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US Media Blacks Out Snowden Interview benswann.com
840 points by spenvo  2 days ago   225 comments top 50
tptacek 1 day ago 6 replies      
Reddit takedown of this stupid blog post: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/1wddfp/us_media_bl...

Of course, on the Internet, it's not Occam's Razor that controls, but Godwin's, which states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the greatest dramatic implications must be selected.

spenvo 2 days ago 5 replies      
Try searching CNN for "Snowden Interview" and there is NO mention of it. Same with MSNBC's search - nothing about this interview in the results.

Also, scroll down to user "Nostromo's" counter (claiming the media did cover the story) w/links and then my reply.

This kind of blatant dereliction of duty in US journalism (IMHO) presages the governments' plans for controlling the (M)essage on websites. One can only assume they have a turnkey solution to suppress submissions and comments on HN, Reddit, etc.

Support projects that attempt to combat censorship at the technological level. This is coming from someone who is working on my own* anti-censorship project. (I care more about the mission than the glory.) retroshare.sourceforge.net promises a great deal and looks OK from a mile-high view (except for mythical documentation). *check profile if interested

nostromo 2 days ago 1 reply      
All from a few days ago:




Just search "ARD snowden" on Google News. Not front page, but not hidden either.

Giving the interview right around the State of the Union probably didn't help it get any attention in the US.

dogweather 2 days ago 4 replies      
We need to keep our paranoia in check. That article is B.S. wrong on all the verifiable points. And the rest is just random guesses.

I went and checked the German news (I'm American but lived in Germany 5 years, and am still fluent) and it turns out that ARD screwed the pooch on this one: the two most respected media outlets in Germany are pissed off and have written about ARD's shoddy editing and refusal to provide easy access to the full interview. Here are my translations for the titles:

Der Spiegel"ARD relegates Snowden interview to the middle of the night"http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzpolitik/ard-versendet-sno...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ("FAZ")"The Snowden interview is going around the world ... or not?http://www.faz.net/aktuell/feuilleton/medien/edward-snowden-...

Now, the Spiegel linked to ARD's mini-site for Snowden stuff, which claims to have the full video and full transcript in English: http://www.ndr.de/ratgeber/netzwelt/snowdeninterview101.html

And then this article all about how ARD at first would only put the interview out with the German dubbing. Then, under pressure, ARD released it with the original sound. But, wouldn't make it accessible overseas...

Der Spiegelhttp://www.spiegel.de/kultur/tv/ndr-veroeffentlicht-snowden-...

greenyoda 2 days ago 7 replies      
I highly recommend watching this interview, in which Snowden clearly explains his motives for doing what he did and describes the scope of the data collection carried out by the NSA and its allied foreign intelligence agencies. While I've followed this story quite extensively, this is first time I've actually watched an interview with Snowden, and I was very impressed with his intelligence, thoughtfulness, depth of knowledge and eloquence. (The interview is 30 minutes long.)
ck2 2 days ago 1 reply      
PBS Newshour mentioned the interview on ARD


but obviously cannot rebroadcast the interview unless ARD gave permission.

AP also mentions it http://bigstory.ap.org/article/german-tv-snowden-says-nsa-al...

jobu 2 days ago 5 replies      
Occam's Razor - Which is more likely?

1) The US government has persuaded major media outlets CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NYT, etc. to bury the interview.

2) The German media company that did the inteview is asking foreign news outlets for more money than they're willing to pay for the interview (and is protecting its copyright by having internet copies taken down).

_stephan 2 days ago 2 replies      
In addition, the video has been taken down almost immediately every time its posted on YouTube.

AFAIK, the German company that produced the interview didn't sell the international rights to the German broadcaster, which is also why the original video is geolocked to Germany. So I'd guess it's this company that's behind the YouTube takedowns.

rdl 2 days ago 1 reply      
I believe this is due to stupid copyright issues, not anything particular sinister by the US media. I have approximately zero problem pirating it, so http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f93_1390833151
k-mcgrady 2 days ago 2 replies      
Complete made up speculation. I'm in the UK, read & watch the news everyday, and didn't know this interview was happening. It's also the first time I've seen it mentioned online. It wasn't promoted properly. Re: YouTube takedowns - wouldn't it be the producer of the programme taking those videos down? You make it sound like the USG is removing videos from YouTube.
spenvo 2 days ago 0 replies      
Other HNers 'dogwatcher', '_stephan', 'rdl' - have brought to light related copyright issues -- which might explain (in part) the lack of coverage on Cable media stations and have discredited the link. That said, the content of the interview was substantial and of eminent importance (newsworthy) for all US citizens.

Print media or long-form web articles on nytimes.com, etc, shouldn't have concerned themselves with rights to video (see my response to 'nostromo').

I was unaware of the copyright/licensing issues when I made the submission.

d0ugie 2 days ago 2 replies      
A blackout ordered by the government, huh. Quite an allegation.

But don't forget to consider that rather than the American media, not a small bunch to corral easily, conspiring at the government's request not to report on something "juicy," that the media may have simply had things to cover that they felt were juicier or were perhaps spooked by the incendiary nature of the interview and engaged in self-censorship. And that it's possible American media has a different take on what's juicy and what's become old news versus foreign media.

Also consider that with the Internet it's not easy anymore to effectively create a media blackout over something not much worse than what's already been revealed by the media without repercussions. Plenty of hungry journalists looking to make a heroic name for themselves by defying such an order in the name of freedom.

Maybe it's true, but it's also pretty far-fetched, don't immediately presume it's true.

srl 2 days ago 1 reply      
The reddit comment pavanky links to (by Natedogg213) does a pretty good job pointing out the fact that this story simply isn't true, and is really just another case of lazy "mainstream media sux" claims. I'd like to add something from the other end:

Yes, it's true that this snowden interview wasn't well-reported on. It certainly wasn't blacked out, or suppressed, or whatever, but editors must not have considered it front-page material. That's because it /isn't/.

On days when HN collectively has its wits about it, we're lamenting the fact that too much journalism has focused on Snowden himself, and not enough on the important stories: what was revealed, how the NSA responded, how representatives (collectively and individually), and what the likely political future is for a reform bill. These are stories that give voters important and interesting information, and they tend to be very well covered. This interview doesn't reveal interesting new information in these areas.

josh_fyi 2 days ago 0 replies      
l33tbro 2 days ago 2 replies      
It's not news because no one cares. You guys all live in a bubble where you think this is the most important issue in the world right now. Maybe it is. But, honestly, no one cares.
DelightfulScone 2 days ago 3 replies      
Well that is interesting. I typically jump to Google News in response to such accusations to show a thread of stories on the subject 'being blacked out.' In this case..

Shows some search results: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&gl=us&tbm=nws&authuser=0...

Clicking on the '73 news sources' link results in blank thread: https://news.google.com/news?ncl=dePJixL6H8f9VzMIt-2rs1GZLI9...

zwischenzug 2 days ago 1 reply      
NSA leader lied under oath to Congress.

Why is this not as big as Watergate?

daanlo 2 days ago 1 reply      
With regards to the video not appearing on youtube and many other places.The recording TV station that holds the rights to the interview (ARD /NRD) purposefully blocked international visitors from seeing the video through geo blocking, as they only hold distribution rights in Germany. I assume they would also force youtube to remove the video if it is uploaded to protect their copyright.

The details as to why and how are explained in the second half of this article (unfortunately in German): http://m.faz.net/aktuell/feuilleton/medien/edward-snowden-un...

In short it is a copyright fck-up on behalf of the German TV channel that made a mistake when transferring the copyright from its subsidiary to itself. The international distribution right is now stuck somewhere in Nirvana in between the companies, which is why they aren't able to give/sell the video to other international TV stations like CNN, for them to show it.

At least this is my legal understanding of the situation. You can use a proxy like zenmate and see the video here: http://m.ardmediathek.de/Edward-Snowden-interview-in-english...

morsch 1 day ago 0 replies      
I submitted a Google translation of the German transcript right after the broadcast and the original English video shortly after that. The submissions didn't get a whole lot of upvotes (2 and 5 respectively). I just figured nobody cared.

The YouTube video is still up and I was told the video was available internationally, though I did not verify that.



kevinpet 1 day ago 0 replies      
If you say:

> The interview has been intentionally blocked from the US public

You need to present some semblance of evidence that that's the case. I will grant that it's interesting that this hasn't been covered in the US, but this article is a suspicion being presented as a proven fact.

maxtheman 2 days ago 0 replies      
MaysonL 2 days ago 1 reply      

josh_fyi and I seem to have had the same search result simultaneously.

coldcode 2 days ago 0 replies      
Whether or not there is some kind a conspiracy, which doesn't seem credible to me, the US media could have interviewed Snowden if they wanted to anywhere in the world he felt safe. But they don't appear to care to since it might make that network lose access to politicians and government officials and be branded by rivals as traitors. That's far more likely.
zeeed 2 days ago 0 replies      
it's available in full on archive.org:


wismer 2 days ago 1 reply      
This website, this source for "investigative journalism" includes a video that claims that there's a link between autism and vaccines.


zimbatm 2 days ago 1 reply      
One thing I think they need to cover is how he got hold of all these documents as a 3rd party contractor. Was it just available on a shared file server or did he had to hack into some kind of data store ?

I suspect that most government agencies where already aware of the capabilities of the NSA, either because they where cooperating or because it's so easy to get access. If Snowden could do it, how many others did it for private interests ?

joelrunyon 2 days ago 0 replies      
Funny they don't even include it on overall timelines like they have here - http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/multimedia/timeline-ed...
kartikkumar 1 day ago 0 replies      
I find it astounding to think that he's my age. His thoughtfulness and eloquence in circumstances that are nothing short of movie-like are incredible. Although this might not have been a hard-hitting interview that tasked Snowden about the manner and nature of his revelations, what is clear is that he is a definitely a thinker. As much as everyone has his flaws, I can only really thank him for attempting to open up our eyes so that we can get a glimpse of what reality might really be like below the thin veil that perceive around us.
lovskogen 1 day ago 0 replies      
I hope Facebook Paper doesn't allow these kinds of non-american news sources. It would totally spoil my reality.
bachback 2 days ago 0 replies      
democracy now is a great channel. they covered it briefly. they had Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange many times in the past.


gojomo 2 days ago 0 replies      
Are there examples of YouTube excerpts that have been taken down? What has been the takedown rationale? (Rightsholder-objection? Law-enforcement?)
throwwit 2 days ago 0 replies      
http://world.time.com/2014/01/27/snowden-german-tv-comments/ isn't censored as far as I can tell. The "Sorry This video does not exist." is a bit ominous tho.
ZenoArrow 1 day ago 0 replies      
Why are people focusing on the 'blackout' angle instead of talking about the content of the interview?
memracom 1 day ago 0 replies      
State-sponsored media. The only kind of media now allowed in the USA.
shmerl 1 day ago 0 replies      
What else could one expect from the Orwellian government? This only proves the point that press in the police state is just a tool of power, not an independent media by any means.
bonemachine 1 day ago 0 replies      
Nothing conspiratorial in the fact that the networks (correctly) assess that the American viewing public would rather watch Mad Men or Game of Thrones than The Snowden Files, any night of the week.
josefresco 2 days ago 0 replies      
What if "the media" found that insistently reporting on the Snowden story wasn't popular among it's readership?

Much more boring than a conspiracy but plausible IMHO.

smoyer 2 days ago 0 replies      
The site is down ... did his server crash under the load, or is the government getting better at blacking out the media? News at 11:00 (or not).
ulfw 2 days ago 2 replies      
That's called "Freedom" I believe.
jlgaddis 2 days ago 0 replies      
thomaszander 2 days ago 0 replies      
For all living in the US, proof the story-teller wrong by linking to this video on liveleak on their social media and suggesting their friends and family look at the full 30 minutes interview.

Getting to the truth is about hearing both sides of a story, so anyone not willing to listen or let others listen to Snowdens story is part of the problem.

joshfraser 1 day ago 0 replies      
Good interview, terrible blog post.
Cowicide 2 days ago 1 reply      
The Land of the Free, Inc. institutes 'Freedom Lite' for an "easier to digest" corporatist fantasy for public consumption. And, Americans eat it up.
detcader 2 days ago 0 replies      
It seems clear that the virtual blackout of this insightful interview is yet another deliberate attempt to obfuscate the truth from the view of the American public. The media has continually attempted to shill the official government lies about mass domestic surveillance programs, justifying them as necessary to fight the War on Terror, while attempting to painting Mr. Snowden as a traitor.

Say what you want about the other claims of this article, this is pretty spot-on and should be the concern of all U.S. citizens (by virtue of, y'know, citizenship). This person worked for our government, and facilitated the release of huge amounts of classified information. This is Of Interest to everyone, whether you love him or hate him.

heroh 1 day ago 0 replies      
in other news UK is on the verge of passing legislation tomorrow which will allow Police to SEIZE Journalist notes/files/etc. WITHOUT ANY due process... blatant censorship.

If this bill passes there won't be news to blackout.


ninjac0der 2 days ago 0 replies      
This can only be for the betterment of your country, do not resist.
CryptcWriter 1 day ago 0 replies      
a lot of media seemed to cover this... even if they didn't link to the actual interview it took me about 2 seconds to find it online...
weintrouble 1 day ago 0 replies      
After reading this I need to find a new country mine is broken and I really no longer desire to attempt to fix it.
jasonlingx 2 days ago 1 reply      
Will this get blacked out on hacker news as well?
notastartup 1 day ago 0 replies      
I just googled `ard snowden interview` and all the first page of results, youtube, vimeo, etc., are all inaccessible as video is not available. I think I just had a North Korean moment.
How in-app purchases have destroyed the game industry baekdal.com
778 points by seivan  3 days ago   516 comments top 92
chasing 2 days ago 38 replies      
I suspect many game developers find themselves in an awkward spot:

1) People seem to balk at paying >$5 for a mobile or tablet game. (With some notable exceptions.)

2) The $0.99 or $1.99 price point is not financially viable for most games.

3) People do seem willing to purchase coins or lives or more daily playtime via in-app purchases. Some spend tens or hundreds of dollars on a single game.

If you're building a game for a large company like EA, you're probably forced to take the most lucrative path. EA's not an atelier for starving artists. And if you're a small, struggling game studio, you probably can't afford to leave money on the table.

So what's the solution? If people are unwilling to pay reasonable prices up-front for games, how besides in-app purchases does a game company profit from their work?

This is an honest question, because I also generally hate how IAP is integrated into most games. I'd much rather pay up-front.

patio11 2 days ago 7 replies      
Gamers have voted with their wallets for this outcome. (Dungeon Keeper retailed for $60, not $6, at launch. I couldn't afford it so I checked back weekly, and then found the best deal of my life six months later: $9.99 with a $20 manufacturers rebate.)

Minus the rebate thing this is the traditional curve for IP price discrimination: you pay more to get faster access.

Gamers thought both $60 or waiting one day, to say nothing of 6 months, were monstrously unfair, so they pirated the games. So the industry did a rethink, and figured out a way to give them what they want. Enter Free To Play.

benched 2 days ago 2 replies      
I work at a well-known and [formerly?] successful casual game company. Recently, the company ventured into the 'freemium' with in-app purchases model. It hasn't gone so well - garnered a lot of hate, and not nearly as much money as hoped. The execs have responded by doubling down and going all in on freemium.

So now there's this uncomfortable tension in the air, where lots of employees think it's a potentially company-destroying mistake, while the execs are pushing it as the type of propaganda that you either shut up and get behind, or 'perhaps this is no longer the right company for you.' And if it fails, it'll be because those employees didn't believe in the vision, not because freemium fucking sucks and core customers hate it.

Why are they doing this? Basically because of the success of Candy Crush and Puzzles and Dragons. The execs want so badly to be them. They want that money. It's revenue envy. Never mind that the company has always been wildly successful doing its own thing, these other companies are printing money doing this other thing. We gotta get that money. We gotta do whatever they're doing over there.

I just think money inside games distorts the game and is distasteful, like money in politics, or money in your esophagus.

Silhouette 2 days ago 4 replies      
Sadly, the gaming public has brought this fate upon itself, because so many people don't respect game developers and routinely pirate the results of their hard work.

I remember having this discussion on forums like Slashdot a few years ago. I argued that although pirating games was easy in the Internet age, if people kept doing it then the only surviving game developers would be those who adapted to models that prevented it. The usual response was mumbled with the eloquence of a five year old, and said something about copyright infringement not being the same as theft and whatever the developers did someone would just crack it so why should anyone pay for games?

Fast forward a few years, and almost all the AAA games are heavily linked with some on-line element and the most successful games tend to be either multiplayer subscription models or rely heavily on in-app purchases and DLC. If you actually wanted to make a good standalone, single-player, one-time-purchase game today, I wonder how hard it would be to make real money on it. It seems like the only winning options along that path are to make a relatively low-budget game like a puzzler and sell it for an order of magnitude less so it's attractive to a long tail of customers and/or to be hit-it-out-of-the-park successful. Of course, for every Minecraft or Angry Birds there are probably thousands more titles that never quite made it.

I have some hope that crowd-funding models will help to end this kind of stand-off, because they tap into a genuine desire many gamers have for good and original titles to play but they also bridge that reality gap and illustrate in concrete terms why money is needed to make them. I've seen several very promising games get funded far beyond their original goals on Kickstarter, including RPG, RTS and even space combat titles. Whether any of them will actually be able to pull off what they promised with slimmed down teams remains to be seen, as I don't think any of the really big ones have actually launched yet, but this is a field where I'm optimistic about an alternative model to the old copyright vs. piracy conflict.

ig1 2 days ago 1 reply      
When thinking about gaming business models it's important to think about the context in the history of gaming.

Since in the 1980s in addition to retail and digital sales the business models we've seen have included:

  * Pay-to-play arcade games  * Premium hint lines  * Add-on content sales  * In-game sponsorship (Zool, sports games)  * Shareware  * Advertorial games (McDonalds Land)  * Subscription fees  * Peripheral sales  * Real money betting  * UGC Rev shares  * Membership clubs  * Game rental  * In game ads  * IAP   * Virtual items
IAP is likely here to stay, but just like the many many business models that have existed before, it'll likely become one of many in use.

KVFinn 2 days ago 1 reply      
I find that even in games which are generous and you could play them just fine without paying, if I can buy consumables that effect the game it severely reduces the enjoyment. Ben Kuchera said it like this:


>Im finding it increasingly difficult to enjoy free-to-play games, even those that are designed well.

>Hitting a difficulty spike can make you unsure of whether the game has simply gotten more difficult and you must try harder to succeed, or if this is where youre supposed to be putting coins into the slot in order to move forward. Its hard to focus on the story of the puppet show when youre straining to see the strings, and thats how many of us feel when we play these titles.

>Playing free-to-play games is often a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Until it does, it's hard to relax. I don't want to have to figure out where the stress of the purchasing decision will be, and having to be faced with that stress on an ongoing basis is a major turn off.

Thank god for PC gaming. So far it has remained immune from so much of this.

The top 2 selling games on Steam for the last 2 months, even over the Steam Sale, are Rust and DayZ, which couldn't be farther from this model.

The closest you get are F2P games like LoL which are not nearly as bad as this, and Dota 2 a competitor doesn't let you purchase a single thing that has an effect on gameplay.

networked 2 days ago 1 reply      
This reminds me of an insider's-view feature written by Tim Rogers back in 2011 titled Who killed videogames? (a ghost story) [1]. Some find his writing style objectionable but it's worth a read even if you do. Page 4 of the article in particular, which somewhat confusing leads you to "chapter three: engagement wheels and compulsion traps", can serve as a pretty good introduction to F2P mechanics and their dark patterns.

The following quote more or less summarizes the piece:

>[...] The players will come for the cute characters, and stay for the cruel mathematics.

There is also an accompanying review of The Sims Social [2].

[1] http://insertcredit.com/2011/09/22/who-killed-videogames-a-g...

[2] http://www.actionbutton.net/?p=1076.

waterlesscloud 2 days ago 7 replies      
When I read a user review stating a game has In App Purchases, I don't buy it. Period. No matter how good it looks otherwise.

I'm probably just old, I guess.

zmmmmm 2 days ago 0 replies      
I think Apple has a big part of the blame to take. Somehow - I don't know how - they engineered a situation where the original apps were priced dirt cheap for the iPhone. 99c was the initial expectation, and companies were so keen to get in on the early app store action that they didn't care. Starting from there the industry has struggled to ever raise prices for apps to a reasonable level. No matter how much content there is in a game, no matter what the quality, the perception in the consumer mind is that a good app costs $1 - $2 and an exceptional app might charge $5, but nobody ever in their right mind would pay $20 for an app. We're now at the point where mobile games contain graphics at the same level of consoles from a year or two ago, and yet prices aren't moving. Entire office suites that might have been $50 - $100 struggle to fetch $10. It's not sustainable, has never been sustainable. The only question is how we're going to get out of the mess, and it looks like we're having to go through an IAP hell before consumers will start to be prepared to pay a premimium price to get an IAP-free experience.
programminggeek 2 days ago 4 replies      
This is sort of like when MMORPG's were all the rage and they said that they were destroying traditional RPG's, but fast forward a decade or so and guess what, we still have great traditional RPG's. We have great MMORPG's. There's a lot of enjoyable gaming to be had.

So there's in app purchase, okay. That's another way some games are going, but it's not the only way and it probably won't be. You can't make a AAA title like Halo or Call of Duty as a F2P with IAP. that's not going to happen anytime soon. However, some devs might try and nickel and dime players more because they can, but maybe just maybe this means that game developers will have a more sustainable business and won't be going bankrupt every few years as many seem to.

bane 2 days ago 3 replies      
I'm really into emulation and retrogaming. One thing that concerns me is how these works of art will become unplayable and "die" once their life expectancy is over. The body of work of video games is pretty large now, but I'm worried the body of games we can continue to enjoy 20-30-40-50 years from now will grow at a very slow rate from now on out. This is very different from the movie industry, where films from 60-70 years ago are still very enjoyable.
wsc981 2 days ago 2 replies      
Jonathan Blow -creator of Braid and working on The Witness- also has a very nice critique on the problems with games that are designed around micro-payments. The whole talk is interesting, but he starts discussing the issues around the 20 minute mark:


jlongster 2 days ago 0 replies      
There are a few dynamics going on. In one sense, in-app "gem" systems have enabled companies to create highly social online games without a per-month fee. I've been playing Clash of Clans and it's really fun. Everything is run on their servers and you attack other people's villages. This sort of game would normally require something like $5/month.

But with the in-app gems, I can play at a slower pace for free. If I wanted to play faster, I could spend $5 on gems and do pretty good for about a month. So in some ways it's a pay-per-usage system.

The problem is that it can be easily abused and the dungeon game he describes sounds much more socially engineered. The handicap applied in the dungeon game sounds a lot worse than it is in Clash of Clans.

This could also all be a result of the downfall of LAN-centered games. Clash of Clans could have taken the decentralized host-your-own-server route and it would still be just as good, if not more interesting. That actually would be ideal setup because I do find myself wishing I could just play the game underneath the gem-fishing strategy.

I think Minecraft should remind us that it's the host-your-own-server strategy is a really good one, and I hope that doesn't die. It probably doesn't make as much money, so we need to figure out a way to balance the economic force which will eventually extinguish it.

ChuckMcM 2 days ago 2 replies      
It would be an interesting experiment to offer a version of Dungeon Keeper (the focus of this article) in the App store for $39.95 and without the IAP accelerators. Then compare sales with that one and the cheap one. Clearly EA just works out their life time value per customer either way.

I did hear a game developer mention that IAP is really a form of copy protection, in the sense that if you made a copy of a game that can only effectively be played by buying additional tokens, then it is more difficult to pirate.

I agree with the author that it has made for a very different sort of industry. But given the income these companies are making I don't think the industry is being "destroyed" any more than the extortionate seat prices the NFL charges to see a game in person are "destroying" football.

kawsper 2 days ago 1 reply      
I also saw the Dungeon Keeper on the iOS App Store, and my first thought was: "DKs gameplay would be fantastic for mobile!".

Then I saw their IAP strategy and dropped the game.

I would happily have payed $19.99 (the price of XCOM for iOS) for a decent DK on my iPhone.

On the other hand I see myself paying for cosmetic items in DotA 2. They don't change gameplay, but my characters look cool. It sounds stupid, and it probably is, but Valve have really designed it well.

kmfrk 2 days ago 0 replies      
Ive been really disappointed with Apples laissez-faire approach to policing this trend in their App Store, especially since their philosophy is founded on making big, sweeping decisions in favour of their users.

Honestly, I don't know why they haven't, because this is one of the biggest dark user patterns that exist outside of outright illegalities.

We - and I - are used to giving companies like Facebook and LinkedIn shit for similar things, so why are Apple tacitly supporting this abomination. They don't even make that much from games anyway.

What would the coverage be like, if the FCC fined either of those two $35.5M, as they recently did Apple[1][2]?

If we believe that the App Store is a Big Deal, we should care that this is the new normal in handheld videogames.

[1]: http://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/01/apple-...

[2]: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/16/technology/government-and-...

DominikR 2 days ago 0 replies      
There are still plenty of games that don't use in app purchase at all or at least in a conservative way (like expansion packs) on consoles and PC, so I wouldn't draw such conclusions.

I think the reason for this push of freemium games (in particular mobile games) is that people (who aren't usually gamers) tend to play them for very short periods as a way of passing the time. (while waiting, or while they are sitting on the toilet)

And since most game companies were unable to sell full priced games to this demographic they adopted this business model to make money.

Would you pay $30 for a game on a mobile phone with all its limitations? (touchscreen controls, small screen, crappy audio, battery drain)

If I'm paying that kind of money (or more) for a game I expect at least solid 15 hours of immersive gameplay. (which is impossible for me on a phone - I have my consoles&PC for that)

jerf 2 days ago 0 replies      
Another interesting video review of the another incarnation of this problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_AgjWkNGew Angry Joe on the iOS app Star Trek: Trexels.

It does not amaze me that this level of depravity was tried; I always considered it a forgone conclusion that the companies would do anything that worked. It does sort of amaze me that this is working. Though I suspect rather than being the long-term future of gaming that this is the equivalent of slash&burn development. Yes, there's a huge bunch of people right now who haven't quite cottened to how nasty this can be, but they're learning fast, and while another one is born every minute, it's never quite the same as the first time the new scam goes raging through an unprepared population.

mattmaroon 2 days ago 0 replies      
This is a silly argument.

1. Game developers aren't shooting themselves in the foot. They're catering to customers. IAP works because customers want to get a game for free, and the people who really love a game are willing to spend thousands (sometimes even tens or hundreds thereof) on it.

2. The old-school game model was struggling anyway. Console game sales haven't been doing well for a long time.

3. You can't rent an app, and you mostly don't play it on someone else's device. Both of these were ways of testing out a new franchise on consoles that no longer exist. It makes sense that something filled the void.

4. The platforms now (mobile devices) have a vested interest in you playing as many games as possible, moreso than you paying for them. Apple/Samsung etc. make their money by your buying a new $650+ phone every two years, and if you get a bunch of apps you love on one, you're more likely to get another from the same OEM later. Why try to sell you a few $10 games off of which they make $3 (minus carrier fees) when they can give you a ton of free games and hope you love a few enough of them to plunk down another $650 a year from now? Until content is no longer gated by app stores that have incentives very different from those of game devs, this business model is a natural fit.

Don't get me wrong, I don't love it either, and I make the damn things for a living. I don't think all IAP-monetized games suck. But I do think that plenty of them do, and the misaligned incentives make it hard to make a game that is both profitable and genuinely fun that way.

I just don't think the fault lies with game developers.

dsirijus 2 days ago 1 reply      
The inception of in-app purchases on mobile games is not to be blamed on game developers - it's the markets. Specifically, AppStore discovery and refund policies.

There you were circa 2009, a mobile game player, presented with games you need to pay for, upfront, with no demo or trial, needing a credit card. You don't like what you bought? That's a shame.

On the other hand, there was Free category, install it, play it, see few ads, or options for in-app purchases, and for the the most part, it matched the quality of premium up-front-charged games. But even if it didn't, who cares. It's free.

My point here is that in-apps were reasonable evolution of money-hungry marketplaces, not developers. Developers just sort of got shoved on that path.

Your point of argument might be - "Well, aren't developers money-hungry too?" Let me explain to you why game developers are paid way below the average compared to their IT fellows in spite of doing arguably much more complex work (you say web site - i say 3d world, you say RoR backend - i say real-time MMO-powering beast, you say web design - i say asset-friggin'-pipeline) and why game market is so cutthroat...

It's because we love what we do and will take shit in order to do it. We're very oppinionated about it, and for the most of us, it's not a job - it's life, a quest, a mission.

And even if this doesn't resonate with you, how about - there's nothing wrong with in-apps? Go to any international/interstate retailer. Check the shelving, check the products, the design, the smell. The sheer amount of science to get you to purchase that particular box of razor blades, removing any rationality you might have for your purchase, is towering over anything you might encounter in mobile game in-apps infrastructure.

bpm140 2 days ago 2 replies      
My hunch is the "freemium is bad" argument is primarily an oversimplification of the underlying concern -- the erosion of trust and how that manifests during gameplay.

When I play a traditional "pay" game, I trust that the developer want me to finish the entire game. After all, the team slaved away creating all that content and the player should damn well appreciate their effort.

As a result, when I get stuck at some point in a game (Dead Space 2 being a recent example), I trust that there's a way forward and with a little more effort or practice, or perhaps if I retrace my steps, I'll become unstuck and move along the path toward completion.

Because the developer and I are working with a common goal in mind -- get Eric to the end of the game -- I am confident that at any point in the game I will be capable of completing the challenges set forth (no matter how stingy the Dead Space guys are with ammo).

With freemium games, that trust is obliterated. When I can't progress, I am forced to ask a fun-sucking question -- is the developer trying to extort money from me in order to continue? Am I unable to continue because I just haven't mastered some in-game skill or is this simply the point at which I'm supposed to hand over my tithe?

Candy Crush is an obvious (if extreme) example. When you can't complete a level after the 20th try, the player begins to feel that the developer is expressly barring their passage. And at that point, the game ceases to be fun, at least for the generations of gamers who saved the princess.

Then again, my kids (eight and six) just assume that buying gems is how one progresses in a game. It's not unlike when I was eight and pumping quarters into Gauntlet in order to reach the next level -- Blue Warrior's health dropped whether or not you were taking damage.

Everything old is new again.

6cxs2hd6 2 days ago 0 replies      
From the second video (warning for language):


1. Few things in life are more enjoyable than an angry British guy having a good rant.

2. Coincidentally I just yesterday (re)read the part of Hackers talking about the founding of EA. Times have changed.

habosa 2 days ago 0 replies      
I do think IAP has made games less fun, but as a non-game app developer I think IAP is amazing.

The old model (for devs who don't like ads) normally went like this:

* Free Version: Limited Feature Set

* Paid Version: $0.99 or $1.99, full features

There were a lot of problems with this model, such as:

1) People didn't know the paid version exist, leave bad ratings on the free version for lack of features.

2) It was hard to gain traction since your downloads were split over multiple apps, meaning each would rank lower individually.

3) When people made the free-to-paid conversion, you had to worry about data migration including all preferences, etc.

4) Some apps just don't have a meaningful feature set for a free version.

5) Maintaining separate code.

IAP fixes this and allows be to be a more "lean" operation. Now I publish a free app with a minimum viable feature set. I watch what features people ask for in reviews, and if one seems like a non-bug feature that people really want I'll introduce it as a $0.99 IAP. In the meantime, my free app can keep gaining users which means putting the opportunity to buy my product in front of more people and not splitting my popularity across two app store listings. I also make sure to add features for free to keep moving up the charts and make most users happy. Also, people are much more likely to want to pay for a feature after they've used the rest of the app than pay up front.

danielweber 2 days ago 1 reply      
Maybe I'm an old fogey but those 1990's graphics look awesome to me.
jiggy2011 2 days ago 0 replies      
I read a lot of complaints like this "OMG , all games are becoming F2P IAP" but I don't really see it outside of a niche of mobile games which seem to be modern day one armed bandit machine.

If you at the current crop of Steam games or console games there are a ton of popular games that have no IAP or IAP which are for only for cosmetic items or expanding game content.

nnx 1 day ago 0 replies      
(originally posted in the similar post "Optimizing Your Industry to the Point of Suicide", I thought _this_ post title had been edited [same subject, same domain] - apologies if that's against HN etiquette)

As much as I also dislike how some IAP game developers base all their gameplay mechanisms purely on maximizing the user likeliness to keep spending without even noticing, I recognize that they get the very basics of video game design very right.

Because they have to.

The goal for any game developer who treats its creation not only as an artistic piece but also has a product, is to design software that offers a positive feedback loop to the user in order to keep her engaged.

Consider how Nintendo, for instance, considers the Mario platformer franchise as an instrument (see Ask Iwata interviews). During development, designers are focused on getting the timing (rhythm) right between challenge (say ennemies or holes) and corresponding rewards (powerups or secret exits). This ultimately plays/tricks how our brains are wired (effort needs reward) in order to engage users and ultimately enjoy the game... and pay again (and again) for the sequels/updates when they need their fix.

Imho IAP is an interesting return to the origins of video gaming (and coin-based arcades) and refocuses the industry on getting the core ingredient right, the feedback loop, rather than betting it all on graphics, story, feature-creep... and marketing.

Marketing is disproportionally important when you need to convince your game is worth paying upfront, even in a seemingly minimal amount, as mobile gaming is a very "dispensable" expense in the general public.

There is no ROI in marketing an IAP game that does not engage enough of its users (enough).On the other hand, marketing heavily an upfront-cost game can draw sales, sometimes thanks to the franchise name as well, despite providing no to little entertainent to most of its users as the feedback loop is just not good enough to engage them.

For good or bad, I think IAP is accelerating adoption of data-driven practices for video game design. As an engineer/scientist, this is very interesting.

Last but not least, IAP probably helps expand the (mobile) gaming audience to people who would have otherwise either not played game(s) at all or would have downloaded illegally.

In the long term, I believe this can only be good for the industry. The bad apples of IAP will be regulated by better consumer protections for the worst "abuses" and more naturally over time by the users themselves as they get more familiar with the model and more "meaningful" IAP titles become available.

Digit-Al 1 day ago 1 reply      
Is this really different from arcade games, where when you lose all your lives you can stick some more money in before the timer runs out and continue where you were killed?

Having said that, I do think this concept ruins games. Personally I never play 'free to play'. I prefer ad supported ones, where if you like the game you can then pay a one off price to get rid of the adverts, or ones where you can pay to get more levels (and remove adverts).

kartikkumar 2 days ago 0 replies      
I don't really understand in-app game purchases, but that's maybe because I've never made any. I don't know anybody that has either, so I'm a bit baffled that it's disrupting the industry this much. Might be cultural difference too, being in Europe.

I also don't understand the sense of in-app purchases in some games. For instance, in Candy Crush I believe you can make in-app purchases to skip ahead, not have to play quests to clear levels etc. Reason I don't get it is because the whole point of playing the game is surely to play the levels and not skip them!

It leads me to believe that the only reason in-app purchases happen is because they pray on the weak: people who genuinely get addicted. I may be wrong about it since I don't have data to back up my claims, but I'm assuming that instead of a lot of people making up the industry, that the whole concept is powered by a few people making massive payments in the form of tonnes of purchases; people who I can only imagine get addicted in the sense that anyone can get addicted to drinking, smoking, gambling etc.

Perhaps someone can shed light on the nature of the in-app payment industry for gaming and perhaps explain to me what I'm missing.

Disclaimer: I'm not a big gamer, so that might explain all of the above.

PS: I find it somewhat amusing that the author's blog site offers a premium content purchase link: in-blog purchase?

cdmoyer 2 days ago 0 replies      
Calling these games "the game industry" does a disservice to all the other games that aren't like this.
mcphage 2 days ago 2 replies      
Dungeon Keeper costs $6 because it's 15 years old... When it was new it cost $50.
blueskin_ 1 day ago 0 replies      
In app purchases have ruined so many games for me.

I don't even mind their existing so much if they are a simple 'cheat' (and the game isn't impossibly slow to progress without them), but what bothers me is when they are the only way to get or do something (especially if the 'thing' is to progress any further in the game). I have quit games at this point when they no longer became fun for me, and I don't just mean fb/mobile games, but even proper (read: PC) games that used to be fun before that element came into them (e.g. Star Trek Online).

exodust 1 day ago 0 replies      
I purchased an iOS table tennis game, Virtual Table Tennis by SenseDevil Games after playing the free version. I "upgraded" with a $1.99 in app purchase.

Shocked to discover I still had to buy bats if I wanted to advance in the game, the bats for sale offered more spin to compete in harder levels. I'm not even sure what my $1.99 bought me.

If I spend money on a game, I don't want to find things "locked" such as table tennis bats in a bloody table tennis game. I left a 1 star review for that. Will avoid SenseDevil Games in future.

All their "buy coins" crap "visit the store" crap in the game. Who do they think they are? A bloody table tennis virtual economy? Obnoxious game developers, that's what it is.

ww520 2 days ago 2 replies      
The author made a disingenuous comparison. Dungeon Keeper didn't cost $5 when it was released many years ago. It costed $39.95. And there was not trial play ahead of time. Is he willing to pay for $49.95 (adjusted for inflation) for the iPad version before even playing it?

The in-app purchase got to this way because of gamer purchase behaviors. If the majority of the gamers are willing to pay upfront, you won't see in-app purchase. This is just like most people (at least in US) unwilling to pay the full price to buy the phone upfront but rather to pay for it with smaller monthly charges via the long term contract.

Gamers change their purchase behaviors and in-app purchases will go away.

ronaldx 2 days ago 3 replies      
I mostly agree with the premise here, but I want to play devil's advocate:

* The game isn't actually reviewed. Maybe you can play the game perfectly well without paying for gems. Maybe the game is actually more interesting to play for the fact that you have to manage your resources according to the time cost/gem count. Maybe there's a genuine reason why thousands of people have given five stars.

* There's no reason to believe that we are supposed to pay for the 70 bundle. Maybe the 70 bundle is just for the IAP 'whales' who are paying for everyone else to play. When I go to a coffee shop, I don't have to buy a triple-cream, triple-chocolate mocha latte for 8, but I also don't need to get annoyed that this is on the menu.

bsamuels 2 days ago 0 replies      
There needs to be a distinction drawn between mobile games and console/pc. These are two completely separate industries that are only married by name. They have different target audiences, mechanics, and business models. Mobile games are played to piss some time away, and are almost never played for hours like console/pc games are. One of the big reasons the Ouya failed was because its creators didn't realize that the console and mobile markets were separated so much - they don't compete with each other on any level.

This is why I think it's silly to compare older games to mobile games. With the mobile market, you can do all sorts of disgusting slimy things and the consumer won't give a damn because they spend at max - 20 minutes on your game at a time. As long as people view mobile games as a way to blow some time rather than an interactive experience, I doubt nearly enough people will become involved with them enough to even care about in-app purchases.

_pmf_ 2 days ago 0 replies      
Crappy mobile games are not "the game industry"; it's a perverted travesty, just like the rest of the disgusting app culture.
lazyjones 2 days ago 0 replies      
Don't pay so much attention to app store reviews. There are plenty of agencies out there offering fake reviews for pretty much anything.

I don't see how bad games full of microtransactions and fake reviews would be able to destroy the industry. They will not prevent the next Minecraft.

golergka 2 days ago 0 replies      
Sadly, I didn't have time to play the iOS Dungeon Keeper myself, so I started to watch the video review in the article and in one minute, the reviewer showed that he doesn't know anything not only about free2play, but about modern games in general.

DK is clearly a Clash of Clans clone. Apart from being a clone, this means that it's supposed to be primarily multiplayer. Persistent-state, massive multiplayer. And a day of real time in this games IS NOT a lot of time. Similarly to Eve Online (which I draw as an example as the "nerdiest" game to have this kind of mechanics), this kind of games have a LOT of stuff that take hours, days and sometime even months of real time to unlock or produce. This mechanics first started as a variation from traditional PBEM on BBSes; their primary purpose was not to draw money from players, but so that regular playing would yearn a greater, or at least similar reward, to hours of grinding, that only a tiny fraction of players can afford.

feelstupid 2 days ago 0 replies      
Shouldn't the comparison of prices be for the original cost of the game, rather than how much it costs nowadays? Surely in 14 years time the iPad version would be indeed be cheaper if still existent?
unclebucknasty 2 days ago 0 replies      
Obviously, this is a byproduct of our "everything should be free" online culture.

What's really funny is that the author's blog itself follows the same freemium model as the games he's decrying. Free to read, but $9/month to subscribe per the end of the article:

"Baekdal PLUS: Premium content that helps you make the right decisions, take the right actions, and focus on what really matters."

How is it possible that he's overlooking this irony?

It's the culture.

th0br0 2 days ago 0 replies      
Isn't the reason actually that people have been "trained" to favour the quick hit instead of actually savouring experiences?If that is a given, then the game industry is just trying to sate this new/modern taste of esp. the younger generation. The "guilty" here isn't really the game industry then. Who is? No idea... and most assuredly not one single industry or person.
etler 2 days ago 0 replies      
I want to know how much overlap there is between mobile gaming consumers and console/pc gaming consumers. Has mobile gaming stolen away any of the spending of the console/pc gaming demographic? Or has it instead created an entirely new market that doesn't do console/pc gaming at all?

I can only go by personal experience as I cannot find any consumer surveys, but I've spent about a grand total of 5 dollars on mobile games, all for expanded content, not consumables, but I've spent hundreds on my 3DS alone. I strongly suspect the audiences for in game purchases and the audience for deeper games hardly overlap at all.

Are kids just not going to know that real gaming exists? I'm simply not convinced that the existence of mobile non-games means that the discoverability of real games is hampered. Console gaming isn't exactly a niche market that few people know exists and never end up experiencing.

micah63 1 day ago 0 replies      
The only way to break the in-app purchase model is to have try before you buy. I'm not going to pay full price to try a game before knowing if it's good or not. So yes, I'm potentially ignoring lots of great games that charge full price up front, but how do I know if they are good or not? I don't understand why Apple hasn't pushed for this from day 1. If I got to play even two levels of Super Mario 3, I would buy the game in a heartbeat.

Also, we rented the full game for a weekend from Blockbuster before buying.

scotty79 2 days ago 1 reply      
Freemium is not a bad thing. Dungeon Keeper for iPad is just a bad game. But why it sholdn't be? Who remebers the disaster Master of Orion 3 was? It wasn't freemium. It supposed to be good because it was master of orion, but it wasn't.

There are a lot of horrible games that are basically pay to play at any fun pace. They have one of two or three very stupid mechanics that proved to be most efficient extortion schemes dressed in some graphics and story.

Good thing is you can just install them, play ten minutes, recognize what kind of beast you are dealing with, uninstall and forget.

Bad thing is, thers no one place where you can go to check if the game is pay or wait scheme. Gamers basically get nohelp from noone when they try to decide what to play next.

Good freemium is when you pay for game to be easier. Pay or wait is insane but pay or play some more on the current level before advancing is reasonable enough if it's balanced so that you can advance faster if you are more skilled.

rcthompson 2 days ago 0 replies      
I'll point to Blizzard's Hearthstone (still in open beta) as a counterexample. It's a collectible card game, and it's perfectly fun to play from day one with little more than the starter cards. You can earn more cards slowly by playing a lot, or you can just buy them. But while buying better cards can make you more competitive, it doesn't necessarily make the game more fun, since in any case it generally matches you up against an equally-matched opponent.
vacri 2 days ago 0 replies      
It's quite funny how the author calls the game industry destroyed by in-app-purchases, when most of the games industry isn't mobile gaming and doesn't have that. PC or console, there isn't a lot of IAP (no real mechanism for it). The irony is that people who identify themselves as gamers generally see the mobile gaming space as a cesspool of discardable lightweight games.
sunir 2 days ago 1 reply      
I remember arcade games that were designed to eat quarters. They did very well. People loved them.

Seems that people love these games. I don't know why either but I still burn through quarters playing Area 51 whenever I find it.

Go figure.

pms 2 days ago 0 replies      
Simply brilliant video.

I think that people who pay for these guys are miserable. It's up to them to choose what's "fun" for them. If playing this kind of game is "fun" for them, then it's fine for me. I'll play a different game. As long as there will be people like me, there will be indie games and a lot of fun for us.

vinceguidry 2 days ago 0 replies      
The gaming market has ALWAYS been choked with shit. I don't understand how people can forget Sturgeon's Law so quickly and proclaim the death of the gaming industry. If anything, there are more great games now than there ever have been, if only because the barrier to entry is low.

You know all those old games that are so great that you wish they'd make now? They're still there! You can still play them! Go grab Dungeon Keeper and relive those days. So many amazing games to play, so many new technologies to make new ones with. Quit complaining and be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

paxunix 2 days ago 0 replies      
A reddit user has started a tumblr to catalog ad-less, up-front-purchase, single in-app-purchase Android games:


gmu3 2 days ago 1 reply      
I don't mean to defend in-app purchases, but this isn't the first time the game industry has tried to nickel and dime you. How is it that different from the 90s when the game industry put out incredibly difficult games and charged players tokens every couple minutes to keep playing? I know I've personally spent a hell of a lot more money in the arcade than on in-app purchases. This isn't a mobile example, but I think Riot (maker of League of Legends) is a company that really gets it right with in-app purchases in a tasteful way.
c0ur7n3y 1 day ago 0 replies      
In the last 18 months I've entirely stopped buying mobile games because of this trend. I know that any game I buy is probably going to become less fun if I'm not willing to buy virtual cranberries.

This is not sustainable as an industry practice. People will eventually get wise.

kilon 2 days ago 0 replies      
Well I can only speak about myself and say that I have spent at least twice as much for in game purchases than I have for buying games. In my case the culprit is Heroes of Newerth , a game I am completely addicted to. Its a MOBA game , also known as DOTA clone. And I did try Dota 2 and LoL and non made me switch. I am waiting for Heroes of the Storm. In the case of Heroes of Newerth all you can buy is Alternative Avatars of your Heroes , or reset your stats, or some other accessories. None of the things you buy actually affects the gaming experience. The game is 100% free and if you dont want to spend a euro on it so be it it will be as playable to you as it is for the guy that spends thousands of euros. I really like this and this is why I decided to spent my money. They dont force me to spend , I spend because I want to support them and keep this game improving. I see DOTA 2 also follows a similar path.
socrates1998 2 days ago 4 replies      
Here is the main problem. I don't know if I will like a game when I buy it.

I would gladly spend $5.00 on a mobile game if I really like it.

But, too many times I have spent money on a game and then not really liked it.

The reason in-app or in-game purchases work is because you don't mind spending money on something you really like.

If Apple or Google Play allowed for a testing period of a few hours, then this might solve the problem.

If I have a money back time limit of say 2 hours, then I can get my money back anytime before I spend a total of 2 hours playing the game.

This would allow me to only spend money on games I really like without the fear of spending money on games I don't like.

underlines 1 day ago 0 replies      
Good that we can spoof in app purchases with in-appstore.com. I'm willing to pay good money for good games (full), but I'm not willing to pay 20 bucks to play and still have limitations to opponents who pay 50 bucks in multiplayer games.
Ethan_Mick 2 days ago 0 replies      
As a mobile developer venturing into building my own games, I disagree and agree.

First off, I hate, hate, the practice of slowing down the game or crippling it, and then allowing the user to use an IAP to get the game back to a normal pace.

I vow never to do that.

However, a some users (and anecdotally, quite a few of my friends) won't download my app if it costs $1. The barrier to entry is too high, and they don't know if they are going to get a good experience. They can't pick up my app and hold it, feel it, rub their hands over it's quality. They have 5 screenshots (and any reviews online) to go by. Okay, so I'll make it free to lower that barrier.

But now how do I make money? I think the best thing to do is to simply have users pay for content that they have already proved they love. Let them play through 50 levels, or the first "area" of the game. Let them buy more levels or unlock more content. This way they can play the game and decide if they like it, and if so, buy more.

I think the two rules of thumb about this sort of IAP is:1: Don't be a asshole. Give the user a lot of completely unaltered content up front, and really let them dive into the game. Ensure they know that buying the rest of the game later will cost some money, but don't take away features because they haven't bought the game yet. Let them fall in love with it.2: Price it fairly. Let users buy "All Levels Forever" for $5, or each level pack for $2. Allow them to unlock all the content at once. If they bought 2 levels packs, and want to buy all the rest later, give them a discount.

Make a game you'd want to play.

kzrdude 1 day ago 0 replies      
The consumer would only invest $40 in a game purchase if it represented durable value, but that is incompatible with the platform which is itself a consumable product -- get a new phone every two years!
tlear 2 days ago 1 reply      
The only games that are worth playing is stuff released years ago. i have never payed a single $ to play these app store scams and never will. I however dumped close to $200 on a KS game I wanted made.. scum is scum and I will never assoicitate with them(shared office in with one of these before.. felt dirty at the end of the day)
subb 1 day ago 0 replies      
To me, this model is closer to gambling than gaming. In fact, some gamedev studio actually build some slot machine games, where you put in real money through in app purchase and you get game money in return. It's disturbingly successful.
chaostheory 2 days ago 0 replies      
I don't like IAPs but this blog post's argument misses a really big key point. To do a fair comparison between a real game such as Dungeon Keeper and its IAP version, you can't quote the GOG price for the real game. That's the price that arrived years after the game was fresh with healthy sales and years after the game already recouped all of its costs.

The price they should have quoted for the original Dungeon Keeper game is $49.99.

denrober 2 days ago 0 replies      
Anybody notice the bottom of the article:

Subscribe for $9/monthBaekdal PLUS: Premium content that helps you make the right decisions, take the right actions, and focus on what really matters.


navs 2 days ago 0 replies      
I'll admit, sometimes I don't want to spend more than $10 on a game especially without knowing what it's like. But that's why there's in-app purchases or rather, a single purchase. Like the golden era of PC games where you got a free demo with your PC Magazine. Play it, love it, wait a few months, buy it.
weixiyen 2 days ago 0 replies      
Games are making more money than ever, destroyed is not the right word. There will always be a demand for games, and if users do get sick of IAPs then the strategy from every game company will change.
protomyth 2 days ago 0 replies      
The world's sure changes since I was shoving quarters into a coin-op.

On the technical side, wasn't there something in giving a game away and in-app charging that made it harder to pirate on iOS / Mac App Store?

cpks 2 days ago 0 replies      
Virtually all games I've bought recently have had this inane obnoxiousness. One of my favorite games was 'Choice of Romance: Affairs of the Court.'

You play it. You want to go on to level 2? Pay. Level 3? Pay. Not have to wait 20 minutes to start a new game? Pay. No ads? Pay. Start from level 2 or 3 with accomplishments you achieved? Well, it claimed to be free, but restore-from-save doesn't work, so you pay. Play it on your iPhone, Kindle, Android, and Chrome? Pay four times.

It was a great game, and I would have gladly bought the rest of the games, but it's both not fun to know I can either waste hours or get blackmailed into paying, and terrifying to see where they'll try to skin me next time...

I moved on, but I haven't found any really good games that don't do this.

dschiptsov 2 days ago 0 replies      
I don't remember exact term for the idea that too efficient virus (a parasite) eventually eliminates the whole population of potential hosts and therefore destroys itself.

Too many cheaters destroys a market. Too many thiefs destroys a country.

Dartanion7 2 days ago 1 reply      
I recently wrote a book about Freemium, in part, because I think it is vilified unfairly within the context of gaming.

Before moving to gaming, I worked at Skype. No one ever accused Skype of exploiting people, or of facilitating addiction, or of polluting the purity of telephony. Skype made money by, essentially, up-selling people to paid phone calls. Those phone calls might have been to people's sick parents in foreign countries, or their kids. Imagine that! By charging for phone calls, Skype might have been prevented someone from speaking to their sick mother!

Freemium is a business model; it's not a moral framework or an ethos. Some people make terrible games with the freemium model; they likely would have made terrible games had they gone with an upfront payment model. The difference between the terrible freemium game and the terrible paid game is that people got to choose whether or not they contributed money to the terrible freemium version after playing it. They got more information before making a purchase, kind of like a test drive. Isn't that a good thing -- more information?

WWKong 2 days ago 1 reply      
You want everything included for $5.99. Studios want more lifetime value out of the customers. Consumers want to sample the game for free and incrementally pay if they are hooked on. Studios have come up with a model that makes them a lot of money and keeps consumed happy. This is evident by the fact that studios have moved to this model. In a nutshell the market has decided the best model.
ii 2 days ago 0 replies      
There still is a sane solution: make a game free with a small number of free levels and sell unlimited levels for a fee as a one-time in-app purchase.
erikb 2 days ago 0 replies      
Well, I am also very disappointed by nearly every mobile game I have ever seen, but on the computer and PS3/4 I still see good things done right. So don't really see the point here. The platform is obviously for little children with too much pocket money and people make lots of money serving them such kind of games. Looks to me like nearly everybody could be happy.
cityzen 2 days ago 1 reply      
I find it ironic that this blog post is filled with ads from top to bottom. Talk about destroying industries.
kubiiii 2 days ago 0 replies      
What is incredible is that they don't even throw in the fully unlocked game to a user who would pay 70 which is > the price of a next gen AAA game.
niklasber 2 days ago 0 replies      
Don't people see that this is just a rant? The post is nothing but someone letting off some steam.
merloen 2 days ago 0 replies      
I must have missed part I and II, namely "The game industry has been destroyed", and "It was in-app purchases that destroyed the game industry." Any links to those?
Mithaldu 2 days ago 0 replies      
Posted on HN a long while ago, here's an article that describes in-depth just how some F2P games manipulate the consumer to spend the maximum amount of money they can:


nbuggia 2 days ago 0 replies      
I wonder if the problem isn't the AppStore itself. It is so difficult to find good content, and the 'Top 10 Lists' are the primary place people go to find games. This has led to rampant spamming and other dirty tactics to get on these lists, and now there is no market for higher quality content.

I think another problem is scarcity - there isn't any anymore, making it hard for me as a customer to focus on a few higher quality products. Now there are just too many apps.

throwwit 2 days ago 0 replies      
I'm surprised it hasn't been nicknamed something like the 'entertainment singularity'. It's like a philosophy of maximum productivity has encroached entertainment and now you're either working or paying. Not playing.
venomsnake 2 days ago 1 reply      
Is hex editing your savegame files to get more coins, stars etc then piracy? After all I am licensed to use software and the savegame is my creation and its IP belongs to me.
lumpysnake 2 days ago 0 replies      
In-app purchases are not the problem, people paying for them are.
NigelTufnel 2 days ago 1 reply      
I think that "destroyed" is not the right word.

Yes, free to play games with in app purchases dominate the mobile market. For now. The mobile gaming is just 6 years old. We're in the 'Space Invaders' era. The quality of the top-grossing games is, how I shall put it, not great.

I think eventually the quality will grow to a level where paying up front for a mobile game will not be the stupidest thing on the face of the Earth.

scotty79 2 days ago 0 replies      
This can be fixed with better content discovery tools. There's currently no decent way to discover, if a game will be any fun for me.
axx 2 days ago 0 replies      
* the mobile games industry.
jon_black 2 days ago 0 replies      
> So what's the solution? If people are unwilling to pay> reasonable prices up-front for games, how besides in-app> purchases does a game company profit from their work?

If morality is valued higher than profitability, game studios wouldn't enter into the market. That's the choice they have.

leandot 2 days ago 0 replies      
It seems many think the same way - check out this Reddit thread:


joesmo 2 days ago 2 replies      
The strategy of releasing part of a game for free and charging for the full product is tried and true. This frees the game from in app purchases and allows the developer to make money. Sounds like a good, workable solution to me.
vectorjohn 2 days ago 0 replies      
This just in: The game industry is destroyed.
IE5point5 1 day ago 0 replies      
More like destroyed the iOS/Android market. The game industry is doing just fine.

Only the lowest common denominator has suffered

jamdavswim 2 days ago 0 replies      
It's not just games using these strategies now, it's everything..
lokidoki 2 days ago 1 reply      
pfft. IAP? Dude's talkin about the 90's like it was the genesis of gaming. Arcade games did IAP back when we were feeding those big machines quarters in the 80's. "Oops. You got this far and died. Want to continue? That'll be one more quarter please. 20.. 19.. 18.." The gaming world didn't end.
notastartup 2 days ago 0 replies      
I think that having to purchase item is a huge problem because without it you are at some disadvantage even when you enjoy the game. It completely turns me off from even trying out the game if I find out it has in game items.

On a side note that Dungeons Keeper game is simply, mind blowingly ahead of it's time. It looks insanely fun. Thought it was just another RTS but wow, you can play as any of the minions in FPS mode. It was on DOS too. Why can't games be like this more? Focus on fun instead of graphics and wallet grabbing?

LeicaLatte 2 days ago 0 replies      
Destroyed? Sounds whiny and old.


elwell 2 days ago 0 replies      
ruined quizup
Google permanently bans popular application from Play for not using IAP plus.google.com
660 points by chrisacky  1 day ago   260 comments top 51
napoleoncomplex 1 day ago 10 replies      
I know Google's policy on this, but I completely understand where the developer is coming from.

Google has been taking a collective shit on every developer out of its list of seller countries[0], which is ridiculously short and hasn't been expanded in god knows how long, and even then, there were only a handful of countries added.

On Google's page about seller countries they say: "We're working hard to add more countries, but we're unable to provide any guidance on timelines."

No, you're fucking not working hard, you added the last ones a year and a half ago. EU countries are missing, for fucks sake. These are countries where Android has 70, 80% of the market, and you're killing any sensible chance of developers making a living on mobile. And you're not allowing any other payment option, because hey, fuck the developers, they don't need to make a living.

And then you send me fucking developer feedback polls year after year, which you seemingly throw in the trash, because every single Android dev I know tells you the same damn thing, let us sell apps, everything else is irrelevant.

Wake the fuck up Google.


ps. sorry for the language, this has been boiling for more than two years now...

josteink 1 day ago 4 replies      
TLDR: Application banned for not using a Google-blessed payment option which Google has not enabled for the country in which the developer actually lives.

In that case I guess the only other option is going completely free? How many developers will be willing to accept that position?

Do Google really think they can create a thriving ecosystem and market if they start throwing around inconsistent and conflicting rules and enforcement around apps?

Yes, inconsistent enforcement sort of worked for Apple, but they at least had a coherent platform. The things they required developers to use were actually available to the them.

Google asking developers to use things they wont enable for them is just a symbol of how Google has grown to such a size that the left hand no longer knows what the right hand is doing.

This is like watching Microsoft all over again.

OoTheNigerian 1 day ago 1 reply      
And people claim the world is flat. It is not for us that need to jump through hoops just to be on the same 'playing level' with our compatriots overseas.

As a Nigerian, you cannot dare build any SaaS application because gateways that support recurring billing do not support Nigeria (and of course many other countries)

Basically, the fellow with this problem cannot build an Angry Birds without moving countries or jumping through hoops.

This kind of stuff makes me really mad. As an entrepreneur, you just have to keep fighting the obstacles and solve your problems.

For my new project, we have had to register a company in the US just so we can use Stripe. We still have more hoops to jump before we are ready to collect money.

If I were competing with some other folk, he would be already one moth ahead without having to spend a lot of money and time.

