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Show HN: behold, jsonifier
6 points by Skywing  3 hours ago   9 comments top 6
danest 3 hours ago 1 reply      
This looks awesome, I have been using this for a while now http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/
shthap3ns 23 minutes ago 0 replies      
Doesn't JSONLint do this? Or am I missing something?
ideamonk 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Neat and clean. I'd definitely find it useful while sharing ugly JSONs with my team. Since you're providing this service for free, just out of interest, what are you hosting it on? What're your plans for sustaining it when usage goes "Up and at 'em, Atom Ant!"?
mtogo 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Wow, that's actually pretty awesome.
ipmb 2 hours ago 1 reply      
Recent versions of Python have a JSON prettifier baked in. On OS X, if you have ugly JSON in your clipboard, simply run this:

    $ pbpaste | python -mjson.tool

Show HN: Barebones, a minimal wireframe app for iPad, built in 24 hours.
9 points by JonAtkinson  4 hours ago   8 comments top 4
robgough 4 hours ago 1 reply      
I love the idea and the app, hard to believe this was just a 24 hour project.

Would be nice to get a native version at some point too, so you can run offline.

Disclaimer: I was at LeedsHack too, great event!

p0larboy 1 hour ago 0 replies      
Feels very native~ The finger sketching is smooth and I enjoyed the experience. I tried googling for the dollar gesture library but no luck :(
cbetta 3 hours ago 1 reply      
It doesn't seem to work really on an iPad 2 on iOS 5 beta. Probably a iOS problem but just FYI.
JonAtkinson 4 hours ago 0 replies      
I'm starting a hangout where 3-5 of us will review our progress, etc. Good idea?
8 points by RobIsIT  5 hours ago   1 comment top
fabiandesimone 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Awesome idea. Count me in if you like, but I'm a mkt guy, I can't contribute to tech - code discussions :)
Ask HN: Tech journalist asks, What prompted this fuss over patents?
2 points by jasondrowley  1 hour ago   2 comments top 2
aristus 11 minutes ago 0 replies      
These are not simple questions. If you are a journalist, follow the money. I personally suspect that the offensive use of patents, both by "trolls" such as Lodsys and large players such as Microsoft, has stepped on enough toes to cause certain vested interests to start a broad-spectrum fight against other vested interests. One usual result of those kinds of fights is manipulation of the public sphere, also known as "press relations".


marklabedz 8 minutes ago 0 replies      
I'll take on your first question. In large part for me, the implications of software patents are becoming an increasingly clear obstacle to individual developers. We're not talking patents for incredibly complex processes and lawsuits aimed at specific, large companies. Instead, we're facing lawsuits over (arguably) trivial/common features of an app. These can have a very direct negative impact to the individuals that frequent HN.
How to create a good tutorial
10 points by omdb  6 hours ago   7 comments top 5
fabiandesimone 2 hours ago 0 replies      
Hey Ben, I might be able to help. Email is in my profile.
jayniz 5 hours ago 1 reply      
I have to say I don't really like their new tutorial video. But the handful of comic style images they had before was great. Simple, clear (and also funny).

So you're not thinking tutorial as in "How to scale a sqlite cluster" but something that quickly explains your service to your users?

damohasi 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Haven't seen something like a meta tutorial before. Interested, too.
fez 3 hours ago 1 reply      
Like a video tutorial or text with pics?
purbon 5 hours ago 0 replies      
love to see something similar!
Ask HN: Why hasn't HN been converted to a social network?
2 points by yid  2 hours ago   discuss
Ask HN single founders: How do you go on vacation?
19 points by fezzl  12 hours ago   9 comments top 7
patio11 11 hours ago 1 reply      
A vacation is just a special case for a workday, right? If you're spending a lot of time daily on customer support, that is trading off with higher-impact scalable activities you could be doing, so you probably want to minimize that. After you've minimized it, who cares if you're doing it from your office or from a hotel?

The most irksome thing about my work during my recent vacation was lugging my laptop everywhere. Apparently I banged it against something and now Dell is busy fixing it for me for $500. Grr. But other than that, it certainly wasn't preventing us from having a nice time.

Also, there are a lot of activities which aren't as critical as you think they are. I was used to doing bug fixes the day they were reported. That's nice, but that's not a law of nature, and you probably don't want to make your customers think it will always happen. If someone reports a bug during vacation and it isn't killing someone or taking the site down just tell them "Thank you. I'll see to it after I get back from vacation."

jackkinsella 8 hours ago 0 replies      
Preventative customer support.

Your goal should be to minimize your customer support requirements. For the past two years I've treated every customer inquiry to my business as a bug requiring a fix.

If someone asks me for additional information about a product, I add a section to that product's description page or, alternatively, make the existing content clearer. If someone has trouble with a download, I improve the instructions sent with my payment confirmation email and perhaps increase the font size of the most critical links in the admin area. In-line instructions, such as those used by the 37 signals team, help greatly in this respect.

Over time this has worked and customer support requirements have dwindled, and with less emails to answer per day you can afford to be away from a machine for longer.

bignoggins 10 hours ago 0 replies      
I work while on vacation. In fact, I'm about 4 months into a 9 month round the world trip (@ an airbnb in Munich typing this right now). All I need is electricity and wifi, and I'm good to go anywhere in the world. Granted, I can't necessarily just drop the business for an extended amount of time, but that just means traveling a bit more slowly so I can factor in time for work.
JeffL 12 hours ago 0 replies      
I am lucky enough to have volunteers from the community who do various support roles. They can't do it all, but do about 90% of it, which makes my life way easier. I can take my laptop and do the tickets I need to do in about an hour every other day.
delano 10 hours ago 0 replies      
Travel to another city and work from there.
ttalola 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Basically handling only the urgent customer requests. We have quite good support system which fortunately does not require much human attention. Also an auto-reply letting people know I only deal with urgent requests.

Actually my problem was that I found myself working on many issues that were scheduled after vacation. Body was on vacation, mind wasn't.

quizbiz 12 hours ago 0 replies      
You need to put someone else in charge and you need to trust that all will be taken care of.
Ask HN: A Rapportive-esque Email CRM for small businesses and startups?
2 points by noelsequeira  2 hours ago   discuss
Ask HN:I am interviewing a candidate for a job help me
2 points by digamber_kamat  3 hours ago   2 comments top 2
noodle 2 hours ago 0 replies      
treat it as such, then, and state it up front.

i tend to introduce it as something like "a code question to see how you think" (or something to that effect). and then set the tone by asking a question that is simple on the surface, but people rarely get 100% right on their first iteration. they usually come to an acceptable answer somewhat quickly, and then i discuss it with them. that sets up a dialog for the other questions, even if the subsequent ones are more cut and dry types of questions.

edit: in fact, almost all of my questions are like this. i rarely do stuff like a "reverse a string". reversing a string is somewhat trivial and doesn't provide layers or interaction. i prefer to have a question that allows me to see how someone thinks and interact with them to see how smart they are and how well we might be able to work together.

mattacurtis 2 hours ago 0 replies      
You're likely not going to have a business situation which requires an employee to code a solution in 5 minutes. Even if you do, the team + collaborative environment in that situation vs in this present interview situation will make a major difference in the employee's performance.

You obviously want to hire people that can handle stress and perform well under it, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to create these unrealistic situations to test how well a candidate might perform on the job.

I'd recommend informing the candidate upfront that the interview will be taped. Then give him the problem and come back in an hour. Make the candidate provide you with all the scratch sheets / work and use these in conjunction with your tape to evaluate his/her performance.

I realize this may not be realistic, but it is possible and I think it would lead to some interesting and useful results.

Amazon EC2 EU-West is down
107 points by dabeeeenster  1 day ago   30 comments top 13
jread 23 hours ago 0 replies      
I run a site that monitors over 100 different cloud services. Our monitoring node in EC2 EU West went down at 10:48:51 PDT. Our monitored application with PHP PaaS cloudControl, also hosted in EC2 EU West, went down at the same time. For the past year, we've gotten 99.978% availability in this EC2 region: http://cloudharmony.com/status
jimmyjim 23 hours ago 4 replies      
Power outage?

Interesting -- Linode also went down today because of power outage: http://status.linode.com/2011/08/outage-in-fremont-facility....

chaz 21 hours ago 0 replies      
A must-follow Twitter feed for anyone using Amazon AWS is @ylastic: http://twitter.com/#!/ylastic

At the very least, even if you don't use Twitter, it's a good resource to check for up-to-the-minute info if you're seeing an issue and want to verify.

bambax 22 hours ago 2 replies      
THANK YOU HN!!! I couldn't connect to my machine and couldn't understand what was going on... good thing I turn to HN as soon as I get online...

You'd think AWS could afford to send emails to keep us customers up to date with the problem?

calpaterson 21 hours ago 1 reply      
If anyone is interested, ServerDensity thinks that our machine went down between 6:37 and 6:42 BST.
zizzler 4 hours ago 0 replies      
Has anyone gotten any timeframe when the rest of the RDS is going to start responding? Not much info on the status page of AWS.
dabeeeenster 1 day ago 0 replies      
I can SSH to some of my newer instances but not the older ones.
1SockChuck 18 hours ago 0 replies      
Looks like a lightning strike in Dublin knocked out power at data hubs for Amazon and Microsoft: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2858239
stephank 23 hours ago 1 reply      
The specific availability zone they're talking about is eu-west-1a. Servers we have there are reported as 'running', but are unresponsive.

Other zones seem fine, but starting new servers doesn't seem to be working.

dialtone 1 day ago 0 replies      
CloudFormation is also affected now.
sdepablos 1 day ago 0 replies      
I see all my servers on the management console, but I'm unable to ssh any of them, all in the same availability zone, eu-west-1b
pimeys 1 day ago 0 replies      
I can see my server from the management console but I can't ssh to it. Damn, my IRC is down :(
sipefree 1 day ago 0 replies      
Clear skies over Dublin, not a cloud in sight. ;)
Ask HN: Finding work as an iOS developer
12 points by apporama  22 hours ago   4 comments top 4
bignoggins 10 hours ago 0 replies      
"If that means I'm not a proper iOS developer then so be it"

You will find it much more difficult to get iOS jobs if you don't use Objective-C/Cocoa. Almost every iOS job listing I've seen requires it. That's almost like trying to get a job as a web developer without knowing HTML/JS/CSS.

SoftwarePatent 22 hours ago 0 replies      
Use one of these sites to prove you know what you're doing and get hired at the same time. Good luck.




rrival 21 hours ago 0 replies      
Work for my project or join a company?
2 points by desushil  6 hours ago   4 comments top 4
arkitaip 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Prioritize school, especially since you are freelancing and not doing a startup.

People generally choose freelance work over employment because it means (1) more freedom, empowerment and power over their work and life (2) more money. If you get a job that offers you equal or acceptable levels of (1) and (2), go for the job. If you get the same amount of money, you need to decide how importance (1) is for you. If you by any chance happen to get the amount of (1) but less money, you need to think about how passionate you are about your work and how less money will affect your daily life.

Now, maybe you're really ambitious and still want some of the benefits of employment. If that's the case, get the job but make it clear that you will continue to do freelance work on the side, maybe during nights and weekends. The nice thing about this is that you keep building your portfolio, incredibly important for freelancers, and can pick projects and technology stacks that interests you.

VuongN 4 hours ago 0 replies      
I completely agree with arkitaip. Focus on school and forget about money for now. What you want to do is spend half your free time learning new (web) technologies AND the other half formulating "dreams."

You're in school so you can afford to dream bigger and thrive to solve bigger problems. Learn to be a great person, not a mediocre developer. Learn how to think and everything else will follow.

If you want to run your own startup some day, then you should start today. Find a problem that interests you now and look for ways to solve it in your own way. Domain names are cheap, hosting is also cheap, work on a project for yourself.

Also, try to refine your development process, php is fine, but you must combine it with patterns such as MVC. Build a cheap computer and create your own development server. Learn Python/Django or Ruby/RoR and more (NodeJS etc.). Host your own version control system (Git, Hg etc.).

Young one, you need to learn to be a hardcore dreamer and level up like mad.

I've been doing web for 10 years and every time I look back, I always think that I learned more this year than many years before combined. Every project I worked on, I always think that I've learned more from it than many before combined. I am 28 now, but I am forever searching and learning.

Good luck and always, stay a hard core learner!

desushil 3 hours ago 0 replies      
Thank you guys for awesome suggestions. I really loved it.
desushil 6 hours ago 0 replies      
Note: I am thinking of building my own startup some day.
Poll: Greatest productivity app on Mac?
7 points by AdnanChowdhury  17 hours ago   17 comments top 11
SeoxyS 17 hours ago 1 reply      
Terminal, DTerm, Quicksilver and Macchiato[1].

[1]: Yours truly wrote a Markdown editor, which I use to write pretty much everything. See my Show HN post: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2858412

SingAlong 7 hours ago 0 replies      
I use my own little command-line todo tool - a rubygem called "j" http://akash.im/j I wrote that after I liked t- which RiderOfGiraffes wrote. And then there's tiling window managers, simple editors or whatever works for you and me.

Greatest? IMO everybody has their own greatest productivity app. Bothering about it too much itself is a productivity sink. Just keep using something and you'll find something singing the same tune as you are. Continue using it :)

techiferous 16 hours ago 1 reply      
As far as to-do lists apps go, I rolled my own by combining a TextMate bundle with a few Ruby scripts and some keyboard triggers using QuickSilver. If you have a programmable text editor and are a programmer, this is a powerful way to go.

I also turned my TextMate into an editable wiki. TextMate bundles are pretty powerful. Because my wiki is basically a collection of text files, I can easily read them on-the-go using my DropBox iPhone app.

sdfjkl 14 hours ago 0 replies      
Quitting Mail.app and iChat when I'm coding.

Also a few useful tools: Alfred, The Hit List, TextMate, 0xED, Terminal, Evernote, BusyCal, Dropbox, Fossil SCM.

maguay 14 hours ago 0 replies      
Full screen apps in Lion just may be the best productivity boost I've had in a long time. Need to get away from distractions? If the program you're using can go full-screen, you're set.
grah4 15 hours ago 1 reply      
rescuetime. I put together a simple chrome extension which hijacks the newtab page and shows a biz dashboard + personal rescuetime stats/graphs. nothing gets you back to work harder than seeing that today was only 50% as productive as yesterday.
wuster 16 hours ago 0 replies      
Gmail Multiple Inboxes is how I triage incoming mail.

I have 4 panes layered vertically:

Top: Inbox
2nd pane: personal action items (i.e. must do 'today')
3rd pane: reading queue, but nothing personally actionable
4th pane: ding ding ding. Recently completed items that I still want to keep an eye on.

Each of the panes is based off of a saved search query.

st3fan 17 hours ago 0 replies      
Firefox is my productivity app.
wuster 16 hours ago 0 replies      
The greatest tool... is not wasting my time with productivity-fu so I can get back to the actual task at hand =P

I kid. I kid.

oppositionradio 13 hours ago 0 replies      
a second on Wunderlist (which I just started using), nvALT, OmniOutliner, MindNode Pro, and Quicksilver.

productivity detractors: firefox (processor pig), snackr (distraction), twitter (good distraction), reeder

santigepigon 17 hours ago 1 reply      
Quicksilver, Evernote, SelfControl, and Terminal. On the web app side of it, I turn to Google (Gmail, Docs, Calendar), and Remember the Milk.
Websockets and p2p? (or something close to p2p)
3 points by abhishivsaxena  18 hours ago   1 comment top
dstein 16 hours ago 0 replies      
I haven't tried this yet, but it's on my list of things to do.

Jailbreak your Iphone, and get NodeJS working on it:


That device could then become the host for both browsers, the local Safari, and any other device on the network. Or true peer-to-peer could be accomplished by getting NodeJS instances on two iOS devices talk directly to eachother.

Ask HN: Would you use this?
9 points by jamesgagan  1 day ago   14 comments top 6
ColinWright 22 hours ago 1 reply      
Clickable: http://songsp.in/

ADDED IN EDIT: What I really don't understand about HN is the people who downvote the small contributions that are intended to help others. I added this link to make it easier for people to see what it's about, to make it so they don't have to copy the URL and paste it into a browser. Someone upvoted it - which was nice - and then someone downvoted it. I really don't understand why.

I don't care about the karma. It won't get me another coffee, it won't fix bugs in my code, it won't make my in-box any less full. I do care about understanding the systems I interact with. I've given up trying to understand people in general, but thought I had a chance of getting along with the people on HN.

So, can someone explain?


jeffool 1 day ago 1 reply      
I have that exact problem; finding new music. Pandora doesn't dig deep, oddly. That said, I just can't imagine people paying for music. Is it possible you could convince bands that the promotion is good for them, and to give the music for free? Then maybe throwing ads into a free newsletter to make your money?

Regardless, best of luck.

sdfjkl 14 hours ago 0 replies      
Use it, perhaps, pay a monthly fee - definitely not. Perhaps Flattr or donations (avoid Paypal).
useflyer 23 hours ago 1 reply      
I envision this could work as a newsletter in a similar mold to thesixtyone.com; indie artists (and eventually labels as you say) would want to give out their music for free, in hopes of converting into paid downloads.

If this were free you could gain wider user adoption, and thus, supply of music.

Let me ask; who do you want your customer to be? Listeners or artists?

sunspeck 21 hours ago 1 reply      
A fine idea, and a nice service, but not something I'd ever pay for. And your design looks more Enterprise than Indie Hipster, which is kinda offputting.
ScottWhigham 19 hours ago 2 replies      
First off, I wouldn't even click the link because it's a *.in link. Sorry - you aren't going to get taken seriously by me with a .in domain name. I lump .in with .ru, .cn, etc in terms of "Is this a domain I would use? No way - I don't trust them." Whether you agree with my opinion or not, it's a scenario you'll encounter.
Ask HN: Client wrote returned check for over $10,000. How to report him?
49 points by badclient  1 day ago   56 comments top 9
biturd 1 day ago 1 reply      
What are his initials to his name? This sounds all to familiar, is the correct area etc.

I was burned for 20K. The man was a professional bad debtor.

He built a relationship with me for 6 months, having me do work that he initially paid for in cash or check, which always worked fine. Over time, the jobs got larger, and more costly, and we moved to 30 day terms. I never bothered with a credit check because he built a relationship that started on pre-pay cash.

His last job was to hit me with the 20K job. Bad check and it was all over. What really sucked about this job was it was not all labor, and I had employees do the labor which also cost me. My cost of goods on this job was 75% of the total, which I had to pay to my vendors.

I sued him in small claims for the max amount in my state. I sued him two times by breaking the job into two invoices so I could try to approach the total amount owed. Merely serving him took weeks and required I hire a pretty ruthless process server. He was good at hiding out. I received judgement and won the case.

He never paid. I sent him to a collection agency who called me back in a day to tell me they knew of him well. There was and is no way to collect.

His son has the same name as him, which is part of his scam. He is "married" or at least with the same woman for decades. All assets are in her name, but since they are not married there are no mutual assets to have liened or seized.

The only thing I could have done different, perhaps with more research, would be to have a sheriff on the courthouse to take his car on the spot. That may not be possible, and really depends on the circumstances.

In the end, the only thing I was able to do was harass him on the phone and dig through the work I had done, locating the people he resold my work to and warn them to cancel all payments. Once of his clients was nice enough to hold payment back for a time and give it to me as long as there were no legal repercussions coming from the scammer.

His initials are T.W. in case it is the same person. I still hold judgement to him this day. If he ever opens a bank, buys a house, gets a credit card, or does anything that can be attached as far as funds, I will get in a line and maybe get paid after all the others are paid in the order in which he screwed them.

This will end up being a lesson learned. Sorry to hear about this for you.

philiphodgen 1 day ago 5 replies      
In California this is a criminal offense and the DA for the County where he is will have a bounced check unit. Contact the DA. It is a slam dunk.

Do. Not. Threaten. To. Go. To. The. DA. "I'm going to the DA if you don't pay me" is stoopit. That's blackmail and you will be the one in trouble not him. Just file charges.

nfm 1 day ago 2 replies      
I know this probably isn't helpful to hear at this stage, but I'm going to say it anyway for everyone's benefit. We've learned this lesson the hard way, but fortunately didn't have to use all of the following advice.

Always take a part payment up front before starting work. Between 30% and 50% is a fairly standard and safe amount. Always take another part payment after demonstrating your progress. Ideally upon final delivery the balance to be paid for your work should be less than 30%.

If clients are unhappy about paying you up front, you need to ask yourself why they're unwilling to pay anything to start, when they will be paying $10k to you in the very near future.

If they don't trust you, they'll work with someone else. You need to be able to trust them too, and taking a part payment up front is often the quickest way for you to learn that they are trustworthy.

When a client isn't able to pay, you should try and negotiate payment in full over time. Regular, small payments give them a chance to pay off their other creditors and give you regular indication that they're trying to pay you back.

If they refuse to pay, or miss their regular repayments, don't be afraid to go to a debt collector. Make this clear when you are negotiating the payment schedule. At this stage, any money you can get back (less the often expensive debt collection fees) is a bonus.

Even if the amount is paid back in full, we make it a rule not to work for this client again.

For an amount this large, you should definitely talk to a lawyer. Keep a close eye on your cashflow over the next few months.

Best of luck recovering the payment!

michaelpinto 1 day ago 1 reply      
Don't guess, talk to a lawyer!
mark_l_watson 1 day ago 0 replies      
I have only been stiffed once (and that for a very small amount of money that the client said was not worth his time to write a check, so he just thanked me - not the result I wanted!)

So I lack direct experience related to your case, but even with a 12 year time span of not having problems with customers paying, I still ask new customers for a small up front payment (they know who I am, but in many cases I don't know them), and I invoice frequently. If anyone ever wants to pay every month, I tell them that I enjoy getting paid frequently: it is always nice getting a notification of a wire transfer, a check in the mail, or PayPal payments.

Sorry about what happened to you - that is a bummer!

gte910h 1 day ago 0 replies      
You have a high chance of being able to use a DMCA request to take down the work as well.

If he's scamming instead of not actually having money, this may compel payment.

DomainNoob 21 hours ago 1 reply      
The legality of 'sucks sites' is well established. Perhaps with a little help from HN, an SEO advantage could be gained that would bury whatever legit sites he's operating.
Joakal 1 day ago 1 reply      
Was it work for an one-time on-completion payment?

Sorry to hear.

pbreit 1 day ago 3 replies      
This is generally not a criminal thing so I'm not sure the police or DA would get involved. You might consider small claims court or maybe a collections agency.

Have you turned over whatever you were contacted to do? So it's a real person who is actually conducting some sort of business? I suppose there's an outside chance you might be get some funds but doesn't sound too good. As you know now, the research would have been better performed in the beginning.

Where does computer science fit in?
4 points by dmak  21 hours ago   2 comments top 2
stonemetal 18 hours ago 0 replies      
Every company is different, so it is rather hard to make a statement about all industries everywhere. That said companies that make hardware tend to see software as easy, they typically will let hardware people do the software as well, or not respect their software developers. This is why printers usually have really shitty drivers. As far as what it like to work as a professional developer. Surely you have had a couple of group projects where you had to code something by now. Beef that up, with a much larger team and much larger time frame. As far as what you do at any of the companies you listed, just think about what they ship. You would take it from version X to version X+1, maybe launch a new product.
glimcat 19 hours ago 0 replies      
Knowing how to program is easy. Knowing what to program is hard. The algorithms stuff is ostensibly about starting you on the path to learn what to program.

Also, you're not enrolled in a trade school. The curriculum is NOT primarily designed to get you a job. If you show up to interviews with a diploma in hand and nothing else, people are not going to be very impressed. Skills are important. Portfolio is important. A diploma just proves that you can keep a desk warm for a few years. If you cover your bases, there is plenty of need for CS graduates. If you do not, you will have a much harder time competing.

