idea where to start. On any given day you might bounce between super low-level coding, super high-level technical support, marketing-driven data-mining, updating our user documentation, inventing/designing/building some new feature, etc. This is not a code monkey job you're going to be a full participant in the process, and you need to bring your own unique blend of skills to the table.

- Specifically talented in a programming way (or if not, shoot as an email anyways!). You can instantly visualize solutions to problems big and small. Your code is always clean, well commented, has good nomenclature and indentation. You can switch on a dime between C++, PHP, Bash, Cron, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Dwoo, SQL not because you know them all, but because you're the sort of person who can just pick it up and figure it out. If you're this sort of person, you'll know what I mean. If not, then this position isn't for you. And there are a bunch more, but odds are if you got this far, nothing I can do would stop you from applying. That's a problem because while I know you are awesome, it's actually really hard and time consuming to find you in the midst of the literally hundreds of other applications I get from everyone else. So this is where I'm going to ask my first favor: can you make it really easy and obvious how great you are, so I don't accidentally overlook you?

There are probably many ways to do that. But the easiest way to do that is to check out we.are.expensify.com and send in an application(which you can find at http://we.are.expensify.com) or email us at jobs@expensify.com. We are excited to hear from you!

jeremiahblatz 12 hours ago 1 reply      
Blink Health | Security Hire #3: Hands on Policy, Risk & Compliance ("Governance Hacker") | New York, NY | Full-time ONSITE VISA https://www.blinkhealth.com/

Im looking for someone to join the security team here at Blink Health, primarily to help out with (like it says) policy, risk, and compliance. This job can be as hands-on as you like, and hopefully you like that! Also, this job requires creativity; not in the sense of how dirty can we be and not get fined? but in the sense of nobodys done this sort of thing before, how can we comply with both the letter and spirit of the regulations without a clear precedent?

What does the job entail? Obviously designing policies and procedures for Blink Health and our other ventures. In addition to taking the lead on designing our governance, youll help implement, evaluate, and improve our policies and procedures. There will be audits, both internal and external. There will be partner evaluations to answer, and partner evaluations to perform. Youll be figuring out how we can use 3rd party services more securely, and how to segment and protect our data internally. These activities wont take all your time, though. Youll have plenty of time to pursue other things that help improve Blinks overall security, and plenty of discretion as to how to go about that. Youll have a lot of responsibility, but youll also always have help and guidance.

Maybe youre a governance & risk management consultant who prefers to hang out with the pen testers. Maybe you work at BigCo and are frustrated with how long it takes to get things done. Maybe youre a technical security person whos discovered that they find the organizational aspects of security really interesting. Maybe youve got some other reason that youre interested. Its all good, lets find a way for you to do interesting work and contribute to fixing health care.

Why you want to work for Blink Health:

* Interesting, varied work

* Building a real thing that actually helps people

* Get in early on a startup that has hundreds of thousands of paying customers

* Healthy work environment (friendly, reasonable people, crunch time is super-rare)

* Standard well-funded startup perks (unlimited vacation time (you will actually take vacation), free lunches, great stock plan, etc.)

* Standard real company benefits (health/vision/dental, 401(k), etc.)

What you should have to apply:

* Practical experience related to policy, governance, risk, and/or compliance. HIPAA a plus.

* Familiarity with and interest in the technical aspects of security

* Desire for varied work

* Willingness to work in NYC SoHo

Hotjar_Rec 12 hours ago 2 replies      
Hotjar is a young startup that embraces remote working and personal development.

Hotjar's culture is driven by transparency, respect, open discussion, collaboration and blunt and direct feedback. We have several positions open.

Hotjar | DevOps Engineer (North America) | RemoteHotjar | Big Data DevOps Engineer (Europe) | RemoteHotjar | Front-end Developer (Europe) | RemoteHotjar | Full Stack Developer (Europe) | RemoteHotjar | Python Developer (Europe) | RemoteHotjar | Product Manager (Europe) | RemoteHotjar | Product Designer (Europe) | RemoteHotjar | User Interface Designer (Europe) | RemoteHotjar | Hotjar Hero Engineer (Europe) | Remote

Information about all roles can be found on our careers page: http://careers.hotjar.com/

Interesting data structures: the BK-tree signal-to-noise.xyz
244 points by rudi-rau  12 hours ago   43 comments top 10
fake-name 7 hours ago 1 reply      
I have a C++ + Cython implementation of a BK-tree that I use for large-scale image deduplication on github: https://github.com/fake-name/IntraArchiveDeduplicator/tree/m...

