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The Dropbox hack is real troyhunt.com
1291 points by joshschreuder  2 ago   538 comments top 39
oxplot 2 ago 11 replies      
Make sure you sign yourself up for something like https://haveibeenpwned.com if you haven't already. Sometimes being timely in responding to leaks can make a big difference on any further leaks.
achr2 2 ago 2 replies      
Dropbox should absolutely be held to the flame for trying to downplay the severity of this. Their communication says 'This is purely a preventative measure', but if you had/have reused this password on any other sites (let's face it a huge proportion of non tech savvy people do this) then your entire online presence may be exposed.
0x0 2 ago 12 replies      
It was pretty obvious the dropbox hack was real several years ago, because lots of spam mail started arriving at my dropbox-unique email almost immediately after the breach. I changed my email to another unique address quickly back then. Unique-per-service email addresses work pretty well as a canary for breaches. Just make sure there is more uniqueness than just the service name to such addresses, or someone could see your pattern and start spamming by guessing popular services.

On a side note, don't forget the time dropbox accepted ANY password during logins - http://www.cnet.com/news/dropbox-confirms-security-glitch-no...

willvarfar 2 ago 4 replies      
50% of the leaked hashes were bcrypt and the other 50% were salted sha1.

So, asking the HNers who crack passwords or follow the tech closely and have a good feel:

Salted sha1 can be brute forced much quicker, but in practical terms what kind of complexity of password is vulnerable today if it was stored salted sha1 vs bcrypt?

And how can this be projected to change in the next couple of years?

jsmthrowaway 2 ago 3 replies      
Repeating from the other thread:

I highly recommend Troy's HIBP service, hiding your e-mail from showing up in public searches (important for opsec), and donating whatever you can to Troy. He's doing excellent work. This is the first time it's notified me and it was great, because I completely forgot I signed up. I appreciate a service that low maintenance.

HIBP is a truly essential service and I'd be happy to pay more. Even with good password discipline it's useful knowledge on your exposure and I cannot recommend it enough. He mentions it near the end but this is one of those no brainers that should be repeated very loudly.


donw 2 ago 9 replies      
Since lots of people will be rotating passwords, this is probably a good time to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as well.

I recommend Authy as your 2FA app, as it lets you set a backup password, which you can use to move your 2FA tokens between devices.

For your critical services, keeping encrypted copies of your backup codes is a must.

lllorddino 2 ago 2 replies      
> 1Password now has a subscription service for $3 a month and you get the first 6 months for free.

Don't pay for this people. Use the open source password manager Keepass http://keepass.info/

zaroth 2 ago 6 replies      
> As for Dropbox, they seem to have handled this really well.

I'm biased, but I can't agree with this. From what I can tell, there are two communications from Dropbox -- one in 2012 [1] and one last week [2].

In 2012 they did not disclose that hashes were stolen, so I don't see how it's really relevant. In the latest communication, they don't actually explain the risk to the user. They say it is "purely as a preventative measure" but if salts and hashes were accessed, then that is not the case.

Just because Troy doesn't have access to some of the salts, doesn't mean the attacker doesn't have access. We don't know how many iterations of SHA-1, but SHA-1 can be run by a single GPU on the order of billions of times per second. So unless Dropbox is coming out and saying they know for certain that random 128-bit salts were definitely not accessed by the attacker, almost all of the SHA1 hashed passwords are getting cracked. Users need to know their passwords are exposed, and must be reset not as a preventative measure, but because they are almost certain to be compromised.

As for the salted/bcrypt passwords, we can see from Troy's hash they used $2a$08$ which is bcrypt with a cost factor of 8 -- 2^8 iterations. Gosney's latest rig [3] could crack these bcrypt hashes at about 105,700 / 8 = 13,212 per second. That's not terrible, but that's still 416 billion tries in a year for a modest investment.

[1] - https://blogs.dropbox.com/dropbox/2012/07/security-update-ne...[2] - https://blogs.dropbox.com/dropbox/2016/08/resetting-password...[3] - https://gist.github.com/epixoip/a83d38f412b4737e99bbef804a27...

peteretep 2 ago 9 replies      
Dropbox is about the only service I use a memorable password for, as it has my 1Password file in it, which has my Google one-time-auth codes in it. If I lose my phone while on the road, only remembering my Dropbox password is going to get me out of the mess. Any sensible other solutions here? It's still ~14 characters, but other than making it more random, what are my options?
VeejayRampay 2 ago 7 replies      
Can someone in the know indicate how to BEST manage passwords for different services in a secure way in 2016? Should I be using password managers ( la 1Password, LastPassword and others), or use something like Keychain Access on Mac OS X (what are the Windows equivalents?), anything else? It's important to note that not everyone is well-educated on the matter, despite the fact that most people on HN are technical people.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your answers, this is a good example of the power of communities.

watson 2 ago 4 replies      
What really bothers be about this is that Dropbox hasn't bothered to reset the sessions. Even after I manually reset my password (which I wasn't prompted or forced to do btw), all my apps (iPhone, desktop etc) that have existing sessions wasn't expired. So for all I know, a hacker might already have an open session to my Dropbox and changing the password will not fix that

Clarification edit: I did receive the e-mail from Dropbox letting me know that I should change my password, but when visiting dropbox.com I was already logged in and wasn't prompted to perform the pw reset

randyrand 2 ago 1 reply      
How is it possible for Hashcat to crack a 20 character long random password in 6ms? That is mind boggling.

I thought he was just going to hash the password and see if it fit the leaked hash, but no, it looks like he actually did the reverse and cracked the hash to see if it fit the password, right?

Edit: oh it looks like he provided the password to hashcat in the form of a psudo 'dictionary' to use. So Hashcat was not really cracking it - just iterating through a 1 word dictionary - like he said.

sordidfellow 2 ago 0 replies      
So we finally get validation of https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5300492
aluhut 2 ago 4 replies      
Self hosting is my way to go. Had enough of this.

> My wife uses a password manager. If your significant other doesn't (and I'm assuming you do by virtue of being here and being interested in security), go and get them one now! 1Password now has a subscription service for $3 a month and you get the first 6 months for free.

How about...not? There are tiny open source tools for every OS. You can do it locally, save it on a stick or on your damn phone...why taking more risks especially facing this massive fail here?

maherbeg 2 ago 2 replies      
What sites does everyone have two step verification on? I'm trying to figure out where I need to setup two step verification that also accounts for a phone being stolen/lost.

Between gmail, dropbox (1password is synced here), and apple, I'm not sure where I should be enabling it. It seems like everywhere but gmail and apple is probably the right move...

cimnine 2 ago 1 reply      
I wonder if they got the seeds ('secret key' in [1]) for the 2FA as well.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAC-based_One-time_Password_A...

update 1 ago 0 replies      
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Dropbox's bug bounty program: https://hackerone.com/dropbox

You have to wonder if all those grumbling whitehats were on to something when they said bug bounties should pay a lot more than what they do and that there IS a black market interest for them.

chinathrow 2 ago 1 reply      
Great read.

He goes on to say that 1Password has a subscription now and that you should signup for it.

No. I will never, ever put all my passwords into a cloud based password store. I simply do not trust them to not fuck it up at one point in time.

Am I alone with this view?

nevi-me 1 ago 1 reply      
I suppose this is off topic, but I checked one of my email addresses on https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and found a LinkedIn hack from May 2016.

Thing is I've deleted my LinkedIn account thrice in 2013. They have no right to stop have my email after that long.

jorblumesea 2 ago 0 replies      
Funny, I just got an email a week ago saying they had noticed my password hadn't been changed in awhile (2012, which was interesting based on the article). Sounds like they knew about this and beefed up security.Or, they beefed up security on newer passwords but didn't cut over the old ones? The email did not mention any data theft, kinda wish it did. Too little, too late.
andythro77 1 ago 0 replies      
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raverbashing 2 ago 0 replies      
I wonder why the SHA1s don't have the salt. Were they removed so that only the original owners have it so it's easier to crack?

Oh well, another HIBP entry with my email address...

dbg31415 2 ago 3 replies      
Why isn't Dropbox reporting this? I'd have more respect for them if they were more honest about this.
danso 2 ago 0 replies      
Well, thank goodness I got robbed after 2012, which caused me to change all my passwords everywhere. Else I don't think I would've ever gotten around to changing my Dropbox password, as it's just a long string of randomness.
mjmasn 1 ago 0 replies      
Hmm, my account appears on HIBP, but Dropbox haven't asked me to change my password on login... Who to believe? (probably not Dropbox)
cpach 2 ago 1 reply      
So besides resetting the password, should one also unlink devices and apps?
Ffaine 2 ago 0 replies      
I've never trusted dropbox, cloud etc. They drive me paranoia. :/
martin-adams 2 ago 1 reply      
If find this just interesting that just last week my steam account was successfully logged in from Russia (I'm in the UK). Looks like I forgot about Steam to make my passwords stronger.
jbverschoor 2 ago 0 replies      
How can I tell if someone has accessed my account / files?
StanislavPetrov 2 ago 1 reply      
It never ceases to amaze me how people have bought into "cloud" computing. Its hard enough to protect your own data, on your own secure machine. Once you entrust your data to a third party you should have absolutely no doubt that it is at risk. The larger the organization that that third party is, the more inherently insecure it is. In the cloud, it only takes one careless, stupid, or inept person to expose the data of thousands (or millions). And you can't fix stupid.

No thanks, I'll keep control over my own data.

sureshn 2 ago 0 replies      
Recently I had received an email from Dropbox asking me to change my password and now I read about the hack , I wonder if there is any correlation here.
vladimir-y 2 ago 0 replies      
btw Argon2 https://github.com/P-H-C/phc-winner-argon2 is better than bcrypt for passwords hashing
tannerh 15 ago 0 replies      
gjolund 2 ago 0 replies      
Use unique passwords ffs.
omginternets 2 ago 2 replies      
HIBP says I was pwnd. So ... like ... what do I do now?

SHA-1 hashes should still be okay, right?

aorth 2 ago 2 replies      
@dang Can we please change the URL to not have the query parameters?
gowthamgts12 2 ago 2 replies      
Why these troyhunt guys place a clickbait to hibp in every article? Don't be sick
2 days ago 2 ago 1 reply      
Joof 2 ago 0 replies      
What's the big deal? It's not like it allows attackers to directly modify files on anyone's computer if they have Dropbox installed.
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has exploded at Cape Canaveral techcrunch.com
962 points by mariusz79  1 ago   522 comments top 52
trothamel 1 ago 13 replies      
Here's good video of the test/failure:


artursapek 1 ago 7 replies      
Looks like they had a payload go with it. Sad.

> "SpaceX confirm Amos-6 was aboard the Falcon 9 and was lost in the explosion."


Symmetry 1 ago 2 replies      
The payload was apparently on the rocket at the time[1]. A $200 million loss there, which sucks for the insurance company but better than losing a $2b custom government bird.


cstross 1 ago 6 replies      
Wild-ass speculation in the absence of more information than a tweet and a photo of a pad fire:

SpaceX test-fire the first stage motors before each launch. If this was a test firing that went spectacularly wrong, it's embarrassing -- but there won't have been any human beings within blast range and it's better to fail in test than to fail in flight with a payload on top.

(If it was a catastrophic failure during fueling/de-fueling ops, that's another matter entirely, and far more serious -- and an explosive test failure is serious enough as it is.)

julianpye 1 ago 1 reply      

This article has some information on the new characteristics:

- Although considered to be an iterative upgrade from the Falcon 9 v1.1 that preceded it, the modifications to the Full Thrust version have increased the vehicles published liftoff capabilities by as much as 30 percent.

- A key component of this performance increase is the use of densified propellant. By chilling the liquid oxygen to minus 340 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 207 degrees Celsius) and the RP-1, a highly-refined form of kerosene used as rocket fuel, to 20 degrees Fahrenheit ( minus 7 degrees Celsius), SpaceX has demonstrated the capability to store more oxidizer and fuel in a given volume, as well as increase the flow of propellant through the turbopumps on the first stages nine Merlin 1D powerplants and on the upper stages lone MVac.

hydrogen18 1 ago 3 replies      
You can see the smoke plume on the radar image from Melbourne airport weather radar


Live link:


ChuckMcM 1 ago 1 reply      
This comes at a uniquely bad time. I was reading about the cash squeeze (http://www.wsj.com/articles/elon-musk-faces-cash-squeeze-at-...) and it struck me that any interruption at SpaceX would put further pressure on what Elon is trying to pull off.

I really hope they can root cause this failure and get the flight schedule back up and running quickly.

nameless912 1 ago 0 replies      
official word: Payload lost. No one injured. This was not the re-used rocket, but instead a brand new core.


bitwize 1 ago 0 replies      
I'm glad no humans were hurt or lost. I'm not shedding many tears for Facebook's payload, as I think internet.org is fundamentally misguided.
josh_carterPDX 1 ago 0 replies      
Just read no injuries. That's awesome. I mean, bad for the rocket, but hooray for no human loss of life.
trothamel 1 ago 0 replies      

Has audio from the local police, who seem to be evacuating the various nearby beaches, due to the danger from the plume.

m12k 1 ago 0 replies      
Live thread over on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/live/xix3m9uqd06g
dtparr 1 ago 0 replies      
Looks like reports of it happening during the propellant load were accurate. Explosion originated in the area of the upper stage LOX tank.


hakanderyal 1 ago 0 replies      
artursapek 1 ago 3 replies      
My mind goes to the debugging stage after the dust has settled... how would a rocket scientist determine the cause of a RUD like this?
blastofpast 1 ago 3 replies      
I am surprised that no one has mentioned whether or not this failure is related to SpaceX's first time reusing a rocket. If so, hopefully this isn't too much of a setback!
corv 1 ago 2 replies      
"This rocket was scheduled to launch the Amos-6 communication satellite, which among other functions included the capabilities for Facebook to spot-beam broadband for Facebooks Internet.org initiative"

Bad karma

BatFastard 1 ago 4 replies      
For all developers of anything. Repeat this mantra.

This is why we test, this is why we test, this is why we test.

It is especially important to repeat this mantra around management types who want last minute builds before going in front of important customers, because the light blue button looks SO much better then the dark blue button...

palakz 1 ago 0 replies      
flyinghorse 1 ago 1 reply      
From the live thread at reddit:

>Elon Musk has stated that because the rocket didn't intentionally ignite for launch, the loss of payload is not covered by launch insurance.

Very sad. I wonder how this will affect future launches from SpaceX.

caycep 22 ago 0 replies      
Not to be paranoid or anything, but with the Russians in the news with hacking, could this be the equivalent of a Stuxnet industrial sabotage? It would seem to be in their foreign ministry's interest to reduce the one successful American domestic manufacturer of rocket motors...
scrumper 1 ago 1 reply      
Looks like this may have been the Falcon 9 getting ready to launch AMOS-6 on 9/3. Not a previously flown rocket.
yigitdemirag 1 ago 2 replies      
What happens when payload is lost at such an event due to SpaceX related failure? Obviously they have to reschedule but does SpaceX cover partial losses etc?
yread 1 ago 0 replies      
CNBC says that NBC says (I know...) that thankfully nobody was injured


EDIT: apparently it happened at t:-3m so nobody was around

satyajeet23 1 ago 0 replies      
A Google self-driving car was seen leaving the scene at high speed!
ldjb 1 ago 0 replies      
Live video stream from the Kennedy Space Center (you can paste the link into something like VLC):http://kscwmserv1.ksc.nasa.gov/channel4

(Via Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/live/xix3m9uqd06g/updates/fcbc544a-70...)

CountSessine 1 ago 1 reply      
Does anyone know whether this was one of SpaceX's recovered/refurbished rockets that had previously flown a mission and landed?
dlgeek 1 ago 0 replies      
Here's a few photos capturing what appears to be a massive secondary explosion: https://twitter.com/taliaeliana/status/771356794291687428/ph...

(There was already an explosion or fire before this one given the smoke in the air).

MOARDONGZPLZ 1 ago 0 replies      
The rocket is currently in flames. Staffers at the facility are telling me. Plumes of smoke rising from Launch Complex.
smegel 1 ago 0 replies      
I'd almost be sad but Facebook.
coldcode 1 ago 2 replies      
This type of hardware failure makes me glad to do software where the most damage that can happen is an unhappy customer, not a huge explosion. Also why I was glad to give up a chemistry career after nearly poisoning everyone in the building when the hood system failed.
dlgeek 1 ago 0 replies      
The reddit live thread seems to be the best source of current informations and updates:https://www.reddit.com/live/xix3m9uqd06g
andrewwhartion 1 ago 0 replies      
Relative to the rest of the mission/rocket lifecycle, how risky is filling it with fuel generally considered?
lutorm 1 ago 0 replies      
This seems like a good place to point out that we are hiring! See the "Who's Hiring" thread. :-)
merpnderp 1 ago 0 replies      
Have a friend who has family working there. Said the accident was caused by a static fire test and the rocket and payload were lost.

Absolute huge bummer.

astdb 1 ago 0 replies      
Shouldn't the static fire test have gone ahead without a live payload?
johndubchak 1 ago 0 replies      
Was the launch rocket supposed to be one of their recovered/recycled rockets?
DrNuke 1 ago 0 replies      
I would leave wild speculation out of this debate and wait for a SpaceX official release.
intrasight 1 ago 0 replies      
Watched the live feed. That "smoke test" failure definitely made some smoke.
tempestn 1 ago 0 replies      
The music in the techcrunch video seemed a bit inappropriate.
Halienja 1 ago 0 replies      
It wasn't carrying it though, it was just a test.
mdrzn 1 ago 1 reply      
From the twitter feed: http://imgur.com/6b6MfNQ
gthtjtkt 1 ago 1 reply      
One small loss for mankind, one giant win for Net Neutrality.
sandworm101 1 ago 0 replies      
The smoke looks fairly white and uniform. That suggests it's coming from the rocket fuels, not a burning building or other facility. To me, that means the safety protocols held, limiting the spread/damage. Hopefully nobody was hurt.
perseusprime11 1 ago 0 replies      
How do you even extinguish that kind of fire? Is there any value in salvaging parts before they completely burn out? Anybody who can chime in the protocol for such fires?
monocasa 1 ago 3 replies      
That was my immediate thought too. Israel is known for playing rough when it comes to sovereignty concerns, particularly of a technological nature.
remotelife 1 ago 0 replies      
This is crazy!
byebyetech 1 ago 0 replies      
Damn it. 0 Days since SpaceX Rocket exploded.
walkingolof 1 ago 0 replies      
According to sources (twitter), they where F-3 minutes so no-one should be out on pad, payload was not loaded either.
bunkydoo 1 ago 0 replies      
The environmentally friendly aspect of Tesla's cars is seemingly negated by SpaceX's black-smoke rocket fuel laden explosions.
627467 1 ago 1 reply      
For those overthinking about the loss of the payload:

Contact (1997): "First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price?"

I'd argue: at less than twice the price.

microtherion 1 ago 1 reply      
Hmm cash squeeze at Tesla and SolarCity. Next thing, a SpaceX rocket blows up. Maybe he did it for the insurance money? >:-) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12405092
Canadian surgeons urge people to throw out bristle BBQ brushes cbc.ca
805 points by curtis  1 ago   319 comments top 60
genkimind 1 ago 5 replies      
This is a real problem.

My wife had been having extreme stomach pain for months, multiple trips to the emergency room, gastroenterologist, nothing could be found. She described that she felt that there was a hole in her stomach, the doctors called it stress.

On her final ER visit (two months after the pain began), something showed up in the CT scan (the 3rd one). Embedded in her belly fat was a wire. Everything clicked and I realized we had had steak on the grill the day that the problems started. She went into surgery and had the grill brush wire removed.

The wire had poked a hole in her stomach, and somehow worked its way out through the abdominal muscles into her belly fat. We are grateful that it exited that way, instead of into another major organ.


bfuller 1 ago 16 replies      
A trick I learned from Argentinian circus people, who make amazing BBQ, is let the grill heat up and then cut an onion in half to rub on the grate. It imparts a nice flavor and cleans the grill very well.
04rob 1 ago 2 replies      
"Kevin Gallant, of Summerside, P.E.I., had part of his small intestine removed after he swallowed a bristle from a barbecue brush.

"I was very ill, probably as close to death as you want to be," he said from his home in Summerside, P.E.I.

"The barbecue brush bristle had started to move, so it was trying to come through the wall of my small intestine. So I was told I was very fortunate that they found it, because it would have just pierced through the small intestine into one of my major organs until it found a spot that it would have just killed me."

He still uses a bristle brush, but inspects the barbecue thoroughly after using it."


dangero 20 ago 1 reply      
This issue is actually not isolated to just barbecues and barbecue brushes although the fact that it gets into your food does make it worse.

A few weeks ago my friend invited me to their high class HOA pool that had a sand beach. Wading around in about a foot of water I felt something pierce my foot when I took a step. When I pulled my foot out of the water to see what it was I could see it was a thin piece of metal and it had gone in all the way to my bone.

I concluded it probably came off a metal brush they use around the pool. Maybe something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Tool-W1148-Stainless-3-Pi...

That's when I realized that these types of metal brushes are a huge environmental hazard in general. They should probably be illegal in certain settings -- sand beaches being one of them.

OrdaGarb 1 ago 2 replies      
Related: If you tenderize with a Jaccard-like tool, examine the teeth very closely before you cook your meat. I have had the blades break in half longitudinally where it still looked like a full blade, but had actually "delaminated" toward the end and left a 15mm chunk of pointed metal in my steak. It ended up in my gums.

I still use the broken blade set, but simply make sure it has all the parts before moving on. Nothing tenderizes quite like it in my experience. Had I swallowed that piece however it would have been a bad situation.

Pic: https://imgur.com/a/ZdWBg

icantdrive55 20 ago 2 replies      
I hate to add to the wire brush worry, but it's not just BBQ.

So many resturants use wire brushes.

The last burrito I had was a few months ago. It had piece of wire in it. I kept the wire for a few days, and thought about it. The wire was not from a brush. I think it was old copper telephone wire. It that might have fell onto the grill from the ceiling, or wall?

Anyways, I haven't had a burrito since that instance. And tonight, I just got the visual of them cleaning the grill with a big, old wire brush--with gusto. Now I think about it, they had all types of black brushes near the grill.

Those grills are just large pieces of steel, without holes, or spaces. If loose wire isn't caught by the cook it just gets mixed in with the of steak, chicken, whatever.

(They make small metal detectors. My watch parts supplier is always advertising them. They claim they will find watch parts on the ground. I wonder if they could detect those small bristles?)

pippy 1 ago 4 replies      
It's interesting many countries such as the US, UK and NZ have banned rare earth magnets due to fear of people swallowing them. The data they used to back the banning included all products ingested, and vice wrote up an article here: http://www.vice.com/read/the-consumer-product-safety-commiss...

If a product is causing similar health risks, isn't it fair to apply the same ban to it too?

kaffeinecoma 15 ago 3 replies      
Paranoid patient question: when one goes for an MRI, is there any kind of scan for foreign metal objects? I'm sure they ask if you have any devices implanted, but do they actually check for the unexpected? What would happen if you had one of these little bristles and you didn't know it?
utternerd 1 ago 2 replies      
I did this a few months back and replaced it with a "cool cleaning" nylon-based one after I started noticing the extremely tiny metal bristles falling onto my grill. My wife said I was crazy -- today I feel vindicated.
tvongaza 1 ago 14 replies      
Slight related topic: Anyone else BBQ a lot, reach to open a beer bottle, but are missing an opener? Why don't they make every BBQ utensil have a decent bottle opener at the end. Better yet, every utensil in your house?

Please take this idea and run with, just tell me where to buy a set.

woliveirajr 16 ago 0 replies      
This thread caught my attention because I never heard of similar things here in Brazil (at least not in the south, where BBQ is a basic need)


1 - we use lifts (?): like this one [1]

2 - people, in general, clean the grill using some rough paper while the grill is still hot, then wash it with some sponge, water and soap.

Hardly something that has metal (like brass or steel brush) is used, since they affect the grill surface with small scratches that will accumulate more fat next time,in an endless loop.

[1] http://www.gudim.com.br/produtos/espeto_duplo.png

sverige 1 ago 1 reply      
I follow Al Bundy's advice. I never clean my grill. "Ashes from the past for burgers of the future."
n00b101 1 ago 6 replies      
Quick search brings up what looks like a viable alternative: http://www.thegreatscrape.com/
shanecleveland 1 ago 2 replies      
I've been using an alternative over the summer: https://www.amazon.com/GrillFloss-Ultimate-Grill-Cleaning-To...

Works great. You have to have the round, stainless grill grates.

jly 1 ago 1 reply      
I just threw mine away.

Great tip from the article: use crumpled up aluminum foil to clean the grates, instead.

b-orges 1 ago 1 reply      
"During a discussion on ingested foreign objects that are difficult to remove..."

I wish I had been a fly on the wall for that discussion.

arcticfox 1 ago 0 replies      
The last time I was in the emergency room the nearest other patient had partially swallowed a needle. I can still hear the attempt to get it out...

So nope, never going to get close to one of these brushes. Good tip.

hoodoof 3 ago 0 replies      
I won't use pans with non stick surface coatings either.

Over time, the non stick coating wears away, but where did it go? It tends to have gone away in the areas where the food goes.

Thus the non stick coating goes into your food.

I threw out all my non stick pans and pots and bought stainless steel and never looked back.

DuPont has us convinced we need non stick coated kitchenware but stainless steel is perfectly fine.

dylanz 1 ago 0 replies      
Yikes. I just threw mine out after reading this. Mine was so old, bristles actually fell out when I shook it.
tedmiston 1 ago 5 replies      
Do commercial restaurant grills use the same?
agentgt 6 ago 0 replies      
Slightly off topic but I'm just going to throw it out there. If you are cooking with charcoal I highly recommend a Kamado style grill aka big green egg (BGE). Once you get one of those you will never go back. It is extremely efficient with charcoal.

There is one made by Char-Griller that is dirt cheap and light that I use year round (another advantage of the kamado is it can be freezing out and you can still grill fine).

dghughes 1 ago 1 reply      
This would be perfect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcvcEg0xGYY

And only about $250,000 each.

aaron695 1 ago 2 replies      
> said the number of cases across Canada isn't tracked.

We are Neanderthals sometimes.

(I'd like to think it was because of privacy reasons)

djsumdog 1 ago 0 replies      
I had no idea this was a problem. I've been using those things for decades. O_o
CodeWriter23 19 ago 0 replies      
I never use them. I have a heavy gauge spatula that I use to scrape the top, then hold it at a 45 degree angle to scrape in between the wires that form the rack. The bottom doesn't get clean. Nobody has ever gotten sick nor required surgery.

As a result of reading this article and thread though I will never use one and proactively warn friends and family about them.

hoodoof 3 ago 0 replies      
The other thing is that burnt food is carcinogenic. LOTS of people eat burned BBQ food.
Pxtl 1 ago 2 replies      
How is it legal to sell these things then? Why are they still on shelves? It's dangerous at its intended purpose, making it worse-than-useless.
crypt1d 20 ago 2 replies      
Shouldn't the manufacturer of these brushes be held responsible for such issues?
euroclydon 18 ago 1 reply      
Just use a putty knife to scrape off the grates. It takes a little time. If you want it to go faster, grind a groove in the knife to fit a grill bar.
tekni5 1 ago 1 reply      
I use one of these bristle brushes because I didn't know better, I've also even seen a few bristles fall out before & had me a bit concerned.

However I always end up microwaving for 30 seconds after, because by the time I've let the meat rest and turned off the grill my food isn't as warm as I want it.

So maybe I've been lucky, as I figure there would have been a reaction if there was metal in the microwave.

Anyways now I'm looking for an alternative, I'm thinking of using a large wooden spatula and let it conform to the grill overtime.

exabrial 11 ago 1 reply      
Leave it to the Canadians to ruin BBQ.

J/K, the real trick it to clean it after you're doing using it and not let the solids cool. I use a foil ball most of the time.

walrus01 1 ago 2 replies      
I suppose it's safer to use a BBQ brush with really heavy gauge, thick steel bristles that are less likely to fall out, and that you would definitely notice when biting into a burger?
foobarian 1 ago 1 reply      
I knew it! I was always terrified of those bristles and just don't clean the grill. The coals do a fine job of cleaning it as it is, usually I just quickly scrape it with BBQ tongs.
stinos 18 ago 0 replies      
We usually barbecue in the evening and when finished put the grill in the grass, leave it there for a couple of nights. Because of the dew everything on there gets soaking wet and becomes easy to remove. With, for instance, grass or weeds. No brushes, no waste.
instakill 12 ago 1 reply      
I'm sorry if I'm late and ignorant but do people not chew? Surely if you chew enough you'll detect a piece of metal in your mouth!
groby_b 1 ago 2 replies      
Heat grill for an hour. Pour a beer over it. (Shake & spray, because that's more fun). Rub with newspaper or onion. Season with olive oil.

You're good to go.

cafard 17 ago 0 replies      
I wasn't happy with the warnings on the brush, but I used it. Then when it was time to change the head, the cheap screws stripped, and I switched to abrasive cleaner. They work pretty well.
rosege 21 ago 0 replies      
i feel guilty - i had a bbq a few weeks ago for a group of friends and cleaned my bbq with one of these - although the wires seem thicker - ill have to check when I get home - either way I think im not going to use it again - not worth the risk!
halite 14 ago 0 replies      
Why not wash grills just like regular dishes? My grills come off and once I'm done cooking, I rinse and put them in dishwasher.
pchristensen 1 ago 2 replies      
From AmazingRibs.com (http://amazingribs.com/BBQ_buyers_guide/grill_grate_cleaning...)

"Be careful with bristle brushes, especially cheap brass bristle brushes. Bristles fall out. Every year there are scores of sad news stories about people eating meals with bristles hiding on them. The bristle gets stuck in their throats or digestive systems, and repairs can get pretty ugly. Every so often someone dies."

I bought this from his recommendation, and it has been good so far: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0045UBBO0/tag=amazingribs-...Weber 18-Inch Bamboo Grill Brush. Still the easiest, and most effective way to remove grease. Heat the grates and then brush. Simple. There are a variety of brushes like this with rustproof brass bristles but the Weber is my favorite because it is well built. Some have flat scrapers on the end as well as the brush. I like this model because the C shaped scraper on the end.

Pica_soO 19 ago 0 replies      
Reminds me of my former boss in a bakery- he would get mad if somebody used sponge iron to clean or would instantly empty stuff from opened metal containers into the dough kneader.
jessaustin 1 ago 2 replies      
It's amusing that CBC headline writers felt the need to use the adjective "Canadian" here.
SQL2219 1 ago 0 replies      
I had insidious things and once I saw the bristles coming off I threw it out.

Direct from China. Buyers beware.

dv_dt 1 ago 1 reply      
I use a grill cleaning stone (sometimes called a grill pumice or brick cleaner) that works better than the brushes and seems to be more durable/less waste than using aluminium foil.
Magi604 11 ago 0 replies      
I was inspecting my portable bbq the other day and I noted that the cleaning bristle I keep with it was looking kind of worn out. Time to throw it out!
emodendroket 13 ago 0 replies      
Thank you for creating a new anxiety for me.
foxfired 1 ago 0 replies      
When I go to Korean BBQ with my colleagues, we use the chopped onion to clean the grill.
anonymousDan 1 ago 3 replies      
Couldn't they have some sort of instrument with a metal detector attached to find things like that?
jedanbik 1 ago 0 replies      
I like to ball up aluminium foil, and scrape the grill with that. Pretty hard not to see it.
rednerrus 1 ago 0 replies      
Take a piece of aluminum foil and ball it up and use that to clean your grill.
perseusprime11 1 ago 0 replies      
Here's a grill brush that you can use with a cut onion. Safe to use and no worry about bristles.

Sorry here's the link: http://thegrillion.com/

goldenkey 1 ago 1 reply      
Time to throw my grill brush away. It always hurt when I accidently touched it anyhow. Steel wool is probably safer and better anyhow.
Kenji 1 ago 3 replies      
Wow! We've been using this kind of brush for decades. I guess we're lucky that nothing happened. I think, though, with proper brushes, none of the bristles come off.
cmdrfred 15 ago 0 replies      
I cooked for nearly a decade. Every restaurant ive worked at had an old grill brush (owners are cheap) with bristles falling off. Never eating a burger that isn't done on a flat top (5 guys) or by my own hand again.
mynameishere 23 ago 1 reply      
Never BBQ'd anything. If I didn't know better, I'd get some heavy-duty lye-based oven cleaner and burn off the gunk. Is that not a valid alternative to physical removal?
bifrost 1 ago 0 replies      
Well thats sortof terrifying. Very squicky.
nefitty 17 ago 0 replies      
Meat is murder, in more ways than one.
MaxfordAndSons 21 ago 0 replies      
I didn't know Canada was so big on barbecue.
dirtbox 1 ago 1 reply      
dkarapetyan 1 ago 0 replies      
Does anyone really need further evidence of "intelligent design"?
Smaller and faster data compression with Zstandard facebook.com
799 points by jamesgpearce  2 ago   151 comments top 39
tmd83 2 ago 3 replies      
I have been waiting for this to hit 1.0 and more importantly get popular so that I can use it everywhere. I am really a fan of Yann Collet's work. These are extremely impressive work specially when you consider that lz4 seems to be better than snappy (by google) and zstandard from LZFSE (from apple). I think he is the first one to write a practical fast arithmetic coder using ANS. And look at how his huffman implementation blazes past zlib huffman though compresses less than FSE [0]. I also like reading his blog posts. While a lot of them goes over my head I can generally make a sense of what he is trying and why something's working despite the complexity.

[0] https://github.com/Cyan4973/FiniteStateEntropy

levbrie 2 ago 2 replies      
There is just so much awesome stuff in this article. Finite State Entropy and Asymmetric Numeral System are completely new concepts to me (I've got 7 open tabs just from references FB supplied in the article), as is repcode modeling. I love that they've already built in granular control over the compression tradeoffs you can make, and I can't wait to look into Huff0. If anyone outside of Facebook has started playing with it or is planning to put it into production right away I'd love to hear about it.
cbr 2 ago 6 replies      
The plot of compression ratio against speed for the various compression levels is pretty helpful for understanding its performance: https://scontent.fsnc1-3.fna.fbcdn.net/t39.2365-6/14146892_9...

"The x-axis is a decreasing logarithmic scale in megabytes per second; the y-axis is the compression ratio achieved."

I'd love to see a version of this chart that also included Brotli. (And I'm somewhat surprised Brotli isn't mentioned at all.)

(Disclaimer: I work at Google, which made Brotli)

ctur 2 ago 2 replies      
Yann will be giving a talk on Zstandard at today's @Scale 2016 conference, and the video will be posted. He can answer the most technical questions about Zstandard, but I may be able to answer some as well; we both work on compression at Facebook.
AceJohnny2 2 ago 0 replies      
Note: this is from the same guy who created the popular lz4 compressor, Yann Collet: http://cyan4973.github.io/lz4/


AceJohnny2 2 ago 7 replies      
The modern trend of compressors is to use more memory to achieve speed. This is good if you're using big-iron cloud computers...

"Zstandard has no inherent limit and can address terabytes of memory (although it rarely does). For example, the lower of the 22 levels use 1 MB or less. For compatibility with a broad range of receiving systems, where memory may be limited, it is recommended to limit memory usage to 8 MB. This is a tuning recommendation, though, not a compression format limitation."

8MB for the smallest preset? Back in the mid-2000s, I was attending a Jabber/XMPP discussion, about the viability of using libz for compressing the stream. It turned out that even just a 32kb window is huge when your connection server is handling thousands of connections at a time, and they were investigating the effect of using a modified libz with an even smaller window (it was hard-coded, back then).

I know Moore's law is in ZStandard's favor w.r.t. memory usage (what's 8MB when your server's got 64GB or more?), but I think it's useful to note that this is squarely aimed at web traffic backed by beefy servers.

ohitsdom 2 ago 1 reply      
I'm a complete dunce when it comes to compression and how it fits in the industry, so help me out here. Say that everyone accepts that Zstandard is amazing and we should start using it. What would the adoption process look like? I understand individual programs could implement it since they would handle both compression and decompression, but what about the web?

Would HTTP servers first have to add support, then browser vendors would follow?

ktta 2 ago 4 replies      
Some more benchmarks on this[0] page

Also, I actually discovered something very interesting (to me at least). At the bottom of the link mentioned below, the link attached says https://github.com/Cyan4973/zstd but then redirects to https://github.com/facebook/zstd . Anyone know why?

[0]: http://facebook.github.io/zstd/

EDIT: After a little bit of sleuthing, it looks like the author of zstd (github.com/Cyan4973) is now contributing[1] to github.com/facebook/zstd

And the page layout for lz4[2] looks the same as zstd[0]

Anyone know if Yann Collet works for/with facebook on things other than zstd?

EDIT 2: In the time it took me to google a couple things, looks like the children comments have already answered my questions.

Also, previous discussions on zstd (not that its completely relevant) -https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8941955https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/2tibrh/zstd_a_...

[1]:https://github.com/facebook/zstd/pull/312[2]: http://cyan4973.github.io/lz4/

markonen 2 ago 2 replies      
The goals sound similar to Apple's LZFSE (see https://github.com/lzfse/lzfse for more). Any comparison out there?
morecoffee 2 ago 2 replies      
A recent compression discussion I saw involved how do compressors fare on uncompressible input? For example, suppose you wanted to add compression to all your outbound network traffic. What would happen if there was mixed compressible traffic along with the uncomressible kind? A common case would be sending HTML along with JPEG.

Good compressors can't squeeze any more out of a JPEG, but they can back off fast and go faster. Snappy was designed to do this, and even implementations of gzip do it too. It greatly reduces the fear of CPU overhead to always on compression. I wonder how Zstd handles such cases?

*Ignoring security altogether

ryao 2 ago 1 reply      
This is an awesome blog post that is very well written, but the lack of incompressible performance analysis prevents It from providing a complete overview of zstd.

Incompressible performance measurements are important for interactive/realtime workloads and the numbers are extremely interesting because they can differ dramatically from the average case measurements. LZ4 for instance has been measured at doing 10GB/sec on incompressible data on a single core of a modern Intel Xeon processor. At the other end of the spectrum is the worst case scenario for incompressible data where performance slows to a crawl. I do not recall any examples in this area, but the point is that it is possible for algorithms to have great average case performance and terrible worst case performance. Quick sort is probably the most famous example of that concept.

I have no reason to suspect that zstd has bad incompressible performance, but the omission of incompressible performance numbers is unfortunate.

Twirrim 1 ago 1 reply      
From the bits of testing I've done today, it's phenomenally fast on x86. Much better than gzip (and pigz for that matter) in every metric I think I generally care about: CPU Usage, Compression Speed, Decompression Speed, Compression Ratio.

On other architecture the picture gets a bit murky, it seems to get handily beaten by pigz through what at first blush I'd guess is just sheer parallelism. It's got solid performance, and without a shadow of doubt faster than vanilla gzip. If/as/when I get time, it'll be interesting to dig into why performance is worse there.

xrstf 2 ago 0 replies      
Quick benchmark on a 194MiB SQL dump:

 gzip -9: 27.574s, 48MiB output zstd -9: 14.182s, 41MiB output
Thanks, I'll gladly use zstd as a drop-in replacement for my daily backups. :)

tambourine_man 2 ago 1 reply      
Isn't it a bit presumptuous to call your own thing "standard"?
esaym 2 ago 0 replies      
>> "It is written in highly portable C, making it suitable for practically every platform used today"

I love C, it is not the enemy everyone makes it out to be.

It's already in debian: https://packages.debian.org/stretch/zstd and judging by the small requirements,it is portable indeed.

cromwellian 2 ago 1 reply      
I think for typical JS/CSS/HTML sizes, and decompression times, probably maximum compression ratio, followed by decompression speed is what I'd look for. I don't care too much about compression speed, in the sense that if I have to spend 1 minute compressing JS to crunch it by 10%, but I serve that file a million times, then as long as decompression doesn't negate the gain in network time saved, it's a win.

I guess the other factor for mobile is, besides memory and decompression speed, how do various compression schemes fare battery wise?

erichocean 2 ago 0 replies      
For this to become anything like a standard, Facebook would have to remove its patent poison pill.
mrmrben 2 ago 1 reply      
Really nice work compared to what I consider to be the quite bad Brotli -- an incredibly slow compression standard that only ended up in browsers because it was created by Google.
yread 2 ago 0 replies      
If anyone wants to try it on windows there is a 7-zip install with support for ZSTD


espadrine 2 ago 1 reply      
The following link points to a fairly good benchmark / tool that showcases the tradeoffs in real life: since (de)compression takes time, what is the fastest way to transmit data at a given transfer speed?


Spoilers: zstd wins at ethernet and wifi (and is among the best in 4G), lz4 wins at hard drive encryption both were designed by the same author.

nemo1618 2 ago 2 replies      
How difficult is this new standard going to be to implement in another language? It seems highly sophisticated -- which is great, of course -- but the cost of that is relying on giants like Facebook to maintain their One True Implementation. For software this is (usually) fine; for a nee standard, it's a problem.
anjanb 1 ago 0 replies      
I was looking for a windows version of zstd. On the github page, I could only get the version 0.81 version of the windows tool. Can someone release the 1.0 version of zstd for windows ?
philplckthun 1 ago 0 replies      
I'd love HTTP content encoding to support this and see a comparison to Brotli. Looks like it might be yet another good alternative to gzip.
bnolsen 1 ago 0 replies      
turbohf claims to be 4x faster than zlib's huffman coding and 2x faster than FSE and is a generic cpu implementation. Even if claims are only partially true and turbohf is a clean dropin replacement for zlib and licensing were friendly the appeal of zstd drops substantially in my book.



mozumder 2 ago 1 reply      
Is this being pushed as being standard as part of the HTTP spec, seeing that it comes from Facebook?
partycoder 2 ago 0 replies      
Unless they integrate it into software like web servers and web browsers it will be hard to see it really flourish as a "standard".

But at least within the perimeter of your own systems you can totally profit from this technology now.

mana_12 1 ago 0 replies      
Zstandard is both a command line tool (zstd) and a library.
kstrauser 2 ago 0 replies      
That's truly beautiful. Thanks, Facebook! I particularly love that you can pre-compute and reuse dictionaries, say if you're regularly compressing similar JSON objects.
z3t4 2 ago 0 replies      
Tables should be in HTML.
faragon 2 ago 0 replies      
Grishnakh 2 ago 4 replies      
Looks very interesting, however I'm not impressed by the name. "Zstandard"??? With ".zstd" as the extension? I don't like it.

They should have named it letter-zip, along the lines of gzip, bzip, and xzip, with the extension letterz. "fz" would have been a good one since they work at Facebook.

cristiandan 2 ago 0 replies      
bananaoomarang 2 ago 0 replies      
Best middle-out in the game.
lasryaric 2 ago 1 reply      
Whats their weissman score?
f137 2 ago 0 replies      
Probably nictpicking but "Smaller data compression" makes no sense really
kaushalp88 2 ago 1 reply      
Should we start with the pied piper jokes now or later?
ilostmykeys 2 ago 1 reply      
How does this compete with PiedPiper?
DJ_Icebear 2 ago 0 replies      
Should've named it "Pied Piper"
DJ_Icebear 2 ago 0 replies      
They should've named it "Pied Piper".
Google Takes on Uber with New Ride-Share Service wsj.com
592 points by coloneltcb  3 ago   456 comments top 48
segmondy 3 ago 2 replies      
This is not about taking on Uber. Google is testing AI for self driving cars. Once we have self driving cars, the idea is that you deploy these cars and the cars figure out who to pick up and who to drop off and possible doing group pick ups along the way. Waze is going to predict who to pick up based on their collected data thus far using ML, their data scientists are going to supervise it and correct it. Once we have self driving cars, Google will have the tech that can manage assigning cars and picking people up. This is what it is all about.
michaeldunworth 3 ago 0 replies      
Google is emphasizing for low prices and people not to make careers from this for one reason, automation. This is a pilot for them, and will be replaced by autonomous cars in a few years. They don't want to be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of jobs and fight that moral fight. Uber is about to have a huge amount of people displaced from the jobs they created, and Google doesn't want to share that reputational hazard imo. Good call for Google.
luka-birsa 2 ago 3 replies      
Love it how Uber is getting Ubered by providing a service they were supposedly providing but it was only a marketing scam to get around Taxi regulation.

This is proper "sharing economy" where the other party isn't doing this to make a living out of it. I wonder who will Airbnb the Airbnb and is that at all possible.

The end will be the same anyways - both companies are competing for a spot on the customers mobile phone so that they could provide a service when autonomous cars are up and running.

mintplant 3 ago 3 replies      
I've noticed Google Maps will sometimes give me Uber ads when I'm looking up directions ("this route only $N on Uber" or such). Idle speculation but I wonder if this was a mistake for Uber -- perhaps Google has seen a high rate of click-through on these and will now try to get in on that action themselves.
hyperbovine 3 ago 2 replies      
> Unlike Uber and its crosstown rival Lyft Inc., both of which largely operate as on-demand taxi businesses, Waze wants to connect riders with drivers who are already headed in the same direction.

Funny because that is Lyft's (n Zimride) original model. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

camiller 3 ago 1 reply      
Basically this is different from uber/lyft because it is trying to match you with someone already going to the same area, say on their normal commute. You are not just calling up a driver to get you from place to place.

I can't help but to think of Ford Prefect's Electronic Thumb from H2G2.

LordHumungous 3 ago 2 replies      
I was actually just thinking about this the other day- why doesn't a large tech company with lots of cash create a ride service which basically lets the driver keep everything? Uber can't possibly compete. Google can destroy them before they can become a threat in other tech spaces.
losteverything 3 ago 1 reply      
Great news. As a PT worker at one of the articles mentioned companies, I know there is considerable demand for rides to and from the retailer. This could be huge if employees shift from dial-taxis or uber to "co-workers" via waze.

Other night a pizza server at a shop next door said she was very slow. It's summer and nobody buys pizza. She added it costs her $10 one way cab ride and makes nothing for the day.

This is the type of news I would post on employee board when it comes to my area.

Zigurd 3 ago 0 replies      
Google is not "taking on Uber." An important point is that Google is not making money off the payments for the ride, which presumably all go to the driver.

For the driver that means defraying the cost of a commute in return for going a few minutes out of his way. True ride-sharing, not a gypsy-cabs-plus-reputation network. It's more akin to a transport-specific Splitwise than to Uber.

What Google gets out of this is a real-world model of on demand automated transport patterns, pricing, demand, etc.

fma 3 ago 0 replies      
It's a good idea, and in Georgia there's a program to pay you to car pool (http://gacommuteoptions.com/Save-Your-Commute/Earn-Cash.-Win...).

I see this as something similar. But I was never able to find someone to car pool with.

mmanfrin 3 ago 32 replies      
Honestly I wish they wouldn't try to compete on price. Maybe I'm alone with this, but I'd rather not feel obligated to tip a driver because the ride is so cheap. Pay them a living wage, let me pay the exact fee, and let me not have to carry goddamn cash like I used to in the era of Taxis.

e: Addressing common replies:

"This is for people commuting already" -- okay, point taken; my point about Uber/Lyft still stands.

"Tipping isn't obligatory" -- yes, it kind of is. Uber used to bar drivers form asking, but they recently lost a lawsuit over that rule and so now Uber drivers will occasionally ask for tips (which will cause it to slowly become the norm). When tipping becomes the norm, the low-base-wage of the driver becomes less of an 'issue', and then tipping becomes even more of a necessity as that is where the drivers will make their actual margins.

dannylandau 3 ago 1 reply      
With so many competitors in the marketplace, such as Lyft, Gett, Via, Juno, and now Google, seems like Uber's leadership position is at risk. There appears to be very little differentiation between all of them, and while Google is starting out with carpooling, it is just a matter of time before they expand. Not sure how any investor could ever justify Uber's $60B valuation. In 10 years, will likely be 1/10 of that.
mahyarm 3 ago 0 replies      
There are a whole bunch of .54/mile commute carpool apps out there. Uber & Lyft have them / have had them too. Usually they don't pan out because it's not enough money for the hassle.
devy 3 ago 1 reply      
Waze carpooling has been around since May [1]

[1] http://www.wsj.com/articles/alphabet-unveils-program-for-car...

hosh 3 ago 0 replies      
Back in the day, when Google opened up a 411 service, Microsoft did the same. It looked like a way to expand the search engine. After several years of operation, they shut it down. Why? They were collecting voice samples to feed into their voice recognition system, and they had collected enough.

I can't help but wonder if this ride sharing is a similar move. It sounds like a stepping stone for the kind of services that might be practical with self-driving cars. There might be some angle on collecting data that isn't obvious.

yalogin 3 ago 0 replies      
Google had to get in at some point. They should have entered a year ago may be but I think this is a good enough time. Google can afford to not take a cut for their service and hurt Uber quite a bit. If they are not taking a cut they can also reduce the price for the rider.

However, how can it be viable to the driver. I understand if someone is already going in that direction they can make a little money but if I want to live on it (like Uber is pitching) will the price be enough?

yefim 3 ago 8 replies      
How are they vetting drivers? I wouldn't trust a driver if all they had to do to qualify is download the Waze app.
saisun1988 2 ago 1 reply      
Doesn't Google give "directions" to Uber? Literally & metaphorically?

If Google starts charging a premium for consumers like Uber who use its services with a major commercial reason, Uber wouldn't be able to sustain.

627467 2 ago 0 replies      
This won't be the first true ride-sharing program, but it's high enough profile to show people how ubers and lyft of the world have highjacked and distorted the meaning of that word.

Uber is not part of the "sharing" economy. This is.

dano 3 ago 1 reply      
This ought to be a boon for vanpool's where demand in terms of source and destination can be matched to drivers and 6+ passenger vehicles. Researching the necessary correlations would be fascinating work.
genedelisa 2 ago 5 replies      
What if actual there were a licensed Taxi service that offered the online/app capabilities of Uber? Do you think that would compete?
sequoia_semper 3 ago 0 replies      
This is an actual ride sharing experiment instead of a taxi for hire business, quite nice to see this.
josh_carterPDX 3 ago 0 replies      
Wait, doesn't Lyft use Waze? So it's Lyft in a different interface?
swolchok 3 ago 3 replies      
Why would you pay to carpool to/from work instead of arranging carpool with a coworker, paying for your share of gas directly, and cutting out 1) the (future) middleman 2) the tax man?
aristus 3 ago 1 reply      
Google likes to use software to eat the world. But sometimes their software-only approach just ends up slobbering all over it. The point of Uber isn't the "sharing" of a ride, but the availability and predictability of getting one.
JOnAgain 2 ago 0 replies      
I predict this will fail as it is described today. Because it pays little and is meant to find people on the way already, 1) people won't be dedicated to driving people, 2) which will make it unreliable to get a ride, 3) which will cause people not to use it or at least not rely on it. Also, with little money, 1) whole segments of the (population (especially in the bay area) won't be incentivized by the money, 2) people will be less likely to go out of their way to pick anyone up, and 3) one or two annoying ride sharers will cause drivers to decide picking people up isn't worth the occasional annoyance.
ChuckMcM 3 ago 2 replies      
Ok, not unexpected given that Drummond stepped back from being a board member, of course they got that seat by buying nearly 7% of the company[1]. Which if they had sold it to the other investors who came in on $62.5B round[2] they could have taken about $900M out which they could use to start their own ride sharing service. Sort of like drinking the Unicorn's blood to create a spell that will kill the Unicorn. The irony here, especially after Google did the same thing at Apple, big investment, board seat, oh wait you have a business that seems to be a winner (iPhone) lets step back and do that!

I wonder if this will make it harder for GV to participate in any sort of funding rounds.

[1] "Google Ventures invested $258M at $3.7B post-money valuation in 2013" -- https://www.quora.com/What-percentage-of-Uber-does-Google-ow...

[2] http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-03/uber-raise...

alkonaut 3 ago 6 replies      
Can we stop calling every new taxi service "ride sharing"? Are people "sharing" anything in any meaningful way? The drivers car isn't shared, he sells a ride, that's a Taxi. A medallion or other arbitrary system doesn't define what a taxi is.

Can I tell uber I want to share a ride to the airport with any stranger? (my taxi co will do that)?

iamcasen 3 ago 3 replies      
Uber and Lyft have had to tackle so many legal issues already. Drastically improving and modifying how they deal with drivers on a daily basis from both an operational and legal standpoint.

If what the article says is true about google vetting problem drivers with mere user reviews, they don't know what they are getting into.

I think the idea is great of course, and I imagine it would cut down on freeway traffic during commute hours. It just seems that the legal web of trust, insurance, safety, etc will be a lot to handle.

ianamartin 3 ago 2 replies      
Am I the only one who laughs when I see, "Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., . . . ."?

Umm, who reading this article doesn't know who Google is? That construction is almost always there to let you know who some no-name subsidiary or division of a much more well-known company is.

In this case it functions in the reverse if at all--reminding people that Alphabet is a thing, in case you didn't know.

Anyway, I just think that's funny.

bluejekyll 3 ago 2 replies      
> Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., began a pilot program around...

So, basic question, What is the difference between Alphabet and Google again? It seems like everything is still being branded as Google. I know it's slightly off topic, but I am honestly confused as to when something is not Google.

JohnMF 3 ago 1 reply      
Lyft recently shut down their commute share program due to lack of interest... and now Alphabet is restarting it.
sredniv 3 ago 0 replies      
"Google takes on Earth by building a new mechanical planet"
symbolepro 3 ago 0 replies      
The best part of the interview is the way Sam has asked questions.
3 days ago 3 ago 2 replies      
jdauriemma 3 ago 0 replies      
known 2 ago 0 replies      
Wondering why Napster was ruled illegal :)
TheOneTrueKyle 3 ago 7 replies      
When I was younger and financially unstable, I had a decision to make. Take a crappy restaurant job or live out of my car. I chose to live out of my car. Every time I hear the argument that people in the restaurant industry are getting unfair pay, I ask myself, "I wonder who made that decision to work there in the first place"

Stop this bullshit tipping. These people made a choice and then chose to complain about it.

Also, this only seems to occur with FOH employees in the restaurant industry. You don't really hear BOH employees (you know, the people who actually do the work of cooking your food) complain.

salomelunarojas 3 ago 0 replies      
We should stop calling this ride sharing. It's still taxi. Modern taxi.
youarewhite 3 ago 3 replies      
dirtyaura 3 ago 1 reply      
Larry finally got his way :D
readhn 3 ago 1 reply      
RIP Uber.8/29/2016.
vegabook 3 ago 5 replies      
read: "Google ride-share is to Uber as Windows Phone is to Android". Late to the party, tragically deficient in first-mover network effect advantage, and on the decline in credibility since they're shutting down all moonshots, including, as we saw as recently as today, halving the staff at Google Fibre.

Talk about panic catch-up with no intrinsic advantage, nor vision. "Mountain View, start your photo-copiers". We know where that ends...

Larry and Sergei have shown in the past 3 years that they have no staying power on anything that isn't an obvious profit lay-up in short order. This thing will burn through cash at a rate that will make any of their other ill-fated ventures look like a bargain. I mean, UBER has already coughed 1.2 yards this year!

Smells like Google+ all over again. Isn't this the sort of sham that the Alphabet carve-out was supposed to avoid?

ilostmykeys 3 ago 0 replies      
This is a hitchhiking service, not a "I want to get from my hotel to the airport" service. What are the chances that someome happens to be passing by my hotel on their way to the airport and happens to have room for an extra passenger. LOL. Retarded (to view it as competing with Uber/Lyft) Just part of the media that is itching to start a new drama.
codecamper 3 ago 0 replies      
This is it? Ha. Uber must be letting out a collective sigh of relief.
MrZongle2 3 ago 0 replies      
I can't help but think that if Google is successful, the entire endeavor will end up like Reader: Google wipes out the competition, decides that they no longer want to run the service, end it, and there is no-one left to fill the void.
Myrmornis 3 ago 1 reply      
Has Waze quit using the childish cartoon stuff by default under Google?
durga 3 ago 0 replies      
Google is simply bored while making so much money so comfortably, with an absolutely dominant market position in search. So every few months they need to do these copycat things simply to entertain themselves ;-).
How to steal a developer's local database bouk.co
742 points by chachram  1 ago   227 comments top 48
andrewstuart2 1 ago 8 replies      
These have a fairly simple fix that you can implement yourself as a developer. Don't let your services listen on (AKA bind to) or

The entire block is dedicated to the loopback interface [1]. That's 2^24 - 2 unique IP addresses you can choose at random. This basically eliminates the feasibility of the DNS rebinding component, as it would take prohibitively long to find the actual loopback address that your services have bound to.

It's important to note that this is much more effective than not using the default port. It's much faster to iterate all 2^16 ports on the same IP address than it is to wait for DNS TTL to expire so you can rebind to another IP address.

As a bonus, you don't have to worry about port collisions when nobody's allowed to listen on Everybody can use 8080 if they want.

[1] https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5735#section-3

digitalsushi 1 ago 4 replies      
In a past life I had to write some DNS rebind attacks for some CPE testsuite software that is out there.

It was very easy to write some javascript that hangs out in the browser, gets the updated DNS host as the address (sure sure, you can go crazy guessing other addresses) and then about 60% of everyone was on admin:admin or something as common; the first 12 or so bits of an ethernet address are the vendor identifier, which makes the process even easier to assume. Then you just start posting data to well-known web admin interfaces and update the router password.

I have no idea how well this works, three or four years later...

cpcallen 16 ago 0 replies      
I have seen this story posted and discussed in several locations. It boggles my mind that everyone is talking about DNS filtering and/or browser security models, when it's painfully obvious that the actual problem is the fact that the targeted services (redis, memcached, elasticsearch, etc.) apparently do nothing whatsoever to authenticate incoming connections (at least in their default configuration).

Yes: remote DNS servers have no business serving up loopback addresses. Yes: browsers shouldn't let remote scripts access resources on the local network.

But WTF are you guys doing running services bound to network ports (even if only accessible from the local machine) that apparently have no authentication whatsoever? Have none of you ever used a multi-user machine?

When I was in university we had just three SunOS boxen shared amongst all undergrads in my faculty, and all three were directly accessible from the whole of the internet - there was no firewall of any kind. Even back in those rather more innocent days you learned real quick not to put up services which didn't authenticate every incoming connection.

A good firewall is not a substitute for having individual machines be secure.

A machine having only one (intended) user is not an excuse to run services that are not secure against local users.

nothrabannosir 1 ago 2 replies      
> The attack depends on multiple software products all making very reasonable decisions about how they should work, but the way they interact with each other leads to a vulnerability.

I'm sorry, but I disagree. A browser allowing externally loaded scripts to access private ip ranges is not a reasonable decision.

