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YouTube Community goes beyond video googleblog.com
131 points by aritraghosh007  4 ago   46 comments top 15
niftich 3 ago 0 replies      
I believe this is a sensible course of action and a natural evolution/pivot/hedge of making use of an existing social network/community to satisfy a couple goals (for Google):

- Have a general-purpose social network, but bootstrapped from a userbase where it can be welcome rather than vilified (unlike Buzz, Google+, etc.)

- Stop the slow trickle of (duplicative, cross-pollinated) traffic from the Youtube community to other platforms, because their own platform is lacking (they needed Twitter-like micro-announcements badly)

- Better arm themselves against other sites that have done video from the beginning but are expected to develop a similar direction (Twitch)

- Better arm themselves against other sites that didn't start off with video but have branched out into it (Facebook & subsidiaries, Twitter & subsidiaries, Tumblr, most other social networks these days)

Hopefully this also stops the (IMO, frankly irrational [1][2][3]) speculation that Twitter will be bought out by Google.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12418727#12420732[2] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12083561#12083975[3] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11913828#11914620

jkldotio 37 ago 0 replies      
Censorship and demonetisation on YouTube seems to be happening to people fairly regularly, and without appeal, via poorly calibrated algorithms, corporate pressure and to satisfy mobs of complaining people for various reasons. The rules seem to be vague to the point of meaninglessness and it seems even the stars of the platform who often share managers and production companies with other stars have difficulty getting in touch with YouTube to resolve issues.

I think most content producers have wised up to this and diversify their audience over multiple platforms. If you rely on the income putting all your eggs in the YouTube basket is a massive risk until they clean up their processes (there are many automated and social methods to do some of this but they seem completely uninterested in doing it).

spiderfarmer 4 ago 2 replies      
This looks like Google+ without the name. I always thought this is how Google+ should have been introduced. Small steps, without the hype, integrated in all Google products. Now it's too late and people will be bugged by every future attempt at social sharing / community building.
NamTaf 7 ago 0 replies      
Excellent! I've always needed a way to interact with the type of people who make Youtube comments!

Seriously though, I get what they're trying to make a play at - the small communities that spring up around content creators based on a certain topic. It's clearly a shot across the bow of Facebook pages which can embed videos in a feed as well as post discussion pieces, etc.

I would've personally liked to see them do it a bit more robustly. This and other platforms allow for creator - consumer interaction, but not consumer - consumer, and I think that's a differentiating strength of content creators on Youtube. Take it from being a copy of a Facebook page, to a sort of hybrid Facebook page/group with one leading creator and then interaction amongst all the consumers of that content. It could've potentially recreated the forums community feel using an existing set of communities as the kickstarter for the platform.

hiddenkrypt 3 ago 3 replies      
The phrase "Youtube Community" does not bring positive images to mind when I hear it.
GuiA 2 ago 2 replies      
This is a good way to kickstart a social network - integrate it deeply into a product that already has a very well established userbase.

As other commenters pointed out, this is infinitely more likely to stick than Google Plus. I've personally never felt that Google was serious about Google+. If they had been, they'd have gone for an approach like this one from the start. For instance, integrate it natively to Gmail (and of course make it individually accessible on its own domain) - it worked for Hangouts adoption.

Make it a new tab in Gmail, make it very fast and easy to switch between your email and your social feed. Many people already spend many hours in gmail, or have a tab always open anyway. Adoption would have been instant, and if they had done that in 2011, maybe it would have had a shot at dethroning Facebook.

riskable 3 ago 3 replies      
I was really hoping that, after reading the title, YouTube Community was going to be about Google crowdsourcing DMCA takedown request reviews. As in, let the community (a jury of your peers) decide if a takedown is fraudulent (I've got many, yet to receive a legitimate claim!) rather than relying on the "word" of an automated robot that only knows how to say, "take it down!".
em3rgent0rdr 4 ago 1 reply      
How long till Google kills it?
legohead 4 ago 1 reply      
a swing and a miss. there already exist powerful platforms for social sharing that most if not all big youtubers take advantage of.

I have over 700 hundred youtube subscriptions and check out my feed daily. I definitely do not want my subscription feed clogged up with texts, gifs, and whatnot. I really don't care what the political beliefs of XYZ hobby channel have, I watch for their specialized content.

youtube is the powerhouse behind video. stick with that, continue making it better. there is still more to be done.

lacker 10 ago 0 replies      
Finally, we can take the great experience of YouTube comments, and bring it to even more places!
dexwiz 3 ago 1 reply      
So channels can now tweet/blog directly in youtube, and not on Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/Instagram/Whatever? Sounds like one more place to put ads.

EDIT: I mean "sponsored content."

guelo 3 ago 1 reply      
Google's social product design is just a mess. When I open Youtube I can barely figure out what's going on.
madamelic 3 ago 1 reply      
Just make sure not to:

1) Swear.

2) Say anything offensive.

3) Have fun.

4) Forget to mention how delicious and refreshing Coca-Cola is.

ravenstine 2 ago 1 reply      
Google has fallen flat on its face every time it has tried to build a social network of any kind. I'm really not sure I even want this.
bemmu 2 ago 0 replies      
Will this be accessible from the API?
Hipmunk (YC S10) Acquired by Concur techcrunch.com
89 points by jasonwilk  3 ago   39 comments top 12
kylecordes 2 ago 8 replies      
Hipmunk has been an excellent flight search tool, the best I have found as of a few years ago. Shockingly better than most of the rest of them back when it started, in terms of being able to understand and choose among numerous choices.

Unfortunately, that was then and this is now. Several of the airlines have dropped out of participating in flight comparison sites, and those that do apparently pay staggeringly little per referral. This is greatly eroded the usefulness of Hipmunk and similar sites, and taken away the motivation for anyone to pressure airlines to participate. Why bother when the most you can win is a tiny sliver?

I wish there is a way to simply pay a little money to get a comprehensive high quality comparison of all available flights from all airlines. I don't want AI, I don't want a travel agent to do it for me. I most definitely don't want to visit multiple airline websites and try to manually compare the offerings. I just want to see all of the different ways to get from point A to point B, in a well engineered graphical representation, all at once so I can quickly and effectively choose the best fit. I would love if there was a way to simply pay some dollars to do so.

alberth 1 ago 0 replies      
Anyone have insight into the sale price?