Ask HN: Why is the tech world quiet on the possible impact of solar flares?
6 points by kiriappeee  1 day ago   2 comments top
nhoss2 1 day ago 1 reply      
How is GPS going to be "inaccurate for some time in the near future" with the recent solar flares? Could you give me some links to articles or something? I read a lot of space related stuff and I haven't come across something like this.
Ask HN: Who is Hiring? (August 2011)
270 points by whoishiring  7 days ago   discuss
rarrrrrr 7 days ago 0 replies      
Americas and Europe (remote): SpiderOak is looking for mobile engineering help

Since 2006, SpiderOak provides an easy, consolidated free online backup, sync, sharing, access & storage solution for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux with a zero-knowledge approach to encryption and customer privacy. (You could think of SpiderOak as Dropbox for power users.) We use Python, Django, web.py, WSGI, jQuery, PostgreSQL, nginx, 0mq, gevent, with some occasional heavy-lifting help from C, Erlang and Perl.

SpiderOak is a distributed, virtual company - we all set our own work schedule and work from home, coffee shops, or anywhere. We coordinate via Wikis, IRC, email, telepathy, and even face-to-face when possible. We don't bother with time sheets or other types of wage accounting -- we're a tight enough group that it would be obvious if someone wasn't doing her or his job.

We've noticed that some of the most accomplished people we know don't necessarily have polished resumes. As such, we don't care about formal education, age, gender, geographic location, resume, etc. We like smart people who love what they do and do it really well. Period.

If you're interested, please send a introduction letter to team+DDMMYYYY@spideroak.com making the obvious substitutions.

kaib 7 days ago 0 replies      
Helsinki, Finland

Tinkercad is hiring for a number of technical positions (frontend, application, systems programmers, computational geometry, ops): http://dev.tinkercad.com/jobs/

We are a small team building a cloud based solid CAD for 3D printers. The team has written a bespoke cluster distributed geometry kernel and is looking for people to build the editor as well as the site. I'm an ex-Googler from Mountain View, here is a Tech Talk I did on the core tech a while back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aY4a9QnLhw

You can try the product at: http://tinkercad.com

The work is very intensive so we like people to be local. However, if you are a good fit and willing to move I'm happy to get you relocated.

If you are interested get in touch with kai@tinkercad.com

justin 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Justin.tv / TwitchTV hiring programmers to build the future of competitive gaming.

By leveraging our existing video infrastructure, which includes an international CDN and the world's highest quality live video, Justin.tv has become the world's largest site for live competitive gaming. We now need developers to join us in building out TwitchTV - our new website dedicated to competitive gaming. Our goal is to connect people around the games they love.

We are looking for talented engineers who are excited about the future of gaming. We are still small, but growing extremely quickly.

Interested in learning more? Email me directly: justin@justin.tv.


Peroni 7 days ago 1 reply      
London, UK

Firstly, I am a recruiter but I'm one of the honest few, have a look at previous submissions for any doubts.

The following are permanent positions in London that I am recruiting for. Mention HN when you contact me & I'll happily disclose the company details once I confirm you're not another recruiter!

* Ruby Developers (Back-end mainly)

* Magento Developer

* Python Developers

* ColdFusion Developer (West London)


* Android & iOS Devs

My email address is in my profile. Please don't forget to mention HN when contacting me.

squirrel 7 days ago 0 replies      
London (UK) and Boston (US). H1B

We're a 100-person financial-software firm committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software and agile development. Some of you may know us from our sponsorship of Hacker News meetups in London. We're hiring developers and other smart folks of many kinds. See https://dev.youdevise.com and http://www.youdevise.com/careers.

While we don't have remote workers, we do help successful candidates relocate to London or Boston including arranging visas where needed. For example, last year we hired HN readers from Denmark and the US, and we moved a Polish employee to Boston.

jnovek 7 days ago 0 replies      
OwnLocal (YC W10) in Austin, TX

Working through newspapers, we make the web less scary for small businesses.

We're looking for:

- A full-time Web Designer with a strong portfolio that indicates a bold and consistent style. This designer should be prepared to participate in user-experience changing product decisions. Good HTML and CSS is a bonus.

- A full-time PHP Engineer, with an emphasis on WordPress. In addition to a strong understanding of PHP and good software engineering principles, this individual will be working on a WordPress modification project and should have some background modifying and/or writing plugins for WordPress.

Drop us a note: jobs@ownlocal.com. We don't care too much about resumes, we'll ask for one later if you look like a good fit. Instead, tell us about yourself and about some projects that you've done.

jedberg 7 days ago 0 replies      
Los Gatos, CA

I'm looking for people to join me at Netflix and keep the streaming service running worldwide. You can read the full description here:


Some highlights:

You possess these qualities:

- You see the big picture delivering a 24x7 service

- You are effective working with multiple teams

- You have high standards in everything you do

- You can balance multiple tasks

You have these skills:

- Great communication skills, both verbal and written

- In-depth experience operating a 24x7 production environment

- Fluent in Linux: RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu

- Strong scripting skills in shell, Perl and Python

- Familiar with the Java platform, especially JVM configuration

- Knowledgeable in Linux packaging tools: rpm, yum, dpkg, apt

- Ability to quickly triage problems, determine root cause and drive resolution

- Ability to keep a cool head under pressure and effectively participate in system down crisis situations

You may even have these skills:

- Prior experience with Amazon EC2/S3 or other cloud service providers is a plus

- Systems deployment and service management automation tools and methodologies

snowmaker 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Scribd (social publishing, top 100 website, YC '06) is hiring talented hackers and other technical people for a broad range of technologies. We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)
* Javascript
* iOS
* Machine Learning / Data mining kinds of problems
* Technical recruiting (yes, we're hiring hackers to do this too!)

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you.

We're well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a zipline!). We've got flexible hours, a very flat organizational structure that gives a lot of product ownership to engineers, and a really terrific team.

Last week we launched our first iPhone app, called "Float", which hopes to make reading a better experience. If you're a fan of reading apps like Instapaper and Reeder, you're already familiar with what we're doing. See http://tcrn.ch/pCwT4c for more.

Feel free to email me directly: jared@scribd.com


ps. H1B no problem

kemayo 7 days ago 0 replies      
Really REMOTE. You don't even have to be in the USA.

deviantART (http://www.deviantart.com) wants developers. We're fully remote; there's no central office with a devteam located there. We expect all hires to be comfortable working in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL; we like our developers to be able to hack on any part of the site, rather than being frontend/backend specialists.

One exception to all that: there's an Infrastructure Engineer position which is located in Vancouver. It's C++/Java focused, and involves developing backend services used by the rest of the site.

We post information about our development process here sometimes: http://dt.deviantart.com/blog/

Apply here: http://deviantart.theresumator.com/apply?source=hn

lpolovets 7 days ago 1 reply      
Los Angeles or Bay Area or Shanghai preferred, but remote work is possible for exceptional candidates. Full-time only. If you're interested in working remotely, you must live in the U.S.

Factual aims to be the place where people meet to share, improve, and mash-up data. Our vision is to be an awesome and affordable data provider for startups and developers, so that they can focus on innovation instead of data acquisition.

We have a terrific team that is still fairly small, and an incredible CEO (he was the co-founder of Applied Semantics, which was sold to Google and became AdSense). Last year we raised a Series A from Andreessen-Horowitz, and our customers and partners include Facebook, SimpleGeo, and Newsweek. We have lots of challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, deduping, storage, serving, APIs, etc. If you love data, Factual is the place to be.

Ideally you know Java, Clojure, and/or Ruby, and you'll get bonus points for experience with machine learning, NoSQL, algorithms, infrastructure, and/or Hadoop.

http://www.factual.com/jobs or you can email me personally at leo -at- factual.com

RyanGWU82 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Mateo, CA

PBworks is hiring a Senior Operations Engineer!

PBworks is hiring a Senior Operations Engineer who can wear many hats. We're looking for folks who aren't scared of being hands on with everything. Willing to compile a grsecurity Linux kernel? Troubleshoot network packet loss? Scale databases? If you're able to take on a wide range of responsibility, this position is for you.

Your job will be to create an environment where 4 million users and over 1.5 million workspaces can flourish and change the way people work. You'll get the freedom to do the job right, and a fantastic engineering team to back you up. What are you waiting for? Mail your resume and a short paragraph of why you'd like to join to jobs-ops@pbworks.com.

What You'll Be Doing:

- Physical server management: Managing a cluster of about 70 physical servers in San Francisco. Plus 3 servers in Sacramento. Plus a handful in our office in San Mateo.

- Engineering: Developing ops infrastructure tools in PHP, Perl, Ruby, or shell scripts.

- Automation: automating deployment with puppet.

- Monitoring: using Ganglia and monit to understand what's going on with the systems.

- Networking: Running the network infrastructure, including routers, switches, and site-to-site VPNs between the three locations above.

- Databases: Managing a handful of MySQL databases: advising developers on schema changes, keeping the databases reliable, and optimizing performance.

- Security: Analyzing the systems' security, keeping up with new threats, and recommending and implementing new security technologies and policies.

- Email: Ensuring the best possible outgoing email deliverability, and that we don't lose any incoming email.

- Office IT: running the office network; operating the employee VPN; occasionally fixing a printer or troubleshooting someone's laptop.

- Planning: Monitoring resource utilization trends; budgeting; planning for growth.

The Operations Engineer role is extraordinarily wide. If you've got software development experience, there are a variety of customer-facing infrastructure projects that may interest you. If you like NoSQL, there are definitely ways we can add NoSQL databases to optimize performance and developer productivity. We're looking for someone with a wide range of experience and interests, but if you haven't already worked in all these roles, we're here to help you learn.

Requirements: 3+ years experience running a production cluster. Debian and SaaS experience strongly preferred.

Bonus: Knowledge of PHP, puppet, git, quality programming abilities, computer science chops, and an understanding of SaaS business.

Technology: You'll get to solve real business problems with a wide range of technology. Here's a sample of what we work with: Debian Linux, Apache, Nginx, Percona Server (MySQL), memcached, MogileFS, XtraBackup, LDAP, puppet, Ganglia, monit, Perl, Node.js, ejabberd, Vyatta, Amazon Web Services, Solr, Postfix, git.

Why we're different: PBworks blurs the lines between operations and development. You'll sit in on every team engineering meeting and have input to decisions at all levels. As part of your job, you'll continue to architect our system to handle failures so you won't get paged when a hard drive fries. We're committed to providing the resources so that these failures don't become emergencies. We value automation and addressing the root cause of issues so they don't happen again.

To apply, email jobs-ops+hn@pbworks.com.

bkudria 7 days ago 2 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Yammer

Yammer is an awesome tech startup masquerading as an enterprise software vendor. We're building an enterprise social network (an internal communication and collaboration tool. Like Facebook.) and we need your help.

We build our product with insight and wisdom gained from the consumer social networking space, but we charge enterprise prices (and our customers pay them!) We're fighting some big serious competitors (Salesforce/Chatter, Jive, and VMWare/Socialcast) and this space has never been more exciting.

Yammer is really changing the way people get work done. We have actual challenges to overcome and we're doing our best to make a kick-ass product that makes our users happy.

Tech we use: Ruby/Rails, Scala, and JavaScript. We have Obj-C and C# stuff too.

Some bullet points for you to skim:
• Amazing group of smart engineers to work with. Really.
• We hack in Ruby/Rails, Scala/JVM, Javascript/JQuery/Node.js/Adobe AIR, Obj-C for iOS, and some MSFT/Sharepoint stuff.
• Competitive compensation. Enough said.
• Delicious catered lunch and dinner daily, with a 3PM snack cart. Also a fully-stocked beer-and-beverage fridge.
• Fancy Apple hardware of your choice (you can have a PC if you really want one.)

Some links for you to read more:
• Our jobs page: https://www.yammer.com/jobs
• Our Engineering blog: http://eng.yammer.com/
• A blog post about why it's so awesome to work here: http://eng.yammer.com/blog/2011/5/31/shameless-recruiting.ht...

Feel free to get in touch: bkudria@yammer-inc.com

RyanGWU82 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Mateo, CA

PBworks is hiring a VP of Engineering!

PBworks is looking to hire a world-class VP of Engineering to direct, manage, and grow our engineering team at PBworks and join a great management team. Candidates should have knowledge and experience with Software-as-a-Service best practices and methodologies, such as frequent deploys, functional testing, and automated rollbacks. Candidates should have at least five years of management experience but still be active programmers with code-review and prototyping level strengths in a modern scripting language (such as Ruby, Python, or PHP) as well as fluency in modern HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Strong preference will be given for LAMP stack proficiency. Extra consideration will be given to candidates with experience hosting software for very large clients and candidates with UX skills.

Candidate should have experience building and executing effective agile product development and project management strategies, and continuing to build a top-notch, highly, innovative team. Experience with workspaces and team collaboration software in general and PBworks in particular is a strong plus. Master's in Computer Science preferred.

You'll be in charge of one of the most powerful, scalable, popular, and sophisticated hosted collaboration tools in existence: with over 4m users a month, hundreds of terabytes of user data, billions of recorded actions, and a million and a half groups. Our team is small but highly effective; every engineer in the group is capable of working on a wide diversity of projects - from low level systems debugging to SQL optimization, to best practices in modern Javascript and CSS. You'll be redefining the future of how our customers get their work done - everything from collaborative medicine to treat cancer patients to innovative creative teams shaping the next great TV commercial or videogame to university research labs, and even a few un-stodgy law firms.

We'd love to have you come help our team win and grow!

To apply, email jobs-vpeng+hn@pbworks.com.

pitdesi 7 days ago 0 replies      
Chicago, IL (remote possible) - FeeFighters - Rails Intern

(during the school year, as many hours as you'd like)

Are you a smart programmer who would like the experience of working on a real-world rails backend for a hot funded startup? FeeFighters is looking for an enthusiastic intern with good coding chops. Ideally, this intern would be an experienced ruby coder, but we're willing to work with something who wants to pick up ruby and learn in a fast-paced environment. Make no mistake: this is a chance to work on real projects for one of the best startups in Chicago… getting coffee, moving boxes, or any other bullshit are not part of this offer. Spend your time working with a great team, tackling hard problems, and learning what it takes to be a FeeFighter.


famousactress 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA (REMOTE available for the right candidate)

Elation EMR ( http://www.elationemr.com )

We're working on incredibly smart and usable web based tools for physicians.

We're angel funded and have an incredible list of investors.

We're building with Python, Django, javascript, jQuery, Redis, MySQL, Java, and some other stuff.

We're live in a number of practices, and there's still loads of really interesting things to build and make better!

We're looking add one or two more people to our incredible team.



More details here: http://elationemr.com

agotterer 7 days ago 1 reply      
New York, NY

Lot18 is revolutionizing the way Americans buy wine. We provide a highly curated marketplace for wineries to sell direct to consumers.

We are hiring software engineers to join our small but growing 10 person dev team. You can apply by sending your resume and a link to your github to jobs@lot18.com.

Why you should work here:

- We work with a ton of open source technologies

- Well funded. We've raised $13.5M from tier one investors.

- People actually use our product. Over 400k users have joined since we launched in Nov 2010.

- It's not social media. We have a real business model and do 7 figures a month in transactions.

- Benefits: Competitive salary, stock options, medical/dental paid in full, unlimited vacation, plenty of wine, lots of challenges and interesting business/tech problems to solve.

veyron 7 days ago 0 replies      
This was posted by rush-tea on the imposter thread from yesterday:


People should be warned about making hiring posts like http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2829174


Looking for a technical co founder who is an avid web application Developer (front and back end) to join our effort in building social networking site.
We are currently looking to start a social networking site that has potentials to excel in a market where Facebook dominates, and would like a technical co founder to join this effort.

We have a step-by-step plan to launch this site. We have sets of minimum requirement needed to launch and we also need to develop more customized features onto it. That's where you come in, to customized these features and put the finishing touch on the site. Once the minimum requirements are done, we will launch the site in beta mode. We are hoping to launch the site within couple months after you are on board (the launching time is depending on full time/part time work you are doing as the technical co founder). Then when the YC Winter 2012 program application starts, we are going to apply for the program. Our goal is if we can have few hundreds (or thousands) users base before going into the program, that would be a great achievement.

What we need is someone who is strong in web engineering to help us in technical areas and take it to the next level while we are going to do the testing development of the site, business development, funding, user base, marketing, and opportunities. We are looking for help from the following candidate

- Can-do attitude, never give up, and love to solve problems (there is always a solution to every problem)

- You will be one of the co founder, we are partners. We move forward, fall backward and work together to achieve great things.

- software development experience as an web/internet engineer and experience in building back end web engine.

- Strong knowledge and proven hands-on experience with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, CSS

- Desire and ability to learn, excel, and 100% commitment to success.

- Must be located in Bay Area (or willingness to relocate) as we will work together day and night to make it happen

- Prefer that you are available for full time to develop (as you will be working with one of the co founders on daily basis as he puts his effort full time on this), but we can discuss what you need and required in discussion. What's really important is that you want to work with us, we want to work with you, and we are in it together.
Nice to have (but not required)

- Developed a production worthy SaaS application

- Experience building large scale applications is desired

- Strong desire to work in a startup, prior experience gets bonus points

- Knowledge of software development processes (Agile, Scrum) is desired but not necessary

All in all, we are looking for a passionate and genius web developer who likes social interaction, build sites, and is always challenged to make something better for the world. When we combine your coding prowess with the vision on where we are going, we can only move forward.

A little bit about us.

One is a second time entreprenuer, worked at a fortune 50 company prior to this. His educational background is MSc in Electrical Engineering. Expert in creating intuitive user experience, user interaction, and user values. Understand the market and eyeballing opportunities. Passionate about UI, startups, technology. Several years of experience in the wireless engineering and product management domain in wireless and mobile space. He loves to solve problems, creates opportunities, and love challenges. He will devote his time 100% day and night for this effort.

One is recent Cal graduate currently working at a startup company. His educational background is BSc in Chemical Engineering.

You <insert your profile> :)

Why diving in social networking market with Facebook domination?

Because we believe that the social networking site has a lot of potential to grow because as of now, it has only Facebook in it, and the market will give us the chance the grow (considering what Google+ has achieve in its first month of its launch, there will be huge growth to make). It's a great task and huge challenge ahead, but hey, if we are looking forward to it, then you must be too (no die attitude).

If you are interested in joining us and build a social networking site that offers values, please email us your experience at


We are going to look at all candidates regardless of background.

We are looking forward to great success together. We are open to any suggestions or ideas. :)

lylo 7 days ago 0 replies      
FreeAgent (Edinburgh, UK), intrepid developers of online accounting happiness, have several exciting new permanent openings at all levels on our engineering team:

Ruby/Rails Engineer

Senior Platform Engineer

Accounting Engineer

Ruby/Rails Support Engineer

Email us at jobs@freeagentcentral.com. Remote working is a possibility for exceptional candidates.

rory_k 11 hours ago 0 replies      
London, UK

C# developer

We're looking for a talented .net developer with a few years of experience to join our core product development team. It's a really varied role and with the company expanding there's a lot of room for career growth.

You'll have a good comp sci degree or equivalent, really enjoy writing code, and you'll want to work for a small company where what you do makes a difference.

We are a small software company creating innovative solutions for the Legal and Financial sectors. We're based in Shoreditch and our products are used by large firms to help them get greater value from online services.

email jobs@priorysolutions.com
see http://priorysolutions.com/about/careers.aspx

AngryParsley 7 days ago 1 reply      
San Francisco, CA - Rackspace

Rackspace acquired Cloudkick (YC Winter '09) in December, and we're hiring at our San Francisco office. Openings include Javascript, Python/Django, and Node.js developers.

The full list of openings is here: http://rackertalent.com/san-francisco/

amirnathoo 7 days ago 0 replies      
London & San Francisco: Javascript, iOS, Bus dev intern

WebMynd is doubling revenue every 3 months, team every 6. Join us!

Don't build the next social coupons site for pets, apply to solve tough problems for real customers. We're a team of 9, growing fast, who like to work hard, play hard, and make the world a better place for devs.
We're hiring Javascript, iOS and IE add-on developers, and a bus devt intern, in London and San Francisco: http://www.webmynd.com/jobs.php

We'll be 15 by the end of the year. We make cross-platform app development simple - it's like HTML5 on speed: http://www.webmynd.com/html5

We're well funded with paying customers, so you'll get proper pay, benefits and recognition. As an international founding team, we've found work trips away to be hugely productive and fun - we're going to Montreal in August and have been to Puerto Vallarta, Barcelona, Vienna, Playa del Carmen and Berlin in the last 12 months.

Join us! Email jobs@webmynd.com with links to projects you've worked on and why you'd be great for the role.

markmsmith 5 days ago 0 replies      
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Rally Software is looking for passionate developers with experience in building robust and flexible web-based applications.

What's it like at Rally?

We pair. We use Git, Groovy, Grails, Spring, ExtJS, Ruby & MongoDB. We only use OSs that have pipe & grep. We drink beer and play LAN games together.

What makes Rally a ridiculously good place to work

- Entrepreneurial Atmosphere: You are in charge of your destiny. The team owns all architectural and framework choices, so if anything is not working, we change it! Prove a new technology solves a problem and we'll use it.

- Hackathons: Had a flash of inspiration for an idea that could help the business? Unleash your creativity with regular opportunities to prototype with whatever cool new tech you want and present it to the rest of the team. If they like it enough, it could even become a fully-fledged feature and released as part of the product.

- No role or tech ruts: Extend your role or create your own. Work across the entire stack (presentation, middleware, web services & backend) or specialize in an area of interest to you.

- Learning: Overwhelming encouragement (and sponsorship) for attending and presenting at conferences, meet-ups, writing books, and blogging. Our experiment-rich culture has us evolving our methodology and tools constantly.

- Fun: We have a kegerator with a different beer every month, as well as regular video game and table tennis sessions. Few things compare to hearing your coworkers' cries from across the office as you frag them at the end of a long day.

- Copious Awards: Rally was named the Best Company to Work For In Colorado (where our HQ is) for the last four years running and ranked in the top ten Best Places to Work in the U.S. from Outside Magazine. We opened our North Carolina office in 2009 and are looking to aggressively grow it. Our product has won numerous awards and was recently recognized by industry analyst Forester Research as offering “the best combination of capability and strategy of Agile ALM tools".

At the end of the day, the main things we're searching for are talent and passion. However, experience in certain areas could help you hit the ground running, so here's our attempt at narrowing things down a bit -

Apply if you have ninja skills in:

Java, Javascript, and OO design.

We upvote you if you also know:

Groovy, Grails, Ruby, CSS, ExtJS (or similar JS frameworks), Git (or other distributed SCM), SQL (especially Oracle), MongoDB (or other NoSQL) and Agile methodologies.

A taste for beer & thai food, as well as having crazy good hand-eye coordination are also helpful.

Apply Here: http://www.rallydev.com/careers/available_positions/?categor...

RichardPrice 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Academia.edu is hiring engineers.

Academia.edu is a platform for academics to connect and share research. On Academia.edu, academics can upload their papers, tag them with research interests, and distribute them instantly to the News Feeds of everyone following those research interests. On the flip side of this, academics see in their News Feeds in real time all papers that have been uploaded to the site in their research areas.

The platform is speeding up the distribution of papers amongst researchers around the world. The goal is for papers to be distributed as quickly within research communities around the world as photos are distributed within friend groups on Facebook.

Amongst other technologies, we work with Rails, Redis, MongoDB, Beanstalkd, Varnish, Solr, PostgreSQL, Node.js and Memcached. We currently have 1.9 million unique monthly visitors, and have doubled in traffic in the last 6 months. We like to hire people who:

* love engineering and building great products

* are intellectually inquisitive and think that speeding up research is a problem worth solving

* are fun and friendly

We're very happy to handle the H1B application process for foreign applicants. More information about the team, and about how we think about software engineering and product development, is here http://academia.edu/hiring. Feel free to email me directly at richard [at] academia.edu

jfarmer 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Hi HN! I'm Jesse, one of the founders of Everlane.


We're trying to re-imagine retail online and make it easy to find products that match your taste and style. Right now we're focused on mens fashion, but our ambitions are much larger.

pg did a good job of explaining the opportunity, here: http://ycombinator.com/rfs2.html

We're building a members-only club where each month we produce and release a new collection of mens accessories and apparel. Yes, we're selling our own products, directly to consumers.

This lets us offer a tie you'd buy for $80 at Nordstrom's for half that. To produce in-style products we have a team of curators, run the largest men's fashion Tumblr, and are generally data-savvy people.

You can read my (somewhat out of date) blog, here: http://20bits.com

We're well-funded by the most stylish investors around.

We offer competitive salary, equity, and benefits. Our office is in Union Square in San Francisco, CA.