PSA: To protect yourself from this, and some more bad browser defaults, use NoScript with "allow all scripts globally." Keep the JS, but filter out some bad stuff. Also enable ABE (application boundaries enforcer, made to solve exactly this problem) for good measure.

bm98 1 ago 1 reply      
Running your browser in Red Hat's SELinux sandbox [1] [2] limits the ports you can connect to and thus limits this type of attack to those ports (80, 81, 443, 488, 8008, 8009, 8443, and 9000 in the default configuration).

[1] http://danwalsh.livejournal.com/31146.html[2] http://www.bress.net/blog/archives/195-Firefox-in-a-sandbox-...

corecoder 1 ago 0 replies      
Now I'm a little scared.

A few months ago there was a post [0] by antirez about how dangerous it is to leave a redis instance open to the world, in that an attacker could, for instance, authorize an SSH key on your machine and gain remote connectivity.

While the average workstation is not usually reachable from the outside network, you could probably combine some variant of that attack (the first thing that comes to mind: overwrite .bash_profile) with the attack of this article, causing a lot of fun.

[0] http://antirez.com/news/96

orf 1 ago 2 replies      
Interesting attack. A far more feasible one is just to throw nmap around your next conferences WiFi network and try common postgres/mysql combinations. You'd be surprised how many developers have such services exposed, often with 'developer passwords' and production dumps loaded.
nbadg 1 ago 1 reply      
Question: could DNS rebinding be used to tap into 1Password inter-process communication? They use localhost websockets for IPC; it's authenticated through the request origin and then through verifying the PID is in fact the browser [1].

DNS rebinding could definitely get around the PID check, but could it spoof an origin to something like "safari-extension://com.agilebits.onepassword4-safari-2bua8c4s2c"?

[1] https://support.1password.com/mini-extension-security/

xenadu02 1 ago 2 replies      
Browsers could pin DNS responses when a page finishes loading so any further requests for that domain will use the cached IP instead of doing name lookups but that would be a PITA because they generally rely on the OS DNS subsystem. It might also break long-running pages that won't failover anymore.

It would probably be easier to simply keep a IS_LOOPBACK flag for every DNS name resolved and kill any connection attempts if the flag changes while the page is loaded. Then you can keep using the OS DNS resolver logic.

DNS might legitimately return a different CDN but it sure as hell won't flip between private IP spaces and the public internet.

antirez 1 ago 2 replies      
Recently Redis aliased POST and Host: to QUIT for this reason.
Puts 1 ago 4 replies      
When you hear about someone jail breaking an iphone trough the browser, this is how. The fact that the browser works as a window to all tcp-sockets running on a device, it's the perfect way to exploit buffert overflows on a device that lacks a terminal.

Also remember this with all your IoT appliances running on your local network. Even if it has a local IP-address, as long as you have a computer with a browser on the same network, you might as well consider your devices being publicly accessible from the rest of the internet.

jasonkester 1 ago 2 replies      
Do developers often run things on localhost? I mean sure, you'll have things running on your dev machine, but for me at least, will just show the default webroot, with its placeholder index.html. All my actual sites listen for custom hostnames (since otherwise you only get one site per machine or have to do silly things with port numbers on the url).

So unless somebody has crafted a page specifically targeting me and my naming convention for local sites, this wouldn't be an issue. And of course, once you hit a site, you'd still need to deal with the same security that the public facing version sees. You certainly wouldn't go out of your way to disable that on your local machine.

Databases are named, and often live within named database server instances, so they'd need to be specifically targeted as well. And, again, they have authorization to deal with. It's not like you'd leave that open either.

Is it common to do it any other way?

rhodey_orbits 1 ago 1 reply      
Cool to see DNS Rebinding getting more attention lately :D just a couple months ago I used DNS Rebinding to attack Ethereum wallets: https://medium.com/@rhodey/walking-past-same-origin-policy-n...
EdSharkey 1 ago 4 replies      
In what universe does it make sense for a DNS server to serve records that point to

This DNS Rebinding hack should be easy to eliminate: only etc/hosts can make records that point to localhost.

I don't care if a HUGE swath of applications are broken by this, DNS just seems broken to allow remote DNS servers to make localhost records.

Please excuse my awkward use of words, I am a combination of sick and delightfully ignorant about DNS.

thirstytho 1 ago 1 reply      
I always kinda wondered when the other shoe was gonna drop on "why do databases even have passwords"...
kevinbowman 1 ago 0 replies      
I'm sure I've seen browsers (maybe Opera?) which wouldn't let a website on a "routable" IP address make any requests at all to anything on a "non-routable" IP address; I assume that 127/8 is included in the latter range. That approach basically eliminates the DNS rebinding attack, I assumed that was normal practice in all browsers - obviously not, though.
tapvt 1 ago 2 replies      
Another good reason to develop w/in a virtualized server on your dev machine?
csense 1 ago 0 replies      
My takeaway from this is that binding to localhost doesn't give you as much security as you think.
amazingman 7 ago 0 replies      
Seems to me that containerizing your dev environment with something like a well-constructed docker-compose YAML should mitigate this.

By "well-constructed" I mean that the backend services for a given project should only be available on the container network, and not be exposed to the host network.

nneonneo 1 ago 0 replies      
This is an interesting, albeit well-known attack vector. A similar attack was used to attack Avast [0].

The author notes that write access could be used to inject dangerous objects (e.g. malicious pickles) into the database. This is arguably a much more serious bug because it does not require DNS rebinding (such a request can be performed cross-origin) nor can it be mitigated by refusing to read the response (as Chrome is proposing to do).

In short: the database modification attack is potentially much more severe, but as of yet no precise attack chain has been identified. However, I think it's very likely that some server software uses e.g. pickles in the database.

[0] https://bugs.chromium.org/p/project-zero/issues/detail?id=67...

gschrader 1 ago 4 replies      
Looks like the best way to protect against this is filtering private IP addresses from DNS responses. Is there a reason why ISP DNS servers in general would ever need to serve out a private IP?
f055 1 ago 1 reply      
Hmm, Little Snitch, if configured properly (ie. you allow the browser to only connect to ports 80 and 443) will alert you if a site wants to connect to something weird like 3306, 9000 etc. Then you can kill the packet and nothing happens. Like on OPs PoC. Still, it's super interesting PoC.
optimuspaul 1 ago 1 reply      
I run my real databases on non-standard ports in docker and put honey pots on the standard ports. In those I fill it with dialog from love scenes in popular movies, it's not a ton of data but it's certainly interesting.
yarper 1 ago 0 replies      
similar problem with intellij: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12292148
edwinjm 14 ago 0 replies      
Routers like Fritzbox also protects agains DNS Rebinding: https://en.avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7390/knowledge-b...
Mizza 1 ago 0 replies      
I love this class of attack. I wonder if you could use a similar technique to get German Trasmission users to download fine-inducing torrents, etc..
bahjoite 1 ago 0 replies      
I've become increasingly complacent and often allow NoScript to "temporarily allow all javascript on this page", but will stop doing it, having just tried the PoC. It found Redis (which runs in a container, but with the port exposed).

The PoC failed to work when using TorBrowser (with the security slider set to High) and letting NoScript temporarily allow.

hrjet 23 ago 0 replies      
We are designing a solution in gngr here: https://github.com/UprootLabs/gngr/issues/219

In essence, the resolved address of a request will be checked if it lies in a reserved block. If so, further policy checks will be made for the resolved address, and the IP address will be pinned for that HTTP request.

Would appreciate feedback here, or on the issue.

rbanffy 20 ago 0 replies      
It's very concerning considering Homebrew's popularity and its habit of running stuff as your local user. Compromising any application that runs as you with as much access to your computer as yourself is pretty bad.
runin2k1 1 ago 0 replies      
"How to steal some developer's local database"
jkarneges 1 ago 0 replies      
This reminds me of a similar vulnerability in webhooks [1]. I never thought of throwing a POST request at Redis to muck with keys but I tried it just now and it totally works. Geez.

[1] http://blog.fanout.io/2014/01/27/how-to-safely-invoke-webhoo...

tener 1 ago 0 replies      
With WebRTC local ip discovery [1] it can be easily extended to work against a whole local subnet. Looks very dangerous.

Probably best to attack this on the DNS rebind level. Encapsulating the browser network context somehow and firewalling this might help mitigating this attack too.

[1] https://www.browserleaks.com/webrtc

ddalex 1 ago 1 reply      
The crazy thing to me is that people here look for solutions at lower OSI level (DNS, interfaces, IP address,) where to me the problem is that there are these services that run with zero security.

Fix the services, require authentication and permission enforcement and the problem is gone.

snowmaker 12 ago 0 replies      
Is there any similar attack for data in postgres / mysql local databases?
thebeardedone 1 ago 5 replies      
Out of curiosity, what data do you have in your development databases that this becomes such a grave concern? I mean I'm all for security and love to see how creative people can get but we are talking about dev environments and not some part of the infrastructure (automated test machines, production, etc).
chx 22 ago 0 replies      
Create a docker container, mount -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix in there and run your browser that way. It's VM lite and mitigates this attack.
quickquest57 1 ago 0 replies      
I noticed that I am running redis-server in the background on my mac...but I have no idea what started it. I'm not doing any relevant development at the moment, and haven't in months.

How can I trace the source and ensure it doesn't restart on reboot?

oandrei 1 ago 2 replies      
Perhaps a server, when running in development mode, should require a custom HTTP header? This would be a non-simple request, and the browser will refuse.Would this be a reasonable counter-measure?
knocte 1 ago 2 replies      
Can this be solved by configuring the local system (e.g. Debian?) to blacklist any DNS resolution that ends up being a private IP address? Is this is possible to configure at the firewall level?
RussianCow 1 ago 0 replies      
This is why I use Vagrant whenever I can. All my services live within a VM and are only accessible via a specific hostname.
ex3ndr 16 ago 0 replies      
Looks like Qubes OS is the only ultimate solution.
parenthephobia 1 ago 1 reply      
This problem doesn't just apply to localhost, although it's most straightfoward to exploit that way. You could also use this technique to scan the user's LAN or, in a more targeted attack, bypass IP address restrictions on specific servers.

Scripts from the public Internet shouldn't be able to access private or local networks as a matter of policy.

Similarly, in a high-security environment, scripts from a private network shouldn't be able to access the public Internet - to help prevent exfiltration of private data.

therealmarv 1 ago 0 replies      
The PoC website works on my redis even when using Chrome canary 55 which should have removed HTTP 0.9.
teilo 1 ago 2 replies      
This is a non-issue for those of us who are using Vagrant or similar development VM technologies.
govindpatel 19 ago 0 replies      
I think that running elastic search on a different port (other than 9200) will go undetected? (just a thought)
totony 1 ago 0 replies      
The DNS rebind seems weird, any sensible DNS forwarder should ignore local ip (127.0.01/8,, etc). This attack doesn't seem feasible if you can't hinack local adresses.
beeperless 1 ago 0 replies      
If the box doesn't beep any longer - how can I find where I stored my speaker-less server?
jbob2000 1 ago 3 replies      
Oh no, my development database! What ever will I do if 10,000 entries of Lorem Ipsum get leaked!? In the wrong hands, all of my bunk data from trying to get a PUT right could be really dangerous.
How I Built a Custom Camper Van (2015) syntheti.cc
744 points by pvsukale3  4 ago   337 comments top 86
grecy 4 ago 10 replies      
I did something similar.

I wanted a vehicle I could explore the world with, so I turned my Jeep into a house on wheels with fridge, drinking water and filtration, solar and dual batteries, interior cabinets and a custom modified pop-up roof so I can stand up and walk around in the Jeep.

I joked about applying for a home owners grant :)

The full pictures and story are in this album - http://imgur.com/a/OLK3o

I'm driving it around Africa now.

EDIT: I'm a Software Engineer too, and I decided there is more to life than sitting at a desk - a few years back I drove Alaska->Argentina, now it's around Africa for 2 years.

EDIT2: I've hit my posting limit.

Yes, I'm still alive!

Follow along if you want to see if I stay that way!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/theroadchoseme

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theroadchoseme

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dangrec

YouTube: http://youtube.com/c/theroadchoseme

And my website: http://theroadchoseme.com

patcheudor 4 ago 3 replies      
A couple comments for your own safety and the safety of the vehicle:

1) Those batteries should be in battery boxes. You can find them at any marine supply store. Note that for boats where batteries are commonly stored like you have them there, it's the law. For RV's it's a good practice and may be required by some insurers and in some states.

2) H2S also known as hydrogen sulfide. It's explosive and it's possible for even the best sealed batteries to have a problem whereby H2S is released. If those batteries have vent ports, you need to ensure they are connected to a vent tube and run out of the vehicle. If they don't have vent tubes, don't assume they won't vent. I run sealed batteries in my boat and it came with a H2S detector connected bilge ventilator. If the H2S detector senses a build-up of the gas it sets off an audible alarm and kicks the ventilator on. I've seen the aftermath of battery compartment explosions. Trust me, it's not something you want to experience. The cheapest option here is to get batteries which allow for the connection of a vent tube.

UPDATE: here's a decent article on the issue with a picture of a vented battery box (I didn't know those were a thing - cool!):


UPDATE #2: just went out and looked at my boat. This is what's in the battery compartment attached to the bilge fan:


gnarcoregrizz 4 ago 1 reply      
This resonated with me: "Life is easy. Humans are fucking badass -- we absolutely dominate our environment and are so smart and powerful."

I really understood that in the desert in Utah, where I got the feeling that I wasn't supposed to be there, far away from any semblance of civilization, but there I was surviving just fine with the help of our machinations.

I bought my RV for what you did, and its a perfectly comfortable home... a home that goes 80mph! I've been to almost every state now, and lived on hilltops with "million dollar" views, been in the desert under the stars, worked from deep in the rainforest in the pacific northwest, all for less money than rent for my apartment was. We can live comfortably for about a week completely off the grid. I would have bought a smaller, more offroad capable van, but I live in it with my fiance, so that was untenable.

I don't know how long you've been doing it, but there are definitely stressors and downsides that accompany the lifestyle. My RV was broken into once and I had everything stolen, and since then I've been constantly on edge when being away from my vehicle, so I often wish it looked beat to shit to deter people from messing with it. Also, staying in parking lots sucks and is sad if you're doing it for any extended period of time. I definitely have a missing sense of community and permanence, but its been a great journey!

jdpigeon 4 ago 2 replies      
This would have appealed to me about two years ago, but not that much anymore, and I'm still close to a decade away from paying off my student debt.

I'm more interested in 'settling down' and 'getting to work' these days, realizing that my sense of personal success is mostly dependent on quality relationships, productivity, and a sense of community belonging. Now, I've done my fair share of living life on the road, and I always enjoyed the experience, but just like the comedown from a psychedelic drug high I was always grateful at the end to be back home squared away in my "real world."

My issue is not with the self-determinism or the low-impact tiny house living, just with the transience of it. Is he certain that he'll be able to be productive working out of the back of a van or in random cafes around the country? What about stimulating interactions with colleagues? Girlfriend??

jordanlev 4 ago 4 replies      
I absolutely loved reading this. I liked how he went into it cautiously, testing out whether he could get by with a small fridge, small bed, less possessions, etc. And I also appreciate the web page design itself -- one long vertically-scrolling piece, very easy to read through!

One thing I find ironic though is the attitude towards other people who make a different decision about the worth of a home and the mortgage. Does he not realize that his van was only possible because his parents owned a home, raised him there, and let him park the van in their carport for 40 days while building it out?

aresant 4 ago 5 replies      
His "Can I live without my precious possessions?" answer is the most engineering LOL thing I've read all day:

"Pile up my crap. Anytime I need something in the pile, take it out of the pile and save it for later. Monitor usage."

Thank you for posting this.

jws 4 ago 1 reply      
Great article, small technical issue:

First, cut all the 0 AWG wire. Why 0 AWG? Because I had a 1500 watt inverter, which meant I could be pulling 150 amps (1500 watts output / 120 volts output 12 volts input = 150 amps input).

That's nearly the right answer, but "watts / volts volts" is not going to end in "amps" as an answer. I'd suggest: 1500 watts / 12 volts = 125 amps.

I also whole heartedly agree with him with statements like "By far the most beautiful place I've driven through has been the drive from Butte, MT to Idaho Falls, ID.". I drive mostly across the country twice a year. I avoid interstate highways. The evening routine is to look at satellite imagery for interesting terrain, look at something like Panoramio to see where people take pictures and of what, then piece together some travel for the next day. Pull over and take a mini-hike if anything looks interesting.

scarecrowbob 4 ago 1 reply      
As cool as this, like a lot of folks here I don't see how a pickup and a gooseneck wouldn't be a better (probably cheaper) option, even if you had to renovate / shop around for the gooseneck.

I know a whole lot of folks who live this way, mostly itinerant musicians.

While this is a much nicer build-- I think it's quite beautiful-- it is a lot closer to a custom conversion van most folks I know have much different, less successful experiences with DIY RVs.

To the folks who cite "stealth" as a rationale here, there are a lot of reasons why you might get kicked off a patch of ground... one persons "hack" is another person's criminal trespass. There are a lot of great places that you can camp out without getting hassled and without relying on other folks footing the bill for your plumbing and pavement.

To the folks citing mobility, I still don't see how that kind of van is more mobile than a pickup.

So while I think that it's really cool-- I gotta say that I think it would have to be cheaper / easier / more reliable to buy a pickup and 5th wheel or similar.

cko 4 ago 4 replies      
I'm a full-time pharmacist working 50 hours a week, with several investment rental properties.

Since April of this year I've been sleeping in my 2002 Toyota 4Runner in the parking lot at work. Shower at the gym, infrequent laundry runs, hang out all day at the library with all the other strange people. Pros: feeling of simplicity and freedom; enough said. Cons: a mid-sized SUV is too small and not private enough. I want privacy when I first wake up and put on my contacts and get dressed. I want to wake up, sit up and meditate for 30 minutes without anyone seeing me.

I'm getting a Ford E-150 van for $1500 next week. Going to put in hardwood flooring, maybe insulation and plywood on the walls. Excited.

cassidyclawson 4 ago 0 replies      
Awesome build!

I am a product designer working in tech in San Francisco. I also live in a stealth camper van, mostly by the Whole Foods in Potrero. I ride a folding bike to work downtown. Life is very good and I wouldn't trade this setup for anything.

Here is my build out:http://wonderbywonder.tumblr.com/tagged/chrono/chrono

And here I am:http://i.imgur.com/s4ZpdaO.jpg

scotty79 4 ago 2 replies      
Or you could just move to Poland. $33,750 could buy you studio in any medium town in Poland, even in sub-million population cities.

You'd get: no mortgage, apartment with a toilet, clean running water, wifi and all the electricity that you'll ever need. 5-10 times more area for your stuff. Monthly cost of utilities, tax and fee towards building maintenance of about $150 in total, access to a lot of young, English speaking people you could hire for cheap to help you with your projects.

rubicon33 4 ago 1 reply      
I am having a hard time with this article. On the one hand, it resonates with me DEEPLY.

"Sure, it's clich, but it's clich for a reason -- this subconscious drive for freedom is hard-wired in our DNA. No modern comfort or toy can take the place of true autonomy."

On the other hand, I can't deny certain life comforts. Relationships come to mind when considering a life like this. Sure, living frugally on the road while coding your own project sounds exhilarating. But I wonder how I'd feel without my significant other?

I guess what I want more than a life in a van, is economic freedom with a home.

ryandrake 4 ago 4 replies      
I always read these stories with a sense of awe and wonder. "I took 2 years off of my totally boring office job to X" where X is something that is 1. expensive and/or 2. not generating income or not nearly as much income as Boring Office Job. How the hell does one live without their salary for 2 years without going into debt or depleting savings? Don't you people have student loans to pay off, medical bill payments, or other financial obligations that can't be delayed? I don't think I could last much more than 3 months, and I'm quite proud of my meager emergency savings. What the hell do you people do for a living that you can save such a vast amount of money (and presumably blow it during said 2 year activity)?

I'm not criticizing--just very curious. Most of the time when this kind of question is asked, the response is a vague and coy, "Well I got a little savings..." Awesome--how on earth?

dominotw 4 ago 3 replies      
>, I have a pee bottle and a 5 gallon jug. Line the jug with two trash bags, and cover the poop with kitty litter. Then toss it in a dumpster.

1.is this legal to dump trash in somone else's dumpster without owners permission?

2. Is it ok in the US to dump poop in dumpsters? I know nursing homes incinerate poop but not sure if there is a law specifically against dumping human waste.

codecamper 4 ago 0 replies      
"use the public facilities"

Yeah, right. That's the plan for the first little while & then you'll be just pooping in the woods.

You see, we're in europe in a motorhome. Every time we see a little camper we know two things are going to happen. They are going to start sliding doors at all hours of the day.

And they are going to go poop in the woods.

And there are hundreds of them.

So be sure to get yourself a proper porta potty. Nobody wants to see your toilet paper.

CPLX 4 ago 2 replies      
That was pretty awesome, I enjoyed reading all the way to the end.

I wonder how long it'll take him to regret the fact that his bed only fits one person in it.

andreasklinger 4 ago 1 reply      
Similar but less extreme version: "Just" a "mobile office"

http://davidmckinney.com/blog/2013/12/29/redesigning-the-off...By mr david awesome mckinney :)

Paul_S 4 ago 1 reply      
This is a heart-warming story but he is definitely conflating 2 separate issues.

If you want to have a gap year and drive around the country then do that and it's clearly what he wanted. If you want to cut down on expenses there are far better ways of doing it without buying a van. It makes as much sense as saying the only way to cross a river is to build a giant sling (fun - yes, but mundane options are available).

dexterdog 4 ago 1 reply      
I'm actually curious about the insurance situation. If you are living in your van I would expect the insurance to either be a lot more or worse, to decide not to cover you because you didn't get a special policy. Then there's the issue of what happens if you are in an accident because now your wheels and your bed are in the shop, a shop which is not going to be able to restore your situation properly.
marknutter 4 ago 3 replies      
So why didn't he just buy an RV? Not to take away from his accomplishment, but isn't this just the most engineery thing to do? Instead of leaning on another industry that has spent decades perfecting exactly what he is trying to build, he spent all the time he could have used actually exploring the world building what is certainly an inferior solution in every regard.
lesdeuxmagots 4 ago 1 reply      
I did exactly this! Bought a used NV2500, went to town. Took 7 months to build. Have closets, cabinets, cooktop, sink, wood floors, butcher block counters, fridge, electricity via solar, bed, etc. etc.

I knew nothing about insulation, wiring, woodwork, power tools, etc. and learned everything as I built it.

Was not cheap, because I didn't want to give up any luxuries, so breakeven is in a matter of years, not months. However, its been treating me well. I have spots that I prefer in South Bay and in San Francisco depending where I'm working out of.

kylixz 4 ago 1 reply      
I am about to embark on a similar journey. I started off buying a 1993 33' Diesel pusher motorhome with the intent to travel the US fulltime while working remotely. It was awesome fixing it up and making it livable, modern, beautiful, and adding solar. Working with my hands was extremely rewarding! That said I soon learned that 33' is a huge vehicle which I did not feel comfortable driving regularly over mountains and severely hindered locations I could camp at. Now that big rig is for sale... instead I've founded a really cool travel trailer with loads of solar ready to go! I plan to pull that behind my 4runner equiped for overland adventures and cannot wait to get started! Great article and I hope others can try this lifestyle. I hope to share some of my experiences with others as well.
mcone 4 ago 4 replies      
I love the idea of doing something like this, but I'm wondering about how to get dependable, high-speed internet access. Anybody have any ideas?
markbao 4 ago 1 reply      
For another absolutely stunning van build, check out this one: https://imgur.com/a/RijZM

If you see only one photo, it should be this one: https://i.imgur.com/kTtWZ3f.jpg

overcast 4 ago 0 replies      
My school loans are paid off in less than a year, and the thought of this has certainly crossed my mind. I've got the house, and I'm sick of all the shit in it.
mherrmann 3 ago 0 replies      
Great writeup and awesome use of "lean" principles to verify his ideas. I don't know why he didn't apply it to his game programming though:

> My focus for the first 6 months was creating a programming language, which I call Kong

Why on earth would you do that - especially as a sole developer in a niche as hard as indie game development?

Dowwie 4 ago 0 replies      
Come on, voidqk. We all know your dad built this camper van while you took the selfies. His work shop says it all.
serge2k 4 ago 0 replies      
> Does anyone actually enjoy being in a cubicle, all day

No. But trading it for a van doesn't sound more pleasant.

ars 4 ago 3 replies      
He needs a diode between the two batteries in parallel. Otherwise slight differences in voltage between them causes them to cyclically charge and discharge each other, wearing them out and wasting energy.
tdobson 4 ago 1 reply      
I do something similar in the UK.

Stealth Digital Nomad Sysadmin/Sales Engineer in a converted Mercedes Sprinter LWB


If you're interested in this kind of thing, /r/vandwellers is the place to be!

Happy to answer any questions. :)

kqr2 4 ago 0 replies      
One of my favorite conversions is this two-story camper built by Japanese students:


Hondor 4 ago 2 replies      
Having a campervan without a toilet might bite you in some places. New Zealand used to be a great place for this but a couple of years ago they made it illegal to sleep in such a vehicle just about everywhere except designated pay-per-night campgrounds and certain districts each with their own special rules. Even then you're usually not allowed to linger more than a few days at a time in one place.

I doubt America will go that way with so many independent states and so much wilderness though. I'm amazed he can sleep in Wal-mart's carpark.

ismyrnow 1 ago 0 replies      
I love his reflection at the bottom:

> Life is easy. Humans are fucking badass -- we absolutely dominate our environment and are so smart and powerful. But for some strange reason, we take those millions years of evolution encoded in our DNA and throw it out the door. We live in ways that are so counter to the flow of nature.

kzisme 4 ago 0 replies      
I ended up reading the whole post - awesome story! Not something I could see myself doing, but damn does he look happy.
luckydude 3 ago 0 replies      
I liked the 6 month writeup, I've seen a ton of these builds but always wondered how things went when reality set in. He did an honest job of stating the pros and cons (I've lived out of a van myself, 2 in fact, mostly in Sun's parking lot).

Hey van dude, if you read this and you get to the Bay Area I've got a guest house attached to a shop like your dads. Be fun to chat and we can fix up whatever needs fixing.

Noos 3 ago 0 replies      
This life really isn't sustainable as he gets older, and he's very vulnerable to risk, accident, or loss. Oh, it seems romantic as hell, but the first time the flu hits you, you suddenly realize you've chosen to stick yourself into a tiny box with no indoor plumbing, no quiet, and that has to move every few days or the police will start rapping on your windows.

Or when the van breaks down, and you have zero choice but to fix it right away, and you have to pray to god you budgeted enough to cover it. Plus the van itself wears out much faster than a vehicle most people use because it has to move so much. RV lifestyle in general is far more expensive than people realize, and provides zero equity. If he ever wishes to expand his game business, he's going to have a rough time.

It's romantic, but it's very much a young person's game and he'll probably discover the joys of home ownership when he's 35 and trying to sleep in his van in 90 degree weather.

fixxer 4 ago 0 replies      
This is an awesome idea assuming one does not want kids or expect to have sex with anything too discerning.
factotum 4 ago 0 replies      
Kudos to this guy. I'm in my early 30s. My wife and I sold our house almost 2 years ago, bought an RV, and we've been traveling debt-free ever since. Feels good, man. But it's not without its drawbacks. Loneliness can be a constant battle when you're away from family, friends and coworkers. It took about a year to get comfortable with the travel routine. And then there's the maintenance. If I knew all of this ahead of time, I'd still do it.
jonah 4 ago 0 replies      
My officemate is a cyclist and photographer and built out a Sprinter van as a mobile production/adventure mobile. It's got a couch that converts to a bed, fold-out tables, water tank, sink, electric chest fridge, PV panel and battery, inverter, and roof platform. Super functional. All hand built and I can't imagine he spent more than a couple grand outfitting it.
SwellJoe 4 ago 1 reply      
I've spent 6 of the past 7 years living in an RV (motorhome first, now an old Avion travel trailer with a big old truck to tow it). I recommend it for anyone who is unencumbered enough of other people and responsibilities to do so (i.e., it may not be the right thing for a family with kids, though I know some families with kids who do it and seem happy).

The freedom to travel is magnificent. It precludes many kinds of opportunities, but if you can work remotely, why not do it at the beach or in the mountains or in the desert or wherever you like? It's not dramatically less expensive than living in fixed housing (though that depends on where you were living in the house and where you're parking your RV; when I first started I moved out of a tiny rental house in Mountain View, CA, which cost $2145/month, so I'm not spending anywhere near that now), or at least it hasn't been for me, but there are many benefits outside of cost.

nickhalfasleep 4 ago 1 reply      
I think this is the cusp of a big change in America. As the physical industrial base evaporates, in return, many people may not buy into the classic "buy property" plan for their lives.

This is good for them. This may not be so great for all the people who bought property and expect it to always increase in value as there may not be as great a demand for it.

prawn 4 ago 0 replies      
I remember reading of someone else doing something like this. They went to huge amounts of effort with a custom timber interior, fan, lighting, cooktop, water pump, etc. In the end, they said it probably would've been better to just have a blank-slate truck with portable cooking and water.
musesum 4 ago 0 replies      
Inspiring! Have been wondering when I can tweak a Tesla Van: https://electrek.co/2016/07/31/tesla-all-electric-cargo-van-...
WhitneyLand 4 ago 2 replies      
How do you date, have a relationship, significant otther? The bed doesn't look big enough for two...
dschiptsov 3 ago 0 replies      
I prefer a motorcycle and sleeping homestays in Himalayas.

Just finished my first 10,000 km ride from Sikkim to Kathmandu to Uttarakhand, Himachal, Kashmir, Zanskar, Ladakh, etc.

It is cheaper, but sometimes a bit tough, when you have to cross a cold stream a half of meter deep..)

wallace_f 4 ago 0 replies      
These are amazing, and incrdedibly underrated

In the US these are not as seen as romantic and adventurous as they are in Australia, New Zealand and Europe

One thing I'll say: a pop up conversion can be done while maintaining the possibility of incognito mode, and it is really lovely when you are in proper campgrounds to have the pop up!

So happy to see this post on HN, but also kind of sad because if this because a thing it will no longer be as unique, and they will start drawing more attention. Also, people in these campers are the coolest, nicest, most down to earth, happiest, most respectful, adventurous, amazing people (in my experience), and if this becomes 'cool,' then we'll start having the cool kids driving around in these.

20yrs_no_equity 4 ago 0 replies      
I've spent 11 of the past 20 years "homeless" by choice following various practices from living on a boat, to living in a truck camper, to traveling the world living in AirBnBs, to occasionally renting apartments but never really living there. But I'll come back to that.

I want to address several peoples concerns about this guys lifestyle and the presumed limitations:

0. First off Loved that he was using Soylent. That solves a big problem of needing dried food but not liking freeze dried food. If I were to go back to vehicle living I would use a combo of Soylent and Sous Vide. Sous Vide cookers like the Anova are very small, and you can do it just with boiled water, zip lock bags and a thermometer if you want. The results are really fantasic. 30 seconds searing steaks on the grill then 40 minutes in the bath and you have better steaks than you can get at any restaurant for less than $50-- and you can do that on top of am mountain if you wanted! So the food situation is much better than the days of crates of raman.

1. Sex. Sex is totally possible, and it's not creepy at all. When you get on the road and you're traveling you will run into people who are going the same route multiple times. In this way there's a virtual community. This varies regionally of course, travel by train in europe or in alaska for the summer and it becomes pretty tight nit. The women and men you meet there are not exactly going to turn their nose up at your van because that's how they are traveling to. There's a whole vagabond subculture in the USA that ranges from kids hoping trains to techies in vans like this guy to Oldsters in RVs. And there's nothing sexier than a guy who will break with convention and go do interesting things. FTR, my partner and I picked up a woman in the UK who then travelled with us and lived with us for a couple years in poly triad. IT only lasted three years but I don't think the definition of a successful relationship should only be ones that end in death!

2. Cost- you really can save a lot of money. IT's amazing that you can live around the world traveling full time for less than the cost of living in a major west coast city. If you're doing a startup, that's really nice- be in berlin, then go to london, etc. We ran a three person startup (the triad above) going form england to Romania to Chile. While we didn't live as cheaply as we should have or could have (it's a skill) we didn't live more expensively than we would have if we stayed in Seattle (and we never would have met the woman in the UK). When it costs less or doesn't cost more but you have a better experience, isn't that a much better value?

3. The major factor is movement. When you're still- say at a campground or an AirBnB, or anchored at a dock, you save your movement energy, and thus cost, and you spend time working and enjoying. When you're underway- sailing requires attention as does driving, taking trains and planes costs money, boats and cars take gas. The ideal situation is one where you can stay places for a period of time (we used to stay in a country 90 days- the visa limit) to maximize your productivity on the road. This is a lifestyle, not a vacation from life. You earn money when you go, but you earn less money on tavel days.

4. Settling in- another part of the cost of travel is the settling in time. I need to have a good work chair and in each country we would spend the first week or so getting our spot set up to be productive on our startup.

5. The best thing about traveling is meeting the locals- especially outside the USA. This is the reason for the 90 day visa too. You can build real relationships. 4 countries in a year is much better than 9 countries in 4 days! And it's cheaper per-day, because you can be working during the day, and thus it's sustainable.

6. There are many ways to do it. I like the boat the best- it was only 30 feet but it was center cockpit and huge. If I had the balls of a blue water sailor I never would have left and would be traveling around the world in it. But it takes a rare breed to cross an ocean in a 30 foot cruiser!

This van is very much like my experience in the Truck Camper. The truck camper cost me $5,500 all in- an old Toyota Pickup and a $3,500 SKAMPER. You have to crank it to raise the roof. I travelled all the way to Prudhoe Bay in that truck- spending a couple weeks north of the arctic circle.

You can never forget an experience like that!

7. Eventually I vowed to never stop. I decided this was a philosophy and whatever methodology it doesn't really matter. Am I still traveling full time? I'm on a lease, so many of you would say no, but I think I am. You could be too.

What's the difference in lifestyle between crashing in a French student's flat in Romania for 3 months and being on a lease in the USA for 6? In romania 90 days is the max visa and maximizing productive time was ideal. a 6 month lease in the USA isn't that different from the 6 months we lived in the UK (they have a longer visa for US residents).

I now think in terms of the GPWR - Gross Personal Weight Rating. That is the total weight of me and all my possessions. When I was on the boat it was around 13,000 pounds - most of it boat. For the truck it was about 7,000 pounds, most of it truck.

When we were backpacking it was all in the pack- about 60 pounds. Now I am staying in apartments but restrict myself to only what can fit in my car (so I can move across country at a moments notice if I want.) I don't live in the car so it's a tradeoff, I have to rent a sleeping space.

But I'm still mobile. I don't have a bed frame, for instance, I bought a bunch of Akro Mils plastic crates. Turn them upside down and they make a really damn solid bed frame (best one I've ever had, actually) The mattress fits in the back of my car with the seats folded down. I have a mid sized SUV and camping is easy- just put the mattress in the car. Better than a tent (stays warmer). But when I need to move, I can turn the crates right side up and all my possessions go into them.

So, where should I live next? Once my lease is up, I'm going. (and knowing that also puts the kibosh on silly buying.)

Start thinking of every possession as weight added to your GPWR. Do you want to live in backpack? Pare down. Do you want to live in a van? You don't have to be as careful but you should think about how many TVs you buy.

toomanybeersies 4 ago 1 reply      
Speaking of minimal living, I've just recently moved to a new city for work, and I've shacked myself up in a backpackers, and plan on staying at the backpackers probably until the end of the year.

It has a lot going for it. It's cheaper than rent (by a significant amount), and it's literally 3 minutes from work. I also get to meet lots of interesting people.

I have my backpack and a laundry bag of kit, and that's it. It's about as minimal as you can get, which has been an interesting experience for me as I usually have stacks and stacks of stuff.

It does have some disadvantages, such as being rather noisy, and the fact that you have to carry all your valuables around with you wherever you go, since things tend to go missing.

kowdermeister 4 ago 0 replies      
Nice story, I could relate with a beach bamboo tent, but there's a level up :)

Action Mobil Desert Challenger motor home



gambiting 4 ago 1 reply      
I'm genuinely curious - why did he do all the repairs in his house before selling it? Was the market for housing that bad that he couldn't sell it as-is for the new owner to do repairs?
cylinder 4 ago 3 replies      
Did you consider buying a camper van? They are quite common as a lifestyle traveling around Australia, in the US people use giant RVs but these are not practical at all and not a conscientious selection.
matt_wulfeck 3 ago 1 reply      
> If you work 40 hours, 9-5, then Monday and Tuesday are dedicated to paying for your house. Every week. If your housing was paid off, your weekend would be longer than your work week.

Isn't this only true if you don't have a fixed rate mortgage? If you bought a house in the 90s then I'm almost sure you're paying less than the average of rent your house might fetch. I've never amortized the cost over the lifetime of the house though.

kazinator 4 ago 0 replies      
In the 1970's TV series Trapper John, M.D. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trapper_John,_M.D.) one of the characters, "Gonzo", is a doctor working alongside Trapper John, while living in a motoro home ("The Titanic") in the hospital's parking lot.

Man, think of all the money you can save if you have a good income, and live in a motor home virtually for free.

Gonzo legitimized the whole concept. :)

mavdi 4 ago 0 replies      
I can really relate to him throwing most of his precious stuff out. My life turned upside down a few months ago. Now all I have is a backpack with a laptop and some essentials and Airbnb life as it comes. I've never been happier.

Owning things obeys something similar to Newton's 3rd law. They also end up owning you. They need constant care, attention and maintenance. I'm not saying this the right way to live, but do give it a try if you've been thinking about it.

sofaofthedamned 4 ago 1 reply      
I would love to do this.

Last year after getting made redundant from Cisco I was looking for work but there was nothing for 4 months as a Devops guy near where I live but there was plenty in London. I was actually considering either getting a van to sleep in, or a narrowboat, and working in London with London rates, then coming home at the weekend.

I'd love to know a cheap way of converting something liveable, bearing in mind most offices have showers so I don't need that, just to provide for my family.

virtuexru 4 ago 1 reply      
What about getting laid?
syntex 4 ago 0 replies      
I am really jealous, it's my not fulfilled dream. But right now is kind of difficult with wife and little kid to carry such life.. offtopicThe guy would like to write games. Then the first 6 months he spent to write his own programming language, then some time to write own scripting language "sink" ( why not LUA ). I would love to hear from the author what are the motives to write all these tools.
ocdtrekkie 4 ago 0 replies      
I am "happy" in my mortgage-limited slave life, but I've always wanted to extend my vehicle a bit. My car is essentially like a little piece of my home I take with me from place to place. I feel as comfortable in my car as I feel at home.

I've been looking into a second battery and solar setup just for the main goal of running a computer in my crossover. But I'll admit, that job does take up a lot of time I might otherwise use for doing it.

hobo_mark 3 ago 0 replies      
I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I need a shower (and a toilet!). With a lot of care one could install them in the same place (and shower sitting, Japanese style, with the toilet shut close of course), and with even more care, one could try to filter and recover some of the water, but I have not found anyone trying to do this, is that just too much work?
Yhippa 4 ago 0 replies      
This is my favorite thing I've read on HN so far this year. I loved his pictures (especially of the plains) and the descriptions. I probably enjoyed those pictures more than highly edited photos taken on a full-frame DSLR.

I hope it works out for him. The main thing I would miss would be having a companion and pets. Not sure I could do without those right now. He's in an excellent time and place for this.

jameslk 4 ago 2 replies      
I've been curious about living out of a camper or RV in the Bay Area just to arbitrage the higher salaries that are needed to offset the cost of housing. I've heard of some Google employees doing this for a couple years to save up enough to buy a house. The hard part is finding a place to park the camper. Anyone have any experience or knowledge about doing this in the Bay Area?
binarray2000 4 ago 0 replies      
Great writeup! Very enjoyable read but, at least for me, the last part "Thoughts on the Van Life" was the best. All the best!
gameofdrones 4 ago 0 replies      
While the website is down, these are also neat:

Hank bought a bus: http://hankboughtabus.com/

Castle truck: http://www.doityourselfrv.com/house-truck-castle/

thatwebdude 3 ago 0 replies      
Kudos to him for wanting to be "free". Whatever that means. Although my main take-away from it: if you're going to live in a van you should learn to fix a van. Having his dad do all the heavy lifting here really pusses this article out.
nxzero 4 ago 0 replies      
>> "I thought the idea was genius. Not for me, I said, but genius."

Always find it interesting when people say this to me. I mean you can see the awe in their eyes, the longing to "just do it" - and then, reality settles back in and the resign to living the same life over and over until the end of time.

Jemaclus 4 ago 1 reply      
I love this idea in theory, but my wife would never go for it. Ah well... Maybe get an RV for longer camping trips...
justin_vanw 3 ago 1 reply      
Awesome story, loved the pictures of building out the van.

One concern I have is that if you are idling the engine and have the fantastic fan on, wouldn't you be sucking exhaust fumes into the vehicle? Or is the hole at the back meant for exhaust with the fan pushing air in?

KeatonDunsford 3 ago 0 replies      
This is amazing. Instead of getting an apartment with my cofounder and office space for our engineers, I'm just going to have us get a fleet of these things. Would be so dope. Be anywhere -- SF, South Bay, Berkeley, LA, New York. Live the dream now.
ErikAugust 4 ago 1 reply      
I did something similar a couple years back - but much simpler. I just bought a cap for my truck and stuck my sleeper futon mattress in it:


donmb 3 ago 1 reply      
Super cool. I have a VW T3 and would love to have your talent. Travelled 8 weeks through Scandinavia with it. Now I got inspired to build more stuff in it.Q: Is it allowed in the US to park and sleep where you want? Heard different stories.
anoplus 4 ago 0 replies      
Beautiful and inspiring read about exploring one's individual freedom. May society find it's freedom by collaboration and sense of community.

We as a society have the resources and technology to achieve much more freedom. Freedom enables the creation of even more freedom.

KennyCason 3 ago 0 replies      
I have always been so tempted to do this, the one thing stopping me has always been that I lovvveee my living space. I think I just need an RV to "detach" once in a while! Awesome post, and incredible detail!
misterbishop 4 ago 0 replies      
I like this guy's spirit an ingenuity, but his attitude is not much different from the Infowars bunker people. There's no room in his van for society. You can tell because he only built a bed for 1.

I'd rather live on a hippie commune than this.

balabaster 3 ago 0 replies      
This is an awesome write up. Very inspiring. But my favourite bit is the closing to the blog how as smart as we are we spend our time fighting futile battles with nature for naught.
oxryly1 4 ago 1 reply      
I love stories like this. Well documented, well thought out, and with a 6 month update... excellent.

Now I'd love to read one about someone who's done this with a family...

johngalt 4 ago 1 reply      
I guess what I don't understand is why not use one of the ready made builds already out there? Something like a class B RV, or truck camper?
jordache 4 ago 1 reply      
meh.. his dad is skilled for sure, but the insides looks like the stale interior of a house. Not a fan of the build
clarry 3 ago 0 replies      
Nice to see someone live my dream. Wish I could afford it.
mudil 4 ago 2 replies      
I send my son emails with links to different interesting projects. He is ten. Too bad I can't send this one out. Why do people use foul language everywhere and in between? It's like a disease.
andyidsinga 4 ago 0 replies      
wow - dad is really good with the angle grinder. I would have used a jigsaw. Cheers to those skills!
estrabd 4 ago 0 replies      
1. sell house

2. buy van

3. get someone to customize your van

4. ???

5. profit

puppetmaster3 4 ago 1 reply      
why not get a rv - pre made thing?
bronz 3 ago 0 replies      
wow, what a treat. love the writing and layout of this blog post.

van life is basically not viable right now. people dont like taking their shits in mcdonalds. vans get super cold and moisture can be a huge problem. showers have to be in gyms unless you want to carry tons of water with you. most areas are very hostile to van dwellers from what i can tell. but there are interesting solutions to these problems.

- van dwellers are not received well in most places. you have to park on the side of the street somewhere a lot of the time. so the obvious solution is to create some kind of business that does lot rentals. you can pay a very low fee and have a nice place to park for the night. this could be really great -- images of all kinds of different people meeting and connecting come to mind. but there is the problem that these businesses would be overrun by poor people for lack of a better word. they would become ghettos and attract a lot of crime. so perhaps a better solution is to create an app where anyone can rent out their driveway and vet each van dweller on their own based on their social media, past reviews and other information provided on the app. also vans are physically dispersed and criminals dont have a one stop shop for vulnerable vans.

- taking shits in gas stations, taking showers in gyms and moisture and cold can all be solved by the same thing: making vans from the ground up that are meant for living. i think in the end, if you want a van that is nice to live in then you need to put down real money just like any other dwelling. the van meant for living would look like this: has EV drive train and a huge battery. in the near future this will be complemented by a sophisticated generator (with huge fuel reserve) that can operate at low wattage when demand is low or operate at high wattage when demand is high such as when driving with a low battery. in the far future batteries alone will be enough. solar should be included but only to prevent the battery from losing charge completely when sitting around for a long time. showering is done with recycled water. water is stored in the floor pan and passed through a filter between showers. ozone is easily generated and mixed with the shower water regularly to kill bacteria. the filter used could be very sophisticated if hundreds of showers without refilling were desired. the toilet would need to be a revolution in toilets. there has been a lot of work by the likes of the gates foundation to create toilets that are less resource intensive and clean for use in the third world. the best products of these efforts are desiccation toilets that essentially desiccate the feces though various means. one version drys the feces and burns it to dry more and also drive water purification. the toilet in the van would do something similar. the toilet would disinfect thoroughly with chlorine or ozone and then desiccate. the water left over would be put back into the top chamber of the toilet so to speak and used for the next flush. the desiccated feces could then be stored in much less volume than non desiccated feces and with less hassle. disposing of it would be pretty easy. other issues such as temperature and moister could be taken care of with heavy duty insulation, de-humidification and other things that are built into the van by design rather than added in as an after-thought if added at all. anyway, overall what you have is an extremely sophisticated, several hundred thousand dollar vehicle. thats what it would take to make van life a viable option for more than a year or two imo.

shitgoose 4 ago 0 replies      
thank you.
Qantourisc 4 ago 1 reply      
The fact that one (in a lot of countries) has to do this in a van, because of regulations, is kind of tyranny: Either you get in-prisoned in debt/rent, or you get to live in a van or on the streets.
Victory for Net Neutrality in Europe juliareda.eu
543 points by jrepin  3 ago   172 comments top 16
soci 3 ago 5 replies      
As always, devil is in the details.

If you look at the fine print in the published "Guidelines for implementing Net Neutratily" [1] linked in the article you will see that there are 3 exceptions to the rule (a,b,c). Being "c" the one that should fear us most:


 a) "comply with Union legislative acts (...)
-> meaning that a court order can change Net Neutrality, hmmm ok.

 b) preserve the integrity and security of the network, of services provided via that network, and of the terminal equipment of end-users;
-> meaning that in order to guarantee the security of the network Net Neutrality may be avoided. I'm so-so on this one.

 c) prevent impending network congestion and mitigate the effects of exceptional or temporary network congestion, provided that equivalent categories of traffic are treated equally.
-> Meaning that ISPs can throttle specific categories of traffic at their own will.

This last one ruins the whole law. And this is not what me as European wanted. ISPs won :(


[EDIT] typos

tajen 3 ago 7 replies      
Next fight : That ISPs advertise the minimum guaranteed bandwidth and are banned from advertising the maximum theoretical number.

Then only we could measure that they do offer the same bandwidth with Netflix and Vimeo as they advertise. Net neutrality at its best.

Edit: Of course the number will be very low because they have to (God forbid!) provision their network to serve this bandwidth to all customers during peak hours. But what we're looking for is not a huge number - we're looking for a number that allows meaningful comparison with competitors.

smb06 3 ago 0 replies      
Facebook tried to introduce "Free Basics" in Angola after its failed attempts at doing so in India. Good to see similar efforts being made in Angola to educate about Net Neutrality as well. Maybe they can use some takeaway from the above ruling.

Source: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/wikipedia-zero-facebook-fre...

kleiba 3 ago 0 replies      
"It has to be noted with regret that it was not our digital Commissioner Gnther Oettinger who listened to the people and defended an internet not biased towards big corporate interests [...]"

That would hardly have been expected: in the first six months of being a Commissioner, Oettinger met with two NGO representatives but with 44 corporate lobbyists [1].

[1] http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/soziales/guenther-oettinger...

headmelted 3 ago 7 replies      
It encourages me to see that the European court at least has some people on it that seem to understand that net neutrality is in fact a human rights issue.

And this is why Brexit is so heart-breaking. I'm surrounded by people in my personal life who think it's a fantastic idea, but they're not the most... informed? Likewise for local politicians.

(Side note to my rant: I have this theory that the rise of the iPhone, and the fact that it is such a big part of people's lives now, has fooled regular folks into believing that they're experts on technology. I have no more than anecdotal evidence for this).

I strongly suspect that local legislators will see no conflict whatsoever with scrapping these laws when the exit finally comes, and it saddens me that I'm surrounded by a lot of people that will be cheering when it happens.

This is from a real conversation I had this week:

"What it boils down to is do you want to have us control our own laws and decisions and borders, or have to take orders from some bureaucrat in Brussels that doesn't understand us?"

Yes, I would rather have decisions made by people in Brussels that understand what they're doing.

nothis 3 ago 5 replies      
Disappointingly little concrete information of what's in now, anyone knows how to read these things and skimmed the original text? I heard that EU "net neutrality" is disappointlngly vague. I see providers offering free data for things like Spotify, which, in my understanding, is exactly what net neutrality should prevent.
thr0waway1239 3 ago 6 replies      
I once heard an interview with the Economist digital editor Tom Standage where he claims (at 5:45 into the interview) that net neutrality is the wrong thing to focus on, and the important thing is just making sure there is more competition between the telcos. Can someone more familiar with this issue tell me if this argument is correct?


vegabook 3 ago 0 replies      
Bravo EU! Sure I see that there are plenty of commented caveats, but coming within 24 hours of a 14 billion dollar retroactive tax bill for one of the world's most opportunistic tax dodgers, I cannot help but have good faith towards this announcement. Here is the only bloc, globally, that actually seems to care about individuals versus corporations, with unequivocal and demonstrated evidence of said motivations. I've been fed a diet of "useless, corrupt, 'Brussels' bureaucrats" ever since I moved to Britain (which, as an aside, today disgracefully tried to woo AAPL with the anti-tax red carpet). But all I actually see, is a bunch of people, bureaucrats perhaps, but who are trying to look out for me . Today I say, Hurrah EU! Thank you Julia Reda.
jkingsbery 3 ago 5 replies      
I don't understand how it's "progress" to move decisions from a small number of bureaucracies to a single, less accountable bureaucracy.
gourou 3 ago 1 reply      
These were the guidelines from November 2015


vikascoder 1 ago 0 replies      
How about Clothing neutrality? :)
IMRelentless1 3 ago 0 replies      
Any thoughts on Obama handing over the DNS directory to the UN?
daveloyall 3 ago 0 replies      
For your convenience, here's just the text "in the boxes" (the Recitals), from http://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/...

These are the first 9, the other 10 are here: https://gist.github.com/daveloyall/a1112bb70412d77bebc809090...

Recital 1=========

This Regulation aims to establish common rules to safeguard equal andnon-discriminatory treatment of traffic in the provision of internetaccess services and related end-users rights. It aims to protectend-users and simultaneously to guarantee the continued functioning ofthe internet ecosystem as an engine of innovation.

Recital 2=========

The measures provided for in this Regulation respect the principle oftechnological neutrality, that is to say they neither impose nordiscriminate in favour of the use of a particular type of technology.

Recital 3=========

The internet has developed over the past decades as an open platformfor innovation with low access barriers for end-users, providers ofcontent, applications and services and providers of internet accessservices. The existing regulatory framework aims to promote theability of end-users to access and distribute information or runapplications and services of their choice. However, a significantnumber of end-users are affected by traffic management practices whichblock or slow down specific applications or services. Those tendenciesrequire common rules at the Union level to ensure the openness of theinternet and to avoid fragmentation of the internal market resultingfrom measures adopted by individual Member States.

Recital 4=========

An internet access service provides access to the internet, and inprinciple to all the end-points thereof, irrespective of the networktechnology and terminal equipment used by end-users. However, forreasons outside the control of providers of internet access services,certain end points of the internet may not always beaccessible. Therefore, such providers should be deemed to havecomplied with their obligations related to the provision of aninternet access service within the meaning of this Regulation whenthat service provides connectivity to virtually all end points of theinternet. Providers of internet access services should therefore notrestrict connectivity to any accessible end-points of the internet.

Recital 5=========

When accessing the internet, end-users should be free to choosebetween various types of terminal equipment as defined in CommissionDirective 2008/63/EC (1). Providers of internet access services shouldnot impose restrictions on the use of terminal equipment connecting tothe network in addition to those imposed by manufacturers ordistributors of terminal equipment in accordance with Union law.

Recital 6=========

End-users should have the right to access and distribute informationand content, and to use and provide applications and services withoutdiscrimination, via their internet access service. The exercise ofthis right should be without prejudice to Union law, or national lawthat complies with Union law, regarding the lawfulness of content,applications or services. This Regulation does not seek to regulatethe lawfulness of the content, applications or services, nor does itseek to regulate the procedures, requirements and safeguards relatedthereto. Those matters therefore remain subject to Union law, ornational law that complies with Union law.

Recital 7=========

In order to exercise their rights to access and distribute informationand content and to use and provide applications and services of theirchoice, end-users should be free to agree with providers of internetaccess services on tariffs for specific data volumes and speeds of theinternet access service. Such agreements, as well as any commercialpractices of providers of internet access services, should not limitthe exercise of those rights and thus circumvent provisions of thisRegulation safeguarding open internet access. National regulatory andother competent authorities should be empowered to intervene againstagreements or commercial practices which, by reason of their scale,lead to situations where end-users choice is materially reduced inpractice. To this end, the assessment of agreements and commercialpractices should, inter alia, take into account the respective marketpositions of those providers of internet access services, and of theproviders of content, applications and services, that areinvolved. National regulatory and other competent authorities shouldbe required, as part of their monitoring and enforcement function, tointervene when agreements or commercial practices would result in theundermining of the essence of the end-users rights.

Recital 8=========

When providing internet access services, providers of those servicesshould treat all traffic equally, without discrimination, restrictionor interference, independently of its sender or receiver, content,application or service, or terminal equipment. According to generalprinciples of Union law and settled case-law, comparable situationsshould not be treated differently and different situations should notbe treated in the same way unless such treatment is objectivelyjustified.

Recital 9=========

The objective of reasonable traffic management is to contribute to anefficient use of network resources and to an optimisation of overalltransmission quality responding to the objectively different technicalquality of service requirements of specific categories of traffic, andthus of the content, applications and services transmitted. Reasonabletraffic management measures applied by providers of internet accessservices should be transparent, non-discriminatory and proportionate,and should not be based on commercial considerations. The requirementfor traffic management measures to be non-discriminatory does notpreclude providers of internet access services from implementing, inorder to optimise the overall transmission quality, traffic managementmeasures which differentiate between objectively different categoriesof traffic. Any such differentiation should, in order to optimiseoverall quality and user experience, be permitted only on the basis ofobjectively different technical quality of service requirements (forexample, in terms of latency, jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth) ofthe specific categories of traffic, and not on the basis of commercialconsiderations. Such differentiating measures should be proportionatein relation to the purpose of overall quality optimisation and shouldtreat equivalent traffic equally. Such measures should not bemaintained for longer than necessary.

IMRelentless1 3 ago 0 replies      
any thoughts on Obama handing over the DNS directory to the UN?
libman 3 ago 1 reply      
Tricks to Monetize Your Side Projects jeremyaboyd.com
593 points by kornish  1 ago   164 comments top 30
mittermayr 18 ago 3 replies      
Along with all the others here, I also immediately unsubscribe and get rid of products that feel like they're a bit too close for comfort. My side project is now making a lot of money, and people value tremendously not getting newsletters, or messages from John, the customer superhero. There is value in email, tremendous value, but I strongly believe that it's timing, wording and situation that will get you the most mileage here. I send one single email after about a week of no user pulse, all it says is: we still have your data, looks like you may haven't had a chance to try this yet, here's a coupon that expires today and it'll get you some extra credits (or whatever your product offers). If not interested, simply remove your account by clicking here.

No point in storing dead accounts. I don't care about a falsely inflated user base. People love that.

Also, I end the email by saying, "click reply to talk to our CEO directly and ask any questions you may have."

The last one gets a lot of conversions, and helps tremendously in figuring out what their concerns are.

This system is doing the magic for me.

kowdermeister 1 ago 5 replies      
> First and foremost, always, always, always, split test EVERYTHING.

That's a lot of work and as a developer I couldn't care less, since it's just a side project. Just ask people about your core message and if it doesn't resonate, change things.

> On-boarding

This is the hardest thing to get right. Too much instruction will be counter productive, too little will be unpredictable. Black magic.

> 1 Hour later

I'd instantly unsubsribe. Leave me the alone please with your followup mails. I can instantly tell if your personal touch email is sent 60 min later that it's a bot. Product hunt follow up mails on my submissions are bots. I find it lame.

It also probably converts more :)

> Price Anchoring

Do, test, ask. This is the most crucial part of any business. I'd personally push a lot of focus here.

> QA the SHIT out of your product

Well said, any product start should have this as #1 priority.

> While I know this is probably only a side project, there is no reason you couldn't turn this into a viable small startup with an additional 1-2 developers

What you listed above already takes a fulltime job of 1-2 people.

MattBearman 19 ago 6 replies      
Speaking as someone who turned their 5 year side project into a full time startup, I whole heartedly disagree with point 1 - split testing is likely to be a waste of your time.

Unless you have a tonne of traffic, and let's face it, side projects tend not to, A/B testing simply doesn't work. I've tried it a few times with BugMuncher, but the results take 3 - 4months, and are usually inconclusive. I've spoken to other people in similar situations and they've found the same thing. For reference, BugMuncher is lucky to see 3,000 uniques a month :)

I believe A/B testing is a good idea when you have the traffic for it, and I'd love to be able to make use of it, but unless your side project is getting 10s of thousands of unique views each month, there's much better things to spend your limited time on.

throwaway13337 1 ago 5 replies      
In response to the email spam thing (5 emails after the first week of a signup. Wow):

I have some projects that fit the use case very well, but I personally hate receiving them. I know that I am not the target audience of my app and that familiarity with a product and just having the name show up over and over makes the product easier to recognize. Of course, the data shows it converts better.

It just seems like one of those dark patterns.

Is it really about choosing ethics or money? Is there a third option?

karlb 16 ago 0 replies      
>always, always, always, split test EVERYTHING

Side projects tend to not have the traffic for this. If in doubt, use a calculator to calculate how long it would take to statistically detect a given uplift.

