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Ask HN: How to get a job as an iOS Developer?
4 points by Zelphyr  1 hour ago   1 comment top 1
chime 8 minutes ago 0 replies      
> Is developing an app and getting it published to the App Store sufficient?

Not sufficient but it is pretty much necessary.

Ask HN: Is sharing .ssh/authorized_keys a security issue?
5 points by kator  3 hours ago   2 comments top 2
patio11 3 hours ago 0 replies      
If that account had id_rsa in it then I'd send them a courtesy email, since that is a private key, but otherwise publishing your public keys is not worrisome.

Consider the threat environment: I have a laptop with a private/public key pair that gets me my main login on all services I run. It is possible that Server #1 can get compromised, immediately compromising the public key on it. I do not desire Server #2 to get compromised. No problem -- with only the public key, they can't compute my private key. Also, when I authenticate with them, I don't have to divulge my private key -- we can play a little game over the wire and my system provides an answer which would have been computationally unfeasible to calculate without having my private key handy.

There might be some minor data leakage if you name your keys something descriptive. Mine are typically no more sensitive than email addresses.

kator 3 hours ago 0 replies      
My gut tells me this is TMI for whomever might want to hack a site. Just knowing what keys are allowed to ssh w/o a password seems like a great target.

Not sure what others think?

Ask HN: What are some algorithms for automated grammar correction?
2 points by pastaking  1 hour ago   discuss
Ask HN: Where to find problems for side projects?
5 points by newgrad  4 hours ago   2 comments top 2
pforpal 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Talk to people around you (barber, barista, waiter, friends and family, etc) about the technology that they use. (smartphone, facebook, etc) The conversation almost always turns to complaining about how they wish things would work. Those are your problems to solve.
yolesaber 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Why not build a site where people can post problems solvable via software?
Ask HN: Debit cards with APIs
4 points by runawaybottle  3 hours ago   1 comment top 1
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Ask HN: What is the best way to dump mongo data into Hadoop?
2 points by misiti3780  2 hours ago   4 comments top 3
dangoldin 1 hour ago 1 reply      
I was at a meetup where the Foursquare data science team spoke about this problem. If I recall correctly, their solution was to have jobs that would take the data from Mongo and store it in flat files that would then be used by the Hadoop jobs. They found that the performance gained was worth the additional storage costs. They have a pretty well defined Hadoop process though so were able to optimize for it. If you plan on having a variety of Hadoop jobs it may not make as much sense.

Note that this information may be outdated so just treat it as a data point. I'm sure others will have better ideas.

heretohelp 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Should be trivial since document stores are less relational and the data should be relatively isolated.

You really just need to learn the subject matter, there is no magical wand for loading data from one to the other.

You understand one, then you understand the other, then you understand how to port and grapple with the data.

Just start reading.

Whats the most inspirational quote you ever heard?
5 points by dittes  8 hours ago   6 comments top 6
wh-uws 4 hours ago 0 replies      
My personal favorite

"It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worth cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat. "

- Theodore Roosevelt

yolesaber 5 hours ago 0 replies      
This might be a bit unorthodox, but Max Yasgur's address to the crowd at Woodstock has always inspired me:

"I'm a farmer, I don't know how to speak to twenty people at one time, let alone a crowd like this. But I think you people have proven something to the world " not only to the Town of Bethel, or Sullivan County, or New York State; you've proven something to the world. This is the largest group of people ever assembled in one place. We have had no idea that there would be this size group, and because of that you've had quite a few inconveniences as far as water, food, and so forth. Your producers have done a mammoth job to see that you're taken care of... they'd enjoy a vote of thanks. But above that, the important thing that you've proven to the world is that a half a million kids " and I call you kids because I have children that are older than you are " a half million young people can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing but fun and music, and I God Bless You for it!"

Although I do not explicitly subscribe to "hippie" ideals, there is something very moving about the way he addresses a group of people often looked back upon in mockery or disdain - it reinforces that they not only truly believed in something, but that they most importantly then put said beliefs into action.

robwhitley 8 hours ago 0 replies      
“Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything " all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure " these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” -Steve Jobs
hasenj 5 hours ago 0 replies      
This might sound pretty mundane compared to what most people usually quote, but I found this very enlightening

"When you except to run into brick walls you usually don't go as fast as you can. When you let go of fear and focus on results, it's freeing and effective."

It's by a tumblrer http://infjdoodles.tumblr.com/post/28056863738/

Sabrosa 1 hour ago 0 replies      
He had disciplined his body to hardship, his appetite to need, his thought to fact, his tongue to silence. He was “the first to enter the battle,” said the hostile Livy, “and the last to leave the field.”

Will Durant on Hannibal Barca, in Heroes of History

subrat_rout 5 hours ago 0 replies      
1. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky?

An optional one-
2. Happiness = Outcome - Expectations. The key to enjoying life is keeping expectations low to the degree that you're always pleasantly surprised.
(do not remember who told this)


Ask HN: Good iOS Tutorials?
42 points by snihalani  1 day ago   24 comments top 19
murz 1 day ago 1 reply      
Stanford has a free series of iOS lectures that you can get on iTunesU: http://itunes.apple.com/itunes-u/ipad-iphone-application-dev...

I highly recommend them.

ninthfrank07 1 day ago 0 replies      
I personally had tremendous fun following Matthijs Hollemans' tutorials (http://www.raywenderlich.com/store/ios-apprentice).

You can get the first tutorial for free if you sign up for the raywenderlich.com newsletter. It assumes no prior knowledge of iOS or Objective-C and runs you through building a simple game. Then for 54$ you can get the three other tutorials.

The second tutorial shows you step by step how to build a checklist app (using Storyboards).

The third tutorial is about doing a simpler version of Foursquare (using Core Location, Map Kit, the camera and photo library, Core Data and Core Animation).

And in the fourth tutorial you'll learn how to make a clone of the default iTunes app by using the iTunes Store Search API (http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/resources/documentati...) as well as AFNetworking.

pkaler 1 day ago 0 replies      
Sounds like you're a new developer. You need to be able to see the big picture and gain a sense of progress. Apple lays out a learning roadmap for you here:

After that, go with the tutorials that everyone else is recommending.

aaronbrethorst 1 day ago 1 reply      
I have a super-simple tutorial on UITableViews here: http://www.cocoacontrols.com/posts/2012/08/01/ios-basics-uit..., and I'm planning on spending a good amount of the next couple weeks developing similar content. What are you looking to learn, exactly, and how familiar are you with software development in general?
GuiA 1 day ago 0 replies      
I'm a big fan of books.

I found this one very useful to get started:

plasma 1 day ago 0 replies      
Around 9 months ago I wrote about my iOS development at http://cherrypopapp.com/blog#iPhone_Development

Take-away is; I started with the stanford tutorials (great!), but then just decided to dive in and learn along the way.

josephlord 1 day ago 0 replies      
http://www.raywenderlich.com/tutorials/ is pretty useful in places.

Stackoverflow or Google when you have specific questions.

When you say the Apple Developer resources are designed for a bit more smart audience I assume you mean already informed and knowledgeable about the basic APIs.

EwanG 1 day ago 0 replies      
Stuff at MakeGamesWithUs (http://makegameswith.us/tutorials/getting-started/2#_=_) isn't too bad since it will help you get up to speed, and you can always turn to them to do the marketing if you decide you're more interested in developing than selling.
ruggeri 21 hours ago 0 replies      
I recommend:

    * Stanford's videos and homeworks
* Ray Wenderlich's site
* Big Nerd Ranch's iOS and Obj-C books

If you want to learn Cocos2D for game development, also check out Learning Cocos2D.

To shamelessly plug, we also run a full-time, in-person iOS course (http://hashmaplabs.com).

shawnwall 1 day ago 0 replies      
I just wanted to throw this out there:

you should first read the objective-c primer.


You mentioned the apple docs feel complex to you but I'd honestly recommend truly taking your time and working through them as they really are the best.

thatusertwo 21 hours ago 0 replies      
If you checkout http://ioscodesamples.com they have tons of code samples, although there aren't tutorials there is a lot of working code that does various things, it might help you figure out what you need to do.
mv 1 day ago 0 replies      
AlexBlom 1 day ago 0 replies      
I found the SEE (free Stanford) courses to be best: http://see.stanford.edu/see/courses.aspx
arsen4 1 day ago 0 replies      
This isn't out yet, but it looks like it's going to be awesome:
kawaguchi 1 day ago 0 replies      
I've been digging the apprentice trailmaps from thoughtbot, they have one for iOS too: https://github.com/thoughtbot/trail-map/blob/master/trails/i...
DesaiAshu 1 day ago 0 replies      
If you're interested in building games and have done some programming before you should check out MakeGamesWithUs (www.makegameswith.us). The tutorials take you through building a clone of Angry Birds and are tailored to beginners.
huffman 1 day ago 0 replies      
It's not really online reading, but we have an iOS "trail map" at thoughtbot: https://github.com/thoughtbot/trail-map/blob/master/trails/i...
How do DNS-based proxy services work (e.g. to watch the BBC olympic feed)?
3 points by cschmidt  11 hours ago   3 comments top 2
soult 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Simple guess: Their DNS server always returns the same IP address, which is a simple transparent proxy.

An encrypted VPN would protects you from data sniffing done by your ISP. Obviously the VPN provider will be in a position to sniff your data. With the transparent proxy, your data is not encrypted and can be sniffed by both your ISP and your "VPN" provider.

bogs 8 hours ago 1 reply      
Why not just use a VPN? especially on a LowEndBox and it will allow you to maintain it and be able to keep the security as much or as little. Then your wife will be able to also watch all her favourite tv shows on BBC and others.
Ask HN: How does Google uses the Go Programming Language?
3 points by zedzedzed  19 hours ago   5 comments top 3
rochoa 17 hours ago 1 reply      
For instance the golang.org website is running on Go: http://golang.org/doc/go_faq.html#Is_Google_using_go_interna...

Google open sourced vitess for scaling out and coordinating (sharding + replication, schema rollouts) mysql databases, it seems they use it internally: http://code.google.com/p/vitess/

P.S. Other organizations using Go: http://go-lang.cat-v.org/organizations-using-go

magnusgraviti 18 hours ago 1 reply      
I believe yes.

- programmers create new open source libraries for Go;
- language got 1.0 version so it can be considered by enterprises for production;
- programmers write articles about it so we have some buzz around it;
- community grows with a set of books about Go.

So I think the overall popularity will grow.

It would be nice for Golang site to have some section about "companies using Go...".

dvliman 19 hours ago 0 replies      
cloudflare.com uses go in production. http://blog.cloudflare.com/go-at-cloudflare
Ask HN: What kind of toolkits have people written on top of statsd?
4 points by quintin  1 day ago   discuss
Ask PG: When is the next Startup School application open?
4 points by trueneverland  1 day ago   discuss
Show HN: A new type of freelancer marketplace
4 points by 3riverdev  1 day ago   7 comments top 4
martey 1 day ago 1 reply      
Your about page claims that you do not have ways for freelancers to ask questions about unclear project descriptions because "vague employers are unsafe anyway". Since employers are not paying anything to post projects, how can you ensure that they write detailed project descriptions?
factorialboy 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Good freelances get recommended word-of-mouth and are often approached for projects than being the ones approaching customers.

You service may be useful for beginners but being a long time freelancer myself, I don't see why I should use this service (or to be fair any other service to "bid").

pizza 1 day ago 1 reply      
3riverdev 1 day ago 0 replies      
Show HN: Mobify.js, a client side adaptation framework for going mobile
4 points by shawnjan8  1 day ago   1 comment top 1
shawnjan8 1 day ago 0 replies      
Adding link in comments for clickable hyperlink goodness:


Tell HN: Outlook.com email headers contain IP addresses
12 points by larrys  2 days ago   1 comment top 1
rogerbinns 2 days ago 0 replies      
Every webmail service I looked at has done that, with the exception of gmail. And if you send the email to gmail using SMTP then your originating IP will be kept.

Or in other words gmail is the only webmail service that lets the sender hide their IP address.

Ask HN: One World One Simcard
6 points by cheekypaolo  1 day ago   2 comments top 2
cheekypaolo 1 day ago 0 replies      
- Let's you choose your own network provider(s) in a country
- Let's you take advantage of a network's specials (for example a cheap 20GB data bundle)
- Let's you switch network providers by visiting a website/app instead of changing sim cards.
- The networks still get their full rates

Disadvantages / Problems:
I'm sure there are some so feel free to add. The main obstacle that I can think of is that you might have to contact and create relationships with all the network providers around the globe, which may be a very political process. I don't have much knowledge in this area but maybe someone in the mobile industry could fill in the possible setbacks and problems related to the mobile industry.

schoash 1 day ago 0 replies      
What about the places, which don't use sim cards?
How much would "Monthly Unlimited Everything" cost?
7 points by javajosh  2 days ago   8 comments top 4
electrichead 2 days ago 2 replies      
I think one way to estimate that is to see how much media you can possibly consume per month. Obviously you can only watch one movie at a time, and though it is possible to do more, you generally listen to only one song at a time. You probably don't listen to songs while watching a movie. So judging by the number of waking hours minus the hours sleeping and at work (maybe not for music), you should be able to guesstimate the number of "media hours" per month and use that to guess at a flat fee.
kappamax 2 days ago 1 reply      
All you can eat, so in the case of music/movies etc, am I owning or leasing the content for that period. That would determine the price for me.

Taking that I pay $79/yr for Amazon, with free movies, tv + shipping, then I spend about $40/mo on movies, music and books at Amazon, then I'd spend $50/mo.

Of course there are people who will spend more, and people who will spend less. I like to think of my spending as conservative. And since I get my TV over the air, I can't fathom for a second why anyone pays for TV.

trueneverland 2 days ago 0 replies      
Is this strictly for content consumption. When I first read the title, I was thinking of phone plans, etc... In which case we're talking about around $130/month for unlimited everything (minus international plans), unlimited internet, hotspot plans, cable tv, etc... those probably would come close to $500 already. If you're talking about just everything packaged as a whole, including the above, $500 is a steal deal.
sritch 2 days ago 0 replies      
Well if I look at the cost of Netflix, let's say Spotify or Rdio, Gamefly and the Library, I wouldn't pay more than 150$ a month.
Ask HN: Review my startup, SupportFu.com
18 points by veesahni  3 days ago   20 comments top 9
revorad 3 days ago 1 reply      
This is really well done. After reading everything, the big question in my mind is how does this work? After signing up, what's the first step I need to take to get going? Please show me that process before asking me to sign up. A video would be great, but screenshots are also enough.