The core is a single, header-only BK-tree implementation here: https://github.com/fake-name/IntraArchiveDeduplicator/blob/m....

There are also relatively comprehensive unit-tests for the whole thing: https://github.com/fake-name/IntraArchiveDeduplicator/tree/m...

I use it for image deduplication across a ~28M image dataset. It works quite well, though it does take a lot of ram to hold the entire dataset in memory (~18 GB).

charles-salvia 9 hours ago 3 replies      
There are many metric-based data structures, such as M-tree, Vantage Point Tree, etc. They all suffer from the same major problem: they all rely on triangle inequality to speed up search by pruning impossible paths. But this doesn't ever result in an easily measurable complexity guarantee (like say, the guaranteed log(N) of a balanced binary search tree), so it's very common for certain datasets to result in severe performance degradation, particularly when the data is high-dimensional.

Metric-based data structures face the peculiar problem that the identity of each data point itself is not an actual "key", in the way that a data point in a hash-table or binary tree is a key. Rather, each data point in a metric tree is only "indexed" with relation to it's distance from all other keys. This makes it hard to get easily measured performance guarantees.

benhoyt 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Nice! I released a Python BK-tree module on PyPI recently, along with a write-up about how I'm using it for duplicate image detection:

* https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pybktree/1.0* http://tech.jetsetter.com/2017/03/21/duplicate-image-detecti...

adrianratnapala 7 hours ago 1 reply      
The article explains why the search algorithm is valid. But it doesn't explain why the tree should be built up in the way described.

Is there some rationale? And can it be extended to non-integer metrics?

UhUhUhUh 9 hours ago 1 reply      
I like the reference to a metric, which I always felt could be a useful approach to many problems, including in AI.Re spell-checking, I wonder whether there is an algorithm that uses topography (i.e. vicinity of keys) to assist with the correction...
DroidX86 9 hours ago 2 replies      
Very nicely written post. Always great to know there are Data Structures for solving most problems efficiently.
jwatte 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Minor quibble: It says std::deque is a doubly linked list, but that's what std::list is.

FWIW, Deque is actually more like a vector.

x4nt 9 hours ago 0 replies      
I had a similar idea last week in the car, cool to see it's actually a thing
wlesieutre 6 hours ago 4 replies      
Why did this get [flagged]? Is that solely user reports? It seems like a good link.
Student Debt Giant Navient to Borrowers: Youre on Your Own bloomberg.com
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techsupporter 9 hours ago 12 replies      
> There is no expectation that the servicer will act in the interest of the consumer... Navient says its public statements encouraging borrowers to contact the company didnt mean it would act in their best interest.

So, pardon in advance for the vulgar language, but why the fuck is this OK? From any company?

I'm getting real damn sick and tired of "what the big print gives, the spidery print takes away" and how we're all just supposed to be OK with this, as if this is how the world works or some crap.

If your public advertising--especially, but not limited to, when administering a service on behalf of the government--explicitly says "call us and we will help you," your company should not then be able to turn around and say "well, caveat emptor for calling us, sucker." Meanwhile, the handful of agencies devoted to trying to help the individual get any kind of a fair shake from the company "provider" that massively outguns any one individual customer, are all under attack from all sides as being "too heavy handed." (I love the CFPB, in case you can't tell.)

Oh, and this whole "consumer" crap? I'm not a "consumer," I'm a customer. I'm not consuming anything from a financial services provider, I'm using their services. Stop with the idea that all of us are just mindless drones, eating our Pac Man-like dots on the way to a swift end, and maybe get back to the idea that real people are on the other end of those faceless account numbers.

(FWIW, this applies to every company with mandatory, binding arbitration clauses, including the oh-so-enlightened participants in Y Combinator. Don't restrict my ability to hold you to your side of the agreement while reserving all rights to pound me into the sand at your leisure.)

jordanmoconnor 8 hours ago 8 replies      
It's mind-blowing how the majority of high school students are lied to each year about the ROI of college. The internet has re-written the rules, and high school educators don't know how to teach that.

I would have benefited so much more from a program that taught how to be self-sufficient and the major, major benefits of living debt free.

Context: $150k in student loans - lucky enough to have an electrical engineering corporate job to (minimally) pay the bills.

EDIT: More Context: I went to an engineering focused private university, borrowed my way through the whole thing (housing, food, everything), parents didn't pay a dime. Stupid? Yes.

VonGuard 2 hours ago 0 replies      
My wife and I have dealt with these goons before. Their favorite trick is missing a payment, leaving it on a desk and then despoiting it weeks later, after charging fees. Or, if you have 2 loans, they are sure you never pay any of them down, even if you literally tell them (pay loan #1 all of this months payments, ending it). They purposefully screw up...