Instead, user-test everything. User-tests give feedback that's rich, nuanced, instant, qualitative and granular. And each one needn't take more than five minutes.

jermaustin1 1 ago 7 replies      
Author here. I'm happy to answer any questions or comments. A little about this post:

I was recently commenting on an excellent Show HN for a product called Duet and it was the most karma I have ever received on HN (17 votes in 4 hours), and another respondent said I should write it up as a blog post. So here it is.

jasonkester 19 ago 1 reply      
Beyond split testing, it's a good idea to collect usage metrics for everything your users do on the site. At a bare minimum, you can send event data to something like Google Analytics and sift through it by hand to look for patterns.

Ideally though, you should be associating that data back to userids and bucketing it by whether or not that particular user converted to paid or let his trial expire. That way you can collect statistics on what things make your users happy so that you can know what sort of features to add in the future, and so that you can gently steer wayward users toward doing things that you know will tend to bump their chances of converting.

I've been writing a bit about this lately. Here's a better thought out explanation of the above:


onion2k 19 ago 0 replies      
Annual Licensing - Don't give updates away unless it is a bug fix.

I strongly disagree with this point. Patching in bug/security fixes to different versions of a product is several orders of magnitude more work than just having everyone on the latest, most secure and most patched version. For a side project to be successful you want to spend as as little energy on admin as possible and much energy on the project as you can.

Have one version. Differentiate between tiers by using feature flags so everyone is on the same codebase. Make development easy and design things so there's as little admin work as you possibly can.

ams6110 1 ago 3 replies      
Immediately: email

1 Hour: email

Day 2: email

Day 6: email

Day 10: email

Maybe it works but that kind of crap is super annoying and for me is going to turn me off your product. IF I ask you a question, quick and helpful followup is often the key between my staying with your product or moving on. Annoying unsolicited spam is not.

jermaustin1 1 ago 1 reply      
So the irony isn't lost on me that I should have probably had my blog monetized! I am writing a book on how to properly hire for, build out and project manage your development team. Would have been nice to have that on the blog BEFORE I got 5000 visitors!
Ericson2314 1 ago 3 replies      
My side projects are arcane libraries and infrastructure for developers so......not gonna happen.
robryan 20 ago 0 replies      
Regarding onboarding I think one thing you can do is be smarter about the trial period. I will often signup for things and not get around to properly trailing before the trial period runs out.

No doubt if I email you you will give extra trial period, this could be done automatically though with an accompanying follow up email to reengage. As you would be tracking usage metrics anyway there would be plenty of data to decide if I have properly trialed the full capability of the software or not.

jbb555 19 ago 1 reply      
Wow,If I get spammed an hour after trying something, and then again after a day or two that would be it. No chance I'd EVER use their product even if it was free.
manuelflara 20 ago 0 replies      
> First and foremost, always, always, always, split test EVERYTHING.Well most side projects I think have very little traffic / customers, due to most side projects being done by developers (not marketers) and these developers having little time to work on them. It's a bit of a waste of time to AB test a project when you don't have enough traffic / user activity to generate meaningful results.
IANAD 1 ago 0 replies      
> "Day 2 (if they haven't used the product): Have you had a chance to use {ProductName}? - Body of the email went over a few benefits left out of the second email..."

When I get this email, I unsubscribe/ignore/tell them I'm not interested. If it's too high-pressure, I'm out.

michaelmior 10 ago 0 replies      
> you could always know the date and time you pushed a new version of the page and track visits/conversions from then until you replaced it with the next test.

While this is true, it's worth acknowledging that this comes with some risk. If the current version is doing reasonably well, you could potentially miss out on a lot of conversions by replacing it with an untested version.

test_pilot 23 ago 2 replies      
Any suggestions for http://www.pincalendar.com ? my side project written with django
ycombinatorMan 1 ago 1 reply      
this seems less like side-projects and more like major projects?
matheweis 21 ago 1 reply      
> Include your own payment processor by default (I would use Stripe, personally)

In my opinion this decision (not only which payment provider to use, but whether to do it yourself at all!) depends highly on the kind of project. Fraud detection, international tax compliance, etc. can quickly become very expensive. Choose carefully.

patrickgordon 23 ago 1 reply      
Would love some feedback on monetizing my side project..


Paywall isn't implemented yet so feel free to sign up and try it out.

A lot of feedback I've gotten so far has been on the pricing and finding it hard to get the right mix.

ranit 1 ago 1 reply      
> from $0 to $80 CLTV on a $15 product.

What is CLTV?

vacri 23 ago 0 replies      
One month of phone support... for a side-project? Ouch.

You can make that high-tier throwaway suggestion when the app is an invoicing app for freelancers who will never buy that tier, but it's bad general advice. For the general product, you better hope you don't get a few enterprise customers who don't see a difference between $100 and $500 when it comes to pricing, and who can drain your phone with demand...

leksak 13 ago 1 reply      
Sounds more like a job than a side project.
cyberferret 1 ago 1 reply      
Nice blog post. I can attest to the fact that I have tried most of the suggestions on there with fairly good results.
jwmoz 14 ago 0 replies      
nadermx 1 ago 3 replies      
How about Yout.com?
lowglow 1 ago 0 replies      
I'd also say get community involved early in your project. Use something like Baqqer to put it up, embed newsletters, open up a shop, get feedback/help and give it some distribution.
fiatjaf 15 ago 0 replies      
These "tricks" are so awful I can't comment. This guy just tells you to do everything you already wanted to, but don't have time to it (it's an article about side projects, so this is totally unexpected), and it doesn't tell you what to prioritize or anything like that.

Also, many of the "tricks" are bullshit, or, if they're not, at least they're not proved in any way.

erikb 23 ago 3 replies      
So the core idea is: When doing a job for a customer, use that time to resell other people's stuff with an increased price and don't tell the customer about you taking a cut. Sounds shady!

Why not make money on the side by providing additional values? E.g. if you write a plugin that enables the customer to deliver his service, don't charge a fixed price but a yearly license fee, including updates to the software and the ability to write you an email if a question occurs.

In the end being honest is always paying off more in the long run. If you do shady stuff like that it will work in the short run, but will cost you customers who just find other developers.

vidyesh 18 ago 0 replies      
For once a top voted HN article is up there to be 100% criticized and fix the bad advice. Quite different from the usual norm of supportive discussion.
The Myth of RAM (2014) ilikebigbits.com
589 points by ddlatham  4 ago   277 comments top 51
reikonomusha 4 ago 2 replies      
I think there's some good info in this article covered by various degrees of misinformation. For some reason, the article starts off with this totally wrong definition of big-O, and proceeds to make conclusions with this wrong definition. Let me provide the accurate definition:

The statement "f is O(g)" means there exists some input, call it t, such that for every x >= t, it only takes some constant multiplier M (i.e., constant in x) to always have g absolutely no smaller than f. In notation:

|f(x)| <= M * |g(x)|, where x is at least t.

This bit about "x is at least t" is very important and notifies us that this is "asymptotic behavior".

It does not make a difference how wacky or weird f is compared to g below t. It can contain all these crazy memory hierarchy artifacts, it could contain a short burst of exponential slowdown, it could contain anything.

Furthermore, according to the above definition, big-O has nothing to do with any tangible quantity whatsoever. It's a method for comparing functions. The functions may represent whatever is of tangible or intangible interest: memory, time, money, instructions, ...

Big-O analysis usually posits that the details below t aren't the details that matter. (Of course, there are situations where they do, but in such you would not use big-O.) If you want to have some analysis that is global, you don't need asymptotic analysis (though it might help as a start). You can just talk about functions that are strictly greater than or less than your function of interest everywhere. But these analyses are difficult because a much higher level of understanding of your function of interest is required.

Tojot 4 ago 1 reply      
It so happens that a large part of my PhD was on this very subject. The result I've got N log(N), this is more visible when you get to larger RAM (I had 0,5 TB RAM at the time).We have an empirical result, a justification and a rigorous predictive model.

The reason has to do with hashing, but a different type: TLB.

I posted more details as https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12385458

aaronbwebber 4 ago 10 replies      
The problem with this analysis is that in the graph in the very first part he shows that memory access IS O(1) for pretty substantial scaling factors, and then when you hit some limit(e.g. size of cache, size of RAM) access times increase very rapidly. Sure, if you draw a line across 6 orders of magnitude, it ends up looking like O(n^1/2), but how often do you scale something through 6 orders of magnitude?

The "memory access is O(1)" approximation is pretty good, certainly good enough for almost all every day use. The median size of a hash table I allocate definitely fits in L1 cache, so why shouldn't I think of it as O(1)? If you are reading off of disk, the O(1) approximation holds as long as your dataset stays between 1 MB and 1 GB. That's quite a bit of room to play around in.

Yes, you need to be aware of access times and the changes in them if you are really scaling something way up. But I'm not convinced that I shouldn't just keep thinking of "hash access is O(1)" as a convenient, generally accurate shortcut.

ChuckMcM 4 ago 6 replies      
Since it is a topic I'm interested in I took the time to read all 4 parts, the author manages to summarize it in a paragraph which would have been helpful at the beginning:

When somebody says Iterating through a linked list is a O(N) operation what they mean to say is The number of instructions needed to be executed grows linearly with the size of the list.. That is a correct statement. The argument Im trying to make is that it would be a mistake to also assume that the amount of time needed would grow linearly with the size of the list as well. This is an important distinction. If you only care about the number of instructions executed thats fine, you can use Big-O for that! If you care about the time taken, thats fine too, and you can use Big-O for that too!

Sadly, he doesn't take this knowledge to its conclusion. Let's introduce the notation Oi() for the Big-O notation in instructions, and Ot() for the Big-O notation for time.

Lemma: For all f(N), if Oi(f(N)) > Oi(g(N)), Ot(f(N) will be > Ot(g(N)).

Or put another way, it's important not to confuse complexity scaling with time scaling, but the more complex the computation, the longer it will take.

wscott 4 ago 0 replies      
Great series of articles and the lessons are very important to someone writing performance system's programs.

Here is another chart I like you show people:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4893/mem_lat3.jpg

This is a circular linked list walk where the elements of the list are in order in memory. So in C the list walk looks like this: while (1) p = *p;

Then the time per access was measured as the total length of the array was increased and the stride across that array was increased. The linked-list walk prevents out of order processors from getting ahead. (BTW another huge reason why vectors are better than lists)

(This is from an old processor that didn't have a memory prefetcher with stride detection in the memory controller. A modern x86 will magically go fast.)

From that chart you can read, L1 size, L2 size, cache line size, cache associativly, page size, TLB size. (It also exposed an internal port scheduling bug on the L2. A 16-byte stride should have been faster than a 32-byte stride.)

jcoffland 4 ago 1 reply      
Math is pure and not constrained by the real world. Big O analysis begins with the assumption that you have unlimited uniform memory. The author points out that memory is not uniform in the real world. It's equally untrue that we have infinite memory at our disposal. The limits of the real world are good to remember but that does not invalidate Big O analysis.
corysama 4 ago 0 replies      
A lot of people are pointing out that BigO is a purely theoretical, mathematical model that should be understood and used properly without regard to silly details like physics.

That is theoretically correct. But, the difference between theory and practice is that in practice there exists a large percentage of programmers writing code for the real world without understanding and using BigO properly. Their mental model of performance begins and ends with BigO. As far as they are aware, its model is reality.

Source: I've been giving a large number of programmer job interviews lately. It's a rare day when I encounter an engineer (even a senior one) who is aware of any of the issues brought up in this series. And, I work in games!

MaulingMonkey 4 ago 1 reply      
The article is still wrong - iterating through a linked list is O(N log(N) sqrt(N)). You can't have infinite nodes in a 16-bit, 32-bit, or even a 64-bit address space - to deal truly with N, one must consider the more generic case of a variable address encoding, which has a variable size (log(N)) and associated lookup etc. costs as the number of nodes grows.

This is the motivation behind e.g. the "x32 ABI" in Linux: All the power of x86-64 instructions, with none of the additional cache pressure/overhead of 64-bit pointers - log(32) being cheaper than log(64).

...ahh, being this explicit in your Big-O notation is probably not that useful, usually, although I've seen it occasionally in papers (where they're quite explicit about also counting the number of bits involved). Maybe they're dealing with BigNum s, which would make it a practical concern? The key takeaway is this:

> That I use Big O to analyze time and not operations is important.

Time depends on compiler settings, allocation strategy, and a whole host of other factors that are outside the purview of your algorithm. Operations is a lot easier to contrast and compare between different algorithms, the meat of what you're trying to do most of the time. Both are valid choices, just know which one you're dealing with.

The time factors are good to be aware of, to be sure - the performance pitfalls of (potentially) highly fragmented, hard-to-prefetch linked lists over unfragmented flat arrays should be well known to anyone charged with optimizing code - but it's probably easier to think of them as some nebulous large time constant (as even array iteration is going to hit the same worse-than-O(N) behavior, although with proper prefetching the bottleneck may become memory bandwidth rather than memory latency) and deal with those differences with profiling and other measurements, instead of Big-O notation.

michaf 4 ago 0 replies      
Interesting read. Researchers in the HPC community have developed a number of performance models to predict real-world performance in more detail than possibe through simple Big-Oh of number of operations, e.g. while OP concentrates on latency, the Roofline model ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roofline_model ) mainly considers limited memory bandwidth.
DanWaterworth 4 ago 1 reply      
> You'll know that iterating through a linked list is O(N), binary search is O(log(N)) and a hash table lookup is O(1). What if I told you that all of the above is wrong?

It's not wrong, it doesn't have enough contextual information to be right or wrong.

kenjackson 4 ago 0 replies      
There's been a fair bit written on the topic. One of the better papers that has a parameterized model is here: https://www.computer.org/web/csdl/index/-/csdl/proceedings/f...

I should note that this paper is more than 25 years old. :-)

StillBored 4 ago 1 reply      
I guess the author is trying to simplify, but its way more complex than that. Simply assuming a few layers of cache completely misses all the other layers that have effects starting with.

Cache lines, RAM Read vs write turnaround, dram pages, number of open dram pages, other CPU's interfering with the same RAM channel, remote NUMA nodes, and probably some I'm forgetting. All this is very similar to secondary storage access rules (even for SSDs)...

scott_s 4 ago 1 reply      
> For the purpose of this series of articles I'll be using the O(f(N)) to mean that f(N) is an upper bound (worst case) of the time it takes to accomplish a task accessing N bytes of memory (or, equivalently, N number of equally sized elements).

That's not really valid; it's not how algorithmic analysis works. The author's conclusion for what is happening and why is correct, but I believe he is confused about how to get there.

Simply, when doing complexity analysis on an algorithm, one must always count an operation. It's not okay to point to the time taken for an implementation and say "That's our function." It is a function, but it's a function of time, not a count of how many operations are performed at given sizes of N.

However, he is correct that naive analysis of arrays and linked lists will result in this odd behavior: arrays will tend to outperform lists on real systems. The problem with the naive analysis is in what it counts. For example, on an insert, a naive analysis will count the number of elements accessed in the structure. That's naive because it assume all accesses are the same - which is what he's getting at with the "myth of RAM". Because of the memory hierarchy, they are not all equal.

But the correct response is not to give up counting operations and look at time, the correct response is to find the right thing to count. And the right thing to count is basically going to be last level cache misses - the operations that force one to go to memory. If you do that, then you will find that the operations you are counting will correlate much better to the actual time spent.

In some places, the author gets this mostly correct: "You can also use Big-O to analyze the time it takes to access a piece of memory as a function of the amount of memory you are regularly accessing." That's fine, as you're counting memory accesses.

In other places, it's not correct: "That I use Big O to analyze time and not operations is important." You can't count time, only operations. You want to count the operations that correlate with your actual running time, but the entire point of good analysis is to find those operations. You can't just shortcut it, only measure time, and then call it algorithmic analysis.

The author gets a lot right, but despite the lengthy discussion, I think he still has some confusions about algorithm complexity analysis.

For the record, these lessons should be familiar to anyone who has done serious performance analysis of computer systems, either on their own, or in the context of a course that focused on systems or architecture.

maker1138 3 ago 0 replies      
It's amazing how many people didn't actually read all 4 parts of the article.

His argument has nothing to do with caching or prefetching, etc.

First, it's about random access. You can't prefetch a random fetch!

Second, he's measuring time, a perfectly valid thing to do. And the reality is when you lay your memory cells out in 2 dimensions it takes order of sqrt(n) time to fetch a random memory cell value, where n is the number of memory cells you're using.

Third, it turns out order of sqrt(n) time is the best you can do even if you had the best technology in the universe.

jlarocco 4 ago 1 reply      
The article is conflating theoretical algorithm analysis and low level implementation details.

Big O analysis is a theoretical measurement of algorithm performance. By definition it ignores details like memory access speed, the exact instructions used, and other details of specific hardware architectures.

Real life algorithm implementations obviously need to deal with those low level implementation details, but that doesn't change the theoretical analysis. It's easy enough to find (or design) machines without cache where this difference in memory speed doesn't exist.

falcolas 4 ago 2 replies      
I'm not sure the cost of accessing the storage medium belongs in the complexity of the algorithm, since that cost will change based on the storage medium, not the algorithm itself. It strikes me as more of a constant, (even though it isn't constant).

Still, interesting read, nontheless.

jimminy 4 ago 2 replies      
I find this really odd, it's not wrong, but it doesn't invalidate O(1). It's mashing two-things together that are unneccessary and can cause misunderstanding.

Big-O provides a decent tool for generic analysis and an understanding of access times of memory hierarchies. Since memory hierarchies can vary, they shouldn't be considered while doing generic analysis, much anyways.

Both are important to understand. The key thing is setting your Big-O access expectations to the slowest level of your heirarchy. In that way, your expectation remains generic and still proximally accurate across the average cases.

When you consider them together, think of the heirarchy as a series of piecewise functions that modify the value of the constant time based on the speed of the bounds that fit your data.

This square of N notation falls apart in other cases. 128GB's of RAM would have roughly the same access speed as the 8GB's he had available, if he had that much in his system. But having 128GB of RAM would completely destroy the squaring by flattening an entire magnitude from his hypothesis.

But it is a nice display of memory heirarchies, IMO.

hacknat 4 ago 2 replies      
Nah. Sorry cache-misses don't count as part of a theoretical analysis on complexity. Why? Because you're getting into specific access pattern performance. Complexity is about "all things being equal". Is it the only thing you should consider? At first it should be, then if you run into a problem with a specific structure that has remarkable scale or access then go ahead and consider what the underlying hardware might be doing with the specific access patterns your structure is encountering.

It's interesting to see linked-list as his example, because it is the most likely to have cache-misses as you move through it as the allocations are very fragmented. I'd be very curious to see the same chart on a warmed-up hash-table.

Also, if we're considering the hardware, can we take into account pre-fetching and branch prediction? What are your numbers then? Yeah RAM is farther out then the local caches, but the CPU is also not completely ignorant of what it has to do next.

geophile 4 ago 0 replies      
Why is this wrong-headed discussion top-rated on HN?

And why is there so much misunderstanding on HN of big-O notation wrt cache misses lately?

All you kids, get off my lawn.

jandrewrogers 4 ago 1 reply      
Closely related but unfamiliar to most software geeks, Bldy's work in the 1960s and later on the theoretical limits of operation throughput when using cache hierarchies is very relevant to high-performance software design. The theory generalizes nicely to any topology where you can control how access latencies are distributed, and carefully designed software can get relatively close to the throughput limits (though it is somewhat incompatible with the way most software engineers design systems these days e.g. multithreaded concurrency is a non-starter).
lorenzhs 4 ago 1 reply      
> At this point some of you may argue that the whole idea of Big-O analysis is to abstract architectural details such as memory latency. This is correct - but I argue that O(1) is the wrong abstraction.

No, your model is wrong. Others have already pointed out some issues with the author's understanding of Big-O notation. However, this is a fundamental misunderstanding. Big-O is a tool to analyse some function's asymptotic behaviour, i.e., how it behaves when the input parameter grows versus infinity. You have to put your model of cost into that function. If your measure is time, and memory access doesn't take constant time in your model, then you have to account for that in your cost function. You can just as well use Big-O notation to describe the asymptotic space complexity of an algorithm (how much memory does it need?). O(1) has no special meaning - it's just the set of all unary functions whose value stays below a constant, no matter how large their input parameter gets.

The author is literally blaming his tools for his own misunderstandings.

Symmetry 4 ago 0 replies      
Thanks to the prefetcher a low-entropy access to memory, like reading the next value in an array, will tend to happen in constant time. For a linked list, tree, or other data structure where the location of the next access can't be predicted easily by something like stride analysis then the author is correct.
tailrecursion 4 ago 0 replies      
The author argues that a random access to memory is not O(1) but instead O(root N) because of distance.

The easy reactive response is that with respect to algorithm design the size of RAM, N, is a constant.

On the other hand for very high scaling factors, as input size rises the size of RAM must also rise. In this way N can be thought of as a variable and that seems to be what the author is thinking. Different algorithms will behave differently as they are scaled to infinity and beyond.

I think the author's argument is interesting but maybe it's better to make new models for time complexity analysis. I think Bob Harper's students have done good work on this.

In addition to distance there is also the cost of selection, namely the muxes and decoders, which would multiply the cost of access by log N.

truantbuick 4 ago 0 replies      
What the graph really seems to indicate is that time is only linear when working within a cache size on the author's computer (remember that iterating a linked list accounts for the gradual increase in between the cache jumps). If the theoretical upper bound of RAM access was really the important factor at this scale, I wouldn't expect it to be almost flat and to suddenly jerk up every time we have to go to the next cache.

Assuming the author's O(sqrt(n)) is correct, it seems only relevant on much, much larger scales.

In light of that, it really doesn't make sense to pollute the typical use of Big O notation. It should always be understood to be just one metric to understand an algorithm.

justAlittleCom 4 ago 7 replies      
I am sorry... but no, the article is interesting and well written, but it has nothing to do with big O notation.Random access in memory is still in O(1), it doesn't depend on the size of the data structure (I am assuming that is the "n" the author talk about by pretending that a memory access is O(sqrt(n)).Even if you have a very complex memory architecture with 15 caching levels, spread all over the world, if you have a maximum of 5 day delay for accessing your memory through the mail, it will still be O(1), because 5 day is constant, it does not depend on the size of the data structure.

The "n" the author is really talking about may be the depth of the cache hierarchy.

vvanders 4 ago 0 replies      
Related, Herb Sutter's fantastic talk about arrays:

https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2014/2-661 @ 23:30

chris_va 4 ago 1 reply      
The black hole piece in part II was amusing, if you keep reading.
captainmuon 4 ago 0 replies      
I think this way of looking at the problem is misleading. O(1) or O(N) always stays O(1) or O(N), just the constant changes. You can always access any element in RAM (on a SSD, HDD) in a bounded amount of time. Use that pessimistic time as the time of one step.

Viewed in this way, O(N) is still O(N), and a processor with caches is a magic device that somehow computes faster than O(N)... or for O(1) computes in sub-constant time (if that can be even well-defined).

donrodriguez 3 ago 1 reply      
Let me quote Einstein: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but NOT simpler!"

And that's IMHO exactly where the original author erred. But i find his musings so incredibly funny and enlightening, that i will use them as a future reference of how NOT to do an analysis.

He didn't just do an apple vs oranges comparison, but he essentially threw eggs, potatoes and ham in the mix and tried to deduce an universal law from his concoction by sprinkling some quantum mechanics fairy dust into the mix! Hilarious!

Just by simply looking at his sloppy graph (Typical origin-shenanigans are often a dead give away for the quality of an examination.) one should be able to recognize the form of an underlying step function, as expected from a multi-layered memory system (L1,L2,L3,RAM, ...) .

But NO, he envisions a Square-Root function, just by arbitrarly placing a line in a logarithmic coordinate system. WTF?! Where is the fitting? And how does he defend his conclusion? drum-roll QUANTUM MECHANICS .... Muhahahaha! Great show!

So essentially it's not cost that prohibits our brave engineers of increasing L1 cache size ad infinitum, but because of quantum mechanics! Muhahahaha! Stop it, my stomach hurts.....

faragon 4 ago 1 reply      
If I understood it correctly, the author links cache miss from memory subsystem hierarchy to asymptotic complexity (big O), so if an operation for fixing a cache miss takes higher time complexity, he takes that instead of O(1).

Similar happens when you write an O(1) algorithm while relying on malloc(), which is usually O(n log n), thus your algorithm is not really O(1), but O(n log n).

greggyb 4 ago 1 reply      
I think there is a key point in the FAQ (article four, all linked through the series):

> You are conflating Big-O with memory hierarchies

> No, Im applying Big-O to memory hierarchies. Big-O is a tool, and I am applying it to analyze the latency of memory accesses based on the amount of memory you are using.

As some others have pointed out, the line is crossing hierarchies of cache, and that he is not looking at the big O of instructions. Both of these are accurate, and the author is aware of this.

He is using the tool of big O analysis to measure a performance characteristic. That characteristic is not the traditional number of instructions or amount of memory utilized in the computation of an algorithm. It is the latency for access to a random piece of data stored on a system.

There are two cases considered, the practical, and the theoretical.

At the practical level, we do not have a unified physical implementation of the address space in a modern computer. This means that accessing a random address in memory is an action that will most likely cross levels of the cache hierarchy. It is well known that there are order of magnitude jumps crossing these levels. Perhaps it is uninteresting to you, and the importance of cache locality in an algorithm is something that you already have a very strong handle on. That makes his observation of time-to-access a random address trivial, but not wrong.

Big O tells us that a binary search is the most efficient search algorithm for an array (constraint - the array must be sorted), but in practice a linear search with a sentinel value across an unsorted array will be faster if the array fits in cache. Keeping in mind the big O latency of random memory access across cache hierarchy levels would be the theoretical analysis to tell us this. The traditional big O looks at number of instructions. These are both valid tools in choosing an optimal algorithm.

The second point the author makes is the theoretical limit. Assume the ideal storage medium with minimum access latency and maximum information density. This storage medium is matter. The limit of packing is the point at which you would create a black hole.

With this ideal storage medium, you cannot pack an infinite amount of data within a distance that can be traversed at the speed of light within one clock cycle. For this colossal storage array, there are some addresses which cannot be physically reached by a signal moving at the speed of light within the amount of time that a single clock cycle (or single instruction) takes. Accessing a random address is not a constant time operation, though the instruction can be dispatched in a constant time. There is a variable time for the result of that instruction to return to the processor.

At this theoretical limit, we would still end up with a cache hierarchy, though it would be 100% logical. With a single storage medium and unified address space, the cache hierarchy would be determined by physical distance from CPU to physical memory location. Those storage cells (whatever form they take) that can be round-tripped by a speed of light signal in one clock cycle are the first level of cache, and so on. You could have very granular, number-of-clock-cycles cache levels stepping by one at each concentric layer of the sphere, or you could bucket the number of clock cycles. Either would effectively act as a cache.

This theoretical exercise is an extreme limit, but bears out the practical implications that our current physical implementations of cache hierarchy exhibits in practice.

Again, perhaps these observations are trivial, but I believe they do stand up to scrutiny. The key insight is that the performance characteristic being described by big O is time, not the more traditional space or number of instructions.

I think time is a valuable metric in terms of algorithm selection. If we think about end users - they don't care that one instruction or 1,000,000,000 are being executed. They care about how quickly work is done for them by the computer. Instruction-based analysis can be a huge help in this consideration, but so can time-based analysis.

Neither should be ignored, and neither invalidates the other.

bastijn 4 ago 0 replies      
Only after reading the last article of the series I checked the link to share it. Only then noticed that I misread the heading on the blog. I read "I like big tits" and though is this page hacked or something? The url corrected my dirty mind :).

Great series. Even if you don't agree with the notation it has still valuable information. Thanks author!

Double_Cast 4 ago 0 replies      
Why is information within a sphere bound by m * r? Naively, I'd expect it to be bound by r^3 or m * r^3.
fengwick3 3 ago 0 replies      
If anybody is curious about the physics, the principle he described is pretty similar to the Holographic Principle.


whack 4 ago 0 replies      
It's a very interesting experiment/conclusion, but it rests upon one assumption: The assumption that the entire dataset has been preloaded into the L1/L2/L3 caches.

This assumption is a shaky one to make, and is easily violated. Imagine if you have a hashmap that is small enough to fit entirely in L3 cache. However, most of it has been evicted from the L1/L2 caches, by other data that the core has been reading/writing to as well. Eventually, the thread returns to the hashmap and performs a single lookup on it. In this scenario, the time required will indeed be O(1).

So what you really have is a best-case-complexity of O(sqrt(N)), if your data has been preloaded in the closest possible caches, and a worst-case-complexity of O(1) if your data is stuck in an outer level cache/DRAM. Given that we usually care more about the worst-case-scenarios, not the best-case-scenario, using the O(1) time complexity seems like a reasonable choice.

Going back to the author's premise that the time-complexity of a single memory access is O(sqrt(N)), not O(1), this is true only where N represents all/most of the dataset being processed. If N represents only a small fraction of the dataset being processed, and your caches are going to be mostly filled with other unrelated data, then the time complexity is closer to O(1).

Clearly the O(sqrt(N)) is more accurate than O(1) under some circumstances, but even so, it's not clear what benefit this accuracy confers. All models are inaccurate simplifications of reality, but simple-inaccurate models can still be useful if they can help in decision-making. Big-O analysis isn't used to estimate the practical running-time of an application. For that, you'd be better off just running the thing. Big-O analysis is more used to compare and decide between different competing algorithms/data-structures. And in that sense, whether you choose to model linked-lists/binary-search/hash-maps as O(Nsqrt(N))/O(log(N)sqrt(N))/O(sqrt(N)), or O(N)/O(logN)/O(1), the recommendation you end up with is the same.

caf 3 ago 0 replies      
If you instead iterate through an array of size K you will only pay O(N + K) since it's only the first memory access that's random. Re-iterating over it will cost O(K). This teaches us an even more important lesson: If you plan to iterate through it, use an array.

This is rubbish. Re-iterating it is the same as iterating it the first time: if you array doesn't fit into cache, you're going to pay for pulling it from further out into the memory hierarchy.

To anyone who doubts me: try it. Try iterating an array that fits entirely in L1 many times, then do the same with an array that has to be pushed out to swap. The slowdown will be considerably worse than linear.

lsh123 4 ago 0 replies      
The graph in the article shows the impact of L1, L2, and L3 cashes. If array fits into L1 cache the access will be the fastest and then it degrades with L2 cache, then L3, then generic memory.
rdiddly 4 ago 1 reply      
The library example is a bad one, since it leads to O(N) and not O(N), a conclusion that contradicts the thesis.

"In general, the amount of books N that fits in a library is proportional to the square of the radius r of the library, and we write N r."

No, the number of books N is proportional to the area of the front face of the shelving, not the area enclosed within the circle. Assuming all libraries are the same height, that means N is proportional to the circumference of the circle, which is proportional to r, not r. Meanwhile, assuming that all books are reachable in the same amount of time by the librarian no matter their height on the shelf, that means T r (as before). Since T r and N r, that means T N or T=O(N).

bryanlarsen 4 ago 0 replies      
Great article. It gets better, too, so make sure you read all 4 parts.
joseraul 4 ago 0 replies      
The theoretical discussion is interesting, especially the circular library that gives some intuition of the square root law.

But in practice, you usually know the order of magnitude of your data, so access is rather O(1), for some constant that depends on the size of the data. Jeff Dean's "Numbers Everyone Should Know" quantifies this constant.


chongkong 3 ago 1 reply      
Isn't it log(N) instead of sqrt(N)?
grabcocque 4 ago 2 replies      
The Myth of RAM is that you need to have lots of it, but it's bad to use it. Because that's 'bloat'.
haddr 4 ago 1 reply      
I think that at some point this O(n * sqrt(n)) is actualy not precise. Maybe it works for the first few GB, but then other mechanisms come into play.

For example processing 100GB of data actually don't have to be O(nsqrt(n)) because if you process it on cluster, then other machines are also using L1, L2, L3 caches and RAM. Then the whole process can be streamlined which means that some operations can be faster than the pessimistic nsqrt(n).

wyager 4 ago 2 replies      
"I can vaguely fit a line to this graph that's clearly nonlinear, so that line describes the asymptotic complexity of the system."

Huh? Am I taking crazy pills, or is this a horrible analysis? It looks like the behavior is O(whatever it's supposed to be) times a constant multiplier at a few different regions. The OP conveniently cuts off the graph so you can't see it level off.

bjd2385 4 ago 0 replies      
Now I wonder what would happen to our time complexities if we were near a black hole...
Skunkleton 4 ago 0 replies      
To me, all this article has show is that depending on the size of a data structure, you will need slower and slower memory. We already know that. The article shows that within the bounds of a particular type of memory the access time is mostly constant, which is exactly what O(1) means.
otterley 4 ago 0 replies      
Editors, can you please date this submission? It's from 2014.
dingo_bat 4 ago 0 replies      
My laptop has been frozen for half an hour now after running the benchmark from the article :(
fractal618 4 ago 0 replies      
> And so we come to the conclusion that the amount of information contained in a sphere is bounded by the area of that sphere - not the volume!


known 3 ago 0 replies      
"You'll know that iterating through a linked list is O(N), binary search is O(log(N)) and a hash table lookup is O(1)"

Apples and Oranges? You'll select the relevant data structure depending on your application needs.

solarexplorer 4 ago 3 replies      
Something that the author seems to be missing is that traditional complexity analysis (with mathematical proofs etc) is done for Turing Machines which have one-dimensional memory (an abstract tape), and reachable memory is linear with time. Current microchips are two-dimensional, so reachable memory increases square with time. If we had three dimensional memory (stacked chips?), then reachable memory would increase cube with time.

It all depends on what kind of machine you are talking about...

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CockroachDB is scalable, survivable, and strongly consistent - hence the name. The company was founded in 2015 with a mission to Make Data Easy.

Check out the product on Github at https://github.com/cockroachdb.

Roles:-- Full Stack Engineer-- Senior Product Manager -- Site Reliability Engineer (Some of this is more SRE work, a lot of it is plain SWE but again, close to production)

All positions offer $100-150k base, equity and comprehensive benefits. Learn more at https://www.cockroachlabs.com/careers.

Interested in chatting? Email jobs@cockroachlabs.com.

pain_perdu 1 ago 1 reply      
Deepgram (YC W16) http://deepgram.com | ONSITE | San Francisco (SoMa) | A.I. Scientists, Web Engineers, Sales/BD | Full-time | $50-120k + equity

We do search for recorded speech using machine-learning. We find keywords/phrases and predict what's in videos, podcasts, phone callsanything with recorded speech, really.

Founded by two particle-physicists, were a highly-technical team working on hard-problems (building ML models for sales, anti-fraud and understanding human languages via sound) for big-enterprise (as well as some more playful tools like Hoogley for Youtube and Podenvy for Podcasts).

Role Descriptions:

Web EngineerWe need help building-out the speech search API and front ends. Leans toward backend but creating good interfaces is needed. Creativity, high energy, motivation, and experience building APIs and complicated web apps is a must. Experience working with Tornado, AWS, GCP, Docker and fluency in Python, C++, Javascript is a big deal too.

AI ScientistWe need help building DNN models, and running it all on a HPC cluster. Creativity, high energy, motivation, and experience building DNNs in images, speech, or similar is a huge plus. Large scale computing and low level hardware experience is a great thing to have too.

SalesWere hiring for a variety roles: SDR, A.E. and BD

To apply, contact careers AT deepgram dot com or ping me directly using the info in my HN profile.

justin 1 ago 1 reply      
New Startup | San Francisco | Onsite, Visa | Full-time | http://justinkan.com/hiring-ios-programmer-for-stealth-video...

I'm starting a new video startup that has yet to be launched. Small team of 5 people. Looking for talented, self motivated iOS dev to join our team.

You will learn a lot about startups! I'm one of the cofounders of Justin.tv, Twitch and a couple other startups, and also a partner at YC.

email: jobs@justinkan.com

gd832 1 ago 0 replies      
David | San Francisco, CA | https://www.senddavid.com | Fulltime | OnsiteDavid is a San Francisco-based software startup that combines technology and legal research to help customers resolve disputes with their cable, internet, or wireless service provider.

The $200+ billion legal industry is still stuck in the 20th century: paper-based, error-prone and slow. With rates averaging $300 / hour, only 15% of Americans with serious legal problems even seek the help of a lawyer. For everyday issues like bogus cable bills, fewer than 1 in 1,000,000 of us seek justice, even though monopolists like Comcast rank in the 0th percentile for customer satisfaction. Class actions used to provide the necessary scale to combat certain widespread frauds, but over the past 5 years, the Supreme Court has allowed businesses to eliminate them.

The technical challenges are hard, ranging from automating the monitoring of corporate misconduct to crafting delightful user flows to building the leading database of outcomes in consumer disputes. In parallel with the software development, a team of Yale Law School alums conducts the deep research so that our users finally feel empowered, rather than intimidated, by the law.

We currently have a MVP (https://www.senddavid.com) and are looking for a Senior Engineer as a very early member of the team.

Position: Senior Engineer | Salary: $80-$125k | Equity: 1.0%-4.0% | https://angel.co/david-174/jobs/72943-engineer

Contact us via Angel List or talent@senddavid.com

repspark 1 ago 0 replies      
RepSpark Systems | Costa Mesa, CA | Full-time | ONSITE | $60k-$90k

Were a casual, seven-person software development team based in Orange County, CA (south of Los Angeles). We provide many large apparel brands with intuitive and efficient sales workflows, enabling sales representatives to place bulk orders for brick and mortar stores (i.e. how ONeill ends up in Tillys or how Armada ends up on Backcountry). Our stack includes JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET Core 1.0, SQL Server, Redis, RethinkDB, React.js, and mobx (http://stackshare.io/repspark/repspark).

We are looking for talented engineers who have strong skills in application-level TypeScript/JavaScript. This includes engineers with experience applying design patterns to their code (Module, Sandbox, etc.), implementing modularization, writing unit tests, and optimizing performance.

We think its especially awesome if you have experience with modern JavaScript libraries, such as Backbone.js, React.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, Polymer.js, etc. You will work in a highly collaborative, cross-functional, and Agile team and may take a lead role on various software components.

Were also big on fun. Its not uncommon to spontaneously jump into a table tennis match. Plus, every Friday we eat and drink together.

Please email hn@repspark.com with applications or questions. We'd love to hear from you!

jaas 1 ago 0 replies      
Let's Encrypt | Remote (US & Canada) | FULLTIME | Systems Administrator


In the past year our operations team has built the infrastructure needed to operate a secure, high availability, high volume certificate authority. There are high standards for the work that we do and the world is watching.

A candidate for sysadmin at Lets Encrypt should have a solid background in 24/7 production operations and have experience with all the components of a modern datacenter environment. You should have experience with security and stability monitoring, virtualization, firewalls, configuration management, database management, rapid provisioning and systemd.

Collaborating effectively with Let's Encrypt developers and the community is critical. Youll be working with both fellow employees and our open-source community. Let's Encrypt staff live in various places in the U.S. and Canada, and we do the vast majority of our collaboration online.

Key Qualifications:

 * Experience working with highly-available, internet-facing sites * Solid understanding of PKI * Configuration management experience (SaltStack, Ansible, Puppet, Chef) * Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with development team * Hardware SAN experience * Scripting and coding experience * Networking management experience (firewalls and switches) * Experience implementing monitoring, security, and logging systems * Database troubleshooting and HA maintenance experience * Ability to use and manage security tools such as FIM, IDM, SIEM, vulnerability scanner * Experience in regulated and high-security environments * Hardware Security Module (HSM) experience is a plus
Please submit resumes to: it-jobs@linuxfoundation.org

jharrison 1 ago 4 replies      
Zeal - http://www.codingzeal.com - Medford, OR / Portsmouth, NH / San Diego, CA - ONSITE (preferred) / REMOTE (possible)

Zeal is a web and mobile development consultancy that empowers small to medium-sized organizations to solve huge problems.

Headquartered in the heart of downtown Medford, OR -- the center-point between the global technology hubs of Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. We also have offices in Portsmouth, NH and San Diego, CA.

We're looking for Rails, Javascript, and UI/UX engineers to craft solutions to delight and serve customers.

Collaboration and teamwork are key. Were pragmatically agile, and believe in a sustainable work schedule.

Youll fit right in if empathy, enthusiasm, artisanship, and appreciation towards one another are some of your most valued attributes. We want you to bring a deep passion and excitement for the engineering art form.

If this sounds like you, we definitely want to talk!

Apply here: http://codingzeal.com/hiring

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Pachyderm: Love Golang, Docker and distributed systems?

San Francisco -- Onsite only -- jobs@pachyderm.io




What would data analytics infrastructure (namely Hadoop) look like if we rebuilt it from scratch today? We think it would be containerized, modular, and easy enough for a single person to use while still being scalable enough for a whole company. Tools like Docker and Kubernetes provide the perfect building blocks for us revolutionize data infrastructure!

Pachyderm is just 4 people right now, so you'd be getting in right at the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company as well as building the rest of the engineering team.

Salaries start at $120k and go up from there based on experience. We also offer significant equity, full benefits, and all the usual startup perks. This position is based in SF.


* Core distributed systems/infrastructure engineer (Go)

* Front-end Engineer -- Own the entire front-end, admin dashboard, and web services backend for Pachyderm!

Our hiring process: The entire process is focused around strong communication skills and simulating our actual work environment, not BS coding questions:

toronja 1 ago 0 replies      
Scala Backend Engineer | Tally | San Francisco, CA | Salary range: $135K - $178K + equity | On-site - Full-time | No resume needed | www.meettally.com

Hey HN, I'm Jason Brown, co-founder and CEO of Tally. We just closed $15M to tackle some of the hardest problems in FinTech and we're looking for an experienced backend software engineer to act as the glue between a very complex backend and a gorgeous front-end. We embrace and enjoy functional programming on the JVM using Scala and use modern technologies that are fun to work with.

If you're up for a quick chat to learn more, shoot me a note at jason.brown@meettally.com. Please include a description of your functional programming experience and any relevant links (resume optional).

Job descriptions: https://jobs.lever.co/tally/4f6b044f-9110-4d2e-bbb5-ba7cea27...





dschenkelman 1 ago 0 replies      
Auth0 | Seattle,WA; Buenos Aires, Argentina | REMOTE

Ultimately, we strive for an internet with fewer passwords. Our vision is to provide the simplest and most secure identity platform for developers, to make the internet safer. We're looking for people to join us on this journey.

- Infrastructure Engineer: https://auth0.com/jobs/engineer/infrastructure-engineer

- Production Engineer: https://auth0.com/jobs/engineer/production-engineer

- Engineer in Test: https://auth0.com/jobs/engineer/engineer-in-test

- iOS Engineer: https://auth0.com/jobs/engineer/ios-engineer

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Thinknum | New York | Backend Engineer | On-site - Full-time | VISA | $90k-$130k + equity

=== Who We Are ===

Thinknum is a Fintech company that organizes the Internets commercial activity into data models. Thinknum provides real time granular data (e.g., the average discount for Michael Kors handbags vs Coach handbags across retailers). We have hundreds of clients across major financial institutions and corporations. We're a profitable company that is growing quickly.

=== Who We Are Looking For ===

We're looking for back-end engineers that can streamline our data collection process. You will design and implement systems that collect data from websites and make it available to our customers on our platform. Looking for engineers with experience in Python and Javascript and familiarity with the DOM and tools for parsing the DOM like Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

=== Interested? ===

Interested? Drop me a note at jzhen@thinknum.com

Learn more about us: https://www.thinknum.com/


sankethkatta 1 ago 1 reply      
Smartcar API | Frontend, Backend | Mountain View | Onsite | https://smartcar.com

We're a small team (8 people) looking to make a big change in transportation. We believe the future of transportation is Autonomous, Electric, Shared and Connected. Smartcar is building an API platform to solve the "connected" part of it.

We just brought 3 more engineers on the team last month but looking to get 2 more with 2+ years of experience immediately. Our stack is Node.js, Postgres, Redis, Docker, AWS. If you are interested in helping us modernize transportation and enjoy working in a collaborative environment, we'd like to meet you.

$95K to $130K + up to 1.0% equity

If you want to learn more, email me at sanketh@smartcar.com or call me at 530 475 2882.No recruiters.

sshumaker 1 ago 0 replies      
Credit Karma | San Francisco | Full Time, Onsite

Credit Karma's mission is to make financial progress possible for everyone. We have over 60 million US members and are a true mission-oriented business, a rare case where our incentives are aligned with our users - we succeed by helping our members attain financial progress.

We've been growing rapidly over the past few years (hypergrowth) and are hiring across a wide range of positions. On the backend side, we are moving to Scala-based microservices using finagle and Thrift, and as well as GraphQL on node.js. Our native iOS and Android apps are #1 in finance (with a 5 star rating on the App Store) and we're rebuilding our website in React + Redux. Our data science team uses Kafka, Spark and BigQuery among other technologies.

If you're motivated by growth and impact Credit Karma is probably the best place to work in tech today. We have solved product / market fit and distribution, but compared to our peer unicorns there is still so much work to do. If you look at the gap between our product today and what we are well-positioned to become - the main touchpoint for consumer finance - there is tons of opportunity for people joining now to take on responsibility and ownership and have a meaningful impact.

Feel free to reach out to me personally (scott.shumaker at creditkarma dot com) or visit:https://www.creditkarma.com/careers

pmangg 2 ago 0 replies      
Shopify | Machine Learning/Data Mining Analytics Developer | Montreal, Canada | ONSITE | Full Time

We are seeking developers to join our data team. Currently, we are focused on building data machine learning and analytics powered data products to optimize our 200K+ ecommerce stores.

- Experience with machine learning, data mining, and fundamental knowledge in algorithms and computer science.

- Strong coding ability with an appreciation of best software engineering practices. Desire to work in Python. Experience with any of these is a plus: scikit-learn, Pandas, matplotlib, R, SQL, Hadoop, and Spark.

- Experience with distributed and large-scale systems.

- Willingness to stay on top of industrial machine learning and data mining research (KDD, NIPS, WWW, RecSys).

If you identify with the above, email putra.manggala@shopify.com to say hi!

bessieweiss 1 ago 0 replies      
Cloud Academy | Multiple Positions| San Francisco, CA / Mendrisio, Switzerland | Full Time | On-Site/Remote | Salary varies by position (see below)

At Cloud Academy, were builders. Learning new technology is just as exciting for us as building it. We do this through utilizing and developing cutting-edge technology and empowering students, developers, engineers and companies to build and grow products with robust and constantly updated cloud skills. Now is your chance to join our talented team that delivers unparalleled educational content to developers worldwide.

We are looking for several members of our cloud engineering research and training team to work on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and/or DevOps. If youre passionate about cloud technologies, and love to always be learning, this might be a great fit for you.

Cloud Engineer and Trainer (salary range $80-140k): https://cloudacademy.workable.com/jobs/286145

Cloud Content Acquisitions Manager (salary range $70-90k)https://cloudacademy.workable.com/jobs/306924

Check out jobs.cloudacademy.com for all of our open positions.

obeattie 1 ago 3 replies      
Monzo | Backend Engineer | Full time | London or Remote | https://monzo.com/

At Monzo we aim to build the best current account in the world. We are always keen to hear from capable, creative engineers who want to help us accomplish that goal.

Were still a relatively small company with only 10 people in the backend engineering team and 50 people in total. This means you will need to wear many hats in the beginning but it also means there are many interesting challenges ahead that you can specialise in if you like. Broadly, the work were doing covers these areas:

* Distributed platform: We aim to be the first bank without a single point of failure

* Banking and payments: We write code that moves money

* Product engineering: We help our customers by hiding the boring parts of money management

* Financial crime: We need to stay ahead of criminals trying to steal data and money

* Internal tooling: We automate everything so the rest of the team can work smarter

Our backend architecture is composed of hundreds of distributed Go microservices running in the cloud. They are managed by Kubernetes, store data in Cassandra, do RPC with linkerd/Finagle, and use Kafka for asynchronous queueing.

Lots more detail is on our website : https://boards.greenhouse.io/mondo/jobs/244898

nsamuell 1 ago 1 reply      
Pathgather - http://pathgather.com - ONSITE - New York, NY (NYC)

At Pathgather, we believe that learning matters and that modern companies can't afford to provide the same tired, low-quality experiences they've been using for the last few decades. Our enterprise learning platform is used by some of the largest companies in the world like Qualcomm, Walmart, and Twitter to help their employees find great learning content from any source, share knowledge with their peers, and track their progress towards career goals - and we've wrapped it all up into an experience that employees actually love to use.

We're growing in a big way and are looking for experienced engineers to join our team to help make enterprise learning better. Our "stack" is React + React Native + Relay + GraphQL + Roda + Sequel + Postgres + etc.

* BACKEND ENGINEER (Ruby), $100-130k, 0.1-0.5%, https://jobs.lever.co/pathgather/e700098b-b552-4b10-a5a5-e0e...

* FRONTEND ENGINEER (React), $100-130k, 0.1-0.5%, https://jobs.lever.co/pathgather/8a543314-5444-468c-85ce-3ed...

If you're interested, contact neville@pathgather.com, talk to us on AngelList, leave a comment here... etc.

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REMOTE ONLY GitLab - We're hiring production engineers, developers, UX designers , and more, see https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/ We're a remote only company so everyone can participate and contribute equally. GitLab Community Edition is an open-source Ruby on Rails project with over 1000 contributors.
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Planet [https://planet.com] | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, onsite or US-based remote

Planet operates the largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites, and we're looking for an SRE to join our Mission Control software team. Come work on AWS and satellites in low Earth orbit. See more info in the full job post: https://www.planet.com/company/careers/jobs/?gh_jid=237107

(^^^ my team)


Planet [https://planet.com] | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, onsite

We're looking for senior software engineers to join our geo-platform team. Planet runs a large data processing pipeline that crunches terabytes of imagery per day downloaded from our custom, manufactured-in-the-office satellites. We run a cloud-first, API-driven architecture with the goal of enabling everyone in the world to access our imagery. Our full stack runs from the spacecraft to our web tools, and there are enough hard and interesting problems to keep many teams busy for a long time to come.

Our mission is to image the entire Earth every day, and provide universal access to that data. A platform engineer not only builds public APIs and interfaces, but will be an integral part in the architecture and design of high availability, scalable, maintainable services to power our mission. If you're interested email stephanie@planet.com. We also have other jobs open here: https://www.planet.com/careers/

snewman 1 ago 0 replies      
Scalyr | Agent Engineer | $110-160K, >=0.3% equity | San Mateo, CA (ONSITE)

"Agent Engineer" sounds like something from Person Of Interest, but actually you'll own our lean, mean data collection agent. An ops visibility tool is only as good as the data it collects, and we pride ourselves on gathering everything from logs to system metrics to application metrics to API data. If you enjoy constantly getting to play with new tools, come help us connect to... everything. You'll get to play with packages from Apache to Zookeeper, APIs from AWS to, er, Azure, while tackling challenges such as monitoring 100,000+ simultaneous log files using minimal CPU.

At Scalyr, we've built a log analysis and ops visibility tool that our users rave about, because it smashes expectations for performance and ease of use. We offer the equity, influence, and fun of an early-stage company, with stability, great pay, and a low-stress culture. We have great backers, strong traction, and an 11-digit target market. I've built half a dozen startups, including Writely (aka Google Docs), and I can honestly say this is my favorite so far.

If this sounds like fun, please reach out to jobs@scalyr.com.

jason_wang 5 ago 0 replies      
TrueVault (W14) | Redwood City, CA | https://www.truevault.com/

TrueVault is building a more secure Web. We're looking for more people to join our team to help us to move faster. TrueVault currently provides HIPAA compliant storage API. We are looking to expand and fulfill other compliance and security requirements to empower developers to focus on their core business. If you are passionate about security, infrastructure, and hard problems, we want to talk to you.

We have an active opening for a Business Development Representative (https://www.truevault.com/careers)

Team Activities: * exploring new features and ideas * team events, family days, outings * continuous learning (education/conference budget) * show & tell events

Perks: * Generous Equipment budget * Fully Covered Medical/Dental/Vision + Dependents * Commuter + Gym/Health Benefits * Flexible Hours and Unlimited sick days/vacation days

If you're interested, please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/truevault and be sure to mention HN - I'll make sure we get back to you directly.

fortysixpercent 1 ago 0 replies      
Core Engineer | Replicated | Los Angeles | $130k - $150k + equity | https://www.replicated.com

Replicated is looking for a developer with Golang experience to join us build tools to support how enterprise software is built now. We are making it easy for cloud based SaaS vendors to ship on-premise, self-hosted versions of their software. We are a Series-A stage startup with great customers including Travis CI, npm, Code Climate, Sysdig, Circle CI and many others.

Were looking for developers with experience using Golang, Javascript, Docker and bash. If this sounds like you, heres what the job involves:

* Deliver critical features of our installable and hosted products

* Participate in architecture and design decisions about the product

* Manage and support production servers

Interested? Want to talk? Email: austin (at) replicated (dot) com

We are also hiring a QA Lead, Front-End Engineer (React) and Product Designer. LA preferred but will consider remote (US only right now).

lukevers 1 ago 1 reply      
MM.LaFleur - https://mmlafleur.com/ | New York City, NY | Software Engineer | ONSITE + REMOTE

We're a small engineering team in need of more engineers to help build out not only new features and a better experience for our customers, but internal tools that will allow us to continue to scale and grow at the fast pace that we are growing.

We're looking for engineers that love what they do and aren't afraid to tackle difficult problems. We use a variety of modern programming languages and tools like PHP, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Objective-C.

MM.LaFleur is a professional womenswear company that aims to be the go-to wardrobe solution for modern women of purpose by delivering luxury-quality clothing via a seamless, direct-to-consumer stylist experience.

Our hiring process usually consists of a phone conversation and one or two technical interviews. We offer a competitive salary, benefits, and other perks.

If you're interested, you can send me a casual email at luke.evers (at) mmlafleur (dot) com to say hello, or apply directly here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/mmlafleur/jobs/134873

No recruiters please.

heyadayo 1 ago 1 reply      
js.io | $150k-$250k | JAPAN (TOKYO) | San Francisco, CA (SF) Mountain View, CA | REMOTE | HANOI or HO CHI MINH (VIETNAM) | VISA available for both japan or US

js.io is a new IDE for HTML5 Apps / Games, AR, VR, Minecraft mods, Arduino, IoT, and more, targeting javascript as a common language. We provide developers their own persistent container, a beautiful end-to-end development experiences, r remote-over-LTE debugging, one click publishing, and carefully polished community support. We value simple, frictionless experiences that cover every aspect of development, debugging, and deploying software.

Looking for front-end (javascript) and back-end (javascript, python, posix, containers), or ideally both. Please email mc@js.io if you're interested, and include a personalized note with relevant interests and background.

Note 1: We are also looking for a javascript game engineers, and app store / game & app portal engineers (python and javascript)

Note 2: Apologies to all who applied last month where I dropped the ball. We were not prepared for the flood of inbounds, though we did make 4 offers. We have a much better system in place this time, so feel free to re-apply if we somehow lost you.

Note 3: Remote available only for the best. We are also happy to arrange a mix of SF, Tokyo, and Remote. Full-time work in Tokyo is selective, and Japanese language is a huge plus.

asti 1 ago 1 reply      
Advanced Simulation Technology, inc. (ASTi) | Herndon/Reston, VA | Multiple Positions | ONSITE

Were a small company building innovative products in the simulation and training industry. One of our newest products is SERA (http://seraatc.com), the Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC. SERA helps airline pilots learn to communicate by simulating the entire air traffic control environment, including artificial intelligence for aircraft and controllers, speech recognition on pilot speech, and text-to-speech radio chatter.

ASTi has been around for about 25 years. Weve been very successful in our niche (audio and communications), but were beginning to grow in adjacent areas and need your help! On-site, full-time engineering positions available for those interested in software, web, cloud and speech technology.

Stack: C/C++/C#, Go(golang), Python, Angular, Node.JS, AWS, Docker, RethinkDB, SIP, WebRTC, RaspberryPi

Check out this page for more information on ASTi, our unique work environment, and the full job descriptions: https://www.asti-usa.com/jobs/index.html. A few other reasons to consider ASTi: excellent compensation, profit-sharing, start at 4 weeks vacation (growing to 6 weeks over time), company-paid retirement plan, and we were included in Washingtonian Magazines "50 Great Places to Work" in 2015.

Get in touch via jobs@asti-usa.com. Thanks!

tavish_ledesma 1 ago 2 replies      
Space Exploration Technologies | Full-Stack Enterprise SW Engineer | Los Angeles, CA & Seattle, WA | Onsite, Full Time | US Citizen & Permanent Residents Only

SpaceX is seeking full-stack developers with 3+ years of experience in: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, and AngularJS. We are a fast-paced, highly iterative team that has to adapt quickly as our factory grows. We need people who are comfortable tackling new problems, innovating solutions, and interacting with every facet of the company on a daily basis. Creative, motivated, able to take responsibility and support the applications you create. Help us get rockets out the door faster!

Please apply directly here: http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/8316

bertdavid 9 ago 0 replies      
Benzinga (https://pro.benzinga.com, http://benzinga.com) | Detroit, MI | FULL-TIME | ONSITE & REMOTE

Looking for people who love to code, move fast and get shit done: the hackers and hustlers of this world. We need a few grown-ups to help balance the ship.

A financial media company at our core, we're fast-moving and high-energy, focused on our users and our product. We reach over 2 million uniques and 214 million impressions / month.


* Full-Stack Engineer (GoLang, Kubernetes)

* Frontend Engineer (React, Reduct, ES6)

We also have these in our stack and looking for good enigneers:

* Full-Stack (C, Python, PHP, Kubernetes, Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ...)

If you're interested, apply here: http://jobs.benzinga.com or email me direct with any questions: bert@benzinga.com

batuhanicoz 1 ago 0 replies      
Peergust | New York, US; Istanbul, Turkey | Full-time, ONSITE (Istanbul) or REMOTE

We are looking for Senior Go/JavaScript developers to join our team.

Currently we are developing the next generation web running on peers. We solve the problem of media distribution by offloading the assets to the connected visitors, rather than relying on centralized server pools.

We value people with extreme passion, self motivated and eager to help out the community around them.

Challenges: Super performing P2P JavaScript client, huge backend scale, tons of data, P2P network algorithms and more.

Requirements:- Expertise on Go, JavaScript, Docker, Continuous Integration/deployment flow. - Passionate for distributed systems- Love to open Chrome's/Firefox's dev-tools

Apply at > https://angel.co/peergust or by e-mailing serhan@peergust.com

jaz46 1 ago 1 reply      
Pachyderm | Lead the front-end engineering team | SF ONSITE

pachyderm.io, github.com/pachyderm/pachyderm

Email: jobs@pachyderm.io

Pachyderm is looking for a Javascript expert to lead and own the entire web front-end, analytics dashboard, and data browser! Pachyderm is just 5 people right now, so you'd be getting in right at the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company as well as building the rest of the engineering team.