Hipmunk raised $55M over 7 rounds [1] and had 51 employees [2].

[1] https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/hipmunk#/entity

[2] https://www.hipmunk.com/about

dlevine 37 ago 0 replies      
Congrats to the Hipmunk team! I've been using Hipmunk since the beginning, and have found it to be a pleasant way to search for flights. They obviously care a lot about creating a good experience for the customer, which is a lot more than I can say about the big travel sites.

I hope that the team had a nice exit, and that they continue to develop Hipmunk within Concur.

nilkn 1 ago 2 replies      
Hipmunk and Google Flights are my two go-to tools these days for beginning the search for flight tickets. I use Hipmunk when I know where I want to go and when, and I use Google Flights when I know I want to take a trip, but I'm flexible about both when and where.
mmanfrin 1 ago 3 replies      
Concur feels like an odd company to acquire them, but maybe it's to streamline business travel?

Also -- I recently used Hipmunk (been using it for a few years now), but found that it didn't find deals that Chase's rewards portal found, which I thought was terribly odd (why would a rewards portal find better deals?).

pcurve 38 ago 0 replies      
what a shame... I've always loved Hipmunk and its "sort by agony" filter. I have to use Concur at work and I think it's pretty rubbish.
peteretep 1 ago 0 replies      
Their business class search has been broken for months, and they didn't care. Feels like they were on the way out.
trustfundbaby 39 ago 0 replies      
Does this mean Hipmunk (the site) will eventually be going away?
milesward 39 ago 0 replies      
Congrats Hipmunk homies!
aeijdenberg 1 ago 0 replies      
Congrats to Adam, Steve and team! Flight search is a tough industry to break into, and they did a great job against the odds to get there.
dmoney67 1 ago 0 replies      
Congrats guys, I'm so happy the product will live on.
raldi 2 ago 0 replies      
YC Changes ycombinator.com
404 points by skndr  7 ago   101 comments top 33
ncd 7 ago 1 reply      
Michael was one of our group partners during S16, and I cannot think of a person better suited for this position than him. He consistently demonstrated the ability to cut through all of the nonsense founders tried to use to defend their actions (ourselves included) and delivered fantastic insights into our businesses to which we were blinded.

For me, the group partners were the primary value delivered by YC during the program, and I look forward to that value being continued under Michael's leadership. Congratulations!

dhawalhs 7 ago 2 replies      
Obligatory link to How to Start a Startup Stanford class by Sam Altman: http://startupclass.samaltman.com/

As the founder of a MOOC search engine, I am excited. Its good for my business :)

P.S. You can follow the class on Class Central [1] and we will send you an update whenever the course dates are actually announced

[1] https://www.class-central.com/mooc/7130/startup-school?follo...

brianliou91 4 ago 1 reply      
I would personally seek Michael's advice when I was in the S15 batch because of how earnest his advice was. Even for companies outside his group you could really tell the effort he would give to provide quality guidance. One example of how much Michael cares was in the days before our demo day, I was the first to come in at 8AM and Michael literally had slept on the couch having stayed up all night providing feedback the night before. He comes out of the partners office, sits down, and has me pitch maybe 10 minutes after he probably woke up :) Congrats!
minimaxir 7 ago 1 reply      
What didn't work with the Fellowship, exactly? In light of the dissolution, how did the winners of the Apply HN competition (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11440627) work with the most recent Fellowship class?
inputcoffee 7 ago 1 reply      
You buried the lede: a YC MOOC!

I always felt that onemonth.com basically was the YC MOOC. (It is funded by YC, and you see the themes of user first, user research, growth etc running through it).

Not sure if anyone else here knows what I mean.

Will the MOOC be free?

btilly 3 ago 1 reply      
Seeing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Buchheit in the announcement is a fun coincidence. He founded gmail. One of the things he did with gmail is gave it a command-line user interface.

I recently found out that a lot of people I would expect to know about it, don't. If that includes you, go to the gear on the upper right of your gmail, select that, then Settings, then turn keyboard shortcuts on and save.

Typing "?" randomly in gmail will let you know what shortcuts are there. It takes time for your fingers to learn them, but scanning email with j k [ ] is so much faster than a mouse. I don't even think before using / to search. :-)

giarc 7 ago 2 replies      
MOOC = Massive Open Online Course

If I had to look it up, I'm sure others are in the same boat.

dasmoth 7 ago 1 reply      
Am I reading this correctly that the $20,000 YC fellowship is no longer available (and therefore the only want to get any form seed funding from YC is once again to move to the Bay Area)?

That said, the MOOC sounds interesting!

ghshephard 5 ago 0 replies      
One question does YC == Y Combinator? In the TLDR, YC Core is renamed to "YC", and YC Group now consists of Y Combinator, YC Continuity, YC Research and the new YC MOOC. But I wasn't 100% clear whether the group Michael Seibel is the CEO of "YC" is the same as the component in the YC Group referred to as "Y Combinator".

It would have been a bit more clear (to me) if the group had been consistently referred to as "YC" if that's the new branding, so I'm guessing there are a lot of others like me who aren't certain as well.

huhtenberg 7 ago 1 reply      
Does Paul (pg) have an active role in YC? Asking as a curious outsider.
errythingisneat 6 ago 2 replies      
What the world needs is a solution to funding orders of magnitude more startups than currently get funded.

YC is in the incredibly fortunate position of having this opportunity but instead it looks like Sam Altman is falling into the same trap Larry Page did with Google. He's turning it into a bit of a rich guy's playground...

On behalf of the world that wasn't born into a world of wealth and elite connections: Please shine your massive resources on the many thousands of deserving little startups!

baldajan 6 ago 1 reply      
PG wasnt joking when he said:

"You could parachute [Sam] into an island full of cannibals and come back in 5 years and he'd be the king." - PG 5.5 years ago[1]

[1] http://paulgraham.com/fundraising.html

jlteran 7 ago 1 reply      
Will the MOOC content be in any way different from How to Start a Startup by Sam A. (class taught at Stanford)
bedros 7 ago 1 reply      
I'm surprised they got to shutdown YC Fellowship; is it already shut down, or they are planning on that next year.