It's really fucked up.

alkonaut 1 day ago 4 replies      
I feel it's an obvious problem that apps that allow IAP are listed as free. Has google or apple fixed this yet?

When browsing for apps there you may see a top app being free and another costing $1. You pick the "free" one and it turns out it is useless without an IAP whereas the $1 app perhaps would not. It turns out the free app costs $2 in order to function as well as the $1 app.

The consumer friendly thing to do would be to list any app that has any IAP enabled to be listed as non free, either using some special labeling (category "freemium" rather than "free"), or by listing the price as an interval rather than as the minimum.

It's come to the point where I really miss the time when many apps existed in two separate versions, a free and a premium version. Would that not have been the solution to this problem?

yaddayadda 1 day ago 0 replies      
I'm an Android user who has had a problem with the google app market since I got my first Android phone 2.5 yrs ago. Since they transitioned to Google Play, I haven't even agreed to the new terms of service! Of course, this means I don't get apps through the play store.

Instead, I get apps through either F-Droid (https://f-droid.org/) or Aptoide (http://www.aptoide.com/). F-Droid is only for free and open source apps; although I have upgraded to paid versions from restricted apps I found via F-Droid, so don't completely rule it out. Frankly, I don't understand why more developers don't use services like Aptoide.

The only negative is that I also like knowing that an application is "the application" it claims to be (not a name-the-same app). So I will normally find a developer's page, then follow their provided link to their Aptoide or F-Droid entry.

So quit complaining about google's restrictions and post your apps where people like me can pay you good money for them! If enough developers and consumers go this route then the new g-men will have to adapt to market forces.

st0neage 1 day ago 2 replies      
Official app stores are quasi-monopolies and need government control. Think about all the time and work the developer has invested. And can't be possible for google to effectively keep him from selling the app just because they feel like it. If they have an app distribution monopoly, developers have a right to publish their app there. It is not a favor google grants. This is something laws have to enforce as companies like google demonstrably harm this right on their own. It's either this or opening up the app store concept.
outside1234 1 day ago 1 reply      
Adding payment countries probably requires someone from Google to talk to someone. Google is not good at talking to people.

I don't mean that as a troll but an observation - you see this over and over with Google: if the problem requires someone other than a shut-in with tremendous technical talent, they do a poor job of it (customer service, enterprise, support, ...)

mschuster91 1 day ago 0 replies      
Seriously Google, it's time for you to acquire actual customer support!

Like with Coinbase, Hacker News is not supposed to be the only place in the fucking world where you get heard as a small fish (Reddit aside)...

mistercow 1 day ago 0 replies      
>Thank you for your note. We have reviewed your appeal and will not be reinstating your app. This decision is final and we will not be responding to any additional emails regarding this removal

Sounds familiar. I got a similar response years back when I emailed them after they decided that I had committed click fraud (I hadn't) and closed my AdSense account, taking all of my ad revenue with it.

Good to hear that Google still hasn't learned how to treat people.

booruguru 1 day ago 0 replies      
"Thank you for your note. We have reviewed your appeal and will not be reinstating your app. This decision is final and we will not be responding to any additional emails regarding this removal."

So that whole "don't be evil" thing was just a crock of shit? Good to know. Thanks, Google.

Roritharr 1 day ago 0 replies      
Upvote. Sadly seems like the only chance this guy has.
lucaspiller 1 day ago 2 replies      
The relevant part of the Developer Distribution Agreement appears to be 3.3:

"Such free trials for Products are encouraged. However, if you want to collect fees after the free trial expires, you must collect all fees for the full version of the Product through the Payment Processor on the Market."


nicholassmith 1 day ago 2 replies      
At least when you deal with Apple they don't dress it up, they make it abundantly clear that they'll shaft you if you try and step around the rules, Google danced around it with the rally cry of 'open!' a lot more.
duncanawoods 1 day ago 1 reply      
Dare I say it but when a company has a certain level of dominance in a "channel" then they need be subject to regulation.

A channel might be any means of reaching customers whether a telecomms provider, a form of media, or in this case, a device app store.

The total control a gate-keeper has on the survival of tangentially related companies by eliminating their access to customers is simply not right. They should be held accountable for their incompetence or ill-will.

rplnt 1 day ago 1 reply      
I would understand this if they wouldn't allow completely free applications in the app store. But as it is, remove something just because it uses another form of monetization? Why not remove free apps that have non-google ads in them?
alextingle 1 day ago 1 reply      
It's sad to see Google go from "Do no Evil" to "Pray we don't alter the deal any further" in just a few short years.
avodonosov 1 day ago 1 reply      
This is a business opportunity for those, who live in supported countries. Sell apps on Google Play for people living in unsupported countries, and agree that you take some % of payments, i.e. act as a distributor.

I believe it should not be difficult to formulate such relationship that it will be legal, transparent and reliable for both parties.

downandout 1 day ago 0 replies      
This makes a strong case for simply never submitting apps to Google Play. It's easy enough to release them directly and explain to users how to disable Android's default security restrictions. If an app is of sufficient reputation and quality, this won't be a major stumbling block to obtaining installs.
MarkMc 1 day ago 2 replies      
I'm confused. Lets say I have a web app where users are billed monthly through PayPal. Now I want to release an Android version of my app that has a 'Login' button but not a 'Sign Up' button (that is, sign up can only be done through the website). Can I keep PayPal as my sole billing mechanism?
jpswade 1 day ago 1 reply      
If I were him and the application was worthwhile. I'd open a shell company in another country that is Google approved, then release the application under a new name, under that company.

Sure it means jumping through a few hoops to satisfy Google, but it's certainly doable.

venomsnake 1 day ago 0 replies      
At least on android he has the ability to sell directly the apk file and be done with it. While sideloading increases a bit the barrier to entry it is not impossible.

I do not support google in that case though, but those mini breakdowns of the system are inevitable in the new corporate overlord based world.

speeder 1 day ago 4 replies      
There go my idea for profitability out of the window.

I am from Brazil, here the only way to pay for Google play stuff is with international credit card, that is quite uncommon here, the result is that here in Brazil I have the highest downloads, but still one of the last places in gross income, the conversion ratio is terrible because people don't figure how to pay. With Google forcing devs to use its billing system, mean the situation is unfixable :(

tszming 23 hours ago 0 replies      
There is an exemption according to the terms [1]:

" ..must use Google Play's in-app billing service as the method of payment, except: where payment is for digital content or goods that may be consumed outside of the app itself (e.g., buying songs that can be played on other music players)."

[1] http://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy.html

So I guess why apps like whatsapp/skype still alive since they allow you to use them outside of the android app.

leobelle 1 day ago 0 replies      
Small consolation for this developer, but at least you can still have your app get side installed into an Android phone. Something not possible on any other of the other two big platforms (iOS and Windows Phone). I know being out of Google Play means downloads drop to near 0, maybe someone just needs to compete with Google on the App Store. Someone other than Amazon because they have their own IAP policy.
ja27 1 day ago 1 reply      
I keep wondering why indie app publishing services haven't popped up to handle this. Publish your app to Google's store through them, under their label(s) and they push 70-95% of the sales revenue back to the developer. Sure it's not a great deal for the developer, but it's a way around the country limits.
viach 1 day ago 0 replies      
There should be an app market with bitcoin support finally.
qzervaas 1 day ago 1 reply      
A common theme that has been appearing is how hard it is to actually speak to somebody about stuff (Apple, Google, Twitter, etc...) when shit hits the fan.

I earn most of my income via Apple & Google, but if I want support from Apple, it takes 2-3 days for a response (I've made them 5 figures in revenue in the past year alone).

There isn't even a method that I could find for me to contact Google if I have a legitimate seller issue (which I've had, but just give up on), despite earning for them also.

The recent story about @N losing his Twitter handle highlighted there's nobody to contact when this stuff goes wrong.

It's easy to say the big tech companies can't possibly deal with the sheer number of users they have and the amount of support they would have if it were easy to contact them, but then isn't that the price they should have to pay if they want to earn $Billions?

hrjet 1 day ago 0 replies      
I for one am eagerly waiting for a Cyanogen Store.
linux_devil 1 day ago 0 replies      
Don't be evil guys , Google is watching you .
im3w1l 22 hours ago 0 replies      
This is a de facto trade barrier. If you live in a country that can't sell apps, consider asking your country to apply diplomatic pressure through WTO or EU.
gesman 23 hours ago 0 replies      
It's google's turf. They can screw everyone including themselves and enjoy through the whole process.

Either submit yourself to Google's rules or move on to another platform where someone else will eventually and likely will screw you up too.

So use other man's platform for what's it good for. Even better - build the better platform yourself and become the king of a game.

Until then - you're the little servant in someone else's kingdom.

Bitching is futile.

anilshanbhag 1 day ago 0 replies      
I just hate this part of Google.I once had my merchant wallet account blocked and they just don't care to give me a reason why it was blocked. I got fed up trying to reach them and finally implemented in app payment using Stripe. This was for Chrome Webstore App.
ulfw 1 day ago 0 replies      
Yea but Apple is always the bad one and Google never does 'evil'. Hope people start realizing they're all the same.
neals 1 day ago 1 reply      
So to be clear, you are not allowed any form of payment except Google own payment method? Is that how it is?

Or is a developer allowed to combine Google's payment method with Bitcoin, Paypal etc. ?

higherpurpose 1 day ago 4 replies      
While Apple wouldn't even accept it in the first place if they used Paypal instead of their IAP.
outside1234 1 day ago 0 replies      
we'd love to have you in the Windows Phone store. you don't need to use our in-app purchase mechanism if PayPal works better for you.
gdrulia 23 hours ago 0 replies      
Just a one more example of how these so called smartphones made the world a little worse than it actually was.It is not a smartphones fault, it just to few people had any influence.

If you think about it, when computers appeared, a people built them in the garages, so literally anyone could make a difference. Phones didn't have this stage and went straight to business, big business. So here you have it, couple big brands providing their rules and that's all you have. Even rest of the big players fail to do a significant influence on established brands.

etanazir 1 day ago 0 replies      
Boycott. Don't develop for closed gardens!
Navarr 23 hours ago 0 replies      
Linkbaiting title. "Google removes application from Play store for using out-of-app Payment instead of IAP"
The_Double 1 day ago 0 replies      
Idea: enable extra options for registered users with a "gold" account. Make a simple website where users can create an account and pay for the extra options.
bsbechtel 23 hours ago 1 reply      
If everyone on here set duckduckgo.com as their browser homepage, you might (that's a big might) get their attention.
Simp 1 day ago 1 reply      
To be honest, it's a little understandable. Unlike on the iPhone, you can get your software from anywhere you want. You are not obligated to use the Play store to get this app.

That being said, would any store allow you to display your product in their vitrine, yet not get a cut when you they sell it for you? Do you think Steam would allow this?

squigs25 1 day ago 0 replies      
Wow, this is crazy. So if your country is not on the list, can you still have ad supported income?
ErikRogneby 1 day ago 0 replies      
Does Amazon's android app market have broader more EU friendly rules?
pirateking 1 day ago 0 replies      
I'd shut it down and give the products back to the engineers.
scottydelta 1 day ago 0 replies      
Well that's their way of saying that "We can do whatever shit we want, you don't have any power here". They did the same by blocking my Adsense.
dscrd 1 day ago 1 reply      
Perhaps try porting your app to Sailfish (essentially Linux + QT5) and try the Jolla shop :)
wehadfun 1 day ago 0 replies      
How do Asian countries deal with this?
hardwaresofton 1 day ago 0 replies      
walled gardens, amiright?

As soon as Firefox OS stabilizes, I am moving.

kelvin0 1 day ago 0 replies      
Do no Evil?
puppetmaster3 1 day ago 0 replies      
Yes, your echo system depends on Google and now you noticed.
AWS Tips I Wish I'd Known Before I Started wblinks.com
528 points by richadams  22 hours ago   132 comments top 25
rkalla 19 hours ago 0 replies      
Fantastic list with much more depth than I expected. Some surprises that others might be interested in from this article and comments below:

  [1] Keeping buckets locked down and allowing direct client -> S3 uploads  [2] Using ALIAS records for easier redirection to core AWS resources instead of CNAMES.  [3] What's an ALIAS?  [-] Using IAM Roles  [4] Benefits of using a VPC  [-] Use '-' instead of '.' in S3 bucket names that will be accessed via HTTPS.  [-] Automatic security auditing (damn, entire section was eye-opening)  [-] Disable SSH in security groups to force you to get automation right.
[1] http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/PresignedUrlU...

[2] http://docs.aws.amazon.com/Route53/latest/DeveloperGuide/Cre...

[3] http://blog.dnsimple.com/2011/11/introducing-alias-record/

[4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd5hsL-JNY4

Fizzer 8 hours ago 1 reply      
> you pay the much cheaper CloudFront outbound bandwidth costs, instead of the S3 outbound bandwidth costs.

What? CloudFront bandwidth costs are, at best, the same as S3 outbound costs, and at worse much more expensive.

S3 outbound costs are 12 cents per GB worldwide. [1]

CloudFont outbound costs are 12-25 cents per GB, depending on the region. [2]

Not only that, but your cost-per-request on CloudFront way more than S3 ($0.004 per 10,000 requests on S3 vs $0.0075-$0.0160 per 10,000 requests on CloudFront)

[1] http://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/[2] http://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/pricing/

mbreese 20 hours ago 4 replies      
I'd also add to the list - make sure that AWS is right for your workload.

If you don't have an elastic workload and are keeping all of your servers online 24/7, then you should investigate dedicated hardware from another provider. AWS really only makes sense ($$) when you can take advantage of the ability to spin up and spin down your instances as needed.

Judson 18 hours ago 1 reply      
One thing the article mentions is terminating SSL on your ELB. If you want more control over your SSL setup AND want to get remote IP information (e.g. X-Forwarded-For) ELB now supports PROXY protocol. I wrote a little introduction on how to set it up[0]. They haven't promoted it very much, but it is quite useful.

[0]: http://jud.me/post/65621015920/hardened-ssl-ciphers-using-aw...

krallin 21 hours ago 4 replies      
Lots of very useful tips there!

There's one that I think could be improved on a little:

    Uploads should go direct to S3 (don't store on local filesystem and have another process move to S3 for example). 
You could even use a temporary URL[0,1] and have the user upload directly to S3!

[0]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10044151/how-to-generate-...[1]: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/PresignedUrlU...

mslot 19 hours ago 1 reply      
Be very careful with assigning IAM roles to EC2 instances. Many web applications have some kind of implicit proxying, e.g. a function to download an image from a user-defined URL. You might have remembered to block 127.0.0.*, but did you remember Are you aware why is relevant to IAM roles? Did you consider hostnames pointed to to Did you consider that your HTTP client might do a separate DNS look-up? etc.

There are other subtleties which make roles hard to work with. The same policies can have different effects for roles and users (e.g., permission to copy from other buckets).

IAM Roles can be useful, especially for bootstrapping (e.g. retrieving an encrypted key store at start-up), but only use them if you know what you're doing.

Conversely, tips like disabling SSH have negligible security benefit if you're using the default EC2 setup (private key-based login). It's really quite useful to see what's going on in an individual server when you're developing a service.

Also, it does matter whether you put a CDN in front of S3. Even when requesting a file from EC2, CloudFront is typically an order of magnitude faster than S3. Even when using the website endpoint, S3 is not designed for web sites and will serve 500s relatively frequently, and does not scale instantly.

j-kidd 20 hours ago 2 replies      
Good article, but I think it touches too little about persistence. The trade-off of EBS vs ephemeral storage, for example, is not mentioned at all.

Getting your application server up and running is the easiest part in operation, whether you do it by hand via SSH, or automate and autoscale everything with ansible/chef/puppet/salt/whatever. Persistence is the hard part.

PhilipA 20 hours ago 2 replies      
Really useful article, though I don't agree with not using a CDN instead of S3. There are multiple articles which proves the performance of S3 being quite bad, and not useful for serving assets, comparing to CloudFront.
lfuller 21 hours ago 1 reply      
Your body tag is set to "overflow: hidden;". I wasn't able to scroll until I tweaked it manually in the inspector.
Estragon 3 hours ago 0 replies      
How hard is it to roll your own version of AWS's security groups? I want to set up a Storm cluster, but the methods I have come up with for firewalling it while preserving elasticity all seem a bit fragile.
match 20 hours ago 0 replies      

  > Use random strings at the start of your keys.  > This seems like a strange idea, but one of the implementation details   > of S3 is that Amazon use the object key to determine where a file is physically   > placed in S3. So files with the same prefix might end up on the same hard disk   > for example. By randomising your key prefixes, you end up with a better distribution   > of your object files. (Source: S3 Performance Tips & Tricks)
This is great advice, but just a small conceptual correction. The prefix doesn't control where the file contents will be stored it just controls where the index to that file's contents is stored.

rdl 8 hours ago 0 replies      
I'd probably also say "avoid ELB where possible, especially for instance storage" and "avoid ELB, roll your own."
Mizza 18 hours ago 1 reply      
That '.' instead of '-' tip for SSL'd buckets just saved me a large future headache. Good stuff!
drob 20 hours ago 0 replies      
Along these lines, I recommend installing New Relic server monitoring on all your EC2 instances.

The server-level monitoring is free, and it's super simple to install. (The code we use to roll it out via ansible: https://gist.github.com/drob/8790246)

You get 24 hours of historical data and a nice webUI. Totally worth the effort.

michaelmior 18 hours ago 1 reply      
Disabling SSH is an interesting tip. I guess the OP doesn't do any automation via SSH.
freerobby 19 hours ago 2 replies      
Can you (or somebody else) elaborate on disabling ssh access? Is this a dogma of "automation should do everything" or is there a specific security concern you are worried about? What is the downside of letting your ops people ssh into boxes, or for that matter of their needing to do so?
noelherrick 19 hours ago 1 reply      
> Have tools to view application logs.

Yes! Centralized logging is an absolute must: don't depend on the fact that you can log in and look at logs. This will grow so wearisome.

late2part 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Thing I wish I'd known before I started: Don't rely on proprietary AWS solutions when open source solutions work just as well.
novaleaf 17 hours ago 1 reply      
i'm a devops noob. what tools should i use to log / monitor all my servers?

i don't want to learn some complex stuff like cheff/puppet btw.... anything SIMPLE?

mblaney 13 hours ago 1 reply      
As an Australian developer, using an EC2 instance seems to be the cheapest option if you want a server based in this country. Anyone got any other recommendations?
gesman 19 hours ago 0 replies      
Someone needs to create such list for Azure as well.

And make it Wiki-ized.

Fasebook 19 hours ago 1 reply      
What's the point of auditing security in the Cloud? Is there any point at which you can know that your making any progress?
ape4 17 hours ago 0 replies      
Wow looks like a big pain.
simonlebo 17 hours ago 2 replies      
Can anyone explain how disabling ssh has anything to do with automation? We automate all our deployments through ssh and I was not aware of another way of doing.
5ersi 20 hours ago 1 reply      
Aww man, my head hurts just looking at this list.

Just go with a PaaS, like Heroku or AppEngine, and forget about this sysadmin crap.

Put.io put.io
489 points by tlongren  13 hours ago   253 comments top 65
gfunk911 11 hours ago 5 replies      
I use and love put.io. Completely hassle free. I'd never go back.

The killer feature is instant completion of torrents if someone else has already downloaded them. I can be watching a movie 60 seconds after thinking of it.

TallGuyShort 10 hours ago 7 replies      
It seems as though the primary use case being discussed and implied is torrenting of media that is not legal (however ethical you feel it may be) to torrent in many countries. Please remember that when you do so, you weaken the case the rest of us have against the same laws you're ignoring, against DRM, against intrusions into our privacy, and against unfair ISP practices.
melloclello 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Thrice today I've clicked on a link to put.io (which was upvoted on a number of sites), scrolled around absentmindedly for a bit, and left. It was only just now that I thought, 'wait a second' and clicked back, to realise that your site is a bittorrent service (and one that I may actually use since my free EC2 instance (which I was using as a torrent box) just expired).

I guess what I'm saying is, you might want to unbold 'Hassle-free' and embolden the word 'torrenting' in your byline. Or something like that. Here's what my brain saw when I went to your site:


I'm not being snarky, but I am trying to help you see into the mind of a disinterested internet user in the midst of a mild social media daze.

warrenmiller 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Anyone else worried a list of all your torrens is kept in one place and can be tied directly back to you via you Credit card, unless you pay via bitcoins.They might not do anything with this data but when pressed by Mr big Coporation they may have no choice...
msoad 11 hours ago 2 replies      
These are the reasons put.io is awesome:

    - It caches torrents that other people downloaded(popular torrents) so if you add them, they are in your library immediately    - You can subscribe to RSS feeds of TV shows from showrss.info without needing to download every show individually     - You can install the XBMC app to access you content there    - A REST API? Yup! They have it!    - It converts videos to MP4 on their cloud     - You can use multi-connection downloaders to reach to speeds like 30Mbps    - There are many apps to use with put.io

uladzislau 11 hours ago 2 replies      
I was using it for some time until they started to use all kind of tricks to force me to upgrade to the more expensive plans. It started from $5, then I was paying $10 and after the next "upgrade or we remove your account", I cancelled.
baddox 12 hours ago 2 replies      
This seems like a slightly worse seedbox marketed towards people who haven't heard of seedboxes.
pekk 11 hours ago 1 reply      
I see this as a mechanism for diffusing liability. Users who would otherwise be legally liable for seeding copyrighted content can instead use put.io, which "seeds" for them without their involvement and just lets them download as if they were only leeching.

As long as nobody gets a legal beatdown for using put.io...

mindcrash 7 hours ago 2 replies      
Interesting proposition, but:

"Our servers are in Netherlands"

Are they insane? If there's any country hostile to these kinds of services it's the Netherlands. The copyright outfit BREIN is taking down Usenet providers (if they can proof they are willingly providing access to pirated material), Usenet communities and Torrent communities housed in the Netherlands left and right; I can't imagine they would leave something screaming that it basically is intended for violating copyright and with rising popularity like put.io alone for long.

EGreg 11 hours ago 2 replies      
What we could use is a secure cloud like freenet, which:

1) Converts and transcodes files on the client

2) Encrypts them on the client, has diffs and versioning with git

3) Stores encrypted versions in a distributed manner on many servers

4) Uses bitcoins to pay for all the bandwidth, storage

5) Is an autonomous corporation that can't be shut down


Maybe in a few years this will exist.

lowglow 12 hours ago 3 replies      
From the FAQ (http://faq.put.io/):

> Why are downloads from put.io to my computer slow?

> Well the biggest factor is your location. Our servers are in Netherlands.


I guess this is why I torrent. :(

gkoberger 12 hours ago 1 reply      
This has been around for a few years. It's absolutely amazing -- you can subscribe to RSS, and it makes it dead simple to stream to Roku/etc, too.
scrrr 6 hours ago 0 replies      
If you're downloading copyrighted movies, it seems to be a slightly silly idea to supply anyone with a list. And your payment information.
lucb1e 3 hours ago 2 replies      
Wait, I don't get it. This is basically the same as running a server with a torrent daemon (like Transmission) on it, except you pay them instead of get your own server?

Also their arguments are somewhat invalid:

> People sharing your internet connection. They hate you! With put.io, you won't disturb them, because you won't be hogging all the bandwidth.

It doesn't matter whether I download 18GB from http(s) or from a torrent, the data remains the same size, except you can usually limit the torrent traffic whereas most people wouldn't know how to limit http(s) traffic in their browser.

> Watch RSS feeds

My torrent server does that too, but I never use it anyway

> Huge torrents are hard to get


> Get to your files from anywhere

Okay this is the only advantage if you don't have your own server.

gfalcao 49 minutes ago 0 replies      
I've been using put.io for 3 or 4 years now, it truly hassle free and I literally can not understand why it wasn't featured in HN before.

I have upgraded and downgraded my plan many times, depending on my own needs, it's been years I don't use a torrent client.

This is how you download torrents blazingly fast:

Download firefox + DownThemAll! extension, configure downthemall enabling all the maximum of speeds

go to http://put.io, add a torrent in the download queue, it will probably be done within minutes, if not seconds (no exaggeration), then download them straight to your computer through downthemall

kayoone 7 hours ago 0 replies      
I really dont get this. The use case must be to download copyright protected stuff, otherwise no one would pay for this, but isnt it pretty dangerous to hand all your download history and stuff like that to a 3rd party ?That opposed to an unlimited Usenet Subscription for $10/mo with SSL encryption and no user traceable data.
scrabble 2 hours ago 2 replies      
It seems that the company would have a higher level of plausible deniability of their screenshots didn't display torrents of material under copyright.
mayneack 10 hours ago 3 replies      
How does this save bandwidth? Let's say I want to watch a 4gb 720p movie? If I use this, won't I just then be streaming that much data or losing quality? Torrenting generally is better for slow connections than streaming because you can torrent and then play offline instead of having to worry about buffering and a consistent connection.
stigi 5 hours ago 0 replies      
I don't want to be offensive, but what's the news in this post? Why is it no 1 on HN right now?
taternuts 11 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm a fan of http://www.feralhosting.com myself. I know http://www.whatbox.ca can do similar stuff via an nginx config
RealGeek 12 hours ago 1 reply      
I was disappointed by Put.io in the past, it over promised and under delivered. It seemed like an unstable app with very slow speeds. It looks like they have improved since I last used it, I will give it another try.

I use http://www.cloudload.com, it is a similar app and works like a charm.

fmax30 11 hours ago 2 replies      
How is it different from http://boxopus.com/ , boxopus at least has a free tier , put.io doesn't.
Kiro 7 hours ago 0 replies      
Isn't this just another seedbox or how is it different?
ferongr 11 hours ago 2 replies      
>Huge torrents are hard to get

I'm not sure about this claim. From personal experience using ADSL, a 3G USB stick, my uni's 100Mbps connection back in the day and lowly 128k ISDN, I'd say that a torrent can either saturate one's connection with a healthy swarm or be slow as molasses due to the lack of seeds. I'm not sure how a seedbox can bypass the inherent mode of operation of the Bittorent protocol.

Meekro 12 hours ago 2 replies      
This is a really cool idea, but I'd like a bit more storage, and less cost, before I sign up. If I could get 3TB for $15/mo, I'd be there. 3TB drives can be had for $120, and I'd like my cloud storage to be competitively priced.

Offloading my torrent collection into the cloud sounds like a great step forward, but not if it results in me paying more.

lispsil 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Somebody tell these guys to use mandatory encryption with all their staff internal communications. Would have saved Megaupload a lot of hassle
duochrome 11 hours ago 1 reply      
You never heard of Xunlei? It's a Chinese product and it's like just $20 a year.

Xunlei has a huge network and it's very likely the content you want is already in their server and has been encoded.

tbarbugli 4 hours ago 0 replies      
To me it sounds very scary to make profit with something related to torrents.If I was the founder of put.io I would spend most of the time looking at the window expecting an FBI helicopter to land on my garden at any time.
steeve 8 hours ago 0 replies      
For those of you using XBMC, you might want to check out XBMCtorrent then [1]. It does exactly what the name says, while not depending on a service to do the download: select a torrent, watch it.

Disclosure: I'm the author

[1] http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=174736

[2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQiC62ig3N0

EDIT: URL was wrong

nly 2 hours ago 0 replies      
bitfetch is a similar service, but requires no registration and uses bitcoin for payment exclusively.


martincerdeira 3 hours ago 1 reply      
The name "putio" sucks. It's sounds like the spanish word "puto" (that means faggot) I think the service is great, though
rsoto 10 hours ago 0 replies      
I was a costumer, before focusing entirely on torrents, they also provided downloads for Rapidshare-like-sites, where you could download one file every two or three hours, which was pretty inconvenient. Put.io had a few premium accounts, so they downloaded that for you.

I guess then the premium accounts were suspended as it was hurting Rapidshare's sales and Put.io stopped offering that service.

Put.io is awesome, it's a very good and very well executed idea, but it was even more awesome a few years ago, and less expensive.

voltagex_ 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Those seeding rules will get you banned off quite a few trackers.
Orangeair 10 hours ago 1 reply      
So as far as I understand, this service basically just equates to a way to download torrents faster. Sometimes much faster, but still, that doesn't seem super important. Also, can someone explain to me what kind of torrents people would actually use this for? They seem to have a huge emphasis on videos, but they also say that they don't allow copyrighted content. Maybe I just don't know much about torrents (I mostly use them for things like downloading Ubuntu), but I don't understand what kind of legal videos people would be torrenting so frequently that they need this.
jgreen10 7 hours ago 1 reply      
I expect this is a very temporary service.
xerophtye 11 hours ago 5 replies      
Umm... maybe i am misunderstanding their service, but i fail to see the point. With put.io, a server can torrent the file for me. And then... i stream it from the server... So, my pc still needs that gigabits of transfer, at my usual net speed. Where was the gain? Couldn't i have used the same time to torrent it? In fact i would have to torrent it ONCE, but with put.io i have to stream (and thus effectively download that data) each time i want to view that file...
gerjomarty 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Does anyone know how good the transcoding is on the stream? I torrent a lot of x264 video with multiple complex ASS subtitles in the MKV container, so it'd be nice if it handled those.
inanov 8 hours ago 0 replies      
When you have some slow peers along with a lousy internet connection, put.io really helps. with my upload speeds (makes 56K jealous), to seed a torrent up to a meaningful ratio, i should wait forever. put.io helps me with this and many other stuff. besides that, they recently added a server to my city, which boosted my usage.

Besides the torrents, they catch rss feeds, podcasts faster than I do, and I just stream it, if I need any subtitles, I just upload them (or fetch from open subtitles) and there they are.

I love their service and will keep supporting them, and recommend to anyone I know.

dmix 12 hours ago 2 replies      
Does it support magnet links? This is an issue with remote servers hosting rtorrent.
woodylondon 6 hours ago 0 replies      
My concern with this is that they will have your credit card details / address information. At a later stage should they have a big legal problem (which I suspect they will) the lawyers will come directly after you. It's a great idea, and if it was for legal use only, but you know what people are really going to use it for!
ukd1 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Sounds similar to https://www.streem.com/ but with less focus on video?
posborne 10 hours ago 0 replies      
I wrote this (https://github.com/posborne/putio-sync) a few weekends ago for automatically grabbing content from put.io using their API (https://put.io/v2/docs/index.html). Pretty handy and performs downloads quickly by doing multi-segment downloads. Pure python and MIT licensed -- should be pip installable from pypi.

I string this together with another script to rename content and it drops right into my Plex library.

sorpaas 6 hours ago 0 replies      
If you live in China, you will find Xunlei(lixian.xunlei.com) and Xuanfeng(lixian.qq.com) all have similar functions.
sturmeh 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Please reconsider using an flipped beats logo (cringe).
homakov 10 hours ago 1 reply      
No word about security hah. I'd expect it <h1>! Will "NSA"/etc know what torrents I downloaded?
avodonosov 7 hours ago 0 replies      
All download data flows to put.io and don't take your bandwidth. But then you download it via http - the same files. What's the point? You only save bandwidth avoiding torrent seeding. Is it so significant to worry about it?
joris 7 hours ago 2 replies      
I use http://subliss.com and it works pretty great for videos.They offer free trials through this link: https://subliss.com/users/sign_up
progamler 3 hours ago 0 replies      
blahbl4hblahtoo 9 hours ago 0 replies      
This is dumb. Using a service to pirate material? Jesus?

Another day another dumb dot eye oh...

warmwaffles 12 hours ago 1 reply      
So...crappy seedboxes...no thank you. I'll just go with another provider.
notastartup 11 hours ago 0 replies      
This is great but how long until it gets shut down by RIAA or it's posse crew members and the founder gets slapped with a huge fine? If anything they should operate in a country where US does not have a good expedition treaty.
esMazer 12 hours ago 1 reply      
what are they going to do when people download illegal torrents to it?
notfed 12 hours ago 2 replies      
"With put.io...you won't be hogging all the bandwidth." - How could this possibly save bandwidth?
rpicard 12 hours ago 0 replies      
I have been using put.io for years and I love them! Downloads from their server to me are fast and the torrents themselves are often instant.
talonstriker 10 hours ago 0 replies      
It'd be really cool if one of these websites integrated with Amazon S3 (i.e. download it and store in one of my buckets). I don't need the storage, just the bandwidth.
Kiro 7 hours ago 0 replies      
How can this be legal?
motyar 11 hours ago 0 replies      
I have been using put.io, Its osm.[They closed all free accounts]
alooPotato 12 hours ago 0 replies      
any chance I'll be able to stream to my chromecast?
qwwqww 2 hours ago 0 replies      
seems like whatbox.ca offers a way better service. They got way more storage for less money and they are fast as fuck.Only down thing is no instant completion, but if you got enough seeders on your tracker, than every torrent would be finished in less than 5 minutes
pacifi30 8 hours ago 0 replies      
The name in itself is so beautiful.
PsychoBilly 7 hours ago 1 reply      
I'd rather commit sepukku than paying a web-service that charges 10$/month to seed for just 2 days until 2 ratio.I'll go with a cheap debian server + apt-get install transmission-cli
leoplct 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Is not illegal downloading torrent?
codecoda 6 hours ago 0 replies      
am not going to use or support put.io - wtf, they want money..??!!
achalkley 11 hours ago 0 replies      
Has this pivoted?
randomthought 3 hours ago 0 replies      
how are the dealing with legal issues?
Its Time to Make OpenStreetMap Your Only Street Map stevecoast.com
489 points by ZeroGravitas  1 day ago   236 comments top 44
fab13n 22 hours ago 7 replies      
I'm currently trying to switch from Google Maps for my smartphone, not because maps are more detailed in geek-dense areas (although they are), but because Google seems to have hired a bunch of drunken lemurs as its usability team.

I mean, I value simplicity, especially on the go, and the OSM-based softwares I've tried are by no mean perfect. But with recent versions of Google Map, I have difficulties:

* bookmarking my current location, especially when offline

* getting a scale displayed on my map (a scaleless map was a mandatory Fail in geography classes)

* giving itinerary boundaries through clicks

* sharing a marker as a public URL

* getting rid of research results once I've seen them

And whenever I find a contrived way to do one of those things, more often than not, a couple of weeks later it's taken out by a new "simplification". I'll grant you that maps looks nicer and nicer, but it becomes less and less usable at an alarming speed.

latch 1 day ago 8 replies      
Learning more about OSM is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but I'll commit time and do it, because I think it's a great project.

That said, every time I look at an OSM map, I find them uglier and far less usable than google maps.

Here's the Sochi example using OSM's Transport layer (which is less cluttered):




If I had to navigate Sochi, I would overwhelmingly prefer Google's version. It's cleaner, has better contrast and a number of subtle touches (english translations, one-way arrows, ...). When I travel, I always download offline OSM maps, in case, but eagerly get a SIM card with a data plan and switch to Google Maps (and I suddenly find myself better oriented).

throwaway_yy2Di 23 hours ago 2 replies      
Tangent for bored hackers: you can torrent the entire OpenStreetMap dataset right now. It's only 23 GiB, in a simple format stored as protocol buffers.


http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/PBF format documentation)

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features (common tag strings)

edit: This was my first render from this weekend, http://i.imgur.com/vD9d39W.png :D

pekk 1 day ago 8 replies      
Criticizing OSM is at least as hazardous as criticizing Wikipedia, but...

Setting aside ideological purity, the actual rationality of switching solely to OSM depends on the actual quality and freshness of its data. And most of the world with money in play is more likely to follow rationality than ideological purity here.

But with regard to data quality, OSM is encumbered its own policy. OSM cannot (or refuses to) make use of high-quality bulk data from outside, regardless of how that data was licensed. Automation allows more frequent updates with a lot less manual labor as input - but OSM requires contributors to manually trace shapes in their weird browser app. Even where plenty of excellent liberally licensed data is available, OSM insists on making an army of unpaid monkeys re-make the SAME data in perpetuity.

That puts its pipeline at a permanent disadvantage to companies building proprietary datasets, which can take advantage of all kinds of automation. OSM simply isn't doing as much as it could to verify its data and stay fresh, and so it isn't doing as much as it could to end the status quo of proprietary data. Even if OSM reaches a usable state at a given moment, the world keeps changing to invalidate previously traced data, and OSM's policy ensures it will always be playing catch-up no matter who wants to donate data, because all the data has to come through this dopey manual process.

jaryd 1 day ago 14 replies      
Does anyone use OpenStreetMap on Android with any success? I'd be grateful to hear of any maps/directions apps that I can use as a replacement in this category.
jordan0day 23 hours ago 2 replies      
One thing I really like about OSM is the fact that it accepts pull requests from anybody. For example, I live on a road that ends in "Street", but for whatever reason, Google's online maps have it marked as "Lane". This results in delivery drivers and service people often going to the wrong address. The street name was wrong on OSM, but I submitted a pull request and saw the fix implemented immediately.

Interestingly, Apple Maps, Mapquest, and Bing maps all have the right street name. After I submitted the PR to OSM, it's correct now, too. Only Google Maps is still wrong, which is unfortunate, since that seems to be the one most people rely on (especially w.r.t phone GPS's). I've had several instances of friends calling, confused on how to reach my house, after their Google Maps App took them to a house a few blocks away.

rburhum 23 hours ago 1 reply      
I have been using OSM for 7 years and I really love the project. Nevertheless, the biggest issue I have when it is compared to GMaps is not the content nor rendering (those are relatively straightforward to change)... it is the geocoder + routing. There is not a good geocoder for OSM, period. Until we can put an address, like we can in GMaps, and get a pin in the right location, it will always be an option that is not a 100% replacement. Same with routing.

Don't get me wrong, it has its uses, but those two components are too critical to ignore or even advocate for full replacement.

virtualritz 23 hours ago 5 replies      
Typical use case for me: hitting on Google Maps to find addresses via venue names; 99% of the time.I.e. I enter the name of the restaurant etc + some fuzzy data, like part of town or name of the city. This just works.

Last time I checked (just now), this still didn't get me any useful results from OSM for the European capitals I frequent (Rome, Paris, Berlin).I guess it is even worse for smaller cities.

Yes, there is some venue/business data. But it is too sparse, at least for most of Europe, for OSM to be a useful replacement for Google Maps -- even in the medium term.

The question would be: how could this be rapidly improved?For example, I entered probably two dozen places that were missing on Google Maps, in the past. While this data is now Google's, I entered it, originally. What's more, if I would be adding it again, to OSM, I'd certainly enter the same data.

I wonder what the legal perspective would be if everyone crawled "their" data (i.e. the data they personally entered) from Google maps and forwarded it to OSM.

pothibo 1 day ago 0 replies      
I first encountered OpenStreetMap 2 years ago and was amazed at how precise it was. Moreover, the editor is simply awesome. I had a road opened last year next to where I live and it took me about 2 minutes to register, load the editor, make the change and save it.
yuvadam 1 day ago 2 replies      
I've completely migrated recently from using Google Search, and use DuckDuckGo exclusively, even if sometimes I get results of lower quality. I'm willing to compromise for better privacy.

I have a sneaking suspicion that once finally I replace Google Maps with OSM there won't be any compromises to be made.

Camillo 23 hours ago 2 replies      
Google Maps's killer feature for me is public transit information. It would be nice if there were an open public transit schedule database that interfaced with OSM.
reustle 1 day ago 2 replies      
I'm currently working on a project that uses google maps in a few places. The main reason I'm not using OSM is gmaps.js [0]. Ideally I will find / create my own simple wrapper like this on top of OSM in the near future

[0] http://hpneo.github.io/gmaps/

mwexler 1 day ago 1 reply      
Curious to understand just how Telenav will try to make money off of OSM: Will they be the "Red Hat" of OSM? Will they sell "custom add-ons"? What might they do to both benefit the community and make money from usage? Could be great improvements, or could become known as "that day that OSM started to die"...
legulere 1 day ago 2 replies      
The data isn't the problem of Openstreetmap. What's missing is one go-to site with a nice rendering that doesn't try to show off all features and offers a similar feature set as google maps (searching for locations, shops, navigation).
clarry 21 hours ago 2 replies      
I've been wanting to become an OSM contributor for a long while now as I like the idea, and there's lots of low-hanging fruit as far as map coverage of my area goes (in osm, it's just plain bad). I also like geocaching, which seems like it would go hand-in-hand with mapping.

But I still haven't found an OSM editor that doesn't suck. And right now I don't have the time to write my own, even though I've considered it more than once...

junto 1 day ago 2 replies      
If I could find a replacement for Google Maps that hooked into Google StreetView, I'd be a happy chappie. I find Google Street View and amazing tool, but want to move away from the maps part.

I refuse to install Google Maps on iOS, because every time I've installed it on our FAMILY iPad, it keeps driving the user to sign in with MY account, which it appears to have weaseled out of the sandboxed Google+ for iOS. Sorry, but firstly I don't want to have a search history. Secondly I don't want the search history of the rest of family to be linked to my Google account.

I understand that some people might want to switch this on as a feature, byt I don't, and Google have designed the app, so that it seems like it won't work without signing in. A very dark UI pattern if you ask me. This whole assumption of one-device-one-person is naive.

brudgers 1 day ago 0 replies      
I would use Open Street Map, except that I find aerial photographs are often an invaluable aid to navigation because they provide a more complete model of facts on the ground. Aerial photographs allow better recognition of landmarks - how wide is the road, how big is a building's parking area, does the address resolve to a football pitch?

The level of geographic information just isn't there to make it a viable first choice for me because orientation is more difficult.

tnuc 23 hours ago 4 replies      
I want to like OpenStreetMap, I really do...

If I see a place on the map.. Why can't I click on it? I can't get the address, telephone number, website etc.?

And I see and picture of a shopping basket? What is it? I also see a cocktail glass, it's a fucking mystery.

SeanLuke 22 hours ago 3 replies      
"Hardware Stores in Alexandria VA"

* Google Maps: everything you'd ever want, and correct.

* Open Street Map: a Home Depot in Riverside County, CA, and a Lowes which apparently resides inside the exact same building.

It is not time for me to make OpenStreetMap my only street map.

sehugg 22 hours ago 1 reply      
OSM data came in handy in Europe. Their public toilet database seems pretty complete.

I'd love to have more complete metadata. No reason in 2014 I shouldn't be able to query pet-friendly hotels near brewpubs near bike trails.

blueskin_ 1 day ago 1 reply      
I wish I could.

Google search and maps are the only google products I still use (well, plus youtube, but no account, and blogger, but only reading), and I use duckduckgo intermittently instead of google search, but OpenStreetMap just isn't good enough yet, primarily by nit having yet found a halfway decent mobile app.

xacaxulu 20 hours ago 0 replies      
Anything that works towards resetting the balance of power against Google is fine by me. Not to mention I've found that Google Maps has given me erroneous directions more frequently than a few years ago.
hrjet 22 hours ago 0 replies      
I like OSM and have also contributed to it. However, I would be wary of using OSM for navigation. It's very easy for someone to mis-edit (accidentally or maliciously). Also, it is difficult to revert a mis-edit because, unlike Wikipedia, the data is not chunked into pages and there are no simple textual diffs which a non-geek can review.
bad_user 20 hours ago 0 replies      
The article mentions that Telenav acquired Skobbler, the makers of a pretty sweet maps app that uses OSM. I've been using it on my Android for navigation for several months now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skobbler.f...

I do hope that this app won't die. It's polished, it's user friendly, it's based on OSM (which for me is a feature) and worked very well for me.

Semiapies 21 hours ago 1 reply      
Not living in Sochi, the comparison is less convincing for me:


Not to mention that searching for "Conroe, TX" and taking the first, correct-sounding result got me ~10 miles south of city limits.

Now, Google has a couple of oddities, here (those two businesses apparently on the median between the freeway and the access road!), but the road data is more accurate and detailed (including street names).

I've done some editing on wikis, but I'm not going to try to jump in and correct that gap.

canistr 23 hours ago 0 replies      
The map comparison tool is quite excellent. I'd love to use this tool for testing generic sites.


Vvector 1 day ago 1 reply      
My home address doesn't exist in OSM. Actually it does exist, but in the wrong city. This is due to the use of TIGER data, which doesn't align with Post Office addresses. So using my address, no one can find my house. And while I can edit the map to move the road where needed, I cannot change the city.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, all have no problem finding my house.

rwmj 21 hours ago 0 replies      
As a small data point, I used Open Street Map [OSMAnd+] only when I was in Brussels at FOSDEM this weekend. I used it a lot and it was absolutely superb. Obviously this is a major city, but I've also used it in the wilds of the Japanese countryside and found it to be equally reliable.
Uchikoma 1 day ago 2 replies      
When in Tokyo lately I've used OSM and found it suprisingly good. What I did miss compared to the Google Maps app is the direction the device is pointing towards.

Routing would also be nice :-)

DenisM 23 hours ago 0 replies      
It would be nice to have an app that pulls data from Google Maps (or Apple Maps), and at the same time sends location trace to Open Street Maps. That way I could use high-quality maps and still support the OSM project with raw trace data.
nodata 23 hours ago 0 replies      
> It's Time to Make OpenStreetMap your only street map

I can't. Your new app is US only, and osmand is good but not good enough.

_ZeD_ 8 hours ago 0 replies      
A thing I don't about telenav it's the fact they only release us-only applications. Why can't I use their app? The OSM maps are global...
nollidge 23 hours ago 1 reply      
It's way too slow for me. Taking 20-30 seconds to fill in map tiles while I'm panning around.
agumonkey 21 hours ago 1 reply      
The 'future' google maps is also too taxing on my (2006) laptop. OSM UI is as good as the current google maps. Good reason to move.
gchokov 1 day ago 3 replies      
The map is still far from complete in my part of the world, so I can't really switch.
ntoshev 19 hours ago 0 replies      
I wonder if there is a way to integrate in OSM automatically gathered data from users smartphones, like Waze does. There seem to be incentives to smartphone app makers to provide that.

Is there any nice description of the ecosystem around OSM data? How do all these companies providing routing or geocoding make money?

truncs 8 hours ago 0 replies      
The problem with OSM (as compared to wikipedia) is that there is less awareness about the project and contributing to OSM has to be made a lot easier. Also it needs to have enough eyeballs per sq. mile to verify that the changes made are actually good. In some places like Melbourne (and someone mentioned this earlier) OSM is horrendous.
nantes 23 hours ago 0 replies      
Seems to be having load issues -- CoralCDN link http://stevecoast.com.nyud.net/2014/01/30/its-time-to-make-o...
csmithuk 20 hours ago 0 replies      
Well when it works properly for more than a week at a time (export is currently randomly broken) and has turn by turn navigation, yes.

So no.

larcher 20 hours ago 0 replies      
"Id like it to get OSM to seven billion contributors in the next year or two."

Surely that's a typo. Nearly all the world's population contributing to, not just using, OSM? Seven million maybe?

Yuioup 1 day ago 0 replies      

  "Why the world needs OpenStreetMap"  "It's Time to Make OpenStreetMap your only street map"
I think somebody is trying to say something here.

jtth 1 day ago 1 reply      
It can't even find my city given city and state, in a state capital! I'll switch just as soon as it learns where the United States is.
poopsintub 1 day ago 0 replies      
I need traffic data to switch, right?
zoomerang 12 hours ago 1 reply      
I live 10 minutes from the center of the third largest city in Australia.

OpenStreetMaps still doesn't have street numbers.

Where data is good, OpenStreetMaps is a fantastic tool. But for the rest of the world - it's utterly useless.

Chaos Computer Club files criminal complaint against the German Government ccc.de
453 points by bachback  1 day ago   39 comments top 19
sentenza 1 day ago 1 reply      
Yes! _IF_ this isn't immediately shot down, things will become interesting.

The German officials can always hide behind police/antiterror investigations for data they requested, HOWEVER: The collecting and storing of user data and metadata "verdachtsunabhngig", that is, without there being a investigation against the people whose data is being slurped specifically, is highly problematic under German law.

That is the vulnerable spot the CCC is trying to hit and I hope it works.

weinzierl 19 hours ago 2 replies      
The problem that this criminal complaint will face is the "Alliiertes Vorbehaltsrecht".

"erstens der berwachungsvorbehalt, das Recht, den in- und auslndischen Post- und Fernmeldeverkehr in der Bundesrepublik auch weiterhin zu berwachen; zweitens den Geheimdienstvorbehalt, das Recht, die alliierten Geheimdienste mit Untersttzung des Bundesamtes fr Verfassungsschutz auerhalb des deutschen Recht zu stellen, wenn es geheimdienstliche Interessen erforderte."

"firstly, the surveillance exception, the right to continue to monitor the domestic and international postal and telecommunications traffic in the Federal Republic, and secondly the intelligence exception, the right to the Allied intelligence with the support of the German Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution to act outside the German law if intelligence interests requires so."

While the "Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany" is considered to have made Germany become fully sovereign, the "Alliiertes Vorbehaltsrecht" is still in effect according to [1] and [2] (both links in German only, sorry, there seems to be no online source in English).

[1] http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alliiertes_Vorbehaltsrecht[2] http://www.zeit.de/politik/deutschland/2013-10/nsa-uerberwac...

Trufa 1 day ago 0 replies      
This is great news, we should be on the offensive.

The system of getting our rights taken away away, and the have to fight for get them back makes no sense.

Disclaimer: I do very little for my own rights.

rjzzleep 1 day ago 4 replies      
the germans have a saying:

"was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht"

in my opinion the same will happen here. if the laws don't fit, the laws will be adjusted, or the terminology will change. it happened with the now no longer unconstitutional wars. and obama said the same:

"we're not really spying on you guys, we're just helping our allies"

you have to applaud the germans for their efforts though. after all they were able to temporarily halt the data retention efforts. i say temporary, because i'm convinced that even if the european court of justice really bans it(which i'm not convinced of), it will be even more crucial for them to have someone from the outside spying.

and besides that there is this rather worrisome notion in politics and lobbyism that a no in court only stays no until you turn it into a yes.

sneak 1 day ago 0 replies      
> It is unfortunate that those responsible and the circumstances of their crimes have not been investigated," says Dr. Julius Mittenzwei, attorney and long time member of the CCC.

This is great news. I'm sure they thought they were going to get away with it.

Dr. Mittenzwei, on the other hand, has better plans for them.

bachback 1 day ago 0 replies      
"We accuse US, British and German secret agents, their supervisors, the German Minister of the Interior as well as the German Chancelor of illegal and prohibited covert intelligence activities, of aiding and abetting of those activities, of violation of the right to privacy and obstruction of justice in office by bearing and cooperating with the electronic surveillance of German citizens by NSA and GCHQ."
iSnow 1 day ago 0 replies      
This is great news, unfortunately neither the German government nor the Federal Prosecutor General (Generalbundesanwalt) will have the balls to bring this to court.

Furthermore the Generalbundesanwalt is nominally independent of the government, but is traditionally very close to official politics.

atmosx 19 hours ago 0 replies      
The CCC is a club Germans should be proud of.
puppetmaster3 1 day ago 1 reply      
The complaint is directed against the German federal government, the presidents of the German secret services.

Can we in USA sue the president and Feinstein for crimes like they can?

ChristianMarks 16 hours ago 0 replies      
At least this story didn't devolve into dismissive conversation about irrelevancies, like the Snowden interview story. In that thread, discussants invented a new notion of "journalistic equivalence" under which mass media news coverage of remarks by Snowden that officials were calling for his demise was supposed to be somehow equivalent to substantive coverage of the main points of the interview. The "proof" of this was the so-called "Reddit takedown."
terranstyler 1 day ago 1 reply      
A good thing by itself but I doubt it will have a real effect other than showing that "Separation of Powers" in theory works much better than in practice... (read "not")

Besides, for some reason complaints against the state via the state take years, just see the ongoing complaints whether EFSF, ESM and whatnot market stabilization mechanisms violate the no-bailout clause in the EU treaty.

Game theory is a bitch :(

c7b0rg 20 hours ago 0 replies      
Remember to watch the video footage from the latest CC congress if you haven't done so already: http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2013/They cover really interesting topics.
mrottenkolber 1 day ago 0 replies      
Great effort! I wish them good luck, and hope this will go anywhere.
higherpurpose 1 day ago 0 replies      
This reminds of Wyden and Udall's recent inquiry into whether CIA is hacking into American citizens' computers and violating CFAA. While I'm sure CFAA has exceptions for the federal government to do those "crimes" themselves (although not sure if the CIA is allowed to, since they are supposed to act only on foreign territory), I think Wyden and Udall are trying to use this inquiry to let the American people know that they are doing this, without actually saying it outright.


scottydelta 1 day ago 0 replies      
Hope this will finally make a difference after seeing nothing happen even after the drastic revelation by Edward Snowden.
NSAID 1 day ago 1 reply      
The local news station talked about this today. They described it as a group of "lawyers and computer hackers" suing the government. I get what the CCC is, but I'm thinking the average member of the public is rolling their eyes at a bunch of criminals suing the government of surveillance.
sergj 19 hours ago 0 replies      
I really hope this will back the politians in a corner and shine some light on what Germany is gathering and sharing with its so called allies.
mangeletti 1 day ago 1 reply      
I couldn't help but read the "ILMR" typo in the first sentence of this article as, "International League for Machine Rights".
CryptcWriter 20 hours ago 0 replies      
This is awesome.
A letter from Paper (FiftyThree) to Paper (Facebook) fiftythree.com
394 points by henryaym  23 hours ago   150 comments top 46
ynniv 22 hours ago 6 replies      
People are going to call the app by Facebook "Facebook Paper" because "Paper" is simply too generic. 53's drawing app name is not strong either. Their iOS app is not called "Paper", but "Paper by FiftyThree". Their icon is not of paper, but of a napkin style rendering of "53". For all intents, the drawing simulation brand name is "FiftyThree". There was a brief moment in history when people thought "I wonder if 53 was acquired". That time has passed, and no one will mistake them from now on.

"Facebook Paper" is an alternative interface to Facebook.

"Paper by FiftyThree" is a drawing application.

Other than that they are both software, there's little room for confusion. 53 can get upset and write a blog post about it, but there is no substantive damage done. They'll probably sell more of their own product because of this.

nikcub 21 hours ago 0 replies      
The irony here is that Facebook are extremely aggressive about protecting their own name. They have sued other companies for using generic words as part of their names, like 'face' or 'book' or 'wall'.


petenixey 22 hours ago 3 replies      
Pfft. What a silly request. This is an entirely different application.

Should we expect an upcoming blog post from 53 complaining that Crayola has released a new product entitled "Pencil"?

If you want to protect your name, use a protectable name. If you're going to use an entirely generic name then deal with it... wait hang on... Dunder Mifflin just called... they want their name back too.

Cool company, great products, daft blog post.

wavesplash 21 hours ago 1 reply      
There are some great opinions posted so let me add some data from uspto.gov (use 'trademark search' from the menu) and a touch of what I understand of Trademark law after filing a few myself:

53 was granted a US Trademark on the phrase 'Paper by FiftyThree' on December 2013 for trademark categories 21 23 26 36 38 and it appears international category 9 with a first-used-in-commerce claim of March 2013.

53 are obligated to enforce their mark in those categories otherwise they risk losing it. This is the same reason Facebook goes after anything with 'face or book' that even vaguely seems similar. If they don't they risk losing the Facebook mark.

The law sides with the trademark holder as long as they enforce the mark.

As many people have mentioned, 'Paper' is generic and 53 didn't get the word 'Paper' by itself. It was granted the mark 'Paper by FiftyThree'. Since Facebook's app isn't called 'Paper by Facebook' this leaves some wiggle room if FB wants to challenge the claim if it heads to court. Facebook has deep pockets and good lawyers, so perhaps they've already calculated the risk and is willing to fight in court. 53 may not be able to afford that fight (cash or distraction wise).

TL;DR: 53 is obligated to enforce their Trademark and the letter to Facebook is a manifestation of that obligation. Unfortunately their mark isn't just on the word 'paper' so it will be interesting to see if this fades away or the parties head to court.

christiangenco 22 hours ago 1 reply      
My first thought when I read the Facebook Paper announcement was along these lines.

This is a big social faux paus on Facebook's part - at least among the developer community - but I really don't see either company changing their Paper's name. I imagine it'll go similarly to Google's Go name collision[1].

How should the little guy in these situations be legally protected? On one hand it's clear that "candy" shouldn't be trademarked, but "paper" is just as generic a term. Maybe the lesson here is not to name your product generic nouns and avoid the trouble all together.

1. https://code.google.com/p/go/issues/detail?id=9

dctoedt 16 hours ago 0 replies      
It's helpful to analyze this the way a U.S. court likely would. Suppose hypothetically that the following are true:

(A) that the mark PAPER is protectable for what 53 sells -- and I think that's highly likely; PAPER in this context strikes me as a "suggestive" and therefore protectable mark [1]; and

(B) that 53 was the first user of the mark; and

(C) that there's a "likelihood of confusion" about the origin, sponsorship, or endorsement of the companies' products or services -- this entails looking at seven or eight factual questions, namely the "strength" of the mark; the proximity of the goods; the similarity of the marks in appearance and/or sound; any evidence of actual confusion; similarity in marketing channels used; the type of goods and the degree of care likely to be exercised by the purchaserthe junior user's intent in selecting the mark; and the likelihood of expansion of the respective product lines [2].

In that situation, as the junior user, Facebook would (or should) be liable for infringement.

Another point: 53 can be damaged by "reverse confusion," namely people thinking that 53 is the one that's ripping off Facebook [3].

[1] http://tmep.uspto.gov/RDMS/detail/manual/TMEP/Oct2012/TMEP-1...

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trademark_infringement

[3] http://definitions.uslegal.com/r/reverse-confusion-trademark...

thrush 22 hours ago 2 replies      
It's a matter of respect. Paper (FiftyThree) is a well known brand and app, so basically the Facebook developers were 100% aware that they were utilizing someone's name (at least they should have been), and therefore they went ahead to publish their new app with complete disregard for what already existed.
atacrawl 22 hours ago 0 replies      
One of Facebooks board members is an investor in FiftyThree.

This line tells the whole story. This isn't just the case of a large company perhaps not noticing another product in the digital space with the same name. This is very deliberate, and the CEO comes across as flabbergasted with Facebook's decision.

throwaway420 22 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm a big fan of Paper from 53 (not the most feature-filled drawing tool, but definitely the most pleasant to use) and respect that they wrote a polite request about this and tried to use this as a marketing opportunity rather than threatening legal action or citing some bizarre trademark argument where they claim to have the right to force others not to use a word. 53 comes across pretty well here thus far IMO.
k-mcgrady 22 hours ago 3 replies      
>> "Facebook's app is a newsreader that kind of somehow has to do with paper maybe?"

I'm guessing the name is a reference to 'newspaper'. Most people I know just refer to the newspaper as 'the paper'.

dpcheng2003 22 hours ago 2 replies      
Honestly, I think we'll see more downloads of Paper (53) because of confused people looking to download Paper (FB). I see this is as a huge PR win for 53 and both will end up co-existing and succeeding (probably).

There are TWO billion-dollar storage companies with Box in the name. Now that's confusing.

nicolethenerd 21 hours ago 0 replies      
When I first heard about Facebook's Paper, I wondered how that conversation could have possibly gone down...

"So we're building this great new experience, and we want to call it Paper..."

"Isn't there already an incredibly popular mobile application called Paper?"


Some variant of this conversation must have happened, right? It's not like nobody at Facebook has heard of 53 - how did this name ever get out the door?