I say this because apart from the dollar price, the biggest cost to me is my time and effort to switch. You do a good job of conveying that Supportfu will probably make my life easier once I've started using it, but I want to know what it will take to get there.

codegeek 3 days ago 1 reply      
I like the design. Neat. Coming from a large corporate environment, i cannot even start to tell how bad of help desk systems we have to use. Anyway, one thing that confuses me is a pricing tier with more than 3 options. May be you can combine it into 3: FREE, small business, large business (something like this).
edwinyzh 3 days ago 1 reply      
Apart from the good things:

1 - You should show more screenshots in the home page, e.g. what the 'submit a ticket' page look like?

2 - Don't use hand-writing style typefaces in the screenshots, that's difficult to read for none-native English speakers (me included).

3 - You might want to check out Freshdesk, I was planning to use it for LIVEditor (http://liveditor.com) after checked a handful online support services, but gave up because the performance (pages took near 10 seconds to load).

Just my 2 cents.

rnochumo 3 days ago 1 reply      
I recorded a user test for SupportFu on BetaPunch: http://www.betapunch.com/startups/view/267.

I set up the email forwarding and tested by sending an email to that account so it would appear as a ticket. But I never got the email into my supportfu account... Also i agree that there is no clear call to action on where / how to sign up.

Good luck to you!

ScottWhigham 3 days ago 1 reply      
Looks great - like how you've laid it all out. I'm interested in a replacement for ZenDesk but just FYI: for us, if a system doesn't have an iPhone/iPad app, it just won't cut it. Not slagging on you - just telling you some of the feedback you'll likely hear from others.
lexbryan 13 hours ago 0 replies      
I would love to try the service. I don't have a company yet but I'm working as an engr. for a company that uses other help desk provider.


creativename 3 days ago 1 reply      
It looks great - very nicely designed, and I immediately understand the benefit. However, that landing page could do a better job having a call to action visible right away. I don't see anything until I scroll to the very bottom, and even then it's just a link to check out pricing.

Also, I don't see any information regarding how it actually integrates with my site (ie. how do users actually submit a ticket?)

veesahni 3 days ago 0 replies      
clickable link: http://www.supportfu.com
Juuumanji 3 days ago 1 reply      
looks well thought out. good work
Ubisoft "Uplay" DRM exposed as rootkit
309 points by rightclick  13 days ago   136 comments top 14
pilif 13 days ago 1 reply      
I wouldn't say that this is a rootkit (there's no kernel-based magic or even just privilege elevation going on), nor that this was done with bad intentions.

This is just inexperienced developers («it's "encrypted" using base64 - we're fine!!») that had a "great idea" (= launch games from an embedded IE control) that has, kinda, backfired.

The sad thing is that it would be trivial (I'm using the word "trivial" here are I have implemented something like this just last friday in 3 hours) to add a signature to that command line and only execute signed command lines - I mean, these Games require an internet connection anyways, so there's nothing stopping them from serving the launcher from somewhere in the web and have a private key there to do the signing.

Foy 13 days ago 5 replies      
Oh hell no. I can't believe this shit... and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was such a good game too. T_T

Next time I want to play an Ubisoft game I'm just going to pirate it.

EDIT: I buy 99% of my video games through Steam, and when the games I get through Steam want to use their own launcher (play, windows live games, or EA's Origin, for example) I always get peeved.. to find out it allows arbitrary remote code execution is absolutely infuriating.

EDIT: Oh, btw, I'm using Opera 12.

EDIT: Protect yourself (in Opera, at least) by going to Settings -> Preferences(menu option) -> Advanced(Tab) -> Downloads(left menu bar) -> Search for "uplay" and delete the associated row.

kevingadd 13 days ago  replies      
Why does Tavis Ormandy (http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2012/Jul/375) keep putting fully usable proof of concept exploits out for widely deployed software without giving a vendor time to prepare a patch, or in this case, even notifying them? Off the top of my head, I remember he did this for the windows help center exploit and the java web start exploit. I can't understand why you would do this. You could at least give the vendor a couple weeks, and then if you're super worried, release the details as soon as an exploit is found in the wild.

As-is, he just seems like a raging hacker who loves attention and doesn't care if thousands of unsuspecting users get their credit card details stolen by malware authors. I must be misunderstanding something, yeah?

kinetik 13 days ago 2 replies      
simias 13 days ago 5 replies      
I'm not sure if that's what the OP implied, but I'm not sure this was done on purpose. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity". Ubisoft is well know for their aggressive anti-pirating practices (cloud saves for instance), but that's just too idiotic.

Here's taviso's mail on seclists: http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2012/Jul/375

I hope ubisoft reacts quickly.

fmavituna 13 days ago 0 replies      
Google chrome users:
You can go to "about:plugins" and disable this and all other things that might expose you to extra security risks such as "Microsoft Office" (even "Native Client") or any other plugins that exposed in there by 3rd party without any confirmation.
vyrotek 13 days ago 1 reply      
I think they just fixed this. It opened Uplay and it instantly downloaded a new update released today.

Version 2.0.4 - Monday July 30th 2012 - "Fix addressing browser plugin. Plugin now only able to open Uplay application"

cabirum 13 days ago 2 replies      
UBI is not alone doing this.

Battlefield 3 also installs it's plugin ("ESN Launch Mozilla Plugin") in all browsers on a pc. It's capable of running EA's Origin service, so does it present the same threat?

res0nat0r 13 days ago 1 reply      
If this was something released by Valve would it be described as a 'rootkit', or more of a dumb mistake? The internet loves Steam and anything and everything by Valve and hates Ubisoft.
sargun 13 days ago 0 replies      
This is concerning. Does anyone have any links to comments by Ubisoft? Any reason why they would need the ability to execute arbitrary code in a hidden manner? From what I understand, we call these things Trojans...
Aissen 13 days ago 3 replies      
Any mitigation ? Is it possible to disable this browser plugin ?
bbrtyth 13 days ago 1 reply      
Because of people like this (the straw was Growl installing itself for the third time), I've had to completely change the permissions on particularly vulnerable folders in OS X. Anyone creating software, if you are not already aware of this: installing anything that is not completely and clearly explained beforehand makes you a despicable wretch.
ajasmin 13 days ago 0 replies      
So does this have some legitimate use on the web (such as product activation on the Ubisoft website) or is this an ActiveX component intended to be used locally that could have been marked as "safe for scripting" by mistake?

Edit: Other comments suggest there's a NPAPI plugin as well so it's definitely intended for use on the web.

Also in what sense is this a rootkit? Is this purposely hidden from the list of IE addons or something?

rogerbraun 13 days ago  replies      
This does not 'install a backdoor that allows any website to take over your computer', right? It just makes it possible to launch any previously installed executable if you know the path.
Show HN - Turing Festival
8 points by gordonguthrie  2 days ago   2 comments top 2
jarofgreen 2 days ago 0 replies      
Went to the last one, some great stuff. Wanted to mention that unlike a normal conference, tickets are available for each session on an individual basis. This means you can pick and choose which ones you want, and you can mix shows from the world famous Edinburgh Festivals into your schedule. It makes it much more accessible - only pay for what you want, and many are free.

The link, BTW, is http://www.turingfestival.com/

jamesjguthrie 18 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm kinda considering going. Not sure if it'll be worth my while though...
Ask PG: When will YC W13 applications be open?
9 points by hiddenstage  2 days ago   4 comments top 1
pg 2 days ago 1 reply      
Some time after we get done with Demo Day (Aug 21).
Ask HN: How should I evaluate a startup as I job hunt?
95 points by vowelless  8 days ago   55 comments top 29
pg 8 days ago 3 replies      
Financially, as if you were an investor. They're the people whose job it is to evaluate startups' prospects, and they care above all about two things: the founders and the market. The founders should be relentlessly effective, and the market should ideally be of a size that can only be obtained by riding on trends beyond the startup's control (but visible to few besides the founders, or the market would already be full). Joining the young Microsoft, for example was a bet on Bill Gates and microcomputers, both of which turned out to be very good bets.

As a hacker you may be able to judge market bets as well as or better than many investors. E.g. I think HN readers knew Dropbox was onto something before most investors did. So if you go wrong it will be in judging founders. For many hackers, especially the unwordly sort, it's hard to distinguish true Bill Gateses from mere good talkers.

I wish I could offer some advice about distinguishing, but that would take a whole essay. The best simple hack I can think of is completely self-serving, but I'll offer it anyway: piggyback on our filter. YC specializes in distinguishing between genuine Gateses and good talkers. We're occasionally fooled, but far less often than a typical hacker looking for a job would be.

whichdan 8 days ago 5 replies      
Here are a handful off the top of my head:

  - Are you profitable? If so, for how long?
- How long until you need another round of funding?
- Are you planning on hiring more staff? If so, for what positions?
- How do you gauge promotions/raises?
- Who will my coworkers be?
- What is the office setup like?
- What hours will I be working?
- How much time is spent on maintenance vs. new development?
- Is your code unit tested, and do you have version control?
- Who do I report to?
- Is there a vision for where the company will be in # years?
- Ignoring equity, is my compensation fair?
- How fast is the company growing? What are some recent milestones?
- Is the office located in a place that's easily accessible?
- What will I be working on after my first month here?
- How often do you have meetings?
- How do you manage deadlines?
- How long have you (the interviewer) been at the company?
- What attracted you (the interviewer) to the company?
- Why did you choose the current technology stack you're using?
- Are you having any issues with stack?
- How much of the code is understood by >1 person?

Is this the sort of list you're looking for?

danilocampos 8 days ago 0 replies      
There's plenty of great advice here. I'd add one more signal to evaluate:

How tight is their hiring process?

Hiring is one of the most important tasks of a startup. As the business grows, it identifies new things it wants to get done and eventually that means adding people.

Watch your interactions with a prospective employer carefully. Are they swift in communications to schedule your interviews? Do they seem prepared when you show up to talk? Is their follow up clear and prompt after your first meeting? A startup with their shit together should be able to go from phone screen to signed offer letter inside of 7 - 10 days.

Any longer than that suggests sloppy management, poor communications skills or lack of focus. Or worst of all: lack of clarity/urgency around the initiative they're hiring you for.

If their hiring process is sloppy, it's a safe bet you're in for a bad time.

OmarIsmail 8 days ago 0 replies      
You first have to decide what kind of startup you're looking for. Do you want to be hire 1-10, 10-50,50-100, or 100+? Each of those company sizes is a substantially different beast and depending on which one is more suitable to you the other questions change dramatically.

If you're looking at the 50-100 range then the startup is obviously more mature and the nature of the company isn't as important so much as the work you'll be doing. If you're looking to be hire 1-10 then the company itself is a lot more important, especially the founders.

Let's assume you're looking to join a smaller team. If that's the case then I'd concentrate almost everything on the founders. Ultimately it comes down to trust. Do you trust these people to focus on important matters? Do you trust them to be fair and mature about tough decisions? Do you trust them to treat you and your coworkers right?

For many people this can be a difficult thing to gauge and it's made especially more difficult since the founders will be actively trying to sell you and therefore make themselves look better.

Ultimately there are some high level filters that can help carve out a lot of options and save you a lot of time. And these are actually the same kind of filters that investors apply:

Are they a YC company?

What is the experience of the founders? Have they done a startup before? Do they have an "in" for the space?

Does the company have traction?

The reason why I put YC company first is that pg and co are going to be better than most people at picking winners. So if you limit your choice to YC companies then you're going to have a much lower chance of joining the wrong company. I say that from some bias as being a founder of a YC company, but also because I've met many of the founders of other YC companies, and it's just crazy how many of them are awesome and trustworthy.

m104 8 days ago 0 replies      
I highly recommend looking for any dissonance between the ground-floor workers and management/leadership.

The best scenario you can find (a truly rare gem of an employer), whether startup or established company, is where everyone is on the same page. Vision should be clear, strengths should be accurately gauged, and problems should be acknowledged and well-understood. You should be able to share what you've learned from the workers with management (and vice versa) without any looks of shock, fear, or panic. Overall visible stress should be almost non-existant.

The worst scenario is where the company's leadership lives in its own reality and blames any issues on workers or outsiders. Run from these employers; no amount of money is worth working for such people. The easiest way to test for this case is to just talk openly about what you've learned about the company and how the future looks given their strengths and weaknesses. Watch out, in particular, for the hushed phrase "I shouldn't tell you this, but..."

Realistically, though, you'll find a lot of employers somewhere in between. Just know that the distance between the reality of leadership and worker is going to be proportional to the pain you'll feel working at that employer and that such distance tends to increase over time.

rabidsnail 8 days ago 0 replies      
Ask: "Will I have fun working here? Will I wake up in the morning excited to come in to work? Will I learn something new every day?"

Working for a short period doing something you love in a company that ultimately fails is better than doing something you don't love for 30 years. You can always get another job.

jacques_chester 7 days ago 0 replies      
One small thing.

Interviewers leak. Sometimes they start on anecdotes. Anecdotes are solid gold. Give some of your own if it seems appropriate.

I've turned down lucrative jobs because of the "hilarious" anecdotes of a CEO changing his mind weekly.

gyardley 7 days ago 0 replies      
I'm surprised skill development hasn't come up (or if it has, that it's not more prominent - I might have missed it in the scanning.)

This might be your first startup, but it likely won't be your last - and the skills you get from your first startup will affect the jobs you'll be able to land and the projects you'll take on in the future. So the most important factor is the details of what you'll be doing and how much doing it will make you a better programmer.

If you optimize for the startup's overall potential but spend your time there doing stuff you think is trivial, you're going to be really unhappy if the startup doesn't work out. If you optimize for challenging, enjoyable work that turns you into a programming badass, if the startup doesn't work out, you're still going to be a badass.

jayzee 8 days ago 0 replies      
You should (primarily) think like an investor. You are investing your time after all. For example, look at the questions that YC asks during interviews.

And then you have to think a lot more about the team/culture fit since you will spend way more time with the team than any investor.