Experience with full product life cycles and designing interfaces that are easily updated over time as products evolve is a must. Some backend server-side experience is also a nice plus, but not a strict requirement.

Right now Pachyderm's core technology just hit v1.1 and is production-ready. The next phase is to build a hosted service including administration panel and advanced data visualization tools.

Salaries start at $120k and go up from there based on experience. We also offer significant equity (0.5-2%), full benefits, and all the usual startup perks. This position is based in SF.


* Lead Front-end JS engineer

* Full-stack backend/web services engineer

* Core distributed systems/infrastructure engineer

Our hiring process is focused around strong communication skills and simulating our actual work environment, not BS coding questions.

Read more about our company vision and goals:

What would data analytics infrastructure (namely Hadoop) look like if we rebuilt it from scratch today? We think it would be containerized, modular, and easy enough for a single person to use while still being scalable enough for a whole company. Tools like Docker and Kubernetes provide the perfect building blocks for us revolutionize data infrastructure!


raviksharma 1 ago 1 reply      
Concur | Bangalore, India | Full Time | On-Site

Concur - an SAP group company, is one of the largest SaaS companies in the world. Based out of Seattle-US, Concur is the leader in integrated travel & expense with over 30,000 enterprise customers & 100 million end users. More than 75% of Fortune-500 companies use Concur as their Travel & Expense solution.

Concur's rapid growth requires a scalable, resilient, internet-scale backend. The Core-Services team based out of Concur's Bangalore office works on scaling the Concur platform by writing resilient, scalable, backend-services.

The Role: Senior Backend Engineer

We write backend-services that make up the 3rd largest SaaS platform in the world. We focus on authentication, authorization, identity, sso stacks, token services etc. We design, write & deploy to AWS - with complete end to end ownership. We are obsessed with performance, metrics, resiliency, failure proofing & scalability.

Clojure is our poison of choice.

We are looking for programmers with experience in writing scalable services.


* You speak Lisp. Any dialect.

* Proficiency with functional programming techniques.

* Strong Data structures and Algorithms.

* You have shipped production code.

Contact: ravi [dot] sharma [@] concur [dot] com

papercruncher 1 ago 1 reply      
San Francisco | Senior Engineers | Tubi TV | Full-Time | ONSITE | VISA (transfer H1/O1 & start GC)

We are making premium TV shows and movies available for streaming everywhere and to everyone, 100% free. Join Tubi TV and reinvent the way consumers discover and consume premium content. With over 40,000 movies & TV shows, Tubi TV has the world's largest catalog of premium content, all made available to consumers for free.

Some of our studio partners include MGM, Lionsgate and Paramount. We offer very competitive pay, full medical, dental & vision benefits, catered lunch, gym subsidies and your choice of hardware. Learning is a huge part of our culture and we frequently help non-engineers learn basic programming skills.

All positions come with stock options and full benefits. We are hiring for:

- Senior ML/Data Engineer($140k-$170k): Come and build out the next iteration of our data platform. Full autonomy and end to end ownership. Work on your choice of algorithms using Spark/Flink or any other stacks you deem suitable. See: https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk06xpn/?referer=hn

- Senior Backend Engineer($140k-$170k): Work on NodeJS v6, design APIs, architect video encoding pipelines, experiment with ad payloads and help build out our media delivery network. Previous AdTech experience is a major plus. We are also exploring adding Scala or Elixir in certain projects. See https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk067d5/?referer=hn

- iOS Engineer ($100k-$120k): Work on a brand new iOS codebase and tvOS app, with a lot of guidance from seasoned engineers. https://tubitv.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk068xc/

- Android Engineers($120k-$175k): We are hiring both Jr and Sr Android Engineers to work on our very popular app that has over 8M installs and close to 2M monthly active users.

If you'd like to chat more first, shoot me an email and mention HN (marios at tubitv dot com).

zillyhome 10 ago 0 replies      
Stealth Company | Self-motivated engineer or PM | Full time | Bay Area | FT salary: $75k - $180k depending on experience | Equity also based on experience

We are a stealth company, with millions in seed funding, founded by serial entrepreneurs looking to crack open the unyielding world of homeownership. We're a team that loves to move fast, laughs in the face of nasty-hairy challenges that lay in our path, and isn't afraid to spend money to get the best and leverage our time. If you're an audacious soul, with a track record of going the extra mile to get something done and done right, exhibiting creativity in problem solving, and having a thirst for learning, and you're looking to tackle one of the biggest problems that plagues our society today, then hit us up!

We're specifically looking for engineers, but if you're intrigued, drop us a line anyways. Let's chat!

Email us at jobs <at> zilly <dot> email

davidshariff 1 ago 1 reply      
Amazon Prime Now | Software Engineer, Front End | Relocation Assistance | Full Time | Seattle

Prime Now provides Amazon Prime members unparalleled convenience and ease of mind by offering one-hour, ultra fast delivery as well as two-hour scheduled delivery of tens and thousands of essential products. Check out the Prime Now video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhdgfULOufc.

We are seeking talented developers to join us to build the most intuitive user experiences on mobile, tablets and desktops. Prime Now is an early stage initiative with a fast paced, highly collaborative start-up like environment inside Amazon.

You will implement the features and user interfaces of Amazon Prime Now to deliver compelling user-facing products. When you're not working on customer facing features, you will be architecting efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications capable of performing at scale.

If this sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at primenow-hiring@ (amazon.com) with your resume and a brief introduction.

bbhughes 1 ago 0 replies      
Chicago, IL | Trunk Club | ONSITE | Fulltime

We're building the future of retail, enabled through technology. Talk to us if you're interested in creating lightweight single-responsibility apps, building advanced Javascript MV*-powered front-ends, leveraging graph databases and machine learning, and creating amazing user experiences for users both internal and external. Our platform powers everything from the member experience (online and in-store) to our sales and relationship tools to our warehouse operations to our financial and merchandising capabilities - there is a lot going on!

We're currently hiring for the below roles:Director of Engineering: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/239959

Engineering Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/155114

Senior Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/44918

Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/44920

Data Scientist:https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/99937

Please check out our website to learn more: https://www.trunkclub.com/careers

cioc 1 ago 1 reply      
Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy | San Francisco, CA | Software Engineer & Data Scientist | full time, ONSITE

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (http://www.parkerici.org/) is a new organization formed to accelerate the cancer research effort. We are focused on immunotherapy - leveraging the patient's own immune system to fight disease.

We are building software engineering and data science teams.

Software engineers will focus on data storage and retrieval, compute frameworks, and bioinformatics algorithm implementation.

To apply, email us with a description of your best programming project.

Data scientists will focus on:

1) building pipelines to process a wide range of biological data types and

2) leveraging bleeding edge machine learning and visualization algorithms to identify promising research directions, in very close collaboration with Parker Institute scientists. Working knowledge of basic biology and strong communication abilities are key.

To apply, tell us about a time you had to work with a large messy biological data set.

Get in touch: ccary@parkerici.org

EmilLondon 1 ago 0 replies      
Citymapper. London, UK. (ONSITE VISA INTERNS)

Cities are complicated. We're using the power of mobile and data to help humans survive and master them.

We're building the best app, with the best routing, and the best data about cities everywhere in the world where we can make a difference.

We are recruiting for all roles in our London HQ including:

- iOS / Android

- Data science

- Engineering team leads

- Site reliability engineers

Read about our Series B fundraise: https://medium.com/@Citymapper/getting-from-a-to-series-b-88...

See https://citymapper.com/jobs/

Contact me at emil at citymapper dot com

Sommer 6 ago 0 replies      
MarketChorus - http://www.marketchorus.com | Senior Engineer | Full-time | Dallas, TX | Onsite | Competitive Salary + Equity

We're looking for a Senior Engineer to help guide our products through a period of rapid growth + build out a small team.


Using machine learning and NLP to understand people based on the content they read and share. Applied to advertising, CRM and vertical market applications such as https://SpaceAgent.io


Java, Knockout.js, REST, Ubuntu, MySQL, AWS EC2, Solr/Lucene, OAuth, Apache Tomcat, JMS/MQ, Apache Web Server


Entrepreneurs with extensive industry experience and multiple successful exits. Includes Larry Goldstein (Pavilion Technologies, VocalData, AMX, DTM), Matt Sommer (Engenium), Stephen Edmondson (Match.com)

Advisors: Todd Wagner (Broadcast.com), Steve Polsky (Flixster), Victor Morgenstern (Valor Capital), Gary Hoover (Hoovers), Charlie Thomas (Centro)


Phone call: 30 min, Beer/Coffee/Lunch: ~1 Hour, Onsite w Team: partial day


info@marketchorus.com | http://www.marketchorus.com/aboutus.html#hiring

Matt Sommer, CTO & Co-founder

mbthomas 13 ago 0 replies      
Blink Health | New York (Manhattan/Soho) | Full Time | Onsite | $100K-200K + equity | https://www.blinkhealth.com

We offer $10k for each successful referral as well. Just send a resume to my inbox and then follow-up with an intro e-mail.

Blink Health has quietly raised the largest series A in NYC this year. Our goal is to provide Americans unprecedented access to the lowest available prices for pharmaceuticals. We're building the connective tissue across all players in the pharma space and creating the technical and data infrastructure across payers, providers, patients and pharma.

Having recently grown our engineering team to 20, now we're looking for:

- Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer to scale our data and analytics infrastructure

- Senior DevOps Engineer to work alongside our Head of Infrastructure

- Senior Test Platform Engineer to build the next generation of automation and deployment tools

- Tech Lead to lead up a new team focusing on some of the most exciting new initiaves we are building

- Backend, frontend, and fullstack engineers -- we use Python, Flask, Javascript, and ReactJS

Thanks. Michael Thomas, CTO

CONTACT: mthomas@blinkhealth.com

anon14841 1 ago 1 reply      
Teacher / Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite

If youre looking for the next unicorn startup, you can skip this one.

I am seeking an entrepreneurial engineer/teacher to grow my fully bootstrapped lifestyle business. I need someone who is:

- A warm and patient teacher, ideally with some formal experience.

- Proven as a software engineer and able to pass a coding interview, with at least two years working as a software engineer.

- Proficient in JavaScript and at least one other language.

- Able to communicate clearly, ideally with a blog or other writing samples to prove it.


- Teach a class of 10 students in person in San Francisco two evenings per week, from 6pm-9pm.

- Assist students remotely during office hours.

- Own content for the course.


- Your day time work schedule is completely flexible, and you normally wont have to show up to an office.

- Revenue sharing - earn proportional to your effect on the growth of the business.

- Youll get to use your whole brain, not just the engineering parts.

Send your resume to andy101@temp-mail.de if you'd like to chat more about this.

andrest 1 ago 0 replies      
The Farmer's Dog | https://www.thefarmersdog.com/ | Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | New York, NY | 90-140k + equity

The Farmer's Dog is a VC backed direct-to-consumer pet food company. We're building a subscription based e-commerce platform to support and manage custom plans. Our aim is to make the subscription work to our customer's advantage. We offer ridiculous amounts of flexibility to pause, delay, reroute and switch between recipes. We've been cashflow positive from day 1 and are growing faster than expected.

We're looking for a Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience building and delivering products to join our small and quickly growing team. Our stack is react (and redux), node, postgres, docker and aws.

If this sounds like you reach out at info+hn@thefarmersdog.com.

skrebbel 1 ago 0 replies      
TalkJS | Eindhoven, the Netherlands | ONSITE

We're building a fantastic messaging experience for marketplace sites. Our product is targeted at developers and built on the newest web tech (such as React, ES6, Elixir). Our tech challenges include great API design for our customer's developers, a scalable real-time messaging backend, fantastic design and UX, and most of all writing great code fast with a tiny team.

We're looking for experienced programmers in the Eindhoven region (office at a 5 minute walk from the train station). Unlike many startups we're not ageist and we have sane European working hours. We're a small team and you'll have significant impact on all aspects of the product.

We're particularly interested in experienced people who're on the verge of being promoted into some middle management / "architect" role, but prefer to actually build great software with great programmers and move 4x faster, sustainably, than the average dev team. All that said, if that's not you but you'd like to get there fast, get in touch as well.

Contact info is on our website: https://talkjs.com

rkwz 13 ago 0 replies      
RedMart | Singapore ONSITE | Fulltime | Frontend | https://www.redmart.com

As one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Asia, RedMart offers an unparalleled startup experience. Our culture: entrepreneurial, fiercely intelligent, team oriented, deeply creative and whatever you add to it! Were fanatical about improving our customer experience and providing wow customer service.

We're interested in talented, creative and passionate people joining our All-Star team who believe in our mission: To save our customers time and money for the important things in life!


* Excellent understanding of JS and web development concepts.

* Experience with a modern JS framework (React, Angular, Backbone, Ember, etc).

* Good sense of design, UX and simplicity.

* Use of best practices such as TDD, BDD, continuous integration, continuous deployment.

* Strong verbal and written communication skills.

* Nice to have: experience with Redux, Mocha/Jest, Grunt/Gulp, AWS, Mongo.

Contact me at sheshbabu at redmart dot com for more info

spwestwood 1 ago 0 replies      
OpenSignal | https://opensignal.com/ | Angel, London | ONSITE

Our mission is to become the global authority on wireless networks; our Wifi and mobile signal crowdsourcing apps have been downloaded over 15 million times, our public reports reach a wide audience and our OpenSignal Insights are purchased by key players in the telco industry. We gather, process and visualize terabytes of data, providing insight into mobile networks to the public and our clients.

We are currently hiring across the tech team. We are looking for a data engineer, data analyst, full stack developer, iOS developer, UX/UI designer, and a product manager. For more details on the roles please see and apply using the links below. Email us at join@opensignal.com if you have any questions!

Back-end Developer / Data Engineer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/293248

Data Analyst: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/296676

Full Stack Developer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/313810

iOS Developer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/314574

UX/UI Designer: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/314575

Product Manager: https://opensignal-limited.workable.com/jobs/318623

pulkitpulkit 1 ago 4 replies      
Chameleon | PST REMOTE (Seattle / Portland / SF / Vancouver / LA etc.)

We're looking for 2 full-stack engineers. Prior remote and startup experience required.

Hate terrible user onboarding? Chameleon (https://www.trychameleon.com) allows you to build data-driven product tours without writing code.

We're VC-backed, with revenue and strong growth since our launch 5 months ago. You'll be joining as our first full-stack engineer and could become Head of Engineering here.

Let's have a 10 min chat to start. Please email me pulkit@trychameleon.com with some info about yourself.

scanr 1 ago 0 replies      
London, UK | Investec (https://www.investec.co.uk) | Front-end developer for Fintech startup | Onsite | Contract or perm

Rip up the old rule book of banking, and join our magic circle of dreaming, building and testing with customers in how we can solve key problems for UK small and medium businesses. We are an intrepid team of warriors from varied backgrounds and conquests (small start-up of 10) who operate in WeWork Moorgate. Our elite team is looking for a front-end dev to breathe life into our UX/UI. No financial services experience necessary at all, just the desire to drive instant impact, and create legacy in etching their name into history by helping us change financial services.

You should be a javascript mutant with mad ES6 skillz. You should have personal projects, be curious and prize the craft of programming. The team assembled have aeons of experience designing, running and scaling software systems. Our journey will be filled with learning, fun and hard work (skill at table tennis is a nice-to-have).Our stack is currently AngularJs 1.x, React + Redux, C# 6 backend (planning on moving to .Net core in the medium term), best practice devops, Github flowThrow your hat in the ring and join our fight to change banking

You will need to be able to work in the UK. Candidates can email us at adam.wynne at investec dot co dot uk

dstromberg1 1 ago 0 replies      
ZeroFOX | Baltimore, MD | ONSITE |https://www.zerofox.com/

Chief Software Architect - SaaSDjango, Python, Go, Node, Angular, AWS

ZeroFOX, the innovator of social media security, protects modern organizations from the dynamic risks of social media and digital channels. Each day, ZeroFOXs cloud-based, SaaS platform processes millions of posts and accounts across the social landscape, spanning Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and more. Using targeted data collection, intelligent analysis and automated remediation, ZeroFOX protects businesses and government agencies around the world against phishing attacks, information loss, account compromise, fraud, compliance violations, and financial loss.

Led by a team of information security and high-growth start-up veterans, ZeroFOX has raised over $40M in funding from NEA, Highland Capital and others, and has collected top industry awards such as the SINET16 Champion, DarkReadings Top Security Startups to Watch, Tech Council of Marylands Technology Company of the Year, and the Security Tech Trailblazer of the Year.

Chief Architect: https://careers-zerofox.icims.com/jobs/1167/chief-software-a...

Senior Research Engineer:https://careers-zerofox.icims.com/jobs/1176/sr.-research-eng...

email me at dstromberg@zerofox.com for more information.

ncd 1 ago 1 reply      
If you want to:

* Work on the platform local governments use to manage their city services

* Solve interesting problems that are having a daily impact on the way communities function

* Work at a company dedicated to upholding strong values externally and internally

* Work with team members who personify those values

* Get your own private office because we hate open space set-ups

* Work at a YC company (though this should be the least important thing on this list)

Then we want to talk!

See the positions we're hiring for at http://seneca.systems/careers

alexreisner 1 ago 0 replies      
Crossfield Digital | New York, NY | full-time or contract, remote | http://www.crossfield.com

We build websites and mobile apps for the sports industry. We're currently working on a variety of interesting and high-profile projects utilizing the latest real-time technology.

We're seeking a front end (CSS, JS) specialist to augment our small, multi-disciplinary team of developers (with a focus on Rails). Looking for someone who loves building responsive/adaptive websites that look great at any screen size. You should be self-motivated and confident in your ability to complete projects without daily guidance (we're always on Slack but don't have daily meetings, and count on everyone to manage their own work; within limits, we each set our own schedule).

We are all involved in the open source community and love helping each other grow as developers. A visual design background is great but not required. An interest in sports, too, is great but not required.

More info: http://www.crossfield.com | jobs@crossfield.com

dhd415 1 ago 0 replies      
Signifyd | San Jose, CA | Backend Engineers | ONSITE or REMOTE (US-only) | Full-time | $100k-$150k + equity

We're a growing team of engineers building systems that catch bad guys. Our mission is to make commerce safer for online retailers. To solve this problem, we're looking for world-class engineers who are eager to learn, adopt, and contribute to a reactive style of programming. Interested? We would love to hear from you!

Our stack: Java, Python, Cassandra, MySQL, Solr, Apache Spark, Play! framework, Docker, AWS

Learn more about us: https://www.signifyd.com

Job descriptions: https://www.signifyd.com/careers/?gh_jid=44015

superscalar 1 ago 0 replies      
Gambit Research Ltd (http://gambitresearch.com) | London, UK | ONSITE | Full time

At Gambit we research and manage automated sports betting algorithms on behalf of our clients. Their algorithms run on our proprietary execution platform which interfaces with a large variety of bookmakers and exchanges, enabling access to the best prices and massive liquidity.

Our distributed, concurrent system has a core written in Erlang, which interacts with a wide variety of Python processes across the rest of the business. Some of the other technologies we use are: Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, C, C++, Julia, R, Go, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Celery, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Graphite, Sentry, Git, GitLab.

We have a very flat hierarchy and an emphasis on employee freedom. We encourage our team to work on projects that interest them, as we believe people are happiest and most productive when intellectually stimulated. You don't need to be interested in sports or betting.

We're actively hiring for the following positions:

 - Linux systems administrator / SRE / DevOps engineer - Software developer - Junior/mid level front-end developer 
More information can be found at http://gambitresearch.com/jobs.html

dbuxton 1 ago 0 replies      
Arachnys | London UK/New York USA | Devops, Data engineering, Frontend | Full Time

We are a risk and compliance solution, splicing together data from the deep web with unstructured and semi-structured information to help customers make decisions about the risks posed by their customers and third parties. Our customers are the worlds largest financial institutions, law firms, and consultancies. They use our software to identify and address financial crimes such as fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

We handle hundreds of terabytes of structured and unstructured data, and as a result our infrastructure is pretty complex - Hadoop, HBase, ElasticSearch, Python, Docker, some Go, etc - and highly automated using Ansible.

- We're looking for devops/sysadmin types to join our small devops team and help us go to the next level in automation and orchestration. Bonus points if you have managed server fleets of 100+. (LON or NYC)- Ambitious, multitalented data engineers with experience with graph databases, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, or similar technologies. (LON or NYC)- If you're a senior frontend or backend engineer based in NY looking for a leadership role, get in touch. (NYC)

Email jobs@arachnys.com with a link to your profiles (github, linkedin etc - our own github https://github.com/arachnys/ shows we're serious about open source and actively open up non-core parts of our infrastructure) if you're interested. A founder will read your application and respond within a few days at the latest.

Remote applicants who are able to be in one of our offices at least 1 day/week may be considered - but you'd need to be willing to be onsite more at the start.

xando 1 ago 0 replies      
Hey, as usual, a friendly reminder.

All positions posted here are scraped and available to search on the map.


kbaker 1 ago 0 replies      
Venture Research Inc. | Plano, TX (Dallas, TX, DFW) | Onsite Only | http://www.ventureresearch.com

Interested in RFID? In improving inventory and replenishment processes in hospitals, labs, and clinics? In automatically tracking pallets, containers, and other assets around a facility? Come join us!

Venture Research is a leader in the RFID industry and is consistently pushing the leading edge of what is possible using RFID. We have a variety of opportunities available for both fast-paced new product design and development as well as for development on some of our long-term stable products. 17 year old small but growing company, privately held, with excellent benefits, 401K matching, paid health insurance and highly competitive salary and bonus structure.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Senior .NET / Backend developer: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Oracle, JavaScript and JQuery. .NET MVC and Python is a plus.

* Embedded firmware engineer: microcontroller development using primarily Freescale Kinetis parts and the Freescale MQX RTOS. Ahem, NXP parts.

* Embedded platforms engineer: C, Linux, Android NDK. Experience with hardware co-design, Python, QT, Django, React a plus.

Please email resumes to hr@ventureresearch.com, or use the email in my profile. Thanks!

symisc_devel 1 ago 0 replies      
Hey all, a friendly reminder. A who is Hiring Android app is available where you can search, filter, all those positions.

App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.symisc.who...

P.S: Ads were all disabled

yawniek 1 ago 1 reply      
Tamedia | Product Manager Data Services | ONSITE, Zurich, Switzerland

In our growing data team TDA (Tamedia Data Analytics) we understand ourselves as drivers of innovative data products within Tamedia. We are a team of data scientists, products managers and engineers that leverages more than 20 Million events per day in realtime to create the best data products of Switzerland. Tamedia covers more than 40% of the visits of the Swiss owned internet - and TDA is responsible to create more out of it than the sum of it's parts.

You're this person that already now has 10 ideas on what to do with this data but kills 11 of them before finishing reading this sentence. After working for 3 months with us you have found and sold internally the most promising idea that creates a higher yearly EBIT-impact than the whole team costs.

You have a strong technology and business background and can lead the product vision, make your customers happy while still being able to challenge your team in their area of expertise.

We provide you with a unique opportunity to have impact, work with a highly skilled and fun team while you drive the topic forward.

More details: http://direktlink.prospective.ch/?view=43729664-C733-4EEA-95...

ianejames 4 ago 0 replies      
iOffer | San Francisco, CA | FULLTIME | ONSITE

In 2002, iOffer revolutionized eCommerce by launching a transparent, negotiable marketplace. Our mission was to disrupt the status quo -- frenetic and rivalrous auction sites -- by empowering real people to buy, sell and trade on their own terms.

Position: Enterprise Devops/SysAdmin

iOffer is looking for a motivated infrastructure engineer to join the team. You will take full responsibility for our data center hardware, from network to servers to memory and storage. Your focus will be on the continuing operation of our applications to run in a highly available, large scale environment. You will oversee and develop the tools to streamline deployments, so that the developers can concentrate on their code.


* Responsible for day-to-day health, security and uptime of physical and virtual servers.* Troubleshoot issues across the entire stack, from network to OS to applications.* Develop documentation for existing systems and procedures.* Design new network, system, and storage architecture as needed.* Define DevOps roadmap that aligns with business objectives.* Collaborate closely with developers to support deployment.* Architect and implement procedures for continuous security monitoring and updates.* Provide recommendations on improvements to the environment and configuration.* Manage technical side of PCI-DSS compliance.* Recruit and manage additional team members if necessary.

If you think you'd be great for this position, please email me at ian@ioffer.com.

jonreem 8 ago 0 replies      
Terminal.com (https://terminal.com) | Software Engineer | San Francisco | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

Terminal.com is a fast-moving, recently funded startup based in San Francisco. We help some of the top online education providers find innovative new ways to offer technical coursework.

Stack: react, redux, java, node, AWS, GCE, nginx, postgres

We're currently hiring for two positions:

A Front End Engineer to ideate, collaborate on and build our next generation of customer-facing products. The ideal candidate will be capable of owning projects from the whiteboard through launch and live operations.

A Full-Stack/Generalist Engineer who is excited to build highly available systems to back interactive single-page applications, along with the complex matching algorithms powering their content.

Feel free to email me directly about either of these positions.

The interview process is a soft phone screen followed by a technical phone screen and then an onsite. We strive to move people quickly through our process and be responsive throughout.

Full job descriptions: https://terminal.com/jobs

jfountain2015 1 ago 0 replies      
New York City, NY (Union Square) | Vettery https://www.vettery.com | ONSITE | Full-time Full Stack Engineer

Heres the gist: Vettery is a tech company, but what we ultimately do is help people find their dream job. We are looking for self-starters who care about helping people find a job the love! Its pretty simple, we are looking for hungry people with an energy to disrupt an ancient industry and at the same time enjoying the perks of a growing startup. Vettery engineers work across the full stack and are committed to optimizing the experience for our users as well as our employees. A Vettery engineer has input into the whole process of the company from business decisions to where our tech stack is going. You will be involved in all levels of the products we produce. There is a large variety of projects here and we strive to align people with what tech they like to use or want to learn. See more info and apply here...https://boards.greenhouse.io/vettery/jobs/118230

PHP, Javascript, Angularjs, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Python, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, Grunt, Ubuntu, AWS, Vagrant, D3.js, Apache, Nginx, Git, Protractor/Jasmine Benefits: Competitive salary Open vacation & sick time Medical, vision, and dental insurance Vettery Perks: Frequent team outings, lunches, and team building events Lots of free food - stocked kitchen + beverages. Interview process: 1. Phone screen (30 Min) 2. Take home exercise ( 2-4 Hours ) 3. In person tech interview ( 1.5 Hours ) 4. In person pair programming ( 4 Hours ) 5. Final round with product lead, designer, co-founders. ( 1.5 Hours ) Some of the in person interviews can be combined or done after hours depending on your schedule.

prepscholar 1 ago 1 reply      
PrepScholar | Boston, MA | Onsite | Full-time | Full Stack Engineer | $100,000-$180,000

PrepScholars mission is to improve education at scale through technology. Our flagship product is an SAT/ACT prep program that automatically learns the strengths and weaknesses of each student and creates an individualized learning program through machine learning. You can think of it as an automated tutor that provides a compelling learning experience at scale. We also have a large web presence with over two million monthly visitors to our free tools and articles.

We believe we have a major advantage over other companies in our space because of our technology-centered and analytical approach to education.We're profitable and bootstrapped, and you'll join as an early engineer working on products that impact millions of students worldwide.

Our stack:

* Sass, JQuery, Backbone

* Django/Python


* AWS/Linux


* Strong foundation in computer science and software engineering, including competencies in data structures, algorithms, databases, software design and dev ops.

* Strong hands-on experience with our core technologies is a big plus. In particular:

----Python and Django

----JavaScript and JavaScript MV* frameworks like AngularJS, Ember, Knockout, or Backbone

Email us at job.engineer@prepscholar.com, and read more at http://www.prepscholar.com/sat/s/careers.

SteffenEnni 1 ago 0 replies      
FR8 Revolution Inc | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | UI/UX Engineer & Front End Engineer & Back End Engineer | Fulltime

I'm Steffen Enni, VP Engineering at FR8 Revolution Inc, Were providing the $700B truck freight industry with a new and powerful way to help fleets fill their trucks, shippers track loads in real-time and drivers gain some control over their lives and careers. We recently raised an $8.5 million Series A round of funding and are excited to be growing our team so we can bring new solutions to an industry that literally drives our economy.

We're hiring UX / front end, full stack and back-end engineers to help build our product vision. Our stack is Angularjs/React, Node.js, Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL (see more on http://stackshare.io/fr8-revolution/fr8-revolution).

For more information have a look at our job openings at https://fr8.guru/#hiring.

Interested? Feel free to contact me {steffen at fr8revolution.com}, I'd like learn about your recent accomplishments.

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Versame | Palo Alto, CA | Full-Time | On-site - http://www.versame.com

We're changing the way the world thinks about education, one child at a time. Our first product, the Starling, is a fitbit for word tracking. Our technology stack is mainly around JavaScript on the backend and web, Swift on iOS, and native Android. Our stack share is here. http://stackshare.io/versame/versame

We're hiring two software positions:

Lead Server Engineer (AWS/Node.js)

Why is this job important?

We process lots of data (one person talks roughly 10,000 words to their child a day) and need servers that don't fall over.

What will you learn on this job?

You'll have the opportunity to see everything from general web scaling, to big data initiatives, to automated development operations.

Full Stack Engineer (Node.js/React/your preference)

Why is this job important?

Software is the life blood of our product to change people's behavior. We need someone who is skilled not only with coding our solution, but to provide guidance. We'll fail without a strong candidate.

What will you learn on this job?

You will be exposed to every facet of technology that a consumer based wearable company encounters. We want individuals who are willing to tinker and provide fact based evidence for decisions to learn new technologies.

Email hiring AT versame DOT com for more info. NO recruiters.

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Authorea | https://www.authorea.com/ | Full time | Onsite | Brooklyn, New York (NYC)

Authorea is building GitHub + Google Docs for researchers. We were spun out of CERN by a group of astrophysicists who were frustrated with the cumbersome process of collaborating on scientific research. Our team is small, but our tool is already being used at all 100 of the top 100 (Leiden Ranking) research universities. We also just closed a substantial funding round with brand-name VCs.

All positions require a passion for startups and for Open Science! More info at: https://www.authorea.com/jobs

We're looking for:

* (SENIOR) FRONT END ENGINEER - Authorea has a robust backend but it did not receive all the love it deserves on the front end. We're looking for an engineer with strong front end skills who will take our product to the next level. Needs to have: JS/CSS/React/Rails and obsession over product and pixel perfection. Nice to have: previous experience working with editors.

Contact: hi [at] authorea [dot] com

(Also, we're always hiring interns!)

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MSC | DevOps | Permanent | Fulltime | Bethesda MD / Washington DC | ONSITE | VISA

Medical Science & Computing (MSC) is hiring devops at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)


Tech: Linux, Python, Django, Scala/Finagle, C/C++, SaltStack, consul, packer, linkerd, TeamCity, docker/mesos/kubernetes, aws/gce

Small, fast-moving team, smart people, great culture, great opportunities, lots of potential.

Help bring progress to an amazingly important public resource!

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Bishop Fox (https://www.bishopfox.com) | Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City | ONSITE or REMOTE | Full-time |

Bishop Fox is a leading IT security consulting firm serving the Fortune 1000 and high-tech startups. We protect our clients by finding vulnerabilities and building defenses before the attackers can break bad. From critical infrastructure to credit cards; social media to mobile games; flight navigation systems to frozen waffle factories were right there, advising every bit of the way.

Were looking for talented hackers and security associates to help us secure some of the worlds most complex software and sophisticated technologies.

Interested? We have several openings in both our Assessment and Penetration Testing and Enterprise Security practices.

Penetration Intern - http://grnh.se/v26gcr

Pentester - http://grnh.se/rdhk28

Senior Pentester - http://grnh.se/i6p5cv

Security Compliance Associate - http://grnh.se/retuo6

Security Compliance Analyst - http://grnh.se/dufp6r

If you have any questions, please feel free to email careers@bishopfox.com.

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PlushCare, Inc - plushcare.com | Fullstack | FulltimeSan Francisco, California

At PlushCare, we believe in helping every individual achieve health and happiness. We believe through the use of technology, we can create the ideal healthcare experience. Simply put, our mission is to challenge the status quo by providing every person convenient and affordable access to the best-trained doctors in the country. We allow patients to skip the waiting room and get diagnosed, treated, and prescribed medication by top U.S. doctors via smartphone. We're looking for people to join our team to help bring healthcare to the next level.

Interview Process: 30 min phone chat w CTO, a coding assignment (~1hr), and a half day onsite

Culture: Super fun, collaborative team. Everybody here shares the same ambition to make healthcare more transparent.

Feel free to shoot us an email at careers@plushcare.com for more information

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Netsil - Series A startup, San Francisco, ONSITE, VISA

Sales Engineer, Full Time, 25% travel

Netsil is looking for sales engineer for our cutting edge product in microservices observability space. This is an enterprise product targeted at SREs and DevOps engineers who run production applications built using modern technologies (Microservices, Containers, etc.) You will work directly with customers and play an expert role in how our product gets deployed, managed and used to monitor their production applications.

Responsibilities:Work with customers and do effective demos/presentations and answer questions from a very technical audience of SREs and DevOps engineers

Manage multiple parallel customer trials and relationshipsTroubleshoot issues with product installations in customer environments

Collaborate effectively with the product team and communicate feedback from the field


5+ years of experience in enterprise software solutions

Knowledge of open source technologies (especially Docker, Mesosphere DC/OS) and cloud services (especially AWS)

Knowledge of data pipelines (Kafka, Spark) and Big Data is a plus

Passion for working in a fast-paced startup, and the desire to help make it huge.

Email: careers@netsil.com with your resume and we will set up a phone conversation. Second step would be an in-person interview at our San Francisco office.

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Smarkets | Full Time | ONSITE (London, UK)

We're a modern betting exchange, going technology first to enable proper price competition in a field of fat commissions. Join a small, agile, and fast-growing team, who recently moved to a new office in St. Katharine Docks.

Smarkets develops a reliable, low-latency, highly concurrent betting exchange based on trading exchange designs. We're also building a fast, modern web interface to allow for a smoother experience. Servicing our users is top priority.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly on Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques. We use REST where we can. Life at Smarkets circles around people, version control, configuration management and automation. We can - and do - deploy to production several times a day.

We are looking for:

* Infrastructure Engineers (think midway between SRE and devops; security background is a bonus)

* Software Engineers

* Web Engineers

* Quantitative Analysts

* Data Scientists

If you like the idea of flat structure and practical engineering approach, see our jobs at https://smarkets.com/about/jobs/ . (A while back I wrote an overview about our engineering challenges, which you can find at https://smarketshq.com/the-challenges-of-running-a-betting-e... .)

P.S. We trust our employees to be responsible in all things. In that vein, you also get to set your own salary.

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Schibsted Media Group | Engineering Productivity Engineer | Full-time | Barcelona | ONSITE

Schibsted is a 175+ year old company which started in the publishing business, moved pretty well into the online world and spawned some other companies in other industries (like online classifieds). Quite a few online classified sites in Europe belong to Schibsted and it is usually the leader in the market. Sites like LeBonCoin.fr (.fr), WillHaben (.at), Finn (.no), Blocket (.se) (and a bunch more) are part of the group.

The different companies in the group have been operating quite independently of each other, something that we are changing now. One of the key efforts for accomplishing this is the Engineering Productivity team, based in Barcelona, which will help standardize on automation, testing, code quality assessment tools, build systems, ... Let the machines do what they are best at and let the engineers work on solving hard problems.

So, if things like full automation, static code analysis, code review bots, testing frameworks, CI/CD, crazy git hooks tick something in your head, get in touch. We are now starting to staff the team.

Interview: 1 phone call w/myself [1 hr], 4 VCs or in person [1 hr each].

Contact: peralta@schibsted.com

(if engprod is not your field of interest, we are still hiring strong software engineers in different locations: BCN, OSL, STO, LDN).

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Secure Mission Solutions | Full Time | REMOTE

We are a team of about fourteen developers and sys admins. We are looking to hire an additional software developer with strong Unix/Linux skills and (if possible) a good knowledge of computer security. We work from home and communicate via text and video chat. We work 40-hour weeks with flexible hours, but we try to overlap as much as possible with 10am-4pm Eastern Time. We are currently working on about five different projects, each written in one or more of five different programming languages. These projects are small, ranging from one to three developers each. Nearly everyone works on at least two different projects, so we all need to be competent in more than one language. Some of us started as system administrators and later became software developers. Others are pure developers with solid Unix/Linux skills.

 - Work from home! - Relaxed atmosphere - 40 hour work weeks

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Kentik | San Francisco | Full Time | REMOTE, VISA considered


Interested in building a distributed column-store time series database? Crafting a sleek, intuitive front-end? Evangelizing a breakthrough approach to network intelligence? This is your opportunity to get involved in a dynamic, rapidly growing San Francisco-based startup.

Kentik Technologies is the creator of Kentik Detect, a big data SaaS for network traffic visibility, DDoS detection, and infrastructure optimization. Accessible via web portal, psql client, and API, Kentik Detect is the network visibility solution that our founders former network operators from Akamai, Netflix, YouTube, and CloudFlare always wanted but could never find. It lets network operators see complete traffic paths, find root causes for link congestion, reduce costs by peering with other networks, and know immediately when their networks are under DDoS attack.

In our first 12 months on the market we've landed 70+ customers including:

Shopify, Pandora, DailyMotion, Yelp, Box, Neustar, Instart Logic, and Cisco/OpenDNS.

On the backend we're looking for folks with real-world experience building distributed systems in Go/C/C++. On the front end we need experts at both client- and server-side JavaScript, with broad experience in monitoring, visualization, and building state-of-the-art Web applications. And in sales we need proven performers with a track record in highly technical markets (network-related preferred).

Sound like a good fit? Check us out at https://www.kentik.com/careers/, and contact us at hr@kentik.com.

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Conversocial | London | Full Stack Engineers | Onsite | Full-time

Conversocial is changing the way companies serve their social customers. Our SaaS allows companies to deliver great customer service on social platforms at scale.Our engineers focus on delivering real value to our clients so they can delight their customers. We work closely with the product team to ensure we understand what users need, then design and build pragmatic solutions.

Stack: Python, MongoDB, ReactJS and Solr. Infra: AWS and Chef.

We have a positive, respectful trusting work environment. We buy everyone lunch every day in the office, have drinks on Fridays and all engineers get a conference allowance (as long as they teach us something when they come back!) and all the books they can read.

Interview process: phone screen, on site technical interviews, then chat with CEO.

For more info and application see https://boards.greenhouse.io/conversocial/jobs/258255 or email techjobs <at> conversocial.com

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Netsil - Series A startup, San Francisco, ONSITE, VISAProduct Marketing Leader, Full Time, 25% travel

As the first product marketing person at Netsil, you will be our primary storyteller responsible for communicating our vision, value proposition and differentiation inside and outside the company.

Responsibilities:Develop product positioning that reinforces our core vision and differentiation

Own our sales presentations, product messaging on the website, and other collateral

Communicate the value proposition to the sales team and develop sales tools that support sales execution

Communicate customer requirements and provide input to product management on product enhancements and future directions

Demonstrate thought leadership in the industry by producing stellar content, including blog articles

Speak at conferences and webcasts


5+ years of experience doing product marketing / product management in enterprisesoftware companies, building category defining products

Ability to directly and indirectly communicate with a very technical audience (SREs and DevOps engineers)

Experience in a presales or postsales role is a plus

Email: careers@netsil.com with your resume and we will set up a phone conversation. Second step would be an in-person interview at our San Francisco office.

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We're an e-commerce tech start-up based in San Francisco, looking for quality engineers to join our dev team. We're a diverse, socially-saavy group from a variety of backgrounds. Our CTO is hands-on and engaged with what we do, offering insightful feedback without the tedious micro-managing. We're data-driven and value learning, testing, and getting it done together. Our team sits in the best part of the office with the sweetest views of the city. We have all the resources we need to execute effectively, and are a few steps away from of all the fun stuff, too (healthy food, hydration, and a sleepy three-legged dog who loves belly rubs). The company has managed to harness a fickle audience, and now it's our job to give them the experience of their lives. Come join us.

Check out our opening here: http://careers.touchofmodern.com/#jobvite

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Hedge-fund| Chicago, London or Dublin | ONSITE | Fulltime | $160k-$300k+(skill and seniority based) with great benefits

World's leading, tech-driven hedge fund looking for Site Reliability Engineers to work in the front-office solving complex problems and supporting trading infrastructure and big data applications for high frequency trading teams. A mixture of DevOps, Linux SysAdmin with a lot of scripting and automation(Looking for jackofalltrades).

Currently interviewing a lot of people from Google and Facebook. We are looking for the best technologist in the world.

If you are interested in discussing in more detail, please send me an email at: eduardo(dot)herrera(at)njfsearch(dot)com

Thanks, Eduardo

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Locus | Full Time | ONSITE, VISA (Bangalore, India) | https://locus.sh/ | careers@locus.sh

Locus is hiring back-end and front-end devs. At Locus we have an ambitious goal of Scheduling & Tracking the World transport movement. We are aware of how audacious the goal is, but we have made our initial strong footholds and have the path to move forward. Founded by a team of ex-AWS engineers, comprising of graduates from premier Indian Tech/Science Institutes (IIT/BITS-Pilani/TIFR), Locus is funded and mentored by the most respected investors and ex-entrepreneurs and have product validation with actual paying customers. Engineers: We have always maintained a small, but high-caliber engineering team, and we are now looking to make a couple of additions.

We are tech stack agnostic. We would prefer to have a look at your GitHub repo or a mobile app that you have built, over your academic/educational qualification. We are a founding team of engineers, and understand that good engineering is part science part art, we would like to provide you the tools for the science and the time for the art. We are expanding the team to build the next version of our true multi-tenant platform with a few thousand events happening per second.

While we have pizza, beer, whisky, drones, oculus rifts, raspberry PIs on the house, the biggest perk we provide you is a remarkable team. We would love to spend our most productive years, around people with great intellect and unbridled enthusiasm. In the spirit of keeping you at your productive best, we give you free fully furnished housing with internet, food & laundry taken care of, and your choice of tech gear.

Read more about what we value and our work culture at https://locus.sh/careers

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We're an e-commerce tech start-up based in San Francisco, looking for quality engineers to join our dev team. We're a diverse, socially-saavy group from a variety of backgrounds. Our CTO is hands-on and engaged with what we do, offering insightful feedback without the tedious micro-managing. We're data-driven and value learning, testing, and getting it done together. Our team sits in the best part of the office with the sweetest views of the city. We have all the resources we need to execute effectively, and are a few steps away from of all the fun stuff, too (healthy food, hydration, and a sleepy three-legged dog who loves belly rubs). The company has managed to harness a fickle audience, and now it's our job to give them the experience of their lives. Come join us.

Check out openings here: http://careers.touchofmodern.com/#jobvite

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SimplePay | Cape Town, South Africa | Ruby on Rails Developer | ONSITE


SimplePay is hiring mid-level to senior Ruby on Rails developers to help with our global expansion. We currently have clients in South Africa, Singapore and Ireland. We aim to delight customers with how simple we make payroll.

The role will be mostly back-end focused, with PostgreSQL as database. But some front-end skills will be a plus.

The most important part of the interview is an object oriented design exercise, which is also a broad test of problem-solving skills.

Compensation: R420K to R720K per year.

Please mail careers@simplepay.co.za if you're interested, putting "Hacker News" in the subject line.

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Vitruvian Networks (vineti.com) - Full Stack Software Engineer / San Francisco, CA / Full Time / On Site

Join our team to build the Software Platform that enables a new generation of Curative Cancer Therapies based on cell engineering to scale from Clinical phase (10s of patients) to Commercial phase (1000s of patients). We have partnered with one of the leading pharmaceuticals in the space to build the first platform product of its kind.

We are an agile product, design and engineering team (XP), who build high quality products (Test Driven, Pair Programming). We encourage learning from other members of the team (industry experts) and work closely with clients and medical institutions.

Backend Technologies - Ruby on Rails, Rspec, PostgreSQL, AWS

Frontend Technologies - React, Jasmine


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SAF Platform | www.safplatform.com | Full Time | Onsite | New York, NY (Flatiron)

* Back End Software Engineer (salary range $80-100k)

We are looking for a talented Back-End Engineer who has some experience designing, developing, and integrating complex systems. In this role, you will help build a scalable platform and resilient core infrastructure, architecting end-to-end data flows, and driving software development from initial concept to production release.

The ideal candidate works well in a small, collaborative, and creative environment that moves fast. You also have about 1-2 years of previous experience and are ready for your next big project. You enjoy using technology to solve complex business problems. You are organized, self-directed, and committed to building great things.

Our stack consists of AngularJS, Java, Spring, MySQL and more.

Interested? Email andrew at safx.io or apply at https://saf-platform.workable.com/jobs/193053

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We are building clinical trial software that makes a difference in people's lives. Clinical trials are slow, unpredictable and expensive and we aim to improve this for everyone's benefit. We are actively working on a greenfield app and have more interesting development in the pipeline. We care about building great products, providing a great user experience and listening to our users to improve on our products. We actively use, contribute to and author open source libraries.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Mid to Senior Frontend Engineer: HTML, CSS, ReactJS, ClojureScript - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/089e5e4c-13e9-49c8-93a9-11...

* Mid to Senior Fullstack Engineer: ClojureScript, Clojure, PostgreSQL - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/dd9f818f-d94c-4a0c-b97c-06...

If this sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us: hiring (@) reifyhealth.com.

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Nava | Washington DC & San Francisco SF | DevOps/Infrastructure Engineers, Software/Fullstack Engineers, Designers, Frontend Engineers| On-site - Full-time | $100k-$160k + equity

We're a small team (18 people!) of engineers, designers, and product builders that were brought in to help fix HealthCare.gov in the winter of 2013. Since then, we've been working with the government to improve the services HealthCare.gov provides. Our revamped Healthcare.gov application is used by millions, converts 35% better, and halves the completion time.

It turns out theres a lot more to build, and its surprising how much can be done by a small group of empathetic people with a Silicon Valley mindset, deep technical experience, working closely with dedicated civil servants in government.

Weve started Nava as a public benefit corporation to radically improve how our government serves its people, and we believe that the services our government provides should be clear and reliable. If you feel the same way, we'd love to hear from you at jobs@navahq.com

Learn more about us: http://navahq.com/careers

Job descriptions: http://jobs.lever.co/nava




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We are seeking Front-end Developers to join our quickly growing team at Happie (http://www.gethappie.me/ ) in Boston. Need to have 2+ years experience in dev of complex HTML+Javascript front-end applications. You will build the most visible and memorable parts of our product and be at the table as we execute on our product vision to replace the crazy inefficiencies in the world of recruiting.

OUR STACKPython 3 + Django + PostgreSQL on the backend, hosted on Heroku. Bootstrap3 + WebRTC + jQuery on the frontend so far...Soon something like Angular/Ember/React (Have an opinion? Let us know!). What we NEED: Familiarity with the latest generation of Javascript MVC frameworks, such as Angular, Ember, and React.Expert in jQuery, HTML 5, and CSS 3.Check us out and let me know!

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Kaggle | San Francisco | Full Time | ONSITE or REMOTE | Software Engineering

Technologies: C#; ASP.NET MVC; React; TypeScript; Docker; Azure.

You can read the job req and apply here: http://kaggle.applytojob.com/apply/GjSjOi/Backend-Engineer

Kaggle is best known as a platform for machine learning competitions. We have a community of over 600K data scientists. Now also building a sharing-and-collaboration platform (closest analogy is Github for data science: https://www.kaggle.com/kernels)

Particularly interesting opportunity for software engineers looking for exposure to data science/machine learning. Three of our engineers have come via HN posts, so we take HN referrals very seriously.

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Discuss.io | Seattle | Onsite | Full-Time | PHP|At Discuss.io, we provide on-demand qualitative consumer depth interviews and focus groups using webcams. We connect marketers, researchers, and brands to millions of consumers in 33 countries right from their laptop.We are looking for a senior back engineer with expertise in PHP. Bonus points if you are familiar with WebRTC, FreeSWITCH, Plivo, and Twilio.Please see the job description here - https://www.discuss.io/career/

We offer attractive salary and equity package depending upon your experience. If this sounds like a great fit, I would love to hear from you. Please send me a note along with your resume, linkedin, github link at shalendra@discuss.ioThanks, Shalendra VP of Product and Marketing

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Atomic Object | Software Consultancy | Ann Arbor, MI | Onsite/Fulltime


---Work with smart, passionate people. Make cool stuff. Learn every day.---

Atomic is growing a diverse and inclusive team of curious, creative people who love creating great software for our clients.


Atomic Object is a consultancy that creates custom software products. We work across web, mobile, desktop, and embedded product developmenthelping our clients innovate and grow by doing what they do better.

Atomic makers work on self-managed teams of 2-10 designers, developers, and testerscollaborating to create products for our clients, from the idea phase through launch and beyond.


Atomic is a great place to do awesome work. As an Atom, you'll:Join a tight-knit group of makers working in an atmosphere of friendship, exploration, and respect.

Work on a variety of projects and help make pipelines safer, cities greener, healthcare smarter, and old products new again.Be part of a transparent, employee-owned company that's active in making the software community stronger, smarter, and more diverse.

Receive great benefits, including support for professional development, schedule flexibility, employee ownership, 401(k) contributions, and generous vacation time.


If you'd like to find out more about Atomic or this position, don't hesitate to check out our current open position:

Experienced Software Developer: https://atomicobject.com/careers/ann-arbor-software-develope...

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Percolate is Hiring! | NYC/SF | Multiple Openings | On-Site, FT | $100K-160K/yr + equity


Backed by Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and GGV, Percolate is one of the fastest growing companies in enterprise software. Percolates all-in-one software platform helps marketers plan, create, launch, and analyze all of their marketing efforts. Over 800 brands including GE, Unilever, MasterCard, and IBM use Percolate to manage their global identity. Similar to what GitHub has done for engineering and Salesforce for CRM, Percolate is building The System of Record for Marketing.

Current Openings: Sr. Backend Engineer (NYC) - Creative Core Platform (http://grnh.se/u1ploj)8+ Years of Experience - Python, Django, Kafka, ElasticSearch, OAuth2, SQL/NoSQL

Sr. Release Program Manager (NYC/SF) - (http://grnh.se/u5bwem)8-12 Years of overall Experience, 3-5 in Enterprise Release - Agile/Scrum, Jira, Release Planning/Management, New release education and training to internal/external stakeholders.

Sr. Backend Engineer (SF) - Global Search (http://grnh.se/prn2dq)8+ Years of Experience - Python, Kafka, ElasticSearch/Solr/Lucene, SQL/NoSQL

Sr. Front-end Engineer (SF) - Search Experience - (http://grnh.se/4p6ct5)7+ Years of Experience - Javascript, ReactJS, Backbone, HTML5, CSS, HAML, SASS

Sr. DevOps Engineer (SF) - (http://grnh.se/xbmvf2)6+ Years of Experience - GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, CFEngine, Chef, Puppet, Circle CI, Python, Vagrant, SQL/NoSQL

Sr. Product Manager (SF/NYC) - Platform Security (http://grnh.se/cej7u3)10+ Years of Security Experience, SaaS, Enterprise Software,

Product Designer (SF) - (http://grnh.se/wc2m3l)3+ Years of Product Design Experience, InVision, Sketch, Wireframes, Mockups, and Visual Design.

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Opendoor - www.opendoor.com - San Francisco, CA - https://www.opendoor.com/jobs

At Opendoor we're changing the way homes are bought and sold. Moving is one of lifes most stressful events. We empower people with a simpler, more thoughtful approach to buying or selling their home. We have an amazing team of talented and passionate engineers and data scientists. We are looking for data scientists, front-end engineers, and generalist software engineers to help us change the real estate industry.

Leadership experience is a plus.

Technologies we work with: Angular, Rails, PostGIS, Python, AWS, Webpack, Phoenix (Elixir), GoLang, Docker. Help us reinvent lifes largest and most important transaction. Please email directly at: hannah@opendoor.com

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StreetEasy, a Zillow Group (Nasdaq: Z) brand | New York, NY | FULL-TIME | ONSITE

Were looking for creative, passionate and resourceful developers to help build extraordinary products. StreetEasy is building an efficient organization with insightful and creative developers who understand business needs and priorities. We're committed to providing fulfilling, challenging, and interesting positions, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. And we're committed to making a difference in how people buy and sell homes.

Open Positions:

* Full-Stack Developer

* Front-end Developer

Apply here:


futeam 1 ago 0 replies      

$80K - $140k - Special Ops (Coding || Writing || Design || Products || Research || Business || Venture Capital || M&A)

Hiring incredibly smart folks with a no-nonense approach to communicating, creating, and maintaining relationships. This is the fastest way to become an insider in SV / tech.

This is role will put you in front of every kind of project you can imagine. Get on a flight to Southeast Asia to negotiate a contract with high ranking government officials. Code (or hire coders to create) an MVP for 3d printer IDE. Re-design everything about company in 48 hours (logo, name, press kit, marketing message, hiring, etc.) and then see it live on Techcrunch. Diligence a $2M investment. Edit an masterpiece for Forbes. Co-create a new class on corporate venture capital. Jump in to help a team scaling from 100k to 100M users in 4 weeks.

These examples hopefully provide you a sense of the adventure you in for. You'll work on a tiny team of brilliant folks on a range of projects I am involved in. It's important we hit it off: I like no no-nonsense folks who jump in and make everything they touch better. Communicators rule the world, so you better be good at writing and speaking. Your ambitions should include something grand. You think it's worth it to pick up the refreshments and chauffeur a guest to an engagement in order to get 10 minutes with a world famous entrepreneur.

I like people who have done the hard things, failed (or not), and still have the curiosity an enthusiasm to get back up and go full speed ahead. Most importantly, you need to be really really good at something.

Please email my chief of staff keela@fu.team with the following subject line: Apply: Special Ops (SKILLSET) - NAME - REMOTE|TOKYO|SF

The body should include an introduction and personal noteSKILLSET should be something you're spectacular at.


Apply: Special Ops (Software Engineer) - Jane Smith - TOKYO|SFApply: Special Ops (Arduino Hacker + Political Theorist) - John E - REMOTEApply: Special Ops (Writing + Graphic Design) - Balthazar Melindres - SF

holtbp 1 ago 1 reply      
TEESPRING has several open positions!

SF, LA, Hebron KY, London, Seattle.

Full-time Engineering opportunities include:

* Eng Mgr: http://teespring.com/jobs?gh_jid=199172

* Sr. Full Stack Eng: http://teespring.com/jobs?gh_jid=50923

Check out http://teespring.com/jobs for complete list.

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Industry Dive | http://industrydive.com/ | Washington, DC | onsite | Multiple Openings

Industry Dive is a profitable, four-year-old digital media company. We publish business news and original analysis for 2 million executives in 12 industries. We've been named a "best place to work" in 2015 and 2016 by the Washington Business Journal.

As our development team grows, we need to keep improving our workflow and processes to keep us efficient. We're looking for a project manager to help us up our game and to keep projects on track. Previous experience with agile design methodologies a plus.

We're looking for a fulltime developer with previous experience developing backend web systems, especially in Python/Django. There is some flexibility here and exact job duties can be tailored for the right person. Bonus points for applicants with experience in any of the following: CSS/HTML/JS, SQL, native iOS/Android development.

We need help extending our Airflow[0] based data pipeline that aggregates data from many sources (email, web analytics, ad server impressions, etc) and ties it together in a way that enables us to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. The ideal candidate has some experience with ETL pipelines and Data Warehousing. Experience with both relational and object databases is a plus.

[0] http://airflow.incubator.apache.org/

This is a new position and hasn't yet been published on industrydive.com.

 = To Apply =
All positions report to the CTO (that's me!). Feel free to contact me directly with any questions: eli@industrydive.com

To apply, email hr@industrydive.com with a cover letter and resume.

Additional details at http://industrydive.com/jobs/

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BloomReach (http://bloomreach.com/) Dallas, TX Full Time On Site

I'm an engineer on BloomReach's Platform team in downtown Dallas (hq is in MV). This month we have three new roles:

* Senior Product Designer (http://bloomreach.com/jobs/269444/)

* Solutions and Support Enginer (http://bloomreach.com/jobs/273100)

* Sales Development Rep (http://bloomreach.com/jobs/73214/)

As one of the early hires in the Dallas office, you'll be instrumental in defining the Texas strain of BloomReach's vibrant startup culture.

We're consistently voted one of the best Bay Area companies to work for, and I can safely say we'll be the best in Dallas.

If the above roles don't fit you, but you're in Dallas/DFW area looking to do something new on a small team with bay area culture, I'd still encourage you to reach out and start a conversation.

( stormy at bloomreach )

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Bonsai (YC W16) | SF or REMOTE | Full Stack Product Engineer

Bonsai (hellobonsai.com) helps freelancers simplify their lives with an integrated contract and payments workflow. Youll join a technical, experienced team thats backed by some of Silicon Valleys top investors (YC, Index, Matrix, et al) and building the future of work.

Were looking for a generalist backend engineer with a hacker mentality and 3+ years of experience building full-featured web applications. We're using Rails + React. Experience working with payment API's and processing is a plus, as is previous startup and/or freelancing experience.

Email matt at hellobonsai dot com if interested.

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MongoDB (NYC, Palo Alto, or Dublin)

We are seeking staff level site reliability engineer to focus on architecting solutions around our new DBaaS service offering, Atlas. A good fit for this role is someone that understands linux resource management (we are currently digging into Cgroups)as well as a strong background in software engineering. One of the tasks we are working on is being able to run larger multi-tenant database servers.

Containers are just one of the challenges though. We would also like to build out a centralized logging system from scratch, as well as build new process around how we are handling both user management + error handling.

Interview process is one technical phone screen and one on-site interview.

Please apply at http://grnh.se/kmplc8 or email Tom at thomas.cirri@mongodb.com

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ITG - http://itg.com/careers | Boston, New York and Los Angeles | Software Engineers | Full Time and Consultant | ONSITE

ITG is searching for Software and UX Engineers to join our Triton team which delivers market leading Execution Management Systems to the largest hedge funds and institutional asset managers in the world. We work collaboratively in a flat management structure where all voices and ideas are leveraged for the best outcomes. We organize around an agile development process that promotes visibility of individual contributions. This is a challenging yet exciting environment where the electronification of multi-asset class trading, customization and state of the art UX are changing the way our clients run their investment processes.

We are looking for passionate software engineers who know C# or C++ and who love tweaking software to extract that extra bit of performance, especially in user interfaces. To apply, email us at Careers@itg.com and include Software Engineer EMS in the subject line. Please indicate the cities and full-time/consultant roles of interest.