If you're a hacker, love data, and/or love style shoot me an email at jesse@everlane.com and get in touch.

Also, if you're up to the challenge, here is a little exercise for you: http://static.everlane.com/everlane_exercise.pdf

camtarn 7 days ago 0 replies      
Edinburgh, UK - FULL-TIME, INTERN positions available

Amazon Development Centre Scotland are looking for candidates for full-time, intern and student summer positions. We've just moved into our shiny new office in the city centre (Waverley Gate, right next to the station).


We're also hosting TechMeetup Edinburgh this month (Aug 10th) :)


Aloisius 7 days ago 2 replies      
San Francisco, CA

SeatMe is hiring! We're a cozy 8 person startup in downtown San Francisco. We're revolutionizing the restaurant industry and we need your help! We're in search of:

  * Objective-C engineers for iPad development
* Web developers (we're a Django shop)

How often do you get a chance to work at a tech startup where eating out can be written off as a tax-refundable business expense? Well not here, because our CEO would go to jail (and he's never going back to the big house), but we do work in an awesome intersection of technology and fine dining.

We offer a very competitive salary, benefits, moving costs and equity options for all full-time employees. H1B ok.

Apply online - http://www.seatme.com/jobs/

Questions - jobs@seatme.com

derwiki 6 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Causes

http://www.causes.com/join_us ! We're a small engineering team trying to save the world! with Ruby. You get a lot of freedom to work on what YOU think is the most important thing you can do for the company. If that means contributing or starting your own open source project, so be it (http://github.com/causes/ has grown by three new projects in the last month alone)

You can apply through the web site or by contacting me, adam<at>causes.com

ecaron 7 days ago 0 replies      
LinkUp.com Search Engine - Minneapolis, MN ($5,000 to relocate, $2,000 referral bonus) - Lead PHP developer focusing on new feature developlemnt

Recently finished a large round of funding, looking for a 80% onsite developer to lead our small, but amazing, development staff and pursue new features to help jobseekers make their task suck less! Work can involve whatever seems necessary or interesting (from iPhone to Facebook to 2-page standalone domains for a specific feature.) We use git, Solr, many Amazon AWS services - come join our team!!! (Or email eric@linkup.com if you have more questions)

Apply at http://linkup.jobs/?&a=showJob&ID=4471

andraz 7 days ago 1 reply      
Zemanta, Slovenia, EUROPE

Zemanta is changing how writing process works. Text editors stayed the same for last 20 years and it's time to make them smarter. Zemanta analyzes text being written in real time and helps the author with suggestions.
You can check a basic demo at http://zemanta.com/demo

We're looking for:

* frontend engineer (Javascript): Creating user interface for Zemanta's personal writing assistant
While authors write their text, Zemanta analyzes it and displays suggestions inside their existing CMS. You'll be creating interfaces that integrate smoothly into existing content management systems and provide whole new way to author text. We are looking for combination of knowledge of JavaScript inside browser environment and familiarity with CS foundations like basic algorithms and data structures.

* backend research engineer: Research and development in natural language processing and information retrieval. Implementing and evaluating new algorithms in word sense disambiguation, trying out ideas to improve document-to-document search. Languages are Python, C++ and Java. Strong computer science background is a requirement, .

* backend infrastructure engineer: Scaling out the crawling infrastructure, help with the tooling for researchers (scaling on Hadoop), constantly improving deployment processes, logging and monitoring.

Zemanta's research and engineering team is in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Our team is international. City is lately becoming a small start-up hub, so there are plethora of events related to tech, business and similar. You'll have a hack of a time in Slovenia, we promise!

Address: jobs@zemanta.com

dmarble 7 days ago 0 replies      
Palo Alto, CA LOCAL or REMOTE (full-time preferred)

- one advanced full-stack lead architect

- web/mobile UI designer

We have funding and are testing a restricted beta of our unique idea in the groups and events space, and are planning on launching our real-time product on the web, mobile web, and native mobile to a wide audience soon.

We've built a real-time stack of our own that bridges backbone.js <-> socket.io <-> gunicorn+gevent (through nginx) <-> django. As the stack matures, we may release the source. The web application is nearly all single-page architecture. We use coffeescript pretty much everywhere, including our javascript tests.

backend: python, django, gevent, gunicorn, nginx, postgres

frontend: coffeescript, jQuery, backbone.js, socket.io, compass

We're looking for:

1. One advanced web jack-of-many-trades. You know a lot about several things from above and have at least tried your hand at a demo app using the rest. Backend/frontend/deployment. We'll be growing our user base very soon and need knowledge/experience scaling the above technologies. We're on the lookout for locals (or those who can move to the bay) who want senior developer ownership and can be mentors/leaders as we grow.

2. Talented web and mobile designers (referrals would also be good). Even with the nifty tech we're building, our app will probably live/die based on making an intuitive UI with fun and easy experience. There are several unique challenges in this product that require novel controls -- creativity is a must. Would be great if you have more than just design skills, but very high quality design is more important than ability to build it.

gmail - davidmarble

LiveTheDream 7 days ago 0 replies      
NYC (Manhattan)

The Company: Tapad - smart advertising across multiple devices. We're developing very interesting new strategies and tactics for effective advertising in the ever-changing and ever-growing world of consumer devices.

The Engineering: The platform is written in Scala, handling tens of thousands of requests per second with 99th percentile response rates under 10ms. Well-informed bidding decisions are made for each one of those requests. We analyze enormous amounts of data to make the system work as efficiently as possible.

The People: We're looking for intelligent, creative, energetic people. Experience with any of the following is good: Scala, the JVM, JavaScript, machine learning, statistics, realtime bidding systems.

More information: http://www.tapad.com/careers

Get in touch: toby at tapad dot com. Put the MD5 hash of the word "Tapad" in the subject :)

remi 7 days ago 0 replies      
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

We are looking for iOS, Android and other mobile developers, as well as Ruby/whatever backend and HTML/CSS/JavaScript frontend developers. We're a team of passionate people working with large companies on exciting and innovative projects, as well as out own homemade products.

We are dedicated to building the best place to work at :)

Our jobs page, in french : http://vie.mirego.com/fr/emplois

PanMan 7 days ago 0 replies      
Amsterdam, NL

Both INTERN and full-time positions.
We recently launched Skylines at Techcrunch disrupt, and our mission is to organize the world's real time photos.
We currently process over a million pictures a day, and generate a lot of data in the process.
We're looking for people who can help us scale and analyse this data. Mostly backend developers on various technologies, ranging from SOLR, Hadoop to PHP, MySQL and Redis.
We're also looking for a front-end developer to help us build cool products around this data.
We're based in the center of beautiful Amsterdam in an active startup community.
Current alpha product at http://skylin.es,

Questions? Shoot me an email at martijn@skylin.es.

knowtheory 7 days ago 0 replies      
Hey guys, I'm just about to finish up my term with Videojuicer (after several years!), and they're looking to hire someone to replace (and extend) my skill set.

The tl;dr is that they're looking for someone who fits these qualities:

* Lives in London or Brighton (UK), and is happy working remotely

* Cares about software craftsmanship (test first TDD, agile development & some pairing)

* Cares about open standards and open source software

* Solid dev skills in actionscript3 (bonus points for exp w/ video)

* Solid dev skills on the JVM (bonus points for Scala)

* Happy building in at least one modern interpreted language (Ruby, Python, Javascript)


The full deal is that Videojuicer is a London based technology and media company.

We've got a close knit team of devs and all around good guys who have built a unique video experience platform. We've got a commitment to open web standards, and have even gone to the extent of making our (unfortunately flash-based) video player programmable using Javascript and styleable with CSS3.

Much of our player is open sourced and you can find it on our github page (see: https://github.com/videojuicer/smilkit-as3 and https://github.com/videojuicer/stylekit-as3 in particular).

The cool part about our full stack video serving platform is that we've focused on minimalist ReSTful component design, which has given us the flexibility and power to be able to experiment and build new visual experiences.

Our video player in particular is a cool piece of tech and in conjunction w/ our platform lets users build custom interactive experiences w/in the player (again w/ JS & CSS3), and deploy them selectively attached to relevant videos.

You can ping jobs@videojuicer.com, or hit up Ted Han (http://twitter.com/knowtheory ) or Dan Glegg (http://twitter.com/angryamoeba ) for more info. Our email addresses are also our first names at videojuicer.com.

Also, feel free to ask me anything 'bout the job here if you have questions :)

jonkelly 7 days ago 0 replies      
Denver, CO

This or That (thisorthat.com and QuoteEngine.com) is looking for full-time software developers. We use. JAVA, MySQL, EC2, MongoDB, jQuery, Hibernate, Spring. We have a small, but A+ team, led by an experienced CTO (Hotwire, DoubleClick) and CEO (Oracle, eCoverage, SureHits) who has developed software and had a significant exit. Reasonable work hours and (coming soon) offices with doors for all. Health, dental and vision insurance and (coming soon) profitability. Please check thisorthat.com/jobs for more info and contact.

steilpass 7 days ago 0 replies      
Cologne, Germany

We are building an open ecosystem to exchange digital advertisements: http://adcloud.com

I am looking mainly for good developers. Language background is not important as long as you have web experience. To drop some current topics: node.js, riak, ec2, couch, php, mysql cluster

Ping me & visit http://adcloud.de/dev for more infos.

fourk 6 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA: Focus - (Senior) Engineer

Who we are:
Located in San Francisco's Financial District, a block away from BART.
Offering competitive salary and equity.
Small engineering team (<10)

Tools we use:
Python (Django)
Javascript (jQuery, Backbone.js, Node.js)
AMQP (RabbitMQ)
CSS (Blueprint, Sass)

What you should be:
Above all else: Smart and gets things done.
Willing to work on-site in San Francisco. Working from home one day a week is cool by us.

Contact dmccomas@<our website> for additional information or to apply.

jerryr 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - MindTribe Product Engineering, Inc.

Hi, I'm MindTribe's director of Software Engineering. I'm looking for people who enjoy learning and making. We're a small company, and I'm looking for people with whom I would personally like to work and who want to work with me.

Here are the tools I use regularly:
The C programming language (specifically ISO/IEC 9899:1990);
Eclipse, Make, Subversion, Git, Python;
Linux, Embedded Linux, Android, iOS;
ARM processors (TI OMAP, TI Stellaris, NXP LPC);
Atmel AVR/AVR32, Microchip PIC, TI MSP430, Cypress PSoC

Here is what I enjoy doing at work:
Writing embedded software that runs on cool hardware;
Figuring out how to apply agile techniques such as test-riven development to embedded product development;
Reducing regressions and supporting customer development with agile techniques;
Developing embedded libraries for things like USB, TCP/IP, graphics displays, sprites, fonts, encryption, etc.;
Having long, dorky conversations with coworkers about programming languages, physics, estimating Facebook's relative revenue distribution between advertising and games, etc.

Here is what I enjoy doing outside of work:
Hiking, walking around San Francisco;
Pseudonymous humor blogging;
Cooking and baking;
Reading. Recently: “Test Driven Development for Embedded C”, “The Clean Coder”, “The Four Steps to the Epiphany”, “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, and “Norwegian Wood”

You can see examples of how I've applied my tools and passion here: http://mindtribe.com/portfolio/

You don't have to use the same tools and you don't have to enjoy the same things. But if you're excited about similar stuff, drop me a line at hn@mindtribe.com to let me know.


jordinl 7 days ago 0 replies      
Remember you can view the latest "Who's hiring?" post at http://hnhiring.com/
yosho 2 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Stealth funded startup in the local/travel space looking for backend engineers. A couple of areas that we're currently working on include smart search and recommendation engines, social and game mechanics, and sorting and filtering capabilities. We will also be expanding into the mobile space shortly.

Our tools: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, AWS, Git, nginx

The pay is competitive and the equity is generous. If you are an experienced engineer who enjoys being active, than this is the startup for you.

More Info:
- We don't care too much for formal degrees
- We're very flexible people so let us know how we can benefit each other
- Our team is small, but growing quickly so now is the time to jump on
- We are giving away more equity than you're probably used to
- We are part of a well known incubator in SF
- Email us to learn more!

If interested email dennis@whitehawkventures.com

drp 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

HotPads - http://hotpads.com/pages/jobs.htm

We're looking for software engineers, web user interface developers and interns of either persuasion. We're a small company looking for driven individuals who want make a big impact on the way people find housing.


yummyfajitas 7 days ago 0 replies      
Pune, India - we are looking for guys/girls who are smart and get things done.

We are building a search engine for fashion. We have an office in Model Colony. Currently we are 10 people (CEO, CTO, adviser, web designer, 6 content creators), with lots of work to be done and not enough of us to go around.

The main thing we need now is a general purpose developer. In the past month or so I've crunched half a TB of data in hadoop, build an html5/canvas app, and build a system for human oracles to properly categorize our data. We use javascript, python/django, and hadoop, though we really don't care if you've never touched any of those technologies.

Contact info is in my profile. Send a link to your github (or similar portfolio) if you are interested.

neiljohnson 7 days ago 0 replies      

OpenMarket are looking for Java developers to work on mobile messaging/payments platforms.

We offer hard problems, lots of autonomy, an engineering driven culture and full control over product delivery from design through to deployment.

See http://www.mxtelecom.com/uk/careers/roles/softdev for more details or contact me directly at neil.johnson //at// openmarket.com

trimbo 7 days ago 0 replies      
RyanGWU82 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Mateo, CA

PBworks is hiring a Web Software Engineer!

We're counting on you to make a big difference in our product. It's not just an opportunity to make an impact at PBworks, it's a responsibility. Millions of people will be using your code.

You're a jack of many trades: you know your way around a Linux command line and Firebug with equal aplomb; Javascript optimizations and SQL optimizations (and when you shouldn't yet bother with them); the design of MVC frameworks and visual design with CSS. You know how to make something beautiful and approachable soup-to-nuts. You've coded a few projects of your own, maybe some of them have even made the front page of Hacker News, but you're curious to jump into an existing small team that actually has millions of users and do some real, helpful work.

Fluency in: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JSON, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, git

Bonus for: node.js, Erlang, Perl, bash, Photoshop, Smarty, Prototype, mogilefs, memcached

You love: Agile, unit testing, functional testing, rapid prototyping.

To apply, email jobs-fwe+hn@pbworks.com.

chuckharmston 7 days ago 0 replies      
Washington, DC

Threespot - http://threespot.com

Threespot is a mid-sized digital communications agency that focuses on the do-gooding world: typically nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies. We're a tight-knit bunch of whip smart folks trying to do great things through our incredible array of clients, which includes: ACLU, Amnesty International, Brookings Institution, Conservation International, Humane Society, Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, National Park Service, Peace Corps, Planned Parenthood, and Smithsonian Institution.

In the technology department we're hiring multiple developers for two positions:

Front-End Developer: http://www.threespot.com/about/jobs/developer/
Web Software Engineer/Developer: http://www.threespot.com/about/jobs/sw-engineer/

Though we're open to candidates with all sorts of backgrounds, I think it's fair to say that we'd prefer backend folks with experience in one or more MVC frameworks, especially Django and Rails.

We're also hiring marketing folks, art directors and designers, UX leads, project managers, and more: http://www.threespot.com/about/


ipster 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA / Los Angeles, CA / REMOTE / H1B / TN / INTERN

AllTrails is hiring! We're building Yelp for the outdoors - A way to discover hiking trails and outdoor activities around you. Let's get more people exploring the outdoors!

Our team was AngelPad incubated, is funded by 500Startups and consists of a team from Google / Microsoft / Facebook and other startups.

We have the #1 outdoors app in the Apple store and our android app is launching this month.

We're looking for Designers / Front-end Engineers, Back-end Rails Engineers, and Mobile Developers (Android and iOS)

If your idea of sunlight is more than just sitting in front of a really bright monitor all day, we'd love to hear from you.


durin42 7 days ago 0 replies      
Chicago - Google

We're hiring at Google Chicago. It's a great office, and we've got a great group of engineers. Feel encouraged to email me if you want a resume put into the system - my email is in my HN profile. You don't have to move to Mountain View, and you get to play with all the awesome toys we've got and work on huge-scale problems.


earthaid 7 days ago 0 replies      
Earth Aid - Boston, MA - Full-time Data & Rails Engineers

Earth Aid ( http://earthaid.net ) was recently named to Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Energy. We're newly venture-backed by Point Judith Capital as well as strategic and angel investors who have built and scaled some of the most successful businesses today. We've been called "the killer app for energy efficiency" ( http://bit.ly/dZBy7q ) and our work has been featured in publications such as Mashable ( http://on.mash.to/hqyZqF ), TechCrunch, The New York Times ( http://nyti.ms/ayzLHb ), The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. We have offices in San Francisco and DC, and we're now consolidating our dev team and HQ into an awesome brand new headquarters in Boston.

We empower households to track & contextualize their electric, natural gas, and water utility usage. We value data, clarity, focus and beauty. We are looking for people who do too --- people who want to work on incredibly complex problems and come up with solutions that will change the world. We want the best and the brightest. People who work hard and play hard. People who want to make an impact. This is an opportunity to not only work with a dynamic group of people, but also the opportunity to build a platform that's revolutionizing the way we look at energy consumption.

To learn more about our very competitive salaries, excellent benefits, fun company culture, and small arsenal of office helicopter drones, check out: http://www.earthaidjobs.com, and send us an e-mail at jobs at earthaid dot net


Two Highlighted Opportunities in the Boston Office ->

Data Engineer: Problems You'll Tackle

Energy Efficiency: Build a product that can have an impact on climate change & the future of energy. Analytics: Use tools like mapreduce, hadoop, and AWS to drive insight into energy usage. Performance: Store the world's energy data in a way that makes it easy for web engineers to create experiences on top of it. Maintainability: Take what's useful from XP and agile to make sure that we're writing awesome code using practices like BDD, pair programming, and daily standups. Reliability: Build tools that make it easy to know what is happening throughout the system and that allow Earth Aid to be constantly available for our users. Security: Create an infrastructure that both allows us to be certain that our user data is safe while at the same time allow the flexibility to perform analytics and quickly iterate.

Ruby on Rails Engineer: Problems You'll Tackle

Energy Efficiency: Build a product that can have an impact on climate change and the future of energy. User Growth: Create a clear and impactful experience that drives us toward many millions of users. Maintainability: Take what's useful from XP and agile to make sure that we're writing awesome code using practices like BDD, pair programming, and daily standups. Product design: Envision and execution on product features and entirely new products. Visualization: Create beautiful and meaningful visualizations that impact consumer energy usage.

trefn 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Mixpanel (YCS09, Sequoia funded)


We're currently 8 people, all engineers. We're looking for hackers who want to scale.

We just built a new data store that lets us process hundreds of millions of items in realtime with unlimited filtering and segmentation, and we want to build lots of products on top of it.

It's a fascinating problem space and a fun team.

Check out http://mixpanel.com/jobs to apply

bijanv 7 days ago 0 replies      
Toronto, Canada

EventMobi (http://www.eventmobi.com) is a crazy fast growing startup changing the way attendees experience events, conferences, festivals with smartphones. Hundreds of thousands of attendees have used our platform and hundreds if not millions more will be using it soon!

We're looking for a backend web engineer to help us scale our system, optimize our slow code, take our platform to distributed systems and help us build some of the coolest new features being deployed for upcoming events.

We're offering stock options for this position on top of our already competitive salaries, this is going to be a core position for our team as we grow!

More information can be found here: http://blog.eventmobi.com/eventmobi-is-looking-for-engineers...

We're also looking for any interns that want to work with a fun team and get real hands on experience building core features. Experience with PHP and frontend code would be useful!

If you have questions, feel free to send them to work@eventmobi.com

andrewpbrett 7 days ago 0 replies      
Cake Health is looking for our first full-time employee to help us tackle the huge problem of health care costs in the US. We're in the Bay Area (San Francisco, Mountain View, Palo Alto for the Ctrl+F'ers).

The product to date has been built on Ruby on Rails + mySQL + jQuery, so fluency with those is a plus. We're moving on to tackle some larger problems, though, so I'm far more interested in what you've done than what you've done it with.

More info at http://cakehealth.com/jobs

eekfuh 7 days ago 0 replies      
Salt Lake City, Utah - Solera Networks

We are a vc-funded network security forensics company.
We have a great engineering team, in an almost all engineering company (80% are engineers).
We have the need for some great people, with a wide range of talent. We have needs in kernel development, systems code (C/C++), handle large volumes of data (100's of tB) to web front end interface development.

Full benefits. Lots of vacation. Great people to spend your day with.


(Also we love Zombies)

kgosser 7 days ago 1 reply      
Milwaukee, WI

Full time developer. Most of our stuff is in Java, but we have some Lua and other projects as well.

HarQen is our company: http://www.harqen.com

We're a voice asset management platform. Think of Twilio as only step 1 of 10 to the end goal of making voice a transaction that's actually useful after the call hangs up.

kris@harqen.com ---- feel free to email me personally to find out more.

ginkgoo 7 days ago 2 replies      
Boston, MA - Ginkgo BioWorks is a synthetic biology startup out of MIT that is offering programming internships to develop CAD tools and software to support our platform for genetic engineering of organisms for use in fuels, medicine, and foods. If you want to work on something other than photo-sharing, this might be for you:
keywords: INTERN, DNA hacker, biotech
CoffeeDregs 7 days ago 0 replies      
SF, CA : ROI-DNA web consultancy

We're looking for devs to join a rapidly growing web consultancy. We're a group of friends who came together to help all kinds of web business increase their awesomeness. Initially, we focused on marketing + strategy, but clients always wanted help with implementation, so we started doing a bit of dev work. Now we're doing lots of dev work from building mobile apps to simple JS tweaks to full-stack rebuilds to large CMS implementations.

Anyways, if you're game to play with lots of different technologies and clients, give a shout. And we're looking for all kinds of dev help. We'd love you to join us forever and ever and ever, but we're realistic: consulting is often a temporary thing as you plot the next steps in your career and that's fine with us. We're also happy to help you increase your runway if you're working on your own thing. Need awesome design work, some strategy, a bit of social media advice? We're happy to help you when you help us.

More here:

Web: www.roi-dna.com

Email: jobs@roimarketinginc.com [our old domain...]

lamby 7 days ago 0 replies      
London, England.


Small (7) startup in the gaming space looking for software engineers. Are you the one? You are, if you:

* Love agile development, working independently on your own challenges, and together in a team on the bigger vision

* Are completely fluent in a scripting language such as Python, Perl, PHP or Ruby and have experience with web frameworks and the MVC concept. We don't require fluency in our current technology stack - great programmers can pick up new technologies.

* Have used MySQL or PostgreSQL extensively and you know your way around Apache, nginx or other server. It's a bonus if you have good JavaScript skills (we use jQuery)

* Get excited by the idea of scaling web apps to millions of users

* Are the best developer in your peer group, and want to be at a place where you are constantly challenged and pushed to become better

* Get obsessed about the problem you're solving and don't stop until you've cracked it

* Have a thirst to learn new skills and technologies, and can pick things up easily

* Want to have fun building lots of new features and get stuff done

* Are full of positive energy, relish the thought of being part of a small, fast-moving team and enjoy brainstorming about new ideas

baycitizen 6 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Do you want to help build one of the world's most innovative news projects? Do you want to become a key member of a small, high-caliber team and work toward a great cause? The Bay Citizen team is redefining the model for journalism and is made up of a talented team of area experts. We need you to join our technology team to help build the future of online journalism with Armstrong - a new, open source platform for news.

We are looking for a Senior Python Developer who will play a critical role in developing a robust and flexible publishing platform that powers our 24x7 editorial organization. We will develop new journalism tools and innovative ways for people to interact with news and data from the web, mobile and other distribution platforms.

1. Develop and maintain the publishing platform with a small team
2. Take ownership and drive data/visualization projects to conclusion
3. Code primarily in Python, HTML, Javascript, and CSS
4. Make decisions independently and iterate rapidly
5. Be creative and self-motivated

1. You're a hacker that gets thing done.
2. Strong working knowledge of Django and Python (at least 2 years experience)
3. Significant experience with databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
4. Familiarity with jQuery and/or other Javascript frameworks
5. Demonstrated ability to build impressive, non-trivial web applications.