Tangaroa 8 days ago 1 reply      
From the perspective of wanting to get paid for your work, you will want to consider the same things that investors do because the company won't be able to pay you if they run out of money. Do they have a product that people will pay money for? That's the key question.

Another is: Will they actually pay you. or does the contract they give you talk about "binding arbitration"? That's a huge red flag of a failing company looking for a way to cheat its employees and is doubly bad for a woman or minority jobseeker since she would not be able to sue them for sexual harassment or racist promotion practices. If you care about the company obeying the law on any matter affecting you, you will want to retain your right to sue them in a court of law.

An employee stock plan might be seen as another sign of poor financial status since companies in poor shape will look to their employees as a last-ditch funding source. However, this conclusion is more coincidental than automatic. Many healthy startups have an employee stock plan and getting into one early can make you rich if the company strikes it big.

You will want to be paid by the hour, rather than a salary, so they cannot work you more than 40 hours a week without paying you overtime.

As for the company culture, you may be able to get a sense of it by simply keeping your eyes open. Is there a dress code or are people in T-shirts? Is everything neat and tidy or do people have toys at their desks? These are things you can see for yourself. As for the core principles, you can simply ask.

You will also want to consider whether you will be happy and productive in the position, and if you can see yourself making a positive contribution to the company and its customers.

majormajor 7 days ago 0 replies      
First figure out for sure just what you are you looking for out of a startup. Personally, my reason for wanting to work for a startup compared to a large corporation is to get to have more influence and work on a wider variety of interesting problems across different domains. And you can get that without needing to be in a business that has potential to grow to a billions of dollars valuation. But if you're interested in maximizing your chances for crazy sums of money while you're at a time in your life that lets you take risks (and there's nothing wrong with going after that, just don't make plans around an assumption that it'll happen), that'll drive your search in a different direction.
pearkes 8 days ago 0 replies      
Get to know the people. I personally feel that these traits trump everything else if you're keen on growing as a person and professional:

  - Vulnerability (openness)
- Forgiveness
- Passion (for both the company and life as a whole)

It's hard to find cut-and-dry questions to determine these traits. Try to talk about what these people love to do, even if that's outside of their craft or the company.

  - What was their first job?
- Where are their "people" from? (Family, ancestors)
- What do they dislike most about their industries culture?

Although the answer doesn't matter, these questions can expose a lot of a persons personality and history in a short amount of time.

dsr_ 7 days ago 0 replies      
Only two things are important.

1. Do you believe that their first product/service is going to be really popular if they do it right?

2. Can you want to live and work with the current company?

If the answer to either of these is no, or even meh, politely disengage and find something else.

aristus 8 days ago 0 replies      
Think hard about your appetite for risk. As companies scale up the work and character and risk profile changes, roughly with each order of magnitude of employees. The same company a year and 10 people later may suit you better.
pbreit 8 days ago 0 replies      
Review HN "Who Is Hiring?" and see what resonates with you:

If the question more is "What startup might be successful?", team is important, fundraising helps a lot and your instincts are frequently correct.

zaptheimpaler 8 days ago 1 reply      
On a related note, how do I evaluate a startup from the inside? I'm currently interning there, but its my first internship, so I have little basis for comparison besides my friends experiences.
rjdagost 7 days ago 0 replies      
My top advice would be to go for a company that is doing something a little different from the rest. Do you really want to put your blood, sweat, and tears into developing the 1000th photo sharing service? Find a company that is pursing something unique and interesting and that seems like it has real business potential.

Make sure the founders / executive team are on the same page. Make sure they have the same vision about what they are looking for in a new employee. If you pick up on signs that they are not quite in unison then your time working at their company will probably not be happy.

Ask yourself what is so special about the founders. What special skills or knowledge do they bring to the table that will crush the competition? If you don't think they have an edge then don't join their team. Try to find founders with some type of deep domain expertise.

As an employee you are investing your time in a company. Ask yourself if you want to work day in and day out with the people who are interviewing you. If you get a bad personality vibe from the people you're talking with then don't join. All personal conflicts will get blown up in the pressure cooker startup atmosphere.

Take this into consideration: remember that all that glitters is not gold. The odds of success are decidedly not in your favor at a startup. Startups are the trendy thing to do (especially here on HN) but know that they have their downsides just like any other company. Often times the downsides to startups can be particularly brutal. Good luck!

greghinch 8 days ago 0 replies      
There is no magic way to tell. Go with your gut, keep some of these lists and advice in mind, but ultimately if you have some opportunities on the table, just pick one and don't look back. And don't be afraid to walk away if you start to feel unhappy. "I'll just stay here until ______" is just an excuse.
MtotheThird 7 days ago 0 replies      
Most people here have had good advice. The only thing I would add is that there's a difference between vision and delusion. Visionaries have a strong and clear focus, but are grounded enough to recognize the merits of their competition and work within the ecosystem that customers / users already enjoy. Delusionaries pour scorn on their competition (or even claim to be so revolutionary that they HAVE no competition), and try to create a walled garden or vendor lock-in with zero install base. Even Apple made iTunes for Windows.

My first job out of college was at a startup. The founders were reasonable people who were heavily influenced and invested in by a delusionary, who saw their company as a vehicle to realize his "vision" of how technology should work. As a result we never really managed to grow beyond a couple of million in revenue, and that mostly from what amounted to R&D outsourcing from large firms with technically naive execs. Said delusionary repeatedly vetoed our attempts to make our product more relevant to a wider range of customers since it would compromise his vision. I bailed out of frustration, and a year later one of our customers just outright bought the firm to acquire the founders. I heard the delusionary was very satisfied with his exit. :p

Mitchella 7 days ago 0 replies      
Think like an investor and a normal job seeking employee when making these decisions. Is the idea going forward and the equity going to be worth a lot eventually. You might not be throwing $100k their way but you're investing your time, which has value, in the startup. The thinking like an employee is just like any other job hunt, find a place you want to work and will be happy there but be ready for layoffs, crashes, etc like any business can face.

Things to consider:
-The leadership, is it someone you want to work for and if multiple people do they get along with one another.
-How much you believe in the idea, if you're not all to crazy about the ideas you come across in your job search then you may be better off applying for a more stable company.
-Their funding, if they are funded that makes it easier for them to pay you continuously.
-Their offer to you, the questions that matter with this is how much of both cash and equity will you be receiving, how much you believe in the idea and what you believe that stock will be worth later on, and what your base salary is. If you're not head over heals in love with the idea and whole heartedly believe it's the next big thing with the original founder already having done market research/testing to prove that customers want the product then don't be the technical cofounder of a 'potentially' successful company.

tomasien 8 days ago 0 replies      
A tl/dr version would be

1. Runway - how much runway do they have until they run out of money assuming revenues will not increase (which of course they should)

2. Culture - does it seem good? Good gauge - are people there even when they don't have to be.

3. Compensation - does it pay enough to make your comfortable and have upside in stake? If so, raises don't matter as much, make your own raise by adding value to your stake.

kellros 7 days ago 0 replies      
Any startup should not just plan how to make money, but also test if their idea is feasible. As someone stated, working for startups carry a much higher degree of risk (mostly because you would be working for less $$$ and the difference you are 'investing').

It would probably be a good idea to ask yourself - are you willing to invest in this company? If you are, is it for giggles or a future?

I'd also say if you are looking to join a startup, pick one that is incubated (ex. ycombinator, google umbono etc.)

snambi 7 days ago 0 replies      
As an employee, a person contributes time, full-time. IMHO, time is the ultimate investment. Something, that cannot be recovered or bought with money. OTOH, an investor puts money and some of his time. Huge difference. If I were to join a startup, I would be thinking, do they deserve my time? Is it worth investing your time?
michaelpinto 7 days ago 0 replies      
1. Do you and the team share the same passions?

2. Can you live with these folks 24/7?

3. If things go south do you feel like you were better for the experience?

ninetax 7 days ago 0 replies      
Thanks for asking this!
livestyle 7 days ago 0 replies      
Above all these helpful hints ..this quote should ring true #passion

"When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute."

@simonsinek ht: @danmartell

aballai 7 days ago 0 replies      
1. Trust - Do you trust the cofounders to bring in the team necessary to build the machine that is the business?

2. Culture - Is this a culture where you can grow?

3. Belief - Do you clearly believe the value proposition the company is trying to build?

4. Pay - Will you be comfortable at that pay for ~3 years while you help build the machine?

5. Investment - Will the equity trade be worth your time, roughly ~4-10 years?

If you can answer the questions above, you'll be way ahead of most people when evaluating startups. These are the things that went through my mind when I ditched a larger company for a little unknown startup at Pier 38 which now has become +100 people with an amazing product. I haven't left and its been 3 years. I still trust, believe, and comfortable enough to keep moving along.

Robby2012 8 days ago 0 replies      
In my opinion you should choose the one you most like, the one where you really believe in the idea.

The most important point in an startup is the team, the idea can be marvelous but without the perfect team... it's just shit

BaseBand 7 days ago 0 replies      
Perhaps what not to use as an evaluation?
How to prevent my site from getting crashed by HN?
4 points by Xcelerate  2 days ago   5 comments top 5
polyfractal 1 day ago 0 replies      
I had an article sit on the frontpage over the weekend about two weeks ago. Total traffic was around 18k, peaking at 140 uniques/second.

This was a WordPress blog, so I had it configured to use W3 Total Cache, AWS Cloudfront as my CDN, nginx as my webserver, APC for php opcode caching.

My current box is a pretty beefy dedicated, but I used to run the exact same config on a 512mb Linode instance. It handled front-pageing just fine (similar traffic stats).

Basically, cache everything you can, look up performance tuning guides for your webserver, disable keep alive.

dangrossman 1 day ago 0 replies      
I've had a front-paged node.js app behind nginx. It was running on the smallest Linode instance. There were no issues managing the traffic.
ereckers 2 days ago 0 replies      
You might want to search the site foe expected traffic levels. If memory serves me right I think front page is good for about 10k visits.

As for withstanding the hit, with your config, I can't help.

factorialboy 2 days ago 0 replies      
* Serve static content statically i.e. use Nginx or node-static or preferably a CDN.

* Cluster your processes to make the most of CPUs

* Try Joyent cloud or AWS.

* If what ereckers says (10K visits) it's really not a big deal. You can run stress tests to verify.

koopajah 1 day ago 0 replies      
You can find a lot of discussion on HN where people hitting frontpage for a few hours (or more) go into details on the number of visitors they had and other statistics.





Hope this helps

Ask HN: Who Is Hiring? (August 2012)
265 points by whoishiring  11 days ago   290 comments top 64
tptacek 11 days ago 2 replies      
NYC (Union Square) - Chicago - SFBay (Mountain View)


Job title: Scary Story Told To Young Software Developers By Their Parents To Get Them To Go To Bed On Time.

We break software. To do it, in the past year, we've filled up Riak clusters with raw HTTP requests, built a large-scale source code cross referencer for 30 languages, wrote and rewrote a debugger core in Ruby, wrote another in Go, built software fuzzer farms with Redis, tested 3 different proprietary trading protocols, broke sandboxing schemes, built tools to attack chipsets, broke numerous cryptosystems, and gave several talks at Black Hat.

Our customers are excellent; they include Github, 37signals, and numerous YC companies.

Our team is even better. What are we looking for? Here's my first interview question: "what is your research project going to be for us?" Does this stuff interest you? We should talk. WE LOVE TALKING TO DEVELOPERS. You don't have to be a "rock star ninja shaolin grandmaster security pro", wear the right jeans, or listen to Animal Collective (please don't listen to Animal Collective). We just want you to be able to learn fast and not get scared when you're faced with wacky systems in languages you've never used and there's a clock ticking.

Downsides: Not building things people want. In fact, building things people fear and loathe. Also, not being able to wear silver, eat garlic, or enter houses without express invitation.

Perks: Infinite free tech books, medical, dental, vision, 401k.

If I were looking for a day job, I wouldn't be looking for a day job any more: they're friendly, happy people who get social license to join the Dark Side, do smart stuff all
day, and then go home while it is still light out.
- HN:patio11

More than you ever wanted to know about our recruiting process:


jgrahamc 11 days ago 0 replies      
I don't pimp this often, so just a reminder that there's a job board that uses HN karma as the posting criteria that I made called UseTheSource: http://jobs.usethesource.com

It doesn't have ads or recruiters. Details are here: http://jobs.usethesource.com/hrdoc

knowtheory 11 days ago 2 replies      
Location: Columbia, Missouri (or Remote)

Who we are

DocumentCloud (http://www.documentcloud.org/home ) is a web based platform allowing journalists to upload, analyze, annotate, and publish primary source documents. We want give journalists the tools to show their audience their source material, not just tell them about it. In addition to the newsrooms worldwide who use DocumentCloud, our open source software projects (see: http://github.com/documentcloud ), such as Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Docsplit, and Jammit, are relied upon by companies such as LinkedIn, Walmart, Foursquare and more. DocumentCloud is run by Investigative Reporters & Editors (http://ire.org ).

What DocumentCloud is building

- DocumentCloud is growing fast, and we're looking to accelerate that pace by expanding our tools into other languages beyond English. In the next year we'll adapt our platform to accommodate multi-language OCR, search indexing, and entity extraction tools.

- DocumentCloud always looks for new ways to present documents and engage readers. We are extending DocumentCloud's document viewer and annotation tools so that readers can make their own comments and notes on documents.

Who we're looking for:

DocumentCloud is looking for a developer with some combination of the following skills: Experience with Ruby and JavaScript; API driven web applications; working on and fostering FOSS; user-centered products; Experience the JVM toolchain; linux administration on Platform as a Service providers such as AWS.

Things we like and hope you like too!

Literate programming; Extracting libraries from app code; Polyglot programming; Web standards; Journalists; Natural Language Processing

You can email us at jobs@documentcloud.org

drags 11 days ago 0 replies      
SF - Rails/JS - HALF-TIME-ISH :)

I've mentioned before that we have a few engineers who work half-time-ish (and do their own things the rest of the time) and it got some positive feedback: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3850480

We're ready to hire a couple more in this vein, so if it sounds interesting let me know!