It seems like most of us here on HN think of 53's Paper when we think of 'app called Paper' - perhaps this isn't the case in the overall consumer market (but then again, Paper - 53's, that is - was once featured prominently on Apple.com - not just the app store, but the main website) - but to me at least, it feels like Facebook is using a name which is 'already taken'.

iambateman 21 hours ago 0 replies      
Might I suggest that this is not the first time Facebook has drawn the ire of the tech community and won't be the last.

It seems Facebook simply doesn't care. FiftyThree's complaint will blow over in a few days.

However, FiftyThree is signing up plenty of new users from the story. They're probably genuinely upset but this won't be their death and it might even be a good thing. I'd never heard of Paper beforehand.

shanselman 22 hours ago 2 replies      
Companies, even hip web 3.0 companies, need to stop taking generic common nouns and declaring them trademarks. From Surface to Paper, these names are far too easy to confuse.
Finster 22 hours ago 1 reply      
If 53 didn't register Paper as a trademark, they are pretty much SOL, right? If they did, it's pretty clear that Facebook's property creates confusion in the market. Trademark law seems pretty clear here, but IANAL.
pirateking 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Humans have done just fine for a long time managing their own mental namespaces. Paper already means different things in different contexts before either of these apps - "I am writing a paper", "have you read today's paper?", "have your papers ready for inspection". There are also many different brands and types of paper with very different material properties and use cases.

Choosing an already in use word for any new publicly accessible thing complicates the global namespace a little more than it already is, but if it is the name you really wish to give it, sometimes a little distributed parsing overhead is better than the alternatives - trademarking "paper" or calling your product "Payper" instead.

antr 20 hours ago 0 replies      
>Theres a simple fix here. We think Facebook can apply the same degree of thought they put into the app into building a brand name of their own.

It seems to me that both FB and 53 applied the same degree of thought.

IMHO, I find it absurd that private companies want to make common words their own. Couldn't the "degree of thought" 53 put into their naming process led them to think that "paper" was an extremely generic word and this conflict was bound to happen?

BryantD 21 hours ago 0 replies      
There was a drawing app called Paper in the App Store in October 2011, five months before 53 released their app. It doesn't look very good, but that's not the point.


k-mcgrady 22 hours ago 1 reply      
If I was in FiftyThree's position I would be pissed off. But it is a very common word. Simply changing the name of the app to 'Facebook Paper' would probably help with a lot of the issues it might cause.
basseq 22 hours ago 0 replies      
To be honest, I thought of FiftyThree first, too, when I heard the Facebook announcement. Reading between the lines on this blog post, it doesn't sound like FiftyThree has any legal claim or trademark to hold against Facebook (even if they wanted to litigate).

Facebook has already "gone live" with the Paper nameI think it's too late to change it. Whether it's malicious (are they "building their story" off FiftyThree's work?) or not ("Oops") is almost irrelevant here.

rokhayakebe 22 hours ago 0 replies      
I, for one, do not think Facebook should change the name because these guys do not own the word "Paper." It would have been different if their app was called FiftyPapers and Facebook used the same name.
qq66 21 hours ago 1 reply      
Yesterday: Vitriol slung at King for trying to trademark "Candy." Today: Much more sympathy for 53 attempting the "trademark of public opinion."
malandrew 16 hours ago 0 replies      
Since the Apple store rankings are intentionally opaque and controlled by Apple for its own gain, I secretly hope that the Apple artificially ranks 53 Paper above Facebook Paper. At the end of the day Paper has been an excellent app for the Apple ecosystem and it would be a nice way to say "thanks" to 53. If this happens, then Facebook's use should help 53 get more downloads since most users will go along with the first result in the store.
Touche 22 hours ago 0 replies      
No, you don't own the word Paper.
tomasien 22 hours ago 1 reply      
I think Facebook should change Paper's name mainly because Paper is a horrible name for this product, which is actually "Facebook without all the crap you never use". The fact that "Paper by FiftyThree" is a name already in use is another factor, why fight this battle when the name isn't even very good?
covercash 22 hours ago 0 replies      
The actual app titles from the App Store seem different enough to me, and I'm a huge fan of FiftyThree.

Paper by FiftyThree (FiftyThree, Inc.)

Paper - stories from Facebook (Facebook, Inc.)

Another distinction to keep in mind is FiftyThree's Paper is iPad only and Facebook's is iPhone only (although it will install on iPad).

conductr 16 hours ago 0 replies      
53 has chosen to use generic single word nouns for their products. Paper, Pencil, Book. When you do that, you do not deserve the consideration the author is expecting from Facebook.

Yes it may cause confusion, but they should have used unique names for their products if they wanted the differentiation.

cheshire137 19 hours ago 0 replies      
Over here in Android land, there's no confusion at all, because neither app is in the Play Store. :P
scotthtaylor 22 hours ago 4 replies      
Can both not exist? I don't see how there could be overlap or confusion from potential customers.
drfloob 21 hours ago 0 replies      
All respect issues aside, generic names like this are a pain in the ass. "go" (google) and "react" (facebook) are similar. For example, Twitter-folk have taken to using #ReactJS to mean Facebook's React UI framework, but react.js[1] has been around a while already, and it does some similar stuff (if you squint a bit).

You can't mention or search for them without barfing out the company name, and sometimes a specific property alongside to be unambiguous about your meaning. It makes finding discussions and blog posts harder because people don't have a common language for these poorly-named things.

It just seems like these companies are shooting themselves in the foot. Is natural word-of-mouth growth no longer a concern?

[1]: http://reactjs.com/

bikamonki 20 hours ago 1 reply      
The world of app names is weirdly. Obviously you cannot put up an app named Facebook but most likely you can put one named FB Calculator. The way I see it, parts of an app name can be protected, others are generic. It is like subdomains: news.ycombinator.com cannot ask news.fiftythree.com to stop using news.

Anyhow, what's the name of that FB Android app that turns your phone's desktop into a FB desktop? Or was it iOS app? What exactly was it anyway? FB OS?

Don't worry Paper53, PaperFB is probably another fluke, a quick yet clumsy response to Medium's menacing growth, to the wall's irrelevance, to the teens running away....

plusbryan 21 hours ago 0 replies      
Won't this only benefit FiftyThree now that many more people are searching the App Store for "Paper"? Seems like a victimless crime.
BrownBuffalo 22 hours ago 0 replies      
The bigger your footprint becomes in the arena of the Internet, the more care it takes to make sure you are not stepping on other's IP. The problem with the Interwebs is that IP crosses so many silos and this isn't just a problem of name but of application of the use here. I can't see FB being more than apologetic to FiftyThree. As much as FiftyThree thinks they have just cause here - its more of a use / intention than it is the confusion with name. I highly doubt anything will come of this, because of the logical difference. Its an identity thing vs. market clash over the same product.
cx42net 8 hours ago 0 replies      
"And that is why, folks, we are proud to announce our newest product : Facebook".

That should do it ;)

jrockway 22 hours ago 0 replies      
See also: Microsoft Windows vs. X Window System.
micahgoulart 22 hours ago 0 replies      
This app is very unrelated to Facebook as we know it: our friends and their content. That is just one part of the app. It's more a curated news app on the whole.

Either Facebook released this as a project their engineers did to test out interfaces or they are collecting data from this app about what is shared and what content is viewed to improve their own feed algorithms.

fuzzywalrus 22 hours ago 0 replies      
I admire FiftyThree but this ship has sailed. Unless FiftyThree is willing to lawyer up, I can't imagine anything changing.
jawaddeo 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Please don't monopolise language! If you tell me I cannot use the word Paper any longer, I resent that deeply, even if Apple and others have done that. Paper is not distinctive enough, not even very imaginative, 'creative' dare I say, of an app that claims to be all about creativity.
Aardwolf 20 hours ago 0 replies      
I don't get it, does this involve actual paper?
SimonDawlat 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Search for "Paper" in the App Store? Problem solved.
untilHellbanned 22 hours ago 1 reply      
I feel for FiftyThree but the ship of anyone caring of FB's missteps has long sailed.

FB being the first $1 trillion company seems inevitable. FB is the borg of all borgs.

valvoja 22 hours ago 1 reply      
It's like Apple Inc and Apple Corps.

Lesson to self, avoid generic names.

etanazir 21 hours ago 0 replies      
is this trademark 'descriptive', 'distinctive', or 'generic' ?
amjaeger 21 hours ago 0 replies      
next they're going to write to wb mason that they should change the name of their product to "printer sheet" or something like that....
tethis 16 hours ago 0 replies      
Sweet jesus I cannot read that font.
sleepyK 22 hours ago 1 reply      
Maybe they'll release it as Facebook Paper...But to be honest, if there's a genuine app already bearing that name, they're better off going with something else...
iOS holding my phone number hostage = the worst bug Ive ever experienced blog.benjaminste.in
390 points by benstein  1 day ago   222 comments top 67
RyanZAG 1 day ago 10 replies      
Just think, if you hadn't used a proprietary messaging solution as your default contact method, you'd be able to easily control how you receive the messages. Maybe stuff like this happening is a good thing as it drills home the point the 'crazy free software lunatics' have been going on about for some time. Having this kind of thing happen to someone makes the stuff FSF+co says a bit more relevant and ultimately helps everyone.
nwienert 1 day ago 1 reply      
This has been happening for over 2 years now. I've met multiple people in real life (including total non-techies) that have run into this. It's more common than you'd think. Basically anyone moving from an iPhone to Android (or any other phone I assume) will have this problem.

At this point, it's obvious Apple is ok with this. It's a giant "fuck you" to anyone moving away from them and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth knowing they do this purposely.

sneak 1 day ago 4 replies      
Preventative step: set your outbound iMessage "caller id" to your email address instead of your phone number. Do this now, before you're bitten by the bug. (Apple's degraded QA as of late on iOS means you'll also have to change it back on ALL your devices on the account any time you add or remove any devices or numbers to iMessage or FaceTime on that Apple ID, too.)

This way, all your contacts are iMessaging with your email address, not your phone number. It means it will keep working when you travel internationally and switch SIM cards, and it means you can disable it easily via your Apple ID should you ditch the iPhone.

rdoherty 1 day ago 3 replies      
I'm experiencing the same problem, I've tried:

1) Turning off iMessage on old iPhone2) Removing phone number from my Apple account3) Friends removing my cell # from their address books

and a few other random things. Nothing has fixed it. The only way a friend with an iOS device can SMS me is if they turn of iMessage. This is a pretty huge bug on Apple's part.

3pt14159 1 day ago 0 replies      
Some "bugs" are only fixed with class action lawsuits. This "bug" has been around for a while now and Apple can fix it they just don't prioritize bugs that allow people to switch away from them easily.

It is fraud to fail to deliver messages to my phone when I've switched phones. It shouldn't take me calling you, it should happen automatically and in under a day.

habosa 1 day ago 0 replies      
I know a ton of people who have this problem, it's a huge issue. My mom recently switched to a Moto X and couldn't get any text messages from my sisters. When she called Apple for support, they told her they would not help her unless she paid a fee for phone support. Read that again: they wanted her to pay extra money to properly leave their ecosystem. If they wanted her to come back to Apple it backfired, she'll never touch another iDevice after that snub.
MehdiEG 1 day ago 3 replies      
Same problem here and I know quite a few people who've had these issues as well.

iMessage is a huge mess - even if you're still using your iPhone. Back in December, when I was still on iPhone, I went in a month-long trip abroad. Since data roaming still costs a fortune, I had data switched off most of the time. I'd just connect on wifi whenever possible and occasionally switched on the data connection when I really needed to get online while on the go.

Yet, despite the fact that I was roaming and that I had my data connection switched off, most of the text messages that my iOS-using contacts sent me were sent via iMessage instead of plain SMS. Which meant that I'd only get their message when I went back online, hours and sometimes days later.

tripngroove 1 day ago 0 replies      
I recently had this exact problem.

THE FIX: Log in to your Apple support profile, go to the devices section, then unregister all the iOS devices associated with your account.

0x0 1 day ago 3 replies      
This article claims resetting your apple ID password will disassociate the imessage phone number: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5538
CatMtKing 1 day ago 1 reply      
Ah, this sounds familiar. I recently got a new cell phone number, using an Android phone. Some days later, a few of my fellow carpoolers told me after texting me that they were getting replies from someone else telling them they had the wrong number! I was stumped, until we noticed all the people who were failing to text me were using iPhones.

I texted my own number using one of their phones and asked the mystery recipient if she recognized my phone number. Apparently, it was her old number: still attached to her iMessage account. She removed it, but weeks later, I still don't receive any texts from iPhone users. Guess I'll have to check in with AT&T/Apple about it.

tl;dr: This bug can affect you even if you have never owned an iPhone.

TWAndrews 1 day ago 0 replies      
I recently made exactly ths same switch, and unsurprisingly had exactly this issue. I resolved it by turning on my iPhone, putting it in airplane mode, and turning on wireless.

I then went into Settings >> Messages and turned off iMessage. All the iPhones that had previously been trying to send me messages via iMessage then started routing messages to me via text.

bcj 1 day ago 0 replies      
The same thing happened to me when I broke my iPhone a few months back. I ended up speaking to 3 or 4 different representatives explaining that I had removed the phone number from all my iDevices, but couldn't turn iMessages off from the device. I went so far as borrowing a friend's phone, and getting a new phone number associated with my Apple account. The solution that ended up working for me was changing the password associated with my Apple account.

I don't understand why Apple doesn't have a solution to this yet. It was obviously going to be a problem from the start.

The people I feel worst for are those who get a phone number that used to belong to an iPhone user. They may miss texts without any idea what is going on, and without any recourse to fix it.

sunsu 1 day ago 2 replies      
I had this same problem and recently solved it by- putting my sim back into my old iOS phone.- reactivating iMessage on the old phone WITH the sim inside of the old phone- wait to make sure the phone fully registers with iMessage servers- deactivate iMessage WITH the sim inside the phone

After following these steps, I'm not problem free. I had tried many times before to reactivate/deactivate iMessage, but never with the sim back in the device.

relix 1 day ago 2 replies      
Did you try putting your SIM card back into your iPhone, then going to Settings > Messages and turning off iMessage over there? Make sure you have an internet connection too so it can "broadcast" your new status to Apple HQ. This is what I do when I'm abroad and don't want to dataroam. It's possible you already tried that and it won't make a difference - I don't use group messaging a lot.
TazeTSchnitzel 1 day ago 0 replies      

Hacker News's automatic capitalisation strikes again! I thought this was about Cisco IOS for a moment.

danielsju6 1 day ago 0 replies      
I'm currently having to deal with this too. The best solution that I found was switching my number and keeping the iPhone, jailbreaking it, and installing BiteSMS with forwarding.

It's kinda a pain and of course I have to pay to keep the iPhone around.

darkpicnic 1 day ago 1 reply      
Exact. Same. Issue. All their solutions do not work. I've reset Apple ID and wiped all my old iOS devices. Roughly 90% of my friends cannot text me anymore.

What's comical about this is how easy it is to fix: have a cache that breaks weekly; upon new text message, ping Apple HQ and see if device is iOS and has iMessage installed; great, save for a week.

natch 1 day ago 0 replies      
What is the radar number for this bug? You did file a bug report, right? http://bugreport.apple.com

If not... you should do so.

If you give people the radar number they can duplicate it at that same site and raise its priority.

noblethrasher 1 day ago 0 replies      
The same thing happened to my Mom when she switched to Android this past Christmas. The solution in that case was to get her to connect her old iPhone to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and then disable iMessages.

I assume that you would need to disable iMessages on all your iDevices in order to remedy the problem.

vacri 1 day ago 1 reply      
Rather than telling your friends to delete their entire history, what's the problem with asking them to just make a new contact listing? I'm not familiar with the gubbins of iMessage.
baby 1 day ago 3 replies      
I know it's annoying but the best solution here just seems to change your number. Don't lose your mind over this one.

edit : seems like people don't understand my post. If you have a voice, the good thing to do is to make a blog post and submit it to websites like HN. The guy did it, now what can he do if he needs a quick fix? If he's in rush? Change number. It's really not that terrible and I do it every year without trouble.

nirajd 1 day ago 2 replies      
I had the same issue when switching to a Nexus 5.

https://appleid.apple.comTry going here and removing the phone number from the "Phone Numbers" section. I still have friends who try to message me and their iOS assumes I'm using iMessage. The "retry as SMS" feature is the only method that works.

jobu 1 day ago 1 reply      
I've noticed lately that texts to people switching from iPhone to Android will fail and require user interaction.

When did this change? I recall texting a friend a couple years back, and it automatically failed over to SMS. I remember this explicitly because I was in Mexico at the time, and it led to a few extra bucks in special charges for texting in a foreign country.

owenwil 1 day ago 2 replies      
The saddest part about this story is perhaps the fact that iMessage was supposed to be open and allow other phone builders to use it. Having it truly cross-platform in the first place would have avoided a situation like this :(
m_mueller 1 day ago 1 reply      
Wouldn't it work to lend an iPhone, turn it on with the SIM holding the number and then switch off iMessages there? Wouldn't this invalidate the cached account in other iPhones?
blueskin_ 1 day ago 0 replies      
>But to ask my wife, my sister, my best friends, and literally every person I know to delete THEIR message histories? Youve got to be kidding me!

That is true, but not because of photos - don't they keep backups?

I guess this is why not to use vendor lock-in software instead of a globally accepted standard for basic communication.

PhrosTT 18 hours ago 0 replies      
When I upgraded to Android 4.3 I believe Google asked if I wanted to route my messages through Hangouts (Google+). I assume this would send everything through Gchat/Google+ wherever possible and skip SMS...
juliangindi 1 day ago 0 replies      
Changing your number should not be the solution to this problem. I recently switched from iOS to Android and have been experiencing the same issues. The OP's title says it best, "IOS holding my phone number hostage." Changing my number would require an incredible amount of inconvenience. Apple needs to address this immediately.
Wintamute 1 day ago 0 replies      
Turning off iMessage on her iPhone, making sure any references to iMessage in any device settings (including OSX) related only to an email address not a cell number before moving to Android meant my girlfriend didn't experience any issues. Not sure if that's a panacea and she was just lucky though ..
SeoxyS 1 day ago 3 replies      
A fairly simple solution would be to get a Google Voice number, that would forward to your real number - and have people text you via Google Voice. However, if anybody calls (or sends an old-style SMS to) your old number, it would still come through.
mrcharles 1 day ago 1 reply      
I had this same problem and the best case fix seems to be to reset your Apple ID password; this forces you to log out from all devices, and so iMessage will at least error out for people who try and text you. But their devices will never go back to normal texts unless they specifically force it too, and that kind of lock-in is utter bullshit.
myhf 1 day ago 0 replies      
This is a serious problem and I'm gonna let him finish, but I get a huge amount of schadenfreude from hearing about the suffering of someone who sends a lot of group MMSes.
emmelaich 1 day ago 0 replies      
This has to be _the_ most common issue with caches anywhere anytime.

When and how do you invalidate.

My own example - I have Youtube comments that were up for a few hours before I deleted them. They still appear on my G+ history :-(

ahuibers 1 day ago 0 replies      
Changing my iTunes password worked for me.
kbrower 1 day ago 0 replies      
I have the same issue. I called apple support and they simply could not help me.
happywolf 1 day ago 0 replies      
For those who want to extol the virtues of FSF, do note the following:

1) GSM is neither free(both in free beer and free to distribute) nor open-source2) The phone that you are using, no matter how 'free' the software are, the hardware are mostly proprietary and those manufacturers aren't very FSF friendly (now getting better, but still way to go)3) Phone manufacturers tend to add proprietary drivers/apps on top of Android, which renders the whole system not 100% free software either, so by saying iOS is closed-source, it is kind of like pot calling kettle black.

stevewillows 15 hours ago 0 replies      
When I was on IOS I regularly turned off imessage and back on again to refresh contacts. It's a pain in the ass, but it helped ease the pain of my friends switching to android before I did.
afterburner 1 day ago 0 replies      
Wow. I switched to Android before iMessage came out, but I sure as heck will triple check if this has been fixed before ever consider an iPhone again.
qubitcoder 22 hours ago 0 replies      
I've had similar problems when switching between Android & iOS devices over the years with both T-Mobile and AT&T. It was a bit perplexing the first couple times it happened. Then I got used to the drill.

The solution, at least in my situation, was to call the carrier. Apple wasn't at fault.

Both T-Mobile and AT&T would fail to complete all steps required for the transfer, and therefore still showed the old device as the active one. A simple call resolved the issue.

In a couple instances, AT&T & T-Mobile would resolve the issue. Then I'd see the same behavior again weeks later. Sure enough, they had reverted to the old device on my profile. Calling them again resolved the issue.

verelo 1 day ago 0 replies      
I had a friend who went through this same issue, for about a week i wondered why he never replied to me, until we talked about it and i realized the situation he was in. It's a terrible bug, apple seriously need to address this.

I get why they wouldnt want to, but to me this is a shady as a broken "Unsubscribe from this email" link.

patrickod 1 day ago 0 replies      
This is worrying as my Mum's iPhone just bit the dust and we replaced it with an Android phone. I'm hoping that she doesn't experience the same issues with her friends and family (many of whom use iPhones).
stevenelliottjr 1 day ago 0 replies      
Changing your Apple Id Password works like a charm too. It will log you out of your iMessage services. I did this when I switched to Galaxy Note 3.
nej 1 day ago 0 replies      
I too switched to Android after Apple released iOS7 and have been having similar issues. The only solution I've found so far that still doesn't fix 100% of the problems is by asking friends and relatives to log out of iMessage, restart their phone then log back in.
vrikis 1 day ago 0 replies      
What's worse is that Apple iMessage servers seem to cache your phone number for a long time too... Even new message threads from my friends were trying to send as iMessage, even long after I got rid of my iPhone, disabled iMessage everywhere, and deleted any association of my phone number I could find. (I too switched from iOS to Android.) I find this crazy, that Apple lock you in like that.
feelstupid 1 day ago 0 replies      
Solution wise, even if iOS devs created a fix to purge the cache older than X weeks and to recechk it would still require all your friends to install the update before it takes affect, so I don't even see a fully fixed and timely solution to this.
badusername 1 day ago 0 replies      
Had the same thing happen to me with a friend (me on iOS, him on iOS->Android) - it seemed to me that the trick was to press 'Send as Text Message' when the message fails to deliver. From then, it seems to work fine, as that probably forces a check on the Apple ID validity.
donniefitz2 1 day ago 0 replies      
Same thing happened to me when I switched to Windows Phone. I didn't realize it until my iPhone was long gone. I un-registered my iPhone on Apple's site and about a month later, iPhone users could text me again.
sd8f9iu 1 day ago 0 replies      
I had the same issue, and after isolating the problem to iOS clients like the author did, I had some success by having iMessage users remove and re-add me as a contact. Obviously not a good general solution, but it's better than having them delete every message chain.
mergy 1 day ago 0 replies      
Also, the default messaging app in Android may or may not be helpful. I've found Ninja to be the better way to go when dealing with SMS with the Apple folks yet to leave iOS.


gatehouse 1 day ago 1 reply      
It probably costs like $5 to change your phone number. I think that's the best option at this point.
ptlu 1 day ago 1 reply      
You can unlink your phone number from iMessages, and even deactivate iMessages totally avoiding this problem...
itsdrewmiller 1 day ago 0 replies      
I'm having what I think is the same problem just from getting my broken iPhone 5 replaced with a new one. Same deal with tech support - very nice, but not able to solve the problem. Sounds like a bug in iOS that could seriously stand fixing.
hk__2 1 day ago 0 replies      
You should seriously improve your blogs contrast, especially regarding small text. The background is around #F5F1F8 while the text is #888588 (which is not enough to meet WC3 recommendations).
martinald 1 day ago 1 reply      
This is the problem with bolting proprietary standards on top of legacy methodology.

I do swear that iOS by default does send SMS after 5 minutes if it can't do it over iMessage though?

Aloha 1 day ago 1 reply      
This is why you disable iMessage before turning your device in.
linssen 1 day ago 0 replies      
I've got exactly the same problem here, has anyone found a solution (other than not using iMessage in the first place)?
ksaville00 1 day ago 0 replies      
I had this same issue, it was so bad I just went back to the iPhone.
monokrome 1 day ago 0 replies      
This isn't a bug. How do you expect it to work? It's probably not just expected behavior, but an intentional form of vendor lock-in.
10feet 1 day ago 0 replies      
I noticed this over the last 2 weeks. I switched my mobile data off, and now I don't get SMS from my friends until I return home.

Nice one Apple.

trichey 1 day ago 0 replies      
I had this happen to me, and I was only able to receive texts on my new S4 after disabling iMessage on my old iPhone and iPad.
sandymcm 1 day ago 0 replies      
My daughter had a similar problem. She has no data plan on her iPhone and she found that texts from some friends seemed to be delayed. Messages were not being sent/received until she connected to Wi-Fi.

To fix, her friends who previously used iMessage to reach her had to start a new SMS conversation (or turn off iMessage entirely). If her friends just continued the conversations that started via iMessage, she could not get them via SMS.

hakcermani 1 day ago 0 replies      
Yup, have been hit by this, but not as bad as I use both platforms. Glad you wrote about it though.
fredgrott 1 day ago 0 replies      
I have a question for mobile developers...

is Apple the only one making this mistake?

wudf 1 day ago 0 replies      
Try switching back to iOS then forward to android again?
aichi 1 day ago 0 replies      
Time to switch your friends to WhatsApp
justinzollars 1 day ago 1 reply      
Steve Jobs dies and everything goes to hell. Tim Cooks biggest innovation was the Apple Dividend.
dippyskoodlez 1 day ago 1 reply      
If message histories are your only copy of family/friends photos, you're doing it wrong.
Microsoft: Introducing our new CEO, Satya Nadella microsoft.com
385 points by fredwu  2 hours ago   139 comments top 29
chollida1 2 hours ago 4 replies      
The bigger news here might be that Bill Gates has stepped down from his role as Chairman of the board!

Although this has been rumored to happen for some time, its still a big "changing of the guard" step for Microsoft.

Good luck to Bill in his new roll on the Board as "Founder and Technology Advisor".

skywhopper 1 hour ago 3 replies      
I hope the new CEO has the courage and the power to set out a vision and stick to it for more than just a few years in a row.

Microsoft under Ballmer has been a study in short attention span. Changing themes, names, and directions every three to five years. When I was a Windows sysadmin back in the day, it was incredibly frustrating to build anything on the Microsoft platform because by the time you wrapped your brain around the new way of doing things, the next server OS release would change everything. From what I've seen since I moved on to a different career, that pattern hasn't changed.

Apple's success has come from a laser focus and constant improvement for the past 17 years. Microsoft used to be similarly focused. Remember the old adage that Microsoft would get it right by Version Three, and wipe out the competition? Well, they haven't stuck to any particular plan for long enough to come up with a version three of anything in 15 years.

Hell, Microsoft pioneered tablet computers, but after some promising early models and some decent push into the innovation required, they kind of just let that project wither on the vine until Apple came up with a workable model. Then MS desperately tried to pivot and turn everything, even the server OS, into a tablet-and-desktop-friendly mess.

Remember Zune? Remember Live? Remember the Kin??

leobelle 1 hour ago 2 replies      
It looks like Microsoft is starting to head in a better direction given their backtracking on "metro" style for desktop applications. I hope they develop more software for non-Windows devices. I really wouldn't mind using Microsoft software on non-Windows. I only use Windows for testing and gaming.

I wish Nadella and Microsoft luck, and hope they make a real turn around.

As a side note it is also exciting to see some more diversity in the top ranks of one of our biggest technology companies. If I were a young aspiring engineer from India, or anywhere in the world really, I'd feel pretty good about the future right now.

Also amazing is that they're publishing and embedding Google YouTube videos on that page.

frik 32 minutes ago 1 reply      
Video fail: apparently Bill Gates video was filmed with a chroma-keying (blue-screen) and because of original reflections on his glasses you can now see "through his head".

Look at his glasses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5BhQVuRcTk

michaelhoffman 1 hour ago 2 replies      
John W. Thompson was once general manager of the division of IBM that produced OS/2[1], which was soundly defeated by Microsoft. I wonder how he feels about being chairman of Microsoft now given that previous experience.

[1] Around this time, he reported to an executive named John M. Thompson, hence the use of middle initials.

Udo 1 hour ago 2 replies      
There's something deeply symbolic about watching those enthusiastic people doing their Sorkin walks for the camera through the vast and completely empty halls of the Microsoft offices (or is it a museum, I can't tell).

By the numbers, Microsoft is still incredibly relevant. At the same time, I can't even remember when I last used any MS product. It's not a boycott, there are simply no points where their stuff intersects with my life. I can imagine I'm not the only one, and that's not a comfortable position to be in for them. However, it's also difficult to see how they could ever break out of that. From where I'm standing they look like a partly consumer-focused IBM: rich, powerful, calcified, eternal, but computing has largely moved on and left them behind.

As a former MS user, I wish them all the success in the world turning this around.

Touche 16 minutes ago 0 replies      
I'm very skeptical of them going with someone who's been with the company that long. I think they needed an outsider. I was glad when the Sundar Pichai rumor started.

Also think it's a bad thing that Gates is going to take a more active role as the technology world today is very different from when he dominated. Gates is famously (if the stories are true) the one who didn't like the Courier tablet, for example.

Aqwis 1 hour ago 1 reply      
The most interesting thing on this page is that the videos are hosted on YouTube.
csmithuk 1 hour ago 1 reply      
I'll be more interested when he unleashes his "arse kicking" on the company and starts pushing roadmaps out. That's a make or break moment for a lot of us involved in Microsoft's ecosystem.
solaris152000 1 hour ago 5 replies      
The email on his first day is an interesting read:http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2014/feb14/02-04ma...
dodyg 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Microsoft is back being led by a tech guy. This is awesome.
MartinCron 56 minutes ago 1 reply      
A part of me was hoping for an outside technologist, as I'm almost instinctively suspicious of anyone who could grow and thrive in the dysfunctional stack rank regime, but this is so much better than the CEO of a soft drink company, for example.
mergy 15 minutes ago 0 replies      
Here's the concern: 1. Everyone thinks Microsoft needs a rethink. 2. Ballmer and others inside Microsoft think they did that and just need to execute on it (devices first, etc.)3. This guy helped develop the rethink that is in-process.

Any external candidates would have had to buy-in to the restructure already started but not fully executed under Ballmer. Since he was theoretically part of the changes started with Ballmer, he will continue the same agenda.

sergiotapia 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Will he be able to unify the entire Microsoft experience into something amazing? I'm excited!

New blood will surely bring in fresh ideas and approaches - I hope Microsoft manages to raise the bar even higher and make me an MS evangelist again.

haakon 1 hour ago 0 replies      
In Bill Gates' video, at 0:28, does he laugh just a little bit as he says "we took advantage of the internet" when listing their historical innovations?
RyanMcGreal 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Sidenote: the videos are embedded from YouTube. I'm impressed and even a bit encouraged that Microsoft set aside NIH long enough to use a competitor's product.
keithpeter 1 hour ago 0 replies      
"Microsofts new CEO finds relaxation by reading poetry, in all forms and by poets who are both Indian and American."

Wonder if he has read Vikram Seth's Golden Gate. Looks to be an interesting person despite the corpspeak.

fromdoon 1 hour ago 1 reply      
Just asking, how can a new CEO change Microsoft's directions.


What suggestions would you give Satya, if you were to meet him today?

raheemm 1 hour ago 0 replies      
If he focuses the entirety of MS on cloud and mobile, while offering some level of innovation, he will have done a good job. I think the real challenge is how do you make a company whose flagships are non-mobile and non-cloud products like Office and Windows go mobile and cloud? Those are massive institutional forces of inertia.
ozim 25 minutes ago 0 replies      
Words of new CEO of Microsoft "I marvel every day at how people can excel..." taken out of context are hilarious when I think about all stupid stuff people do with Excel.
yrochat 1 hour ago 1 reply      
> He joined Microsoft 22 years ago because he saw how clearly Microsoft empowers people to do magical things and ultimately make the world a better place.

Bad start.

gesman 1 hour ago 1 reply      
Good luck, commander!

Scrap Ballmer's toys and go after the big enterprise boys.

That's where the money is :)

w-m 1 hour ago 1 reply      

Interesting that they chose a walk and talk kind of thing, in a completely vacant office. What where they hurrying towards that they couldn't take the time to sit down?

camus2 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Well Congrats to their new CEO, there is a lot of work to do to put MSFT on the right path for the future. The industry has changed, consumers have changed, MSFT needs to evolve too.
markshepard 1 hour ago 1 reply      
hmm. a steve jobs like photo and vibe there..
surana90 1 hour ago 2 replies      
Do people here understand what Test Cricket is? #justchecking
isaacjohnwesley 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Satya Nadella 'made in INDIA'. Proud moments.
scotth 1 hour ago 5 replies      
I'm curious about his accent. It sounds like it would've taken a lot of work to develop. Is sounding American-ish a requirement of rising to the upper echelons of a company like Microsoft?
JSno 1 hour ago 3 replies      
MS is going down. No doubt. Look at Motorola and Adobe.
/u/161719 tells us all why surveillance is not OK reddit.com
382 points by davidbarker  2 days ago   65 comments top 13
hacknat 2 days ago 5 replies      
I like this a lot. It does a good job of dispelling the poor I've-got-nothing-to-hide defense. Being against a surveillance state isn't about being against the state being able to prosecute criminals, it's about being against giving the state (a group of people) the architecture to leverage personal information to maintain a political agenda. This sounds conspiratorial in the US and, I think, for now, it kind of is. However liberty is chipped away in bits and pieces, not in broad swings of an axe.

"161719" is absolutely right, it probably won't be Obama, or the next President, or the President after that abuses the surveillance architecture that has been put in place. However, the day will come when the chips are down on some administration, because of some terrorist attack (domestic or foreign) or politically volatile situation, and there will be immense political and moral support for them to utilize our, now, nascent surveillance architecture to stop bad things from happening that are morally gray (like a political movement that is highly divisive). That's the nightmare scenario. Those who take the government's surveillance abuses seriously aren't (de facto) anti-security or anti-law-and-order they are concerned, I think, rightly so about the path we are headed down.

allochthon 2 days ago 6 replies      
I think this story is touching. But it misdiagnoses the real danger facing the US at the present time and misapplies the lesson to be learned, which no doubt is applicable in some parts of the world.

The real danger facing the US at the present time is not of becoming a fascist surveillance state. It's of becoming a corporation, with a vast sea of indentured servants, where the owners of the corporation are a small group of people with wealth beyond one's wildest dreams. This is the dystopian scenario that Orwell would write about if he were alive today. In this future, you will have to be on good terms with the management of the corporation, or you will find yourself in great difficulties. The owners will take pride in the acts of charity and goodwill that they bestow upon you, the poor, and will expect gratitude in return.

iuguy 2 days ago 1 reply      
I'd love to share the optimism that the genie can be put back in the bottle, but I don't.

When we talk about surveillance on western forums, we mostly refer to the work by the five eyes community, but they're not the only community interested in or doing this sort of thing. Russia's SORM-2, expanded for the Sochi Olympics is a prime example, the Chinese have something similar too.

The fact is that even if western governments turn round to their intelligence agencies and tell them to stop all of this, other countries will still fill the gap.

If Germany tells America to stop spying on German citizens in Germany, do you think America will stop spying on them? No, of course not. Do you think the German intelligence community will give up benefiting from such information if it helps them bypass any new privacy laws put in place? No, of course not.

It's here. The difference between the Stasi and the NSA when it comes to surveillance is not intent, simply capability. Any intelligence agency that would've had this level of capability would've pushed it as far as they can, it's what they do and they're not going to change.

1457389 2 days ago 0 replies      
It's funny he mentions animal rights activists...


The actual document he is referring to: http://imgur.com/NobVcQD

snitko 2 days ago 1 reply      
But people can still vote and I'm sure that voting and democracy will help them elect honest leaders who have their best interest in mind, right? I mean, it worked in 2008 with Obama, right? Right?
infocollector 2 days ago 1 reply      
The problem is, its very hard to deter a government from surveillance. And its almost impossible to even build tools that will stop governments from prying - if they wish to do so (The problem is not crypto of course). That is why we started building http://bit.ly/blibonline - but then its no match to any government.
thomasfromcdnjs 2 days ago 0 replies      
For anyone who owns a website, remember to sign up for http://thedaywefightback.org.
jokoon 2 days ago 1 reply      
I don't like conspiracists. I think their motive is good, but the result is always poor and often irrelevant because it's politicized.

That story is just over-reaching.

Conspiracy is a dog biting its own tail, I'm sure many people try to use conspiracy for political goals, just like Nazi propaganda did.

If I were a politician, there are many ways I could use conspiracy theories to change the public opinion. I don't think it entirely make any conspiracy theory wrong, but as always, be careful of movements of groups of people.

If you don't understand what I mean, watch Promised Land (Gus Van Sant movie with matt damon about fracking in a small US town). It describes very well how to use FUD in politics to efficiently change the public opinion.

tinalumfoil 2 days ago 5 replies      
r/conspiracy is a joke full of hyperbole. That's a pretty large jump from Snowden's NSA leaks to the government using threats regularly to control people to full on civil war with all journalists dead or in jail.
tootie 2 days ago 0 replies      
The mechanisms for surveillance and the political will to oppress are orthogonal. The Gestapo didn't need XKeyscore.
thret 2 days ago 0 replies      
This post strongly reminded me of Beatrice and Virgil.

I'd like to point out that the protagonist loses the moment he turns on his friends. That's the turning point.

almosnow 1 day ago 0 replies      
this story sucks (downvote me, I don't care)

/u/161719 is not even good for writing fiction; is not even good for writing anything at all

icantthinkofone 2 days ago 0 replies      
The problem with this is he's assuming the US government is the same as his. It's not. If the government emailed you a sexy picture with threats, how long before you show it to the press and the police? Remember, local police are not under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Neither is the press. Nor are state and local government officials. It's not the same. Any comparison is naive.
Chromecast now open to developers with the Google Cast SDK googledevelopers.blogspot.com
380 points by pcarff  22 hours ago   235 comments top 42
UnoriginalGuy 21 hours ago 7 replies      
I love my Chromecast and use it extensively. This is what Miracast should have been, something that "just worked" and seamlessly interconnected devices.

But instead Miracast is yet another classic example of "death of committee" where tons of big media and hardware companies wanted to get their features and DRM in, and as a direct result we now have dozens of completely incompatible Miracast devices.

I think this table accurately sums of the Miracast issue: http://i.imgur.com/I2QmeZe.jpeg

And that is my experience too. Samsung works only with other Samsung "allshare" devices, Sony works only with other Sony "Xperia" devices, and so on.

Ironically my Samsung TV has a YouTube app which can almost act like a Chromecast built in, and that is the only reliable way to stream content to the thing. I've never been able to get Miracast on either the Samsung or Sony to work reliably (both 2013 models).

My only slight complaint right now about Chromecast is that I cannot stream from VLC but hopefully with the release of this SDK that might change in time.

PS - If Chromecast becomes popular this really will isolate Apple's iTunes video. Most other video providers/renters work with Chromecast (Hulu, Netflix, Play Store, et al), or with apps on your TV already. Apple is the only large digital content provider which wants to force us to buy their proprietary device ("Apple TV") to watch their proprietary content. It really does decrease the value for Apple's content. In fact I'm just not going to buy Apple's DRM-ed video anymore, as I have to plug in a HDMI cable to watch it on my TV.

CSDude 21 hours ago 2 replies      
I made my local video transcoder server and browser to play any kind of video on the Chromecast, it was working real good, now I can publish it (was not allowed before
Pxtl 20 hours ago 11 replies      
Chromecast is missing one thing, imho: a controller for my kids.

I'm not giving my kids the Nexus 7 every time they want to watch something on the TV screen. The Chromecast suddenly goes from a $35 to a $235 device. Instead I have a uHost android-stick that uses an accelerometer-based airmouse... it's not good, but it works and cost me $50.

I keep waiting for Google to complete the Nexus line with a bare-bones 4" low-quality phoneless device for kids - an answer to the iPod.

mkuhn 19 hours ago 2 replies      
Plex (https://plex.tv/) was the magic bullet that unlocked the potential of my Chromecast. I can only recommend it and am looking forward what other applications that come out now ill make it even more useful.
daeken 21 hours ago 2 replies      
Oh man, all I can imagine is a party game played with Google Glass and Chromecast. This could be fun.
pdx 19 hours ago 1 reply      
I would love minecraft to have this feature. My son is always making me watch him on Minecraft. It would be so cool to have him just cast it to the television.
Osiris 21 hours ago 6 replies      
How does the Chromecast work for someone like me that has their movie collection stored on a NAS? I currently use XBMC in my living room, but for the bedroom I'd love to have something like the Chromecast if I could use it to stream content (MKV, x264) from my NAS plus maybe some Netflix/Pandora. Is that possible with the Chromecast?

If not, does this SDK open up more possibilities for playing local content vs. streaming?

drcode 20 hours ago 3 replies      
Anyone know if the API is powerful enough to let you build an app that can project video and have it play synced audio via headphones connected to the controlling device? Being able to listen to the audio via remote headphones is a killer feature of the Roku 3 IMHO and I would love it if I could do this via my chromecast as well.

(Yes, I am aware that the Chromecast typically plays buffered video from the video source without running data through the controlling device and that having synced audio running on the device therefore is contrary to the design. I'm asking whether this limitation is surmountable by clever programming against the API.)

fjabre 15 hours ago 0 replies      
Open? GFY. There's nothing open about it. https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/terms

2.4 Your application may be de-registered by Google with or without notice at Google's sole discretion including, but not limited to, for violation of these Terms. If you have any questions or concerns regarding such a de-registration, you may contact us at https://developers.google.com/cast/support/

whichdan 21 hours ago 2 replies      
If Chromecast supported Amazon Video, I'd probably use it more than my HTPC.
kailuowang 18 hours ago 0 replies      
The biggest deal breaker for Chromecast is that it only supports 2.4Ghz, which makes it unusable for most people who live in apartment buildings where 2.4GHz is mostly congested these days.
hughes 19 hours ago 1 reply      
Fantastic! Now please sell it to Canadians!
swetland 20 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm still not seeing docs on how to send content to Chromecast without using the Android, IOS, or Chrome APIs for doing so. Pointers? How would I build a commandline app to send content to Chromecast, for example?

(see the list under Components: https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/developers)

aabalkan 21 hours ago 3 replies      
That'll be great. Currently there are services like Amazon instant video,Vimeo, Rdio, Spotify, Put.io are not on chromecast. They usually have Smart TV apps but Chromecast can be the new de facto of TV app development.
inthewoods 21 hours ago 0 replies      
Great - now maybe they can get Google+ Photos castable...really annoying that I can't push videos from Google+ but instead have to move them to Youtube.
shitlord 17 hours ago 0 replies      
Excellent news. I own a Chromecast, but I feel that it's overly hyped.

There isn't a lot of content that I would want on my TV. For me, it would be good for showing videos/pictures to a group of people. But I don't see much use beyond that. Maybe it's me. I'm an odd guy.

It would be really cool if Android could add support for mirroring the screen via Chromecast. That way, the end users wouldn't have to wait for individual developers to add support for Chromecast; they could see on a TV exactly what they see on their screen, and in the same quality.

dooptroop 2 hours ago 0 replies      
What I don't get is why Chromecast isn't merely an Android app? There are plenty of HDMI-out capable android devices already...
jpswade 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Chromecast never hit the UK market, now I have an LG Smart TV with everything built in.

They missed the boat for me.

bane 19 hours ago 1 reply      
Seriously, this is about bloody time. I cannot believe how long we've had to wait for the public SDK to get released.

It's like going to a meal at a restaurant and every member of your party is served 2 or 3 hours apart.

Here's a video about the announcement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJItrPj7Ivk

derwiki 21 hours ago 1 reply      
Can I use my own photographs for the idle screens yet? I looked through the docs briefly, but everything seemed focused on video (which I guess makes sense).
joezydeco 20 hours ago 1 reply      
So what would it take to create a simple static screen buffer in a linux app and display it on the Chromecast?
innoying 21 hours ago 2 replies      
Weird, I'm a registered ChromeCast developer and didn't get an email. Did any other developers get one?
wahsd 20 hours ago 0 replies      
Sure would be cool if there was a way to make URLs, e.g., 3:20, linked in YouTube videos. That would be such a cool feature; you know, now having to manually type a URL from a video into an address bar. That would be innovation that Google is known for.
mvelie 21 hours ago 2 replies      
The sdk looks nice, but there's certain requirements, like putting the chromecast icon on EVERY screen off the app that is a little bit of a turnoff.
xur17 21 hours ago 4 replies      
Anyone that has looked into the SDK - is it possible for other manufacturers to create their own Chromecast device, and embed it in their TV, or other device?
etler 21 hours ago 0 replies      
I was on the fence before, but this seals the deal. At its price point it's a no-brainer now.
sirseal 21 hours ago 2 replies      
I used to love my Chromecast. It was one of those "it just works" pieces of technology. Unfortunately, after it auto-updated, it now has a bug where it will disconnect from WiFi after 30 minutes. Anyone know of a fix or has seen this behaviour before?
aaronchriscohen 19 hours ago 0 replies      
Now how about a Chromecast w/ dual-band networking or, even better, an ethernet port? The 2.4ghz band is next to useless in high density environments like my Brooklyn apartment.
panabee 18 hours ago 1 reply      
Is it possible to cast something not screen on your device? In other words, is it possible to project one thing on the TV while showing something else on the casting device?
nchlswu 17 hours ago 0 replies      
when Chromecast first launched some enterprising individuals found an undocumented API (?) that allowed them to stream whatever content they wanted. Google promptly pulled that functionality with an update. Does this bridge said gap?
Untit1ed 12 hours ago 0 replies      
Nice to see that they've made the Android sender apps dependent on Google Play Services rev 15, but not actually released that yet.

Guess I'll keep on waiting for the _actual_ release.

johne20 21 hours ago 1 reply      
Are you able in to interact with the content cast to 2nd screen? eg. I send a image gallery, can I browse through it using my cast sender? I assume not.
Neff 16 hours ago 0 replies      
Now all it needs is HDMI pass through and it will be a wonderful little device.

I enjoy that it can quickly switch to my Chromecast stream, but once I am finished with whatever YouTube video I am watching I want to just as easily go back to the previous video input.

smtddr 20 hours ago 1 reply      
Oh man, here comes CrunchyRoll and all the other anime streaming websites. Netflix's & Amazon's anime collection is about to be put to shame. Also, I'd really like it if the developers behind KeyholeTV[1] would get on board. Maybe I should write it...

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KeyHoleTV

guiomie 14 hours ago 0 replies      
When will it ship to Canada ? I just tried buying a chromecast on amazon and it wont let me.
SimpleXYZ 18 hours ago 1 reply      
My issue with Chromecast is it isn't supported on all Chromebooks.
treelovinhippie 18 hours ago 0 replies      
What's always bugged me is why is there no Chrome browser on the Chromecast?
The_Double 21 hours ago 0 replies      
About time, having only a few apps has been ridiculous. Avia and Plex have been making a lot of money from their monopoly position.
sarojt 20 hours ago 0 replies      
Now i can play games on tv this is great news.cant wait for apps to be out.
pjmlp 16 hours ago 0 replies      
No NDK love it seems.
abjorn 20 hours ago 0 replies      
wahsd 20 hours ago 1 reply      
Now if Chromecast just didn't suck so horribly. I mean, who doesn't like blurry resolution and dropped connections.
The complete guide to centering a div tipue.com
355 points by SteveP1961  1 day ago   161 comments top 33
crazygringo 1 day ago 10 replies      
Whenever anybody says that CSS is easy, or "of course you can do that with CSS", or even hints that CSS is somehow well-designed...

...the only thing I really need to say, is that every couple months, on Hacker News, where a lot of really smart people hang out, a new top-voted story comes up about how to center a div. With tons of comments and discussion too. And it's not even a joke.

What more is there to say?

TheZenPsycho 1 day ago 0 replies      
Of course, CSS was a compromise between old guard semantic "purists" (who envisioned an HTML document as being pure text with structural meaning semantically applied to the content via tags, with the browser in full control of presentation) and designers, who wanted control over look and layout (the fools!). And so, CSS was created, and designers could have their silly colours and fonts. Any layout or typographic abilities were added as a neglected and poorly considered afterthought.

Designers being what they are, worked out systems like tables, and the hacks in the link to get what they want out of CSS anyway. (but why would you want to centre anything? that's stupid! the original designers of CSS grumble)

meanwhile, far superior systems, such as "Constraints Based CSS" were proposed, and ultimately rejected because it's stupid and irresponsible to want to control the layout of a webpage!

Now it's 2014 and we have flex box as a patch over. Constraints based css would have been much better, and that's what you get in Cocoa Auto-layout now,

but oh well.let's copy java and flash. what difference does it make?


lpolovets 1 day ago 3 replies      
I don't know anything about the history of CSS's design, but I'm perpetually amazed that positioning (and specifically centering) requires so much CSS magic. I would think CSS positioning would be a one-liner, but instead it's a collection of context-dependent, browser-dependent recipes. I wonder if there's a good reason for the madness, or if it's just poor design. (FWIW, I'm a backend engineer and have only dabbled with front-end code.)
clhodapp 1 day ago 0 replies      
The Web Styling Challenge: you and another person are going to make a web site. You are doing the HTML, while the other person does the CSS (you can discuss it and swap jobs if you want). You can talk as much as you want ahead of time, but the only record you can keep is a table that maps CSS selectors to a description of what you'll be using them for. You are then split up and do your individual tasks. When you're finished, you will be judged on how broken the results of combining your pages with the other person's stylesheets are. I think just imagining how this game would go makes it pretty clear that CSS is lousy at separating the concerns of style and layout.
shawnz 1 day ago 1 reply      
> Centering a div Within a div, Horizontally and Vertically

The code in this section is incorrect. "margin: auto" does nothing in the vertical direction. If you set the height of the outer div to something more than 160 px, you will see that the inner div is not centered.

lisper 1 day ago 1 reply      
I wrote this five years ago. I'm somewhat dismayed at how relevant it still is today:


DigitalSea 1 day ago 1 reply      
My utmost favourite technique for centering unknown width and height DIV's/elements perfectly center in the page is using 2dtransforms. I've created a Codepen here that shows off the technique, it's simple and well supported IE9+: http://codepen.io/Figurated/pen/zcypx if you don't need to support IE8 any more, it's a perfect solution.
hawkharris 1 day ago 3 replies      
What about cases in which developer wants to vertically center a div, but he or she doesn't want to specify a height property?
STRML 1 day ago 0 replies      
This is my favorite vertical centering method [1] and combined with the table/table-cell method, it allows me to avoid using JS for layout about 95% of the time. It's not very well-known and even though I've used CSS for well over a decade, I have no idea why it works.

The real trick is realizing that `margin:auto` actually does do something, so long as you set a fixed width/height and position: absolute with dimensions set to 0. But for the life of me, I don't understand why that happens to trick the box model into working properly. But this technique is fantastic and really helps out when table/table-cell interacts badly with your styles, or you need to support older browsers.

I would be very happy if someone in the know could explain why this technique works.

[1] http://codepen.io/anon/pen/whHIL

joshfraser 1 day ago 3 replies      
<center><div>I'm centered!</div></center>
null_ptr 1 day ago 0 replies      
Is it me or is the content of this page annoyingly off-centered?
bliker 1 day ago 3 replies      
I was wondering why the demo is not working for me. it really took me a while to realize that it is actually a button.
potch 1 day ago 0 replies      
This article is not actually correct. There are really 2 or three techniques for centering a block level element. The post repeats these techniques for multiple scenarios, and is wrong about the first vertical centering technique.
maj0rhn 1 day ago 3 replies      
This is a pointless post. Use the TABLE tag. Yes, it will violate the purity of CSS, but you can trust it, and it will make your day better because it will free you angst and from extensive cross-browser testing. Simple is better than complex. Straightforward is better than arcane.
mcot2 1 day ago 0 replies      
I've been using Flexbox for a while now. Unless you need to support older IE than it is quite usable. The one problem is the older syntax for IE10 but it is fixed in IE11 and going forward.
addedlovely 1 day ago 0 replies      
A few additions. If you know the width and height of the element, centering horizontally & vertically can be achieved with one <div> like so:

.center-div{ height:100px; width: 100px; position:absolute; top:50%; left:50%; margin: -50px 0 0 -50px; }

This can be modified for the 'centering at the bottom of the page' example, but with more efficient code.

More challenging is centering the unknown:http://css-tricks.com/centering-in-the-unknown/

DavidSJ 1 day ago 0 replies      
From six years ago, during which it would seem CSS has gotten no better:http://beradrian.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/breakdown.png
apu 1 day ago 3 replies      
The critical piece I'm always missing is how to center a div vertically if you don't know its height?
whalesalad 1 day ago 0 replies      
The irony here is that the content of this post is not centered.
CmonDev 1 day ago 0 replies      
All the problems with HTML and CSS in one title. All hail the "modern GUI development"!
boyaka 1 day ago 0 replies      
I've been working on this form with php [1]. Only positioning I've tried so far is using tables. Focusing on functionality for now, figure I can just wait til it works to make it look pretty. Haven't really worked to understand CSS since I was in middle school in the late 90s.

[1] http://i.imgur.com/eRbSdbT.png

kyberias 1 day ago 0 replies      
Is this article intentionally ironic with a column of text that isn't centered as the header is?
rcruzeiro 22 hours ago 0 replies      
One day someone will have to come up with a convincing explanation on why the hell is margin: auto; unable to vertically center an element if the outer element has a defined height.
mrmartineau 1 day ago 0 replies      
For an in-depth look at all the different options for centering an element, have a look at Stephen Shaw's research on Codepen: http://codepen.io/shshaw/full/gEiDt
msie 1 day ago 1 reply      
Is there a framework that allows one to avoid most of CSS and just use js?
EGreg 1 day ago 0 replies      
After IE6, we can just center a div using inline-block, can't we?

The outer element can have display: table-cell and the inner element would have vertical-align: middle and display: inline-block.

JazCE 1 day ago 0 replies      
Shame that demo's take you out of the site.
tkirchner 1 day ago 0 replies      
There is really not much more to say...

...maybe that the reason for all of this is that the CSS API (box model ..., box properties ...) is too complex and as a result browser implementations tend to f* it up easily.

level09 1 day ago 1 reply      
nice list, would be nicer to have a more detailed definition of "modern browsers" , like browser types/versions that support each method.
sideproject 1 day ago 1 reply      
anyone miss <center> tag? :)
greatsuccess 1 day ago 0 replies      
The fact that centering a div requires a complete guide is tragicomically sad and a condemnation of our industry.
angersock 1 day ago 1 reply      
Despite a wonderful article, I cannot help but notice that it is 2014 and we still need multiple ways of centering a div. :(
runn1ng 1 day ago 1 reply      

will not work?

Microsoft please clean your store of junk postach.io
331 points by sardorbek  3 days ago   108 comments top 29
pioul 3 days ago 0 replies      
Another related issue I've been having with the WP Store as a developer:

I made a WP7 app a while back to give a try, based on a site's API that has since been discontinued. Obviously, the app doesn't work anymore, since it was focused on content consumption from that API.

But since then, my developer license has expired. Even though I need to remove the app (somehow new users keep coming), the WP Store won't allow me to do so without an active developer license.

Too bad for the fooled users, I guess.

adjwilli 3 days ago 4 replies      
A friend and I published some apps on the Microsoft store a few years ago, when it was still for Windows Phone 7. We've received several emails from Microsoft saying we need to update this and that or our apps will be removed. Because the apps never did that well - not surprisingly in hindsight given the market size - we never updated them. However we still get checks occasionally from the proceeds. Microsoft never removed them. I think they're just desperate to have apps in their store and inflated app numbers they can brag about. They obviously know what to do, but just aren't doing it.
ssully 2 days ago 2 replies      
As others have said they like having these crap apps for the number count. Last summer Microsoft had a developer promotion where they would give you 100 dollars per successfully submitted app. You could submit 10 for the regular store, and 10 for the phone store, so you could get 2000 total.

The reason I even knew this was because a Microsoft rep came to my school to promote it. He did a workshop that basically taught us how to submit apps to the windows store. Part of the process was making a boilerplate app that we used a third party application to make. The entire class, about 20 students, made similar "whack a mole" game apps, all of which successfully submitted. We all got 100 dollars and all of our apps are still in the store.


Go ahead and check it out; I promise it's as horrible as it looks.

frigg 3 days ago 5 replies      
Yeah, this is obviously a problem but let's not ignore the other elephant in the room. Here's a search for facebook* on google play. The only reason this post about Microsoft made it to the front page of HN is because of a negative thing about the Windows Phone store. And please don't tell me HN moderators don't remove posts about Microsoft, I just asked something about WP8 a few days ago and within 10 minutes it was removed. Others have complained about it as well. I wish HN would stop being so damn biased.


aegiso 2 days ago 1 reply      

  1. New platform with not many apps  2. Gotta play Apple's game and tout the app count  3. Devs plz more apps kthxbye; don't worry about quality -- we'll look the other way and hose down criticism with excuses  4. Consumers see how desolate, harsh, and unusable the whole ecosystem is -- further rerouting them to Apple  5. Goto 1, with more gusto and a new reorg

vtbassmatt 3 days ago 2 replies      
At a glance, Google Play appears to have similar levels of app-spam for Facebook [0], Chrome [1], and Firefox [2]. The iTunes Store, on the other hand, seems quite sanitary for these queries. Just 1-2 potentially-junk "browsers", and nothing bogus for Facebook.

Disclosure: I work for Microsoft, but not in the Windows Phone division.

[0] https://play.google.com/store/search?q=facebook&c=apps

[1] https://play.google.com/store/search?q=chrome&c=apps

[2] https://play.google.com/store/search?q=firefox&c=apps

mcormier 3 days ago 2 replies      
As much as Apple's review process and curating can be a pain in the ass. This definitely shows the other end of the spectrum and what happens if you don't have any reviewing.
cordite 3 days ago 3 replies      
An evangelist came to my university to try to get the students to make apps.

They just wanted to boost their numbers artificially, and they were willing to pay hundreds to students for making these crappy things.

nirnira 2 days ago 1 reply      
Anyone who's owned a Windows Phone already knows this. Search for anything. Doesn't matter what it is. No matter what you search for, you'll get pages of results - of the worst apps you have ever seen. Absolute trash. It's disgusting. It makes me never want to use their app store. The fact that they not only condone it, they actively encouraged it just makes me sick. How insecure are they? How stupid are they? Do they really think the best way to cover their insecurity about being 3rd place is with bluster and bullshit? Do they really think their customers are that stupid? Whatever happened to the old philosophy of competing by trying to build clear, demonstrable superiority - a better product?

It's mind-boggling. From which point in the organisation does this insanity stem? I want to like Microsoft, but shit like this makes me feel like a fool for ever giving them a chance. Seriously. Good thing my next phone is a Nexus... great job Microsoft. Way to build loyalty among your customers. And Steve Ballmer has the nerve to call MS "ethical" and "forward-thinking."

Anyone reading this who works at Microsoft - I am genuinely curious - how do you sleep at night?

Eeko 2 days ago 0 replies      
The funny thing is, that these days the simple 3rd party "fake" and costly clients are often superior against the official apps. Less leaking location, address books, text messages and usage patterns, please.
rossjudson 3 days ago 1 reply      
The root problem here is the single storefront exhibited in each of the major device universes: Apple Store, Microsoft Store, etc...a permanent solution to the problem is simple. Create a series of storefronts that are tiered. You can get almost anything into the dollar store equivalent. And then you have to apply to move into the higher tier, or a focused tier. It should cost money to do so -- which could be paid back out of sales at the new tier.