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JauntVR | Software and Firmware Engineers| Palo Alto, CA | Onsite | Full-time |

Jaunt - /jnt/ - noun - a short journey, especially one taken for pleasure

BackgroundThe idea for Jaunt originated in early 2013 when one of our founders returned from an amazing experience at Zion National Park. What if he could go back there for a brief jaunt, at any time, from any place? The emerging consumer VR industry provides the mechanism to travel to virtual worlds. We aim to put realism back into the virtual reality experience, lending an uncanny sense of presence never before possible with any other technology.

Our TeamWe are building an outstanding team of scientists, engineers, and broadcast professionals. Current members hail from Stanford University, Caltech, Java, Apple, Intel, Lucasfilm, Zynga, Cond Nast, News Corp, Nickelodeon, and Netflix.

Jaunt has a global presence, with Jaunt HQ in Palo Alto, Jaunt Studios in Los Angeles, EMEA Business Offices in London, European Engineering and Development Hub in Amsterdam, and Jaunt China based in Shanghai.

About us: http://jauntvr.comOpen positions: https://www.jauntvr.com/careers/

Software Openings:Software Engineer, Full-stack Software Engineer - IOS Sr. Software Engineer, Audio Production Tools Video Processing Engineer, Codecs

Hardware Engineering Openings:Camera Firmware Engineer Sr. Imaging Systems Engineer

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Stryd, Boulder, CO, Techstars Boulder 2015 | Intern | mobile Developer


Stryd is a multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about the future of wearable technology for athletes. Out of this passion, we've developed the worlds first wearable power meter for runners that provides insight into their running technique and performance.

We are looking for mobile developers who are knowledgable with Android and iOS development. We use Java for the Android and Swift for the iOS. Good sense of design is bonus.

We also want you to be an endurance runner, or a triathlete, or at least to have the passion about running. This is very important.

You will be leading the Android development for Stryd first, and possibly share the development for iOS in the future.

Being able to relocate to Boulder for the internship is preferred but we also consider the remote talent? BTW, if you like running, Boulder is pretty much your dream place. You get tons of opportunities to run and train with LOTS of elite athletes who are Stryd ambassadors here.

If interested, please send an email to kun@stryd.com

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Second Measure | SF Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) | ONSITE (relo ok) | https://secondmeasure.com

Second Measure analyzes credit card data. We process billions of purchases to help investors (VCs and hedge funds) answer questions like:

 - How quickly is Wayfair growing? - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in Boston? - How does Hilton spending change after a customer's first Airbnb stay? - (Check out our research blog [1])
We were part of YC S15 and launched last August [2].

Were a 10-person team solving hard problems with cool data. Were looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

 - Data Scientist (stats + ML; AWS, NLP, and Spark helpful) - Research Scientist (stats; SQL and Python helpful; math/science PhD preferred) - Research Analyst (stats+SQL+Excel+writing; investment experience helpful) - Senior Software Engineer (data/frontend/backend/full-stack; Python/JVM/Go; D3; AWS; React/Angular)
Competitive salary and substantial equity. We want our early team to have a large stake in our success.

We have phenomenal traction and raised a strong seed round [3]. Select investors include: Bessemer, Foundation, Norwest, Shasta, and Y Combinator.

Were in downtown San Mateo, just minutes from Caltrain and 101.

Email jobs@ and CC me, I'm a founder (mike@).

[1] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/

[2] http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/10/second-measure-launches-off...

[3] http://www.businessinsider.com/second-measure-is-secret-weap...

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SharePop (http://www.sharepop.com) | 40-65K | Berlin, Germany | Full-time | VISA

We are the first performance-driven influencer marketing platform for app publishers. Based in Berlin and Korea, SharePop combines branding and performance advertising by connecting app publishers with over 30 k+ influencers worldwide with a total audience of 90 m + followers. We enable app publishers and agencies to scale influencer marketing and create visibility on a risk-free CPI model.

Positions:(senior) Front End Developer (m/f) - http://bit.ly/1r9wU2B Our current (to be improved by you) Stack Ruby and Elixir services and Ruby on Rails Web apps Front end with Vanilla JS, but we're thinking about improving it with React.

If you have any question, please send me an email at fm@sharepop.comYou can check our open positions on http://sharepop.com/careers

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LoomAi (YCF S16) | Computer Vision Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time | $120K - $150K, 0.5-2.0% equity | www.loom.ai

LoomAi is a VC-funded computer vision startup based in SF. Founded by Lucasfilm and Dreamworks alums, we are building a new technology platform for virtualizing people into 3D digital experiences such as messaging, games, computational photography, and social VR. You will be joining a team of founding engineers who are working on cutting edge technology for creating photoreal digital humans. Our team comprises multiple PhDs, has decades of experience writing industry-strength software for VFX, has collectively published more than a dozen graphics and vision papers (including two this year at SIGGRAPH/SCA).

Requirements: * Experience writing fast, advanced 2D/3D computer vision software * Strong C++ and Python programming skills * Familiarity with modern machine learning frameworks and algorithms * Strong object oriented programming skills * Experience with solving large scale numerical optimization problems * Experience with rendering or image processing algorithms * B.S/ B.E / MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or related

Plus: * Experience with facial detection and tracking, facial capture * Knowledge of SLAM or bundle adjustment * Experience programming in Unity or Unreal engine * 5 years industry experience

Please reach out to jobs@loomai.com

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Omada Health | San Francisco, Ca | Rails, DevOps, iOS, Android | H1B Transfers OK | ONSITE

Omada Health is a digital health company on a mission to make healthy behavior change more accessible and achievable. Were looking for software engineers on all our stack to join our growing engineering team.

As a key member of our engineering team, you will help design, build and maintain systems necessary for rapid growth. Our team practices pair programming (at least 50% of the week) so you will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and share your skills.

Rails Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/94276

DevOps Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/267353

Android Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/267369

iOS Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/125038

Front End Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/266693

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Wireless Registry - http://wirelessregistry.com/ | Washington DC / Reston VA | Full Time

We use Go, C++ and a little bit of Python to analyze and add intelligence to the IoT.

We are using Cassandra and Solr to handle millions of writes an hour (hoping to increase!).

We are looking for people interested in learning and trying new things. The only requirement is an interest in distributed computing.

If you want to talk, my email is in my profile!

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Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

Sauce Labs provides the worlds largest cloud-based platform for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Its award-winning service eliminates the time and expense of maintaining an in-house testing infrastructure, freeing development teams of any size to innovate and release better software, faster.

We are currently looking for:

Engineering Managers (Web Engineering)

Escalations Engineers

Senior Software Engineers (Business Intelligence)

Senior Software Engineers (Image Pipeline)

Senior Software Engineers (Rest API)

Software Engineers (Appium)

If youre interested in joining Sauce Labs and would like to learn more, please visit: https://saucelabs.com/careers

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Shippo | San Francisco/SOMA | Onsite, Visa | Full-time | http://www.goshippo.com

Shippo is a shipping API company that connects e-commerce businesses and marketplaces to multiple shipping carriers from one place. Our API powers shipping for companies like Shyp and Weebly, and we recently partnered with Stripe to offer shipping directly through their API.

With Shippo, businesses of all sizes can easily access Amazon-quality shipping operations and data. We are doing for shipping what Stripe has done for payments.

You will be faced with challenges in building and scaling mission-critical systems that are used by thousands of customers as a core part of their checkout flow and fulfillment process. From designing robust APIs to turning data sets into shipping recommendation engines, we need a strong and diverse team to help us grow quickly.

Current technical openings include:

* Senior backend engineers - we work with Python (Django), Postgres, AWS

* Senior frontend engineers - we use Ember

* Data Architect

* Support engineer

* Developer evangelist

* Senior product manager

Technical hiring process:

1. Phone screen

2. Tech interview 1h via skype - pair programming

3. Onsite half day - pair programming/whiteboarding, meet the team/founders

For more details on the roles, check out https://goshippo.com/jobs/ Please be sure to mention you saw the note on HN!

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VividCortex is hiring! REMOTE Front End (AngularJS) | Back End (Go)

We're based in Charlottesville, VA. Remote work is available in the US or in Uruguay.

Contact our Recruiter directly at jobs@vividcortex.com, or learn more and apply at https://www.vividcortex.com/about-us/careers/

VividCortex's mission is to promote the mastery of data-driven performance optimization. Our SaaS product is the best way to improve your database performance, efficiency, and uptime, providing deep insights into production database workload and query performance.

Our team has a list of big-name clients and is growing quickly! We're NEA funded and growing front end, back end, and site reliability/operations. The engineering team is made up of passionate, clever problem solvers that have a lot of autonomy to explore solutions and fail fast. We're not wedded to particular methodologies or deadlines - we're top-notch collaborators and get things done!

Our process is high-touch and conversational. You'll have calls with a couple of team members, a technical interview, and a personality assessment. We are truly serious about finding the best fit for you to maximize your opportunities to learn and grow here.


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LiveRamp | Back End/Full Stack Developers | San Francisco & London | Onsite

Want to build software that connects companies and marketers? LiveRamp is the leader in data connectivity, helping the worlds largest brands use their data to improve customer interactions on any channel and device. We help marketers eliminate data silos and unlock greater value from the tools they use every day.

Our stack: We are looking for full-time engineers and aspiring managers in three primary areas.

1) Large scale distributed systems engineering (primarily Java on our 10+ PB Hadoop cluster)

2) Full-stack web engineering (mostly Ruby-on-Rails and Javascript)

3) Engineering management (you would code for about 6 months before taking on a manager role).

We are steadily growing (200 current employees) with plans to double in size over the next year. Were looking to grow the engineering team both in our San Francisco Headquarters and our newly opened London office.

About you: Youre comfortable in multiple languages, frameworks, and environments.Our employees enjoy a fun office with catered meals, unlimited PTO, an annual camping trip and lots of social gatherings. But the best job perk is our awesome team - weve got a staff of amazing people who just happen to be great engineers as well.

Check out what were all about: Senior Backend Engineer (http://grnh.se/afx5wq)Senior Full Stack Engineer (http://grnh.se/f2la7b)Data Engineer/New Grad (http://grnh.se/jmgo1f)London Data Engineer (http://grnh.se/4e6qvw)

Want to learn more? Email Lstamp@liveramp.com with questions about the roles and use the links above to apply directly.

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Efficient Bazaar | Gurgaon (Gurugram), India | Full-time | ONSITE | INR400k-INR1500k

We at Efficient Bazaar are building a B2B marketplace servicing the hospitality industry for their procurement needs. We are currently live in 3 cities across India and are scaling up our technology team to match our business capacity.

We are looking for

1. Senior Full Stack Developers: 2-5 years: PHP, Magento, MySQL

2. Senior/Junior Full Stack Developers: 0 to 5 years: Python, Django, Postgres

3. Senior QA Automation Engineer: Python, Javascript, SQL, Selenium and other fancy tools

Developer roles are not limited to these technologies. We believe in using right tool for the job. There are enough use cases on our product and technologies roadmap to make use of fancy Javascript libraries, react.js, Golang, elastic search, redis, few of aws offerrings and more. We are looking forward to a service based architecture.There will be many external service integrations in our pipeline.

We make use of git, jira, trello, slack in daily workflows.

Our interview process is:

- screening call. get to know each other, discuss your past tech experience

- a small technical challenge to evaluate your skills* You can do this at your convenience and it won't take more than 45-60 minutes. (developers only)

- in depth technical interview. discuss your solution and many other technical questions. We don't ask to solve puzzles on whiteboard. Questions will be more about problems we face day to day, OOP, platform specific topics etc.It will be face2face for local candidates and on phone for long distance candidates.

- talk to our ceo

Process should take less than 2 weeks (after screening) if you have time.We provide relocation support within India. We can't offer vi$@, remo4e opportunities right now.

reach Rohit Gehe at his @gmail.com address "gehe05". It'd help if you could put [HN] in subject line.

* This can also be skipped if you have good github repositories of your own. However, note that we'd like to know how you can structure your code, think through and come up with a scalable, extendable solution. If your code doesn't help us with this, we'll ask you to take our test.


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Eden Health | New York, NY | Onsite | Full time | Full Stack Developer


Eden Health makes it possible for a company to provide a concierge physician for all of its employees.

We are building consumer-grade software to make it easier for patients to communicate with their doctor and for clinicians to spend time focusing on their patients -- rather than dealing with billing and other administrative work.

We're looking for a full-stack developer who is interested in joining a small team (with big ambitions) to help build our product from the ground up. You will have flexibility and control over our tech stack. You will work closely with our doctors, nurses, patients, and the founding team to develop our technology products that have a direct impact on the health and happiness of our patients and their families.

Current tech stack: Node.js, React.js, Swift, (Java upcoming)

If you're interested or have questions, please email scott@getedenhealth.com

Keywords: JavaScript, fullstack, NYC, iOS, Android, healthcare

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Raise.me | Full time | SF (ONSITE) | Senior Software Engineer, Lead iOS Engineer, Lead Data Scientist

Raise.me is expanding access to college by reinventing how scholarships are awarded (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/21/technology/got-an-a-in-alg...). We're a Series A funded startup backed by top investors such as First Round Capital. We're looking for engineers and offer a meaningful equity stake along with great benefits and competitive pay, along with the satisfaction that goes along with helping underprivileged kids get to college.

Tech stack: Ruby/Rails, Node microservices, Go microservices, React.js/Redux frontend

Here are the listings: https://www.raise.me/jobs/senior-full-stack-engineerhttps://www.raise.me/jobs/mobile-developer (we don't have the listing yet for the data science role)

Apply to jobs[AT]raise.me or you can email me directly at ryan[AT]raise.me.

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CareMessage (YC W14) - REMOTE - Software Engineering - FullTime

We are looking for full-time front end web developer to help build next generation web applications that streamlines care management and allows interactive mobile programs to improve health outcomes. As a Front End Software Engineer at CareMessage, you will specialize in building responsive and elegant web applications that scale to millions of users in multiple languages. You'll be working on exciting projects like optimizing user experience, improving and building new integrations with existing APIs and building our customer analytics code . Our team believes in an Agile development environment, test driven development. Our front end architecture is based on AngularJS, and we place an emphasis on open collaboration and ownership. When something isnt working, were not afraid to throw it out and try something new - so if you have exciting ideas about the dev process and how to make your own job even easier, youll fit right in. We're remote first! All of our developers and QA engineers are working from a remote location

More Info: http://grnh.se/syebd4

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Healx (https://healx.io) | Cambridge, UK | Natural Language Processing Engineer | Full-time | ONSITE

Healx is a funded startup using genomic data analysis, data mining and machine learning to find existing drugs that could treat rare diseases. There are over 7,000 rare diseases that affect an estimated 350 million people worldwide, most of which lack effective treatment.

We are currently recruiting an engineer with expertise in natural language processing to be responsible for our biomedical text mining work - extracting and learning from millions of relationships in scientific literature.

You'll join a small team of developers with expertise in bioinformatics, machine learning and software engineering. As an early employee in an ambitious, growing startup company you'll be able to make a significant contribution to our technical direction.

For more information please see: https://healx.io/jobs/

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Enigma|http://enigma.io/| New York, NY

The volume of data created by governments and businesses is growing exponentially. Organizations struggle just to store it all, let alone make sense of it. Enigma helps organizations and individuals fuse, organize, and explore data to make smarter decisions. At Enigma, we started from the realization that there is an enormous quantity of hidden knowledge locked away in data silos and obscure formats, just waiting to be released. We are building data discovery and analytics tools that make it simple for organizations to liberate their own private data, and for the wider community to explore and build upon Enigmas own integrated public data platform. We believe data can reveal tremendous things about the world and that it will continue to transform it in the years and decades to come. After winning TechCrunch Disrupt NYC in '13, we have since grown into a Series B Startup, and we're growing quickly!

Currently hiring Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers and more.

Feel free to email me directly: lee.gutman@enigma.io and/or apply online:http://enigma.io/careers/

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DotProduct -- Boston, MA or Wiesbaden, Germany

Our goal is to make 3D capture accessible and usable at scale to solve problems in the real world.

 == R&D Software Engineer ==
We are looking for an experienced, hands-on, detail-oriented R&D engineer to join our engineering team.

Projects include: app development (Android, Windows, Qt), core computer vision tech, internal tools, sensor integration, performance optimization, some hardware integration/development.

We don't expect candidates to be experts in all of the above areas but expect sharpness and eagerness to learn new technologies and skills.

Candidates must be able to work in a team and have a high amount of self-guidance as well as interest in the context of their work.


- Academic degree in Computer Science or related fields.

- Several years of job experience in a related role.

- High Proficiency in C++.

- Practical experience with modern OpenGL and/or GPU programming, as well as some shell scripting.

- Good linear algebra skills.

- Familiarity with development for mobile devices and cross-platform development.

- Ability and interest in discussing, designing and implementing UI.

 == About DotProduct ==
We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and Computer Vision professionals that brings real-time 3D capturing to mobile devices equipped with advanced camera sensors.Our R&D team is still small so new hires can have a large impact on product and future developments.We are backed by Intel Capital and various angel investors. Our office locations are Houston, TX; Boston, MA and Wiesbaden, Germany (R&D). Contact is jobs (at) dotproduct3d (dot) com www.dotproduct3d.com

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Unmade - https://www.unmade.com | London, UK | Full-time, ONSITE

Unmade is building a vertically-integrated customisation platform for the fashion industry. Weve created the software to create unique manufacturing as a scaleable service. This allows customers to get involved in the design process, see a photo-realistic preview of their garment, and have it knitted on one of our in-house industrial knitting machines. We're now partnering with bigger brands to take these tools to a global scale and are working to integrate our technology in a range of websites and factories throughout the world.

All of our backend code is written in Python, from our Django-based websites, through to our knitting machine compiler. We practice continuous deployment, using Docker on AWS.

We're looking for a Senior Python developer to help us out across our full product range. Prior knowledge of knitting is not required!

Background about the business:

New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/01/fashion/fashion-knitwear-u...

Knitting Industry: http://www.knittingindustry.com/unmade-studio-its-knitwear-m...

Email dan@unmade.com with a CV and GitHub profile if you're interested!

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Portland Oregon Full Time Senior Software Engineer - On Site/Remote from Portland - Axiom Data Science - www.axiomdatascience.com

Axiom Data Science is recruiting for a senior software and cloud infrastructure engineer to contribute to the advancement of the organization's web based scientific data management tools. This position will be located in Portland, OR.

The following is a non-inclusive list of technologies that we use in our product development and infrastructure management. Applicants are not required to have experience with these technologies, and future projects are not limited to these technologies. These examples are provided only to inform applicants of our current technological focus.

Docker, Ansible, GitLab, GitLab CI, Python, Java, Scala, Postgres, PostGIS, MongoDB, Gluster, InfiniBand, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Redis, Apache Spark, NetCDF, GeoServer, ncWMS, D3.js, Backbone.js, Marionette, Webpack, Grunt, Conda, Play Framework, Node, Maven

More on this position here - http://www.axiomdatascience.com/jobs/

Email Rob Bochenek rob+careers@axiomdatascience.com with questions or to submit an application

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Amazon | Edinburgh, UK | Full Stack Engineer - On-site Only | Relocation Assistance | Full Time | Visa Sponsorship available

Amazon development Centre (Scotland) is looking for experienced software developers with strong technical ability, a focus on the customer experience, great teamwork and communication skills, and a motivation to achieve results in a fast-paced environment.

Our development centre in Edinburgh is responsible for devising and growing innovations for Amazon around the world. Small teams of developers, designers and leaders run major parts of Amazons business, technology and operations. From interactive UI design to large-scale distributed systems and machine learning, we do whatever it takes to deliver great products and experiences for our customers.Our work is characterised by high scale, complexity and the need for invention. We offer great opportunities to work on big data, machine learning and high-scale, low-latency distributed systems.

We use a wide variety of languages including Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript; Open Source technologies including Linux, Ruby on Rails, and AngularJS; and we build on top of Amazons world-leading AWS platform.

For more information take a look at our microsite - http://www.amazondc.com

Feel free to get in touch with me contact details in my profile - if you are interested in having an informal chat about roles here. (Please note, I only recruit for the Edinburgh Dev Centre, so cannot help you with other roles/locations)

bastih 17 ago 0 replies      
Artory - https://www.artory.com | Berlin, Germany | Full Time | ONSITE

Several openings: ETL and Backend/Full-Stack developers

Current interview process developers:

* Short programming test, shouldn't take long and you'll receive a reviewed version back, regardless of our decision to take hiring further * short call on getting to know each other * 1h skype call/coffee/onsite casual/technical conversation * potentially another conversation on team fit * 1-2 compensated work day(s)

Our stack: aws, python (django), postgres, elastic, angular2, typescript, docker + (what you might add)Some benefits: Apple-y hardware to work, awesome office, (maybe) stock options, conference budget

Current openings:* (Junior) ETL Engineer (with focus on the E)* (Senior) Full-Stack Developer* Also looking for a (Senior) UX/UI Designer!

If you are interested in other topics which you think might be relevant to startups in the art world, please don't hesitate to still inquire.

If you are interested to hear more, get in touch via sebastian.hillig -- @ -- artory.com. Or apply through: https://artory-gmbh.workable.com/

EngKat 1 ago 0 replies      
Timing-Architects Embedded Systems GmbH (TA) | Regensburg, Germany | Java Developers, Eclipse Developers, GUI-Designer | Onsite

TA is an international operating software company with efforts concentrated in embedded multi- and many- core real-time systems. The Timing-Architects Tool Suite covers the system design, simulation and analysis, optimization as well as target verification of the system. We are much interested into research and further development of our tool, as currently one of our topics is autonomous driving. For our team of around 11 developers we are searching for experienced Java and Eclipse Developers. For further improving the usability of our tool we are also looking for GUI-Designers.

We are living Scrum at TA, have still to learn there, but on continuous improvement flow. You can experience a collaborative environment of a young team of dedicated like-minded people. Still we all derive from different cultural backgrounds which makes our work environment rich and inclusive. It is nice to work in the lovely city of Regensburg with its Italian charm and cultural possibilities.

If you got the feeling TA might be the right place for you to contribute and explore your abilities just contact us at career@timing-architects.com

If you want to get to know more about TA visit: http://www.timing-architects.com

Job descriptions: http://www.timing-architects.com/career/jobs-application/

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Numeric | https://www.numeric.com | Full time | Onsite | Boston, MA

Managing $19.7 billion of other people's money presents interesting technology challenges. At Numeric, we're looking for Python people to help build, test and deploy the whole trading pipeline.

If you have experience in building systematic trading systems, or if you're interested in learning, we'd love to hear from you. We do friendly code review for knowledge sharing, and we also support staff in getting qualifications.

We have all the benefits of being an established, successful hedge fund but the developer team is still small enough to do a single standup in the morning. We have the best of both worlds.

Interested? Drop me an email at wilfred.hughes@man.com, and mention HN.

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Crater (https://crater.co) | Mobile Software Engineer | Sonoma County, California; Belgrade, Serbia

We're making moving easier, with video chat and computer vision. We have major traction with moving/storage/relocation companies, working with the largest privately held moving company in the world, as well as the largest (by number of trucks) in the U.S., U.K., and France, respectively.

We're looking for a creative, collaborative mobile software engineer to lead development of the next version of iOS app, SurveyBot.

Bringing your own ideas to the table is very much encouraged: we do have solid, clear requirements and use cases, but we move very quickly.

You'll have freedom to decide which tools to use and to learn new things, but you must be able to work in a team setting and respond well to constructive criticism. And we expect world-class work from everyone on our team.

 Swift, Java WebRTC Twilio & TokBox Git, Slack, Trello
We're currently only able to consider candidates authorized to work in the United States or Republic of Serbia.

Send a short note about what interests you about our market and product, along with links to projects you've worked on, to max@crater.co.

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Fixt | Baltimore, MD | ONSITE | https://www.fixt.co

When your internet connected devices go down, get them back up with the push of a button.

Fixt is a fast growing startup that is focused on making the process of replacing all broken things as reliable as running water, starting with smartphones and tablets. We're backed by an incredible collection of local angels and our most recent fundraising round was led by the Founders of Google Wallet. Our recruiting efforts are focused on identifying only the most talented and passionate individuals that want to contribute to the mini-revolution spawning right here in Baltimore.

Senior Full Stack Engineer - React, React Native, Ruby on RailsMid Full Stack Engineer - React, React Native, Ruby on RailsJunior Full Stack Engineer - React, React Native, Ruby on Rails


Email me at chris@fixt.co for more information.

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RIPPLE | San Francisco | Onsite | Fulltime | www.ripple.com

Here at Ripple we create blockchain software infrastructure for financial institutions. Our mission is to create the internet of value (IOV) and support trillions of transactions globally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2YHhLkOO9g

We're looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer (x3), Software Engineer Tools and Infrastructure and a DevOps Engineer.

We primarily code in NodeJS, we use and contribute to open source software and most of our team have been writing JavaScript and Node for many years and know the ins and outs of the ecosystem very well. In Addition most of our team comes from a diverse coding background, and we are always open to engineers excellent experience with Node, Java, Ruby, Scala, Python, GO and more!

On the operations side we're in AWS, make extensive use of docker and use salt and terraform. If you want more details I can put you in touch with one of our DevOps engineers.

Ripple is growing fast. We've got great funding (inc. Google Ventures & Andreessen Horowitz), and a very strong team here. Feel free to email me with any questions: mwelch@ripple.com (My name is Matt). Or apply through the links provided on our careers page.

Senior Software Engineer: http://grnh.se/b1x32iSoftware Engineer Tools and Infrastructure: http://grnh.se/ofe4m6DevOps Engineer: http://grnh.se/xgq4me

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Network Technologies | Cleveland OH | Full Time - Onsite | Embedded Software Engineer

Network Technologies Inc is a leading global provider of high quality IT infrastructure management solutions. Since 1984, NTI has been continually providing quality KVM solutions for thousands of leading companies in every industry, including manufacturing, retail, service providers, education and research, financial services, government and telecommunications.

This position will work with hardware, manufacturing engineers, and marketing to define, design, develop, and test a wide range of products. The products include environmental monitors with support for new sensors and HDMI multiviewers. Responsiblities include developing embedded software for new products using the latest embedded microprocessors to include the ARM9 and DSP's and contributing to all phases of the development cycle.

Apply to jobs@ntigo.comFull Details here: http://www.networktechinc.com/careers/software-engineer.html

No recruiters, thanks

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Aclima - https://www.aclima.io - San Francisco, CA


Hello, were Aclima. We design and deploy distributed sensor networks for environmental quality. Our sensor networks generate billions of data points to reveal actionable insights about buildings, cities, and communities. In collaboration with partners like Google and the EPA, Aclima applies these insights to improve human and planetary health. Aclimas mission is to use this new body of knowledge to create a more resilient, healthy and thriving world. We are looking for smart and passionate engineers to help build, scale, and improve our platform. Join a team that values rapid iteration, continuous improvement, and as much automation as is sensible. We work in a relaxed, purpose-driven atmosphere with flexible hours and competitive perks.

Some of the tools we use: Python, Git, MariaDB, Cassandra, Nginx, NSQ, Redis, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, React, ES6, Webpack, D3.js


* Senior Backend Software Engineer

* DevOps Engineer

* UX Designer

* Interface Developer

* Data Visualization Specialist

* Embedded Systems Engineer

* Product Managers

* Data Scientists

* And more... https://boards.greenhouse.io/aclima

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Second Spectrum | Los Angeles, Lausanne, Shanghai | Full-time | On Site

We create products that fuse cutting-edge design with spatiotemporal pattern recognition, machine learning, and computer vision to enable the next generation of sports insights and experiences. We aim to transform the way people play, coach and watch sports.

You can find out more about the company from our CEO's TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/rajiv_maheswaran_the_math_behind_b...

As well as our other videos: http://www.secondspectrum.com/videos/

Engineering roles:

IT / Hardware / Systems Technician, Video Systems Engineer, Mid/Sr Full-Stack Engineer, Sr UI/UX Engineers, DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Software Engineer (a strong SE fundamentals and experience (as a generalization, not a pure data scientist))

Creative roles:

Creative Director, UI / UX Designer, Motion Designer, Animator, Producer/Editor

You can apply through email at work@secondspectrum.com. Happy to answer any questions you might have: karl@secondspectrum.com

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Captain401 (YC S15) | San Francisco, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

We're building the perfect retirement savings plan for startups and small businesses. We make essential HR administration a snap for businesses large and small, and sound investing strategy accessible to everyone.

We also raised a substantial seed round from top investors, and were recently covered in the Wall Street Journal: http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2016/02/24/captain401-ra.... If youve been wanting to dive into an early stage startup, this is the perfect time to start talking to us.

We have a lot of open roles, so we'd love to hear from anyone interested to working with us. Specifically, we're hiring for:

* UI Engineer (Knowledge of ES6/JavaScript, CSS, and product and design chops)

* Full-stack Engineer (We use Node.js, React.js, Golang, and PostgreSQL)

* Business Development Manager

* Account Manager

Reach out to careers@captain401.com, or apply at https://captain401.com/careers

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Factual - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai

Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factuals location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factuals real-time data stack. We were named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Bing, Apple, Facebook and Groupon.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop/Spark.

You can email me personally at alexr@factual.com, or view our job postings here: https://www.factual.com/jobs#openings

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ChatLingual | Full-Stack Developer (Node.js) | Boulder, Colorado | Full-Time | ONSITE

ChatLingual gives businesses access to new markets by removing one of the oldest barriers to entry: language. We've built a platform that allows people to communicate in 75 languages, which companies can use to support their customers around the world. We are looking for an experienced, broadly-skilled developer to join our team as we grow.

Stack is Node.js (6.2), Postgres, Redis, and Angular hosted on AWS with nginx.

More details can be found on AngelList (http://bit.ly/fullstack_details) or by emailing us at 42@chatlingual.com.

Investors include: Foundry Group, Peter Kellner (founder of Endeavor), RSIIC

Oversight team includes: Jeff Rohr[0], CFO Emeritus Deloitte; Ben Rifkin[1], Partner at Royal Street Ventures; Tim Joyce[2], CIO of Xerox Customer Care; Lucas Dickey[3], Head of Product at AtomTickets

Feel free to post comments with feedback/questions here as well I'll be around.

[0] Jeff Rohr: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jprohr

[1] Ben Rifkin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benrifkin

[2] Tim Joyce: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-joyce-ab25081

[3] Lucas Dickey: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucasdickey

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Mesosphere, Inc. is hiring a variety of software engineers to help build the Datacenter Operating System, based upon Apache Mesos. If you're looking to work on distributed systems, large clusters at scale, containers & microservices, and big data frameworks, we'd love to hear from you. Languages we use include Scala, Java, Erlang, Go, C++, Python, & Javascript.We start the process with an intro call, then a coding challenge + review call, followed by a full day of onsite interviews.

Software Engineer openings:-Infinity (SF): http://grnh.se/rjxb2e

-Marathon (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/pab62x

-Frontend (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/f3wyvu

-Mesos (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/2daykb

-Test (SF): http://grnh.se/y40372

-Intern (SF & Hamburg): http://grnh.se/a4052y

-Partner (SF): http://grnh.se/h1anxj

We are hiring for full time roles in our SF, CA and Hamburg, Germany offices, but interns, remote, visa are all ok.

All openings: http://grnh.se/x0enob

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Nexhealth - Nexhealth.com | So-Ho, NY | ONSITE | full-time | Backend, Dev-Ops and Frontend roles | VC funded

The final startup that will take care of a doctor's appointment booking needs and pain points with huge plans for healthcare: Connect people with their doctors and become the number one name people think of when they want to connect to their doctors.

Hiring process: phone screen, coding assignment, in-person interview

Product: Web app dashboard for staff members at a clinic to manage appointments, check-ins, payments, and messages. Mobile app for patients. Automated appointment reminders, recalls, recare, and invites to get the app. Product is integrated with staff workflow / Electronic medical record system.

Problem: Patients call to book appointments, forget about their appointments, overall clumsy way to communicate in 2016. Providers find it hard to manage patients and get them back into the clinic.

The big plan: Going all the way - build out a network of providers and make healthcare truly interoperable.

Demand: We're hiring because we can't keep up with customer demand. Investors and healthcare big-shots both see the value in what we are trying to build.

We're looking for mid-level to senior engineers who want to own the product from inside out.

Backend: Looking to port over monolithic REST Ruby on Rails API app into microservices. Currently looking into new languages to use especially functional languages like Scala, Haskell etc. You should have experience building out backend service API's and writing all types of test code. Should be able to read and understand Ruby.

Frontend: Currently AngularJS, looking to rewrite entire frontend in your choice of technology (React.js?)

Dev-ops: Looking to migrate from PaaS Aptible to AWS. Should have knowledge of ECS, ELB, RDS, ElasticCache, VPC, CloudFormation, CloudSearch.

Extra points if you have experience with NLP, Search or Machine Learning. Also If you have deal with HL7 before.

contact waleed@nexhealth.com to apply.

Waleed CTO & Co-founder

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San Francisco; Full Time; Onsite

I'm the cofounder of Figma (www.figma.com), a startup in San Francisco building a browser-based collaborative design tool to improve the way designers and developers work together. We're a small team and we're looking for talented engineers (www.figma.com/careers) who are interested in tackling hard technical problems with smart people and building a product that startups will rely on.

Upcoming/ongoing projects:

- Develop a plugin ecosystem from the ground up- Build a community of design content and tools from scratch- Cross-document shared symbols- Multiplayer editing infrastructure (realtime simultaneous editing using CRDTs)

Our tech stack: C++, Emscripten, Node, TypeScript, React, WebGL, Ruby, Sinatra

If you're interested in learning more about what we're working on or want to meet up to talk about any of my other projects (http://madebyevan.com/), you can email me at wallace@figma.com.

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Poki http://jobs.poki.com | Amsterdam | Onsite | Full-Time

Poki is an online playground with 30 million users around the world. With a team of 25 we publish fun games for kids of all ages while helping game developers achieve success on web and mobile.

Were a bootstrapped company where development, data and design come together. We are looking for:

Full-Stack Web Developer - http://jobs.poki.com/full-stack-web-developer

Senior Front-End Developer - http://jobs.poki.com/senior-front-end-developer

Senior Back-end / DevOps Developer - http://jobs.poki.com/back-end-devops-developer

Product Manager - [contact me]

Lead Data Scientist - [contact me]

# Stack: Go, Node, React, Redux, Docker, Microservices, AWS

We believe in giving smart and creative people the freedom and autonomy to do great work.

Apply: http://jobs.poki.com

Culture: http://poki.com/company/tropical-retreats/

Im the founder. If youre interested, feel free to reach out: bas@poki.com.

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IdeaFlow | Palo Alto, Boston | Software Engineer / ML, NLP / Web,Mobile Devs / ONSITE / INTERNS / VISA / REMOTE

We're a team of MIT AI and web programmers (advisees of Tim Berners-Lee and Patrick Winston) building a shared brain for organizations and the world.

Our first product is a collaborative UI for graphs that enables enterprise analytics teams to discover and visualize the patterns and connections trapped within their spreadsheet data. We're mega-passionate about personal information management, the intersection of philosophy and AI, and connecting people with related ideas! We are seed-stage (have paying enterprise customers) and offer sizable equity, or competitive salary.

Whitepaper and demos: http://about.ideapad.iohttp://home.ideapad.io Palo Alto, Boston | Contact: vienna@ideapad.io

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UserIQ | Javascript Engineer | Atlanta | Full time | Onsite Preferred, Remote Considered | http://useriq.com

UserIQ is looking for a talented engineer with a deep understanding of Javascript. The ideal candidate reads/follows Resig, Crockford, Eich, etc. not to sound smarter, but because they enjoy mastering their craft. They are well-versed in prototypal inheritance, closures, scoping, and event bubbling because they have learned what works best (based on the strengths and limitations of JS) while improving code that is delivered to customers.

If you love learning, creating great experiences for customers, and solving tough engineering problems, then we want to talk to you.Benefits: In addition to a very competitive startup salary with equity, we offer a full range of benefits including: Medical / Dental / Vision / Life / HSA / 401k.

We normally prefer onsite candidates, but we realize this is a unique role and are willing to consider remote for the right talent and future team member.

Email us at jobs@useriq.com and let us know why you'd make a great fit.

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Zoomer (YC S14) - http://www.zoomerdelivery.com - Multiple Roles - REMOTE

Zoomer is focused on helping high volume delivery restaurants wow their customers and grow their business. We've taken a unique approach to changing the food delivery space - a platform to handle an extraordinarily high volume of concurrent deliveries from restaurants that already deliver (i.e. pizza shops with their own delivery drivers). We are backed by some of the best investors in the world, including Y Combinator, Foundation Capital, First Round Capital, SV Angel, and other amazing funds and individuals.

Zoomer connects high volume delivery restaurants with independent delivery drivers. Restaurants leveraging the Zoomer platform are able to provide a better & more consistent delivery experience for their customer, which ultimately leads to a stronger bottom line. Independent drivers on the Zoomer platform have the ability to create their own schedule & increase their earnings. And of course, customers receive their orders dramatically faster.

Were making key hires to expand our globally distributed core team. Youll have a ton of impact lots of freedom to evolve our processes, systems, partners, platform, stack and apps. We follow strong engineering practices, put an emphasis on testing, and deploy rapidly. Our team is distributed across North America and Europe.

Help us build cutting-edge technical solutions to:

 - tough logistics problems, quickly routing orders to optimal drivers - on-demand prediction and forecasting models - scalable compute and data infrastructure - multiple mobile apps - for restaurants, drivers, and diners - range of complex real-time front-end interfaces 
Some roles were currently hiring for:

 - Logistics technology engineers - Ruby engineers - DevOps engineer 
If this sounds interesting, you can learn more and apply here: http://www.zoomerdelivery.com/careers

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SpiderOak | REMOTE

SpiderOak builds and provides Zero Knowledge cloud storage and collaboration solutions, with our Semaphor team collaboration service, ONE backup, and Encryptr password management. We're a growing team of some ~40 people spread across the world.

We're hiring two roles:

Python QA Automation Engineer

We need a junior-level Python developer looking for a growth position inside a company to take charge of our Sikuli-driven QA acceptance tests. Interest in running your own projects, building more and more tests for more and more things, and generally finding out ways to creatively and automatically break software.

Interested? See more here: https://spideroak.com/articles/qa-python-engineer

Javascript App Developer

The front-end to our latest project, Semaphor, is built in HTML5 technologies using Electron on the desktop and PhoneGap on mobile. We need more hands to help bring out new and exciting features to market. If you're interested in joining a small but growing group of amazing developers building amazing secure collaboration software, this job is for you! Some experience with iOS and Android dev is preferred, but not a strict requirement as long as you're open to learn.

Interested? See more here: https://spideroak.com/articles/javascript-app-developer

The interview process involves two videoconf screens, a small coding project, and another videoconf team interview.

Hoping to hear from you!

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Y Combinator is hiring hackers (San Francisco, ONSITE)

We have a small team that makes the software that runs YC. Hardly any investors write software, but YC was started by hackers so it's natural for us to solve our problems that way.

Y Combinator changed the startup world, and now we want to do it again with software. For an example of one of the things we've been working on, see this blog post: http://themacro.com/articles/2016/08/investor-day-software/

We're looking for a couple of great hackers to join us. It's not a job for everyone, but it would be a good fit for someone who loves startups. Working at YC, you'll get a lot of exposure to some of the best people in the startup world.

If you're a hacker, have a look at the job description: https://jobs.lever.co/ycombinator/8703c1d9-af67-4826-90e4-74...

If it feels like a good fit, wed love to hear from you.

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Excella Consulting | Arlington, VA & Washington, D.C. | Full-time, ONSITE | https://www.excella.com/

We're a small-mid sized consulting company (~180 people) with a small company feel. Founders really invest in personal development, have weekly if not monthly happy hours, summer and winter weekend getaways, and the ability to WFH when necessary. Also, the projects are pretty engaging and theres hardly a dull moment. I'm on a small team working to revamp the entire US Immigration portal - high visibility, and direct impact on millions of lives. The White House has estimated that we'll make a 'direct impact on at least a million lives this year' alone.

We are hiring for a wide range of positions in software development. Looking for Ruby, Java, Python, .NET, mobile, and NodeJS engineers for a variety of experience levels. However, we have more demand for experienced engineers than junior engineers. Please reach out to me or someone in HR if this interests you. My email is glenn[dot]espinosa[at]excella[dot]com.

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Glio, Inc. (glio.com, YC S13) | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Onsite, Full Time | R$54k-R$96k, 0.1-0.5% equity

At Glio.com we're building the future of e-commerce in Latin America. We're a platform that connects buyers & sellers, using software to eliminate inefficiencies and provide the best shopping experience in LatAm at affordable prices.

We're looking for a front end engineer for onsite work in Rio de Janeiro. Experience in Javascript is a must. Ruby on Rails experience is a big plus, but not required.

Our stack includes Rails 4, Spree, RSpec, jQuery, Postgres, AWS, Jasmine & CircleCI.

Our main practices include:

* Continuous Integration, deploys all day long

* Hardcore A/B testing & data-driven decisions

* Shipping culture

* Peer code reviews

* Pair programming

* Tests coverage

* Weekly sprints

Glio is the 1st Latin American company to be backed by YCombinator. We're based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our investors include, among others, Naval Ravikant, Ace & Co and FundersClub.

You will be hire #10 and join a hard-working, smart, ambitious team that aims at becoming the largest retailer in Latin America.

If this mission excites you please drop me a line at roberto@glio.com. And feel free to send me any questions you might have.

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Converge | San Francisco, CA | Software Engineers | Onsite | Full-time | Drones / Mobile / Web App

* We're an enterprise software startup (seed stage) that makes it easy for skilled professionals (think construction, insurance, real estate, etc) to use drones everyday in their job through a combination of incredible AI and HRI. We're generating revenue and among our customers, count a Fortune 50 company.* Looking for junior or senior software engineers, and (paid) interns. We're less concerned with your skill set and more about what you would find motivating to work on every day. We do work that spans everything from Drones to AI to Data Viz to IOT.

About Converge:* Started in 2015, our founders were some of the first people to work on drones in the world, worked on the unmanned Blackhawk helicopter, and created the first mobile app ever for flying a drone (way back in 2008 at MIT...)* We like people who have excelled at something outside of work, and are just downright interesting to have a conversation with.* We like diamonds in the rough, but like to keep high expectations for each other.* If you are looking for a keg, ping pong table or bro culture, we're not going to be a good fit for each other. We actually do fly drones for our job, so I guess that's a culture benefit?* Our team is small, we're very deliberate about hiring- you would be in the first 10 employees.

To get started, please go to this page to get ahold of us: http://www.cvg.io/careers/

If you come from an underrepresented group in tech, please get in touch w/ me (@edave) directly via my HackerNews portfolio.

Some buzzwords for you keyword searchers: iOS, Android, Fullstack, Rails, Python, Ruby, React, ES6, Angular, Machine Learning

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Mediachain Labs - http://mediachainlabs.com - NYC or Remote

We're building http://mediachain.io, an open, decentralized media library. Mediachain builds on top of IPFS and uses Machine Learning to automatically link media to information about it, no matter where it is.


We've recently raised $1.5M in seed funding from USV and a16z and are actively expanding the engineering team! Anyone interested in contributing should reach out.

Join our Slack: http://slack.mediachain.io

Were hiring for the following positions:

- Distributed Systems Engineer

- Creative Director (Communication/Design)

Position Details

Location: New York City or Remote

Type: Consultant / Part-Time / Full-Time

Salary: To Be Communicated

Learn more at http://mediachainlabs.com/jobs

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Gusto - VISA, ONSITE (SF or Denver)

Gusto is building dead-simple, delightful payroll, benefits, and HR software for small businesses.

In only 3.5 years, we've grown to process nationwide payroll for more than 35,000 companies, process ~$20B in payments, and recently added health insurance, 401(k) and workers compensation insurance.

Team culture is a huge part of what makes Gusto special. We have a team of super-sharp, passionate, hard-working, and friendly software engineers. You

can read more about us on our engineering blog:


Some of the technologies we use: Ruby/Rails, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, and React.js.

We have openings to work in Payroll and our HR teams

Apply online here! https://gusto.com/careers or email me directly.

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We are hiring misc. ONSITE (partial remote) scientists, developers, research directors wanted in multiple locations (Toronto, London, Eagan/MN).

Skills/interest: NLP/computational linguistics, IR, applied machine learning/statistics, knowledge representation/reasoning.

Corporate Research & Development and Center for Cognitive Computinghttp://thomsonreuters.com/en/careers/our-jobs/technology/res...


If you would like to work with the most diverse data sets on the planet (REUTERS News, images, videos, patents, legal cases, tax rules, energy price time series, stock price data, usage logs, ...), talk to us.

Also check out http://reuters.tv and our associated iPhone and Android apps for personalized video news. Reuters news is consumed by over 2 billion people every day.

If you have questions, email me at jochen.leidner at thomsonreuters.com

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Unata | Back End Engineers | Toronto, ON | ONSITE


Unata is a group of talented individuals who are on a mission to shape the grocery shopping experience of the future, and was selected by Deloitte as a Company to Watch in their 2015 Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies. We are an award-winning, product-focused company that powers digital grocery experiences for our highly-respected grocery partners to better serve their hundreds of thousands of shoppers.

What will you be doing?

The backend platform team is responsible for building the backend services that power Unatas core platform features. Our product roadmap is full of interesting projects that require innovative engineering solutions. Alongside a team of designers, engineers and data scientists, youll be building scalable and robust distributed systems that power the best digital grocery experience in the market.


Solid grasp of computer science concepts: data structures, algorithms, and programming paradigms. We are very keen on implementing red-black trees here at Unata.Understands and implements engineering best practices: automated testing, version control systems, documentation, continuous integration, duct tape redundancy, etc.Feels at home (cd ~) in a Unix development environment.Can clearly communicate complex technical concepts.Has built and shipped real software. You know flappy bird clones all that jazz.Can demonstrate and talk about their willingness to learn new things. Like that new reactive microservice framework everyones been deploying on docker lately.

What are you waiting for?

Send us a note at jobs@unata.com with a copy of your resume, let us know how how much of a great fit for the position you are.

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Cortx | Growth Hacker | Baltimore, MD | Full Time | Onsite

Cortx is a small, profitable, natural language processing startup looking to hire a growth hacker with both inbound marketing and outbound marketing experience - preferably with a startup that also sells products using a SaaS model.

You would be working to maximize conversion rates, retention, and customer LTV, as well as identifying and iterating through marketing channels.

Cortx is working on interesting products such as:- A newspaper comprised entirely of robot authors- A marketing consultant that uses AI to provide actionable advice to clients- A machine proofreader that automatically corrects bad grammar

Our interview process involves a phone interview followed by an onsite interview.

You can see more info here https://inbound.org/job/view/cortx/growth-hacker or you can contact us at jobsatcortxdotcom.

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Dreamscope | Mobile Software Engineer - iOS | Palo Alto, CA (University Ave.) | Onsite | Full Time

We're hiring a Software Engineer with iOS experience. You'll be working with our team to continue to build our product used by hundreds of thousands of users. Math, EE, CS, or Physics degree. If you love math and software engineering, you'll fit right in. Paid relocation!Required experience:

- Experience shipping multiple Objective-C apps that are currently available in the app store.

- An aptitude for design, ability to innovate using all of the tools available for iOS

Ideal candidates will have:

- Multiple apps in the app store.

- A track record of making high quality mobile user experiences.

Optional experience:

- Proficiency with basic computer vision and image processing. Desire to gain skills in training neural networks and implementing state of the art deep learning research.To apply, please email your resume and github link to: s[at]lambdal.com

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The Trade Desk | Full Time, Onsite | San Jose CA, San Francisco CA, Aliso Viejo CA, Ventura CA, Boulder CO, New York NY, London UK, Sydney AUS

Hiring: All levels of software engineers, as well as front-end focused developers who are comfortable with data-access design, development and optimization.

You might be a great fit for The Trade Desk dev team if..

* You are a full-stack engineer who wants to work everywhere, not just a small subset of components. Experience / interest in working in a variety of layers and technologies within a SOA is a must for our team. This includes: client-side AngularJS / JQuery, MVC-based web architecture, external RESTful APIs, distributed (and in our case, highly scaled) request handling services, no-SQL and relational SQL databases, many-layered data pipeline (e.g. data bus architecture, Hadoop / MPP data warehouse, etc.) that moves hundreds of thousands of items per second, and data visualization (e.g. Tableau). Experience in all these layers is not strictly required, but we do like to see experience working in more than one, as well as eagerness to work on projects that might slice through them all.

* You have product-driven software development experience using a modern, object-oriented language. Memory-managed languages are best -- .e.g. C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. We do most of our work in C#/.Net, but specific experience here is not required.

Cool stuff about TTD:

* Our platform processes 3.5million+ queries per second

* Work with the best engineering team in adtech

* The combination of huge datasets, high throughput, low latency and amazing scale means that we're constantly solving some of the biggest challenges in computer science.

* We've grown faster than any other adtech company in the industry, and have been recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine and Deloitte.

* Amazing Company Culture (We're very proud of our 5.0 rating on Glassdoor)

* Top-tier benefits

If you want to learn more, email Casey- casey.rabiea@thetradedesk.com or apply directly on our website: http://thetradedesk.com/join-us/open-positions . We are also hiring DevOps Engineers in London, Boulder, and Ventura - check out the job details on our website!

tt-charles 1 ago 0 replies      
ThinkTopic (http://www.thinktopic.com/) | Software Engineer / Machine Learner | Boulder, CO | ONSITE | Full-time

ThinkTopic is a start-up in Boulder, Colorado which focuses on practical applications of Machine Learning and Data Science for real world solutions. We do contracting for several clients in domains such as e-commerce, finance, political science and more. We are also working on some of our own products as well.

In general our focus is on image analysis, text analysis and information retrieval. We program in Clojure using a modern stack including frameworks like Reagent for the front-end and Datomic for the back-end.

An ideal candidate either has substantial Machine Learning background, or is an independent / fast-learning full-stack engineer.

Openings can be found at http://www.thinktopic.com/careers .

Questions? Email info@thinktopic.com


jlonemed 1 ago 0 replies      
One Medical | San Francisco, CA | Onsite Only | http://www.onemedical.com

We are a tech company combined with a national network of doctors offices to create the best patient experience possible. Our team -- comprised of engineers, designers, and doctors -- is making a direct impact in the trillion dollar primary care industry.

In our highly collaborative environment, not only will you be partnering with designers and product managers, youll also be sitting shoulder to shoulder with the doctors and nurses who deliver care daily to One Medical patients.You'll work throughout the technology stack and have responsibility for functionality our clinicians rely on every minute of the day

Were hiring:Senior Software Engineers (Ruby/Rails)iOS EngineersAndroid Engineers

Please check us out and apply here: http://www.onemedical.com/jobs/product/

gghh 1 ago 0 replies      
SUSE | Nuremberg (DE), Prague (CZ) or REMOTE | Full Time

Linux graphics developer

In the SUSE Labs department, we are looking for an expert on the Linux graphics stack. We are looking for somebody who has experience with the DRM subsystem in the Linux kernel, the internals of the X server or the userspace libraries. Ideally, the candidate should have some knowledge of all of the above and should be able to debug issues in code that he or she has no prior knowledge of. It is also a big plus if the candidate has experience with working with the X.Org or kernel upstream projects.

The job location is ideally Nuremberg, Germany or Prague, Czech Republic, but remote work is also an option.

What we offer

You will take part in development of the core parts of our enterprise and community distributions and you will be encouraged to submit your work upstream. We will sponsor travel to relevant conferences where you can present your work. Working time is flexible and we offer a bunch of the usual benefits (these differ in different countries, though).

How to apply

Preferably, submit all relevant information in a single PDF file, so that no important detail is lost in transit. Give us some time to process your application. Expect the interview to be done over phone, unless you already live in Nuremberg or Prague (let us know in such case). Form submission for this position at https://jobs.suse.com/job/nuremberg/linux-graphics-developer...

This is not the only job opening currently available at SUSE, see https://jobs.suse.com/

reslylabs 1 ago 0 replies      
ReslyLabs (http://www.resly.com) | Frontend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, UI/UX Designer | Austin, TX | Onsite

We are a recently funded early stage startup looking to add to our current team of 6 people. The team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs with 5 startups and multiple exits under our belts. We are looking for engineers that want to be part of small, nimble team that is looking to make a difference, leave a mark, and hopefully transform an industry. Sound challenging? It will be.

We want to add 3 more enthusiastic engineers to our existing engineering team of 4. Given the size you will make an immediate impact and have the responsibility to define, design and build a great product. You will also help define a culture you will enjoy working in. Open positions are:

Frontend EngineerFull Stack EngineerUI/UX Designer

See our jobs site for more details and to apply https://resly-labs.workable.com/

pdeuchler 1 ago 0 replies      
JumpCloud | Sr. Software Engineer, Sr. DevOps Engineer | Boulder, Colorado (Greater Denver Area)

ONSITE, REMOTE possible for candidates with a good fit

At JumpCloud, we have a plan. See, theres this company that is ripe for displacement. They put out software that everyone uses but nobody loves. We think we can do it better. Much better. We can make it easy-to-use, more powerful, and massively scalable / highly available by putting it in the cloud. Just like Gmail supplanted Exchange, we want to disrupt (yes, we said it) the Directory server market.

Who are we? Were the scrappy underdog with the backing of serious VCs and the experience of a crack team of founders and engineers with decades of identity and Security experience.

Who are we looking for? Comrades in arms to fight the entrenched opposition. People who want to seriously change Identity and Directory Management. Were funded, were in downtown Boulder, and were making a big difference. Get in here and be a part of it!

Stack: Postgres/Mongo/Redis, NodeJS/Golang, Docker/Saltstack

Contact: jobs@jumpcloud.com

RNicolas 18 ago 0 replies      
CRITEO (http://labs.criteo.com/) | Paris | Full-time ONSITE | Mobile Engineer (VISA sponsorship)

Build mobile SDKs present over a billion mobile devices worldwide already and used by the major games and apps publishers on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Learn and exploit new mobile platforms, adapt to changing requirements and contribute to a product that has grown by a factor of 4 in the last months.

Find the signal hidden in tens of TB of data, in one hour, using over a thousand nodes on our Hadoop cluster. And constantly keep getting better at it while measuring the impact on our business.

Get stuff done. A problem partially solved today is better than a perfect solution next year. Have an idea during the night? Code it in the morning, push it at noon, test it in the afternoon and deploy it the next morning.

High stakes, high rewards: 1% increase in performance may yield millions for the company. But if a single bug goes through, the mobile Internet goes down (were only half joking).

Feel free to drop us a line at r&drecruitment[@]criteo.com =)

kmerritt 1 ago 0 replies      
Socrata | Seattle | Onsite | Full-time

Seattle-based Socrata is helping improve the workings of government - and therefore society - by helping governments become data-driven. Our cloud-based big data platform helps government information workers find, use and analyze their data internally for improved operational efficiency; and helps agencies publish their data externally (open data) for transparency, economic development, and third party service delivery (e.g. apps like Citymapper depend on open data).

We have about 20 open positions. Perhaps most interesting to the HN audience we're looking for a Principal (Distinguished) Engineer / Architect and a DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer, Product Designer, Senior Product Manager, Product Marketers.

See the full list of open positions here: https://careers.socrata.com/jobs/

Read about our culture, values, benefits here: https://careers.socrata.com/

Socrata has about 160 employees, has raised $54M in venture capital and has more than 1,000 of the most innovative government agencies as customers. Learn how our customers use our platform here: https://socrata.com/customer-stories/

Government is going through a huge transformation. They're shifting from analog to digital. Go become a public servant directly, or if you'd rather help government indirectly by working for a fast-paced company that is 100% focused on the government, come join us at Socrata!


melaniet 1 ago 0 replies      
Periscope Data | San Francisco, ONSITE | https://www.periscopedata.com/

Full Stack Engineer (Ruby, Go, CoffeeScript): https://www.periscopedata.com/full-stack-engineerSenior Product Manager: https://www.periscopedata.com/senior-product-manager

Periscope is the fastest, most powerful data analysis suite on the market. It's the platform of choice for professional analysts, who spend 5+ hours a day using the product.

We're growing revenue about 10X per year, while growing the team about 4X per year.

If you have a proven track record of delivering results and shipping great products, we would love to meet you!

Join our team of 47: Email melanie@periscopedata.com

emilong 1 ago 0 replies      
Haus | https://haus.com/ | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

Were a small, well-funded, early stage startup tackling the $50B+ market of residential real estate looking to bring on our third engineer.

Node backend, React + Redux + ES6 + etc frontend. We're looking to hire an experienced full stack engineer who is excited about a collaborative, inclusive environment to produce high-quality code.


You can see the requirements in the link above, but here are a few non-requirements:

* Identification with a particular gender, race, or national origin.

* Sharing the same hobbies or beliefs as the other members of the team.

* A certain level of activity on a Github account.

* A minimum reputation level on StackOverflow.

ewmy 19 ago 0 replies      
Pusher | London, UK | https://pusher.com/ | Full time | ONSITE

Pusher is a multi-tenant distributed system that allows our customers to deliver billions of messages to their connected users. We operate at massive scale, and this informs and affects everything we do. We're profitable and growing sustainably.

Our engineering team is based in Shoreditch, London. We are looking for engineers who want to work on interesting problems in a production environment, and take responsibility for the real-world operation of a large and increasingly distributed system. Our software stack is built around Ruby, Go, Node.js, Redis, MySQL, Puppet and Ansible.

We are currently hiring:

* Platform Engineers to help us scale our core real-time infrastructure: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/52789

* Mobile Engineers to work on improving our mobile SDKs on both iOS and Android, and demonstrating what Pusher can do for mobile end users: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/114508

* DevOps Engineers so we can continually improve the way we deploy and maintain our platform: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/90375/

* A junior Developer Relations person to help grow our user base: https://pusher.workable.com/jobs/218475

Sir_Cmpwn 1 ago 0 replies      
Linode | https://linode.com | Philadelphia, PA | FULL-TIME, ONSITE

Linode primarly sells virtual private servers, among other products. We're hoping to hire some new software developers. My team works on an entirely open source product - the Linode manager https://github.com/Linode/manager, an ES6+7 React frontend application. We also need help working on our Python+Flask API: https://developers.linode.com

Check out our engineering blog: https://engineering.linode.com

Apply at the careers page: https://linode.com/careers. Feel free to reach out on HN or via email (see profile) if you have questions.

Relocation assistance is provided.

jakozaur 13 ago 0 replies      
Sumo Logic | https://www.sumologic.com/ | Backend Software Engineer (Scala) | Warsaw, Poland | Full-time | ONSITE

We build a cloud based log management system, dealing with massive amounts of customer data in a highly scalable, distributed, elastic architecture.

Our app is almost fully JVM-based. Mostly Scala-based microservices. Hosted on AWS.