Advantages for you:

- you get 2-3 extra weekend days for fun and profit

- we provide health insurance and all that jazz

- if some weeks you don't have lots to do and want to work more, and other weeks you have lots to do and want to work less, we can be flexible

- we're profitable and growing! so if you decide "wow I really love Verba and want to spend every waking moment there" we can make that dream come true

Advantages for us:

- you have more time to learn new things, meet new people and generally be a friendlier, happier, more knowledgeable person in our workplace

- we can hire faster with less anxiety (instead of the "gulp i just committed $100k/yr" feeling, we have the "smaller gulp i just committed $50k/yr" feeling :)

- you get to be a part of what we're doing, we get to hear about all the cool stuff you're doing, and that can only lead to good things for both of us

Anyway, I've included our spiel and "what we're looking for" summary below, so shoot me an email if you're interested (ragalie@verbasoftware.com).


The college textbook market is currently being disrupted. Verba helps college bookstores transform themselves so that they a) understand and embrace the power of the nets, b) become agents of change in the textbook industry instead of agents of reaction and c) continue to make a healthy profit.

We're a B2B company working with around 225 colleges and universities, and we're looking for people familiar with Ruby, Rails, MySQL and JS who can help us grow faster. We (thankfully) don't have too many scaling problems, but we have a ton of opportunities (product and partner-based) that we could move on much faster with a few more hands on deck.

The ideal person has strong Rails knowledge, solid testing practices, a good head for architecture and knows enough JS to help out on front-end.

Be sure to check out our website (http://www.verbasoftware.com) so you can read all about our current products and hear people say nice things about us.

dogas 11 days ago 0 replies      
Location: Philadelphia, PA, NYC, Washington, Seattle

PipelineDeals is seeking a Lead UI / UX Designer


About PipelineDeals

Our team has been developing, delivering, and zealously supporting the PipelineDeals sales CRM solution for over six years. We're passionate about creating software that people want to use and share. We love what we do, and we want our customers to love us for helping them close more deals.

We are looking to hire a lead UI/UX designer for our flagship product and future products. We're interested in people who like to make a difference and will thrive in our culture, which revolves around our customers.


* Actively think of creative solutions to complex user experience and design problems for new product features, as well as new products.

* Work collaboratively with business owners, development leads, and other stakeholders to take a design from concept to implementation.

* Produce design documentation (use cases, wireframes, flow diagrams, prototypes, etc.) required to implement design.

* Ensure implemented features match design and user interaction specifications.

* Standardize design elements and the user experience for our existing product and propose design improvements.

* Develop style guides, interaction pattern libraries and other design tools to provide structure, guidance and standards for new design projects.

* Use data, metrics and customer feedback to guide design-related direction and decisions.

Knowledge / Skills

* A good understanding of modern HTML and CSS (JS experience isn't required, but nice to have).

* Experience with information architecture, interaction models and user flows.

* Ability to work well individually, as well in a team
Work with the product, project and business teams to create amazing user experiences.

* Balance creativity with consistency, while factoring in development efficiency and site performance when designing.

Education & Experience

* A degree in either a design-related field or computer science preferred or equivalent work experience.

* A minimum of 3 years of professional work experience in the design and development of database-driven web products.

* A passion for transforming complex concepts and data sets into simple, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces and experiences.


* Ideally, you will be based in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas.

* We will also consider candidates New York, or Washington D.C. or Seattle metro areas.

* Remote work will also be considered for the right candidate.

csmajorfive 11 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco

* Parse * Developer Evangelist *

We're a fast growing platform for mobile development. We have over 25,000 apps on the platform and our customers include well known YC startups, NFL teams, and great national brands.

We're looking for our first Developer Evangelist. This role is for a hacker that wears a marketing and teaching hat.

You will be responsible for getting the word out about Parse and getting more developers on the platform. This is a cross functional role that involves aspects of marketing, community support, content production and software development.

The perfect candidate is passionate about Parse, platforms, and talking with and educating other developers. You should be a developer yourself and understand the problems that developers encounter.

This role will play a pivotal part at Parse. You should be fearless about taking on new challenges and owning important metrics inside the company.

Parks: Great location (right near the ferry building in SF), catered lunch & dinner, your choice of equipment, great insurance, and most importantly - ownership in terms of equity and product.

More information here:

silvio 11 days ago 0 replies      
San Jose, Santa Cruz :: Build FPGA design tools at Altera

Altera is one of the leading designers of FPGA devices in the world. I'm an engineer in the software team, developing mostly embedded design and instrumentation tools for FPGAs. We are looking for software developers experienced or with a strong desire to learn about Computer Architecture, FPGA design, Digital Logic, Embedded Systems, and more, while at the same time developing engineering design tools in high level languages.

To give you an idea of what we do, these are some of the projects that involved me at Altera :

  * Designed and implemented a high performance on-chip network that's used
in thousands of routers, base stations, and switches around the world.
* Created a hardware/software instrumentation framework in a mix of Java, C++, C,
and Verilog. This is the foundation for all the debuggers at Altera.
* Modified the GCC toolchain to add support for Altera's processors, like our
NiosII soft processor.
* Implemented a GDB Server from scratch in Java.
* Defined and implemented the pieces of an ARM CoreSight debug subsystem.
* Implemented infrastructure used in a C-to-Gates compiler.
* Spent hours hacking away with the tools and many of the available
development boards.

If the above sound interesting to you, then Altera might be the place that you've been looking for. Send me an email to sbrugada at altera.com telling me why you think this would be a good match. You should attach your resume too.

spicyj 11 days ago 0 replies      
Khan Academy - Mountain View - (full-time and intern, designers and devs)

Our mission is to provide a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. We're scaling quickly.

Our students answer over 2 million math problems per day (over 600M total so far), all generated by our open source exercise generation framework (http://github.com/khan/khan-exercises), and our videos (now from a variety of authors including Sal) have been viewed over 145MM times. We're tracking all that data and using it to customize each student's experience. We could use your help.

Working for Khan Academy is one of the highest educational impact positions you can imagine and we've been called by Wired one of the best places to work in Silicon Valley: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4157078.

We're hiring designers and all types of devs -- mobile, frontend, backend, whatever you want to call yourself. Big plans ahead.


aaronjg 11 days ago 0 replies      
Brooklyn, NY Full Time

Custora (YC W11) is a customer analytics tool that helps retailers earn more from happier customers.
To be a little more specific, we can point to a single retail customer and paint a meaningful portrait with his data: How much he'll spend, how often he'll make purchases, what types of products he's inclined to buy, his predicted likelihood of returning, and more. Custora also integrates with email marketing providers and customer support systems to fuel a seamless, iterative flow of insights to actions.

From Fab.com to Etsy, some of the fastest growing and respected names in retail are using Custora on a daily basis.

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for a developer to join our core team. Our web stack is Ruby on Rails, and our analytics are done in R. Experience with these technologies is a plus, but we're open to sharp developers with experience building products for the web in general.

Where We Are

Location-wise, we're in Brooklyn, NY. We love it. Progress-wise, we're a YC company from Winter 2011. We've recently been featured in the New York Times, GigaOm and BetaKit, and in the last 2 months we've had more signups than in the previous 10.

Day to Day
Here's a taste of what happened last month:

Aaron implemented a Dirichlet Latent Class Multinomial to power customer archetype analysis based on customer purchasing behavior.

Martin made dramatic improvements the email marketing part of the product. He made it easier for our clients to launch multiple email tests in parallel, and added four new email providers to our growing list of integrated partners.

Jon and David worked together to completely redesign the interface of the application. We moved from an interface that focused on browsing through dashboards to one that delivers answers to specific questions.

Outside the office, Corey and Dave manned a booth at a big e-retailer conference and developed a Blackjack-style Custora game to play with prospective clients.

What We Offer

Our compensation is competitive with anyone on the market. Since you'll be a core member of the team, meaningful equity is part of the package. We offer comprehensive health coverage, including a dental and vision package. Lunches are paid for and we usually eat as a team. We do happy hours at least twice a month and play bocce ball competitively (sort of). Our vacation policy is based on trust " take what's needed and keep the rest of the team up to speed.

Let's Chat

If you're interested, apply online at

JunkDNA 11 days ago 0 replies      
Philadelphia, PA

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

We're not technically a start-up, but our small group inside CHOP is striving to be a startup within a larger organization. See my interview at OSCON for why you might want to work for us: http://youtu.be/wzcIOMp6ZKw


We are seeking an experienced software development professional to join our small, highly focused, entrepreneurial R&D application development group within the Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMi) at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. As a member of our team, your technical expertise can have an immediate impact on patient care through our mission to accelerate pediatric research with novel applications and data solutions. Furthermore, your work here has the potential to impact the future of healthcare through our research into software solutions supporting genome-enabled personalized medicine. Our research mission fosters an environment where creativity and exploration of new technologies are promoted and encouraged.

Likely candidates should have solid experience and working knowledge in three or more programming languages (Python, JavaScript, or Scala experience is highly desirable) and be comfortable with one or more relational database platforms.

Our dynamic academic research environment demands an individual with exceptional written and oral communication skills who can rapidly translate requirements from a variety of disciplines into intuitive, high quality software solutions that support our strategic vision.

Candidates with prior experience in the biomedical field, especially using highly complex genomic data and/or data from electronic health records are very desirable. Participation in one or more public open source projects is an added bonus.

Full details and application here: http://bit.ly/cbmijob1

DavidMcLaughlin 11 days ago 0 replies      
We're hiring at Twitter (San Francisco, CA - H1B welcome).

My team is working on monitoring and alerting for all of the different services at Twitter. Zipkin (https://github.com/twitter/zipkin/) is an example of the kinds of tools our team is building right now. The two central components are a dashboard/charting monitoring service as well as our own alerting system.

Most of our infrastructure challenges stem from the sheer number of writes we need to deal with as well as the temporal nature of what we're doing - all of our writes need to happen within certain time periods and reads have to be consistent within certain time-frames to avoid engineers being woken up at 4am due to incorrect data from a dirty read. Given that we're the service which observes all the other critical components - our reliability requirements are also a huge challenge.

The product challenge on this team is making sense of a whole lot of data. So there is a lot of cutting-edge data visualisation work. You have certain services running on thousands of nodes and teams want to use our product to quickly find outliers and scan their dashboards with key metrics. This means you have potentially thousands of timeseries with thousands of data points on the screen at the same time. This is a JavaScript gig where you get to think about algorithms and performance on a daily basis. We're also an internal tool, so we have the option of targeting cutting edge, modern browser features. In reality it means 90% of your time is working on cool stuff and not on getting IE to work.

I think the biggest benefit of working on our product team is that you a level of autonomy which is hard to find on a user-facing product. So if you're the creative type who doesn't want to be micro-managed or told where to push those pixels, I think this is a really good gig.

Right now we're looking for experienced engineers for both infrastructure and product. Our infrastructure is JVM-based and written in Scala, with some Python. Our product is written in JavaScript and we have some Ruby to deal with. Knowledge of these platforms is beneficial, but solid experience and passion for this problem domain is even better.

A systems position: https://twitter.com/jobs/positions?jvi=ospeWfwL,Job
A dataviz position: https://twitter.com/jobs/positions?jvi=og12VfwY,Job

The dataviz position doesn't accurately reflect the open rec we have for my team, so don't worry if you don't match the skills exactly.

I work on both infrastructure and product for the positions I described, so if you're interested you can send your resume to me directly at david @ dmclaughlin.com to speed up the process.

Also - we're hiring across the board at Twitter so also take a look at all open positions here: https://twitter.com/jobs

frisco 11 days ago 0 replies      
Menlo Park, CA

Transcriptic: Core Developer or Automation Engineer

Transcriptic is the "Amazon Web Services" for life sciences. Rather than carry out wet-lab experiments by hand, researchers can code up (or visually configure) their experimental protocols and then run them in Transcriptic's central, highly automated 'biocenter' in an on-demand way. Customers have no upfront capital costs and pay for only what they use. Life science research today is incredibly slow, error-prone, monotonous, and expensive with researchers spending many hours a day every day just moving small volumes of liquids from one place to another. We're building a long-term company to completely change the way life science research and development is done.

We're looking for highly talented full-stack web developers as well as combined background EE/CS engineers for automation integration and development.

We're a very small startup (you'd be #3), but well funded and have customers. You'd be able to work on interesting science and hard technology in a really small, all technical team with lots of freedom and resources.

A biology background is preferred but not strictly necessary for outstanding people. The codebase is mostly Ruby and Scala, with some Python.

max at transcriptic.com


epi0Bauqu 11 days ago 1 reply      
Paoli, PA -- all types (remote, intern, on-site, etc.)

DuckDuckGo (https://duckduckgo.com)

Android specifically, but also anyone who really loves what we're doing and wants to make a difference in general Internet search.

More at http://help.duckduckgo.com/customer/portal/articles/216387

btucker 11 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge, MA / Brattleboro, VT

Rails Developers

Green River (http://greenriver.com) is looking for more developers to join our team. We're a Southern Vermont-based consultancy which was founded in 2000. We started writing production apps in Rails in '05 and have grown to a team of nine developers, two project managers, and a UX designer. We focus in the areas of Education, Health and the Environment. We have many great projects such as a scoring system Starbucks uses to facilitate the inspection of 90% of the farms they buy coffee from[1], an archive of all the LEED certified buildings in the world[2], and storytelling software for people with memory loss[3].

If these types of projects sound interesting, we'd love to hear from you. You'd have the option of either working out of our beautiful Vermont office overlooking the Connecticut River, joining our new Cambridge-based team, working remotely, or some combination thereof. Significant experience with Ruby & specifically Rails a huge plus, but if you have experience with other web technologies, still get in touch.

Email us: jobs@greenriver.com


[1]: http://www.starbucks.com/responsibility/sourcing/coffee

[2]: http://gbig.org/

[3]: http://www.timeslips.org/

dman 11 days ago 0 replies      
Enthought - www.enthought.com

Work with core Python / Numpy / Scipy contributors.

Python development for scientific applications, financial applications and Python toolset development. Enthought has offices in Austin, New York, Cambridge, Mumbai. If you use Python and love numpy / scipy then Enthought would be a great place for you. Come work with numpy / scipy hackers on solving interesting scientific analysis and data visualization problems. We are building the next generation of Python development tools, so there is no shortage of interesting problems to work on. Send applications to jobs@enthought.com and mention that you saw this on the hacker news Aug 2012 thread. Looking forward to working with some of you. If you have any questions about Enthought, what jobs are on offer and what problems keep us up at night feel free to reach out to me at dsharma at enthought dot com

tarmigan 11 days ago 2 replies      
Tesla Motors | Stationary Storage group | Full time | Palo Alto, CA

The Stationary Storage team at Tesla Motors is growing and we're looking for a smart and versatile developer to add to the team. Our current team is very small and we're looking for a hand-on, generalist who will get things done. You will work on a variety of subsystems, some are existing codebases (with other users and developers) that need modification for our application, while other projects are new and specific to our group. The team is small and you will be able to shape the direction of the product and a large amount of ownership of the firmware and software that is specific to this application ranging from architecture to implementation to testing.