Without YC how one could get access to YC network and get one to one advice without moving to bayarea?

online classes are not really one to one advice.

raldi 6 ago 1 reply      
My understanding of a provost's role is to be as senior as possible without having to do any administrative, managerial, or executive duties -- so they can focus entirely on academic topics.

Is that basically what you're going for with the PB analogy, except s/academic/startup-mentoring/ ?

PascLeRasc 1 ago 1 reply      
So is this new "YC" an acronym for YC Core? That seems a bit like the GNU's Not Unix thing.
noodles23 5 ago 1 reply      
I hope Paul Buchheit becoming a provost doesn't mean he won't be part of YC going forward.

A little part of me is hoping to have him on our interview panel again to show him how far we've come.

maxerickson 7 ago 1 reply      
The theme of YC Research seems to be futurology.
OoTheNigerian 5 ago 0 replies      
Michael has been everywhere when it comes promoting YC. Si it's great to see this formalization.

Of course, the timing of this announcement is more exciting being that Michael and Qasar will be in Nigeria in 10 days :) [1][2]

re: MOOC


What are your thoughts on (semi)formalizing a relationship with incubators globally as the top of the funnel for recruiting startups.

It can key into them helping adopt your MOOC curriculum. That way the fundamentals of knowledge are taken care of at the lowest of levels and potential YC recruits have the basics even before applying.

I was just having it as a rough idea to discuss with Michael when he visits only to see this post pop up

[1] Lagos - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/techcircle-presents-building-a-...

[2] Abuja - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/techcircle-presents-build-a-gre...

Both are oversubscribed but pop me an email (see profile) if you want to attend and have not registered I'll get you a ticket.

pbreit 7 ago 0 replies      
So is "YC Core" what we have historically thought of as YC?

What is PG's role these days?

anonymoose7191 5 ago 2 replies      
I expect to be downvoted but my YC interview with Michael a couple summers back left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm not really sure he asked more than "how is this a billion dollar company?" multiple times during the 10 minutes. I'm not sure why YC would pay $1k to fly us to Mountain View if that question was that important and wasn't already answered by our application.

Hope that was just a fluke though... Good luck YC!

andkon 5 ago 0 replies      
Missed naming opportunity: Y Combinator Combinator
sethbannon 5 ago 0 replies      
There are many great mentors in the startup world, but I've yet to meet one with a better time in to help out ratio than Michael Seibel. Excellent choice to lead YC.

It's also very inspiring to see YC Group tackling some of the world's most important problems. Excited to see what comes of this.

Angostura 3 ago 0 replies      
> *Im going to be the President of YC Group, which includes Y Combinator, YC Continuity, YC Research, and our

Presumably it also includes YC (that used to be YC Core) - was including 'Y Combinator'in the list a slip - and it should have been YC?

baron816 6 ago 0 replies      
I asked Sam in a live webcast he did some months ago whether YC would build a chatbot for the fellowship to replace mentors and he said they would try. I wonder if they actually did and it'll be included in the MOOC.
afinlayson 5 ago 1 reply      
So YC is the new Alphabet?
soneca 6 ago 0 replies      
Any hint on a more precise date for Startup School MOOC version launch?Closer to Jan/2017 or closer to Dec/2017?
otto_ortega 6 ago 0 replies      
I can't wait for the MOOC!!
Kinnard 5 ago 1 reply      
It's ambiguous wether the MOOC will be replacing the Fellowship the Fellowship will be continuing along with this new component.
wslh 7 ago 0 replies      
YC is really unique. I expect the MOOC will include a nurturing and/or funding path beyond the courses.
kochb 7 ago 0 replies      
Small correction, Socialcam was YC W12, not S12.
davmar 7 ago 1 reply      
erikpukinskis 6 ago 4 replies      
Tonic is now RunKit, a part of Stripe runkit.com
136 points by tolmasky  5 ago   21 comments top 7
tolmasky 4 ago 8 replies      
Hi everyone, I'm a part of the Ton-err RunKit team and would be more than happy to answer any questions!
s0l1dsnak3123 4 ago 1 reply      
First time I've heard of RunKit. I've used Jupyter in the past to do a similar thing (minus the API stuff which is very cool). What does RunKit provide that Jupyter doesn't?
skissane 1 ago 1 reply      
Other things called "runkit":

* a PHP module - http://php.net/manual/en/book.runkit.php

* a Swift wrapper for Grand Central Dispatch - https://cocoapods.org/pods/RunKit

* an Objective-J animation library - https://github.com/austinsarner/RunKit

Of course, there are only a finite number of possible names, especially when you limit yourself to names that are brief and meaningful, which makes name collisions almost inevitable. And maybe the above items are all obscure enough that it doesn't matter (I had heard of the first before, due to my past life as a PHP developer, but the other two I only found by searching)

diggan 3 ago 0 replies      
If someone wants to see a runnable demo, I've created one about one year ago, that maps the bicycle stations of Barcelona https://runkit.com/victorb/bicing
grinich 3 ago 0 replies      
Is there a reason why RunKit isn't open source?

PS: does this mean Ross now works for Stripe... again? :Preply

joshmanders 4 ago 0 replies      
Congrats RunKit team! I've always played with npm modules before I actually started using them thanks to you guys.
JMiao 3 ago 0 replies      
Congrats, Ross and Francisco! I was curious about what you two were up to, which led me to Tonic two weeks ago. You guys move quickly! ;)
Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt theguardian.com
93 points by jonah  5 ago   30 comments top 8
esaym 3 ago 4 replies      
There was an earlier excavation of some of the frozen corpses as well and they were taken to laboratories to be studied. After thawing some of the gut bacteria, some were still alive. One of the scientist was smart enough to experiment with how the old bacteria handled modern antibiotics. Strangely many already had resistance[1]. And this discovery was largely unreported.