Apply for this job here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sumologic/jobs/267415#.V8mUPJN9...

notsentient 21 ago 0 replies      
Simply Wall St - https://simplywall.st | Sydney AU | Lead Front-end Engineer | On-site | Full-time | Core-team | $90k + equity

We're a funded fintech data visualization startup based out of Sydney with the ambition to turn everyone into a sophisticated investor using easy to understand infographics based on institutional quality data. The company is 5 people strong and just over 2 years old, have over 50,000 users worldwide (mostly US) and are generating revenue. We believe so strongly in making investing open and transparent that we've open-sourced our financial data model: https://github.com/SimplyWallSt/Company-Analysis-ModelWe're deeply passionate customer focus and are crazy about creating a great product. We're looking for a design focused front-end engineer to join our core team prior to our next funding round.

You can find out more about the role and how to apply here: https://simplywall.st/careers

Thanks, Jabin

plethora 1 ago 1 reply      
Plethora | San Francisco | Full-Time | On-Site | http://plethora.com

Plethora builds the tools and infrastructure that empowers anyone to transition from idea to production. Weve created a manufacturing system that takes customer designs and produces custom parts using robotics and advanced software that weve developed in-house. Our customers are R&D engineers, product designers, startups, scientists, makers, and artists who build all kinds of cool stuff: robots, factory machinery, lab equipment, and even parts for an Olympic bicycle.

We're looking for full stack developers passionate about beautiful interfaces and fluent in Javascript. We're also looking for software engineers for our computational geometry team (C++ and Python).

Visit our jobs page at https://www.plethora.com/careers

austinlchang 1 ago 0 replies      
Lawgix, Inc. | Austin, TX | Junior Software Developer | ONSITE Full-time

Lawgix is a "hybrid entity," a tech company and a law firm working together to provide high volume legal services. We took the best part of traditional law firms, the legal expertise, and kicked tired, old practices to the curb.

Our web and mobile platforms manage attorney workflows to make us more efficient and cost effective than traditional firms. We also leverage the talent of smart, hard working attorneys who have taken an unconventional career path. We currently service the collection litigation market.

We're looking for developers with Ruby/Rails and React experience. We try to keep our dev workflow as close to agile as possible, using tools such as JIRA, GitHub, etc.

Please email austin@lawgixlaw.com for more information. Thanks!

jetcom 1 ago 1 reply      
Iterable (https://iterable.com) - San Francisco, CA

Come join Iterable. We are 29 people bringing the growth hacking tools that consumer Internet companies like Google/Twitter/Facebook build internally to other large-scale companies. We aim to build the best user growth engine on the planet. It's crazy how messaging and email usage are changing, but the technology and capabilities haven't caught up to the 21st century.

Our team of hackers and thinkers is from quant finance/Twitter/Google/Yahoo/Zynga/Khan Academy/Palantir/CMU/MIT, (we built large parts of Twitter's growth systems). One of our top level goals is to build a uniquely fun and growth oriented company culture. Knowledge sharing in any capacity is highly valued here -- are you interested in prediction markets or PGP encryption? Do you enjoy teaching posture techniques or purely functional data structures to others? We pair program, design together, and generally create a learn-and-teach environment here. This is an opportunity to join a super-fast growing startup, in a huge market and with a great team, while it's still early.

If you're interested in coming on board, you can help with some challenges we face:

 - Scale our messaging API - Design and write performant, beautiful, asynchronous interfaces - Write software to build machine learned user models - Make data visualizations for our email and user data - Design an immutable deployment infrastructure for our platform
Some aspects of our culture that make us different:

 - We are all very focused on self improvement - Our company has egalitarian and transparent values (work when you want, on what you want) - We are chill and empathetic people - The company is completely transparent
Technologies you'll work with:

 - Scala - Elasticsearch - Postgres - Redis - ES6 - AngularJS - Play Framework - RabbitMQ - AWS
You'll get to work with us at our new office at 3rd & Harrison in San Francisco. If this sounds like an interesting and fun opportunity for you, please email me at aXRzYXVuaXhzeXN0ZW0raG5AaXRlcmFibGUuY29t or take a look at our open positions here: https://iterable.com/company/careers

natekupp 1 ago 1 reply      
Thumbtack | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite

Our mission is to help people accomplish personal projects by matching their needs to the best service professionals in their area. From wedding photographers and DJs to home contractors or French tutors, Thumbtack can help.

We are a friendly, ambitious team of 80 engineers in a bright SoMa office with daily home-cooked food, backed by Sequoia and Google Capital.

We're looking for engineers and SREs interested in working with Go, Scala/Spark/Hadoop, PHP, Angular, iOS, Android, and AWS. We're also looking for data scientists interested in predictive modeling, machine learning, and experimental design and analysis. Join us!


Please reach out to jessica [at] thumbtack.com with any questions.

glev 12 ago 0 replies      
KID Group | San Francisco | Full Time | Onsite | Embedded Software Engineer | kid-group.com

A small, but established, world-renown toy invention firm, is seeking an engineer interested in games, robotics and smart products. Office hours M-TH, work from home Friday.

Your job is to code and sometimes wire up prototypes to bring them to life. You will be working on products including electronic games, smart toys, remote-controlled vehicles, robotic creations and even artificial intelligence.

Circuit building and micro controller programming (C language) experience preferred.

Contact kidgroup@kid-group.com

coreycoto 1 ago 0 replies      
MindTouch | Downtown San Diego, CA | Software Engineers | Full Time

MindTouch is a cloud-based software helping companies take the product content they already produce and turn it into a customer engagement channel that educates buyers and creates product experts to grow revenue. We are a passionate engineering team focused on continuously improving our software, ourselves, and each other. Join our team and ship code weekly that is used by millions of users and relied upon by leading brands like Whirlpool, Remington, Zenefits, Docker, and SimpliVity.

We're currently looking for Software Engineers with C# and AWS experience.



pntech 1 ago 0 replies      
Precision Nutrition | multiple positions | Toronto, ON, Canada | REMOTE (Canada only) | Full-Time


Precision Nutrition helps people transform their lives through expert coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship. Our team builds and supports tools for our coaches and clients to help facilitate transformative change and learning. Tech stack: Ember.js, Ruby/Rails, Postgresql.


We are hiring in the following areas: Front-end developer (Ember + PostCSS) Web developer (PHP/Wordpress) Interaction Designer Marketing Designer Client Care

Apply here: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/careers

Luke Galea, CTO

osg_akvo 20 ago 0 replies      
Akvo.org | Full-stack developer with QA expertise | Bangalore, INDIA | Full-time | ONSITE

Akvo is a not-for-profit, not-for-loss, provider of open source data services, SaaS and mobile apps to improve infrastructure and services for disadvantaged populations. We have users primarily in Africa, Southern Asia, South East Asia and Central America, many of which are governments, NGOs and UN organisations. Our dev team is globally distributed across hubs in Europe, India and Africa.

We are looking for proactive and collaborative developers with at least 5-10 years of experience. Our product stacks include Java, Clojure, Python, React, Ember, Android, AWS, GAE and PostgreSQL. Experience with test automation, TDD, BDD, Cucumber, Calabash, Robotium, exploratory testing, test retrofitting and any other agile development experience preferred.

Hiring process: introduction letter and CV to work(at)akvo.org. Review of online presence (GitHub, blogs, etc). Up to three interviews total, with QA lead, some colleagues, project managers, CTO and HR.

Read more at: http://akvo.org/about-us/working-at-akvo/

timuralp 1 ago 0 replies      
San Francisco | SwiftStack | ONSITE

SwiftStack is helping companies deploy and manage petabytes of storage through OpenStack Swift (open source object store). We are looking to hire a developer to work on the SwiftStack Controller -- the management interface for the Swift deployment.

The work involves Swift cluster orchestration, supplying additional features on top of Swift (e.g. metadata indexing, load-balancing, data replication to other object stores), and health monitoring of the deployment.

You will be developing primarily in python. The controller itself is a django application.

We are looking for an experienced developer with a distributed systems background. Python and django knowledge is a plus.

The interview consists of a phone screen and an onsite 4 hour meeting.

Please submit your resume through: https://swiftstack.workable.com/jobs/27475

StylightGmbH 18 ago 0 replies      
Stylight | Munich | Germany | Visa & Relocation support

Were a fashion company but you wont have to wear the latest Karl Lagerfeld. A hoodie or your favorite Docker shirt will do just fine. You dont even need to like fashion at all, but a certain admiration for Ken Thompson, Rob Pike or Martin Fowler is always appreciated. You dont speak German? No big deal, we use English as our main language and we have colleagues from 20+ nations.


We're currently looking for a Really, Really Good Software Engineer (http://jobs.stylight.com/really-really-good-software-enginee...)


Interested? Contact me on sandra.jasarevic@stylight.com. Want to know more about us? Check out our Tech Blog: http://tech.stylight.com/

crolek 14 ago 0 replies      
Pillar Technology http://pillartechnology.com/careers#apply-now

Locations: Des Moines, IA; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Ann Arbor MI; Columbus, OH

Pillar is a software development and consulting company that focuses on speed to value for it's clients. On a daily basis developers practice TDD and Pair Programming (not just talk about it). Types of work range from embedded systems, web apps, and DevOps. Learn more about us at http://pillartechnology.com.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at crolek at pillartechnology dot com.

dryicerx 1 ago 0 replies      
VMware - Austin, TX / Palo Alto, CA - Software Engineering - Fulltime - Onsite

Come join a hardcore engineering team and work on systems that impact millions of people. We are starting multiple engineering teams here in Austin, so various positions available from low-level C development to to high level web development. I have some teams in Palo Alto with similar requirements as well.

 * C and C++ software engineering positions (vSphere/EXSi/vCenter) * Golang engineering positions (vSphere integrated containers, open source project) * Java//Spring engineering positions (Hybrid/Cloud management platform) * UI/UX/Web positions (create unified interface for multiple products) * Management (technical) positions
Drop me an email: jkarunaratne@vmware.com

vindia 1 ago 0 replies      
Cocoon | https://cocoonapp.co/ | Full Stack (Rails + AngularJS) Developer | Amsterdam, NL | ONSITE | EU work permit required

See more and apply through https://cocoonapp.co/hiring/full-stack-developer or contact me here or at vincent@cocoonapp.co

We're trying to fix tech recruitment by making it more informal and personal. Our current focus is on startups in Amsterdam, but our ambition is to move to other European cities quickly too. Together with me you'll be working on our Rails API, Angular frontend apps (both web and mobile) and improve our recommendation engine using machine learning.

If you like to fix tech hiring, want to work in the most beautiful European city in an experienced team with a strong focus on tech and design, look no further.

tjc75 10 ago 0 replies      
MongoDB (New York, NY)

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work on our Cloud Manager application as well as our newly released DBaaS, Atlas. The tools of choice we use are Java (for the server-side), Go (for installed software on client servers) and of course MongoDB.

Our interview process consists of one technical phone screen and one on-site interview.

Please apply at http://grnh.se/ilm6k1

monicabreton 1 ago 0 replies      
Wealthfront | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Visa

Wealthfront takes the guesswork out of sound, long-term investing through effortless automation. We efficiently build and deliver products which pave the way for a new generation of investors to achieve their financial goals. With their trust, we believe we can and will change this industry. Find out how our engineering team contributes to our mission at http://eng.wealthfront.com

We are hiring across the board, but are specifically looking for Full Stack engineers who have experience working with Ruby (Rails), Javascript (React) and Java.

Feel free to check out the job description and apply here: http://grnh.se/fn0s4i (please mention HN in application).

pliguori 19 ago 0 replies      
Allianz - Global Data & Analytics | Munich (Germany) ONSITE | DevOps Big Data Engineer

Global Data & Analytics is the Allianz department responsible for the Big Data strategy at Allianz worldwide.We're looking for an experienced DevOps to join our team and work on our state-of-the-art platform.We really believe in opensource and every member of our team is a valuable contributor on projects like Spark, Nomad, Zeppelin.The interview process consists of a bonus (optional) take-home challenge, a half-hour call and an on-site interview.

Our stack: private cloud platform running with Nomad/Consul/Docker/Ansible/Gitlab-CI.

Email: pietro.liguori@allianz.com

Language: English

Detailed job description: https://jobs.allianz.com/sap/bc/bsp/sap/zhcmx_erc_ui_ex/?tit...

punteney 1 ago 0 replies      
Manzama | Bend, OR | Onsite or US Remote | Full-time

Senior Fullstack Web Developer

Manzama is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps professionals find, discover and monitor news that is important to them and their clients. We've been around for a little over 6 years, focused on the legal vertical, and are profitable with very loyal and happy customers. We are looking for Senior Developers to join our small but growing team. You'll be an integral part of building our platform including expanding our use of machine learning and NLP to help deliver the most relevant news possible. We are based in beautiful Bend, Oregon but support remote workers as well.

Tech: Python, Django, Postgres, Solr, GCE, BigQuery, Datastore

While it's great if you have experience with our tech stack we are more interested in finding talented engineers who have experience building amazing products and systems.

You can email me directly at jamesp@manzama.com for more details or to apply

hazz 1 ago 0 replies      
GoCardless (YC S11) | London | Frontend, Backend, SRE, Data Engineer | Onsite | Full-time

GoCardless is building a payments network for the internet. Since 2011 we've been focused on simplifying Direct Debit for small and medium companies (who previously had no access to it) and we're now expanding to serve the largest companies (think newspapers, utilities) and connect with existing payment systems in countries all over the world. We already support the UK and Europe and are aiming to expand to more countries over the next year.

As an engineering team at GoCardless we care most about stable, reliable, understandable code. We rely on testing and code review and a culture of frequent constructive feedback. We define and manage our own roadmap and run projects in whatever way works best for us.

Our stack: Rails, Angular, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Docker, Chef.We also have a bit of Go and Python knocking around.

We love learning new things and contributing back to the community. We open source everything we can[1] and regularly host meetups and hackathons at our office in Angel. We have a weekly bookclub within the team and give internal (and external) talks about things that interest us.

Interview process: a couple of phone screens, one take home test, then a couple of onsite interviews (pair programming and some chats - no whiteboards!)

For more info and to apply: https://gocardless.com/jobs.If you've got any questions, drop me an email (it's in my profile).

[1] Notable examples are Statesman (https://github.com/gocardless/statesman) and Coach (https://github.com/gocardless/coach)

hectorals 1 ago 0 replies      
LendUp | www.lendup.com | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

LendUp (YC W12) is looking for Product Managers, Software Engineers and Data Scientists. We're using software and data science to bring fairness, education and credit improving products to the historically underserved and neglected subprime market. We're technology agnostic in our hiring.

Our dev team is made up of solid generalists from all backgrounds. All we ask for is people that are passionate about helping the financially underserved and a desire to build robust software.

Our latest business strategy was covered in TechCrunch recently: https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/22/the-loan-dolphin-swims-aga...

Please email careers@lendup.com or visit www.lendup.com/careers to find out more or to apply.

wahnfrieden 1 ago 0 replies      
Top Hat | https://tophat.com | Toronto, ON, Canada | Full-time

Top Hat is hiring for a few roles: mobile dev (native iOS, Android), director of mobile, and full-stack web developer (Python, Django, Javascript, React.js, AWS, Ansible). Salary ranges based on experience from $80k to $120k.

We're a profitable (and valley VC funded by some of the best funds in the world) education startup that helps make class more interactive, fun and engaging. Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming mobile devices into powerful engagement tools, inside and outside the classroom. We've got some really cool problems to work on and your work would be impacting a huge number of students daily.

Send your resume/github account to olivia at tophat dot com.

HawkWilson 1 ago 1 reply      
Full Stack Developer | Social Nature | Vancouver, BC (onsite) | www.socialnature.com

Social Nature is a social product sampling community that helps you #trynatural. We are making waves with our people-powered marketing vision (people trust friends not ads) and commitment to only promoting brands with natural products.

We are a small and mighty team where everything you do will have an immediate impact on those around you. You'll get to work closely with our customers, invent new ways to integrate with social channels, and wrangle extremely big data as we build and grow our intelligent platform.

We're looking for Full Stack Developers with experience in AngularJS, MVC+REST, and AWS.

Check us out and apply here: https://www.socialnature.com/careers?job=full-stack-develope...

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You can track the language/framework trends in the whoishiring threads[1]. Subscribe to get notified when it's updated for September.

[1] http://www.ryan-williams.net/hacker-news-hiring-trends/

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Mycujoo - https://mycujoo.tv | Amsterdam, Netherlands | VISA | Full Time | ONSITE

Two openings: iOS engineer and Android engineer

Mycujoo.tv is a multi-channel football TV platform, specialised in middle-tier football leagues and clubs, womens football and futsal. We put a set of technologies and tools at the service of content rights holders (being those clubs, federations, leagues or any football competition organiser) to produce and share high quality live and on-demand original content.

If you're interested to hear more, get in touch via marieke@mycujoo.tv. Or apply directly through https://angel.co/mycujoo-tv/jobs

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SOMA Analytics @ London, UK - http://soma-analytics.com/careers.html

SOMA Analytics is an investor-backed and award-winning startup that develops pioneering mobile health technology. We are creating the worlds first mobile-based mental resilience program, combining aspects from psychology and medicine with machine learning and hardware.

We are a tight-knit, international family that is passionate about building great products. From encouraging unconventional and lean thinking to advocating a healthy lifestyle, we treat our employees as our greatest asset.

Join our rapidly expanding team and set your inner geek free with like-minded and awesome workmates. We're hiring a full time iOS Software Engineer. You must be eligible to work in the UK/EU.

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Axon (Body Cameras) | Seattle, WA | Full-Time | ONSITE | INTERNS | VISA | relocation

We are the #1 supplier of body cameras for police and the surrounding cloud ecosystem to manage/share/stream petabytes of video data. Hiring the best firmware, mobile, front-end, back-end developers with competitive benefits and salary. Write code, save lives. Help increase police transparency and make a difference.

Go Lang, C#, Scala, JavaScript (ES6, React), Solr, Zookeeper


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OrchardPlatform - http://orchardplatform.com | Backend Scala | Full-time | NYC | Onsite

The Orchard Platform team is growing! Join our talented team of engineers from Google, Admeld, Bloomberg, and Lab49. We're currently hiring senior-level polyglot Backend Engineers with experience in functional programming (Scala) and interest in learning Apache Spark.

Strong algorithms, data structures, and coding background in C++, Java, Scala; exposure to other functional languages like Haskell is a plusKnowledge of modern web frameworks, languages and protocolsExperience with (Apache Spark, Flink, Scalding, Akka, Storm) is a plus!Prior experience with multiple relational and columnar data stores such as MySQL, Redis, Memcached, Cassandra, VerticaFamiliar with software engineering best practices, e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documentation.

We use Mesos, Kafka, Zookeeper, Spark, Vertica, Accumulo/Hadoop and tons of other modern tech.

See https://www.orchardplatform.com/company/careers/job-posting/... for more details.

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Senior Software Engineer | AcademicWorks | Austin, TX | Onsite (Relocation Available)


Solve hard problems that truly matter with a team that's smart, experienced, and kind.

The Company: A small-and-growing (45 members) company using technology to improve access to higher education

The Department: A 3-member product engineering team within a 10-member engineering department

Technical Details: Rails, AWS, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Redis, Memcached, and some internal tooling in Go


You find pragmatic solutions to difficult problems, work well with others, and take ownership of entire features from planning to production. Preferably, you're proficient with some of our technical stack, and you'll make the entire team better by being an individual contributor, a teacher, and an occasional foil.

We're piling up accolades for workplace happiness and company growth. We take a lot of pride in accomplishing disproportionately big tasks, and to do that we treat engineers like professionals with clear expectations and regular feedback. Our company values are kindness and respect, engagement, and obsession with our clients' experience, and we all strive to exhibit those daily.


The Interview Process: You'll talk to me (Product Engineering Manager), talk to our CTO, do some remote coding to chat code, come on-site and pair, meet the team, and meet a founder.




More details: https://gist.github.com/jpcody/f1187d6d0828d6620633f8f6a3b3d...

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Uken Games - http://uken.com | Full-time | ONSITE |Toronto

Uken is looking for talented developers to help us build amazing mobile games. In particular, we have positions available for:

Backend Developers

Help us scale our backend to enable a million concurrent players by creating the infrastructure and services (SOA) that underly all of our games. Primary tech is Rails and MySQL, but you'll be working with many more such as Docker, Redis, NSQ, websockets, Hadoop, Spark and InfluxDB.

Software Developers

Join one of our game teams to build something that millions of people will play and love. Primary tech is either Unity (C#) or Javascript (HTML5).

About Uken

We are one of the largest independent game studios in Canada, with hundreds of thousands of players a day across mobile and Facebook.

More info including full job postings at http://uken.com

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ZALORA is an online fashion retailer headquartered in Singapore with millions of customers and 1000+ employees throughout South East Asia. We're expanding our globally distributed DevOps team.

You will be using Nix/NixOS to glue together a stack of Go, Memcached, MySQL, PHP, Solr and more.

A coding test is the biggest deciding factor. After that we'll chat, call and optionally meet to sort out the details.

Apply at http://jobs.engineering.zalora.com/apply/lOd9Ir/Global-DevOp.... Other positions (frontend, backend, Android, iOS, to name a few) are also available at the same site.

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Fueled | Mobile Product Manager (Senior + Mid-Level) | Soho, NYC | Full Time

 -- Who We Are-- 
An award winning mobile app dev agency. www.fueled.com/about

--Where You Fit In--You understand what makes a compelling and innovative digital product. You know what a mobile device is capable of and how we can push it to its limits. Your role is to sit down with clients, understand their ideas, and then turn around, present and build an electrifying product. Youll come up with a solution right off the cuff because you know the capabilities of bleeding edge mobile technology.

--Benefits--Unlimited Vacation, The Coolest Office in Soho, Macbook Air, Performance Bonuses (10-13%), EquityThis job does not include coding.Apply Here: http://bit.ly/1UvMtuB

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Node.io | San Francisco | Senior Data Engineer | Full-Time

Backend Engineer | Senior Software Engineer | Data Scientist | Distributed Systems

We have an opening for a senior level engineer who is entrepreneurial and passionate about leveraging big data and search technologies (e.g Hadoop, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Web Crawling) to build out a unique product that will transform how businesses are able to analyze relationships between entities on the web to uncover new opportunities.

We're looking for fast learners who can get their hands dirty, quickly; who know when to duct tape and when to have 100% test coverage (think like a hacker, ship like a pro); who don't mind being wrong occasionally; and who are intrigued by the overall space we're in. You'd be a foundational member of the engineering team and have a significant opportunity to influence our culture and growth, as well as immense impact on the product itself.

We spent the last year and a half building out the platform and this year have been working with a select group of enterprise customers.

Below is a bit more on Node: At Node, we believe the future of the web isnt about search; its about proactive, personalized recommendations. Were a team of ex-Googlers re-organizing information on the web for the people that use it. Backed by Mark Cuban, NEA, Avalon Ventures and Canaan Partners, you can read more about the platform that aims to transform how business is done and drive the future of the contextual web.

Are you interested in hearing more? Looking forward to hearing from you. Email falon@node.io

Node CEO Article Published in TechCrunch:http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/18/the-future-of-the-web-is-al...

Mark Cuban discussing Node as a Game Changer on Bloomberg TV: www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2016-06-27/mark-cuban-on-node-this-is-a-game-changer

$7.5M funding round earlier this year:http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160613005131/en/Node...


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Doberman Design (http://dobermandesign.com) | NYC | Design Technologist Lead | Full-time | ONSITEAt Doberman NY, we are entrepreneurial, creative and motivated developers, producers and designers. We love solving design challenges with the unexpected and magical, sometimes even revolutionary. Over the years we have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture because we believe that fuels innovation, and our work-life balance is as evident as our focus on people.

We work with a broad range of technologies within full-stack development, continuous integration, hosting and system architecture. We like to start fresh. We don't iterate on the same products forever. Youll feel a sense of accomplishment when you deliver one project and tackle the next one.

In this role you will: - Lead development efforts for innovative digital products - Be empowered to choose the best technology for the job - Act as technical advisor to interesting and forward-thinking clients - Mentor other design techs and lead the growth and recruitment of the NY tech team - Provide input to help shape new business scopes and drive more opportunities - Lead and contribute to development of our open source projects - Participate in hack days and tech talks

We want you to have: - A broad understanding of different front end frameworks and libraries (such as BackboneJS, Angular, Ember, etc) as well as back end frameworks (e.g. Django, Ruby on Rails) and be able to apply them as appropriate - Experience with CSS, CSS frameworks (e.g. SCSS) and methodologies (e.g. BEM) - Be detailed oriented, especially visually as related to UI/UX - A passion for and curiosity about trends and developments in technology

Our perks include 25 days PTO, benefits package, 401K. 8 hour work day is expected, no regular overtime.Doberman is a leading design firm based in New York, Stockholm and at our think tank studio in Berlin. Awarded Swedens Best Employer (twice) and Swedens Service Innovator of the Year. Interested? Please send your resume and portfolio to work-nyc@dobermandesign.com.

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Yelp | San Francisco | Full Time | ONSITE

We are looking for awesome mobile engineers to help us create an amazing experience for millions of users! We have the following open roles:

Eat24 Android: https://www.yelp.com/careers/job-openings/cf5c94fa-b6b7-47b1...

Yelp Android Messaging:https://www.yelp.com/careers/job-openings/8e416322-ce68-40c1...

Yelp Core Android:https://www.yelp.com/careers/job-openings/7732ce3c-54f1-455d...

Yelp iOS Messaging: https://www.yelp.com/careers/job-openings/f5c7e9c3-4510-4754...

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Square is looking for more people to join our developer platform team (https://squareup.com/developers) in San Francisco.


* Front End Engineer (https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/96291400)

* iOS Engineer (https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/96175757

* Technical Writer (https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/96148491)

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Universal Avenue | Developer | full-time ONSITE | Stockholm

Are you excited by building React/Redux/Rails/Elixir apps? We are building a salesforce as a service and are looking to expand our team with a number of positions.

Email me at Daniel.werthen@universalavenue.com and I will tell you all about it!

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Stitch (Formerly known as RJMetrics) is hiring Software Engineers in Philadelphia, PA!

Stitch is a simple, powerful ETL service built for software developers. Stitch evolved out of RJMetrics, a widely used business intelligence platform. When RJMetrics was acquired by Magento in 2016, Stitch was launched as its own company.

Our backend services are written in Clojure and Java, and our frontend is written in CoffeeScript and AngularJS. We use MySQL and PostgreSQL to manage the state of our system. The entire system runs on Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, ELB, VPC, and more).

Experience with these technologies is not required, but is considered a plus.

Email: jobs@stitchdata.com with your resume and we'll be in touch!


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Looker | Full Stack Software Engineer | San Francisco Bay Area, CA | ONSITE

"Have I found tech paradise..." is a direct quote from a Glassdoor review for Looker. At the root of that sentiment are 3 things: 1) challenging and impactful Engineering problems that need solving, 2) a culture that is collaborative and supportive, in which everyone is at times both Teacher and Student, and 3) a ridiculously favorable financial position built on 15 straight quarters of goal attainment that resulted in a pre-emptive Series C, bringing our total investment raised to $98M.

Our stack: Ruby (JRuby) | Java | AngularJS | Flux | CoffeeScript | Sass

We should talk: roland [at] looker [dot] com | http://www.looker.com/

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FundApps | Infrastructure Engineer | London | Full-time, Onsite | https://www.fundapps.co

FundApps is a startup that helps investment managers comply with worldwide regulation.

We are looking for someone who knows how to build out, deploy and maintain multiple applications in different languages on AWS. Someone who can write code both for production apps and for tooling. You should have a mindset of automating all the things all the time.

Stack includes C# & .NET, Golang, AWS, Lambda, Terraform, Packer, Atlas, Consul, HAProxy, Sumologic, Sentry, TeamCity.

Apply here : https://fundapps.workable.com/jobs/22278

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Bound Round Pty Ltd | Sydney (Frenchs Forest), Australia | ONSITEHiring: Mid-level Software DeveloperCompensation: Up to 90k (package), DOE

At Bound Round, we help traveling families find, review and book tours, activities and excursions. Were a fast-growing, well-funded startup thats been doing this for over 4 years now, with no signs of slowing down.

Were looking for a full-stack Ruby on Rails / JavaScript developer to join our growing engineering team. The successful candidate will work alongside colleagues in a cross-functional team to solve our most difficult product challenges.

- Participate in all stages of the product lifecycle - planning, strategy, brainstorming, development- Be empowered to create change. Were always open to doing things better and your voice will be heard.- Help us scale as the company grows. Architecture, stability and scalability are important to us. Help us get it right.

The stack:Ruby on Rails 4.2x, PostgreSQL, AWS (S3 and CloudFront), Sidekiq / Redis, JavaScript & jQuery, Algolia Search, Hogan.js

Qualifications:- 2+ years shipping web applications to production- Familiarity with Ruby on Rails- Solid JavaScript skills (bonus points for Angular.js)- HTML5/CSS3- Experience with integrating and consuming third-party APIs- Ability to communicate effectively- Experience with TDD/BDD- Ability to write elegant, readable code- Attention to software development fundamentals

Contact me, Donovan, at donovan@boundround.com with a resume and cover letter if interested!

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Blockai | San Francisco, CA | Computer Vision/Machine Learning and Frontend Engineers - https://blockai.com

Blockai wants to answer for every file on the web (and beyond): "Who's the author? Who owns the copyright?". We work on challenging problems in a multidisciplinary environment: blockchain tech, search & indexing, web crawling, machine learning, etc. Were a small team, work closely together, and try to help each other do our best work.

* CV/ML Engineer (greenfield project!)

We're looking for a talented and passionate computer vision engineer who can research, develop, and maintain CV/ML technologies. You'd be designing and implementing a system that can efficiently index and search billions of images for visual similarity. You'd be given free reign on system architecture and your choice of technologies.

* Frontend Engineer

Youd be working on our website built on React.js. We have a fast, collaborative approach to web development and youll get to work with the latest tools on a great stack.

Current tech stack: Babel + ES6 Javascript, React + Redux, universal/isomorphic rendering, Webpack, ESLint, etc.

You will get to contribute to our backend (written in Node.js), and generally youll help with anything that lets us create a great user experience.

Drop me an email (oli@blockai.com) and mention HN! - Oli, CTO & Co-Founder, Blockai

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Amazon Web Services - Simple Storage Service (S3) | Software Engineers | Seattle, WA (ONSITE)

* Senior Software Development Engineer, S3: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/389223

* Software Development Engineer, S3: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/389224

You can also email me your resume - wantony [AT] amazon.com

(For internships, please apply here: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/team/university-tech)

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CopsForHire - copsforhire.com | Fullstack | Full-time | Olympia, WA | ONSITE

Product: On-line marketplace for off-duty employment of commissioned law enforcement

Why: This is a highly fragmented, complex, decentralized, completely manual, jurisdictional regulated marketplace that is in need of a great solution

$1M Seed, current $1-2M Series A1, weeks away from first revenue

Stack: Javascript (Babel) | React | Node | GCE/GKE | MySQL

Culture: Highly collaborative team, with expectations of personal responsibility and initiative. Our 12 person team is dynamic and diverse (youd be the 4th engineer)

Interview: 30 minutes phone w/ CTO, 30 minutes phone w/ Lead. Onsite half to full day. Follow-up if needed.

== Founders ==

David Bluhm

 - 7 acquisitions Medio / Z2 / WorldVoice / The Gift / GoTV / WUF / Mammoth - 2 IPOs - Digital Systems International (now Avaya) & Realtor.com
Andrew Finley

 - 18-year Law Enforcement veteran 
== Contact ==


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http://www.worldreader.org | Full stack node.js developer | San Francisco | Onsite | Full-time

Worldreader is a non-profit on a mission to bring digital books to every child and her family, so that they can improve their lives. Every month over half a million people use Worldreaders library of 40,000 e-books to read in 40 languages in countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, India and Philippines.

You will join our small technical team in San Francisco in an office that is fun but very serious about our mission. We are located a short distance from the Civic Center BART station.

We are looking for a senior node.js developer to help design our next generation architecture, migrate to a more unified architecture as well as develop some of the new critical pieces.


Hiring Process

* Submit email a resume with a cover letter

* Short introductory phone call with HR

* Complete a take-home assignment. You can convince us to look at a Github project you created instead.

* Conduct a 30-60 minutes phone interview covering your project.

* Conduct a 2-3 hours in person interview in S.F. and a Skype call with our team in Barcelona

* We check your references.

* We make you an offer.

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Curoverse | Boston, MA | preferred on site, remote possible | full time

Open source startup developing the GPL Arvados (http://arvados.org) (https://github.com/curoverse/arvados) platform for massive scale storage and processing of biomedical big data.

Hiring process: phone screen, coding assignment, in-person interviews with the team

https://curoverse.com/about | https://curoverse.com/jobs

---- Senior Software Developer (Golang) ----Seeking experienced software developers to join our team. We are polyglot programmers who like hacking on distributed systems and learning new things. You'll be working mostly in Go and Python.

---- Python-Enabled Bioinformatician ----Build Common Workflow Language (CWL) analysis pipelines for Arvados using common tools (bwa, bowtie, freebayes, gatk, picard, etc) and your own scripts. Document them for other people to learn from.

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Channable - https://www.channable.com | Utrecht, The Netherlands | ONSITE

Two open positions: Backend Engineer and a DevOps Engineer

Product: We connect online shops to all big online marketing channels (marketplaces, price comparison sites etc.) and optimize and synchronize their data.

Stack: Python (Flask), Scala (Apache Spark), PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, Ember.js

Interview: Phone call w/ myself [1hr] >> In-person [1-2hrs]

See https://www.channable.com/jobs/ for a detailed job description.

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=== Company ===Grand Rounds - Data Driven Healthcare - $120M raisedSan Francisco(SOMA)

Voted 2nd best company to work for(small to medium) by Glassdoor.Former secretary of health and human services Kathleen Sebelius on the board.

=== Opportunity ===6% of patients account for 60% of health care costs. We use data driven clinical platform to find the right patients, intervene at the right time and connect them with the best careGrand Rounds has access to massive amounts of rich health data and is uniquely positioned between patients, employers, doctors and health institutions to make a measurably better impact on the US healthcare.

=== Role ===Looking for: Data Platform Engineers, Principals and Architect.Full-time. ONSITE

Doubling newly formed data platform team of 7 engineers. We build:- Pipelines that ingest massive sets of claims, quality, cost, health data and house them in canonical data forms and compute insights (Kinesis, EMR, Spark)- Warehouse data intelligently and visualize- APIs- Data models and training- Data security, entity resolution and deidentification- Power lots of interesting products and insights- Save lives, limbs and more

We have just started building and need people to help us envision, architect and build a world class health care that changes healthcare in a way never done before!

Apply here: https://www.grandrounds.com/life-at-grand-rounds/or message me Bashir grandrounds

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Staffjoy | https://www.staffjoy.com | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Staffjoy is solving the most interesting problems in workforce management. We help businesses to create and share schedules with hourly workers. To do this, we have built complex workflows into web applications for both managers and workers. We were apart of the first YC Fellowship class last Fall, and now we are a 4-person team based in Fisherman's Wharf. We just opened up a position for a scrappy, self-starting marketing professional to build our brand equity from the ground up.

Our tech stack is primarily Go, React/Redux, Kubernetes, Bazel, and some Python. We ship quickly and often - see what we have been releasing at https://blog.staffjoy.com

We're currently hiring:

* Marketing Manager * Dev-ops Engineer* Front-End Engineering Lead* Full-stack Engineer

Apply at https://www.staffjoy.com/careers/

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Glowforge (http://www.glowforge.com)

Seattle, WA (onsite) / Full-time / hiring full-stack web software engineers, senior electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, UI/UX designers and more...

We're building a low-cost CNC laser cutter/engraver that can create beautiful products in wood, leather, paper, food, and more. We are a fifth the cost of comparable products because we've offloaded much of the functionality to software. Our cloud backend that does motion planning and machine vision to make it dead simple to use. Push a button, out come flat-pack wallets, lamps, board games, and anything else you can dream up.

We're up in Seattle, just closed a $22M Series B from Brad Feld and True Ventures, and have ~36 employees. The three founders have manufactured hardware, sold companies, graduated YC, and built profitable businesses. Check out this article about us: https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/01/glowforge-raises-22-millio...

To learn more, check us out at glowforge.com/careers!

PS: We'd love to talk to anyone, and especially want to encourage women and underrepresented minorities to apply.

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Addepar | New York, NY, Mountain View, CA; Full time; VISA; ONSITE only

Addepar is a fast growing startup trying to overhaul the data infrastructure of finance for openness and transparency. Engineering is at the core of Addepar's culture and we are looking to add the best, brightest, and most passionate software engineers to our teams. If you are excited about doing the best work of your career in web development, distributed systems, analytics, data, automation, or infrastructure, we want to talk to you!

Contact us at: https://www.addepar.com/careers/ OR email careers [at] addepar [dot] com to learn more.

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KPCB Edge (Seed initiative at Kleiner Perkins) | Designer | San Francisco, CA | Temporary (7-9 months) | Onsite

Hey HN!

We're KPCB Edge, Kleiner Perkins' seed-stage initiative, and we're looking for a designer to join us for 9 months in our San Francisco office. The role would be a great opportunity to work on some projects with us and figure out what your next move might be, whether that's starting a company, joining a company, or something else entirely. There's a bit more info up here: https://www.kpcbedge.com/roles

To tell you more about us, we spend half our time investing and half our time building products to try to solve common problems faced by the founders we're investing in (happy to explain this further directly). Everyone in the partnership is technical, and we ship code for the aforementioned products ourselves. More about our current team here: https://www.kpcbedge.com/team and our portfolio: https://www.kpcbedge.com/portfolio (includes 3 YC companies)

Reach out to ruby@kpcbedge.com if interested!

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Cruise Automation | San Francisco | VISA | ONSITE

We're looking for engineers help us build self driving cars. We love solving hard problems, and test our cars daily on the streets of San Francisco and Arizona.

We have many roles on our website, but here are two that we are currently most interested in:

* Experienced C++ engineers to work on tracking and planning algorithms.

* Full-stack or backend engineers (Python / Node.js) to work on data pipelines, fleet management APIs, and internal tooling.

If you want to reach out and talk about the type of work we do, my email is in my profile.


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Synthego | Biotech | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE FULL-TIME

We are a 39 people Biotech startup building the worlds first fully automated cloud-enabled molecular biology lab. The vision is to bring automation to Genome CRISPR Engineering, enabling scientists to run their own fully-automated lab at low cost, performing millions of controlled, repeatable experiments per day without human error.

OPEN POSITIONSSenior Full Stack Engineer | Python, Django, JavaScript, Angular, MongoDB, PostgresSenior Software Hardware Engineer | Python, Linux Command Line, LTI, Experiment DesignSenior Mechanical Design Engineer | SolidWorks, Industrial Automation, Liquid Handling, Rapid Prototyping

REQUIREMENTS & PERKS Ability to own 100% of your projects and be very hands-onBuild the tools and systems to enable industrial-scale molecular biology research Onsite Machine Shop for fast-turnaround prototyping Founders are engineers from SpaceX Very generous Equity/Stock Options *Work with a group of highly talented, driven and exceptional humans

Email us!! Victoria@synthego.comhttp://www.synthego.com/careers/

Sorry, we dont sponsor work visa, offer relocation, or are looking for Junior Engineer or Interns (next year!)

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Yoi | Los Angeles, CA or Atlanta, GA | Onsite, Full-time | www.yoicorp.com

About Us:

Based in Santa Monica, California, Yoi (the Japanese term for 'getting better') is developing mobile digital tools and best practices that enable line HR managers to get the most out of their talent pool. From onboarding to integration/engagement, Yoi is reinventing the notion of HR systems directly for the line manager and are highly focused on their daily talent management needs. Yoi's tools are designed to be mobile, always available, and specific to job function and serve these managers day-to-day needs.

About You:

Aggressive, smart, inventive and seeking to help build a great company that dominates its segmentValues honesty, integrity and self-awarenessEntrepreneurially minded, enjoys a fast paced, dynamic start-up environmentSelf directed, strong time management, confident decision making and sharp organizational skillsPassionate about life, loves creative thinking, enjoys working with no-nonsense team members


3+ years experience developing web applications in Python. Django experience preferred

Experience building REST APIsSolid understanding of object-oriented programmingExperience with relational databases (MySQL, Postgres, etc)Experience with front-end Web technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, and modern CSSBachelor's degree in Computer Science, related field or equivalent experience

Email me: pevans@yoicorp.com

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Mindflash | Palo Alto, CA | Full-Time | Remote or Onsite | US Citizen or Green Card only

We are a small edtech company (~30 people) by El Camino & Page Mill Road in Palo Alto looking to ramp up our engineering team by up to 5 solid mid-level/senior full-stack engineers.

Our company has been around since 1999, and remained small while only having ever raised a seed & Series A round with a single investor. Our product is a learning management system (LMS), which allows our clients to educate their users. It was recently ranked #4 in Fortune's most flexible workplaces[1], and I have the pleasure of saying that this is the best company I have worked at thus far due to the combination of excellent management/executives, and tremendous work-life balance enjoyed by all, as well as ample opportunity to move technology forward. In addition, we have better gender balance at the company than most in the area, including in engineering - we strive to be inclusive, although primarily we just want people who are awesome to work with, including being considerate to others.

We have a smart & burgeoning engineering group that is working on some interesting problems. Our tech stack includes Node.js (v4), Angular 1 & 2, MySQL, Elasticsearch, & Jenkins, as well as Selenium with Java 8 on the QA automation side. There is a lot of opportunity across the stack to touch many different areas to make improvements. We are open to trying different technologies as well, and have a culture of writing tests for our code. We strike a great balance of keeping product quality high while creating the ability to address technical debt, and get raving reviews from our clients for ease of use.

We are willing to relocate able candidates, or allow working remote if the candidate is willing to work roughly standard Pacific time working hours (9 am - 5 pm PT).

Our interview process generally involves no whiteboarding or live coding, and instead focuses on experience & ability to design software while working on a team.

Please contact me at wesley.cho(at)mindflash.com if interested in more details - no recruiters please, I will not respond.

[1] http://fortune.com/best-workplaces-flexibility/

guptaneil 1 ago 0 replies      
Instructure | Chicago, Salt Lake City, Seattle, REMOTE, VISA

Build open-source software to help people learn! We make tools for schools and businesses that delight our users and make their lives easier, while helping them learn faster.

You can check out https://github.com/instructure to play with our primary product, Canvas, or some of our tooling and frameworks.

We're headquartered in Salt Lake City but have engineering offices in Chicago and Seattle and allow remote work from home (a significant portion of our company is remotely distributed, so we're very remote-friendly).

We're hiring for the following positions:

 - Senior software engineer (can be remote) - Android engineer (must be onsite initially) - QA engineers (must be onsite initially)
Our primary stack is Rails & React, but we're not afraid to try new things. We have an engineering-driven culture with quarterly hack weeks, internal tech conferences, millions of users who love us (search twitter or instagram for #instructurecon ;) and use our products daily, and challenging engineering problems. Oh, and the benefits are amazing too!

I'm an engineer at Instructure, and genuinely love the culture and people here. I would highly recommend it!

Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/instructure?lever-via=NiHimSaI8r

Feel free to reach out to me at neil(at)instructure(dot)com with any questions.

laurenallanson 1 ago 0 replies      
Greenhouse Software | NYC | Onsite/Full time

Greenhouse builds software that helps companies be great at hiring and onboarding.

Founded in 2012, we have grown to more than 200 employees and have more than 1500 customers, some of which are the best known tech brands.

People love working here. Need proof? We are Best Places to Work winners on both coasts and have a 5-star rating on Glassdoor. And we're hiring!

Here's a glimpse at who we want to hire:

* Security Engineer: you'll manage our security program and use tools like Burp, Kali, and Metasploit to hack new features before they go to prod and make our SDLC more secure

* Senior Site Reliability Engineer: help implement features that support our in-house development platform. Our stack includes Ruby on Rails, Memcache, Redis, PostgreSQL, HAProxy and nginx, all running on AWS, and we're using the latest distributed systems tools like Consul, Docker and Mesos

* Senior Full Stack Engineers & Full Stack Engineers: develop "secret sauce" features in Ruby on Rails & Javascript, build and deploy globally distributed systems, design and implement a unified API, and build our mobile experiences

* Software Engineer: help rebuild our API ecosystem and work on high-impact tools & services in Ruby

Learn more about Greenhouse and our amazing team here http://www.greenhouse.io/careers

cwhiten 1 ago 0 replies      
Solink - Ottawa, ON, Canada (ONSITE)


Front-End/Full-Stack Developer - Send resumes/questions to: cwhiten@solinkcorp.com

About us:

Were changing the way the security industry uses surveillance video.

Solink empowers brick and mortar businesses to use data to reinvent their entire operations. What differentiates us from other data-analytics software companies is that weve successfully made surveillance video a source of insight. We focus on security applications that combat fraud proactively.


- Front-end: Javascript(React, Angular, D3), CSS (SASS), HTML

- Backend: Node.js, C#, Postgres, Elasticsearch, AWS

elliottcarlson 1 ago 0 replies      
General Assembly (http://generalassemb.ly) | New York, NY | NYC ONSITE + US/UK REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime

General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Singapore, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne and Washington DC.. We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration. We have small, cross-functional product teams that are developing innovative new solutions to online education, and currently we have various open positions across the engineering organization that we are looking to fill. If you want to be part of a diverse team, working on challenging tasks, and want to help the world expand their knowledge to better themselves and their careers via education, drop us a line. If you're in New York City, let's grab a drink or a coffee and chat!

- Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure (https://boards.greenhouse.io/generalassembly/jobs/29901#.V8h...)

- Data Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/generalassembly/jobs/50830#.V8h...)

- Operations Data Analyst (https://boards.greenhouse.io/generalassembly/jobs/264266#.V8...)

See our full list of open positions ranging from engineering, to design, to teaching opportunities at https://generalassemb.ly/careers. Please feel free to contact me directly with your resume or any questions at elliott . carlson - at - generalassemb.ly

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StackSource | New York, NY / NYC | Software Engineer | ONSITE

We're an early stage start-up that was founded in December 2015. We have 3 employees (all full time), 1 engineer. We are looking to expand our engineering team to add 2 new employees in the short term with ambitions to build a larger tech company in the long term. We are currently going through the Techstars/Barclays accelerator. If this sounds exciting to you, please contact me at nathan@stacksource.com.

Our platform helps commercial real estate owners, developers, and capital advisors manage their capital formation activities -- finding sources of capital, fielding offers, negotiating intelligently, and closing through a UI.

Our stack is JavaScript (ECMAScript 2017+), React, Redux, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Protocol Buffers, Immutable.js. We use a custom dialect of JavaScript which incorporates planned future features of the language as well as some custom, test-bed changes.

Our founders come from Google and Facebook.


Minimum Qualifications

- A passion for good engineering and desire to solve large, systemic problems in novel and innovative ways.

- Experience in one or more programming language, including but not limited to: JavaScript, Java, Python, C/C++, C#, Objective C, or Go.

- Experience with web technologies.

- Self sufficient, able to manage individual priorities.

- Knowledge of computer science fundamentals, such as: Object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, asynchronous control flow mechanisms (callbacks, event handlers, promises), server architecture, etc.

Preferred Qualifications

- BS or MS in Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent experience.

- Expertise in JavaScript and web application development.

- Experience working with Unix/Linux environments.

- Deep understanding of web architecture.

- Interest and ability to learn new programming languages and tools.

Contact nathan@stacksource.com to apply.

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Occipital (http://www.occipital.com) | Boulder, CO, San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full-time | iOS Engineer, Supply Chain Manager, Computer Vision Engineer

At Occipital, were working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well.


prattl 1 ago 0 replies      
Hire an Esquire | Pittsburgh, PA | ONSITE | Full-stack & front-end developer positions

Hire an Esquire is a Legal Labor Marketplace / SaaS trying to transform legal freelance, hiring and recruiting by automating a process which is overdue for an overhaul. We're a lean, energetic startup team with offices in NYC, Pittsburgh and San Francisco and we're building out our engineering team by recruiting strong full-stack and front-end developers. We're rewriting core user features to improve usability and automation. We're moving from server-rendered templates to a React + Redux single-page application. Were building out our API. Were re-designing and re-architecting important parts of the system for the future and for flexibility.

Our current stack:

 * React.js + Redux / ES6 * Django 1.9 / Python * PostgreSQL * AWS
Apply here (and be sure to mention HN): https://hireanesquire.com/careers/

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Octopus Energy | London, UK | On-site | Full-time

We are a tech-focussed energy supplier for the UK market and we're looking for diligent software engineers (especially with Python experience) to join us.

We're building a modern, event-driven infrastructure for interacting with both consumers (via the web, mobile and smart-meters) and the industry (eg data flows, consumption forecasting, trading on the wholesale market).

On the server-side, we mainly use Python. Our public site is powered by Django and the Django-REST-framework - we also use Pandas, Numpy and Jupyter for analysis and forecasting.

We use AWS heavily, employing most of the "Hashistack" (eg Packer, Consul, Terraform, Atlas) as part of a continuous deployment pipeline. See, for example, http://tech.octopus.energy/2016/05/05/django-elb-health-chec...

Client-side, we use React and SASS; our mobile apps are built using React Native.

Engineering standards are high. All code is well tested and thoroughly reviewed.

This is a great opportunity for several reasons:

* We have lots of difficult design challenges to solve. The UK energy market is complicated, dated and process-heavy - there's an awful lot of domain modelling that we need to get right.

* We have difficult technical problems to solve. With the advent of smart meters, we'll soon be processing millions of meter readings a day. We need the right technology in place to handle this smoothly as well as feeding data into a machine learning pipeline that models and predicts consumption.

* There's a great opportunity for disruption in the UK energy market. The big suppliers still dominate, but are not exactly popular. The energy landscape is changing as we move to more disaggregated forms of generation, with less predictability, more dynamism and smarter technology.

* You'll be working for a company that is helping to tackle climate change. We'll be helping move people onto using greener technology and consuming energy from renewable sources. This will all help transition the UK towards a lower carbon future.

Apply via talent@octopus.energy

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Lighthouse (500 B18) | https://getlighthouse.com | Senior Front End Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Onsite

Employees quit managers, not companies. If you've ever worked at a dysfunctional, hyper-growth startup, or a big company wrecked by politics, you've experienced how bad management can make work miserable. Its crazy managers arent given more help. We're changing that by helping with the fundamentals of good management through software.

We are currently in 500 Startups Batch 18 and have hundreds of paying customers. Youre a fit for this role if you:

 - Enjoy working on a small team - Are excited about implementing a modern front end framework of your choice - Interested in taking lead on writing a style guide - Passionate about building great user experiences
Our current stack currently includes: Ruby/Rails, Capistrano, HTML/Sass, Bootstrap, jQuery, Postgres, Redis

* Interested? Email jay@getlighthouse.com mentioning Hacker News in the subject line. Please, no recent code school grads.


noordzij 1 ago 0 replies      
Spindle | Groningen | Netherlands | Onsite

What started out with one man crazy enough to think that calling over the internet would have a future, is now an ever-growing company with developers, engineers, designers and marketeers who work side-by-side on products that spark conversations. Located in one of the places in Europe with the highest quality of living: the cosy student town Groningen.


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Codeship | Boston | Full-time | REMOTE | Software Engineering and Customer Success

Codeship is a hosted continuous integration and delivery service. Our mission is to accelerate software development teams. Our stack is a Rails/Postgres/Redis webapp and a Golang microservice and Docker-based elastic build infrastructure.


Codeship is hiring Software Engineers (back end + front end) and Customer Success Engineers: https://codeship.com/jobs

We have a remote-first culture and will consider applicants in Boston or who are remote with a successful track record contributing to a team remotely.

Send us your info via the link above (preferred) or email jobs[at]codeship[dot]com

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ScriptDash Pharmacy - San Francisco - Onsite - Full Time - https://www.scriptdash.com

Were a pharmacy startup based in San Francisco building an technology platform that helps bridge the gap between doctors, insurance companies and patients. Were building a new pharmacy management software and clinical tools for doctors. We want to work with coworkers who have as much empathy, and drive as we do.

We're hiring for

- Software engineers (https://scriptdash.com/careers/software_engineer)

- Sales (https://scriptdash.com/careers/account_executive)

- Patient Care (https://scriptdash.com/careers/patient_care_operations)

Apply at https://scriptdash.com/careers or email careers [at] scriptdash.com to learn more.

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Shopkick | Redwood City CA, Seattle, Toronto | iOS, Android and Server Engineers | On-Site Full-Time | INTERN VISA

We're a well-funded post-acquisition startup providing a mobile app to millions of brick and mortarshoppers. Our app helps shoppers save money and discover products, and helps brands and retailersreach shoppers.

Our main office is in Redwood City, between Palo Alto and San Francisco, right next to the train station.We're in a downtown area with lots of coffee and restaurants.

We're looking for iOS, Android, Server and Data engineers.

Our interview process is a phone screen with an engineer anda day of on-site interviews. I think we generally prioritize intelligence,culture fit, and communication ability over domain specific knowledge; however we obviously expecta senior Android dev to know a lot about Android. If you're experienced, expect a deep discussion about something on your resume.

Server Technologies: Python, Pylons, Thrift, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, Redis. For Data: Hadoop, Scala, Spark, Vertica

Ping us at jobs@shopkick.com if you're interested.

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TribalScale | Toronto, Canada | Full time | Onsite | http://www.tribalscale.com/

TribalScale is a mobile first company that specializes in connected devices and the Internet of Things. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, TribalScale is a rapidly growing Product Development firm that aims to collide the physical and digital worlds. Our team members have a history of partnering with some of the worlds most premium brands, helping to shepherd businesses into the connected age. We are growing extremely fast and looking for talented software engineers to support that growth.

Some of the platforms and environments that we have worked on and will be working on are: Mobile apps & Web Services (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry), Connected Cars (CarPlay, Android Auto), Smartwatches, Google Glass & Other Wearables, Connected Home,Smart TVs, Beacon solutions

We're hiring for many roles including:

- Software engineers

- Junior QA

- Designers

Please apply here https://tribalscale.workable.com or email tlui [at] tribalscale.com if youre interested in learning more.

Hackathon1 1 ago 0 replies      
Blue Owl, LLC | www.BlueOwl.xyz | San Francisco | Multiple Positions

Blue Owl is a Bay Area stealth startup currently crafting a new future for the insurance industry utilizing the latest data science techniques and mobile technology. We are the first auto insurance provider on the planet whose purpose is to prevent auto accidents before they happen.

Senior Front End EngineersSenior Go EngineersSenior iOS DevelopersSenior Android DevelopersSenior Data Scientists Senior Data EngineersDirector of Cloud SecuritySenior Test Automation Engineer Senior DBASenior PM

Actually save people's lives with your codeBuild a website from scratch that will be viewed by millionsWork at a start up with the financial backing of a Fortune 500 corporationMake a salary superior to your friends at FB and Google (which never hurts)Have your own office on the 30th floor with a panoramic view of the bayBe recognized for the tools you create in the open source communityBe treated like an adult and be given a ton of freedom and flexibilityFree food! Free snacks and beverages. Free catered lunch delivered daily.

If this all sounds like a match for you and what you're up to, please email me at Joel@BlueOwl.xyz. Id love to hear from you!

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Equidate | San Francisco, CA or REMOTE, INTERNS VISA | Multiple roles | https://www.equidateinc.com/

Equidate is the leading secondary marketplace for private companies. We help employees at private companies get liquidity for a portion of their stock, and over the last two years we've worked with shareholders from many of the largest pre-IPO tech companies. We currently give shareholders across all companies millions of dollars of liquidity a month via our marketplace.

Equidate was founded by Y Combinator alumni and has raised money from top investors including Scott Banister, Charlie Cheever, Tikhon Bernstam, and others. The founding team has strong backgrounds in product, engineering, and legal and have previously sold multiple companies. The team includes two of SecondMarket's founding team members, as well as the former CEO of NASDAQ Dubai.

See our current team at https://www.equidateinc.com/about

Roles we're hiring for: VP Engineering, Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer (Software Engineer), Engineering Intern

Email talent@equidateinc.com

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Revinate | Tacoma, WA // San Francisco, CA // Manhattan, KS // US-based Remote | Linux Infrastructure Engineer | Full-time

Were looking for an Infrastructure Engineer to help manage and expand infrastructure that supports our front-end SaaS application and our back end data collection and processing. Our infrastructure is built upon cutting edge technology and we use Kubernetes, CoreOS, and Docker to run most of our applications and services.

We aim to build a well-rounded team and were looking for a someone with Linux systems background, who happens to also have deep TCP/IP and network engineering knowledge. We run on a large cluster of private baremetal servers running CoreOS and were looking for an engineer to round out our team with the skills required to move this environment into a co-location facility.

We're designing our infrastructure to require a bare minimum of operational maintenance. We aim to completely automate the traditional sysadmin tasks of hardware provisioning, software deployment, cluster management, and network configuration. While we don't expect you to have experience with every technology in our stack, we need you to be curious, motivated, and have a proven history of investigating and deploying cutting edge tech.

Interested? Please reach out to me by applying here: https://www.revinate.com/company/jobs/?gh_jid=264788

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Kiddom | San Francisco CA | ONSITE | Sr. Front End Engineer, iOS Engineer, Backend Engineer, Growth Engineer

I am the founder/CEO at Kiddom, an education technology company making software for K-12; building a system that integrates all content curriculum, data and analytics into one coherent system for educators/students/parents/administrators; our products are data heavy and our vision to connect disparate software to understand student achievement at its core using ML and personalization techniques. We recently raised a Series A round from a top tier VC firm in the valley (unannounced) and are growing our team.Stack: Golang, JS, React, Swift, Objective-C, AWS

Sr. Front End Engineer: 5+ years of experience building and maintaining apps; experience with React a plus but not required iOS Engineer: 3+ years of experience, developing and maintaining apps a must Platform Engineer: 5+ years of experience; experience with Golang a plus but not requiredWe have other openings as well: https://jobs.lever.co/kiddom

Our interview process is tiered from a phone screen, to video calls with team leads, to meeting the rest of the core team in person at our office in SF.

We're fun and dynamic, early and motivated to bring real change to the lives of teachers, their students and the future of education in classrooms across the world. We believe in a combination of salary and equity to provide the best fit according to each individual's needs and are open to discussing terms.Please send your resume's and inquiries to: hiring@kiddom.co and let me know what position you are applying; plus add a resume or a LinkedIn profile I can review

getsec 1 ago 0 replies      
Depth Security | Kansas City, MO | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

We are looking for Pentesters! Have fun breaking things and then help fix them. Work with smart people in a smaller security shop (no project managers or suits!). While we are currently looking for web app testers, Depth conducts a wide range of assessments that you will be able to rotate in on or work with someone experienced to learn new things. One of my personal favorite things is being able to learn from the guys that focus on mobile and internal pens, you can grow your skillset and career here!

Interview Process: We just want to talk shop!

Looking to switch into Security?