Here are some of the projects that we see coming up soon:

* Embedded C on a microcontroller with an RTOS

* Communication over CAN, Ethernet, zigbee, and GSM networks

* Machine learning for analyzing and modeling energy systems (We've been using Matlab and Go, but would love to explore R, Hadoop, and AWS)

* Design and evaluation of algorithms for energy and power markets (think Quant algos but controlling real hardware and moving energy instead of money).

* Designing a robust system to control distributed resources

* UI for customer facing control and data viewing

* Development of parsers/compilers/code-transformers/DSLs for templating and code generation.

While this isn't the typical HN job, we could see many of these projects appealing to people who are excited about at least several of:

* Green Energy

* Physical hardware

* Parsers/Compilers/DSLs

* Machine learning/algos for people who don't want to work in Finance

* A variety of languages and technology (in the last 6 months I have used C, Python, Perl, Go, Matlab/Octave, Tcl, VB, and in my small circle people are using Ruby, Java, php, R and probably others.)

We are a small team working on energy and designing physical hardware (which you will control!), so our internal conversions have as much to do with “watt-hours” and “tooling costs” more than “closures” and “apps”.

Requirements (other things we're more flexible about):

* Comfortable with embedded C

* Degree in Engineering or experience with Energy

If you are interested in this job please email kfine@teslamotors.com

There are also many more positions available in other groups at Tesla Motors, which you can see here: http://www.teslamotors.com/about/careers

edawerd 11 days ago 1 reply      
We're Revolutionizing Payroll

San Francisco, CA - Rails and Backbone Engineers

Full Time & Internships | Open to Covering Relocation Costs

Well-funded YC W12 start-up looking for Rails | Backbone engineers

About us: We're a team of second time entrepreneurs, tackling the massive payroll market. If solving a real pain point for millions of people gets you excited (plus the chance to build a significant, meaningful company), we'd love to speak with you. We have big ambitions and the resources to make long term bets. Our team is made up of Stanford engineering alums who have had two prior exits. We're hungry to build something truly great and we're in this for the long haul. We're well-funded by some of the best CEOs and investors in Silicon Valley and we're looking for like-minded engineers to join us.

Skills: Some technologies we use include -- Rails | Backbone.js | MySQL | jQuery | Coffeescript. If these technologies excite you and you want to work on a product that has the potential to transform an industry, we'd love the chance to share our vision with you. We employ a test driven development process and pair part of the time.

There's a ton of work to be done, and you'll be a core member of our team as we grow the company. You'll receive a highly competitive salary, a sizable equity stake, and we'll geek you out with your dream work equipment. Other perks include a housing stipend if you live near the office, three meals a day, company retreats, gym/sports club stipend, and more -- including copious espressos brewed by one of our co-founders. Our office is one block from South Park in SoMa, San Francisco.

Above all, we're looking for individuals who are yearning to do the best work of their lives. You'll be amply rewarded for the work you do.

If you're interested, send us a note at jobs [at] zenpayroll [dot] com and include your LinkedIn, GitHub, and/or any project pages.

P.S. We posted to Hacker News month ago and hired an amazing full-stack developer who we're thrilled to have on the team. We hope one of you reading this post becomes our next hire. :)

nkohari 11 days ago 1 reply      
Adzerk - Raleigh-Durham, NC

We're a small, but fast-growing startup working on a revolutionary Internet advertising platform. We're looking to hire an engineer who is interested in working in a fast-paced environment geared around continuous learning and personal responsibility.

As an engineer at Adzerk, you'll work on all parts of our system, from the front-end web UI to the engines that serve the ads. Our system uses C# (Mono), ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, MongoDB, Hadoop, and RabbitMQ, and we're experimenting with investing heavily in Node.js, Redis, and ZeroMQ. Performance and scalability are our two primary concerns, and with the traffic and growth rates that we're experiencing, lots of the lessons that you've learned start to break down. Because of that, it's not as important what you know right now " what matters is how quickly you can learn and adapt.

* Your work will have an immediate and profound impact on our product and business.

* We ship code dozens of times a week, and you will write code and push to production on your first day.

* You will be responsible for making important decisions about what tools and libraries we use.

* We prize open source contribution. You should have a GitHub account already.

* Unlimited vacation. We work hard, but at a sustainable pace.

* Flexible work schedule, including working at home part-time if you want.

If you think you might be a great fit, drop us a line at jobs@adzerk.com.

bravura 11 days ago 1 reply      
SF preferred, REMOTE okay.

Come work on something potentially game-changing.

A visionary client of mine is using NLP and ML to improve healthcare and education outcomes, with broad application outside these domains.

They would like to build out a team to do further R&D and transition the research into a product.

This is a great opportunity for data scientists and generalists hackers who want to work on hard problems and on problems that fundamentally touch everyone.

phillytom 11 days ago 0 replies      
Monetate - (Philly suburb) Conshohocken, PA / No remote, but we will help you relocate.

Monetate is a SAAS provider to internet marketers. We do real-time DOM modification to our clients' sites to put the right experience in front of their users. We're looking for engineers who want to do highly visible work on great brands and solve tough problems with great coworkers.

About us:

* We were founded in 2008 and are funded by First Round and OpenView (amongst others)

* We pay market comp

* Respect - it's our core value. We have a great team and we work well together. Our vacation policy is the same as Netflix (we don't have one). Our technical teams have full authority over (and responsibility for) the problems they work on.

What we're looking for:

* We use primarily JS and Python as well as all sorts of other open source tools - Google Closure, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr - but we're open to people with any background

* Problem solvers who like to code - we take things apart, figure out how they work, then build software to solve problems

* People who like to ship - we're focused on building and shipping great products - if you like to see your work in production quickly you'll see it here

* People who like hard challenges - we have great problems across our products - data, UX, 3rd party JS, high volume / low latency APIs - we have no shortage of deep problems to work on

We're looking for people not positions. We have people who have joined the team with no background in our primary languages and people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Check out our blog at http://engineering.monetate.com/ and see more about our open jobs at http://monetate.com/jobs/

We've hired great people from HN in the past.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or to apply - tjanofsky monetate com

notJim 11 days ago 0 replies      
Brooklyn, NY

Etsy, Inc.

Hiring for developers, operations, and lots of other roles (including non-technical), see http://www.etsy.com/careers/

Etsy is the world's marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. To give you an idea of our scale, last year Etsy sellers sold over $500 million worth of goods on Etsy. We have 17 million active members, and do 1.4 billion pageviews per month.

Individual developers at Etsy deploy code to the live site around 30 times per day, so if you want to move fast at scale, this is the place for you. We have an amazing devops culture and an amazing engineering team that makes all this possible. Check out http://codeascraft.etsy.com/ and http://www.slideshare.net/etsy to learn more about how we do what we do.

We have big challenges, from making sense of all of this data to stopping fraud to helping our sellers be more awesome every day.

Again, check out our positions here: http://www.etsy.com/careers/, and feel free to email me directly at dbernal@etsy.com. I am a developer, not a recruiter, FYI, and I promise to answer any questions you have honestly (unless you ask something that's privileged, obviously.)

lpolovets 11 days ago 0 replies      
Factual is hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in Palo Alto, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Remote work is possible for exceptional candidates who are US citizens and living in the US ('exceptional' meaning you are a great engineer and have lots of machine learning/data extraction/NLP/etc. experience that is relevant to what we do).

Factual's vision is to be an awesome and affordable data provider that enables developers, startups, and big companies to focus on innovation instead of data acquisition. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Trulia, and Newsweek.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, deduping, storage, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure, machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop. Our LA office is our headquarters and our Palo Alto office recently opened so new hires would have a huge impact on the culture there.

You can email me personally at leo -at- factual.com, or view our job postings and apply directly via Jobvite:

Palo Alto Software Engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oTR1Vfwq&s=Hackernews

Los Angeles Software engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oQR1Vfwn&s=Hackernews

Los Angeles Data Engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oSS1Vfwq&s=Hackernews

anrope 11 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, MA

Embed.ly (YC W10)

We make an API for embedding all kinds of content from the web.

Think of sharing a link on Facebook or Google+; that's the basic functionality that we've been providing to our users. We're more than that, though, and we're looking for a couple people to help us take it to the next level.

We're hiring for two positions right now:

Front-end Engineer:

We want someone who is in to javascript, HTML, CSS, and maybe a bit of photoshop. We've grown our API, but our customer-facing site is lagging a bit. Specifically we want to present our analytics data in a better way. We've got more in the pipe, of course, but details are sparse for now.


Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning Engineer:

As I mentioned above, we're looking to take our API to the next level. NLP/ML is going to be a large part of this. We have access to a fantastic amount of data, and we want someone to help us leverage it.

Right now we have some NLP/ML stuff dealing with textual content extraction. We want to do some semantic analysis and categorization to come up with information that is useful to our customers.


Our team is still small, fewer than 10 people, so you'll mostly be doing your own driving when it comes to your projects.

Despite the small team, we have a serious customer base, and are actually making money.

We aren't able to sponsor candidates from outside the US, sorry.

Get in touch! team@embed.ly

wehriam 11 days ago 0 replies      
New York City + Remote | Full Time | Open to Covering Relocation Costs

Designers | Community Managers | Developers

Four out of five people report a negative experience when buying a new car and most new car sales departments lose money. Tred helps solve these problems by allowing consumers to configure the perfect new car, then working with dealerships to find it at a great price.

We are pre-release, angel-funded, and backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, including the former CEO of General Motors.

We are looking for independent thinkers ready to build a company from the ground up. It would be great if you love cars - but you should love people more.

* Designers: Your portfolio should include click and touch interfaces. You want to write production level HTML and CSS.

* Community managers: You excel at marketing and support. You are excited about inventing and exploring technical solutions.

* Developers: You have strong front-end web skills and will rock our Node.js + Backbone.js based platform. You enjoy communicating with a diverse product team.

We are a small team with a diverse background:

* John Wehr, former CTO of http://flavors.me and http://goodsie.com

* Grant Feek, former private equity associate, former BMW sales, Harvard MBA

* Lead Investor Rick Wagoner, former CEO of General Motors

Where we are:

* We have been working out of http://generalassemb.ly/ in New York for the last six months

* The founders are based in Seattle until November

* We are actively looking for office space in the New York area

Email johnwehr@tredsite.com with "Hacker News" in the subject line. Please include:

* A quick introduction

* Your portfolio, resume, or Github account

* Any other materials you'd like us to see

Please free to contact me on gtalk at johnwehr@gmail.com, Skype at 'wehriam', or to email Grant at grantfeek@tredsite.com.

seldo 11 days ago 1 reply      
San Francisco, CA. Full time. H1B okay.

With 50% of traffic is now driven by social media, and referrer information increasingly useless with mobile clients and HTTPS, traditional web analytics are no longer working. awe.sm is building full-featured social media conversion tracking and analytics.

Right now and in the medium term, we're providing immediate value to our customers by giving them firm numbers on the ROI of their social media efforts, in terms of dollars, signups, pageviews or any other metric they pick. Our APIs allow app developers to easily integrate social features into their products and easily present the analyzed data back to their own customers, without having to build their own processing clusters and workflows.

Longer term, we want to know what's important on the Internet, and we believe that instrumenting social behaviour is the way to do that.

We're looking for back-end engineers who are interested in learning how to handle large volumes of data for aggregation, geo analysis, and graph analysis, in close to real time. Our stack is mostly PHP and Ruby right now (I know, I know) but we believe in simple parts loosely coupled, and also in picking the right tool for the job, so you genuinely have the power to shape the stack you work on.

We're also looking for front-end developers to continue to build out our GUI, which is a backbone JS app built on top of the same APIs our customers use.


We're 13 people right now. We have a cool new office with awesome views ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/seldo/6326815086/in/photostream ) in the heart of the Mission. We have catered lunches, and full health, vision and dental coverage. We use an IRC server for team communication and are agile in the sense that we move quickly and react fast, not in the sense of having attended an overpriced training course.

RichardPrice 11 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA. Full time.

Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company's mission is to accelerate the world's research.

It's widely held that science is too closed, and too slow. We are trying to change that. We believe that faster sharing of research will lead to an acceleration in research innovation: faster innovation in medicine, biology, engineering, economics, and other fields. Faster sharing in biology and medicine, for example, could lead to cancer being solved 12 months before it otherwise would have been, which would lead to millions of lives being saved.

Academia.edu has over 1.5 million registered users, and over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors. Both of these metrics tripled in 2011. Over 4,500 papers are added to the platform each day, and over 3,500 academics join each day.

We need talented engineers to help us accelerate the world's research. We believe that science is currently dysfunctional, and that there is a chance to make a big impact.

We just raised $4.5 million from Spark Capital and True Ventures http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3297812. Some of our angel investors include Mark Shuttleworth (founder of Ubuntu) and Rupert Pennant-Rea (Chairman of The Economist).

We have a strong engineering culture. We're a 10 person team based in downtown San Francisco. The site is Rails, and other technologies we use include PostgreSQL, Redis, Varnish, Solr, Memcached, Mongodb, Beanstalkd.

Familiarity with our technologies is a plus, but it's not essential. It's far more important that you are a quick learner who can pick up new technologies quickly. There is more information about the company on our hiring page, at http://academia.edu/hiring.

The kinds of things you would be working on include:

* building an API for Academia.edu, to allow developers to hook into our academic graph

* building a great News Feed for all the research you want to follow

* building a world class Analytics product giving scientists real-time metrics about the impact of their work

* building infrastructure to make the site extremely fast and stable

What we're looking for are:

* Web development experience (building apps on your own is great)

* Experience with the full engineering stack

* Passion for engineering and building great products

All the strategic decisions in the startup are made collaboratively, whether they are about hiring, new feature development, user growth, user retention, funding, or revenue. You can participate in those general startup decisions as much or as little as you want. We have found that our decisions are much better as a result of everyone contributing to them. If you like having an impact, you will enjoy the Academia.edu culture. There is more information here http://academia.edu/hiring.