All roads lead to money in politics allowing them to do whatever they want and not have repercussions.

Arubis 8 hours ago 1 reply      
"[Navient pointed out]...more than 40 percent of loan balances it services for the Education Department are enrolled in income-based repayment plans."

Over 40% of people with US Government-sponsored student loans--which were presumably taken out in order to advance the career prospects of the borrower--are not being paid sufficiently to repay their loans on the basis of their original issuance, _and this is presented as a good thing_.


jknoepfler 8 hours ago 3 replies      
While I appreciate that people are sour about student debt, I don't think Navient, qua big business, should behave in any other way.

I personally think public universities should be free and highly selective, rather than the opposite. But I also think taking out loans with no plan to repay them is criminally stupid. If the education product being sold is fraudulent, go after the fraudulent institution (as has been done). But the bank? They're just a bank. And no, I don't think it's good that we have banks financing student debt, but I sure as hell don't blame banks for doing it.

This is a fabulous example of why privatizing what should be a public service is a terrible idea, yes, and this is the ridiculous game we get to play as a result... blaming the bank for playing hardball over money. Really?

jm__87 4 hours ago 1 reply      
Honestly, this is a private corp acting in its own best interests under the law. Everyone here complaining that Navient is horrible... this is what capitalism is. If you don't like the law, talk to your congressman/senators and get the law changed.

IMHO the schools are the bad guys here.. they are taking advantage of a situation where the government will just hand loans to everyone and there is no way they can lose. Why not just make an undergraduate degree a public good at this point. Taxpayers are already paying to bail all these people out, it is partially a public good already except the students who hold all the debt have to go through hell and Navient gets a cut of the taxpayer money in the process.

givinguflac 8 hours ago 2 replies      
Navient is consistently the worst company I've ever dealt with, including Comcast.
kchoudhu 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Why is a student loan servicer any different from a mortgage servicer? I don't go to my mortgage servicer for leniency or charity; why should my student loan servicer be any different?

If we want student loan servicer behavior to change, we need to legislate it. Just like we did (or didn't, depending on your point of view) for mortgage servicers.

jnagro 8 hours ago 0 replies      
when they took over my loans from salliemae they told us (in writing) that auto-pay would transition.... then it didn't transition, and they tried to ding me for a missed payment. what a nightmare. ultimately my issue was resolved, but only after i filed a complaint with a team at the federal student aid office that handles disputes that cannot be resolved through the lender:


then a navient person in that department reached out to me almost immediately.


You can also file complaints for general consumer financial help here:


ikeboy 8 hours ago 0 replies      
>What this means for the Education Department is that it needs to fire Navient, Bergeron said. Damn the costs.

This is literally how costs go up. "OMG we need this, damn the costs" "OMG why does everything cost so much, why is the debt so high?"

onmobiletemp 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Maybe this is tangential but this is a theme that seems to have infected schools themselves as well. I was recently swindled (yes, straight up swindled) by my university. I go to a uc (not riverside or merced) and the student health and wellness center literally swindled me out of almost a hundred dollars by using fine print. To protect my anonyminity i wont go into details but rest assured a called every authority i could and nothing was done. Consider that and then look at the swelling administration, lack of class availability, the sheer cost of attending and finally and most importantly the lack of meaningful learning. Its all a huge scam. But you need a degree if you want to have a high quality of life (unless youre exceptional in some way which the average dude is of course not) so nobody can do a damn thing about it. Fuck this shitty sytem.
jorblumesea 8 hours ago 2 replies      
Everyone, if you are with any major big loan lender, please consider refinancing under So-Fi or others.
loblollyboy 5 hours ago 1 reply      
Anyone here know if this whole mess is going to end badly?This is something I google a lot as I kind of don't want to pay, but I suffer from selection bias and HN usually has good insight on things.
necessity 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Government launches a mass amount of federal student loans, demand skyrockets, offer does not, prices skyrocket. Basic economical interference.
kevmo 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Institutionalized debt slavery.
fapjacks 9 hours ago 1 reply      
So we shouldn't believe something an enormous corporation says? Shocking.
gorbachev 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Calling Anonymous. Retrain your targets.
alistproducer2 8 hours ago 2 replies      
Student loan money is awesome. Go to a state school, pay for school with PELL grants and working. Take the loan money and bank/invest/refinance stuff with it. The interest doesn't start accruing until after graduation so until then it's free money. The worst thing you can do with it is actually pay for school with it, especially an expensive private school for a degree with uncertain job prospects.
Hacking DNA: CRISPR, Ken Thompson, and the Gene Drive ycombinator.com
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jfarlow 9 hours ago 2 replies      
Here is our software you can use to start building your own tools that use Cas9 [1]. Build new Cas9s with new functions, peer into and mix and match functions that already exist, and build payloads to be delivered by Cas9. We help you program biological 'function' into DNA at an abstraction above the DNA sequence itself, and get you the DNA that encodes your functional designs delivered to your door.