We talk to quite a few candidates that are looking into a career in infosec and it makes us happy to see the growing interest in the field. The best thing you can do prior to making the switch is get hacking! Play CTFs, build a home pentest lab, turn in bug bounties, or get yourself a certification that means something. (Hint: Not one of those multiple choice exams! Check out the OSCP or WAPTX) Learning opportunities in penetration testing have never been more accessible, with plenty of sites offering courses for free. While penetration testing is a continuous learning experience with new attacks and techniques coming out daily, we look for candidates that have taken steps to start learning on their own.


* Performance bonuses

* 100% company-paid insurance premiums (individual and family)

* 401k

* Low-deductible medical insurance

* Dental and Vision insurance

* Generous research hardware/software budget

* Relocation assistance available

* Lunches paid for by company (employee's choice of restaurant)

Email: rpreston (at) depthsecurity.com with your resume and we can set something up.We are passionate about security and hope you are too!

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Gin Lane is a collective of creative technologists working on creating consumer experiences of the future. We're looking for a frontend-inclined Senior Javascript Engineer to work with us on building out engaging interfaces and future tech.

If you're working with any combination of React, Aphrodite/Fela/Radium, JS/CSS Animations, Relay/Falcor, ClojureScript or Elm let's talk!

Email : tech-jobs@ginlane.com

philips 1 ago 0 replies      
CoreOS | San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Berlin, Germany | Full-time | On-site

CoreOS is building technologies to bring Google's Infrastructure to Everyone Else. Work with container technologies like AngularJS, Kubernetes, Docker images, rkt container engine, CoreOS Linux, and etcd consensus database.

Remote is an option for open source work; but experience working in distributed teams is required.


curbside 1 ago 0 replies      
Take a stab at our little challenge and ensure your CV gets reviewed by our team: curl http://challenge.shopcurbside.comCurbside is enabling a new way to shop, built for the era of instant mobile commerce. The Curbside app makes it easy to find, buy and pickup products at nearby stores. Curbside searches realtime local inventory across retailers and uses location-based technologies to alert stores when a customer is arriving for a pickup. Curbside helps consumers quickly get what they need and helps retailers better serve their increasingly mobile centric customers. The Curbside Merchant Console enables alerts to staff as customers arrive to pick up orders and also manages online order workflow.

Curbsides investors include Sutter Hill Ventures, Index Ventures, Jerry Yangs AME Cloud Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Eric Schmidts Innovation Endeavors, OReilly AlphaTech Ventures, Gil Elbaz & David Waxmans TenOneTen and Chicago Ventures.

Tech Stack: Clojure, Python, Javascript, iOS, Android, Elasticsearch

Problem space: mobile commerce, big data, search, machine learning, reverse engineering, distributed systems, location services, user experience.

http://www.shopcurbside.com/jobs Palo Alto, Ca. Relocation Available Sorry at this time we cannot sponsor NEW H-1Bs, but we can transfer existing visas and sponsor new E3s, TNs, and O-1s.

jonrkarr 1 ago 0 replies      
Karr Lab (http://www.karrlab.org) @ Mount Sinai Medical School | New York, NY 10029 | Full-Time | ONSITE

The Karr Lab at the Institute for Genomics & Multiscale Biology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is seeking talented, ambitious engineers to develop technology for building, simulating, and applying cutting-edge whole-cell computational models of individual cells.

We are developing whole-cell computational models which comprehensively predict how behavior emerges from the molecular level by representing all of the biochemical activity inside cells. Our goal is to use whole-cell models to transform bioengineering and medicine into rigorous, quantitative disciplines. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, involving systems biology, genomics, bioinformatics, data integration, parallel simulation, optimization, software engineering, and data visualization, and highly team-oriented.

We are looking for software engineers to develop several technologies, including a domain-specific language for describing whole-cell models, a parallel multi-algorithmic simulator, scalable tools for visualizing and analyzing high-dimensional simulation results, and tools for handling personal `omics data.

More information: http://www.karrlab.org/join or Jonathan Karr (karr@mssm.edu)

How to apply: Send a cover letter and a CV to Jonathan Karr (karr@mssm.edu)

somberi 1 ago 2 replies      
Bangalore, India. Many Positions. Full time.

Some of you might have followed my posts over the last year, and some have asked why I held back on the name of the company.

It is JioMoney, and we are live now.

We launched last week and are the top trending app in the Finance section in play store.

The problem scope is large, complex and fascinating problem to crack. The potential to bring banking to 600 million un/underbanked Indians is what excited me to work on this.

We are looking to hire a good core team of full time math, physics and CS majors, UI UX and product managers, who will work of Bangalore, India.

We are open to hiring people from around the world but they will need to work out of Bangalore.

Looking for full time and in exceptional cases, consultants, welcome.

We also have our payment network baked into banks and mass transit.

In the past I have built both fast-data and big-data companies and have a few patents in this space.

If you are interested, please email me at google's email service - takenottie.

zpallin 1 ago 0 replies      
Outward Inc (outwardinc.com) | Infrastructure Developer | ON-SITE | Experienced-based startup level salary + equity | Downtown San Jose, California

= Summary =

We're looking for someone who can develop software, distributed systems, networks, and deployment pipelines.Someone who is experienced with "DevOps", "SysOps", "SRE", and "CI" and is an excellent troubleshooter. Our team, the Infrastructure Team, manages the health of our various distributed systems, including a render farm and internal web services. Outward is about to scale rapidly, so now is the time to jump on board.

= Requirements =

Tools you should be familiar with: Chef, Vagrant, Virtualbox, Docker, Sensu, Logstash, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis.Programming languages we use: Ruby, Python, Javascript, Rust, C#, Bash, Batch.Our team is using Git. Some teams use Mercurial here.We use Ubuntu and Windows together, and often. Knowing both is a plus, but learning on the job is okay for one or the other (not both).5+ years experience expected. Ideally includes a CS degree.Your passion, diligence and ability is most integral to earning this position.

= Apply =

Please send me an email with your resume (zpallin@outwardinc.com).

nsrivast 1 ago 0 replies      
Twine Labs | http://twinelabs.com | Philadelphia or REMOTE | INTERNS

Twine builds software that helps companies connect the right employees. We create internal mobility and mentorship programs to improve retention of top talent. Powering our software is a predictive engine for successful professional relationships.

We're a bootstrapped HR analytics startup, early but with revenue. We're hiring for two roles for this fall (part-time or internship):

== Data Scientist ==

We have access to unique data sets on people and how they interact inside organizations. Youll be responsible for exploring this data for insights, working with (and helping to build) an analytics framework that evaluates our matching algorithms. We use Python and R.

== Front-End Engineer ==

Youll design and build components of our web application, including improvements to our admin analytics dashboard. We use Django and D3.js.

Email us at team@twinelabs.com with a brief (1 paragraph) description of your interest.

heakins 1 ago 0 replies      
Amazon Lab126 (lab126.com) | Sunnyvale, CA | Software Developer, Concept Engineering (ONSITE)

Amazon Lab126 is an inventive research and development company that designs and engineers high-profile consumer electronics. Lab126 began in 2004 as a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc., originally creating the best-selling Kindle family of products. Since then, we have produced groundbreaking devices like Fire tablets, Fire TV and Amazon Echo. What will you help us create?

Were looking for Software Development Engineers with broad experience and interests who thrive in fast paced start-up like environments. In this role, you will be a part of the Concept Engineering team that brings in new ideas and delivers high-fidelity proof of concepts. Responsibilities include:

* Actively participate and lead concept development and design ideation as part of a small team

* Rapidly build and iterate on polished, high-fidelity prototypes that express design intent, using the best and most appropriate tools and techniques for the task

* Develop functional prototypes to prove and sell concepts to development teams and senior leadership

* Partner with other teams to ensure that our techniques and technologies translate through to shipping products and services

* Be able to work creatively through and around perceived limitations and/or challenges imposed to create delightful experiences for customers

Please email sjambula@amazon.com if youre interested!

alie 1 ago 0 replies      
OpenMail | Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE

OpenMail, an adtech startup based in Venice Beach, is Hiring!

DevOps: AWS, Python https://jobs.lever.co/openmail/98f3de21-d010-4cdf-b4e2-a3409...

Account Analyst: SQL, Excel https://jobs.lever.co/openmail/088d1e4b-7c5c-4cd2-9b50-5100b...

Product Manager: Technical background, adtech experience strongly preferred https://jobs.lever.co/openmail/fef987ca-4c60-4f26-bdbb-be633...

Software Engineer: Python https://jobs.lever.co/openmail/a2612066-fef4-458c-b216-19b27...

Technical Project Manager, Data Science team:https://jobs.lever.co/openmail/ee3abffb-6865-4c4b-b2e2-e47b5...

tijs 20 ago 0 replies      
Florin - https://florinapp.com | Product Developer | Full-time | Amsterdam, NL | ONSITE

Our team is shipping an app that takes the pain out of payments. Its called Florin and helps students share, split or pay bills based on someone's phone number. We believe therell soon be a time where money transfers itself. Help our team build that world of smart money and less hassle. If you see this too, we should talk.

You would be responsible for building all our client applications for mobile and web. That means mostly working with Florin co-founder Bas. The job is for someone whos into more than purely coding.

Well ask you to come up with creative solutions for both hard programming, animation as well as UX problems. You love working with Javascript, but also know how to deal with its shortcomings. Youll occasionally need to dive into Objective-C or Java code to deal with native bridges for React Native.

Stack: Javascript, React.js & React-native, Node, Redis


Founders: Bas de Vries and Andre Woons. Started programming and founded their first startup in their teens

Designers: Coen van Hasselt, https://dribbble.com/Florinapp

Engineers: You'll be the first engineering employee beyond the founding team

Backed: Florin is one of the startups in the Backspace startup studio program


Skype call with me (Tijs from Backspace) and Andre (Florin CTO) [1 hr] >> In-person [1 hr] >> Second Interview and (paid) coding excercise >> Go or No Go


Full job description and application form here: https://florin.homerun.co/product-developer/en

Tijs Teulings, Technologist at Backspace startup Studio, https://backspace.studio

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Economic Space Agency (ECSA.io) | SF, Europe, World | Software Engineer, ML/Algorithm / ONSITE / INTERNS / VISA / REMOTE

Our aim is to transform finance. We are building tools for people to operate new network technologies that will produce a radically different economy.

Our first product is Sherwood. A new blockchain based crowdfinance service. Sherwood is a social platform for the easy creation, use and tailoring of smart peer-to-peer financial instruments and agreements that leverage the power of the Ethereum blockchain to create secure, modular and novel interactions within and across networks of users at every scale.

Sherwood enables entirely new ways of opening joint opportunities, sharing stakes and ownerships, risks and rewards, generating a new palette of financial/social relationships. It is a place for rapid building & deployment of little DAOs.

Looking for: Full stack developer, with knowledge on Angular, Django (Python), and Mysql. NodeJS experience is appreciated, but not required.

We also have more financial instruments technology in the money market and capital market space in the pipeline. Candidates with experience of financial algorithm (or just algorithm) are encouraged too.

http://ecsa.io | Contact: vienna@cryptolab.net

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Bending Spoons | Milan (Italy) | Software Engineer/QA Tester | http://www.bendingspoons.com | Full time, Visa, Onsite

Bending Spoons is a fast-growing tech company focused on building and marketing mobile applications. We think, create, and market our own apps. We're young (3 years of activity, average age 27 years old), but we've achieved explosive growth: the apps that we've invented, developed, and published have been downloaded more than 40 million times, and millions of people use them every week. We are currently looking for a QA Tester and for exceptional Software Engineers to join our team of backend and iOS engineers. Our backend stack consists for the most part of Python, node.js, MongoDB, and Redis. Our iOS work is every bit as extensive and challenging as the backend one, if not more.

We pursue extreme flexibility, and this requires everyone to be able to morph and adapt to new roles as needed. Hence, you may be exposed to a number of other areas, such as App Store and data analysis, UX and UI design, and several more. Well teach you what you dont know, as long as youre eager to learn it.

More information and application form at http://bendingspoons.com/careers.html (Please mention that you found out about us on HN in your cover letter.)

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Potato are hiring front end web (often using AngularJS) & Python (mainly Django) developers plus UX designers & project managers ONSITE across our offices. VISA potentially available for working in the USA for British passport holders. Freelance & fulltime available.

We're a 6yr old, 110 person agency based in London, UK with offices in Bristol, UK & San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients include Google, PayPal, Skype, and a number of startups. We're part of the AKQA network.

Our work spans (and sometimes defies) categorisation and is used by over a billions people a year. Recent interesting projects include tracking an Antarctic expedition, organising the world's artworks, mapping DDoS attacks and Syrian regime defections, and aiding rapid collaboration inside companies.


Production Manager (Bristol): https://p.ota.to/jobs/production-manager-bristol/

Director Of Business Development (London): https://p.ota.to/jobs/director-of-business-development-londo...

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Fort Worth, Texas (ONSITE, Full Time) Koddi (http://koddi.com or https://twitter.com/koddiyak) PHP Developer / Engineer (Hiring 2-3)

Koddi is a bidding platform for vertical-specific ads on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Kayak, and other metasearch sites. We manipulate huge data sets to make buying search ads easier and more revenue productive for our clients.

We work with great partners and clients (like some of the top travel brands in the world.) Must have strong experience with:

 - Object-oriented basics and principles - Modern PHP (5.4+) development and best practices - MySQL and relational database design - JavaScript - git
That said, capability, outputs, and results matter much more than specific experience. We'll give passionate developers that want to learn the opportunity to do so if they are a great match for the team and have a positive attitude.


 - AJAX, jQuery, HTML/CSS - Symfony / Silex - JSON, XML - Google APIs, OAuth 2.0 - MySQL performance optimization, big datasets, BigQuery - Basic Linux administration - Bootstrap - Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Redshift)
careers@koddi.com if interested.

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Unnamed Startup | CTO | ONSITE, San Jose, CA

Asking for a friend... a post-launch company run by a friend of mine needs a new CTO to lead a technology reboot. The technology side of the company is currently written in groovy/grails, and uses a large dataset to create a website full of rich content. Monetization is via sales commissions (CPA), and the CEO has been very successful at signing up corporate customers to pay commissions. User traffic is solid and commissions are flowing. Significant equity available. Please send resumes to lindahl zat pbm zot com.

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Astranis (YC W16) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | US Citizen or Green Card

Were building small, low-cost telecommunications satellites. Our mission is to help bring the 4 billion people online who are without internet. And to pull it off we have to reinvent 30 GHz radios in space using SDRs.

Work with incredibly smart people who have flown things in space before. Well-funded, but still a very small team that moves fast. No prior space experience needed, you just need to enjoy getting your hands dirty with real hardware and be ok with struggling to do things that seem impossibly hard.

Roles were hiring for include:

* Embedded software -- write mission critical software that runs the spacecraft. Should have experience with microcontroller driver-level code and basic PCB design.

* Electrical -- PCB design, layout, bringup, test. Bonus: experience with fault-tolerant electronics, power systems, or high speed digital design

* Mechanical -- design, build, and test deployables and mechanisms. Should be experienced in stress and thermal analysis

* Aerospace/controls -- implement solutions to 6 DOF, non-linear control problems. Experience with spacecraft controls is a plus but not required.

* RF/Microwave -- work across a broad range including microwave system-level design, design of LNA's and SSPA's, RF PCB design, and antenna design, simulation, and characterization.

* DSP/FPGA -- program FPGA hardware, develop custom DSP IP cores and integrate off-the-shelf IP cores

Please email john@astranis.com if youre interested in learning more.

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Localize | Full-stack Javascript Engineer | San Francisco (SF) | Full-Time | Onsite

Localize is building tools in the B2B SaaS space to simplify the translation of applications.As our 4th engineer, you'll have full control over large parts of our product. You'll receive a competitive equity grant & salary with full benefits. Apply: Email jobs@localizejs.com

More details: https://localizejs.com/jobs

You should be able to:

 Navigate our stack: Javascript, Node.js, Backbone, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Handlebars, Less. Manipulate native browser APIs (DOM w/o jQuery) Understand MVC patterns and UI design Learn quickly, act autonomously, think analytically.

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Amazon New Product Demand Forecasting | Seattle | Full-Time | On-Site ($130-$250+ depending on experience)

Amazon's New Product Demand Forecasting team is responsible for one of the most challenging problems in supply chain optimization: predicting sales for products that have no sales history. This is a uniquely creative space in Forecasting requiring our machine learning models to capture both the nuances of the global consumer marketplace as well as customer behavior on Amazon. Our team works closely with research scientists to invent new ways to make use of novel data, solve hard engineering problems around scaling and performance in predicting for tens of millions of products, and iterates quickly in order to stay on the cutting edge.

We're looking for an experienced, data-science-leaning software developer that is comfortable with big data and can:

* Design systems that provide a stable base for innovation in a rapidly changing business

* Improve Forecasting algorithms through data-driven analysis and experimentation in our Scala/Spark environment

* Optimize for scalability and performance of both distributed computations and near-metal C++ code

* Communicate their ideas clearly with all members of a diverse team

If this sounds interesting, I'd love to chat or buy you coffee. Email me (Stefan) at smai@ (amazon.com) with your resume and a brief introduction. (Interview process is 1 phone screen and onsite interview with whiteboard coding and behavioral questions about your experience.)

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Scribie | San Francisco, CA | Speech Recognition Engineer | Full Time | Onsite

Scribie is an audio/video transcription service where we manually convert interviews, meetings, teleconferences, podcasts and other spoken audio files to text via our 4-step process which guarantees high accuracy. We have tons of high quality data, audio files and their corresponding transcripts. We would like to build a ASR system and use our data to train it with the aim to eventually achieving a high enough accuracy to replace the first step our process which is manual typing.

The key skills we are looking for are:

- Hands-on experience with speech recognitions systems, eg. Kaldi

- Knowledge of major components of an ASR systems

Drop me a line at rajiv@scribie.com if you're interested in taking up this challenging position.

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KEYPR | Application Engineer | Los Angeles | ONSITE - Relocation Provided | Full-Time

We're bringing the hotel experience into the 21st century. Think mobile check-in, big data analytics, and IoT devices (Nest, Sonos, etc) in hotel rooms.

Our offices are located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We currently have about 20 engineers across 2 locations (LA & Kiev) working on everything from cloud services to custom hardware solutions. Our stack is mostly Python 3, Django and Angular.

If you're interested, you can see open positions at http://keypr.com/careers/.

Contact: mike (at) keypr (dot) com

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Reflect | Senior Software Engineers | Portland, OR | ONSITE

Were looking to add experienced software engineers to our team to help build, scale, and manage our hosted and on-prem platforms. Engineers in these roles will help define much of the technical direction of Reflect. Youll get to work with everyone on our small team and wear lots of different hats, both technical and non-technical.

Reflect is considered infrastructure by our customers so service availability is extremely important to our business. We all practice DevOps and we deploy our stack amongst many different cloud providers. Were golang on the backend and ES6/React on the front end with some services and tools written in Ruby.

Reflect is the API for data visualization, solving the data visualization problem for developers the way Twilio solves communication, Stripe solves payments, and Sendgrid solves email: by making it a service. With Reflect, developers can add data visualization to their web and mobile applications in minutes.

email me: brad@reflect.io or checkout our postings at http://bit.ly/1VwMy4z

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Optiver | C++ Core Applications Developer | Amsterdam | Onsite | VISA sponsored

In order to be successful in our trading domain, we constantly need the most advanced technology, trading software and connections to the market. In short, we need the best technologists to develop, optimise and support our systems and tools. With 12 datacenters and thousands of servers we run ten thousands of trading components executing hundred thousands of trades every day.

Requirements: A solid grasp of computer science, knowing your algorithms, memory-, and concurrency models, CPU-architecture, operating systems, relational databases, etc. We welcome both senior and junior great minds. Next to C++ (14) we use Python and C# (for GUIs).

Interested? Contact janbernhart-AT-optiver.com

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ASOS | London, UK | Permanent, Onsite

ASOS are one of the biggest online fashion retailers worldwide. With a real focus and commitment to mobile ASOS are looking for some of the best talent to help grow ourselves and yourself further. Generous salaries, a great work/life balance & other perks. Get in touch for a chat to find out lots more. You can get in touch with me directly via anthonyh <@> [our domain]

- iOS Developer | https://jobs.asos.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.job...

- Senior iOS Developer | https://jobs.asos.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.job...

- Android Developer | https://jobs.asos.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.job...

- Senior Android Developer | https://jobs.asos.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.job...

- Senior Mobile QA Engineer | https://jobs.asos.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.job...

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Sonar | San Francisco, CA | Multiple roles | Onsite | https://www.sendsonar.com/

Sonar helps companies communicate with their customers on mobile messaging channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and WeChat. By using text messaging channels rather than legacy channels such as email and phone calls, companies are able to be more efficient and effective while providing a superior customer experience. Imagine you could text Comcast/AT&T to ask questions to a real person instead of being on hold for 45 minutes or sending a support email into a black whole.

Sonar is a seed stage company (plenty of runway), growing quickly, with awesome paying customers ranging from startups to public companies. We have an engineering culture and a very collaborative environment. We work hard and have a lot of fun along the way. We're a mature, diverse group of people who are all passionate about what we're building.

Our stack is RoR, ReactJS, Heroku/AWS, CircleCi, and Sidekiq (standard rails stack). Some of the interesting problems we're solving are scaling our infrastructure, using AI/Machine Learning to make human agents more powerful, and parsing large amounts of data.

We've raised $1.4m and our investors include 500 Startups, QuestVP, TwilioFund, and some amazing angels.

You can check out our current team and values here: https://www.sendsonar.com/about

Our interview process is: phone screen, in-person coffee to get to know each other, technical interview (2+ hours), and then lunch with the team.

Roles we're hiring for: Lead Engineer, Sr. Engineer

Email matt@sendsonar.com

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OnboardIQ (YC S15) | https://onboardiq.com/ | San Francisco, CA | Frontend & Backend Engineers, Data Scientist | On-site | Fulltime

OnboardIQ is a hiring automation platform for companies employing lots of hourly workers think delivery companies, retail, call centers, and service marketplaces. We went through Y Combinators batch last summer (S15), raised a $3.3m seed round, and weve grown tremendously in the past year.

On the surface, we're a b2b software tool. Underneath the hood, we've collected approx. million applicants by serving as the backend that processes every single one of our customer's hourly-workforce applicants, and we've started to build algorithms that can predict hire rates and retention of applicants in a service economy that is characterized by unpredictable labor.

Our stack is in Ruby on Rails + React.

Ping me at keith [at] onboardiq.com with "Hacker News" in the subject line!

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Kiandra IT | Melbourne, Australia | Senior .Net Developers | Permanent Full time | Onsite

Are you a talented full-stack developer looking for your next challenge? We are looking for the strongest, most passionate Senior .NET Developers who love their craft and enjoy working with like-minded people. If you have 5+ yrs professional software development experience, exposure to a consulting environment, can work as part of an Agile delivery team, experience with C# & ASP.NET (Web API and MVC), AngularJS, SQL & Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework and/or NHibernate, Microsoft Azure and/or AWS, then we want to hear from you!

Our unique Kiandra culture focuses on continuous improvement, not only at an individual level, but also as a team and business. To learn more http://kiandra.com.au/careers/careers-senior-dev-tech-lead

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Lending Tree, Inc. | Charlotte, NC | ONSITE | https://www.lendingtree.com

Email us at: jobs@lendingtree.com

Must be local or willing to relocate

Who we are: LendingTree, Inc. empowers consumers with information, tools, advice, products and services for critical transactions and financial decisions in their lives.

Specifically - We're looking for:

Back-end Engineers:You're a crack-shot in your back-end language of choice. Our system matches users with hundreds of possible opportunities in real-time. Needless to say, we're looking for people who care about performance. A lot. Our back-end systems are written in C#, Java using Redis, Mongo, and SQLServer. You might know C# or Java or you might not, but either way you're willing to learn. Regardless, you can impress us in your language of choice. You understand algorithms matter. You also understand sloppy database access could make that ugly n^2 algorithm look absolutely blazing fast.You love to code. You've built stuff. Stuff you can show us. Stuff you can't wait to show us. You know the right technology implemented the right way matters.We're looking for both Senior and Junior back-end engineers. If you're a Senior Engineer - you've worked in server-side code for a few years. You've scaled to thousands or maybe millions of users.If you're a Junior engineer, you love to code and you're good at it. You're smart, You're passionate, and most of all you can't wait to get started. (New grads please apply!)

Front-end Engineers:You know Javascript. You know the ins, the outs and how to make it blazing fast. You care about performance because you know your users are waiting for every line of your code. You've used some popular frameworks, maybe angular or react - but you know one or more cold.

Where we are:

Charlotte, NC. If you're into great weather and a central location (our airport is an American hub) you should check us out. You can pick great urban living (Uptown's 4th ward is the place to be) or get yourself a huge house (at reasonable prices) in the burbs. The standard of living for an engineer doesn't get any better than this.

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Intuit | iOS and Android Developers | Mountain View, CA | Full Time | ONSITE | http://careers.intuit.com

Long time team member of the QuickBooks Online mobile app here. We have multiple teams in the small business division that are hiring mobile developers at all levels. Both iOS and Android.

Teams in our business unit create the QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Self Employed, GoPayment and Payroll mobile apps for iOS and Android. These apps are consistently rated 4+ stars. If you are passionate about writing mobile apps, this is your opportunity to contribute. Help solve the needs of small business owners, their employees, and their customers!

Intuit is a great company with a very strong focus on customers and employees. We work on cool technologies and enjoy a great work-life balance. I love working here. Intuit makes TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and other solutions.

Check out the mobile focused roles here. Positions are in Mountain View, CA:http://careers.intuit.com/search/all/view?q=~(location~%27Mo...

When applying, please mention you saw this on Hacker News.

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Rapid7 - https://rapid7.com - Full-Time - ONSITE - Torronto, Dublin

Dublin Positions: Lead UX Designer, Senior Software Engineer - Architecture, Senior Software Engineer, Platform Delivery (devops)

Toronto Positions: Platform Delivery (devops)


The Dublin Positions are all focused on Logentries, which is a real-time log management and analytics service targeting mostly the DevOps and IT market expanding onto Security. If you are interested in scaling systems, search on unstructured data, handling log data at scale or are interested in migrating angular based applications to react send an email to udangel@rapid7.com

The Toronto Position Platform Delivery is a devops role, focused on helping the local teams to apply the best practices around deployments, release engineering and cloud infrastructure. Besides working on moving applications into AWS you will be also working on classical Release Engineering focused on on-prem software and their test and release process. The cloud stack consists mainly of Ruby, Chef, AWS, Cloudformation/convection, node etc. If you are interested in bringing best practices and patterns into our Toronto office reach out directly to me via udangel@rapid7.com

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Cyndx Networks | Santa Monica, CA | full-time | On-site | http://cyndx.net

At Cyndx Networks we're re-thinking the Capital raising process using a data-driven model to both recommend investors as well as reach out to them and power your fundraise.

Our clients range from Huge Investment Banks (You've heard of them) to growth stage startups that you may already know or have yet to hear of.

We operate with a completely flat structure, where independence and automony is the norm.

We take an open and collaborative approach to solving massive problems. Everyone has a voice.

We truly care about work/life balance. You wont be chained to your desk. We are a Slack driven culture, no emails (except for your lunch orders), or useless meetings.

We have a very unique opportunity to tackle the massive industry of investment banking.

Right now we're filling positions for software engineers, but particular interested in people who are more senior so I'll post that description here - Others will be up on our site soon as well so feel free to reach out if this sounds interesting to you!

http://cyndx.net/jobs or jobs@cyndx.net

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Hipmunk | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE

Looking for Android, Full-Stack, iOS, DevOps, and machine learning engineers.


Travel is a huge industry and we're shaking it up. We consistently lead the pack in every measure of customer love (net promoter scores, app store ratings, etc) because delightful customer experiences in travel are why we exist. We value the same high standards in our code and people. We value learning and growth (and not having bored people) and invest regular time in doing so. For example, every other Friday is open time for you to spend time becoming a better engineer. Our stack is built on PostgreSQL, Redis, Python, nginx, HBase, Coffeescript, React/Redux, es6, Swift, and a few more things. Steve, our cofounder, built Reddit with many of those and they've proven solid throughout the years.

We hire diverse, well-rounded, communicative people we can envision being friends with and trusting. Our projects tend to be 1-2 engineers max so trust and accountability is required for us to work. Also helps us keep processes & overhead low. We appreciate that we've built a reasonably-sized, high-powered team so far (55 employees incl. 30 engineers) and are always striving to be the best place to work for them. We're looking for folks that love all of the above and will help us keep our standards high. You can go to www.hipmunk.com/jobs if you're interested!

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Final (YC W15) - Oakland, CA - Full Time, On Site | Final is building the next generation of credit cards and is looking to hire for a few key roles:

>> VP of Engineering (https://getfinal.com/jobs/vp-eng)

>> Front End (https://getfinal.com/jobs/frontend/)

>> Product Manager (https://getfinal.com/jobs/product/)

>> Project Manager (https://getfinal.com/jobs/project/)

Final is a credit card that gives consumers total control over their merchant relationships and transparency in their spending. Rather than a single card number, Final generates multiple card numbers the consumer can restrict, and manages them automatically.

It works everywhere you buy; online, and offline, and implements with digital wallets like Google Wallet and ApplePay with zero updates to the payment infrastructure. With Final, youll never lose access to your spending ability from a breach, fraud, cancelled or stolen card ever again.

Read more at: http://final.is/hiring and get in touch!

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Biarri Rail | Melbourne, Australia | Web & Python & C++ Engineers | Onsite | INTERNS welcome

We are a profitable startup using mathematical and algorithmic techniques to optimise long term and operational/real-time planning for freight railroads in USA and Australia. We see it as our mission to save our clients from traditional enterprise software with its long lead times and big bang deployments. As a member of our team you will be working closely with our clients to produce mission critical software that is easy to use.

We're always looking to talk to smart people who get things done and who doesn't like trains?

Email: jobs@biarrirail.com


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AgariData | San Mateo (near SF) CA or Raleigh NC | Full Time | Onsite | VISA | www.agari.com

Agari is solving the email phishing problem through a combination of Big Data based analytics and a next generation web application that provides visibility into every message that our customers (and bad guys) send. Our goal is to spread the DMARC standard and ensure no one gets their personal data stolen ever again. We like opinionated engineers who enjoy a healthy debate but can commit to a solution. We're AWS hosted and are working hard to automate away as many of the reactive and tedious aspects of development as possible. We've got a nice Scrum approach that empowers engineers to make their own decisions and look to improve with each sprint. Our stack includes Ember, RoR, Python and Spark as well as orchestration and automation via Packer, Consul, Terraform and Ansible.


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Thread.com (YC S12) | Software Engineer | London, UK | Full-time | Onsite

We're a startup that's using human stylists and machine learning algorithms to reinvent how shopping works for men (and someday women) who want to dress well but dislike shopping. In the process we're helping them to feel happier and more confident about themselves. We're backed by a collection of the top investors from London and Silicon Valley as well as Y Combinator. After launching 3 years ago we're already doing $1M+ in monthly sales with over 400,000 men using the service in the UK.

We're a team of 6 full stack engineers with lots of startup experience (the founders have started and sold 2 companies before), and we're proud of the effort we've put into building and maintaining a strong engineering culture since the very first days of Thread. You'll be one of the first technical hires, getting to build and own huge parts of the product, and help us continue to shape our culture.

To learn more about the role, check out https://www.thread.com/jobs. And here's more about our engineering culture: https://www.thread.com/engineering

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Boston, MA, USA, ONSITE. The Free Software Foundation is hiring:

Web developer: https://www.fsf.org/resources/jobs/fsf-job-opportunity-web-d...

Copyright/licensing associate: https://www.fsf.org/resources/jobs/fsf-job-opportunity-copyr...

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Nested.com | London | Onsite | Fulltime. https://nested.com/

We are an ambitious new company started by founders of GoCardless and Songkick and backed by some of the world's leading investors and entrepreneurs. We believe in the value of fewer, better people and are looking for a skilled engineer to join our small, extremely talented and product-oriented London based team.

On a day-to-day basis you will:

- Develop the core consumer facing product, which currently uses Ruby, Python and JavaScript. This will require rapid, agile iteration based on customer feedback and metrics.

- Build technology to support sophisticated machine learning algorithms. You dont necessarily need past experience in these areas, but there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the theory if youd like to learn.

- Work closely with our designer to implement a high quality, modern front end experience.

We would love to hear from you if youre interested! Please send your CV and a link to anything else you think might be relevant, such as your personal website or GitHub profile, to work@nested.com. (More info at https://nested.com/software-engineer)

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Swift Navigation Multiple Positions Full Time San Francisco Onsite

Swift Navigation (https://swiftnav.com) is building next-generation GPS technology for universal high-accuracy positioning for machine automation and data collection across a wide variety of industries and applications in autonomous transportation, robotics, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Our ~50 person group in SOMA is venture-backed and we have an exciting slate of customers!

Our work is very interdisciplinary and all roles require strong problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills. See full descriptions and apply at https://jobs.lever.co/swift-nav

- Estimation / GNSS Engineer Algorithm design, mathematical software development, and system integration for our next-generation receivers through a full feature development pipeline. (C, C++, Python, statistics, linear algebra, estimation theory / kalman filtering / optimization)

- Software Engineer, Internal Infrastructure Collaborate with hardware and firmware teams to create software infrastructure and tools for prototyping, testing, validating, and benchmarking algorithms on our current and next-generation receivers. (functional and imperative programming - language-agnostic, but Python experience preferred, AWS)

- Network Product Manager PM experience focused on developing geospatial/satellite navigation software products, and sensor network infrastructure. Track record of successful product delivery from inception through launch. BA/BS or higher in a relevant technical field and preferably experience in geodesy, geospatial mapping, or distributed sensor networks.

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Magoosh | Berkeley, CA | FULLTIME | ONSITESenior Software Engineer

Magoosh is fixing a broken test prep industry.

Why should students have to put up with exorbitant prices for boring test prep classes and books that might not even work? Our mission is simple: create products that give students everywhere access to enjoyable, affordable, and quality test prep. We help millions study at their own pace, on their own time regardless of location, social status, or background.

Were looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help us improve our products, shape engineering process, and help us grow our small (currently just Zack and I!) but impactful engineering team. So far we use Rails, PhoneGap + Angular, and ReactNative. Were hosted on AWS.

You have many of the following...

* 3+ years of software engineering experience

* Experience building and releasing web and/or mobile applications

* Experience interviewing software engineering candidates

* A passion for making a difference and leveling the education playing field

Extra credit if you have...

* Experience recruiting and hiring software engineers

* UI & UX experience

Get a feel for our company and apply here: http://magoosh.com/careers

And feel free to email me (aria@magoosh.com) or our recruitment manager Meghan (meghan@magoosh.com) if you have any questions! (If you don't have questions and just want to apply, please hit up the apply link above instead <3)

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Wheelhouse | San Francisco, CA | Sr Software Engineers & Sr Data Scientists | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.usewheelhouse.com

Wheelhouse is on a mission to turn all hosts, property managers, landlords, owners, and other rentrepreneurs into superheroes. We are an online service that seeks to help rental property hosts and owners understand their business, personal performance, and their local markets. We enable our customers to recommend and implement highly localized variable pricing that best help the host to maximize revenue and the rate at which they book.

We're currently hiring for several roles, including:

- Sr. Software Engineers- Sr. Data Scientists

If you're interested in joining, please reach out to us at careers@usewheelhouse.com or apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/usewheelhouse

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SpotHero | Chicago, IL | http://spothero.comSpotHero is changing parking, and our tools will redefine the transportation industry. With over a million cars parked, fast growth, and solid funding (https://angel.co/spothero), SpotHero offers countless ways to make an impact on the company and your career.

Senior Backend Engineer - http://spothero.com/careers/124847As a member of our Backend team, you will be responsible for building all things related to the backend horsepower that powers our website, our API, and our native apps!

Senior Data Engineer - https://spothero.com/careers/242762Our Senior Data Engineer with be responsible for building and maintaining our data pipelines, deploying computational resources for data science/analytics initiatives, and creating tools to help teams throughout the company make better decisions and customers have a better experience with our product.

To apply, please email your resume to jobs@spothero.com. Include any github account, linkedin profile, and any project that youre particularly proud of. We love seeing work that others loved working on.

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Rocket Fuel | Web Application Developer| Redwood City, CA | Fulltime | Onsite| VISAWe successfully hired a junior developer through HN last month and we are now looking to fill positions for a mid to senior level engineer. If you are interested and if you have any questions, you can email me : skolman at rocketfuelinc dot com.Rocket Fuel is an ad tech company providing DSP and DMP services. We have engineers working across different departments like AI, Machine Learning, Data Infrastructure, Data Modeling and Web Applications. I work for the Applications team and our team builds the web app responsible for managing the ad campaigns and providing the interfaces for the work built by the rest of the engineering teams. Our stack includes Backbone, Marionette, Rails and Node.js. We are in an interesting phase where we are building new features using React and integrating our different applications to a single application. So, lot of challenging and interesting projects involved there. Our work also includes building CRUD, tools for data visualization and analysis, API design and many other things that comes with building a complex web application. You will also get exposure to the work done by other teams. Competitive salary package and benefits, great workspace and fun teammates.
Maybabraitis 1 ago 0 replies      
Salsify | Boston, Ma | Full-time | Onsite

Salsify is a rapidly growing, Boston based startup. We provide cloud-based product content management solutions that make it easy for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to exchange high-quality content that drives online results. We were founded in late 2012 by a team with deep experience in commerce, online search, and the semantic web.

Were confronting hard technology problems inherent in a decentralized, peer-to-peer model head-onproblems that traditional approaches have steered clear of. Salsify embraces the lessons of open source development, letting users branch, pull, annotate, fork, and edit product content within and across organizations.

Hiring Immediately:

- Principal Software Engineer: http://bit.ly/24kOFch

- Site Reliability Engineer: http://bit.ly/2cgSbBC

- Front-end Engineer: http://bit.ly/2bYEhWf

What we will need soon

- Data Scientist

Please note, the Data Scientist role is not posted externally, you can email May@salsify.com directly if you are interested

temuze 1 ago 0 replies      
New York City - Moat

Moat is an adtech startup with products in two core areas:

1) Analytics

Moat Analytics measures content and advertisements for many of the most trafficked websites on the Internet. Most new ad deals require third party measurement and for many of the top brands and websites, Moat's metrics are the go-to. We were one of the first companies to begin measuring ad viewability and we helped make these metrics a standard in the online ad industry. We handle over 19 billion impressions a day and tackle large scalability problems every day.

2) Search

Moat Search tells you who's advertising where online. We give advertisers, publishers and other adtech companies an overview of the entire online ad ecosystem (kind of like the Bloomberg of the ad world). Our customers can see their competitors' ad campaigns, find prospects by seeing the clients of similar companies or see trends in the industry before anyone else. We have a free product, moat.com and a premium product, Moat Pro.

We recently raised $50M and we're still growing very quickly:http://www.wsj.com/articles/moat-raises-50-million-to-help-d....

Both technical and non-technical openings can be found at moat.com/jobs

Questions? Email me at rodrigo.menezes <at> moat.com

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Booz Allen Hamilton | DC Metro, Northern VA | Relo Possible | Flexible Work Locations

/--DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation--/

Help us deliver on the largest and most innovative cybersecurity project in U.S. history!

We are looking to hire experienced cybersecurity professionals as well as grow new ones.

 Leverage and build new expertise with industry leading security tools, e.g. - ForeScout CounterACT - IBM BigFix - RES One - Tenable Nessus - Rapid7 Nexpose - Splunk Enterprise - RSA Archer Information Assurance / Security Compliance / Security Engineering: - Penetration Testing - Security Control Assessments - Experience with Risk Management Framework (RMF) / DIACAP - Security Testing and Evaluation (ST&E)
We are also looking to grow and train new data integration engineers who have experience with Python.

/--National Security Programs--/

We are also looking to hire motivated cleared Software Engineers, Administrators, and Developers

 Active Clearance Required: - Virtual Systems Engineer (TS/SCI) - Linux Systems Administrator (TS/SCI) - System Administrator (TS/SCI) - Big Data Engineer (TS/SCI) - Security Researcher/Software Engineer (TS) - Network Systems Design Engineer (TS) - Mobile Application Researcher (TS) - Research Support Materials Engineer (TS) - ASP.NET Web Application Developer (TS)
If you think you have something to contribute to our team (even if its not listed here), send me your resume directly and lets talk.


Matt Park // park_matt@bah.com

SCM 1 ago 0 replies      
Stevens Capital Management LP| Radnor, PA| Full Time| ONSITE

C++ Market Data Feeds Developer:Stevens Capital Management LP (SCM) is a registered investment adviser that manages a multi-billion dollar hedge fund that has been in business for 25+ years.SCM specializes in the rigorous development and disciplined implementation of empirically based quantitative trading strategies. Our highly productive team works in a fast-paced collegial environment, utilizing extensive data sets, technology and the scientific method to devise and employ trading strategies throughout the worlds most liquid financial markets.

We are seeking highly driven, production-oriented developers who possess strong technical skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced collaborative environment.

This is an opportunity to work in a real-time environment where you can make immediate contributions. You will be part of a small team building real-time data feed handlers for the largest financial exchanges such as the NYSE, LSE, TSE, CME, BATS, ICE and NASDAQ.

Primary ResponsibilitiesDevelop and implement infrastructure to support market data and trading.Develop and maintain market data feeds.Build and design large scale applications, with a focus on reducing latency and improving the performance of the system.

RequirementsHigh proficiency in C++ development in a Linux environment.A Computer Science degree.Outstanding problem solving skills.Familiarity with multi-threading and networking protocols (TCP/IP, Multicast preferred).Experience in a real-time environment in the Financial industry.

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FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE (UK-only)


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and micro-businesses take control of their company finances.

We have built an award-winning, online accounting product that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 50,000 paying customers and continued strong growth. Customers love what we do!

We're a growing team of over 100 people, based in Edinburgh but with remote staff around the UK. If you want to come and help us make small businesses awesome at doing their finances, we're currently looking for senior software engineers to join our team.

We have opportunities across many different engineering areas (e.g. front-end, API development, a real-time double-entry accounting engine, tax platform, data platform, mobile apps), so we can offer a broad scope for skill and career development. Our stack is Ruby/Rails, Javascript, React.js, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch.

We're growing quickly and have an expanding number of vacancies across our engineering organisation:

* Senior full-stack engineers

* Senior operations engineer (Ops) - Unix/Linux, Puppet, low-level networking, message queues (Rabbit), databases (MySQL), SmartOS

* Product Manager



(We are looking for UK-based full-time staff only right now)

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Andromium | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE or REMOTE | https://www.getsuperbook.com

Our company is building the Andromium platform, which makes Android function as a familiar desktop OS by just downloading an app. Our goal is to power productive work for the next billion workers. We launched our flagship hardware, the Superbook, in 2016 - a shell that provides the laptop form factor that can be plugged into any Android smartphone. The Superbook raised $3M on Kickstarter and is shipping in early 2017.

Andromium is looking for a passionate and experienced Android engineer. As one of the first members of the team, you'll be afforded significant autonomy, equity, and room to grow with the company. We are building a new type of computing, which stretches and seeks to define the limits of Android, all to enable productivity for the next billion internet users.

Android engineer - https://andromium.workable.com/jobs/328757

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Grand Rounds | San Francisco, CA | full-time | https://www.grandrounds.com

Engineer here. We are mid-sized health tech company with ~5 GlassDoor rating and one of the best companies to work for in San Francisco (according to GlassDoor). We connect patients with the right doctors, basically it's where Big Data meets Health Care.

We have multiple openings, you can check them at our website: https://www.grandrounds.com/life-at-grand-rounds/

But Engineering Department needs you: [Senior] Software Engineer with OSS experience (Ruby, Rails). We also have multiple openings for Data Scientists, QAs, DevOps, and Product Designers.

We mostly use Linux and ThinkPad laptops, our code looks good, we have lots of tests (all of them green), and you'll never understand how it is if you won't apply! Interview process looks standard: calls, technical screening, on-site.

Feel free to send me your technical resume and/or reach out if you have any questions: roman.pushkin[at]grandrounds.com

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San Francisco, CA | FareHarbor | ONSITE

FareHarbor is hiring for a variety of product positions at our San Francisco office.From front-end engineering to product design and management, we'd love for you tojoin our tight-knit team building a best-in-class product in the activities and tourism industry.(See: https://fareharbor.com/jobs/)

FareHarbor providers reservation, operations, and logistics software to thousands ofactivities and tourism providers across the nation and beyond. We built this companyfrom the ground up, have been revenue generating since day one, and are now on trackto over $1B in bookings in the next 12 months.

The product team is small -- 10 people of a 100-person-strong team -- andintensely focused on product and client experience. If you're excited about buildingtop-notch software for an interesting and exciting industry, drop us a line witha bit about yourself and the work you do at jobs+product@fareharbor.com.

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Kamcord - iOS Engineer - Full Time - San Francisco

At Kamcord, wed like to fundamentally change how people share the internet. We let you record a 15 second video reaction to anything you see on your phone. You share what is on your screen, from a news article to a funny YouTube video to your favorite playlist, along with overlays for your face and voice. Instagram and Snapchat have built massive communities around the front and back cameras of your phone. We pioneered mobile screen capture and are building a community for the third camera on your phone: the screen. Were a team of 40+ and have landed $35M in funding.


* Own significant portions of the product from conception to App Store submission.* Work with the product and design team to plan and prioritize future app features.


* Driven team player who doesnt need hand-holding to get things done. We love folks that own things 110%.* Deep understanding of Swift, Objective-C and iOS programming best practices.* Close enough doesnt cut it at Kamcord. We want people who obsess over user experience and pixel perfection.


* You've built and shipped quality iOS apps.* Solid working knowledge of testing frameworks and build systems for iOS apps.* Experience designing robust client-server APIs.* You are an expert with multi-threaded code. You eat race conditions for breakfast.


* Catered lunch and dinner, in addition to a fully stocked snack pantry.* Youll join at the ground level, move fast and make an immediate, measurable impact.* Recognized by San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal among "Best Places to Work in 2016".

If interested in applying, please email vic@kamcord.com

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Olympic Channel / Madrid, Spain / Full-time / On Site

The newly launched Olympic Channel (https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/) is seeking business and data analysts to join the Digital Strategy group. We're a small team and wear many hats. While we're actively seeking junior positions (1-3 years of experience), we encourage qualified mid- and senior-level candidates to apply as well. We have a strong preference for local candidates but can help with Visa sponsorship for the right person if needed.

We are looking for:

1. Data Analysts and Engineers: Python, R, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ELK, and Spark, but we're not married to any particular stack. We want you to work in whatever way is most effective. Must be comfortable working with messy, disaggregated data sets and have a strong grasp of ETL and data preparation. Bonus points for D3 and an interest in turning data into something beautiful and engaging.

2. Business Analysts and Strategists: Excel, PowerPoint, Word (and cloud equivalents). Some experience with analytics tools and basic scripting is helpful but not required. This person will help shape the strategy and direction of current and future projects in a way that moves the needle.

Looking ahead to the coming weeks and months, we're also interested in a DBA/Architect, a systems engineer (with some exposure to distributed systems -- technologies we use include Hadoop, HDFS, Avro, Spark, Kafka, and Flume), a project manager, data engineers, scientists, and developers.

If any of the above sounds interesting, please drop a resume, github profile, sample work, or anything else you think might be interesting to datajobs [at] olympicchannel.com.

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Bauer Xcel Media | Devops Engineer | Full Time | New York, NY or REMOTE

Bauer Xcel Media is the small digital 'startup' arm of Bauer Media, a very old, stable, and profitable German publishing company that operates in multiple countries around the world. We have two main products. A content publishing platform on a large scale for our magazines. And a complex app to run a multi-region sweepstakes business for our magazines.

We have a really great culture, a super positive and friendly team, and exceptional work-life balance. We are based in NYC, though the dev team has a very remote-friendly culture as long as you generally overlap with EST hours.

This role does not include 24/7 pager duty, and since it will be primarily dev-facing, the majority of your communication will be done over slack, JIRA, and google hangouts with a team of bright and friendly people. We're looking for a mid-level person who can help us clean up and automate some things and keep the ship running smoothly and well-documented.

Some technologies we use include Ruby, Rails, Heroku, AWS, Postgres, Mongo.

Email me afogg at bauerxcel.com for more info or please mention my name (Alex) as a referral if you apply.


cormacdriver 1 ago 0 replies      
Temboo | New York City | Onsite | Full-Time

Temboo is an NYC startup that generates code for IoT Applications. Our platform enables users to innovate at the intersection of hardware, software and human aspiration by providing the building blocks for connecting the physical world to web services and cloud-based processes. Our software currently ships on devices from Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Arduino, with more to come.

Were continually amazed at how people are applying our technology - our tools are used by people who are fundamentally changing how the world works. From life sciences and farming, to energy, aviation and smart infrastructure amongst others, Temboo is empowering people to build an amazingly diverse range of physical computing systems. Our customers use Temboo to make everything from small, incremental improvements to transformative shifts in how we live our lives - reducing waste, increasing efficiency and enhancing quality of life. If you want to be involved in the next major wave in technology and help build tools that can change how the world works, then Temboo might be the place for you.

We have open positions in Engineering and Product.

Full details here: https://temboo.com/jobs

alexandros 1 ago 1 reply      
Resin.io | REMOTE | Linux engineers, Security engineers, Backend engineers, UI/Front-end engineers, Sales engineers

Resin.io allows IoT developers to push Linux Containers to embedded devices. See our demo of updating a drone in-flight at DockerCon [1]. We're very emphatic about our remote culture [2].

The resin.io team is composed of people passionate about quality code, well-thought out architecture, and great user experience. Etcher.io, a tool we recently released, is a good example of all those things. Most of our code is node.js though we're transitioning some parts of the stack to Go.

Some details on the individual roles:

Linux engineers - We're building a minimal OS for embedded devices[3]. Knowledge of Yocto Linux very helpful.

Security engineers - Passionate about building an end-to-end secure code delivery pipeline, from the cloud to the device, all the way down to the bootloader and CPU?

Backend engineers - Resin's backend is composed of ~10 node.js microservices, each with unique challenges.

UI/Front-end engineers - We're passionate about UX, and have a lot of cool features to build. Most of our UI is in AngularJS but knowledge of other frameworks a plus.

Sales engineers - (ideally in the bay area) - End-to-end understanding of resin.io, ability to work with customers to both teach and guide them to use resin.io effectively. You may need to spend time on-site with customers.

Workflow engineers - Looking for full-stack developers passionate about optimising the way a remote team works.

Our interview process is a first call to go through programming competence, as well as a follow up with the corresponding team lead. If any of the above sound exciting, drop us an email at join@resin.io

[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1573&v=75vm6rRb6.... [2]: https://resin.io/blog/how-we-run-a-remote-team/ [3]: https://github.com/resin-os/

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Beyond Labs | London, UK | Full Time | Front End Developer & Full Stack Engineer

Were looking for a front-end javascript developer to join our London-based team and lead the design of Beyond.

--What we do--

Beyond is an enterprise SaaS platform thats spearheading a new generation of companies - ones that remain agile as they grow. We do this by transforming the way companies plan their numbers - their budgets.

Ultimately, we believe companies do best when employees are empowered to take initiatives, rather than constrained by outdated budgets.

--About the Role - Front End Developer--

For too long, budgeting has meant monstrous spreadsheets or impenetrable business software - unintelligible to all except a few finance professionals. We need you to help us change this.

You will:

- lead the UX/UI development of Beyond, building off the successes (and failures!) of our MVP. Youll optimise and streamline core workflows, helping to find elegant ways for our users to visualise and edit large datasets.

- develop beautiful and engaging interfaces that appeal to the many different people that use Beyond: from front-line employees to managers, finance professionals and accountants.

- just as importantly, help bring personality and lovability to Beyond.

Learn more at http://bebeyond.co/jobs/ or drop me an email: james@bebeyond.co


We're also hiring for a Full Stack JavaScript Engineer, you can find more details at the link above.

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Lucova Inc. | Toronto | Backend Developer | Full Time | Onsite


> Lucova Inc. is an emerging technology company headquartered in downtown Toronto with a North American presence. We bring technology, data and people together to enhance the human touch-points in the world of offline commerce - think IoT for physical stores. Our tools help brands realize their customer experience aspirations by turning customers smartphones into intelligent Bluetooth sensors that interact with the in-store point-of-sale infrastructure - informing staff of their customers presence on arrival, enabling hands free payments and generating opportunities for brand moments.

We're a Ruby + Java based company with a small group of developers looking to add an additional backend developer to our core. Our culture is great and you get that startup feel while working with experienced developers. We are looking for someone who is passionate about solving problems and loves to get their hands dirty at every opportunity (if you full-stack then it's a major bonus). We are located near Adelaide and Spadina. Our dev team is small enough that you have the opportunity to have a major impact.

Apply at https://www.lucova.com/careers

andreawood 1 ago 1 reply      
Senior Software Engineer | SONIAN | REMOTE or Waltham MA

At Sonian, we provide a hosted service for archiving, search, and analytics. Key ResponsibilitiesBe on a team that values code quality, good communication and collaboration, sound testing practices. Work w Product Owners, Scrum Masters and other team members to execute against a well defined roadmap.Architect and implement distributed and concurrent systems capable of processing data at large scale, with built-in transparency for performance monitoring and auto-scaling.Adapt current data ingestion pipeline for new data types.Build well documented, easy to use REST APIs and command line tools.

QualificationsBachelors Degree in CS or equivalent.5+ years experience building distributed systems.Experience working in a remote team preferred

Core Team Development:Clojure ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, ZooKeeperChefAgile/Scrum via Jira/Confluence/Git

Our stack:GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) Clojure, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, PostgresSQL, JavaJavaScript (ES6/ES2015), React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sass/CSS3, HTML 5Chef, Docker, Sensu, Logentries Email: jobs@sonian.netSubject: Senior Software Engineer - Core/Backend

sedzia 14 ago 0 replies      
voucherify | http://www.voucherify.io | Senior JavaScript Developer | Full-time | REMOTE


Voucherify is an infrastructure through API for software developers who are dissatisfied with high-maintenance custom coupon software. We provide a quicker way to build coupon generation, distribution and tracking unlike legacy coupon software.

We are actively looking for a smart and curious thinker to join our team and create a modern developer tool for the sky-rocketing mar-tech industry.

A perfect candidate:

* is a hands-on Javascript or Java developer

* speaks e-commerce language

* knows cloud stack

* knows how to build robust and reliable systems

* has first class attention to detail, while maintaining overall understanding of business logic.

Your job will be to:

* design software architecture in a dynamic startup environment using the latest technologies,

* drive product development, advise on architecture choices and tools,

* explore technologies, be creative and push things forward, inspire other people, share knowledge, and more.

Say hello at jobs@voucherify.io Please mention HN.

Shenglong 1 ago 0 replies      
Everwise | New York, NY | Full Time | ONSITE | Senior Software Engineer, Senior Front-end Engineer, Software Engineer In Test

We're a small engineering team based in NYC, who come from all walks of life. We have successful startup experience and embrace processes and technologies that amplify output.

Day-to-day we leverage Agile, Ruby on Rails, AWS, AngularJs, Redis and Postgres. We're very adaptable and looking for someone who welcomes the opportunity to solve a broad range of problems using a wide array of technologies.

We offer a very competitive base salary and bonus potential. We also provide a full benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401K, paid time off (PTO), employee stock option plan and transit benefits.

As a personal note - I joined about two months ago, and have had an amazing time here. We have a bunch of excitable people, play with an adorable office dog named Cooper, and everyone has a tremendous amount of fun. Our interview process is both fluid and fair.

Find out more/apply at https://www.geteverwise.com/jobs/ Or, feel free to email me a pitch at shenglong@geteverwise.com and I'll pass it along :)

robbomacrae 1 ago 0 replies      
SoundHound | Full-time, onsite, in Santa Clara US or San Francisco US or Toronto Canada

Senior Software Engineer (iOS/Android/API/NLU/Web) and more: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3uCiQhw0

I'm a Data Engineer/Hacker at SoundHound. We're building the worlds best speech recognition and understanding platform that other companies use in their apps, websites and hardware. Working with some big partners and expanding fast.

Hound came out of beta recently, as well as our speech platform Houndify. We're hiring in many more roles than the ones I listed here so check out our apps, API and our careers page!


rspeer 1 ago 0 replies      
Luminoso | Cambridge, MA | Hiring back-end developers, Javascript developers, systems engineers, and technical operations engineers | full time, on site

Luminoso (http://www.luminoso.com/) lets computers better understand what people mean. We make it easy to build semantic models and visualizations in a particular domain, based on a small amount of example text and a lot of existing background knowledge about what words mean.

We've been at this for years, and we have stable revenue. Many of our customers are Fortune 500 companies who collect more feedback and customer requests than they know what to do with, and need our system to help them discover what's important.

We are built on open source software and maintain several open-source projects, including ConceptNet, a powerful knowledge graph that can be used to dramatically improve word embeddings. We blog about this stuff at https://blog.conceptnet.io/ .

Our back-end runs on Python 3, Docker, and Linux. Our front-end uses React, Stylus, and interactive SVG.

For more information: http://www.luminoso.com/company/careers/

NCrouther 1 ago 0 replies      
Abbott Diabetes Care | Alameda, CA (SF Bay Area) | Onsite | Fulltime

We are looking to hire a junior to intermediate level software engineer for our mobile application team. We are a medical devices company developing innovative products. Our most recent launch, Freestyle Libre, allows patients with diabetes to measure their blood glucose levels without drawing blood.A large focus of this position would be mobile app development related to interfacing with our devices and displaying data, and there are opportunities to branch out into other domains (e.g. web, embedded/IoT).The ideal candidate would be a self-motivated quick learner with at least a Bachelors degree in a technical field and a few years of experience developing software, including mobile apps (Android or iOS). We offer competitive salary and benefits, excellent work/life balance, and the opportunity to do meaningful work that directly impacts our patients lives.

Find out more and apply at: https://abbott.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/abbottcareers/job...

Im Nathan Crouther, the hiring manager, PM me with any questions.

Max2Inc 1 ago 0 replies      
Max2 Inc, Makers of Veea - http://www.veea.co - Full-Time - ONSITE - New York, NY (US only)

NY Available Positions: iOS Software Engineer - Android Engineer - Backend Engineer

Veea helps you find places for you to go through personalized recommendations, planning with friends, curated collections and by providing real-time venue activity through live ephemeral media submitted by our users and merchants. We are looking for talented developers with a passion for delivering polished mobile user experiences and working through complex problems to join our development team and accelerate our app development. We offer competitive compensation and benefits including early stage company stock options. Work alongside a young, dynamic and talented technical team with experienced leadership and have direct meaningful involvement in building a new consumer platform in a real startup environment!