JoeAltmaier 2 ago 1 reply      
"If you could lift this boat out of the water, and pump the water out, it would probably float.

That is a fascinating possibility.

btw title should be amended "found by European explorers". Or change the date to 162 years, since it was discovered by an Inuit gentleman six years earlier?

jfb 4 ago 2 replies      
The best part is that a local hunter found the boat six years ago. That's awesome.
arethuza 4 ago 1 reply      
A years back I became fascinated with 19th century Artic exploration through reading Fergus Fleming's excellent book Barrow's Boys: A Stirring Story of Daring, Fortitude, and Outright Lunacy.

I was therefore rather surprised to find that one of the bodies from the Franklin expedition, of Lieutenant John Irving, is buried not far from where I live in central Edinburgh:


ceejayoz 4 ago 1 reply      
There's a fun Dan Simmons book "The Terror" that tells a (very) fictional account of what happened to them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Terror_(novel)
felix_thursday 4 ago 2 replies      
Isn't there a cruise ship trying to make the northwest passage next year?
polynomial 3 ago 0 replies      
Good thing this won't be a problem anymore.
exabrial 2 ago 0 replies      
Does it have a pair of glasses that are the key plot device in a Michael Bay movie?
QuineDB A quine that is also a key-value store github.com
52 points by panic  2 ago   10 comments top 6
qwertyuiop924 46 ago 1 reply      
This is one of those glorious "because I can" projects that I love to see on HN. It shows that in a world full of big data, VC, and startups, where tech is a big buisiness, we can still do something for the fun of it, without having a reason, or trying to provide value. In short, it shows that the hacker spirit isn't dead.

I wonder if we can create a sort of Y combinator for quines: A function called YQ, that, when called with any function X as an argument will pass X a value that, when printed, generates reproduces both X and YQ, and calls X with YQ. I suppose the problem is that it would be hard to reproduce all of the values X depends on. You could just hedge on this, but that's not really the Right Thing.

Also, I think this is the Most Functional database: it rebuilds the entire program every time state changes.

p4bl0 1 ago 0 replies      
This is totally awesome, and fun. Also it makes me remember a work I participated in when I was still an undergrad:

Can Code Polymorphism Limit Information Leakage?https://pablo.rauzy.name/research.html#amarilli2011polymorph...

The idea is that based on a Quine with payload (similar to what QuineDB does) we are able to produce a different but equivalent version of the code, and replace it with this new version, so that each time it executes, the execution trace (e.g. power leakage) is different.

apeace 1 ago 0 replies      
Amazing. If you like this, you may also like Quine Relay, a quine program that cycles through 100 different languages:


ashertrockman 29 ago 1 reply      
Really clever. I am working through EOPL, and this seems pretty familiar; it's the procedural representation of a database!

Can't wait to deploy this with my next web app.

__jal 20 ago 0 replies      
Now that's what I call continuous deployment!
m3kw9 21 ago 1 reply      
What's a Quine
GitLab Master Plan gitlab.com
467 points by dwaxe  13 ago   258 comments top 38
PaulRobinson 13 ago 10 replies      
It's interesting to me how much effort is being spent on adding tools like issue tracking, build pipelines, deploy management, etc. vs just providing good hooks for standalone tools that do all those things.

We have discussions about Jenkins vs Concourse, where to keep ansible vault passwords, should documentation live in Github wiki or in Confluence (apparently "tech" documentation in the form, "business" documentation in the latter - what if it's both? Who decides?), and so on.

There is something nice about being able to go to a single place and saying "OK, it's all here in this box". Github has made inroads with some of this stuff, but not quite enough. Gitlab could try and do all this, but then people will moan ("I prefer JIRA/Trello/whatever").

Most of the pain around developer/business workflow around us at the moment actually comes down to the fact that nobody has _really_ thought about providing a great unified UX for all of this.

Part of the concern is people want to be "flexible". No, dictate, just make sure what you dictate is a better solution to what people have.

If GitLab get it right, github could be a minor player (unless they keep up) in a few years time.

HorizonXP 10 ago 4 replies      
We are currently on Github and are using CoreOS' Quay.io private Docker registry with Github hooks for automated build creation. Total cost: $50/month for Github for private repos, and $100/month for CoreOS' managed service that includes Quay.io.

Years ago, I did set up our own private Docker registry and build server, but it was a lot of work to setup and maintain, so I killed it. Hopefully and probably, that's become easier to do today.

However, last night, I decided that I had had enough with our current setup (it's slow, expensive, and cumbersome), and moved to GitLab. Here were the steps:

1. Create an account.

2. Create a repository, and select the option to import from Github.

3. Connect my Github account, and import all of our private repositories.

4. Ensure Container Registry was enabled for the repositories.

5. Create a .gitlab-ci.yaml file in each repository to build our Docker images. (https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/ci/docker/using_docker_build.html)

6. Decide that I didn't want to use the Shared Runners.

7. Spin up an EC2 Ubuntu instance, install GitLab's multi-runner. (https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ci-multi-runner/blob/ma...)

8. Add the new runner to each repo.

9. Start a build to ensure Docker image gets built.

In less than 10 steps, I was able to migrate all of our code and CI to GitLab, in less than 2 hours. With the repository mirroring, Github can remain synced to GitLab, so that I have time to modify our deployment scripts to use the GitLab URLs instead. I'll be cancelling our GitHub and CoreOS subscriptions this week.

As our team grows, we will likely host GitLab on our own servers, and I expect that will go smoothly. I'll be happy to pay them at that time. Right now, I'm really happy with this migration.

asb 12 ago 5 replies      
Right now, Gerrit and Phabricator give an almost unrivalled code review experience - the ability to queue multiple comments up and submit them at once, mark previous things as fixed, keep track of a patch as it evolves along with the comments that were made against it. However the Github/Gitlab PR flow is easier for most occasional contributors.