[1] https://serotiny.bio

Some protein designs that undergird entire companies:

Cure hemophilia: https://serotiny.bio/notes/proteins/hbb/

Vaccinate against HIV: https://serotiny.bio/notes/proteins/ecd4ig/

Cure the American Chestnut of its blight: https://serotiny.bio/notes/proteins/oxo/

Make spider silk clothing: https://serotiny.bio/notes/proteins/adf3/

entee 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Re. Gene drives, the article points out (and links to [1]) a major issue, but doesn't quite give the full story on that issue. Resistance to gene drives will arise, and isn't even that difficult to have happen.

Key point:

One source of this resistance is the CRISPR system itself, which uses an enzyme to cut a specific DNA sequence and insert whatever genetic code a researcher wants. Occasionally, however, cells sew the incision back together after adding or deleting random DNA letters. This can result in a sequence that the CRISPR gene-drive system no longer recognizes, halting the spread of the modified code.

CRISPR/Cas9 is a nuclease, it cuts DNA. It does not stitch it back together, the cell does that afterwards. Sometimes that goes smoothly, other times it doesn't, but one thing that happens frequently when you cut DNA is mutation. It's why radiation exposure is bad, DNA breaks cause mutations. If mutations yield immunity, then something that depends on mutations NOT happening to keep operating, but itself CAUSES mutation, is unlikely to function for very long.

[1] http://www.nature.com/news/gene-drives-thwarted-by-emergence...

salimmadjd 8 hours ago 4 replies      
CRISPR is a biological weapon!

Yes, this is something that is mostly not talked about. CRISPR is a virus engineered to attack and penetrate human cells and modify its DNA. It can be used for good. But at the same time the technology is becoming so easy accessible that it can be used to create a virus capable of whipping out the people. Or put a dormant gene in there that gradually kills people.

Up to 80% of people have Oral Herpes by some estimates. Imagine a virus like that could be engineered and spread quietly that in 10-20 years cause a worldwide cancer.

My point is, CRISPR can be used for nefarious activities. It's inevitable! So we need to create an antidote for it to prevent unwanted viruses that might one day be created by CRISPR.

dv_dt 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Listening to the description of applying Gene Drive in the radiolab episode sounds worrying as a layman. First order manipulation with CRISPR sounds reasonable, but then contemplation of Gene Drive, the adding of the editing mechanism itself into the genetic material of a mosquito in the wild seems wildly irresponsible. Now you're running an experiment x millions (billions?) of variations where if or when a virus breaches a given mosquitos cell defenses, they could potentially pick up the crispr gene themselves and then one could be a cross-species jump away from re-introducing that same cross-editing gene into other species (including humans).
jfarlow 9 hours ago 0 replies      
I think a better analogy is that CRISPR (Cas9) is the cursor package within the text editor. The (nearly completed) genomic text editor is the the entire suite of biological technologies we have at our disposal. Copy/Cut/Paste have been around a long time and made these discoveries possible. Rendering has been around for quite a while. Keyboards have permitted larger buffers to be written. But until recently a non-random, arbitrarily positionable cursor has been missing. Cas9 is importantly, and just, that piece of the suite.
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It's important to consider that genome editing tools existed prior to CRISPR and a novel technology is only as valuable as what preceded it. Tools such as zinc-finger nucleases, and TALENs were used and millions of dollars have been invested in developing those technologies to address the same problems for which CRISPR could be applied to. The author also posits that CRISPR could be used to edit any organism, which sounds impressive until you start to break down what that means. Take for instance that >99% of all micro-organisms haven't been cultured, which means that it's a really hard to make them genetically tractable. It's not like you just filter seawater, get some microbes and mix some CRISPR-encoded DNA with them. You would have to know their sequences a priori. And to sequence them, you would have to lyse the cells, generate large amounts of it, sequence it, thus leading to a classic chicken-egg problem.