1. Experience with Amazon Web Services running Apache, Nginx and memcached
2. Development experience consuming or providing web service APIs
3. Experience with distributed version control systems (Git, Mercurial)
4. Interest in Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android)
5. Prior start-up experience.

Also, if you've built anything interesting outside of work/school, we want to see it. Links to web apps, git repos, portfolios, etc are greatly appreciated.

To apply for this position, email brian_kelley@baycitizen.org with your resume and cover letter.

Company Description

The Bay Citizen is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, member-supported news organization. In collaboration with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, The New York Times, and other media organizations serving the Bay Area, our mission is to enhance civic and community news coverage in the Bay Area, stimulate innovation in journalism, and foster civic engagement.

WillyF 7 days ago 0 replies      
Chicago, IL but REMOTE is ok.

I'm hiring paid part-timers/interns. Posting here: http://www.onedayonejob.com/blog/hiring/

One Day, One Job is my one-man show (that won't be just me for much longer) that helps college students find jobs and internships. Check us out: http://www.onedayonejob.com/

buymorechuck 7 days ago 0 replies      
Palo Alto, CA - Flipboard, Inc. H1B

We're seeking iOS and web developers with a passion for design and craftsmanship. We're doing crazy things at the intersection of native and web platforms in the name of user experience. If that appeals to you, let me know!


[[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"%@+HN@%@.com", @"charles", @"flipboard"] // is this safe now?

jqueryin 7 days ago 0 replies      
Skookum Digital Works: Charlotte, NC

--- WHO WE ARE ---

Skookum Digital Works is a custom mobile and web applications development company. We love working with startups and entrepreneurs; using agile methodologies and the lean startup movement to deliver minimal viable products. Delivery is key, so we look for performers who love taking control of projects and require minimal management.


--- WHO WE WANT ---

Skookum Digital Works is hiring both seasoned developers (mid to senior) as well as a junior dev.

We do not target specific languages per say, as great programmers have the ability to add tools to their belt as they go. With that being said, we currently seek individuals with any of the following skills:

  * LAMP/LEMP developers (familiarity with Zend, Kohana, Wordpress, or Drupal preferable)
* Node.JS developers (we have live projects and products)
* Frontend developers (jQuery/JS/Sass/LESS/CSS/HTML5)
* Mobile developers (iOS, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, phonegap)
* Familiarity with a VCS (git preferable)

If you have a skill set outside of the above, don't fret. We're still interested in hearing what you bring to the table. All we ask is that you leave your ego at the door.


  * Competitive salaries
* Three weeks paid vacation
* Health insurance
* Catered Friday lunches (Pizza/Techtalk Fridays)
* Once-a-month group outings
* Paid continual learning (conferences, classes, etc)
* People like you
* A growing company
* A great location and view (smack dab in the heart of Charlotte, 19 floors up)


If interested, contact me directly at corey@skookum.com with your resume and any online links or open source stuff you may have. We love developers who are active in the community.

StyleOwner 7 days ago 0 replies      
StyleOwner is hiring. email matt@styleowner.com

Where: San Francisco, CA and Ann Arbor, MI

Remote / Telecommuters also considered.

StyleOwner is looking for highly skilled, top 1% developers (frontend and backend positions available). Salary: highly competitive. www.styleowner.com. A lot of people think we're going to be the next big thing.

Accel Partners has funded us and Bob Pittman (the founder of MTV Networks) recently became an investor. Social media is huge, and the best marketer is a recommendation from a friend or family. So why not combine the two? StyleOwner is empowering the Facebook generation to become entrepreneurs and start their own online store. We've partnered with amazing brands to create “the itunes of fashions” and allow our StylEpreneurs to curate their own store, share it with their sphere of influence, and earn 10% commission on everything they sell. We're reinventing retail " true social selling for the first time.

We'll show you our concept deck and give you a demo of our site and business plan. You show us your Github profile.

Our technology stack is primarily ruby on the backend and html/css/js on the frontend. We use backbone.js, sinatra, datamapper, jquery, etc. Experience with git or a willingness to learn is a must.

We're looking for someone who we can pay a top salary plus very nice perks, equity, etc. We want you to join our awesome team and make bring this disruptive form of online shopping to reality. As an added bonus, Sunday is funday at StyleOwner. StyleOwner will pay for your fun on Sundays. Do whatever you love to do: fancy meal, rock climbing, baseball game, day trip etc (as long as it's legal of course) submit receipts and we will pay up to $250 per Sunday.

Our development team is in San Francisco and our main headquarters is in NYC.

Please send us a link to your github profile, resume, and some references. We'd love to meet with you, buy you a coffee or a beer, and show you some of our code and figure out if it's a good fit.

We'll start out with a chat over the phone so that you can ask any questions you may have after reading this posting.

apgwoz 7 days ago 0 replies      
Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/jobs) New York, NY, basically, for everything. We're profitable, have 10% time and quarterly 2 day hackathons, and roof access! Best of all we actually make a difference. Free free to contact me (my email is in my profile) and I can help you from there.
mahyarm 7 days ago 0 replies      
For everyone saying US only remote, don't forget Canadians (and Mexicans) who are often at the border as far as flight distance and can get TN Visas too.
kschrader 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY - Intent Media

Intent Media is building a unique enterprise-class advertising platform. We're shaking up the e-commerce industry with a big idea: enabling e-commerce publishers to monetize the 97% of visitors who aren't buying on their sites. Our auction-driven technology platform is easy for e-commerce web sites to implement and contains sophisticated tools for minimizing risk and optimizing results.

As a part of the Intent Media engineering team you would help us build out our software and algorithms that continuously analyze millions of data points to solve the problem of who to serve ads to and what the best ads for them are, all while being optimized to run ridiculously fast.

Tech: Ruby, Java, and Javascript

If you're interested, shoot me an email at kurt@intentmedia.com or check out http://www.intentmedia.com/jobs

jamwt 6 days ago 0 replies      
Bump is hiring: http://bu.mp/jobs

Come work here and help us get every man, woman, and child bumping. Or just stop by and have a beer:


apinstein 5 days ago 0 replies      
Atlanta, GA

TourBuzz is a high-growth startup that develops and markets industry-leading real-estate marketing solutions.

If you want to build using leading-edge tools, ship products that people love to use and actually pay for, and work with great people in a learning-oriented environment, we'd love to talk to you.


rmorrison 7 days ago 1 reply      
Palo Alto, CA - Comprehend Systems (YC W11)

We're hiring both frontend and backend engineers to help create next-generation reporting and visualization tools for clinical trials. We're striving to improve the clinical trial process, directly helping new drugs get into the hands of patients who need them faster!


dan_manges 7 days ago 0 replies      
Chicago, IL - Braintree

We mostly work with Ruby/Rails. Our team is talented, our practices are collaborative (pairing, agile), we work on challenging problems (high availability, quality of service, scaling, security), and our devs have 10% time to work on whatever they want. Developers use and love our product. Although we mostly work with Ruby, we also work with Python, Node, Java, .NET, PHP, and Perl. Braintree is profitable, you'll have standard benefits (health/dental/vision), 401k match, ample vacation, an above market salary, and stock options.

More about our people, practices, and software: http://www.braintreepayments.com/inside-braintree/how-we-bui...

Apply at http://www.braintreepayments.com/braintree-careers . If you know somebody who might be a good fit, we'll pay you $10,000 for a hired senior dev referral.

rush-tea 6 days ago 0 replies      
Mountain View, CA

Looking for a technical co founder who is an avid web application Developer (front and back end) to join our effort in building social networking site.

We are currently looking to start a social networking site that has potentials to excel in a market where Facebook dominates, and would like a technical co founder to join this effort.

We have a step-by-step plan to launch this site. We have sets of minimum requirement needed to launch and we also need to develop more customized features onto it. That's where you come in, to customized these features and put the finishing touch on the site. Once the minimum requirements are done, we will launch the site in beta mode. We are hoping to launch the site within couple months after you are on board (the launching time is depending on full time/part time work you are doing as the technical co founder). Then when the YC Winter 2012 program application starts, we are going to apply for the program. Our goal is if we can have few hundreds (or thousands) users base before going into the program, that would be a great achievement.

What we need is someone who is strong in web engineering to help us in technical areas and take it to the next level while we are going to do the testing development of the site, business development, funding, user base, marketing, and opportunities. We are looking for help from the following candidate

- Can-do attitude, never give up, and love to solve problems (there is always a solution to every problem)

- You will be one of the co founder, we are partners. We move forward, fall backward and work together to achieve great things.

- software development experience as an web/internet engineer and experience in building back end web engine.

- Strong knowledge and proven hands-on experience with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, CSS

- Desire and ability to learn, excel, and 100% commitment to success.

- Must be located in Bay Area (or willingness to relocate) as we will work together day and night to make it happen

- Prefer that you are available for full time to develop (as you will be working with one of the co founders on daily basis as he puts his effort full time on this), but we can discuss what you need and required in discussion. What's really important is that you want to work with us, we want to work with you, and we are in it together.

- Strong desire to work in a startup, prior experience gets bonus points

All in all, we are looking for a passionate and genius web developer who likes social interaction, build sites, and is always challenged to make something better for the world. When we combine your coding prowess with the vision on where we are going, we can only move forward.

A little bit about us.

One is a second time entreprenuer, worked at a fortune 50 company prior to this. His educational background is MSc in Electrical Engineering. Expert in creating intuitive user experience, user interaction, and user values. Understand the market and eyeballing opportunities. Passionate about UI, startups, technology. Several years of experience in the wireless engineering and product management domain in wireless and mobile space. He loves to solve problems, creates opportunities, and love challenges. He will devote his time 100% day and night for this effort.

One is recent Cal graduate currently working at a startup company. His educational background is BSc in Chemical Engineering.

You <insert your profile> :)

Why diving in social networking market with Facebook domination?

Because we believe that the social networking site has a lot of potential to grow because as of now, it has only Facebook in it, and the market will give us the chance the grow (considering what Google+ has achieve in its first month of its launch, there will be huge growth to make). It's a great task and huge challenge ahead, but hey, if we are looking forward to it, then you must be too (no die attitude).

If you are interested in joining us and build a social networking site that offers values, please email us your experience at


We are going to look at all candidates regardless of background.

We are looking forward to great success together. We are open to any suggestions or ideas. :)

sogrady 6 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, MA / Portland, ME (REMOTE available) - RedMonk

RedMonk is the developer oriented industry analyst shop. We work with clients large (Cisco, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, etc), small (Cloudera, Eucalyptus, GitHub, Splunk, etc) and foundation (Apache, Eclipse, etc) to help them help developers.

We do this by conducting qualitative and quantitative research on developer trends and behaviors, the output of which is aimed at developers and made available to them at no cost. Revenue is derived from helping apply the research findings to our client's individual businesses.

The company is small, virtual and distributed, with people in the US, UK and Spain.

We're looking for a full time analyst. Required skills include the ability to communicate - rationally - in person and in writing. You should have a reasonable online presence and a passion for developers and the tools they use. And ideally, you'll have training and/or experience in statistics (R) / economics, programming and rich media.

Travel is heavy (2 or 3 day trips a couple of weeks a month) for 6 months out of the year. Location is not a hard requirement, but if you're in the greater Boston area that would be ideal.

For the right person, this is a great gig: you might not change the world, but you can change the world for developers by helping vendors get it.

Send a CV and anything else you believe we should consider to hiring @ redmonk.com.

sim0n 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

BakedCode (YC S11) is hiring both iOS and Backend developers to join our currently 2 man team. We build many types of apps but the product you'd be working on primarily is Interstate which is a project management tool used by the likes of Squarespace, Twitter, Uber, DailyBooth and many more great companies. We work with PHP (5.3.6), MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, NGiNX, and Node.js on Amazon EC2 so the more of those you know the better (for the backend developer position)!

You'll of course get great equity, a competitive salary and we can ensure you'll have a great time working with us. More information can be found at http://bakedcode.com/jobs

shadchnev 7 days ago 0 replies      
London, UK. Forward Internet Group: http://www.forward.co.uk

We're a young entrepreneurial company that bootstrapped its way from its founder bedroom to an almost 200-strong company with very healthy profits in 6 years without any external capital.

We are behind uswitch.com, getinvisiblehand.com, omio.com, justcages.co.uk, petvillas.co.uk, forward3d.co.uk, locaria.com etc. You can take a look at who we are and what we do at http://www.forwardtechnology.co.uk.

We have been doubling our revenues every single year (up to £118m in 2010) and plan to continue to expand. So, we need great people!

We're looking for great developers (and many other roles too) to work on a variety of exciting online projects. We use Clojure, Ruby, Hadoop, Node.js, Sinatra etc.

Above all we're looking for smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial people. Full job spec is here: http://www.forward.co.uk/careers or here: http://www.forwardtechnology.co.uk/

Drop me an email at evgeny.shadchnev@forward.co.uk for an informal chat.

mikebabineau 7 days ago 0 replies      
Redwood Shores, CA (SF Bay Area) - Engineers and more

BioWare SF is hiring! Formerly known as EA2D, we are now the online/social arm of the BioWare group.

We're working on exciting projects:

* Social games for gamers (from BioWare and others)

* Games API (web services for online games)

We're small (30 people) and scrappy. And we're growing fast: 0-200 servers in the past 8 months. Tech stack is primarily AS3/Java backed by MongoDB, but we're writing more in Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. We have a highly automated infrastructure running on AWS (EC2 w/ELBs and ASGs, EMR, SQS, Beanstalk, etc., plus more than a few super-secret/unreleased Amazon features). Buzzword potpourri includes Chef, node.js, Google App Engine, Hive, Graphite, Tomcat, Spring, Ivy, Hudson, GitHub, Pingdom, Loggly, PagerDuty, and continuous deployment. <3 DevOps. We have a small but growing list of open source projects (see http://github.com/ea2d and http://eng.ea2d.com/).

We need platform, systems, and mobile engineers. Detailed listings are here: https://jobs.ea.com/search/advanced.do?q=bioware&globalR...

I lead the platform engineering team. Drop me a line if you're interested: mikeb@ea2d.com

plusbryan 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Sincerely

Sincerely is an early-stage, funded, and revenue-generating startup started by two former YC founders (@brezina and @plusbryan). We're a small driven team of 7 developers and designers with two popular apps launched so far: popbooth.com and postagramapp.com.

We're looking for talented ios, android, and web (node/php) engineers.


ericb 7 days ago 0 replies      
Waltham MA

Coldwell Banker / NRT Insurance

We are a small development team looking for Ruby on Rails/Drupal developer (proficiency in one is needed, both a plus).

We offer competitive pay, a small flexible environment, but the stability of a large company, rewarding work, and a free gym in the building to boot.

Drop me a line on Gmail if you want to hear more. I'm ebeland.

klous 7 days ago 0 replies      

Benzinga is looking for developers comfortable with PHP/LAMP, Javascript (jQuery), MySQL

Also seeking UI/UX designers interested in shaping powerful trading tools.

We're a VC-backed media company, delivering actionable trading ideas and real-time news.

We want people who desire to create major changes and work on interesting problems. Our team is building next-generation tools for the financial community in addition to our actionable content.

We are a vibrant, high-energy team in beautiful SE Michigan and we promise a few laughs and a great environment. For more on our culture and environment, check-out our blog http://www.benzinga.com/blog/

We offer top-level compensation and also cover relocation expenses.

Email me directly for more information: scott [ at ] benzingapro.com

tonyvt2005 7 days ago 0 replies      
Herndon, VA

TroopSwap (http://troopswap.com) is looking for a front-end engineer with experience in Rails and UX design. Full job listing here: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/eng/2524035341.html

We're well funded and currently available in the Hampton Roads, VA market with plans to expand to DC and San Diego soon. Come join in on the fun and help us reward a life of military service!

Contact the engineering team at:

jorgeortiz85 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York & San Francisco - foursquare


We're hiring for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, front-end and server-side engineers.

We're defining (and building!) the future of location products, and we need all the help we can get. Come help us change how people interact with the world around them.

sokoloff 7 days ago 0 replies      
Lexington, MA - Barcelona - Sydney - Windsor, ON

Vistaprint is hiring for a variety of technical positions (dev, ops, DBA, network, PM, data center engineer): http://bit.ly/great-tech-jobs

I've been here a little over 8 years and despite the boring outward impression you may have (and I initially had) of "Why would printing business cards be interesting?!?", this is an interesting and challenging place to work, with some of the best colleagues I've ever worked with.

We have sponsored H1B in the past, for the ideal candidate.

veyron 6 days ago 0 replies      
Rockefeller Center NYC, onsite: #1 looking for #2

Bootstrapped prop ultra low latency trading firm (as opposed to a firm which originally had investors and later kicked them out), and I'm willing to cut significant equity. see http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2835656 for some discussion of what I do.

I'm not a traditional finance guy, and I'm definitely not looking for a banking drone. Most of those tasks are handled by cron anyway. Sanctity of weekends are preserved.

the ideal candidate: mastery, to the level of obsession, with C/Python/coreutils; insatiable curiosity; inquisitive to a fault; chutzpah to challenge every assumption and assertion; calm under pressure; and desire to be involved in every aspect of the business.

Windonauts need not apply.

Excited? intransigence123@gmail.com

paraschopra 7 days ago 0 replies      
Delhi, India

Visual Website Optimizer http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/careers.php

We require engineers to work on our LAMP stack based application. We work on scale (1300 requests/second) and use advanced JavaScript/CSS techniques to make A/B testing work. Join us if you want to make a dent on website optimization space.

sanj 7 days ago 0 replies      
Newton, MA

TripAdvisor is hiring developers. Come push back the boundaries of mobile & social at a company still run by its founder.

Read about how we develop here: http://highscalability.com/blog/2011/6/27/tripadvisor-archit...

jmulder 7 days ago 0 replies      
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Funda is looking for a full-time User Experience Designer and Front-end Developer. Both positions will be in our current User Experience team, where we already have three designers.

Especially for the front-end developer we are looking for someone to head our front-end code, take responsibility and take the quality of the code to the next level. Feeling for interaction design would be an added bonus, as part of your time you'll be working along with our designers.

All design (3 people) and development (12 developers) is done in-house. The company itself counts about 50-55 employees.

More information: www.funda.nl/vacatures (Dutch)


Funda Real Estate B.V. is the company behind the leading real estate listing website of The Netherlands: funda.nl. We also maintain fundainbusiness.nl for commercial properties, fundalandelijk.nl for agricultural properties, and fundadesk.nl as a back office for Dutch real estate agents.

Just for funda.nl we currently average 420,000 unique visits a day, serving about 10 million page views a day. It sure is a challenge with big impact -- working at funda always gives you something to talk about at birthday parties.

jplewicke 7 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, MA (not remote)

MDT Advisers - We're a small quant investing fund working with:

- machine learning

- discrete optimization

- C

- large datasets

You can find a job description at http://www.mdtadvisers.com/careers/qea.jsp . The people, problems, and pay are good, and we aim for sane work-life balance(e.g. 45 hour weeks, private offices).

The team and management come from a technical background and don't micro-manage you. You also would have significant opportunity to work on your own research ideas and projects.

You can email me at jlewicke@mdtadvisers.com with any questions you have.

mdkess 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY - Broadway Technology

Profitable 40 person software company creating a successful trading platform for fixed income securities and others (we are not a hedge fund, we don't trade ourselves). Located right by The Bull on Broadway in Manhattan. Will sponsor TN-1, and some opportunity to work remote.


kamens 6 days ago 0 replies      
Khan Academy (Mountain View, remote is a possibility).

We're looking for top-notch developers to help create a free virtual classroom for the world.


snikolic 7 days ago 0 replies      
Boston/Cambridge, MA

Crimson Hexagon is looking for awesome developers: web developers, backend hackers, and everything in between.

We use machine learning to measure public opinion about major brands, politics, etc. using the social web as our datasource. We've collected, indexed, and are constantly mining an archive of over 50 billion web and social media documents, adding another 1+ billion each week. We especially need devs interested in scalability, search, and big data to help us keep up with all of the content we collect (including the full Twitter firehose).

Small team (just 4 engineers), mostly Java shop, plenty of free food and beer, just closed a $5mm Series B, and growing fast.

Drop me a line at stefan@crimsonhexagon.com

karthikv 7 days ago 0 replies      
SolarCity in San Mateo, CA.

We are looking for an Embedded Systems Engineer: http://www.solarcity.com/hr/204/26/Embedded-Systems-Engineer...

We are a small software team working on some really important problems in the solar/renewable and home energy efficiency space. Come join us if you want to change the world one roof at a time. Email me if you are interested.

spulec 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY - Yipit

Just off raising $6 million, we are looking for the 12th member of the team(when we posted this last month, we were looking for our 8th).

Come join us on the ground floor of one of the best startups in New York. Right now, great companies like 10Gen, FourSquare, Hunch, SeatGeek, and YCharts are all here growing together. Silicon Alley is going through a renaissance and you can be part of it.

-UI Lead Architect: Our interface sits on top of over 350 daily deal services and is used by hundreds of thousands of people. We need you to own that interface.

-HTML5/CSS3/jQuery Developer: All user-facing activity relies on these technologies. We will commit the full resources of the team to supporting you.

-Python(Django) Developers: We work with the latest technology including: Amazon Web Services, RabbitMQ, Gunicorn, Nginx, and Git. This should excite you.
Go to http://yipit.com/about/jobs/ to apply. Email steve@yipit.com with any questions.

bmj 7 days ago 0 replies      
Pittsburgh, PA

Senior Developer: http://www.invivodata.com/aboutus/careers/senior-software-de...

Junior Developer: http://www.invivodata.com/aboutus/careers/software-developer...

I work on the product team (which is hiring the senior dev), and it's really interesting work, with a mix of device and web development.

dctanner 7 days ago 0 replies      
London, UK

Pusher - http://pusher.com

We believe WebSocket communication is going to evolve the way the web works. Our aim is to be the first port of call for developers looking to build realtime functionality.

If you share our enthusiasm for the realtime web, want to be part of this grand ideal, and can abide our continued over-use of the word “awesome”, drop us a line.

We need developers and ops peeps to work on making the Pusher platform more awesome, and more scalable. Previous experience with distributed systems is essential, whether it be Ruby, Node.js or Erlang.

We're still a smallish team (7 in total) and there are great opportunities for having an influence in something really exciting. We're based in London (EC1), and we're looking for people who can work on site with us.


xkenneth86 7 days ago 0 replies      
Houston, Texas

Erdos Miller is looking to hire software and hardware engineers. (www.erdosmiller.com)

We are a consulting group located in Houston that specializes in designing electronics and software for the Oil and Gas industry.

If you are hardware oriented, we're looking for experience with analog and digital design, micro-controllers, C/ASM development, PCB layout, schematic capture, and Simulation.

If you are software oriented we're looking for understanding of basic data-structures, ability to write atleast a couple of a languages, and some past reference-able work. (Hopefully on github or the like.) We primarily develop software in C#/Python/C and LabVIEW.

If you're LabVIEW oriented we're looking for a good understanding of hardware I/O, LabVIEW concepts like producer/consumer, and some example work.

We really prefer someone to be local, primarily as you'll need access to lots of equipment to get work done.

Please email me at ken@erdosmiller.com if you're interested.

sciurus 7 days ago 0 replies      
Athens, Ga - EuPathDB

EuPathDB is looking for a front-end web developer to help scientists perform dynamic computational experiments on genomic-scale datasets. You'll get to work on innovative interfaces like our strategies system (description: http://bit.ly/ko0Y4b , source code: http://bit.ly/mUyL3D).
You'll need detailed knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Java, JSP, Struts and web services. Knowledge of SQL, Perl, Tomcat and Apache are also desirable. An interest in bioinfomatics and genomics applications is highly desirable and experience a strong plus.

View the full job description and apply on our university's website at http://www.ugajobsearch.com/applicants/Central?quickFind=573...

drusenko 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA -- Weebly is hiring for these impressive business card titles:

Spam Domination Engineer

Super-senior Front-end Web Developer
(this position has a fun challenge to solve!)

More here:

ashbrahma 7 days ago 1 reply      
Kansas City, MO. H1B

Handmark - Mobile Apps developer. www.handmark.com

Android Developer: http://handmark.catsone.com/careers/index.php?m=portal&a...