My question to Gitlabbers following this thread: do you have anything in the works for improving code review to better match some of the use cases which are handled so well by the Gerrit/Phabricator approach?

exxo_ 7 ago 0 replies      
We (NVIDIA) recently moved away from Quay/Github/Jenkins to Gitlab for our deep learning automation and the experience so far has been truly amazing. We were able to automate our most complex DL container pipeline in a matter of days. We still have to workaround some Gitlab limitations (e.g. issues [CE]17069, [CE]18994, [CE]18106, [EE]224) but overall it's great to see everything working in harmony (i.e. Docker registry, CI pipelines, Git repositories, Runners on-premises). On a personal note, I would like to see more storage on Githost.io instances considering the fact that you can't easily delete pipeline traces and that Docker images can quickly add up.
user5994461 5 ago 7 replies      
Conclusion from reading: Gitlab is just another open-source company that raised money and is now desperate to monetize it's products.

Unfortunately for them. The market is already saturated with CI tools, including good ones.

- If you want good self-hosted CI, you use teamcity (jetbrains) or bamboo (atlassian). Side note: They cost money, you get what you pay for.

- If you want good SaaS CI, you use travis-ci (linux), circle-ci (linux) or appveyor (windows).

- If you want to suffer endlessly, you use Jenkins (previously hudson). It's shit, it has a Bad UI, it's an aggregation of poorly maintained plugins, it lack even the most simple features, the list goes on...

- If you want to go exotic, you can find dozens of other [partial] CI tools.

There is no room for gitlab. Teamcity already has a free edition offering 20 projects and 3 slaves. All the aforementioned tools are free for open-source projects.

Disclaimer: I have used all the tools mentioned above.


The reason the good tools are not popular is:

1) they cost money and people are bitches when it comes to spending even $10

2) most people start with the old well-known shitty tools and then they're locked in... and the efforts required to move away just increase over time (sadly, nobody got fired for choosing Jenkins in the first place :( )

jbk 12 ago 2 replies      
We use heavily gitlab-CE for VideoLAN (VLC, x264) on our hosted infra, and so far we're very happy about it.

The only part blocking us from moving completely to gitlab and deprecate everything else is mostly the limited issues tracker (compared to trac, for example).

slap_shot 13 ago 2 replies      
Just a few years ago I was in love with Github and felt nothing could ever displace it. But as time went on, they just fell asleep at the wheel. I've been using Gitlab for the last six months and there is no chance I would ever go back to being a paying customer of Github. I'm so glad to hear GitLab raised more money to keep going!
cygned 12 ago 6 replies      
Honestly, installing and maintaining GitLab is still not a pleasure. The Omnibus package was too unsafe for us because we wanted greater control about versions and stuff; and the bundled pre-configured applications in it (e.g. nginx) cause a lot of problems with existing installations.

We were basically not able to create a stable deployment on a machine also running other services. But none of use really likes Ruby and rvm, maybe that's also one of the reasons why we struggled.

ShakataGaNai 1 ago 0 replies      
GitLab has made a lot of great inroads and will continue to do so. It's all about momentum. Of course people are going the tools that are familar to themselves. However as more and more start to adopt GitLab (probably as a github replacement or small personal projects), they are going to ask for that more in the corporate world.

It's also a matter of developing the maturity of the integrated tools. CI for a example. Does jenkins have a shit load more features? Yes. Does Jenkins do scheduled tasks? Yes. But jenkins is also a massive ugly, unwieldy behemoth. Some issues like the Cronjob portion can be worked around in GitLab (webcron to build trigger APIs) but it's not as nice... yet. The CI feature is barely an infant compared to the age of Jenkins. However for 90% of what I need? Works great. Well worth it to me.

Every month they've been releasing improvements on numerous fronts and it's been amazing to see. The product has gone from "eh" to "wow" in about a year. I look forward to seeing if they can sustain this product growth (I'm guessing the 20mil will help).

sandGorgon 12 ago 4 replies      
Congrats guys! I'm curious if you are going to change directions in technology - ruby is fairly unsuited for on-premise deployment.

Before I get flamed, of course you guys have made a great build and deployment system... but nothing can beat a " java -jar start.jar" or "./golang" . And I think it comes a fair bit of performance for free.

Wonder what are your thoughts around that ? I keep thinking that Gitlab could be the "killer app" for a new fangled java framework like SparkJava or something.

xxpor 12 ago 3 replies      
Maybe I just haven't been following the news, but since when does Y Combinator do Series B rounds? I thought they (you?) were exclusively seed funders.
weitzj 3 ago 0 replies      
Gitlab sounds better day after day. Still we are doing github, Jenkins and AWS ECR (as a container registryJust a quick idea of mine was:"So github is pretty centralized right now,so is gitlab as well.But I can run gitlab on my own machine. So would it be possible for gitlab to offer a sync service,where I could sync my gitlab server with gitlabs' server? " So if gitlab(github) is down I can ~~let~~ rely on my local copy?
agentgt 12 ago 3 replies      
We would seriously consider GitLab if they supported Mercurial. I am so annoyed with atlassian (another company that perhaps could pay attention more to developers). I like git for OSS but we love hg for our internal projects.
dksidana 11 ago 1 reply      
It will be great if they add communication tool like slack/hipchat in their master plan.

Reason, I am asking for this, it that I see such tools have critical to do development these days. gitter has already shown initial success/value of integrating with SCM.

izolate 13 ago 5 replies      
Congrats on the funding! Please hire (and learn to take seriously) a design team.
daveloyall 7 ago 0 replies      
https://youtu.be/KrF7jNfDSnI <--live, on air now.
nathan_f77 3 ago 1 reply      
A few years ago I tried really, really hard to get an interview at GitHub, because I had the same vision and wanted to see them expand into new products like CI, and all the stuff that Gitlab is doing now.

Why has GitHub been so stagnant, even though they have so many employees?

meirelles 12 ago 1 reply      
I've been using the GitLab Community Edition for about ~1 yr. It's an amazing experience so far. Even the upgrade is really simple (just a apt-get upgrade!). Best of luck to you guys.
patleeman 12 ago 1 reply      
I realized recently that gitlab offers github based auth and i've been using it host my private repos.