I'd also like to mention that this technology can be imprecise/precise and due to the combinatorics of the systems you have to design in order to create edits, the ability to reliably edit different parts of the genome can be difficult to predict. It's not perfect. Furthermore, DNA self-replicates, mutates, and has external forces which dictate whether those changes actually should persist in the environment. What if a gene-drive mutates thus rendering it non-functional? The number of mutations that could render such a system to be non-functional vastly outnumbers the number of gene drives you would need to deal with said mutations. Although these types of mutations are unlikely, I'd just like to emphasize that DNA is constantly evolving, unlike say, a series of UNIX commands.

Also, spider-silk producing goats existed before CRISPR was used to create spider-silk producing goats. https://phys.org/news/2010-05-scientists-goats-spider-silk.h.... And so did glow-in-the-dark cats: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-14882008. The only difference is that they didn't have to pay millions of dollars in licensing fees to the Broad Institute.

I get that this sounds like I'm saying CRISPR sucks. It doesn't. It's a very valuable technology, which has much to offer. I just want to readily identify the ceiling of the hype.

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For anybody interested in performing CRISPR in their kitchen with $150 worth of pre-packaged materials, I would encourage them to take a look at The ODIN. It is a kit to get you started, and it comes with tutorials to take you all the way from knowing nothing to being able perform CRISPR and understand what you are doing.

(I have no affiliation with the product, I just like it): http://www.the-odin.com/diy-crispr-kit/

aerovistae 2 hours ago 1 reply      
Here's something I don't understand about this, maybe someone can help explain it. To implement a change in a person, you would have to modify the DNA in every cell in their body, would you not? I understand how the change is made to DNA with CRISPR, that's clear, but how can that change be propagated to affect an entire individual? Even an embryo is multicellular, is it not?
rm445 8 hours ago 2 replies      
For those wondering, the article makes an analogy between Thompson's 'Trusting Trust' paper and gene editing.

It wouldn't have surprised me to hear that Thompson had moved into gene hacking (at the age of 74) but I think he still works for Google.

joshma 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Relatedly, if you're an engineer looking to build the software that powers CRISPR[0], Benchling (YC S12) is hiring!

Most of the major research organizations working with CRISPR leverage Benchling -- the Broad Institute, various labs at Berkeley, companies like Editas, etc.

Shoot me an email: josh at benchling dot com

[0] https://benchling.com/crispr

abetusk 6 hours ago 0 replies      
One of the successes of Unix was because of free and open source software. One part of that in a biological setting is free/libre data. Efforts like the Harvard Personal Genome Project [1], Open Humans [2] and OpenSNP [3] are trying to provide researchers and the community as a whole with free/libre data so that research isn't done in silos or walled gardens.

CRISPR is pretty exciting but we also need to make sure there's a rich commons to build on. I encourage everyone to look into and support projects that make free/libre genomic data more available.

[1] http://www.personalgenomes.org/harvard/about

[2] https://www.openhumans.org/

[3] https://opensnp.org/

mtalantikite 9 hours ago 3 replies      
I recently went to see George Church and Siddhartha Mukherjee talk about genetic manipulation at Pioneer Works here in Brooklyn. Of course CRISPR/cas-9 came up for part of the discussion, but one question I wanted to ask and didn't get a chance to is: what is the error rate on the technique? I can't imagine that it is zero, and every article I read about CRISPR/cas-9 seems to leave that part out. Can anyone speak to that?
joshbaptiste 7 hours ago 0 replies      
sigh for the life of me I never remember the expanded acronym of CRISPR off the top of my head.
tridint 7 hours ago 4 replies      
Listening to CS people talk about biology is maddening.

"CRISPR... is to genomics what vi (Unixs visual text editor) is to software. "

This terrible comparison between DNA and code has been happening for years. In 2012, Thiel did the same thing in CS 183. We get to look back and see that he was wrong, but we'll have to wait a while before the 'DNA is code' group will admit this essay is bad. At least its not a TED talk and at least its better than Aubrey De Grey.

"Each VC on the panel made 2 predictions about technology in the next 5 years. The audience voted on whether they agreed with each prediction. One of my predictions was that biology would become an information science." -PT

reasonattlm 7 hours ago 0 replies      
There are a small number of known advantageous mutations already present in a small number of humans that could be introduced to larger numbers via CRISPR, brought to the clinic as a somatic gene therapy for adults. This is an enormous market in comparison to "merely" curing all genetic disease, as near every adult human would be able to benefit.

Not much movement in getting that into the clinic yet, however, for reasons that are entirely cultural. The first company to get one of these working via medical tourism will make a lot of money. CRISPR makes that goal pretty easy in comparison to the past.