Server Software Engineer: http://handmark.catsone.com/careers/index.php?m=portal&a...

Email is on my profile and please mention HN on the subject line.

Matt_Mickiewicz 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - VP of Marketing

99designs is the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design. We connect passionate designers from around the globe with customers seeking quality, affordable design services.

Are you a product-centric marketing gun with a track record of success?
Looking for an opportunity to unleash your talent and make a difference on a global scale?

Then we've got the job for you.

99designs.com is the #1 online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design services. With a community of over 100,000 freelance designers and 75,000 customer projects delivered in just 3 years, we're taking the world by storm. To date we've grown 120% year-on-year almost purely on word-of-mouth from customers and designers that rave about our service... and now it's time to step up a gear.

We need a talented marketer to accelerate growth and take our business to the next level. Someone who understands product development intimately (two-sided marketplace experience a real plus), who can craft a holistic marketing strategy and then lead our team of external and internal marketing specialists to execute it.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

- Setting marketing priorities and directing teams to execute them
- Working with the design team to improve conversion rates
- Increasing retention of existing customers with targeted up-sell and cross-sell strategies
- Increasing referral by encouraging customers to make introductions
- Increasing new visits by managing PPC and other paid advertising opportunities
- Increasing new visits through SEO best practice
- Building out and managing the marketing team
- Managing PR strategy and executing all initiatives (internal/external)
- Owning key marketing metrics and reporting to the Board as well as the wider team

Ideal Applicant Attributes:

- Extensive history in marketing-led product development (5+ years relevant experience)
- A strong analytics background and a metrics driven approach to marketing
- Hands-on startup and team building experience
- Demonstrable track record of acquisition marketing success in a B2B environment
- SME business market / “Pro Consumer” specialist

This job is based out of San Francisco, California, in a very central waterfront location that is also inhabited by other creative web startups such as Automattic (the makers of WordPress), Lab Zero and Dog Patch Labs.

techscruggs 7 days ago 0 replies      
Austin, TX

AcademicWorks is a small, funded and rapidly growing startup. We are working with the latest versions of Postgres, Redis, Rails & Ruby to help college students get scholarships. You can learn more here: http://www.academicworks.com/rubyist.html

Littleme 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco/Palo Alto/Anywhere

Cloudera is hiring -- we have a ton of open positions in areas including business development, engineering, solutions architects, IT, product management, and training. Info is here: http://www.cloudera.com/company/careers/

thetable 7 days ago 2 replies      
Ableton in Berlin is hiring C and Python developers:


cvinson 6 days ago 0 replies      
Anywhere (we're based in Montreal)

Bandzoogle is hiring an Interaction Designer.

We build tools that help musicians succeed online. Our app powers tens of thousands of artist websites and helps them make a living by selling their music and growing their fan base. We've been “bootstrapped, profitable, and proud” since 2003 and are growing fast.

As our design lead, you'll own the visual Bandzoogle experience -- from the front end to emails to the UX of the app. We've recently revamped our entire codebase to Rails 3 -- now we need you to revamp the look of our app from the ground up.

Our 10-member team is spread across Canada, UK and USA; we work where we love to be. Remote work welcome!

More details: http://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/9438

xal 7 days ago 1 reply      
Shopify in Ottawa, ON


qixxiq 7 days ago 0 replies      
Cape Town (ZA)

SnapBill - http://www.snapbill.com

We're a small team of five in the billing & website hosting space -- looking for our third developer/sysadmin to help out with our website hosting end (EC2 / Node.js / Python / RoR) and a bit on the billing systems side (PHP & MySQL app)


abreckle 2 days ago 0 replies      
Visual.ly, in San Francisco, CA


We are building a next generation data visualization platform and are looking for front-end hackers with demonstrated expertise in all or many of the following to round out our engineering team. 5+ years javascript hacking experience, we use Backbone.js, jQuery, HTML5 and SVG.


jonursenbach 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco (full-time, remote for right fit) - gdgt

We're 5 guys right now with an aggressive roadmap, and want to expand to at least 6. Looking for a core engineer.

Stack: PHP, NodeJS, JS, jQuery, MySQL, Gearman, Memcache

More info at http://gdgt.com/jobs

covati 6 days ago 0 replies      
Durham, NC United States

Currently seeking PHP & Javascript developers who are looking to rock out in the triangle.

A very quick note about us: at Argyle Social we have built a Social Media Marketing Software platform that helps marketers to Manage, Measure and Analyze their social media marketing efforts. We are building the best tool out there for marketers looking to prove the value of social media.

Do you like waking up in the morning excited about the code you are going to write today? How about being amazed at how awesome the features and products you build look when you're done? Have you always wanted to play with new big data technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL DBs?

This isn't just HR BS, we work pretty damn hard to ensure that the dev team is doing interesting stuff and getting to push the envelope with new and interesting technologies. We know that when you are challenged with something fun, you write better code - so that's what we do.

We use an Agile development that has evolved over time (and continues to grow with us) to work well with our small, limber team. It has allowed us to build an impressive amount of robust product with very few resources.

On the front end we have a very slick, intuitive, and clean UI (check us out at ar.gy). You'll be working with our designer on anything that requires front end work - you'll be in awe of what he can do. On the backend we are building up a pretty huge dataset that we get to rip into. Learn more about our infrastructure at taws.me/2011/05/meeting-1.html

Argyle is a Venture backed company that has been operating in the triangle since December of 2009. We have 10 full time employees and an office in downtown durham where the Coke Zero flows like a babbling brook and the gummy bears and Fiber One brownies are plentiful.

More details here:

dget 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY

Coursekit is trying to kill an entrenched incumbent (http://blackboard.com/) and bring social networking to education, and we want you to help build it.

We're looking for an engineer who is excited about joining a young team that's shaking up how education works. We always try using the best tool for the job. For now, we use CoffeeScript, Python, Node.js, Redis, as well as a still-unreleased CoffeeScript framework. If working with these technologies excites you, talk to us.

Apply here: http://coursekit.theapplicants.com/j-11-222
Or if you have any questions, shoot me an email at dan@coursekit.com

pashields 7 days ago 0 replies      
Floop - New Haven, CT or remote (us only, northeast preferred) - iOS, Android, OpenGL, Mobile app design (Information Architecture through gradients and icons)
We're a funded "stealth" startup building what we call a social opinion platform. Our iPhone app will be launching in the next two weeks. We'll be gathering feedback and iterating quickly, so we'll need some help! We're interested in anyone with one or more of the skills listed above. We're low overhead, flexible on hours, and all we really care about is getting shit done.
Please submit code/github/portfolio if you are interested. We'll be happy to add you to our testflight before we chat so you can see what we are all about. Good compensation, equity for right person. pat at floop dot com.
jbapple 6 days ago 0 replies      
Eugene, Oregon, internship possible, noremote, H1B applicants welcome.

On Time Systems develops scheduling, routing, and other AI applications. Right now we're looking for engineers for our pilot and driver routing applications. We are actively hiring.


pyre 7 days ago 3 replies      
Anyone hiring in Toronto? (I see one, but there was another thread a couple of days ago where it was suggested that companies are having trouble finding people in Toronto... so I would expect more postings here if that were the case.)
arupchak 7 days ago 0 replies      
Amazon.com - Seattle WA - No remote, but willing to relocate based on experience. H1B is possible, again, depending on experience.

I am looking for a strong Systems Support Engineer for our growing team. We like to describe our organization as a Startup within Amazon, as our part of the business is still growing rapidly and our engineers can have a lot of influence on where the product goes. For this role in particular, I am looking for someone with a strong infrastructure/hardware bias to help us make the changes we need to scale our business over the next ten years without having to lift a finger.

Job description below. Contact me at ${hn_username}@gmail.com if you have any questions.

The Amazon Seller Services team is looking for a great Systems Support Engineer to keep our systems running and our customers happy. You should be comfortable in a Linux environment, be able to automate everything you did yesterday, and willing to troubleshoot and solve new problems on a daily basis. Come join one of the fastest growing teams within Amazon.


-Maintain stability and performance of our systems via tickets during business hours oncall shifts

-Diagnose and troubleshoot new production issues that affect our customers

-Create and maintain standard operating procedure documents for new issues identified

-Automate operational tasks to assist with our scaling needs


-Proficiency in a scripting language (Ruby, Perl, Python, Shell)

-Familiar with SQL databases

-Comfortable navigating a Linux environment

-Basic understanding of web application architectures

Bonus points:

-Written a Rails application

-Deep knowledge of Oracle databases

-Troubleshooting experience

-Ticketing experience

dshah 7 days ago 0 replies      
Boston/Cambridge, MA

HubSpot Labs is looking for an experienced Python/Django hacker that can help launch more free tools on grader.com that millions of users will use.

We usually don't recruit remote folks, but in this case, I'm making an exception.

Drop me a line: dshah {at} hubspot.com

p.s. We've been twice voted the best company to work for in the Boston area. You should find out why at http://BostonBattle.com

im_asl 6 days ago 0 replies      
Mountain View, CA (Intern, Fulltime, H1B): Engineers, QA, PMs, Executive Assistants, Recruiters.

About us

Addepar is recreating the infrastructure that powers global wealth management. Addepar's technology increases efficiency, transparency, and sophistication within the global investment industry, thwarting fraud and furthering meritocracy in one of the most important areas of the global economy.

Our CEO, Joe Lonsdale, is a founder of Palantir Technologies, which is known for revolutionizing technology deployed in intelligence, defense, and finance communities. In his early twenties, Joe helped to build a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, where he was one of the top traders. Our technical team is led by CTO Jason Mirra, and is composed of computer scientists from Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon. Addepar is supported and advised by a group of international billionaires, and some of the most respected Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

If you join Addepar, you'll be part of a group of talented, motivated and hungry individuals. We don't believe in excessive meetings, processes or unnecessary contemplation, we're a group of doers intent on changing one of the largest markets in the world. Our culture is driven by our core values of: measurement, fitness, meritocracy of ideas, alignment, action, creation of value and simplicity. It's not rare to see half of our team spontaneously grab dinner or drinks after a hard day of work.

We keep a beautifully stocked fridge, provide laundry service and catered meals. You'll learn a lot about finance and best in class programming, and have an opportunity to own a significant piece of the company and product.

tcc619 7 days ago 0 replies      
Qwiki is looking for backend, android and devops engineers in SF. We are currently using Ruby/Scala for most of the server side code.

We are developing a platform to allow people to experience information in a compelling manner(visual, audio, story). We need your help to deliver this experience to the world. There's a lot of interesting challenges(text mining, media processing, scalable and performant services) to be solved.

feel free to email me direct at t at qwiki dot com.


kabir_h 7 days ago 2 replies      
The Echo Nest in Somerville, MA (Davis Square) and London

Echo Nest is a music intelligence company that powers music apps with our API, including apps for the BBC and MTV. We've got a killer engineering culture, well-stocked beer fridge and you'll be able to shape the future of music. It's my 4th week here and I love it.

App Systems Engineer - London Office


Junior Engineering Intern

Music Information Retrieval Scientist

QA Manager

Senior Engineer

Web Developer

Web Developer - London Office


danielepolencic 7 days ago 0 replies      
London, UK: Web Developer, PHP developer

MadBid.com is looking for a front-end developer to join our young and innovative organization in the heart of London. You'll work with smart and creative people who are passionate about their job. You'll get all the advantages of working in a small team, where you and your expertise will play a key role in the development process. You'll meet exciting challenges ranging from load time optimization to API development and user experience issues.


McBoof 5 days ago 0 replies      
London, England: Pugpig.com looking for iOS, Android and HTML developers. Contract and Perm.

Jon here. Co-founder of a new startup in the heart of London focusing on HTML5 based publishing to tablets and mobile devices. If you're a techie nerd, a fan of client side/mobile technologies, and you care about publishing, you're the person we want.

Here is our site: http://pugpig.com/
And an example app in the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pugpig-guide/id441715052?mt=8...

There are currently only 6 of us, 4 of whom are very technical. We're looking for smart people, from graduate to very senior.

We've launched the first version of the iOS product, but need help accelerating our Android product and next versions of iOS. We also need people to create beautiful HTML for client publications.

Ping @McBoof or @thepugpig on Twitter if you're interested.

sanjayparekh 6 days ago 0 replies      
We're doing our second Startup Riot career fair in Atlanta on August 10th. So far there are 17 startups hiring for a total of 182 jobs and 28 internships. We'll be doing one in Seattle on August 23rd. Apps to hire for both are now open. Apps for job seekers in Atlanta are open and Seattle should be open in a few days.


jazzdev 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA & Seattle, WA

DocuSign is looking for mobile developers (Objective-C, Java, JavaScript) and back-end developers (C#). We're a pre-IPO company that's going strong and growing. For details on our openings see:


You can apply and submit a resume through the web site (above).

lukas 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco (Mission) H1B


We are hiring frontend and backend engineers. We use Rails, Postgres, Redis, R, etc.

Familiarity with Crowdsourcing or machine learning a plus. Help us give everyone in the world access to jobs.

Shoot me an email at lukas at crowdflower.com if you'd like to learn more.

wikyd 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA -- InternMatch

InternMatch is looking to hire a software developer as employee #1. We are looking for an entrepreneurial developer whose next job description will likely read "Founder." More details at: http://www.internmatch.com/about/jobs

Contact us at jobs@internmatch.com

andrew93101 7 days ago 0 replies      
Software Engineers (Santa Barbara, CA) (Candidates must be willing to relocate to Santa Barbara. H1B candidates are welcome.)

AppFolio is the fastest growing provider of online property management software. Our company was founded by a team of technology leaders with many years of experience developing Software-as-a-Service applications. We believe that a small group of passionate people can deliver extraordinary results. We believe in focus and know we can only do a few things really, really well. Our company is experienced and built to last.

AppFolio software engineers work to build scalable, robust and easy to use solutions to complex business problems. Delivering intuitive and responsive applications over the web requires us to solve both difficult engineering and product design problems.

AppFolio wants creative and independent engineers who are comfortable with a high degree of autonomy and an agile, collaborative work environment. If you are a smart, versatile software engineer with a desire to work with the following technologies, we'd love to hear from you:





iPhone (iOS) and Android development


Apache Solr/Lucene search technology


To apply, please submit your resume to tech.jobs@appfolio.com. No phone calls please.

erso 6 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY && San Francisco, CA

Pivotal Labs is always looking for talented developers. We're an agile Rails/iOS shop and have done work for clients like Twitter and Groupon, not to mention a whole host of startups. We're located in the heart of Union Square at 14th and Broadway.

And we just bought a new ping pong table.


shennyg 7 days ago 0 replies      
Los Angeles, CA - Full Time, Part Time and contract.

SaveFans! is a high-growth, early stage company, that provides a fully-automated, turn-key platform for buyers and sellers to negotiate prices and purchase event tickets.

  Job Perks

* Play a big role on a small team
* Work closely with founders and executives from some of the largest media companies in America
* Leave your fingerprint on a huge industry
* Have stock options in a company that is fixing a broken model
* Be the first employee for a funded start-up

* Experience building web applications
* Experience with MVC design patterns and frameworks
* Demonstrated fanatical attention to detail
* Familiarity with source control systems (Git)

* Experience with agile development processes
* Appreciation of software development best practices, but knows when it is important to deliver code
* Experience with git flow, Vagrant, Memcached, Amazon Web Services
* Comfortable working on the command line
* SQL optimization chops


tomh 7 days ago 0 replies      
Waltham, MA, local only, no remote. H1B a possibility.

OpenClinica is hiring Java Developers (Java EE + Spring + Hibernate + Eclipse + Maven, etc), Inside Sales Associates, Clinical Trial Setup Managers and others. Check it out here:


Feel free to contact me if you have questions. (Email in sig)

timruffles 7 days ago 0 replies      
Picklive - Real-time fantasy sports gambling, London, UK, in White Bear Yard, funded. Looking for anyone interested in writing Javascript with all the toys (Backbone, Coffee-script, JsTestDriver etc). We use Ruby for our simulation and Rails for our web stuff.

Not worried about experience/pieces of paper - come in and we'll write some code together.

http://picklive.com or get in touch via my profile.

Lisa_O 6 days ago 0 replies      
BrightTag is on the hunt for an amazing senior front-end developer who wants to architect and build innovative, useful and exciting web interfaces. The right person for this role values clean code, wants to be part of an Agile start-up environment and has some serious JavaScript (jQuery) skills along with css3, html5 and some PHP. Mobile experience? Yes, please. This is a great opportunity to constantly test and improve your skills on a rapidly growing user base.

Based in downtown Chicago, we're focused on innovation and shun big company politics and drama. We're small but growing wisely (21 employees, 11 of us are on the tech team), vc-funded (New World Ventures, Tomorrow Ventures), are working with some very big-name clients and gaining more weekly.

Interested? Show and tell us who you are, what you've done and why you'd be an asset to our team!
Contact me. lokeefe(at)brighttag(dot)com

Please NO 3rd party recruiters or outsourcing firms.

freyfogle 7 days ago 0 replies      
London (in Clerkenwell near Old Street and Farringdon tube stations)

Lokku Ltd, we run property search engine Nestoria.

Several full-time roles
- UX/frontendand
- online marketing

also some part-time/internship roles (paid)

we're a small, fun team of internet veterans with a profitable business serving millions of users every month. Join us.


stephstad 7 days ago 0 replies      
Raleigh, NC; Westford, MA; Mountain View, CA; New York, NY; Tysons Corner, VA (full time): Red Hat

Several positions available. Information on open positions at https://careers.redhat.com/ext/search

Working at Red Hat means working beyond the borders of obvious and ordinary. This is a global company growing fast and bringing open source into the mainstream.

jasoncartwright 7 days ago 0 replies      
Potato are hiring Django/Python developers in London, Bristol and Amsterdam. Freelance preferred, but fulltime available to exceptional candidates.

Our clients include Google, PayPal, News Corp & large agencies. We're a 30 person pure webdev house (no designers, no Flash, no account managers, no sysadmins) working almost exclusively on Google App Engine.


kylerush 7 days ago 0 replies      
Obama for America - Chicago, IL

Obama for America (OFA) is hiring many frontend developers to work on barackobama.com.

We are essentially a large startup that hit the ground running in April of this year. We need skilled frontend developers to help us create another groundbreaking information and mobilization site to help re-elect the President.

We're looking for developers with experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery mobile, ExpressionEngine, social APIs, Git, A/B testing and anything else that is necessary to achieve our goal.

OFA is a very unique opportunity to work for the President on a high profile site that has tons of traffic. One of the many benefits is working with a very talented design team.

If you would like to have a part in helping the President strengthen the country and improve the lives of millions of Americans, contact Kyle Rush (@kylerush OR krush@barackobama.com). Job description/posting here: http://www.authenticjobs.com/jobs/9256/frontend-developer

niles 4 days ago 0 replies      
Our Location: New York City or Los Angeles

>> iOS development & Android development (2 location finder apps + 1 bubble-bobble style game = 6 apps total).

>> Server and API development (faceted searching with Solr or ElasticSearch, database design with MongoDB or postgres spatial.) You choose the language (python or ruby preferred) and help set the roadmap / timetable.

Reasonable, but not generous compensation, however, we have plenty of work through the end of the year at a minimum to keep you busy. Payment via oDesk or PayPal, no visa required.

Teams welcome (preferred).

200902 6 days ago 0 replies      
New York, New Jersey, and Boston

Cyrus Innovation is hiring developers of all levels.

Cyrus is a small (~30 people) XP/Agile consulting firm based in SoHo. We provide XP teams on demand to both startups and enterprise organizations. We care more about your capacity to learn and your enthusiasm for clean code than how many years of experience you have with a given programming language.

Our philosophy is based on maintaining a high quality of life for our developers both in and out of work. We offer 40 hour work weeks, 4 weeks per year dedicated to professional development (conferences, workshops, learning a new programming language -- it's up to you), generous compensation and benefits (401(k), medical, dental, vision), and most importantly a casual and transparent environment where your ideas are taken seriously.

If you'd like to learn more or are interested in applying, check out the careers section of our website here:


pretzel 7 days ago 0 replies      
London, UK
Qubit group - http://www.qubitgroup.com/join-our-team

We're looking to double the size of our company over the next 12 months. We're hiring senior and graduate software engineers in the next quarter, plus a whole bunch of other roles. We're not looking for any skills in particular, just smart people.

Qubit Group is a 18 month-old company founded by 4 ex-Googlers. We're in the business of making company's websites perform better, by generating rule-based concrete advice.

We've a bunch of huge clients already, and are trying to keep up with growth! It's a busy time and you'll get thrown in the middle of bunch of AI work, doing cloud computing and presenting complex data to clients in a simple actionable manner.

It's a fun place to be (not just because we're in the middle of Soho), there's a bunch of perks for everyone and there's both strong leadership from above and freedom for everyone to do things the way they know best.

If you are interested, send an email to careers+yc@qubitgroup.com.

jim-greer 7 days ago 1 reply      
San Francisco, CA

Kongregate - we're looking for web developers, android developers, online marketing, and biz dev

itay 6 days ago 0 replies      
Splunk, Seattle, San Francisco, Cupertino (H-1B)

Splunk is hiring. You can see available positions here: http://www.splunk.com/view/careers/SP-CAAAAGG

We're generally hiring for everything, including core server engineers, dev platform engineers, dev marketing, product management, QA, performance, UI, etc. It's a big space with a lot of opportunity, and we're doing our best to capture it.

I work on the Dev Platform team in Seattle, and it's a blast. We're a small team (3 devs, including my manager, VP of Dev Platform), in a great space (across the street from Whole Foods in SLU), and everybody at Splunk is great. Feel free to reach out to me (my email is in my profile) with any questions.

We do H-1B, pre-IPO stock, benefits, etc.

hitch22 6 days ago 0 replies      
Palo Alto, CA - Rails Developer (CTO?) (local preferred, but will consider other U.S.)

Stealth start-up focused on a consumer finance vertical that's very large like Mint.com's, but distinctly different and, we believe, more interesting / subject to disruption. The initial site/app is nearly completed and we're close to launch. Our non-local lead developer, pursuant to known prior commitment, became CTO at a local (for him) start-up in an unrelated area. We're looking for an experienced rails developer immediately to fill his shoes to take company to launch and beyond. Ideally, this role would lead to co-founder / CTO role. Looking for very strong rails / jQuery / MySQL expertise, test-driven development style and entrepreneurial instincts. If interested, please inquire at workfor@finpicture.com.

RandallBrown 7 days ago 0 replies      
Lansing Michigan

TechSmith is hiring lots of developer (Mac, Windows, & Mobile), design, and QA positions. We're looking for good all around developers, if you don't know our technologies that's okay as long as you're willing to learn.


johnnyjustice 7 days ago 1 reply      
Blue Bell, PA

iPad Engineer/iOS Application Developer- Full Time

Software Engineer/Web Developer " Full Time

Software Engineer/Web Developer " Intern (FALL 2011)

Network/LAN Administrator " Intern (FALL 2011)


roobeast 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Trulia

Work downtown, one block from Montgomery station. We are looking for skilled backend developers, particularly search and big data processing skills. Most of the backend is written in java using hadoop and we leverage lucene/solr for search. We also have some python based systems and tend to be language/technology agnostic. The company culture is great, this is not a developer sweat shop and we stick to a no a-holes policy when hiring. Trulia is a technology company focused on helping consumers in the real estate industry. Our business is growing fast and we are profitable.
For the backend positions please apply to the senior software engineer using the following link, we will adjust title/comp accordingly based on your experience.


We have other eng positions open such as front end, mobile, sysadmin and data warehouse also.

jph 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

We're a fast moving startup working on human productivity. We're building on Ruby On Rails 3.1, SQL, NoSQL, Git, and using kanban, pairing, lean UX, and continuous deployment.


We're seeking senior UI/UX people and senior Rails developers. To contact me directly use joel@handl.it

wbills 7 days ago 0 replies      
Memphis, TN - American Roamer

Director of Software Development

We are changing the way that the telecommunications industry looks at market intelligence with our in-browser spatial data analysis services. Right now our team is growing and we're looking for a natural leader with a strong background in software engineering. You should be able to help us scale to meet the growing load on our servers and our developers by fostering an environment where quality code is shipped every day.
Some technologies we work with: Solr, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Rails, Javascript, OpenLayers, Node.js, Varnish, HAProxy, AWS, and Chef.