Physical stores have buyers who inspect products, negotiate, and select. App stores need to the same thing.

It's been a long time since I've bought anything on an app store. There's just way too much crap to wade through, making it a waste of time.

ZoFreX 2 days ago 0 replies      
The frustrating thing is that there are some really good apps amongst all the clutter. Thankfully you can download a free trial of almost all paid apps so you can figure out which one is for you, but it still takes a bit of work. But I was very pleasantly surprised that I could find high quality apps to cover just about everything I did on my phone, when I had a Windows phone for a month.

Another problem I noticed at the time (I don't know if it is still the case) was that the store was flooded with fake reviews. Painfully obviously fake. So you have to try before you buy - which fortunately they do make very easy.

johsoe 3 days ago 1 reply      
This slightly angers me coming from several attempts to upload legit WP8 apps.

Privacy policies not being "good" enough, no location tracking switch in a "location aware" app, little to no experiences from other developers(typical stackoverflow trouble shooting becoming impossible), worse app approval process than Apple.. the list goes on. This being in a platform which they're trying to push. :(

legulere 3 days ago 3 replies      
Sounds like cases where the owners of the trademarks (Faceboook, Google and Mozilla) should get active.
vmarsy 2 days ago 0 replies      
The best way to get good apps on a Windows phone is to get an app (developed by Microsoft!) that warns you when new & popular apps are here.

The fact that this app exists tells there's a problem with the Windows store search.

But as the OP says, they're also plenty of good quality apps: from small tools like the Bill reminder, or non-shady flashlights apps which doesn't require an Internet connection and your phonebook address, to an official GTA San Andreas.

ecesena 2 days ago 0 replies      

We recently released a Windows 8 app [1], categorized as news, pretty cool I'd modestly say... but if you search for "news" it takes 10 pages of horizontal scroll to find Theneeds... and most of the app out there are really poor (I'd modestly say :)

[1] http://www.theneeds.com/p/win8

level09 3 days ago 0 replies      
They probably need some smart ranking/popularity algorithm. Apple's app store has a lot of junk as well, but somehow they manage to sort them in a good way.
GeneralMayhem 2 days ago 1 reply      
So why hasn't Facebook taken them to the cleaners for IP and brand damage?
analog31 2 days ago 0 replies      
Oddly enough, there's at least a dozen Hacker News apps at the Android store. Granted, there is no "official" HN app, so these aren't fakes of anything. I decided that the last thing I need is HN burning a hole in my pocket all day long when I should be working.
contextfree 2 days ago 0 replies      
# of apps as a metric is like # of lines of code - it ought to be "booked on the other side of the ledger" ( http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/transcriptions/EWD05xx/EW... )
300bps 3 days ago 0 replies      
A year ago, Microsoft needed to do this to inflate their app numbers because there were much fewer apps in the Windows Phone store.

But now I'm actually shocked how many apps/games are available on Windows Phone. Jetpack Joyride, Subway Surfers, Minion Rush are three popular games on other platforms that I recently installed for my youngest son while at my older son's basketball game recently.

...and as a former 6 year user of iPhones, the "Kids Corner" that is on Windows Phone totally separates kid-approved activities (games) from non-kid-approved activities (my email, twitter, facebook, etc). That feature alone is worth upgrading to Windows Phone if you have kids that occasionally use your phone.

wdr1 2 days ago 0 replies      
Microsoft likes to bring out the number of apps in their store, especially so it looks competitive to the Apple App store.

Unfortunately, cleaning junk out of the store is counter to that goal.

Geee 3 days ago 1 reply      
Microsoft truly never ceases to amaze me. Good reminder of why I hate them. I was almost starting to believe that WP is actually quite good.
donniefitz2 2 days ago 0 replies      
I recently switched to WP and was surprised at the low quality apps. But, for me it's a good thing because it presents an opportunity for me, as a dev, to create quality apps. Microsoft really does need to clean house in the store.
kispester 3 days ago 1 reply      
It's not about quantity. It's about quality. And every big player is trying to crush Windows Phone platform. Google is so ridiculous that they're willing to lose big money by not making its glorified ad service on the platform. Google made Youtube and pulled back, Google search on WP is ridiculous. Not even Maps, which has great social network potential, much more than Youtube.
sidcool 3 days ago 0 replies      
if they removed the apps, their app stats would really fk up.
higherpurpose 3 days ago 0 replies      
Yes, but then how would they be able to mislead people into thinking their platform has a lot of apps, too?
sifarat 2 days ago 0 replies      
had they been smart enough, perhaps the company would have been in better share than it is today, in regard to smartphone warfare.
jaunkst 2 days ago 0 replies      
Do we really want another crappy mobile browser and platform to support? We don't need them in mobile space anyways. I don't see a future in Microsoft mobile devices. They really missed the mark while everyone else is on their 4th lap of the race.
Big changes to Erlang joearms.github.io
297 points by waffle_ss  2 days ago   133 comments top 21
lkrubner 2 days ago 4 replies      
I love this:

"Key := Val Updates an existing KeyThe key must be present in the old map. If Key is not in the old map Erlang will complain loudly.Using two operations instead of one has several advantages:A spelling mistake cannot accidentally introduce a new key"

Lord knows how many times I accidentally created a new key with a spelling typo, and then later when I wanted to retrieve the data, I was like "What the hell is wrong? I know I put data in that key, so why is nothing coming back? I guess I have discovered a rare bug in the compiler that no one has ever discovered before."

urbit 2 days ago 3 replies      
"This trick is well known to old-style functional programmers, they waffle on about Y combinators and eat this stuff for breakfast, but its the kind of stuff that gives functional programming a bad name. Try explaining this to first year students who had a heavy night out at the pub the evening before."

Priceless (and completely true). I really think this attitude is why Erlang is such a success.

gordonguthrie 2 days ago 1 reply      
I am in the process of writing an OTP-ish dialect of Erlang that compiles to Javascript and has its own runtime environment (http://luvv.ie/mission.html) so maps is a more work for me, so I am a bit yay!/sigh!...

The thing that I am less clear about with maps is their relationship with Mnesia tables going forward. Mnesia tables take their schema from records. I suspect we will go down the route of having records that contain 'privileged' fields (effectively ones you can have indexes on) and field that contain maps which allow to 'extend' the schema without performing difficult state transforms.

It will certainly help when you need to add a field to a record and thread that change through a running system without stopping it.

portmanteaufu 2 days ago 3 replies      
Whoa. This makes the language feel much more approachable. I love that they've provided both an "upsert" and a semantically distinct "update" for their maps. Working without upsert is painful, but the problem of accidentally inserting when you meant to update is an irritating pitfall. They've really picked a good middle way here.

Does anyone know how often Learn You Some Erlang is updated? I'd definitely take another pass at the language with these features in place. Kudos, team!

kibwen 2 days ago 1 reply      
As someone who's completely foreign to Erlang, can anyone explain the rationale behind replacing records with maps? At a first glance it seems as though records are nominal types and maps are structural types, and if true that would suggest to me that these are complementary features rather than supplementary ones.
kabdib 2 days ago 0 replies      
The templating of the key descriptors is neat, but not original. NewtonScript did this in the early 90s (mostly in response to the severe memory pressure on the Apple Newton). I believe that Self did it, too (but those guys were on Sun workstations, and just showing off as far as I'm concerned :-) )
Groxx 2 days ago 0 replies      
>If we now build a large list of objects, all with the same set of keys, then they can share a single key descriptor. This means that asymptotically maps will be as efficient in terms of storage as records.

Credit for this idea comes from Richard O'Keefe who pointed this out years ago. I dont think any other programming language does this, but I might be wrong.

That is a nice language feature to enforce, I love it :) This is however basically the same thing that V8 / most Javascript runtimes do under the hood[1]. Essentially, as you construct objects and add/remove keys, you back them in the engine with more-efficient shared objects that have the same structure. Add a key D and it moves from <shared structure with A,B,C> to <shared structure with A,B,C,D>. Since most code ends up doing the same kind of operations on a bunch of similar bits of data, you can save a lot of compute-time by assuming that and having a slower fallback when it fails (like using an actual dictionary instead of a Struct-like thing).

That said, Javascript has zero enforcement for this, and the runtimes may have already shifted to something different. They are quite different beasts. Just pointing out that the idea has been around.

[1] it has been a while since I've looked closely, and I may be mistaken. Call it 95% certainty.

Cushman 2 days ago 1 reply      
These are great changes, and a reminder that I must find a reason to write more Erlang.

For the record, one of these is another thing JavaScript got right, sort of, with named function expressions:

  setTimeout(function innerName() {    if (shouldRecurse())      innerName();  });  typeof innerName; // undefined
I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually use this in production code, of course. And you're free to have your own issues with function declarations and named function expressions having the exact same syntax, which causes a big problem in IE<=8 that is probably responsible for this feature not being in common use (and omitted from CoffeeScript, alas).

sdegutis 2 days ago 3 replies      
It seems odd that we haven't standardized on a name for maps/tables/dictionaries/associative-arrays/hashes.
NDizzle 2 days ago 2 replies      
This is great. I can attack the few chapters I skipped over in Joe's most recent book[1] that required R17.

[1]: http://pragprog.com/book/jaerlang2/programming-erlang

riquito 2 days ago 1 reply      
The EEP (Erlang Enhancement Proposal) about maps is really neat and a superb documentation.


pointernil 2 days ago 2 replies      
Kudos to all ppl involved! Thanks for the effort.

Compared with maps adding a fun-call chaining operator like |> should be child's play, right? ;)

Seriously, what are the functional programmer's tricks to handle long function call chains in languages without the |> or similar operators?

Anyway, maps are a more important addition to the environment for sure. So thanks again.

oinksoft 2 days ago 1 reply      
Thanks to Anthony Ramine for his hard work on the named `fun' feature, and to the OTP guys as always :^)
leakybucket 2 days ago 3 replies      
I've got a passing interest in Erlang, and also saw the existence of Elixir http://elixir-lang.org/ , which uses the Erlang VM. Could someone from either language's community comment on if they see a strong future for Elixir?
sbierwagen 2 days ago 0 replies      

  code {background: #F7F7F9; color: #999999}
Egad, the color scheme he uses in the code blocks is horrible. The snook.ca contrast calculator says that's only a 2.66:1 contrast ratio, which is terribly unreadable. It needs to be at least 7:1.

(CSS edited for clarity)

colanderman 2 days ago 2 replies      
There's been lots of chatter about maps on the mailing list; but the named inline functions thing is totally out of the blue to me, and totally welcome. Erlang does such a great job of fixing everything that OCaml almost but didn't quite get right.
talklittle 2 days ago 0 replies      
EEP-43 [0] standards draft, with an extensive overview of new Maps features, plenty of examples, and discussion on a few different syntax proposals they had.

(Is there any newer official documentation for maps? I couldn't find anything.)

[0]: http://www.erlang.org/eeps/eep-0043.html

brickcap 2 days ago 1 reply      
Maps look really interesting. They can also be saved in mnesia right?
nodivbyzero 2 days ago 0 replies      
Way to go, Erlang!As a developer, I really appreciate it.
varg 2 days ago 0 replies      
Great! Maps looks really nice :) Will mnesia be extended to us maps as an alternative to records?
dipthegeezer 2 days ago 0 replies      
Brilliant Erlang gets even better.
Why we love Mozilla Persona zonino.co.uk
294 points by 500and4  1 day ago   157 comments top 32
drew 1 day ago 8 replies      
In principle, Persona is great. Not storing passwords is awesome, a non-FB/Google/Twitter identity option is important.

I would encourage you, though, to look carefully at your login completion metrics. I implemented Persona on my site (http://www.sixquestions.co) to have a pure email option and although users clearly prefer it, about 35% complete the Persona login flow successfully. That's 10 points lower than our next-worst performer (Twitter), and half the rate of our best performer (Facebook). For all the concerns people have with authorizing Facebook/Twitter access, that is (in my view) offset by the alien-ness of Persona's login flow. We've heard from lots of users that logging in with Persona is unusual and they thought they were doing something wrong because they'd never seen anything like that.

So, as much as I believe in Persona, I'm about to deploy a change that removes it entirely. It adds a lot of surface area to our testing and future development, but if it means we lose fewer users in their signup flow, it will be worth it.

crayola 1 day ago 3 replies      
Persona is an elegant, powerful idea that is 100% in the users interest. I dearly want to see it gain traction. Kudos for disseminating your enthusiasm.
jdlshore 21 hours ago 2 replies      
I've been using Persona as my sole login mechanism on http://letscodejavascript.com for over a year. I want to love it, but I don't.

The goals behind Persona are excellent: strong privacy protection and relieving website operators of cumbersome and error-prone authentication management. I love the idea. It's why I implemented Persona on my site.

The execution of Persona has been a bit wobbly. Logins are critical infrastructure and it doesn't feel like Mozilla is approaching Persona from that perspective. The team has been fantastic (thanks, callahad) but when things go wrong, it can take a long time for them to get resolved. Meanwhile, I'm left scrambling for a workaround.

An example: when the Yahoo bridge was implemented, it broke Persona for everyone who used a Yahoo alias [1]. A nasty break that returned a non-helpful error message. Something that serious merits an immediate rollback, in my opinion--but instead, it was left in place for several weeks until a interim solution was rolled out. The interim solution has some fairly serious UX problems, but the full solution has been open for 10 months now [2].

I want to love Persona, and I can't really afford the time required to do my own authentication, but it scares me that I'm so dependent on it.

[1] https://github.com/mozilla/persona-yahoo-bridge/issues/178

[2] https://github.com/mozilla/persona-yahoo-bridge/issues/201

yeukhon 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Persona vouches for you when you sign in. Really neat, no more password leaking.

The important thing here is that as Persona protocol (BrowserID)'s creator, Mozilla really really wants someone else (potentially YOU the user) to run the Identity Bridge. Currently Mozilla does this for non-Gmail and non-Yahoo users too boost adoption. So when you sign up you are asked to give a new password on sign up. If you are paranoid, you should of course give a new password instead the one you use for your email (which I assume may be reused for multiple accounts...)

But being able to authenticate yourself on your own is what makes Persona useful.

edit: at realworld crypto, this was given as a talk. This is Google's possible direction.


sliverstorm 22 hours ago 1 reply      
I guess this is just a sign that I am getting crotchety, but headlines like this just anger me:

Why we love/like X, And why you should, too

My immediate reaction is always something along the lines of, don't presume to tell me why I should like anything. Tell me why you like it, and be done with it.

sergiotapia 1 day ago 0 replies      
I love Persona! I created a demo MVC3 application using Persona for authentication and its fantastic from a developers perspective.


Authentication is simple to implement and you don't worry about user password protection.

I'm surprised interest has died down for the project given how easy it is to use. Maybe Mozilla should market it more?

jimktrains2 1 day ago 3 replies      
But, this doesn't solve the issue that you're still trusting someone else with your secret (your password).

We need to move towards protocols like SRP[0] in general so that no matter where I'm logging in, none has my password.

[0]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Remote_Password_protocol

EDIT: As ubernostrum points out, Persona is solving a different problem than SRP does. However, one of the reasons different identities (username/password combinations) are encouraged currently is because providers can't be trusted with the secret of your password.

drblast 15 hours ago 0 replies      
If you're like me and this is the first time you're hearing about this, and want to know more about the implementation, check the bottom of this page:


Edit: I've checked out the login process in the linked site, and it works well, but the popup window U/I seems like it's ripe for phishing attempts. It would be very easy to replicate the look of that window and fool people into thinking they're using Persona when they're not.

hmans 1 day ago 1 reply      
Persona is _awesome_. I use it on all my sites.

But it also proof that being awesome not only is not good enough to be successful, but simply doesn't matter. The user is not interested in a solution that is awesome, but one that doesn't scare him. And a big ugly third-party popup is as scary as stuff on the web gets these days.

Remember Ogg Vorbis?

ultimatedelman 19 hours ago 0 replies      
We use it at Mighty Spring (http://www.mightyspring.com) and it's pretty good! The documentation around backend setup is a bit confusing and doesn't cover some corner cases (like testing on dev servers) but with enough hacking you can get it to work. The front end plugin I went with (https://github.com/altryne/browserID-jQuery) needed a bit of tweaking (to both the code and docs, which was submitted to them), but other than that, relatively easy setup.

Our site is uniquely targeted at developers, so I felt that using Persona as a login option was only natural.

Xeoncross 22 hours ago 0 replies      
How many people here know BrowserID/Mozilla Persona was based on the http://swiftlogin.com project? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGQYHOzLMUk
the_mitsuhiko 19 hours ago 0 replies      
On of my biggest problems with Persona (and why I stopped using it almost exclusively) is that the popup dialog is badly designed. For instance it has email and password as two consecutive fields which confuses my password manager greatly with different accounts. Secondly does it not work at all for me on mobile devices.
KaoruAoiShiho 23 hours ago 4 replies      
I don't get why persona needs its own branding... Nobody knows what persona is. It should say login with Firefox. Did fb create a new brand for its login system? No it's just login with fb, same with literally every login service except freaking persona. Use your most popular brand instead of forcing all developers to evangelize a new brand. That's just not going to freaking work.
louthy 23 hours ago 1 reply      
I use it for http://www.4four.org and really like it.

The one small complaint I would have is that it would be great if (after initial setup) the login process was a bit faster. It should be quicker than the old-school username and password IMHO, but with the animations and latency on authentication it all seems to feel a bit sluggish. Especially as the cookie for it expires frequently - which is a bit shit for users of a forum where you're normally signed in until you decide otherwise.

This is still in my minor complaint box because I suspect there's tweaks I could do which I haven't had time to explore yet.

ericathegreat 14 hours ago 0 replies      
Biggest problem I have with Persona is one of it's main selling points; if you log in to one place you're logged into all the places. That may sound great, but it really isn't. It means that you can log out of a site because you don't want people sharing your machine to have access to it. You then log into a different, lower-security site. Instantly that first site is accessible again.

I wrote a whole thing on Persona a while back ( http://lepidllama.net/blog/trying-out-mozilla-persona-browse... ) but that ended up being the killer for me. It might be fine for activities like posting comments on a blog, but any site which stores or presents some aspect of who am I to the world needs to be a bit more secure than that!

cantfindmypass 23 hours ago 1 reply      
Last time I looked into persona, it was essentially unusable for my usage - there's no reasonable way to use a different email address to sign up for every site. I like to know who leaked my email address when I start getting spammed.

Edit: looks like they may have have fixed it: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-manage-my-perso...

Though I'm not sure if it remains usable with hundreds of email addresses.

amalag 1 day ago 0 replies      
The FIDO alliance is the other major industry standard that is being started.http://www.fidoalliance.org/
mikevm 1 day ago 4 replies      
What happens to my account if Persona dies or is temporarily down? Does that mean that I'm locked out?
lifeisstillgood 15 hours ago 0 replies      
The UK government is about to launch an Identity assurance scheme where different providers (Post Office etc) check your drivers license then give you an account hw in is then oauth'able

in short Facebook logins but with actual real names that like governments can trust

just saying that this might be the start of what usually happens to private companies colonising what turns out to be a public good

latchkey 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Here is one of the reasons why I personally believe in and feel we really need persona: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7133965
eklavya 1 day ago 1 reply      
If there is one company I can trust my data with, it's Mozilla.
lazyjones 1 day ago 2 replies      
This doesn't work with JS disabled, with no indication that it doesn't work as intended (it just bounces the visitor back and forth between 2 pages).

Persona is very convenient for users, but it would be more secure to not trust a 3rd party.

blueskin_ 1 day ago 3 replies      
Yet another OpenID/OAuth/Whatever? Another SPOF.

Give me separate logins and KeePass any day.

lotsofcows 1 day ago 4 replies      
So what happens when my Person account gets compromised?

I'll stick to my many accounts / many passwords approach, I think.

pdfcollect 1 day ago 1 reply      
We used Persona for http://bit.ly/blibonline - and one of the problems we faced was that we would have liked the registration process to let our users tell us the name / icon (avatar), which was missing in Persona then. Any news on the timeline for these additions to Persona? (OpenID gives those two elements from registration/usage)
workhere-io 23 hours ago 0 replies      
Shameless plug: I've made some code examples of how to integrate Persona with your site: https://github.com/workhere-io/personaexamples. The examples are for Python (Flask) and PHP.
talex5 23 hours ago 1 reply      
I really like the idea of Persona, and it's very easy to integrate with your own site. However, it's still a bit unreliable. For example, clicking on the zonino login button just opened a mostly-blank page for me (white on the left, light grey on the right, with a pointy arrow in the middle; a bar at the bottom says "Mozilla Person...", but no way to log in.

If I do "F10 -> View -> Page Style -> No Style" I see various boxes, but it's not obvious how to proceed. I entered my email into the top-most box and tried clicking the "next", "sign in" and "OK" buttons, but none of them responded (there's also "continue", but that's greyed out). I think I had the same problem when I tried it last year.

Probably just some browser plugin issue, but would be nice if it were easier to debug... Works in Chromium though.

dsschnau 1 day ago 1 reply      
Sounds great. I need an e-mail provider that implements the protocol? Are there any? How can I implement it on my self-hosted e-mail?
scrozier 1 day ago 1 reply      
"We're sorry, but your browser is not currently supported." --Persona, from Safari on iPad, iOS 7.
krmbzds 22 hours ago 0 replies      
I use Persona and I wish more websites supported it.
lucasjans 1 day ago 1 reply      
> We think that Persona is a great attempt at improving usability, security and privacy...

We use Persona and love it. However, I wouldn't trust Persona for securing sensitive information. There seems to be no password requirements (at least when I checked months ago.)

af3 1 day ago 2 replies      
We don't know your password. Google doesn't know you're signing in to Zonino... mozilla knows ;)
A Reintroduction to JavaScript mozilla.org
287 points by psibi  1 day ago   69 comments top 16
henryw 19 hours ago 4 replies      
The "even nicer [array for loop] idiom" is pretty cool:

  for (var key = 0, value; value = someArray[key++];) {    // value is already defined by for loop    console.log('index: ' + key, 'value: ' + value);  }
Also, I finally understand closures:

"Whenever JavaScript executes a function, a 'scope' object is created to hold the local variables created within that function. It is initialised with any variables passed in as function parameters. This is similar to the global object that all global variables and functions live in, but with a couple of important differences: firstly, a brand new scope object is created every time a function starts executing, and secondly, unlike the global object (which in browsers is accessible as window) these scope objects cannot be directly accessed from your JavaScript code... A closure is the combination of a function and the scope object in which it was created."

welder 1 day ago 1 reply      
The example of JavaScript's prototype here is the best I've ever seen! It's in the "Custom Objects" section.
cellover 1 day ago 3 replies      
I am currently in the process of re-learning JavaScript from scratch. And I found the light:

1. Douglas Crockford videos: http://www.yuiblog.com/crockford/

2. Eloquent JavaScript intermediate level tutorials: http://eloquentjavascript.net/contents.html

babuskov 1 day ago 2 replies      
Since I started using JS heavily lately, it's nice to be reminded of some things. Thanks for posting.

One question though, it says:

    If you want to append an item to an array, the safest way to do it is like this:    a[a.length] = item;  // same as a.push(item);
a.push() variant seems more elegant to me. Why is a[] variant "safer"?

almog 2 hours ago 0 replies      
"We've introduced another keyword: 'new'. new is strongly related to 'this'. What it does is it creates a brand new empty object, and then calls the function specified, with 'this' set to that new object"

Perhaps it would be worth to mention that 'new' not only sets 'this' to be the empty object but also return that object to the location where new was used.

aaronetz 1 day ago 0 replies      
Off-topic, but I must say that this site handles resizing very well. I really appreciate it when a website seamlessly transitions from desktop-size to mobile-size layout. Sometimes I just like having my browser window shrunk down (or zoomed in for viewing from farther away), which means that with most sites I have to scroll horizontally, which is not very usable.
shultays 5 hours ago 0 replies      
"if you're used to math in C or Java. Watch out for stuff like:0.1 + 0.2 == 0.30000000000000004"

Uh, how floating poing operators are different than this in C or java

inglor 1 day ago 2 replies      
Some mistakes there, will fix. `null` is most certainly not an object.
jokoon 1 day ago 1 reply      
still a better introduction to javascript:


(with a little bit of ruby)

andrethegiant 22 hours ago 1 reply      
I didn't know about the memory leak stuff! Any tools out there to help identify this in your code?
brofser 3 hours ago 0 replies      
I've read this article a couple of times in the last few years and it never ceases to amaze me. Clearly and in a concise way it lists all the points that people usually miss about JS.
mr-ron 22 hours ago 0 replies      
One of my favorite tutorials from John Resig: http://ejohn.org/apps/learn/
shaboon 11 hours ago 2 replies      
if that's was it's first nameit should be renamed back to LiveScript
ritchiea 1 day ago 4 replies      
It is probably a good idea to add 2006 to the title since that's the date of the last update [1].

1. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/A_re...

tunnuz 1 day ago 0 replies      
Old but gold.
CmonDev 1 day ago 3 replies      
If you wanted to find a friend for someone would you keep trying to introduce them to same stupid ugly person, while saying: "Look! He/she is wearing make-up this time!".
Ask HN: Who is hiring? (February 2014)
272 points by whoishiring  2 days ago   322 comments top 288
benjamid 1 minute ago 0 replies      
Memphis, TN (University of Memphis, workforum.memphis.edu)--------------------------------------Currently searching for a full-time senior research programmer at the Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS) to begin as early as February 2014. Since the job involves working closely with researchers, it must be done on-site. Applicants must have completed a MS or PhD in software-related field, or a track record of industry experience on-par with such credentials. Successful candidates should have more than 5 years of experience in software design and development.

The candidate will be involved in the design and implementation of a novel service-oriented framework for intelligent tutoring systems (ITS). ITS use a combination of artificial intelligence techniques, expert knowledge models, and computerized learning environments to significantly increase student knowledge. UM-IIS is one of the leading labs in the world for ITS and is producing a natural language (NLP) service-oriented tutoring system. This system will drive animated tutoring agents in traditional hypermedia contexts (e.g., HTML5) and also virtual reality environments (e.g., Unity). We are looking for a programmer with strong fundamental skills and the drive to research interesting software problems. Opportunities to publish scientific research will be available, but not required. Our ideal candidate would have a background developing Python Web Services, but other well-qualified candidates will be considered.

Role and Responsibilities: Develop scalable Python web services Deploy and monitor Amazon Web Service deployments of these services Maintain a well-tested and orderly code base Work well in a small programming team environment

Preferred Skills: 3+ Years Python Programming Experience Experience with Amazon Web Services, MongoDB, Flask, and/or OAuth Experience with bug tracking, version control, and test frameworks Good documentation habits (@param UsesDocStrings: Defaults to True)

Compensation: Pay Range: $55k $85k, commensurate with experience and fit Benefits Available: State of Tennessee Partners Health Care Program Travel opportunities to attend relevant conferences and meetings

How to ApplyPlease complete an on-line application at https://workforum.memphis.edu Click on the staff position box to find the posting for Senior Research Programmer. You will be required to upload a cover letter, resume, and a reference list. Application review will begin in January 2014, and will continue until the position is filled. The University of Memphis is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Employer. We urge all qualified applicants to apply for this position. Appointment will be based on qualifications as they relate to position requirements without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, handicap or veteran status. Successful candidates must meet guidelines of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. The current job posting for this position is at: https://workforum.memphis.edu/postings/5996 The position number is 017180 in workforum.memphis.edu. Please submit application materials through the University of Memphis workforum for consideration. For questions on this posting, please contact Xiangen Hu (xhu@memphis.edu)---

On a side note, the Institute for Intelligent Systems at UM is also an excellent and friendly work environment. Programming is typically done in small teams, with a lot of opportunities for creativity.

spicyj 2 days ago 0 replies      
Mountain View, CA (we also love interns, and remote is a possibility for the right candidate)


At Khan Academy, we're a small, 52-person non-profit tech startup. We're trying hard to do good for the world. Here's a testimonial we received just two days ago:

January 29, 2014

I am an adult returning to school for a midlife career change. I have always disliked math and thought I was bad at it -- and my last math class was over 20 years ago! But I just passed my Accuplacer placement test, thanks to Khan Academy. Thank you so much for making it fun and easy to refresh my skills. I also purchased the Accuplacer test prep app, but I found myself coming back to Khan Academy more often because I liked it more. Now I am learning coding at school, so I'll definitely be back for more!


This letter is one story, but every month we hear about hundreds of lives like this that we've transformed.


Most of you reading this are familiar with Sal's videos, but we also have hundreds of videos by other teachers, partnerships with organizations like MoMA and the California Academy of Sciences, and a huge library of interactive exercises. Over 20 million math problems are done every week on our site. That's a lot.

With this huge scale, we're able to study learning in a way that wasn't previously possible. We've run tests and found that students learn more when they're given harder problems based on an intelligent machine-learning algorithm [1]. Right now we have dozens of A/B tests running to help us understand what we can do to make people learn more, such as testing how different spaced repetition algorithms affect retention. We're also beginning to release anonymized student data to external researchers.

We're doing a big mobile push. Around 20% of our traffic comes from phones and tablets but we have only two mobile devs so far. We're totally overhauling our iOS app; if you join us now, you can be a main developer on an app that is guaranteed to have millions of users. This is a rare opportunity.

You'll be working alongside a small team with the best in the business though we have "celebrity" devs like jQuery creator John Resig and Google's first employee (and former Director of Technology) Craig Silverstein, we have many more you haven't heard of but who are also amazing.

Whether you're a machine learning guru or you take pride in perfecting UI details for a dropdown menu [2], we have something for you. We really have a great team and culture. We use (and contribute to) new technology [3], we invest heavily in mentoring our interns (and full-timers) [4], we have lots of fun at and around work [5], and even though we're a non-profit, we pay well too. I'm also proud to say that we're winning against GitHub in team Bensity (i.e., percentage of employees named Ben) [6].


We're hiring engineers (frontend, backend, mobile, data science), designers, and more -- if you're a designer, you might also be interested in our parnership with Bridge [7]. And if you want to have an amazing summer (or fall or spring) building real features for real users, we're hiring interns too.

As I said above, mobile is a big priority for us. Let me know if you know someone great.

Please apply at https://www.khanacademy.org/careers directly (say you saw us on HN!). If you have questions, feel free to ask here or to email me at alpert+HN@khanacademy.org.

[1]: http://derandomized.com/post/51729670543/khan-academy-machin...

[2]: http://bjk5.com/post/44698559168/breaking-down-amazons-mega-...

[3]: http://joelburget.com/backbone-to-react/ sorry about the background, but there are dinosaur pictures!)

[4]: http://bjk5.com/post/71559049069/the-most-common-feedback-we...

[5]: http://life.khanacademy.org/

[6]: https://twitter.com/dmnd_/status/425870378330644480

[7]: http://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/75079597750/khan-...

nrp 2 days ago 1 reply      
Oculus VR - https://careers.oculusvr.com/ - Irvine, CA

Help us bring Virtual Reality to the people! Oculus is up to over 60 people (primarily engineers), and we are expanding quickly. In addition to a huge variety of positions in Irvine, CA, Oculus is looking for software engineers in Dallas, Tx.

A few of the positions that are especially important to us right now are:

* Web Services Engineer - Architect and implement the APIs behind our platform.

* Senior Android Engineer - We're looking for experts in kernel, system level, and/or graphics programming on Android in both Dallas and Irvine.

* Embedded Systems Engineer - We need hardware hackers in Irvine to help define, prototype, and program the systems going into future projects.

* Computer Vision Engineer - We're looking for engineers with a strong 3d math background and experience with computer vision research and algorithms.

* Senior Audio Engineer - We're looking for an audio expert with experience with positional audio and HRTFs.

The full set of job listings you can apply to is at https://careers.oculusvr.com/

You can also email me directly at nrp@oculusvr.com

pixelmonkey 2 days ago 0 replies      
Parse.ly - Remote (EST / CST preferred) - http://parse.ly

We're a fully distributed team (see http://bit.ly/distributed-teams for a post by me, the CTO) -- which is to say, a merit-based, technology-forward, super-bright team of Pythonistas who happen to collaborate using the same methods of major open web projects like Wikipedia, Wordpress, Ubuntu, and Mozilla.

We are well-funded with a solid SaaS business model, we are growing, and we are product-focused.

We're looking to expand our engineering team. We are primarily looking for full-stack and UI-focused engineers, especially those with expertise in front-end data visualization / interaction. You should know modern web and mobile design principles and be particularly excited by d3.js and its associated ecosystem.

You'd be joining the company at a great time. Our engineering team is still small enough that we feel like an elite task force, but unlike two years ago, we are making millions in revenue and have a ridiculous amount of data to draw insight out of on behalf of our customers.

You should be an expert in Python and JavaScript. You should be willing to learn, or already know, technologies like Tornado, MongoDB, Redis, Postgres, and Amazon Web Services. You should be extremely handy at a UNIX command line, possessing all the skills of a sysadmin.

If you join, you'd become part of a team that is building one of the web's greatest analytics companies, while also serving a strong mission: helping editors and writers at top news organizations excel in the digital medium.

Our software aggregates data on >5 billion pageviews per month of traffic, and we work with major media companies as customers, such as The Atlantic, Arstechnica, Mashable, The New Republic, MIT Technology Review, and many more.

Apply by sending a (short!) cover letter to work@parsely.com. Mention this HN post and say you're looking for Andrew.

Include links to online portfolio, Github, LinkedIn, or any similar services, if you have them. If you have a Python code example that you think expresses your Python coding style, that would also be a good thing to send along -- as plain attachment, Github Gist, or similar.

lutorm 2 days ago 2 replies      
SpaceX, Hawthorne, CA - http://spacex.com US citizen/PR only)

You've probably heard of SpaceX -- we build and fly rockets! Check out http://youtu.be/DjpUf__4vPA and http://youtu.be/9ZDkItO-0a4.

What you might not know is that we need software engineers. Some of the positions we are looking to fill currently are:

Lead front-end software engineer - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/3895

Software engineer for Borg, our flight data logging and analysis system - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/3366

Simulations software engineer, writing the software used to fool the flight software into thinking it's in space - http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/3858

rdl 2 days ago 1 reply      
Meta: I wish this bot would submit threads on the first Tuesday after the first of each month, so employers who work M-F would be more likely to see and post. Tuesday around 10a to noon Pacific time seems to have the best chance of covering the majority of HN audience.
jonathanpeters 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Twenty Digital - New York, NY

We are a recruitment firm, focused solely in NYC's startup, digital & tech space. We strategically support businesses at various stages of development, from inception through late series funding, to pre & post-IPO.

As many organizations in this space are competing for the best engineering talent, we help to accurately represent both company and opportunity to the potential candidate. We are flexible to our client's needs, taking on as much of the process as requested, including pre-screening and meeting each candidate before presentation.

Some of our current positions include:

-Senior Python Developer (Python Expert) - Post Series A Funded Startup with a Unique Networking Platform

-Front-End Engineer (Heavy Javascript) - Post Series A Funded Startup with a Unique Networking Platform

-Tech Lead/Senior Engineer (Java & PHP) - Disruptive E-Commerce Business, Post Series B Funded

-Lead Front End Engineer (Heavy Javascript) - Series A Funded B2C Startup

-Development Manager (Strong Python) - Series B Funded SaaS Startup

-Front End Tech Lead (Raw Javascript) - Series B Funded SaaS Startup

-Engineering Manager (Java, Struts & Project Mgmt) - SaaS product in the Entertainment space

-Back End Engineer (Scala) - Mobile Web Platform, Seed Funded

-Senior Front End Engineer (Javascript) - Mobile Web Platform, Seed Funded

-DevOps Engineer Startup E-Commerce

-QA Lead (Manual & Automation) Startup E-Commerce

-Lead Front End Engineer (HTML5, CSS3, JS) Startup E-Commerce

-Back End Lead Engineer (Python) Startup E-Commerce

-Lead Android Engineer (1st Android Hire) Peter Thiel-backed, Series A Funded

-Mobile Engineering Manager (Android or iOS) E-Commerce, Series E+ Funded

-iOS Engineer E-Commerce, Series E+ Funded

Please get in touch to understand how we can be a resource to you, as well as to learn further details on these opportunities. We offer a seamless recruitment experience, unlike any other in the startup space. We will provide full company and role description, verbally. In addition, we have met all of our clients, so truly understand the environment and culture.

email: jonathan.peters@twentyrecruitment.com

cryptoz 2 days ago 0 replies      
Toronto, Canada: pressureNET atmospheric modeller

About us:

We collect about 1 million measurements of the atmosphere every day from Android smartphones. We're specifically collecting barometric pressure for use in new weather models: models that you will build, models that will produce higher accuracy and higher resolution weather forecasts than anyone has ever made.

The position:

Cliff Mass and his team [1] have done some preliminary research and testing of models. You will bring these into our company and begin running them in real-time to forecast weather events. You must be familiar with WRF and FORTRAN and have a degree in Atmospheric Science or a related field. You can learn more about our atmosphere platform (and even get an API key to start early) at http://pressurenet.io.You will be employee #1. Stock options and compensation to be discussed.

[1] http://www.atmos.washington.edu/~cliff/cliff.php

gdb 2 days ago 1 reply      
Stripe. We're hiring engineers in San Francisco and remotely within US timezones. INTERN, REMOTE, H1B all welcome.

See http://www.quora.com/Stripe-company/What-engineering-problem... for an overview of what challenges we're working on.

If you're interested, you can apply through the email links on https://stripe.com/jobs. If you have any questions, feel free to ping me directly at gdb@stripe.com.

zt 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco -- Standard Treasury (YC S13)

Standard Treasury helps banks harness the power of developers and developer ecosystems by building, hosting, maintaining, and supporting white-labeled and co-branded developer platforms for banks worldwide.

Our platform wraps internal bank information and payment systems using our middleware. We then securely expose these systems to bank customers via standardized RESTful APIs. We empower the middleware and APIs, associated software development kits (SDKs) and application stores, while providing support, partner engineering, growth engineering, and more, for our bank partners.

We are looking to hire:

Platform Engineers

Infrastructure Engieners

Bank Integration Engineers

User Interface Engineers


We offer great comp:

Great benefits. Medical, vision, and dental insurance for you and your dependents.

Great comp. Salary and equity. We know some people have a greater risk appetite than others and were interested in finding the right balance for you.

Great perks. Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacks, a stocked fridge, laundry service, gym membership, Clipper card, and house cleaning by Homejoy.

Great flexibility. Flexible hours, open vacation policy, paid maternity/paternity.

Great tools. Build your ideal workstations so you can have the tools you want and need. Buy the books you need or want on Amazon. Need a Kindle for your commute get it. The corporate Amex can be used for all expenses under a standard of trust & reasonableness.

You can see our job postings and apply at https://jobs.lever.co/standardtreasury or just email me (one of the co-founders) at zac@standardtreasury.com.

trefn 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Mixpanel (YCS09; http://mixpanel.com) is the most advanced advanced analytics platform ever for web & mobile applications.

Mixpanel is profitable, with millions in monthly revenue, and we're backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Max Levchin.


We have two types of engineering positions available - systems and product. Both of these positions require you to be able to work in San Francisco, CA.

Systems engineers build and scale our infrastructure, and write mostly C, C++, and Python. These are the people working on our custom datastore. This position requires at least 2 years of experience writing systems software. Solid C experience is a plus.

Product engineers are full-stack developers who build the parts people interact with - reporting interfaces, APIs, dataviz stuff, and more - and write mostly Python, JS, and Less. This position requires at least 2 years of software engineering experience, no specialization required. Solid JS experience is a plus though.

The engineering team is still small (10), and there's a lot of interesting stuff to do. Happy to talk details.

If you are interested, drop me a line - tim@mixpanel.com.

bignoggins 2 days ago 0 replies      
Sunnyvale, CA - Yahoo Fantasy Sports

If you're a hacker who loves sports, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is looking for iOS & Android developers to help us build amazing mobile experiences. Great pay/perks, an awesome team, and the chance to work on a product used by millions of hardcore fans around the world.

The fantasy mobile team at Yahoo includes of 2 acquired startups (Loki Studios & Bignoggins Productions), so we've got a startup culture within a big company.

We're looking for people with at least a year of native iOS/Android experience. If you have an app on the store that's a big plus!

If interested, please send your resume/github/app links to sportsjobs@yahoo-inc.com

Here's a commercial from last year's fantasy football campaign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61DQGOzpdpE

memset 2 days ago 0 replies      
Eponym (New York, NY, USA)http://www.eponymous.co

We're an eyewear company looking for engineers to help architect and build our software which powers eyeglass orders for fashion brands.

Our team is looking for someone to take the lead iterating on user experience features. What kinds of things should we A/B test? Should we implement an email capture? How can we update the checkout flow? Where are customers having difficulty when buying prescription eyewear on our websites? You would help decide what kinds of features to build, and then be responsible for implementing, testing, and iterating on new features. You should be proficient in HTML/CSS/JS (framework-du-jour) and interested in using these skills to help our customers have a great experience.

This also applies to internal dashboards: we ship everything from our office, and have a lot of infrastructure to keep track of customers, order status, laboratory status, and shipments. How can we build more usable tools?

Our backend is Python (Flask) and MongoDB, including bits of Celery, nginx, and uwsgi. We do a lot of integration with the UPS (in fact, we maintain an open-source UPS library [1]). If you are interested in helping develop our eyewear API, please reach out too!

We develop white-label eyewear for other fashion brands; Classic Specs and Steven Alan are some of our brands. Email me! jay@classicspecs.com

[1] https://github.com/classicspecs/ClassicUPS. If you build something cool that others would find useful, we want you to open-source it.

throwaway_yy2Di 2 days ago 1 reply      
There's a couple job posts here that have been mistakenly hellbanned (invisible to everyone except the submitter, who doesn't realize they're being blocked). These are the affected submitters: you can read their posts from last month's "Who's Hiring", they're mostly the same.

https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=infer (Infer, Inc., machine learning)

https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=dirtyb1t (Cigital, security)

(Is there any way to report this sort of thing privately?)

pbiggar 2 days ago 0 replies      
CircleCI (https://circleci.com/jobs) - SF or REMOTE fulltime (in the US)

At CircleCI we're building the next generation of developer automation: amazing Continuous Integration and Deployment. We have traction and revenue and funding and great customers. Our customers love us, because we move quickly, build great things, and provide amazing support. Everyone talks to customers a lot.

We're still a small team, so you'll have a large impact on company culture. We're highly influenced by Valve's Employee handbook and Stripe and GitHub's cultures, and have as flat a structure as we can.

We're looking for frontend engineers (JS), designers (must be able to HTML+CSS), and backend engineers (Clojure). Being a mix of those is of course welcome! We lean towards senior experienced engineers, or junior engineers who can display great talent.

We're also looking for engineers for sales and marketing positions. Since we have an incredibly technical product, and selling directly to developers, the marketing positions (dev evangelism, CRO, analytics, etc - think a patio11-style engineer) require significant development experience. Sales positions are a good fit for engineers looking for a change, esp those who love automating manual processes.

Check out our jobs page at https://circleci.com/jobs.

sunils34 2 days ago 2 replies      
Buffer (http://bufferapp.com) - REMOTE (We're a small distributed team of 16 people (5 engineers) across the US, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sweden and Australia)

I'd love for you to come join Buffer for the fun ride. We have over 1.2 million users and our annual run rate is over $3m. There are some super interesting challenges ahead, as we focus on Buffer for Business.We're looking to expand our engineering team with the following open positions.

    * Android Hacker    * Reliability Hacker (Devops engineer).    * Backend Hacker    * iOS Hacker
Here are some key stats about our technology and scale.

    - we have over 150k monthly active users.    - 8500+ API clients. Most popular: Feedly, IFTTT, Pocket, Instapaper    - we release changes several times a day - we have an entirely data-driven process, with Einstein and Buffer-Metrics, our custom built a/b testing and metrics tracking framework.    - Some of the tech we work with: PHP, Python, MongoDB, AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, Elasticache, SQS), Backbone.js, Grunt.js, Android, iOS.
More stats and stack details here:http://overflow.bufferapp.com/2013/08/01/scaling-buffer-in-2...

We're a small team of driven hackers and happiness heroes (our support people). Just like you, we're excited and passionate about engineering challenges and have some interesting architecture and scaling problems we work on.If you're interested in coming on board, youll:

    - work closely myself on technical architecture and Joel on product.     - ship to thousands of users and iterate quickly     - work with our metrics team to make smart changes     - be friendly and comfortable talking directly to customers on issues and features     - be a happy, positive-minded and kind person who has a great approach in dealing with others     - be a Buffer user     - be anywhere in the world, and if you'd like, you have help and support from us to move to where you want to be     - have experience working with another startup or building side projects before (would be awesome, its cool if not)
Some aspects of Buffer culture that makes us a little different:

    - we are totally transparent. We raised $450k, we currently have over 1.1 million users and generate $230k/mo. Ask me anything else!     - within the company, all salaries and equity are open and we have a formula for the distribution.     - we're all very focused on self improvement     - we have daily standups where we discuss our current improvements. This could be waking up earlier, starting public speaking, blogging, exercise, learning a language, etc.     - here's our culture deck: http://www.slideshare.net/bufferapp/buffer-culture-03
Salary: 88k-110k depending on location (living costs) and experience. (http://99u.com/articles/15527/the-age-of-salary-transparency)

Equity: 0.1-0.5%

If this sounds fun, let's chat. Send me a note about yourself, why youre interested in Buffer, and any relevant links (Github profile, projects and background):http://jobs.bufferapp.com- Sunil (CTO)

error54 20 hours ago 0 replies      
Chartbeat is hiring for everything from Support to Data Science to Sales.

We're a real-time analytics service designed for real-time action used by everyone from The Wall Street Journal to Al Jazeera. We're democratizing data by putting it in the hands of people who need it to make decisions and take action - right now. Just before our 4th birthday we moved into our own sprawling office in Union Square, Manhattan. We are packing it full of incredible talent. Thanks to years of hard work and amazing funding by some of the top investors in the world (Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Index Ventures, and Betaworks) we're growing, and growing quickly.

Read more about us and check out our officehttp://www.themuse.com/companies/chartbeat/office


Frontend Engineer - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/fe-ads

Backend Engineer - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/be

Infrastructure Engineer - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/ie

Data Science - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/data-scientist

Visual & Interaction Designer - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/dse

Sales Development Rep - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/sdr

Account Executive - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/ae

Chartcorps - https://chartbeat.com/jobs/cc


P.S. - We have a puppytorium!


ejdyksen 2 days ago 0 replies      
Mutually Human - Grand Rapids, Michigan (INTERN yes, REMOTE/H1B no)



We are a small team passionate about making people's lives better through software.

A little bit about us:

  - We write custom software of all shapes and sizes for clients all over the US  - Though everyone here is fluent in Ruby, we don't artificially limit ourselves.    In the past few months, I've worked with Objective-C, Backbone.js (inside    PhoneGap), Angular.js, Ruby (of course) and a little bit of Java and C#.  - We practice a sustainable pace. We recognize that we each have lives,    activities, and families outside of work. Late nights and > 40 hour weeks are    rare by design.  - We're agile, but not dogmatic about it. Our process evolves to suit our needs.  - We offer competitive salaries, health/vision/dental insurance, quarterly profit    sharing, retirement + match, weekly catered lunches, and a top-floor office    with snacks, guitars, and your choice of standing or sitting desks.
A little bit about Grand Rapids:

  - 2.5 hours from Chicago and Detroit, less than an hour to the beach.  - Lots of great beer. Founders Brewery (a mile from our office) has 3 beers in    the Beer Advocate top 15. HopCat is a World Class bar on BA.    Just look here: http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/city/43  - If youre renting anything larger than a breadbox in the Bay Area or NYC,    you can afford a house here. I bought a nice house with a mortgage payment    30% lower than the rent of my 1 bedroom apartment in Mountain View.  - A growing technology and startup community.
A little bit about you:

  - You love writing software, and you have a few years of experience doing it.  - You learn new stuff quickly. Youve used a lot of technologies, but youre not    afraid to use more. It would be nice if you use and love Ruby, but not required.  - You believe software is written for humans, not computers.  - You want to come into work every day and enjoy the people you work with.
I'm a software craftsman on this awesome team. If you're interested, email me and I'll get you more info on how to apply:


sgrove 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Zenbox. Software Engineer. [LOCAL | RELOCATE OK]

We're a YC company wrangling SaaS to work together (as they should), starting by bringing the biggest apps our customers use right into Gmail. We've been growing our team over the past few months, and looking to add even more awesome people. We work with dozens of API's to show our users profiles of their customers without having to jump out of the email flow - imagine having http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtzqRSlgqkw available when helping customers.

Thousands of people use it every day for hours on end, and are happy to pay for it to make sure they can continue using it. But there's still so much polish and improvement possible.

We also spend time improving our tooling, and tools for other developers. As one example we've recently vastly improved the source-map capabilities of the ClojureScript compiler and added reified keywords to the runtime to make ClojureScript a better citizen on the web. We do it because we want to give back to the communities that have enabled us, because it helps us, and because it's interesting.Looking for an engineer who loves the craft, who cares about building product, and is excited about helping customers.

Interested in working with Reactjs, Om, and functional programming in the client? We're building a team that's able to reduce complexity others balk at into simple, easy to reason about system, so we can continue to move quickly and delight both customers and ourselves.

This is both UI and backend work.

Languages: Clojure, Clojurescript, Javascript. sean @ zenboxapp https://www.zenboxapp.com

bjelkeman-again 2 days ago 0 replies      
Akvo is a rapidly-growing, entrepreneurial non-profit foundation with a big mission. Our tools are already positively disrupting the ways that development aid is allocated and reported in a sector that has been historically adverse to change.

Akvos staff are based in multiple locations. We have a head office in the centre of Amsterdam with hubs in London, Stockholm, Washington DC, Nairobi and New Delhi. We also have people working from home in numerous other locations around the world. Where you are is not as important as who you are and what you can contribute.

We think job satisfaction comes, more than anything else, from working with great people on exciting projects. Akvos team is like no other, with motivated and talented people whose diverse backgrounds converge to accomplish shared objectives.

Open positions

UI designer / developer

If you are a UI designer / developer with startup experience wanting to contribute to make the world better, please read on!

We are seeking a skilled, self-motivated, pro-active and energetic UI developer / designer with a sense for data visualization. Reporting to the lead designer, your primary responsibility will be to create and ensure a consistent, usable, and beautiful UI throughout our software platform, which includes web applications, desktop applications and mobile / tablet applications.

You have to be able to adapt to a fast changing environment where multi-tasking is a must. You will be required to design and develop functional user interfaces as well as keeping the brand consistent across the organization and a range of different products.

Being part of a continuously growing team is essential to maintain and improve the quality of our work.

Akvo creates and runs open source internet and mobile services that make it easy to bring international development work online. We focus on project and programme dashboards, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and making data easier to share.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Akvo is a non-profit foundation that works with more than a thousand organisations around the world.We are looking for someone to be based in Helsinki (primary), Stockholm or Amsterdam. You must have a work permit already to work in one of these locations.

Please send your CV along with a cover letter to loic@akvo.org

Web developer, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Akvo is hunting for the right full-stack developer to complement our existing technical team. We are experiencing a huge demand for our suite of open source software products, and need to increase our capacity as a team to be able to continually meet the expectations of our working partners.

To be suitable for this position you need to have experience working in modern Web Frameworks (such as Python/Django), in addition to an interest in and an understanding of the latest and upcoming web development strategies and solutions. You should feel confident in delivering complete code based solutions to provided problems and documenting the work that you do.

Were looking for someone eager to accept a challenge, and willing to enhance and improve their own skills while continuing to contribute to the group effort. Due to working in a globally distributed team, you should be an active communicator with the flexibility to encompass the variety of culture and working styles.

Core skills: Python/Django, Java, HTML/CSS, SQL, Ubuntu.Please send your CV along with a cover letter to adrian@akvo.org

Software Developer

We are looking to hire a software developer to join our Akvo FLOW team.Akvo FLOW is one of our core software products. It is a Java based open source platform to collect, manage, analyse and display geographically-referenced monitoring and evaluation data. (Learn more about the Akvo Platform)

We have some fun, and interesting, problems to solve and we want you to help us fix them: How can we maintain and extend a complex tool with a lot of moving parts (a mobile Android app, a Web platform, map displays) while keeping it simple and enjoyable for people to use? Double down when they need to be able to use it in areas of the world with low, or inadequate, web and mobile connectivity? How to move towards a service oriented architecture, upgrading one component at a time, while keeping services running?

Youll be working with our international team, based out of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki or remote at UTC to UTC+2.


Design, develop and support open source Java based web applications/servicesSupport the development and release processWork with legacy code as well as new developmentsWork with multiple languages Java, JavaScript, Clojure


Experience with developing Java based web applicationsExperience with JavaScript (MVC frameworks)Experience with web technologies (HTML5/CSS3)Some experience with Clojure and/or functional programming is desirableAbility to work in a distributed team in a self-disciplined manner is expectedDVCS (git)

You must have a work permit already to work in one of these locations. Please send your CV along with a cover letter to ivan@akvo.org.

RichardPrice 2 days ago 1 reply      
Academia.edu, San Francisco, CA

Academia.edu is trying to improve the way that scientific publishing works. Here is the current way it works. A scientist does some experiments and writes up a paper. He sends it to a journal who sends it out to two or three peer reviewers. They peer review it, which means writing a page of comments on it, and recommending either accepting or rejecting it. Usually you get a few journal rejections and the average time-lag between finishing the paper and its being published is 12 months. Then the paper is behind a paywall and people have to pay $35 to read it.

Our view of scientific publishing is that when you finish the paper you should post it immediately on the internet. Peer review should be done post-publication, and it should be done by the community, reddit-style, not by just two or three people. We believe peer review will be more robust that way. And the paper should be openly and freely accessible for anyone to read, along with the data and any accompanying materials like source code.

We believe that this will speed up science, and accelerate research into curing diseases, reducing infant mortality, and discovering clean energy amongst other things.

We are a mission-driven team based in San Francisco. We have raised $17 million from Khosla ventures and Spark Capital. Bijan Sabet from Spark Capital writes "We believe open science is really important. We believe Academia.edu is going to have a profound impact on the world." Over 7 million academics have joined Academia.edu, and 800k plus join up each month.

If you are a mission-driven person then you may enjoy the atmosphere at Academia.edu and the problems we are working on.

We are looking to hire full stack software engineers. Technologies we use include Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Mongo and Varnish. Our office is in downtown San Francisco. For more information, visit http://academia.edu/hiring. If you are interested to learn more, please email Richard Price at richard [at] academia.edu

bitsweet 2 days ago 0 replies      
FULLTIME - Assembly (assemblymade.com) - San Francisco

We're hiring Front-End and Ruby Engineers to help us build foundational pieces of the Assembly platform. Assembly's collaborative platform enables the creation of a new class of software products; where anyone around the world can help collectively build, retain ownership, and receive prot for their contributions.

Were currently a small 5 person team in San Francisco that has recently secured a healthy financing from top-tier investors which will enable us to tackle the enormous challenges of creating a meta company (a software company that creates software companies). You would have a direct hand in helping us shape the future of work and unlocking the power of independent creators.

We believe in progress over consensus, strong opinions weakly held, moving fast is best even if it breaks things, and we make what we measure - but you'll have the opportunity to add your own lessons to that list. We work alone and we work together; meaning we believe the best know how to get things done on their own, as well as how to work in a team. Everyone on the team is responsible for self directing their work and has a tremendous impact on our shared success.


* Understand pain points, come up with solutions, and then prototype, iterate, and launch frequently.

* Strong opinions on testing & code quality.

* Over 3 years experience with Ruby.

* Experience with Heroku, ElasticSearch, Postgres, or Redis a plus.


* Free meals.

* Flexible work hours.

* A great vacation policy.

* Stand up desks, mac book pros, cinema displays...Buy or build your ideal work environment

* A sunny office space.

* Competitive salary and equity package.

* 100% covered health benefits.

Were located in Mission, San Francisco, CA. Please apply by sending any work, resume, github username to jobs@assemblymade.com

adambratt 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Benzinga is looking for a Django developer, a front end dev, and a Drupal dev either REMOTE or local full-time in Detroit, MI.

We're a financial media company, a poor man's - lest we say everyday man's - Bloomberg competitor, and a financial product SaaS all forged together into a powerful trident that is attacking the high seas of Wall Street in a relentless pursuit of transparency.

And conquer we shall! We've grown 100% quarter over quarter all last year. Our team has surged to 30+ people and the waves of revenue washed together to form a rushing roar with just one of our products going from nothing to $100k/month in just 9 months.

Being a media company we find our way into all kinds of cool stuff. Our office is furnished with things like a $3000 high-end bed that was sent to us to review. We got to talk to and get pictures with Warren Buffett and Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs) when they came to Detroit last week.

But, you interject, finance is one of the toughest startup seas to sail upon! The old boys club runs an ironclad ship with no visible decks for boarding. Avast! We've built a battering ram of a business in just a few short years that has pummeled its way deep into the heart of Wall Street. Old Ironsides has warmed itself to Benzinga and once a taste the thirst cannot be quenched.

We've recently became Microsoft's premier finance partner alongside 3 other companies, all worth over a billion dollars and established for years. As of this Christmas season we will be installed by default on 500 million desktops and tablets via Windows 8 Finance. No download necessary. That's right mateys, we're in the source code.

And if you happen to trade or invest yourself you'll find us inside almost all of the major brokerages in the US.

So, where do you fit in this rigging, you swashbuckling scalawag? Well, our team is crazy ambitious, motivated, and experienced with shaking shit up. If you know your tech, and want on deck this is the place to do it. Your exact technical background and language of choice doesn't matter as much as your motivation and your ability to adapt quickly. We are a young team and we're especially looking for sailors who've got some salt in their whiskers who can help us scale from millions to hundreds of millions.

Why be a ninja when you can be a pirate? This ship is forging a new course, send an email to dev-us@benzinga.com to board!

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San Francisco - Red Hot Labs - http://www.redhotlabs.com

We're on a mission to revolutionize how mobile developers harness their data. Our product, still in beta, functions as the central hub for all the services mobile developers already use. By weaving together the data from these disparate services, we gain a comprehensive view of the app and are uniquely positioned to deliver insights and value back to the developer.

This isn't our first trip around the block. Our previous startup was acquired by Zynga and our core technology turned into FarmVille and the rest of Zyngas most successful games. It was a wild ride and now were full steam ahead on a new adventure.

We're looking for passionate, energetic, highly talented engineers to join our team. By becoming a foundational member of our team you will help shape the direction of our product, company and culture. Were believe in constantly challenging ourselves to learn new things and would love to teach you what we know and learn from you as well.

We want all members of the team to be full-stack engineers and well-rounded individuals. But, we're especially excited about the following profiles:

Senior Product Engineer: You've built products from concept all the way to maturity. You're as opinionated and influential about product as you are about coding. You're a master at JS/CSS/HTML and customer facing technologies. Bonus points if youre on-top of your front-end frameworks like Angular (which we use!), Ember, or Meteor.