These changes include things like extra follistatin or knocking out myostatin to gain greater muscle growth and less fat tissue, or removing or disabling ANGPTL4 to reduce heart attack risk by 50%. There are others along the same lines and more are being discovered as sequencing becomes ever cheaper.

The comparative lack of effort to make enhancement gene therapies a reality is nothing short of crazy, given the observed benefits in the few humans lucky enough to already have these variants or loss of function mutations.

aetherspawn 5 hours ago 0 replies      
This is how bio-bloat ware starts.
Show HN: Is It Snappy? Measure latency with your iPhone's 240 Hz camera isitsnappy.com
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Tangentially relevant, but I've been part of several communities that have discovered a lot of interesting things about some video games using high-speed cameras.

Super Smash Bros. Melee: A game where input lag really matters a lot, the reason we still play using CRTs, not only has several frames of input lag, but it's not a constant number of frames of lag. It can range from 2 to 5 frames of input lag.

Tetris the Grandmaster series: Another game where input lag has a huge impact not only has several frames of input lag (and people have resorted to all sorts of ways to reduce it, including AHK scripts that constantly move the mouse on Windows XP) but the first two games of the series don't run at 60Hz. TGM1 runs at a slightly lower rate, not really significant, but TGM2+ runs at 62.68Hz, which is quite significant and makes some of the challenges a tad harder.

Both of these communities took the measuring test a few steps further than what can be done with isitsnappy. They connected LEDs to the buttons so it was easier to know precisely in what frame the button was pressed.

Someone in the Melee community also placed photoresistors close to the screen and used an oscilloscope to know exactly when the brightness changed.

Not exactly the most relevant anecdotes, but I felt like sharing.

rossy 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Nice. That reminds me, Carmack tweeted that he could send an IP packet to Europe faster than he could send a pixel to the screen[1], and this is unfortunately true on modern hardware. It's nice that phones are putting the kind of high-speed cameras that can measure this latency into the hands of consumers. Maybe this will allow gamers to put some pressure on hardware manufacturers to reduce the latency that they add to the systems.

I tried to measure the latency of my own system a little while back. I used a digital camera to record video at 240 fps and measured the time it took for a button press on a DS4 connected over Bluetooth to be reflected on a Mega Drive emulator running the 240p test suite. I can't remember the exact latency, but I think it was around 80ms, which is okay, though there is definitely room for improvement.

[1]: https://twitter.com/id_aa_carmack/status/193480622533120001

theodorton 10 hours ago 2 replies      
> This ones bizarre: the onboard keyboards on both the 2015 Macbook Pro and Macbook Air have worse latency than an external keyboard. Plugging in an external wireless keyboard improves response latency by 40 ms. What are you doing, Apple?

I noticed this myself when I upgraded my wireless Magic Keyboard a few weeks ago. I haven't noticed any difference between the two (keyboards) before, and assumed that the new one felt snappier due to shorter travel.

Neliquat 9 hours ago 1 reply      
I used a similar trick when evaluating mice and monitors for gaming, but only had 60fps, but used some tricks (seperate lcd based display displaying microsecond timer in frame, some other timing hacks) to discover my trusty old crt outpreformed even the best flat panel in latency and black level. Still use it for gaming, and scrounging for another for when it finally goes. Other discoveries were being able to vary the ps2 keyboard polling rate (although the correct way seems broken in linux), and that even with higher polking rate on usb, the ps2 interrupts handled faster. Mouse ended up better as usb due to thruput issues with serial. Take care to find an uncorrected sensor output to avoid microjitter and variable response time. Only a few sensors do this, so finding mice by sensor is how I approached it.
Darthy 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Great work! I've already measured 4 of my gaming systems. The NDS outperformed them all - Rhythm Paradise reacts in 33ms from tap to image change B-)

I can imagine screenshot test results from your app becoming a standard way to show the latency of a certain game setup in internet forums. Ideally, an easily sharable result would have to show several things all in one image:

- 1 frame before you pressed the button

- the frame when you pressed the button

- 1 frame before something changed on the screen

- the frame when something changed on the screen

- plus timing data, obviously.

Since changes are sometimes quite small (like when mario jumps but he is kinda in the background because you have the joypad in the same shot), one would have to be able to zoom into a part of the screen for each of the 4 images. And maybe mark a part of the screen with a circle.

If you could do these changes, you've got a certified hit on your hands! Keep up the great work!

qq66 9 hours ago 0 replies      
My use for the timing capabilities of the 240Hz camera has been in measuring the shutter speeds of antique film cameras, which tend to get slower with age. So I find myself using a 240Hz camera from 2016 to calibrate and use a film camera from 1941.
criley2 7 hours ago 3 replies      
" The response latency of the real world is zero. When you pick up an object, your fingers and the object move in lockstep."