Also, there's not currently a position posted but we are always on the lookout for great developers/engineers/architects as well.


email: hr@americanroamer.com

phillytom 7 days ago 0 replies      
Conshohocken (Philly suburb), PA

Monetate is hiring - local only, happy to relocate. We've hired some great people that we met through HN. We're a SAAS provider of testing, targeting and personalization tools (e.g. content targeting, segmentation, A/B testing). We've got some grad, high-volume customers and we are growing fast.


Technically, we write lots of client-side JS for our customer-facing product as well as code that runs on our customers' sites. We're also looking for backend engineers that want to work on large data and web performance. We work in Python, but experience with that is not a prereq.

We have fun problems at scale, great people to work with, and we get instant feedback from our clients on everything we put out! We're having a blast.

Please feel free to email me any questions - tjanofsky monetate com

BlueZeniX 6 days ago 0 replies      
Purmerend, The Netherlands (~30 min from Amsterdam)

Online Touch is building the next digital publishing platform.

We're focused on development now, going to launch a new product with a big splash when we're ready. Our current (somewhat neglected) website hardly does our team justice - http://onlinetouch.eu

The publishing backend is built using a mix of Scala and Clojure, while frontend web development is done using Clojure and some Ruby. Our database of choice is MongoDB.
The viewer and editor applications are written in haXe: targeting javascript, iOS and flash >10.

Our office is light and roomy, which we'd like to fill up a bit more. Currently we're a small team of 4 bright hackers, of which 2 work remotely most of the week.

There's much interesting stuff to do. Talk to us :-)

darrenn 7 days ago 0 replies      
Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. Since December 2010, when Route 53 launched, we have been working hard to add new features (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2582674), make the service easy to use, and scale our systems. In that time, we've had a big impact on the DNS space, attracting some major customers and filling a gap in the market. Our team is small, nimble, and crazy smart. Working on Route 53 you'll learn tons about networking, DNS, operating a tier-0 service, and growing a business.

We've got lots of exciting plans for this year and next and we're looking for developers and managers to help us turn them into reality. See http://aws.amazon.com/route53-jobs/ for details.

assembla 5 days ago 0 replies      
Assembla.is hiring remote Ruby on Rails developers. We are seeking experienced RoR backend developers https://www.assembla.com/search/show_job/888
and junior RoR devs for application internationalization.https://www.assembla.com/search/show_job/890
More positions to be posted in the coming week.
Assembla offers tools and workspaces to help accelerate software development. We are based in the Boston area with a distributed global development team. We develop with agile methodologies; we move fast.
cpg 6 days ago 0 replies      
Sunnyvale, CA

Looking for kick-ass co-founders for Amahi (profitable early stage) with either:

- a strong business development background, current marketing skillz, hopefully with OEM and VAR contacts to boot

- a demonstrated strong technical background, with emphasis on Linux, software distribution, servers, web apps, ruby, and RoR

- a multi-talented current marketing background

Amahi is a profitable early-stage startup making the coolest way to deploy and configure a media and app server

pushpins 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Pushpins

Help Us Kill the Paper Coupon!

Pushpins " an venture-backed startup founded by two Harvard graduates who have previously started companies focused on retail point of sale systems and commerce analytics.

Our goal is to create a massively scalable self-service digital coupon platform to shift the 400 billion paper grocery coupon business to mobile.

We have developed and integrated a cloud-based solution into thousands of grocery and drug stores across the country. Our iOS application was the #2 productivity application on iTunes and has been featured by Apple multiple times.

We are looking for strong strong object-oriented developers with experience with PHP/Java and MySQL

Want to join the team? http://www.pushpinsapp.com/jobs/

tomnewton 7 days ago 0 replies      
London, UK ( Piccadilly Circus )

We're ( social gaming - http://www.iwi.com/ ) hiring C# .NET, Actionscript, Python and Objective-c/C++ developers.

Get in touch! Come build great games played by millions each month. jobs //at// iwi.com - use the subject HN.

spolu 7 days ago 0 replies      
Crowd, France/UK [http://usecrowd.com]

We're looking for our employee #1 (dev) in France/UK with eventual move to the US in the months to come.

Want a chance to change the way people see the world live?

Drop us a line at team@usecrowd.com

geddes 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY: The Council on Foreign Relations is hiring a Web Operations Manager.

CFR publishes ForeignAffairs.com and CFR.org. We're looking for a broadly skilled web generalist with a background either in web development or server administration. In this role you'll have your finger in both pies :-). CFR is a great place for the intellectual hacker. If you are interested in foreign policy, current events and/or politics, you'll enjoy the opportunity to work alongside the thought leaders that work here.

Full job description: http://www.cfr.org/about/career_opportunities/openings.html#...
If interested send me a note. gmunson (at) cfr (dot) org. No recruiters please.

thomd 7 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge and Brighton (UK)

Do you want to have a voice in strategy and policy, as well as how you do your work? Would you rather have fun and make a difference than get a giant corporate salary?

We are a not-for-profit organisation working in the international development sector who are passionate about using technology for social good. We are looking for smart software developers to join our team.

In addition to writing code, you may have opportunities to facilitate and train others, work in developing countries, build solar powered IT labs (or other hardware systems), manage projects, and present at conferences.

For details see http://www.aptivate.org/job-web-developer

dcc 7 days ago 0 replies      
London, Barcelona

Pixfizz is looking for ruby, javascript, polyglot developers.
We're developing a web2print hosted service. Recently became an HP partner and need new people on the team to work on scaling the system and pushing the enveloppe with our browser based design tool.
A bootstrapped startup with a sustainable business, we're flexible, open to telecommuting from Europe and the US. You just have to passionate about delivering product and growing the system.
Some of the tech we're working with: rails, node.js, riak.

Junior developers with a real interest in some of the technology are welcome.
Contact me directly daniel@pixfizz.com - http://www.barcelonaonrails.com/jobs/27

Stealx 6 days ago 0 replies      
TrainSignal: 9 years old, profitable from the start, high growth, Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for the past few years

E-Mail Marketing:

Web Designer/Developer(will pay to relocate to Chicago):

Also if you're a freelance web designer specializing in landing pages/product pages also e-mail me.

Any questions? iman@trainsignal.com

morganb 7 days ago 0 replies      
Los Angeles, CA

ScoreBig is a USVP and Bain backed company in Hollywood, CA that has raised more than $22 million to build the first consumer-friendly value channel for live event tickets. ScoreBig members pick their price and save up to 60% on sports, concert and theater tickets, while never paying any fees or delivery charges.

Check out the following openings and apply at http://careers.scorebig.com/

ETL Developer,
Senior QA Engineer,
Software Engineer,
Software Engineer in Test

Check out our flickr feed here for shots of the office and life at ScoreBig: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scorebig

geraldinelrx 5 days ago 0 replies      
DC-based HelloWallet.com is hiring Java developers and offering a $5,000 referral bonus per hire. Backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, Steve Case, Jean Case and Grotech Ventures, HelloWallet is a financial guidance web app dedicated to boosting the wealth of its members. We're offering a $5,000 referral bonus for extraordinary Java engineers. Anyone can submit a referral and earn $5k if their referral is hired. Join us! Awesome team and environment right in the heart of DC. More info: www.hellowallet.com/about-us/jobs/
theflow 7 days ago 0 replies      
Copenhagen, Denmark

Podio is hiring a backend developer.

We're building our take on the future of work, which is part social collaboration and part empowering users to build their own tools (think HyperCard for the web).

You'll be working on our Python based API, which powers our front-end and other clients. We believe strongly in metrics, testing and continuous integration.

You take pride in your craft and enjoy learning new technologies. You love to see your code running smoothly on production.

More infos:

freddealmeida 7 days ago 3 replies      
Anyone hiring in Japan?
sethbannon 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY

BlueFusion is seeking a talented and experienced Rails developer who can quickly adapt to new situations and technologies in an entrepreneurial environment. We're a new startup moving fast and developing innovative solutions to unique problems in the political and non-profit sphere. BlueFusion offers the rare opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives while developing cutting edge technology. Become a core member of the team and help lead our vision into the future.

Interested in learning more? Email jobs+hn@bluefusion.org or visit http://www.bluefusion.org/jobs

H1B friendly.

mmcgrana 6 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA

Heroku is hiring infrastructure engineers across all of our platform teams.

We develop a large distributed system that runs and manages thousands of applications in the cloud. We're looking for engineers who are exited about working on challenging systems at scale.

Some specific things we work on:

- Dynamic HTTP and Syslog routing: Erlang, Redis

- Cloud-wide distributed process management: Ruby, PostgreSQL, AMQP

- Containerized process execution: Linux, LXC

- Platform substrate management: Ruby, EC2/ELB/S3

- Real-time event processing: Clojure

If you're interested in learning more, email me directly: mark@heroku.com.

adjohn 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA / Tokyo, Japan, / Barcelona, Spain

Midokura is changing the way you think about networks.

We are looking for full time front-end and distributed systems engineers - http://www.midokura.com/careers.html

We're small international team with offices in three countries. We have a great team, and looking for a good fit to help us grow and attack more challenging problems. Check out the descriptions and more about our company here - http://www.midokura.com/careers.html

Feel free to hit me up at adam <at> midokura.com

vanhiker 7 days ago 0 replies      
Vancouver, BC

SilkStart is looking to expand our team
UI/UX and Back End Developers - We use mako, html, javascript, jquery, sass for our UI and pylons/mako for our back End

If you're interested please get in touch with us at jobs@silkstart.com

brugidou 7 days ago 0 replies      
Paris, France - (interns accepted, no remote) - Criteo

We do a lot of things and use C# (.NET), memcached, hadoop/hive, mongoDB, SQL Server, RabbitMQ...

We are looking for great developers, passionate about engineering challenges … looking for the next problem to solve, in a fast-paced environment!
- BS/MS n computer science or a scientific field
- Excellent analytical skills/Strong focus on algorithmic thinking
- Experience in software development (C#, Java or C++)
- Ability to build high quality code
All the job descriptions are also on the French career page http://www.criteo.com/fr/a-propos/emploi

newgrad 4 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA.

Boku is looking for a web developer. Need to be an experienced one. Will be dealing with PHP (Symfony framework), JQuery, HTML, CSS, REST APIs. Mobile UI development experience is a plus.


danielhfrank 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY - Software Engineer , fulltime

Trendrr is a real-time data processing engine that powers Trendrr.com, Trendrr.tv, and other media experiences. We are a small, lean startup. Our stack is built on open source, and we believe in giving back wherever possible. This is a very small development team, and you will have a hand in everything.

For more information about the position see: http://blog.trendrr.com/2011/05/24/software-engineer-wanted-.... or contact me directly, I am a developer at Trendrr and am happy to answer your questions

bobx11 6 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge, MA

We are building software to help universities find better students. We are located in Kendal Square and are looking for iOS and Python hackers that like building product. Our work: www.AdmitPad.com

Want to hear more? iheartcode@admitpad.com

wmandrell 5 days ago 0 replies      
Los Angeles, CA

I have no experience with HTML, CSS, programming, or website design. I was hit with a brilliant idea for a social networking, user review, and local search web site months ago that can create excess income for many of the common talented/skilled that lack the resources.

I am on an inexorable hunt for a tech co-founder! I am passionate about my concept and vision. Only the hungry reply.


jeffcody 7 days ago 0 replies      
Indiana (Fort Wayne)

Permanent Local is preferred, but will also consider permanent remote and freelance as well.

We are looking for both embedded Linux and traditional embedded developers.

Some things you'd be working on include first time board bring-up (ARM based processors) with u-boot and Linux, so you need to be comfortable with low-level drivers and Linux porting.

Android experience is a plus, some of these Linux ports are also Android ports.

My email addresses are in my profile - either email address will work. Please mention HN in your email.

Tofusensei 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA (H1B friendly, entry-level OK)

ThoughtLeadr (www.thoughtleadr.com) is an angel-funded early stage B2B startup. We're building social media analytics, ad targeting and engagement solutions for content-generation sites (think reddit, not facebook).

We're looking to hire a very smart engineer to help build and support our back-end systems. Be prepared to deal with BIG data.

Be very comfortable on a linux command line and have a deep understanding of programming concepts.

email your resume & sample code to jobs@thoughtleadr.com

andybarton23 7 days ago 0 replies      
Palo Alto, CA


We're continuing to build out the core team developing www.quora.com hiring software engineers and product designers: http://www.quora.com/jobs
With less than 30 employees, this is a chance to join at a stage where everyone's work will have a huge impact on the technology, the product, and the culture of the company. A unique opportunity to solve challenging problems and play a big part in building a highly visible consumer internet product.

krupan 7 days ago 0 replies      
Fusion-io. We are hiring FPGA and ASIC design and/or verification engineers for both our Salt Lake City and San Jose offices. Verilog, Xilinx, Altera, Systemverilog, UVM. We make the fastest non-volatile storage in the world. Prominent customers of our products are HP, IBM, Dell, Facebook, and Apple. Smaller team, fast pace, very smart co-workers.

We probably have some software (linux device driver, build system, rpm/deb packaging, c and python) positions as well, just not on my team. Email bmurdock AT fusionio.com.

czue 7 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, MA

Dimagi is looking for exceptional software developers to join our ranks. We are a small and growing social enterprise based in Boston but our systems are deployed primarily in rural Africa and Asia. We offer a fun and stimulating environment, a chance to see the world, and to make a difference in places that need it most. At Dimagi, you can do right by coding well.


Please reference HN in your application.

ADiMichele 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA - Omada Health Inc - Web Developer
We're a brand new startup applying the principles of social-web software to the treatment of a real public health condition (diabetes). We've gotten some great feedback so far (and some funding) so now we just need to build the damn thing (well, a prototype at least).
If you consider yourself a smart developer and want to work in the health field (because hey, it's up-and-coming and making a difference is fun) please shoot us an email!
nicosteeg 6 days ago 0 replies      
Paris, France - Stupeflix [http://stupeflix.com]

We're looking for one front end and one back end engineer to join our team of five and help the world create awesome videos via our web app (available on Youtube.com/create) and our API (producing millions of videos a month). Come work on the GPU rendering engine, pixel-refine an advanced web app, and challenge us on Kinect.
Send your Kinect Sports highest score to contact@stupeflix.com

danatwork 7 days ago 0 replies      
Washington, DC
Reston, VA

We are looking for experienced Java developers.


Also looking for candidates in London and Dayton, OH.

I can tell you it is a small company and you will be able to shape the product and work with interesting technologies.

Full time work. No contractors. Office located in Reston Virginia. Email in my profile.

tsewlliw 6 days ago 0 replies      
Austin, TX

SmartBear Software - CodeCollaborator

Like tools? So do we. We make a tool that makes being a developer better. No matter if you're a angry ClearCase expert, UX crusader, Visual Studio die-hard, Eclipse classloader wank, or Git guru -- you know that someone else looking at your code is good. We aim to keep making that eyeball time more valuable, and more measurable, and help show people in other fields the power of tool assisted review.


derrekl 7 days ago 0 replies      
Los Angeles, CA

Washington, DC

Taxi Magic

Iphone, Android, Ruby engineers: http://taximagic.theresumator.com/

jaos 6 days ago 0 replies      
Pittsburgh, PA (intern, full-time,remote): Timesys

We are looking for embedded Linux kernel developers, build system gurus, gnu tool hackers, userspace application developers, and support engineers.

In office environment very fun, team oriented with kegerator, video game breakroom, and hilarious water cooler discussions.


tell em jaos sent you

psota 7 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge, MA Panjiva (http://panjiva.com) is changing the way companies do business across borders. We're VC-backed by the same investors that backed ITA Software, Groupon, Akamai, etc. We're also profitable and have thousands of customers. Hiring in engineering (UI; UX; frontend; backend data mining/ops) and business (marketing, sales, etc.). See http://panjiva.com/jobs
perlpimp 7 days ago 0 replies      
OnSite: Moscow, Russia, Visa support/accommodation will be provided. 6 month contract, leading to permanent possible in SF / Bay.

Ruby on Rails with Javascript(jQuery/Sencha) [Fontend]
Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL / NoSQL [Backend]


krschmidt 7 days ago 0 replies      
Eugene, OR
Community College with an interest in upcoming academic technology and open source searching for:
* Web Administrator - Moodle, Drupal, LAMP http://jobs.lanecc.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=51921
* Programmer/Analyst - Oracle, Sungard Banner http://jobs.lanecc.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=51946
wrath 7 days ago 0 replies      
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Gazaro is hiring 2 full-time Python developers and a QA Engineer. (http://www.gazaro.com/careers)

Gazaro specializes in gathering prices from retail products, matching products from different retailers, compiling the data and performing statistical analysis. We have a consumer based website and an b2b product.

Drop me an email careers@gazaro.com attention "Dominic" if you're interested.

DaveSwift 7 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, MA - Magento Developer - Looking for truly intelligent, fun, passionate PHP developers looking to join a rapidly growing team and solve complex challenges. We primarily work on large scale e-commerce implementations for big brands " i.e. 3M, Scholastic, Crumbs, Griffin Technology, etc.


ericsilver 7 days ago 0 replies      
Pittsburgh, PA H1B

Pikimal is looking for people interested in NLP, search, and information retrieval. We've a fast-growing collection of facts, facets, and evolving definitions of common adjectives, but we'd like some help making these assets more useful.

We code in Ruby, but have had good experiences hiring people without Ruby experience. We're also looking for a best-in-class SQL tuner for contract work.

You can get in touch with me at eric@pikimal.com

tudorg 7 days ago 1 reply      
Berlin, Germany

IPTEGO is looking for C/C++ developers (http://www.iptego.com/jobs/software-developer-cc) and Field Application Engineers (http://www.iptego.com/jobs/field-applications-engineer). No remote work, but we can help you relocate. A bunch of HN lurkers would like to meet you!

postwait 7 days ago 0 replies      
Columbia, MD

Circonus - https://circonus.com/about/careers

Startup. Game on. careers@circonus.com

eric2701 6 days ago 0 replies      
San Diego, CA: Qualcomm R&D

Ready to change the world? We are working on the next computing paradigm: Neuromorphic Computing, literally computers based on the brain. Part of this effort is to create the tool, an IDE, to be used in the design and develop the neural systems based on our technologies. Think Eclipse or XCode for the brain.

The tool will be used to design, visualize, run and analyze large neural systems and we want it to be available to everyone so we are putting it on the web. To accomplish this we will be pushing the limits of what can be done in a browser. Utilizing all the latest technologies in HTML5: Canvas, WebGL, etc, to create a rich client side user interface as well as C++ for a high performance backend.

Must be familiar with the newest HTML5 Javascript APIs, e.g. WebGL and Canvas, as well as be a master at squeezing all the functionality out of the older APIs.

General OO design and C++ experience and a willingness to learn engineering based neuroscience also required.

OpenGL, GUI development, familiarity with Agile development practices, and a familiarity with the Linux development environment desired.

Apply here:

synacorhr 5 days ago 0 replies      
Buffalo, NY

Are you passionate about writing outstanding code? Do you love working on products that users rave about? Do you thrive in an environment where creativity is at its finest? Do you enjoy tackling hard problems and have a track record delivering results? If you answered “No” to any of these questions there is no need to read on. Now that we have the attention of the candidates we are really after we are looking for a talented, driven and experienced Senior Engineer rockstar who is looking for an opportunity to team up with other PHP rock stars in an exciting and growing company. The ideal candidate will have a can-do attitude, passion for technology, and extensive PHP development experience. So if you are interested in building applications used by millions of people then Synacor is the place for you!

Please apply on our website at www.synacor.com/careers

dsr_ 7 days ago 0 replies      
Cambridge MA, Kendall Square

Smartleaf is looking for a senior sysadmin (Linux), clever devs (especially Ruby), and a marketing research manager.

We do a particular kind of SAAS for banks and brokerages: portfolio analysis and management. All our customers like us.


evan2 5 days ago 0 replies      
New York

chloe + isabel is an exciting, fashion-forward jewelry start-up based in a beautiful Tribeca office space. We sell high-quality fashion jewelry via our merchandiser network made up of passionate young women across America; we operate a direct sales model so each one of our merchandisers gets paid a commission for every sale they make. Most exciting is that c + i is building and utilizing the Internet and web 2.0 technologies to set us apart from our competitors.

We are looking for a couple highly skilled Ruby developers to help us architect and build our application. You will be responsible for all aspects of development from bug fixing to feature development.

More info: http://www.chloeandisabel.com/colophon/work-at-chloe-and-isa...

If interested, please submit a resume with work samples to techjobs@chloeandisabel.com for consideration.

mitchell 7 days ago 0 replies      
Atlanta, GA - Vitrue

We're a social media company building a platform for corporate clients to manage their presences on Facebook/Twitter and the like. We're primarily a Rails shop. Having said that, we do have projects in other languages, and we're more than willing to hire someone smart with no Rails experience and bring them up to speed.

Stuff we use: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Node.js, jQuery, AWS/Scalr/Engine Yard, and more.

For open positions and a better idea of what we do, take a look at our job page here: http://vitrue.com/jobs don't let the site design dissuade you, we're about to change it). Not every open position is posted, though, so if you're more of a back-end developer, a configuration management type or similar, we'd still love to hear from you.

By far, this has been my favorite job that I've ever had -- the corporate culture is very much open, collaborative, and full of change; I'm surrounded by people smarter than I am; and I'm working on interesting/challenging things.

You can either apply through the jobs page I linked, or drop me an email at my user name at vitrue.com with questions/comments/resumes/etc..

P.S.: This isn't my main account, for reference.

twakefield 6 days ago 0 replies      
Mailgun (YC W11) in San Francisco, CA

Mailgun is looking for engineers to help people communicate with machines and each other. We are a small team and you will help set the trajectory of the company in a very meaningful way.

We primarily use Python, Java and MongoDB.

Email founders@mailgun.net if interested.

josharian 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco (Mission district): https://www.card.io/

Seeking amazing engineers of all stripes. We work on mobile, payments, computer vision and machine learning -- join us.


mindotus 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York City

Minus is looking for frontend, backend and mobile devs in our midtown office. More details on http://Min.us/pages/jobs ! :)

Email me john@minus.com with any questions.


mdelagra 6 days ago 0 replies      
Evanston, IL

At Leapfrog Online we're looking for talented Software Engineers to do web and application development. We're a tightly knit group of software developers looking to add to our team. Our engineers perform a mix of Rails and Django development, and we're looking for candidates who have at least two years experience with either framework.

Leapfrog Online is the leading independent digital direct marketing firm in the country, developing programs for Fortune 500 marketers to find and convert the right customers. We feature a relaxed, collegial atmosphere, and in our engineering practices we emphasize Agile and Test-Driven Development. We focus a lot on career development here, and we make sure that all our engineers get continual opportunities to pick up new technologies.

If you enjoy using open source software to solve interesting problems, you are our kind of programmer, and we'd like to talk to you. You can find full job descriptions and contact information here: http://www.leapfrogonline.com/who/careers/

mknoke 5 days ago 0 replies      
Berlin, Germany

Looking for experienced and driven Ruby on Rails developers, QA enginers and product managers for a 70+ employee startup in the online gaming / advertising space

We offer a developer-friendly environment with a passion to do things the right way, flexible work hours, requirement to work on-site but not all the time, very international team - as a perk we offer German language courses but not needed for work, only a minority of our employees is German.

Will help will relocation and work permit as necessary

More info here:

One of our ex freelancers' blog post about us after returning to Spain:

lukatmyshu 7 days ago 0 replies      
Mountain View, CA San Francisco, CA New York City, NYC
Work on projects that reach over 185+ million users a month. remote employee's totally cool as well. Check out a list of all of our jobs here http://www.meebo.com/jobs/
amduser29 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA


Life360 is turning smartphones into the ultimate safety device. We could use your help giving over 4,000,000 families reassurance and peace of mind.

Contact: alex@life360.com

gyges1 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Francisco, CA
Heroku needs a Customer Advocate!!!

Do you want to work directly with Heroku's awesome customers on a daily basis? Do you want to help innovate and redefine how technology is sold? Do you have a Technical background but have always wanted to try your hand at Sales? Do you thrive in an entrepreneurial environment?