Senior Systems Engineer: You've architected and scaled backend systems to millions of users. You've put out every kind of fire and learned a lot in the process. You understand the tradeoffs of different data stores, server architectures, and low-level services.

Senior Data Engineer: You've built models which extract insights or predictions from large, living datasets. You can engage with a dataset in an unfamiliar domain, grasp the dynamics of the system and impress subject area experts with your result.

Stupendous Junior Engineer: You don't have years of working experience, but you have handful of mind-blowing personal or school projects. You were among the best students at a top tier engineering university. Your TA's and classmates gush about your code.

Does this sound like you? Send us an email at: jobs@redhotlabs.com

Or, learn a little more about us here: http://www.redhotlabs.com

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Scribd (YC '06), San Francisco - H1B, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

Scribd ("Netflix for eBooks", top 100 website, 40 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century.

We've hired SIX full-time people and TONS of interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS (we're a top 10 eBook app, with a 2 person iOS team)

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations - think Netflix prize, but for books!

* Data science / data analysis (SQL guru?)

* Internships: junior standing or above. We hire several interns every summer and year-round.

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!). Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire, and we love hiring people with entrepreneur and startup ambitions. We are also always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

We recently launched a service that's being called the "Netflix for books" and are really excited about it. Read more here: http://wrd.cm/1dJquzz

More info is at http://www.scribd.com/jobs, but as a HN user, feel free to apply directly by emailing me at jared at scribd.com.

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Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factuals location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factuals real-time data stack. We were recently named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Facebook, Yelp, Trulia, and Newsweek.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop.

You can email me personally at jake@factual.com, or view our job postings and apply directly via Jobvite:

Los Angeles/SF Bay Area Software engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oQR1Vfwn&s=Hackernews

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Intercom (https://www.intercom.io/).

Intercom is a simple, personal messaging service for businesses and their customers. Used for marketing, sales, support and product, Intercom is the easiest way to reach your customers.

Our mission is to make web business personal. We believe that the future of customer communication requires not increasingly complex, impersonal point solutions, but rather a simple, seamless platform that feels a lot more like Facebook than Salesforce.

People love our product:https://twitter.com/intercom/favorites

The company is just over 2 years old. It has over $30MM to-date from Bessemer Venture Partners, and the Social+Capital Partnership.

The team is currently 46, comprising people from Apple, Box, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yammer, Microsoft, and PayPal.

Intercom is installed in thousands of web products and is connected with many millions of end-users. The company has been experiencing double-digit monthly revenue growth from the start.

We intend to fundamentally change how internet businesses and their customers interact.

For a full list of jobs see our careers page: https://www.intercom.io/careers


Software engineers: https://www.workable.com/j/9A06A2D028

Product designers: https://www.workable.com/j/32B8BD914B

Success engineers http://intercom.workable.com/jobs/3412

Marketing designers: https://www.workable.com/j/F38239DCA4

Software engineers(interns): https://www.workable.com/j/FAA77D5FF1

Data analysts: https://www.workable.com/j/0734A1424E

Office manager: https://www.workable.com/j/B8DDA2E2C4

Executive assistant: https://www.workable.com/j/BF0FA1DA02


Product Managers: https://www.workable.com/j/B306D705BF

Visual designers: https://www.workable.com/j/202064E5FA

Android engineers: https://www.workable.com/j/2B044EEB80

Product designers: https://www.workable.com/j/3CD022F97F

Software engineers: https://www.workable.com/j/0D0544C466

Graduate software engineers: https://www.workable.com/j/4264D3CB92

iOS engineers: https://www.workable.com/j/38B689A8E3

Systems engineer: https://www.workable.com/j/2479E3FE05


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Washington, DC -- Industry Dive -- http://www.industrydive.com/

We are a two-year-old, mobile-focused B2B media company. We publish news and information for business executives in a variety of industries.

We currently have several openings:

* VP of Content to lead our (growing) editorial team.

* Full Time Business Writer/Editor.

* Online Media Sales.

* Freelance writers able to commit to several stories a week.

* App Development Intern (iOS/Android).

* Editorial Internship

Job descriptions are here: http://www.industrydive.com/company/jobs/

But if you think you have something to add our team but don't see a job description that quite fits, send me an email and lets talk. I'm also generally free for grabbing a coffee and just talking or an informational interviews or whatever you want to call it. (Especially if you're willing to come out to the Dupont Circle area.)

Questions? Send me an email: eli-at-industrydive.com

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New York - CB Insights http://www.cbinsights.com

We are using data to predict the health & momentum of startups, VCs and emerging industries.

Our customers love us - http://www.cbinsights.com/customer-love

As does the press - http://www.cbinsights.com/press

Deemed one of NY's 15 enterprise companies to watch.

We have been bootstrapped to seven-figure revenues (recurring subscription revenue). We're a real company.

We're looking for:

- Industry Analysts (tech & life sciences)

- Front-end developer

- Data visualization folks

- Data scientists

- Account managers

- Inside sales

All jobs detailed here - www.cbinsights.com/jobs

If interested, send your resume to info@cbinsights or to me directly at asanwal@cbinsights.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd (Hackney, London, UK)=======================================

Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd is looking for Python developers and front-end engineers.


  - Python, html, css, javascript programming experience  - Ability to self-lead, a lot of the time you will be deciding for yourself what to work on.  - Ability to look at big picture architecture as well as small details code.  - Any experience in DevOps is attractive as we handle the full stack.  - 2-3 Days in London (Typically at Hackney Picturehouse) every week, rest from home.
About the company

  - We have a relaxed, family-friendly culture.  - We contribute to open-source projects, with any non-sensitive code being available for ope
n-sourcing - We have real customers -- who care about the product and use it every day - Free cinema tickets, tickets to premieres, discounts on food prepared by the chef, free soda and barista made coffees - Flexibility in hours and home working (2-3 days/week)

What Python is used for:

  - We use python for almost everything  - Full stack cinema system from POS, ATM to public websites, and internal admin apps.  - A distributed, fault tolerant system so different parts of the business continue to sell i
n case of failures. - We sell 25K+ tickets and 30k+ transactions every day across 60+ cinemas. - We send around 500,000 emails a week - We run quite a few websites.

If you are interested, drop me a line - vikram.b at picturehouses.co.uk

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Monetate - Conshohocken, PA (Philly suburbs) - No remote, but we will relocate. Monetate helps digital marketers make their content more relevant. We turn data into action on our clients' sites by doing real-time data analysis and DOM manipulation to put the right experience in front of their users. Were looking for engineers who want to do highly visible work on great brands and solve tough problems with great coworkers.

What we're looking for:

* People who like to ship - we're focused on building and shipping great products - if you like to see your work in production quickly you'll see it here. We ship often (every two weeks), and iterate.

* Problem solvers who like to code - we take things apart, figure out how they work, then build software to solve our users' problems.

* People who like hard challenges - we have great problems across our products - huge data sets, UX, 3rd party Javascript, high volume / low latency APIs - we have no shortage of fun problems to work on.

About us:

* Founded in 2008

* Respect - it's our core value. We have a great team and we work well together. Our vacation policy is the same as Netflix (we don't have one). Our technical project teams are self-organizing and have full authority over (as well as responsibility for) the problems they work on.

* Open source - Google Closure, Python, AngularJS, Pandas, Redis, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr and Lucene - we're open source across our stack

* Funded by First Round Capital and OpenView

* Market rate salaries

We've hired great people from HN before, and we're looking for people not positions. We have people who have joined the team with no background in our primary languages and people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Check out our blog at http://engineering.monetate.com/ Send me a message if you have questions or want to apply: karl at monetate dot com

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ClassDojo is used by over 15mm teachers and students to manage behavior in the classroom, using real time feedback and rewards that can also be shared with parents. We're an edtech startup with funding some of the biggest names in the valley (Jeff Clavier, Ron Conway, General Catalyst, Mitch Kapor...), and we're one of the fastest growing education companies of all time. We're the only non-YC company that Paul Graham has ever invested in.

We've built a product that makes a real difference and gets huge engagement with millions of kids, and we're about to take it to the next level, hopefully with you on board. We have a strong team, an extremely comfortable and relaxed environment and great salary + benefits. If you're a strong hacker who wants to use JavaScript to change the world, apply here:

  --------------------------      https://classdojo.wufoo.com/forms/join-classdojo/      --------------------------    
Or email jobs@classdojo.com. You can read about the work and environment here:


We're particularly looking for:

  * Senior Engineer (iOS)  * Senior UX Designer  
Apply here:


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Izooble - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Looking for an experienced full-stack web developer.

At Izooble, we believe that the best programmers are all-rounders. We're currently in the going through a total rebuild of our architecture and technology, while we're re-targeting our app to the web. You would be involved in all aspects of this responsive, mobile-first web application. We are re-inventing product search, which means a large amount of challenging problems related to data and search technology. The vast majority of technical decisions on both the front-end and the back-end are still to be made, so you will be able to have a major influence on the Izooble app and business.

The dev team is small, currently consisting of 6 people, including 3 great interns.

What we're looking for in a candidate:

    * Allrounder: a wish to do both front-end and back-end programming.    * Experience with at least 2 programming languages and a wish to learn more.     * A strong interest in software design and architecture.       Demonstrable experience with architecture, or a deep desire to learn.    * We care deeply about a good user experience, and we expect that you can       think along.      with the designers and concept developers on this.    * Interest in coaching and supporting interns. Bring good engineering       practices with you and teach them to the team.
Izooble is a Social Recommendation Platform for products in which people use their social networks to nd, share and buy products online. With Izooble, users get 100% personalized search results and 100% relevant content in their wall, without privacy issues and free of advertisements.

We're organised as a distributed company, currently with people in the Netherlands, Portugal and Poland. Anyone with a permit to work in the EU can apply, as long as they're willing to come over to Eindhoven every month or so.

More info on http://izooble.com/jobs.html

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San Francisco, Remote - Heroku - http://heroku.com/jobs

We have tons of openings right now. We are growing our team significantly this year.

I'm not a hiring manager in any way, but I'd love to work with more awesome people here at Heroku!

trevoragilbert 11 hours ago 0 replies      
We're Hiring at Prismatic (getprismatic.com)

The office is located in SOMA in San Francisco.

Frontend Engineer at Prismatic: iOS, Web, and Android.http://boards.greenhouse.io/prismatic/jobs/5971

Strong CS basics in data structures and algorithms. Strong engineering;thoughtful design and clean code. Graphics, browser, games, or animationexperience a big plus.

A front-end engineer that has a strong computer science background, but wantsto focus on product engineering rather than backend systems. You dont want tojust take off the shelf UI components, but want to explore new interactions.You arent afraid to dig under the hood of iOS frameworks or browser code inorder to make an animation or interaction feel natural and smooth.

Backend Engineer at Prismatic:http://boards.greenhouse.io/prismatic/jobs/5976

Prismatic is a great place to be a backend engineer - we analyze millions ofshared web pages every day, automatically classify them into tens of thousandsof topics, and serve up personalized feeds in real-time using our homegrown,lightning fast, machine learning-based relevance engine. We are looking togrow our top-notch team, with both junior and senior-level positions available.

We are looking for engineers with deep interest and knowledge in at least one area core to our business (i.e., distributed systems, ops and tooling, machinelearning, designing and building new product features). Were a small team, soyou will have the opportunity to have a lot of impact, and to learn from peerswho are extremely talented engineers, computer scientists, and data experts.Our backend is written entirely in Clojure, a JVM-based LISP that is a dream towork in. Almost none of us knew it before we joined, and we dont expect you toeither. We do, however, expect the following:

- You live and die by good abstractions. You know that they can make the difference between easily understandable and maintainable code, and a spaghetti mess.- You think about edge cases and performance implications, and anticipate future needs.- You read and understand existing code before diving in and adding your own. You re-use existing code whenever possible, cleaning it up as needed to be more generally useful.- You know when to do it fast, when to do it right, and how to find the best compromise between the two.- You recognize that we are all stewards of the codebase, not owners. You leave code better than you found it, and you fix bugs without grumbling about whose they are.- You are a team player who enjoys discussing ideas and implementations with other engineers.

Heres a small sampling of the things you will be working on as a member of the Prismatic backend team:

- Making our crawlers and document analysis better and more comprehensive- Building out new product features in our API - Solving tough systems problems to help us scale reliably and robustly- Building and improving Machine Learning systems for ranking, document analysis, and more- Creating tools to assist development and ops - Shipping some of the best open-source Clojure libraries out there, and working with the community to make them better

abuggia 2 days ago 1 reply      
Localytics - Boston, MA - FULL-TIME, INTERN, H1B

Localytics is hiring:

  - Mobile Engineers  - Rails Engineers  - Front End Engineers  - Backend End Engineers  - DevOps Engineers
About Localytics:

* We provide app analytics and app marketing services for thousands of apps on over a billion devices

* We have the buzzwords: Big Data + Data Visualization + Mobile

* We are one of the fastest growing companies in Boston and were recently named one of the top places to work by The Boston Globe.

* We are passionate about and have deep expertise in the technologies we work with including: Rails, AngularJS, D3.js, Scala, iOS, Android, Mapreduce, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Memcache, Redis, Column Store Databases, AWS: DynamoDB, S3, SQS, EMR, ElasticCache and EC2.

* We are located next to Park Street Station on the Red Line.

We love candidates who:

* Prefer startup environments.

* Are passionate about technology.

* Enjoy influencing the direction of the product and technologies.

Successful candidates may help us with:

* Web application development - Help us expand our analytics and marketing automation offerings.

* Prototyping - We still do a significant amount of customer development and R&D.

* Writing automated tests - Help us expand our code coverage and improve our Continuous Integration system.

* Writing background jobs and data processing - Move data and perform calculations using cron, Sidekiq and Ruby.

* Front end development - Expand our CSS framework, build screens and libraries in AngularJS and build charts, graphs and other cool visualizations using D3.js

* Back end development - wrangling big data using Scala, AWS and several storage technologies.

Candidates of all experience levels encouraged to connect with us: jobs@localytics.com

More details: http://www.localytics.com/company/localytics-jobs/

Recent HN posts from our engineering team:

  https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5525531  https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7075763

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The Honest Company - Hiring Software Engineers - Santa Monica, CA (INTERN yes, REMOTE no, H1B transfer maybe)


About us

The Honest Company passionately believes in creating not only effective, but also unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products for babies and homes.The growing product line is comprised of eco-friendly diapers (with super stylish designs) and a natural line of bath, skincare, home cleaning, and organic nutritional supplement products all packed in convenient bundles that can be customized, personalized, and conveniently shipped whenever needed.

We're growing really fast with over 170 employees as of our 2nd birthday two weeks ago (http://instagram.com/p/jSqeESMujh/) and have raised $52 million to date.

Our awesome office:

-- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/02/jessica-alba-honest...

-- http://www.lonny.com/magazine/October+2013/xC34VaNFEkE/1#28

We like to have fun - http://instagram.com/p/efoaU_Muud/


Positions Available

We are continuing to expand our engineering team and hiring for the following positions:

-- Full-Stack Engineers

-- Front-End Engineers

-- Back-End Engineers

-- QA Automation Engineers

Send resume to: Justin Ricaurte (justin@honest.com)


Our stack:

-- Ruby on Rails backend for our E-Commerce Site (Python and/or Node.js experience perfectly fine)

-- Angular.js and themed Bootstrap on the front-end

-- Our warehouse currently runs off an in-house created Ruby server

-- TDD with rspec, capybara, and jasmine tests keeping things stable

-- Datastores - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached

-- iOS app in the app store - Honest Baby


What will we look for in you?

We want to see someone who will take initiative to support the company's mission of delivering safe, eco-friendly, beautiful and affordable home and family products to all current and future customers. Someone who is known to smile and crack a joke while working on a difficult problem. You take pride in your work, deliver clean, well-tested code and are able to communicate with your teammates about your work and find creative ways to improve code and processes. We like to cross-train everyone to be full-stack engineers, so if you're back-end or front-end, we would also like you to want to learn the other side while working for us.

If this sounds like the type of place you would have a lot of fun working at, contact:

Justin Ricaurte (justin@honest.com)

paf31 22 hours ago 0 replies      
DICOM Grid - Phoenix AZ, or REMOTE, no H1B, US only - JavaScript Developer

DICOM Grid, a SaaS start-up in the healthcare technology field, is looking for a JavaScript developer to maintain and enhance DICOM Grids front-end medical image sharing and reading web application. You will report to the Director of Dev Ops.

Familiarity with modern front-end web development is essential, including but not limited to HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, LESS, JQuery, Underscore, Handlebars, Backbone. Experience working in the medical industry (DICOM, HL7, PACS, etc.) would be a bonus, but is not required.

The ideal candidate would be able to work independently with minimal supervision, and be enthusiastic about keeping up-to-date with the latest web technologies.

The team is distributed with team members working remotely in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Boston, and New York.Position Responsibilities

- Plan, evaluate, implement, test and document new features and bug fixes for the DICOM Grid web application.

- Work with other development team members to integrate with backend services.

- Work with DevOps to deploy code into our production and UAT environments.

- Work with customers and professional services to gather requirements.

- Conform to company standard operating procedures.

What qualifies you to join?

- A combination of a college degree in CS, Math, Physics, or related, relevant work experience, and/or a strong open source portfolio.

- General interest in the healthcare field.

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

- High enthusiasm and desire to work on an entrepreneurial team.

- Roll-up-the sleeves attitude is a must.

- Meticulous attention to detail with strong organization skills

- Heavy emphasis will be placed on problem solving skills, personal initiative and good people management/relationship skills. Sense of humor is mandatory.


- This is virtual position, you must be able to work from home effectively

- Base salary and stock options depend on experience; health insurance, paid holidays and vacation are part of the package.

Send your resume along with links to your StackOverflow, GitHub profiles, etc. to pfreeman+hn@dicomgrid.com. For bonus points, include a solution to the following short task, including code in JavaScript or the frontend language of your choice: given a JSON object conforming to the schema { value: ..., collapsed: (true|false), children: [...] }, where children is an array of objects conforming to the same schema, and a function render taking values to DOM elements, layout the information for read-only display, with the ability to expand/collapse individual nodes. The aim of the exercise is to demonstrate familiarity with Javascript, so a very basic UI is all that is needed.

wgx 2 days ago 1 reply      
London or Birmingham, UK - Droplet

We are looking for someone to refine, scale, and take ownership of our core infrastructure at Droplet. You will be instrumental in the direction of our platform implementation and architecture choices.

Experience in the following is desirable, although we love quick learners!

* Web application security principles

* SOA systems

* RabbitMQ

* Ruby

* Docker

* Chef

* Continuous integration/deployment

* AWS suite of products


* Totally flexible working hours and location

* Opportunity to actually build stuff

* Unlimited holiday

* Salary up to 40k p/a depending on experience

* Participation in our employee share options scheme, for the right candidate


OmarIsmail 2 days ago 0 replies      
Streak.com (YC S11) - https://www.streak.com - San Francisco

Hiring full time engineers. Were a small and nimble company working on email for businesses.We're growing fast (our user engagement has been doubling every 4 months).

Were trying to make email better for business users by adding a layer of metadata and UI to existing email systems.Were built on top of Gmail and we help business manage all their processes (sales, hiring, fundraising, etc.) inside of Gmail.

At Streak, youll be able to: - work on incredibly challenging front end infrastructure. Were a sophisticated web app built on top of the most sophisticated web app out there - Gmail. Were also planning on exposing our Gmail infrastructure to 3rd parties so you can help build a platform to build apps on top of Gmail. - work on a product that people use everyday for 28% of their day. - work on iOS and Android apps for email that are integrated into apps people already use or by building our own

Obviously: - Great compensation and real ownership (both equity and over the product) - Well make your life easier. Our benefits package is amazing - Were well funded by elite silicon valley investors

Our requirements: - you love working hard, not just for financial rewards, but for the opportunity to grow personally - you are intellectually curious

Wed love to hear from you at hiring@streak.com, please send us samples of anything youve built.

russell_h 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, Austin, San Antonio TX

We're solving hard infrastructure problems at Rackspace, and building products that other developers use and love. We're looking for smart Linux/Python software engineers located in San Francisco, Austin or San Antonio, who want to sell awesome tech, not advertisements. We'll relocate you if needed.

About our team:

    - We love Linux and open standards.    - We solve problems with software and hardware. We love hardware.    - Our favorite GUI is ssh/bash, preferably served grey on black.    - We deploy to many data centers all over the globe.    - We have a hot key for everything.    - Some of us have never dragged or dropped anything.
About you:

    - You have strong opinions on concurrency models.    - You are an intellectually curious US-based hacker.    - You want to have an enormous impact on a product developers love.    - You know what an architecture astronaut is and you're not one.    - You want to learn from us and you have something to teach.    - You've managed your own memory on multiple occasions (successfully).
We need help with:

    - Running software at scale. Running it well. We want to re-invent a data center.    - Hacking on OpenStack/Python, especially on Nova.    - Systems-level hacking: PXE Booting, BMCc, iDRACs, hardware management.    - Controlling the new generation of network devices and SDNs.    - Good knowledge of Python is helpful but not mandatory.
If you're a hacker who're generally unhappy with the state of cloud hosting - or generally with hosting - and want to do something about it, we want to talk to you.

If this sounds like you, let me know: russell.haering@rackspace.com

chair6 17 hours ago 0 replies      
HP Cloud Security - Seattle, WA or Bristol, England


HP Cloud[1] provides OpenStack[2]-based cloud solutions and services to a wide range of customers. Our growing Security team is responsible for the security of the HP Cloud OS[3] product and HP Public Cloud services.

We have several positions open at present:

- Security Architect [4]

- Security Engineer (Operations) [5]

- Application Security Architect [6]

- Compliance Program Manager [7]

Message me with questions or see more details through the links below.

[1] http://www.hpcloud.com

[2] http://www.openstack.org

[3] http://www8.hp.com/us/en/business-solutions/solution.html?co...

[4] http://h30631.www3.hp.com/seattle/engineering/jobid4515682-h...

[5] http://h30631.www3.hp.com/seattle/engineering/jobid4515684-h...

[6] http://h30631.www3.hp.com/seattle/engineering/jobid4515683-h...

[7] http://h30631.www3.hp.com/seattle/engineering/jobid4515681-h...

dylandrop 2 days ago 0 replies      
Remote / NYC - ControlShift Labs - http://www.controlshiftlabs.com/

We are an organization devoted to building web tools for progressive activists and nonprofits worldwide. Right now we have two main products that we've been working on -- an online petitioning and campaigning tool, and a donations platform is in the works. Our clients include 350.org, Greenpeace India, and 38 Degrees. To get a sense for what we do, you can view the petitions platform in action here: http://campaigns.350.org/

We're looking for part-time and possibly full-time web developers. We're located in both NYC and Buenos Aires -- a small and remote Rails company. We generally prefer those who work in the same time zone, but we still would like to talk to those who might live in different time zones.

Experience with Rails is preferred, but not necessary. Drop us a line at talk - at - controlshiftlabs.com

harper 2 days ago 0 replies      
Chicago - Modest, Inc - http://modest.com

We are building a platform to power the future of commerce.

Currently, we are hiring for:

* Mobile engineers types* Design types* Generalist hacker types* Data/Modeling types

We are a very small team and are building a great company. Located in Chicago, IL - we are open to remote workers.

Email me harper@modest.com or jobs@modest.com.

madprime 2 days ago 0 replies      
Back-end web developer - Cambridge/Boston or New York City strongly preferred - PersonalGenomes.org 501(c)(3) / Open Humans (openhumans.org)

As the Senior Software Engineer at PersonalGenomes.org you will work on the Open Humans Network, a project that aims to help people aggregate and share their health and trait data to advance scientific, educational and humanitarian causes.

Our model for this initiative is the work weve done on the Harvard Personal Genome Project (PGP), which has over 3,000 volunteers publicly sharing extensive biological and trait data, including hundreds of whole genomes, exomes, and genotyping data sets, over 1,000 health records, microbiome datasets from various bodily habitats, device data, brain imaging, etc. This combination of a highly informed and engaged community of volunteers and their contributions of extremely rich biological and health data, along with a network of collaboration-minded researchers, is an incredibly powerful scientific and educational resource that is unrivaled elsewhere. We will build on this momentum with this exciting new initiative that will transform participatory research and advance human health.

Our current hiring position is focusing on someone with back-end web development skills, as we have plans to work with a design firm for initial front-end work. Because we plan to develop open source software used by researchers, we believe Python (which many scientists use) is generally preferred.

We're looking for someone who...

-- Is interested in building and managing a full-stack website. As the Senior Software Engineer, your expertise will be an important factor in decisions about what kind of technology is used and how its deployed.

-- Has used multiple programming languages to build production systems (e.g. Python, JavaScript, Ruby).

-- Is experienced with back-end web development (e.g. Rails or Django).

-- Is comfortable managing Unix servers, cloud-based services and has opinions about how to store and disseminate large datasets (currently around 50TB total, although we would start with managing <10GB).

-- Works well in a small team of developers and scientists.

-- Loves science, participatory research, and free/open source ideals.

-- Believes in our mission!

About PersonalGenomes.org: PersonalGenomes.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to generate, aggregate and interpret human biological and trait data on an unprecedented scale. PersonalGenome.org's mission is to make a wide spectrum of data about humans accessible to increase biological literacy and improve human health. Its efforts are informed by values encouraging greater transparency and collaboration between researchers and participants. The organization supports the Personal Genome Project (PGP) global network. The first PGP research study was founded at Harvard Medical School in 2005, and PGP sites now exist at leading institutions in four countries. We also produce the annual Genomes, Environments and Traits (GET) Conference. More information is available at www.personalgenomes.org

About Open Humans: We have years of practical experience, thousands of participants, and diverse data sets accrued. What we need now is an experienced developer to help us build a site for participants and researchers to manage and publicly share this data. Think of this as a nonprofit startup project!

Read more about Open Humans at http://openhumans.org and apply for the position by contacting us: Jason Bobe (jason@personalgenomes.org) and Madeleine Ball (mpball@gmail.com)

maxprogram 2 days ago 0 replies      
Palo Alto, CA

Seeking fellow developer to help build the Google Maps of history

Im working on a project, similar to OpenStreetMap or Wikipedia, with the goal of mapping the world throughout history (and seeing maps change over time). Getting to this point requires building a crowdsourcing community around historic map data.

Im looking for other talented hackers to work with, preferably with experience in Javascript/Node. More importantly others who are interested in history/mapping and in solving challenging problems.

email: max at atlastory dot com

transmit101 2 days ago 0 replies      
Android engineer - London - Mixlrhttp://dev.mixlr.com

Mixlr is a fast-growing platform for social live audio with millions of users across the world.

We would like an experienced engineer to join our small, passionate team and take responsibility for bringing the Mixlr experience to the Android world.

The app will include live audio streaming, chat, discovery and all the key features that mobile users already enjoy in our successful iOS app.

You will have experience of building at least one non-trivial native Android app. The following attributes would also be advantageous:

* dedication to designing and building fantastic user interfaces

* knowledge of live streaming protocols, especially on mobile

* passion for music apps and/or audio programming

* experience working with JSON and RESTful APIs

* broad knowledge of different Android devices

* experience with test-driven development

* proficiency of at least one other language apart from Java, especially: C, C++, Ruby or JavaScript

For more information please see our dev portal: http://dev.mixlr.com

kaielvin 2 days ago 0 replies      
Pirate3D is a Singapore-based kickstarter-funded startup building a consumer-oriented 3D printer, the Buccaneer. We are building a large suite of software around the printer, and we are looking for multi-hat programmers in diverse fields.

To apply, try implementing some of the following tasks, and email them at career@pirate3d.com. We arrange flight and visa application for you (keyword: H1B, called EP in Singapore).

* 3D processing write a GLSL fragment shader that renders a sphere, cylinder and cube next to each other with lighting. The vertex shader should not be used and kept minimalistic. Include in the email a discussion about your approach and how it could be extended into an actual application.

* iOS/Android write a small application allowing to scroll through hundreds of images in the style of Windows Metro UI, but vertically and with circular loading (meaning the last items are followed by the first items, the first items are preceded by the last items, and so on).

* 3D processing write in your favorite language a program that scales uniformly the object of an STL file to the smallest size so that at least 99% of the points within the object can be contained inside a sphere of radius 1.0 that is entirely within the object itself. Include in the email some explanation of your approach and alternative approaches you could have taken.

* Security write in your favorite language or pseudo-language a program that encrypts a short message within a single UDP datagram for a destination with known IP, port, and public key. You don't need to write the code of the destination. Include in the email a discussion about the trade-offs between data overhead, processing time and security of your approach.

* More to come at http://www.pirate3d.com/career.

kapnobatairza 2 days ago 0 replies      
MaxSquare Inc.


New York City


MaxSquare is developing a suite of capabilities accessible through SMS, mobile apps or the web that allows local businesses to leverage what we call the "the local marketplace API". We believe there is a huge opportunity in developing a better way for local businesses to interact with their potential customers and vice versa.

We are well capitalized through angel investors and positioned to leverage several key strategic partnerships once the initial product offering has completed development.


We've currently in RAD mode developing our MVP. For our MVP, our backend is built in MySQL and a web2py framework for the application tier. The frontend app is built in Sencha Touch (that will eventually be wrapped in PhoneGap) that communicates with the backend with a RESTFUL api. The backend and API is being developed in-house while the front-end is currently being contracted out.

We are looking for our #2, #3, #4, and #5 technical hires.


We are located in an awesome private brownstone building that we have all to ourselves with a garden, kitchen, a nice break room, in a quiet neighborhood on the UES of New York. Mostly empty right now, with ample space to create an ideal work environment.

Founder title and meaningful equity stake.

Excellent health, dental and vision benefits.

Stocked fridge, free breakfasts, lunches, snacks, seamless & postmates in the office.

Flexible work hours, no counting vacation or sick days. Choice of MacBook Pro or 2xCinema Displays (or whatever equivalent you want).

Build/choose your ideal workstation!

No forced work environment or corporate culture: All we care about is building the product and nurturing a very hacker-friendly culture. We are 100% hacker owned and operated.

A business that puts solving the problems of our customers first. Our investors and team only care about one thing: Building the best product possible. We care about creating technology that keeps small local businesses in their neighborhoods. Because who wants to live in a world where every other building is a bank, megabrand or franchise?


A world-class engineer passionate about building beautiful and, more importantly, useful products using bleeding-edge technology.

Someone who thrives in a startup environment and wants to be involved in building a company from the ground up.

Someone who pays attention to details, a perfectionist who is driven and comfortable working with rapidly evolving products. You are proactive about improving our products and you are able to prototype and iterate quickly.


--- CTO

Our current CTO will be moving into the COO role. We are looking for candidates with a strong full stack pedigree in web and mobile app architecture and will be responsible for designing a scalable architecture, overseeing product development and providing technical leadership.

Compensation in the range of 100-200K.

--- Backend Engineer

Will be responsible for writing and maintaining the back-end.

Open to developers with expertise in any modern technology stack - as long as you can make a case for it.

Must be able to collaborate and work with frontend engineers

Being able to support and work with the current back-end framework in MySQL and web2py is a major plus.

Expertise or knowledge in machine learning and/or natural language processing a plus.

Must be comfortable writing lots of code.

Compensation in the range of 50-100K

--- Frontend Engineer

Must be able to work with the currently contracted devs to finish the MVP in Sencha Touch, and possibly for future releases while in transition to moving to a native mobile app.

Must have a high level of proficiency in either native iOS or native Android development. Proficiency in both is a plus.

Must have some level of proficiency in desktop web frameworks to support a future release for desktop web browsers.

Must be able to coordinate with our backend engineer, so some knowledge of back-end architecture and APIs is required.

An eye for and/or competency in UI/UX design a huge plus.

Must be comfortable writing lots of code.

Compensation in the range of 50-100K

--- UI/UX Designer

Will be responsible for evolving our brand as well as the product itself.

Will be responsible for conceptualizing and creating a distinctive and elegant UX, UI and style guide that will be used across our products.

Must have proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, or equivalent visual design tools.

Must be able to work with other developers to translate mockups into products, so some knowledge of front end markup code (HTML,CSS,JQUERY,etc.) is a plus or must be willing to learn.

Must have an eye for clean, beautiful, intuitive design that can translate basic AND complex solutions into fast and simple to user interfaces and user interactions.

Must understand that when it comes to UI, less is more.

Must be passionate about typography, icon design, color, imagery and graphic elements.

Must be passionate about the design of "everyday things".

Will have the unofficial title of Chief Design Officer and in charge of improving company aesthetics (stationary, letterheads, email templates, merchant collateral, business cards, office interior design/decorations).

A talent for creating beautiful and accessible ways to visualize data is a big plus.

Compensation in the range of 40-100K.


Drop me a line if you think you'd be a good fit: michael AT max2.com

jonbischke 2 days ago 0 replies      
Entelo - San Francisco (SOMA), CA - Full-time - http://www.entelo.com/

Entelo helps companies build great teams by allowing recruiters to search for the most talented people across the web. With over 300 million social profiles in its database, powerful search to surface relevant candidates and patent-pending technology to help discover candidates who may be open to new opportunities. Our easy-to-use collaborative tools help streamline the recruiting process and allow recruiters to spend time more effectively and efficiently.

Our team is small, but growing so you'll play an integral role in building something meaningful. We work hard while respecting that our colleagues have well-rounded lives, and we strive for a diverse, welcoming, and respectful environment. We have over 100 customers including Box, Yelp, Square, ESPN and Groupon and announced our series A round of funding last summer http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/19/entelo-the-big-data-recruit...

Some of our perks include $300 headphone allowance, 100% coverage of employee health care premiums, 1:1 matching for donations to non-profits, and catered lunches.

Current openings:

Marketing: http://www.entelo.com/careers/marketing/content_marketing_ma...

Engineering (Data): http://www.entelo.com/careers/engineering/data_engineer

Engineering (Full-Stack): http://www.entelo.com/careers/engineering/full_stack

Sales: http://www.entelo.com/careers/sales/inside_account_executive

Customer Success: http://www.entelo.com/careers/customer_success/director

Were in a beautiful open office in SOMA right across from the 4th and King Cal-Train station and near AT&T Park.

I'm the founder and you can email me directly at jon at entelo dot com or call me at 310-351-7275.

robbiemitchell 2 days ago 0 replies      

New York, NY (Union Square) - full-time

Knewton personalizes digital course materials by figuring out exactly what a student knows and what she should do right now. Knewton provides the tools and infrastructure needed to create continuously adaptive learning applications driven by real-time proficiency estimation, activity recommendations, concept-level analytics, and more.

Knewton has been recognized globally as a "Technology Pioneer" (World Economic Forum in Davos) and one of the world's "50 Most Innovative Companies" (Fast Company). Global leaders Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Cengage, Macmillan Education, Cambridge University Press, and more have already signed on and are now integrating the Knewton API into their products. More at http://www.knewton.com/about/press/



Some specific openings:

* Mathematics Content Expert - Adaptive Instruction - http://bit.ly/1dUmMfQ

* Data Scientist - http://bit.ly/1ijlYXc

* Lead Software Engineer - Full Stack - http://bit.ly/1fw9TNg

* Senior Software Engineer - Natural Language Processing - http://bit.ly/1b8rmJD

* Senior Software Engineer - Java, NoSQL - http://bit.ly/1dgCL86

* Software Engineering Internship - http://bit.ly/1cTBTaP

* System Administrator - http://bit.ly/Ll9PF0

* Senior Project Manager - http://bit.ly/1i3cONJ

* Senior Product Manager, Analytics - http://bit.ly/InFqoH

--> For more follow http://twitter.com/knewton_jobs

jetsnoc 2 days ago 0 replies      
Idaho (remote or on-site)

  KickBack Rewards Systems  http://www.kickbacksystems.com  http://careers.kickbacksystems.com
I'm a senior manager at KRS. We're a bootstrapped and profitable start-up. We're building a nation-wide coalition loyalty program and already have thousands of clients and thousands of locations on the program. Our clients include a half-dozen Fortune 50 companies - one that is an anchor partner in our coalition loyalty program. As the Director of Software Development I need some help! You will be joining a medium sized team of 11 developers. If you are interested in any of these positions my contact information is under my profile.

Data Scientist

We are looking for a world-class data scientist to get in to the minds of our customers. Your job will be to analyze our "large" data-sets, identify patterns, determine consumer sentiment and provide them with incredible offer. Looking for someone with extensive programming and modeling experience using the Hadoop ecosystem. At KickBack you will research and implement new scalable learning algorithms and data mining techniques including sequential data models, variable discretization, feature extraction, selection, and construction. Machine learning a plus. We're looking for an expert someone we would consider a "game changer" and are paying accordingly.

Back-end Developer

We're looking for a pro that can create scalable back-ends. Message queues, concurrency and fault tolerance should be second-nature to you.

Front-end Developer

We're looking for an expert in Angular whom can pair with our aforementioned world-class back-end developer. Heck, if you aren't an angular pro, anyone with amazing front-end skills will do, you can pick-up our framework or suggest a better one as you work in to the role. UX skills a plus. Like any start-up, we're big on usability.

Mobile Developer

We're looking for two mobile developers. We have a specific vision for our mobile platform and have already moved past html5 interfaces to native applications to improve performance.


(Multiple positions) We're looking for a Hadoop cluster administrator and an overall DevOps engineer proficient in Chef, Celery, Message Queues, Networking, BGP AnyCast, etc. We'll always train the right candidate so junior developers and candidates fresh out of a university are welcome to apply.Thanks!

ipster 20 hours ago 0 replies      
AllTrails and AllSnowhttp://alltrails.com http://allsnow.com

FULLTIME Rails / iOS / Android Engineers / DesignersSan Francisco (preferred) / Los Angeles / NYC / Remote / H1BAllTrails is hiring! We're building Yelp for the outdoors - the best way to discover and share hiking trails and outdoor activities around you. We're helping people rediscover the outdoors and having lots of fun in the process. Camping and snowboarding benefits, anyone?

We just launched our brand new site in partnership with National Geographic (http://alltrails.com/partners/national_geographic) and have the #1 outdoors app in the Apple and Android stores (try searching for 'Hiking'). We also have the #1 Snow sports app on iPhone.

Our company was AngelPad incubated, is funded by 500Startups and consists of a strong team from Google / Microsoft / Facebook with previous startup experience. We also have the author of an O'Reilly Android book, and a core committer to Homebrew on the team. We're looking for exceptional full stack Rails and mobile developers (Android and iOS) and designers.If your idea of sunlight is more than just sitting in front of a really bright monitor all day, we'd love to hear from you!

http://alltrails.com/jobs or jobs@alltrails.com

zackbloom 2 days ago 0 replies      
Boston - HubSpot - http://dev.hubspot.com - INTERN

HubSpot is hiring frontend (Javascript/Coffeescript/Backbone) and backend (Java) engineers to build software to change how businesses market and sell their products. We are engineers, and understand that the best work is done when the creators have the freedom to build the right product in the right way. We also believe in engineers owning their part of the product or infrastructure completely. Finally, we take a lot of pride in having a supportive and fun culture full of entrepreneurs. If you're in Boston, I'd love to give you a tour of our office and give more details, get in touch: zbloom@hubspot.com

lknix 15 hours ago 0 replies      
Big Data/Distributed Systems Software Engineer

AppMonsta - REMOTE

AppMonsta collects massive amounts of data about mobile apps and turns it into actionable metrics for a wide variety of business customers ranging from investors to health care companies to startups. We really love data, building distributed systems, and helping people understand complicated market dynamics through our data.

We're looking for a distributed systems/big data software engineer to join our distributed team. You'll take ownership of our crawl & data pipeline, keeping them running with high uptime, scaling them up to handle load, and adding new data sources and new features to help our customers make even better decisions. Experience with distributed systems and/or big data is a huge bonus - we're looking for people that have a good intuition about what good architecture looks like, and who can grow into leadership roles.

Our current tech stack is mostly Python, Linux, AWS (EC2, S3, & EMR mostly), MongoDB, Celery and Redis. If you haven't worked with individual pieces of this before it's fine - we like working with smart people that are comfortable working in a distributed systems/big data/cloud environment. We're happy to help you get up to speed with anything you haven't seen before. We practice peer code review and continuous deployment on all our code and systems.

Our entire team works remotely. We're very flexible about where and when you work, as long as you ship code, keep systems online, and are reachable by other team members for part of the day. We stay in touch via a team chatroom and weekly team video chats, with impromptu 1-on-1 video chats whenever there's a detailed issue to discuss. To make this work, you'll need to be in a compatible timezone (between PDT(UTC-08) and CET(UTC+1)), and be very fluent writing and speaking English. Like getting out of the house to work? Ask about our mobile Internet subsidy:)

This is a full time, longterm opportunity. If this sounds exciting, send us an email at jobs@appmonsta.com, and we can get the conversation started.

joshyeager 2 days ago 0 replies      
Frederick, MD (near DC) - Swift Software - Product Support Engineer

Are you looking to escape your long commute to Washington DC or Northern Virginia? Swift Software is a growing product-centered B2B software company seeking a talented product support specialist or software engineer to join our team in Frederick, MD to help us support our broad base of happy customers.

Our product is an advanced task management and workflow system with a long track record of customer success. Youll work with new and existing customers to help them learn how to get the most out of our visual workflow engine. Youll also help them troubleshoot problems and build new systems, and youll gather their feedback and use it to help us plan the future of our product.

Unlike other companies, product support is a first-class member of our organization. Our support team and developers work side-by-side, and our support team is a key contributor to product design. In addition to helping our customers with current issues, our support team also spends time improving our product, documentation, and processes to prevent future problems and streamline our customers experience.

We have built an enjoyable and collaborative culture and a creative environment. We interact positively and openly with each other, emphasize learning and professional development, and encourage respectful debate and creative tension.

If this sounds interesting to you, please check out the links below.


njs12345 2 days ago 1 reply      
Citymapper (London, UK) - Help build the world's best transport app!

(Python, iOS/Android, JavaScript, etc)

We're looking for great people first and foremost, but here are some of the things we make:

* Client experiences that people love. We have iOS, Android, and web apps.

* An omnivorous transport data processor. We fuse together loads of data sources (of wildly varying quality) to give people the information they need in a growing number of cities around the world. We use a lot of Python.

* A fast, scalable stable of servers. We have a large user base which relies on us to give them snappy answers every day. We use Saltstack.

* A psychic city brain. We're digging up patterns in urban data to tell people the answers they need to know about their commute before they know the questions.

If you want to help us with these things and other yet-to-be revealed madcap schemes, we want to hear from you!

http://citymapper.com/jobs - or drop me a line at nicholas@citymapper.com if you just want to talk :)

lost-theory 1 day ago 0 replies      
Lumosity - http://www.lumosity.com/ - San Francisco, CA

We are looking for software engineers on the rails team and operations team (the team I'm on)!

Lumosity provides brain training games to improve the minds and lives of our 50 million users worldwide. Lumosity.com is one of the largest consumer rails apps and has a team of really smart engineers and product people building it.

If you're interested, please read the job descriptions and apply through jobvite here:

Senior Software Engineer (Rails): http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oW7PVfwx&s=SWE_HN

Senior Ops Engineer (DevOps): http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oX7PVfwy&s=DevOps_HN

We also have a bunch of other job positions at http://www.lumosity.com/jobs for engineers (iOS, Android, Flash) and others (UX, marketing, internationalization, product management). If you have any questions at all please email slieberman@lumoslabs.com and put "Hacker News" in the subject!

martian 1 day ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, Thumbtack, Software Engineer

Thumbtack is a new way to hire local services, e.g. photographers, tutors, or home contractors. With millions of users and an active consumer base across the US, we're riding the proverbial rocketship with insane month-over-month growth figures. If you want to join a company that has ridiculous growth, opportunity, but also impact on the real world, Thumbtack might be a good choice.

Some things our users are saying: "I owe my business to you", "50% of my business is from Thumbtack", "I can work less and earn more with Thumbtack." We help small businesses build their client-base. And on the flip side of the marketplace, we help consumers find just the right person to do the job with minimal effort on their part.

H1B is great. :-)

We're a human-focused company: we brew beer, eat meals together (cooked by our in-house chef), and otherwise enjoy the usual startup perks in downtown SF. But we maintain a serious perspective about our software, engineering discipline, and experimental rigor.

If you're in SF, I'm happy to meet up for coffee: email chris @.


wschroed 1 day ago 0 replies      
St. Louis, MO - Business & Technology Applications Analyst I (entry level position) - The Genome Institute - 26988

The Genome Institute at Washington University has an opening for a talented software engineer in the Bioinformatics group. The position will work with an experienced group of software engineers to develop software supporting the tracking of laboratory data and analysis processes to support large scale genomic research projects.

The ideal candidate has a talent and love for writing software, is interested in developing that skill, and applying it in a production environment. The candidate will be expected to learn new things on a regular basis, think critically, and collaborate with other developers across groups. The environment is fast-paced and a person who likes to get things done will find a lot of opportunity.

The Genome Institute has been at the forefront of genome research since its inception in 1993 and has been a part of major scientific projects such as the Human Genome, 1000 Genomes and TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) Projects. The Genome Institute is a world-leader in the generation and analysis of genomic sequence data and uses this data to extend biological knowledge of the human genome and provide clinically relevant sequence analysis aimed at understanding human diseases (such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease). In addition, the Institute fosters public understanding of genomic science through various educational and outreach efforts.

Washington University in St. Louis is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and encourages applications from women, ethnic minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

Degree or certification from a technical school or college in computer programming required; experience in computer programming and/or relevant DBA experience may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for required education.

Design, testing, debugging, and problem analysis are a regular part of the work. Skills in abstract software design, object-oriented architecture, relational data modeling, and web interface design will be used frequently, which will require thorough knowledge of each concept. The applicant will use these skills to develop software that will: interface with people and/or laboratory equipment, process and analyze large data sets on a compute cluster, and provide intuitive web based interfaces to the specifications of the laboratory managers and technicians.

Proficiency in dynamically typed languages (Perl, Ruby, Python, Lisp, etc.) is a plus, but not required. Understanding of relational databases and SQL will be helpful. Experience with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and approaches such as REST and AJAX is an asset. Regular work will be done in GNU/Linux and other UNIX-like development environments. Familiarity with open source technologies, version control software such as git, and programming in a network environment are also assets.

This position is full-time and works approximately 40 hours per week. The salary will be commensurate with experience.


* Retirement Savings Plan

* 22 vacation days

* 8 Paid Holidays

* Sick Time

* Tuition benefits for employee, spouse and dependent children

* Free Metro Link / Bus pass

* Free Life Insurance

* Health, Dental, Vision

* Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

* Long Term Disability Insurance

* Flex Spending Plan

* Other Benefits - Med School HR website (http://medschoolhr.wustl.edu/)

Please email your resume and a code sample to me, William Schroeder (wschroed), at genome.wustl.edu. You may also apply through the official channel (you can do a basic search for job number 26988): https://jobs.wustl.edu/

amwelles 1 day ago 0 replies      
Raleigh, NC, USA

Coalmarch is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and provides its services to the United States and Canada. Our ideal candidate will live in Raleigh, NC or is willing to move in the near future. We are seeking exceptional people to join our team and be part of something amazing. If you think you have what it takes lets talk. No calls please!


PHP Developer -http://coalmarch.theresumator.com/apply/kZezfR/PHP-Developer...

Coalmarch is looking for a PHP Developer to work with our web development team in creating user friendly, well structured, and scalable software- on-time and with minimal defects.

We are looking for a developer that is an expert in PHP/MySQL and has experience working with a CMS, preferably Drupal. Our ideal candidate enjoys staying up to date on the latest technologies and trends and enjoys leading a team.

We want someone who can provide guidance and insight on development techniques and methodologies. Our ideal candidate writes clean, well-engineered code that conforms to accepted standards within the Drupal community.


Front-end Developer -http://coalmarch.theresumator.com/apply/BqFb5E/FrontEnd-Deve...

The job of the Front End Developer at Coalmarch is to create and theme websites utilizing the Drupal framework.

We are looking for a full-time front-end developer with content management experience (including CCK, views, JQuery, PHP, and CSS) to help us better serve new and existing clients. The ideal candidate would be interested in furthering their development skills and would enjoy working with Drupal (our preferred CMS).

Our ideal candidate has an eye for design and good UX. They dont have to be a graphic designer, but they should understand the basics, and know how to implement them. We want someone who enjoys documenting their work whether it is commenting code or logging details into Basecamp (our project management system).


Local Search Specialist -http://coalmarch.theresumator.com/apply/0DvO8R/Local-Search-...

The job of a Local Search Specialist at Coalmarch is to research and execute exceptional local search strategies for our clients.

The Local Search Specialist will be keenly aware of how Google works and changes and will be able to explain the implications of changes to the team. They will have a passion and understanding of microformats, schema, rich snippets, and social signals that impact local search results. The local search specialist will be responsible for analyzing and executing clients SEO strategies.

The ideal candidate will be a team player and is interested in the bigger picture of how search impacts local-based businesses.


Account Coordinator -http://coalmarch.theresumator.com/apply/BAp4wT/Account-Coord...

The job of an Account Coordinator at Coalmarch is to provide amazing customer service to our clients, manage their expectations, and communicate their needs to the team.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is very organized and can manage website projects and inbound marketing clients. The account coordinator will work with the development and marketing teams to keep projects organized, on time, and on budget. The account coordinator will collaborate with the teams to manage capacity and keep the team focused on their priorities.

This position will be in touch with a lot of areas of the business. We are looking for someone who can work in a fast-paced environment and maintain a great attitude towards our clients, team members, and vendors.

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Squarespace - NYC (INTERN yes, REMOTE no, H1B yes)http://www.squarespace.com/About us:

* Since 2004, Squarespace has offered a fully-hosted environment for creating and maintaining a website. Known for its sophisticated yet easy-to-use interfaces, Squarespace's do-it-yourself tools allow creative professionals, businesses, bloggers, and web developers to quickly and easily create and maintain professional, high-quality websites.What were looking for:

* Software Engineers - To work on various projects related to building features into the platform, the underlying system powering millions of websites, e-Commerce, and data/analytics. - You should be strong in Java and/or JavaScript - Some other technologies we use: MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Jersey, Memcached, Guice, YUI3, jQuery, Elasticsearch, WebGL

* Front-end Engineers - Seeking engineers with strong design sensibilities who are interested in crafting some of the most sophisticated UIs on the web. - Advanced skills in HTML/CSS and JavaScript (bonus if youre familiar with YUI3) required - Bonus: Interest if not experience working further down the stack

* Senior Android Engineer - Help us build beautiful Android apps - Expertise in Java & strong understanding of the Android SDK a must - Successfully published several apps to the play store - Must be passionate about Android and excited to evangelize the platform both internally and externally

* Developer Evangelist - Evangelize our developer platform both in person and on the web by presenting at conferences, blogging, writing technical tutorials, etc. - Must be a great communicator, have solid skills with web technologies like HTML/CSS/JavaScript, & bonus points if youve built a Squarespace developer site

* Customer Acquisition Associate - Grow our subscriber base with profitable, brand-appropriate placements while executing display, e-mail, sponsorship, PPC, and other marketing programs in partnership with our business category managers. - Previous relevant customer acquisition experience is required along with Excel & SQL knowledge.

Wed love to hear from you, feel free to reach out directly to learn more or with any questions - swood at squarespace dot com

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Mountain View, CA

Refresh is hiring full-time developers and designers up and down the stack.

Who we are:Refresh Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup, and weve raised $10M in funding. Our current team is pretty awesome and includes some ex-Googlers, ex-Microsofties, ex-Yahoo, ex-LinkedIn and ex-Salesforce folks, vets from startups, tech book authors, PhDs, along with Stanford and Harvard grads. We're a super strong team that cares about how our code runs and cares that users simply love our mobile app.


What our mobile app does (available for IOS now - try it!):

Refresh delivers real-time dossiers from data across the web about the people you meet. We grab data from over 40 sources (more every week!) to give you an edge in every meeting you have.

Who were looking for:We're looking for passionate and capable engineers to add to our already great team. Are you excited about working with smart people who are motivated and driven? If you want to be part of building a start-up from the ground up and have an impact on things every step of the way, we want to hear from you.

Java Developers (server side)

Work on our back-end system that pulls, on-demand, data from dozens of data sources (in parallel), parses and semi-structures the input, creates and packages the results to be shipped back to the user device. Needless to say we care about performance (a lot). If you do too, send us a resume!

Were hiring across the experience spectrum from new grads to Senior Engineers. For more experienced engineers, you have years of experience on large Java projects with high-performance requirements. For new grads, you have a few significant Java projects you can show us. If you are awesome in some other language but willing to learn Java - we're happy to talk to you too.

IOS Engineer

Contribute heavily to the conceptualization and design of Refresh on the iOS Platform.

2+ years of iOS software development and iOS7, Core Data, Core Graphics and Core Foundation for iOS experience. Published iPhone and/or iPad applications in the App Store (or something far enough along to be able to show us).

Web Developer (front end)

Develop innovative large scale, robust web-based applications/projects, and build a web app that mimics the Refresh iOS and Android mobile experience.

Experience programming in HTML5, CSS3, Advanced JavaScript, AJAX. Website development & Mobile Website development and Image and HTML coding optimization for email.

Android Engineer

Contribute heavily to the conceptualization and design of Refresh on the Android Platform. Interface Android client with Refreshs extensive back-end intelligence systems.

2+ years of Android software development and Android sdk, ndk, apk packaging experience. Strong Java language skills. Published apps in the Play store (or something far enough along to be able to show us).

QA Engineer

Automated and Manual testing. Writing and executing automated tests for both web and mobile environments. Implementing and creating regression systems.

3+ years testing web and/or mobile apps with coding experience and familiarity with Java, Javascript, and/or Objective-C. Hands-on mobile automation experience. Part tester, part bug-hunter and when appropriate, bug fixer.

QA Tester

Manual front-end testing of mobile apps in iOS and Android environments.

3+ years of experience testing mobile apps (web apps a plus), with rock solid knowledge of bug tracking and writing/following test plans and test cases. Knowledge of front-end technologies such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a plus.

Visual Designer (for Android)

Focusing on our Android app, you will play a critical role shaping the future of Refresh. You will work closely with the existing User Experience team to adapt our design for Android specific interactions.

Extensive experience in designing the UI for Android and iOS apps. You should have a passion for creating simple, clean designs with an element of delight.

Why you want to work with us:Awesome team, cool culture, top of the line dev machines, brand new office (killer views), free lunches, and more!

Refresh your relationships with our app and Refresh your career by working with us!

More information at: www.refresh.io/jobs/

Apply at: jobs@refresh.io

H1B transfer applicants welcome.

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CodeHS: Software Engineer in San Francisco

CodeHS is a site that helps teach computer science to beginners with a focus on working with high schools. We work with students and schools all over the US and all over the world. Make a big impact on a small team in an exciting space.

See more at http://codehs.com/jobs

We are a company with a social mission, and we believe that we can help make computer science more fun and accessible to high school students. If you are a programmer, but also consider yourself a teacher--or if you love coming up with creative ways to explain things--or if you want to work on a meaningful project instead of programming widgets at the widget factory--then send us an email. You can email me at jkeesh@codehs.com

We're a small team of 6 with funding and a business model and soon to be a lot bigger. We have a monthly team hackathon (and recently had one for 150 students and teachers at Facebook http://facebook.com/codehs ), and are always thinking of ways to make working more fun.

See what students and teachers say about CodeHS: http://codehs.com/testimonials

How We Start Teaching:

We start teaching programming with "Karel the Dog," a dog that lives in a grid world and only knows four commands: move, turnLeft, putBall and takeBall. We use karel to teach that computer science is about problem solving. We start in JavaScript, but use a thin teaching library because we believe in teaching concepts over syntax.

Try it out and let us know what you think at codehs.com.

Our site is built in python, django, JavaScript, and we're on ec2.

CodeHS was recently a winner at NBC's Education Nation and has been featured on the Today Show and a number of other places.

Thanks! Jeremy


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Buildzoom.com - San Francisco, CA (INTERN no, Remote/H1B no)Buildzoom is a YC company, we raised our seed money about a year ago (http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/25/yc-backed-contractor-direct...) and are thinking about series A, probably in 6 months.

Our team is fairly small (Only 6!) and mostly tech (4 ppl). We share our office with 3 other YC company. It's less than a block away from the Montgomery Bart station. There are plenty of restaurants to eat for lunch and bars for after works.

We often have poker night with other YC folks.

We are hiring for 4 differents positions.(http://www.buildzoom.com/jobs):

- Front-End Developer

- Customer Relationship Manager

- Remodeling Broker

- Economic Analyst/Journalist

Our team is pretty awesome and very talented. If you're in the Bay Area and are interested, come say hi!

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MakeGamesWithUs (https://www.makegameswith.us/, YC W12) - NYC, SF, Boston

Summer Academy Instructor

You will be teaching primarily college and high school students how to build their first product: an iPhone game! Our curriculum covers Objective-C and Cocos2d, but also product design, prototyping, user testing, analytics, and more. The MakeGamesWithUs Summer Academy is where students go from having tinkered with CS to falling in love with it and your job will be to teach and mentor them throughout. What were looking for:

- Passion for teaching and teaching experience

- Strong CS background and industry experience building real products

- Existing knowledge or ability to learn (prior to summer) technologies used (Objective-C, Cocos2d, Git, SpriteBuilder)

- Were hiring 2-3 instructors per location and would like at least one female instructor

You will need to come to California (we will pay your travel expenses) for at least 2 weeks of training in late May/early June and then you will be in your location for a week of setup + the 9 weeks the program runs - mid June to mid August. This is a fixed term 12 week full time job.

If youre interested, contact us - jobs@makegameswith.us

More info about our Summer Academy - https://www.makegameswith.us/summer-academy/

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Voltaiq - SF, NYC, or REMOTE - Full Time - http://voltaiq.io

Software Developers Deployment/Front-end/Full Stack

Battery performance is the key bottleneck slowing the adoption of electric-vehicles, renewable energy, and longer lasting more powerful mobile electronics. Voltaiq is developing a powerful web-based data analytics and visualization platform to enable better, longer-lasting batteries and other energy devices. Our core team is comprised of masters and PhD-level energy engineers, computer scientists, and machine learning experts. We have early customer revenue, and funding from the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Energy.

Voltaiq is looking for creative, experienced, and extremely talented software developers to join our team in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City. These will be our first hires, so youll be getting in on the ground floor of a fast-paced, customer-focused, product-driven startup. Your duties will encompass the full stack, from development through deployment.

We are looking to fill three positions immediately, and will give preference to those with a broad knowledge base and a strong desire to learn. Currently, were looking for:

* Deployment Specialist

* Front-end Developer

* Full Stack Web Developer/Generalist

Desired Tech Skills:

* Strong coding skills in one or more of the following: Python, Java, C/C++, Go.

* Front-end development experience: Coffeescript, Sass, Backbone/Underscore, Handlebars, Highcharts, D3.

* Solid understanding of a web deployment stack: Cookies, sessions, websockets, asset management.

* Experience using ZeroMQ or a similar asynchronous messaging system.

* Strong command of Linux and deployments on Amazon Web Services.

* Deployment experience: Salt Stack, Fabric, Nginx, uWSGI.

* Knowledge of Git and experience committing to a team code repository.

* Experience with MongoDB, managing mongo instances, and the mongo aggregation framework.

Other Prerequisites:

* Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Physical/Biological Sciences, Math or a related discipline. Advanced degree strongly preferred.