I also use it at work and really like having the ci system built in.

suchitpuri 13 ago 1 reply      
Love gitlab, hopefully we will get more and more services start supporting Gitlab now.
gargs 10 ago 1 reply      
Just tried to set up the 2 factor authentication. Easy. But, would it be possible to provide a phone number fallback? The set of printed codes is nice, but the chances of losing them are far higher than losing your phone or having to deal with a corrupt authenticator app.
dflock 8 ago 0 replies      
I don't see anything about Documentation in there? I would really like something better than Confluence woven throughout. Is there something that I'm missing?
GutenYe 13 ago 1 reply      
I like the integration of the Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery compares to GitHub.
bcjordan 5 ago 0 replies      
Just started working on a sort of getting started mega blog post on CI/CD/CTis there anyone at GitLab who would be up to review once ready and make sure I'm covering the GitLab offerings completely?

Can reach out at username at gmail!

faragon 10 ago 1 reply      
GitLab plan is "embrace, extend, and extinguish". And I hope they will fail on that, and then, they'll start providing standard integration APIs for third party.
jrowley 9 ago 1 reply      
This is kind of off topic, but I hate that I cringe every time I read the words "Master Plan". Hitler kind of ruined those words for me.

Did my UC Santa Cruz education do this to me or do others ever feel the same?

Edit: Congrats to Gitlab. I need to experiment with integrating an instance with phabricator [0] at work.

[0] https://www.phacility.com/

radicalbyte 7 ago 0 replies      
Nice to see it's going well. One thing that interests me as an NL-based entrepreneur (well, technically a freelancer for now): are you guys still based in Utrecht or did you have to move to the Valley in order to profit from the investment scene?
ohstopitu 10 ago 1 reply      
I'm really excited for this master plan. I would love to have a just one tool to do most of the job (c9.io would be a better alternative to Koding btw). As of now, Gitlab seems to come the closest when it comes to that vision.

That said, Issue Tracker and Issue Board could be developed further to be more in line with Jira and Trello/clubhouse.io

Apart from that, I love gitlab and keep up the great work!

napsterbr 8 ago 3 replies      
GL seems great and I'm glad it's evolving. About a year ago I tried GL and it was painfully slow. This was the main reason I chose Phabricator. Have there been any progress on this performance issue? I acknowledge I'm quite outdated here.
echelon 12 ago 1 reply      
I'd pay the guy that has my github/twitter/gmail/hn username on GitLab $500 to give it to me. I don't think he's actively using it, but I can't figure out how to get in touch with him. :(

I really want to switch to GitLab given the focus on tooling and workflow. edit: and also your super nifty tanuki logo, which would make a hip vinyl laptop sticker.

uitgewis 12 ago 3 replies      
Anyone know why GitLab insists on "Merge Requests", while BitBucket, Github & others have "Pull Requests"?
tschellenbach 6 ago 0 replies      
Github is great, I see no reason to switch. The competition should definitely accelerate development though, so that's nice.
erjjones 11 ago 0 replies      
Does GitHub own any intellectual property that might require GitLab to licensing? or did GitHub totally miss the intellectual property piece of the puzzle?
samblr 8 ago 0 replies      
This is very exciting to hear - was so wishing github to go in this direction all these years!
arunc 9 ago 0 replies      
I really wish they add mercurial support, albeit there seems to be no plan currently.
snissn 7 ago 0 replies      
Is gitlab profitable?
mariusz79 12 ago 0 replies      
Is that Master Plan stuff a new fad?

Soon at a Hacker News near you:

Master Plan considered harmful.

ChoHag 13 ago 3 replies      
Why is a corporate fluff-piece the top story on HN?
How I spent two weeks hunting a memory leak in Ruby (2015) be9.io
100 points by Whitespace  5 ago   37 comments top 11
kyledrake 1 ago 3 replies      
Interesting post, but I did want to chime in quickly and say that it's pretty absurd to only have 1GB for a web application in 2016, even for a small one. This is why I've been dismissive of using Heroku for my projects, even though I run a lean stack. They have higher RAM options, but they are incredibly expensive. For the cost of a 14GB Heroku Dyno, I can buy a dedicated server off ebay with 32GB ECC every single month. I don't use all of that RAM, but it's nice to have some extra RAM to toss around when you need to in a pinch.

I get that it means you have to "run a server", and insert arguments for expensive cloud providers vs DIY servers here but I don't think it's any less crazy than being forced to chase a GC white whale for two weeks on a tiny memory leak to avoid a huge rate hike on your hosting bill.

On an aside, I've only had one problematic memory leak with ruby ever (the infamously leaky RMagick), I threw this in every time I used the lib and it solved it for me:

 GC.start(full_mark: true, immediate_sweep: true)
Bit of a performance hit, but not enough to cause a problem for my use case.

ajsharma 14 ago 0 replies      
Great read. What's more, I found out that my company's codebase was still using the broken 3.3.2 version (code fix in the works).

Love it when reading HN pays off immediately like that :)

bru 4 ago 1 reply      
About the patch at https://github.com/vmg/redcarpet/pull/516/files, couldn't the update simply have been the following?

 -return Data_Wrap_Struct(klass, rb_redcarpet_rbase_mark, NULL, rndr); +return Data_Wrap_Struct(klass, rb_redcarpet_rbase_mark, xfree, rndr);

busterarm 4 ago 0 replies      
What a timely post.

I had a similar issue that I was tracing last week that did end up being my Ruby code...and it turns out I was modifying a constant like in the example.

What a fun read! I've been learning more about Ruby's GC since 2.1 and this got me looking even deeper -- definitely picked up a couple of new tricks/tools from this. Thank you be9!

samsk 3 ago 1 reply      
shameless plug: I've made malloc hooking preload library for hunting such bugs, that automatizes most of the described work - https://github.com/samsk/log-malloc2
rgtk 4 ago 5 replies      
There is no reason for using native extensions in scripting languages like Ruby when program load is pretty low (especially when they are used for performance reason, not binding).

Great insight, though. Author described this experience as it was a great venture... in hindsight I suppose :-)

wyldfire 4 ago 0 replies      
These are always interesting bug hunts.

I tried to add ASan to the travis config for this project but I couldn't quite figure out how to change CFLAGS and/or CC. Never used ruby but interwebs hinted that the bundle config/install commands might accept "--cc" and "--with-cflags" commands. It's ignored when I tried it though [1].