If so, Heroku is looking for technical people with a passion for working with customers to join our Customer Advocate team. If you're personable, outgoing and charismatic with a background as a developer, SE or a highly technical salesperson we'd love to hear from you.

- Strong technical background
- Inquisitive disposition
- Track record of being a top performer
- Self-starter willing to work in a team
- College degree

- Maximize customer success on our platform
- Manage inbound sales inquiries
- Expand existing customer relationships
- Champion technical & business side issues for customers
- Align with development partners to co-sell Heroku

robstuttaford 7 days ago 0 replies      
Cape Town, South Africa. REMOTE ok.

All round JS centric developer to work on our own SAAS products.

We have a thorough job spec on our site: http://www.cognician.com/jobs/software-developer.

dbuizert 7 days ago 1 reply      
This might be an odd location... But is there anyone hiring an Information Security Manager (or junior position)?

A lot of the businesses on here only focus on developing and pushing. I have yet to find one that provides that.
If there is a business with H1B, please let me know! I am currently looking for one.

Down vote if you don't think this is the right location. Could always open a new one.

sethbannon 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY.

Want to change the world by disrupting the worlds of politics and philanthropy? So do we, and we're hiring. Details here: http://www.bluefusion.org/jobs

Or email jobs+hn@bluefusion.org

christyyyjoy 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Diego, CA - StockTwits

Ruby Developer: http://stocktwits.jobscore.com/jobs/stocktwits/ruby-develope...

bgowttamen 7 days ago 0 replies      
Coimbatore, India - InfaGPS

InfaGPS is a Fleet management - Real time fleet tracking and Web based ERP solutions provider for SMB's.

We are looking for developers with expertise in Java, .Net
Write to us at jobs@infagps.com
Check out about us at www.infagps.com

robsayshowdy 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY (metro area, office manhattan) - GameChanger - Engineers

GameChanger's software is changing the way amateur sports teams collect, manage and share real-time information.

We listen to customers, make quick decisions, trust each other, communicate like crazy and feel lucky to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people every day.

We need: Talented software engineers who have an aptitude for learning, love building revolutionary products and are (ideally) located in the NYC area.

Play with: Sharded MongoDB, gobs of data, Tornado, Django, jQuery, iOS, Android.

Apply if you: Know Unix " e.g. git, grep, etc " love code, distrust complexity, work hard, and enjoy sports.

Send active links to your Github and LinkedIn profiles, and let us know why you truly would like to work here.

jobs@gamechanger.io or @GCSports

milanvrekic 7 days ago 0 replies      
TitanFile is looking for a full time Python/Django developer in Halifax or Waterloo:


yawniek 7 days ago 0 replies      
Zurich, Switzerland

Java Dev for one of the most frequented swiss search engines.

You need to have a working permit in switzerland or be from the EU/CH.

javadev @ srtnwz.com

BuddhaSource 7 days ago 1 reply      
Mumbai, India.

Crumbs is hiring JavaScript & Mobile developer for a communication platform for business & consumers we are building.


martineschu 6 days ago 0 replies      
Delafield, WI Montage is hiring a permanent full-time employee.
Montage, a rapidly growing technology company, is hiring a Senior User Experience/Interface Developer. Design and development of a web-based application for the HR/Recruitment industry. Put your footprint on applications that will be used by millions of users! Responsible for designing a new web application in ASP.NET MVC3 as well as helping to support an existing ASP.NET web application. You will be working with product managers, architects and users to enhance the application's feature set & improve usability & appearance. C# & ASP .NET 4.0 required. Apply at: careers@montagetalent.com
seliopou 7 days ago 0 replies      
Providence, RI

Tracelytics is hiring

* Software engineer: C/C++ systems hacker and python aficionado.

* Product Marketing Manager: contribute to strategy, and execute marketing campaigns

Email us: jobs@tracelytics.com

mathnode 7 days ago 1 reply      
London, UK

Photobox (www.photobox.com). Looking for a MySQL DBA of moderate to high-level experience.

We also need talented developers with Javascript and/or Perl skills. richard.bensley@photobox.com

synacorhr 5 days ago 0 replies      
Buffalo, NY

Synacor is seeking an Engineer that has experience with LINUX and PHP, JSP, ASP, or other language used for building web based applications. With a moderate level of guidance and direction from management, this Developer will perform Front End / GUI Development, enhancement and maintenance of existing software modules, custom programming for clients and various data manipulation tasks.

Please apply on our website at www.synacor.com/careers

mikehummel 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY

Lookbooks is a tech-based fashion company providing integrated marketing solutions in the fashion industry. We are hiring for the following postings:

* LAMP Developer: You are a seasoned LAMP developer with 5 " 7 years experience developing custom applications using MVC frameworks. (http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob&jobId=1817724)

* HTML 5 / CSS / JS Developer: You should live and breath HTML 5, CSS and Javascript with 5 - 7 years experience in a professional environment. You can take PSD or AI and convert them into well formed HTML.

Please send resumes to jobs@lookbooks.com

paxdickinson 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY

Business Insider is looking for two awesome experienced backend PHP developers to join the fast-paced and exciting world of being an engineer at a journalism startup.
We're looking for some strong PHP developers who have tech chops, a startup mindset, and the ability to work hard and play hard. Business Insider is a great place to work. We're laid back, we don't let bureaucracy get in our way, and we play-ping pong in the office every day. It's honestly one of the best places I've ever worked, personally.

More info at link.


rkarumanchi 7 days ago 0 replies      
Flipkart.com, Bangalore

US, Western Europe : Amazon.com :: India : Flipkart.com


CharleyTodd 7 days ago 2 replies      
New York City

Permanent position.

iOS Developer

You can check out our team here http://dev.quanticfox.com/our-team

phatseat 7 days ago 0 replies      
San Diego, CA

Pathway Genomics - Backend Web Developer

LAMP, Perl, nodejs, tahoe-lafs, MySQL, Postgres, jQuery, Security, Hard Problems, Good People


genystartup 7 days ago 0 replies      
you can also checkout http://college2startup.com Lots of startups post job openings on there.
kikin_brian 7 days ago 0 replies      
New York, NY (SoHo)
kikin Inc - http://www.kikin.com/jobs

- iOS Engineer - http://www.kikin.com/jobs#mobile

- UI Designer - http://www.kikin.com/jobs#ui

- Fall Engineering Intern - http://www.kikin.com/jobs#hack_intern

- Search Engineer - http://www.kikin.com/jobs#server

rekcuts 7 days ago 0 replies      
Marlborough, MA

Cavium Networks is looking for hardware engineers experienced in verilog, C++, and systemverilog.

Contact wstucker@gmail.com

teikametrics 7 days ago 0 replies      
Teikametrics in Boston, MA

We're a well financed early stage company and are seeking a talented and passionate Ruby Developer to enhance and improve our e-commerce analytics platform.

Please email us at info@teikametrics.com if you're interested.

Our full posting is here: https://github.com/bostonrb/bostonrb/wiki/Jobs

jniemasik 6 days ago 0 replies      
Palo Alto, CA - Telekinetic Medical

Save lives and reinvent emergency medicine!
We're an incubated startup looking for an iOS developer " read more here: http://www.telekineticmedical.com/jobs/ios.html

bluejq 7 days ago 0 replies      
Oklahoma City, OK

Programmer Analyst - University of Oklahoma

Looking for .NET / Web dev / SQL experience.


mathaix 7 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, MA & Providence, RI:
Mobiquity is looking for Mobile Engineers(iOS, Android), Java Server Engineers and UX Architects. We build Mobile Enterprise applications. We have signed signed some major deals and are looking to double our team.
email me at mmathew [at] mobiquityinc.com
mathaix 7 days ago 0 replies      
Boston, Providence.
Mobiquity http://www.mobiquityinc.com is growing aggressively. Looking for UX Architects, Mobile Engineers(iOS & Android), Server Engineers (Java, Ruby). Email me directly : mmathew [at] mobiquityinc.com
ig1 7 days ago 2 replies      
For UK'ers check-out the job board I run, lots of startups use it to promote their jobs:


(Mostly full-time non-remote jobs)

Show HN: Two line ruby quine
5 points by madamepsychosis  20 hours ago   2 comments top
AndrewVos 19 hours ago 1 reply      
I think the use of eval is thought of as cheating. Also I seem to remember writing to files is also cheating?
Ask HN: Is it okay to build a startup in ASP .NET?
41 points by resdirector  2 days ago   61 comments top 38
DanielBMarkham 2 days ago 1 reply      
This matters about a zillion times less than "where are my first customers going to come from?"

The only thing I'd add is that you should pick the tech that keeps you focused on the question above. If you're spending a week setting up environments, spending a lot of time learning new skills, digging around to get configuration files tweaked, installing patches, etc? Every second you spend on stupid shit like that is another second you should be finding customers. So the only tech advice I have is to not let the tech get in the way of getting started. I think .NET can work wonders for you, as can any platform. It's not the tool, it's the attitude you bring to using the tool. Carpenters don't sit around admiring or obsessing over their hammers, but developers are famous for it.

yuvadam 2 days ago 2 replies      
Not only is OK, it is encouraged in your case.

If your co-founder is "lightning fast" at it, that is exactly what you should use.

Down the road, if the .NET stack is not suitable, you can always migrate. But why worry about it now?

tansey 2 days ago 2 replies      
My startup[1] is built on .NET (MVC 3). As I noted in a blog article [2], it's certainly reasonable to use .NET if you meet the same guidelines, and it sounds like your co-founder does.

I would, however, encourage you to use .NET MVC instead of WebForms. The former is very similar to Rails, Django, and other popular MVC frameworks, so if you find that you'd like to make a transition to another language/framework, it will be much easier this way. The latter is really just an antiquated technology with lots of problems and not very much of an OSS community.

At the end of the day, it's about getting to market fast and testing your hypothesis. Building your MVP is just the very beginning of your startup journey. You will probably have to change your product a lot, so go with what you can hack in quickly. If it turns out that you have the next StackExchange (which is built on .NET MVC) and you need to massively scale, then drop Spolsky or Atwood a line and I'm sure they'll be happy to give you some pointers. That's a good problem to have.

[1] http://effectcheck.com

[2] http://www.nashcoding.com/2011/04/10/building-a-startup-part...

codeodor 49 minutes ago 0 replies      
I see cost is mentioned a lot- but if BizSpark still runs how it used to, you can get a lot of tooling for free to start with, until you grow to where the cost wouldn't have as much impact on you. (http://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/)

I have a friend in the Bay Area who started in .NET, and had so much trouble hiring programmers they scrapped it and started in a more fashionable platform.

I don't know what others' experience is like, but you might consider the ramifications of that potential problem.

zbruhnke 2 days ago 0 replies      
As someone who sold a startup which was written in .NET (C#) I can tell you that it scales very well and is a great choice for a tech stack if you're competent in it.

I would also offer you the following advice in reference to the major drawbacks of choosing it.

1. Hiring good .NET devs is HARD there just is not a major interest in learning it at this point so most of the young guys are focusing their attention on ruby and python (I am going with Ruby for the current project I'm working on now too!)

2. Make sure you have a very good relationship with your co-founder because from my experience many of the .NET devs who are "lightning fast" are also those who refuse to comment the code well and take the road less taken in reference to their programming styles. This is not necessarily a bad thing just something to be aware of, because if he is not around to school future devs on the code base you could be kicking yourself later.

3. Carefully buy the licenses you need as you need them, you can work out deals on licensing even after you have ordered others seperately.

4. Try partnering with a company who is a BizSpark Network Partner as it will help considerably with cost and give you a great foot in the door with Microsoft if you do begin to scale in ways you hadn't planned for.

I think you're making a fine decision. Going with the masses is not always the best decision and choosing another language only because it's the hip thing to do is usually not a good position to put yourself in.

That said, Good luck with your startup!

nw 2 days ago 1 reply      
It's worth noting that the Stack Overflow platform was built with ASP.NET. http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2008/09/what-was-stack-overflo...
tomh- 2 days ago 2 replies      
There are a couple of reasons why other startups are not using asp.net.

1) The opensource community for .net is quite limited compared to other languages/frameworks

2) Some people have an aversion for anything from MS (this affects hiring)

3) You are locked on the Windows platform (anyone still considering Mono?)

4) Costs, the Windows platform and the .net eco system are built around licensed components.

Performance or productivity are rarely an issue. If you don't see yourself in the concerns mentioned above, go for it!

mwsherman 2 days ago 0 replies      
I am a dev over at Stack Overflow, and built my other startup (Alikewise) on ASP.net MVC. My reasons for choosing the platform, like Atwood & Spolsky's, is that it's what I knew. The skills of the team outweigh the (largely subtle) differences between platforms.

An upside for us is that we've been able to get crazy performance as we've grown. All of Stack Exchange runs on around a dozen servers, all underutilized.

An exception I might offer is node.js -- it's really quite different and may be the right thing for a certain type of high-throughput, message-driven app.

(Happy to answer q's, matt@stackoverflow.com)

famousactress 2 days ago 1 reply      
Go for it! I definitely echo the sentiments of the others saying to build on the platform you feel expressive in. I don't think .NET isn't turning up in more startups because of performance, dev environment, or lack of CS education certainly. I do think perceived cost might have an effect (cost of running Windows web servers, not the dev environment (note: I have no idea what running a windows server actually costs). Beyond that though I think the bottom line ends up being who you're interested in hiring and the makeup of devs in your area.

RE: PG, It's worth noting that he actually makes the point quite often that languages are much more important than many people think (not that the languages on the .NET platform aren't great).

I can't find the essay I'm looking for at the moment.. Maybe someone else can find it, the one where he argues that Lisp was a key component to the success of his site-building company many years ago. There are a number of them that touch on the reasons behind the shifting tendencies and fashions in technology among hackers... The Python Paradox essay seems especially relevant.


eropple 2 days ago 0 replies      
Of course it's "okay".

The biggest roadblock to .NET use in startups is, IMO, cost. It's not a cheap solution. It's also very unsexy and there's a lot of stigma around using Windows for web servers--in the past this was generally justified, but today? Not so much. I've built example/sandbox systems with three ASP.NET MVC servers behind an nginx static content/load balancer and it was absolutely awesome.

ASP.NET MVC is as pleasant to work with (ASP.NET WebForms not so much). "Frustrating development environment" literally could not be further from the truth; for my money, there is no development environment, anywhere, that comes close to putting as much information at your fingertips, as effectively and quickly, as Visual Studio. Microsoft does a lot of things wrong, but Visual Studio is a great example of a well-done development system.

And if your founder's primary tool is ASP.NET (again, hopefully MVC), it'd be stupid not to use it.

lucisferre 2 days ago 0 replies      
I'm sure if you Google around you will fine a number of opinions on why the majority of startups don't go with .NET, but I'd say it is possible it is simply because many .NET developers love in the 'enterprise' world and are far away from the startup world most of the time. As a .NET developer I'm seeing this starting to change but it is only just starting.

There are certainly some disadvantages to .NET particularly when developing for the web, namely it's web framework maturity, ease-of-use and the lack of a strong open source community. These things are often cited as reasons why, say rails developers, are able to go "faster". And by faster we are not talking about performance but time to build your product. I'd say I find the last one, lack of a strong community as a big factor.

Anyways, I probably can't help you answer this personally, but here are some recent posts by fairly prolific .NET bloggers on why they decided to start moving away from .NET for what they feel are greener pastures in the rails community.


And a specific article about Rob Connery moving his startup from .NET MVC to Rails and why

Again I don't mean to advocate rails over .NET, but I wanted to answer your question as best as I could and I figured some thoughts from people who have already made these choices would help.

jeffreymcmanus 2 days ago 0 replies      
I've done a startup that didn't go anywhere in .NET (Approver.com) and a startup that's getting traction in PHP with an MVC framework (CodeLesson).

I used to be a master of the universe with .NET (spoke at conferences and wrote a few books on web development with .NET). The fact that my prior startup used .NET didn't have any bearing on the fact that it flopped.

However, I went with PHP this time around because I knew I would have an easier time hiring people who know PHP, and this is proving to be the case.

In my .NET-based startup I did use MySQL instead of SQL Server as the data store, which helped us a lot this time around. Remember that the list price of SQL Server standard edition is $6,000 per CPU. This can be a pretty steep hit to a bootstrapping startup, discounts and programs like BizSpark notwithstanding.

beck5 2 days ago 0 replies      
Of course it is ok.

onto the real question why is it not used more: I think it is partly a community based cycle the developer community has which I know I was swept along with, a lot of cool technologies are on nix first e.g. node.js, this attracts good people, the good people develop interesting stuff for nix and repeat. Cost and being open source are perhaps factors people cite for their choice but I often don't fully by into that.

I am about to start at a company which is 95% .NET and although everything else about them is great that was slightly turn off at first because I would be leaving the 'cool' side, then I realised how irrelevant it really is.

aquark 2 days ago 0 replies      
Go with what you are most comfortable and productive in.

If you want to launch a startup then do that, and leverage all the skills you have (you'll need them).

If you want to learn a new technology then go ahead and do that with some small scale project.

But best not to try and do them both at the same time, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

There are projects out there using ASP.NET -- my (profitable) side project runs on ASP.NET. Forums like HN can become a bit of an echo chamber, it offers a great perspective but remember the tech ecosystem is much larger than what you read in any one place.

The main downside I had with ASP.NET is the higher hosting costs. I started out trying to host on mono so I could use a cheaper VPS. This was a mistake -- it worked for a few months, but had a number of issues which all disappeared when I switched to an EC2 Windows instance.

shadytrees 2 days ago 0 replies      
Keep in mind that when you choose ASP.NET you're only locking yourself to a platform, not a language. At my office, for example, we're looking forward to using F# -- by all means a well-designed, thoughtful language in the ML family -- to replace some particularly awkward and gunky C# code, and using F# won't require any more than a few tweaks to our build scripts and tools.

As for hiring: we've yet to hire a programmer who primarily worked in .NET before starting; good devs are language agnostic, and the people who built amazing software in Cocoa, Smalltalk, Lisps, and Ocaml prior help us build amazing software on .NET today.

StrawberryFrog 2 days ago 0 replies      
MVC or webforms?

I'm doing some MVC work at present, and it's a good platform (I can't compare it to RoR or others, I don't know them well enough, sorry).

For those who know .Net well, the hard/novel part is the Javascript+jquery client-side code. The rest just flows.

The current iteration of the tooling with EF4.1 and nuget is a good improvement.

Some of your questions:

> Is it the cost?

Windows servers, Visual studio licences and some SQL server licences can add up. Some small startups couldn't afford it, but MS will "make the first one free" with bizspark. Big companies won't sweat it.

> Performance issues?

Nope, asp mvc is quite performant. That's one thing that's easier in a compiled, strongly typed language.

> Frustrating development environment?

Nope. VS2010 with resharper, nuget and nunit is sweet. As long as you have enough memory.

> Lack of a Hacker community?

Not completely lacking, but may be smaller than with other environments. But there should be user groups, conferences, etc. It may depend on where you are.

There are lots of resources for you to read, official docs on msdn, stackoverflow, blogs, and .net geeks on twitter, etc.

rbrcurtis 1 day ago 1 reply      
At my work, our web app is written in .NET with SQL server and we are slowly migrating away from it. Why?

1. Hiring (good) .NET programmers is hard. All of us except the founder were originally java programmers.

2. Windows is expensive. Licensing sql server and windows is much more expensive than nix servers and open source database options.

3. While people here are saying that .NET/IIS scales well, my personal experience is that an IIS server in general cannot handle nearly as much traffic as nix servers. As a result, you need more web servers than you might otherwise, leading back to number 2.

Personally, I enjoy learning new languages. We've been using coffeescript/nodejs extensively for the last few months and we've all been enjoying it quite a bit. We are tentatively planning on rewriting our web code in it in the future. So if I were in your situation, I'd consider the overall impact of ramp up now to learn a new language vs doing a possible rewrite in the future or sucking up the licensing/server costs of .NET.

arahuja 2 days ago 0 replies      
.NET has a lot there in its web framework out of the box, so you if you know it well you can do sophisticated things very quickly. There is even strong javascript/ajax integration these days, and new MVC patterns. Overall, I also think C# is a very strong, modern language with tons of benefits.

However, the issue comes when trying to find off the shelf components. Unlike with Python and Ruby where there are tons of OSS projects you can integrate, with .NET you will have to either build everything on your own or pay a LOT of money for components.

Another thins to keep in mind is that working in .NET requires VS and all the suite of .NET profilers/debuggers which are not free like they are for Python and Ruby. Therefore when growing your dev team you will have to pay a lot in software per seat.

krallja 2 days ago 0 replies      
At Cheezburger.com, our technology stack is built on Wordpress/PHP for the content sites (icanhascheezburger.com, failblog.org, etc.) and ASP.NET MVC 3 for the site that binds the network together (cheezburger.com). ASP.NET MVC does not have "performance issues" -- we comfortably serve over 8000 requests per minute per IIS server during peak usage.

Your choice of platform matters so much less than your ability to execute on that platform.

Biggest drawbacks:

It's not a completely open platform (e.g., ASP.NET MVC sources are "shared", but csc.exe, the C# compiler, is not)

It has a stigma of being heavily used in enterprise, and there isn't a lot of excitement around C#.

peregrine 2 days ago 1 reply      
Major issue here is long term costs, and webforms. Don't worry about those untill you've got customers and all of a sudden the lightning fast becomes sludgy because webforms are notoriously hard to manage. Also if its webforms don't expect very nice and clean ajax stuff...
sayemm 2 days ago 0 replies      
PlentyofFish.com is in .NET, here's their architecture: http://highscalability.com/plentyoffish-architecture
StrawberryFrog 1 day ago 0 replies      
I have worked with coders who were lightning fast at asp.net, and those who wrote tested, maintainable, readable, extensible code that was an asset to the company years later. These are seldom the same person. Be careful. Still, for a startup, getting something working fast counts for a lot.
rlm 2 days ago 0 replies      
You can create a huge success in any language. I'd say go for .NET, if it is what you know best.

I think the answer to your last question is: "Yes".

pbreit 2 days ago 0 replies      
> Is it the cost? Performance issues? Frustrating development environment? Lack of a Hacker community? They didn't learn it in their CS courses? All of the above?

I think you nailed it. But it's probably not that big a deal. In some cases it will help you find engineers and in others it will hinder. Overall, you will be less likely to attract HN types, which is not the end of the world.

I like some of the other comments about how it is overwhelmingly more important to "build something that people want" or "find customers".

CosmicShadow 2 days ago 0 replies      
Glad to see a post about this, I'm doing the same because I'm fast with it, if we can get something out that works, builds up an audience, and gets some customers we can at least have option to change from there!

I agree with the bubble talk, some of these communities are so pro anything but MS that you forget it's still useful and always improving. It's a RAD tool which is key!

Baadier 2 days ago 1 reply      
The usual drawback for using .net was the difference in cost compared to using an alternative like php/ruby,but their are cloud hosting alternatives for .net now so it seems that drawback is changing. Likewise as the others have mentioned, if your co-founder is wiz at it,then go for it, you can always change and iterate later.
sgt 2 days ago 1 reply      
.NET is a great platform and I beleive Mono is quite capable if you decide to go the non-Windows route. In fact, I am currently building an Enterprise framework on top of Mono and various other technologies (Fluent NHibernate, etc). The most viable alternative for me was Java, and after a lot of deliberation we ended up with Mono. If need be, our apps can then be hosted on Windows as well.
oceanician 2 days ago 0 replies      
I guess if you can build a mvp quickly in .net why not?

It's what you're familiar with, and there's a lot of talent in that tech out there if you need to expand.

You'll probably need more than one techie though?

apedley 2 days ago 0 replies      
My startup is in asp.net, for the same reason yours will be. I am lightning fast at it and that is what counts.

.NET can be just as fast, it has one of the better development environments (in my opinion) and is just as great as any other languages.

It is scaling rather well with my startup.

I think the only reason it doesnt get as much attention is due to it's perceived startup costs. But no problem at all if you join BizSpark. (Best deal MS has ever put out for startups)

X4 1 day ago 0 replies      
Why the heck don't you ask your Developer?? What does he say? If he really is fluent in ASP.NET, then he should know the ins and outs of it, especially for WebApps, no?