This is a misleading and mostly false statement.

The human consciousness requires time for discrete data to be combined by the brain into what we perceive.

It is NOT instantaneous in real life. There is multiple forms of biological latency from the maximum speed of electrical impulse propagation through neurons to the "compile time" of the brain to assemble and modify information into a cohesive output for internal human consumption.

It may seem pointless to point this out, but many sources indicate that the delay between real life and perception is ~80 miliseconds, around 1/10th of a second.

These are speeds which are highly relevant to the discussion of software lag, as a program running 60 times per second updates several times during the "brain lag" of 80ms.

(Oh and the reason why you can overcome the 1/10th of a second lag and have your hand move in lockstep with reality is a variety of compensation mechanisms, like proprioception, which allow you to estimate where your hand will be in relation to reality and achieve it successfully).


stinos 9 hours ago 2 replies      
Ubuntu latency is better than Windows 10 on this hardware?! Way to go!

Better check your videocard driver's settings. For NVidia on Windows, you can for example alter number of prerendered frames which IIRC defaults to at least 3. Putting that to 0 and turning off a bunch of other things listed in the settings, decent nVidia cards on decent hardware can get a latency of 2 frames which is probably the bare minimum. At 60Hz with a screen which doesn't add additional latency that is 33.3mSec (between the software issueing a render call and the actual output on the screen).

At work we measure latency using an oscilloscope, a photodiode pointed to the (top left of the) screen and some input event e.g. from a fast digital output card (i.e. less than a mSec to get an output high from software). E.g. in software we set an output high in the piece of code of interest then just measure the time between that high edge and the photodiode firing. But using a camera is a neat though somewhat more manual process.

mrb 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Love these high speed cameras on phones. I used my Pixel's 240 fps camera to expose a 120 Hz flicker on subpar LED bulbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbenId_F2RQ
amadeusw 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Our current benchmarks tell us what's happening after OS sends keystroke to the text editor and before we hand off rendering to the OS. This tool has potential to tell us what's happening outside these bounds.

I would like to see a visualization of the recorded sound, so that I can set the "input" frame to exactly when I hit the keyboard. I'll even pay to have this accurately aligned.

Good job so far!

louprado 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Last night I was going to use my video camera to measure the startup latency of a vibration motor by comparing it to a "Power On" LED. So this HN post is great timing.
zokier 8 hours ago 0 replies      
End-to-end latency is definitely something that deserves attention. It'd be interesting to modify mouse&kb by adding LEDs in series with the switches. That way you'd get good visual indicator when the event happened without any added latency. Combine that with 144hz monitor and actual high-speed camera (I hear good things about Chronos camera), and you could do very accurate software latency measurements

This MSR video from few years back is also pretty cool wrt touch interface latency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOvQCPLkPt4

js2 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Oh, you could use this for treadmill calibration:


_rknLA 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Re: the gotchas, it's possible that this is due to how the app is architected in combination with how the phone and OS are architected. The input rate of 3D Touch, for example, is tightly coupled to the display output frame rate, which, in turn, is tightly coupled to the things you do on the main thread. I don't know off-hand if the camera input is coupled to anything in this way, but it's something to look into, and Apple's documentation should indicate this sort of behavior.
abpavel 9 hours ago 5 replies      

 > The response latency of the real world is zero
No, it's actually the speed of light.

Razengan 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Unrelated to the article but coincidental post about the iPhone camera's speed on Reddit yesterday:


nkristoffersen 10 hours ago 1 reply      
Very cool use of standard tech!
tyingq 8 hours ago 3 replies      
Only slightly related, but your phone camera is also useful for checking if your television remote is working.

The otherwise non visible IR led in the remote lights up when viewed via a phone camera, as you press buttons on the remote.

Handy if you suspect the remote is broken, but aren't sure.

floatboth 10 hours ago 1 reply      
> It is interesting that Atoms latency gets worse by two frames when Haskell syntax highlighting is enabled.

Heh, that's not so surprising to me. There are several vim plugins for Haskell, and one of them had some very slow features that made the latency go into the "many seconds" range :D

The Macbook keyboards one is ridiculous though.

chis 7 hours ago 0 replies      
The next level would be a desktop app that syncs up with your phone and flashes the screen at a precise time while you record video. Then monitor lag could be tested without expensive hardware.