[1] https://travis-ci.org/androm3da/redcarpet/jobs/159711520

pjleonhardt 4 ago 0 replies      
That is fantastic dedication to finding the source of the memory leak. I'm not sure I'd have quite the devotion or expertise to track that one down.
ktRolster 4 ago 1 reply      
A little worrisome that the fix hasn't been merged. (edit: it's been fixed)
vemv 3 ago 0 replies      
While the described debug process deserves nothing but my applause, I wonder - could the issue have been more easily diagnosed?

Ideally much less tooling would have been needed.

darkhorn 3 ago 2 replies      
Does PHP have similar issues? I think it shouldn't.
Logo Pizza: Hot and ready logos for sale logo.pizza
417 points by uptown  11 ago   195 comments top 42
ChuckMcM 9 ago 4 replies      
Fun site, the magic is this one line:

" Need a custom logo? Lets chat! yo@metafizzy.co "

The chance of you needing one of the pre-existing logos is small, the chance of needing a logo period is higher, and seeing the portfolio of logos gives you a starting point to imagine things.

The only negative is that it might anchor you emotionally to a lower than average price if the current logo price is small enough.

The web site concept though seems to be exactly like a clothing store putting last years clothes out on the side walk for "cheap" and just getting people walking by to think about it and come in and browse. Which solves Internet company problem #1, "Nobody knows I exist."

pram 10 ago 13 replies      
Wouldn't it make more sense that the price would go down as more are purchased, as the most popular logos are already taken? Is someone really going to pay $1000 for 'Mr. Grin'
impostervt 10 ago 6 replies      
Price goes up $40 per logo sold? So, after you sell 10 more logos, it'll be ($40*10) + $120(current price) = $520 per logo?

Seems like a strange pricing strategy. I guess it increases the "buy it now" urge, but at some point it will kill sales. I guess when it stabilizes you can just say "ok, that's what people are willing to pay for these". So perhaps it's a good way to explore pricing...

peteboyd 10 ago 0 replies      
We always have had a surplus of logos. When we design for a company, perhaps 3 to 5 decent ideas are sketched. Of course only one makes the final cut per client. We own any preliminary work, so we can offer these for use later. We would just change the name,revise slightly and change the color. Bam...new logo.

What we did finally was revise the ones we like (25 to 50 initially) and include them for free as part of a new web design project. A lot of clients have bad logos that can ruin a design. So it helps our designs and clients brands.

Clients could also purchase at a low flat rate if they liked one without a website. This has worked well too.

kriro 9 ago 0 replies      
The pricing model could be the logical conclusion to some basic behavioural economics insights. Feeling of a loss >> feeling of a win. Thus you create an ever present feeling of that potential loss (missing out on the lower price) which forces potential buyers to act to lessen that feeling of possible pain as opposed to the standard approach of selling based on the feeling of a win (my nice and shiny logo). This idea could probably also be leveraged to combat procrastination somehow.It also has that novelty factor of the pay per pixel advertising from back in the day.Neat :)

I guess the only problem is that the last logo shouldn't sell easily (without adding more).

tedmiston 10 ago 2 replies      
Did anyone else expect this to be pizzas sold at a discount offset by having a company's logo burnt into the cheese?
rralian 55 ago 0 replies      
This is great! It's an interesting idea, a fun concept that isn't too serious, and in my opinion the work is really fantastic. Next time I need a logo I'm hitting up this guy/gal (I don't know what a metafizzy is).
Jarwain 41 ago 0 replies      
As of 8:20EST he has sold 17 logos for a total of $5560. Calculated at $40 a logo until $400 per logo, then $20 a logo.
giarc 10 ago 6 replies      
This is a great idea! I'd actually sign up for a mailing list to get notified when new logos are added.

I'm aware of products like fiverr and 99Designs, but I'm worried about sinking a bunch of money into them only to get crap back. I like being able to view the logos and simply browse without any commitment.

klausjensen 10 ago 0 replies      
I absolutely love this experiment with the incremental pricing, which creates a sense of urgency. Lovely artwork as well.
derrekl 9 ago 0 replies      
Maybe the owner doesn't know what the logos should sell for, runs this once, and then sets up a new site selling the logos for at or near the ceiling price from the unorthodox auction.
tronje 10 ago 3 replies      
With the per-logo price increasing by $40 every time a logo is sold, the final logo will cost $2000. But I wonder if it'll get that far. At that point, can't you find a decent graphic designer and get a logo exactly to your liking?

Quick edit: this is not a rethorical question, I honestly would like to know!

apgwoz 9 ago 1 reply      
Some of these look eerily familiar, and I wonder if they might infringe upon a Trade Mark...
corndoge 9 ago 5 replies      
What is stopping someone from just taking the logo?


icantdrive55 5 ago 1 reply      
I have a business question.

Has anyone on HN known anyone who actually bought a logo from this particular site?

I think the site is great. I just question the sold logos, but then again I don't understand the buying mentality of most people.

I'm not knocking the site, or logos; just doing research.

amelius 10 ago 0 replies      
Some of those logos look familiar to me. Who says they don't infringe upon existing logos?
jo909 8 ago 1 reply      
This makes it look like getting a logo is easy and quick. And it can be, probably.

It's not my area of expertise, but I would expect there are some pitfalls just like with company names, app branding and other branding/trademark stuff.

I would not want my logo to be too similar to somebody else, and researching that is probably tricky.

coldcode 10 ago 0 replies      
First reading the title I thought people were making pizzas with logos on them. Which would be a much more bizarre business.
91bananas 10 ago 2 replies      
Most of those logos remind me of 90's clipart programs on Windows.
samfisher83 4 ago 0 replies      
As of 1.24 PST he has sold 27 logos for a total of 7560 if each logo costs 20 dollars more.
dpc_pw 9 ago 0 replies      
I like the idea of a website listing a lot of logos, me scrolling through them and picking something I need.