H1B candidates are very welcome. We will take care of the visa process.

Some guest posts on TechCrunch about the problem that we are trying to solve, and our company's mission, are below:



If you are interested to learn more, please email Ryan Jordan at ryanj [at] academia.edu

svec 11 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, MA

Ember was recently acquired by Silicon Labs, and now we're hiring to build even more cool stuff.

We're not ninjas, rockstars, pirates, or egomaniacs; we're just a bunch of smart people who genuinely like working together. Ember/Silicon Labs is the most technically and socially healthy place I've ever worked - you should check us out!

The Boston office of Silicon Labs develops low power wireless networking chips and software. We do it all: the IC, PCBs, firmware, networking stacks, testing and deployment tools... and everything else I've left out.

We use C, Java, assembly (mostly ARM), Python, Perl, and common sense.

We need 4 more people to help in our Boston office:

- Embedded software engineer: https://www1.recruitingcenter.net/Clients/silabs/PublicJobs/...

- Network engineer: https://www1.recruitingcenter.net/Clients/silabs/PublicJobs/...

- QA engineer: https://www1.recruitingcenter.net/Clients/silabs/PublicJobs/...

- Tools engineer: https://www1.recruitingcenter.net/Clients/silabs/PublicJobs/...

And a bunch more in Austin: http://www.silabs.com/about/careers/Pages/search.aspx

Please email me if you'd like more info about any Silicon Labs jobs: hnJobsAug2012@saidsvec.com

snowmaker 11 days ago 0 replies      
Scribd - San Francisco, H1B, INTERN are welcome

Scribd (social publishing, top 100 website, YC '06) is hiring talented hackers and other technical people for a broad range of technologies.

We've hired THREE people from these "Who is Hiring" threads, including one just last month ... it really works!!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript

* iOS

* Machine Learning / Data mining kinds of problems

* Back-end problems: scalability, web crawling, analytics

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a zipline!). We've got flexible hours, a very engineer-driven company culture, and a really terrific team.

Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire.

Looking for full-time and INTERN hires (junior year or older). H1B and relocation are no problem. See more at scribd.com/jobs and feel free to email me directly: jared at scribd.com

westi 11 days ago 3 replies      
Worldwide Telecommute / REMOTE

Automattic is currently hiring for the following positions:

- Account Engineer - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/account-engineer/

- Front End Engineer - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/front-end-engineer/

- Code Wrangler - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/code-wrangler/

- Community Handyman - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/community-handyman/

- Designer - http://automattic.com/jobs/designer/

- Growth Engineer - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/growth-engineer/

- Happiness Engineer - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/happiness-engineer/

- Mobile Wrangler - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/mobile-wrangler/

- Systems Wrangler - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/systems-wrangler/

- Theme Wrangler - http://automattic.com/work-with-us/theme-wrangler/

We are passionate about making the web a better place and are strong believers in Open Source. We build WordPress.com, contribute to the WordPress Open Source project (http://wordpress.org) and work on a lot of other really cool stuff including Gravatar and Akismet.

Join us if you are passionate about making the web a better place.

http://automattic.com/ | http://automattic.com/work-with-us/

mtoledo 11 days ago 0 replies      
REMOTE - https://jobs.github.com/positions/0689bd52-cd05-11e1-81ec-c9...

Replay Gaming is a UK based social gaming company looking for a full-time Senior Ruby/Rails developer to help us grow our play money poker site. We are a small team of highly technical and experienced developers geographically distributed working with Campfire, Pivotal Tracker and GitHub.

Replay Poker is an established play money poker site with big ambitions to grow substantially over the next 12 months.

About us

* We're incredibly small, so you'll have a huge impact on the decisions and the work being done

* We all work remotely, 100% of the time. Work from wherever you are most productive

* We work both on a web application and on a ruby multi-threaded tcp (poker) server

You should

* Have 3+ years of ruby web application development experience or comparable experience

* Know database and concepts like transactions, locks, ACID, CAP and eventual consistency

* Be familiar with ruby and rails internals, specially active record, threads and garbage collection

* Know concurrency paradigms like threads, events and the actor model, and their tradeoffs

* Be extremely comfortable with BDD and TDD

* Contributed to open source projects

* Be opinionated about object oriented design

* Have excellent english language skills

Ideally you

* Have professional experience working remotely

* Know the differences between the multiple ruby interpreters and tradeoffs

* Worked with non-web app servers

* Know details about networking programming and TCP/IP

* Scaled services horizontally

* Know when to and when not to move relational data to non-relational counterparts for scalability purposes

* Worked on social real-time games

* Enjoy playing poker!

What we offer

* Plenty of autonomy for you to work the way you think you're most productive

* A flexible process with the focus on efficiency of working with minimal bureaucracy

* A mixture of a fun and challenging project working on a real-time game about to face scaling challenges

* Competitive salary (negotiable and depending on experience/skills)

Send an email with the subject of Senior Ruby Developer to jobs[@]replaypoker.com. Please include your resume and hourly rate expectation.

sbisker 11 days ago 0 replies      
[These positions are for our new San Francisco office in Lower Nob Hill. We're also happy to announce a $4M Series A from the likes of General Catalyst, SV Angel, Lowercase Capital and Lightbank, to name a few. http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/23/data-focused-locu-raises-4m.... -sbisker]

San Francisco, CA - Senior Full Time Software Engineers at Locu (http://locu.com)

We're looking for all sorts - front-enders, "desingineers", back-enders and full-stack all welcome for this position. As long as you enjoy hacking on cool new products and features. :D

For Back-End

  Deep understanding of algorithms and complexity
Strong linux system administration experience a plus
AWS expertise a plus

For Front-End

  Exceptional cross-browser JavaScript/jQuery, HTML and CSS skills
Experience with Python / Django is a plus
Previous experience building rich, interactive websites
A good sense of design and/or an ability to work with designers
Experience in designing dashboards and user interfaces is a plus
Experience in proper UI engineering and reusable architectures a plus
(proper use of prototypes in JS, experience with Backbone, and what have you.)

For Full-Stack and Desingineers

  We know you like to strike your own unique balance. So, show us what you've got.
We want you to be able to do what you love. :)

For all

  Ideally 4+ years of experience
Experience leading or managing an engineering team a plus
- we'll give you a chance to mentor and grow as an leader.
Exceptional software engineering talent
Previous start-up experience is a plus

Locu is developing technologies to change local search ($35bn advertising market by 2014) by creating the world's largest semantically-annotated repository of real-time small-business data. We are about to launch MenuPlatform <http://www.menuplatform.com>, our first product, which helps restaurants better manage their online presence.

Interested? Drop us a line at jobs@locu.com. Please specify which position you're applying for, as well as "HN", in the subject of your letter. Learn more about our open positions at http://locu.com/jobs/


Founded less than a year ago by MIT graduates and researchers, Locu (http://www.locu.com/) has the backing and support of some of the best angel investors in the country.
We are looking for more exceptional talent to join our team and help us achieve our vision. We are committed to building a cutting-edge technology giant with a fun and challenging work environment. We have a culture optimized for learning and continuous improvement. We are 10 people with very diverse backgrounds, and growing.

brianmwang 3 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY - Fitocracy (http://fitocracy.com)

Web Developer

We are looking for exceptional software developers to help us take Fitocracy to the next level. Our team is solving really tough problems all set behind an awesome user experience that needs to scale to millions of users. You must kick ass at Python, Django, and Javascript as well as be biased toward shipping code and product. Since we are a small team, you will work not only on product development but pretty much any other challenge we can throw your way.

We are offering a competitive salary and equity ownership. This is for a full time position in New York. And yes, we will help you relocate to the best city on Earth :)

What You'll Be Doing

- Work closely with the rest of the Fitocracy team and deliver new features using Python, Django, and Javascript
- Help manage the servers and services we use: AWS, Linux, MySQL, nginx, uwsgi, redis, git, and Celery
- Communicate constantly with both the team and the Fitocracy community
- Track user feedback and continuously iterate on it
- Test, release, and maintain your code
- Make sure the user experience is consistently awesome

About Us

Fitocracy is a social network that empowers everyone to reach their next level of fitness. Over half a million people use our web and mobile apps to track their progress, compete against their friends, and get real world results. We are building a world where fitness is possible for everyone. Enough of the useless crap that's polluting the market these days. We're setting out to change everything.

We are an 8 person team based out of NYC that recently raised money from a variety of VCs and angels, including 500 Startups and Eniac Ventures. The founders, having gone through significant fitness transformations in their own personal lives, originally started Fitocracy in late 2010 as a way to marry their love of fitness with their years growing up playing classic role playing games like Final Fantasy and Everquest.


Email me at brian@fitocracy.com

trefn 11 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Mixpanel (YCS09; http://mixpanel.com) is the most advanced advanced analytics platform available for web & mobile applications. We're making millions in revenue, we're cash-flow positive, and we're backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Max Levchin, etc.


We're looking for engineering interns for the fall (and the winter, and next summer... we really like interns).

Interns here work on very real projects - a few examples from this summer are:

  * A CRM for the sales/support teams, built on top of our custom datastore
* Android/iOS push notification infrastructure
* Advanced query optimizations for the aforementioned datastore

You will learn more with us than you will almost anywhere else.


We're hiring for a number of positions, but I'd like to highlight a few:

1. Solutions Architect - hybrid support/sales/marketing/engineering role. Really awesome for developers who want to do more client-facing stuff. See http://mixpanel.theresumator.com/apply/Eoh3qJ/Solutions-Arch...

2. Backend/ops engineer - we have a large amount of infrastructure (~200 servers) for a company our size & need someone to manage it. This role is all about automation. See http://mixpanel.theresumator.com/apply/Xm0tLy/Software-Engin...

3. Office manager - looking for someone super smart & organized to keep the wheels greased around here. No job post yet, but you can email me directly.

If you're interested, please email me - tim@mixpanel.com.

kharbin 5 hours ago 0 replies      
Remote (Must be located within lower 48 though)

About Us: We are a fast growing, very disruptive platform in the global web/mobile on-demand commerce space. We are a well funded start-up with a customer base and growing fast but still in stealth mode.

What we are looking for: A highly motivated individual that can make an immediate impact within our organization, leading our tech initiative and overseeing a small team of developers. Can lead to C-level position with equity options. This position is critical to our organization, will require some long days and hard work, but could be extremely profitable for the right candidate.

Skills Required: MS Stack. Azure - SQL - .net MVC - Knockout.js frontend. We have a restful API for our partners to utilize and a web widget in knockout. Our Restful API is also used by our SDK's for iOS. Android, and WP7 devices.

If you think this is you, send me an email with resume, phone number and a convenient time to talk.

Ken Harbin
kenh@DarkRoomTeam.com (DRT is not the company you would work for)

pmjoyce 11 days ago 0 replies      
London, UK. Full time

Ruby on Rails engineer needed to help architect, build, test and improve a young, fast moving and market defining web application with all the challenges that come with that.

You'll be:


- Shipping code, solving interesting problems and making a difference

- Working with an innovative web application and platform helping thousands of businesses around the world

- Working in a small fast moving team to shape the future development of the application with input on key technical decisions

- Working in one of London's hottest startups (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jul/08/east-london-20-hott...)



- An ambitious and tenacious individual with a passion for hacking

- Eager to join a fast growing, well funded startup on an upward trajectory

- 1+ years' experience with Rails (or similar advanced web framework).

- 2+ years' experience with a dynamically-typed, object-oriented language (preferably Ruby or Python).

- Knowledge of PostgreSQL or MySQL

- Experience with at least one NoSQL datastore

- Test driven development experience

- Familiarity with DVCS (we use git).

- Able to work in London full-time

Nice to have:


- Open source contributions

- Backbone.js experience

- Event driven programming experience

- Keen on the startup world



Generous salary - dependent on experience & ability. Stock options form part of the package.

Application Process


To find out more send us your C.V./Github or Stack Overflow portfolio and a short description on why you're perfect for the role to jobs@geckoboard.com

MattRogish 11 days ago 0 replies      
FundingGates (http://fundinggates.com/jobs/) - NYC - Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (Ember.js), or Django experts! Local (or relocatable to NYC); full-time permanent (no contractors).

Looking for senior Ruby on Rails, JavaScript rich client, or Django developers for our young, privately-funded startup (no plans to take any more $$). We're building technology to help disrupt the small/medium business recevables space. Our software will help mom-and-pops collect money that is owed to them; without us, their options are pretty bleak (try and recover themselves or go to the guy around the corner who will do the proverbial "baseball-bat on kneecaps" ploy).

Requirements are: Super smart, amazing at Ruby on Rails OR JavaScript OR Django. You must be willing to attend and/or present at meetups, conferences, etc. and represent Funding Gates so that other awesome folks want to work here, so you must have great written and verbal communication skills.

Our company is optimized for developer happiness, have unlimited (mandatory) vacation and a Results Only Work Environment (http://www.gorowe.com), and is run by folks that know how to treat developers. See one of my submissions:

Contact rogish at fundinggates.com with your github, stackoverflow, etc.



nsedlet 11 days ago 0 replies      
HireArt (YC W12) is looking for a Rails dev in NYC
[H1B welcome]

HireArt is a software-automated employment agency.  We believe that higher ed and the labor market are fundamentally out of sync, and so we're creating a new type of online job application that emphasizes skills rather than pedigree.   

We're a recent Y Combinator grad looking for an engineer to join the co-founders.  This is an opportunity to strongly influence our product at an early stage, and we hope that you'll take on a leadership role as we grow.

We recently raised a big seed round and are offering a competitive salary and generous equity.


Rails experience is a plus but not required.  We're looking for someone who's literate in the full stack and is particularly strong in at least one of:


* Javascript

* A scripting language (e.g. Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, ShellScripts)

We also hope you're as excited as we are to tackle new problems in:

* Online education

* Labor economics

* UX and UI

* Psychometric testing

* Recruiting

About HireArt

HireArt is rethinking the hiring process in a way that emphasizes skills rather than pedigree. Candidates submit our common app, which require them to do real work (e.g., create a PowerPoint, record a video sales pitch). We use a mix of humans + technology to evaluate our applicants and match them to jobs.