QUALIFICATIONS - Graduating in 2016 or have graduated from a Masters or undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related fields - Strong understanding of MVC architecture pattern - Strong knowledge in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm, and problem solving - Proficient with memory management - Experience with Git, agile methodologies & unit testing - Strong but well founded opinions on code style, structure, automated processes and product building.

Send us your resume and any links to your projects at: careers@sceneapp.io. For more information, visit https://jobs.lever.co/max2.

rwalker 1 ago 0 replies      
Apple, Inc. | Cupertino

Apples Siri is looking for exceptional engineers, designers, and project managers well versed in machine learning, natural language, speech recognition, server automation, and/or mobile software development. Siri is used on countless iOS, tvOS and watchOS devices and handles over a billion requests per week.

If youre passionate about music, SiriKit, home automation, productivity, or one of a variety of open positions youll be right at home.

Apply online or send a resume and a feature request to brittanyd@apple.com.

nicholasjon 1 ago 0 replies      
Lemans Corporation | Madison, WI | Full-Time | On-Site

Lemans is looking for world-class engineers to be part of a new team that will amplify and build on our forty year success story. We're heavily investing in the future of our company as we design, develop and ship the most innovative digital products powersports fans have ever seen. If you're motivated to solve interesting problems and want the opportunity to build products to shape and transform an entire industry, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and make it happen.

Specifically, we're looking for:

Front End: http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=0728e7c911751cc8&tk=1arj7md...Backend / Search: http://www.indeed.com/cmp/LeMans-Corporation/jobs/Software-E...

... and we're interested in working with up-and-coming languages and frameworks too (for example, Kotlin on the backend and Angular 2 on the front are tossed around the office quite a bit).

If you're interested, apply at the above links and mention that you found us through HN!

(No recruiters please.)

jisto 1 ago 0 replies      
Jisto (http://www.jisto.com) | Boston | Full-time | On-site

Jisto helps its customers run many more workloads on their (typically-underutilized, existing or new) data centers and cloud resources, without disrupting their existing mission-critical and legacy workloads and infrastructure.


Were looking for a Highcharts expert:Are you experienced with Highcharts graphing, especially with large, real-time data sets? Were looking for someone that can create a Highcharts-based graph module capable of handling up to ~30,000 values on screen at any given time, without spiking browser CPU or memory. This module should be able to do full and partial refreshes, support user interaction and data export.Interested? Please contact us at careers@jisto.com.


We have 2 other positions that all come with competitive compensation (full-time, on-site):

- Senior Software Engineer - Docker, Node.js, Golang: http://www.jisto.com/cloud/careers/#senior_software_engineer...

- Senior Software Engineer - Enterprise Applications: http://www.jisto.com/cloud/careers/#senior_software_engineer...


To apply, please email your resume or CV to us at careers@jisto.com.

Not an exact fit for one of our full-time openings, but know someone who might be? Refer them to us at referrals@jisto.com, and if we hire them, you get $2,500!

taitems 1 ago 0 replies      
Kiandra IT | Melbourne, Australia | Test Analyst | Permanent Full time | Onsite

Looking for a detail oriented, passionate Test Analyst with manual and automation experience. 3+ yrs testing/software development experience, ISTQB/ISEB certified, Solid understanding of Agile principles of software development - including Scrum, great knowledge of quality assurance techniques, testing frameworks, techniques & tools, Sound understanding of testing techniques and strategies (including Unit, Regression, Functional, Systems, Stress & Scale, Smoke & Sanity).

Our unique Kiandra culture focuses on continuous improvement, not only at an individual level, but also as a team and business. To learn more http://kiandra.com.au/careers/careers-test-analyst

okhudeira 1 ago 0 replies      
Pangea | Chicago, IL | Lead iOS, Platform (.NET/C#) Engineer | Full Time, On Site | http://engineering.gopangea.com

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Pangea started with the mission of making money transfer effortless. Since then, weve been striving to enhance the security and reduce the cost and pain points of international money transfer.

Our first solution allows users to complete a transfer in three easy steps and pay with any US debit card, with an innovative nationwide cash solution coming soon. Receivers in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Dominican Republic can collect the transfers in cash or receive the money directly into a bank account. Through every partnership and product iteration, well continue to help our users save more time and money.

You can see the full description at:

- Lead iOS Engineer - http://engineering.gopangea.com/join/lead-engineer-ios

- Platform (.NET/C#) Engineer - http://engineering.gopangea.com/join/software-engineer-platf...

You can email me directly with a cover letter and resume at omar --the at symbol-- gopangea.com

You can learn more about the engineering team at:

- http://engineering.gopangea.com

- https://github.com/gopangea

jasonchen913 1 ago 1 reply      
MongoDB | New York, NY | Software Engineer, Cloud | Full-Time

We are looking for a server-side engineer that will work on core functionality for all of our cloud products, writing code that will help store petabytes of data in MongoDB all over the world, touching millions of users.

Any interest? Please reach out to me at JC@mongodb.com or apply here http://grnh.se/8thc6r

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Trussle (https://trussle.com) are looking for Full-Time Software Engineers in London, UK

Come and work with me! I'm Jonny and I'm a software engineer at Trussle. We've just moved to some cool new offices and we've now got room to expand our team of 4 software engineers.

Trussle aims to make getting a mortgage hassle-free. We're doing that by bringing the process online and focussing on the customer. Finding out how much you can afford and applying for your mortgage can now be done in minutes, rather than hours. Even if you don't want to work with us, give us a whirl at our website: https://trussle.com/

We're looking for enthusiastic jacks-and-jills-of-all-trades to make our team more awesome. If you want to really make a difference with a young start-up we'd love to hear from you. More inspirational words about the job are available here: http://trussle.github.io/jobs/developer

If you are interested, drop me an e-mail (jonny.arnold@trussle.com), mention this Hacker News post, tell me a little bit about you and ask any questions you have. From there, we can get the ball rolling!

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Raygun | Seattle, US & Wellington, NZ | Engineering & Sales | Permanent Full time | Onsite


Raygun gives developers the power to create perfect software experiences on a global scale.



Sales Roles | Seattle, US

 Sales Development Rep Account Executive VP of Sales Customer Success Manager
Get in on the ground floor of an already successful SaaS business! How? Raygun (https://raygun.com) is setting up a sales office in Seattle its first sales office globally. The Raygun Platform is already in use with thousands of customers in more than 100 countries. Were a high growth, but profitable, business. We achieved this with a great product coupled with great marketing. Simply put, youll be helping find new leads for a product that has proven value to software development teams in a rapidly growing market.

Engineering Roles | Wellington, NZ

 Software Engineer - We are always on the look out for awesome software engineers
You love coding to the brink of obsession! The code you write is clear, easy to maintain and unit test. You care about the user and you get a kick out of building features they love using. You will excel in a collaborative and agile environment where we deploy continuously, measure everything and take responsibility to diagnose and fix what breaks.

You'll get a good idea of our mentality here. https://raygun.com/blog/2016/08/the-best-software-engineerin...

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Interbay Applications | Tampa, FL | ONSITE 1-2 days/week | Full-time | Front-end web developer

We're a well-funded two year old startup with suitably crazy and cool goals involving geo stuff, VR, photography, 3D stuff, and the importance of real-life "place". You'd be the third full-time developer added to our core team of ~10 people.

Other than you, I'm the newest employee. I've been working here for five months. This is probably the most effective team I've worked with in my 15 year career, and definitely the most fun I've had. I don't mean it's a big party: we're working hard. But if having responsibility for key product components in an environment where you're treated with respect, you have skilled peers to brainstorm and share the work, and you have the design, testing, and business support you need to succeed at your job sounds like fun to you, then you know just what I mean.

Specific skills we're looking for include React and Three.js, but it's most essential that you've had substantial real life experience building JS-powered web apps.

The development team typically meet in our Ybor office 1-2 days/week, so it's pretty important that (1) that's a plausible commute for you and (2) you can work effectively without the buzz of office mates most of the time. We use slack to keep in touch.

Compensation is very competitive, and we have PTO and health insurance reimbursement. Interview process will involve a phone interview with me and the other full-time developer followed by an in-person meeting and a contract project to mutually try each other out if things go well. We can work with your schedule for these steps.

You can reach me at "joshu4@interb4y4pps.com".replace(/4/g,'a').

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ADstruc | https://adstruc.com | New York, NY | Onsite | Full-time | Visa Sponsorship | Full-stack Software Engineer

We're a Techstars 2010 company changing the way OOH (Out-of-home) advertising (think Billboards, Subways ads, etc) are bought and sold. We are looking for full-stack software engineers to help us take on some incredibly exciting opportunities as we scale.

ADstruc is the leading technology services company for the outdoor advertising industry. Our workflow automation software, Drive, delivers unprecedented ease and efficiency for agencies that plan and buy OOH in-house. Project X, our managed services division, leverages Drive to deliver audience focused OOH campaigns for brands and agencies that require a strategic, full-service planning and buying solution.

Techstack: Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, Python, Redis, Resque, PHP (Symfony Framework) back end; heavy Javascript (Backbone.js) front end.

If you are interested, please apply here: https://adstruc.com/s/home/jobs/software-engineer or email me directly at eric@adstruc.com (mention HN).

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Appcues (https://www.appcues.com) | Support Engineer | Boston, MA | ONSITE | Full-time

At Appcues, were building a team of driven, focused, smart women and men who want to make a meaningful impact growing a business.

Our customer base has doubled over the last few months, so were looking for our first Support Engineer to provide our customers with reliable, personal assistance and encourage them to use Appcues to its full potential and then some.

To us, support isnt just an operational nuisance required of any growing business. Rather, its an engine of growth: an opportunity to cultivate relationships, delight our customers, and get critical feedback to help our product mature. Each of our 15 teammates contributes to customer support, and we take pride in doing it well.

As the leader of our support strategy, you will work at the intersection of our customers teams and our engineering and customer success teams. You will be responsible for solving complex customer issues with excellent email/chat/phone support, writing delightful documentation, informing the team of recurring issues, and serving as a domain expert for how Appcues works with various web technologies our customers use.

You will collaborate directly with our users and our 6 incredibly talented engineersveterans from companies like HubSpot, PayPal, Bose and MIT Media Labto ship product that solves real problems.


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Step.com | New York, NY | ONSITE | http://www.step.com

Step.com is a salary discovery platform that lets software engineers and product managers receive personalized compensation estimates from companies and experts based on their anonymized profile data.

We're currently in beta and looking to bring on a software engineer to help us with the architecture of our systems, coding the backend, building out the dashboard, working on our algorithms, and more. Ideal candidates have a computer science degree from a top school and/or have worked as an engineer at a startup at scale. We use Java, Javascript, Bootstrap, Zrender, MySQL and Elastic Search, but we're open to all languages and skills.

For an example of what we're trying to accomplish, read our analysis on tech salaries across engineering levels at some the major tech companies: https://blog.step.com/2016/06/16/more-salaries-twitter-linke...

To get in touch, email jennifer@step.com.Keywords: Ruby, Rails, Python, Node.js, React, Spring, PostgreSQL, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, NYC, Engineer http://www.step.com

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Datanyze | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE | All roles from sales to engineering (including VP level)

Hi, everyone! Jon from Datanyze here. We are NOT your average startup! We bootstrapped the company passed $1 million in annual recurring revenue, then raised a seed round (almost 2 years ago) from some great investors, including Google Ventures, Mark Cuban, and the recently announced Kobe Bryant!

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We know when to work hard and when to play hard (we went to Vegas when we hit a big milestone and now we have HUGE plans for the next) and we're having a blast building amazing solutions for sales and marketing teams.

We have open positions for everything from entry-level sales and support to VPs of various departments!

If you want to hear more or know someone amazing who might be interested, please email Katrina (katrina@datanyze.com) or check out some of our open roles as well as the team that got us to where we are today:


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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | 6/12 months INTERNS and FULLTIME

We are looking for new colleagues and trainees to help on our free software solutions and contribute to research projects and industrial implementations. If you are passionate about open source software and like one of our current topics (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs) get in touch! All candidates will do a programming test followed by an interview. We're looking for:

 - Hack our stack as "Big Data/Machine Learning Developer" (fulltime/intern) - Help not caring for memory as "Out-of-Core-PyData Engineer" (fulltime/intern) - Care for packets on our network as "Site Reliability Engineer" (intern) - Look beyond today and prototype a "Personal Search Engine" (intern) - Try prototyping an "Artificial Intelligence Accountant" (intern) - Help taking care of business developing an "AI-based Business Bot" (intern) - We love the web, so try to "Port the Linux Kernel to Javascript" (intern)
About Nexedi: We are a small, international team (headquarters in Lille, France) creating free software since 2001. We spend time on client and research projects with ERP5 (Enterprise software), SlapOS (Cloud Hosting) and Wendelin (Big Data platform) being our main solutions around which we provide services. We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings = we mostly hack. Come join us!

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Outcomes.com | Berkeley, CA | ONSITE | Founding Engineer | Full-time

Outcomes.com is an early stage digital health startup based out of Berkeley's SkyDeck accelerator. We help healthcare providers close the feedback loop by routinely following up with their patients after major surgeries or treatments using patient-reported outcome surveys and other forms of digital check-ins. We process and visualize the data to help care teams deliver more personalized, proactive and value-driven care. We're in a huge and growing market as reimbursement shifts from doctors getting paid for doing more, to getting paid based on their actual patient outcomes.

We have a launched HIPAA-compliant product with our first paying customers. We're looking for a founding engineer to help us take things to the next level, help define our future product and make it happen. In particular we're searching for someone who can work across our JavaScript stack (AWS/Aptible/MongoDB/Node/Angular/React/D3), understands security best practices, has experience in building self-service products, can lay the foundations to grow our team and is motivated to solve some of the toughest challenges in healthcare.

Interested? Please email me at francis AT outcomes.com - I look forward to hearing from you!

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Human API - Redwood City, CA http://humanapi.co/ (onsite, visa)

== About Us ===

We're a small, product-centric team focused on opening the world of health data. For us, life is all about moving fast, crushing hard problems, and enjoying the journey. Our investors include a16z, Eric Schmidt, Blue Run Ventures, Max Levchin, Scott Banister, and Alex Payne.

== What You Will Build ==

Human API is the easiest way to integrate health data from anywhere. Users can now securely share their health data with any application or system, regardless of how that data was recorded, processed or stored. As an engineer on our team, youll be involved in one or more of the following areas:

- Modeling clinical data --> organizing and normalizing the world of health data

- Developing and scaling structured APIs

- Scaling our ingestion platform and optimizing a multivariate rate limited system

- Data engineering and building tools for data science - NLP and Classification

- Powering platforms and tools for customers to build health apps

== Open Roles ==

Most of our engineers have diverse programming background (Javascript (Node.js) / Scala / Python / Java / C), and most roles require willingness to work on Node.js, however we gravitate towards using the right tool for the job. Experience with some of the following required:

- Stream processing and unified log systems with Kafka and RabbitMQ

- Mongodb, Redis and Cassandra for data storage

- Data analysis with Spark or Python tools

- Building and scaling a modern infrastructure stack with Docker and Mesos

- Building consumer focused apps and/or developer focused tools

- Powering search with Elastic Search and related tools

You can read more about some of the open roles here: http://humanapi.co/company/careers We'd love to hear from you even if you don't "fit" one of the job specs -- we hire for people, not roles. andrei@humanapi.co

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London | Clearmatics | ONSITE

Were a fast growing startup working with UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander, BNY Mellon, and ICAP on the utility settlement coin project


The Clearmatics team is small but experienced, driven by motivated people who want to build innovative solutions for a market undergoing rapid change since the financial crisis.

Our interview process typically consists of a phone screen, on-site technical interview then CEO Interview

Senior UX Designer https://clearmatics.workable.com/jobs/274769

Platform Engineer https://clearmatics.workable.com/jobs/289831

Chief-of-Staff https://clearmatics.workable.com/jobs/265837

Startup Accountant/Finance Manager https://clearmatics.workable.com/jobs/265841

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Zoomdata - www.zoomdata.com/jobs | Engineers | Northern Virginia (Reston) | Full-time | ONSITE

We are a rapidly emerging, Big Data, visual analytics product company, seeking engineers for our application platform and data pipeline teams. Opportunities for engineers skilled in - ReactJS, ES6, D3, and TypeScript (front), as well evolving platform REST services written in Java using HATEOAS and Spring Boot (back).

We are Northern Virginia Technology Council's 2016 Hot Ticket award winner for Hottest Big Data Innovation. We hire brilliant engineers with creative minds, and the drive to make a positive impact by unlocking the secrets hidden in Big Data. With the right approach, we provide our engineers with the best tools and try to stay out of their way! We believe that when you give smart people the freedom to do smart things, you will get outstanding results. Apply today!

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BenchPrep | Chicago, IL, ONSITE | Multiple roles http://www.builtinchicago.org/job/senior-engineer-6http://www.builtinchicago.org/job/software-design-engineer-t...

BenchPrep is a small group of driven, ambitious individuals committed to changing the landscape of education. We work hard, eat well, and have lots of fun.Our clients include ACT, HRCI, Hobsons and many other educational companies. Our current situation is very thrilling. You will join a small team in a profitable start-up, that is building both green-field projects as well as improving existing top-of-the-line products.

Roles we're hiring for: Senior Engineer & Automation Engineeremail: u@benchprep.com

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Trialspark | New York City / NYC | Full time | Full-stack developers | https://www.trialspark.com

We're a software and technology company that helps accelerate the discovery of new drugs and medical treatments by reimagining the clinical trial process.

We've worked with a range of studies that have helped develop new treatments for diseases such as Ebola, Alzheimer's, and HIV. We are an early-stage company based in NYC looking to hire our first few engineers to help us achieve our mission of bringing life saving treatments to patients faster. We offer competitive compensation packages (salary + equity) and benefits.

As an early stage employee, you'll be working directly with the founders and have a strong voice in product and technology decisions. You'll have ownership over large portions of the product and how it evolves. Ideally you have at least 2+ years of experience. You'll be working at all levels of the stack (flask/python + react/javascript).

We'd love to hear from you - apply at https://jobs.lever.co/trialspark or shoot me a message at linhao@trialspark.com!

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BounceX | New York, NY | Full-Time | Onsite

Our core product is what we call our Behavioral CMS. We analyze digital body language to make websites way more convenient and less annoying to visitors (which dramatically increases their conversion rate). Our clients include large retailers, publishers and Fortune 500s to help them monetize their traffic more effectively.

We have a world-class, developer friendly culture. In 2015 we were ranked #1 for retention and career development by Computer World. This year weve been ranked #7 on the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies (#1 in technology). Our office is in the NY Times building - easily accessible from many locations and floor to ceiling windows with a 360 degree view of the city.

The platform team is looking for engineers with deep knowledge of writing secure, system level software. We collect and process billions of events per day using Golang, Kinesis, DynamoDB, BigQuery and Docker.


The product team is looking for an expert in PHP and MySQL to create and expand our API's for both internally and externally facing web applications. Full stack experience is a plus here because this person will be building features that respond to our end users (vanilla JS) as well as our internal app (Ember.js).


Feel free to reach out to me personally: falk [at] bounceexchange [dot] com

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Rock My World | https://www.rockmyrun.com | https://www.rockmyworldmedia.com | Full Time | Onsite | San Diego, CA | No Visa Sponsorship

Rock My World was founded based on a passion for providing the right content at the right time, based on biometric data. Were building a media optimization platform that improves health, fitness & wellness outcomes and we do this by delivering content that reacts and adjusts to performance data in real time.

Hiring:* iOS Developer* Android Developer* Growth Analyst


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Starchup | Chicago | Full Stack & Front End Engineer | Onsite/Full time | $50k-$100k & equity

Starchup is a SaaS platform that helps dry cleaners and laundries compete in the digital age. We create mobile and web apps that allow cleaners to better engage customers and efficiently manage delivery. Our web management solution allows dry cleaners to quickly visualize their customers, orders & drivers, as well as manage their service offering and delivery system. Our whitelabel apps position dry cleaners on the leading edge of technology and make it easy for customers to place, track and pay for orders. Our driver apps allow cleaners to effortlessly manage drivers throughout the pickup & delivery process.

Bring local businesses to the digital age, work with a passionate team, and play with the latest tech.

To learn more, check out https://angel.co/starchup/jobs

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NLP/Machine Learning expert | MONK Software | Rome, Italy | Full Time | Onsite or remote

MONK Software is a small but rapidly growing software house in Rome, Italy. We pride ourselves with having a hacker friendly environment like few other companies over here.

We want to start an internal R&D team made of software engineers/developers who love and have experience in natural language processing and/or machine learning. We already have different projects[1] going on which will benefit from these technologies, and we believe that this is just a start.

We already have fully remote team members in Europe and Asia, but for this important project we would prefer to create a core team who can work locally in our office in Rome. We'll also consider remote applicants if the fit is optimal.

If you're interested, feel free to write to hello@monksoftware.it


[1] One project where we want to use NLP & machine learning technologies is http://hashtagify.me/

We also have a chat app used by major customers who would like to add smart chatbot features. Other projects are in the works.

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Staples SparX - San Mateo, CA - Full Time

Looking for:

 * Software Engineers * Dev Ops * Data Scientists
SparX is a small engineering team focused on applying online machine learning and predictive modeling to eCommerce (impacting a 24 billion dollar business). Our stack is 100% Clojure, service oriented, targeting 50 million users with 1ms SLAs. We apply engineering and data science to tough problems such as dynamic pricing, shipping estimations, personalized emails, and multi-variate testing. We are always looking for talent in data science, engineering and devops. Bonus points if you can bridge 2 of these together. We love people with strong fundamentals who can dive deep.

We're a small team, so you will have an opportunity for a high-impact role, targeting over 50 million users. But our best perk is our colleagues: a diverse and extremely talented team of seasoned engineers and data scientists. We are located in San Mateo, walking distance from the Cal-Train station. Come visit or apply online at http://staples-sparx.com.

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Rent the RunwayNew York City, NY, Full Time, ONSITE

We are looking for engineers with experience in either front-end or back-end technologies. With respect to our stack, we are using Ruby and React on the front end, and Java (Dropwizard), MySQL, and Mongo on the backend.

Our team is responsible for making Rent the Runway "run". We have a huge operations and logistics team, and use technology to determine how to increase efficiency and throughput in our warehouse. We use data analytics to understand bottlenecks in our process and alleviate the pain.

We also use analytics to understand what kinds of events customers are renting for and predicting similar styles for customers.

We develop internal tools for processing and shipping orders. And we are developing new features for our customers ever day.

You can see more details about openings here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/renttherunway

Feel free to email me: jgoel@renttherunway.com and I'm happy to chat more about the kinds of projects I've been working on.

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Real Vision - https://realvisiontv.com | Engineers | Cayman Islands OR remote

Real Vision Group is a new media company based in Grand Cayman and operating since January 2014. Our key business is a video-on-demand service with long-form, specialist, curated content. The initial product offering is aimed at financial markets and has proven a great success in the first 2 years since launch. We are about to undertake a significant expansion, rolling out a suite of new products and services - not only in finance but across the media spectrum.

We're looking for back end engineers with experience in the following; Java, Neo4j, event-sourcing, RESTful APIs

And front end engineers with; HTML/SASS/JS, HTML5 video, responsive web, UX design. Java experience is a plus.

We are open to flexible working locations - the current team is spread across Grand Cayman, the UK, and Malaysia. Email ryan@realvisiontv.com to apply.

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CareMessage (YC W14) | QA Automation Engineer | REMOTE | Full Time | http://caremessage.org

CareMessage is looking for a QA Automation Engineer to help with manual and automated quality assurance of the CareMessage web application and API. You will be responsible for entire features and will be a full member of the CareMessage Engineering team. Our team believes in an Agile development environment, test driven development. Our tools of choice are Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, and we place an emphasis on open collaboration and ownership. We're using Protractor for automated frontend testing so knowledge in that is a plus. When something isnt working, were not afraid to throw it out and try something new - so if you have exciting ideas about the QA process and how to make your own job even easier, youll fit right in. All of our developers and QA engineers are working from a remote location.

Apply here: http://grnh.se/lt3wim

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Blue Bottle Coffee | Oakland, CA | FULLTIME | ONSITE Lead & Senior Engineering Positions

As a software engineer at Blue Bottle, you will be essential to building incredible online experiences for coffee lovers near and far. We build easy-to-use tools that allow our guests to shop for coffee and merchandise online, learn about brewing coffee at home, and share their coffee-drinking experiences with friends and followers. We also build powerful automated tools that enable our internal teams to do what they do best: make delicious coffee, create exceptional experiences and deliver freshly-roasted coffee to the right person, at the right time.

You will collaborate with product managers, fellow engineers and leadership to help drive thoughtful solutions to business challenges and opportunities for our website and internal tools, (fueled by delicious drinks of your choice, of course).

Positions available:

Lead Software Engineer, Logistics

Senior Software Engineer, Online Guest Experience

Read more & apply: https://bluebottlecoffee.com/careers

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Tesorio (YC S'15) (https://www.tesorio.com) | Burlingame, CA | ONSITE

* Senior Backend Engineer: build microservices to interconnect accounting software & work on our webapp's backend (Python/Django)

* Senior Frontend Engineer: work with React, ES6, Gulp, and Webpack to build a B2B financial UX that users love

* Senior Full-Stack Engineer: all of the above :)

* Apply to any of these roles here: https://jobs.lever.co/tesorio

Tesorio is a Y Combinator-backed startup that is interconnecting finance systems between companies to create a world where B2B invoices & payments are automated & simple.

Imagine a world where B2B invoices & payments are automated and require no human interaction. That's where the world is headed and we want to be the ones to make it happen. It does not make sense that companies have whole departments dedicated to this workflow with the technology available today.

You'll help us build algorithms to determine a company's utility for cash, integrations between accounting systems so they talk directly to one another, help us build the next generation of B2B payments that is as simple as PayPal/Venmo, and more. We raised a seed round led by top investors including First Round Capital (Uber + Warby Parker), Floodgate Capital (Twitter + Lyft), Fuel Capital (Layer + CoreOS), Red Swan (Coinbase + Buffer), Slow Ventures (early Facebook team), Hillsven Capital (founders of Ariba), and Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail, YC Partner).

juriga 1 ago 0 replies      
AdRoll | San Francisco, CA | Full time

Senior UI Engineer (React, Redux, JavaScript ES6/ES7, private npm, Browserify/Webpack, SASS)

Our frontend team is looking for a seasoned engineer with a passion for world-class UX design and elegant UI development workflows. As part of this small team of senior developers and designers, you get to make a big impact building reusable React components and implementing our new style guide across all our products.

AdRoll is one of the most widely used adtech companies, with 25k+ companies using the product globally and $100M+/yr in revenue.

As we build, we're also sharing our code...


...and learnings with the open source community:


I'm happy to share more details via email (jyri@adroll.com), Twitter (@jtuulos) or over coffee in SF.

jdubie 1 ago 0 replies      
Ladder | https://www.ladderlife.com | Menlo Park, CA | Relocation | ONSITE

React, Docker, Kubernetes, Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, Kafka, AWS, Buck Build

Life insurance is a $130B market where 98% of policies are sold through financial advisors and life insurance agents. Ladder is building a new type of insurance company that is all digital from the ground up and sells directly to consumers.

We are looking for talented full stack generalists that love building things and are excited to get in on the ground floor of disrupting a huge slow moving industry.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is excited to:

- build and architect systems

- work with a small team of talented engineers

- work with the latest tech

- contribute to open source https://github.com/ladderlife

If this sounds like you email me at jack@ladderlife.com

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New York, NY | CloserIQ (https://closeriq.com)

CloserIQ is the network connecting top sales talent to venture backed tech startups. We are a NYC based self-funded and highly profitable recruiting tech startup combining powerful software with world class service.

We're currently hiring for a few roles:

Talent Advisor (ONSITE, NYC)

Our Talent Advisors attract, engage and onboard top sales talent to the rapidly growing CloserIQ network. Youll be joining a small team of sales leaders, technologists, recruiters, and growth hackers as a sports agent for the top revenue generators in the tech community. Looking for candidates with interest in sales and recruiting.

Talent Development Analyst (ONSITE, NYC)

This role is a hybrid sales & marketing where you will be responsible for generating demand for CloserIQ by leveraging digital sales & marketing strategies. You'll have a chance to work directly with our founders, wear multiple hats and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company from day one.

Business Operations Intern (ONSITE, NYC)

We're looking for smart and tech savvy interns to help out as we grow the business. We're a team of 6 based in midtown east. You'll work with our founders, talent team and engineers on all aspects of the business and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company.

Contact us here: https://closeriq.com/about or email us at careers@closeriq.com

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Spreemo - Software Engineer in Test - Full Time - NYC

Spreemo is a fast growing digital health company reshaping the way we evaluate and select our doctors. Today, were doing this in radiology, tomorrow, the greater healthcare ecosystem. Were looking for a Senior Rails Engineer who will help re-architect and develop our core healthcare marketplace platform. We are committed to following Rails best practices around enabling continuous deployment with comprehensive testing. We are recruiting for an experienced, full-stack developer who has deployed numerous production Rails applications and has well-thought-through opinions on which gems to rely on, coding style, and best practices for rapid iteration and maintainability.

Key Activities

Develop and maintain test automation processes in alignment with the project and/or organizations standards and tools.

Develop and maintain automation plans, frameworks, scripts and metrics for functional, regression and integration tests.

Technical Skills

2 + years experience with Selenium

3+ years experience programming in object-oriented language, Java, Ruby or Python

Experience working with TestNG, Junit, NUnit Jmeter

Join our Team : Email your resume to john.ball@spreemo.com

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Clever (YC S12) - San Francisco - onsite

Right now the market for educational software is a mess. Its incredibly difficult for developers to get their products into schools, and its even harder for them to scale. School districts spend tons of money on learning applications, but they have no way of knowing if students are even using the apps theyre purchasing. Teachers know theres great software out there, but relatively simple challenges like getting 30 students logged in at once make using it impossible.

At Clever, were working to change all that. We provide schools with a free API and single sign-on solution that makes using educational apps a breeze. Weve grown fast: after three and a half years, were moving data for a third of all K-12 students in America (20M kids), and 60,000 schools are using us to manage their education apps. Our goals are much bigger than that, though. We want to be two things:

-a single place where schools can easily integrate, manage and analyze all the software theyre using, and

-a single identity that students can use to see everything theyve learned across multiple apps.

Were a team of 115 (40 engineers) based in downtown SF, and were looking for engineers who enjoy working in (or would enjoy learning) Go, Node and React. More generally, we want people who are sharp, adaptable, and passionate about improving the way education works for everyone. In particular, were looking for senior engineers and engineering managers: empathetic leaders who are excited about teaching, coaching and professional development.

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs, or check out our newest product release here: https://clever.com/products/badges

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Bodyport (YC S15) - http://www.bodyport.com - San Francisco, CA - Senior Backend Engineer & Firmware Engineer (ONSITE)

At Bodyport, we are on a mission to eliminate the leading cause of death worldwide - heart disease. We are bridging the gap between hospital grade medical devices and the health tools presently available in the home. Our first product uses a novel sensor technology to rapidly screen for the major risk factors of heart disease in under fifteen seconds. The clinical-grade data measured by our system fuels algorithms aimed at predicting and preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease.

By joining us as Senior Backend Engineer, you will play a critical role at an early-stage company dedicated to bringing lifesaving medical technology into every home. You will lead the development of the Bodyport cloud infrastructure and API. You will also work closely with our data science team to enable the design and implementation of groundbreaking algorithms capable of improving the health and lives of all people.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/bodyport/

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Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab | Sunnyvale, CA | Full-time | On-site | http://usa.baidu.com/careers/

The Silicon Valley AI Lab is Baidu's US-based research group, started a bit more than two years ago by Andrew Ng and Adam Coates. The mission of SVAIL is to build hard AI technologies that let us impact hundreds of millions of users.

We work on deep learning for speech and language; systems research to drive scalability of deep learning models; and new product development to bring research success to end users.

We are hiring for lots of roles in all three of these areas. The above link has the full list, but I'd like to draw particular attention to our need for software engineers (the "Software Engineer - AI Product" role). There is a huge opportunity to be an early member of a newly-formed team responsible for building the next generation of AI-enabled products. No prior experience in machine learning or AI necessary -- if you are a strong engineer, we feel confident we can teach the needed ML.

Apply at the link above, or email eloise@baidu.com if you have questions (or ask right here). Thanks!

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Fastly | https://fastly.com/ | TLS/Go/API Developer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE if in SF, REMOTE otherwise

Apply: http://grnh.se/4v1ojg or contact me here, at carlisia@fastly.com, or on Gophers Slack.

My team is looking for a developer with experience in communications security. Were building an innovative CDN that automates the delivery of secure content in near realtime, and we are giving clients control over how it's done.

To check out why Fastly is a different CDN, I recommend:

Short promo video: https://vimeo.com/151803793

Building and Scaling the Fastly Network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_49Q_wDF0zQ

Fastly Altitude: https://www.fastly.com/altitude

Remote workers are encouraged to apply. Pacific time zone or close to is preferred. I'm remote, my boss is remote, his boss is remote. Most of the team is remote, we are very remote savvy.

100% Go development.

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Aconex | San Francisco, CA USA, Melbourne, Australia| Full-time | Senior Software Engineer, Senior UI Engineer | ONSITE | $135k+

Aconex is a highly profitable project collaboration company with most of the worlds largest construction companies as customers. We are to construction projects what Atlassian is to software projects.

We're looking to build a team of experienced software developers to help us bring a new product to market with a strong financial aspect. Our stack is based on a service oriented architecture, so we have a number of different technologies at play - Java, Go, Ruby, Python etc. To begin with, you'll be working with Java 8 (using Dropwizard), Angular, Typescript as well as many other tools.

Love to chat stack, so if you're interested - reach out!

Technology choice is open for discussion on new services that we start.

More about us: https://www.aconex.com

If you're interested, email me at tolshansky(at )aconex( dot)com

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Aurora Solar | http://www.aurorasolar.com/ | Palo Alto, CA | Onsite | Full Time | VISA | Frontend, Backend Engineer

We are building the software platform that powers the the solar industry. Our clients are companies that work on transitioning our society to a future of sustainable energy by selling, designing and installing solar installations. Aurora enables them to do their job better, faster, and more efficiently.Aurora is a cloud-based SaaS solution that allows solar installers to build 3D models of buildings and trees, simulate the impact of shading on a homeowners roof, design advanced solar systems, calculate the financial return of a solar system and generate beautiful sales proposals. By enabling solar installers to do all of this in a short time and without having to leave their office, Aurora helps to reduce the cost of solar installations and make solar energy more widely available.

Frontend Techstack: Ember, Coffee/Javascript

Backend Techstack: Ruby on Rails, Postgres

If you're interested in working with us, email me at jshum@aurorasolar.com. Mention youre from HN and let me know what youve been working on lately.

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Palo Alto, CA | ShareThis | ONSITE Full-Time | H1B Transfers OKRecruiting Process: Phone Call to Tech Screen to Onsite to Offer (Usually takes about a week from initial phone call to offer)

Multiple open positions: Senior & Principal Software Engineer (Full Stack: Meteor, React.js, Node.js) Senior & Principal Software Engineer (Data: DynamoDB, Kafka, Golang)

We're hiring engineers who want to: - Work on a tech stack that includes the latest technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Big Query. - Sift through TB's of social sharing data to provide real time insights and intelligence. - Work in a truly agile and lean startup environment. - Be inspired by talking to our customers, a/b testing, surveys, and hackathons.

Get a behind the scenes look at our:Engineering Culture: http://www.sharethis.com/engineering.htmlHackathons: https://player.vimeo.com/video/146034661

We're backed by prominent VC firms like DFJ, Blue Chip, T-Venture - who've also funded companies like Tesla, Twitter, Skype and Box.

Most people know us for our social sharing widget which powers sharing for over 3MM sites and apps across the web - and generates a billion social events per day ( > 1.5TB of data). But what makes ShareThis a fun and challenging place to work is how we use that data to power a suite of real-time data and media products for our partners and advertisers.

If you want to know more or apply to any position, email me directly at rana@sharethis.com with Hacker News in the subject name.

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Uber | San Francisco & Seattle | Full-time

Uber's Security team works to ensure the security of all code, systems and data used by our riders, drivers, and partners. Product Security is responsible for working with engineers to design, build, advise and review security concerns across a diverse variety of projects.

You will be relied upon to provide engineering and product teams with the security expertise necessary to make confident product decisions. You will be finding security vulnerabilities through manual review, tools you build or 1:1s with other engineers. You will write code to systemically fix security issues across the codebase. You will advise teams on the best way to build something to prevent future security issues.

We're looking for people with backend, web, and mobile experience to join our teams in San Francisco or Seattle.Shoot over an email to prodsec-recruiting-group@uber.com with your resume and/or LinkedIn and our team will get back to you!

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Nulogy | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | https://nulogy.com/careers | Rails SaaS for Contract PackagersOur motto is: "Its Not Just Business, Its Personal."

Our mission:

- Enable companies to perform the activities necessary to deliver personalized products more effectively.

- Allow companies in the supply chain network to collaborate and do business together more efficiently.

- Reveal transformative insights about the operations and network dynamics of the industry. Drive data-driven decision making and continuous improvement.

Recent Awards:

- Deloitte: Technology Fast 50 Canada - 2015

- Deloitte: Fast 500 North America - 2015

- Aon Hewitt: Canadas Best Small and Medium Employers, Platinum status - 2016


- Unlimited vacation. Because your results are your results.

- 100% top-up for 13 weeks for any parent of biological or adopted children

- $750/yr toward any extra help to make your family life easier for parents.

- Free format hack days roughly once a month.

Interview process: coffee date, 1 take home assignment, 1 on site whiteboard, 1 pair programming session

Apply at: http://goo.gl/forms/R4lvFmowO0aSNenT2

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Steno (https://clarke.ai) | New York, NY | ONSITE, REMOTE | A.I./ NLP Scientists, Engineers

Steno makes AI driven personal assistants who can dial into calls and take notes for you. We're tackling the big problem of summarizing content, be it audio or text, into succinct actionable notes.

You would be the first hires outside the founding team. We're growing fast, and experience with high velocity environments is a big plus! You would be able to experiment with NLP, and build deep learning models to process large amounts of data. Experience with NLP, automatic summarization, and learning models in speech a huge plus.

Additionally, you get to bounce of NYC's indefatigable spirit!

To apply, send an email to jobs AT clarke.ai

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Reverb.com | Chicago, IL | Full-time | On-site | Infra Engineer

Reverb.com is the online marketplace [for musicians] to buy, sell and learn about new, used, vintage and handmade music gear. Since launching in 2013, we've grown into the worlds most popular music gear website with more than seven million monthly website visits.

We are currently in transition from a monolithic Rails app with a few peripheral services to a multi-service environment with Docker and AWS at the core. If you have experience with Docker containers, we'd love to hear from you as we're moving in this direction.

Want to learn more? Follow our work here: https://product.reverb.com/

Link to full job description:http://work.at.reverb.com/apply/7kiCX1/Infrastructure-Engine...

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HoneyBook | San Francisco, CA, Tel-Aviv, Israel | ONSITE

We're building a market network [1] for creative professionals, starting in the events industry. We have a workflow product that members love, and now we're working on building the network and marketplace on top. The team is great and the work is challenging, and although we're growing fast, it remains feeling small because we take care to keep it that way.

Stack: Rails, AngularInfo: https://www.honeybook.com/careers

Check the descriptions in the links, and let me know if you have any questions. I'm Eddie, on one of our development teams: eddie@honeybook.com

Some key roles we're looking to fill (but there are plenty more!):

-Senior Front-end Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/195308

-Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/267885

-Senior Growth PM: https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/256388

-BI Analyst: https://boards.greenhouse.io/honeybook/jobs/224931


[1] https://techcrunch.com/2015/06/27/from-social-to-market-netw....

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Onsite in Silicon Valley (preferred) or San Diego, with REMOTE a possibility depending on role

Interview process: Video calls if you're distant or an in-person visit if you're local.

We are developing high-performance algorithms for truly big data, video analysis, NLP, and more. We solve deep technical challenges and are building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We are currently open to engineers with solid experience in CUDA, Mesos, deep neural networks, and/or Clojure, as well as to enthusiastic developers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We also welcome interest from postdoctoral researchers or senior graduate students. We are interested in solving problems efficiently, and our polyglot architecture includes C++, Clojure, Scala, and Python.

We do not presently have openings for undergraduates (B.Sc. students).

Contact info@onutechnology.com.

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Teachers Pay Teachers | NYC | Full-Time | Engineers, Product Managers, Product Designers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a community of millions of educators who come together to share their work, their insights, and their inspiration with one another. We are the first and largest open marketplace where teachers share, sell, and buy original educational resources. Since we've started, authors on Teachers Pay Teachers have earned over $200M. Here's a bit more of the backstory (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/06/technology/a-sharing-econo...).

Our engineering culture focuses on Fearless Development (http://engineering.teacherspayteachers.com/2015/10/11/the-fe...), curiosity, learning, and autonomy.

I'd be happy to chat about positions over email at nhurst@teacherspayteachers.com.

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Meta | Boston, MA | full time | onsite preferred

Meta is building a platform that allows users to seamlessly search for, access, and share files across all cloud platforms and devices; in essence, Google for your files. Weve closed a seed funding round and are looking for talented developers to help us scale our MVP and take our platform to the next level.


We have exciting development work ahead of us in nearly every area imaginable, including responsive client-side web development, a microservices-based cloud architecture written in Go and Python, performance-critical native client applications, a lightning fast personalized search engine, and complex data science problems in stream processing, semantic analysis, and information retrieval.

Were right in downtown Boston and looking for talented developers and computer scientists to join us. Offering competitive salaries and large equity compensation. Email us at careers@meta.sc and check out our careers page at https://www.meta.sc/careers

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Pluto AI | Palo Alto, California | Full Stack Developer | ONSITE


We are looking for a full stack developer with at least 3 years of experience to join our team. This is an opportunity to spearhead the development of our water analytics platform and pioneer the overall architecture.


We are enabling our customers to analyze and understand the real time data coming from connected devices like sensors and smart meters. Our analytics engine digs deep in to the data to uncover actionable insights. The platform provides real time alerting and a command center view of consumption trends, leakage, overallocation, conditional monitoring, and many more things. The platform has to process high volumes of real time data coming from our customers.


Our goal is to develop a Deep Learning platform to prevent the wastage of water, our planet's most essential natural resource. We are looking for somebody who knows how to get things done. If we end up liking each other, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


A couple of things to note about this role: - Experience with a backend framework like Django - Experience with a frontend framework like AngularJS - Our stack is built using a combination of Python and Javascript, so familiarity with these languages is necessary - Working knowledge of databases (Postgres, MongoDB, Influx)


- We like solving hard problems. You will be working on cutting edge data science problems. - Since you will be one of the first few people in the company, you will have a tremendous impact on our strategy and culture. - Youll have the opportunity to drive the architecture and design of our platform. Since this work is largely self-driven, youll have the opportunity to get really hands-on.

If you think you are up to it, feel free to ping us at founders@plutoai.com.

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Asana (https://asana.com/jobs/eng) | San Francisco, CA . New York, NY | ONSITE Software Engineers (generalists and specialists: mobile, web, api, infra, security)

Were a mid-stage startup (~250 people) building a SaaS product that allows teams to track their work and achieve their most ambitious goals. We closed our Series C financing round earlier this year and are looking to grow our team with engineers who want to build enterprise software that delights users while ensuring the highest level of security, availability and performance. We're hiring across all of our teams, each of which has 2-5 engs at a time and is responsible for projects from inception through launch and beyond. We value distributed responsibility, mindfulness, and maximizing impact, which leads to an engineering culture that focuses on shipping quickly (and sustainably) as well as mentorship. Our interview process consists of a written test, phone interview, followed by on-site interviews. You can view our interviewing guide at http://asa.na/interview Here are a few links if you are interested in learning more:Engineering Blog: https://blog.asana.com/category/eng/Asana's vision doc and where we are going: http://asa.na/visionOur co-founder Dustin on why work-life balance is so important to us: http://asa.na/live-wellPlease email me at hn@asana.com if you're interested in our engineering positions.

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Chicago, IL | Trunk Club | ONSITE or REMOTE | Fulltime

We're building the future of retail, enabled through technology. Talk to us if you're interested in creating lightweight single-responsibility apps, building advanced Javascript MV*-powered front-ends, leveraging graph databases and machine learning, and creating amazing user experiences for users both internal and external. Our platform powers everything from the member experience (online and in-store) to our sales and relationship tools to our warehouse operations to our financial and merchandising capabilities - there is a lot going on!

We're currently hiring for the below roles:

Director of Engineering: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/239959

Engineering Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/155114

Senior Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/44918

Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/44920

Data Scientist: https://boards.greenhouse.io/trunkclub/jobs/99937

Please check out our website to learn more: https://www.trunkclub.com/careers

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Join Handshake (http://www.joinhandshake.com)!

We are the fastest growing career services platform in the country, helping colleges and employers actively engage students with personalized opportunities.Series A, Backed by Kleiner Perkins, True Ventures and Lightspeed Partners, Handshake has already partnered with more than 110 universities (including Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, University of Chicago, Michigan and Texas), and has more than 1.5 million student profiles and 95,000 recruiters on the platform, including 50% of the Fortune 100.

Our unique data on students' interests and the historical career outcomes gives Handshake the rare ability to help students of today imagine, plan and jumpstart their future careers.

Hiring for:

-Full stack developers (we're a RoR shop but open to all types of software engineering backgrounds): http://grnh.se/y3vipr

-Front-end developers: http://grnh.se/euci80

-QA Engineer Lead: http://grnh.se/64irse

-Product (UI/UX) Designer: http://grnh.se/1d650y

Not seeing a role that fits? We have more positions, just check out our careers page: https://joinhandshake.com/careers/Alternatively, you can email me if you have questions: matt@joinhandshake.com

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RINSE | San Francisco, CA and Santa Monica, CA | Full Time

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've grown at double-digit month-over-month rates for over three years now, our business fundamentals are solid, and our customers love us! We have a few open positions:

1) We have a leadership opening for a smart and experienced Brand Marketing Manager. The ideal candidate would have strong analytical skills and a good eye for the kind of marketing that would improve our brand, across all media. Since we're a growing consumer business, this is a great role for someone who wants to to manage a brand poised to become a household name. https://www.rinse.com/careers/marketing-manager-brand/

2) We're also aggressively recruiting Customer Experience Associates to join our growing team. We've hired a skilled and experienced Head of Customer Operations, and we view customer service as a critical part of Rinse's service, brand, and business. Candidates must have strong empathy, solid problem solving capacity, and great written and oral communication skills. We're particularly interested in those who can work in the evenings, as we are an evening delivery service. Apply here: https://www.rinse.com/careers/

Want to join a tech startup with a sustainable business model? Perhaps your family ran a dry cleaner or laundromat when you were growing up? Delighted with our service? Let's talk!

Email sam <at> rinse.com with questions, or contact jobs <at> rinse.com directly to apply.

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Canary (https://canary.is) | New York, NY | Data Platform Engineer | Full-time | ONSITE

We're the innovative home security company that grew out of a crowdfunding campaign[0] and brought to market our easy-to-use and user-friendly video monitoring solution. Canary combines the latest advances in computer vision, learning, and data science to help our users live more secure lives.

I lead the data engineering team at Canary, and am looking to grow this team in pursuit of making our home security devices faster and smarter. Canary's security camera is unique in that it comes with multiple onboard sensors - temperature, air quality, and humidity - that produce a continuous second data stream in addition to the visuals captured by each device.

Our team builds the data pipelines and underlying infrastructure that brings in and securely houses this data. As you can imagine, security is a first-class concern in everything we do. This creates many fascinating technical challenges, from crypto to network security to hardening of applications. We're all passionate about doing right by our users, and this passion shows in our designs, code, and planning.

Please have a look at the job posting[1] if you're interested in learning more about the team and what we do. I'm also happy to answer any questions - e-mail is in my profile.

[0]: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/canary-the-first-smart-ho...[1]: http://grnh.se/s2a6b1

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DuckDuckGo - REMOTE

* Senior Product Designer - https://duckduckgo.com/hiring/

Hiring process: https://duck.co/help/hiring/hiring-process

We should soon have some other engineering positions up, please keep an eye out if you're interested.

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Front Row Education -- San Francisco -- https://www.frontrowed.com

* Head of Engineering (ONSITE): https://frontrow.workable.com/j/3828FAE4A8

* Senior Software Engineer (ONSITE/REMOTE): https://frontrow.workable.com/jobs/156061

Come change how 3+ million US students learn Math and Language Arts. Use data, advanced type systems, great product design and deep pedagogy to change lives.

World class, tight-knit colocated + distributed engineering team in continental US.

One of the world's highest traffic Haskell products out there, 100% of backend and tools are in Haskell.

Big presence and stewardship of the Open Source community. Work with known OSS authors.

Use the best and simplest tools for the job, maintain the no-firefighting culture, sleep soundly at night.

Front Row is venture funded, has a proven business model and is on the road to profitability.

Keywords: Haskell, React.JS, FlowType, Ansible, AWS, PostgreSQL

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Tapad | New York, NY (NYC) | Full time (ONSITE)

Tapad is in the "ad tech" space. We use Scala. So if you already know or want to learn about functional programming and big data, hit us up!


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Muster | Richmond, Va | Full Time | On Site



About Muster

Muster is an advocacy platform that enables professional associations and nonprofits to engage their membership in the legislative process. By providing simple and intelligent solutions to communicate with lawmakers, client organizations are able to easily influence public policy and advance their cause. Muster has a proven track record in powering the campaigns behind legislative victories and increasing membership-driven advocacy.

Job Description:

Skills & Requirements While we are seeking someone who covers all the requirements below we would also like to speak with anyone who has a nice combination of the below skill set even if you are missing one or two items.

* Experience with Python/Django

* Experience with ReactJS or other single page application frameworks

* Experience with AWS, Heroku or other cloud-based infrastructure providers

* Experience with git and Github

* Experience with Docker or other containerization software

* Experience developing REST APIs

Junior - Senior Level

Competitive salary based on experience

Work with an exciting and energetic team in an attractive downtown RVA office space [with free parking!]

Stock options for employees

Paid holidays and vacation

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Senior Node.js Developer | Interactive Intelligence | Durham, NC | ONSITE

Interactive Intelligence (NYSE:ININ) is hiring a senior Node.js developer to work on our cloud-based chat service.

We make software to manage call centers. Our chat service is just a small piece of the PureCloud Collaborate product. You can see read more about the overall product here: https://www.inin.com/unified-collaboration

The role on my team is specifically for developing a highly available service built entirely on AWS and use technologies like Socket.io, DynamoDB, XMPP, Redis, & Kafka. The team is currently 4 developers and two developers focused on integration testing.

The interview process is straight forward: 1) phone screen with team lead 2) small coding exercise 3) half day in person interview.

You can email me your resumes directly at andrew.austin@inin.com or read the full listing here: https://www.inin.com/careers/job-listing?p=job%2FovuJ2fwu

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BuildZoom (YC Winter 2013) - San Francisco, CA - http://www.buildzoom.com - Full-time - Onsite Only

We're a remodeling/construction platform that takes the pain out of home remodeling and construction projects. We're growing fast (1M+ visitors/month). Come join our awesome team in our beautiful office in Soma. We're looking for talented engineers (full-stack, front-end, data).

* https://www.buildzoom.com/team

* https://jobs.lever.co/buildzoom

You can apply directly via the link above, but feel free to ping me directly with questions (dlee at ).

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SendGrid | Software Engineers, Test/QA, Ops | San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Orange County | Full Time

Hi, I'm Eric and I'm a frontend engineer at SendGrid. We deliver a huge portion of the world's meaningful email. Whether it's an instant receipt after an Uber ride or an Airbnb booking confirmation, we deliver it. Our platform team works on tough scaling challenges, while our applications team maintains an informative analytics dashboard for our customers.

The people here are absolutely fantastic - we bring in the best and trust them to get the job done. We're about 300 strong, and we've been growing fast for seven years. Everyone gets competitive salaries, generous pre-IPO options, flexible hours, catered lunch, an annual trip to Mexico ... that list goes on for a while.

Apply: http://grnh.se/xes14l#job-list. If you have questions, or if you'd like an inside perspective on what a day looks like for the Applications & Services team, my email's in my profile.

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StoryWorth | SF | Full-Time https://www.storyworth.com

Were looking for a full-stack engineer to join us at StoryWorth (www.storyworth.com).

This role is a good fit for you if you want to work on a meaningful consumer product, and if you work best with a lot of responsibility on a small team.

Were a service that helps people record their family stories and print them in beautiful hardcover books. We have raised a seed round, have paying customers who love us, and are on track to be profitable.

Youll be taking over the core engineering of the site, scaling it as we grow and implementing major new features. Because of this, we need someone with significant engineering experience (3-5 years full time work). You should be comfortable Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Bonus points if you have mobile experience and an interest in design.

Our development process is very collaborative. We'll wireframe a new feature together, you'll put together an end-to-end prototype, and we'll iterate from that. We care more about clean maintainable code than domain expertise. Our stack includes Python (Tornado), Mongo, Swift, Heroku, Stripe, Twilio & Mailgun.

If you want to apply, email me a short note about why this posting caught your attention and well go from there.

I cant wait to hear from you!


PS: Unfortunately we cant sponsor a visa at this time, but were open to remote candidates if youre a particularly good fit. Also, this role likely isnt right for you if you graduated in the past year or recently completed a hacker school.

edited-dev 1 ago 0 replies      
EDITED | Engineering Positions | London, UK | Onsite | Full-Time

Were currently hiring for Engineers (especially front-end focused people who like React, right now) and DevOps. Our stack is primarily Python & JavaScript, with frameworks like Django/Flask and react.js/d3. We arent afraid to integrate new tech and like to keep exploring whats out there.

We're an established startup, focused on doing important things for retail, the fourth biggest industry in the world, helping them reduce waste and be more efficient. We have a beautiful web app, used everyday by hundreds of people at Topshop, Saks Fifth Avenue, GAP and more.

Our engineering team is a group of smart people from really varied backgrounds. Were solving diverse and interesting problems on a daily basis, like image analysis, big data visualisation and a load of other fun things that come with having a rapidly growing data set. We love good practices like extensive testing and continuous integration, and enjoy giving back to the community, so open source contributions are highly encouraged.

Our office is large and sociable; people eat lunch together every day and we have drinks and snacks in the office every Friday, as well as team days out and all expenses paid trips abroad. Theres a video on our jobs page of our most recent one: http://edited.com/jobs/

Half of the team has actually found and joined us through Whos hiring, so don't hesitate to get in touch, we're always happy to meet new people!

More details: https://edited.com/jobs/ or email jobs@edited.com

ErinSlack 1 ago 0 replies      
Oscar Insurance is a startup using technology, data & design to change the way people find and access care. We are disrupting the healthcare industry by putting people first, not business and cost. www.hioscar.com

We're currently hiring for a variety of Full-time/Onsite roles here in our New York City location as well as our Phoenix area location.

Site Reliability Engineer (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=13255

IT Lead (Phoenix, AZ) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=182658

Software Engineer: Web & Mobile (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=247940

Software Engineer: Data/Systems (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=248056

Software Engineer: SWAT (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=261602

Software Engineer: Product Infrastructure (NYC) https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=240077

Security Engineer: (NYC)https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/?gh_jid=70307

Oscar was valued at $2.7 billion following a $400 million investment by Fidelity.

Check out our Engineering Blog and AWS Post for updates on new projects: http://dna.hioscar.com


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AltspaceVR | Software Engineers | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Full-time | Permanent eligibility to work in US required | Virtual reality, Unity, Rails, HTML5, React, ES6, WebGL, three.js

About us: http://altvr.com

Open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

Our team: http://altvr.com/team


- AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company building a platform for communication in VR.

- Backed by some of the best investors on the planet (http://altvr.com/about)

- With a team that is passionate about the future of VR.


- VR will be for everyone.

- The social connection enabled by VR will change your life (and we can show it to you.)

- We should embrace everything that is great about the 2D web.

- That we can and will invent the 3D web.

For more info: http://altvr.com For open positions: http://jobs.altvr.com

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pMD | San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer, and Sales Engineer https://www.pmd.com/careers

If you're interested in health care, helping doctors/nurses/staff take better care of their patients and work on the forefront of new healthcare models and the tools they are beginning to need, come join us. We're a profitable small company < 30 people, with double digit annual growth, no VC, and we move very fast with no red-tape. Stack: iOS/Android/Java/MySQL/JS/Backbone.

I actually found my current job on the monthly HN job post a few years ago, and still here :) This is a very unique position given it's a mix of pure engineering, and a significant customer facing role.

Some testimonials of the software: https://www.pmd.com/reviews

Contact: sbahrami@pmd.com and/or careers@pmd.com

*Unfortunately, we are unable to provide visa sponsorship. Candidates must be authorized to work in the U.S. as a precondition of employment.

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Wag! | Los Angeles | Onsite | Fulltime | https://wagwalking.com

We're a fast-growing on-demand dog walking startup and we're currently operating in LA, NYC, SF, DC, Chicago, Austin, Seattle and San Diego. Our HQ is conveniently located on the Sunset Strip (West Hollywood) and we're backed by several top VCs.

Our tech stack: backend API (PHP/Laravel), iOS apps (Obj-C), Android apps (Java/Javascript), web app (Angular) and internal tools that use React/Redux.

We're looking for pragmatic full stack engineers who are tech agnostic and not afraid to work on multiple parts of our stack and willing to learn new things when required.

We aim not to take up too much of your time so interview process is: 15 min online code challenge, 2 phone screens and an on-site interview (3 hrs max).

If you are interested, please email me directly at melvin@wagwalking.com with links to your LinkedIn and any interesting things you've worked on.

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Thistle - Berkeley CA ONSITE - https://angel.co/thistle-1/jobs/97516-software-engineer

Thistle delivers delicious, organic and healthy meals as a subscription - "put your diet on autopilot".

Looking for python engineers (senior and junior) that are passionate about healthy food. Work includes:

- Building our consumer website, with a focus helping customers understand all the nutrition and health benefits in their meals.

- Ops infrastructure for designing, preparing and delivering 1000s of meals in a day.

- Testing new user acquisition and engagement strategies

Stack is Python/Django, but if you're a fast learner we will be just as interested in what you like to eat for lunch.

Interview: quick phone screen, then visit HQ to try the food and discuss our codebase.

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VP, Engineering | WhizKidz Media | Gurgaon, India | Full-time, on-site | Competitive salary + stock options

WhizKidz is implementing learning solutions for children keeping in mind that every kid has a unique set of abilities and learning acumen. We are building a platform that takes this into account and treats each child in a unique way to make learning fun and meaningful.

We are looking for someone with leadership skills and experience in designing technical architectures to fill our VP, Engineering position. As the VP, youd be responsible for hiring and mentoring the engineering team and laying the groundwork for the companys technical stack and the product development cycle.

While not