But I wish new logos would be added continously, priced separately, and definitely price increase on something that did not sold in the past is ridiculous. :D

noer 9 ago 0 replies      
Using a .pizza domain and using "Hot & Ready" in the tagline might make the casual consumer think these are logos made out of pizza, or are on pizza with cheese in the shape of a logo, or would have to do with pizza in general.
elmigranto 9 ago 0 replies      
I wish there was a price on sold logos, so I can see what those were worth to someone.
triplesec 9 ago 0 replies      
I wonder how many of the sales here are from this being on HN. It's a classic time-scarcity sales ploy, like the one-day sale websites. Don't fall for it.
btcboss 4 ago 0 replies      
You should make it so that the purchaser can have an option to sell their logo if someone else wants it more than them. Take a cut from the transaction
ColonelTrick 9 ago 2 replies      
Whoever buys the "A-Ok" logo is going to have a very rough internationalization experience if they try to bring their product to Brazil...
kelvin0 6 ago 1 reply      
Brilliant! However, they are quite pricey at 500$. I always thought making a custom logo would be expensive, but buying a ready made one could be much cheaper, any thoughts regarding the pricing?
PagingCraig 4 ago 2 replies      
Can anyone tell me what he used to get the logos to animate when filtered? CSS? (I'm a newb)
olalonde 6 ago 0 replies      
http://www.brandcrowd.com/ has more selection and doesn't increase the price for every logo sold.
mikeryan 7 ago 0 replies      
Not sure how this works against something like 99 designs which can get you a custom logo for $300-1200 bucks.


rch 6 ago 0 replies      
Seems like all the components are in place to do automated domain-name, brand, and logo generation.
mendelk 9 ago 1 reply      
Cute idea. Note that it was just changed to go up by $20 per logo sold, but that still doesn't really solve the economic problems posed by some of the comments.
johns 9 ago 0 replies      
That's either a seal playing with a ball or a mermaid.
Grangar 10 ago 0 replies      
I like it, throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks!
johnward 10 ago 0 replies      
To be honest, I expected the ability to have a pizza cut into my logo.
NKCSS 10 ago 0 replies      
This is an awesome idea with a very nice execution!
kbr 10 ago 0 replies      
Just increased to $200, nice!
j45 7 ago 0 replies      
This reminds me of stylate.com which was selling a logo and domain together for a reasonable price (hundreds instead of thousands). I'm not sure why the service ever shut down.
oftenwrong 10 ago 0 replies      
More descriptive headline:

"Logo Pizza: Hot & ready logos for sale"

grillvogel 5 ago 0 replies      
wow $500 for some clipart what a deal
bbernhard1 10 ago 1 reply      
Does the price increasing also goes for custom logos? I am really interested in a custom logo...but the price increasing thing would really make it less attractive ;-)
idsout 10 ago 2 replies      
A Soviet scientist created tame foxes bbc.com
17 points by craneca0  1 ago   8 comments top 2
acquacow 36 ago 2 replies      
Been following this for a few years... more than tame foxes, they killed every fox that didn't carry the specific traits they wanted.
SixSigma 52 ago 2 replies      
They didn't just breed tame ones, they also did the other half and bred aggressive / psychotic ones too.
Experiments with disabling the ME on Sandybridge x230 coreboot.org
187 points by mmastrac  8 ago   90 comments top 10
0x0 7 ago 5 replies      
"(...) the ME will sync it's internal clock with NTP servers across the internet once every 30 days, to make CRL checks for the remote management PKI work." (in https://www.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/2016-September/0... )

That's pretty crazy to think there's a sub-ring-0 rootkit running on your CPU contacting NTP servers without your knowledge.

Does that work over wifi (where does it get the WPA password from)?

Where does it get an IP address? Does it leech off the host's DHCP IP by intercepting ethernet packets?

Is there any way to fingerprint the traffic? TTLs, sequence numbers, etc?

It'd be interesting to run a system behind a router for a while while logging all ME traffic...

eloy 7 ago 3 replies      
It's a shame that ME can't be removed or disabled on modern Intel CPU's. Same goes for AMD and maybe companies that implement something like ME in ARM. OpenSPARC is quite dead, sadly enough.

Highly recommended read about x86 security: http://blog.invisiblethings.org/papers/2015/x86_harmful.pdf

The author of this paper is also the developer of Qubes OS. They recently added another requirement to laptops who are 'Qubes certified': they must run Coreboot. It's not Libreboot yet, but that is a huge leap forward for x86 security. Hopefully this will trigger vendors to make their hardware Coreboot compatibile. It won't do anything about Intel ME, but it is a step in the right direction.

I ordered a Thinkpad x200 to flash it with Libreboot last week, just to have at least one device without any malware (in RMS sense)

AdmiralAsshat 7 ago 6 replies      
It's a shame that we seem locked into using Intel or AMD for x64 processors, both of which have secondary, black-box processors.

Isn't x64 a standard? Couldn't another company create their own implementation of it and design their own processors for the paranoid to use?

drvdevd 7 ago 2 replies      
Interesting that the ME region can be even partially overwritten and will still let the system boot, albeit with an error (guessing a checksum mismatch)...
gravypod 7 ago 0 replies      
Does someone have a link to where I can download a few copies of different ME regions for some CPUs.

I'd love to get a look at what it's doing.

Animats 7 ago 1 reply      
"The ME code to start the platform is in (on-chip) ROM and a failedsignature check of the (compressed with AFAIK still unknown codebook)ME code in flash just means that the ME considers the system brokenand allows it to run for a little while so that a human can repair it."

So 1) will the system stay up with the ME software erased, 2) what's the ROM component doing besides managing the boot, and 3) what access does it take to alter the ME's firmware?

yuhong 7 ago 0 replies      
I know that the laptop anti-theft arms race is a bad idea for a while now.
DeepYogurt 7 ago 0 replies      
Not to be pedantic, but the x230 has an ivybridge chip.
dragontamer 7 ago 3 replies      
Can someone describe what a "ME Region" is?
lifeisstillgood 3 ago 1 reply      
I am fascinated by this - is there no where that is leading the charge to develop personal computing devices that are truly open? What cost level are we really talking here?
       cached 14 September 2016 01:02:01 GMT