We've already gotten tons of people hired for jobs they love and candidates spend hours at a time on our site. Employers (including big corporations and some of the best start-ups in Silicon Valley) say we're saving them time and money and we're earning real revenue after just 6 months.

Email jobs@hireart.com

cmatthias 9 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge, MA (Kendall Square)

Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer at Cogo Labs (http://www.cogolabs.com/)

Cogo Labs is a company that creates companies, kind of like an incubator with a twist: all of our ideas/startups come from within the company. We don't offer investment in outside startups. Thus far we have had two major ($100MM+) acquisitions, and a handful of smaller ones, and we are anticipating more in the near future. Typically, once a startup we are incubating gets off the ground, we hire employees into that startup and assist them with whatever they need to make the company successful. Cogo Labs itself has around 40 full-time employees now in our office in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA.

I'm looking for a software engineer or senior software engineer to join my team. You should have a degree in CS or a similar field, and experience developing for the web, as most of our startups are web properties. Specific experience in Ruby, Rails, and/or Python are a plus, but not absolutely necessary. I'm more concerned with finding smart people than finding people with specific skills.

I am currently developing new features for a web site that we run that gets >50k unique visitors per day, and you'd be assisting in this effort. I can be more specific if you're invited for an interview.

We are big on metrics and analysis -- there are grids of monitors (we call them "NOC walls") all over the office showing up-to-the-minute stats about all of our properties. I can code up a new feature, deploy it, and walk over to one of the NOC walls and literally watch my change affect traffic on the site, or revenue, or profit. It's a really fun place to work. Benefits and perks are great as well (see http://cogolabs.com/careers for more info).

If you're interested, shoot me an email with your resume and a brief cover letter (be sure to mention you saw this post on HN). Bonus points for including a link to your github page or other code repository where I can see some code you've written.

You can reach me at cmatthias at cogolabs.com.

rsingel 11 days ago 0 replies      
Contextly - San Francisco - Local, Possibly Remote

Contextly is making online news better. We're currently in a closed beta of our related links service, a beta that includes Wired.com and other top tech blogs.

We're looking for a technical co-founder to build and architect (in the widest possible conception of that term) a better future for online news. Pardon the generalities, but we actually believe that stealth is underrated for startups.

If you are passionate about journalism and big data and want to build something that actually makes a difference, drop us a line, we'd love to talk.

There are many decisions yet to be made about our future stack, so being proficient at choosing the right tools in an honest manner is more important than having X years experience in Python/Ruby/MongoDB, etc. An interest in APIs, big data, graph analysis, etc., as well as open source contributions will help you stand out.

E-mail ryan@contextly.com with "HN" in the subject line.

bentlegen 11 days ago 0 replies      
Disqus (YC07) in San Francisco is looking for Front-end Engineers.

We have perhaps the most distributed client-side JavaScript application on the web. If you want to write code that reaches as many people as possible, but still be a member of a small team (< 20 engineers), you should talk to us.

http://disqus.com/jobs or email ben at disqus.

mikebo 11 days ago 0 replies      
Seattle, WA


Familiar turns your many devices into social picture frames. More at http://familiar.com/
We're hiring software engineers who like building user facing products. We use a wide variety of technologies from CoffeeScript to Objective-C, so lots of opportunity to learn something new.
If you're interested in hearing more about what we're up to, my e-mail is mike [at] familiar-inc.com

cmurphycode 11 days ago 0 replies      
Software Engineers in Boston area (Waltham, MA)

Actifio is looking for software engineers. Actifio is radically simple copy data management. We've invented some really cool technology to do things no other system can, and we're dead easy to use. This is not your mother's enterprise software!

Actifio has been invested in by top VC firms (one of the very few East Coast companies in Andreessen Horowitz's portfolio) and is growing super fast.

We're always looking for smart engineers in every team, but since I'm on the deduplication team, I'll have to pitch you on that :)

Dedup seems like an easy problem to solve. Split the data up into blocks and make sure you only store one of each. But at scale, it becomes a whole different animal.

When you've got 128TB of 4KB blocks, you have 32 billion unique blocks of data to manage. Making our dedup ingest, restore, and garbage collect fast is a great challenge, especially with "only" 128 GB of RAM.

If you'd like to chat about a job opportunity, I'm at chris.murphy@actifio.com. Since I'm an engineer, I'm not going to type a list of silly requirements. Just send me a resume and whatever else you think I'd like to know.

btilly 11 days ago 0 replies      
Santa Monica, CA - Full Time and Interns - http://www.ziprecruiter.com - remote possible for the right candidate

ZipRecruiter is looking to expand our engineering team. We are small (16 full time employees), growing rapidly, bootstrapped and profitable.
We help employers and recruiters distribute their jobs online and screen their applicants. We have a large number of paying customers and job seekers using our service. You will be working directly with the company co-founders and will have the opportunity to lead significant projects. We pay market competitive salaries and offer generous equity and cash bonuses. I think we're more laid back than the average startup and more fun than the average BigCo - we're fans of 37signals and we emulate a lot of what they talk about.

We're looking for the type of people who want to someday start their own internet company, and we're happy to help mentor employees who want to do this.

Job requirements:

- excellent software design and development skills - experience with general web development and programming in a Linux environment - some experience with Perl and SQL (not necessary for interns)
Technologies we use:

Perl, Catalyst, MySQL, Apache, Solr, Redis, jQuery, Selenium, AWS, Linux
If you're interested, email dev+jobs@[our-domain] or apply here: http://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/Sr-Software-Engineer-Perl-20...

ladon86 11 days ago 0 replies      


ClassDojo is used by thousands of teachers to manage students' behavior in the classroom, using real time feedback and rewards that can also be shared with parents. We're an edtech startup funded by some of the biggest names in the valley, and we're one of the fastest growing education companies of all time. PG has invested in us, but we didn't do YC.

We've built a product that makes a real difference and gets huge engagement with millions of kids, and we're about to take it to the next level, hopefully with you on board. If you're a strong hacker who wants to use JavaScript to change the world, apply here:




Or email jobs@classdojo.com.
You can read about the work and environment here: http://www.classdojo.com/jobs

We are looking for:

  * Lead Software Engineer

* Lead Front-end Developer

If you think you're a good developer but don't fit into those buckets, get in touch anyway.

yqiang 11 days ago 1 reply      
Location: San Francisco, CA (SOMA)
Position: Product Generalist

What we do: Subscription based social hyperlocal mobile gamified discovery engine with loyalty deals. For the enterprise.

Just kidding. We're a stealthy 3 person team of full stack product engineers going after a huge opportunity. Everyone on the team codes and contributes at every level, front to back. We've all built web scale products and grown them to millions of daily active users with zero marketing spend. We're looking for 1 or 2 product generalists who can come in and contribute the same way on Day 1. Our product is mobile first.

We are well funded by A-List investors.

We are NOT your average stealth startup. We are NOT yet another me-too-social-local-sharing app. We DON'T sell condoms by subscription. We are NOT the place to share photos of your dog taking a leak. There will be NO gamification. We are filling a hole in the universe by building software that addresses a fundamental human need. The world is becoming a different place: everyone has a network connected super computer with ambient sensors in their pockets and we can see the future that is enabled by these devices. We are making that future happen.

Real talk: We've been running our prototype for 2 months and we all use it every day. Every person we've showed it to has asked us if they can use it. Every single person has gotten mad when our testflights expire off their phones after letting them test it.

The ideal candidate is a brilliant, fearless and passionate individual who is uncompromising in his/her pursuit of building an incredible product that will positively affect the lives of millions of people every day.

As members of a team we believe in commitment and accountability; the importance of honing our craft; building tools to create leverage; and seeking to learn from and understand each other.

We are offering founding team equity and above market salary. Retina Macbook Pro & 30 inch monitor. Office space in the heart of the SoMa district in beautiful San Francisco. Willing to relocate. Willing to fly in candidates for interviews. Willing to tell you our stealthy secrets.

Interested? Email alex at herelabs.com

axiom 10 days ago 1 reply      
Toronto, Ontario

Top Hat Monocle (http://www.tophatmonocle.com) is hiring for a few roles: mobile dev (iOS, Android), sysadmin/infrastructure developer (rabbitmq, selenium, fabric, ec2), general web developer (python, django, javascript, node.js.) We also hire interns so please feel free to apply for that as well (paid of course.)

We're a profitable (and valley VC funded) education startup that helps make class more engaging. We've got some really cool problems to work on and your work would be impacting a huge number of students daily.

Our dev team is in Toronto but we've also got an office in San Francisco so if you're really good we would be open to having someone work from there. If you're not based in Canada or the US but are willing to relocate feel free to contact us, because we do cover relocation expenses and will help you manage the work permit process.

Send your resume/github account to mike at tophatmonocle dot com.

jasoncartwright 11 days ago 1 reply      
Potato is a web development agency based in London, Bristol, Amsterdam & San Francisco. Our clients include Google, PayPal, a number of startups and other agencies such as BBH & Mother

We're hiring for a variety of positions in a variety of locations, freelance & full time, including:

Django Developer, London - http://p.ota.to/jobs/django-developer-london/

Technical Recruiter, London - http://p.ota.to/jobs/technical-recruiter-london/

Django Developer, Bristol - http://p.ota.to/jobs/django-developer-bristol/

UX Designer, Bristol - http://p.ota.to/jobs/ux-designer-bristol/

lachyg 11 days ago 0 replies      
Junior Ruby on Rails Developers FOR HIRE:

40 talented, freshly minted junior Rails Developers will be eager to meet you and your team at DevBootCamp from 9AM to 3PM on August 17th, 2012, at 717 California Ave. SF, CA, 94108. Breakfast and Lunch will be served.

See details and sign up: http://devbootcampemployerday.eventbrite.com/

Press / Info about DevBootcamp:

- http://techcrunch.com/2012/05/10/dev-boot-camp-is-a-ruby-suc...

- http://www.readwriteweb.com/start/2012/05/developer-bootcamp...

- http://thenextweb.com/dd/2012/03/31/dev-bootcamp-in-san-fran...

thiele 11 days ago 0 replies      
Portland, Oregon - Full Time

Superb.ly / http://superb.ly/careers

* Front End Engineer

* Back End Engineer

Superbly is working to change the way people interact with documents (and each other).

At Superbly, we strive to create an incredible experience for our users by focusing on the art of software craftsmanship and design. We're a relatively young company; we work hard because we take delight in the perfection of our product, and we're committed to building a world-class technology company where engineers love to work.

In addition to writing high-quality software, we seek individuals who thrive in the startup environment, and enjoy other aspects of building a small company, such as making product decisions, design of new features, development on all levels of our system, and community outreach. We love polymaths.

We are looking for talented engineers to join our small family. Above all, we look for passionate, energetic individuals who seek to perfect their craft.

We can't wait to meet you!


e1ven 11 days ago 0 replies      
Waltham, Ma (Near Boston)-

SavingStar is looking for talent to help us revolutionize the digital coupon industry.
In particular, we could really use some additional Rails developers-


Solid grasp of computer science fundamentals

Experience building web applications at scale with Ruby (Ruby On Rails preferred)

Capable of “full stack” design and development, from the database to the view and everything in between

Comfortable working in a Unix based environment (Mac OSX and Linux)

Participate in the full software development life cycle, from requirements to development to production support and troubleshooting

Able to work in a fast-paced, startup environment

Nice To Have:

Hands on experience with git

TDD and/or BDD with rspec and/or cucumber

Experience with “NoSQL” databases (MongoDB a plus)

From my own experience, I can tell you that SavingStar is a great company to work for - We have a great atmosphere, collaboration without micromanagement, and we're working with some very big brands and making something cool. What else could you want? ;)

Send me a email.

sofuture 11 days ago 0 replies      
Canvas Networks (USV Funded) is looking for engineers #3 and #4 to join a small close team building the rich-media community platform of the future. Our stack is Python/Django/MySQL/Redis/a whole-lot-of JS/EC2 and our deploy process is "git push" -- if the tests pass on Jenkins the code is automatically deployed, which happens twenty times a day. We're generalists and looking for the same, so it doesn't matter what specific tools you've used before. If you pick things up quickly, if you're always curious, if you're constantly thinking about the next big problem and solution then we're looking for you.

The job title says "Software Developer" but really we're looking for "Software Entrepreneur" or a "Startup Engineer". Shipping a great feature is important, but positively changing user behavior is the ultimate success criteria. Built-to-spec takes a backseat to moves-the-metrics. If you want to build something you can point at and say "I made that happen" then we're looking for you.

Things we'd like to see:

- Strong development fundamentals

- Web development experience

- Python experience is a plus, but not requisite

- Bonus points for experience with EC2, Redis, Javascript, iOS/Android

- Motivated to build stuff

Free lunch, flexible hours, one of the biggest arcades in Manhattan (3 cabinets!), competitive salary and full benefits (health, dental, vision), take-what-you-want vacation.

Our office is in Union Square, Manhattan. If you don't live in New York City, we'll pay to fix that.

Shoot an email to jobs@canv.as with a resume, a link to your github, webpage, etc. and tell us about something cool you've built.

alooPotato 11 days ago 0 replies      
SF -

Streak.com (YC S11) is trying to make email better. We're looking for our first engineering hire who will have significant ownership (product and equity wise).

We're looking for smart generalists but expertise in large scale JS apps, native mobile app development or machine learning are bonuses.

kstenerud 11 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA (full-time, intern, H1B welcome)

MindSnacks - http://www.mindsnacks.com/

We build wonderful educational games in San Francisco. If you are nice
and want to help us make splendid products, we'd love to hear from

Over 4 million people have downloaded our apps and Apple voted us
Educational App of the Year in 2011.

Backend engineer - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/zmC1GW/Backend-Engi...

Mobile engineer (Android or iOS) - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/5t4zzv/Mobile-Engin...

Generalist engineer - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/cj0OWK/Generalist-E...

Game designer - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/19JX7q/Game-Designe...

Lead UI designer - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/FDm1vD/Lead-UI-Desi...

Games producer - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/QkgdTJ/Producer.htm...

Product manager - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/bc0fOZ/Product-Mana...