And nothing can stop your freedom to code in ASP.NET or anything else! Don't let prejudices infect your decision.

dcope 2 days ago 0 replies      
It's more of how you use the tools. Unless there are technical limitations or you're unfamiliar with said tools, why would you be against it? There are very large sites running on .NET so "it can scale".
iamichi 2 days ago 0 replies      
I'm part of a startup that is all written in ASP.Net MVC and we all really like it. The costs of the licenses were our only initial concern about using it, as they are a bit prohibitive, but it can always be hosted on something like Azure. All our back end systems are written in C# as well. For us, things like the excellent debugging features in VS.Net and the fact that there was a lot more experience with Windows and SQL Server in our team, we decided to keep to our strengths, so as to get going as quickly as possible.
indrora 1 day ago 0 replies      
As a .net developer i have to say no its not wrong to use ASP... as long as you understand its caveats. as a startup/ your job is to make money. that should be your main goal. HOW you do that is different.
dougireton 1 day ago 0 replies      
As someone working professionally on a large ASP.NET site and at home on a Rails (MVC pattern) site, I would strongly encourage you to use ASP.NET MVC 3. MVC has much clearer separation of concerns and is much easier to test.

Also, there is a fair amount of community/open source add-ons around ASP.NET MVC.

vicberggren 2 days ago 0 replies      
If you're creating a web app then I would agree that it should be fine. If you're chasing after native applications then you'd be compiling for WP7 and in that world you won't have nearly as many potential customers on the device due to WP7 market penetration. Unless of course you consider frameworks like mono or phonegap.
MrMcDowall 2 days ago 0 replies      
1. Market
2. Marketing
3. Design
4. Product

So really, your technology stack fits in at stage 4. Defer decisions that lock you in as late as possible.

antidaily 2 days ago 1 reply      
Wufoo is.
Ask HN: What are the stupid things Rails developers do?
24 points by geekfactor  3 days ago   28 comments top 11
davidst 3 days ago 0 replies      
Humility is your friend. There is so much to know you must assume that, in areas where you are not already an acknowledge expert, you are already doing stupid things and you don't know it.

Related to humility: Never forget the fundamentals. I'm talking about things like basic sorting, searching, and big O estimating. Know what your data structures and algorithms cost in terms of memory and performance. I'm continually surprised by how many senior developers unknowingly drift away from the fundamentals.

prodigal_erik 3 days ago 1 reply      
Assume no non-Rails code will be using the database. Use ActiveRecord migrations to set up schemas completely lacking foreign key declarations. Casually add caching without thinking very carefully about invalidation, serving stale data for hours to months. Deploy manually without ensuring every server always has the same package versions.
cicatriz 3 days ago 1 reply      
The book Rails AntiPatterns addresses many: http://www.amazon.com/Rails-AntiPatterns-Refactoring-Addison...
techiferous 3 days ago 1 reply      
Not understanding the problem your customer/client/manager is trying to solve.
latch 3 days ago 1 reply      
fat controllers
techiferous 3 days ago 0 replies      
Trying to fit the code all on one line.
jdeseno 3 days ago 0 replies      
- Not writing tests.

- Long finder methods instead of using named scopes.

- Not using restful routes.

- Too much code in their views.

- After saves that should be validations or other confusing AR lifecycle mistakes/abuses.

chsonnu 2 days ago 0 replies      
Relearn how to do something "the rails way" when they already know how to do it elegantly in PHP or ruby/sinatra.
amorphid 3 days ago 1 reply      
Never learn SQL.
yxhuvud 3 days ago 0 replies      
Too big ApplicationController/ApplicationHelpers.
damoncali 3 days ago 2 replies      
Excessive meta programming.
Python's if __name__=="__main__": main() in other languages
9 points by mcandre  2 days ago   3 comments top 2
damncabbage 6 hours ago 0 replies      
PHP: if (realpath($argv[0]) == __FILE__) main();

(Presuming you've gone and defined the main() function somewhere. No module conventions like with Python here.)

booz 2 days ago 1 reply      
for node.js

if (!module.parent) {
// your main here

Ask HN: Would you sign a "mini-contract" upon giving notice?
31 points by latch  5 days ago   26 comments top 20
patio11 5 days ago 1 reply      
A gentleman's agreement that I remain a professional is free.

If you want me to sign anything contractual, I require consideration. That's how the game works. (Paperwork from HR drones verifying confidentiality agreements remain active and that my laptop is returned are free.)

If you're not a really assertive person, "Let me talk to my lawyer and get back to you." works frequently.

They may try to exert social pressure to get you to sign. I encourage use of the line "We're all businessmen here. If this is that important to you, we can find a price which will make us mutually happy." You are under zero moral obligation to comport all future business dealings to the whims of someone who once paid you money.

There's a Chris Rock line. When you're in a restaurant, you pay them money and they give you food. Once you leave the restaurant, you don't get to say "Where's my steak?!" If they aren't cutting you a paycheck any more, they don't get steak.

hcho 5 days ago 0 replies      
Well, what are they going to do if you don't sign it? Fire you? Tell them, you won't, keep a copy of the mini-contract and signal that you are ready to lawyer up, if need be. In case they give you a bad reference for not signing, you can take them to court with this.
joelhaasnoot 5 days ago 0 replies      
Something tells me they should have put that in your initial employment contract under the heading "Termination of contract"
kragen 5 days ago 0 replies      
It's not unusual to sign a broad non-disparagement agreement in exchange for a substantial amount of severance money that isn't in any existing contract. (In the US, for example, most employees are "at-will" and are not owed any severance pay, whether they quit or are fired, with or without cause.) It is unusual to sign a broad non-disparagement agreement gratuitously.

My guess is that somebody in HR figured they could probably get something very valuable out of you for free, just by asking for it.

staunch 5 days ago 0 replies      
Hell no. That's all risk and no reward for you. If they want to pay you a nice chunk of money + legal fees to have it reviewed then why not?
epc 4 days ago 0 replies      
A confidentiality agreement is one thing and is acceptable.

One of the worst mistakes I ever made was to sign an agreement (on resigning from a company) saying I would never criticize the company or its officers. It's amazing what lawyers can do to make pretty much anything you say about such a company “criticism.”

To this day all I can say is that I worked at the company, not that I resigned, not why I resigned, not what I learned. It has lead to some extremely uncomfortably situations with potential employers and investors even many years later.

iuguy 5 days ago 0 replies      
Why would you need to sign this? How can they enforce a requirement to sign something when you're leaving? This doesn't make sense.

I wouldn't sign it unless I was either obliged to or there was some massive benefit that outweighed the drawbacks.

demallien 5 days ago 0 replies      
Well, I would certainly indicate to them that you don't see any point in signing - you already have a contract with them! It's up to them to convince you that signing is in your interest as much as it is in their interest.
rmc 5 days ago 0 replies      
You're leaving, why do you have to sign it? Your old employment contract and existing law might cover it. Best to check what you've already agreed to. If you don't sign it, what are they going to do? Prevent you from leaving? Ha!
wccrawford 5 days ago 0 replies      
Absolutely not. You should never sign such a 1-sided contract. It can only hurt you.

Besides which, most of those things are covered by the law, anyhow, and the ones that aren't are questionably legal.


petercooper 5 days ago 0 replies      
Take a leaf out of Derek Sivers book on this. Would not signing it cause you to end up in jail, get a fine, or suffer a loss? If not, no need to bother with it for now.
bradfa 5 days ago 1 reply      
Usually at my company, if there's a layoff, anyone laid off is offered a contract saying similar things to what yours says. The catch is that if the employee does not sign, they don't get their severance pay or benefits which can be sizable. Everyone is allowed to sign or not sign but the contracts are 2 way streets (both sides get something). I've never heard of a contract being offered to those who are voluntarily quitting a job where they were an "at will" employee.
gte910h 5 days ago 0 replies      
Are they giving you a lot of money to sign it?

Then no, don't.

If they'll pay you 2k per month you worked at the company or something like that, then say "I'll ask my lawyer".

flarg 5 days ago 0 replies      
My take is that you should just ignore their request; you're obviously required to return equipment and confidential items when leaving any employ, so you don't need to sign a contract for that - it's dumb for them to ask. The other requests are stupid and pointless - so don't get into it with them.

HR departments are almost always useless SOBs; hell, if they were any good they would figured out how to stop you from leaving in the first place...

crdoconnor 5 days ago 0 replies      
You should sign it if, and only if there is extra money in it for you.

If there isn't and they're not prepared to give you any, then tell them you'll agree to the vast majority of the terms in principle but won't be signing on any dotted line.

kanzenryu 5 days ago 0 replies      
Just for laughs ask them how much money it's worth to them. Then don't sign it.
roblobue 5 days ago 0 replies      
As far as I know employee protection law, at least in the UK, doesn't like these post-contractual obligations. I would ask a lawyer specialising in employment law for confirmation but it is my understanding that you are under no obligation whatsoever to sign this and should they ever do anything that detriments future employment you would have grounds to sue.
nodata 5 days ago 0 replies      
If you need something from the company you'll probably have to sign it. Otherwise, there's no reason to.
damoncali 5 days ago 0 replies      
That's pretty typical language. However, you're right. Unless they give you something in return, there's no point in signing it. I've always seen these agreements attached to some sort of severance payment.
davethewave 5 days ago 0 replies      
Cross out everything add a bunch of stuff then sign it
Tell HN: We made a Forrst invite code for you.
52 points by kylebragger  6 days ago   21 comments top 16
callahad 6 days ago 1 reply      
Between this and your previous post[0] opening up Forrst to folks with active GitHub accounts, it looks like you're very actively and deliberately trying to pull more developers into the Forrst fold. Out of genuine curiosity, why?

PS: The "Log In" graphic never fails to make me smile.

[0]: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2659193

kylebragger 6 days ago 0 replies      
jonah 6 days ago 1 reply      

I'm getting "This page has insecure script." [sic] in Chrome FYI.

symptic 6 days ago 0 replies      
Thanks for the HN code Kyle. I heard you talking about Forrst at the lunch Noah put together right before SXSW, and I heard you got some funding soon after. Congrats!

Quick problem though: I accidentally tied the wrong Twitter account to my account and can't find where to change it (under "Find Your Twitter Friends").

Peroni 6 days ago 1 reply      
On attempting to sign up as a paying supporter I get the following paypal error:

We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by checking your Account Overview before resending a payment.

Message 3005

jefflinwood 6 days ago 0 replies      
Thanks! I'll share some of my iPad UI designs on Forrst to see if I get any feedback - is that what it's for?
splatcollision 6 days ago 0 replies      
Cool, thanks Kyle...
gte910h 6 days ago 0 replies      
It took me months to figure out you wanted me to comment on the design of the item on the page. I thought it was an ad
gregorym 6 days ago 0 replies      
I signup yesterday and send my first post (http://forrst.com/posts/Decide_when_you_want_to_send_your_Ba...).

I felt like my post was lost in a jungle of new posts every seconds.

13rules 6 days ago 0 replies      
Interesting ... I received an email today that my application was "approved". It was rejected before because I just couldn't be bothers to go through all the steps and fill out the information.

Looking forward to checking out the site.

mwilcox 6 days ago 0 replies      
Been using this for a few months. I love it so much, so many amazing designs being posted every day. The site functions extremely well too. Thanks for building it :
reustle 6 days ago 0 replies      
Great work Kyle!
auston 6 days ago 0 replies      
Add me / Follow me: http://forrst.com/people/bunsen

Looking for forrst friends!

saurabh 6 days ago 0 replies      
Thank you.
antidaily 6 days ago 1 reply      
just open it up, dudes.
Aoi 6 days ago 0 replies      
Thank you very much. Been wanting to join for a long time now.
Entrepreneurs: how many jobs do you think you're going to create?
6 points by jfager  2 days ago   1 comment top
starter 2 days ago 0 replies      
Never mind how many jobs my industry will destroy. With all the intricacies involved, its not worth my time. But, job creation is a game I can play.

My first business, a web development company will likely max out with 5-7 employees. My next, a jobs search site may involve a workforce of 30+.

Ultimately, I want to build a company that has a large social impact like FB. That's maybe ten years, a few billion dollars and 1000 employees away so no further comment needed. =)

Ask HN: What content should I show on Home page for a mobile web app?
3 points by pknerd  2 days ago   discuss
Ask HN: What do you use for monitoring your servers?
8 points by xfax  3 days ago   10 comments top 6
sdfjkl 14 hours ago 0 replies      
Zabbix works great for this, is stable and whilst it's still a serious undertaking to properly configure it, it's at least not as bad as Nagios.

It's also extremely flexible in how you deploy it (distributed monitoring, proxies, agents or direct checks) and what you monitor (custom scripts for oddball stuff are pretty easy to write for it, SNMP and many other common things are already included).

If you want free/cheap hosted monitoring, have a look at Monitis (Warning: they were extremely clingy when it came to cancelling our account once we switched to Zabbix)

Joakal 3 days ago 0 replies      
Zabbix can do this with pretty graphs and less hard coding configurations that others (like Munin/Nagios) except response times. Only New Relic does that that I know of.

There's not much to collect with Nginx with Zabbix as it only reports from this: http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpStubStatusModule

If you want fancy statistics collection with MongoDB by Zabbix, I recommend this: https://code.google.com/p/mikoomi/

Much more: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Comparison_of...

briandoll 3 days ago 0 replies      
(Disclosure: I work at New Relic)

New Relic is made for monitoring web apps, so I can't imagine anything better suited for your needs. We also have partnerships with most of the hosting providers, so you're likely to be able to use New Relic Standard service for free.

The basics: http://newrelic.com/
Top partners: http://newrelic.com/about/partners

Good luck on your launch!

xfax 1 day ago 0 replies      
Just to close the loop, I went with Munin. They have a good number of plugins and ones for MongoDB and Nginx are available as well. A little bit of finagling, but it all seems to be work reasonably well now.
iamscanner 3 days ago 1 reply      
Here at The Day Job we're using Scout(http://scoutapp.com) to monitor about 10 servers - it's pretty easy to set up, and grows well as your cluster does. You also get to write plugins in Ruby, which is pretty fun.
cultureulterior 3 days ago 0 replies      
Hyperic. It has a open source edition, and you can write autoconfiguring plugins. We monitor some 200 servers with it.
Tell HN: Room open in Hacker House in San Jose
38 points by borski  7 days ago   22 comments top 13
borski 7 days ago 1 reply      
Price is $1100, utilities split amongst the rooms in the house. :)
icco 7 days ago 0 replies      
Aww, I wish you guys had posted this a few weeks ago, I would have loved to live with borski. But alas, I just signed a lease.
SkyMarshal 7 days ago 1 reply      
4br, with 4.5 people currently occupying it? Where's the open room? (I'm not in the market, but clarification might help. g'luck!)
rdl 7 days ago 0 replies      
That's a great place -- $1100 is a quite reasonable price for something like that.
WordSkill 7 days ago 0 replies      
I would love to set up a Hacker House in Thailand.

I'm just not sure how much actual coding would get done.

etherael 7 days ago 1 reply      
Potentially silly question, but is that 1100 per month or per week? Not specified anywhere and the duration varies by nation, and I'm not sure what it is for the US?
agi20dla 7 days ago 1 reply      
This place is pretty sweet! I know Borski personally and he'll make sure you are taken care of and that everyone's happy. He's a man of drive, passion, and integrity. If you ask nicely, he'll make you pancakes in the morning. :)
malandrew 7 days ago 1 reply      
I'm looking for a hacker house in the Bay Area at the moment, but I wish there were more hacker houses in a more reasonable price range. $1100 is a lot for anyone trying to bootstrap and keep their burn rate as low as possible.
fido 7 days ago 0 replies      
All of these people are awesome and $1100 is cheap to live with them!! Great place!
perivamsi 7 days ago 0 replies      
Does anyone have a similar hacker house in Manhattan? I am looking for a place and would love to be a part of such a culture.
yankoff 7 days ago 1 reply      
How far you are from the caltrain station? I have to commute to Menlo Park every day ;)
helloxander 7 days ago 1 reply      
Wow that's a nice place.
temuze 7 days ago 0 replies      
Why doesn't someone just make a hackerhouse.com?
Ask HN: Is a 27" Screen Worth It?
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Jarred 1 day ago 1 reply      
This doesn't directly answer your question, but I'd assume the larger question is "Will adding more or bigger monitors make me more productive?"

The answer is yes. I can guarantee it. I wouldn't recommend spending a bunch of money on a single monitor though. Buy two ~22" monitors off of NewEgg. It won't feel the same as a 27" monitor, but you'll have considerably more space, pay at least half the price, and have some explicit compartmentalization going. The downside is that it's not all the same monitor, and you need hte deskspace. As well as having to buy a cable for having multiple external monitors with a Macbook Pro.

I say give it a try, and return it if isn't as comfortable as you want it to be. You'll still be able to get your money back (assuming you return the stuff in the same condition you bought it), and you can go and try the 27" monitor too.

enobrev 12 hours ago 1 reply      
I don't think resolution is quite as important as context, or rather the ease that lies within multiple monitors for switching context.

I recently switched from three 19" monitors to two 27" monitors (I'm a php / javascript / python developer). I assumed that having the same horizontal resolution with extra vertical resolution would add to my productivity.

With three monitors I had three contexts in which I merely needed to glance in a direction. Almost like doing an "alt+tab" in my mind. If I wanted to check my current code in or run unit tests, look at my left monitor and type. If I wanted to read or write code, look at my center monitor and type. If I wanted to test output or find a reference, look at right monitor and type. *

With two monitors (regardless of resolution), I have one less context. I actually have to think about window placement. Those seconds add up. More importantly the cost of switching context adds up as I get deeper into what I'm working on. If something was important, I maximized it to a screen and that's all that screen was. That is what it meant to look in that direction. Now I maximize a window and... well a 27" window is pretty ridiculous unless your work involves graphics. There's less permanence and hence more to remember.

Save money on the resolution and get yourself as many decent-sized monitors as your desk / system can handle. I assume it's possible to have too many monitors, but I feel I would have done better with three slightly larger monitors (or just a fourth monitor) than I am with two that can hold more pixels than the three. I plan to find out very soon.

* By "look and type", I mean tap my mouse in that direction and click to activate the window and then type.

ericd 1 day ago 0 replies      
Compared to a single 1080p, yes. I got a 30" and it's been a great improvement. The ability to put 2 full size windows next to each other is fantastic (a utility like SizeUp helps). Having the freedom to have a bunch scattered around while seeing bits of each is great too. The productivity boost is almost certainly worth the money.
martinp 1 day ago 0 replies      
I recently picked a 27" Dell U2711 (2560x1440) over 2x24" Samsung (1920x1200) at work. The better display panel (IPS vs. TN), better resolution, better contrast and so on made it a logical choice. Can't say that I regreted it.

With the recent window tiling options in both Ubuntu and Windows it's as easy to organize windows on a single large monitor as it is with two.

Vitaly 1 day ago 0 replies      
My Apple 27" Display was one of the best hw purchases I made lately.

The display is simply gorgeous and its the first time that I don't frequently wish it was bigger. I used a 24" DELL before and apart from it being extremely ugly compared to apple's, many times it was insufficiently big for my needs.

For example, when programming in vi, I have lots of splits (sometimes more then 10) open in the same window. I find it more effective to see various related parts at once then to switch b/w buffers all the time.

Other times I have a vi, browser and a terminal with autotest each occupying a third of the screen (vertically).

allenc 1 day ago 1 reply      
Hm, it's not really an Apples-to-Apples comparison, b/c all the 27" 2560px displays I can think of are IPS, while 1080p's in the sub-$300 range are TN's. You'd be paying for the added display quality on top of the bigger screen + resolution.

For dev work, I'd say the nicest thing about the 27"s is the ability to put two full pages side-by-side, either a browser window + IDE, or vert. split IDE code panes. 1920px isn't quite there for two panes of code.

And personally, I've had 2+ 24"s, and I've actually found it too cumbersome: having emails/IM's on a second window actually becomes distracting, and moving your mouse cursor across so many pixels was less precise than either alt-tabbing to the right program or switching spaces/virtual desktops w/ a keyboard shortcut. For me anyway, 27" is the sweet spot.

kelleyk 1 day ago 0 replies      
I'd suggest 2x24", which you can do for ~$180/each straight off of Newegg or ~$140-150 if you wait for a sale.

I recently had pretty much the same debate about upgrading my pair of 24" monitors, and wound up moving to 4x24" side-by-side in portrait mode. The extra real estate is totally worth it, but you get the added advantage of having that real estate divided up into screens, where you can maximize/tile windows more easily than on one huge display.

The cost is nice, too; the 4x24" monitors were only ~$700, so even with the extra $120 or so for a pair of decent stands off of Amazon, the damage isn't too bad.

(Just realized you're talking about an extra for a laptop, which makes the situation a bit different. Leaving this up anyhow in the hopes of provoking discussion---I'm curious what people do for multi-monitor setups.)

cpswan 1 day ago 0 replies      
27" models at 2560x1440 are becoming more affordable. My brother pointed me at Hazro, which he's using in his iPhone dev shop. I've also seen a substantial fall in price for the Dell U2711.

I've been looking at this a lot recently as I consider moving away from the 2 screen setup I've had for years. My main motivation is that my laptop docking stations only have one digital output. VGA just doesn't cut it for a clear screen.

The drop in price on the 27" models has me hoping that the 30" 2560x1600 ones will also come down. I've wanted one of those for ages, though when I once used an Apple cinema screen at that size/resolution it felt kind of weird.

mvanveen 23 hours ago 0 replies      
We only have the new 27"'s at work. We're almost exclusively a mac shop, so sticking with just one configuration works really well with these displays.

It doesn't matter where you're sitting. Just plug in power and the display port wherever you go and that's it! I don't have to bring more than a FedEx letter-sized envelope to work every day (it conceals my macbook air).

I can't compare it to dual lcd monitors, but as other people have mentioned I find it perfect for full screen vi or tmux sessions with a lots of splits, and wouldn't want to go back to a smaller form factor. :-)

paulofisch 21 hours ago 0 replies      
Splitting a 30" display (2560x1600) in half vertically (editor|browser) for web-dev feels natural. It's 2x1280 displays, no bezel, effectively.

It does require an optimal seating position though.

I also have a cheap 1080p next to it for testing and for secondary boxes/iPad dev or dashboards. Splitting a 1920 horizontal into 2x960 displays feels cramped.

There are displays that use the same 27" panel as Apple for less dough. The economics work out a lot better there.

dedicated 1 day ago 0 replies      
It's hard to determine without knowing how you would actually use at 27" monitor compared to the 1080p. Is it possible to "rent" one for a week from a local retailer to test drive your use case?

My thought is that I'm staring at a monitor more than 14 hours a day. It's like the tires on a car, where the rubber meets the road. It's such an important connecting between physical and the computer, that it's worth the additional investment.

That said, I can't make these judgments for you. I still recommend trying it out for a week if you can, and then decide if you're more productive with larger screen space. Good luck!

ajpatel 1 day ago 0 replies      
I have a 27" 1920x1200 Dell and what I wouldn't give to have a higher resolution on it...
thomasb 1 day ago 0 replies      
My 27" Imac has been a real pleasure to use. I program 80% of the time, and that much screen real estate can really help you keep everything you need for a certain development task visible at a glance. I have a larger 30" 2560x1600 screen on my linux box, and the more the merrier. It is worth it.

Also, I bought mine through apple's refurb program, and it's been running perfectly. I would suggest that as a good way to save some money.

gorog 1 day ago 0 replies      
I have a 17'' (1920*1080) laptop at home and a 27'' iMac at work.

For displaying the likes of Netbeans, both are comfortable. I don't display the browser in full screen on the iMac because it's ridiculously large. For watching videos however, the 27'' are impressive. I would say programmers don't need huge screens nor multiple ones but I suppose it depends on one's preferences and habits.

GregularExp 1 day ago 0 replies      
I don't think you can ever have too much screen space. Your workflow adjusts to make use of it.

I've currently got a 27" iMac with two 20" Dell monitors turned portrait either side. I keep things like IM, Twitter, Email etc in the two portrait screens and keep what I'm working on in the middle.

bwsd 1 day ago 0 replies      
From a highly buzzed stupor - which I will regret later - no. A dual or triple monitor setup makes more sense. Being able to maximize separate applications on individual scteens makes more sense to me.
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