But maybe UNIX time isn't precise enough for that sort of thing? I actually don't know.

dmytroi 9 hours ago 0 replies      
Awesome! This is also very visible in touch based interfaces, especially in scrolling. I did a video with high speed camera to show how laggy real interfaces are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EhJo2OPR44
semi-extrinsic 11 hours ago 1 reply      
Would be nice to also see latency in cmd.exe and in bash on the XPS 13; and also the latency inside BIOS/UEFI menus.
wnevets 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Could something like this work with the pixel's camera?
potomushto 8 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm building a similar app for measuring UI latencies, but as a desktop app (for regressions checks on CI). Your app seems much more universal and platform-agnostic, really cool idea!
swinglock 8 hours ago 1 reply      
I don't know if it's accurate but it also works on iPad Air 2 which supposedly only does 120 FPS.

The app crashes when attempting to delete captures though.

notheguyouthink 9 hours ago 1 reply      
Would love this for Android! Hell, i'd happily buy it!
samstave 10 hours ago 2 replies      
What a crazy cool idea!

Question: what is the standard human physiologic "click" time?

How fast or slow does it take to make a click. A mouse click takes longer than a screen tap, no?

Sometimes one will hold a mouse click if they are unsure.

What might be a better way is to record a scenario and measure response time on the replay?

Cool idea regardless

metricodus 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Used a similar trick with an old Casio ages ago. Maybe it was a EX-10? not sure. I think it did 120 fps at 480p in like 2010.
Denouement staffjoy.com
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What a classy way to set your tools down. Also the new startup sounds great. Reading this made me trust this guy and want to work with him if I ever had the chance. I'm sure he and the rest of the team will pull off something good one day.
apathy 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Thank you for doing this -- all of it. It seems like you've built up a tremendous amount of goodwill and I hope it will pay off for you, in what seems like a much more focused new venture. If you can capture 10% of Craigslist's reach without the sketch, you should be OK :-)
forkLding 20 minutes ago 0 replies      
Interesting to see mobius, looks like an optimization-model-as-a-service, very cool!
cturlica 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Great piece -- good luck Philip!
douche 56 minutes ago 0 replies      
Google claims Levandowski launched competing projects long before Otto techcrunch.com
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itsmemattchung 6 hours ago 4 replies      
> Levandowski was able to collect more than $120 million in incentive pay from Google, the complaint says, all while he was breaching his obligations to Google and building a company that would compete with Google.

Uh.... that's a ridiculous amount of money to try and incentivize someone.

sushid 6 hours ago 3 replies      
The most eye-catching part of the article was the fact that "Levandowski was able to collect more than $120 million in incentive pay from Google." Wow! I knew that competition was fierce but not hundreds of millions of dollars fierce.

That and his chunk of the $680MM acquisition price for Otto means his venture was well worth it as long as he can avoid jail time.

dkarapetyan 4 hours ago 0 replies      
$120M. Google basically paid this guy's lawyer fees and then some. They literally enabled and financed their own court case through this guy's salary. Since this is white collar crime this guy will not spend any time in jail, the lawyers will get rich, and either it will be settled or like Oracle case will be dragged out for a decade until Uber is out of business but since all the higher-ups are friends I'm guessing it will be settled.
ehsankia 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Every day we're finding out about new details of crazy things this guy did. Everyone's focusing on the $120M, but can we talk about the fact that he was connected to two other startups while working at Google, never disclosed it, and later basically acquired both of those?
microtherion 4 hours ago 1 reply      
While this is an extreme case, it seems to me that this highlights why aqui-hires may not be a good idea:

The founders of aqui-hired companies may get compensation which is completely out of line with what engineers originally at the hiring company earn. Furthermore, it gives them both the means and the motivation to only stay in their new job until they've earned out their incentive pay, and then repeat the quit /found startup/get aqui-hired cycle.

This basically teaches both the aqui-hired and the tenured engineers that the way to get ahead is to embark on a series of short term engagements. I'm sure that many consider this style of career the true magic of silicon valley, but to me it looks like companies are incentivizing disloyalty.

firstpost1234 5 hours ago 0 replies      
if you're going to commit a crime, always make sure it's a $50MM+ crime. that way you can squirrel away the money and pay for lawyers.
sAbakumoff 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Levandowski seems like one of those "Hustle" tv show characters who was able to collect money from everyone by using a sophisticated scheme and almost got away with it. Hope he will write a memoir one day called "if I did it" or something
DOJ Cautions Employers Seeking H-1B Visas Not to Discriminate Against US Workers justice.gov
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negrit 5 hours ago 4 replies      
The consulting firms have been abusing the H-1B system for years. I've been