For more info, visit www.mindsnacks.com/careers or email us at jobs@mindsnacks.com

ecopoesis 11 days ago 0 replies      
Tingo - Charlestown, MA - Software Engineers - All Levels

Tingo is looking for brilliant, passionate engineers to build the next-generation online travel agency"easy and fun to use, with innovative features to save customers money.
Our development process is agile but not dogmatic. We have daily standups, test everything and deploy code each day. We abhor unnecessary process and impediments. Tingo developers take pride in closing bugs, implementing features quickly and solving hard problems.

Our offices at Smarter Travel Media in Charlestown, MA are just a block from the Sullivan Square T stop. We have catered lunch on Thursdays and subsidized take-out from local restaurants Monday through Wednesday. During most of the year, we have company-wide Happy Hours on Friday afternoons.

We use the best tools money can buy including top of the line Mac or Linux computers, 27+ inch displays and IntelliJ IDEA.

Come work at Tingo and disrupt the travel industry.


mehuln 11 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Full-Time, Interns (For Fall & Year-Around):

Flutter (http://flutterapp.com) is looking for engineers & designers interested in innovating, crafting, and solving very challenging problems.

We recognize gestures over the webcam, and our first app Flutter allows you to control iTunes & Spotify using gesture.

Here's our link to iTunes Mac App Store page: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flutter/id522248613?mt=12

We are looking for folks interested in computer vision (CV), machine learning, human computer interaction (HCI), and building apps for computers and tablets using our gesture technology.

Looking for Engineers w/ skill-set in following:
JavaScript - jQuery, Node.js, etc.
Python - Django,
C or C++ Engineers
Hadoop w/ Machine Learning and Distributed Architecture
API Development, Game Development

Visual Designers - only for those brave enough to take the unique challenge of building a completely new UI, interaction layer, and gestures.

Marketing Interns, Design Interns welcome to apply as well.

We are still a small team, so you will have opportunity to set direction of the company both eng/product wise. You will learn, you will be challenged, you will have to strain your brain, and in many cases, solve problems that seem impossible!

If you're up for challenge than send an email to jobs [at] flutterapp.com.

jamieiles 11 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge, MA or REMOTE. Full-time.

The Ksplice group at Oracle

Does writing Python clones of your favorite childhood computer games sound like a fun weekend project? Would you hack on an old-school graphics demo that fits into a DOS MBR in your free time? Have you ever told a joke whose punch line was a git command? If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you!
About us

We are a small, tight-knit team of 12 women and men excited to work on technology that most people will tell you is impossible: updating an operating system kernel while it is running. Our product, Ksplice Uptrack, is a subscription service for Linux that provides completely non-disruptive, rebootless kernel updates. (You can read more about the underlying technology at http://www.ksplice.com/paper)

Our open positions

Kernel engineer: Help us bring Ksplice to new Linux distribution releases, build rebootless kernel updates, and improve and scale the infrastructure around distributing them to our users.

Full-stack engineer with strong Python experience: Help us bring the Ksplice Uptrack client to new Linux distribution releases, improve our server infrastructure, and develop and extend our REST API and Django-based web interface.

If this technology excites you, let's talk! Feel free to direct questions to me at jamie.iles@oracle.com or to jobs@ksplice.com. Oracle is an equal opportunity employer.

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We are adding 3 UX Designers to our UX team http://www.mindbodyonline.com/company/careers/ux-designer-sa...

We are looking to add a UX Director to work under our CPO and lead our current UX team http://www.mindbodyonline.com/company/careers/director-of-us...

We have worked with Jared Spool over the last two years to create a design and UX centric product/dev team. And he seems to enjoy his visits to our office https://twitter.com/jmspool/status/229995078897266688

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Location: San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR - Remote OK

iOS Developer - Full-Time

Giftr is a fast-moving, funded, pre-launch startup building a social wishlist for kids. The founder is a Silicon Valley veteran and former Apple engineer who has built several companies, resulting in two IPOs and multiple acquisitions. On our iOS development team, you will build and scale apps that solve real-world problems for millions of families and bring people closer together.

As one of our early team members, you will have a great deal of ownership over your own work and play a crucial role in the future of the company. We offer competitive salary and benefits, with generous equity, free lunches, sailing trips, and Apple gear. We're a team with huge ambitions but a focus on concrete results and quick iteration.

If you're an iOS developer with a startup mentality and a passion for taking on challenges and building cool and useful services, send us links to some of your projects. You should be an expert in Objective-C and have apps in the App Store that we can try out. Experience with HTML5, JavaScript, animation, or Android app development is a huge plus.

Contact us at funjobs@giftr.com

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Singapore - Kallang Area

Software Engineer / Junior Software Engineer - Full Time

Media Pop (http://www.mediapop.co) is a social media technology and marketing firm. We support big name brands and agencies in Singapore in
their social media efforts and as the technology supplier.

Media Pop is almost entirely a Python and Django shop with a small but technically competent and helpful tech team that
work towards a common vision of quality and a technologically pleasant work environment. Because we have such an abundance of small projects, you'll often find yourself in the drivers seat of the thing you are building.

The position:

Your role will be to come in and learn enough to take the load off our current team. Which entails maintaining our current systems, and gradually taking responsibility for full web projects.

Currently about 60% of the work involves Facebook applications. 20% games and the rest is mobile and other initiatives.


* 1 years+ commercial experience in web development or fresh graduate.
* Good communicator in English, we have a multinational team from all over the world.
* A willingness to pick up and use Python and/or Django.

Some experience in web development necessary, you need to at least be familiar with:
* At least 1 programming language. If it's Ruby, Python or anything fancy (Haskell?) or flavor of the week (node.js?) it puts you right on top of our list of people we want to interview.

Useful skills that you'll have or will probably learn:

If you have done anything relating to the following, that's awesome. If not you'll pick it up as you need:
* Python
* Django
* Facebook, Twitter API experience.
* Git
* Linux (Ubuntu / RHEL)
* Amazon Web Services
* Nginx
* Supervisord
* Jenkins
* PHP (only about 5% of what we do is PHP, we try to avoid it)
* WordPress
* node.js
* Ruby

This job opening is applicable to Singaporean or PR Applicants only (sorry, we've filled out quota.)

Apply by emailing me at kit@mediapop.co.

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Location: Austin, TX

Spiceworks - Full Time

Spiceworks is a fun, fast-paced, fast-growing start-up in Austin TX with experienced entrepreneurial executive management (all.com, Motive Communications, Tivoli) with a successful IPO and acquisition history. Our flagship product has over 2 million users, and we are developing large product features on multiple fronts:

- Cloud Services Integration
- Data Analytics
- System Management Application (Spiceworks app)
- IT Community, the "Facebook of IT"

And this covers the full stack - backend, Rails server programming, and extensive UI work.

We have a multitude of technical and non-technical positions available. I'm not going to re-post every single one here, and instead encourage you to follow this link: http://www.spiceworks.com/jobs/openings/

I am currently looking for a go-getting engineer who is eager to learn and help build out a new platform for our product. You will touch the full stack, and learn everything along the way you don't already know. If you want to work with a top-notch, disciplined team and move fast, definitely apply as a 'Software Developer' and tell them Scott sent you. We are looking for aptitude, so if your Javascript or Rails experience isn't 100% don't let that stop you.

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We launched Voxer in 2011 and have since become one of the fastest growing voice applications in the world. What we've built is already an important part of the daily lives of millions of people.

We're a surprisingly small team doing this. Only about a dozen engineers who previously worked at Danger, Android, Apple & Twitter. We helped build things like redis for node.js and are contributors to the node.js community. Voxer is built using node.js, Riak and Redis.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

San Francisco, CA - Hadoop Engineer

We are solving really hard problems at massive scale with Node.js, Riak, Redis and run on Joyent Cloud.

We are generating a lot of data in the process - more than 25 billion events every day. We just jumped into the Hadoop ecosystem and are running our own cluster which processes terabyte. If you love working on these kinds of problems, get in touch and maybe we can figure them out together.

You'll get to work on:

* Help scale and develop our Hadoop cluster.

* Understand the patterns of groups, billions of messages with location data and social graph patterns.

Some of the things we look for are:

* Some formal education in Computer Science or equivalent, but the exact degree or number of years of professional experience you have isn't as important as your enthusiasm and ability.

* If half of your resume talk about animal-named systems you're probably the right person for the job

* You're interested in how we can better understand what drives our user growth and user engagement and we can engineer the product to increase it.

* Hadoop experience We are starting to incorporate these technologies into our operations

* Experience working with Hive, Pig or Hbase

* Thorough understanding of statistical analysis.

Apply: http://voxer.com/jobs

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

San Francisco, CA - Web/Integration Engineer

Lead Engineer for new business unit

Voxer is hiring a lead engineer for this new business unit. You will help to define the enhancements needed across the board to support enterprise use of Voxer. You will then lead the implementation of those enhancements.

You'll get to work on:
* Building a new division from the ground up

* Cutting-edge command-and-control systems that will help IT managers keep track of thousands of devices and users e-commerce and billing platforms of Apple, Google, Amazon, eBay, and others

Some of the things we look for are:

* Formal education in Computer Science or equivalent, but the exact degree or number of years of professional experience you have isn't as important as your enthusiasm and ability

* You have probably worked on large enterprise systems and
know the pressure of delivering against tight SLAs

* Conversant and comfortable interacting with clients' engineers to understand market needs, train in using our systems, and provide general support

* Experience with Node.js, Riak, and Redis is helpful but not a requirement. These are the technologies we depend on every day.

Apply: http://voxer.com/jobs

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Heyzap (YC 09) hiring for multiple roles: Rails Engineer, iOS Engineer, Android Engineer, Sales.

We are building the world's largest mobile gaming social network.

We have a no-bullshit culture, we ship incredibly fast, use the newest tech. Great benefits, including medical, dental, vision, 401k, book budget, generous paid vacation time, catered lunches, unlimited snacks.

To apply, or to chat with us about where you might fit, fire us an email at jobs@heyzap.com, or find out more here http://heyzap.com/about

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San Francisco, CA - Android Engineer (Senior, Mid Level and/or Junior)

Doubledutch (doubledutch.me)

DoubleDutch makes mobile, cloud-based, geosocial applications for events and enterprise workgroups. These applications are designed to engage employees, capture real-time data, and unlock valuable enterprise insight.


Love Android? Want to build world-class enterpries mobile applications?

Good. Bring your skills to us. Help build our new generation of solid & functional apps, to be used by hundreds of thousands of people. You will help:

-Build beautiful Android applications (not just copies of iOS)

-Write organized and structured code

-Identify and fix performance problems

-Debug hard problems

-Envision and build new features that wows the user.

-Use latest and greatest android features like NFC, Text to -Speech and integrate them into app flows


-BS in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or Equivalent Experience ( Can be substituted with 4 year relevant work experience)

-At least one App in Google Play Store available for immediate download and review

-Experience with JSON, XML, JavaScript and interfacing Android applications to server side API's

-Intense interest in becoming an Android expert
-Strong understanding of the Android ecosystem


In addition to this, we are looking for Software Engineer , mobile intern , designer.

Check out our jobs page at

http://doubledutch.me/jobs.aspx for more details

Feel free to contact me at saket@doubledutch.me or our CTO at nclark@doubledutch.me for any questions. To apply you can send resumes, links to existing app, Open source projects to saket@doubledutch.me or jobs@doubledutch.me.

We do sponsor H1B's but as of now USCIS H1B quota have expired for this year. We can still transfer existing H1B's.

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San Francisco SoMA - (Local Preferred)
First Hire! Front-End Developer [Full Time]


UpOut is a venture-backed startup that helps people discover the most amazing events and experiences happening around them. We've helped thousands of people have a crazy night out, a magical first date and more. Come help us create millions.

We're a 3-man team located in SoMA, San Francisco. Our environment is focused but we have fun too. If you're passionate about having fun and helping others have fun and want to get in early at a growing startup, UpOut is a place where you'll thrive!

The Ideal Profile:

We're looking for a front-end developer with experience using PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. HTML/CSS skills are not necessary. Added bonuses for Python or Java skills and super bonuses for iOS or Android skills. Candidate is looking to get experience at an early stage startup.

Work Environment:

Our service is built on PHP, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Python, Elasticsearch, Sphinx and Memcached. We're hosted on AWS (EC2, RDS etc.) and use Github.

We are flexible with hours but we do morning standup meetings at 11:30AM every day for status reports.

Compensation + Perks

Competitive salary with substantial equity for the right candidate.

We provide snacks, coffee and other goodies. Benefits compensation.

Please email me with HN Job as the title at Martin@UpOut.com

Git Collisions?
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See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthday_attack

A basic estimate is that the probability of collision is (n^2 / 2) / 2^160, where n is the number of hashes that have been generated. For example, if you've generated 2^64 hashes, you have a 1/2^33 chance of collision. This works pretty well until you get too close to 2^80, and larger.

Edit: That formula actually is a shorthand for (n * (n-1)/2) / 2^160, you get it because on your first hash, you have 0/2^160 chance of collision, and on your second hash, you have 1/2^160 chance of collision, and on your third, you have 2/2^160 chance of collision, and on your nth, you have (n-1)/2^160 chance of collision (assuming you haven't had any collisions already). So you can add up those probabilities to get (n * (n-1)/2)/2^160 -- you can just add the probabilities because the chance of having _two_ collisions is super unlikely (until it is no longer super unlikely, around 2^80 or so). (Really it's 1 - (1 - 1 / 2^160)^k and we're approximating that with k * (1 / 2^160.)

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> 983.544.651.006.435.431.129.340.665.918.456.708.968.598.498.835

or 9.8 * 10^47 combinations are possible. Although this doesn't give the complete picture, this shows how big the sha1 space is.

Ask HN: What are the options for sending money out to users?
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This subject has been gnawing at me as well for the past month; mind sharing more information about what your application is? My startup revolves around the best option or options as well.

Check-by-mail is being considered as an option (there are a few providers that automate the process).

There's also the technical possibility of using unlinked credits by a credit card processing gateway (user submits credit card # but instead of getting charged the money goes on their card), though so far they (gateway providers) have been very uncooperative about permitting large amounts of the behavior.

Some banks will allow direct ACH's but usually charge a fee per transaction that might make it prohibitive. I wouldn't be surprised if some banks charged less than others.

In any case, my startup is nearing launch and I'd relish the opportunity to meet people trying to solve similar problems.

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Prepaid debit cards?
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