* Intuitive grasp of fundamental concepts and quantities in energy and power.

* At least 3 years of experience developing and shipping software.

* Willingness to travel occasionally for in-person meetings, conferences, and deployments.

* Strong team player with the ability to help build and work as a cohesive team.

Compensation: Competitive salary plus equity and full benefitsLocation(s): SF Bay Area, NYC

Email us a resume at jobs@voltaiq.io

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Connexity - Ventura, CA

We have a small, nimble team building an online advertising platform. Always committed to picking the right tool for the job, we have Rails, Scala, Postgres, Hadoop, HBase and plenty of Redis. Lots of juicy challenges to work on. Wrangling tables with billions of rows. Serving hundreds of thousands of requests per second. Just a normal day at Connexity.


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Kloudless (https://kloudless.com) - SF Bay Area (Berkeley)

Front-End Developer - Full Time

TO APPLY: email work@kloudless.com

Kloudless is hiring! We are a well-funded ($1M+) startup located in Berkeley, helping people work across cloud services easier. We launched earlier in May on the stage of TC Disrupt NYC and have ramped up with 20% growth month-over-month. We're backed by leading Silicon Valley angel investors such as David Sacks of Yammer and Tim Draper from DFJ.

With our latest round of funding, we are looking for a passionate and experienced Front-End Developer to lead our client-facing application development.


- A solid foundation in software development, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms and software design patterns.

- Passionate about elegant solutions. Non-DRY, spaghetti code and the like should trigger panic attacks.

- Excellent JavaScript knowledge and experience with client side MVC frameworks such as Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Ember, Knockout or Angular

- Excellent knowledge of current web standards: HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design.

- Experience working with preprocessors (CoffeeScript, Sass, Less or Compass).

- Experience with a dynamic deployment process (git version control, code reviews, bash scripts).

- Experience building and shipping code to production countless times.

- A good eye for design... no need to be a graphic designer, but need to know what a good UI looks like, and like to create a great user experience. Any design experience is a plus.

Essential: Drive to contribute at every stage in delivering the best software: brainstorming for roadmap, architecture, implementation, testing, shipment and maintenance.


We operate on the mentality of mutual trust for all of our projects. We have a flat team structure, and we expect everyones opinions when making decisions or brainstorming. The dev team has strong experience in web application development, distributed computing, machine learning and systems management. We love open source and have contributed to several projects including our own. Our backend technology consists of Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Storm, ElasticSearch, nginx, puppet, plenty of Python, a dash of Ruby and some Java and Lua for flavor.


- Macbook, external monitor, whiteboard desk and any other equipment you need

- All the food/drink you could stuff your face with.

- Great location: Were in the heart of Downtown Berkeley, half a block from BART and theres a great selection of restaurants nearby as well.

- On-the-Kloud team lunches/dinners.

- Team outings

- Subsidized gym membership

- Covered public transportation cost of traveling to office

- Monthly allowance to spend on cool stuff you want in the office


Shoot us an email at work@kloudless.com with your resume and/or any relevant links (Github, LinkedIn, Dribbble, personal websites, portfolio, etc.). If you can point us to an application you shipped that we could check out, that would be great!

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San Francisco, CA

MeCommerce/ThirdLove is hiring rockstar Mobile (iOS/ Android) Developers and Computer Vision Engineers to take the lead in changing the face of eCommerce through computer vision technology integrated into iOS and soon Android.

About us:

ThirdLove is focused on creating a truly immersive, highly-personalized mobile shopping experience that's all about the consumer. We developed and patented computer vision technology to help consumers confidently buy apparel that fits them best. By designing our own products and maintaining a complex supply chain, we offer an elevated product experience unrivaled in the apparel industry. We're funded by a long list of tier 1 VCs and angels. We're a motley crew of fashion designers, operations experts, computer vision scientists, and mobile and web engineers -- all working side by side to define a new generation of personalized eCommerce. Were looking for motivated, smart people to join our family of trailblazers who love big challenges and seek to add value every single day.

What were looking for:

- iOS/ Android Engineers- Computer Vision Engineers

PERKS:CompensationCompetitive salaryEquity401kCommuter benefitsCatered weekly lunchesHealthy snacksFresh baked gluten free cookiesMonthly fun eventsMonthly on-site massages

To apply, send a note to careers [at] thirdlove [dot] com and include your LinkedIn, GitHub, and/or any project portfolios. If you any questions, feel free to e-mail me directly at eugene@thirdlove.com

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FiveThirtyEight - Computational Journalist - New York

We're looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to architect and build systems that collect, process and present real-time data and predictions about sports, politics, economics, science and lifestyle topics; to create interactive features and data visualizations; and to design and develop tools and data management systems that will power the world's first data-oriented newsroom.

Candidates should be full-stack programmers, with deep experience using modern programming languages (Python, Ruby, Javascript), web frameworks (Rails, Django, node.js) and relational and document-based data stores (MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB).

Bonus points for experience working with government and politics data, a background in journalism or talent with statistics, information design or writing.

To apply, send an email w/ your Twitter and GitHub accounts to 538jobs@gmail.com with the words COMPUTATIONAL JOURNALIST in the subject line.

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Unlockable - http://unlockable.com/ - New York City (No remote or H1B)

Position: CTO

Unlockable (unlockable.com) is a seed-funded company looking for the leader of our tech team. You are: a true full-stack engineer who has conceived, built, and launched your own projects. You have effectively managed and delegated to a team and to yourself. Youll be the captain of the ship, getting it where it needs to be, on time and on budget. Your job will be to invent your role and build the team that allows you to fill it. You don't want to be the "tech guy" working with "business guys." You and the two founders will be the executive team, and together we'll all make decisions about the business.

Our Mission

Developers, publishers, and all sellers of digital content are missing out on billions of dollars. Thats because an enormous share of their audience often greater than 90% stops at the paywall. Unlockable helps change the equation for selling digital media, from games to apps to streaming services and beyond: by letting people pay with their time in a fun, ad-supported experience.

Our Product

Unlockable lets people pay for content by playing ad-based games. Anywhere a "Buy" button can go, an "Unlock button can go next to it. All of our games use only existing video ads with no additional production, making it extremely easy for brands to get started. Publishers can earn more revenue from their existing audience, brands get guaranteed engagement on existing video, and players get a free way to access paid content. See a walkthrough (narrated by Zach, the CEO) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV7lMxGMHaI

Our Progress

We have an upcoming launch with one of the largest mobile gaming companies in the world, with over 1 million downloads per day.

If you're interested or have questions, email me at paul@unlockable.com.

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Yahoo (Ads & Data) -- Front-End Engineers

Fulltime - Bay Area

Big things are happening here at Yahoo: EmberJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Underscore, Bower, Grunt, qUnit (yes, at Yahoo)

We want Front-end engineers who are excited about the bleeding edge of web application development.

We've started a big push to change our tech-stack and are making ambitious single page applications. We are just about to launch Yahoo's first EmberJS app Ad Manager Plus. It was announced [1] at Marissa' CES keynote. It's incredibly ambitious, highly visible, full of big data, and directly impacting the success of Yahoo.

Youre awesome because:

  - Someone in your life is jealous because you love JavaScript maybe too much  - You want to build single page applications with Ember  - Imperfectly written code keeps you from sleeping at night  - Canary isnt a bird to you; its a playground of wonderful new toys  - You could develop back-end stuff, but your keen understanding of user interaction is what sets you apart from the crowd  - Youre badass when working alone, but unstoppable when working with a team thats firing on all cylinders  - You like working with a functional style because forget verbosity
Were awesome because:

  - We have other UI leaders just like yourself  - We have the camaraderie of a startup, with all the nice perks of a big company  - The projects youll work on are incredibly ambitious, highly visible, full of big data, and directly impacting the success of Yahoo.  - We have disowned Internet Explorers first 8 children
sdumas [at] yahoo-inc [dot] com


[1]: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/yahoo-reboot...

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San Francisco ---> Hiring Sales Hackers (No Cold Calling -- Hunting for Deals in the 21st Century)

What's a sales hacker? Sales hackers have several personality traits: (1) First and foremost, you get a thrill from "the hunt" of selling, (2) you are extremely good at follow-up, (3) you are literate in technology (not necessarily a developer or anything, but you like becoming an advanced user of your tools, whether it's Gmail or Evernote -- and you follow the software industry), (4) you can't help but figure out ways to exploit systems for your gain, and (5) you understand enough about people to relate to them and you are good at asking pointed questions & listening (as well as persuasive pitching when the time is right)

About Us

We are the team behind Mokriya Craigslist. Time, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Xconomy, and a slew of tech bloggers raved about it. Check it out. http://craigslist.mokriya.com/

We are a team of engineers, UX designers, and thinkers. We have worked for some of the hottest tech startups in Silicon Valley, including Path, MixPanel, Threadflip, SimpleGeo, SideCar, etc.

Google has us on a list of best mobile development teams in the country so we get calls from them too.

More Details

We are looking for strong people who we can build a team on top of. Our immediate functional need is for Sales Development (ie hunting for qualified leads to send to the closers on the team), but we are building leaders. If you join us now, there will be lots of room for professional and personal growth.

We have a unique technology stack that will help you automate much of the tedious parts of this job so you can focus on the important part - phone and in-person conversations where you can get to know the prospect.

* No cold calling

* Learn best practices used by the best B2B software sales organizations on the planet (Salesforce, Omniture, etc.)

Send a note to careers@mokriya.com (I'll see it, I'm Adam. Sunil & Pranil, the co-founders, will see it also). Say hi, tell us a bit about yourself. We'll be most excited if you can sell yourself in writing.

Look forward to hearing from you!



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Salt Lake City, UT -- Lucid Software (http://www.golucid.co)

Lucid Software is building world class graphical applications in the browser and on mobile devices. Our first product, Lucidchart (http://www.lucidchart.com), is an online diagramming application with 1M+ users. We recently launched our second product, Lucidpress (http://www.lucidpress.com), which is an online layout and design application. Lucid is a startup founded by Karl Sun, a former Google exec, and Ben Dilts, our CTO. We're profitable and rapidly growing in every dimension of the business and need people to join our team. For fun we raft river rapids on company retreats, have Friday BBQs, and eat lots of pizza. Talent and ability to learn are more important than specific skills.

BACKEND SOFTWARE ENGINEER (all experience levels) - Lucidchart and Lucidpress run with various decoupled services in a Linux environment using Scala, MongoDB, AWS, and MySQL. At Lucid your responsibilities would include enhancing existing services, building new services, integrating with 3rd party applications and ensuring services are highly available, secure, and scalable.

   Requirements: - Talent - BS degree   Recommended experience: - Building large products / applications - Scala or Java - MySQL or other relational database - NoSQL      databases - Cloud computing (AWS)
FRONTEND SOFTWARE ENGINEER (all experience levels) - Lucidchart and Lucidpress are powered by one of the largest Javascript codebases on the Internet (about 250k lines of JS), optimized so that the user experience is indistinguishable from an installed native application. Come help us show the tech world what can be done on the web.

   Requirements: - Talent - BS degree   Recommended experience: - Building large products / applications - Javascript - Google Closure compiler/library - CSS/HTML/DOM    manipulation - jQuery - Native app development on Android and/or iOS
All applicants email resumes (and links to recent projects) to jobs@lucidchart.com.

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London, UK Fountain Digital Labs (http://www.fountain-digital.com)

We're working on the delivery of live video streams from our own camera installations around the globe into an iPad app for children. Both the client part (iOS) and the video processing backend (Python/ffmpeg) are being actively developed in-house. We're currently looking for a Python developer and Video Streaming Engineer, both full-time in London. Our office is at TechHub, in the heart of the Silicon Roundabout, but we'll be moving to the new office in the same area very soon.

The usual job description blurb is at our landing page http://www.fountain-digital.com, just wanted to add that we're a well funded one year old company, with product prototype ready, now approaching first public release. It's nine of us, with five people located in London. These will be our first hires, so your influence on the end product is only limited by your own capacity. For the same reason we're super serious about picking the right people and should we find them, ready to treat them very well with interesting engineering tasks and cookies.

It's great to work here, really. If you want to ask anything about the product, technology, or simply wanna say hi, drop me a line (I'm the CTO), my email is in the profile.

tmfknightly 2 days ago 0 replies      
The Motley Fool - Alexandria, VA (DC suburb) - http://techspandex.fool.com

Work with Glassdoor.com's #1 Midsize Company to Work for 2014 and join us in helping the world invest - better.

We're looking for software developers, front end web developers, web user experience designers, and web/dev operations experts with expertise in...

For Web Engineers: Web server farms, load balancing, caching and automation technologies like Varnish and Salt, and Win/Lin systems.

For others: Python/Django, C#, Javascript, Angular/Node JS, HTML, CSS, Sass/LESS, Responsive Design, and PostgreSQL/Microsoft SQL/MySQL.

If this sounds like you and you're ready for a unique approach to hiring, check us out here:


sahillavingia 2 days ago 0 replies      
Gumroad (https://gumroad.com/) San Francisco, CA

Gumroad enables all types of creators (musicians, designers, writers, video game developers, comedians, filmmakers, and more) earn a living by selling their work directly to their audience.

See a demo: https://gumroad.com/demo

The company is 2 years old. We're a tiny team of 10 folks focused on making a great product over anything else we've raised $8M and don't have to think about raising money for a while (besides the money that we raise daily from our customers!).

You can see more definitive roles here, but in general we are looking for smart, hard-working, creative people: https://gumroad.com/jobs

You can apply through there or email me directly with links to a couple of things you've built sahil@gumroad.com

choult 2 days ago 0 replies      
Reading, UK - DataSift - http://datasift.com

We are a provider of social media data on the firehose scale - we are one of only a small number of companies who are reselling the Twitter firehose; we also provide a number of sources including Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress, Wikipedia and Sina Weibo to our customers via a single API, filtered through complex rules (now including tagging suitable for applying machine-learned scoring) and delivered via a number of integration methods. We also store a number of sources which are available for querying using the same filtering language.

Our production languages include PHP (the firehose passes through that many times!), Java, Scala, C++ and Python, and our technology stack includes Hadoop and ZeroMQ.

We are currently looking for a number of engineering and product positions including Data Scientists, Sales Engineers, Product Management, DevOps and PHP Engineers.

For more information, and to apply: http://jobvite.com/m?3S35egwZ

originalgremlin 17 hours ago 0 replies      
Mountain View, CA. Relocation available to the right candidate.


StoryClouds mission is to become the leading provider of cloud-based operating systems. Our system empowers people to take control of their digital lives on any device, everywhere.

Since this project is at an early stage so you will have a large influence on the overall architecture of the StoryCloud platform. Your reasoned thoughts about internet-scale system design will always find a receptive audience.


Hadoop HBase Developer - http://www.authenticjobs.com/jobs/19665/hadoop-hbase-develop...

We think modularity, flexibility, scalability, and security should be concerns from the start of a project, not tacked on as afterthoughts. The schema-less nature of HBase allows massive flexibility in the data model chosen with corresponding risk of fragmentation and disorganization. You will be our shepherd of cleanliness and quality and order.


Java API Developer - http://www.authenticjobs.com/jobs/19666/java-api-developer

We cannot overstate the importance to of a quality API to the usability of our system. A clean API is pleasing to use and encourages developers to write apps for our platform. An organized API feels obvious, not arbitrary. A flexible API design allows us to grow our feature set indefinitely. At StoryCloud you can help us build something beautiful.

hunvreus 2 days ago 0 replies      
Remote or one of our offices: San Francisco, CA - Shanghai, China


We build products at the intersection of technology around data. Lots of data visualization, big data and infrastructure.

We work with large organizations on challenging problems (the World Bank, the United Nations, CNN) OR on our own products (mostly developer tools, things like http://devo.ps or http://octokan.com).

We are a multicultural team with French, American, British, Chinese, Korean, Dutch and Finnish colleagues. We are about to settle a third office in Berlin and are looking at remote hiring in Spain and Seoul.

We work a lot with Javascript (node.js, AngularJS), Python, occasionally Go and Erlang. Lots of single page apps, APIs and infrastructure automation.

We are looking for full-time or interns:

- Developers; front-end (HTML5 + Compass + AngularJS), backend (node.js, Python), ops (Python, Go).

- Designers; you have design chops, understand technology (HTML/CSS...) and do more than nice pictures (content strategy, color theory, ...).

- Strategist; you can quickly immerse yourself in a new field of knowledge, have a knack for data and are quick at recognizing patterns. You are a jack-of-all-trades that can think a solution and get it shipped, either alone or with a team.

- Marketing; you have what it takes to grow a brand or product online and understand how to leverage online and offline tools to get there.

- Business Development; if you are in Washington DC, Berlin or Paris, understand enough of our space and would like to help us grow our services, shoot us an email.


Drop me a line at job@wiredcraft.com, or go to http://wiredcraft.com/careers.html

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At Cruise (San Francisco), we're taking the pain out of your commute. How? By making your car drive itself.

We're hiring machine learning experts, machine vision experts, and smart hackers. Also looking for a mechanical engineer and industrial designer.

Email kyle@getcruise.com

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Apportable (YC W11) - http://www.apportable.com/ - San Francisco, CA

We are bringing Objective-C to Android devices! Apportable is 53 people (primarily engineers), and we are expanding quickly. Here are some of the roles available:

* Platform engineer - Implement and improve the Objective-C libraries that power our platform

* Release engineer - Ship bestselling apps using our platform

* Developer tools engineering - Extend and improve open source engines including SpriteBuilder (http://www.spritebuilder.com) and cocos2d (http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/)

* Developer relations - Spread the word about our technology and show how it's works

* Marketing/design/web development - Take control of our brand and web presence

Apply by email (recruiting@apportable.com) or at https://www.apportable.com/jobs

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San Francisco - Mavenlink - http://mavenlink.com - http://mavengineering.com

Senior Web Application Developer

Mavenlink provides consultants, independent professionals, and services firms with a suite of simple, thoughtful tools to run their businesses profitably. Were replacing cumbersome and expensive business processes that are currently handled by a hodge-podge of Excel, aging competitors, and repetitive human tasks. Our users love us (and pay us) because we make consultants and their clients happier and more efficient at doing their jobs.

Our roadmap is clear, both due to strong relationships with our customers, and due to our founders experience in the services industry. With each month, we find our product moving further and further upmarket as it tackles increasing complexity and scale. Were looking for more smart people to help us build business software thats both powerful and easy to use.


Were looking for senior engineers who enjoy teaching and learning from others. You are passionate about writing maintainable, reusable, well-tested code. You enjoy pairing and applying TDD when appropriate. You dont shy away from diving into a large (but very well tested!) Rails application to refactor it into components and services. Youre excited to work on a team creating intuitive UIs in Backbone.Marionette and CoffeeScript, developing reusable JSON APIs, and extracting and releasing open source components.

Its hard to measure experience in years meaningfully, but you should have a strong background in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, as well as JavaScript and ideally CoffeeScript. Wed expect something on the order of 2-3 years of full-time Ruby experience.

Experience in the following would help you get up to speed and start committing on day one:

* RSpec and Jasmine

* CoffeeScript

* Sass and modular CSS

* Backbone / Backbone.Marionette

* API design

Benefits and Work Environment

* We offer competitive salary, benefits, equity, and a fun and casual work environment.

* Because we pair most of the time, we work regular, predictable hours, starting at 9:30am with a brief morning stand-up, and ending at 6pm. We wont ask you to stay late or work weekends except in truly exceptional situations. We care about work-life balance.

* We send interested employees to conferences to speak or just to learn. The whole 16 person engineering team has attended GoGaRuCo (Golden Gate Ruby Conference) here in San Francisco two years running, and weve given talks at a number of Ruby conferences.

* Our development workflow is a combination of pairing and soloing, with pull requests and code review.

* We use Pivotal Tracker to break down and estimate features and Travis for continuous integration of our test suite.

* Weve seen the benefits of test-driven, high-quality code first hand, and we know what happens when code spikes turn into production code and become unmaintainable. You will have full-buyin from the team to spend time testing and writing maintainable code.

* We always striving to have the most enjoyable and productive environment. We conduct periodic team retrospectives where we discuss whats working, whats not working, and how we can improve everyones experience.

* Were located in downtown San Francisco, two blocks from the Embarcadero BART.


Send your resum, GitHub profile, or other examples of your work to jobs@mavenlink.com

Ask us questions! We believe that you should always ask probing questions about a companys trajectory, funding, and plans when considering employment, especially at a startup. Please, ask us anything! We strive for operational transparency.

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WebAction (www.webaction.com) in Downtown Palo Alto - Full Time Hiring UI Developer, Platform Engineers, and Application Developers


WebAction is a real-time streaming big data company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing an end-to-end platform that aims to enable the next generation of real-time, data driven applications. Founded by a team of Silicon Valley veterans with proven track records, WebAction is backed by some of the most respected names in Silicon Valley. We're also well funded (recently raised $11m Series B by a private equity firm with a $15 billion fund).

We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits package, generous equity for the right candidates. Our office is also a short walk from some great restaurants and coffee spots on University Avenue in Downtown Palo Alto.

For the UI Developer Position:


- Code user interface components for a real-time big data dashboard

- Optimize code for performance and usability

- Contribute innovative ideas for new dashboard features

- Collaborate with platform engineers to coordinate user interface with back-end functionality


- Strong knowledge of Javascript, CSS, HTML, and jQuery

- Enthusiasm for working in a startup environment

- Portfolio of deployed projects

Nice to Haves

- Experience working with real-time, data-intensive user interfaces

- Experience with D3.js or other data visualization libraries

- Experience with Backbone.js or other front-end MV* frameworks

- User experience and design skills

For the Platform Engineering position, we ask that you have experience writing clean code in Java and have a strong desire and skills to work on a scalable, highly optimized data management infrastructure. We ask that you have the following skills:

-Large-scale distributed systems

-Highly available, highly scalable architectures, Hadoop (MapReduce / Pig / Zookeeper),

- Data Serialization (Avro / Thrift / Protocol Buffers)

- Experience Optimizing HBase Performance

-Real-time messaging (0MQ / Kestrel / Kafka or similar), Real-time event processing, Continuous Queries

For the Application Development position, please follow the link to our detailed description of the role:


If this sounds like you, shoot us an e-mail at jobs@WebAction.com.

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New York City -- Grasshopper NYC looking for business co-founder for interactive game table venture

As part of our mission to revitalize face-to-face play for the 21st century, Grasshopper NYC has created a beautiful interactive game table that has potential as a standalone product and business. We are now looking for a business co-founder and leader to unlock this potential.

Were looking for someone who knows the relevant entertainment markets (including both traditional at-home game consoles and the out-of-home entertainment market); is skilled at business and strategic planning; has experience getting integrated hardware/software products to wide distribution; can get us the right industry partners; can lead fundraising as needed; has executive management potential; and is generally a excellent person who is fun and inspiring to work with.

Our game table is being featured this month at IndieCade East, the annual independent games festival, at New Yorks Museum of the Moving Image. We think its both gorgeous and ergonomically unique, comfortably sitting up to 6 players with plenty of leg room. (Design has been led by a cutting-edge architecture firm headed by MIT/Harvard architecture professors.) Technically, its a smart combination of open-source and proprietary software, including our own game framework built on Unity3D. (The core table engineering was led by an MIT Media Lab expert in multi-touch tables.) Unlike many interactive tables, its cool and smooth to the touch and is seamless and spill-proof; having a cocktail or beer at the table is encouraged by design. We already have around a dozen games working on the table -- ranging in stage from alpha to polished, some our own, some from third-parties indie game developers.

In short, we think weve created a special product that enables a unique and wonderful face-to-face game experience -- bringing the best of digital technology into a fully present, truly social interaction. Now were looking for a co-founder to turn an exceptional product into an exceptional business.

Additional background: the founder and creative director of Grasshopper NYC is an MIT engineer with a track record of product and business innovation in new media, including high-level executive positions in business news and as as a product management director at Google. A blog post in Gamasutra, a leading games industry website, noted that Grasshopper NYC is being talked about as the coolest thing happening in the New York game industry at the moment.

Interested? Email Ien Cheng at ien@grasshoppernyc.com.

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Palo Alto, CA


- Team: fewer than 10 engineers from MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Google/Google Research, Facebook, Y Combinator, Microsoft Research, Jane Street, IBM Research, Yahoo Research, ...

- Investors: Red Point, a16z, SHV, Social Capital, ...

- Customers: Box, Jive, Microsoft, Tableau, Zendesk, AdRoll, Nitro, and many more

- Product: machine learning applications for non-technical users to help their businesses more effectively capture and retain customers

- Looking for: strong engineers excited to join an early-stage startup to grow with & shape the company


- Build on and extend our sophisticated model training pipeline that uses data extracted from the web and other sources

- Build beautiful visualizations to help customers understand model performance and meaning

- Develop and operate secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to manage and process customers' large, confidential datasets

- Interact with customers, analyze their data, understand their pain points, and develop new product features and new products


- BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Math or related fields

- Depth in software engineering, algorithms, and general analytical problem-solving

- Familiarity with Python preferred


- https://www.infer.com

- hiring+hn@infer.com

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Canada/France, OpenEdX Consultancy -- REMOTE

Consultancy specialized on the edX project, and hiring to handle increasing demand. edX is a free software project, used by various universities and companies to run online courses. See edx.org, class.stanford.edu, france-universite-numerique-mooc.fr or codecoalition.com for examples of edX instances.

It's a large Python/Django codebase, with good code standards and architecture (a lot of the edX engineers come from MIT). You would work on different clients contracts using the platform. The clients list/references include Harvard, edX themselves, the French government, and various startups & universities currently running their own instances, or looking to create one. Tasks are varied, from developing custom features for specific courses (XBlocks), customizing instances, developing generic platform features, deploying instances, working on both client/server sides, etc.

Most of your work would be published as free software (edX is released under the AGPL license, which requires clients to release modifications under the same license), and you would also contribute to the free software project, pushing some of your developments upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation or help on mailing-lists.

You would be able to work remotely from where you want, as long as you have a good internet connexion. : )

Stack: Python/Django, Ansible, AWS, Debian/Ubuntu, JS, HTML/CSS, MySQL, MongoDB

Applying: Email jobs@antoviaque.org with: your github account, a short explanation of why the role interests you (no formal cover letter, please :) ) and a list of links to free software contributions you have made, if any.

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San Francisco, CA


Design-Oriented iOS EngineerOne Medical Group

Were a tech company that delivers primary care. We seek a creative iOS engineer to join us in building our platform of digital health solutions to power our growing network of medical practices.

One Medical is a next-generation network of primary care practices designed to reinvent what health care should be. Using technology and process redesign, patients receive a convenient, accessible, and transparent health care experience thats really unlike any other. Our offices are in San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC, and were expanding.

We offer the opportunity to work on solving a fantastic blend of compelling problems. These include mobile diagnosis and treatment; health data visualization and interactivity; video and device integration, social/behavioral change, monitors/sensors and more. Plus the ability to create innovations that truly impact peoples lives.

You Have:

--Rich iOS development skills including, of course, Objective-C, UIKit and Storyboarding but also consuming RESTful APIs, Core Data, Core Animation, AFNetworking and similar such.--Published apps in the AppStore with impressive ratings / ranking--3 - 5+ years industry experience, principally in consumer product space

You Are:

--Happiest innovating with Engineering, Product and Design folks. --Driven to engineer crisp, performant code--Prone to moments of outstanding creative genius

Our Tech:

--Native iOS apps talking to Rails stack via in-house REST API--Agile; Continuous Integration; Pivotal Tracker--Lean UX; In Situ User Testing and Design Iterations

We Offer:

--Competitive compensation and above average benefits including One Medical care--Downtown San Francisco location (352 yards / 3 minutes from Montgomery St. station)--Internal hackathons, quarterly team offsites, personal development budget--People you're happy to see every day--Opportunity to change the world

Contact: mobile@onemedical.com

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Burlingame, CA (between SF and Palo Alto)

TellApart is hiring: Dev ops engineers, Hadoop/data-pipeline engineers, Data product engineers (personalization products)

TellApart is a ~50 person (20+ engineers) startup (http://www.tellapart.com/) that works on real time personalization for retailers. Here are some specific things we're working on that folks might find interesting:

- Rearchitecting our data system to use the lambda architecture (http://www.manning.com/marz/) so we can build better personalization products on top of retailers' customer data.

- Building and improving machine learning models to predict user's behavior and what users want based on a ton of datapoints we collect for hundreds of millions of users.

{my_username[-3:]}@tellapart.com if you'd like to find out more

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PHP or Front-End Developer INTERN - Washington DC

The agency I work for, Engage (http://enga.ge), is always looking for young developer talent. Our dev team is pretty badass (and not just badass for an agency, but in general). We do everything from WordPress sites to our own products to custom web and mobile apps, with a strong tilt towards custom social apps (Facebook targeted sharing especially). I'm proud of our portfolio -- check it out here: http://enga.ge/work/.

Anyway, we are looking for a college student with back or front-end talent (PHP/MySQL or Javascript/HTML/CSS). Must be in the DC area or willing to relocate; foreigners welcome as long as you can secure a J-1 or have an F-1.

To apply, please send an email to jobs@engagedc.com with the subject "Developer intern from Hacker News" (we're giving HR a heads up). Include your resume, GitHub/portfolio link and a brief description of why you want to work for us. Hope to hear from you!

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Cupertino ---> Commit code your first week as an Android developer

* Remote-collaboration is an extremely important part of our culture. Most of the dev team is remote.

* H1B candidates are ok

* Interns welcome!

We are the team behind Mokriya Craigslist. Time, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Xconomy, and a slew of tech bloggers raved about it. Check it out. http://craigslist.mokriya.com/

We are a team of engineers, UX designers, and thinkers. We have worked for some of the hottest tech startups in Silicon Valley, including Path, MixPanel, Threadflip, SimpleGeo, SideCar, etc.

Google has us on a list of best mobile development teams in the country so we get calls from them too.

About You

You love to build. When youre not at your job, youre probably tinkering on some contraption in the basement or figuring out how to take apart <insert-something-you-bought-recently>. You get a thrill from figuring out a clever way to solve a problem. And you really take pride in knowing the ins and outs of Android. You should be familiar with the libraries so that you know the best ways to do things without re-inventing the wheel.

About How We Work

Every developer on the team is remote, so we just get stuff done, from wherever, and chat via HipChat/GitHub to communicate. That, and the occasional G+ Hangout, is all weve found to be necessary.

Send a note to careers@mokriya.com (I'll see it, I'm Adam. Sunil & Pranil, the technical co-founders, will see it also). Say hi, tell us a bit about yourself. We'll be most excited if you tell us about recent projects you've built, and technical details that you learned, or that interested you.

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SVBio: Foster City, CA (next to San Mateo, in the SF Bay Area): Full-time=========================================================================SVBio (http://svbio.com/) is looking for the most talented full-stack software engineer with experience and understanding of web architecture design and implementation, following best and up-to-date practices. The work will further enhance the application of our clinical-grade genome interpretation engine. As leaders in the field, we drive the vision of the genome-interpretation product down to the last detail - only modern browsers are supported here!Knowledge of some specific technologies is greatly desired (see below), but not necessarily required for the right hacker. Knowledge of javascript is a must, as well as the desire to write clean and maintainable code. Knowledge of the genome and next-generation-sequencing technologies is really nice to have, but definitely not required. SVBio is a tightly-knit organization with people from many diverse disciplines and backgrounds, so being an all-around friendly person is a must.Anyone who is interested should contact me (elicudine -A-T- svbio.com) directly with your background, a resume/c.v., some previous work samples, a github link, whatever you think might help me out.---Preferable knowledge/experience---- Significant proven experience, both in frontend and backend technologies.- Dynamic frontends (angular.js, angular-ui, JQuery, d3.js)- Advanced backend architectures (at least one of: node.js, express/hapi/geddy/koa, flask, twisted, django, sinatra, rails)- Scalable persistency layers (HDFS, Postgres, mysql, mongodb)- Other tools (grunt.js, bower.js, require.js)- Testing frameworks (at least one of: chai.js, mocha.js, karma, capybara, cucumber, istanbul, supertest)-- Additional valuable experience:- Strong scripting knowledge (e.g., python, perl, bash)- An eye for aesthetics
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Notting Hill, London, England, U.K.

Our web application is at the heart of our busy and successful e-commerce business; every day it serves millions of product images and handles hundreds of thousands of user visits, but we can and do update the live site with new code anytime we want - multiple times per day - without missing a beat. Our systems are written on the LAMP stack and deployed on Amazon Web Services; we are migrating to Symfony 2 as our MVC framework. Developers choose the tools that work best for them - for instance, at the moment we have a mix of Linux and Mac workstations in the team. We are adopting and adapting agile development techniques such as test-driven development, pair programming, and continuous integration. We hold regular retrospectives to improve our working environment and lightning talks to share cool ideas whether work-related or not. Our developers are generalizing specialists whose typical day may include refining an algorithm, writing a tricky integration test, tuning a SQL query, and discussing feature nuances with a product manager. Our team is growing fast and we'd like to hear (at careers@secretsales.com) from any of you who'd like to join us; we're hiring for all technical roles, especially developers of all levels of experience.

Established in London in July 2007, Secretsales.com is the UK's leading private shopping club, offering limited-time online sales with current name-brand goods at deep discounts. Brands include fashion, beauty, homeware, and lifestyle categories, many of them familiar from the high street. The company has about eighty employees and a substantial annual turnover; it was recently selected to join the UK's Future Fifty programme for the country's most rapidly growing startups.

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New York City - Moat

Moat is a rapidly growing analytics startup with products in two core areas:

1) Analytics

We analyze content and advertisements for many of the most trafficked websites on the Internet. Receiving terabytes of data a day, we measure more than just clicks and impressions, giving our customers insights with metrics like viewability, attention and much more. Our client base is growing very quickly.

2) Search

We index the Internet for online ads. This helps advertisers, publishers, and companies throughout the ad-tech ecosystem see the ads their competitors are running and allows us to estimate each company's online ad footprint. We have a free product, moat.com and a premium product, Moat Pro.

We're quickly turning into one of the biggest Python shops in NYC and are committed to open source technology. Were growing very quickly and are looking for engineers in various roles up and down the tech stack to help us scale. Openings can be found at jobs.moat.com

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REMOTE - Mandiant/FireEye - http://mandiant.com / http://fireeye.com

We have positions open in both development (Ruby, Node.js, etc.) and security-analyst-type positions (I know we were looking for malware analysts recently, for example). Previously, candidates had to be U.S.-based, but now that we've been acquired by FireEye, we have a little more flexibility on international candidates. So, if you're interested, do ping me at my HN username at gmail, and we can start chatting about it. :)

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PagerDuty - San Francisco and TorontoWe're growing, our customer base is growing, and the number of interesting technical problems are growing. We have an obsession with building highly available and reliable services for our customers. I'm specifically hiring for infrastructure automation engineers, but we're hiring at every layer of the stack. We are also looking for a strong leader to head up our backend engineering team in SF. You can ping me directly if interested or apply at pagerduty.com/jobs
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Boulder, CO - GridCraft

Seeking a web developer to help build our (currently) Angular.js based client application.

We are extending the familiar spreadsheet interface with a powerful cloud analytics and BI system. Highlights include a real full-featured tablet/mobile front-end, collaboration, and external datasource integration.

GridCraft is a small company so there's lots of room to help teach us what you know. We're a very experienced group with a wealth of knowledge and anecdotes to share as well. Honest, upfront founding team and compensation structure. Competitive salaries and available equity.

If you're interested please introduce yourself: jobs at gridcraft.com .

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XP-Dev.com - Remote - https://xp-dev.com

XP-Dev.com does version control and project hosting (in the same market as Github, Bitbucket, etc). Profitable and bootstrapped.

Looking for backend and frontend engineers who would like to get their hands dirty in Subversion, Git and Mercurial. You will be working on new features on the platform that may involve work on the whole stack. You will be liaising directly with real users. Deployments are really quick, and you get to see the impact of your work almost immediately.


  - Nginx, Apache  - Java (Core, Wicket, Hibernate)  - Python (mainly for scripting)  - Linux  - AngularJS, JQuery  - MySQL  - Redis  - RabbitMQ  - Fabric
There are other products in the pipeline - most of which are akin to xp-dev.com (hosting/productivity platforms). So, there is plenty of room to switch products and try out new things.

What we're looking for:

  - Self starters  - Sound understanding of programming    you don't need to be a Java/Python/JavaScript guru

  - No keeping track of holidays  - Flexible working hours  - Flexible working conditions (see below)
Position location is remote. You'll need to factor in working from home or from a shared space near you (all will be paid for).

To apply, just drop a short cover email describing yourself and your CV to rs@exentriquesolutions.com.

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Formlabs - http://formlabs.com - Boston (Somerville) - Full time and intern

Formlabs makes the easiest to use and highest resolution desktop 3D printer. This requires a fusion of advanced hardware, software, and materials, all while developing an entirely new user experience.

We are growing quickly and hiring across all parts of the company

On the business side:

  * marketing  * sales  * operations  * finance
on the product side:

  * electrical engineers  * software (both desktop/3D/algorithms and web dev work)  * mechanical engineering  * industrial design  * materials  * manufacturing
Yes, that's a really wide range of roles and that is the beauty of working on 3D printing in a small company. It is extremely cross disciplinary.

apply online at http://formlabs.com/pages/careers or jobs@formlabs.com

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Tired of the startup goose chase? Change the world for real in 2014.

Work on projects involving solar power, hardware controller software, data science, and mobile apps which really are life-changing [1] at the Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia [2].

You'll be joining a like-minded peer group of hackers working in python, R, go, mongodb, nodejs, and other technologies.

There are no sales/MBA types, no scrum masters, and we strongly disapprove of code written in Enterprise FizzBuzz style[3].

Deets here: https://github.com/SEL-Columbia/jobs

[1] Three current projects: data-driven local planning project in Nigeria, infrastructure planning project for Myanmar and remote islands in Indonesia, building an Android app for rural nurses in India.[2] http://modi.mech.columbia.edu/[3] https://github.com/EnterpriseQualityCoding/FizzBuzzEnterpris...

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Full time, on-site engineer (San Francisco, CA) focused on the front-end of fareharbor.com


FareHarbor is a SaaS business focused on the activities and tourismindustry. We've been growing like mad and enjoying the challenges ofrising to the challenge. And our sales team is based in Hawaii, sooccasional trips to the islands are, sadly, a reality :)



* You enjoy front-end development

* Youve toyed around with or, preferably, are in love with AngularJS

* You can easily map designs at any level (pixels, pen and paper, or just a proposal) to HTML/CSS/JS

* You can get familiar with a new codebase, accept its faults, and focus on moving it forward

* Testing isnt just a thing that other people do


* Email us at jobs@fareharbor.com

* Include a link to your website, a portfolio, your contributions to open-source projects, or any of the above.


* Python + Django

* Ops experience, Ansible

* Solid design sense

* Surfer


Stop by aloha.fareharbor.com/jobs/ or just say hi, send me an email at z@fareharbor.com!

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Alta Bicycle Share, Inc., Portland, OR or Remote http://www.altabicycleshare.com/

A little late to the party, but... Alta Bicycle Share is the operator of bicycle sharing systems across the country and internationally including Citi Bike (NYC), Divvy (Chicago), Capital Bikeshare (Washington, DC), Hubway (Boston), Bay Area Bike Share (SF Bay Area), CoGo (Columbus, OH), Bike Chattanooga, and Melbourne Bike Share (Melbourne, AU) and we are looking for a senior web developer to work with our team building software that supports our operations across the country.

Our team handles two distinct pieces of bike share operations: the customer-facing sites for each of our cities (like www.citibikenyc.com) and internal tools that help our staff with their work in the day-to-day running of a bike share system (like our rebalancers, mechanics, dispatch, etc). Our technology stack is mostly PHP right now, though at least one of our internal APIs is written in Ruby, and I'd be open to arguments for moving languages / stacks. Looking for a full-stack web developer, but really I'm just looking for someone who is excited about both software and bike share.

Apply at https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?R_ID=796552

jakehow 2 days ago 0 replies      
Zipmark -- NYC(HQ) & Remote -- https://zipmark.com

We are looking for awesome people to come work with us and help build the next great alternative payment network. Zipmark is a mobile and online payments company that enables people and businesses to pay each other using their real bank accounts through the digital checking infrastructure. You can read more about our business in this recent Entrepreneur Mag article (http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227979)

Come help us solve problems like:

* building the safest and fastest way to make or receive payments via checking account

* operationalizing and automating remaining manual processes to help manage our growth

* protecting our customers and company from financial and security risks

* increasing organizational transparency and fostering open communication

* building and supporting official API client libraries in languages we don't use everyday

* supporting and troubleshooting with customers who are integrating with just about every other language/platform

Using tools like:

* ember.js

* Ruby/Rails

* Objective-C for our iPhone app

* postgresql, redis and memcached

* cloud and bare metal infrastructure

While learning and creating expertise around:

* advanced cryptography

* web and/or mobile application security, threat modeling and pentesting

* risk analytics

* identity validation

You should care about creating and improving operational processes that contribute to high quality, low defect software, and you should want to learn more about and become an expert in automated testing, continuous integration, and monitoring everything. However, you still want to work with an organization that is agile enough to respond to change quickly when it is warranted.

If any of this sounds interesting, we would love to meet you. We offer a generous salary + benefits package, with the ability to offer generous equity grants for the right teammates.

Email a cover letter and requisite info about yourself to: jobs@zipmark.com

adw 2 days ago 0 replies      
Flipboard, Palo Alto, CA

We're working on building the world's best personal magazine.

We're taking that mission literally: my team, this week, just shipped this http://gigaom.com/2014/01/29/flipboard-wants-to-tame-the-unr... so, right now, we're biting off big problems in structuring and organizing social media through algorithmic approaches, editorial talent, social curation and striking design.

We're looking especially for Web engineering, systems/services, devops, building scaled machine learning pipelines, big data infrastructure, Android and iOS. And we need a great IT person, too. So, basically, everything.

You'll get: a competitive salary/equity package, a commute subsidy, an excellent healthcare plan, a 401k with company contributions, and big problems to solve. The company's ping-pong obsession is, over the last few weeks, in danger of being replaced by one with Street Fighter II. And lots of my colleagues have kids, including both the co-founders, so you can expect to get home in the evening in time to see them.

We've raised over $150m (http://www.crunchbase.com/company/flipboard), so we're going to be around for the long haul.

Apply here: http://jobvite.com/m?3NI5egwz and please feel free to email me with any questions you have at andrew at flipboard.com.

paneerpaneer 21 hours ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA (right in the heart of downtown Union Square)

AnyPerk (YC W12) - hiring 13 positions


What is AnyPerk? A platform unleashing the future of perks. At AnyPerk, we believe that every company - regardless size and influence - should have access to high-quality perks for their employees.

Why work at AnyPerk? Many startups are proud of their unique cultures, and what makes our team stand out is this: we care deeply about our teammates and want to inspire other companies to do likewise.


From an Engineer at AnyPerk - "The trust and cooperation at AnyPerk let you work with a speed and comfort you won't find anywhere else. Here we develop together, and with purpose."

We are currently looking for product-minded and seasoned engineers (Ruby-on-Rails & Python) to join our team.

Apply today!http://anyperk.theresumator.com/apply/trHPnt/Engineer-Ruby-O...


Feel free to check out our jobs page for the full list of positions we're hiring - http://anyperk.theresumator.com/ . If you have queries about any position on our team, don't hesitate to drop me a line at jobs@anyperk.com and I will get back to you promptly.

scanr 2 days ago 0 replies      
London, England - Full Time - Local Only

Brand Networks / Optimal (https://www.optimalsocial.com/) is hiring full stack engineers for our London office, working on real time bidding, analytics, dev ops and front end web applications.


    * BS or MS degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field. Or related experience.    * Good understanding of web technologies HTML, Javascript, HTTP, JSON, REST    * Can demonstrate that you're a great       programmer in at least one of Scala, Python, Java, Clojure, Haskell,       F#, Kotlin or Ruby    * Willing to work in Python, Scala and Java    * Good understanding of a Unix based operating system    * Some experience of databases and at least one web application framework
If you love programming and would like an interesting job with a steep learning curve and a wide variety of challenges, please get in touch. You can email me personally at jmc@bn.co.

d0m 2 days ago 0 replies      
ListRunner - collaborative app for doctors. From the team behind the hacking health movement, now we are tackling handover inefficiencies in hospitals and clinicals environment.

We have amazing traction and need to move fast. We are a great team composed of doctors, hackers and designers.


Two positions (Montral or REMOTE)

  - Great full stack developer (presently our stack is angular, node and firebase). Should be comfortable with Linux, hacking on the backend and front-end. Bonus for javascript and Python expert,  some ios knowledge would be awesome too. Obviously a great team player.   - Experienced IOS developer. Attention to details, love high quality code and great team player. 
Happy to answer questions and give more information by email: phzbox at gmail


ljoshua 2 days ago 0 replies      
Los Angeles, CA (FULL TIME) - Pariveda Solutions - http://www.parivedasolutions.com(other locations as well)

Immediate need for a very strong and technical manager-level hire to join our Los Angeles office and jump into some established and growing projects. You will work with our team on large Java enterprise-level applications, leading our developers and working side by side with senior leadership to deliver successful projects.

-- Significant and recent development experience and expertise in Java/J2EE and frameworks like Spring and Hibernate-- Good experience with consumer web applications and frontend HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies like jQuery, Backbone, Angular JS -- Good experience on a major RDBMSes such as Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server

We are also hiring in pretty much all of our national offices, including Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New York, and DC. Pay is very competitive and the benefits are fantastic (read: Cadillac). I'm not a recruiter, but can put you in touch with the right people in the firm. Contact me directly at joshua DOT lyman @ thecompany'sdomainname for any questions and to start the process.

Pariveda Solutions is an award winning software development and management consulting firm. This is truly a great place to workfocused on career development and filled with smart, passionate people who care about the work they do.

jasontan 2 days ago 0 replies      
Sift Science - San Francisco, CA. Full-time.

Sift Science (http://siftscience.com) uses large-scale machine learning to fight online fraud. It's a problem that cost U.S. merchants > $10B last year, and 70% of it is organized crime. Attacks have rapidly evolved in breadth and depth, but current rule-based systems don't scale.We're looking for engineers of all flavors -- distributed systems, web development, data visualization, and of course, machine learning. We're a tight-knit team that likes board games, yummy food, and solving challenging technical problems. Check out https://siftscience.com/jobsWe're also looking for account managers, integration engineers, and someone to lead our B2B marketing efforts.Feel free to email me personally - jason at siftscience dot com

adambenayoun 2 days ago 0 replies      
Binpress (500Startups '13) - http://www.binpress.com/jobs - Mountain View, CA

Binpress provides a platform for developers to build profitable businesses from working on their open-source projects in the same mold as MySQL, Redhat, Magento and other commercial open-source solutions.We are based in Mountain View and backed by 500startups and other respectables seed funds/Angels.


* Head of growth - We need someone with proven past experience in growing users and revenue through multiple acquisition channels to head our growth efforts.

* Content marketer - We're looking for someone who has a knack for creating great content in all media formats, and a track record for exposing that content to the relevant audience.Positions are ideally onsite, but we will consider very strong applicants for remote work (at least initially - hopefully we can convince you to relocate later :)


* A competitive salary

* A meaningful stake in the company

* Paid Health, vision and dental insurance.

* A chance to make a major impact on the company's future and success.

If you are interested in open-source and believe open-source developers should get paid - get in touch! Send us a message indicating what position you are interested in and why you would be a good fit, or apply through the link above.

gmichnikov 2 days ago 0 replies      
Success Academy Charter Schools (New York, NY) - http://jobs.successacademies.org/

Success currently operates 22 high-performing public charter schools around NYC. We are currently hiring a full-time Middle School Computer Science Teacher (previous teaching experience is not required) and a part-time High School Computer Science Teacher. We are also hiring a Product Manager for the Network-wide Technology team. If you're at all interested in working in education and having a direct impact on lots of great kids, please reach out to me.

wmaiouiru 13 hours ago 0 replies      
Downtown Vegas, Front-end Developer (Full-Time, Part-Time, Intern) Local Only

I am the CTO of Macho, a multi-modal travel search engine startup with market focus in the US. We are batch 2 of progression labs (progressionlabs.com) in downtown vegas. We are looking for a intern/part-time/full-time Front-End Developer in downtown vegas. Currently, we have a prototype (www.travelmacho.com), but we would like to have a front-end developer to work with us to speed up the process of rapid prototyping to make it awesome. Ideally, we would like to have someone that has some experience, but if you know some javascript that will suffice. If you know anyone or interested, please email us at jobs@travelmacho.comThank you!

kingrolo 1 day ago 0 replies      
London, UK. REMOTE partly okay, but some meetings in London required. Part time 3/4 days a week also a possibility.

Wildfish - http://wildfish.com

We're a London based consultancy, working exclusively with Django. Thus far it's just been myself and a collective of freelancers, for some 13 years now, but now I'm looking to put together a permanent team to take things to the next level, maybe starting with you :).

As the first permanent developer besides me (also a Django specialist) you'll get a chance to help shape how we do pretty much everything. Most of the day to day will be working on developing and maintaining new and existing client web apps and sites, but there'll also be time for our own product ideas, as well as open source work and blog posts.

Everything's results focused. As such you'll be free to work from home as much as you want, meeting up occasionally, so long as things get done and the clients are happy.

Some of the things we use, which it would be good for you to know some of:

- Python/Django [Essential]

- HTML/CSS/Javascript [Essential]

- Twitter Bootstrap

- Git / Github

- PostgreSQL

- Ubuntu Linux Server Administration

- TDD, django-webtest

- Jenkins, django-jenkins

- Salt, Linode

I'm imagining I'm looking for someone who has at least 2 years of Django experience, experience in an agency/consultancy environment would be a bonus, but if you can demonstrate that you know your stuff, for example with open source contributions, or code examples, then that's fine too.

You'll be working autonomously a fair bit, so it's important that you're the sort of person who has attention to detail and can read requirements carefully.

Would also be open to considering either part time work, or possibly part equity, please mention when getting in touch if any of these are of interest. Also let me know what sort of money you're looking for. Please mail work@wildfish.com.

Thanks :)

daredevildave 1 day ago 0 replies      
Full-stack Developer - London, UK

PlayCanvas [http://playcanvas.com] - Cloud-hosted game development platform

You could be Employee #3 at PlayCanvas. We've built the world's first cloud-hosted 3D game development platform. A real-time collaborative platform for building, playing and sharing video games and a community hub for game developers. This is an opportunity to help create the future of game development. We're a Techstars company with additional funding from 500 Startups.

Our ideal candidate will have already shipped impressive web projects and can wow me with their technical prowess. You should be an expert in some of these, capable in a few more and interested to learn the rest:

* Javascript

* Python

* NodeJS

* AngularJS


* MongoDB



* Game Development

We're based in London and ideally you are too, though we'll consider remote workers if you are can convince us.

Email your CV or portfolio to info@playcanvas.com. Some more general info at http://blog.playcanvas.com/jobs

ryporter 2 days ago 0 replies      
AMA Capital -- Palo Alto, CA. Full time. H1B okay.

AMA Capital trades billions of dollars per day in the foreign exchange markets.

We are all engineers, and we all do a little bit of everything, designing and implementing our own trading strategies and infrastructure. We are a very small team (I am curently the only employee) and aim to add one or two engineers who will focus on strategy and/or on infrastructure. No experience or specific knowledge of finance is required. However, you do need to be at least interested in financial markets and to be able to implement your strategies carefully in C++.

An example of an infrastructure project is designing and building a system for logging to non-volatile memory. We generate large logs that cover everything from prices to transaction data. NVDIMMs are a form of RAM that survives power loss, and such hardware has been on the horizon for a while, but it is just now becoming available to early adopters. Writes to NVDIMMs will be nearly instantaneous and immediately durable. This project will be to develop an NVDIMM-based system that simultaneously functions as a log, an IPC mechanism, and a searchable database for analysis. Making this work will involve a number of pieces: kernel drivers, CPU cache control, lock-free synchronization, a daemon to write everything back to long-term (i.e. less expensive) storage, and more. If this works well, we plan to open-source all the pieces.

Visit http://amacapital.net/careers.html to learn more, and send applications/inquiries to careers@amacapital.net.

salar 2 days ago 0 replies      
Amsterdam, the Netherlands. No remote work must be able and willing to work at our Amsterdam office.

Silk (www.silk.co) is looking for Javascript, TypeScript and Front-end engineers.

We're building a product that makes it easy for people to create sites with content that is easy to query, visualize and share. On a deeper level, our vision is to bring the semantic web to the masses and build an amazing company around that.

We're working on many interesting and challenging problems, with a custom-built Haskell graph-database on the back-end and a cutting-edge Functional Reactive client-side framework in Javascript on the front-end.

Silk is well-funded by top-tier VCs (NEA and Atomico) and we're located in the city center of Amsterdam.

For more info & open positions: http://jobs.silk.co/

neilkelty 23 hours ago 0 replies      
PERQ - Indianapolis, IN - Marketing Technology & Incentivized Promotions

UX/UI Specialist: http://perq.com/job-post-ui-ux-specialist/

Software Engineer: http://perq.com/job-posting-software-engineer/

You can send your resume directly to me: nkelty [AT] perq [DOT] com

yesimahuman 2 days ago 0 replies      
Madison, WI (or remote) - Developer Evangelisthttp://ionicframework.com/

We are looking for a great developer evangelist to help make the Ionic Framework the biggest mobile dev platform in the world.

The job will require some traveling to conferences and other events, along with creating tutorials and help guides, demo applications, and other content to help developers learn and use the framework effectively along with our upcoming tools.

We are a team of 7 obsessed with making the web amazing for mobile development.

More info on the job here: http://drifty.com/jobs/evangelist-2014.html

archerabi 1 day ago 0 replies      
OnDeck ( New York,NY)

We are seeking Java Engineers & Web Engineers for our Development Team to build cutting-edge web applications from the ground up that will help millions of small businesses across the country gain access to capital they need to grow their business. We are a tech startup backed by Google and Peter Thiel (among others). We are a big proponent of cutting edge open source tools. We do not believe in red tape and seek to securely empower our development team to rapidly roll out new features. We welcome out-of-the-box thinking, resourcefulness, and a desire to innovate


About You:


* Startup experience, and experience building scaling web applications.

* You have 2+ years of experience using the Java platform.

* You have 2-5+ years of experience working on web-based projects, with exposure to the full stack.

* You are comfortable with building object-oriented systems and have an eye for good design.

* Ideally, youve created a public GitHub project, posted answers on Stack Overflow, modified open-source code, or created some hacks that youre proud of.

* You have at least a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.


At on Deck Capital, you will:


* Have a meaningful impact on the company's future, and share in the rewards accordingly.

* Be able to drive which technologies are used and which software development practices are followed.

* Work in a fun, fast-paced startup environment with some really cool and brilliant people.

* Be on a motivated team that gets a lot done.




* Competitive salary, Stock options, 401K, Vision, Dental, Life, and Health insurance,

* In-office Happy Hour Wednesdays

* Free drinks and snacks from our fridge

* Flexible time off and vacation policy.

Send your resumes to abhijithrc@ondeck.com or apply at https://www.ondeck.com/careers. Please include links to github, stackoverflow, blogs etc.

Check out why were such a great company to work at:

* https://www.ondeck.com/in-the-news

* http://blog.ondeckcapital.com/blog/on-deck/on-deck-named-top...

* https://www.ondeck.com/in-the-news/34-articles/477-techcrunc...

* http://www.forbes.com/sites/jjcolao/2013/03/27/need-a-busine...

hemantv 2 days ago 0 replies      
Optimizely - San Francisco, CA / Amsterdam, NL - Fulltime, Permanant. Intern/H1-B Transfer okay as well.

Intern - http://jobsco.re/1g27Jp8

Growth Engineer - http://jobsco.re/18r6N9L

Software Engineer - http://jobsco.re/1g287Ea

iOS Developer - http://jobsco.re/1hjBfoa

DevOps Engineer - http://jobsco.re/Hwr31e

Product Manager - http://jobsco.re/Hwretn

Optimizely is a website optimization platform. We enable businesses to show the right thing to the right person at the right time. Our first product makes A/B Testing easy. In 2 years weve grown to become #1 in the category with 4,000+ paying customers including Starbucks, Disney, and Marketo. We're profitable and our revenue is growing 400% year-over-year. Join us in our mission to empower businesses to make better data-driven decisions.

About the Job: We have scale: 15 billion server requests/month. Youll work on our amazing visual editor - a cutting edge tool / high performance low footprint iOS SDK or scaling our system to new heights in a continuous integration environment; were fast and nimble: 1-2 deployments every day.

Benefits Free city-wide Gym membership at any Crunch Fitness. Free Clipper Card to pay for your commute from anywhere in the bay area. Catered in-office lunch and dinner on weekdays. Full medical insurance with very low co-pay and deductible. HMO, PPO, and HSA options available. Full dental coverage including orthodontics. Full vision coverage including contacts. Dependents 100% covered for medical, dental, and vision. Unlimited vacation policy. 401k benefit. Top-of-the-line MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and 30" monitor. Working with a great team and having a huge impact!

If you can't find a job that fit you above please send me your resume at hemant@optimizely.com

meaydinli 2 days ago 0 replies      
Android/Java Developer, Chicago (downtown), H1B sponsorship available for the right candidate.

We are looking for new teammates who will join the existing Android team to design and develop native Android applications for several companies, paving the way for the much needed technological advancements in the entertainment industry. Our client roster includes the biggest names such xFinity, Paramount and others. Your every contribution will impact hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Content Direct has a very laid back personality, with a touch of startup culture while having the stability and the backing of a large enterprise.

Content Direct solution empowers the top brands in media and entertainment to easily and effectively market, monetize and manage their premium digital content and customers. Content Direct is offered as either a set of software services or as an integrated solution, and allows content companies of all sizes to increase the value and return of every content transaction. The solution supports virtually all content types and commerce models, marketing promotions, partner management, financial management, reporting, and analytics.

Our Android/Java Developer will take part in the design and development of applications utilizing multiple technologies and platforms. Translates requirements into effective, intuitive, and responsive user interfaces. Collaborates with developers, testers, clients, users and cross functional teams to continuously enhance the usability of applications. Works under minimal supervision on complex projects. You will be helping out on the project from the first day and your teammates will be there right alongside you, should you need any help or mentorship.

- 3+ years of Java and Eclipse IDE experience

- 1+ years of experience with the Android SDK preferred

- Experience building apps that communicate with RESTful services

- Experience in Object-Oriented Design, Data Structures, Algorithm Design, Problem Solving, Complexity Analysis and Debugging

- Experience in building and maintaining automated build and deployment processes preferred

- Roku and Smart TV development experience preferred

* Find more about us at http://contentdirect.csgi.com/us/careers.html

* Send us an email at Tiffany.Ingersoll@csgi.com and you will be put in touch with our engineers!

rspeer 2 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge/Boston - Luminoso - http://luminoso.com

Luminoso is a growing team of 17 looking to attract a back-end developer to help us attack the problems of natural language processing on a large scale.

As we work with ever increasing amounts of data, we particularly need someone with the expertise to design the right ways to handle all that data, reliably and with high availability. Not only do we need to store and search the data, we also need to feed it efficiently through our awesome text analysis pipeline, in batches or in ongoing streams.

We develop our stack on Linux using Python.

Experience with any of the following is a bonus: NLTK, Solr, NumPy/SciPy, PyTables, scikit-learn, Python 3, Redis, and Riak.


This position will become a member of an eight-person development team, working closely with the front-end developers and the operations team. We particularly seek individuals with sharp and tenacious troubleshooting capability. Strong communication skills and willingness to take initiative are also desired. Luminoso is an equal opportunity employer, and an excellent place to work.

To apply, send your resume to hiring@luminoso.com.

More about us and other positions we're hiring: http://www.luminoso.com/team.html

natgordon 2 days ago 0 replies      
BabyList - Downtown Oakland, CA (2 blocks from 12th Street BART)

Frontend or Full-stack developer

BabyList (http://babyli.st) makes having your first baby less overwhelming, more creative and most importantly more delightful. We have a large and rapidly growing user base of passionate parents-to-be who are making important purchasing decisions for one of the biggest events in their lives. The baby industry is massive and ripe for disruption. Our core product is an easy to use registry that lets parents-to-be add anything they can find on the internet. Our users LOVE this product.

We're looking for a senior developer to lead the development of our website and API. Our stack is Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery. We're looking for someone who has a lot of coding experience and expert-level fluency in at least one programming language (you don't have to be great at Ruby right now).

We're offering meaningful equity, a competitive salary, benefits, and relocation expenses.

We are also hiring for:

Email Marketing Specialist - http://babyli.st/jobs#email-marketing

UI/UX Designer - https://babyli.st/jobs#ui-designer

Email me at natalie@babyli.st

cloudify 2 days ago 0 replies      
Measurence - REMOTE (UTC-5 ~ UTC+5) - http://measurence.com

Hi! :) I'm Federico Feroldi, co-founder of Measurence. Our mission is to bring the power of lean analytics practices and tools to the brick & mortar retailers (think about MixPanel and Optimizely for the real world).

We're very early stage, but with a working product, enough seed funding, some excited customers and a few very important prospects.

This is not our first startup. As founders together have almost 30 years of combined tech and business experience with a few startups and exits already under our belt.

Your responsibility will be to build the front end app of our analytics platform using Rails and AngularJS. The backend system (data ingestion and analysis) is built on Scala, so there's a chance for you to learn it if you want :)

This is a fully remote position. You'll be able to work from (almost) anywhere you want and organize you working hours as long as you deliver stuff and bring the product closer to the vision that were going to shape together.

You'll not be told what to do. We'll, instead discuss together what needs to happen then you'll decide what and how to do to make it happen. You'll need to be comfortable with the uncertainty that characterizes the early stage of a startup.

We value honesty, transparency and direct communication.

If you're interested to discuss more, tell me your story and show me what you built at fferoldi - at - measurence.com

To learn more about the founding team:https://www.linkedin.com/in/feroldihttps://github.com/cloudifyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/elionarciso

billclerico 2 days ago 0 replies      
WePay - we're building the payments API for marketplaces & crowdfunding sites.

- Backend Engineer- Product Manager- Systems Administrator / CSO


gozmike 2 days ago 0 replies      
Radialpoint - Montreal, Canada - Director of Marketing

A great customer experience isnt possible without a great support experience. Thats why Radialpoint is developing solutions that make technical support instant and complete.

We're a well funded, profitable, tech company out of Montreal with a serious startup culture. Looking to hire a marketer who's run a successful SaaS program before (either as an employee or as a founder) to join our product management and marketing team focussed on new lines of business like SupportKit (http://supportkit.radialpoint.com) and others.

E-mail me directly at michael.gozzo@radialpoint.com if you'd like to know more. Open to hiring from anywhere in NA to work in Montreal (an awesome city!)

jasonchen913 2 days ago 1 reply      
MongoDB - (New York, Austin, DC, and Hong Kong)

Below are 3 "hot jobs" that I am currently recruiting for. If you think you fit the bill, feel free to reach out @ careers@mongodb.com


Solutions Architect (Technical Pre-sales Engineer/consultant) Location: Austin, TX / Hong Kong

Solutions Architects are responsible for guiding our customers and users to design and build reliable, scalable systems using MongoDB. The Solutions Architecture team at MongoDB is made up of seasoned software architects, entrepreneurs and developers who take direct responsibility for customer success, including the design of their software, deployment and operations.

A development/distributed systems background is required.


*Consulting Engineer (Field/implementation/post-sale Engineers) Location: New York, NY / Washington D.C. (Clearance is required)

As a technical consultant, you'll be MongoDB's ambassador to our clients and other MongoDB users. You'll deliver advisory consulting to and lead comprehensive training sessions with MongoDB's clients, helping them solve mission-critical challenges in areas as varied as schema design, performance optimization (both in a database and in an application), software architecture, production operations.

A development/distributed systems background is required.


Technical Services Engineer: Location: New York,NY / Palo Alto,CA / Austin, TX / Sydney, AU

Team members will apply strong problem solving skills and will acquire a broad understanding of our products as well as a wide range of innovative customer applications and environments, from Foursquare to CERN to Metlife and everywhere in-between. At the end of the day, youll be able to look at these groundbreaking applications and say that you had a hand in making them happen. If you have a strong Dev, Ops, or DevOps background, you might be a great fit!


pretzel 2 days ago 0 replies      
Qubit - London (+ New York web devs)

Qubit has just had our 4th birthday, and we're looking to really grow our engineering team (somewhat) internationally, as we expand out into new markers!

There's a bunch of jobs listed here: http://www.qubitproducts.com/jobs, but to summarise, we are hiring on the front-end from UX architects to both new and experienced full-stacky-JS engineers and in our infrastructure teams for DevOps folk. Also, if you find http://xkcd.com/1132 funny, we want you as well!

It's a really fun environment - not just because of the perks of working in the middle of Soho with our own newly remodelled (and fully stocked) kitchen - but we've put together an inspirational team across the board, and we're building a personalisation platform that is really resonating with some of the biggest brands in the world. Not only that, but we have huge plans about where we are going to take it!

It's a really exciting time, and I hope some of you will join us! There's tonnes of big technical and "soft" problems that we're tackling, so drop us a line at careers+hackernews@qubitproducts.com, tell us a bit about yourself and we'd love to have a chat about how you can help us solve them.

RStillman 22 hours ago 0 replies      
[HIRING] InnovaSystems International : http://bit.ly/19yGl06Agile development team creating software and solutions for the DoD. Love big data? Quick iterations? Freedom to create your own schedule? Telecommute options? Paid time off and 40 hour work weeks? Email me at rstillman@innovasi.com

Tech stack: C#, .Net, HTML5, JS, iOS, and moreCertifications a plus

JOBS available:Database Developer: Salt Lake (http://linkd.in/1cjAZFU)ETL Developer: DC (http://linkd.in/1gktEaC)Business Analyst: VASoftware Engineer: VA (http://linkd.in/1mZbVXA)Software Engineer: San Diego (http://linkd.in/1lb6weY)Report Developer: VACognos or other BI tool Author: VA (http://linkd.in/1gImaP6)

tristanz 2 days ago 0 replies      
Sense - https://senseplatform.com - SF, NYC, REMOTE

We're a just launched startup building a radically better platform for data science. We've received tremendous response from both individual data scientists and CTOs at Fortune 500 companies. We're a tiny team of two PhD developer/statisticians and are looking for #3. You should believe in our mission and want to join a startup as a full partner.

Position: Full-stack web lead. You will be responsible for leading our frontend and backend web efforts. You should have extremely strong JavaScript skills and experience building large client-side JavaScript applications. Interest in data and data science a huge plus but is not required.

We're located in San Francisco but are building a distributed team. We're looking for the right person over everything else. We are open to almost any arrangement, including all the way up to adding a cofounder. If you have world class skills and are looking for an exciting project to join, let's chat.

Interested? Email: tristan@senseplatform.com

knes 2 days ago 0 replies      
Pusher - http://pusher.com/jobs - London, United Kingdom

Pusher is a uniquely techy London company with a large and growing global user base and we are looking to hire a Lead Designer, Growth Engineers and Platform Engineers among other positions ( http://pusher.com/jobs ).

Our company's vision is to help stop developers reinventing the wheel when it comes to software, and help them focus their time and energy into valuable and meaningful work. Were growing quickly and theres much to be done.

We have currently a couple of open positions:

* Lead Designer: Join us as our first in house designer and youll have the opportunity to evolve our brand as well as the experience of the product itself. More info @ http://pusher.com/jobs/lead_designer

* Platform Engineer : The current Pusher platform is only the start of our plans. We're looking for engineers who can help us build out our platform and help shape the way software is produce. More info @ http://pusher.com/jobs/platform_engineer

* Growth Engineer : Engineers on the Growth team are responsible for iterating on, experimenting with, and devising new strategies for growing Pusher. Growth engineers care not just about technology but ultimately the problems it can solve; they care about creating experiences that delight our users; and, they are comfortable at all levels of the stack. More info @ http://pusher.com/jobs/special_developer

We are also always keen on interns (paid) and we have other open positions. http://pusher.com/jobs

lra 23 hours ago 0 replies      
New York, NY

Percolate is growing and looking for Pythonista, DBAs, Backboners and DevOpsers.

Help us bring the best of the technology in the marketing world.

We are all automated and you'll be able to focus on building, not fixing or firefighting.

Stack: Backbone, Python, Django, Celery, Thrift, SQL, NoSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, CFEngine, AWS


- Backend http://percolate.com/about/jobs/oZ5AXfwl

- Frontend http://percolate.com/about/jobs/ozkyXfw8

- DBA http://percolate.com/about/jobs/oM2EXfw9

- Infrastructure http://percolate.com/about/jobs/oVnGXfwF

- More jobs on http://percolate.com/about/jobs/

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Tictail (http://tictail.com) Stockholm, Sweden.

Tictail is the easiest way to start an online store. We're home for 35000 stores and plan to grow 3x over the next year. We care deeply about user experience and want to make e-commerce as accessible as starting a blog. As a result, more than 80% of our store owners have recommended Tictail. We've also recently launched Tictail Apps, a platform for third-party developers to make apps for Tictail stores.

We're currently 7 people in the tech team and we're looking to hire a few more talented engineers with a good product sense. The platform is mostly written in Python and production is currently served by Tornado, Flask and node.js. Our infrastructure is built on AWS and we use Chef for configuration management. Search is currently powered by Solr but we will soon be migrating to Elasticsearch.

Here's a somewhat outdated blog post from Siavash, our CTO, describing the position in more detail: http://blog.tictail.com/post/45182662726/backend-developer-o...

If you're interested, get in touch at jobs+hn@tictail.com and tell us a few things about yourself and a project you've enjoyed working on. Tack!

seanmccann 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco


Ruby Engineer

The last 50 years have seen the reinvention of almost every major industry except for one: Trucking. Intrans is here to change that. We've deployed the world's first mobile platform for on-demand freight shipping.

Over 30 billion dollars a month is spent on trucking freight around the US. Without trucks, the country would grind to a halt overnight. In such a massive market, it's hard to believe that the entire industry still runs on landlines and fax machines. We are changing that by using location-based technology to automatically match supply and demand.

We're a team of 10 and have been around for over two years. We're growing quickly and looking for a Ruby engineer to join us.

If you're ready to be part of this industrial transformation, send your resume and GitHub profile to sean@intrans.com.

iteris 2 days ago 0 replies      



- ON-SITE: Yes

Developer positions available, remote or on-site:

- Front-end/web

- Full web stack

- Back-end

Company name: Iteris, Inc.

Location: Grand Forks, ND (Yup, you read that right.)

We're seeking multiple positions to bolster our talented development teams. Whether you have 3 years, 8 years, or 15 or more years of development experience, we encourage you to apply.

The available positions will be responsible for participating in one or more of Iteris's development teams working on highly interactive web sites, widely used mobile apps, big data-based APIs, SQL & noSQL databases, or devops related projects, including participating in all aspects of the development process from design to implementation to deployment. Iteris embraces both the agile and devops methodologies with a very strong focus on maintaining stellar uptimes. There is a heavy emphasis on working with emerging and established web technologies, parallel development with mobile apps, and utilizing relational and non-relational databases. We work with many large data sets centered on weather and traffic. The candidate must be a strong individual contributor, collaborative, and takes pride in their work while delivering quality software on time.

Specific skills, experiences, or keywords that get us excited about a candidate:

Items with an asterisk (* ) get us really excited when a candidate has advanced knowledge on the subject!

- * Web stacks (Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Lighttpd, ...)

- * HTTP mastery (headers, caches, access methods, ...)

- * Javascript-based app experience (toolkits [dojo, jquery, YUI, etc.], NodeJS, ...)

- * Build and maintain sites/servers/services to survive Slashdot/Reddit/Fark/Twitter/Digg effect

- * Redundant, replicated, high-performance, multi-data center SQL/noSQL databases (SSD friendly!)

- * Build automation, automated deployments, self-healing systems

- Deployment tools (Docker, Jails, systemd, supervisord, ...)

- SQL databases (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, ...)

- NoSQL databases (HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, ...)

- Programming languages (Python, Perl, Javascript, C#, others)

- GIS tools (Mapserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers, OpenStreetMaps, Leaflet, Google's GIS-related APIs)

- Mobile dev experience (iOS/Android)

- Revision control experience (branching, merging, svn, git, hg, etc.)

- Unix/Linux development environment

Please contact us directly via rand@iteris.com.

The full list of available positions are listed here:


A quick explanation of benefits:


Iteris, Inc. is a scientific and information technology solutions innovator, developer, and provider with emphasis in the surface transportation and weather communities.

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Pathable (http://pathable.com) - Seattle or REMOTEPathable is hiring expert javascript engineers and UI designers. We're innovating how single-page applications are built and we need your help. Our industry leading social networking application is focused on conferences and events. It's 75% JavaScript and 25% Ruby. We support several open source projects including Backbone and QuiltJS. We've embraced remote working to a degree you won't find anywhere else. Learn more: http://www.pathable.com/
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SAN FRANCISCO Senior iOS Developer for Founding Team

Snowledge (http://snowledgeapp.com/)

We are looking for a Senior iOS Developer with the technical vision to build an app for the first true navigation and performance tracking community for skiing and snowboarding.

==About the Company==

Snowledge is a mobile and web-based navigation and performance tracking community for the mountains. It equips skiers and snowboarders with valuable inside knowledge to navigate and explore their mountains, GPS technology to capture geotagged stats, photos, & videos, and a community to engage with each other and members of the ski and snowboard industry.

We are a seed stage startup with years of involvement in the skiing & snowboarding industry, including former Junior Olympic ski racing and current competitive Big Mountain skiing experience. Weve raised a seed round of investment and recently partnered with a mountain resort and popular weather and snow forecasting site to help develop and test our beta.

==Desired Skills & Experience==

As a Senior iOS Developer, you will work directly with the founder to go from mockups to working prototypes for a private beta group. You should be comfortable working at all levels of the stack, obsessed with measuring everything, detail oriented, and above all, hungry to succeed.

* B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science

* 4+ years of professional engineering experience

* Expert knowledge of the Objective-C language

* Proven track record of developing quality apps currently available in the app store

* A mellow personality (but an insane work ethic)

Contact eric@snowledgeapp.com. Please include your resume, examples of apps and sites youve worked on, and your Github profile.

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nimai - www.enimai.com - Mountain View CA - Full Time, no remote work.

Us: A very passionate group of individuals who strongly believe our hardware and software will change how we have approach computing. We went to Caltech, CMU, IIT, RPI, Stanford, UIUC, USC to earn our PhDs and other degrees in Aeronautics, Computer Science, Cryptography, Materials Science, Applied Math, Particle Physics etc.

We worked at Apple, Facebook, Google, Jawbone, Lab126, NASA, NSA, Samsung etc working on a variety of projects including Android devices, Chromebooks, Cryptanalysis, Distributed systems, Mac Hardware, OLPC, Personal Aircraft, RISC processors, Speech recognition, Sun workstations, Video compression algorithms etc.

We love what we do. As a team we believe we will make an impact in this world.

You: Be awesome in coding. Know you are awesome in coding.Be a generalist at heart. You could be a specialist in something but you should be open to working on our RTOS one day and twiddling with machine learning algorithms the next. Be cognizant we are a product company trying to pack in as much research as possible i.e end of the day we have to ship a product that makes an impact and amazes people.

_Understand_ CS fundamentals. Use whatever tool is at your disposal to solve the next available problem/task. You will need to hold a lot of complexity in your head.

If all this sounds interesting please apply at http://enimai.theresumator.com/ or email stdin@enimai.com. Tell us what moves you.

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NODE.JS, ANDROID and PRODUCT MANAGEMENT positions in Berlin/Germanyall full-time and permanent

Top 5 reasons why you should move to Berlin, now:

1. Lowest livings costs with highest quality of living. Stay in gorgeous, perfectly renovated apartments in pre-WWII residential buildings with high ceilings, right in the middle of the center and pay a fraction of costs of any other capital (even cheaper than any Eastern European capital). No need for a carBerlin has one of the densest subway nets and wide streets make biking fun. In addition, Germany has an amazing social health care system including health, unemployment and pension (when working as an employee).

2. A vibrant and fast growing ecosystem of smart people. A vast number of new software talents, founders, software companies and VCs are moving to Berlin, every day (Twitter, Google, Soundcloud, Early Bird and many more).

3. People here are open-minded, outgoing, mix well and internationalno need to learn German, everyone speaks English! Making new friends is a matter of days. Visit tons of networking and startup events, every week.

4. Easy work permissionsEuropeans do not need any and can work from day one and the rest applies for the hassle-free Blue Card.

5. Berlin's night life is unmatched, huge and changing every day (plus ridiculously cheap). Berlin has got some of the most dazzling, naughty, and original clubs on the face of the Earth.

Berlin is calling and getting the new tech hub of Europe. If you are passionate about building great software, wed love to talk with you. If you don't live in Berlin yet, we could help to fix that.

All job offers => http://urge.io/jobs

Mail addresse => career <at> versus <dot> com

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iRobot (http://www.irobot.com) - Bedford, MA (just outside of Boston, MA)

Do you think robots are cool? So do we!

We're looking for smart engineers who are easy to work with. You should probably think robots are cool, but no robotics background is required. (I had no robotics background when I started at iRobot.)

iRobot is looking for software engineers and mechanical engineers.

Here are a few of our 20+ job openings:

* Android developer

* Embedded software engineers: We're hiring for "big embedded" (C++, Linux, and big cpus) and "small embedded" (C, bare-metal, small cpus). If you have good OO skills (C++, Java, etc.) but no "embedded" background that's okay too - shoot me an email and we'll chat.

* Software engineers for vision, navigation, and mapping

* Test engineers

* Mechanical engineer

Check our jobs site for all positions: http://www.irobot.com/us/Company/Careers.aspx

Email me directly if you'd like to know more: csvec@irobot.com

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Senior Windows Software Engineer | Duo Security | Ann Arbor, Michigan (Relocation strongly preferred)


Duo Security's hosted two-factor authentication service brings strong, scalable security to organizations of any size. Duo's unique, high-availability architecture provides centralized management, self-service enrollment, and interactive secondary login through an intuitive web interface, eliminating the high costs, complexity, and confusion associated with traditional two-factor systems. Every day, over 1,000 organizations in 80+ countries around the world rely on Duo for their security.

Duo Security is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is a privately held company whose investors include Google Ventures, True Ventures, Resonant Venture Partners, and Radar Partners. Read more about Duo's investors.

About Duo / Co-Founder Bios: https://www.duosecurity.com/company/about


Our ideal candidate is an experienced Windows developer. Experience with security products a big plus, as is experience working on B2B and SaaS products.

Job duties:

* Integrate Duo with all things Windows including Active Directory, ADFS, Exchange Server, IIS, and Remote Desktop Services.

* Help us build and deliver cloud-based 2FA services for two-factor authentication as part of a high performance development team.

* Handle field escalations, related to Windows integrations, when fronttline support escalates support requests.

Main qualifications:

Windows development experience

* C++ (e.g. Win32 API, COM, MFC)

* C#, .NET

* Windows Installers (e.g. WiX)

Secondary qualifications:

* Experience with Windows security APIs and technologies

* Experience with development and administration of Active Directory, ADFS, Exchange Server, IIS, and Remote Desktop Services

* Experience with Python development

* Mobile development for Windows Phone, iOS, or Android

You also...

* Care about contributing to an amazing work culture and environment

* Are comfortable with the rapid, unpredictable nature of a tech startup

* Don't believe you have to live on a coast to work for a high-growth, tech startup


Excited? We can't wait to hear from you!


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San Francisco, CA - Kongregate - http://www.kongregate.com/pages/jobs

Love games? Kongregate is a flash gaming portal and mobile game publisher. We're expanding the mobile team in both marketing and analytics.

* Marketing & User Acquisition - no marketing experience required just an analytical mind, this is the product manager, mobile position

* Data Analyst

You can either apply online or send them directly to curt at kongregate dot com so they don't get lost in the shuffle.

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NYC (or US remote) - Tidal Labs - https://tid.al/

We're a mature startup working on developing some new and exciting products this year. We already work with dozens of big-name brands and 30,000+ bloggers, helping to create meaningful ways for the two to interact through technology.

We're looking for PHP/JS developers of all experience levels to join our growing team of 10. You'll be helping develop new products from scratch and maintaining existing products. We work 40-hour weeks, live a sustainable lifestyle, and enjoy what we do.

If you're interested, send your info to php@tid.al and we'll talk.

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TripleLift is hiring - we're a small (25-person) startup in NYC trying to disrupt online advertising. We're working on technologies that move away from annoying banner ads to beautiful, image-centric native ads. We focus on computer vision (and related technologies), real-time bidding, data analysis and more. We're looking for some awesome people that are awesome at one or more of: angular, node.js, java (high performance), PHP, and "big data" - reach out at careers@triplelift.com if you're interested (or check us out here http://triplelift.com/careers)!

Also, we were recently named one of Forbes top 5 companies transforming advertising in 2013, were finalists for AdWeek's startup of the year (both editorial and readers choice) and won The NY Times / 212NYC ad tech startup of the year.

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My team is looking for version control nerds for some developer tools work. Pittsburgh and NYC are the locations we can do for now. Sadly, I can't go into much detail about the specifics of what we're doing, but we're digging deep into Git and Mercurial, working on building fast servers and some clever features on top of both systems.

My email is in my profile if you want to know more - experience with the guts of either git or hg is very desirable.

geddes 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco - Mixpanel

We're hiring for a variety of customer facing roles here at Mixpanel. We have some of the greatest customers on the planet, and when they reach out to us they deserve to be supported by a smart, energetic and technical team.

This includes Account Managers, Support Engineers and Solutions Architects. The details are at http://mixpanel.com/jobs. I am the hiring manager, so feel free to ping me directly at geddes@mixpanel.com with questions or to apply. I actually read cover letters!

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NGP VAN - Washington, DC or Boston, MA - Senior and Mid-Level Developers, QA Engineers, Interns

NGP VAN (https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van) is the worlds leading political technology firm, providing campaign and organizing technology to Democrats, progressives, and non-partisan organizations. We offer an integrated platform that combines the best fundraising, compliance, organizing, and new media products available.

We are a rapidly growing company that built the voter contact and volunteer management tools used by Obama for America. Nearly every State Democratic Party in the country distributes our VoteBuilder tools to Democrats up and down the ticket, and we provide industry-leading organizing tools for labor unions, environmental groups, pro-choice advocates, civil rights activists, and international political parties across the world. Our fundraising and compliance software is used by the vast majority of Democratic candidates from the Presidential level on down, and our fast-growing new media platform has recently become the most-used platform by Democratic campaigns as well.

We have a couple of positions open in Boston and DC for developers - our stack is mostly ASP.NET MVC / EF, but we have several node apps and are also using angular pretty heavily in new development. We're open to summer interns, mid-level developers, and senior developer.

The positions offers competitive compensation and a strong benefits package. NGP VAN prides itself on being a progressive and open-minded workplace; we have a fun and relaxed company culture, including blowing off steam on a softball field, drinking in the office on Fridays, enjoying periodic company retreats to warm places with beaches, and casual Friday every day.

Some relevant links:

Job Postings:http://www.ngpvan.com/about/jobs/senior-developer-0http://www.ngpvan.com/about/jobs/development-internhttp://www.ngpvan.com/about/jobs/qa-automation-engineer-0

Coderwall: https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van

Hit me up at dmiller at ngpvan dot com if you have any questions!

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Pascal Metrics, Washington DC (Georgetown)

We're a healthcare startup focused on improving patient safety in hospitals.

Our software platform enables clients to detect, track, and analyze patient safety issues across hospital systems.

Open positions:

* UI Engineer - Front-end developer with knowledge of CSS, HTML5, Javascript for our SaaS platform. Knowledge of MVC frameworks and CSS organization desired.

* QA Engineer - QA engineer with experience developing and executing rigorous test plans for web applications and a passion for seeking & destroying software defects.

* Java Engineer - Core Java developer to help build out our SaaS platform. Experience with play! framework, event processing, distributed systems a plus.

* Systems Engineer - Engineer to build scalable infrastructure based on puppet. Linux and scripting experience required. Configuration management experience a plus.

Check us out at http://www.pascalmetrics.com

Full job listing: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/PascalMetricsInc

If you're interested in getting involved with healthcare, improving work culture, and tackling hard technical challenges, please feel free to reach out to me directly to chat in detail.

theo at pascalmetrics.com

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Join'em, TX-----Joinem is the first community-powered marketplace to provide an easy, fun and collaborative way to leverage the collective buying power of like-minded shoppers with quality merchants. Our core proposition is based on WePower to enable groups to shop, share and beat down the prices on thousands of brand name products and services.

We are open to all levels(junior, mid and senior):

==================Back End Developer==================

Responsibilities:Your work will span many areas of the Join'em platform, including but not limited to:

- Playing with large datasets- Developing our RESTful APIs- Working on machine learning (such as recommendation systems)- Developing dashboards- Scaling applications across distributed machines- Requirements

- Fluent in python language- Write great code, view it as a craft, and be proud of what you do at your job- Experience using Git


- Have a college degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience- Experience with a good portion of our technology stack- Experience in working in i18n projects supporting non-Latin languages (as we expend future markets)- Familiarity with standards and guidelines; including: Unicode, CLDR, ICU, PEP 8 etc..)- Experience in A/B testing- E-commerce experience

Our stack:You will work with a broad and bleeding-edge back-end technologies, including but not limited to:

- Python and Django- PostgreSQL- MongoDB- Redis- Amazon Web Services- Third party apps (such as Braintree, Optimizely, Twilio, Paypal etc..)

===================Front End Developer===================

Responsibilities:Your work will span many areas of the Join'em platform, including but not limited to:

- Developing device agnostic & responsive frontend code- Work with creative and production team to bring ideas to life- Code HTML marketing campaign emails


- Must be able to communicate well with designers and developers- Solid understanding of core front-end web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript)- Understanding of emerging UI/UX concepts- Experience with jQuery- Responsive design experience- Experience using Git


- Experience with Bootstrap, Backbone.js, AngularJS- Experience with LESS CSS pre-processor- Experience in A/B testing- Experience in template engines such as Django, Jinja, or Smarty- E-commerce experience

These are full-time position based in our Dallas, TX office. Relocation assistance may be available.

Please email your resume to dev.hr@joinem.com.

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SwiftStack - http://swiftstack.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA (preferred)

We are making running private cloud storage awesome. Our core product - the SwiftStack Controller - makes it easy to configure, deploy, manage and monitor your own personal Swift[1] cluster. It's a Django app, with a background task and alerting/eventing engine, a 0mq based remote execution agent to control the fleet, and statsd feeding graphite for telemetry.

But our core deliverable is OpenStack Swift. OpenStack is the open-source alternative to AWS, and Swift is Object Storage (think S3). And our team is actively driving new capabilities[2] with the open source community.

Our customers are managing distributed storage systems growing at dozens or hundreds of terabytes a month - we're literally taking on big problems - wanna help? We're primarily a python shop, actively recruiting Sr. Engineers and opinionated UX designers who have experience working with a Django team - but we've got lots of room for experience at all levels, if you're interested check us out:


[1] Swift: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift

[2] Storage Policies in Swift: https://swiftstack.com/blog/2014/01/27/openstack-swift-stora...

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New York City

Quovo: full-stack data mining specialist

Freelance, part-time, intern welcome, possibly transitioning to full time

Quovo is a FinTech Big Data startup (lots of jargon there, we know) that performs aggregation and analytics for investment advisors, foundations, hedge funds, and even everyday investors. Learn more about us at (www.quovo.com).

We're looking for a full-stack developer to work specifically on data mining projects such as screen scraping, website crawling, DOM parsing, etc. Fancy yourself a bit of a hacker? This is the job for you.

Skills and experience:

- Strong understanding of HTTP and webservers

- HTML scraping and other data mining/retrieval experience

- Strong regular expression skills

- PHP, C++, JS knowledge (or similar languages)

- Familiarity with HAR, XPATH, jQuery

Email info@quovo.com with a resume and description of relevant experience, and we'll take it from there...

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Ginkgo Bioworks - http://www.ginkgobioworks.com/ - Boston, MA

Ginkgo BioWorks is a young company out of MIT with the mission of making biology easier to engineer. We engineer organisms to address fundamental challenges the world is facing today. We aren't trying to study biology, we are trying to build it - constructing, editing, and redesigning the living world. Our bioengineers make use of an in-house pipeline of synthetic biology technologies to design and build new organisms.

You will be working closely with our biological engineers to design and implement our computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) platform. Work includes programming robots to build metabolic pathways and new genomes, automate measurement processes, and implementing gene and pathway design algorithms. You don't need previous biology experience; Ginkgo is a great environment for amazing programmers to learn to hack biology.

Ginkgo's programming languages of choice are Ruby, Python, and DNA, but you must be someone who loves writing elegant code in any language. Most importantly, you should be passionate about making biology the next engineering discipline, and learning new things.

Interested? Please email jobs@ginkgobioworks.com. We have both full time positions and 1-year internships.

klistwan 2 days ago 0 replies      
Kira Talent (https://www.kiratalent.com) - Toronto, Canada

At Kira Talent, we help employers spot top talent earlier in the hiring process through timed video interviews.

A bit about us:

  * were a small team (youd be #14), based in the heart of downtown Toronto  * were well funded (we just raised a $2M seed round) and have had paying clients since day 1 of the company   * were hiring both  mobile and backend developers  * we think even enterprise software can be beautiful, and pride ourselves on our design   * every single one of our developers have committed code within their first day at work; some within their first hour
Heres some stuff weve been working on lately:

  * building infrastructure to allow us to scale our video recording and streaming  * re-building the UI-heavy sections of our product using AngularJS  * designing and creating our mobile suite for both job candidates and employers alike   * presenting analytics data captured in our product to the end user, and our team internally
We mostly use Python/Django, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), MySQL (and some MongoDB), but youd be free to choose your own tools and libraries. If this sounds fun, lets chat! My name is Konrad, I'm the co-founder/CTO, and you can send me a note at konrad@kiratalent.com. :)

axiom 2 days ago 0 replies      
Top Hat - tophat.com - Toronto, Ontario

Top Hat is hiring for a few roles: mobile dev (iOS, Android), sysadmin/infrastructure developer (rabbitmq, selenium, fabric, ec2), general web developer (python, django, javascript, node.js.) We also hire interns so please feel free to apply for that as well.

We're a profitable (and valley VC funded by some of the best funds in the valley) education startup that helps make class more engaging. We've got some really cool problems to work on and your work would be impacting a huge number of students daily.

Our dev team is in Toronto but we've also got an office in San Francisco so if you're really good we would be open to having someone work from there. If you're not based in Canada or the US but are willing to relocate feel free to contact us, because we do cover relocation expenses and will help you manage the work permit process.

Send your resume/github account to mike at tophat dot com.

Alex3917 2 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY.

Full Time.


Software developers at all experience levels. Front end web, back end, big data, iOS/Android. We don't care what languages you know, as long as you're highly skilled in at least one. We use agile and tend to use the same kinds of technologies you'd see in your typical YC startup. Email me if interested:


Bonus: Just for fun we're giving 10,000 Dogecoin to anyone who sets up an interview with us in the next two weeks. (You may have to do a couple coding problems first if you don't already have a solid GitHub portfolio.)

olihb 2 days ago 0 replies      
Montreal, Canada - MindGeek

Data Scientist, Full time


    Conceive and design complete data mining solutions to support operations    Develop and implement solutions including applying algorithms, improving existing algorithms, and developing custom algorithms    Review recent technological and research advances from the community and integrate them with existing architecture    Assist engineering in the deployment of accepted and successful algorithms to production environments    Provide expert advice and assistance to other teams in the company    Perform ad hoc statistical and data mining analysis on various datasets     

    M.Sc. in Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistics, Mathematics or similar field - Ph.D. an asset    Strong knowledge and proficiency in data mining algorithms including decision trees, probability networks, clustering, regression and neural networks    Research-oriented and strong passion for empirical research on hard problems    Ability to present results to non-expert people    Familiarity with database environments and functional knowledge of SQL    Strong programming skills in R, Java, Python or similar high-level languages    Experience with media buying platforms and online advertising an asset    Experience and ability to work with Big Data problems    Experience with UNIX/Linux environment
Contact me: olivier.beauchesne -at- mindgeek.com

gtuhl 2 days ago 0 replies      
MailChimp - Atlanta, GA

Database Engineer

MailChimp is a DIY email-newsletter service based in Atlanta that serves more than 4 million users worldwide. We're self-funded and profitable, and we're growing fast.

Job DescriptionMailChimp is seeking a database-focused infrastructure engineer to join our team. Youll build, maintain, and monitor systems that support millions of users across all products and applications at the company. We operate in a high volume environment and are growing rapidly, adding 10000+ new accounts/day with that rate increasing every week. On the infrastructure side we do interesting work to support that scale and growth rate, working closely with developers to build and support our applications.

The engineering teams are small and focused, our benefits are unmatched, and internally we function much like a startup aside from established stability and abundant resources. There are no sales people, no investors, no board, and engineering teams are trusted to make good decisions with resources with minimal oversight. We are competitive nationally on salary and benefits.

Applicants should have strong Linux experience, extremely heavy operational MySQL experience, independent troubleshooting skills, and a love for automation and monitoring. Our core persistence layer consists of hundreds of horizontally sharded and paired Percona 5.5 instances. We are seeking an experienced engineer who would be part of the core infrastructure team with a focus on maintaining and improving this crucial MySQL layer in addition to contributing to the systems that feed off of it (emailgenome.org, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Redis). We take a pragmatic and practical approach to our stacks using proven components and building our own logic and complexity on top of well understood building blocks. This is a large, well built setup with consistent hardware, configs, monitoring, backups, and tuning in place.

Skills and Experience:- Linux servers- Experience with modern MySQL at high volume: sharding, replication, backups, monitoring, tuning- Knowledge of the current MySQL ecosystem and an interest in where things are headed- Deep understanding of InnoDB performance, recovery, tuning, and backups- Experience with replication and an understanding of all options and components involved- Exposure to HA solutions like MMM, haproxy, PXC- Scripting and coding (python, bash, php)- Puppet or other configuration management tool experience is a big plus- Zabbix or other monitoring tools- Familiarity with other infrastructure pieces of our stacks (nginx, apache, memcache, postgres, redis, elasticsearch) is also a big plus

Please apply here, the applications come directly to me:


Many other positions available as well:


ilz 1 day ago 0 replies      
Blue Apron (New York, NY): Software Engineer

Blue Apron (http://www.blueapron.com) is an NYC-based startup delivering original recipes and premium, seasonal ingredients needed to prepare them, in exactly the right proportions. We've raised $8M from First Round Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners, among others. Forbes recently named us one of the hottest startups of 2013 [1].

Since launching in late 2012, we're now delivering over 350,000 meals each month nationwide. Our product is growing quickly, and we want to work with talented, passionate individuals that will help us enhance the experience of cooking at home.

Our engineers solve problems for both customers and members of the Blue Apron team. We evaluate, design, and implement new features to provide more enjoyable experiences for our users. We collaborate to understand and overcome unique supply-chain, scheduling, and logistics challenges. We listen to the needs of our internal teams and build tools that bring harmony to complex operational workflows.

Our stack: Ruby on Rails, RSpec, PostgreSQL, HAML, Bootstrap, SASS, JQuery, AJAX, Git, Heroku

About you:

- You've taken features or products from concept to completion and have experience working with production web applications.

- You communicate your ideas clearly, and are capable of designing and implementing complex, scalable solutions.

- You want to build software that has impact on the lives of customers and coworkers alike.

- You are always learning and are excited at the prospect of mastering new technologies and techniques.

- You write tests to improve the quality and reliability of your code.

- You help teammates improve when reviewing their work and appreciate feedback when they reciprocate.

This role comes with health insurance, a flexible vacation policy, and competitive salary and equity. To apply, please submit a short email outlining your experience and why you are interested along with your resume to jobs@blueapron.com.

[1] http://www.forbes.com/pictures/emjl45himd/blue-apron-4/

miket 2 days ago 0 replies      
Diffbot - Palo Alto, one block from the Stanford campus.We're applying computer vision and NLP to web pages to structure data for developers. Read more here: http://diffbot.com/company/

We're looking for full-time and interns for the summer. Write jobs@diffbot.com

psgibbs 2 days ago 0 replies      
Folsom Labs, San Francisco, Full Time (www.folsomlabs.com)

Basically, if you are interested in science and/or energy, and want to do software engineering at a place that actually let's you leverage the math/physics you learned in college/grad school, we're probably as good a fit as you'll find. We make powerful design tools for Solar PV systems, making them very easy to use by leveraging a pretty sophisticated simulation engine (so we handle the physics for the user).

We've already launched our product[1], have some great traction (including a federal grant), and we're still just a 2 man team, so there's a lot of opportunity. Everyday we get to deal with a range of problems that few startups get to offer we have a pretty modern web-stack [2] (that we actually need, not just to be trendy), but also get to solve interesting physics/optimization problems on a regular basis. It's a really unique place in both the solar industry, and as a software company.


[1] http://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/better-faster-ba...[2] AngularJS, Python/Flask (API/Backend), Cython/C (Physics Simulation Engine)

jchendy 2 days ago 0 replies      
Two Sigma New York City Full time

Two Sigma [1], an investment manager with the heart and soul of a tech company, has openings in many areas of technology. We have engineers working on everything from file systems to trading platforms to interactive visualizations.

My team, Collaboration and Usability Engineering, is specifically looking for a frontend engineer with an eye for design [2], a full stack engineer for our internal collaboration tools [3], and an HR tools engineer [4]. We also have a couple product management positions open, but they havent made it online yet. Filling out the general PM application [5] should get you to the right place.

[1] http://www.twosigma.com/

[2] http://www.twosigma.com/careers/position/705.html

[3] http://www.twosigma.com/careers/position/686.html

[4] http://www.twosigma.com/careers/position/848.html

[5] http://www.twosigma.com/careers/position/728.html

j_kauf 2 days ago 0 replies      
Raizlabs - San Francisco and Boston - http://raizlabs.com

Do more than code. Raizlabs is seeking experienced mobile developers and user experience designers to engineer beautiful apps and influence product direction for startups and big brands like Virgin, Bloomingdales, Localytics, RunKeeper, Rue La La, Care.com, and HubSpot. Weve worked in a diverse array of fields ranging from education to medical wearables and are always playing with novel technologies.

Youll be working with enthusiastic and supportive peers in a trust-based work environment. In fact, youll be helping to keep it that way. As an early employee of our West Coast office, you will strongly influence our culture, priorities, and future hiring in San Francisco. If you join the Boston office, you'll join the CEO and team in our top floor headquarters in Downtown Boston.

Join us and contribute to the "next big thing" for years to come.

Full job ad: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/47712/mobile-developer...

Apply through our website: www.raizlabs.com/company/jobs/apply-for-a-job/

Or just email me directly and we'll grab coffee! justin-at-raizlabs-dot-com

netghost 2 days ago 0 replies      
Hey, I'm one of the developers at LiquidPlanner in Seattle. It's primarily a Ruby on Rails shop, with a really great development team. Our application provides predictive project scheduling, dynamic collaboration, and easy time tracking.

If that sounds interesting to you, here's the official job posting:

Software Development Engineers

LiquidPlanner is looking for full-time developers in the Seattle area to help us build next-generation scheduling and team collaboration tools. We have an industry-leading product, a smart team and a great work environment. These positions include stock options and an excellent benefits package.

Core responsibilities

Develop advanced web applications using Ruby on Rails and JavascriptMaintain the highest levels of software quality through test-driven developmentCollaborate with customers and the team to solve interesting problemsHelp support and improve our production and development infrastructuresHelp design features and build the roadmap for LiquidPlannerRequired skills

A commitment to quality and a pragmatic approachProficiency with Ruby on Rails, Javascript and HTML/CSSStrong knowledge of SQL and LinuxExperience developing and operating complex web applicationsBA/BS or graduate degree in Computer Science


ashaiber 2 days ago 0 replies      
T-REX - Tel Aviv, Israel

Full-time devs, Front-end/Full-Stack. Were working with Python / Django / BackboneJS / Nginx / PostgreSql / NumPy / Pandas / Bootstrap / Git / AWS. Experience in any of these is great, but mostly we're looking for people who are quick learners, motivated and get things done. If you are one of those, the rest is really just a plus


We are a funded (Series A) start-up bringing together the worlds of finance and renewable energy, helping to drive up the adoption of renewable energy assets as a mainstream, investable asset class.

We are now establishing T-REXs SAAS development team in Tel-Aviv and are looking for full-stack developers and front-end developers, who are looking to work in a small, fast-paced start-up oriented team.

Funded by two of the most successful clean-tech venture capital firms in California, T-REXs mission is to unlock mass market investment into renewable energy assets by bringing together the largest investors in the world with the developers of renewable energy projects. We are building a comprehensive software solution which provides robust and transparent risk analysis to institutional investors, providing them with the transparency and knowledge needed to invest in renewable energy assets.


email me directly at arad.shaiber [at] therenex.com

blader 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco - Heyday - http://hey.co

We are building a lifelog for people to remember and share the story of their lives, automatically, beautifully, and privately. Two months ago, we launched here on Hacker News [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6858373 ]. Here's what some of you guys said:

- "Wow. I rarely download this stuff. But the fact that it claims to be automatic piqued my interest. After downloading it I can say that my first impression is shocked. Shocked that I really liked it."

- "This is very well done. This could crush Facebook. Not in the short term but if you create a timeline that is more personally valuable to people they will be far more likely to use it and share it with friends and family. Your timeline is already far more interesting then my "Wall."

- "Why is it free? I would've paid for this."

- "I have been looking for this. I've been so desperate for this I've been contemplating creating it myself."

We're looking for mobile engineers (iOS - hard problems include making our sync engine fast/reliable, fast/intuitive search for memories, surfacing important memories in the background, UI performance, and doing it all without using a lot of battery), systems engineers (Python, Devops, Puppet/Chef - hard problems include delivering accurate geocoding for memories, reliable syncing, and building systems to monitor and scale all of it automatically), and data scientists (R/Matlab/SPSS, Python, SQL, statistics, machine learning - hard problems include using ML to improve accuracy of geocoding, building growth and retention models, all while guaranteeing user anonymity and privacy).

We will fly you out for interviews and relocate you to San Francisco if you aren't here already. A lot of our team work remotely from time to time, but we haven't found full time remote employees to work out well for us since we collaborate so closely together in real time.

Please email me directly at siqi at hey dot co (8 hour SLA for a response). I'm also happy to answer questions here.

Fun fact: 33% of our engineering team found us through Whos Hiring threads here.

kgreene2 2 days ago 0 replies      
Chicago, IL - DevOps and Build Automation Engineer @ Spantree - http://www.spantree.net


Systems Management: Vagrant, Puppet, AWS

Build Automation/CI: Gradle, Grunt, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, Cordova

Test Automation: JUnit/Spock, Selenium, Mocha.js

Web Tier: Java 7, Nginx, Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, Grails, Redis, RabbitMQ, Node.js, Varnish

Data stores: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Redis, Couchbase, Neo4J


Spantree is a boutique software engineering firm based (mostly) in Chicago. We're looking for our very first DevOps engineer to join our team in the West Loop.

This candidate should enjoy learning new technologies and solving hard problems. Ideally, we're looking for someone that can whip or systems engineering stack into shape, taking over cross-cutting systems work that we each handle on our individual projects. Our existing team of 7 are mostly programmers. We've had to learn tools such as Vagrant, Puppet and AWS to make our lives easier, but we're growing to the point where we could really use someone who lives and breathes this stuff.

We work quite a bit with OSS and we're not shy about jumping into other people's code to figure things out. We constantly hunt for smarter ways to do things, so we're often experimenting with emerging tech with little or no documentation. You should be motivated to submit pull requests and hunt down project committers on Twitter and IRC when you're stuck.


Who are you?


* A nice person

* An effective communicator face-to-face, on the phone, and over the web

* A pragmatic engineer that can quickly go from problem to solution to working software

* A lazy programmer who leverages test, build, and deployment automation wherever possible

* An confident teacher of what you know and a humble student of what you don't

* An altruist who wants to participate in open-source projects


What do we work on?


Our clients range from small and scrappy startups to large enterprise companies. We have 3-7 projects going at any point in time. We tend to focus on greenfield development, building web applications from the ground up. We also work on integrating the old with the new, bringing technologies like Elasticsearch, Grails and Drools to large companies. Helping people make better decisions is the central theme of most of our projects. This can take the form of a search engine to help people find interesting stuff to do on a Saturday night, a complex rules-oriented workflow management system for evaluating health insurance claims, helping people find the right doctor, or a matchmaking and scheduling system to help people book face-to-face meetings at conferences.In the next year or two, we also plan to get into product development, taking our experiences solving the same sort of problems for multiple clients and rolling them into a generic framework which we plan to open source and support directly for our clients and the rest of the world.


We offer full health, vision and dental for our full-time employees. 401K. Free snacks and often free lunches as well. Big monitors and top-of-the-line equipment. We also have a shiny new office treadmill.

Drop us a line at jobs@spantree.net and tell us a bit about yourself. If you have a resume or CV, feel free to pass that along as well. Github and LinkedIn profiles are also helpful. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

jscalisi 21 hours ago 0 replies      
Palantir is hiring Infrastructure Quality Engineers in Palo Alto, CA.

Palantir Infrastructure Quality Engineers work on cross-functional product teams to ensure a successful, high quality product release. We are looking for energetic, highly motivated, and detail-oriented engineers with strong software skills to fill this role. As an Infrastructure Quality Engineer at Palantir, you will play a critical role in defining Palantirs world-class information analysis platform. You will accomplish this by drawing on your superb engineering ability to solve complex software problems. You will figure out how to assess the server architecture of each release of Palantirs platform to ensure that it operates flawlessly. You will be responsible for designing software tests based both on expected uses and functional requirements; validating functionality; finding, filing, verifying, and solving issues and defects; and providing extensive input to the software development process. This is an opportunity to join a fast growing start-up and be a critical member on cross-functional product teams building disruptive technology.


Review and critique software specificationsDesign and execute test cases using functional requirementsDevelop scripts to automate and validate functionalityFind and file defects; verify fixed deficienciesDebug software/server issuesWrite scripts to generate large data sets for scale testingMaintain and administer robust enterprise software deploymentsWork with developers to ensure a successful, high-quality releaseRequirements

BS/MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, or equivalentDouble major in Finance, Mathematics, or Physics is a plusStrong experience with Linux; specifically, the ability to diagnose software issues on a server environmentStrong shell scripting, Python or PerlFirm grasp of back-end QA methodologies with a focus on scale performanceOracle, Postgres and/or other (SQL) database knowledgeSystems administration experience highly desiredAbility to work in a fast-moving environment with ad-hoc objectivesExcellent teamwork, independent decision making, and written/verbal communication skillsAnalytical thinking, creative problem solving, trouble shooting, and attention-to-detail a must


jpitzo 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco (relocation possible) - HouseCanary -http://housecanary.com

Looking for UX/UI designer and Frontend Developer

Over the past year we brought together real estate experts, economists, and Statistics PhDs to build a big data platform to accurately forecast real estate values up to 36 months into the future for all 381 US counties (MSA's) and 25,000 major zip codes. We forecast at this level as real estate truly is local, and weve found there are huge differences in how markets move between zip codes in a county. Our forecasts have over 90% accuracy forecasting housing prices up to 3 years out for most US real estate markets. We have back-tested these models for accuracy over the past 40 years, so that we can have confidence in calling the major market turns, and also understand where we are in the cycle and the likely future returns.

We are currently working with sophisticated institutions such as homebuilders, land investors, mortgage banks, etc. to use these forecasts.

We will be building housecanary.com into a full consumer oriented website in early 2014. We want to provide property owners in the US with a simple and accurate forecast for what is likely to happen to their home's value over the next few years (at a zip code level), given that a home represents most people's single largest investment in life. There are many people who want to better understand and plan for future price swings, similar to how they manage the rest of their financial assets, however currently, there is insufficient information available to consumers. We can now provide 80M US households with powerful data/forecasts only the largest banks and hedge funds had access to historically.

Positions available:

UI/UX Designer - Our ideal designer will be able to build beautiful and simple web sites, help out with product design and implement the designs in HTML and CSS. However being able to code is not required, just a huge plus. Were building very data driven products, so experience working on analytic heavy sites is also a plus.

Frontend developer - Our frontend is compiled statically (hosted on s3 and cloudfront) and all data is pulled via angular from our API. Our graphs are built using d3.js, we use SASS as our css preprocessor and grunt for our builds and deployment. Our ideal frontend developer will have prior experience with angular and prior experience building out analytic driven sites

Were a small but growing team, so your work will have large impact of the future success of the company. And as one of our first hires you will rewarded with meaningful equity in the company.

We have an office in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. We cover health, dental and vision for all of our employees. Please note, were currently only looking to hire people who are located in the US or have US work authorization.

If interested please email joey@housecanary.com

navneetloiwal 2 days ago 0 replies      
Shopular - Redwood City, CA

Shopular's mission is to create the most intuitive and effortless way to save money while shopping. The iOS and Android apps have over 20,000 reviews and widely loved. Time featured Shopular as one of the 50 Best iPhone Apps of 2013. Shopular is backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital.

The best part is that we are still a small team of 5: high-caliber engineers from Google, Shopkick, Ooyala and Loopt

We are growing the engineering team and looking for experienced and eager individuals who share our passion for creating consumer experiences that "just work". You get significant equity, significant responsibility and a company with traction and backing.

Our stack: iOS/Android, Python, Postgres, Redis

* iOS Lead

Master of iOS with significant prior experience building beautiful consumer-facing app(s) with a large number of users. You have built complex apps from scratch. When needed, you are comfortable jumping into the backend (python or ruby experience preferred) to build features to support the app.

* Android Lead

Master of Android with significant prior experience building consumer-facing app(s) with a large number of users. You have built complex apps from scratch. When needed, you are comfortable jumping into the backend (python or ruby experience preferred) to build features to support the app.

* Backend Lead

You can handle the entire backend stack including the DB, production app servers, web servers, caching. You have built systems with significant scale and low latency performance. You have deployed and maintained servers, built DB schemas to scale, used effective caching for performance, handled high throughput systems. You will lead the entire backend.

* Full-Stack Engineer

You are a go-getter, fast learner, get-work-done engineer. You love new challenges and find creative solutions for problems. You are comfortable building features in the backend, to creating web UI using JS/HTML.

* UI/UX Designer

You have experience building mobile app interfaces. You are full-stack and can handle interface and UX design and also the visual design. You strive to build the most clean and delightful UIs that can improve lives of millions of users. You stress about every part of the UX and every pixel of the UI.

All roles require strong prior experience. If you have been looking for an early-stage startup opportunity where you can create a significant impact and be part of a stellar team, we may be the right fit. Lets talk more!

Join us in our quest to transform physical retail and create the most intuitive consumer experiences. See more at shopular.com and we look forward to hearing from you at join@shopular.com

late2part 2 days ago 0 replies      
Aruba Networks - http://arubanetworks.com/ - FullTime - Sunnyvale, CA or REMOTE

Aruba networks is hiring awesome devops systems folks and great python, angular, flask, data folks to help us build great online cloud apps.

Come join a fun team with the stability of a mature company and the can-do attitude of a startup.

Jobs are here - https://career4.successfactors.com/career?company=aruba

The one I'm hiring for is here: http://tinyurl.com/arubadevops-2014-02

You can mail me directly ahannan@arubanetworks.com with any questions, or send me a resume and introduction or through the linkedin process.

voleon 2 days ago 0 replies      
Voleon Capital Management -- Berkeley, CA -- Full-time, on-site, H1B

We are a science-driven systematic trading firm, built on the principle that statistical machine learning provides the best solutions to the scientific problems we must solve. Our CEO is a CS PhD and founded a successful internet startup, and our Head of Research/CIO is a Berkeley statistics professor; both have a background in finance. Our trading is entirely automated and based on cutting-edge machine learning techniques. We have a collegial, academic working environment, rely on open source software, and have built our own software stack. We have a track record of strong performance and have been raising money and growing fast.

Willingness to takeinitiative, and a gritty determination to productize, are essential.

Our offices are in downtown Berkeley, one block from campus and one blockfrom BART.

We have two positions open: CTO and Member of Research Staff.

* Chief Technology Officer

We have assembled a small group of exceptional software and infrastructure professionals and seek an experienced candidate to lead and grow the team. The CTO will manage the implementation of our next generation infrastructure, including production trading systems, software infrastructure for our research department, and our compute and storage hardware systems. The CTO will work directly with the Head of Research and the CEO to set the technical direction of the company. A strong candidate will be well-versed in state-of-the-art technology (particularly distributed systems and cluster computing), and will have a track record of building and leading elite technical teams and successfully delivering complex projects (especially in a startup environment). A background in finance is not required.

* Member of Research Staff

We are looking for a PhD-level scientist to join us in developing predictive models and other components of automated trading systems. You will apply modern statistical machine-learning methods to large, high-dimensional data sets. The work will range from data preparation to model development to production software implementation.

We take a rigorous approach to building trading systems, and we actively foster a collegial, intellectual environment.

We hire on the basis of exceptional talent. If you excel in a technical field such as statistics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, ,or operations research, then we encourage you to contact us. The following criteria, while not all requirements, illustrate the demands of this role.

+ Background in modern statistical methods / machine learning

+ Evidence of strong mathematical abilities, e.g. publication record, graduate coursework, or competition placement

+ Substantial programming experience and interest in software development techniques

+ Competence in solving large-scale computing problems

+ Track record as an applied researcher

+ Demonstrable clarity of thought (not optional)

Interest in financial applications is essential, but experience in finance is not a primary factor in our hiring.

Benefits and compensation are highly competitive. Interested applicants are encouraged to send a cover letter and resume to working@voleon.com.

bijanv 2 days ago 0 replies      
EventMobi - Toronto, ON (Full Time, Intern) - http://www.eventmobi.com/careers


We at EventMobi develop a suite of platforms to help events & conferences create their own mobile apps, event registration, and more to manage their events more easily.

Were not your typical startup, were completely self-funded with a team of 35 in Toronto and Berlin and yet with no outside capital were massively profitable and on an incredible growth path with companies like Intel, Disney and the Internation Olympics Committe using us for their mobile event app needs.

We use a distributed SOA architecture exposed through a (Python) RESTful API to feed our Node & AngularJS applications from our mobile apps, to the app-building services, real-time chat / mapping services and tons more.

In the past year weve more than tripled our growth & our software now services 3000+ events and millions of users worldwide. Were expecting that growth to continue again (while still being bootstrapped with no funding) and if you are interested in helping us scale, and meet the next set of challenges, lets chat!

We're a very fast-paced company, and we need energetic, creative individuals looking for an opportunity to grow with a young startup, get your hands dirty, and provide your insight in all aspects of cloud services, mobile and web development, and help with every aspect of a startups technology infrastructure. Hopefully you also have some familiarity with our tech stack - Python, AngularJS, NodeJS, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, RSpec, Jenkins, Ansible as our main tools.

You can get to know us better through our video http://www.eventmobi.com/careers/#video or you can email me to chat more in detail! bijan at eventmobi com

pensieri 2 days ago 1 reply      
Expensify-San Francisco, CA-Fulltime, Programmer ExtraordinaireHey there! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Expensify and we do "expense reports that don't suck!" (Google "expensify" to read more.) We're getting crushed under an ever-growing pile of super awesome work, and I need one bright soul to help us dig our way out. I can guarantee you fun, an amazing opportunity to learn, and the siren's call of distant riches. But only if you are all of the following:

- An incredibly hard worker, even when it's not so fun. There is a ton of work to do, and a lot of it downright sucks. After all we do the sucky work so our customers won't need to. I need you to buck up and grind through server logs, user emails, source code, and bug reports, without complaint or supervision, and come back asking for more.

- A cool person to be with. Not a crazy party animal, just someone we can trust, rely upon, hang out with, bounce ideas off of, and generally interact with in a positive way, both personally and professionally. In fact, this is one of the most stringent requirements we have: would you be fun to hang out with day and night on some remote, exotic beach? This isn't a rhetorical question, either: every year we take the company overseas for a month (on your own dime, sorry) and work incredibly hard while having a ton of fun. We've done Thailand, Mexico, India, Turkey, Croatia and the Philippines. Where do you want to go next?

- Super talented, in a general way. We're going to throw a ton of work at you of every possible sort, and you need that magic skill of being able to figure it out even if you have no idea where to start. On any given day you might bounce between super low-level coding, super high-level technical support, marketing-driven data-mining, updating our user documentation, inventing/designing/building some new feature, etc. This is not a code monkey job you're going to be a full participant in the process, and you need to bring your own unique blend of skills to the table.

- Specifically talented in a programming way. You can instantly visualize solutions to problems big and small. Your code is always clean, well commented, has good nomenclature and indentation. You can switch on a dime between C++, PHP, Bash, Cron, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Dwoo, SQL not because you know them all, but because you're the sort of person who can just pick it up and figure it out. If you're this sort of person, you'll know what I mean. If not, then this position isn't for you.

And there are a bunch more, but odds are if you got this far, nothing I can do would stop you from applying. That's a problem because while I know you are awesome, it's actually really hard and time consuming to find you in the midst of the literally hundreds of other applications I get from everyone else. So this is where I'm going to ask my first favor: can you make it really easy and obvious how great you are, so I don't accidentally overlook you?

There are probably many ways to do that. But the easiest way to do that is to check out we.are.expensify.com and send in an application(which you can find at https://we.are.expensify.com/apply).We are excited to hear from you!

marcoherbst 1 day ago 0 replies      
Dublin, Ireland. ( CTO for Evercam, an IP Camera Developer Platform )

We're building www.evercam.io an API that makes it easy to develop for cameras. Initially IP cameras, but in principal any type of camera.

The task is challenging and the opportunity is large. The Internet of Things needs a visual cortex.

We're a team of 8. 4 coders and 4 non-coders. We're looking for a strong CTO type who can also code. The stack is Ruby based.

Significant equity & a decent salary on offer.

Read all about it: http://apievangelist.com/2014/01/21/a-world-where-every-came...

jameshowardwang 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA: Active Mind Technology / GAME GOLF -- http://www.gamegolf.com/jobs

We are a lean and scrappy group of software and hardware folks, revolutionizing the way sports are played and analyzed with next-generation wearable products, starting with golf. We just launched our first product GAME GOLF at the PGA Show, with support from PGA players (Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, Jim Furyk), Apple retail stores, the PGA and Golf Channel, and one of the largest sporting goods stores.

Were looking for experienced engineers, (front-end, back-end, iOS, Android), as well as data scientists, designers, and an RTOS expert for our wearable tech. Our web site is built on PostgreSQL, PHP, and AngularJS. This is a small team so be prepared to hit the ground running!

We are hiring ASAP for full-time in San Francisco only. Our office is on Townsend near the Caltrain. Please contact jobs@gameyourgame.com with inquiries. Were also on AngelList and Facebook if you want to find out more.

timonv 2 days ago 0 replies      
Tolq - http://www.tolq.com - The Hague, Netherlands

Javascript powered professional crowd-sourced web translations. We are rolling in clients right now and we're looking for strong programmers to help us out, we're looking for more software engineers to back us up. INTERN, REMOTE welcome.

* Web / Backend developer - Our backend is mainly in Rails with some Node.js and possibly a bit of Golang pending. We're looking for a polyglot. :-)

If your interested you can apply by sending me a direct email at timon@tolq.com


* Rails

* Node.js

* Selenium/Phantomjs for various testing/indexing stuff

* ElasticSearch

* ... and lots more

blo 2 days ago 0 replies      
Vurb (http://vurb.com) - San Francisco, CA - Full-time (no remote)

Max Levchin funded, early-stage consumer startup - http://techcrunch.com/2013/02/20/contextual-content-engine-v...

We're working on search, browsing, and sharing, by connecting the services we use in a contextual way that's more usable, efficient, and social (e.g., no more having lots of windows/tabs open). We do this through unique UX/UI combined with search, machine learning, big data, and more.

Engineering Positions:

* JavaScript (node.js, backbone.js) - generalist / full-stack development

* Search / Data Science - search / classification / ranking, machine learning, recommendations, NLP, data crawling/processing

We're stealth but funded by Max, Drew Houston (Dropbox), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Arrington (CrunchFund), and many others. If you're looking to join a small team that solves complex problems and is making something people will use daily, then come find out what we're up to.

jobs@vurb.com | angel.co/vurb

gpoort 2 days ago 0 replies      
Rescale - http://www.rescale.com/careers/ - San Francisco, CA

At Rescale, you will help the world's leading engineers and scientists develop the next generation of disruptive innovations. Our team members have the unique opportunity to learn and contribute to solving some of the world's most challenging problems, from space flight to genetic engineering and everything in between.

We are computer scientists, domain experts, and industry thought leaders who are eager to work in teams with the brightest minds and most talented engineers. Located in the heart of San Francisco, we offer an exciting and vibrant work environment with competitive compensation and benefits.

* Senior Software Engineer, Platform

* Senior Engineer, Applications

* UI Designer

* Director of Sales

* Senior Sales Engineer

Apply directly at http://www.rescale.com/careers/

bitovi 2 days ago 0 replies      
Bitovi - Remote (N. America preferred) - http://bitovi.com

We are simplifying JavaScript development. We build amazing web apps, the right way. After years of solving complex front-end engineering problems, we know what works and what doesnt. Weve baked that experience into our tools, consulting, and training.

Were a team of 20 developers (and designers) located around the US, Canada, and Croatia. This is a remote position, but due to travel requirements, we have a strong preference for North American-based developers.


Were looking for passionate JavaScript developers who who enjoys identifying the hard parts of application development and simplifying them, talking about software architecture, and teaching others. We also want someone who can lead others and be an integral part of a team, but can also hang out with the dev team after the workday.

The following attributes are major positives, but not all hard requirements:

- Some experience contributing to or at least using open source

- Doesnt mind a bit of travel, averaging one week per month

- Has strong opinions about the right way to develop

- Has a lot of JavaScript experience

- Has some full stack experience (backend and DB)


As soon as you begin, well train you to become an expert in JavaScript application design, frontend architecture, and our JavaScriptMVC stack of tools. Youll work with clients creating applications, designing and discussing architectures, reviewing code, and researching new front-end technologies.

In addition to client work, youll have the opportunity to shape a small and growing company by applying your talent and passion towards an area of interest. Bitovi developers:

- Speak at conferences

- Give trainings

- Run meetups

- Maintain open source projects

- Write articles


- Competitive salary and yearly bonuses

- Bi-annual company retreats (previously in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Amelia Island)

- 401(k) plan with matching

- 4 weeks paid vacation

- Health and dental insurance

- Gym membership reimbursement

- Maternity/paternity leave

- Work from home

To apply, send your resume and an introduction that shows us that you are the kind of person we cannot live without to jobs@bitovi.com

dabent 2 days ago 0 replies      
MedTech Exchange - Atlanta, GA

We are a new company who is looking to eliminate the inefficiencies in implant surgeries. Help us make medicine better.

We are looking for a talented front-end developer with experience in:

* Bootstrap

* jQuery

* Less/CSS


* Responsive design

* UX design

This position will be a ground-level opportunity to design and implement the look and feel of an important web application.

Interested? hiring@medtechexchange.com

devinblais 1 day ago 0 replies      
Senior Rails Developer - Seattle, WA - Quve

Quve ("cue+move") is a well-funded, early-stage company, developing an online platform to change the nature of work for personal trainers and the nature of working out for consumers. Quve will enable top trainers to coach their clients efficiently and effectively between in-person training sessions, attract new clients who are interested in the benefits of daily fitness coaching between training sessions, and increase trainers income via online coaching.

We are looking for a Seattle-based senior rails developer to lead the development of Quve. You will be working closely with the entire team to rapidly build Quve, and iterate the product based on insights from ongoing user testing. This is the perfect position for an senior developer who wants to get in on the ground floor at a well-funded startup developing a stand-out coaching product that has the potential to extend to verticals beyond fitness in the future. Company founders and early employees are experienced and connected.


* Full stack development lead for Quve

* Build out and iterate on the core Quve product using Rails, Postgres, backbone.js and other technologies you determine necessary

* Help translate user research into actionable product improvement itemsrational tasks: deploying, running, monitoring, and scaling Quve on Linux VPS


mookerji 2 days ago 0 replies      
The Climate Corporation (San Francisco, Seattle, INTERN/H1B) -http://climate.com/careers

The Climate Corporation's mission is to help all the world's people andbusinesses manage and adapt to climate change. We use a combination of weathermonitoring, agronomic modeling, and weather simulation to provide real-timepricing and purchasing of customizable weather insurance to farmers in theUnited States.

Climate's technical staff numbers around 80, and we're hiring full-timeemployees and interns across many teams as we expand efforts on a new class ofdecision support tools for growers. Work is split across groups focusing on webapplications for farmers and agents, risk and insurance policy management,internal platform and data services, and scientific modeling and research, withroles for:

1. Software engineering generalists with solid CS fundamentals, particularlyanyone interested in building (i) entirely new, large-scale distributed dataservices for scientific computing (we use Clojure); and (ii) web applications(Rails, Python, Javascript, and iOS) used by farmers to manage weather risk.

2. Quantitative researchers in statistics/ML, stochastic optimization, remotesensing, atmospheric physics, and agronomics. Our goal is to forecaststatistical distributions of crop yield for any piece of arable land,synthesizing satellite images, digital elevation models, weather data,agricultural statistics, and geological surveys into multiscale models thatunderly our data services.

3. Experienced technical team leads, operations engineers, product managers,and designers to pull all this together into a compelling product.

The scale and interdiscplinary nature of the work drive a lot ofcross-collaboration within the company, supported by a pressing need to builddurable solutions to some very important problems.

Competitive salary, excellent benefits, stock options, etc. Our 25% time islumped into two-week sabbaticals. The usual details about these positions arehere:https://hire.jobvite.com/j?bj=o7B8Wfww&s=hackernews

I write Clojure for a small scientific software engineering team buildingClimate's agricultural yield models. If you're interested or have anyquestions, send me an email at bmookerji@climate.com with [feb2014-hn] in thesubject heading.

jsulak 2 days ago 0 replies      
FlightAware - http://flightaware.com/about/careers/ - Houston, TX

FlightAware is the world leader in flight tracking; we accomplish this with creativity, innovation, dedication, diligence, and integrity. FlightAware is over eight years old, is self-financed, with millions a year in revenue, but still ambitious and with the hunger of a startup.

Roles we're looking for:

* Web software developer

* Mapping software developer

* Front-end (UI/UX) developer

* Android developer

* IT Operations Support Technician

koblas 2 days ago 0 replies      
Tubular Labs - Mountain View CA - http://tubularlabs.com

Helping YouTube creators, advertisers and brands find and manage audience. Online video is a multi-billion dollar industry and we're making it happen. As seen in AdWeek http://bit.ly/1dUKpEY

What we're looking for:

* Software Engineer (pick your title); Key Skills - JavaScript / CoffeeScript - Python - Tornado - MySQL

* Automation Engineer - Selenium - Python / JavaScript

zds 1 day ago 0 replies      
New York, NY -- Codecademy

Codecademy started in Y Combinator in the summer of 2011 and has since reached tens of millions of learners around the world teaching the most important skill of the twenty-first century -- programming. We've profiled a few of our successful users here - codecademy.com/stories - and we're looking for great people to make millions more.

Find out more - codecademy.com/jobs or email me, one of the cofounders, at zsims@codecademy.com.

etree 2 days ago 0 replies      
PillPack, Inc - Somerville, MA - https://www.pillpack.com

PillPack is simplifying the process of managing medications for the 30M+ Americans that take 5 or more prescriptions a day. We have a full service pharmacy in NH (with robots) and a beautiful office in Davis Square (no robots, yet). We are currently a small team (~12), and looking to grow both engineering (frontend, full stack, ios) and marketing.

We are backed by top tier VC's and are one of the few consumer startups in the area that are both a technology company at heart and delivering a real product and service that changes people's lives.

https://www.pillpack.com/careersSend an email to elliot at pillpack.com if you're interested or want to find out more about us / what we're looking for.

nanek 2 days ago 0 replies      
Fluencia - Arlington, VA

    * Front-End Engineer    * Lead UI Designer    * Software Engineer    * Software Engineer - Intern    * Business Analytics Manager    * Digital Content Creator

draftster 2 days ago 0 replies      
Santa Monica, Ca - Draftster.com

FULL TIME Javascript(Angular) & Python application developers


Are you passionate about sports? Do you like money? Draftster.com combines the two by offering daily fantasy sports contests for cash. We are a private equity backed, large-scale fantasy sports gaming startup that includes founders with previous exits. We have disruptive aspirations, an aggressive customer acquisition strategy, and a vision that will transform sports as we know it. Draftster is entering into beta with plans for a US launch in spring 2014.We are looking for brilliant application developers to join our team as we bring our product to market. Our ideal candidate will be a self-starting, code-shipping, team focused engineer with a passion for elegant code. Our technology includes python, nginx, tornado web, angular, and mongoDB. More info: https://angel.co/draftster-com

Javascript Developer Job Description:The javascript developer will be a lead for the UI Engineering team. This candidate will work to create new UI architectures, interfaces, and functionality by integrating back-end APIs, create and maintain UI Development Standards and Best practices, and provide technical leadership, feedback, and oversight for various technical initiatives across the organization. This candidate should excel in all components of the Rich Internet Application development skill set, as well as the UI Engineering/Web Development skills (CSS 3, Javascript, HTML 5, AJAX and Javascript Libraries such as jQuery and Angular).

Python Application Developer Job Description:The Senior Application developer will lead the engineering team. The candidate will work with our CTO to create and maintain architecture standards, implement application features, create supporting web APIs, and provide technical leadership, feedback, and oversight for various technical initiatives across the organization. This candidate should excel in all components of the Rich Internet Application development skill set as well as NoSQL database administration.

Please contact info@draftster.com for more information.Cheers, --Michael

jetcom 2 days ago 0 replies      
Iterable (http://iterable.com) - San Francisco, CA

Come join Iterable, the next generation email optimization company. Email usage is changing, but the technology and capabilities haven't caught up to the 21st century.

We're a small team of hackers and thinkers who are creating the next generation email optimization platform. Our team has experience at big tech companies (Twitter, Google) and we want to bring and improve the technology that powers user growth and commerce at these places to everyone. This means writing code that improves the lives of our customers (series seed and series A companies) and their millions of email subscribers. One of our top level goals is to build a uniquely fun and growth oriented company culture. This is a journey, not a rat race.

Knowledge sharing in any capacity is highly valued here -- are you interested in prediction markets or PGP encryption? Do you enjoy teaching posture techniques or purely functional data structures to others? We pair program, design together, and generally create a learn-and-teach environment here.

If you're interested in coming on board, you can help with some challenges we face:- Scale our API to beyond millions of requests - Design and write performant, beautiful interfaces - Write software to build machine learned user models - Make data visualizations for our email and user data - Design an immutable infrastructure for our platform

Some aspects of our culture that make us different: - We are all very focused on self improvement - Our company has egalitarian and transparent values: work when you want, on what you want. - We are chill and empathetic people - The company is completely transparent

You'll get to work with us at our office at Kleiner Perkins' startup incubation space in SoMa. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity for you, please email us:YW5kcmV3QGl0ZXJhYmxlLmNvbQ==

garysieling 2 days ago 0 replies      
Philadelphia (Whitpain) - Wingspan Technology

Full Time - Senior Operations Engineer and QA Test Analyst

Wingspan's operations team manages infrastructure for a cloud-based pharmaceutical application, a challenging and growing space - our quality assurance team is growing as well.

If interested in either position, contact mmckeown@wingspan.com (want to talk to someone technical? you can also contact me as well - gsieling@wingspan.com)

Some of the things that were really into are:

* 99.999% uptime in our validated environments (don't know what validated means? check this - http://www.fda.gov/medicaldevices/deviceregulationandguidanc...)

* Replacing our Python, Bash and Cron system automation with Puppet

* Continuous integration using Atlassian products

* Proactive monitoring and alerting with Zabbix, Splunk and Pingdom

* Load/performance testing and tuning PostgreSQL and Tomcat

* Backup and recovery and testing those bad boys!

The ideal candidate would also have at least five years of experience with:

* Network administration

* Linux administration (were a CentOS shop)


feverishaaron 2 days ago 0 replies      
mPATH in Palo Alto or San Francisco. We're building something that hasn't been done before. This well-funded seed stage startup was started in August by two C-level Salesforce execs. Our CTO comes from Square, where he lead platform engineering.

We have an immense amount of customer traction for a stealth startup. We're looking for Ruby or Python web app engineers, product designers, Java-based service layer engineering, iOS and Android engineers.


zinssmeister 2 days ago 0 replies      
Menlo Park, CA - Synack https://www.synack.com

Come work with me on building crowd security intelligence software. We are backed by some of the best investors (Greylock, Kleiner Perkins, others...) and offer great perks and benefits (free lunch, 401k, medical, flex time).Currently we are looking for JavaScript Developers (Backbone.js experience would be ideal), RoR Guys and a Sr. Designer.

If you have questions or would like to apply, shoot me an email bjoern@synack.com

medwezys 2 days ago 0 replies      
Ruby on Rails developers in London and New York time zones (fulltime)

AlphaSights is looking for passionate developers who can write clean and maintainable code that creates business value. We manage our own time and get involved into more business areas than just writing code. Join us!

London: http://www.alphasights.com/careers/positions/london/ruby-on-...

New York: http://www.alphasights.com/careers/positions/new-york/ruby-o...

ubiquitouscroak 2 days ago 0 replies      

We're a small company in the Maryland suburbs transforming how states manage Medicaid information. This is an exploding niche and we have a bright future ahead of us but we need your help to build it!

We're looking for .NET software engineers with 'SOLID' C# skills and experience with ASP.NET MVC, NoSQL, HTML5, and JavaScript frameworks such as Knockout, Angular, or Durandal. Knowledge of domain-driven design, service-oriented architecture, and OO design patterns is a plus. Experience with RavenDB is a huge plus. If you don't know any of this stuff, that's fine too just love to code in C#.

E-mail questions, comments, or your resume to ubiquitous.croak@gmail.com.

jacob019 2 days ago 0 replies      
Indianapolis, IN - JacobsParts Inc https://www.jacobsparts.com

We're a small and growing e-commerce company. Since 2006 we've been developing all of our own software. We're an all linux shop and we develop in Python and JS. We're seeking a full time developer. The job offers interesting work and good pay.

For more information contact me directly: jacob@jacobsparts.com

westi 2 days ago 1 reply      
Worldwide Telecommute / REMOTE Automattic is currently hiring for a variety of positions

We are passionate about making the web a better place and are strong believers in Open Source. We build WordPress.com, contribute to the WordPress Open Source project (http://wordpress.org) and work on a lot of other really cool stuff including CloudUp, Gravatar and Akismet.

Join us if you are passionate about making the web a better place.

If you like solving interesting problems in different ways, are passionate about giving people the platform to share their knowledge, views etc we would loves to here from you :)

Head here to read more - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/

cmcfadden1 1 day ago 0 replies      
Message Systems: Columbia, MD

1) Application Software Engineer (Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js) - several positions at different levels of seniorityhttp://messagesystems.com/about-us/careers/open-positions/ap...

2) Mobile SDK Software Engineer (iOS, Android, Windows)http://messagesystems.com/about-us/careers/open-positions/mo...

Several other positions can be found here: http://messagesystems.com/about-us/careers/open-positions

Application Software Engineer (Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js)

Message Systems is looking for a highly motivated full-stack Application Software Engineer to help us design and build applications and user interfaces that support our suite of industry-leading messaging software. We are an engineering-focused company founded by an engineer and our customers include tech leaders Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Rackspace, Match.com, and Zynga.We currently have several positions available for varying levels of experience. This position is based in Columbia, MD. Message Systems believes in a fun but focused development environment:* Open floor plan* Flexible hours* Outstanding benefits* Hackathons* Group activities* Stocked kitchen with fresh food and catered lunch once a week* Equipment includes MacBook Pro + Linux Workstations


* Work within an agile software engineering team to create software applications that delight our customers.* Software development includes: Back-end & front-end, database development, UX design, REST APIs.* Collaboration within the team and with our partners is essential (Product, Project Management, other teams) for all activities: requirements analysis, R&D and prototyping, architecture, estimates, documentation, coding, and testing.* Unit, functional, and performance testing of backend and front-end code.* Automation of development, build, and testing process.

Desired Experience and Qualifications:

* 2-5+ years experience building, testing, and deploying high quality, highly reliable, scalable web applications, APIs, and user-interfaces in a team environment. * Expertise in server-side development with NodeJS (Express).* Expertise in client-side development with Javascript (AngularJS, JQuery), HTML, and CSS (Twitter Bootstrap)* Expertise with Linux. * Experience with and passion for quality-oriented software development best practices including unit and functional testing, automation, continuous integration, and low-dependency architectures.* Ability to mentor other developers, and otherwise share and collaborate with peers on best practices, testing, and building in quality.* Must think critically, be outcome oriented, and constantly strive for improving how the team reliably delivers high-quality software.* Excellent analytical, problem solving, and debugging skills* Experience with version control systems, particularly distributed models including Mercurial and Git.* Knowledge of software design best practices: OOD, SOA, and design patterns.* Experience with relational (PostgreSQL, Vertica, Infobright) and non-relational databases (Cassandra, Hbase) and search engines (ElasticSearch, SOLR)* Experience with system and data integration and message queues.* Experience in commercial software products industry is a plus.* Experience with responsive design is a plus.* Experience with mobile application development (iOS, Android) is a plus.* Experience with the following tools is a plus: JIRA, Confluence, Crucible, Bamboo, Grunt, Vagrant, Selenium (testing), Karma (testing), Mocha (testing)* Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience.* Experience with Agile development.

ryanshow 2 days ago 0 replies      
Perkville (Rockridge, CA) - REMOTE OK - http://perkville.com

Hi there! Were Perkville, a startup thats all about customer loyalty. Using Perkville, small and medium-sized businesses painlessly set up rewards programs. Customers earn points for interacting with a business, and can redeem those points for perks -- a free t-shirt or private lesson, for example. And we do this with a minimum of pain on the part of the customer and business. Weve been around since 2010, and are based out of Rockridge, CA. We have experience from eBay, LinkedIn, and Yahoo! Our solution is used by hundreds of thousands of users, and were growing fast.

Were seeking a full stack engineer whos fluent in the Django framework.

Requirements:You have at least two years of experience developing web applications with Python/Django Youre fluent in the front end technologies of the web -- HTML, CSS, Javascript Youre experienced with front-end frameworks that make web development a bit easier -- e.g., LESS, jQuery, BootstrapYou feel right at home with DVCS software such as git or mercurial Youre experienced with application-oriented database management -- creating tables, optimizing queries, etc. You have a track record of writing clean, wonderful, and maintainable code Youre a learner, great communicator, and passionate about making awesome, fast, useful applications

In addition, experience with the following is a definite plus:Test driven development Linux Jinja2 uWSGI Nginx MySQL Redis

Perks for You:Were pre-Series A, which means were still small, and that gives you an opportunity to have a huge impact. We can promise a nice salary, a great stock package, and a fantastic experience. More benefits are planned as we grow.

If interested, send an email to jobs@perkville.com with a 1 page rsum

We look forward to hearing from you!

robinwarren 2 days ago 0 replies      
Taunton UK - Covalent Software

A small business in South West England, and a great place to work if you're based anywhere from Bristol to Exeter.

We are currently transitioning between a thick client hosted product and a new browser-based version. Work will be on the browser product, the thick client being phased out as we migrate functionality across. We are looking to hire a motivated developer to join the team and hit the ground running. This is a chance to join a strong team moving an existing product to the browser and adopting what new technologies make sense along the way.

We use Java (Play Framework) on the backend and Twitter Bootstrap for base CSS alongside JQuery, Knockout and other JavaScript libraries on the front-end.

Interested? drop me an email robin.warren [at] covalentsoftware.com

BrandonSmith 2 days ago 0 replies      
Republic Wireless - Raleigh/Durham, NC

About us

Republic Wireless, a division of Bandwidth.com, is the nation's first WiFi-based cell phone service. We launched Republic to unprecedented national attention for a new wireless provider.

Our development team has changed the wireless industry, introducing the first widely-deployed WiFi to cellular call handover. We want you to join us to solve hard problems.

We are actively hiring for the following positions:

Web Developer

Join our Web/Front-end Engineering team to help define and build out our modern Web application platform. Right away youll use your deep HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expertise to work on Angular and Backbone apps.

Android Developer

Join our Device/Front-end Engineering team to build out the apps that differentiate Republic from traditional carriers. We've got a lot of ideas to integrate stupid phone tricks directly on the phone. (Think native Google Voice).

UI Tester

Join our Test team to break stuff. Native app, hybrid mobile app, and Web app automation. We've got it all.


Join our DevOps team and help us scale.

E-mail hackernews@bandwidth.com with your details and let's get talking.

A few reviews about Republic:




ckoglmeier 2 days ago 0 replies      
Craftsy (craftsy.com) - Denver, CO

If you like skiing, hiking, or 4 man pac-man battles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCbYz7fv7hA); we should chat (ck @ craftsy.com)

We're looking for a variety of roles including Android, Java and a few product managers (Growth, Ecommerce). My team specifically is looking for a lead Android developer as well as a junior Android/Web Services developer.

If it matters: We're 4 years old, have raised >50 MM over 3 rounds, Forbes rated us the #19 most promising company in the country and we are looking forward to a big 2014.

Details here: http://www.craftsy.com/careers

Come join the fastest growing online education company out there. Craftsy was designed to provide the best online learning experience possible. Our courses are taught by renowned, expert instructors who take the complex and make it compellingall in HD-quality streaming video. Craftsy customers can tap into the knowledge of their instructors and other members of our vibrant, passionate communities as they learn, make and share their projects on Craftsy.com.Craftsy was started in 2010, is backed by leading investors, and has grown to 100+ employees. Our class portfolio and categories are expanding, as are our social and eCommerce efforts. And the good news is that we believe this is just the beginning. Were based in Denver, Colorado where you can get a start-up experience with all the lifestyle benefits our city has to offer.Curious? Shoot me an email for more! ck @ craftsy.com-----

jamescrowley 2 days ago 0 replies      
FundApps - London, UK - http://www.fundapps.co/

FundApps is a startup bringing finance software kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Were a small team who believe in simplicity, automation and testing thats why were bringing the benefits of cloud based software, agile development and simpler user interfaces to the finance industry.

We like working with smart people who love technology. If you know your .NET but dont think thats the end of the story technology-wise, wed love to talk to you.

Youll be getting your teeth stuck into:

- Big architectural decisions down to building best of breed front-end user interfaces

- Back-end messaging processing with RabbitMQ, number crunching algorithms through to AngularJS and Bootstrap UI.

- Establishing best practices whether scalable infrastructure, distributed architectures or coding & testing

- Evaluating new technologies NancyFX, Gulp, F# & Chef, are recent ones were all about the right tool for the job.

If it sounds like it might be up your street, get in touch!

shad0wfax 2 days ago 0 replies      
Ensighten (http://ensighten.com/company/careers/engineering) Cupertino, CA. H1-B transfer okay.

We are building some interesting products in the Tag management and web analytics space. Most of our customers are enterprise companies and are in Fortune 500 list.

We're looking for talented senior backend engineers (JS/NodeJS + JVM), and senior frontend engineers (JS).

If you are interested, please send your Resume to careers@ensighten.com and don't forget to include your /github/bitbucket/etc with it. Lead with the subject line: [Hackernews] followed by the position from the careers page.

nemild 2 days ago 0 replies      
REMOTE or SF Bay Area: Full Stack Web Developer for Dreamforge (YC S12)We build software for 3D printers. Looking for a developer passionate about 3D printing or 3D interfaces and exceptionally quick at coding full stack (back and frontend, web). Most of our work is Rails-based, though we're exploring Node for future work. Our stack is a bit intense (not your typical consumer website), but you won't lack in excitement.Posting and instructions here: http://dreamforge.me/full-stack-engineer.html
jgautsch 2 days ago 0 replies      
WorkMeIn - Nashville, TN (http://workmein.com)

We got rejected from YC. But by Q4 our software will be facilitating patient referrals for 200+ hospitals (seriously)

Come be the first hire - a full stack engineer who might take on the role of CTO as the company grows. We use a fairly standard Rails stack (rails, postgres, redis, capistrano, git, ec2, etc.) plus some other cool things like Mirth Connect.


Why is WorkMeIn a great place to work?

If you're interested in, or have experience in healthcare, WorkMeIn is the place to be. We share a top floor office (sweet pic: http://imgur.com/ag8yiza) in downtown Nashville with an $800MM VC fund headed by the former CEO of Vanderbilt Medical. Come work with us, and the former Vanderbilt Medical CIO will knuckle bump you every day (again, seriously).

We are well funded, already profitable (not just the ramen kind either), and have large enterprise customers.


WorkMeIn's goal is to dramatically increase the efficiency of care coordination between healthcare providers. Our software increases the efficiency of primary care physicians, provides specialist physicians with a better patient mix, and allows insurance companies and healthcare systems to help ensure patients stay in network. As a result, patients get higher quality, more affordable, more appropriate care with better outcomes.

I would love to hear from you whether you're interested in joining us (awesome!) or just want to chat. Shoot me a message at jon@workmein.com or @jongautsch

jtoberon 2 days ago 0 replies      
EnergyHub - http://www.energyhub.com/ - Brooklyn, NY

You will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of our software: predictive analytics, communicating with embedded devices, the back end distributed system, and web and mobile applications.

The ideal candidate:- Is fluent in a modern programming language (almost any!).- Knows their way around computers because they like knowing how things work.- Plays around with embedded systems.- Has built cool web or mobile applications.- Has worked on a distributed, fault-tolerant, and scalable system.

As a team, we:- Like the JVM, but love Python.- Juggle data using the right tool for the job SQL, NoSQL, and a mixture of Pandas/SciPy/IPython.- Scale horizontally.- Are open to trying out new technologies, languages, and ideas.

EnergyHub is a Brooklyn-based startup located in an old factory near the scenic Gowanus Canal. We provide a cloud-hosted software platform for managing energy use in homes and small businesses. Together, our partners have sold over 100,000 EnergyHub-powered devices, and we will be managing 1 million devices in the next few years.

To apply, send the following to jobs@energyhub.com:- Your resum.- Why youre excited to work at EnergyHub.- Some code. This can take the form of a link to any of your open source projects, your github username, a code sample, or an app you wrote.

jconnolly 2 days ago 0 replies      
TheLadders - New York, NY (Mostly on-site, remote and H1B for the right candidate)


We're looking primarily for front-end developers to help us build out our completely redesigned job-matching site. We have openings for back-end and iOS positions as well.


We're in the sweet spot, not quite a startup and not a giant company. As such, we have the ability to invest in our engineers: an annual $3K stipend for training, conferences--whatever grows you. Since we're also not that large, you'll have your fingerprints all over our product, seeing your designs and implementation in production. Read about what we do and how we do it: http://dev.theladders.com/


Backbone, SaSS, java, Scala, clojure, MySQL, Couchbase, RabbitMQ and friends all play a large part in our architecture.


If you're intellectually curious and have a desire to learn (and teach) on a daily basis, get in touch: jconnolly@theladders.com

clayg 2 days ago 0 replies      
SwiftStack - http://swiftstack.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA (preferred)

We are making running private cloud storage awesome. Our core product - the SwiftStack Controller - makes it easy to configure, deploy, manage and monitor your own personal Swift[1] cluster. It's a Django app, with a background task and alerting/eventing engine, a 0mq based remote execution agent to control the fleet, and statsd feeding graphite for telemetry.

But our core deliverable is OpenStack Swift. OpenStack is the open-source alternative to AWS, and Swift is Object Storage (think S3). And our team is actively driving new capabilities[2] with the open source community.

Our customers are managing distributed storage systems growing at dozens or hundreds of terabytes a month - we're literally taking on big problems - wanna help? We're primarily a python shop, actively recruiting Sr. Engineers and opinionated UX designers who have experience working with a Django team - but we've got lots of room for experience at all levels, if you're interested check us out:


[1] Swift: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift[2] Storage Policies in Swift: https://swiftstack.com/blog/2014/01/27/openstack-swift-stora...

nilgradisnik 2 days ago 0 replies      
Layer - San Francisco, CA

Layer is building an open communications layer for the Internet: a globally-distributed communications network that enables app developers to quickly and easily build secure, scalable messaging, voice and video features into any app.


    Web Designer

    Android Developer Internship    Android Engineer     Backend Engineer     iOS Developer Internship    iOS Engineer     Systems Engineer     Web Engineer 
About us:

Since our September 2013 launch, weve attracted thousands of developer users who immediately recognized the need for a service like Layer. And we've hired a stellar team. Individually we've built Google Voice, invented the ubiquitous communications protocol, XMPP, and architected and deployed the OpenDNS network. Collectively we're the best team in the world to do what we're doing.

With the backing of some of technology's most respected venture capital investors and accomplished advisors, we're on a mission to make communications better through all of the services people love and use daily.

Apply here: https://layer.com/jobs

jason_dstillery 2 days ago 0 replies      
Dstillery - NYC, New York

Dstillery is hiring Backend and Full-stack Software Engineers!

We're #10 on Crain's Best Places to Work in NYC list, #47 on Forbes' America's Most Promising Companies list. We play Ultimate or Soccer on Fridays, we have a company band, we work sane hours, we don't track vacation (and not in the 'so nobody ever takes any' sense), and we Get Stuff Done.

You'll learn a lot from working here, regardless of your current level of experience. You'll work directly with a world-class data science team (winners of multiple KDD Best Paper and other awards) that keeps us on the cutting edge of learning at scale, allowing us to build customer-specific models from billions of events per day. We're hooked up to all the big ad exchanges, and have direct working relationships with companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more. But we're also still pretty small on the engineering team, and everyone gets their hands dirty and makes a real impact.

We write mostly Java. Hadoop, Cassandra, Mongo, and Kafka are big parts of our stack, and we're always looking for new tech that helps us work at scale. Experience with these is a big plus, but if you've never used them before that's fine too, if you're eager to learn. If you write clean, working code, think through problems, and deliver on time, we want to talk to you.

Contact me for more info, jason@dstillery.com

thiel 2 days ago 0 replies      
REMOTE, whereever

DataStax makes the enterprise edition of Cassandra, the NoSQL db for serious applications. We have developers all over the world and a 100% remote working environment. Some of the development is open source (we are the primary contributors to Cassandra core, which is an Apache Foundation project...)

I just joined recently; as a senior developer with startup experience, I had lots of offers from various companies. The reasons I chose DataStax were:

- 100% remote means I can work from whereever I want (I like to travel) and whenever, within reason, as long as I get my stuff done - the opportunity to work on interesting new technology that is rapidly changing and being adopted by a lot of Fortune 100, etc - they have been vocal about their plans to IPO in the next few years and are growing like crazy

Very competitive salary, lots of open positions: Java, Python, JS, I've even seen some Clojure. Also, SDET and technical writing.


Hit me up, esmith at datastax dot com, if you'd like an intro.

wc- 2 days ago 0 replies      
DigitalH2O - Chicago, IL, Full Time Senior Software Developer

Looking for a senior software developer with a strong background in ruby (not necessarily in the context of rails). We do a lot of work with various data sources and an API written in ruby using the grape framework ties it all together. You would be a very early hire with significant opportunities to make a huge impact!

About Us:Digital H2O, Inc. (DH2O) is an early stage Big Data startup focused on creating an online water management analytics and marketplace platform to disruptively change how energy companies manage scarce water resources. Our software as a service (SaaS) platform will enable oil and gas companies in North America to more cost effectively, and sustainably, manage oilfield water. Water management is a growing issue for unconventional oil and gas plays both from an economic, regulatory, and public perception perspective. Digital H2O believes passionately in the win-win; world-class data analysis, combined with software and marketplace mechanisms, can help our society solve challenging natural resource and environmental problems.

If you are interested or would like to know more, send me a message at wcleveland ( at ) digitalh2o.com

azilnik 2 days ago 0 replies      
Lab49 New York, NY http://lab49.com

I work as a User Experience (UX) Architect for Lab49. Lab49 is a strategy, design and technology consulting firm that creates advanced solutions for the worlds leading investment banks, asset managers and exchanges.

We combine market insight, user-centered design, and world class engineering to deliver solutions that are fast, scalable, and richly interactive.

We're a small, close-knit design team, and we're looking for some top talent for Architecture (interaction design) , Design (visual design), and Integration (prototyping, UI) positions.

Check out the postings below, and if you have any questions please email me at ari.zilnik [AT] lab49 [.] com. Please note I can only speak to design positions.




recmend 2 days ago 0 replies      
Airseed - San Francisco, CA

  * The Atlas: Lead Backend Engineer (Employee #4)  * The Rainman: Data Scientist / ML Engineer (Employee #5)  * The Polymath: Fullstack Engineer (Employee #6)

  who: founding engineers (#4, 5, 6)  what: developer platform  tech: Auth + API + Analytics  big data: double digit TBs (soon to be PBs)  data mine: 200M+ objects  investors: Google Ventures, angels  beta customers: ecommerce, travel apps  location: downtown SF  comp: non-trivial equity + salary
Airseed is a developer platform that powers: (1) single sign-on authentication, (2) rich consumer data, and (3) interactive analytics. We make it incredibly easy for web / mobile app developers & Fortune 500 companies, to authenticate their users while getting incredibly rich intelligence, all within minutes of onboarding.

Our backers: Google Ventures and top Silicon Valley angel investors

Our culture: balance, betterment, do good, hustle, resourceful, simplicity, transparency

Our stack: Ruby (Rails), Python, MySQL, NoSQL (Neo4j, Redis), Elasticsearch, Javascript, Hadoop

Looking for domain experts: application development, infrastructure, data mining, machine learning, distributed systems, security, monitoring/ eliability

  More info here: https://www.airseed.com/jobs  Email me (Arun - CTO): arun@airseed.com

aboytsov 2 days ago 0 replies      
Stuph is building its founding team (https://angel.co/stuph-inc)

Location: San Francisco, Positions: Senior Software Engineer, Frontend Software Engineer (Web + Mobile), UX designer

We're an early stage, well funded stealth startup with a very ambitious vision. We're building a consumer product fueled by big data.

Current technology stack: Clojure/MongoDB/AngularJS. You'll have a say at what it looks like in the future.

Our product is fascinating, and our hiring bar is sky high.

Write to artem@stuph.co

jekor 2 days ago 0 replies      
Zalora - http://jobs.zalora.com/ - Singapore/REMOTE (full-time, Haskell, NixOS)

We're hiring functional programmers for development and DevOps positions. Our tools of choice are Haskell and NixOS, and we apply purely functional principles anywhere we can.

You'll be working with an experienced team, but you'll still have the opportunity to influence the design of our systems. We sell fashion products online in Southeast Asia, and the work involves building out a new NixOps-managed network, writing daemons/tools for a service-oriented architecture (primarily web-based), and the odd data science/machine learning problem (if that interests you).

We can assist you with relocation to Singapore, or you can work remotely and travel there occasionally. Apply via our jobs board at http://jobs.zalora.com/

lylo 2 days ago 0 replies      
Hacker News, Who's Hiring

FreeAgent, Edinburgh or REMOTE (UK)



## TL;DRWe're looking for Software Engineers of all levels to come and work on leading Ruby/Rails app for successful UK SaaS startup FreeAgent.

We're also looking for interns to come and join us in Summer 2014.

## DetailsWere looking for people to come and contribute towards our mission of democratising accounting for small businesses across the world!

Were the leading UK online accounting platform with over 35,000 delighted customers and continued high growth. We have a brilliant team of engineers and designers who are developing with cutting-edge tech at scale. We have a wealth of technical challenges for you to solve and we can provide a friendly, creative and collaborative environment in which to solve them.

More details on the website:



prophetjohn 2 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY (NYC) - Pivotal Labs

We're trying to change the way the world builds software. We need more software engineers and designers to help us.

Come work with us and get free breakfast and beer, sane working hours (40 hour weeks) and some stiff ping pong competition.

We're hiring for our other offices, as well. Check out http://www.pivotallabs.com/careers and shoot me an email if you have questions.

amitkumar01 2 days ago 0 replies      
Glance - San Francisco, CA - Full-time - Join an early stage company solving high-impact problems

We are hiring:

* Android Engineers - experienced developers who are passionate about writing code to do incredible things on Android

* Platform Engineers(Search / Machine Learning) - developers with experience gaining insights from large data sets and building scalable server architectures that are fast and efficient

* Front-end Engineers - engineers who are passionate about building elegant web products

We've been funded by an amazing set of investors including Reid Hoffman, Mike Maples, Greylock and NEA to solve the biggest problem in mobile today - driving retention and engagement while delighting users.

We're developing a smarter alternative to disruptive and spammy options like push notifications. Our approach is built on a next generation contextual platform and elegant UX that delights both users and developers.

You'll be a core member of our team as we grow the company and build the platform that will power the Glance experience across billions of post-pc devices.

If you're looking to join a small team that solves complex problems and is making something people will use daily we would love to talk. Get in touch with us at jobs@helloglance.com

khitchdee 2 days ago 0 replies      
http://www.khitchdee.com Allahabad, India

I've been running this company solo for the last 4 years, and now look for an apprentice to join me and help with product definition, customer interface and programming. Our customers are mostly students who have recently learnt programming. Our tool, Inck, helps such students write better programs. It's design draws heavily from music. We're looking for programmers that are also musicians whom we think will be able to really get behind our tools.

If you're excited by this prospect, send me email at rohit@khitchdee.com

khuyi 2 days ago 0 replies      
HowAboutWe - howaboutwe.com - Brooklyn NY. Founded in 2010, HowAboutWe is a digital lifestyle company dedicated to helping people fall and stay in love. We have raised more than $20mm from top-notch investors including Kholsa Ventures & RRE Ventures. We are headquartered in a in Brooklyn, New York. We have two subscription-based products, HowAboutWe Dating and HowAboutWe for Couples, and HowAboutWe Media, an independent media network devoted to exploring all things love, sex and culture.

We are hiring for:

- Product manager: http://bit.ly/17qxLkY

- Data scientist: http://bit.ly/137vzIq

- iOS Developer: http://bit.ly/1dV0Wcg

- Android Developer: http://bit.ly/1egODgj

- Wordpress Developer: http://bit.ly/1bg7MZV

- Rails Devleoper: http://bit.ly/1iZyOg3

jason1081 2 days ago 0 replies      
Vigo - San Francisco, CA

We're Vigo, a wearable device startup building devices to help you stay alert and nudge you when you're drowsy. We're now crowdfunding our first product on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/Jz1Y75. We're looking for the following types of people to join our team:

- Electrical engineers with experience in digital circuits design, signal processing, and/or firmware development in C/C++ (we use ARM)

- Software engineers to build our iOS/Android/Google Glass/Web platforms using Java, Android SDK, iOS

- Data scientists with experience in machine learning and statistics, to work on and refine our drowsiness detection algorithm using Matlab, R

- Designers with experience in app design, interaction design or product design using CAD

We're located in downtown San Francisco and our office provides free drinks and snacks plus all the other startup benefits you would expect. We're looking for full-time people though we'd consider part-time/interns too. If you're interested, please send an email to jobs@wearvigo.com. Thanks!

styloot 2 days ago 0 replies      
Pune, India - Fulltime.

Co-Founder of Styloot.com here.

Styloot.com, is a visual search engine for fashion. At 1.2 Million SKUs and 4000+ brands, we carry slightly more women apparel than Amazon and twice as many shoes as Zappos. Our patented technology already powers some of the largest media and commerce companies of the world.

If fashion is not your thing, but machine learning is, you will find our work equally exciting :). We have produce patent-worthy work in various aspects of ML.

We are looking to hire Python, Javascript and Front End developers.

You will be working directly with the product and will be making decisions that directly influence the site.

You must love coding and should be at home with fellow hackers - everything else we can work around.

You must have a github repo that you are proud of.

Email us if interested - jobs at styloot.com.

throwawaycan 2 days ago 0 replies      
Toronto (Canada) - GroupBy Inc - http://groupbyinc.comWe are building a ecommerce platform built on top of the Google Search Appliance to deliver the best search experience possible on retail websites.

We are a one-year old startup, self-funded, have 15 employees across Toronto and NYC and already have many clients. We are an amazing group of very smart and talented developers and are looking for a Software Developer and a Senior Customer Support Engineer in Toronto to help us grow even more.

Software developer job description:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/592280/GroupBy%20Job%20D...

Support Engineer Job description:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/592280/GroupBy%20Job%20D...

Apply here: http://www.groupbyinc.com/careers.html

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We are currently a team of two (one sales and one engineer) working on ad campaign optimization for internet retailers.

Data Scientist @ Adchemix (SF, Boston or REMOTE)

- a grandmaster in at least two of these (Python, R, SQL)

- have worked on large data sets (>1TB)

- use git

- worked with scikit, panadas, numpy, pig

- built cool things on top of AWS

- extra points if you have good understanding of internet ads/adtech industry in general and some of the core problems related to campaign optimization

Full-stack Engineer/Data Engineer @ Adchemix (SF, Boston or REMOTE)

- a grandmaster in at least one of these (Python, NodeJS)

- use git

- have built production crawling/scraping/indexing code

- have built production ETL code

- have built production dashboards and reporting

- extra points if you have done stuff with D3.js or other data visualization

- built cool things on top of AWS


- bootstrapped

- profitable

- distributed team

- SF and Boston based

email me sam@adchemix.com or connect with me on linkedin www.linkedin.com/in/samingrassia/

akh 2 days ago 0 replies      
RightScale - Edinburgh, Scotland

We recently launched our new product - RightScale Cloud Analytics - taking a lot of what we had in PlanForCloud and rebuilding it from the ground-up: http://www.rightscale.com/blog/cloud-cost-analysis/introduci...

We're looking for Software Engineering Interns, see http://workinstartups.com/job-board/job/8412/software-engine... for more info.

mikek 2 days ago 0 replies      
Tophatter - Palo Alto, CA


mattsears 2 days ago 0 replies      
Dayton, Ohio | Littlelines


Littlelines is looking for Front-end and Ruby on Rails developers to work with us in our spanking new headquarters or possibly remote.

We're a small and talented team of designers and developers that love making clients happy. You'll have the opportunity to learn, hone your skills, and contribute valuable work to real projects. We work exclusively on Rails web applications, so some familiarity with Rails views and how a Rails project is set up is a plus. Ideal candidates will be able to work with us at our headquarters.

Responsibilities:Directly providing assistance to existing clients with day-to-day technical needs. Collaborating closely with our designers and other developers.

Our Stack:Ruby / RailsElixirCoffeescriptSass / HamlAngular.js

If you're interested or have questions, email me at matt@littlelines.com.

petethomas 2 days ago 0 replies      
Kansas City, MO

C2FO - https://c2fo.com - hiring software engineers.

Our name stands for "Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization" and we maintain a web platform that dynamically prices working capital so companies of any size can connect with each other to meet cash flow needs without involving traditional financial intermediaries like banks or financial factors.

The platform runs as a marketplace similar to a stock exchange where the assets considered are approved invoices. We work mainly in JavaScript and particularly node.js; our open source projects are available at https://github.com/C2FO. We also have some great investors on board including Mithril Capital Management, Summerhill Venture Partners, and Union Square Ventures.

More about the openings at https://github.com/C2FO/jobs

gdipaolo 2 days ago 0 replies      
Appcelerator - Mountain View, CA

We have an immediate opening for a Sr. Web Engineer for our Appcelerator Dashboard Team. You will have a chance to work on the hottest mobile cloud dashboard on the market, Appcelerator Dashboard, which enables IT executives, business owners, architects, developers, testers and project team members to view and analyze mobile portfolio performance in real time.


--Research, design and develop new features for the Appcelerator DashboardDesign, document and implement open and extensible Dashboard APIs--Come up with unique ways to slice and dice the analytics and show it in an innovative manner--Explain, patiently, to other people just what you wrote, documented, and implemented--Review code, write unit tests, and otherwise help people break all your hard work (and that of others)

More info and other openings available here: http://www.appcelerator.com/company/jobs/

twovi 2 days ago 0 replies      
Codero Hosting (www.codero.com)

Software Developer (Austin/Kansas City) - http://www.jobscore.com/jobs/codero/software-developer-cloud...


Customer Support Manager at Codero in Austin, TXhttp://www.jobscore.com/jobs/codero/dedicated-hosting-custom...

And we are always looking for great DevOps members.

jeffschenck 2 days ago 0 replies      
CHEWSE - San Francisco, CA - Full Time

We're Chewse, and we make ordering office lunches a delight. We believe good food is a powerful force for uniting people, and we want to wield it to build stronger communities everywhere.

We are a young startup and a small, passionate team thats hungry to tackle really big problems. Were located in a work loft in San Franciscos SOMA neighborhood. We have a kitchen. (And we like to use it.)

We're hiring for two positions:

FULL-STACK ENGINEER: https://www.chewse.com/#/jobs/full-stack-engineer/

JAVASCRIPT ENGINEER: https://www.chewse.com/#/jobs/ux-and-javascript-engineer/

If you're passionate about good food and good people, reach out I'm eager to hear from you!

darose 2 days ago 0 replies      
YP - New York City (and elsewhere)

Hiring for multiple roles in our Digital Markets team. (Formerly the startup Sense Networks.) See http://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/j?locationType=Y&f_C=2583177...

Hiring for other positions elsewhere as well.

camthesixth 2 days ago 0 replies      
OpenCare - Toronto, ON, Canada(http://www.opencare.com)

Finding the right health providers for you and your family is a needlessly difficult task. At OpenCare, we are changing that. We're building a platform for connecting patients and doctors in order to improve the way they interface with each other. Our vision is to connect patients, doctors, and health data in order to make a healthier world.

We're a team of 11 based in the downtown core of Toronto. We're well funded by a mix of angels and VCs based out of SF and Canada.

We're looking for highly passionate, supremely intelligent, and insatiably motivated people to join our growing engineering team. We offer competitive compensation and stock options. For a more detailed job description, visit https://opencare.recruiterbox.com/jobs/23500/

firepoet 2 days ago 0 replies      
Chicago - OpinionLab - http://www.opinionlab.com/senior-rails-engineer/

OpinionLab is seeking a Senior Rails Engineer with strong development skills to join our Chicago, IL based Product Development team.

As a member of our Product Development team, you will play a critical role in the architecture, design, development, and deployment of OpinionLabs web-based applications and services. You will be part of a high-visibility agile development team empowered to deliver high-quality, innovative, and market leading voice-of-customer data acquisition and feedback intelligence solutions. If you thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced, get-it-done environment and want to be a part of one of Chicagos most innovative companies, we want to speak with you!

camara 2 days ago 0 replies      
CS Disco Inc. - csdisco.com/jobs - Houston, Texas

Disco is a VC-backed startup that makes ediscovery software for lawyers. 5 of the top 50 law firms and 2 of the top 5 insurance companies in the world use Disco to find evidence faster in major cases and investigations.

We are hiring engineers (C# .NET, Lucene, RavenDB, HTML5), lawyers (commercial litigators, for customer-facing and product roles), and salespeople (with experience selling into the legal vertical).

The team (csdisco.com/about) includes a YC W11 alum, the former CTO of Sonic Foundry, and alumni of Vinson & Elkins, Hogan Lovells, Pillsbury Winthrop, Camara & Sibley, Fulbright & Jaworski, and Dewey & LeBoeuf.

benhebert 2 days ago 0 replies      
Natural Stacks - REMOTE WORK

Natural Stacks is dedicated to creating the world's best nutritional supplements with full transparency.

Each product contains only several premium sourced ingredients, each with a defined biomechanical purpose that's supported by science.

Our mission is simple - to help people experience the highest level of performance by providing natural solutions that work.

We are looking for a customer champion and director of content. (http://naturalstacks.com/pages/jobs)

You can email me directly ben@naturalstacks.com

scattaneo 1 day ago 0 replies      
Sunnyvale, CA (Aruba Networks - http://arubanetworks.com/) Full Time (+ possibly H1B, for the right candidate)----

AirWave, the network management for Aruba's wireless hardware products, is looking for front end and back end developers.

We're looking for people who are strong in either JavaScript (for the front end) or Perl (for the back end). Both positions require a bit of SQL knowledge(we use Postgres).

The right candidate works well with others, has experience practicing agile methodologies, is passionate about beautiful code, and can think creatively about hard problems.


The boring stuff:You must have a solid grasp of computer science/software engineering concepts, including common data structures and algorithms and object-oriented design. You must also be familiar with at least one flavor of Linux (preferably CentOS/RHEL) and be completely at home on the UNIX command line.

Nice-to-haves: the more of these you can check off, the better (we are looking for both front end and back end engineers, so it's ok if you lean one way or the other):

- scripting languages (particularly perl)

- detailed knowledge of common networking protocols (including SNMP and HTTP)

- version control systems (preferably svn)

- SQL databases (preferably Postgres)

- multi-server high availability/failover architecture

- web stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Apache)

- JS frameworks (especially Google Closure)

- system administration/configuration of anything mentioned above

- passion for craft beer and or home brewing

- nerf darts

To apply, please send your resume in plain text or PDF format only to airwave-resumes (at) arubanetworks.com

danhoc01 2 days ago 0 replies      
Lyft - https://www.lyft.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA (SoMa)

With the tap of a button, passengers in need of a ride are instantly connected to nearby drivers. We currently operate in cities all across the country, and with your help, well take Lyft worldwide!

If growth excites you, this is the place to be! We're looking for:

  - Software Engineer  - Senior Web Developer  - Android Engineer  - iOS Engineer  - DevOps Engineer  - Data Architect  - Data Scientist  - Technical Recruiter
Stack: AWS, MongoDB, PHP, Python, Go, AngularJS

Interested? dhochman a/t lyft d/o/t com. Open to coffee/tea or a Hangout to discuss. Incredible team, top medical & dental, open vacation policy, catered lunches, snacks, dogs, equipment, etc.

jonahss 2 days ago 0 replies      
Sauce Labs - San Francisco, Remote - https://saucelabs.com

SF startup providing cloud based selenium testing. We've got our own cloud, and spin up VM's running any OS and Browser. Pipe selenium commands using the JSONWire protocol through our API to run your tests in parallel on our infrastructure.

~50 employees now and growing quickly. Ideal SF startup culture where everyone is incredible, unique, and places a strong emphasis on living a healthy and full life.


- Core Developer: working on VM architecture, Python, heavy duty networking...

- Full-stack web devs

- Mobile developers (for our iOS and Android images/emulators)

bgibson 19 hours ago 0 replies      
Seeking senior engineers with experience designing, building, scaling, and securing financial ECNs, for equity positions with an early stage Palo Alto-based startup. Well known investors, first engineer famous in his field, building infrastructure for uncharted territory. If you're interested, please contact me for details. Email in profile.
dberg 2 days ago 0 replies      
HuffingtonPost - NYC

Be part of the growing engineering team transforming the Huffington Post into a next generation social news platform. Looking for energetic, passionate engineers who love to collaborate, move quickly and build amazing products and solve very high traffic problems at scale.

We are looking for front and backend engineers who have a strong background in any of these languages: Scala, Java, PHP, Ruby, JS MVC Frameworks like Angular and Backbone. Experience with large scale and high throughput environments is a definite plus.

Job listsings here - https://github.com/huffingtonpost/HuffPost-Tech-Jobs

Email us at developer@huffingtonpost.com if interested

ajhit406 2 days ago 0 replies      
Nitrous.IO - Mountain View, CA

Full stack engineers / Platform & Ops / Sys Admins / Product Design


skavish 2 days ago 0 replies      
Animatron.com, Cambridge, MA

We are building next generation animation tools in a browser based on open standards (html5 etc).

We are looking for 2 interns for this summer who's passion is cool UI, who know JS and Java and love computer graphics and math.

The company is about 2 years old and is backed by JetBrains, Inc. (http://www.jetbrains.com)

Our office is in the heart of Cambridge, next to MIT campus.

Check out what our users are making: http://www.animatron.com/explore#staff-picks

Send your resume to jobs@animatron.com

bengarvey 2 days ago 0 replies      
RJMetrics in Philadelphiadevs, marketing, saleshttp://rjmetrics.com/jobs?source=bgarvey
DanielStarling 2 days ago 0 replies      

Cyanna Education Services [1] is building a web-based business workflow platform to service the education industry. We are looking for a full-time Rails developer to bring on board to advance the platform. Someone who wants to build clean, well-tested code that approaches problems in an architecturally sound way.

Some PHP experience is a plus for supporting legacy systems.

If you are a self-starter and knowledgeable code wrangler, please email us a little bit about yourself, including resume and github username, to jobs@cyanna.com (no recruiters please).

[1] http://www.cyanna.com/

xscape321 2 days ago 0 replies      
OC/LA [Relocate Ok]BindHQ

BindHQ is building a CRM for the financial services sector that leverages machine learning, public api's and the latest open source tech. We're a bi-coastal company with a startup culture backed by Scottish American Capital, Peterson Venture's and HV Capital.

Full Stack Engineer

BindHQ is looking for an engineering lead with experience building large scale web applications. We're looking for people who care deeply about quality of execution and can set their own direction.

Stack: PHP/Symfony2, Clojure, AWS (EC2, S3, RDS)

Email: Cristian [at] scottishamerican [dot] com

Reclix 2 days ago 0 replies      
CourseHorse (New York, NY) | FULL TIME | https://coursehorse.com/hiring

Amazon for Education: We're the first marketplace that helps people discover, compare & enroll in trusted local classes (from casual classes like cooking, art & Spanish, to professional programs like finance, writing & programming).

We're seeking: SR ENGINEERS: Creative, indomitable. | DIRECT SALES: Driven, tenacious. | GROWTH HACKERS: Proven, quantitative. | CUSTOMER SERVICE: Friendly, passionate.

Let the beauty we love be what we do: https://coursehorse.com/hiring

raja 2 days ago 0 replies      
BRIKA - Toronto, ON - http://www.brika.com

Seeking Full Stack Software Engineer (Fulltime)

BRIKA is a unique online shopping destination that offers a curated selection of special pieces that are destined to become heirlooms and celebrates the makers behind them. Weaving a sense of community and creativity into the fabric of the brand, BRIKA is a place shoppers can come to find inspiration as easily as beautiful, modern crafts.

Learn more and apply at http://www.brika.com/jobs/

BillSaysThis 2 days ago 0 replies      
Sumo Logic - Redwood City, CA http://www.sumologic.com/about-sumo/careers/

Multiple openings for Scala backend devs, JavaScript (Backbone)/Sass front end devs and SRE engineers.

Backed by substantial VC and with a fast growing customer base, we are leveraging log data to bring machine data intelligence to the cloud.

markcampbell 2 days ago 0 replies      
theScore - http://mobile.thescore.com/ - Toronto, ON, Canada

We're looking for backend developers. Right now we're focused on ruby and python, but looking to get into other languages (see this speakerdeck[0] for all the technologies we work with, given by one of our devops guys).

Currently we have 4.8 million users -- about 50% more than we had last year at this time. We send over a billion push messages a year... lots of cool things going on here, in other words!

If you like sports, this place is great. Not a big deal if you don't, though.

Lots of perks:

* foosball (we have a league and it's serious)

* ping pong

* PS4 (FIFA and NBA2K are popular)

* Wii (Mario Kart Double Dash is the go-to game)

* various computer games (CS:GO, TF2)

* outdoor deck with bbq

* free snacks

* free drinks

* espresso/coffee machine

* top-of-the-line macbook pro with cinema display

Any other questions? Contact me (below) or reply to this and I'll try to fill you in on more details.

Interested? Email me (mark.campbell@thescore.com), tweet me [1]@Nitrodist, or connect with me on [2]LinkedIn!

[0] [https://speakerdeck.com/lreeves/scaling-applications-at-thes...]

[1] https://twitter.com/Nitrodist/

[2] http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-campbell/33/856/818

fblp 2 days ago 1 reply      
oo oo oo

Feedback Loop - San Francisco, CA - Frontend Engineer

You know how when you read reviews or testimonials on a businesses' website you don't know whether they're real or fake? We help people trust these reviews by connecting them to social profiles. Our customers write their own loving testimonials about us because testimonials collected and published through our widget get them more sales, leads and partners.

We're a tiny startup (team of three) but we're founded in Sydney and currently spread across 3 countries doing sales and development. We've won funding from Australian state government and universities and our customers also pay us money.

You'll be our first SF hire as we're positioning ourselves to grow in the US market in terms of both technical talent, sales and funding (I landed here 7 weeks ago).

If you join us you'll be helping us:- Improve our widget and badges on clients sites to measure and increase conversions. This is fun because your one simple change can help many clients. - Improve our setup funnel and flow so that more users activate and use our product- Win in the US

Skills/experiencePython/DjangoJavascript <--- important, please let us know the most challenging js work you've doneResponsive cssA bit of UX flareCTO attitude/experience desirable but not required

To apply go to http://www.feedbackloop.io/jobs and hit the apply with linkedin badge (note this is actually a SF position), or email me directly at hnjob@feedbackloop.com.au

oo oo oo

vseloved 2 days ago 0 replies      
SF - Grammarly (http://www.grammarly.com/jobs)

- Sr. Backend Engineer

- Sr. NLP Developer

- Lead DevOps Engineer

- Director of Product Marketing

- Product Marketing Manager

- Public Relations Coordinator

courtlandalves 2 days ago